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Melissa Bremmer, Emiel Heijnen, Folkert Haanstra

Wicked Arts Education helps you to design exciting arts educational programmes from scratch. These arts programmes make a meaningful connection between the culture of the student, the arts, and society. We have tested our arts educational design strategies around the world and found that they challenge arts educators to explore curriculum ideas collectively, creatively and productively.

In a time of individualization and polarization, we believe in the power of learning collectively about, in, and through the arts. Although Wicked Arts Education can be used to create personalized learning trajectories, it advocates building learning communities in which students and teachers share interests, expertise, and opinions.

Wicked Arts Education can be used in a variety of educational contexts: from primary to higher education, and for arts curricula inside and beyond schools. The term ‘arts’ underlines that this workbook is suitable for the visual arts, music, dance, theatre, film or design, but also for designing interdisciplinary arts projects and courses. So, whether you are an arts teacher, an artist, or a curriculum designer, or if you want to set up a single lesson or a complete arts curriculum, this book is for you!

Authors/Auteurs Melissa Bremmer, Emiel Heijnen, Folkert Haanstra

Co-editor Sanne Kersten

Support Amsterdam University of the Arts,

Design Laura Pappa,

Pb, 22 x 15 cm (hxw), ca. 192 pp, c. 80 images(fc), November 2024, separate English and Dutch editions: English edition: ISBN 978-94-93246-38-6, € 22,50 Nederlandse versie: ISBN 978-94-93246-39-3, € 22,50

Arts Wicked Education

Melissa Bremmer, Emiel Heijnen, Folkert Haanstra
Designing Creative Programmes



Melissa Bremmer, Emiel Heijnen, Folkert Haanstra

Wicked Kunsteducatie helpt je spannende kunsteducatieve lesprogramma’s helemaal vanaf het begin te ontwerpen. Deze programma’s leggen een betekenisvolle verbinding tussen de cultuur van de leerling, de kunsten en de maatschappij. We hebben onze kunsteducatieve ontwerpstrategieën wereldwijd getest en ondervonden dat ze kunstdocenten uitdagen hun curriculumideeën op een gezamenlijke, creatieve én productieve manier vorm te geven.

In deze tijden van individualisering en polarisatie geloven wij in de kracht van het samen leren over, in en door de kunsten. Hoewel Wicked Kunsteducatie gebruikt kan worden voor individuele leertrajecten, pleit het voor het opbouwen van leergemeenschappen waarin leerlingen en docenten hun interesses, expertise en meningen delen.

Wicked Kunsteducatie kan in verschillende educatieve contexten worden gebruikt: van basisonderwijs tot hoger onderwijs en voor kunstcurricula binnen en buiten de school. Dit werkboek is geschikt voor de beeldende kunsten, muziek, dans, theater, film of design, en ook voor het ontwerpen van vakoverstijgende kunstprojecten en modules. Dus of je nu een kunstdocent, kunstenaar of curriculumontwerper bent, of maar één les of een hele module wilt ontwerpen; dit boek is voor jou!

ISBN 978-94-92095-75-6

€ 22,50

ISBN 978-94-93246-19-5

€ 25,00

ISBN 978-94-92095-40-4

€ 22,50


Creatieve programma's ontwerpen

Melissa Bremmer, Emiel Heijnen, Folkert Haanstra



ISBN 978-9492095-86-2 € 5,00

ISBN 978-94- 93246-87-9 € 9,50

ISBN 978-9493246-22-5 € 9,50

ISBN 978-94- 93246-23-2 € 9,50

ISBN 978-9493246-10-2 € 9,50

ISBN 978-9492095-87-6 € 5,00



How can we break through a culture of mistrust? Suspicion regarding our fellow beings, the authorities and enterprises is growing, blamed on passing the buck and feelings of impotence. We seek remedies in regulations, contracts and procedures, assurances, audits and consultancy. As well as in good governance and transparency. But do they actually make for real trust? Is trust not always somewhat blind?

Trust: Building on Cultural Commons highlights the crucial role played by cultural commons, shared ‘common’ life and its customs, practices, knowledge and values. After all, trust is a matter of culture, emotion and even aesthetics. Wide-ranging trust starts with the sharing of vulnerabilities, and it is Pascal Gielen’s belief that the ‘common’ provides the necessary scope. Breathing space and scope for experiment. How might a society and a policy build on this?

Pascal Gielen is a writer and full professor of sociology of culture and politics at the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA) where he leads the Culture Commons Quest Office.

Drawings: Karina Beumer, visual artist.

Design Lotte Lara Schröder,

Info Pb, 19 x 11,5 cm, c. 240 pp., English, October 2024, ISBN 978-94-93246-40-9, € 19,90

Also available in Dutch ISBN 978-94-93246-21-8, € 15,00


Max Bruinsma, Leonie ten Duis

Gert Dumbar (1940) is one of the most influential—and colourful—graphic designers in the postwar design field, both in the Netherlands and abroad. As a young partner in Tel Design, he designed one of the most iconic symbols in the Dutch public domain, the logo for the Dutch National Railways, NS, to which he has added countless designs for other clients with his own Studio Dumbar. Applauded or reviled, Studio Dumbar has left an indelible mark on Dutch and international visual culture.

Dumbar produced a vast amount of work, for an enormously varied clientele, from avant-garde theatres to the central government, from hospitals to multinationals. That work and the Werdegang of its namesake are now—for the first time—described and interpreted with great verve by the two authors in a richly illustrated book.

Gert Dumbar, Gentleman Maverick of Dutch Design considers this fabulously versatile oeuvre in its time and context and examines the various roles Dumbar played—that of artist, provocateur and ‘design director’, student and teacher, cultural initiator and mediator. Unique is the treasure trove of sketches from the Studio’s archives, which were abundantly sampled for the book. It provides insight into Dumbar’s independent, agile mind, his gift for engaging talented young designers, and his ability to time and again seduce his very diverse commissioners to tread unconventional paths.

Max Bruinsma is a design critic, editor, curator and lecturer. He was the editor-in-chief of Eye: The International Review of Graphic Design (founded by Rick Poynor). He has written on design extensively, and has been teaching in many international positions.

Leonie ten Duis is an art historian and writer. One of her best-known books is The World Must Change: Graphic Design and Idealism / De wereld moe(s)t anders: grafisch ontwerpen en idealisme.

Editor Max Bruinsma


Max Bruinsma, Leonie ten Duis


Creative Industries Fund NL, Cultuurfonds, Jaap Harten Fonds Foundation


Renate Boere,

Info Pb, 24 x 17 cm (hxw), 480 pp, c. 1,100 images (most in fc), August 2024, ISBN 978-94-93246-33-1

€ 39,50




Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk & Eva Burgering (eds.)

How can art, science and institutional practices counteract the negative consequences of climate and ecological breakdown, as to further the need for systemic change? Worlding Ecologies serves as an anthology of examples and wayward navigational tool, assembling eighteen authors exploring this question from their diverse backgrounds––as scientists, artists, philosophers, activists, theorists and curators––to rigorously approach urgent ecological challenges, including climate breakdown, pollution, biodiversity loss, environmental and social justice. This reader emphasizes the fundamental role of art as a vehicle and support structure for intersectional ecological thought. Whilst navigating imagination, worlding-possibility, science fact, social justice and climate action, this book prompts a fundamental role for art to create the blueprints for regenerative and sustainable more-than-human worlds. Structured alongside three sections––Science and Climate Truth, Activism and Climate Justice and Art and Institutional Ecosystems––this reader moves from fieldwork-taking to patchwork-making, unifying the arts with science, politics and ecology into a field of synthetic thought.

Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk (1988, NL) works as director and curator at RADIUS, center for art and ecology located in Delft, which he founded in 2021. Lekkerkerk published The Standard Book of Noun-Verb Exhibition Grammar (Onomatopee, 2018) and Bestiary of Corona Animals (Onomatopee, 2020).

Eva Burgering was head of production and publications at RADIUS, and is now Junior Curator at Nest, The Hague and Junior Conservator at Centraal Museum, Utrecht.

RADIUS is a center for contemporary art and ecology in Delft (NL). RADIUS works collaboratively with artists and other stakeholders to tell the urgent and necessary story of climate and systems change by means of art. RADIUS does so through a continuous program, consisting of exhibitions, public and educational programs.


Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, Eva Burgering


Ursula Biemann, Federica Bueti, Eva Burgering, T.J. Demos, Zoénie Liwen Deng, Jeff Diamanti, Lisa Doeland, Taru Elfving, Sami Hammana, Christopher F. Julien, Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, Michael Marder, Chus Martinéz, Victoria McKenzie, Margarida Mendes, Vincent Normand, Filipa Ramos, Jessica Ullrich


RADIUS, center for contemporary art and ecology


Mondriaan Fund, M.A.O.C. Gravin van Bylandt Stichting, Cultuurfonds, Gieskes-Strijbis Fonds


Wibke Bramesfeld,


Pb, 24 x 17 cm (hxw), 256 pp, July 2024, ISBN 978-94-93246-34-8, € 27,50

ISBN 978-94-92095-79-4


ISBN 978-94-93246-12-6 € 25,00

ISBN 978-94-93246-24-9 € 22,50

Paper book: ISBN 978-9492095-89-3 € 27,50

E-book: ISBN 978-9492095-99-2 € 12,50

ISBN 978-94-92095-79-4 € 22,50

English/Inuktitut/North Sámi: ISBN 978-94-93246-25-6, € 27,00

Français/Inuktitut/Same du Nord: ISBN 978-94-93246-26-3, € 27,00

ISBN 978-94-93246-00-3 € 29,90

ISBN 978-94-93246-02-7 € 29,90


The vis-à-vis series provides a platform to stimulating and relevant subjects in recent and emerging visual arts, architecture and design. The authors relate to history and art history, to other authors, to recent topics and to the reader. Most are academic researchers. What binds them is a visual way of thinking, an undaunted treatment of the subject matter and a skilful, creative style of writing.

Design Sam de Groot,

Size 23,4 x 16,5 cm

Binding Paperback

Language English

Price € 25–€ 29,50

For complete vis-à-vis list consult



Curating exhibitions and ‘art writing’ are closely related: both activities construct a meaningful narrative about artefacts and artists, both interact with a public, viewers/readers; both make space for the experience of art objects. For their work, curators and art writers tap the primary source: the living artist, their work and world. Both cherish a proximity to the maker, for it allows them to delve into artistic processes, consider things in a state of becoming. An essential tool for curators and art writers alike is the dialogue with the artist.

Mark Kremer has been writing, curating, teaching, and interacting with artists for decades. Beautiful Madness is an accumulation of his writings on contemporary art (1993–2023). The book gathers pieces along lines of affinity, themes, and attitudes, structured in five topics: Trace; Gesture; Rudiment; Polyphony; Fortitude. It mirrors his experiences with art curating, writing, thinking and is of value to anybody who wants to sharpen their pen, and rethink what curating might mean.

Mark Kremer (b. 1963, NL) is an independent curator and writer, based in Amsterdam. He studied art history, comparative literature, and film studies. Since 1987, he has been working in and with several art institutes, educational programmes, and has curated numerous international exhibitions.

Featuring work by Absalon (Meir Eshel), Tiong Ang, Christiaan Bastiaans, Harmen Brethouwer, Hugo Canoilas, Lutz Driessen, Helmut Federle, Alicia Framis, Wineke Gartz, Rob Johannesma, Joan Jonas, Mike Kelley, Esther Kläs, Klaas Kloosterboer, Job Koelewijn, André Kruysen, Jos van Meerendonk, Almagul Menlibayeva, Aernout Mik, Pieter Laurens Mol, Astrid Nobel, Jan van de Pavert, Roee Rosen, Ronald Schimmel, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Lorelinde Verhees, Jeff Wall, and many others

Info c. 320 pp., English, November 2024, ISBN 978-94-93246-36-2 € 27,00


Stadsessays geven een podium aan analyse, verdieping en reflectie, maar ook aan stellingname en discussie over de stad. Ze zijn beknopt, goed te lezen in een enkele avond of treinreis, in druk of digitaal.



Peter Pelzer

Klimaatcrisis, woningtekort en sociale ongelijkheid. Hoe kan ruimtelijke ordening toekomstgericht hierop vooruitlopen en leren van hoopvolle ontwikkelingen? Oorspronkelijk verschenen in 2021, nu geactualiseerd en blijvend relevant voor ieder die werkt aan de inrichting van Nederland: planologen, studenten, ambtenaren, adviseurs, projectontwikkelaars en bestuurders.


Edwin Buitelaar Maximaal, gelijk, voldoende, vrij

ISBN 978-94-92095-91-6

Simon Franke, Wouter Veldhuis

Simon Franke, Wouter Veldhuis

Annemarie Kok

Verkenning van de rechtvaardige stad

ISBN 978-94-92095-59-6

Onderweg naar de rechtvaardige stad

ISBN 978-94-93246-37-9

Binding genoeg, ISBN 978-94-92095-34-3

Annemarie Kok Herinnering aan de rechtsstaat

ISBN 978-94-92095-75-7

Arie Lengkeek e.a., Architectuur in het midden

ISBN 978-94-93246-18-8

Arnold Reijndorp De nieuwe stad, ISBN 978-94-92095-82-4

Frans Soeterbroek Omstreden plannen, onderschatte burgers

ISBN 978-94-93246-17-

Hans Teerds De ruimte die we delen, ISBN 978-94-93246-32-4


ISBN 978-9493246-35-5, € 22,50

Geactualiseerde versie 978-94-93246-41-6 € 17,50

ISBN 978-9492095-01-5, € 19,90

Design Meeusontwerpt,

Paperback, 21 x 13,5 cm

Elk € 17,50 (PDF gratis te downloaden)

Voor de boekhandel: niet leverbaar via CB, wel rechtstreeks, lage korting

ISBN 978-9492095-97-8, € 25,00



Laurie Cluitmans & Heske ten Cate (eds.), Mothering Myths; An ABC of Art, Birth and Care, with Centraal Museum, Utrecht & Nest, The Hague, design Bart de Baets, March 2025

Carolyn Strauss (ed.), Slow Technology Reader, with Slow Research Lab, design Haller Brun, spring 20252

Eva Fotiadi (ed.), Exhibiting for Multiple Senses: Art Curating and Research for Sensory Diverse Bodies, in PLURAL series, design Lotte Lara Schröder, spring 20251

Henriette Waal & Clemens Driessen (eds.), Water Works: Eco-Social Design, design Bart de Baets, spring 20252, 3


Annelys de Vet, Disarming Design: Approaches to Participatory Practices, with Subjective Editions, design Annelys de Vet, spring 20252

Queer Feminist Manifestos, with GLU/Girls

Like Us, compiled by Liz Allan, Sarah van Binsbergen, Jessica Gysel, Sara Kaaman, in PLURAL series, design Lotte Lara Schröder, spring 2025

Michael Kaethler, Designing the World Otherwise: A User’s Guide to Imaginative Ethnographies, design Wibke Bramesfeld, spring 20252


Paul Kempers, Afslag Rotonde: Op safari langs Nederlandse buitenkunst, spring/summer

N.B We are still working on these publications, so titles might change. Supported by Mondriaan Fonds1 Creative Industries Fund2 Wageningen University3


San Francisco Art Book Fair (with DAP)

18–21 July, Minnesota Street Projects contemporary art campus,

Miss Read, Berlin

11–13 October, Haus der Kulturen der Welt,

Singapore Art Book Fair (with Grey Projects)

25–27 October, Singapore Art Museum, singaporeartbookfair. org

GHMP Prague Art Book Fair

14–15 September, Troja Chateau, accompanying-events/ art-book-fair-2024

Frankfurt Book Fair

17–20 October, Messegebäude,

Volumes, Zürich

16–17 November, Zentralwäscherei,

Offprint Paris

7–10 November, Le Pavillon de l’Arsenal,

Tokyo Art Book Fair

28 November–1 December, Museum of Contemporary Art,

Index, Mexico-City

16–19 January 2025, Kurimanzutto,

DRUK Amsterdam

24 November, Paradiso, programma/druk-2024

Between Books

Düsseldorf, 20–22 September, Kunsthalle, betweenbooks2024en

Recreo Valencia Art Book Fair

18–20 October, IVAM,

Brussels Ass Book Fair

29 November–1 December, KANAL-Centre Pompidou,

Unlimited Edition/Seoul Art Book Fair

15–17 November, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art,

Dublin Art Book Fair

21 November–1 December, Temple Bar Gallery, dublin-art-book-fair-2024

Book fair participation partly supported by the Mondriaan Fund

31 May–30 June 2024

Poster design: Hans Gremmen

Valiz exhibition and events at Enter Enter, Amsterdam, past/#item-654



Till Hormann, coordinator of operations, co-director (and musician/graphic designer)

Simon Pillaud, lead of logistics, co-director (and artist/photographer)

Astrid Vorstermans, publisher, co-director (and initiator, editor, lecturer, content developer)

Dennis ter Wal, coordinator of communications, co-director (and design historian)

Simone Wegman, project editor, co-director (and art and media researcher)

Eli Witteman, project editor, co-director (and writer, artist)


Simon Franke (publisher, developer, editor)

Eli Witteman & Astrid Vorstermans (publishers, editors, organizers)


Dinnis van Dijken, Nicole Jessé, Erik Peters



Representatives and ambassadors Jesse Presse, Jesse Muller,

BookMarks NL

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