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Jamie Wallace-Perkins Julie-Anne Bolko Steven Audia Maricel Benjamin An My Han

Stephen Fagerlund Troy Nemeth Brandon Parnell Alex Peechow Tijana Petrovic Caroline Wendling

FACULTY AND STAFF ADVISORS Deborah Gillam Trevor Van den Eijnden FACULTY CURRATOR Trevor Van den Eijnden



SPRING 2018 VCAD GRADUATE EXHIBITION LOCATION Suite 500, 626 Pender Street West, Vancouver, BC OPEN 07–14 April 2018, 8:00am–10:00pm Monday–Saturday

RECEPTION Wednesday 11 April 2018, 5:00pm–9:00pm

Deborah Gillam PARTICIPATING PROGRAMS Game Development and Design // Graphic Design // Interior Design 3D Modelling Animation Art and Design // Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion







DEPARTMENT HEADS Trevor Van den Eijnden, Head of Visual Arts Roger Mitchell, Head of Digital Media Arts

A new student at VCAD recently asked me what it means to be creative? How do you know that you are creative? I framed my answers in terms of the educational outcomes as delivered at VCAD. Creativity is a process that evolves from the acquisition of knowledge. This process begins with studying the foundations of colour, drawing, design principles, and learning the tools to work industry specific digital software. Additionally, an examination of design history awakens awareness of the evaluation of design that leads to exciting ideas.


From this foundation structure develops, in later courses, the imaginative creation of virtual environments for modelling and games, unique animated characters, the creative use of space in interior design and manipulation of fabric to create fashion forward garments. This journey towards creativity begins at VCAD but it will continue for the rest of your artistic life, a life where you have the confidence and skills to present your creative work to the world at large and leave your legacy for the future.

In today’s rapidly changing world, we are required to create opportunity out of ambiguous constraints. This can only be achieved by the capability to continuously reinvent, innovate and collaborate. The competitive edge of the design firms of the future will be dependent on the ability and agility to dynamically steer change. Understanding the insights driven by interdisciplinary exploration to generate design solutions. This graduate exhibition book is an example of how the students of Visual College of Art + Design are establishing the future of tomorrow, through creating the design of today.



BRANDON COPELAND shapes modelling, texturing, and design The Dividing Shades A prop modelling reel, focusing on prop design and placement to create a believable space. This scene exists to add a layer of depth and storytelling to a genre becoming oversaturated with point and shoot games. The central idea for this piece is a conspiracy and how it guides our search for truth. Mirroring Alfred Hitchcock’s vision of noir style films, this project uses his story-telling


style and aesthetic to create a sense of intrigue and cynicism. Designed for a mature audience looking for a harder game that doesn’t feed the player every detail.


WYATT DOWNIE shapes game development, level design, programming The Harvester, the Shooter and the Runner A series of Unreal game kits that are ready to be used straight out of the box. Using the idea of assisting small indie groups, this project series was created with the goal of providing aspiring game creators with a base template with which to start their next big idea. The inspiration for this project came from the desire


to create, experiment and to study. Default assets are used in order to give users a friendly introduction, allowing them to easily use and modify the projects.


DAVID IBARRETA 3D character animation A Superfluity of Sequential Superbness This project is a 3D character animation demo. The problem addresses a variety of challenges animators face in production whether the animation challenge involves acting, action, constraints, multiple characters or quadruped cycles. This demo addresses these challenges in a series of vignettes. The Dracula vignette is reminiscent of Dracula in Hotel Transylvania, the Nunchuck piece


is inspired by Bruce Lee, while the quadruped cycle is inspired by Scooby Doo. In addressing these animation challenges this demo presents finalised designs for the animation, TV and film industries.


TROY NEMETH shapes rigging and python scripting Puppenspieler A demo reel focused heavily on technical artistry and building the technical skills needed to set up, rig, alter and support character animations in today’s modern studios. Demonstrating fully custom built controls and offsets, as well as fully dynamic cloth and ribbon systems to speed up the animation process. Various methods were used in order to showcase the difference between organic and non-organic rigs. Created


with an emphasis on clean controls and ease of use for animators by breaking down anatomy and structure in order to rebuild and simulate proper biology and mechanics.


CHEYENNE MEDING shapes modelling and texturing Rogue Valley Primarily an environmental prop models and medieval design demo reel, aiming to inject something different into the repetitive medieval designs and styles. Typically, textures in this genre tend to look the same with everything looking dull and boring. The inspiration for this style of props came from the games The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Witcher 3.


As this style of work is loved by many people regardless of its vulnerability to being repetitive, these props and environmens would be like by those interested in adventure style or RPG games.


BRANDON PARNELL shapes texturing, level design and environment modelling Monarchs Hollow A game-ready level with mechanics. This piece was inspired by the mysterious nature of caves and the ceremonies held by ancient peoples therein. This level places great emphasis on exploration and player agency. Inspired by older titles such as Dark Souls, Tomb Raider and the


experience of exploring caves with a slight French Gothic theme employed for the architecture. This level is fully playable with a focus on exploration and observation.


KIM YAZAWA character modelling, design and drawing Demigod Creatures A character modelling proect focused on design and sculpture taking inspiration from Asian mythology and fantasy. It features aspects ofthe work of multiple Buddhist sculptors, and presents a contemporary take on historical Asian art. The problem was to create original characters while still following the mythologies


of Japan, Nihonshoki and Kojiki, along side other religious stories. The end result is a desing suited for gaming platforms, as well as character sculptures for 3D printing.



TIJANA PETROVIC shapes marketing, branding, content creation System Disconnect The inaugural image of the conceptual world of Vanilla Fli. A brand pioneering fashion as an art of activism. Tackling stigmatic issues presented as millennial infused Catch 22’s. Inspired by the foundations of the Situationist International movement, juxtaposed abstract glamour asking: are we the product or are we consumed by the product


itself? Soon to become extinct, we are the last generation to remember what life looked like without technology. In an effort to aid our sense of nostalgia we resurrect fashion from the ground up. For it’s the year of the Fli, and its buzz smells of Vanilla


JULIA WIEBE shapes content creation, social media marketing, and visual styling EVRGRN EVRGRN is a symbol of revival, resistance, and regrowth. This brand was developed to promote awareness and bring people together in support of mental illness. Although knowledge exists today, EVRGRN is intended to keep the conversation going, letting anyone affected by mental illness know that they are not alone. The evergreen tree was chosen for the logo because it


symbolises resistance to adversity and remains strong while supporting the regrowth of its surroundings. Those who choose to support EVRGR are choosing to support and revive the community of those affected by mental illness.


HAYLEY FRITH shapes visual styling, content creation, and social media marketing LEY LEY celebrates contemporary women of design and purpose, offering a fresh and intelligent perspective to individuality and personal style. The brand’s focus is on the way women actually look, think and dress. Through showcasing inspirational photographs, writing and design through architectural perspectives, LEY aspires to bring modern day women together through self-love and mutual love for one another.


The ethos is that when living your most authentic life you are bound to become more supportive of those around. LEY is a showcase of strength, independence and the starkful, powerfully impressive.


PEAK NAKIGANDA shapes styling, marketing and visual merchandising liszinz Mixed prints Mixed prints exemplify the ability to be bold and step outside of the box while dancing to the tune of your own beat. Unapologetic innovators have a way of being classified as “crazy” in today’s society. But who said crazy wasn’t the new trend? This demo reflects the magic of print manipulation and berserk print


placement. A bold trend designed to combine seemingly polar opposite elements, intertwining together to create a synchronised unity of transfused statement pieces.



MELIS ALIOGLU shapes design, modelling, and environments IGI-X A demo reel based on environment modelling and props. IGI-X focuses on keeping the number of polygons reduced while maintaining a photorealistic illusion. The concept for this environment is focused around cloak and dagger based games with a dark and desaturated colour scheme


providing a level of authenticity for the thematic. Catered toward the gaming youth and fans of first-person shooters, IGI-X is a thrilling venture into a world of intrigue.


MITCHELL BRKICH shapes environmental artist, modelling, and surfacing Derelict Valley A low poly game environment built to be optimised for mobile games. A dust-choked racetrack that cuts through red canyons, and an inhospitable desert landscape that offers no plant life, and where water is a scarce commodity. Taking inspiration from Monument Valley of Colorado Plateau, and classic Road Runner cartoons. That style


is important to provoke a feeling of mystery, and nostalgia and was designed for an arts-oriented audience with an interest in, or have lived through the ’80s.


NOAH CARSON shapes fun, creativity, and seriously silly contexts Let’s Go For An Adventure It’s time to suspend disbelief and put a temporary pause on that annoying adult voice in your head—the one that says rocket ships don’t make good commuter vehicles, and that people don’t hide things under their hats. This project presents design as an interaction between 2D and 3D; cartoon and reality; work and play. The work is crafted to present a youthful sensibility to what’s


possible and what isn’t, with these designs intended to open and create collaborative creative spaces for viewers to become participants. So buckle up, pencil down, let’s get creative!


STEPHEN FAGERLUND environmental modelling, texturing, and surfacing Våta Stenar A 3D environment modelling and texturing based reel focused on stylization. It incorporates visual cues through those focuses to cause the viewer to ask about the story and life of the world created while maintaining a bright and vibrant storybook feel. This environment references Dungeons and Dragons with a style relating to both Blizzard’s and Nintendo’s creative direction


—one brimming with life and personality. This style is tailored towards the youth of today, growing up with more positively influencing game titles.


RYAN HUTCHERSON shapes character modelling Rev og SkjaldmÌr A character model package featuring two characters that are wildly different in style used to emphasise a range of modelling skills. The first of two characters shown is inspired by sci-fi adventure while placing particular focus on futuristic and alien technology: high-tech character bodies and biomechanical armours. The second character is inspired by highly stylised, whimsical children’s stories and games with vibrant


colours. Together the demo reel demonstrated ranges from youthful and energetic, to contemporary dystopian space operas, in order to promote a multi-faceted way of seeing and producing narratives.


JANE QI shapes character modelling, texturing, and concept art Bon Appetite! Have you ever wondered what happens when people don’t eat their vegetables? Well, this stylised 3D spectacle delivers an answer to such queries. This playful diorama features original character concepts taken from Blue Sky sketches to polished production ready character models. This demo reel is heavily story driven, telling the tale of a nimble French


chef, Jacques Pompidou Cooksteau who has gotten himself into quite the food fight. This visual feast aims to captivate all who are willing, to follow the story as it is slowly unveiled.



ASEEL ALHARNDAO shapes designing, planning and modelling

behance.neUaseelalham College of Architecture and Planning A concept design for Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University’s College of Architecture and Planning in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The initial design was inspired by stone carvings found in ancient caves and mountains dating back to the beginning of mankind. Historical architecture intertwined with modern concepts is the core theme underlying the construct of design. Simple block


forms covered in a mesh are integrated to accentuate strength, allowing the viewer to feel as if the design itself is growing from the earth.


MICHELLE AMABA shapes interior design Mac Brews A modern a dual brewery and restaurant celebrating local craft beer and lifestyle. The intention behind the design was to achieve a natural and spirited atmosphere, which is achieved through geometric patterns and a neutral colour palette complemented by warm wood tones. Together the materials create a bright, open and clean space. An open floor plan and large bay windows allow for natural light to fill the space and create an airy, spacious


feel. Mac Brews appeals to local beer & food enthusiasts who wish to establish a sense of community in an enjoyable, warm atmosphere created for them by Mac Brews.


ALEXANDER CHAMBERS shapes function, elegance, distinction. Global Pyramid House A self-sustaining LEED Platinum rated avant-garde microhouse. Perfect for affluent clients who are efficient, minimalistic, sophisticated, desiring a summer escape complete with 360 views. The shape naturally provides shelter well beyond the footprint of the house. Innovative in its inception, an emphasis is placed on the meticulously structured design of the roof. Built to allow for admirably exceptional water


collection, leaving plenty of room for the allocation of multiple garden plots both inside and out. Inside the structure, you get a sense of limitless space with the open floor plan and 360 windows. With a reach for the words “Function, Elegance, Distinction� in mind, the design works perfectly.


MELINDA HALSTEAD shapes creative thinking, function and design Vancouver Office: GDH Pharmaceutica Located downtown Vancouver GDH pharmaceutical office employs over 100 personnel. Requiring an open concept design, the layout’s main focus is function and task orientation. Organic space elements encompass compatibility and purpose between departments, resulting in a harmonious space.



LING JIANG shapes office, commercial, residential JL Hotel Project A hotel design project featuring elegant eco–friendly inspirations and concepts. Pure wooden texture, polished stone, marble material and soft brass tones were used to establish the spatial environment. When these materials combine they create a harmonious balance between nature and high tech that promotes health and functionality for its clientele.



PRECIOUS SHARLAINE NAVALTA shapes residential, office, and commercial Paradise Olympus Hotel & Casino SG A conceptualised hotel and casino design that is directly inspired by Greek mythology. This hotel features a plethora of sophisticated units designed to accommodate guests. A biophilic environment is created by implementing sustainable floating stairs around the main lobby, an accentuated key feature allowing for an open space concept.


Highlighted in the design is a desire to unify Olympian gods with contemporary elements: a unique motif innovative in its inception that crafts a modern masterpiece to elevate all of the senses.


SHAI SMITH shapes creative writing, design and personal logos GDH Pharmaceutical Office The vision for the GDH office in Vancouver is a modern, sleek and clean design. The space is open with large glass panels allowing natural light into the building which combines with soft neutral colours. Luxurious materials, plants, and art are used to give the employers a sense of ease. The flow of the work environment is balanced between relaxation, and comfort which promotes human


wellness. Overall this design satisfies the client’s needs by analyzing each part of the space and making sure the private areas are just as important as public ones.


AZIN TAJBAKHSH shapes residential, branding, commercial Art-Deco Residential One step inside and you are taken away to a whole new world of artdeco style. Infused with symmetrical bold geometric shapes characteristic of the Art Deco era, a rich colour pallette is introduced to accentuate polished metal, glass, and wood finishes. This house is located in the lively European-esque village in Whistler, surrounded by panoramic views of the mountains that will leave guests mesmerised by nature’s finest beauty. The main level offers


open concept living allowing easy movement between the living area, dining area, kitchen, office and guest room. The ground floor has been designed to truly provide for all entertainment needs.


CAROLINE WENDLING shapes hospitality, retail and office L’Hotel Noir This hotel takes guests back in time to the classic Hollywood era of grandeur and glamour. Rich velvets, bronze accents, and dramatic lighting are used to create an ambience of luxury and allure, while the lavish design provides visitors with a taste of the sophisticated elegance of the golden age of cinema. A key feature of L’Hotel Noir is a cinematheque


designed to promote the revival of classical films. As guests approach and enter through the opulent lobby they feel as if they are stepping into a Hollywood movie of their own making.



JULIE BOLKO shapes branding, publication, illustration Year in Colour An adult-oriented calendar designed for First D8 Calendar Co. with patterned bohemian styled illustrations inspired by the freelance artist, Kathryn Craft. The illustrations are detailed and complex but are created using simple shapes and repetition. The calendar allows users to interact with the designs in a very personal way, by choosing to use the colours that they specifically feel


work best with the artwork. The line work is combined with a bold black border and minimalistic calendar design, to contrast the colours that will eventually fill its pages.


AIDEN CHU shapes branding, publication, and illustration Vinymal A new vinyl listening café based out of Vancouver, Vinymal’s mission statement is to promote a laid-back environment where clients can unwind, discover inner creativity, and simply listen to music after a stressful day. Targeted toward both men and women who simply love music. The brand conveys their vision to its demographic through minimal,


clean, and constructed branding, while te warm colours to give off an added sense of cosiness. These designs are embodiments of goals for how everyone should feel when they are at Vinymal café.


AMANDA COOPER shapes branding, packaging, and publication design Hue Hue Graffiti Art House and Bar is a conceptual company located in Vancouver. It is a place where people can come together in a highly creative atmosphere and enjoy the perks that come along with the onsite bar. This set of branding materials created for Hue combines urban street culture with modern illustrative elements while using a palette of cool colours, balanced with the strong geometric


shapes in the text to craft a calm but confident vibe. This makes Hue a oneof-a-kind in its marketplace, and thus the perfect brand for young creatives looking to connect and get inspired.


PAIGE MILLS shapes branding, ui/ux, layout design Helix Helix is a rework of the London Building in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, as a personal concept project. Helix focuses on the educated, the midde to upper class, and the people who appreciate modern with a timeless twist. The logo and name was inspired by the buildings spiral staircase. The project


is composed of mulitple forms of advertising, such as hoarding signage, building signage and more; as well as web productions, business cards and a brand book.


ALEX PEECHOW shapes illustration, photography, and digital imaging Dance with the Dead Showcased are a triptych of promotional poster designs for the metal–synth band Dance with the Dead. A different take on the existing design elements of the band’s image has been introduced to focus on a more vibrant theme. Inspired by a Japanese risograph, a three-tone colour palette based on complementary colours is used


to accentuate the bands existing genre without straying from its original design elements. These promotional posters can be found as advertisements for upcoming events locations such as The Invisible Orange as well as usage for band apparel.


JAMIE WALLACEPERKINS shapes illustration, identity, and print design Skein Skein is a high quality, 100% recycled paper and stationery company. “Skein,� derived from the Old French escaigne, refers to a flock of geese or swans flying in a V formation; the inspiration for the logo. The theme of flight is repeated throughout the branding with illustrations of wings, and winged creatures consisting of insects, waterbirds, and hybrid animals. In acknowledging the perilous state of the natural world


today, sunset gradients signify the end of needing ecologically destructive production, with this brand poised to provide a solution to that problem. Overall, Skein can be described as contemporary with an organic flair meant to attract their market of high-end, environmentally conscious paper retailers, stationery retailers, and individual consumers.


WINTER 2018 GRADUATES Peers and participants in the Spring 2018 Graduate Exhibition Game Development and Design

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Brandon Copeland Wyatt Downie David Ibarreta Troy Nemeth Cheyenne Meding Brandon Parnell Kim Yazawa


Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion

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Tijana Petrovic Julia Wiebe Hayley Firth Peak Nakiganda

3D Modelling Animation Art and Design

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Melis Alioglu Mitchell Brkich Noah Carson Stephen Fagerlund Ryan Hutcherson Jane Qi

Interior Design

Graphic Design

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Aseel Alharndao Michelle Amaba Alexander Chambers Melinda Halstead Jiang Ling Precious Sharlaine Navalta // Shai Smith // Azin Tajbakhsh // Caroline Wendling

Julie Bolko Aiden Chu Amanda Cooper Paige Mills Alex Peechow Jamie WallacePerkins