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Visual College of Art and Design Vancouver Winter 2017 Graduate Exhibition Catalogue

Published in 2017 VCAD Press 626 Pender Street West Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1V9

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Creative Direction

Anna Stefanovici Daven Thayn Eric Tkaczyk Mercede Campbell Trevor Van den Eijnden

Daven Thayn Mercede Campbell



Gustavo Chams

Trevor Van den Eijnden

GRADUATE EXHIBITION Reception 11 January 2017, 6pm–9pm Open to public 09–13 January 2017, 8am–7pm daily Location Suite 500, 626 Pender Street West, Vancouver, BC

Poster Design


WINTER 2017 Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion 3D Modelling Animation Art and Design Mobile Game Design and Development Game Development and Design Graphic Design Interior Design

Daven Thayn


Message from Campus Director George Verghese

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VCAD prepares graduates for successful careers in various professional design industries through its creative, responsive, student-centred pedagogy. The curriculum translates design thinking insights through technology into industry-relevant projects within its explorative and progressive studios that produce innovative outcomes.

for 2017—which highlights the examination of the work by others and, also the self-reflection by the designer before their journey continues.

The College is proud of the efforts of these remarkable graduates who were supported in the college and personal communities. Design brings together varied factors then transforms them This inaugural graduate exhibition towards new outcomes. The book clearly demonstrates influences on our lives are diverse creativity and imagination and impactful, and are resolved of students who extends the through collaboration within boundaries of their disciplines a community. The brave excel through projects that will define as they challenge themselves their future careers. Each began to go beyond what is expected, an individual journey with a simple yet understand that they are yet profound desire to create, that part of a design community. grew into a passion for design The remarkable collection of and art reaching a point that designers in this book are ready is demonstrated in this book. to enter the world and focus on The publication is appropriately evolving a creative and vibrant labelled “Focus”—a yearly theme future.


Message from Director of Education

Message from Department Heads

Anne Morris

Rostina Abd Razak Head of Applied Arts Natasha Campbell Head of Community Engagement Roger Mitchell Head of Digital Media Arts Trevor Van den Eijnden Head of Visual Arts

A new student at VCAD recently asked me what it means to be creative? How do you know that you are creative? I framed my answers in terms of the educational outcomes as delivered at VCAD. Creativity is a process that evolves from the acquisition of knowledge. This process begins with studying the foundations of colour, drawing, design principles, and learning the tools to work industry specific digital software. Additionally, an examination of design history awakens awareness of the evaluation of design that leads to exciting ideas. From this foundation structure develops, in later courses, the imaginative creation of virtual environments for modelling and games, unique animated characters, the creative use


of space in interior design and manipulation of fabric to create fashion forward garments. This journey towards creativity begins at VCAD but it will continue for the rest of your artistic life, a life where you have the confidence and skills to present your creative work to the world at large and leave your legacy for the future.

In today’s rapidly changing world, we are required to create opportunity out of ambiguous constraints. This can only be achieved by the capability to continuously reinvent, innovate and collaborate. The competitive edge of the design firms of the future will be dependent on the ability and agility to dynamically steer change. Understanding the insights driven by interdisciplinary exploration to generate design solutions. This graduate exhibition book is an example of how the students of Visual College of Art + Design are establishing the future of tomorrow, through creating the design of today.


Graphic Design



Mercede Campbell mercederain.com focus on publication, photography, and typography ca.linkedin.com/in/mercederaindesign @mercederaindesign

HEIRLOOM MAGAZINE The idea: create a magazine good enough to eat. For this publication the design is kept simple to showcase the photography, but dynamic to entice collectability of the magazine by consumers via a yearly subscription. Sans serif stray from the norm and are countered with a bold serif font for the headlines. Close up, close cropped photography display food up close and personal in all of its beauty. With the perfect amount of white space, and striking photographs, heirloom leaves you hungry for more.



Prafulla Joshi prafullajoshi.com focus on illustration, branding and pattern design linkedin.com/in/prafulla-joshi behance.net/prafu_josh @prafullajoshi.illustration

NEPAL The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, embodies rich heritage and traditions that are still present to this day: skillfully carved temples, monuments, the most exceptional of craftsmanship of ancient artists. This set of black ink illustrations depicts the rich art and culture of Kathmandu Valley. Devnagari script complements the illustration, and a film of watercolour bestows them an elegant appearance. A paper texture has been placed on each set of illustrations as homage to handmade paper, a popular handcraft product of Kathmandu Valley. The artworks have been used to design posters, postcards, a travel notebook and bookmarks.



Amy Loewen amydawndesigns.com focus illustration, identity, research and brand development


linkedin.com/in/amy-loewen-17329b132 behance.net/amyloewen1339d @amydawndesigns

MONACO YACHT SHOW Monaco Yacht Show carries a certain je ne sais quoi that attracts the most affluent crowd, therefor, it was imperative that the banners oozed prosperity and class. The inspiration for the creative developed from the blue collard demographic paired with high fashion. The blue and white pin stripe pattern not only represents sophistication but is also recognised as a nautical design. The use of closure is applied to stimulate the mind, and the cropping mimics high fashion magazine’s creating a chic and engaging composition. The banners would be located in Monaco and surrounding towns embellishing promenades and parks informing public of dates and location.

yacht Port Hercules Monaco

Port Hercules Monaco 28 Sept - 1 Oct

28 Sept - 1 Oct

yacht Port Hercules Monaco 28 Sept - 1 Oct



Tannaz Sarchami tannazsarchami.com focus on conceptual development, re-branding, and advertising ca.linkedin.com/in/tannaz-sarchami-37a07073 behance.net/tannazsarc28a7 @tannazsch

CAYRO CASINO Cayro is a proposed casino concept for Vancouver. The casino offers a unique experience to guests from all around the world. The objective for this project was to develop a logo, identity, and brand platform for various media, including advertising, website, game table design, gambling chips and membership cards. An Egyptian theme was chosen in order to invoke a feeling of exotic mystery and intrigue. The colour palette and the typography speaks of ancient Egyptian art: simple, geometric, elegant. The advertising campaign is based on the much loved art deco style, paralleling the overall creative direction.



Anna Stefanovici gdbyanna.com focus on branding, writing & editing, book & page design ca.linkedin.com/in/annastefanovici @anna.reicher

TRAVELLE Travelle is a destination magazine that has been built from scratch in order to showcase this designer’s skills: writing, editing, photography and page design. The title is a portmanteau of the English word “travel” and the Latin word for wish, “velle.” The design direction parallels current publications on the market: spacious margins, high quality photography, as well as interesting narratives to appeal to its target audience of 30-45 year old professionals. The print version would be found in the Travel section of stores (or standalone magazine outlets), and the online version would be accessible to subscribers on the go.



Nan Tharinee nantharinee.com focus on layout, visual media production and photography instagram.com/nantharinee ca.linkedin.com/in/nan-tharinee-raocharoenphorn-9a3377130 @nantharinee

COCONUT CRAVINGS Coconut Cravings is an exploration of Thailand’s well known, irresistible cuisine. This cookbook focuses on real Thai recipes and the different ways families and restaurants use coconut in South East Asia. In addition, it emphasises the benefits of cooking with coconut milk, believed to provide good health for a long life. The lettering on the cover communicates a visual representation of enticing flavours and delicious spices, as well as the joy of cooking for dear ones. Clean and crisp photography, as well as attention to page design, would attract passionate individuals in stores such as Chapters, Pottery Barn or Amazon.



Daven Thayn daventhayn.com focus on branding, advertising, and illustrations ca.linkedin.com/in/daven-thayn-b629a712a behance.net/daventhayn56eb @daventhayn

 Johnny’s Pops is a local artisan popsicle in need of a rebrand. The purpose of this project is to appeal to the sweet tooth within when marketing
snack food, therefore the branding and advertising hit a youthful and pop culture vibe as a form of enjoyment. Mixing contemporary flat
aesthetics and 1970s retro thick lines the final outcomes speak well to current graphic design trends while remaining bold, inviting, and friendly. For young children wanting something sweet, or adults seeking a escape from the sunny summer or grey winters Johnny’s Pops has just the thing. Enjoy the always delicious Johnny’s Pops.



Eric Tkaczyk erictkaczyk.com focus on illustration, art direction, and layout design linkedin.com/in/eric-tkaczyk-2b7416130 behance.net/etkaczyk @erictkaczyk

AMALGAMALS In a dystopian future, the pollution created by humankind has caused the creatures of the natural world to morph together into twisted and unusual beasts. The title Amalgamals is a portmanteau of “amalgamate” (to combine into one unit, one structure) and “animals.” Using a synthetic design process, the digital collages were created from an archive of 19th century illustrations firstly, followed by the supporting text for which the artwork breathes life into. Amalgamals represents a dialogue between beauty and the grotesque. It has been designed into a publication, animated media and has even taken sculptural form.



Interior Design



Jairo Borja jairo-borja-4kxj.squarespace.com focus on commercial design linkedin.com/in/jairo-borja @jborja_design

RESORT HOTEL The design of this hotel is inspired by Scandinavia. Using light colours while making use of greys, highlights the natural beauty of the material. The result is a space that is simple and comfortable at the same time. The hotel has a total of nine floors with this suite, the presidential suite, located on the top floor. The presidential suite includes three bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, a living room, dining room, a small bar area, a powder room, an office, as well a small office.



Jaymie Cross jaymiecross.com focus on residential design linkedin.com/in/jaymie-cross @jaymie.cross

TUDOR RESIDENCE This project design includes coffered, vaulted and other ceiling mouldings as well as wall panels and mouldings as seen in Tudor style homes. The furniture and accessories are a collection of modern and antique pieces including full ornate and modern fireplaces. The clients often entertain up to 80 guests so the main living area will include an open floor plan that will flow seamlessly into the outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. There are also more intimate gathering areas for smaller parties or just the family to enjoy.



Zoe Grimard focus on corporate design ca.linkedin.com/in/zoe-grimard

OFFICE DESIGN The client, Wright Design Inc., have been retained to redesign a newly purchased office space in Vancouver, Canada. The design was focused on utilizing the locally available west coast materials providing long term durability therefore, reducing environmental impact. Rather than focusing on visual hierarchy in the office, the main focus was emphasising an open work area with many untraditional staff zones for flexibility and communication.



Sam McClure sammccluredesigns.houzz.com focus on hospitality design ca.linkedin.com/in/sam-mcclure

RESORT HOTEL This project presents a redesign of an existing resort hotel. A new hotel theme was required by the client which would help provide a new look and feel for the space by incorporating a theme that can apply a more universal theme free of specific cultural, location, and historical elements for longevity of the space. The new selected theme was a tropical modern style which consists of the use of natural earthy materials along with modern to more contemporary furniture and lighting fixtures.



Chelsea Shupe chelseashupe.wix.com/chelseashupe focus on hospitality design linkedin.com/in/chelseashupe

AURORA CRUISE SHIP Aurora is an adult only cruise ship travelling frequently through the northern hemisphere. The whimsical skyline of the aurora borealis inspired the concept of the cruise ship. A glacial them is mimicked in the design capturing the essence of snow, ice and water. White marble with grey veining will emulate the snowy mountain peaks of the northern hemisphere and dark reflective ceilings will capture the look of the night sky. The vibrant colours of the aurora is used as the main colour scheme and is replicated through the use of lighting and paint.



Karley Spiess kspiessdesign.wixsite.com/karleyspiessdesign focus on hospitality design ca.linkedin.com/in/karley-spiess

CRUISE SHIP SPECIALTY RESTAURANT This is a specialty restaurant on a cruise ship. The theme of the cruise ship is borrowred from the Brothers Grimm and their storie, with the restaurant sepcifically inspired by Sleeping Beauty. It features a castle in the centre of the space with bar and lounge inside, roses on the stained glass, spindles in the front entrance and two large fireplaces. Additionally large round black rod iron and wood light fixtures reminiscent of medieval lighting hang in the space. A chef’s table can be found in the back corner, where guests may enjoy a personal meal prepared for them by the head chef.



Hana Tesfai yurihanii.wixsite.com/hanatesfaidesign focus on residential design linkedin.com/in/hana-tesfai

RESIDENTIAL DESIGN The design approach for this project focuses on modern contemporary looks. Warm colours are applied to lend a more trendy vibe but still focues on a cozy feeling. In the living room, the contemporary look was maintained thus making it understated yet dramatic. This is achieved by using orange as a pop colour and grey as the subdued colour. Modern design features and colours were applied to the bedroom space as well.



Joanna Tsai focus on commercial design ca.linkedin.com/in/geoahnna

BREEZE VILLA, CHINA Breeze Villa, located in China is a brand new boutique-style villa inspired by Petit Trianon in the Gardens of Versailles—a little get-away palace for Queen Marie Antoinette and the royal mistresses. The villa is where exclusive guests immerse themselves in a vacation full of subdued luxury via timeless elegance via a Rococo style altered through a modern interpretation.



Marketing & Merchandising for Fashion



Ashley Chow ashwoodmagazine.com focus on writing, public relations, and business communications @ashleybethxo linkedin.com/in/ashley-chow-20

VANESSA Vanessa is a woman who had a rough upbringing. She was adopted after being abandoned by her biological mother with a drug addiction into a family with a daughter named Katrina. She quickly became best friends with Katrina; they would play together, keep each other’s secrets, and be inseparable. One fateful day, Katrina was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and had very little time left to live. Seeing her strapped to machines and IVs was a reality Vanessa wasn’t ready to face. She would pray every night for a miracle to save her sister. Katrina passed two week later, and she began to question God’s existence and began carrying a lot of anger. She quickly became lost, closing herself from people who would try to get close to her. She feared love, because she couldn’t bear


to go through the same pain as losing her sister. Now, ten years since the death of Katrina, Vanessa still struggles with accepting her passing and with letting others into her life. The cobbled streets of London have become her domain, wandering for an escape, often ending up numbing her pain with sex and alcohol. She still feels lost and alone, unlovable. She wonders if she’ll ever know the feeling of unconditional love again. She tries seeking salvation, but time and time again feels let down with disappointment, loss, and defeat. She is wary of any potential suitors, for fear that they would suddenly leave her, so she remains alone. (Writing sample)


3D Modelling Animation Art & Design



Steve Beekhoo subminimal.co.vu focus on character modelling ca.linkedin.com/in/steve-b-4b03a1130

CHARACTER MODELLING REEL This project focuses on character modelling with a touch of realism to a stylised realm. There are two characters: a hardy knight trudging through a murky forest, worn but driven to complete his quest, and a rookie FBI agent who’s about to tackle her hardest case yet. These characters were developed from the ground up; modeled in Zbrush, retopologised in Maya and textured with Substance Painter, while the PBR Metal Roughness work flow delivers the best results for rendering the characters in Marmoset.



Su Jin Kim tumblr.com/blog/szin-e focus on character modelling linkedin.com/in/su-jin-kim-12b118129

SHADING AND CHARACTER MODELLING These characters present a passion for appealing and eyecatching designs primarily through shading. The project presents a traditional artwork that expanded to include 3D renderings by making use of tools such as ZBrush and Maya. There are two characters in this project: a ballerina doll spinning music box (shown right), and a stylised Japanese samurai (not shown).



Richard Paul richardwilloughbypaul.com focus on character animation, body mechanics, and acting vimeo.com/user58213784 ca.linkedin.com/in/richard-paul-65b463aa

THREE SCENES This reel is full of character acting, and some action. The reel begins with two characters: one is talking about his feelings and the other is listening being a friend and helping him. Following this is an action sequence where one character embraces an “I’m all that� attitude, while the other character rushes into the fight too quickly and ends up losing to the first character. The final sequence is a man trying to convince himself to kill something and bring it to his father. In this scene the character talks about conquering death, but in the end he dies. The final shot shows someone who appears to have spilled a drink.



Game Development and Design



Aaron Amelia aaronamelia1993.wixsite.com/website focus on environment and prop modelling ca.linkedin.com/in/aaron-amelia-159117129

SUNKEN SHIP This final project showcases an underwater scene centred on a sunken pirate ship. Focus is placed on the details of the cabin while also creating an exterior scene to complete a dynamic picture of a desolate and haunting wreck. The work aims for a simplified realism with models and created textures to complete the abandoned and time worn feel of the scene.



Chris Dempsey cdemworks.com focus on 3D modelling, rigging, and texturing linkedin.com/in/chris-dempsey-97014249 vimeo.com/user60249454

MODELLING This project focuses on creating three highly accurate and rigged models using physically-based rendering, combined with some supplementary scenes, and styled like miniature plastic bases. The first scene features the rare Canadian World War II antiaircraft tank, the Skink. Although they never fired at any actual aircraft, the Canadian army found them a valuable asset. A detailed model of the M2 Browning machine gun comes next, using an anti-aircraft variant barrel. Finally, an ocean scene displays the fictional Nautilus submarine with a Steampunk style (original concept by Gernot Buder), firing its torpedoes before trudging deeper into the depths.



Ethan Heninger ethanheninger.wixsite.com/ehennyin3d focus on environment and props modelling ca.linkedin.com/in/ethan-heninger-187311113

THE HEIST / THE SHELTER This project consists of two unique environments. The Heist: An after party interrupted by the police. An open table covered with bright and colourful Canadian bills, and a varying amount of guns ranging from old classics such as the Luger to the SCAR-H. The Shelter: Abandoned shipping yard is now the home of a scavenger using what he can to make a living and survive. The main focus being his/her living quarters consisting of an emptied shipping crate illuminated by Christmas lights.



Kurtis Sands Kolthammer kurtiskolthammer.wixsite.com/kingkolthammer focus on character animation, body mechanics, and acting ca.linkedin.com/in/kurtis-kolthammer-42762312a vimeo.com/user56386041

TAKE A CHANCE ON ME In the first sequence, Stewart Orange will demonstrate his sassy step walk with fluid motions and divine curves. Then we will witness a heartbreaking, emotional interaction with Caroline, who now realises her love will never be. During the third act, from stage left, we will meet Stewart Blue, an elegant dancer boldly twirling and jumping across the stage. Finally, Tuna will make an appearance, he’s a bit flirty and flamboyant but he has a very important message to give‌ more or less. These pieces showcase passion and skills of animation.



Jason Taylor jasont475.wixsite.com/mysite focus on animation, acting and timing ca.linkedin.com/in/jason-taylor-916ba4114 vimeo.com/user59485600

CHARACTER MODELLING An energetic and eclectic one minute animation demo reel, showcasing skills in acting, action and timing. Featuring a diverse cast of rigs. Spanning a dramatic attempt to convince a criminal to relinquish himself into custody, a man’s futile attempt to smoke a cigarette, a patient experiencing a breakthrough in therapy despite his therapist’s best efforts, and capping off with a man being hunted by a wolf.



Jade Yee jadeyee3d.wixsite.com/portfolio focus on 3d environments, props, and design linkedin.com/in/jade-yee-028570129 vimeo.com/user59559830

CROWN NEON A short 3D reel with two different environments and additional props. First is a Captain’s Quarters full with treasure and relics from times out at sea with an air of adventure and whimsy throughout. Next is a dark highway, with flickering streetlights overhead; a young mechanic sits with his motorcycle in a flickering world without sunlight. Each prop and environment holds their own story not only displaying skills in 3D but also conceptual art and design.



Fall 2016 Graduates Participants in the Winter 2017 Graduate Exhibition


Graphic Design

Interior Design

Mercede Campbell Prafulla Joshi Amy Loewen Tannaz Sarchami Anna Stefanovici Nan Tharinee Daven Thayn Eric Tkaczyk

Jairo Borja Jaymie Cross Zoe Kai Grimard Samantha McClure Alexia Palumbo Chelsea Shupe Karley Spiess Hana Tesfai Joanna Tsai

Game Development and Design Aaron Amelia Christopher Dempsey Ethan Heniger Kurtis Kolthammer Kenneth Pinacie Matthew St John Jason Taylor Jade Yee

Mobile Game Design and Development

3D Modelling Animation Art and Design

Marketing and Merchandizing for Fashion

Evangeline Baltazar Tyson Imber Kyle Kennedy Jake Kyle Ajneet Singh Devesh Singh

Steve Beekhoo Su Jin Kim Daniel Orduna Richard Paul Fredrick Reber

Ashley Chow


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VCAD Winter 2017 Graduate Exhibition  

Get a look at VCAD's Winter 2017 graduate work from the Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Game Devel...

VCAD Winter 2017 Graduate Exhibition  

Get a look at VCAD's Winter 2017 graduate work from the Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Game Devel...

Profile for vcad

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