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2015-16 Honor Roll of Generosity

The 2015-2016 Honor Roll recognizes all donors to Ursuline College during the period of July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.

2015-2016 Brought New Buildings, New Opportunities for Ursuline Dear Friends, As I reflect on 2015-16, my first year as president, I marvel at the stories of generosity represented by each and every gift recorded in these pages. I am tremendously grateful. I am grateful for the opportunity to share our mission of transforming students for service, leadership and professional excellence. It is an honor to be entrusted with the leadership of my alma mater. I am grateful for the careful stewardship of our finances, including our endowment, and for the wise use of our operating funds. Timothy Reardon, our vice president and chief financial officer, provides a clear breakdown of expenses and revenues on page 4.

& Sciences. Both of them seemed to rise miraculously from a tornado’s rubble, but both were, in fact, the results of careful planning; attention to the needs of our students and faculty; sustainable, inspired design by our architects; and great generosity on the part of our alumnae, Board members and friends, all of whom are listed starting on page 6. Thank you, all. I am grateful for the record enrollment of new first-time student who became part of the Ursuline family in the fall of 2015, as well as for all our transfer students, UCAP students, and graduate students. My gratitude goes out to our admissions and marketing teams for their enthusiasm in sharing the Ursuline story; to our faculty for the compelling, creative, and rigorous instruction they provide; to our supporters whose financial gifts make our work possible; and to everyone across campus for the kindness, dedication, and spirit that mark every day of Ursuline ministry. Together, we are a community of values, voice and vision. We are Ursuline College.

I am grateful for the beauty of our campus, especially the two new buildings that opened for students in the fall of 2015, the Sister Diana Stano Athletic Center and the Parker Hannifin Center for the Creative and Healing Arts

h h Christine De Vinne, OSU, Ph.D. President

Generous Alumnae Honor Sister Ann Gertrude with Gifts to Name New Chemistry Lab As an Ursuline College chemistry professor for more than 40 years, Sr. Ann Gertrude Hill, OSU, Ph.D., taught hundreds of students about bonds – ionic, covalent and the like. In the process, she also forged strong bonds of affection, as evidenced by the alumnae who donated more than $134,000 to renovate a chemistry lab in her memory. Ursuline College dedicated that state-of-the-art lab in June, 2016, 10 months after Sister Ann Gertrude’s death at age 93. “Sister Ann Gertrude was so unassuming,” recalled JoAnn 2

(Doller) Lane ’62, herself a retired science teacher. “We knew she was a good teacher. But it wasn’t until years after we had her in class that any of us realized all the knowledge she had and how she was always striving to know more and keep up to date. I

didn’t realize how many grants she’d gotten or how many times she’d gone to summer classes.” In fact, Sister Ann Gertrude spent a lifetime learning, growing and giving. She graduated from Ursuline College in 1944 with a bachelor of science degree in chemistry and began her teaching career at Villa Angela High School. In 1946 she returned to teach at her alma mater and spend summers working on her master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Notre Dame. From 1955-57 she focused on completing her Ph.D. at Notre Dame. She then returned to Ursuline College and taught chemistry full-time here until 1988. She later served as the director of the college’s computer center until her retirement in 1999. In 1993 Sister Ann Gertrude was the recipient of the college’s Marie LoPresti Faculty Award for Community Service for her pastoral outreach work at Sunny Acres nursing facility. In 1999 MetroHealth named her its Volunteer of the Year, citing her “healing voice, loving touch, and listening ear.” While teaching at Ursuline, Sister Ann Gertrude received a number of Atomic Energy Commission grants which funded much of her education at Notre Dame. She established a chemistry

society in which men and women from Greater Cleveland met at Ursuline on a regular basis to discuss the latest developments in that field. She wrote the society’s newsletter. She was a 50-year member of the American Chemical Society. The top-to-bottom renovation of the Sister Ann Gertrude Chemistry Lab included all new cabinetry and counter tops, energy efficient lighting, windows and window shades, electronic controls for additional energy efficiency, associated electrical and plumbing renovations, and updated equipment. “I know how important it is for the students to have an up-to-date lab with the proper equipment, especially safety equipment,” Lane said. “In addition to that, I think Sister Ann Gertrude deserves the tribute.”


2015-2016 Financial Summary The financial outlook for Ursuline remains strong. During FY15-16, the College completed the Parker Hannifin Center for Creative and Healing Arts as well as the Stano Athletic Center building projects totaling $20 million in new construction. These beautiful new buildings enhanced the campus as the College enrolled 1,175 students in the fall 2015 semester. Of these, there were 151 new undergraduate students to campus – the highest total in several years. In looking at operations, our students generated close to 88% of all revenue for the College from tuition and fees, with auxiliary enterprises adding an additional 9%. Gifts, grants and investment income contributed 7%, but were offset by unrealized investment losses of 6%. Other income added 2%.

On the expense side, Ursuline continues to support our students. Instructional expenses, student services and academic support services combine to account for 81% of all expenses. Fund raising (5%) and management and general expenses (8%) remain below industry standards, signaling continued good stewardship. Auxiliary services, which is mainly the room and board for our students, round out the expenses with 6% of the total. The balance sheet is also strong. Alongside the addition of the two buildings, the endowment fund ended the year with a market value of $38,721,000. Although the fund lagged as compared to its benchmark, it continues to stay in the top quartile of performance when compared to its peers. The College ended the year with total assets of $90,693,000.








AuxillAry enTerprises


sTudenT services


GiFTs/invesTmenT AcTiviTy


AcAdemic supporT




mAnAGemenT & GenerAl


AuxillAry services




Honor Roll 2015-2016 Fiscal Year Fiscal year dates are July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

Endowed Funds constance Korosec, phd preservation endowment for the historic costume collection Kenneth D. Korosec Immaculate Conception Parish

Endowed Scholarships Agnes Gaertner diederich and norman F. diederich endowed scholarship Fund Sr. Anne Marie Diederich, OSU, Ph.D. ’66 Drs. Edward & Mary Ott Avery Friedman human rights endowed scholarship Fund Sheldon G. Adelman Daniel Gargas Granite Property Management Company David Hoehnen Jimmy Malone Lisa B. Uffman-Kirsch ’10 Northeast Ohio Apartment Association Paul F. Orlousky Powers Friedman Linn, PLL Mr. & Mrs. Clark Rose Margaret W. Wong Bruce h. Akers endowed scholarship Fund in political science Mr. & Mrs. Bruce H. Akers carol cerney o’connell endowed scholarship Fund Carol Cerney O’Connell Minkin ’55 carolyn van huffel Guarnieri endowed scholarship Fund The I J Van Huffel Foundation christopher c. Kingsbury memorial endowed scholarship Fund Molly E. Hahn Dorothea J. Kingsbury ’74 constance Fulgenzi Buran nursing endowed scholarship Fund Constance Fulgenzi Buran '76 and Michael J. Buran dixie lee davis endowed Fashion scholarship Alpha Delta Kappa, Alpha Nu Chapter Community Partnership on Aging Jeffrey M. Davis The Women’s Council

dorothy price endowed scholarship Fund Dorothy Mackenzie Price + dr. shyamala chitaley scholarship Fund Rajanee Shendure and Ashok Shendure Fashion Group of cleveland endowed scholarship Fund Lake County Music and Drama Club Francine mcAllister panehal endowed scholarship Fund Mary & Joe Kavcar Thomas A. Schock Frank and Frances Guinta endowed scholarship Fund Elaine Melyar Guinta '70 and Richard A. Guinta Graham hunter Foundation endowed scholarship Fund The Graham Hunter Foundation hedy A mulhausen Women chemist endowed scholarship Fund Estate of Hedy Mulhausen Jean and robert seaton endowed scholarship Fund Jean and Robert Seaton John Ford Sandra Seaton-Todd The Rev. Walfred W. Scofield Jeanne castrigano carfagna and margaret eileen “maggie” castrigano endowed scholarship in nursing Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Carfagna Greg Draw and Chris Castragano Kearney Sales, Inc. likly-Wittman endowed scholarship Fund Mr. Frank Likly and Dr. Beverly Likly Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Wittman loretta Arth cleary & robert J. cleary endowed scholarship Fund Tim Cleary margaret Troughton lechowick endowed scholarship Fund Mary Jude and Ken Peterson martin and mary cipar Art endowed scholarship Fund Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Jack Braverman Mr. & Mrs. Herbert C. Brosnan Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Duskey Andrea and Rita Ferraro Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ferraro Carmella Consiglio Frantz ’49 Mr. & Mrs. William T. Hayes Steve and Linda Hennis and Family Robin Herrington-Bowen ’90

Independence Art Guild Knights of Columbus Council 1617 Korean War Veterans Assoc., Inc. Timothy N. Kyper Mr. & Mrs. George Madjerac Mr. & Mrs. Perry D. Matheny Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. McDermott The Powers Family Trust Helen A. Pramik Prenger's Inc. Celine Richter Riedel ’49 Myles Roche Marge Sabo Sampsel Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning LLC Karen A. Shallcross The J.M. Smucker Company Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Toth Art Toth, Jr., Patty Toth and Mike Toth Christine Cipar Weigand ’87 Mr. & Mrs. David M. Wenger Frank Wrobel Anupama Yerramalli mary Zalar sterle endowed scholarship Fund Ronald H. Krasney, M.D., Inc. mr. & mrs. John B. Graves endowed scholarship Fund Nora Burke Beach ’78 and Robert A. Beach nancy h. miller endowed scholarship in nursing Janet L. Miller patricia h-F moore endowed scholarship Fund Patricia H-F Moore ’81 and C. Joseph Barnette peter p. carlin endowed scholarship Fund for education Peter and Angela Carlin peter p. carlin endowed scholarship Fund for educational leadership Peter and Angela Carlin raphael & dorothy dominguez endowed scholarship Fund Gloria Dominguez Janson '52 rev. Joseph r. nearon, sss, endowed scholarship Fund Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament rev. miles T. White endowed scholarship Fund John J. Mullen, Jr. ’91 richard and caroline miller endowed scholarship Fund Richard A. Miller sheehan-Townsend endowed scholarship Fund Eric Townsend

sister charlotte Trenkamp, osu, endowed scholarship Fund Marguerite M. Bergen ’50 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Phelan Mary Alice Saunders, MEd, MSN Margaret Trenkamp sister diana stano, osu, ph.d. endowed scholarship Fund Mr. & Mrs. James B. Meathe Geri Presti & John Sedor sister Kathleen cooney, osu social Work endowed scholarship Fund Joanne Ruggeri DalSanto ’81 Wilma A. Lovejoy Robyn L. Manchick ’10 Mary R. McKernan-Gryzmala, LSW ’01 Helen D. Saffle Saint John the Baptist Parish Celia A. Smith ’11 sister Kenan dulzer and edward and sophia dulzer endowed scholarship Fund Marie A. Dulzer Catherine M. Wood sister m. cecilia manning, osu, endowed scholarship Fund Mary M. Wasmer sister m. stephen curan, osu, endowed scholarship Fund Mary M. Wasmer sister michael Francis hearon endowed scholarship Fund Marcella Rhome Milota ’70 smyth de vinne endowed scholarship Fund Sr.Virginia De Vinne, OSU ’72 st. John college memorial endowed scholarship Fund Ann Marie Keffler Kozak ’69 SJ Thomas and mae Foley morrison and Bernice morrison hopkins endowed scholarship Fund William H. Hopkins, Ph.D. ursuline sisters memorial endowment Anonymous Frances Adler Babic ’75 JoAnn L. Fellner ’78 Dorothy Barcich Greaves’61 Richard J. Konisiewicz Ellen L. Maher ’63 Joellen Crowley O’Neill ’64 Sharon Steibly Orihill ’66 Karen Steibly Vlach ’65 Virginia White Winchell ’64


Capital Campaigns And Projects We would like to thank those who donated and committed to capital campaigns and projects over the past several years. We were in the midst of one Capital Campaign when the tornado of 2013 destroyed our gym and devastated our campus grounds. Thanks to the following donors, many of whom contributed to both campaigns, we were able to build the new Sister Diana Stano Athletic Center and the Parker Hannifin Center for Creative and Healing Arts & Sciences as well as replanting and beautification of the grounds.


Joan M. Belair ’06 The Belden Brick Charitable Trust Richard F. Belden + Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Belden Victoria S. & James R. Bell, III Ann Harper Bellar ’75 SJ Connie Yuhas Beltakis ’53 SJ Kathleen Benda ’04 Mr. & Mrs. Kuigi Beraldo Marilyn Siemer Berger ’56 Mary Bedell Berger ’66 Rose Anne Durante Berila ’72 SJ Mr. & Mrs. John Beringer Gloria Bernstein Arlene Stalker Bertrand ’63 Rosalind De Yampert Bettis ’95 + Kathleen E. Betz ’64 Ellen Storey Beverstock ’47 Margaret Gilbert Bezoski ’89 Virginia A. Bialas ’87 Bialosky + Partners Architects Mr. & Mrs. Jack A. Bialosky, Jr. Kathy Perri Bickart ’72 Eileen Baugh Biehl ’11 Sheila Murphy Birch ’64 Sheila O’Herien Blackmur ’97 Carol Matlin Blaha ’63 D’Arbra Blankenship ’13 George Blasier ’02 and Mary F. Blasier Christine Block and Jeffrey Schaefer Leah M. Blum ’11 B’nai Jeshurun Congregation Janet Johnson Bogdany ’87 John M. Boler + Rose Marie Butkiewicz Bommer ’53 SJ Sr. Dorothy Bondi, OSU ’66 SJ Virginia M. Bossu ’73 Botzum Bros. Hardware, LLC Darlene Dumford Bowen ’93 Mary Knight Bowers ’88 Boyd Watterson Asset Management, LLC Janette Longo Bracken ’57 Jean M. Brancazio-Pearl ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Brandt Linda M. Brately ’71 Kathleen A. Breen Mary Jane and Jack Breen Kay Brennan ’65 SJ Mary Pat Clark Brewer ’64 Katherine Reed Brewton ’93 Robert W. Briggs

Mary Brigid ’87 Dr. Susannah Briskin Mr. & Mrs. Sean Brogan W. Kirt Bromley, III ’02 Jeannette Grasselli Brown Margaret Rooney Brown ’71 Marjorie Haessly Brubeck ’53 Patricia Zargel Bruening ’60 SJ Salvatore J. Bucchieri, Jr. + Buckminster Fuller, Sadao and Zung Architects Mary Lou Wagner Budek’65 SJ Delia A. Burke ’65 Dr. John F. Burke, Jr. and The Honorable Nancy A. Fuerst Sr. Kathleen Burke, OSU, Ph.D. ’62 SJ Mary Harper Burkett ’74 SJ Rosemary L. Burkhart ’71 Katy Snider Burns ’62 Jeanne M. Burrige ’62 SJ Bernice Baker Butler ’87 Mhoire McGrath Cade Dorothy Holicky Caine ’58 Angelina A. Camino ’90 Vincent C. Campanella Catherine Trimber Campbell ’80 Julie Biroscak Campbell ’07 Peter and Angela Carlin Norma O’Brien Carney ’49 Mr. & Mrs. John Carroll Dr. Carole & Mr. Larry Cashion Linda Rumsey Catanzaro ’01 Daria Yurkiw Celebrezze ’66 Janet Brown Centanni ’65 Mary Louise Cesa ’69 Rev. Thomas E. Chambers, CSC

Copyright Dave Berlekamp, Bialosky Cleveland

Elaine M. Abrams ’86 Margaret Minnery Acklin ’96 Patricia A. Adler Administrative Support Group The Ahuja Foundation Usha and Monte Ahuja Toni Owen Alaimo ’00 Amie Albert Helen Harding Aldisert ’56 SJ Elaine Kirschensteiner Alfonsetti ’68 and Louis Alfonsetti All For You Janitorial, Inc. Katherine Lockwood Allen ’55 Kathleen R. Allen Marlene Sikina Allen ’84 The Musca Family Charitable Fund of American Endowment Foundation Ancora Foundation Jean D. Andolsen, LISW Robert Andolsen Rita Tenhagen Andreano ’51 Mr. & Mrs. John C. Angus Anonymous (4) Rita Mitra Antalovich ’89 Pamela A. Anthony ’09 Carol and Arthur Anton DoHee Kim-Appel ’94 Carol Armbrust ’03 Geraldine Koenig Arnold ’62 Frank C. Artino, Jr. ’84 + Patricia Blair Astemborski ’52 Carol Ann Lovich Atkinson ’88 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick V. Auletta, (Judy ’93) Anna Marie Bills Aymonin ’60 SJ Elizabeth Trenkamp Bade ’52 Ruth Kling Bakonyi ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Imre Balogh Katherine Downey Bambenek ’79 Donald E. Banas Sherry Owens Bandelow ’51 Jean Padamonsky Barry ’62 Helen Cerne Bartkowski ’62 Helen Solomon Bates ’77 Mary C. Battersby ’75 Kathleen Murphy Bauer Jeffers ’92 Nora Burke Beach ’78 and Robert A. Beach Diane L. Beacham ’91 Jane Szeman Beard ’84 Jordan Becker ’05 Lisa Favorite Becker ’04 Hazelyn Beckles ’09 Marilyn Hebron Beem ’52

Virginia O. Charman Ashley Mikoletic Cheng ’07 Mary Jo Cherry, Ph.D. Deacon & Mrs. David N. Chordas Margaret Sunday Christoph ’43 Martha Logan Chrosniak ’71 Church of St. Clare Boosters Church of the Holy Angels Church of the Resurrection Joan Cifani ’63 Patricia A. Cipriani ’74 SJ Joan Szmania Ciszak ’67 Paul and Jill G. Clark Joann M. Clark ’02 Cheryl Klimitus Claussen ’77 Patricia Loesch Cleary ’80 and John M. Cleary Cynthia Thompson Coccaro ’88 Mariette V. Coffman + Christine Pajk Collins ’98 Barbara Colombi, Betty and Paula Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament Elaine M. Connelly ’85 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Connor Edward J. Conrad, Jr. + and Joan Conrad Elizabeth A. Conway ’81 Mr. & Mrs. William E. Conway Colleen Conway Cooney Teri Herrmann Corletzi ’90 Elizabeth Corrao ’04 Eileen Hopkins Corrigan ’50 William R. Cosgrove, Jr. and Loretta Boltezar Cosgrove ’66 Marilyn Dolance Coughlin ’66 Janet Holzheimer Coyne ’63 SJ

Reverend Donald B. Cozzens Barbara Marchand Crawford ’59 Mary Ann Flaherty Crawford, Ph.D. ’65 SJ Patricia A. Crenshaw ’82 Mary Lind Crowe, Ph.D. Marguerite Lennon Crowley ’43 + Margaret Demko Culp ’63 Jean Seitter Cummins Mary H. Cunningham, HM ’68 Mary Trenkamp Cunningham ’56 Elena Brigotti Curran ’51 Shirley A. Curry ’85 James A. Dailey Margaret Prendergast Daull ’64 and Mr. Raymond Daull Dixie Lee Davis Shirley Sisson Davis ’04 Mary Lavelle Day ’70 Marie Wickert de Haas ’99 Donna Debly ’00 Mary Kay DeGrandis and Ed Donnelly Rosemary A. Deioma ’90 Mary Kay Senary-Deley Patricia Johnson Dennison ’80 Carolyn Montwieler Deppisch ’65 Rosemary O’Donnell Dever ’61 SJ Teresa Niezgoda Dew ’69 SJ Suzann Mahony Dexter ’63 Pauline Williamson Dey ’67 Claudia Presti DiBartolo ’94 Sr. Anne Marie Diederich, OSU, Ph.D. ’66 Margaret R. Diemer Marie Clare Dietrich ’08 Christine A. DiLalla

Kathleen Tomazic Dillon ’66 Virginia L. Dineen Brittan and Fred DiSanto Corinne L. Dodero Foundation for the Arts & Sciences Mary J. Doherty The Doherty Trust Eva and Lawrence Dolan Monica McNamara Dooley ’44 + Ann Marie Doringo ’89 Barbara Mako Douglas ’85 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Douglas Norma Donohue Dowd ’54 SJ + Janice G. Downing Mary Ellen Iffarth Downs ’72 Peggy Pekarek Drew ’70 SJ Rose Marie Giles Driscoll ’52 SJ Mary Potter Driskill ’61 Joan Irwin Ducas ’57 Coletta A. Dugan Moira J. Dugan and Charlie Bango Marie A. Dulzer Rita Cimaglia Dura ’64 Kathleen Durkin Peg Murtagh Durkin ’61 Marie LaCavera Dylong ’71 SJ Ronald E. Dziedzicki ’81 and Mary Ann Dziedzicki Marilyn Eckert ’01 Rose Marie Socha Egensperger ’01 and Joel Egensperger Marla Shupe Ehrler ’60 Mary M. Eitzen Mr. & Mrs. Larry Elk Estate of Rita C. English Gail M. Eovito ’68 Sheila and Douglas Epp

Mary Grum Ezzo ’74 Patricia J. Factor ’50 Michele Gerrits-Faeges Laura S. Fallon Margaret Heverin Faul ’55 SJ Patricia Starks Feighan ’55 Roberta Feinstein JoAnn L. Fellner ’78 Alice Bender Ferfolia ’84 Donald L. Ferfolia Mr. & Mrs. Steven Fernandez Doris Ferry Mr. & Mrs. Michael Feuer Mary Jo Fink ’69 Genevieve Good Fioritto ’58 Mary Ann Fischer ’70 Patricia Kline Fisco ’73 SJ Catherine O’Brien Fisher ’74 Steven J. Fletcher ’05 Carolyn Flint ’07 Amanda M. Flower M. Kathleen Fogarty ’60 Virginia Folisi ForestCity Realty Trust, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Russell Fortlage Darlene Weiss Foth ’89 Carmella Consiglio Frantz ’49 Janet Freeman Margaret I. Friel ’69 Jean Ann Long Fries ’67 Ann J. Frihauf ’66 + Michele Gubanick Fritzen ’74 Frontier Recreation Program, Inc. FSM Capital Management, LLC Julie Hirsch Fussner ’86 Mary Kay McAuley Futty ’55 Joan F. Gallagher ’89

Joan D. Gambrill ’76 Mary Morrison Garibotti ’55 Christine Haransky Garrett ’77 Judith M. Forward Garvey Mary Anne Garvey and A.J. Cianflocco Marilyn Capasso Gauntner ’60 Michael T. Gavin, Sr. and Marjorie Gibbons Gavin ’51 Judith Simmons Gedeon ’68 Barbara Golden Geller ’63 Patricia Vegel Gergel ’53 SJ Cosette Ghanem ’13 Kevin and Nancy Gladstone Luann M. Glavac ’86 Mr. & Mrs. David M. Gleason Patricia M. Gliha ’04 Ann T. Goggins ’55 Mr. & Mrs. Allan Goldner Laura Chrow Goliat ’79, ’14 DNP Therese A. Gottermeyer ’72 George and Kathleen Goudreau Goudreau Family Charitable Lead Unitrust Lynn Hurschman Graber ’82 Susan L. Graines Cindy Graneto + Ruth Mary Koteles Grant ’56 Dorothy Barcich Greaves ’61 Judith Clark Greig ’69 SJ Catherine McInnerney Gress ’58 SJ Barbara Timm Gries ’60 Antoinette T. Griffin JoAnn L. Grillo and Kenneth A. Grillo ’05 + Mr. & Mrs. Grant C. Grinnell Sally K. Griswold + 7

Annette Novicky Gromada ’67 SJ and Conrad T. Gromada, Ph.D. Sr. Joanne Gross, OSU ’78 and the Sisters of Gratitude House Stella A. Grove ’82 + Claire Whitmore Grubaugh ’11 Estate of Alene C. Gruss Guardian Angels Church Jacqueline A. Gulling ’69 SJ Kathleen Gunn Guscott ’68 Barbara Gibson Gustafson ’55 SJ Beverly A. Habrat ’56 Vivian J. Habrat ’68 Hackett Medical L.T.D. Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hamilton Carolyn J. Hammer ’95 Linda Swanson Hancik ’69 SJ Katherine Halloran Hancock ’94 Debra Federici Hanzl ’76 Joan Rosskopf Harkulich ’53 SJ Angelica Zylowski Harris ’75 Barbara Harris Sheree Walker Harris ’94 Vivian L. Harris ’05 Sally Hart Ellen Graham Hearns ’64 Sr. Kathleen Heer, SLW, ATR-BC ’98 Marilyn Maurer Hehnen ’69 Jeffrey Heinen Heinen’s, Inc. Bettyann Helms Carol Hengenius Eileen Herbert Robin Herrington-Bowen ’90 Arlene C. Hilfer Elizabeth Badar Hissong ’48 Ann Sheridan Hmelar ’54 SJ Lucy Brannigan Hoban ’50 Joan Hobrath Lawrence J. Hocevar Donna L. Holtrey ’90 Holy Family Church William H. Hopkins, Ph.D. Mary York Horrigan ’62 Olga Centa Horvath ’41 Patricia Sullivan Horvath ’63


Rosina C. Horvath ’87 and Joseph Horvath April C. Hoyes ’12 Rosemary Hozdic ’64 Frances Zorc Hrastar ’60 Rita Jane Gall Huebner ’49 Maureen A. Huefner Mr. & Mrs. Wilson R. Huhn Patience Humphrey Jim and Deanne Hurley Lisa J. Into ’06 and Robert Bell-Into Mr. & Mrs. B. Scott Isquick Barbara Jackson ’87 Dolores Wright Janini ’57 SJ Judith Jankowski ’03 Gloria Dominguez Janson ’52 The Jochum-Moll Foundation Bee Horning Johnson ’56 SJ and Ronald K. Johnson Mary Patricia Robinson Johnson ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Alastair Johnston Alexandra Brooks Jones ’04 Maureen Lyon Joseph ’69 Mary Small Joyce ’48 Virginia Joyce ’92 Jason Justus and Emily Justus Geraldine M. Kaftan ’61 Jack Kahl, Jr. Margaret Gallagher Kaiser ’49 Leslie Masley Kalinowski ’66 Mary Kay Hogan Kantz ’63 Joan Kassouf Genevieve Guthrie Kaufman ’66 Holly Bowers Kautzman ’90 Julianne Spisak Keco ’66 Maureen B. Kelley Eileen Donahue Kelly ’58 Mary Blanche Sawhill Kendel ’66 Mary Agnes Friedel Kendra ’63 SJ Marlene Jonke Kenealy ’60 Patricia McGorray Kenney ’42 Kathleen Coffey Kenny ’03 Jeannine A. Kern + Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Kesselem Sally Koch Key ’69

KeyBank Foundation Dr. Rustom and Mary Khouri Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Rustom Khouri Marian T. Kilbane-Flash ’50 Sr. Marie Canice Kilkenny, OSU ’59 SJ Karen McGlynn Killeen ’68 Constance Matthews Killings ’00 Donald F. Kimmel Eileen Rebic King Puck ’69 SJ Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. King, Jr. Kristin Kish ’99 Linda S. Kless ’88 Karen Deegan Klott ’70 SJ Kathleen McGuinness Knox ’48 Elizabeth Rusch Koch ’71 Catherine Kocina ’04 June G. Kocsis, Ph.D. ’54 Judith David Koeberer ’66 and Elmar Koeberer William M. Koeblitz Ruth Ann Koehl ’61 Eileen Delaney Kohut ’68 Constance Corbett Kolleda ’55 SJ Saundra Westman Kolt ’86 Evan Komito Kathleen A. Komp ’91 Lori Hall Koncsol ’06 Joan LaJeunesse Kopczewski ’09 Helen Mieldazis Kope ’53 SJ Connie and Ken Korosec Helen Jacobs Kovach ’85 Gail Patek Kovacs ’71 Terry Kovel Ann Marie Keffler Kozak ’69 SJ Beatrice B. Krajnak ’87 Dorothy Erjavec Kramer ’66 Janice Berkopec Krebs ’65 Mary-Sibyl Russell Kress ’97 Yolanda M. Krueger ’56 Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Ksenich Carol R. Kucharski, RN, OCN ’90 Paula Ljubic Kucinic ’88 Sandra M. Kunz ’95 Jeanne Sikes Kurtz ’69 SJ Mary Jo Dougherty Kurtz ’71 Sandra T. Laessig Heidi Goebelbecker Lake ’95 Barbara Wintersteen Landis ’74 SJ Jo Ann Doller Lane ’62 Elaine Langlais Anthony A. LaPerna + and Jacqueline M. LaPerna Diane Davis Lardie ’59 Melvin I. Lazerick Ellen Comiskey Leamon ’91 Lisa Barnhart Leinweber ’98 Lemonade Day-5th Grade University School Boys The Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust Mary Ann Leonard ’94 Mary Ann Blaha Leonard ’57 Patricia Cotter Leonard ’52 Richard A. Leskovec

Linda J. Lewicki ’74 SJ Marcia Cuyler-Lewis ’04 and Ron A. Lewis Patricia Calkins Lightbody ’72 Moonyuene Willis Limon ’94 Emma and Cathy Anne Lincoln Petronella W. Lip ’71 Little Sisters of the Poor Sr. Colette M. Livingston, OSU ’64 SJ Carol Miceli Lograsso ’58 Jacqueline Hoagland Lohr ’60 Patricia A. LoPresti Margaret Domann Lorenzo ’59 SJ Monica Grdina Lusk ’68 Leonor Ferrer Macchi ’82 Alex Machaskee James M. Mackey Mary O’Malley Mackin ’55 Kathleen Brown Malec ’57 SJ Robert and Marge Manchick Robyn L. Manchick ’10 Mandel Foundation Catherine S. Manus-Gray ’11 Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Marcus Evelyn Marino + Mary Lou Markowski ’78 + Aileen Nassif Maroon ’58 SJ Margaret M. Martines ’89 Marymount Medical Staff Josephine Kosmerl Masterson ’47 Mary Ann Kovach Mates ’53 SJ Carole Hurd Matthews ’84 Nicole V. Mawby Dorothy Smiley May ’51 Marcia Ringlein Mayer ’84 Mayfield Adoptive Kellie A. Mayle ’03, ’04 MA Agnes Sperie Maynard ’60 Elizabeth Kneblewicz Mazer ’52 SJ Patricia A. McCann Lois Buchman McCartan ’82 and Patrick F. McCartan Mary Lou Jackson McCarthy ’54 Ann Campbell McCauley ’66 Marilyn Szletsky McCollister ’61 SJ Joan Vasek McCombs ’58 SJ Mr. & Mrs. Gerald C. McDonough Rose Marie Forrest McGlynn ’80 Catherine Monahan McKay ’53 Patricia McKnight Judith Sweet McLaughlin ’59 + Maureen Hart McLaughlin ’51 Kathleen McMahon ’56 Carol Breckenridge McMenamin ’90 M. Coletta McNamara ’47 Cheryl Ocilka Meadows ’71 Margaret Rathbun Medved ’64 Jacqueline Lucas Meier ’48 Barbara Coyne Melle ’66 Janice Hrabie Melnick ’90 Tiffany Mushrush Mentzer ’03 Diane Schultz Meros ’87 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Merriman Anne Hendrich Merritt ’60

Audrone Gelazis Messick ’62 and Andrew S. Messick Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Messinger Roberta Sobolewski Metzgar ’73 SJ Joanne Suhanic Meyer ’60 The MG International Group LLC Miceli’s Dairy Products Dr. Michael A. Michael + and Mary C. Michael Jeannine M. Michaels ’10 Donna Gross Michals ’94 Frances M. Miketa ’71 SJ Patricia Perhavec Miklich ’68 Franklin and Carol Milgrim Angeline Miller Barbara L. Miller Demetra Fay Miller Elspeth H. Miller Janet L. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Harrison A. Miller Mary Ellen Brown Miller ’65 Richard A. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Miller The Samuel H. and Maria Miller Foundation Margaret Smith Mills ’79 Carmella Musca Miralia ’58 SJ Carol Mirman ’98 Rebecca L. Mitchell DNP ’13 Susan M. Mitchell ’70 SJ Carmela Tromba Mitra ’75 Peggy Stevens Moffitt ’51 Carl J. Monastra and Ann Moley Monastra ’56 SJ Ashlee M. Monroe ’12 Stacy Monsman ’96 Denise K. Montrose ’07 Barbara Moore ’02 Patricia H-F Moore ’81 and C. Joseph Barnette Denise Moore-Contreras ’97 The John C. & Sally S. Morley Family Foundation John C. Morley and Sally S. Morley + Gloria Radanof Moseley ’53 Judith Hutnik Moss ’68

Saul Moss Susan McKeown Mueller ’61 SJ Mr. & Mrs. Austin J. Mulhern Mulholland & Sachs Sharon M. Mullally ’67 Roy A. Mullis ’12 Elaine Smudz Munley ’57 SJ Talal Ziyad Murad ’02 The John P. Murphy Foundation Lillian M. Mushrush Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Muth Arlene Estrin Myotte ’84 Mr. & Mrs. Manny Naft Mary Kevorkian Najarian ’78 Deneen Nash ’99 Betty M. Nassif ’51 Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Patricia Emerick Neff ’48 Mr. & Mrs. John M. Newman, Jr. Nancy Newman Suzanne Smith Nigro ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Niles Walter S. Nosal + Ritamarie Kestner Nuhn ’55 SJ Aileen Garvin O’Brien ’45 + O’Brien Clan Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. O’Brien Carol Cerney O’Connell Minkin ’55 Jane O’Brien O’Connor ’57 Sr. Barbara O’Donnell, HM ’73 SJ Carol Ackley O’Donnell ’55 Mary-Margaret Birkbeck O’Donnell ’51 Elizabeth Corr Olson ’96 OM Group, Inc. William J. & Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation Katherine T. O’Neill and William J. O’Neill, Jr. Jean Marie White Onufer ’56 Sharon Steibly Orihill ’66 Judith Lang Osucha ’62 Our Lady of Peace Church Leslie Page Patricia Page ’96 Anthony Panzica

Elaine Hakey Parfitt ’58 Parker Hannifin Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Dan M. Parker Patricia M. Pate ’65 LaVern Oleksiak Patton ’67 Jamie A. Pearce Judith Sztul Peko ’90 Mary Lou Hannon Pelzer ’63 Lorna Zupancic Pendell ’66 Jillian Benton Perini ’12 Therese Franey Peter ’67 SJ Kay Seketa Peters ’82 Mary Dwyer Peters ’60 Patricia Keegan Petricca ’64 Ann Louise Marek Pfundstein ’92 Mary Claire Walsh Phelan ’65 Charlene Phelps, RN Jack B. Phillips and Rae Phillips + Mary Ellen Stewart Piazza ’73 Paula Pikus and Allan Maggied Rose Marie Passanisi Pishkula ’62 Annette Emanuele Pizzino ’93 Jeannine Turk Plavcan ’04 JoAnne M. Podis, Ph.D. Karen Andreas Podojil ’90 Norma J. Pohle ’57

Cathy A. Poilpre ’12 Donna Loy Polack ’80 + Mr. & Mrs. Keith A. Polster All the Neighbors of Ainsworth Drive Carol Costa Ponikvar ’66 Dr. Bonita Krempel Portier ’67 Marie Trent Potts ’59 SJ Marie Panichi Powers ’95 Geri Presti and John Sedor Dorothy Mackenzie Price + Maria A. Privitera ’69 SJ Diane Propsner Janet Kearns Qualters ’64 Mary Quandt ’90 Wendy Goodman Radtke ’07 Lilena C. Rajeshwar ’12 Mary V. Rascher ’60 Mr. Robert H. Rawson Mr. & Mrs. James M. Rayback Patricia Kotnik Rea ’61 Marie Williams Reali ’63 + and John T. Reali Rosanne Bistrica Reames ’70 SJ Julia Galeas Reid ’81 Phyllis Turner Reindel ’75 SJ Gerda E. Reinhard Eileen O’Neill Renson ’58 Eileen P. Renzi Rosemary F. Revta ’84 Anne Rex ’94 Joan E. Richards ’50 Randall W. Richmond ’07 Celine Richter Riedel ’49 Patrick J. Riley, DMin. ’85 and Sue Ann Gielincki Riley '71, ’96 The Riverbend Fund at Schwab Charitable Fund RMS Management Esther Meaker Robson ’48 Mrs. Nancy G. Rodeno Judith Valentine Rooney ’71 Nancy Knapp Rosché ’53 SJ Jaclyn Roth ’02 Thomas H. Roulston, II +



Photo Credit: Lynne Shibko

Rita Jean McPolin Rudmann ’87 Sal and Lisa Russo Joanne Camy Ruxin ’96 Gretta Gowan Ryan ’66 Mary Ann Cech Ryan ’66 SJ Suzanne Hughes Rydel ’67 SJ Saint Basil the Great Catholic Church Saint Charles Borromeo Church Mr. & Mrs. Rodolfo Salas Michael J. Salkind Marcia A. Samp ’62 Mr. & Mrs. Barry J. Sands Geraldine Shannon Sattler ’90 Dana Sammon Saunders ’94 Mary Alice Saunders, MEd, MSN Diane C. Savage ’68 Virginia Russo Sbrocco ’68 Carla R. Scalish Sarah Scalish Joseph Scaminace Marilyn Scarano Denise Hornack Schaffer ’61 JoAnn Barr Schaffer ’76 Margaret L. Schell ’89 Rosa Schembri ’60 Emily Cool Schetter ’81 Chris Schieman Nancy and Regin Schlachet Nancy York Schlosser ’68 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Schmidt, Jr. Marilyn Horrocks Schoeck ’53 SJ Marilyn Kunkel Schoeffler ’59 SJ + Donna Izold Schuerger ’57 SJ James M. Schuerger and Kathleen Byrne Schuerger ’59 Florence Benisek Schumacher ’55 SJ Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Schwab Mary Beth Schwarz ’86 Deborah J. Scott ’11 Jean and Robert Seaton Mr. & Mrs. William R. Seelbach Mr. & Mrs. Lee G. Seidman Mary Ann G. Seitz ’77 Maryann Papes Semancik ’62 Britta L. Shaffer ’12 Joan Pistillo Shah ’62 Carol Vidmar Shaw ’72 Betty Wagner Shelley ’60 Rajanee Shendure and Ashok Shendure The Sherwin-Williams Company Y.Victor Shin, MD Kathryn Kukral Shininger ’02 Donald A. Shupek Christine Siarka ’04 Margaret Clarke Sidman ’53 Jean M. Siebert ’99 Maria Ball Siemon Regina Laniauskas Silgalis ’65 Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Silvestro Linda M. Simko, CPA ’80 Marsha Axelrod Simon ’92 Gail Crupper Simonetti ’72 SJ Doris Gibson Simonis, Ph.D. ’52 Carol Graf Simpson ’57

The NEW Sister Diana Stano Athletic Center opened on September 15, 2015 in front of a crowd of over 600 fans who watched a volleyball game against Walsh University. Nancy Simpson ’87 + Marie T. Singleton Nancy McAnerney Sinnott ’58 Linda A. Sipos ’71 Colette Olowinski Sislak ’78 Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine Mary D. Slak ’07 Victoria J. Sleinsky ’83 Mary Pat Henzel Sloan ’61 SJ Courtney Smith ’04 Mr. & Mrs. David A. Smith Rita A. Smith ’74 SJ Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Smith Tom and Kori Smith Nancy Mieskoski Smitley ’85 Bonita L. Smrcina ’90 Marie Loughead Snider ’70 Mary Lu O’Donnell Sokolowski ’66 William Sopko and Sons Co.,Inc. Mr. & Mrs. William Sopko Julia Southard Joanne Krisch Spellacy ’69 St. Ambrose Church St. Anthony Church St. Anthony of Padua Parish St. Brendan Church St. Francis of Assisi Church Christopher and Michelle St. John St. John the Baptist Parish St. John Vianney Church St. Joseph Church St. Mary Church St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Mr. Forrest Stanley and Ms. Nora-Lynn Nemec Joanne Gafney Stanton ’53

Phyllis M. Stanton ’66 Carole Roberts Stark ’87 Lawrence R. Staudt C. David Stebbins ’91 and Joan Hrovat Stebbins ’94 Mr. & Mrs. David S. Steiner Mary Jo Lipps Steiner ’67 Laura and Paul Stephan Susan Balmat Stephen ’75 SJ Janet Johnson Stephens ’86 Patricia Fish Stephens ’12 Christine Stevens ’91 and Thomas C. Stevens Judith Gordan Stewart ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Steyer The Helen F. Stolier & Louis Stolier Family Foundation Dolores D’Angelo Storer ’77 Geraldine Shandor Strachan ’56 SJ Amy Olecki Strait ’02 Deborah Sarakaitis Straniero ’95 Strawbridge Family Foundation Ann Brumbaugh Streb ’61 Monica A. Subotnik ’90 Helen Suchy ’04 Jean Rothgery Sullivan ’75 SJ Sandra Sullivan and Miranda Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Brian Sullivan Kathleen A. Supan ’91 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Sussen Marilyn Marek Sutherland-Skain ’53 SJ Patricia Lee Svec ’70 Joanne Jozsa Swartz ’94 and Joseph B. Swartz Anne Reidy Sweeney ’48

Nancy Tarquinio Sweeney, Ph.D., APRN ’69 SJ Florence K. Swierz Marjorie A. Swindell ’79 Mary Linda Kirkpatrick Swinehart '72 SJ Jeanne Sydenstricker Kathleen Drennen Symons ’74 SJ Mary Jo Tadsen ’71 Francine Scalish Tate ’70 Anna Marie Lapp Taylor ’88 Denice L. Teeples The Richard Horvitz & Erica Hartman-Horvitz Youthability Program Mary Ann Lefelhocz Thomas ’60 SJ Barbara Fenick Tighe ’58 Raymond J. Timko + and Donna D. Timko Jody Timko ’00 Deborah Mackert Tisdel ’83 Suzanne Adler Tishkoff ’82 Sr. Sheila Marie Tobbe, OSU ’68 Eileen Holley Tomecki ’88 Helene Kappenhagen Treiber ’60 Emily M. Trela ’48 Sr. Charlotte Trenkamp, OSU ’54 Margaret Trenkamp Arthur and Merlene Treuhaft Rhonda Managan Trice ’03 Susan Trilling Ann and Joseph Trivisonno Elizabeth H. Trump + Mary Dowd Turella ’60 Maria Schembri Turk ’62 Mary Twomey Universal Windows Direct Inc

University Hospitals Estate of Patricia Urban Molly Groton Urban ’07 Lida Urbaz URSA Department at Ursuline College Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland Ursuline Sisters of Louisville Dorothy Janusko Valerian ’77, ’99 Barbara Bastyr Van Horn ’72 Jeanne Stenger Vandersluis ’55 SJ + Mr. & Mrs. Peter vanDijk Diane Foster Vasko ’68 Elizabeth F.Vasquez ’69 SJ Mary Humes Vega ’02 Barbara Puzenski Venesy ’59 Villa Angela Alumnae Ladies Night Out Committee Laureen C.Vitale Mary Frimel Vohs ’73 SJ Marilyn Schultz Volpe ’56 Elaine Shepherd Volpi ’72 Linda Hanzal Vopat ’95 Dr. & Mrs. David M. Waggoner Barbara Borges Walker ’61 Joanne Wanstreet Louisa Jaracz Warner ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Wasserstrom Marilyn Werner Watkins ’69 Kaylene A. Way ’12 Beverly Jo Nieman Weber ’76 + Kimberly Sowell Webster ’10 Renee Jones Weeks ’70 Joan Petrigala Weigel ’56 SJ Barbara Krivanek Weikamp ’53 SJ Elaine Weinberg and Robert Best The Weinberg Family Emily M. Weller Madonna J. Welsh ’68 SJ Sr. Ritamary Welsh, OSU Joan Paciotti Wenk ’80 Sally H. Wertheim Patricia A. West ’69 SJ West Roofing Systems, Inc. Patricia Seman Westenbarger ’56 SJ Gail Wetherell-Sack and Paul F. Sack Adele A. Whalen ’85 Kathleen Siemborski Wheeler ’71 Gloria J. Whittington ’86 Dolores M. Wiemels ’83 Barbara Morrison Wilford ’73 SJ Nancy DiNatale Wilhelm ’69 Ann Amon Williams ’52 SJ Annette S. Williams ’63 SJ Darlene J. Willis ’07 Griselda Gonzalez Wilson ’78 Estate of Mary F. (Ky) Wilson Sharon A. Zimmerman Wilson Donna Fedor Wimbiscus ’99 Virginia White Winchell ’64 Sr. Ann Winters, OSU ’61 Colleen N. Wisniewski ’87 Idelle K. Wolf Patricia Ponikvar Wolf ’60 SJ Beth Hlavac Woodman ’80

Joan Sturmi Wright ’53 SJ Mary A. Wyper, Ph.D., RN Margret Ziska Yarmesch ’56 SJ Marie Vikki Soreo Yasher ’96 Patricia A.Young ’69 SJ Jane Beriswill Younglas ’51 Cynthia Farone Yurch ’71 Annette Romeo Zaffiro ’85 and Carl J. Zaffiro Frances Molnar Zavesky ’57 SJ Sheryl Williams Zellner ’97 and Craig Zellner Mary Beth Zeni, ScD Jane Bird Zerillo ’94 Dorothy McAuley Zimpelman ’55 SJ Edith M. Zingale

Our Lady of Victory Plaza Thanks to those who purchased a brick, a bench, or made a donation. Elaine M. Abrams ’86 Katherine Lockwood Allen ’55 Kathleen R. Allen Anonymous Janet Baker, DNP ’03 Joan M. M. Bania ’80 Jordan Becker ’05 Lisa Favorite Becker ’04 Terry M. Billups Carol Matlin Blaha ’63 Rhonda L. Booms Connie Chiacchiero Bowler ’93 Paula Jo Longo Boykin ’95 Kathleen Boylan ’91 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brandt Julia Gibbons Brogan ’59 SJ Rosemary L. Burkhart ’71 Karen DiFranco Carmen ’78

M. Jill Carroll Mary Jo Cherry, Ph.D. Margaret Sunday Christoph ’43 Lisa M. Ciritovic ’91 Aubrei Lynnell Clegg ’13 Amy Brunotte Conrad ’99 Daniel J. Conway Mary Catherine Conway ’77, ’90 Colleen Conway Cooney Counseling and Art Therapy Department Barbara Marchand Crawford ’59 Mary Lavelle Day ’70 Randi M. Deluga ’88 Mary Jo Deucher Vezgjinush H. Doresi ’12 Joan Irwin Ducas ’57 Peg Murtagh Durkin ’61 Rosemarie Emanuele, Ph.D. Patricia Starks Feighan ’55 Fitness Brokers Company Mary Kay McAuley Futty ’55 Ellen O’Lekas Garrido ’73 Joanna Belanich Garry ’93 Marjorie Gibbons Gavin ’51 and Michael T. Gavin, Sr. Carmen Glassco ’94 Sr. Cynthia M. Glavac, OSU, Ph.D. ’78 Janis Mohr Gold ’88 Laura Chrow Goliat ’79, ’14 DNP Graduate Nursing Program Terry Kuzma-Gottron ’78 Anne-Marie Gurko ’09 Kathy P. Hairston ’84 Carolyn J. Hammer ’95 Doina Ortelecan Hengenius ’72 Lois A. Hengenius ’90 Lauren E. Hollis ’12 Deanne Hurley The Jaykee Athletic Corporation Vesta M. Jones ’99 Claudia Nemeckay Kanta ’86 Elizabeth Kavran, DDS

Anne Kline ’03 Gabrielle M. Koczab, DO ’03 Eileen Delaney Kohut ’68 Constance Korosec, Ph.D. Yolanda M. Krueger ’56 James Krzywicki Mary Ann Kudyba ’10 Dr. Mark A. Kyle Vivian Love Kyle ’05 Joseph R. LaGuardia Carla Vesel Licastro ’05 Petronella W. Lip ’71 Joanne Laczko Masino ’68 Agnes Sperie Maynard ’60 Michael J. McCaffrey ’88 Cindy McKnight and Stacy O’Brien Patricia McKnight Zita Bessenyey McShane LeFevre ’61 Diane Schultz Meros ’87 Gina Messina-Dysert, Ph.D. Carl J. Monastra and Ann Moley Monastra ’56 SJ James S. Mrazik ’87 Karen Jirousek Mrazik ’78 Osteoporosis Walk Foundation Norma J. Pohle ’57 Kathy Presciano ’99 Janet Kearns Qualters ’64 Patrick J. Riley, DMin. ’85 Sue Ann Gielincki Riley ’71, ’96 The Riverbend Fund at Schwab Charitable Fund Judith Valentine Rooney ’71 Jackie C. Scanlon Winifred O’Rourke Schorle ’58 Jennifer B. Schwartz ’93 Dorothy Lezynski Serfilippi ’89 Marianne Kavin Shannon ’98 L. Linton Sharpnack ’13 Patricia Brearey Sharpnack ’84 Jean M. Siebert ’99 Barbara Szabo Slanina ’91 Heather Haymond St. John ’09


Friends of the Ralph M. Besse Lbrary The Ralph M. Besse Library provides a valuable resource to students, alumnae and the surrounding communities. We are grateful to the Friends of the Library who conduct a membership drive and sponsor fundraisers each year for the benefit of the Library.

Maryellen E. Staab ’14 Janet Johnson Stephens ’86 Dolores D’Angelo Storer ’77 Rev. Dr. Bridgette A. Sullenger ’95 Lillian Ronan Sullivan ’56 Samantha M. Syracuse ’10 Monica Roman Thomas ’70 Deborah J. Thurman ’86 Ursuline College Rosemary Bulina Vicini ’71 Celeste M. Wiggins, Ph.D. Nancy DiNatale Wilhelm ’69 Sharon A. Zimmerman Wilson Juanita Korchak Wingenfeld ’64 Mary Kay Scheurich Yett ’78 Denise San Antonio Zeman ’74

Matching Gift Corporations & Foundations American Electric Power Eaton Corporation FirstEnergy Foundation GE Foundation The Gilbane Building Company Hyland Software, Inc. IBM Corporation Matching Grants Program Johnson Controls Foundation KeyBank Foundation Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Preformed Line Products The Progressive Insurance Foundation Charles Schwab Foundation Shell Oil Company Foundation Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. 12

Scholarships Support for scholarships remains one of the highest priorities of Ursuline College. We are grateful to the following donors for their generous support of our scholarship program that directly benefits students. American Legion Auxiliary Anonymous Raymond V. Byrne Trust The Cleveland Foundation Kathleen Patton Christyson ’77 The Fedeli Family Charitable Foundation Paulette S. Goll, Ph.D. Rev. Joseph Gorski Trust U/W Ideastream The John Huntington Fund for Education Dorothea J. Kingsbury ’74 Mr. & Mrs. James P. Kovach The Laub Foundation Caroline A. McKalen ’48 Carl J. Monastra and Ann Moley Monastra ’56 SJ Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges Lorna Zupancic Pendell ’66 Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers, Inc. Dorothy Mackenzie Price + Noel H. Santa Jeffrey P. Shafer Tuesday Study Club

life Julie N. Clement Janis Mohr Gold ’88 Rosina C. Horvath ’87 Thomas F. Peterson, Jr. Peter Petretich ’99 Barbara J. Walden ’89 sustaining Ronald E. Dziedzicki ’81 and Mary Ann Dziedzicki patron Veronica M. Dever ’62 Michale M. Murphy Annette Romeo Zaffiro ’85 contributing Anonymous Dennis and Mary Margaret Brennan Helen Lewis Copeland ’97 Judith Clark Greig ’69 SJ Vivian L. Harris ’05 Mary E. Kaforey JoAnn Barr Schaffer ’76 Isabell Widmar

Friends of the library life (one-time) ......$1,000.00 sustaining................$500.00 patron ......................$100.00 contributing.............$50.00 sponsor......................$35.00 regular......................$25.00 student........................$5.00 sponsor Patricia Lopez Chapek ’85 Peg Murtagh Durkin ’61 Agnes Sperie Maynard ’60 Jean M. Siebert ’99 regular Michael Ashenbach Joanne Billiar Irene W. Chalko ’85

Barbara Ferkovic Barbara Gibson Gustafson ’55 SJ Helen Mieldazis Kope ’53 SJ Mary E. Korosec Jo Ann Doller Lane ’62 Denis & Annette Lynch Laura Kalves Miller ’91 Judith Hutnik Moss ’68 Patricia R. Murphy Edward E. Nacht + Lida Urbaz Polly Wilkenfeld James C. Williams Mary Beth Zeni, ScD

Gifts In Memory Of cecil A. Brown Gene M. Oakey Richard S. Reynolds Foundation The Trust Company of Virginia Mrs. Jackie G. Williams Dr. & Mrs. Charles P. Winkler paul e. cipar Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Duskey Andrea & Rita Ferraro Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ferraro Steve and Linda Hennis and Family The J.M. Smucker Company Knights of Columbus Council 1617 Korean War Veterans Assoc., Inc. Timothy N. Kyper Mr. & Mrs. George Madjerac Mr. & Mrs. Perry D. Matheny Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. McDermott Helen A. Pramik Prenger’s Inc. Marge Sabo Sampsel Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning LLC Anonymous Art Toth, Jr., Patty Toth and Mike Toth Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Toth Christine Cipar Weigand ’87 Mr. & Mrs. David M. Wenger Frank Wrobel sr. veronica cipar, osu ’56 Bonnie Jean Miller Kennedy ’85 mariette v. coffman Kathleen Siewert catherine s. connelly Hamlet Village Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Kelly mr. & mrs. edward J. conrad, Jr. Mary M. Wasmer valery lynch crosby ’43 Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Crosby Family and Friends of Valery Jean O’Linn Forhan ’43

John Roach Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Tima Joan Crosby Watson ’65 marguerite lennon crowley ’43 Susan Capot Anonymous James Jackson & Family Jess & Pat Jackson Alberta & Dale King Mr. & Mrs. Edward Newman Maureen Lennon Palmer Mr. & Mrs. David J. Rechtin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Schwab Roger R. Schwartz Jean A.Von Handorf mary o’connor cullen ’51 Mr. & Mrs. James P. Cullen sr. mary Kenan dulzer, osu, ph.d. ’54 sJ Catherine M. Wood sr. Ann Gertrude hill, osu ’44 Elaine Kirschensteiner Alfonsetti ’68 and Louis Alfonsetti Rita Tenhagen Andreano ’51 Carol Matlin Blaha ’63 Sandra J. Cieszewski ’62 William R. Cosgrove, Jr. and Loretta Boltezar Cosgrove ’66 Kathleen Tomazic Dillon ’66 Judy Pistillo Herdering ’66 Marian T. Kilbane-Flash ’50 Gail Patek Kovacs ’71 Jo Ann Doller Lane ’62 Patricia Perhavec Miklich ’68 Margaret Lang Nelson ’56 Doris Hoch Norris ’66 Mary Jane Novitsky ’62 Sally Rozanc Overcash ’62 and Herman Overcash Mary Claire Walsh Phelan ’65 Carol Costa Ponikvar ’66 Gloria Myslenski Sammon’61 Joan Pistillo Shah ’62 Doris Gibson Simonis, Ph.D. ’52 Zita Mullen Tumney ’57 Judith Rygalski Young ’66

Joe and Terry hocevar Lawrence J. Hocevar lois hummer hopkins ’46 Lee Altmar and Aletha Mika Marguerite M. Bergen ’50 David and Sandy Burkons Peter and Colleen Ciampa Edward and Mary Ann Davis Judy Dorer Mary E. Doverspike Rosemary Carrabine Ferrell ’46 Gloria Dominguez Janson ’52 John H. Mannen Virginia Scholl Mr. & Mrs. Peter E. Shimrak Jean Cadley Takacs ’98 sr. mary Genevieve Jankowski, osu ’45 Carol Costa Ponikvar ’66 sr. rose Angela Johnson, osu ’46 Frances Adler Babic ’75 Anonymous JoAnn L. Fellner ’78 Dorothy Barcich Greaves ’61 Richard J. Konisiewicz Ellen L. Maher ’63 Joellen Crowley O’Neill ’64 Sharon Steibly Orihill ’66 Karen Steibly Vlach ’65 Virginia White Winchell ’64 dorothy Kaminowski Lucille Neola christopher c. Kingsbury Molly E. Hahn Dorothea J. Kingsbury ’74 Amy Krzywicki Kathleen Gayer Dingethal ’65 Gardiner Trane John F. langkau Helene Sasko Love ’56 daniel louie Donna M. Louie ’65 madonna Bove morrison ’56 sJ Barbara Morrison Wilford ’73 SJ e. mrazik James S. Mrazik ’87 and Karen Jirousek Mrazik ’78 mary Frances van nortwick nowlin ’42 Patricia Nowlin Foster ’68 robert J. panehal Patricia A. Bradesca-Schock ’71 Mary & Joe Kavcar Thomas A. Schock Judge John T. and mrs. patricia J. patton Kathleen Patton Christyson ’77 donna mae loy polack ’80 American Electric Power Michael and June Czlonka

Ruth Dobres and Family Pat and Bernie Gleason Patsy B. Maxwell Mr. & Mrs. Donald Oberdoester Mr. & Mrs. Joe Petelin Mr. & Mrs. Laurence A. Reichert Jeanne Ribinskas Sally P. Ross Rosetta Saraniti Mary Jo Schmidt Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland carol Walczak polefko ’73 Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bickerton Mr. & Mrs. Earl Brigadier Mr. & Mrs. David Brooks and Family Cassie M. Conti ’71 Melissa Crandall-Everett Mr. & Mrs. Bruno DiSiena and Giovanni Mr. & Mrs. Ruben Estemera Mr. & Mrs. Giles Falinski Shelby Friend ’08 Ron Gembicki Mr. & Mrs. Ron Grundel Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hahn Mr. & Mrs. Ray Hannon Brian Hare Rosemary Hier Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Higgins Alan Hochevar Mr. & Mrs. Dan Hopkins Mary Ann Horvath Mary Ann Jira Andrew Kall Karen Ann Kovac ’70 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lauritz Rose Leanza Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Leone Mr. & Mrs. John Lukanc Agnes Mayo Alicia L. Mazzi

The Mohorcic Family Mr. & Mrs. Terry Morris and Family Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Mosinski Jane Murphy Mr. & Mrs. John Nestelle The Nosek Family Mr. Robert Pearl & Ms. Janet Pearl The Punchak Family Mr. & Mrs. Raphael Reichle Florence Sgro Shirley Sotak Mr. & Mrs. Steve Spisak Ann Stavrenos Mike Tomon Mr. & Mrs. John Wessel Mr. & Mrs. Dan Weston and Family Mr. & Mrs. Tom Zabor Mr. & Mrs. Dan Zawadzki mildred c. “millie” romeo Annette Romeo Zaffiro ’85 isabel Wilke snider ’36 Katy Snider Burns ’62 paul stano Mr. & Mrs. John H. Kirk lloyd Frier st. Antoine ’56 Theodore J. St. Antoine Bryan K. schwegler ’10 Jenny M. Roman ’10 mary ruth miller Thompson ’44 Ann Marie Hawkins Dr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Mayers Maureen Hart McLaughlin ’51 Audrey O’Donnell + Thomas J. Scanlon Mr. & Mrs. John F. Siefert and Family Mary Turnes raymond J. Timko Jodie Bender


maryanna cipar vondriska ’49 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Braverman Mr. & Mrs. Herbert C. Brosnan Carmella Consiglio Frantz ’49 Mr. & Mrs. William T. Hayes Robin Herrington-Bowen ’90 Independence Art Guild The Powers Family Trust Celine Richter Riedel ’49 Myles Roche Karen A. Shallcross Anupama Yerramalli Albert m. yanus Richard J. Konisiewicz

Gifts In Honor Of christine de vinne, osu, ph.d. ’73 Richard J. Konisiewicz Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Stana Mary A. Wyper, Ph.D., RN marie A. dulzer Catherine M. Wood Kevin Gladstone Robin Herrington-Bowen ’90 Joan rosskopf harkulich ’53 sJ Kathryn Winter Zabak ’99 maureen G. Kelly ’76 Winnifred P. Boylan, JD ’79 Janet l. miller Mr. & Mrs. Harlin Adelman carol cerney o’connell minkin ’55 Anne Barrett Erwin Katherine T. o’neill Mr. & Mrs. Brian Sullivan

sr. diana stano, osu, ph.d. ’68 Elaine Kirschensteiner Alfonsetti ’68 Harriet Lefkowitz Fader ’79 Jewish Federation of Cleveland Jordan S. Leventhal ’15 Geri Presti & John Sedor sr. charlotte Trenkamp, osu ’54 Marguerite M. Bergen ’50 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Mason Anne Phelan and Tom Bovo Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Phelan dorothy Janusko valerian ’77, ’99 Eileen M. Murray ’71

Heritage Society Members Recognition is given to those who remember Ursuline College by a will commitment, life insurance policy or other instrument of planned or deferred giving Jean Blaha Ackerman ’56 SJ Gina Gentile Alcazar ’85 Mary Anne Byrne Barry ’44 Joan M. Belair ’06 Marcie Marcotte Brogan ’65 Gayle Beuchat Cilimburg ’97 Rosemary Clarke Cozzens ’54 Barbara Marchand Crawford ’59 Mary Ellen Iffarth Downs ’72 Sheila Rapp Epp Patricia J. Factor ’50 JoAnn L. Fellner ’78 Donna Dekleva Fornadley ’85

Judith A. Gruber Barbara Gibson Gustafson ’55 SJ Jeanette DiCello Haug ’61 Olga Centa Horvath ’41 Robert Kestner Yolanda M. Krueger ’56 La Verne Duch Lentz ’49 Virginia M. Lindseth, Ph.D. Agnes Sperie Maynard ’60 Mary Lou Jackson McCarthy ’54 Caroline A. McKalen ’48 Richard A. Miller Katherine Stochmal Molnar ’43 Ann Moley Monastra ’56 SJ Carol Cerney O’Connell Minkin ’55 Geraldine C. O’Neill ’62 Therese Franey Peter ’67 SJ Patricia Kotnik Rea ’61 Dolores J. Ricks ’54 Janice T. Roccosalva ’71 Mary Ann Hayes Rotter ’61 Lucille M. Schultz ’64 Margaret Clarke Sidman ’53 Carol Graf Simpson ’57 Naomi Greenfield Singer ’76 Lauretta Sinkosky ’63 SJ Tom and Kori Smith Francis Straub Susan M. Wechter ’84 Germaine Smith Zenk ’57

Corporations, Foundations and Organizations We are honored to have received gifts and grants from the following foundations, trusts, corporations, vendors, estates and organizations during the 2015-16 fiscal year. Alpha Delta Kappa, Alpha Nu Chapter American Endowment Foundation American Legion Auxiliary The Belden Brick Charitable Trust Bialosky + Partners Architects B’nai Jeshurun Congregation Bright Funds Foundation Raymond V. Byrne Trust Carfagna Family - Magis Foundation Certified Pest Control Chartreuse, Inc. The Cleveland Foundation Community Partnership on Aging Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament Counseling and Art Therapy Department


Distillata Company The Fedeli Family Charitable Foundation ForestCity Realty Trust, Inc. Gardiner Trane Estate of Margaret F. Gleissner The Arnold P. Gold Foundation The Graham Hunter Foundation Granite Property Management Company Guardian Alarm of Ohio, Inc. Hamlet Village Health Care Administration Program Ideastream The J.M. Smucker Company Jewish Federation of Cleveland The John Huntington Fund for Education Kearney Sales, Inc. Knights of Columbus Council 1617 Korean War Veterans Assoc., Inc. The Kulas Foundation The Laub Foundation The Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust The Lubrizol Foundation Metz Culinary Management The John C. & Sally S. Morley Family Foundation Estate of Hedy Mulhausen Northeastern Ohio British Car Council Ohio Department of Education Ohio Desk Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges Parker Hannifin Foundation Patrick J. O’Neill Family Foundation Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers, Inc. Powers Friedman Linn, PLL Prenger’s Inc. Bruce and K.D. Raimy Fund of The Erie Community Foundation The Riverbend Fund at Schwab Charitable Fund Ronald H. Krasney, M.D., Inc. Saint John the Baptist Parish Sampsel Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning LLC The Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable Foundation Star Printing Company, Inc. Stuart & Associates The Helen F. Stolier & Louis Stolier Family Foundation Tuesday Study Club Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland Van Auken Akins Architects LLC The I J Van Huffel Foundation Dr. Frank Vecchio & Helen Williams Vecchio Foundation The Window King Co., Inc.

Anne H. Weil Madonna J. Welsh ’68 SJ Mary T. Welsh ’70 SJ Annette Romeo Zaffiro '85 Bretta Zamzow

Faculty, Staff and Administration Annual Campaign Our gratitude to the College Community members who made a commitment to this campaign.

Chemistry Lab Renovation in Memory of Sr. Ann Gertrude Hill, OSU ’44 Sister Ann Gertrude was such a wonderful teacher and friend to thousands of Ursuline students. Her legacy will live on thanks to these generous donations. William R. Cosgrove, Jr. and Loretta Boltezar Cosgrove ’66 (Challenge Grant) Elaine Kirschensteiner Alfonsetti ’68 and Louis Alfonsetti Rita Tenhagen Andreano ’51 Carol Matlin Blaha ’63 Sandra J. Cieszewski ’62 Kathleen Tomazic Dillon ’66 Judy Pistillo Herdering ’66 Marian T. Kilbane-Flash ’50 Gail Patek Kovacs ’71 Jo Ann Doller Lane ’62 Patricia Perhavec Miklich ’68 Margaret Lang Nelson ’56 Doris Hoch Norris ’66 Mary Jane Novitsky ’62 Sally Rozanc Overcash ’62 and Herman Overcash Mary Claire Walsh Phelan ’65 Carol Costa Ponikvar ’66 Gloria Myslenski Sammon ’61 Joan Pistillo Shah ’62

Doris Gibson Simonis, Ph.D. ’52 Zita Mullen Tumney ’57 Judith Rygalski Young ’66

Restricted Funds and Gifts We appreciate in-kind and monetary donations by individuals for specific programs, departments, projects, events and activities. Janet Baker, DNP ’03 Frances Petroff Buccilli ’96 Dr. Carole & Mr. Larry Cashion Lisa M. Ciritovic ’91 The Cleveland Foundation William R. Cosgrove, Jr. and Loretta Boltezar Cosgrove ’66 Eva and Lawrence Dolan Mrs. Mary Lou Durkin Laura Chrow Goliat ’79, ’14 DNP Dr. & Mrs. Rustom Khouri Yolanda M. Krueger ’56 Martin Maier and Family Petitti Garden Center Dorothy Mackenzie Price + Clifford A. Reeves Clare Schuele Jeffrey P. Shafer Linda M. Sharma ’65 Patricia A. Sharpnack, DNP ’84 Chris Sherwin Joseph & Marilyn Shockney Dolores D’Angelo Storer ’77

Kathleen R. Allen Jackie T. Amos DoHee Kim-Appel ’94 Anna Arnold Janet Baker, DNP ’03 Jim Beachler Connie F. Beal ’07 Lisa Favorite Becker ’04 Betsey B. Belkin Sr. Lisa Marie Belz, OSU, Ph.D. ’83 Ellen M. Berts Alaric W. Best Terry M. Billups Deborah V. Blackley Rhonda L. Booms Anne Murphy Brown, JD Ashley Brown Constance Bruening Wally Bursic Anthony V. Cafarelli, Ph.D. Molly T. Carroll ’10 Jane Renee Chabrand Mary Jo Cherry, Ph.D. Katherine L. Cirincione ’07 James V. Connell, Ph.D. Sr. Kathleen Cooney, OSU ’65

Anita Forsberg Culbertson, Psy.D. James A. Dailey Danielle J. Daltorio Stephen Davis Christine De Vinne, OSU, Ph.D. ’73 Marylouise M. Deehr Angela Niro DelPrete ’00 Sr.Virginia DeVinne, OSU ’72 Golden E. Dickerson Christine A. DiLalla Andrew J. Dirk Barbara K. Dussing Matthew Eichenmiller Sheila Elo Rosemarie Emanuele, Ph.D. Leanne M. Estrella Patricia Fallon, MFA Bonnie J. Fellows Kathryn Fisher Paula Fruehling Linda Gassman Sr. Cynthia M. Glavac, OSU, Ph.D. ’78 Laura Chrow Goliat ’79, ’14 DNP June E. Gracyk Thomas Gregorich Frances O. Gruss Anne-Marie Gurko ’09 Laura Hammel, Ph.D. ’99 Hannah C. Hardy Pamela M. Hasan Aprille L. Haynie, MSN Sr. Kathleen Heer, SLW, ATR-BC ’98 Joyce E. Helber Kathryn N. Hill Margaret A. Hirschfeld Deanne Hurley Katherine S. Jackson, Ph.D. Amy J. Jacobs, Ph.D., ATR-BC Patricia A. Janosko Jenifer J. Jay Gerri Jenkins Beth DiNatale Johnson, Ph.D. Rosa A. Johnson ’02 Martin Kane Edward J. Karasek Adam Katz Elizabeth Kavran, DDS


Annual Fund Gift Clubs President’s Society .......$10,000.00 St. Angela Society ..........$5,000.00 St. Ursula Society ..........$2,500.00 Sr. Kenan Society...........$1,000.00 Annunciation Club...........$500.00 Mother Marie Club ..........$250.00 1871 Club............................$139.00

Copyright Scott Pease, Pease Photography

Fleur-De-Lis Club ...up to $138.00

Timothy K. Kinsella, Ph.D. Jennifer Brenner Knaus ’96 Kelli Knaus Eileen Delaney Kohut ’68 Richard J. Konisiewicz Constance Korosec, Ph.D. Susan Kramer James Krzywicki Jason Kubbins Dr. Mark A. Kyle Joseph R. LaGuardia Kimberly A. Lakota Jerry D. Legan Joyce E. Mann Linda Martin, Ph.D. George S. Matejka, Ph.D. M. Murray Mayo, Ph.D. JoAnne E. Mazur, MEd Sr. Patricia McCaffrey, OSU, Ed.D. ’73 Denise A. McKenna Cindy McKnight Tiffany Mushrush Mentzer ’03 Diane Schultz Meros ’87 Gina Messina-Dysert, Ph.D. Jennifer M. Mooney Sr. Janet Moore, OSU ’63 Bari Oyler Stith, Ph.D. Lisa R. Peak Sr. Rosaria Perna, OSU ’81 Mary Lynn Perri Heather Pettit Joann Rymarczyk Piotrkowski ’99 Mary Frances Pipino, Ph.D. Jayme Plummer Gary E. Polster, Ph.D. Susan Burrows Powers ’07 Sarah Preston, Ph.D. Regina Prosser, DNP Gina Gagliano Pumphrey ’77


Veda B. Rawlings Timothy Reardon Patrick J. Riley, DMin. ’85 Kathleen A. Rogers ’11, ’16 DNP Catherine Rook Gail L. Rule-Hoffman Angela Sandi Noel H. Santa Brooke A. Scharlott Suzanna M. Schroeder-Green Patricia A. Sharpnack, DNP ’84 James M. Simonson Donna Slabe Chloe-Marie Smicklevich Emily K. Smith ’11 Robin L. Smith ’05 Carolyn N. Sorg Lateishia Spencer, MEd Michelle M. St. John Melanie M. Steele Michelle Stewart Leah Jazbec Sullivan ’97 Cheryl Teresi Jennifer Kessler Toomey ’08 Helen M. Tramte Kathryn A. Tuohey Mary Anne Ursick Susan A.Valitsky Jane Wang ’16 Teresa Washington Morgan Weber Michelle Wiggins, Ph.D. Alvin E. Williams Robin A. Williams ’94 Sharon A. Zimmerman Wilson Laurel L.Yuratovac ’16 Mary Beth Zeni, ScD Dottie Zenobi

Friends We appreciate the support of Trustees, Former Trustees and Friends to the Annual Fund. president’s society Carol and Arthur F. Anton Eva and Lawrence Dolan George and Kathleen Goudreau Mr. & Mrs. James B. Meathe Mr. & Mrs. John M. Newman, Jr. Tom and Kori Smith st. Angela society Teri Herrmann Corletzi ’90 st. ursula society Dixie Lee Davis Jeffrey Heinen sr. Kenan society Anonymous Jack A. Bialosky Cecil A. Brown + Mhoire McGrath Cade John H. Fildew and Helen Lloyd Fildew ’59 Valerie A. Hughes Mary Terese Hurley William M. Koeblitz Richard A. Miller Carl J. Monastra and Ann Moley Monastra ’56 SJ Gene Reed and Mary Lou Smialek Reed ’70 Annunciation club Sheila Rapp Epp

mother marie club Suzanne C. Campbell Doug Fabens Ann and Joseph Trivisonno 1871 club William M. Boston Harlan Diamond Fleur-de-lis club Anonymous Sr. Jennifer C. Corlett, OSU ’71 Sr. Susan Durkin, OSU ’85 Sr. Kathleen Flanagan, OSU ’70 Sr. Joanne Gross, OSU ’78 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Hoke Sindre Kaspersen Peter Linberger James L. Mason Sr. Maureen McCarthy, OSU ’60 SJ Sr. Martha Mooney, OSU ’63 Mrs. Martha Patton James M. Schuerger and Kathleen Byrne Schuerger ’59 Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Schultz Mr. & Mrs. Timothy ScullyGranzeier Sr. Ritamary Welsh, OSU

CLUB 120 We would like to thank those who chose to participate in a pilot giving program named Club 120. The donors were able to make a more substantial gift spread out over a year at $10 a month on their credit card. This is still available as on option on our website at and clicking on club 120. Mary C. Battersby '75 Janette Longo Bracken '57 Lori Sebulski Caszatt '08 Li-Hui Chan '75 Constance Korosec, Ph.D. Margaret Clarke Sidman '53

Ursuline College Alumnae Annual Fund Gift Clubs President’s Society .......$10,000.00 St. Angela Society ..........$5,000.00 St. Ursula Society ..........$2,500.00 Sr. Kenan Society...........$1,000.00 Annunciation Club...........$500.00 Mother Marie Club ..........$250.00 1871 Club............................$139.00 Fleur-De-Lis Club ...up to $138.00

Class of 1951 $1,945 Donated 38% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Betty M. Nassif Annunciation Club Rita Tenhagen Andreano 1871 Club Joan Kerchensky Koenig Jane Beriswill Younglas Fleur-De-Lis Club Hazelmarie Ackley Carrabine Maureen Hart McLaughlin Peggy Stevens Moffitt Patricia Leahy Monroe

Class of 1942

Class of 1946

Class of 1949

25% Participation Fleur-De-Lis Club Patricia McGorray Kenney

33% Participation Fleur-De-Lis Club Elizabeth Krock Wall

Class of 1943

Class of 1947

$850 Donated 60% Participation Mother Marie Club Margaret Sunday Christoph 1871 Club Alice Kelly Monroe Fleur-De-Lis Club Katherine Stochmal Molnar

$210 Donated 50% Participation Fleur-De-Lis Club Doris Smith Birt Marie Donlon Homan Josephine Kosmerl Masterson Patricia McFarland M. Coletta McNamara

$1,100 Donated 27% Participation Annunciation Club Carmella Consiglio Frantz La Verne Duch Lentz Fleur-De-Lis Club Mary Volzer D'Emilia Rita Jane Gall Huebner

Class of 1944

Class of 1948

$350 Donated 100% Participation Mother Marie Club Dolores Payne Hespen Fleur-De-Lis Club Rita Cantillon Moriarty +

$1,265 Donated 53% Participation Annunciation Club Anne Pierce Grosel Mother Marie Club Patricia Emerick Neff 1871 Club Anne Reidy Sweeney Fleur-De-Lis Club Ella McDermott Gaul Elizabeth Badar Hissong Kathleen McGuinness Knox Jacqueline Lucas Meier Emily M. Trela

Class of 1945 17% Participation Fleur-De-Lis Club Catherine Noel Berridge

Class of 1950 $3,135 Donated 67% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Eileen Hopkins Corrigan Elaine Turk Pryatel Annunciation Club Joan E. Richards 1871 Club Barbara Denholm Rankin Fleur-De-Lis Club Gertrude Johnson Chambers Lucy Brannigan Hoban Ann Harrison Kelley Marian T. Kilbane-Flash Betty A. Kocour Jane Schroeter McGinnis Mary Margaret Finnerty Rhoa Eleanor Suchy Zavodny

Class of 1952 $8,135 Donated 50% Participation St. Angela Society Doris Gibson Simonis, Ph.D. Sr. Kenan Society Elizabeth Trenkamp Bade Mother Marie Club Gloria Dominguez Janson 1871 Club Mary Agnes Carmody Nickels Fleur-De-Lis Club Rita Palfy Alemagno Patricia Blair Astemborski Marilyn Hebron Beem Patricia Cotter Leonard

Class of 1953 $555 Donated 48% Participation Fleur-De-Lis Club Nance Price Bernet Marjorie Haessly Brubeck Marybeth Gahan Buynak Ellen Casey Hyland Helen Orgel Kelly Gloria Radanof Moseley Dolores Skrabec Roshetko Margaret Clarke Sidman 17

Joanne Gafney Stanton Mary Ann Todd Ziegler

Class of 1954 $2,300 Donated 32% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Mary Lou Jackson McCarthy Sr. Charlotte Trenkamp, OSU Mother Marie Club Geraldine Godek Gribble 1871 Club Geraldine Scislowski Back Carol Code Hammer June G. Kocsis, Ph.D. Fleur-De-Lis Club Sally Bou-Sliman Martin

Class of 1955 $16,535 Donated 70% Participation President’s Society Carolyn Zak O’Toole Annunciation Club Carol Cerney O’Connell Minkin Mother Marie Club Mary Kay McAuley Futty 1871 Club Ann Wolf Wacker Fleur-De-Lis Club Dolores Solinski Badar Mary Ann Miller Barrett Elizabeth Unis Chesko Mary Morrison Garibotti Ann T. Goggins Mary Dominguez Hlavin Sr. Ann Kelly, OSU, Ph.D. Mary O’Malley Mackin Ann Mittinger McGeary Dorothy Birkbeck Meek Carol Ackley O’Donnell

Class of 1956 $4,245 Donated 53% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Mary Trenkamp Cunningham Annunciation Club Beverly A. Habrat Mother Marie Club Claire Marie Foecking Langkau Helene Sasko Love, Esq. Kathleen Sands Spacht Marilyn Schultz Volpe 1871 Club Kathleen Bell Aman Marilyn Siemer Berger Kathleen McMahon Margaret Lang Nelson Fleur-De-Lis Club Margaret Lenehan Bruening Mary Ann Tobbe Centa Ruth Mary Koteles Grant Yolanda M. Krueger Juliana Murray Larsen Rita Perko Nassif Jean Marie White Onufer J. Patricia Music Rohde Rita Marie O’Reilly Strube

Class of 1957 $1,475 Donated 43% Participation Annunciation Club Germaine Smith Zenk Mother Marie Club Patricia Leary Ferry Mary Ann Blaha Leonard Fleur-De-Lis Club Janette Longo Bracken Dianne Ottman Buran Jane Vahey Luarde Joan Hennessy Pesta

Norma J. Pohle R. Joyce McManus Scarbrough Carol Graf Simpson Joan Parman Todd Zita Mullen Tumney

Class of 1958 $2,019 Donated 58% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Margaret Trenkamp Annunciation Club Barbara Fenick Tighe Mother Marie Club Dorothy Holicky Caine Eileen Donahue Kelly 1871 Club Winifred O’Rourke Schorle Nancy McAnerney Sinnott Fleur-De-Lis Club Barbara Schmitz Beck Janice Hodan Carlson Genevieve Good Fioritto Nancy Lee Graf, ACSW, LISW Barbara Fruscello Mausser Carol Dimond Mingarelle Ann Hopkins Purcell Celia Sabatos Snyder Marilyn McAllister Trupo Janet Warner Twiggs +

Class of 1959 $4,425 Donated 50% Participation St. Ursula Society Barbara Marchand Crawford Sr. Kenan Society Helen Lloyd Fildew 1871 Club Diane Davis Lardie Eleanor Sigler Wachovec

Annual Fund Gift Clubs President’s Society .......$10,000.00 St. Angela Society ..........$5,000.00 St. Ursula Society ..........$2,500.00 Sr. Kenan Society...........$1,000.00 Annunciation Club...........$500.00 Mother Marie Club ..........$250.00 1871 Club............................$139.00 Fleur-De-Lis Club ...up to $138.00

Fleur-De-Lis Club Carol Charlton Davies Helen Vahey Granzeier Barbara A. Hornyak Carol King Johnson Patricia Nowicki Ludwig Carolyn Seifert Quilter Christine Hirniak Rakowsky, Ph.D. Kathleen Byrne Schuerger Lee Yesbak Sweeney Mary Jane Fleming Thompson

Class of 1960 $1,935 Donated 68% Participation Annunciation Club Agnes Sperie Maynard Mother Marie Club Beverly Starks Sweeney 1871 Club Jacqueline Hoagland Lohr Margaret Kelly Mackanic Betty Wagner Shelley Mary Dowd Turella Fleur-De-Lis Club Eleanor Buckley Arnold Judith Smith Dushane, Ph.D. Clarice Livingston Fink Marilyn Capasso Gauntner Sr. Rosemary A. Hocevar, OSU, Ph.D. Frances Zorc Hrastar Marlene Jonke Kenealy Anne Hendrich Merritt Joanne Suhanic Meyer Joanne Bachmann Palmer Mary Dwyer Peters Mary V. Rascher Rosemary Rieke Saxer Rosa Schembri Carol Jonke Shiplett

Class of 1961 $3,505 Donated 57% Participation Annunciation Club Patrice Igoe Proch Patricia Kotnik Rea Mother Marie Club Peg Murtagh Durkin 18

Class of 1962 $17,385 Donated 56% Participation President’s Society Mary Ann Roda Sisolak Sr. Kenan Society Geraldine Koenig Arnold Jo Ann Doller Lane Sally Rozanc Overcash Annunciation Club Maryann Papes Semancik Marcy Richter Spalding Mother Marie Club Katy Snider Burns Bernadette Jakubiak Charles Sandra J. Cieszewski 1871 Club Victoria Hrastar Rossman Fleur-De-Lis Club Ruth Kling Bakonyi Jean Padamonsky Barry Helen Cerne Bartkowski Judith Miller Collins Patricia Cooney Gowan Donna Park Miller Mary Jane Novitsky Mary Rose Oakar Geraldine C. O’Neill Judith Lang Osucha Rose Marie Passanisi Pishkula Joyce Cihon Puin Marcia A. Samp Joan Pistillo Shah Maria Schembri Turk

Class of 1963 $2,789 Donated 45% Participation Annunciation Club Arlene Stalker Bertrand

Photo Credit: Lynne Shibko

Geraldine M. Kaftan Denise Hornack Schaffer 1871 Club Milena Osenar Gobetz Dorothy Barcich Greaves Ruth Ann Koehl Gloria Myslenski Sammon Ann Brumbaugh Streb Fleur-De-Lis Club Nancy Kelly Borchert Marilyn Runo Brenkus Joyce C. Cieszewski Mary Potter Driskill Rosemary McNicholas Hamrock Jeanette DiCello Haug Ann Garmy McLain Zita Bessenyey McShane LeFevre, Ph.D. Patricia Stringer O’Malley Sheila McDermott Pochatek Barbara Borges Walker

Ursuline’s lacrosse team captured the 2016 Inaugural G-MAC regular season and tournament championship. Mother Marie Club Sheila Gaffney Hubman Ellen L. Maher Mary Jo Piunno-Lackamp 1871 Club Carol Matlin Blaha Joan Cifani Suzann Mahony Dexter Mary Kay Hogan Kantz Fleur-De-Lis Club Patricia Lenardic Budzilek Margaret Demko Culp Jeanne Tuma Fleischhacker Barbara Golden Geller Miriam Powers Hridel Lois Fridrich Kodger Noreen Papier Mack Sr. Martha Mooney, OSU Sr. Janet Moore, OSU Bridget Slattery Moreno Lillian A. Nawalanic, Ph.D. Rosemary Grant Whitney

Class of 1964 $3,099 Donated 46% Participation Annunciation Club Margaret Prendergast Daull Mother Marie Club Sheila Murphy Birch Mary Pat Clark Brewer Ellen Graham Hearns Frances Demko Kremer Joyce A. Peoples

Virginia Volz Weddell 1871 Club Rita Cimaglia Dura Nancy Barney Skarl Virginia White Winchell Fleur-De-Lis Club Kathleen E. Betz Regina Baker DeBruyn Wilking April Hendricksen Di Santo Brenda Roddy D’Onofrio Rosemary Hozdic Anna Marie Bretmersky McFadden Margaret Rathbun Medved Joellen Crowley O’Neill Patricia Miller Shadburn-Timms Judy Winters Skirbunt Marilyn Oliver Steigerwald

Class of 1965 $3,299 Donated 45% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Delia A. Burke Annunciation Club Joan Crosby Watson Mother Marie Club Ellen Spitzer Donnelly 1871 Club Janice Berkopec Krebs Linn Dancak Niehaus Mary Claire Walsh Phelan Linda M. Sharma Fleur-De-Lis Club Janet Brown Centanni

Sr. Kathleen Cooney, OSU Kathleen Gayer Dingethal Nancy Fogarty Eppich Marija Zanoskar Horoszowski Eileen Sweeney Johnson Donna M. Louie Eleanor Spitzig McCarthy Mary Ellen Brown Miller Therese M. Osborne Kathleen Zusy Passow Bernita Milicia Roberts Marie Pienkowski Salkin Regina Laniauskas Silgalis Beverley Eble Tyla Karen Steibly Vlach Rita Reitz Zak

Class of 1966 $152,989 Donated 50% Participation President’s Society Loretta Boltezar Cosgrove St. Angela Society Dorothy Janusko Valerian St. Ursula Society Ann B. Graf Annunciation Club Phyllis M. Stanton Mother Marie Club Daria Yurkiw Celebrezze Therese Durkin Lustic Ann Campbell McCauley Barbara Coyne Melle Carol Costa Ponikvar 19

Mary Lu O’Donnell Sokolowski Judith Rygalski Young 1871 Club Julianne Spisak Keco Judith David Koeberer Sharon Steibly Orihill Fleur-De-Lis Club Anonymous Mary Bedell Berger Sr. Anne Marie Diederich, OSU, Ph.D. Kathleen Tomazic Dillon Kathleen M. Harrington Judy Pistillo Herdering Diana Ridolfi Kappes Genevieve Guthrie Kaufman Mary Blanche Sawhill Kendel Doris Hoch Norris Joanne Prekel Rees Jeanette Sendry, Ph.D. Maureen H. Smith

Class of 1967 $1,695 Donated 45% Participation Annunciation Club Jo Ann Roscoe Heintel Mother Marie Club Mary Jo Lipps Steiner 1871 Club Mary Ashdown LoPresti Fleur-De-Lis Club Charlotte Stuart Banasik Jane O’Brien Bauschard Kathleen Londregan Buckley Joan Szmania Ciszak Pauline Williamson Dey Mary Ann Hazen, Ph.D. Frances Maul Helwig Judith Suma McDonald Sharon M. Mullally Mary Lou Trommetter Murphy LaVern Oleksiak Patton Suzanne Edwards Renwald 20

Class of 1968 $3,843 Donated 40% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Karen McGlynn Killeen Annunciation Club Elaine Kirschensteiner Alfonsetti Mother Marie Club Gail M. Eovito Patricia Nowlin Foster Patricia Perhavec Miklich 1871 Club Pat O’Brien Gosky Vivian J. Habrat Joanne Laczko Masino Virginia Ronald O’Malley Joan Hammer Penote Fleur-De-Lis Club Michaela Miller Boehnlein Marilyn Bobrick Boucek Constance Hughes Brady Judith Simmons Gedeon Kathleen Gunn Guscott Teresa Smrekar Jenkins Eileen Delaney Kohut Agnes Hegarty Lukas Mary Sheehan Milliken Virginia Russo Sbrocco Anne Sheahan Smith Eileen McCormick Stankavich Diane Foster Vasko Diane Domitor Weishaar Karen Guist Zigman

Class of 1969 $1,965 Donated 19% Participation Mother Marie Club Alice McGreal Ahern Sally Gilbride Kermode 1871 Club Jodi Hyland Campbell Mary Rita J. Duke

Fleur-De-Lis Club Mary Louise Cesa Alice Devany Christie, Ph.D. Patricia Cuffney DeLucia Margaret I. Friel Katherine Gardner Hajde Kathleen Murphy Hazelton Marilyn Maurer Hehnen Sheila Kopko Higgs Maureen Lyon Joseph Sally Koch Key Mary Ann Johns Koncal Judith Ruddy Little Mary Hawn Nelson Eldora Di Blasio Perfilio Kathleen Gang Rini Janet Hackett Rodgers Mary Ann Demko Sisco Marilyn Werner Watkins Nancy DiNatale Wilhelm

Class of 1970 $4,495 Donated 28% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Linda Kurtzman Doyle Mary Lou Smialek Reed Annunciation Club Kathleen Gurnick Arendt Mother Marie Club Jo Ann Burchesky Kylander Mary Ann Strimple Monica Roman Thomas 1871 Club Kathleen Powers Dolney Frances Henry FitzSimons Dawn Tweed Nichols, Ed.D. Fleur-De-Lis Club Linda Ferlin Benedictis Jo Ann Murray Borzy Frances Pecharka Chiancone Mary Lavelle Day Cynthia Marinelli Eickhoff Mary Ann Fischer Sr. Kathleen Flanagan, OSU Marcella Rhome Milota Rosemary Mraz Pluto Jacquie Metzger Sfeir Marie Loughead Snider Donna Bosco Tobin

Class of 1971 $4,518 Donated 36% Participation St. Angela Society Elizabeth Rusch Koch Annunciation Club Mary Ellen Campbell Sue Ann Gielincki Riley Mother Marie Club Margaret Rooney Brown Gail Patek Kovacs

Nancy O’Linn Orosz 1871 Club Barbara Eileen Boyle Cecelia Tournoux Mullin Eileen M. Murray Margaret A. Rooks Cynthia Farone Yurch Fleur-De-Lis Club Marcia Backiel Barber Eileen Hollis Beegle Linda M. Brately Rosemary L. Burkhart Martha Logan Chrosniak Cassie M. Conti Sr. Jennifer C. Corlett, OSU Linda M. DeLillo Teresa L. Ducey Assunta Vincelli Haase Barbara S. Jacobs Rosemary Powers Lann Petronella W. Lip Mary Lou Sloe McManus Marciann Tinkovicz Reineck Janice T. Roccosalva Suzanne M. Semmes Rose Marie Siarka Linda A. Sipos Eileen Osborne Sykora Mary Jo Tadsen Kathleen Siemborski Wheeler

Class of 1972 $1,440 Donated 31% Participation Mother Marie Club Patricia Calkins Lightbody Margaret Slife Schalmo Annunciation Club Mary Ellen Iffarth Downs Fleur-De-Lis Club Kathy Perri Bickart Bonnie Hovan Bobin Christine Kesselem Carroll Melinda Dubiel Drennen Therese A. Gottermeyer Jeanne Torrence Hauer Patricia Milko Hirko Sheila Kelly Jennings Alice Demko Ruble Therese M. Ryan Carol Vidmar Shaw Anne McCauley Storey Barbara Bastyr Van Horn Elaine Shepherd Volpi Catherine A. Witt Linda Rainone Zupan

Class of 1973 $1,010 Donated 28% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Anonymous

Annual Fund Gift Clubs President’s Society .......$10,000.00 St. Angela Society ..........$5,000.00 St. Ursula Society ..........$2,500.00 Sr. Kenan Society...........$1,000.00 Annunciation Club...........$500.00 Mother Marie Club ..........$250.00 1871 Club............................$139.00 Fleur-De-Lis Club ...up to $138.00

Mother Marie Club Mary Llamas Courtney Fleur-De-Lis Club Virginia M. Bossu Madeline A. Cain, MPA Barbara Witt Cicerchi Gwen Stibich Corban Charlene Smith DeLucia Lee A. Krupienski Theresa Kausek Laning Bohnny Farley Lovich Sr. Patricia McCaffrey, OSU, Ed.D. Mary Ellen Stewart Piazza Carol Walczak Polefko + Deborah Rondini Slak Barbara Hammer Storey Karen Janders Tolhurst

Class of 1974

Copyright Scott Pease, Pease Photography

$1,219 Donated 28% Participation Mother Marie Club Marce Kness Longer Denise San Antonio Zeman 1871 Club Mary Lou Plachko Grether

Marilyn Long Hermance Fleur-De-Lis Club Doe A. LeBlanc-Carroll Mary Grum Ezzo Catherine O’Brien Fisher Michele Gubanick Fritzen Veronica L. Gallo Susan Taugher Gregg Karen L. Knaus Sandra Nagode Koehler Janice M. Maxwell Joyce Ann Merkel Rodenfels Kathleen Marsh Wintour

Class of 1975 $890 Donated 25% Participation 1871 Club Elizabeth Walters Rodgers Fleur-De-Lis Club Anonymous Frances Adler Babic Mary C. Battersby Yvonne T. Gagnon, MPH Angelica Zylowski Harris Barbara Haag Hummer Carmela Tromba Mitra Doris Hoch Norris Mary Reilly Roche Concetta Tomaro Sabia Bernadine T. Santana

Class of 1976 $1,070 Donated 14% Participation Annunciation Club Elaine Mignanelli Giles Fleur-De-Lis Club Rita L. Balys

Kiti Moayedi Bidar Christine Veres Mathews JoAnn Barr Schaffer Donna Marie Schlager Mary Beth Tobin

Class of 1977 $990 Donated 18% Participation Annunciation Club Cheryl Klimitus Claussen 1871 Club Gina Gagliano Pumphrey Fleur-De-Lis Club Margaret Endres Bangs Martha Hengesbach Casserly Ann Deighan Drescher Meg O’Donnell English Sara Knoll Kehew Virginia Gonsalves Mulvany Ann Kunkler Osborne Jan Solomon Tucker Patricia Quincy Zeller

Class of 1978 $1,340 Donated 16% Participation Annunciation Club Louisa Jaracz Warner Mother Marie Club Nora Burke Beach 1871 Club Griselda Gonzalez Wilson Fleur-De-Lis Club Rosemary Walsh Bares Antoinette T. Buccino Karen DiFranco Carmen Eleanor Fox Einhorn Gail Slattery Franklin

Sr. Cynthia M. Glavac, OSU, Ph.D. Sr. Joanne Gross, OSU Carole Cesar Stanley Mary Joan Palagyi Wassie

Class of 1979 $1,674 Donated 25% Participation Mother Marie Club Mary Beth Charvat Chambers 1871 Club Emily Caswall Devey Margaret Flynn McDonnell Janice DeSantis Soukenik Katherine Mann Weissbrod Fleur-De-Lis Club Patrice Velikonya Balogh Katherine Downey Bambenek Donna Adkins Borowski Winnifred P. Boylan, JD Barbara Darden Deering Cathy Andrassy Dobrowski Harriet Lefkowitz Fader Laura Chrow Goliat, DNP Kimberley Cole Greenwald Sandra Orenski Groudle Edith Hauser Isaacs Edith Alice Jereb Maureen Bradesca Johnson Mary Jane Rodgers King Margaret Smith Mills Margaret Sheehan Neises Judith Gordan Stewart Marjorie A. Swindell Mary O’Malley Wise

Class of 1980 $1,510 Donated 20% Participation Mother Marie Club Patricia Loesch Cleary Eileen O’Brien Pappalardo Ovella V. Roulette-McIntyre, Ph.D. Fleur-De-Lis Club Sandra Noel Baitt Monica Rupp Barlett Christine Centa Berne Denise Mihelich DiMare Deborah Cole Drapac Noreen Robinson Federici Sandra Fratantonio Gallo Deborah A. Hill-Williams Katherine Stanitz Klann Linda Tomcho Kovach Kathleen Harrington Kravitz Heleen Kocak Madsen Rose Marie Forrest McGlynn Sharon Hapker Perotti Angela Williams Primm-Bethea Lili Siegel Sachar Joan Paciotti Wenk


Class of 1984

Class of 1981 $1,115 Donated 15% Participation Mother Marie Club Mary Alexander Ray Fleur-De-Lis Club Joanne Ruggeri DalSanto Georgia Samson Davis Teddi Harkulich Davis Emilie L. Easa Debra L. Eger Robert J. Graham Mary Beth Lapa Happ Corinne M. Hurley Jeannette Novak Mazzola Kathleen Luba Mitchell Kathleen M. O’Connor Wendy Corman Pace Sr. Rosaria Perna, OSU Julia Galeas Reid Patricia McAllister Riegelsberger Marian Dorner Simonson Barbara Moriarty Snowadzky Diane Cain Telep

Class of 1982 $1,970 Donated 18% Participation Annunciation Club Marilyn Contini Althans Mother Marie Club Karyn E. Kelly Pamela Miskow Tropiano 1871 Club Claire Grano Sarlis Bernadette Minardo Wilson Fleur-De-Lis Club Kim Shaw Asamoto Patricia A. Crenshaw Rina Barth Frankel Lynn Hurschman Graber Donna Tolliver Keener Debra Dominic Lautenbach Queen Witherspoon Lewis 22

Kimberly Esque Marino Noreen K. M. McCafferty Fannie Baldwin Mitchum Lyola Vitantonio Puin Patricia Guinan Sandt Ruth M. Simonis Nora Dallos Stephan Suzanne Adler Tishkoff Arlene M. Truskowski

Class of 1983 $2,020 Donated 22% Participation Annunciation Club Barbara Talian Mapstone 1871 Club Cynthia McCoy Burks Mary Ann Dragon Catherine Sadowski Sagi Deborah Mackert Tisdel Fleur-De-Lis Club Sr. Lisa Marie Belz, OSU, Ph.D. Darlene Ludvik Carr Lucille Oram Castro Denise L. Coyner Barbara Wideman Crawford Ann Marie Dragon Arlene Boxerbaum Golovan Alba M. Graziano, RN Katrina Frantz Hegedus Jill Fallenberg Horowitz Tina Lanzi Koval Sheila O’Neill McKibben Tammy Sheldon Pasela Lynne Cianflona Petrovic Deborah Kusnirek Reinhardt Susan Orchard Renner Mary Byrne Ribinskas Mary Bordonaro Sankovic Aileen O’Brien Schneeberger Victoria J. Sleinsky Dolores M. Wiemels Christy Fedor Youngkin Natalie E. Zett

$1,275 Donated 11% Participation Mother Marie Club Laura Teknipp Herbe 1871 Club Lee Coombs Heinen Laura Panzica King Carole Hurd Matthews Fleur-De-Lis Club Peggy Kilkenny Brett Awanda L. Brock Ronald V. Corbut Jane Marx Evans Patricia Clark Guercio Margaret Pichler Jukanovic Mary Kulifay Klema Arlene Estrin Myotte Patricia Brearey Sharpnack, DNP Judith Staszko Susan M. Wechter Karre Ehret Wendling

Class of 1985 $3,788 Donated 18% Participation Annunciation Club Donna Dekleva Fornadley Patrick J. Riley, DMin. Mother Marie Club Betsy Colie Shirley A. Curry Barbara George Helper 1871 Club Patricia Lopez Chapek Barbara Mako Douglas Sharon F. Jacobs Bonnie Jean Miller Kennedy Virginia Divincenzo Manocchio Jeannelle Elayne Mitchell Christine L. Pintz Fleur-De-Lis Club Dolores Bright Elaine M. Connelly Sr. Susan Durkin, OSU Barbara Ackerman Griffith Kathy Pelz Hoag Catherine Mulligan Johnson Ingrid M. Kobe

Annual Fund Gift Clubs President’s Society .......$10,000.00 St. Angela Society ..........$5,000.00 St. Ursula Society ..........$2,500.00 Sr. Kenan Society...........$1,000.00 Annunciation Club...........$500.00 Mother Marie Club ..........$250.00 1871 Club............................$139.00 Fleur-De-Lis Club ...up to $138.00

Bernadette Burik Koshla Helen Jacobs Kovach Irma M. Lang Marie Segan Kathleen Novinc Sims Susan Bibbo Skarl Nancy Mieskoski Smitley Adele A. Whalen

Class of 1986 $970 Donated 11% Participation 1871 Club Elaine M. Abrams Janine Kato Amoroso Nancy A. Strick Fleur-De-Lis Club Valerie Farkas Sally Zimmer Guzik Ruth Raitz Hill Laura Pusateri Keglovic Edie Folisi Mellen Linda Szaniszlo Rudy Anne-Marie Robatin Scaparotti Elizabeth Stalle Seibert Mary Rybacki Simoncic Theresa Standing, Ph.D. Janet Johnson Stephens Lynn Ollie Szczepinski Gina Trivisonno Wallack Gloria J. Whittington

Class of 1987 $6,300 Donated 15% Participation St. Angela Society Rosina C. Horvath Mother Marie Club James S. Mrazik Fleur-De-Lis Club Veronica Schwehr Akers Virginia A. Bialas Janet Johnson Bogdany Rosemarie Zullo Cinalli Virginia M. Cirino Mary Herbert Coles Mary Welch DelPriore Mariellen Argie DeSmit Diana Rose Doner Jacqueline D'Emilia Fox Regina A. Geracci Sharon Thompson Ginal Barbara Jackson Beatrice B. Krajnak Joanne Calabretta Lee Tamara Fluhr Maloney Diane Schultz Meros Julia Huffman Rafoth Cheryl Artl Rovniak Shirley Jordan Seay Kristin Minadeo Stefanski

Kimberly Thomas Lori Weber Worthing

Class of 1988 $1,395 Donated 14% Participation Mother Marie Club Michael J. McCaffrey Colleen Joyce Sauvain Fleur-De-Lis Club Carol J. Bischof Maureen Gartland BossardWasdovich Mary Knight Bowers Valerie Masseria Butch Krista Day Zoladz Randi M. Deluga Susan Brosnahan DiFilippo Coletta M. Hazel Susan M. Jelenic Linda S. Kless Ann Charles Lopez Tricia W. Marquard Joseph Mastrandrea Patricia Wickley Mekota Maureen T. O’Malley Evelyn J. Sindelar Mary Carbaugh Smrekar Patricia Passerell Stanton Anna Marie Lapp Taylor Eileen Holley Tomecki Helen L. Wright

Class of 1989 $2,165 Donated 10% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Joanne Heutsche

1871 Club Janice Hohmeier Meister Fleur-De-Lis Club Martha Anspach Margaret Gilbert Bezoski Barbara Stemnock Cvelbar Darlene Weiss Foth Marilyn Kancies Margaret M. Martines Arlene Reny Mayhugh Diane Wyban Melsheimer Marci Rubin Murdock Charlotte A. Perdan Lucille Pietrzyk Bernice S. Rhode Vera M. Stojanovic

Patricia Bright Mawby Carol Breckenridge McMenamin Edie Folisi Mellen Janice Hrabie Melnick Diane Schultz Meros Margaret Sheehan Neises Judith Sztul Peko N. Sonja Pierce Karen Andreas Podojil Susan Sciangula Prekop Mary Quandt Kathleen Gang Rini Geraldine Shannon Sattler Bonita L. Smrcina Linda Skladany Soos Christine Ustach Wasserbauer

Class of 1990

Class of 1991

$5,204 Donated 17% Participation St. Angela Society Teri Herrmann Corletzi Mother Marie Club Cynthia Furcho Tucker 1871 Club K. Megan Stefanek Barr Rosemary A. Deioma Robin Herrington-Bowen Pamela Cocuzzi Katz Betty McGill Malarney Fleur-De-Lis Club Angelina A. Camino Kathy A. Chapin Paula Gross Carolyn Snyder Halloran Holly Bowers Kautzman Carol R. Kucharski, RN, OCN E. Diane Lombardy

$5,404 Donated 18% Participation St. Ursula Society Molly A. Musca Sr. Kenan Society Christine Stevens Annunciation Club Lisa Latini Endrud Mother Marie Club Marilyn Cicora Brennan Eileen O’Brien Pappalardo 1871 Club Cheryl A. Koliha-Brandt, RN, CNS Shirley Lindgren Stenberg Fleur-De-Lis Club Cheryl Dunn Baum Diane L. Beacham Carol Stewart Bolden Gerilynn Lacey Bryan Maria Musca Cirino

Penelope Turner D’Angelo Brigid Mannion Farone Linda M. Friedman Jacqueline A. Fulmer Carol A. Jackson Ellen Comiskey Leamon Geraldine Wilson McPherson Laura Kalves Miller Patricia L. Murphy Maureen O’Neill Peppard Suzanne Goske Reid Joan P. Rogers Joan Shainoff Linda Donsante Sinclair Anna Jackson Spann C. David Stebbins Kimberly Kosits Stephan Pamela Meredith Stepnick Joanne G. Taylor John Wright Rosie J. Wright

Class of 1992 $1,099 Donated 9% Participation Mother Marie Club Rosanne Lee Prokop 1871 Club Kathleen Murphy Bauer Jeffers Fleur-De-Lis Club Houri Teimouri Askari Vanessa Pecchia Botzman Suzanne Marie Beucler Fortuna Jami Noble Kelly Frances Medved Lozar Mary S. Martin Mary Murray Miller Betty Smith Norris Ruby Calhoun Randolph Marsha Axelrod Simon Barbara A. Smith Diane Spelic Theresa Evereth Taylor Susan Shymske Willeke Kathryn Winter Zabak

Photo Credit: Lynne Shibko

Class of 1993

Vanessa Consiglio graduated as the top point scorer in Ursuline Soccer history and led the Arrows to a 2014 Conference Championship. She was a nominee for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award.

$559 Donated 7% Participation 1871 Club Jennifer B. Schwartz Fleur-De-Lis Club Franca Vitale Burton Darlene Weiss Foth Monica Roll Jones Martin Katon Deborah Winch Kidd Eileen Delaney Kohut Ann Milligan Kuula Janice Paukert Lovelace Sheila M. Mannix


Amy Cermak Megery Lora J. Morris Barbara Nendza Penn Annette Emanuele Pizzino Susan Beck Sammons Carolyn A. Secura-Clawson

Class of 1994 $1,454 Donated 12% Participation Mother Marie Club Patricia Bush Crawford Trude McDonough Piscitelli 1871 Club Sheree Walker Harris Fleur-De-Lis Club DoHee Kim-Appel, Ph.D. Maria Buzdon Bazdar Brenda Shotwell Besteder Maya Mekhanikov Bolman Leighann Parent Cesar Claudia Presti DiBartolo Diana Mills Drury Lisa Weinberger Kaminski Frances Davino Keller Mary Ann Leonard Moonyuene Willis Limon Jeanette Evans Mazzola Paul J. McGuigan, RN Donna Gross Michals Christine Merencky Papageorge Dana Sammon Saunders Lynette Skuza Christine Knuth Sparrow Joan Hrovat Stebbins Joanne Jozsa Swartz Kristine Elise Toth Robin A. Williams Donna Vidmar Yania

Class of 1995 $965 Donated 12% Participation Fleur-De-Lis Club David F. Adams, RN Deborah A. Barberio 24

Lauren Beaudry Paula Jo Longo Boykin Sherri Horton Brandon Cristina G. Campagna Ginger Garcher Campopiano Margaret Behrens Carlino Frances Fleming Debordeau Clarice Dulay Thelma Starks Frazier Carolyn J. Hammer Olga Osipovich Kropko Joyce E. Loebsack Deborah Miklausich Powall Marie Panichi Powers Janice T. Roccosalva Gail Denton Roussey Deborah Sarakaitis Straniero Kathleen M. Tobolewski Barbara Francioso TraugerQuerry Linda Hanzal Vopat

Class of 1996 $3,195 Donated 12% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Joanne Camy Ruxin Dorothy Rupp Seibert Annunciation Club Sue Ann Gielincki Riley Mother Marie Club Victoria Wulff Pavel 1871 Club Frances Petroff Buccilli Fleur-De-Lis Club Margaret Minnery Acklin Barbara A. Bittel Colette Langehag Bucur Tracy Hansen Burns Nancy Prosak Coller Eileen Davis Carrie Edwards Sandra L. English Shambley, Esq. Stacey Lanigan Farnan Paula Zevnik Gordos Valerie Jeffrey Harrison

Jennifer Brenner Knaus Lawrence Neubauer Julia Bartkus Newberry Elizabeth Corr Olson Patricia Page Karen Battista Roman Loretta Strauss Taggart Mary Arthur Tetlak Marie Vikki Soreo Yasher

Class of 1997 $2,815 Donated 7% Participation St. Ursula Society Patricia E. Campbell, CPA Fleur-De-Lis Club Sheila O’Herien Blackmur Aleesha Henderson Bradick Anne Brence Leisure Claudia Tilton Nekl Diane White Petruccio Raquel Moura Potje Pamela Pruitt Leah Jazbec Sullivan Kathleen Love Voneman Lynn Baldwin Wandell

Class of 1998 $1,250 Donated 10% Participation St. Angela Society Rosina C. Horvath Mother Marie Club Susan M. Rescek Mary E. Strachan 1871 Club Lois Wells Fleur-De-Lis Club Elaine Ponge Cappas Christine Pajk Collins Kathleen Kump Connick Kristen Akos Coyne Jennifer Shapiro Dottore Kathleen Lavelle Friedlander, DMin. Toni Eanes Gibson

Sr. Kathleen Heer, SLW, ATR-BC Janice Rollo Labinka Maria Saric Mlinac Linda Akraboff Nintcheff Rose Monte Polito SeAnna Periandri Steinberg Theresa Evereth Taylor Shirley Stanis Terlop Laura Skala Vassallo Rita Kline Waldorf Kathleen Reese Wervey

Class of 1999 $800 Donated 8% Participation St. Angela Society Dorothy Janusko Valerian Fleur-De-Lis Club Ellis T. Bowerfind Mary Knight Bowers Karen Wojciak Brett Angela Otto Geller Raymond A. Gill Terry Greene Laura Hammel, Ph.D. Cecilia Zelenka Henstridge Susanna Cicconi Kawolics Caitlyn Jannette Kozelj Shirley Cegelka Mutryn Jean Luther Peters Joann Rymarczyk Piotrkowski, DMin. Jean M. Siebert

Annual Fund Gift Clubs President’s Society .......$10,000.00 St. Angela Society ..........$5,000.00 St. Ursula Society ..........$2,500.00 Sr. Kenan Society...........$1,000.00 Annunciation Club...........$500.00 Mother Marie Club ..........$250.00 1871 Club............................$139.00 Fleur-De-Lis Club ...up to $138.00

Mary Vidmar Donna Fedor Wimbiscus Kathryn Winter Zabak

Class of 2000 $1,855 Donated 9% Participation Annunciation Club Susan Cowles Collier Susan Omahen Giagtzoglou Jody Timko 1871 Club Sandra Wilkes Fleur-De-Lis Club Dianne Alaimo Barbara Nelson Alliance Melvin Daniels Angela Niro DelPrete Tony DelPrete Linda Favorite Patricia Fitzgerald Deborah Hill Sondra M. Kelember Constance Matthews Killings Catherine Morgan Kreczko Erin Marrott Donna Orrick Anne Klem Rettig Teresa Rocco Joan Hrovat Stebbins Natalie Neumann Tharp Kathleen Holt Turk Marie Pollino Walter

Class of 2001

Copyright Scott Pease, Pease Photography

$1,124 Donated 7% Participation Annunciation Club Linda Rumsey Catanzaro 1871 Club Diane Urschalitz Immonen

Reneé Leidy Fleur-De-Lis Club Courtney Kall-Austin Janice Pavis Cackowski Victoria Corrigan Laura Wright Cvelbar Marilyn Eckert Marina Eliazo Colleen Eifel Forster Thomas J. Gallagher Mary R. McKernan-Gryzmala, LSW Janet Vincent Rogers Melissa Kahoun Pace Sharon Meade Vejdovec Brenda Black Watchorn

Class of 2002 $605 Donated 7% Participation 1871 Club Sandra Wilkes Fleur-De-Lis Club Brian C. Bammerlin W. Kirt Bromley, III Judith Brosovich Kristine Loucks Brown Kim A. Counihan Tandra Davies Angela Fini Sharon Thompson Ginal Paula Zevnik Gordos Irene Gurchensky Rosa A. Johnson Paulette Love Mary Anne Elsasser Marunowski Barbara Moore Lora J. Morris Talal Ziyad Murad Barbara O’Malia Betty J. Pfiester

Janet Bencal Schwartz Kathryn Kukral Shininger C. David Stebbins Amy Olecki Strait Carol Ann Touschner Young

Class of 2003 $2,249 Donated 12% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Rhonda Managan Trice Annunciation Club JoAnn L. Fellner Kellie A. Mayle 1871 Club Cassandra Deal Brooks Anthony J. Puchowicz Fleur-De-Lis Club Rhonda Boyd Austin Janet Baker, DNP Mary Cain Baltus Michele Cullen Molly McCown DeBrosse Suzanne Marie Beucler Fortuna Kim Shockley Hampton Nicole DeMasse Ioppolo Susan Stazyk Jambor Larry J. Klimkowski Gabrielle M. Koczab, DO Johnna Hinkle Kopczak Gail Mastrangelo Tiffany Mushrush Mentzer Joan Zivoder Musiel Sandra L. Pollard Pamela A. Polman Maureen Riley Michelle Santarelli Salupo Tammie Thompson Susan Toffolon Judy-Ann Wadley

Class of 2004 $763 Donated 8% Participation Annunciation Club Kellie A. Mayle 1871 Club Darlene Morales Fleur-De-Lis Club Julie A. Albrecht Mary E. Amrine Janet Baker, DNP Jamella Y. Ballard Lisa Favorite Becker Kathleen Benda Katherine Brett Christine A. Cleary Cynthia D’Alessandro Suzanne Marie Beucler Fortuna Patricia M. Gliha Lorene Taylor Haddox Bruce W. Hoffman Lauren Street Keenan Catherine Kocina Erin Letsch Murphy Sarah Souder Reader Eleanor Recio Cynthia Ann Simons Courtney Smith Jennifer Stasek-Nellis Helen Suchy

Class of 2005 $759 Donated 7% Participation 1871 Club Vivian L. Harris Vivian Love Kyle Fleur-De-Lis Club Michael J. Atwara Terrie M. Baldwin Jordan Becker Lauren McCue Borres Colette Langehag Bucur DeLissa Toles Churn, LSW Steven J. Fletcher Betty Martin Holden Joyce K. Hullett Carla Vesel Licastro Paulette Love Greg S. Malkin Marilyn Tomaselli Nenadal Veronica Glashauckas Newsome Mary E. Ondercin Kristine A. Rinas Rennota D. Smith Robin L. Smith Ché Paskert Travers Danielle Chisar Wessler


President’s Society .......$10,000.00 St. Angela Society ..........$5,000.00 St. Ursula Society ..........$2,500.00 Sr. Kenan Society...........$1,000.00 Annunciation Club...........$500.00 Mother Marie Club ..........$250.00 1871 Club............................$139.00 Fleur-De-Lis Club ...up to $138.00

Class of 2006 $1,020 Donated 9% Participation 1871 Club Cassandra Deal Brooks Lisa J. Into Fleur-De-Lis Club David M. Adams Amanda Angus Joan M. Belair Kimberly A. Cox Linda Thomas Cunningham Melissa Jankus DiPio Allison Pawlak Dirk Cathy Andrassy Dobrowski Cheryl R. Eynon Pamela Bloch Flynn Robyn L. Fry Melissa Mitchell-Garrett Charles S. Greanoff, II Patricia Jarrell Grey Lindsey R. Harper Laurel A. Hildebrand Marchell L. Josie Joan Cull Kolb Kimberly M. Mack Nancy C. Mills Patricia A. Mulhall Dennis R. Neal Tammy Sheldon Pasela Diane White Petruccio Briana Pilarczyk Joan Hrovat Stebbins Thomas D. Stromann Kathryn Winter Zabak

Class of 2007 $924 Donated 10% Participation 1871 Club Denise K. Montrose Philip A. Peters Fleur-De-Lis Club Adam Michael Altman Deborah A. Barberio Connie F. Beal Lynn Lanzara Chamberlain Katherine L. Cirincione Laura Matthes Eichenmiller 26

Wonda Felder Carolyn Flint Erica A. Haluszka Geraldine Jeffrey David Jude LaGuardia Patricia A. Mulhall Stacey Papp Joni K. Peabody Susan Burrows Powers Wendy Goodman Radtke Deborah L. Rasmussen Randall W. Richmond Linda A. Sipos Mary D. Slak David G. Stec Stacey M. Tamburro Molly Groton Urban Mary Oliver Valent Andrea A. Zwegat

Class of 2008 $1,725 Donated 9% Participation Sr. Kenan Society James Carfagna 1871 Club Patricia Lopez Chapek Fleur-De-Lis Club Anonymous Liliana C. Bruckner Julie Schneider Caldro Cheryl M. Carrino Lori Sebulski Caszatt Janine Worthey Cherry Sara Lynn Corprew Mary McCray Cortright Jacqueline Dickerson Barbara Ann Fernald Susan Herber Hull, LISW-S, ACHP-SW Donna M. Kane Mitcheal J. Kokish Kim E. Koynock Tiffany M. Mackie-Griffith Nicole Lee MacPherson Claudia Rene Martin Sheri M. Mazurek Robert K. Meinecke Ken S. Melvin Linda Simms Nutter Susan Burrows Powers Herma Jean Price Joan M. Radzyminski Matthew William Rodenfels Roberta W. Rusek Judith Gall Santora Margaret Sievers Beverly L. Stewart Kim M. Tavano Brandy Weglewski Thomas Jennifer Kessler Toomey Samika T. Wells Dorothy Zujkowski

Copyright Dave Berlekamp, Bialosky Cleveland

Annual Fund Gift Clubs

Class of 2009 $645 Donated 4% Participation Mother Marie Club Pamela Mueller Kestner Fleur-De-Lis Club Katie Bacon Colette K. Bosley Laura L. Crabb Joyce Rosinski Emley Anne-Marie Gurko Meghann Hess Hestwood Judith L. Jones Debra A. Krause Frances V. Lynn Dana Nunez Katherine A. Sarris Barbara A. Slivers

Class of 2010 $1,004 Donated 7% Participation 1871 Club Bridget M. O’Donnell Fleur-De-Lis Club Molly T. Carroll Susan N. Daniels

Barbara Ann Fernald Kristen L. Foerster Laura Chrow Goliat, DNP Dawn L. Hardesty Donald F. Jungquist Mary Busher Kasavich Rebekah A. Kelly Mary Ann Kudyba Sheri L. Lawrence Regina M. Lewis Robyn L. Manchick Janice M. Mecklenburg Jeannine M. Michaels Anne M. Miller Alissa N. Moore Kristie M. Persson Sheronda L. Peterson Jenny M. Roman Katherine A. Sarris Sharon D. Scott-Johnson Bridget Garin Simenc Melissa S. Sobel Lisa B. Uffman-Kirsch Shannon C.Vaughan Antoinette Adornetto Zito

Class of 2011 $554 Donated 6% Participation 1871 Club Carl A. Allamby Fleur-De-Lis Club Karen L. Barta Stephanie A. Boka Cheryl M. Carrino Deanna Clemente Milne Mary Herbert Coles Christina L. Freno Ross A. Howe Patricia L. Isenstadt Dominic R. Kandrach Amy Harrison Kassigkeit Marianne C. Kloboves Catherine S. Manus-Gray Sandra S. Mastrodonato Laura Kalves Miller Maria Saric Mlinac Annie F. Parker Joan M. Radzyminski Kathleen A. Rogers Robin H. Rzepka Sharon D. Scott-Johnson Emily Collins Sieg Emily K. Smith Mary Carbaugh Smrekar Carol A. Sobecki Chanelle L. Stepp Lise R.Vesel Walter T. Whitmyer James C.Young

Class of 2012 $942 Donated 6% Participation 1871 Club Donté D. Hayes MéChelle Hayes April C. Hoyes Rebecca C. Wrenn Fleur-De-Lis Club Rebecca A. Barbe Jacquelyn Frances Bradny Luis A. Cartagena Ashley C. Costello Alexandra A. Crow Dawn W. Ellis Kim E. Koynock Kathleen Harrington Kravitz Jodi M. Latshaw Darlene A. Majc Claudia Rene Martin Patrick M. McArthur Wendy A. Mihelich Desiree Mines Roy A. Mullis Victoria J. Newnham Janet Brady Perryman

Christine Pfeil Sharon L. Sammon Costandinos J. Sarris Patricia Fish Stephens

Class of 2013 $555 Donated 6% Participation 1871 Club Barbara Mako Douglas April C. Hoyes Fleur-De-Lis Club Katie Bacon Jordan Becker Ashley C. Costello Denise Simunic DiSalvo Cosette Ghanem Donna Sutkowski Gigliotti Karen M. Goda Crystal N. Hubbard Joseph D. Kickel Faith H. Lewis Luna Ly Cynthia S. Mackey Elaina R. Marshall Darleen M. Myers Kristy L. O’Carz John R. Rumbold L. Linton Sharpnack Emily K. Smith Stancy Sykes Marisa C. Terrigno DNP Mary K. Thomas Kerry-Ann M. Walker Amy M. Webb Brian D. Wolford Lisa Jackson Wood

Class of 2014 $235 Donated 4% Participation Fleur-De-Lis Club Aubrey L. Adams Melinda T. Arko Mary Clare Cooper Barbara A. Daly Kelly M. Dion Katherine L. Fedor Jorge G. Fernandez Laura Chrow Goliat, DNP Anita R. Hurley Terri L. Jackson Fida Abdelkarim Kirsch Jodi M. Latshaw Darlene A. Majc Amy Cermak Megery Ann S. Payne Janet Brady Perryman Christina L. Roe Stephanie A.Yatsu

Class of 2015 $180 Donated 3% Participation Fleur-De-Lis Club Patrick D. Brandon Robert B. Brownfield, III Olivia M. Cora Colleen Duffy Driscoll Samantha K. Hamilton Erin C. Kezele Jordan S. Leventhal Joy M. Lukacs Erin Marrott Jeannette Novak Mazzola

Sarah E. Royer Carolyn Z. Slocombe

Class of 2016 $170 Donated 1% Participation 1871 Club Jane Wang Fleur-De-Lis Club Darleen M. Myers Laurel L.Yuratovac


Saint John College Alumnae

Fleur-De-Lis Club Louise Steigerwald Dragan Joann Szakats Furiga Rosalia LaTrofa Hamilton

Class of 1960 $210 Donated 18% Participation Fleur-De-Lis Club Patricia Zargel Bruening Carole Granzeier Gareau Sr. Maureen McCarthy, OSU Carole Domorasky Rice Mary Ann Lefelhocz Thomas Patricia Ponikvar Wolf

Class of 1961

Class of 1952

Class of 1955

Class of 1957

$325 Donated 25% Participation Mother Marie Club Joan Vanderbilt Williams Fleur-De-Lis Club Elizabeth Kneblewicz Mazer Joan Buescher Roach

$1,025 Donated 71% Participation Mother Marie Club Mercita Bommer FitzGerald Barbara Gibson Gustafson Fleur-De-Lis Club Patricia J. Blake Margaret Heverin Faul Ruth Laubenthal Hopkins Janell Sweeney Knorr Constance Corbett Kolleda Ritamarie Kestner Nuhn Joan Payne Riess Dorothy McAuley Zimpelman

$945 Donated 40% Participation Mother Marie Club Donna Izold Schuerger 1871 Club Mary Owing Hurd Kathleen Brown Malec Fleur-De-Lis Club Helene TePas Berg Colette Keller Canning Carole Lahetta Moran Elaine Smudz Munley Carolyn Bremer Stough Mary Boehm Widowski Frances Molnar Zavesky

Class of 1953 $1,180 Donated 76% Participation Annunciation Club Elizabeth Hlubik Skerl Mother Marie Club Rose Marie Butkiewicz Bommer Fleur-De-Lis Club Connie Yuhas Beltakis Joan Wahl Corbett Michalene Sudzina Dugan Gloria Gould Gregory Joan Rosskopf Harkulich Helen Mieldazis Kope Mary Ann Kovach Mates Frances Musso Pristas Nancy Knapp Rosché Marilyn Horrocks Schoeck Joan Sturmi Wright

Class of 1954 6% Participation Mother Marie Club Ann Sheridan Hmelar


Class of 1956 $2,045 Donated 63% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Ann Moley Monastra Fleur-De-Lis Club Jean Blaha Ackerman Helen Harding Aldisert Dottie Durbin Caine Sally Stucker Cermak Maryanne Muzika Culek Bee Horning Johnson Georgianne Faul O’Connor Geraldine Shandor Strachan Joan Petrigala Weigel Patricia Seman Westenbarger Margret Ziska Yarmesch

Class of 1958 $450 Donated 22% Participation Mother Marie Club Elaine Hunt Ross + Fleur-De-Lis Club Aileen Nassif Maroon Joan Vasek McCombs Carmella Musca Miralia Mary Eleanor Reilly

Class of 1959 $350 Donated 20% Participation 1871 Club Margaret Domann Lorenzo Joan Joyce McAuliffe

$330 Donated 29% Participation 1871 Club Mary Pat Henzel Sloan Fleur-De-Lis Club Linda Myers Bennett Rosemary O’Donnell Dever Marilyn Szletsky McCollister Susan McKeown Mueller Florence Ott Schaffer Lee Schreiber Uhl

Class of 1962 $3,695 Donated 33% Participation St. Ursula Society Anonymous Mother Marie Club Barbara Manak Baehr Cathrin Roman Peter 1871 Club Marcella Seman Hart, Ph.D. Fleur-De-Lis Club Nancy Hohman Brown Jeanne M. Burrige Katherine Mathe Foster Barbara L. Lester Ann Loell McClellan Bede Zipko McGuinness Marguerite M. Opaskar Paula Steber Samerdyke Nancy A. Skola

Class of 1963 $2,215 Donated 25% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Karen Arndt Ormsby Mother Marie Club Margaret Schalmo Meeker Joan Snyder Spangler 1871 Club Annette S. Williams

Annual Fund Gift Clubs President’s Society .......$10,000.00 St. Angela Society ..........$5,000.00 St. Ursula Society ..........$2,500.00 Sr. Kenan Society...........$1,000.00 Annunciation Club...........$500.00 Mother Marie Club ..........$250.00 1871 Club............................$139.00 Fleur-De-Lis Club ...up to $138.00

Fleur-De-Lis Club Patricia A. Blackwell + Kathryn Schreiber Bridges Janet Holzheimer Coyne Mary Agnes Friedel Kendra, Ph.D. Joanne Sibel Lasky Jane Stepanik Murphy Mildred Sabo Zika

Class of 1964 $830 Donated 17% Participation Mother Marie Club Elizabeth Stauffer McFarlane Linda L. Wadian Fleur-De-Lis Club Kathleen Brown Brockman Margaret R. Gallagher Marie Reitz Hirsch Ann Bommer Taylor Mary Murany Triska Mary Ann Prusak Winchester

Class of 1965 $1,410 Donated 27% Participation Annunciation Club Linda Haluska Faulhaber Mother Marie Club Kay Brennan Fleur-De-Lis Club Mary Ann Flaherty Crawford, Ph.D. Doreen Matusiewicz Culver April Konecek Dugan Constance Weber Gocek Margaret Wood Grover Ellen Sidner Hallor Rose Marie Welsh Hawkins Carol Masaitis Hozman Marianne Rehark Johnson Jeanne Klesch Kovach DeAnne LaBarge Krueger Sheila McNamara Pauline Joann Kotecki Mog Noreen Trzeciak Olwert Mary Lynne Ebert Pesto

Class of 1966 $850 Donated 23% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Anita Arenas Schindler 1871 Club Kathleen Yager Kne Linda Kwasnicka Cynthia Plautz Ringenbach Fleur-De-Lis Club Jeannette Opaskar Chechile Patricia Moran Lucas Julie Di Filippo Mannarelli Maureen Spellacy McCarthy Ardelle Salim Murphy Karen Kozak Podulka Carol Fuduric Putre Mary Ann Cech Ryan Margaret M. Thomas Repcik Patricia Schauer Vislosky Ann Marie Zelenka Barbara Arant Ziobro

Class of 1967 $1,350 Donated 17% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Therese Franey Peter Fleur-De-Lis Club Mary J. Baumbich Maureen Heyman DeCaro Gloria Gallese Gongos Annette Novicky Gromada Margaret Krisko Harvan Sonja Ivic Maier Mary Gale Quane Marsh Rosemary Verhovitz Nowinski

Suzanne Hughes Rydel JoAnne Koster Scullin

Class of 1968 $305 donated 8% Participation 1871 Club Sherrilyn Schumacher Turner Fleur-De-Lis Club Margaret Halter Bartek Kathleen Newman Johnson Karen Lawler Ottenweller Helen Burke Prawitz Eileen Canda Waiwood

Class of 1969 $965 Donated 22% Participation 1871 Club Judith Clark Greig Linda Swanson Hancik Fleur-De-Lis Club Bernice Wransky Barker Mary Martin Boyert Maureen Samp Cerny Teresa Niezgoda Dew Mary Elwell First Barbara Barsa Goebl Jacqueline A. Gulling Eileen O’Donnell Hansen Carol A. Jarzyn Paula Kazol King Eileen Rebic King Puck Sr. Maureen McCarthy, OSU Marilyn Marvar Melison Geraldine Hable Mulligan Marlene M. Peoples Wetshtein

Claudia Hassel Poole Mary Ellen Souhrada Szczepanik Carolyn Wenzel Tromski Elizabeth F.Vasquez Carol Dush Weber Patricia A. West

Class of 1970 $1,155 Donated 16% Participation Mother Marie Club Kristine Sitas Gill, Ph.D. 1871 Club Kathleen Gerome Jennings Rosanne Bistrica Reames Fleur-De-Lis Club Mary McAfee Asmus Mary Beth Robison Bartlett Anne Totera Braunger Rita M. Dominick Peggy Pekarek Drew Diane Kosakowski Ferjutz Jean Burkhart Kauppi Peggy L. Kington Karen Deegan Klott Diana L. Kupchella, RN, Esq. Rosalie Fazio Lewis Carol A. Miller Mary Lynn Bregar O'Connor Evelyn Zawacki Stufflebeam Mary Chyall Young

Class of 1971 $1,210 Donated 17% Participation Annunciation Club Marie Niemczura Kenzie


1871 Club Donna Jo Scrofano Pastor Mary Klaus Tatman Fleur-De-Lis Club Agnes M. Charnigo Colette Bergold Ide Sylvia Johnson Elaine Mark Koves Patricia M. Livingston Anne Lusch Mahone Mary Anne Elsasser Marunowski Jacqueline Quayle Meehan Frances M. Miketa Kathleen Roccosalva Neff Barbara Black Neu Karen Badar Slanoc

Mary Mullin Graiver Debra Stovcek Hill Denise Chrzanowski Krane Peggy A. Liebhardt Sheila M. Mannix Frances Hvizdos Mazaros Ardelle Salim Murphy Rosemarie Moore Pilarczyk Kathleen Dister Reilley Janet Vincent Rogers Rebecca Lorensky Schlather Mary Therese Cottle Slota, MA CPM Nancy Ferrell Strickler Joanne P. Stuimer Anne Marie Woyma

Class of 1972

Class of 1973

$1,505 Donated 23% Participation Annunciation Club Gail Crupper Simonetti Mother Marie Club Susan B. Hopkinson, RN, Ph.D. 1871 Club Mary Linda Kirkpatrick Swinehart Fleur-De-Lis Club Catherine Spellman Abraham Kathleen Moehring Franey

$2,060 Donated 13% Participation Sr. Kenan Society Barbara LoGrasso Bigelow Fleur-De-Lis Club Mary Ann Piechowski Arthur Sharon Holloway Behringer Judith Buehner Busch Louise Ockuly Dillard Patricia Kline Fisco Bernetta Stracensky Hudak

Veronica Vitale Korosi Donna Caretti Sutton Cynthia Bursa Suvak Barbara Morrison Wilford Carol A.Yanico

Class of 1974 $1,085 Donated 14% Participation Annunciation Club Christine Doman Wynd, Ph.D., RN 1871 Club Patricia A. Cipriani Fleur-De-Lis Club Susan E. Czech Patricia M. Flynn J. Richard Pantalone Rita A. Smith Eileen M. Smyth Groh Jane Trzaska Soposky Patricia Smithyman Zito

Class of 1975 $250 Donated 5% Participation 1871 Club Mary Nadolski Sutcliffe Fleur-De-Lis Club Patricia Watson Blossom Diane Kosakowski Ferjutz Vida Cyvas Lock, Ph.D., RN Susan Balmat Stephen


Class of 1976 $230 Donated 12% Participation Fleur-De-Lis Club E. Ann McMillan Cisler Louise Pust Fitzmaurice Donna Sutkowski Gigliotti Sharon Miller Hren Deborah Cicirelli Rovito Nancy Jaeger Wiedie

Class of 1977 $135 Donated 5% Participation Fleur-De-Lis Club Debra Brown Bayus Louise Duncan Evans Julianne Tirpak Villalobos

Class of 1978 $1,070 Donated 18% Participation Annunciation Club JoAnn L. Fellner Mother Marie Club Karen Jirousek Mrazik Fleur-De-Lis Club Anonymous Jean M. Brancazio-Pearl Barbara King Brunson Kathleen Marple Juniper Christine Weber Neumann Ann Bachnick Palascak Dianne Ross Rafferty

Board Of Trustees 2016-2017 John m. newman, Jr., chair carol Anton mhoire mcGrath cade sister Jennifer corlett, o.s.u. ’71 Teri hermann corletzi ’90 dixie lee davis christine de vinne, osu, ph.d. ’73 eva h. dolan sr. susan durkin, o.s.u. ’85 sr. Kathleen Flanagan, o.s.u. ’70

George J. Goudreau, Jr. sr. Joanne Gross, o.s.u. ’78 Jeffrey heinen lisa J. into ’06 mary Khouri William Koeblitz marcia cuyler-lewis ’04 sister maureen mccarthy, o.s.u. ’60sJ Janet l. miller carl J. monastra

sr. martha mooney, o.s.u. ’63 Kimberley osborne-milstein ’98 Anthony panzica rajanee shendure michael silvestro Thomas G. smith sister ritamary Welsh, o.s.u. ’68sJ Honorary Trustee Ann ida Gannon, B.v.m., ph.d.

Alumnae Board 2015-2016 Officers


Jo Ann doller lane ’62 President lisa into ’06 President-Elect,VP Reunion, VP Alumnae Recognition denise K. montrose ’07 VP Alumnae/Student Involvement JoAnn l. Fellner ’78, vp Spiritual Events Kellie A. mayle ’03, ’04 mA, vp Social Events Judith clark Greig ’69 sJ, Immediate Past President ingrid m. Kobe ’85, Secretary

Patricia Lopez Chapek ’85 Sara Lynn Corprew ’08 Barbara Mako Douglas ’85 Sandra L. English Shambley, Esq. ’96 Suzanne Marie Beucler Fortuna ’92, ’03 MSN Anne-Marie Gurko ’09 Kathy Pelz Hoag ’85 Marchell L. Josie ’06 Amy Harrison Kassigkeit ’11 Tiffany M. Mackie-Griffith ’08 Kathleen Brown Malec ’57 SJ Mary Lou Sloe McManus ’71

Tiffany Mushrush Mentzer ’03 Ann Moley Monastra ’56 SJ Lora J. Morris ’93 Dana Nunez ’09 Sheronda L. Peterson ’10 Shannon C.Vaughan ’10

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Giving is Personal

Ursuline Graduates, Friends Find Many Ways to Support the College After graduating from Ursuline College with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 1962, Hedy Ann Mulhausen went on to defy common expectations for women of that time. The former Vista yearbook co-editor earned a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Hedy Mulhausen’s senior picture. The Ohio State University and pursued a career with chemical companies that culminated in her presenting workshops on six continents. She enjoyed extensive travel for pleasure as well, volunteered in her community and maintained close friendships.

Patricia Sharpnack earned her bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree from Ursuline College and launched a very successful career, pursuing two advanced degrees along the way. She worked as a chief nursing officer and hospital administrator at major hospitals in Greater Cleveland before coming

Hedy Mulhausen (left) with 1962 Vista co-editor Mary (York) Horrigan.

Despite a very full and active life, Dr. Mulhausen never forgot her years at Ursuline College. Before her death in 2013, she made arrangements for a significant planned gift to the College, a gift that is assisting students today.

back to Ursuline, where she is now Dean and Strawbridge Professor in the Breen School of Nursing. Dr. Sharpnack makes it a point to donate to Ursuline’s Annual Fund every year, providing funds that the College can put to immediate use for the benefit of students. “I am grateful for my Ursuline College education and I am well aware of the importance of funding for student scholarships, faculty recruitment and many other purposes,” she said.

There are several different ways to support Ursuline College, whether through planned giving, annual cash donations, memorial gifts or matching gifts from your employer. These and more are outlined on our website at Thank you for your support!

2015-16 Honor Roll of Generosity  
2015-16 Honor Roll of Generosity