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Visual College of Art and Design Vancouver Fall 2017 • Graduate Exhibition Catalogue

Published in 2017 VCAD Press 626 Pender Street West Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1V9

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GRADUATE EXHIBITION Reception Wednesday 27 September 2017, 5pm–9pm Open to public 26–30 September 2017, 8am–10pm daily Location Suite 500, 626 Pender Street West, Vancouver, BC

FALL 2017 Fashion Design ∙ Graphic Design ∙ Interior Design Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion 3D Modelling Animation Art and Design Mobile Game Development and Design Game Development and Design

Poster Design Reid Danyluk



Lead Team


Creative Director Emily Brumwell

Lead Designer Trevor Van den Eijnden

Editor-in-Chief Catherine Badets

Faculty Advisor Trevor Van den Eijnden

Creative Direction


Emily Brumwell Reuben Bugera Trevor Van den Eijnden

Gustavo Chams Marker Den Boer

Exhibition Curators Reuben Bugera Marijka Overes Nathan Christison Mark Fairfield


Message from the Campus Director Anne Morris

A new student at VCAD recently asked me what it means to be creative? How do you know that you are creative? I framed my answers in terms of the educational outcomes as delivered at VCAD. Creativity is a process that evolves from the acquisition of knowledge. This process begins with studying the foundations of colour, drawing, design principles, and learning the tools to work industry specific digital software. Additionally, an examination of design history awakens awareness of the evaluation of design that leads to exciting ideas.


From this foundation structure develops, in later courses, the imaginative creation of virtual environments for modelling and games, unique animated characters, the creative use of space in interior design and manipulation of fabric to create fashion forward garments. This journey towards creativity begins at VCAD but it will continue for the rest of your artistic life, a life where you have the confidence and skills to present your creative work to the world at large and leave your legacy for the future.

Message from Department Heads Rostina Abd Razak Academic Advisor for Interior Design Natasha Campbell Head of Community Engagement Roger Mitchell Head of Digital Media Arts Trevor Van den Eijnden Head of Visual Arts

In today’s rapidly changing world, we are required to create opportunity out of ambiguous constraints. This can only be achieved by the capability to continuously reinvent, innovate and collaborate. The competitive edge of the design firms of the future will be dependent on the ability and agility to dynamically steer change. Understanding the insights driven by interdisciplinary exploration to generate design solutions. This graduate exhibition book is an example of how the students of Visual College of Art + Design are establishing the future of tomorrow, through creating the design of today.



Fashion Design


Petrovna Cryptchic focus on fashion design, visual art, and garment construction

Deadicated: Peace by Piece Bins of used, forgotten army fatigues stay stowed away—not like any other second-hand item. Each garment holds pieces of history, but together are a part of something deeper—an insurmountable respect for their unwritten memoirs, and the people who have lived them. This collection aims to restore these emblems and build a new saga by crafting tales that combine combat with the experience of daily urban struggle. This collection has its own voice created from re-purposed military apparel that reminds us that we must never forget the horrors of the past; that we live in a world divided; that only through unity can peace exist.


Kel Dumana focus on design, branding, and marketing

Visceral Structures This collection shows a mischievous creative approach to fashion through interlacing utilitarianism with imaginative beautification, while exuding the soul of artful architectural works in each piece. The looks are forceful on the senses and showcases modernity in its engineered draping and propulsive tailoring. The mood is hyperbolic and impromptu in nature, while the silhouettes are inflated and varying. As a complete creative vision, the collection further pays respect to asymmetric dimensions, while maintaining feelings of comfort and mobility in each garment. Bold in nature, this line caters to the confidence and dynamism of true fashion intellects.



Game Development opment and Design


Nathan Christison focus on modelling, texturing and anatomy

The Illithid & The Orc This character reel features two sculpts inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and World of Warcraft. In this new narrative, the Illithid (or Mind Flayer) normally resides in the Underdark, a secret underground society where these hive–minded creatures constantly conspire to take back the surface world and devour the brains of intelligent lifeforms. Meanwhile, the orc war-veteran, Roxgar, comes from a barren landscape that has been torn and ravaged by constant warfare. They are from a malevolent race that seeks only to destroy the Alliance and increase the power of the Horde’s organizations in the narrative’s extended universe.


Kyle Davidson focus on environmental modelling, prop modelling, and texturing

Dark Domain This demo reel showcases an obscure underworld domain featuring a gateway leading to an unknown place. The props and architectural designs reference ancient Greek styles, while the more fantastical design elements stem from the imagination of the modeller. The entirety of the scene, and everything within it, is geared toward the purpose of creating a dark majestic atmosphere with a careful emphasis on how the symmetry and textures react in juxtaposition to each other.


Mark Fairfield focus on Animation, Storyboarding

Squirrelly Gig This little creation is a cute romp through the creators’ mind in animated form—a celebration of all the hard-working animators and designers who create whimsical characters and scenes. The creative vision is to focus on simplicity to force emphasis on the action and visual narrative. Likewise, the aesthetic of this demo reel is light-hearted and carefree with a little bit of downtrodden voice-over to convey that particular feeling or emotion.


Miguel Gallardo focus on modelling, texturing and lighting

Forgotten Temple: Lost Time Forgotten Temple is a re-envisioning of the Temple of Time from the Zelda universe— the resting place for the Master Sword. Revitalizing the Temple of Time creates a new experience of contemporary nostalgia that speaks to the hearts of gamers both new and old. The art direction and ambiance that the setting is premised off of is based on European cathedrals, chapels, and cities from the Middle Ages, with the goal to create an enchanting, sacred temple that can captivate and holds a player’s imagination.


Sophia Lee focus on 3D modelling

Nostalgia This demo reel focuses on recreating characters and props from popular video games and television. The character model, Bulbasaur, originates from the Nintendo PokĂŠmon franchise, while the building model, Dunbarton, comes from the Nexon Inc. gale Mabinogi. Finally, the prop model focuses on the iconic TARDIS from the BBC telveision series Doctor Who.


Logan Wourms focus on modelling, lighting and environments

In Memoriam This demo reel showcases a solemn island environment that welcomes the audience with a peaceful garden featuring red and white flowers. As one progresses through the location, they will arrive at a quiet bridge in a main area that is focused on a monument with eternal flame, which lights the memorial wall. This wall, with two towers, features the names of those lost in previous conflicts. This is a memorial—a place of remembrance for the recently fallen.



Graphic Design


Emily Brumwell focus on branding, typography, and hand-lettering

Close & Away This conceptual quarterly publication focuses on distinct geographic locations, and the creative individuals who inhabit them. Its minimalistic style allows for typography and photography to take precedence, while hand-lettering is incorporated consistently throughout to allude to themes of authenticity and hand-made creation. Close & Away appeals to creative individuals who are living out their passions and are intrigued by others who are doing the same. It is envisioned to be distributed through a subscription service in addition to availability at lifestyle and art boutiques, and bookstores.


Reuben Bugera focus on typography, layout design, and branding

Geometric Typographic Set This is a playful yet contemporary set of characters was created, using gradient colouring in simple geometric shapes and assembled in translucent layers. Variation within the set permit fluidity between characters, but the translucent qualities combined with consistent gradients and vibrancies craft cohesion. The focus of this project is on modern aesthetics, with colour and shape being key. This lead to this ornamental character set being best suited for albums or book cover designs where the typographic treatment exists as infomrative as well as illustrative.


Reid Danyluk focus on branding, photography, and lettering

Logos Skateboards This project focuses on a set of decks for Logos, a newly created brand. The featured collage and montage of graphic illustrations represent subgenres of skaters, as well as their natural, urban surroundings. These environments are captured in the structural and architectural qualities of the images, which are crafted to be familiar and appealing to the target demographic. For example, Vancouverites may identify with the flowers blossoming, while Calgarians may be drawn toward the design focused on the iconic Calgary Tower. With their site– specific imagery, these designs speak to the Western Canadian urban skate experience, thus making them easier to sell in skate and lifestyle shops in the Lower Mainland.


Michelle Lui focus on advertising, art directing, and branding

Crabby Dino Designed to increase brand awareness for their distinctively bold beer, this conceptual project introduces a new brand, Crabby Dino, through quirky package design and promotional items. The primary communications startegy utilizes a grumpy and humorous cartoon dinosaur as the company mascot and personality icon to help connect with the target audience—young women who are headstrong, cheeky, and always ready to have a great time. The vibrant colour scheme helps reinforce the strong flavour of the brews while ties in the bold personality of these dinosaurs. Crabby Dino will be sold at all liquor stores across Canada, but will benefit from savvy social media campaigns and the unusual, disruptive branding, design, and marketing tactics.


Viet Dung (Jeffrey) Nguyen focus on illustration, advertising, and character design

Vague Vision This image centred work hones in on two-dimensional character design and illustration as visual collateral and direction for a collection of print and promotional materials. The two main items produced for the project is a calendar, which features illustrations of the characters, and figurines of each character. Inspired by Tim Burton, Disney movies, and the 13 signs of the originating horoscope, this new aesthetic moulds those references into a new sketchy, surreal and Gothic style. This pares well with the cute and dreamy characters that allude to something more sinister and surreal via the masks made of faces pinned over their own. Available online, these works are promoted through social media through a proven directfrom-artist purchasing model.


Yiyan Zhu focus on branding, illustration, and tactile design

Kome Sushi Train The Japanese word kome means rice, provides a distinctive name for this new sushi train restaurant in downtown Vancouver. The restaurant targets working professionals who often eat alone, and are in need of a cheerful setting for their solitary highspeed dine-and-dash lifestyle. Currently there is a void in the Vancouver marketplace for Japanese restaurants that incorporate a sushi train—a device that allows customers to sit at the bar and pick small-sized dishes as they pass by their seat. With this niche market in mind, the focus on adorable tactile and vector sushi illustrations craft a unique dining experience, thus functioning as a basis for viral and traditional word-of-mouth marketing.



Interior Design


Audrey Cedeno focus on residential, commercial and office

Penthouse This project showcases a penthouse located in Coal Harbour, a neighbourhood in downtown Vancouver. The proportion and scale of the furnishings in the suite function as a balance to the luxurious high ceilings, while crafting a atmosphere that is both warm and sophisticated. The open plan throughout permits breathtaking city views that are enjoyable from every area of the home. Floating above the sweeping city offers complete privacy near the clouds, making this home the perfect place for relaxing in the sky, entertaining guest, and everything in between.


Hailin Li focus on 3ds max, furniture, sketchup and autocad.

Mu Design This floating house concept is designed around the combination of natural resources and minimalist elements. For example, the space crafts a spacious and comfortable interior by using wood and natural greenery throughout. This design concept is perfectly suited to its water-based location by embracing nature and providing tranquil harmony.


Jeslee Hanna Hinola focus on commercial design, residential design, and project management

Chocolat A space immersion through visual aids and staging. Chocolat is a dessert café designed to embody three key words: comfort, indulgence, and taste. The design crafts a modern, casual take on a typical French pâtisserie where the space introduces playful colours and textures that emulate chocolate. Patrons are welcomed with brown tones accented with pastel colours, which bring warmth into the space reminiscent of a quaint neighbourhood café. Chocolat features coffered ceilings that resemble a bar of chocolate and white marble floors that offer contrast and elegance—perfect for dessert connaisseurs!


Azis Nur focus on space planning, photoshop edits and modelling

Dagwood Penthouse Dagwood Penthouse uses ecofriendly features showcasing that stylish design can exist while still contributing to the sustainability of our planet. As resultant from its material and aesthetic approach, the design is functional and simple, as well as aesthetically pleasing. The contrast between simplicity and the complexity of natural forms against the materials inspired by the earthly elements such as stones, dirt and vegetation, produce a neutral, calming colour scheme. This is a spacious, sustainable place for people to live their daily lives comfortably and elegantly.


Marijka Overes focus on space planning, perspectives and material selection

Hotel Alila Located in Bali, Indonesia, Hotel Alila focuses on the beauty of its surroundings. This modern resort utilizes natural elements, creating a serene and captivating environment. These natureoriented ecological design aspects are defined by materials, form and ambiance to craft a mature, adult only resort retreat. Amenities at the hotel include a casino and bar, specialty restaurant, spa, and an infinity pool flowing over cliffs, overlooking the Indian Ocean.



Marketing eting and Merchandising chandising for Fashion


Catherine Badets focus on research, communications and forecasting

Modern Sublime In a fast-paced and continuously connected world, it is easy to become disconnected with nature and ourselves. Pulling from the tenets of German Romanticism, the photoshoot Modern Sublime was inspired by the calming, transcendent aspect of nature, and the need to get away from the pervasive noise of the modern city life. Playing with the contrast between light and dark, and with the intent to modernise the sublime, the images explore the restorative power of solitude and nature.


Rose Huet focus on fashion and travel journalism, online marketing and content creation

EXPEDITIONIST MAG Cultural Fashion, Art, & Design through Social Enterprise Experiencing a city and interacting with its people, seeing their spirit of generosity flow through and extend to others is a vibrantly zoetic experience. This feeling of warmth passed on to a stranger from a drastically different world is where one realizes that pure human connection knows no limits; that every waking moment you can engage with others through immersive travel, discovering more about yourself and who you truly are. It is for this reason EXPEDITIONIST came to life: to connect with others and share a global sense of togetherness. Find out more online at


Ashley Palmer focus on visual merchandising, fashion forecasting and styling

Man’s best friend The ability to love something greater than yourself is beautiful on its own, but the love between a man and his dog is simply inexplicable. This editorial captures important emotions that dogs can teach man. Feelings of true empathy, admiration and compassion that enable the ability to express oneself through canine companionship. The imagery in this project focuses on draping and styling in one’s own way—connecting suiting to their lifestyle as a whole. Additionally, this connection is also expressed through the architectural elements of the photographic settings.


Bethany Wrayford focus on creative direction, graphic design and communications

Iris This photoshoot was influenced by Dr. Propolus, an Australian illustrator who took existing fashion editorials and added intricate but light hearted doodles to them. The idea was to shift serious photographs into playful portraits. Iris is a portrayal of a disconnected girl, and taking the concept of the overlay doodle, the images showcase whimsical moments. Shot on a Rolleiflex Film Camera, the lighting is soft and the illustrations are all hand drawn. Inspired by wild botanical elements, the images captured are transformed to embody the playfulness that Dr. Propolus examined with in his work.



3D Modelling Animation Art & Design


Cyril Galao focus on modelling, conceptualising, and creativity

Seameet The setting, Seameet, is a village located where land meets the ocean. Many patterns of life have existed in this village, with perhaps five to 30 families at any one time. The community is mostly agrarian—the majority of citizens work as fishers, but other residents are involved in agricultural work. Outsiders come to Seameet during fishing season to purchases or build houses as their second home. The village is a practical working environment lacking cultural amenities found in other nearby villages.


Jennifer Pham focus on animation, timing, and 2d art

Sylvanas Can Strut Her Stuff! This demo reel shows basic yet crucial animation cycles, demonstrating Sylvanas’ varying range of motion in 3D space. The second half of the demo reel includes a small acting scene that showcases the amount of thought and careful planning that was necessary for the project. Sylvanas is a character that was created as part of the universe of World of Warcraft. Although she is from the game, this version of Slyvanas takes on a more realistic approach to contrast her original whimsical environment.


Bradly Morrow focus on 3d vfx

Bradical Fx A dreamscape, which is this demo reel, inspires thought and a grand feeling of awe that will undoubtedly appeal to everyone in their own unique way. From the unknown junction of space, a potentially inhabited and dangerous planet hangs in the abyss, welcoming yet also mysterious - this is how the 3D visual effects reel begins. In addition, the reel also displays passion and creativity through a variety of dynamic effects, from a car crash to flames and tornadoes.



Mobile e Game Development opment and Design


Adam Hubert Angelo Joseph Garcera Dave Jordan

Project Punch Penguin Mobile Game Development and Design department collaborative project

This project presents Vertical Slice of our Tower Defense mobile game Bully Boss TD, currently in development. The demonstration of this game reaches out to the testing, developing, and playing communities before product completion. This game looks like a mobile tower defense game designed by an Indie developer with an eye on the pixel. Retro gamers, Indie developers and casual gamers are among the audience of this kind of game.


Angelo Joseph Garcera focus on programming, quality assurance, and level balancing

Bully Nerds Bully Nerds is a Mobile Tower Defense game about nerds getting bullied but shows how powerful their imagination can actually be. With everyday housing materials, the user builds towers around the school yard to prevent the nerds from going to class. And when you think the bullied are giving up, the game delves into the nerds’ imagination and transforms the whole map into a fantasy world. LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) turns these nerds into knights and mythical heroes, literally, because in their heads, it gives them the courage to fight back, giving this game a different feel for strategy.


Adam Hubert focus on unity, maya, and coding

Fight Freely Games Road Rage a car driving game here the player needs to avoid getting hit by the other drivers, and get to the finish line. Beating levels unlocks access to more cares to use as well as different areas to drive in—or you can use in-game purchases to get what you want immediately. Additionally, change the colour and make it yours now, with a painting room to customise the looks until you are ready to drive.


Dave Jordan focus on art, and 2d animation

Summer 2017 Graduates Peers and participants in the Fall 2017 Graduate Exhibition

Fashion Design

Game Development and Design

Graphic Design

Petrovna Cryptchic Kel Dumana

Nathan Christison Kyle Davidson Mark Fairfield Miguel Gallardo Sophia Lee

Emily Brumwell Reuben Bugera Reid Danyluk Michelle Lui Viet Dung (Jeffrey) Nguyen Yiyan Zhu

Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion Catherine Badets Rose Huet Ashley Palmer Bethany Wrayford


Interior Design Audrey Cedeno Hailin Li Jeslee Hanna Hinola Azis Nur Marijka Overes

Mobile Game Development and Design

3D Modelling Animation Art and Design

Angelo Joseph Garcera Adam Hubert Dave Jordan

Cyril Galao Jennifer Pham Marilyn MacDonald Bradly Morrow