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Jamie Wallace-Perkins Julie-Anne Bolko Steven Audia Maricel Benjamin An My Han

Maricel Benjamen Marie-Claude Lamy Rhiannon Pownall Alisha Rempel Simoné Van Der Linden Tamara Vollmin




Trevor Van den Eijnden

Deborah Gillam Trevor Van den Eijnden

WINTER 2018 VCAD GRADUATE EXHIBITION LOCATION Suite 500, 626 Pender Street West, Vancouver, BC

INDUSTRY ONLY EVENT Wednesday 17 January 2018, 1:00pm–3:00pm

OPEN TO PUBLIC 15–20 January 2018, 8:00am–10:00pm daily

PUBLIC RECEPTION Wednesday 17 January 2018, 5:00pm–9:00pm

PARTICIPATING PROGRAMS Game Development and Design // Fashion Design // Graphic Design // Interior Design 3D Modelling Animation Art and Design // Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion



Winter 2018 Graduating Exhibition poster



From the Department Heads

Anne Morris, Campus Director

Deborah Gillam, Career Services Advisor Roger Mitchell, Digital Media Arts Department Head Trevor Van den Eijnden, Visual Arts Department Head

A new student at VCAD recently asked me what it means to be creative? How do you know that you are creative? I framed my answers in terms of the educational outcomes as delivered at VCAD. Creativity is a process that evolves from the acquisition of knowledge. This process begins with studying the foundations of colour, drawing, design principles, and learning the tools to work industry specific digital software. Additionally, an examination of design history awakens awareness of the evaluation of design that leads to exciting ideas.



From the Campus Director

From this foundation structure develops, in later courses, the imaginative creation of virtual environments for modelling and games, unique animated characters, the creative use of space in interior design and manipulation of fabric to create fashion forward garments. This journey towards creativity begins at VCAD but it will continue for the rest of your artistic life, a life where you have the confidence and skills to present your creative work to the world at large and leave your legacy for the future.

In today’s rapidly changing world, we are required to create opportunity out of ambiguous constraints. This can only be achieved by the capability to continuously reinvent, innovate and collaborate. The competitive edge of the design firms of the future will be dependent on the ability and agility to dynamically steer change. Understanding the insights driven by interdisciplinary exploration to generate design solutions. This graduate exhibition book is an example of how the students of Visual College of Art + Design are establishing the future of tomorrow, through creating the design of today.




shapes 3d animation, timing, and weight control bstephenz777.wixsite.com/website linkedin.com/in/brenan-stephens-03a9a814b

ART IN GESTICULATION This reel offers a variety of animation styles that demonstrate the essential rules of animation. Terms you might know and see in this demo reel will be posing, timing, weight dispersion, and lip sync.




shapes modelling, texturing and enviromnental design jaredgiglio.my-free.website linkedin.com/in/jaredgiglio instagram.co1n/jared._.art artstation.com/thorous-the3rd

NAVIS STARLIGHT, AND THE UNDERWAY A short demo reel presenting concept art for narratives tackling themes such as loss and isolation. Navis StarLight Navis flies for the StarLight Company as a Cargo Hauler. Left adrift in space the small vessel floats crewless, and vacant. The eerie continuing flicker of lights and machines become a symbol of what once was.


The UnderWay The UnderWay is a lost and forgotten passageway hidden beneath the foothills of Kar’tar, its ancient yet advanced technology sitting, humming and twisting its way through the rock. Two grave-robbers seek the riches of old, but they aren’t as alone as they thought...

Final renders


shapes modelling, texturing and compositing marie-claudelamy.wixsite.com/lamy linkedin.com/in/marie-claude-lamy artstation.com/mclamy

STA’LIS 2168 A post-apocalyptic story about a world after being conquered by other forms of life. What’s left of the population needs to stay hidden in order to survive. Sta’lis 2068 is inspired by the Avatar film and Resident Evil 7 game that gives this story some fantasy and sciencefiction elements as well as some mystery to it. The principal style in this scene is the magical realism


style. It also has some suspense and mystery creating an eerie feeling for the viewers. It is designed for a mature audience and will be played as an open world game.

Final renders


shapes 2d animation, storyboarding and character design alimcarts.com linkedin.com/in/alimcarts artstation.com/alimc

FUELED BY COFFEE AND A DREAM Frame-by-frame, this demo reel will pull you into a new world full of magic foxes, alien bunnies and rebellious youths. Watch as these characters are brought to life through fluid animation and expressive movement. You will find yourself enraptured in this magic


fox’s lighthearted adventures, and prepare to have your heartstrings pulled while you follow the story of two friends—galaxies apart—who are brought back together by destiny.



shapes modelling, texturing and envoriment navidrasekhi.com linkedin.com/in/navid-rasekhi artstation.com/navid_r

THE LAST OUTPOST A short demo presenting concept art for a narrative tackling the last outpost—a reminder of war and what’s left behind after. Its position is near the road to prevent weapon supplies from getting into the hands of rebels close to the nearby village.


Final renders


shapes environmental modelling and texturing colinsakata.ca artstation.com/smeshy linkedin.com/in/colin-sakata-808545129

LAZARUS A short demo presenting concept art for a narrative of Earth fallen into an environmental catastrophe. In order to save humanity, The United Nations of Earth (in partnership with NASA) sent spaceships into the stars. The Lazarus was one of the 17 ships launched, but during the journey, the ship went silent.


Final renders


shapes 3D Animation for Film and Games tylerscott97.wixsite.com/tylerscott behance.net/tylerleesc2c44 linkedin.com/in/tyler-scott-413b02113

FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS... This varied and diverse animation reel kicks off with a rendition of Bette Davis’s famous quote “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night” from All About Eve (1950). Though originally delivered standing still, here the animated character brings the beloved


actress’s confidence and eccentricity to life, dipping and flowing with the familiar words as she uses her full body to not only deliver but express what is being said.



shapes prop modelling

lauranywheeler.wixsite.com/laurana-wheeler linkedin.com/in/laurana-wheeler

HERO’S TREASURY Inspired by tales of old, this demo reel showcases an old hero’s treasury. His collection of various weapons decorate the walls while more treasure can be seen piled in the corner. This place has become his haven, where he will sit with his


bottle of wine reminiscing on his adventures and trials. But cobwebs have now claimed this room as their own. Where is our hero now, and what will become of his treasures?

Final renders



shapes creative writing, branding and marketing

behance.net/jennafreschi​ linkedin.com/in/jennafreschi

FEMMINISTA Femminista is about giving all women the strength to be confident and unapologetic in their bodies, no matter what size they are. An important conversation in the fashion industry today is the stigma of beauty being one shape; one size; one type of beautiful. In reality, nobody lives up to that impossible standard, not even the models themselves. This magazine breaks free from barriers media suffocates us with, such as the idea of


conforming to the “perfect” figure. None of us will ever fit that mould; but isn’t that a good thing? Be you, because life is too short to be anyone else.



shapes visual styling, brand development, and social media marketing

behance.net/rhiannonpownall linkedin.com/in/rhiannonpownall instagram.com/rhiannonpownall

LA NOUVELLE. Style has less to do with the fluctuations of fashion, and more with a consistency of approach, whatever that approach might be. While technology delivers top stories to our desktops and mobile devices, magazines are all about context—how ideas and images are presented in relation to one another and within a larger point-of-view. It doesn’t matter whether a magazine is delivered to your door or your computer; printed on glossy stock or inexpensive


tabloid papers; it’s the work of an amazing editorial team hoping to deliver a beautiful package of ideas, inspiration and words to it’s readers.



shapes visual styling and branding about.me/chantellesithole behance.net/chantellesithole linkedin.com/in/chantellesithole instagram.com/bundleofchanty



Styling is often read as complex, however, this image focuses on details and atmosphere that contribute to any visual. The architecture and visual styling infuse each other to craft a beautiful contrast, demonstrating how archi-tecture and fashion compliment one another. The expression is ideal for people who love to indulge in art; to stare at the image and dissect the elements that make up the final image.

Creativity: simplest of ideas; a wellspring of concepts; crisp like sweet water gushing forth; a constant flow of thoughts. Inspiration: a blazing flame; showers of sparks; soothing words of wisdom whispering which way to go. Originality: The glowing embers that remain. This Image: elements within a colour spur details of contrast and finish; perfectly carved marble lines hones the simplest of ideas. STYLING PHOTO SHOOT



shapes animation, movement and storyboarding bmarieabraham.wixsite.com/home behance.net/benettamabraham linkedin.com/in/benettamabraham instagram.com/bayonetta.25

LIFE OF RIGS A sequence of animations presenting an array of personality, mood, emotion and story. In this reel the rigs have been pushed to exaggerated poses, providing interesting compositions to show the multiple dimensions of the character’s personalities and emotions. The intention here is to show an array of the fundamentals of animation, as well as diverse


forms of motion that emulate a stylized form of animation commonly seen in cartoons, providing entertainment for adults and children alike.



shapes animation, lipsync and movement

behance.net/samsandeene7a2 linkedin.com/in/samuel-sandeen-4b631814a samsandeen.tumblr.com

FROM THE HEART This demo reel has an emphasis on lip-syncing, strong posing and timing. The examples show different techniques, including action, squash and stretch, and the use of ring rigs. Comedy is a focus, as humour is a memorable aspect of any good visual narrative.




shapes low-poly models, enviroments and props KatrinaSelkirk.wixsite.com/KS3D behance.net/ks3d linkedin.com/in/katrinaselkirk

SWEET REUNIONS, AND THE CELTIC BATTLE MAIDEN’S ATTIRE These mini-scene statuettes speak as full-sized stories without any background noise. Made using both traditional and PBR texturing techniques, these low-poly models emphasize that you don’t need a lot of clutter or resources to tell a story. Sweet Reunions narrative set up: In the first, a simple dining scene at an upstanding cafe, with fine china and


a certain je ne sais quoi. Two friends are out to lunch reminiscing about old times over a decadent cake. The Celtic Battle Maiden’s Attire narrative set up: Next we have the armoire of a seasoned warrior. You can see her versatile arsenal as well as some of her rewards. Her weaponry is battle-worn but clearly well-maintained. FINAL RENDER


shapes rigging, scripting and pipeline michaelsnider3d.yolasite.com behance.net/msnider3d linkedin.com/in/msnider3d

MODERN 3D MODEL ARTICULATION This work demonstrates an assortment of rigs. Modern 3D animators require advanced rigging systems, several of which are demonstrated in this work. This work embraces the difficulty of combining overlapping grouping structures and dynamics systems to develop a robust articulation method. Different styles were implemented to enable the use of the rigs for various


pipelines that both game or movie studios might use. The overall rigging structure used in this work is designed to be as simple as possible for animators.

Mech Rig


shapes 3D animation,timing and spacing, and strong silhouettes kunalthelegend.wixsite.com/home linkedin.com/in/kunal-thakur-797333aa

ANIMATION BY PRINCIPLE This reel demonstrates different concepts of animation such as acting, lip-sync and action. With a little bit of magic, characters are brought to life, telling tales of fumbling, bumbling and high-speed actions. Using the principles of animation there is no limit as to


what can be done with a rig and a bit of imagination. The aesthetic of this demo reel is meant to draw the audience in with humour and curiosity.



shapes effects, sculpting and creative design simonevdlinden.com behance.net/simonevdlinden linkedin.com/in/simone-vanderlinden artstation.com/warriorrain

DYNAMICS IN MOTION A story is told of destruction and death by using a drab military tank and fire. Flames rage across the top of the vehicle encasing it in an ominous glow. The new danger arises when the flames engulf the tank from the bottom as well, promising no survivors. Next, the mind is transported into space by a breathtaking interstellar scene created with smoke simulations and a scattering of lights. The frozen


billows of smoke allow cameras the traverse the scene, giving the sense of scale and beauty. With particles and fluids, imagination has set loose, to create, enhance and decimate.



shapes 2d fx animation haiaoio.com

linkedin.com/in/haiao instagram.com/haiaoio

PIRATE LIFE One man, one fish, one electrifying boat ride. Pirate Life is an FX-driven narrative short film animated in Toonboom Harmony. In every good film, the FX should only contribute to the shots while maintaining the spotlight on the characters. Luck can either be on your side or it can play against you, and we don’t always get to choose. Heavily inspired by Hayao Miyazaki and Simon Wilches-Castro, the film is the vessel for the artist


to explore traditional special effects and storytelling. Best viewed on the silver screen, this film is for anyone who can overcome adversity, or are at least looking for a few laughs.




shapes modern, bold, and luxurious josiebajada.com linkedin.com/in/josiebajada

VANCOUVER HARBOUR HOTEL Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, this property offers a modern, luxurious design incorporating vibrant materials and finishes capturing the essence of the city. It houses a unique cocktail lounge, high-end spa, retail, and dining.




shapes commercial, retail, and residential design mariadewitt.myportfolio.com linkedin.com/in/Maria-DeWitt73

THE SURREAL HOTEL The project exhibits surrealism in a boutique environment. It embraces whimsical, quirky, playful solutions to an otherwise uninteresting environment. There is an ultra-modern, organic concept incorporating free-form elements, think Zaha Hadid meets Salvador DalĂ­. This particular hotel is designed for artistic, nonconventional clientele.




shapes residential, and commercial

behance.net/mariaespdesigns linkedin.com/in/maria-espinosa

THE WEST VANCOUVER The West Vancouver embraces the concept of purity, elegance and distinction. Blending nature into the overall scheme allowing each room to posses its individual style. Diverse facilities incorporating living walls, natural stone and wood create an aesthetically pleasant eco -friendly experience.




shapes residential design, commercial design and ofďŹ ce design

behance.net/xiaoyan_li linkedin.com/in/lenaxiaoyanli

GREENING THE URBAN JUNGLE Stepping into this corporate office in downtown Vancouver feels like a retreat to the countryside, thanks to the organic design which emphasizes the company values of health and sustainability and supports the company’s mission of creating nurturing skincare products. Space is utilized efficiently: private workspaces alternate with semi-open meeting areas in order to foster collaboration and creativity. The walls and ceilings are accented


with massive wood features, green plants, and two living walls. The use of a warm colour scheme further reinforces the theme of working in harmony with nature.



shapes modern, luxurious and family welcoming swjw1111.myportfolio.com behance.net/jieinteriors linkedin.com/in/jieinteriors11

HOTEL REA Hotel Rea delivers a concept of community where the hotel serves each guest as if they were our family. The design is contemporary and sleek while featuring different features to bring the outdoor into an indoor environment. From a spacious pool to a branded spa, the brand further engages with guests through high-end brand shopping available as well.




shapes elite design and luxury boutique hotel seracstudios.com linkedin.com/in/soha-sep-m-4032a26b

SUNRISE OKANAGAN HOTEL Sunrise Hotel set out to create a five-star statement, located adjacent to the Okanagan Lake, the resort offers accommodation to a wide spectrum of guests. We have chosen to specialize in the hospitality industry by offering only experiences of exceptional quality. Our objective is to be recognized as the company that Manages the finest hotels, resorts and residence clubs


wherever we locate. We create properties of enduring value using superior design and finishes and support them with a deeply instilled ethic of personal service.



shapes colour, atmosphere and interior space msheeshka.myportfolio.com behance.net/maggiesheeshka linkedin.com/in/maggie-sheeshka

UNDERGROUND PUB Pops of colour that will invite occupants into a playful and modern bar space. Both a functional bar and restaurant, the Underground Pub has plenty to offer its clients. Each space is utilized with plenty of seating and a giant bar is grounded directly in the centre surrounded by the different seating zones. Specifically inspired by the London Underground, the design solutions also take as reference the vernacular


of metro stations found all over the world. There is something familiar and comfortable about the tunnels walled with subway tiles to guide one to the platform they desire.



shapes style, lighting, and texture

steven-steele.wixsite.com/ssdesign behance.net/stevensteele linkedin.com/in/steven-steele

NORTH VAN HAUS Located in the desirable Lynn Valley, this contemporary home is perfect for a growing modern family. North Van Haus exemplifies high–function, dynamic space planning, and logical flow. It focuses its designed through a light pallette, warm finishes, and dark accents to create a visual anchor. The combination of wood, marble, tile, and black grout creates


a dynamic fusion of textures. A userdriven lighting plan, with 2700 K LED throughout the residence, brings energy efficiency, cohesion and sets the mood for the design.



shapes creativity, curiosity and community vollmint.myportfolio.com behance.net/tamaravollmin linkedin.com/in/tamaravollmin

/THEWHALE VANCOUVER /thewhale hotel brand is all about creating a positive emotional connection to space within a busy corporate lifestyle. The concept germinated through free-form jigsaw sketches during the creative process to its conclusion. Overall, design inspiration came from the fantastical colour blocking from the film The Grand Budapest Hotel with an appreciation of quirky boutique finishes. Designed for the adventurous, the curious,


and the creative across all age demographics. Hotel Amenities JewelBox: the bar with the dÊcor as rich as it’s name. A2: an off-the-wall Roman themed coffee shop. The Garden: A spa that creates an oasis experience in the midst of a city, and A lobby that is sure to grab attention anywhere. FINAL RENDER



shapes fashion designing, garment production and surface treatments about.me/jae.esmane behance.net/jaesmane linkedin.com/in/jaesmane

RECLAMATION FW2018 J. Esmane explores the world of shape and form combinations to create an aesthetic that challenges the senses. Drawing inspiration from art and nature, the clothes evoke an old world sentiment, contrasted with modern oversized silhouettes, layering techniques highlighting lines and levels. The brand caters to a niche within the RTW market, offering hand-crafted clothing that has a couture feel, evident in the fabric manipulations and artistic detailing.


The silhouettes offered are designed for women who believe it’s better to look knowledgeable and interesting than it is to show skin. On lines: they convey the message of connectivity by joining two points together; emphasize important concepts and messages; develop a sense of both physical and metaphysical belonging and connectedness. CONCEPT ILLUSTRATION


shapes sample making, digital and manual pattern drafting, and apparel production about.me/kayla.garcia behance.net/reyeskayla749b linkedin.com/in/kayla-garcia-9b1409150

REDEFINE Fashion in the 1970s is about colours, glitter and glam that defines individuality. Vogue had once proclaimed “there are no rules in the fashion game now.” ReDefine emphasizes the eccentric fashion approach of the 70s and re-establishes a new geometric modesty that defines our current urban culture and environment. Acknowledging individuality and admiring all shapes—the lengths


and angles, curves and figures—that branch together creating harmony with juxtaposition. This collection accentuates and connects these individual styles in a timeless sense that speaks to our modern world.



shapes creative direction, textiles and styling about.me/alishacandace behance.net/alishacandace linkedin.com/in/alisharempel instagram.com/a.cdesign

THE REVERIE When we sleep, our minds seem to create environments that could never exist on this planet. Through styling and photography, this project uses texture and tone to create an alien landscape that could only be found in a dream. Conceptual narrative: The foreign land was a womb. Its soft walls muffle sound, and waves lap against a sandy shore. Strange shimmering


figures slip across your peripherals. Someone is watching. The eyes are veiled, looking through frosted glass, and a presence seems to overwhelm the senses. It is the air you breathe, it is the sand under your feet. The presence now becomes the womb, its walls close around you, and it is as though your ears are filled with cotton. The eyes are very clear now.




shapes branding, art direction and experiential design stevenaudiadesign.com behance.net/stevenaudia linkedin.com/in/stevenaudia instagram.com/steven.audia

PLAYROOM The Playroom Supper Club is an adult oriented restaurant and lounge that was inspired by leather and kink subcultures as well as postmodern aesthetics. The design is an exciting tongue and cheek play between innocent fun and naughty imagery. The illustrations were a collaboration with illustrator Nikki Peck, and were combined with simple and spacious monochromatic layouts. Leather items with gold detailing such as


the bill holder and menu jacket were created to compliment the simple graphic design, reinforce the sexualized imagery, and compliment the gold fixtures used throughout the interior.

Matchbooks and custom leather bill holder


shapes branding, advertising, and packaging maricelbenjamen.com behance.net/maricelbenjamen linkedin.com/in/maricelbenjamen

HIVE GRIND Common locations students like to study and work include libraries, coffee shops, and at home. Libraries do not commonly allow food or beverages; coffee shops are mixed with various usages, such as socializing, which can be noisy; and while a home is a comfortable place to study or work, it is full of distractions. Hive Grind is a membership-based cafĂŠ that provides a workplace environment serving fresh food and coffee


targeted primarily to students and professionals. The atmosphere crafts a space that combines the benefits of all—a place to eat and study or work that is comfortable and free of noise and distractions. This branding references the social work ethics and architecture of bees through branding, packaging and other collateral.



shapes packaging, typography and illustration anmyhadesign.com behance.net/an-ha-design linkedin.com/in/an-ha-design

DOREDOLLAR, THE BETTING GAME This is a game that re-illustrates and expands the Doremon manga brand to include a new game. It is a betting game that comes with its own currency, that can be played by an unlimited number of players. Each player chooses their favourite characters and the amount of the money they want to bet, and the winners receive prizes based on the instruction provided in game. It is an interpretation of Doreman rather than a re-imagining


because the brand is iconic thus requiring consistency. Doredollar is suitable for children over six years old, or for others interested in Japanese culture.

Game packaging

FALL 2017 GRADUATES Peers and participants in the Winter 2018 Graduate Exhibition Game Development and Design | Jared Giglio | Marie Claude Lamy | Alison McLeod | Navid Rasekhi | Colin Sakata | Tyler Scott | Laurana Wheeler


Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion

3D Modelling Animation Art and Design

| Jenna Freschi | Rhiannon Pownall | Chantelle Sithole

| Benetta Abraham | Sam Sandeen | Katrina Selkirk | Michael Snider | Kunal Thakur | Simone Van Der Linden | Jayson Woolvett

Interior Design

Fashion Design

Graphic Design

| Josie Bajada | Maria DeWitt | Maria Theresa Espinosa Conejo | Xiaoyan Lena Li | Ji Eun (Jenny) Park | Soha Sepehri | Maggie Sheeshka | Steven Steele | Tamara Vollmin

| Jearyll Esmane | Kayla Garcia | Natalie Meyer

| Steven Audia | Maricel Benjamen | My An Ha

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VCAD Winter 2018 Graduate Exhibition  

Take a look at VCAD's Winter 2018 graduate work from the Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Game Deve...

VCAD Winter 2018 Graduate Exhibition  

Take a look at VCAD's Winter 2018 graduate work from the Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Game Deve...

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