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Customized Four-Year Plan Strong Academics

Dedicated Mentors and Advisers

Professional Internships

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A plan for success— in the classroom and beyond. With the competitive nature of entering the workforce, a college experience needs to be more than a collection of classes. It should be a road map of strong academics, real-world experiences, and mentorships that provides a unique professional foundation so that all students are market ready upon graduation. This is what sets Pace University apart.

Welcome to the Pace Path.


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What is the Pace Path? The Pace Path is an individualized, four-year program designed to help students make their college experience more purposeful and to teach a broad range of soft skills—problem solving, decision making, leadership, teamwork, adaptability, time management, and communication—essential for fulfilling careers and lives.

The four pillars of the Pace Path include: 1

Customized four-year plan


Strong academics


Real-world experiences and internships


Dedicated mentors and advisers

At the end of four years, students are prepared for a future full of possibilities. They will have the subject expertise to apply to their chosen career or graduate education, as well as the personal attributes and emotional intelligence needed to succeed both professionally and personally.

• Goal Setting

• Review Goals

• UNV101

• Advising

• Academics

• Academics

• Career Services

• Career Services

• Real-World Experiences

• Mentoring

• Real-World Experiences

Team-Based Activities (clubs, sports, competitions, etc.) Community Service

Internships Team-Based Activities (clubs, sports, competitions, etc.) Community Service


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• Review Goals

• Review Goals

• Advising

• Advising

• Academics

• Academics

• Career Services

• Career Services

• Mentoring

• Mentoring

• Real-World Experiences

• Real-World Experiences



Team-Based Activities (clubs, sports, competitions, etc.)

Team-Based Activities (clubs, sports, competitions, etc.)

Community Service

Community Service

Study Abroad


Upon graduation, students are prepared for a future of possibilities. Our graduates go on to work for some of the biggest names in their respective fields. They sit on boards in all industries, are business and technology leaders, teachers, performers, scientists, and health professionals. They launch start-ups, research diseases, pursue graduate degrees, and more. Note: This graphic represents a templated four-year plan



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Customized Four-Year Plan Life at Pace begins with UNV101 First Year Seminar: Introduction to University Life. This course: • Introduces students to the broad range of Pace University services • Helps students make a smooth transition from high school to college • Gives students individualized guidance and assistance from their professors and peer leaders • Teaches students important skills such as time management, decision making, and effective study techniques that promote academic success • Helps undeclared students to explore major programs and related careers Full-time freshmen work with their UNV101 instructor and adviser to design a unique four-year development plan. The plan is based on their individual personal, academic, and professional interests and goals. By defining their aspirations early on, students are able to work with focus and purpose, directing their efforts towards achieving major milestones. Each plan is flexible and evolves as a student changes their outlook and ambitions. The four-year plan covers the following: • Reason for choosing or exploring a major • Personal, academic, and professional goals • Activities outside of the classroom • Experiential learning opportunities • Coaching/mentoring relationships both within and outside of Pace


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Student Profile

AVA POSNER Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems / NYC Information Technology Major | Entrepreneurship Minor

The Pace Path takes students on a four-year journey to place them in a position they envision for themselves—whether that’s as an employee or starting their own company. Employers can see that we’ve had the best possible education and that we know our stuff. That’s why they want to hire us.

The Pace Path doesn’t just give you the chance to get out of the classroom—it insists on it. As well as the hundreds of internships, there are also opportunities to explore the wider world.

Web and mobile app project manager Pace Computer Society Secretary Costa Rica summer program

Google hackathons This is my



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Strong Academics At the heart of Pace’s academic values is a historic commitment to excellence in teaching, as manifested by small classes, an emphasis on skill development and critical thinking, and a strong foundation in the arts and sciences that enriches students intellectually and personally.


Academic experiences at Pace emphasize teaching from both a practical and theoretical perspective. Pace students study under some of the brightest minds in academia, as well as professionals who have risen to the top of their chosen fields. Our faculty’s commitment to intellectual discourse and research is surpassed only by their desire to help students realize their dreams.


The Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Program enables faculty and students with similar interests to work together on a research project throughout the academic year. This program is uniquely designed to merge a student’s ambitions with the expertise and experience of an academic mentor. Students have opportunities to carry out graduate-level work during their undergraduate education. They publish research in national and international journals and present their work at conferences around the country and beyond.


At Pace, traditional classrooms combine with life-saving medical suites, space-age science labs, and virtual reality simulations. Students gain a solid grounding in the foundations of their chosen subject using the very latest in-class learning tools. Active Learning Classrooms and Specialized Learning Centers, including our state-of-the-art Communications Center, Clinical Education Labs, and Global Portfolio Analysis Center, provide students with the space and cutting-edge technology they need to make an impact in their fields. www.pace.edu/pace-path

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Studying outside the US can be a transformative experience, and Pace’s Study Abroad Office gives students the guidance, support, and flexibility needed to do just that. Pace’s Office of Prestigious Fellowships and Awards provides support and guidance to students applying for competitive scholarships around the world.


Pace recognizes that partnerships with prestigious organizations, centers, and programs are important to students’ learning—and our partners value their ambition, insight, and dedication. Some of our partnerships include: • Aalto Design Factory • ACCA USA




• Billion Oyster Project/New York Harbor School

• Center for Homeland Defense and Security

• International Center of Photography (ICP) • International Culinary Center (ICC) • Jacob Burns Film Center • Lenox Hill Hospital • Media Storm




The Pace Path Personal and Professional Development (4PD) sessions are innovative workshops conducted by guest speakers during the academic year that develop the three core Pace Path Learning Goals—managing oneself, interpersonal relations, and organizational awareness. Students attend a number of sessions— ranging from communication skills to critical thinking to reducing mathematics anxiety—depending on their academic and personal needs.


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Real-World Experiences An integral part of the Pace Path is ensuring that students gain real-world experience before graduation. They engage in a range of academic and experiential learning activities, including internships, clinical exposure, clubs, athletics, research projects, competitions, community service, and international programs, among others.

INTERNSHIPS Pace has one of the largest internship placement programs of any university in the NYC metro area, facilitating more than 5,000 internships and co-op experiences across the tri-state area each year. We also secure practicums, field experiences, and clinicals. Internships enhance the academic experience by providing students with the opportunity to apply classroom learning in a real-world work environment. Whatever their major, students are able to explore careers by working part-time or during the summer, in paid or unpaid internships at local, regional, national, and multinational companies, non-profits, government agencies, and healthcare systems.


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Our Career Services Department prepares today’s students for tomorrow’s employment prospects. They provide students with many services throughout their four years at Pace and beyond: • Career counseling: Counselors help with self-assessment, resume development, interviewing and job search strategies, and more • Exclusive job database: Access to more than 10,000 jobs and internships annually • Career development workshops and seminars: Practice interview days, career panels, and industry seminars • Networking events: Opportunities to meet with some of the 650+ employers in the tri-state area who hire Pace students • Job fairs: More than 100 executive recruiters and other organizations visit our campuses four times a year • Alumni career advisers: Pace graduates offer informational interviews, career advice, and networking opportunities









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Real-World Experiences



Civic engagement and community outreach are chief components of the Pace Path. Housed within the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, the Center for Community Action and Research (CCAR) partners with a number of community organizations, giving students the opportunity to support civic engagement and social responsibility, resulting in enriched learning for positive change.


Whether they’re interested in starting businesses or solving crimes, students can participate in a variety of competitions. Here are just a few that our students have excelled in to date: • College Fed Challenge: For two years in a row, Pace University took home first place at the National College Fed Challenge, a prestigious competition that tests students’ understanding of the US economy, monetary policymaking, and the role of the Federal Reserve System. Pace beat out top colleges including Princeton and Northwestern. • Student Managed Investment Portfolio (SMIP): Throughout the year, students in FIN357 manage a portfolio worth $300,000. They engage with leading financial analysts and hedge fund managers, conduct

research on individual companies, use G-PACT stock analysis packages, and recommend purchases and sales. Pace’s SMIP has outperformed the Dow Jones, S&P, and NASDAQ. • Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC): CCDC is a highly-regarded security competition that challenges students to practice their technical and business skills through securing and managing a small business network. • Model United Nations Conference: A class and club designed to simulate the United Nations, Model UN students compete in conferences around the world. At the 2016 National Model UN Conference, Pace received 11 awards and ranked #6 out of 180 universities and educational institutions. • Ad Team: Tied to the American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC), students gain real-world experience creating complete advertising campaigns for clients. Many students have obtained full-time employment from recruiters who observe this special competition.



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Student Profile


My education has gained considerable momentum because of the Pace Path. I have completed a number of internships at major firms, including AXA, Deutsche Bank, and Deloitte. But the most interesting one to date has been Nasdaq, secured through Pace’s Career Services team. When I graduate from Pace, not only will I have the knowledge needed to be a successful, soughtafter accountant, but I will also have first-hand work experience that will make me stand out against other candidates.

Beta Alpha Psi business honor society Business course in Singapore and India Internships at Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, and Nasdaq

Industry and academic competitions This is my

PACEPATH www.pace.edu/pace-path

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Real-World Experiences




Clubs are critical to the college experience and can provide students with transferable leadership and organizational skills. Here are some examples: • Pace University Marketing Association (PUMA): Available on both campuses, PUMA provides students with the opportunity, education, and experience to differentiate themselves from the competition. A successful collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), PUMA places strong emphasis on professional development and provides great exposure to the marketing world. • P.A.C.E. Board: Based on the NYC Campus, the Programming and Campus Entertainment Board plans, manages, and delivers a wide variety of high-profile events throughout the year, from comedy nights and festivals to entertainment panels and speaker series. Concerts are a particular specialty, with past acts including Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, and JoJo. • Colleges Against Cancer (CAC): A nationwide collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer and supporting American Cancer Society programs. CAC fundraisers include Pace Goes Pink basketball games and Relay For Life, which raises close to $40,000 each year.

Clubs cover a range of interests: • Business and professional • Media and entertainment • Performing arts • Cultural and social • Politics and advocacy • Collegiate interests • Greek life • Student governance


When students take on a service position, they play a key role in both the operation and enjoyment of college life. They could join the student government and be the voice of the students, create a home away from home as a resident assistant, or put their event planning and people skills to the test as a spirit ambassador.


Whether they are an athlete who wants to compete or a fan who wants to cheer, there are many sports teams and opportunities for students to become a part of at the Pleasantville Campus. Pace competes in the NCAA Division II Northeast-10 Conference.


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Student Profile


Dyson College of Arts and Sciences / Pleasantville Digital Journalism Major | Political Science Minor

Pace is well-ranked, located in the perfect area, and focuses on helping students gain the skills and experiences required in today’s jobs market—that’s the Pace Path. It begins with setting your goals, and then working on achieving these goals through study, internships, and a whole host of extracurricular activities. There are so many organizations here that allow you to meet like-minded people and make connections. And some of the most important connections you make are your professors, who in turn connect you to professionals in your industry.

Women’s soccer team player Writing Center staff

Behind-the-scenes tours of broadcasting offices Dean’s List

This is my

PACEPATH www.pace.edu/pace-path

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Dedicated Mentoring and Advising From day one, students at Pace have access to continuous support, advice, and guidance. Whether they have questions about their career options or face academic challenges, there is always someone on hand to help students find the right solution and to stay on track.

Academic advising provides students with guidance, assistance, and advice. Advisers help students: • Plan semester classes and their entire four years • Make appropriate course selections • Identify campus resources to assist them with academic and personal challenges • Discuss how to address academic difficulties • Develop problem-solving skills, exercise independent judgment, and assume responsibility for their own academic success • Appreciate the value of liberal learning and incorporate self-reflection into their higher education Our Alumni-Student Mentoring Program pairs alumni with students to help them understand how academic and real-world experiences inform each other. Alumni mentors: • Impart their knowledge, skill set, and personal experience • Provide guidance and feedback • Facilitate personal growth and development • Support students in exploring careers • Help students build a professional network




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Student Profile

NICHOLAS WANG School of Education / Pleasantville Childhood Education Major

As a student who has dreamed of being a teacher since the first grade, I chose Pace because of its strong education program. As one of the few universities in the United States using TeachLivE™ avatar technology, I’m able to practice with avatar students prior to teaching in an actual classroom. The School of Education’s connections with schools throughout Westchester and New York City help us secure placements and jobs after graduation.

Future Educators Association VP Pace 4 Kids Dance Marathon

Five-year bachelor’s and master’s program

Teacher Opportunity Corps member

This is my



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Ready for the Real World As college students are discovering, a career doesn’t start after graduation. Employers are looking for graduates who are market ready and are trained both academically and professionally during their four-year education. From day one, the Pace Path opens students’ eyes to life beyond the classroom and provides them with a college experience that is both multifaceted and interdisciplinary, but also tailored to each student’s individual goals. Pace has always believed that a strong liberal education, combined with wider experiential learning, is key to professional preparation and successful outcomes. At the end of four years, Pace graduates: • Are market ready • Have a strong network of personal, mentor, and professional relationships • Have a global outlook • Are prepared for lifelong learning • Have refined soft skills • Are ready for graduate school, if desired


Below is a short list of some of the companies, organizations, and government agencies that have hired our students: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Apple EY Goldman Sachs Google HBO Huffington Post IBM JPMorgan Chase Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Microsoft MTV NBCUniversal New York District Attorney’s Office NYC Department of Education PwC Sony Music Viacom Westchester Medical Center The White House


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Student Profile

HENRY SNYDER College of Health Professions / Pleasantville Nursing Major

I chose Pace for a number of reasons. Most importantly, I knew I would start clinical rotations a whole year earlier than other schools, which has allowed me to develop my nursing skills earlier. I was also impressed by the University’s proximity to a wide range of hospitals and medical centers. Pleasantville is a suburban town, but between here and NYC, there are so many diverse healthcare facilities and populations to serve and learn from.

Obstetric, geriatric, psychiatric, and surgical clinicals Resident Assistant

Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity VP

Pediatric clinical at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital

This is my



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Office of Undergraduate Admission New York City Campus One Pace Plaza New York, NY 10038 Phone: (212) 346-1323 E-mail: ugnyc@pace.edu Office of Undergraduate Admission Pleasantville Campus 861 Bedford Road Pleasantville, NY 10570 Phone: (914) 773-3746 E-mail: ugplv@pace.edu

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Office of Student Assistance (OSA) Phone: (877) 672-1830 E-mail: osa@pace.edu

Find out more about the Pace Path today.


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Profile for Pace University

Pace Path Brochure  

Pace Path Brochure