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Your USC Alumni Association Connecting the Trojan Family 2023-24 Lifelong and Worldwide

This year, as we celebrate the USC Alumni Association’s Centennial, we also look forward to kicking off our next 100 years of engaging alumni to advance our beloved university. With nearly 480,000 alumni across the globe, our Trojan Family is lifelong and worldwide, and one of USC’s most valuable assets.

From the beginning, we’ve been bringing Trojans together and strengthening their ties to each other and USC. Alumni of all ages and backgrounds have always played a key role in supporting USC’s innovation, scholarship and creativity. Our alumni have a long history of involvement in the university’s communities, initiatives and projects, and are committed to USC’s ongoing success, as well as President Carol L. Folt’s moonshots, which will shape USC’s future.

Our programs offer something for everyone, whether it’s supporting scholarships and research, mentoring students, building professional networks or creating opportunities for Trojans worldwide. We’re proud to report that in the past year, our domestic regional program engaged more volunteers (an increase of more than 66%) in more cities than ever before; that all four scholarship galas held by our multicultural alumni associations were sold out; and that 50,000+ alumni engaged with us on our FightOnline alumni portal. We also conducted our first all-alumni survey since 2015, the results of which will be announced and available on our website by mid-fall 2023.

These are just some of the high points that have led up to our centennial year. Read on for more highlights, including a special section “Celebrating a Century of the Trojan Family.”

Looking ahead, we hope all alumni will establish or deepen their connection to USC and the Trojan Family as we mark this significant milestone and embark on the second century of the USC Alumni Association.

Fight On!


Celebrating a Century of the Trojan Family

Founded in 1880, USC produced its first class of alumni in 1884. For the next four decades, several school-based associations were formed to serve our ever-growing alumni community. By 1923—the same year the the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum opened its doors—alumni leaders saw the need for a university-wide alumni association that would unite what would eventually become the Trojan Family.

With alumni now unified, the GAA sprang into action. Over the weekend of December 5-6, 1924, USC held its first Homecoming, with the Trojans trouncing the Syracuse Orangemen 16-0. In the 1920s, the GAA established USC’s first job placement office, the Bureau of Employment (today’s Career Center), to help students and alumni find jobs, and embarked on an ambitious campaign to raise funds for a new library and physical education building.

The Great Depression put a wrench in those latter plans, at least for the time being. Nevertheless, in 1930, the GAA raised money for a statue that would mark USC’s 50th anniversary. The Trojan Shrine (aka Tommy Trojan!) has proudly stood alongside Bovard Auditorium ever since, and was joined two years later by Doheny Memorial Library, completed in 1932. Once again, alumni leaders seized an opportunity by purchasing the private property between Doheny and Tommy and donating it to the university, unifying our campus with today’s Alumni Park.

On June 21, 1923, a group of alumni, volunteer leaders and USC administrators came together in what is today Founders Park to officially establish the General Alumni Association (GAA). Famed oil heir Edward L. Doheny Jr. (Class of 1916)—the future namesake of Doheny Memorial Library—was its first president, and within a year, the GAA had 4,800 members.
Image Courtesy of Water & Power Associates

Guaranteeing the university's future also meant celebrating and honoring those who would shape it. In 1932, the GAA established the Asa V. Call Alumni Achievement Award, thus kicking off our annual USC Alumni Awards tradition.

As USC kept growing, so did its alumni community. To better serve them, affinity organizations arrived, including the Half Century Club in 1949 (today’s Half Century Trojans).

Of course, there are no alumni without students, which may be one reason why, in 1952, the GAA launched a scholarship program, a commitment which has blossomed into millions of scholarship dollars for USC students every year.

4 USC Alumni Association
Economist Thomas Nixon Carver (Class of 1891) received the first Asa V. Call Alumni Achievement Award.
Image Courtesy of Water & Power Associates

As more women began seeking opportunities outside the home, Trojan women came together to form the university's first alumnae group—the Trojan League of Los Angeles—in 1958. This was followed by the establishment of the Alumnae Coordinating Council in 1961.

In the 1970s, two of USC’s most prominent affinity organizations were formed. Raúl Vargas, then executive director of USC’s Mexican American Programs, joined with eight alumni to form the Mexican American Alumni Association (today’s Latino Alumni Association) in 1973. Two years later, noted civil rights leader Rev. Dr. Thomas Kilgore Jr., who had helped organize the historic 1963 civil rights march on Washington, led the efforts to create the USC Ebonics Support Group, the precursor to the USC Black Alumni Association, in 1976.

Image from The Huntington Library, San Marino, California Image Courtesy of Water & Power Associates

That same year, while America celebrated her bicentennial, we were busy moving into the university’s first building and a state historic monument—the Widney Alumni House. This would be our home for the next 34 years.

In the 1980s and 90s, two new affinity organizations formed. In 1982, a dedicated group of alumni volunteers and students created the Asian Pacific American Support Group (today’s USC Asian Pacific Alumni Association) as an ancillary to USC’s Asian Pacific American Student Services. A decade later, a community of alumni, students, faculty and staff founded USC Lambda (today’s USC Lambda LGBTQ+ Alumni Association) in 1992, after two decades of courageous advocacy.

In 1998, we changed our name to the USC Alumni Association. Today, we engage alumni of all ages and backgrounds with a wide variety of programs and events, from professional networking mixers to social and sporting events to cultural outings.

6 USC Alumni Association
Image Courtesy of Water & Power Associates Image Courtesy of Water & Power Associates

Our annual events, like the USC Women’s Conference (first held in 2009) and the USC Alumni Day of SCervice (2012), bring together thousands of Trojans and friends.

In 2010, we bid goodbye to the Widney Alumni House to move into our new home, the Epstein Family Alumni Center, in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, we quickly adapted to the “new normal” by expanding our online programming. Today, we offer both in-person and online events to Trojans worldwide.

Thanks to our alumni volunteers, university leaders and USC supporters, we have built a solid groundwork to “Fight On!” for the next 100 years!
In 2020, we re-launched our official alumni portal, FightOnline, letting alumni connect with fellow Trojans, update their profiles and more!
Image Courtesy of Water & Power Associates Image Courtesy of Water & Power Associates






8 USC Alumni Association
Founding of General Alumni Association (GAA) Dedication of Tommy Trojan statue USC’s first Homecoming game The GAA donates the Alumni Pylon Half Century Club launches (today’s Half Century Trojans) Alumni Park opens (background image)
1952 Gwynn Wilson (Class 0f 1921) establishes scholarship program


Founding of USC Mexican American Alumni Association (today’s LAA)


Founding of Asian Pacific Support Group (today’s APAA)


GAA gets new name: USC Alumni Association


USC Alumni Association moves to Epstein Family Alumni Center


Founding of USC Lambda


Alumnae Coordinating Council forms


Founding of USC Ebonics Support Group (today’s BAA)

GAA moves into Widney Alumni House


USC Alumni Association Centennial!

Did You Know?

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, home to USC football, is celebrating its centennial in 2023, too!

You can find USC alumni living on 6 CONTINENTS. Antarctica, you’re next!

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP IS FREE and automatic for all graduates of USC!

The “Hollywoodland” sign appeared above Los Angeles in 1923, the same year our alumni association was founded.

USC Alumni by the Numbers

USC alumni comprise the largest segment of the Trojan Family.

4,800 1923


100,000 1990


USC Alumni Association
Image Courtesy of Water & Power Associates
Image Courtesy of Water & Power Associates

Alumni Review, the forerunner to Trojan Family Magazine, began publishing in 1925.

This year also marks the 100-year anniversary of the USC Graduate School and the composition of our beloved university anthem (alma mater): “All Hail.”







*Estimated 11
Tommy Trojan, the iconic statue, was modeled on USC football players.

All-Time Presidents of the USC Alumni Association Board of Governors

George Finley Bovard (College of Liberal Arts: 1885-86)*

Edward Doheny, Jr. (1923-26)*

Linton H. Smith (1926-27)*

Allen T. Archer (1927-28)*

James D. McCoy (1928-29)*

Herbert A. Freston (1929-30)*

Merritt H. Adamson (1930-31)*

Asa V. Call (1931-32)*

Frank W. Otto (1932-33)*

Carl B. Wirschling (1933-34)*

Clifford E. Hughes (1934-35)*

Fred B. Olds (1935-36)*

Byron C. Hanna (1936-37)*

Carl R. Howson (1937-38)*

Frank F. Barham (1938-39)*

Elmer E. Bromley (1939-40)*

Walter L. Powers (1940-41)*

E. Earl Moody (1941-42)*

Franklin S. Wade (1942-43)*

J. Arthur Taylor (1943-44)*

Elmer H. Howlett (1944-45)*

Howard L. Byram (1945-46)*

Clarence L. Kincaid (1946-47)*

Lloyd E. Wright, Sr. (1947-48)*

Ron Stever (1948-49)*

Gwynn M. Wilson (1949-50)*

Francis J. Conley (1950-51)*

J. Kneeland Nunan (1951-52)*

Bernard C. Brennan (1952-53)*

Lew K. Gough (1953-54)*

Kennedy Ellsworth (1954-55)*

Mulvey Z. White (1955-56)*

Boyd P. Welin (1956-57)*

J. Howard Payne (1957-58)*

Eber E. Jaques (1958-59)*

Ralph E. Smith (1959-60)*

E. Russell Werdin (1960-61)*

Bruce W. McNeil (1961-62)*

Michael F.B. MacBean (1962-63)*

G. Everett Miller (1963-64)*

John R. Abel (1964-65)*

Charles S. Boren (1965-66)*

Winston R. Fuller (1966-67)*

Phyllis Norton Cooper (1967-68)*

Raymond C. Sparling (1968-69)*

Stephen C. Bilheimer (1969-70)*

George E. Brandow (1970-71)*

Joseph K. Cannell (1971-72)*

Raymond J. Arbuthnot (1972-73)*

Ashley S. Orr (1973-74)*

Ralph O. Wilcox (1974-75)*

Herbert G. Klein (1975-76)*

Eugene C. Clark (1976-77)*

Richard C. Lawrence (1977-78)*

Robert A. Brown, Jr. (1978-79)*

Marshall A. Green (1979-80)*

Dann V. Angeloff (1980-81)*

Pascal B. Dilday (1981-82)*

Lorna Young Reed (1982-83)

Paul Kennedy, Jr. (1983-84)*

Hugh Helm (1984-85)

David S. Atha (1985-86)

John P. Davis, Jr. (1986-87)*

Ronald S. Orr (1987-88)

Richard G. Van Vorst (1988-89)*

George N. Boone (1989-90)*

Otis Healy (1990-91)

Hilton A. Green (1991-92)*

Ralph B. Allman, Jr. (1992-93)

L’Cena Brunskill Rice (1993-94)

L. Joe Enloe (1994-95)*

Gerald S. Papazian (1995-96)

Leonard R. Fuller (1996-97)*

Linda Dean Maudlin (1997-98)*

William C. Allen (1998-99)

Richard W. Cook (1999-2000)

David Brubaker (2000-01)

Robert S. Rollo (2001-02)

Reginald Lathan (2002-03)

Ann Lipscomb Hill (2003-04)

Glenn Sonnenberg (2004-05)

Gale K. Bensussen (2005-06)

Alexander L. Cappello (2006-07)

Michele Dedeaux Engeman (2007-08)

Ricard A. DeBeikes, Jr. (2008-09)

Robert Padgett (2009-10)

Carol Campbell Fox (2010-11)

Lisa Denton Barkett (2011-12)

Mitchell Lew (2012-13)

Ramona L. Cappello (2013-14)

Amy A. Ross (2014-15)

Michael E. Adler (2015-16)

Rod Y. Nakamoto (2016-17)

Jaime L. Lee (2017-18)

Michael Felix (2018-19)

Corii David Berg (2019-20)

John M. Iino (2020-22)

Nadine M. Watt (2022-24)

12 USC Alumni Association
* Deceased

All-Time Chief Alumni Relations Officers

Harold J. Stonier ’13 (1923-27)*

Frank L. Hadlock ’22 (1927-32)*

Lewis K. Gough ’31 (1932-42)*

R. Harold Smallwood ’39 (1942-43)*

E. Betty Donnegan ’42 (1943-44)*

Arnold Eddy ’24 (1944-60)*

Moreland Thomas ’49 (1960-63)*

Francis V. McGinley (1963-69)*

Longest Serving

H. Dale Hilton ’36 (1969-81)*

Geoff Gilchrist ’59 (1981-83)*

Shari Hanson Thorell ’65 (1983-92)

J.P. O’Connor-Thompson ’75 (1992-95)

Anita West/Christopher Stoy (interim: 1995-96)

Kathy Long-Phinney ’87 (1996-98)

Anita West (interim: 1998-99)

Susan Heitman (interim: 1999-2000)*

Judith Blumenthal MBA ’84, PhD ’88 (2000-06)

Carolyn Webb de Macias (interim: 2006-07)

Scott M. Mory (2007-13)

Patrick E. Auerbach EdD ’08 (2013-present) 13
Arnold Eddy ’24* (1944-60) Lewis K. Gough ’31* (1932-42) Shari Hanson Thorell ’65 (1983-92) H. Dale Hilton ’36* (1969-81) Patrick E. Auerbach EdD ’08 (2013-present) * Deceased * Deceased

Centennial Advisory Committee

Melody Nishida ’78, Co-Chair

Jerry Papazian ’77, Co-Chair

Patrick Auerbach EdD ’08

Ramona Cappello ’81

Nelson Chen ’00

Tony Choi ’81

Leslie Nelson Cressy ’82

Donald Dean ’90

Meredith Dorneker ’07

Janet Eddy ’53, MEd ’78, PhD ’91

Jim Eddy ’52*

Patrick Holloway ’85

Stacy Hope ’06

Byron Howard ’92

Sean Kearns ’97

Danielle Dietrich Kilpatrick ’73

Max McSlavkin ’09

David Moreno ’16

Todd Nelson MA ’01

Rick Nordin ’76

Annie Occhipinti ’86

Wilma Pinder ’62

Daniel Prince ’00, MA ’02

Olivia Rybus ’22

Mark Spratt MPA ’03

Gary Stone ’90

Shari Hanson Thorell ’65

Susan Sifuentes Trigueros ’82

Lanese Turner ’77

Bryanna Wallace ’19

Nadine Watt MA ’94

Claude Zachary, University Archivist (ret. 2023)

In 2022, we assembled our Centennial Advisory Committee to assist in the development and launch of the USC Alumni Association’s yearlong centennial programming, celebrations and philanthropy initiative. The committee members represent a broad cross-section of the Trojan Family, spanning eight decades of graduation years, multiple USC schools and a wide range of backgrounds. * Deceased


The USC Alumni Association

Today, 100 years after our founding, a USC degree includes automatic lifetime membership in the USC Alumni Association—offering Trojans many ways to stay connected to one another and to the university, along with exclusive benefits such as:

• Career services, including job search assistance, mentorship opportunities, webinars and events;

• Special offers from the Alumni Association’s corporate partners for financial services, insurance, travel, etc.;

• Online and on-campus discounts at campus retailers and eateries, as well as access to USC’s research libraries; and

• FightOnline, where degreed alumni can connect with fellow alumni who share their passions, discover alumni activities that interest them, and much more.

Learn more at


Who Are We?

Alumni by Age

(according to available data)

34% Young Alumni: up to age 35

25% Second Decade: ages 36-45


Total alumni

261,696 Graduate

36% Encore Trojans: ages 46-71

5% Half Century Trojans: age 72+

216,664 Undergraduate

25,362 Both

18 USC Alumni Association
As of July 31, 2023
Alumni by USC Degree Awarded

Find Alumni Near You

No matter where you are in the world, you can remain connected to the Trojan Family and your alma mater by visiting, where you can:

• Join fellow Trojans at favorite events like Game Watches, SCend Offs and SCervice projects.

• Participate in or lead professional and networking events such as ReSCeptions, industry office hours and SCuppers, virtually and in person.

• Connect with USC alumni in your community through FightOnline as well as through Facebook Regional Groups, which offer alums the ability to create or participate in Trojan Family meet-ups of all kinds, including watch parties, hikes, cultural activities and more.

• Check out our Event Calendar, which is sortable by region, to find a variety of alumni events. 19


No matter where you are, you can always connect to the Trojan Family—in person or online. The USC Alumni Association supports regional communities, affinity groups, industry networks and age-based organizations, and also collaborates with groups associated with schools and departments across campus.

We bring Trojans worldwide together as volunteers who mentor students, lead events and help us plan our programs. We also offer alumni and friends opportunities to explore the world with Trojan Travel.

And through our FightOnline alumni portal, The Trojan Network and our Facebook and LinkedIn groups, it’s easier than ever to make meaningful connections.


Industry Networks

Our industry networks connect Trojans who share interests and work in the same professions. These networks enable alumni to tap into the Trojan Family to share resources, ideas and experiences, and to stay involved with their alma mater.

The Trojan Entertainment Network offers professional, career-related, educational and social events to connect USC alumni who work in film, television, music, video games, sports, theater and digital media to one another and the university.

The Alumni Real Estate Network brings together Trojans in the real estate business at professional, career-related, educational and social events.

The Alumni Education Network strengthens ties among education alumni, including those working in K-12, higher education, nonprofits and policy making.

The Alumni Entrepreneurs Network connects Trojans who are employed by or own their own start-up company, are considering entrepreneur opportunities outside their own current occupation, or are venture capitalists.

22 USC Alumni Association

Age-Based Programs

No matter your age, we have events and programs designed just for you.

Half Century Trojans, revered across campus as the stewards of USC history and tradition, are USC alumni who earned a bachelor’s degree from any college or university at least 50 years ago. Half Century Trojans strengthen the bonds that connect USC alumni across generations, while also providing scholarships to deserving USC students.

Encore Trojans, ranging in age from their mid-40s to 71, stay connected to each other and the university through social networking, profession-centered programming and service opportunities.

The Second Decade Society provides programming geared specifically to alumni ages 36-45.

The Young Alumni Council offers events, webinars and career forums tailored to alumni age 35 or younger.

The Student Alumni Society helps connect current USC students to the Trojan Family through events and programs. Members of the society’s leadership board, Society 53, serve as official student ambassadors at university and Alumni Association events.


Affinity Organizations

Affinity programs bring together USC alumni and friends with common interests, experiences and/or backgrounds, strengthening their ties to each other and the university.

Our Alumnae (Women’s) Groups create opportunities for women of all ages to discover support and friendship through social and networking events, philanthropic projects and community involvement.

The USC Asian Pacific Alumni Association supports USC alumni of Asian Pacific origin/descent, and connects them with the university and one another, lifelong and worldwide, through meaningful and relevant programs. Many of these programs raise scholarship funds for current USC students.

The USC Black Alumni Association is an alumni network established to strengthen the legacy of educational attainment and excellence among USC students. It provides scholarship assistance, career mentoring and cultural advocacy through alumni volunteerism, philanthropy and social enterprise.

The USC Lambda LGBTQ+ Alumni Association connects lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and allied Trojans to each other and the university. It awards scholarships to students (regardless of their sexual or gender identity) who demonstrate a dedication to LGBTQ+ issues.

The USC Latino Alumni Association, made up of USC alumni, students and friends, is devoted to the academic advancement and development of USC students. It provides support, leadership training, and service and networking opportunities. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the USC Latino Alumni Association’s founding.

The USC Alumni Veterans Network—open to all USC alumni who have served in our nation’s armed forces—strengthens the community of Trojan veterans through educational and service-oriented engagement.

24 USC Alumni Association

Annual Events and Programs

The USC Alumni Leadership Conference, held each fall, brings together volunteer leaders from across the university and around the world to examine and discuss alumni engagement, leadership and succession planning.

Each fall, the Alumni Association honors its expansive and dedicated volunteer community with the Volunteer Recognition Awards. In 2023, to commemorate our 100th anniversary, we are instead presenting a Centennial Celebration Dinner.

For our Weekenders, we work with regional alumni volunteers to present fun-filled celebrations, traditionally attended by hundreds of Trojans, at USC football away games.

Eight generations of Trojans return to USC each fall for Reunion Weekend, held in conjunction with Homecoming. In 2023, the Alumni Association is inviting all alumni to mark our Centennial and USC’s 100th Homecoming at our special, three-day Alumni & Reunion Weekend joint celebration.

26 USC Alumni Association
Whether you live in Dubai or Dallas, Madrid or Manhattan Beach, Paris or Portland, there are many opportunities to connect with fellow USC alumni—virtually and in person.

The USC Women’s Conference in March brings together USC alumnae, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends for a memorable day of empowerment, inspiration and professional networking.

The USC Alumni Day of SCervice, held every spring, provides opportunities for thousands of alumni and friends worldwide to volunteer at more than 100 communityservice projects organized by USC alumni and affiliated groups.

The USC Alumni Awards, established in 1932 and presented each spring, celebrate the accomplishments and service of exceptional Trojans. Past honorees include astronaut Neil Armstrong MS ’70, world-renowned architect Frank Gehry ’54, opera great Marilyn Horne ’53 and award-winning filmmaker Ryan Coogler MFA ’11.

USC SCend Offs are held every summer by alumni and friends in California, across the nation and around the world, to welcome incoming USC students to the Trojan Family.

Trojan Travel has provided the Trojan Family with exceptional tours to destinations near and far for more than 40 years. This year, Trojan Travel is offering a Centennial Celebration Cruise, “Greek and Turkish Delights,” as a capstone to the yearlong Centennial celebration.



We encourage alumni to explore to:

• Reconnect with classmates using our enhanced directory.

• Register for virtual or in-person alumni events.

• Personalize your profile and find common ground with fellow Trojans by sharing your student activities and affiliations.

• Request your alumni email address.

• Customize your communication preferences.

• Find alumni who live in your area or share your interests in one of our FightOnline Communities.

The Trojan Network

By signing up for The Trojan Network, USC’s free online professional networking platform, alumni can tap into the power of the Trojan Family. At, you can:

• Serve as a mentor and advisor to new grads and current students.

• Connect with thousands of fellow alumni from a wide range of industries and geographic locations to give or receive valuable career advice.

• Build your professional network.

• Participate as much or as little as you wish—whether it’s answering one question per month or establishing an ongoing mentoring connection with a student or fellow alum.

28 USC Alumni Association

The USC Alumni Association Board

of Governors

Our Board of Governors, led by its Executive Committee, provides critical advice and support in developing alumni programs and services. Board members represent each of the USC Alumni Association’s major constituent groups, as well as all of the principal academic units of the university.


Program Co-Chairs

Saul Alvarado ’00

Alex Blecksmith MBA ’12

Pete Brejcha JD ’09

Kathleen Campos ’83

Foti Defterios ’85

Justin Gaynor ’06

Priya Rana Kapoor ’93, MFT ’06

Jessica Lall ’06

For a full membership list, visit

Linda Mirdamadi MD ’94

Rachel Morford ’07, MS ’07

Henry Wu ’08, MD ’12

Kev Zoryan ’94

2023-2024 USC Alumni Association Board of Governors Executive Committee Nadine Watt MA ’94 President Daniel Prince ’00, MA ’02 President-Elect Mary Tee ’91 Secretary Patrick E. Auerbach EdD ’08 USC Associate Senior Vice President for Alumni Relations


Initiated in 2017, the USC Alumni Council for Opportunity and Regional Engagement (Alumni CORE) engages selected alumni leaders in key U.S. regions in building volunteer leadership opportunities, strengthening the Trojan Family and advancing the academic mission of the university.

30 USC Alumni Association

USC Alumni Presidents Council

The USC Alumni Presidents Council is comprised of all living past presidents of the USC Alumni Association Board of Governors. These past presidents represent a rich legacy of leadership, and continue to serve in an advisory capacity to the USC Alumni Association and the university.

Michael Adler ’86, MBA ’92 (2015-16)

Bill Allen ’79 (1998-99)

Ralph Allman ’57 DDS (1992-93)

David Atha ’69 (1985-86)

Lisa Barkett ’81 (2011-12)

Corii D. Berg ’89 (2019-20)

Gale K. Bensussen ’70 (2005-06)

Dave Brubaker ’67, MBA ’68 (2000-01)

Alex Cappello ’77 (2006-07)

Ramona L. Cappello ’81 (2013-14)

Dick Cook ’72 (1999-2000)

Dick DeBeikes ’78 (2008-09)

Michele Dedeaux Engemann ’68 (2007-08)

Michael A. Felix ’83 (2018-19)

Carol Fox MS ’62 (2010-11)

Otis Healy ’50 (1990-91)

Hugh Helm ’62, JD ’69 (1984-85)

Ann Hill ’71, MA ’73 (2003-04)

John Iino JD ’87 (2020-22)

Reggie Lathan ’76 (2002-03)

Jaime L. Lee ’06, JD ’09 (2017-18)

Mitchell Lew ’83, MD ’87 (2012-13)

Rod Y. Nakamoto ’83, MBA ’94 (2016-17)

Ron Orr JD ’72, MBA ’87 (1987-88)

Bob Padgett ’67 (2009-10)

Jerry Papazian ’77 (1995-96)

Lorna Y. Reed ’58 (1982-83)

L’Cena Brunskill Rice ’53, MS ’59 (1993-94)

Bob Rollo ’69, MBA ’70 (2001-02)

Amy Ross PhD ’86 (2014-15)

Glenn Sonnenberg ’77, JD ’80 (2004-05)

USC Alumni Association Staff

Patrick E. Auerbach EdD ’08

Associate Senior Vice President for Alumni Relations

Danielle Harvey ’00, ML ’19

Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations

Teresa Verbeck ’94, MS ’03, EdD ’10 Executive Director of Alumni Relations

Ashley Bonanno-Curley MPA ’17

Senior Director of Alumni Relations

Visit for a complete staff directory.

32 USC Alumni Association

Business Partnerships

USC Alumni Association programs and services are made possible, in part, by the support of our corporate partners and sponsors. Our partners also provide valuable benefits to USC alumni.

The mission of the USC Alumni Association is to support the overall advancement of the University of Southern California by engaging all alumni for life, building a culture of philanthropy among the Trojan Family, and being the representative voice for all USC alumni.

Epstein Family Alumni Center 3607 Trousdale Parkway, TCC 305 Los Angeles, CA 90089 (213) 740-2300 | Celebrating a Century of the Trojan Family

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