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Not rags to riches‌ Simply walking into her destiny Unbreakable woman‌. Katrina Walker!

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Dawn Nicole: Grow Getter

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5 Simple Steps to boost your immune system now pg 22


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Cover Photo Art Direction: Angelo Ellerbee Photography: by Keith Major Fashion Stylist: Llewellyn Jenkins Beauty/Hair/Makeup: Johnny Gonzalez.

Words from our Special Guest:

Courage Molina Going after your dreams isn’t an easy thing to do. Many get started but few see it through to the end. You have been blessed with talents and skills to help you achieve your dreams. You’re not owed your dream, if you want it you will have to go and get it. Here are 4 steps to help you tap into the power and potential that lies within you. This will give your talent and skills what they need to open doors and create opportunities for you. 1.) Let your heart and your passion lead the way. You have a desire inside you; there is this pull, this call trying to take you in the direction of your destiny. Don’t ignore it. Follow it. Your heart is like the compass it sets the destination. Your logic, reasoning and wisdom may help to determine the route, but your heart holds the destination. Don’t allow negative chatter from your mind, your family, friends or environment change it. Sometimes even those closest to you are unable to see the greatness that lies within. 2.) Look for opportunities to grow. You may be talented and you may be called, but there's always room for growth. If you take the initiative to learn either, through books, podcasts, conferences or coaching it will show you how to navigate to reach your fullest potential. It’s already in you, you have the raw materials they just need to be tapped into. 3.) Encourage yourself. Instead of asking yourself, “Why me?” start asking “Why not me? Remind yourself of the skills and talents you possess. Think about the things that motivate you to go after your dream. What can you learn from the season you’re in right now? Stop focusing on all the reasons it shouldn’t workout and start thinking on why you are the right person for the destiny assigned to you. Create some daily affirmations and say them throughout the 8/ Urban Tymes Magazine

day. Our mind is a lot like our body. The body will change to represent what it’s being fed. So will your mind. Start feeding your mind positive and bold thoughts and it will start to produce thoughts that reflect the same. It doesn’t happen overnight, but stay consistent. 4.) Decide NOW to keep going. Make the decision, BEFORE you begin this journey to see it through. You have to be willing to keep going even when times get tough, when you don’t see the progress you hoped for and when find you don’t have the support you thought you’d have. You must keep going. Where God wants to take you is so far from where you are now it’s easy to get lost in the distance. Consider a sailor on his ship, he may lose sight of the shore, but if he keeps going he will eventually hit land again. The same is true for you. Just keep going full steam ahead. I know it’s not easy and some days will be more than you can bear. Remember the source of your talents and his faithfulness to see this through with you. Not quite ready to take that leap? Join the Courageous Living Challenge at Once you complete the 5-day challenge you will be ready to take on whatever comes your way! Not sure how much info you will provide readers about me. Please feel free to include the following: Courage Molina I’d love to connect with you and hear about your journey. Send me an email and connect with me on social. FB @CourageMolina IG: @CourageMolina

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ESSENTIALS Business With

KEEMA & ELLIOT Let’s Talk PR is a monthly segment on This Needs to be Said Radio. I am very excited to be able to share the interviews with the readers of Urban Tymes Magazine. I am excited to share a conversation between my industry big brother and I, Elliot Carlyle, President and a Founding Partner of Weston Carlyle Inclusive, LLC, servicing individuals and brands in the areas of public relations, event management, marketing, creative direction and media. Elliot is highly sought after in the public relations & entertainment industry where he has worked with a number of a-list entertainment clients, multi-millionaire business executives, fashion events and brands. In complement to producing his own shows, Elliot has worked with renowned fashion week events including Atlanta International Fashion Week, Baker Motor Company Charleston Fashion Week, Charlotte Fashion Week (Passport for Fashion), Carolina Style Week produced by the North Carolina Fashion Association (NCFA) and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York (IMG/CFDA). In addition to being a Fashion PR guru, he is often booked as a keynote speaker, a workshop clinician, professional panelist for many platforms and events across the country. And as multi-faceted entrepreneur, he is also President and Founder of the Kingdom Technology Institutes, LLC, which exists as a multi-faceted platform to position faith-based businesses and brands for influence in world systems.

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Keema: With a background in fashion and art, how did you know that fashion was going to be your area of specialty?

know that sounds rough but fashion changes every day all day. It is one of the most rapidly changing industries, if not the top next to technology. Even in PR the scope of the industry Elliot: (paraphrased) Many people don’t know has changed from what it was 5 years ago to this but my background before fashion was in where it is now the whole engagement of the music. I sang and played the piano for years and career are different. first went to school on a musical theatre scholar- When it comes to the Do’s and Don’ts of ship. And then looking at my future and where I creativity the lines are so blurred. The reason saw myself, I didn’t want to go the American Idol why I came from the standpoint of ethics is or Broadway route which is the trajectory that I because you have to have elements of originaliwas on at that time. I decided that I wanted to be ty, truth and reality. Those are foundational a business man. standpoints or models or pillars that you have to stand on when it comes to engaging. I always saw myself in boardrooms and holding conferences and that wasn’t really connecting Now a days we see people hiring publicists and with where I was in music … Fashion was publicists taking on clients who are not even in a something that was always interesting to me but position to need PR. Do you even have a brand I didn’t really know anything about it so I booked talking about a Do and a Don’t – you can’t be a ticket to New York Fashion Week. Really it publicly releasing anything and you don’t have a was there that I saw the movement of the brand built and established and can you support industry just by observation. Of course, I didn’t the attention that a publicist will bring to you? Do have access to the tents but I saw all of these you have the supply to meet the demand? people walking around in black and I thought “what do they do ... they look important”. So, I Keema: Backtracking to your experience with talked to one of them and she just happened to NYFW – for someone looking to get into the be a publicist. She started explaining to me fashion industry but not necessarily wanting to about the career and it spoke to me and be a publicist, what advice would you give them? connected with me and it was I decided to do. What would be a good starting point? When I came back home I educated myself on it Elliot: The easiest starting place that I would say until I just decided to become that and move into for anyone would be to volunteer and internit. It was easy to decide on Fashion because it is ships. Going back to my experience at NYFW such a vast industry and there are so many and my conversation with the young lady (publidifferent opportunities to connect. But it also cist), I asked her how to get in the tents. I was connected with the personal vision that I had for there in February and she said I should plan to my life which is to build people and everything come back in September and volunteer or get an that I do is all about people. internship and that would give me an inside look of what goes on. Me being totally green, I wantI like the PR aspect because of the way that we ed to get her information so she could show me are able to connect and engage people, even how to get on and she did. When I get to NY as the people that are behind the concepts, the a volunteer to be in the tents, I was actually hired brands and ideas. It becomes a very personal my first day. I was on set for two hours and they engagement that we have and somewhat emfired a production captain and ended up hiring powering and even inspirational voices that we me as a production captain. The reason why I have to be to our clientele. was able to do that is that they looked at my resume and I had event planning experience K: Fashion allows for a lot of creativity where from college – I was the only one on set that had some industries may not but there is still “that event planning experience. I actually turned it line”. What do you consider some of the Do’s down initially because I hadn’t done it before and and Don’ts of Fashion PR as it pertains to pitch- didn’t know that much about fashion and didn’t ing potential clients or even media outlets? feel qualified. But they said E: You have to approach it from the standpoint “No. We are going to hire you and we’ll pay you of there are no rules but there are etiquettes. I

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and train you”, so then I was like “Ok, where do I sign up?” That’s how I learned. The more that I networked and was able to be backstage and see behind the scenes to see what all goes into a fashion production and all of the components … to see the role of the stylists, publicists, creative director, models and all of the elements … when you’re on the outside looking in you don’t get to see all of those components. We just see the glitz and the glamour, the show lasts 7-10 minutes and then we are out of there. But the amount of work – the 2 hours to setup before and the 6 months leading up to the show – it’s incredible and seeing all of the components come together is incredible. Always believe in learning on the front line. I know there is a distaste in a lot of people’s mouth for internships but you get to learn at someone else’s experience… so I say go for it!

sona. It’s just the free part of me – the one you don’t have to have a retainer for. I will say it wasn’t easy it was very difficult. Only because it was a lot of reservations and insecurities that I had to get over. That was easy for me to do on a one on one basis but to now sit in front of unlimited audience and just be online and not knowing who I am talking to – it really did take a lot for me to step into that seat. But I am glad that I did and it is really blessing a lot of people. It is very humbling … I am honored and very humble.

Keema: On that same line of sharing information, your personality is huge. Some people might be a little intimidated but some people might be like he’s very nice ad giving. I can just go to him and he’ll do it. With that, how do you determine what projects you will take on? Elliot: That’s a very heavy question for me. The best answer I can give you is – if I don’t believe in it, if it doesn’t speak to me at initial conversation that I don’t engage in it. It has to connect Keema: Moving on to Elliot Carlyle the brand. I with my own passion. One of the things that I do see now that you have Elliot Carlyle – The not do – and my father taught me this when I brand. The voice. and Weston Carlylye the was first going into business. He told me “Elliot agency. How difficult or maybe easy was it brand whatever you doing, don’t go into business for yourself separately – Elliot the brand versus money but go into it because it’s what you are Elliot the publicist? How are your components passionate about”. When he said that to me, I different? thought he was crazy… I was trying to be a Elliot: Well they really do go hand in hand. I’ll baller. He said “… people who do things solely use just this example – there’s Vogue and then for money they never have enough”. Being 19, I there’s Anna Wintour. In being a publicist, what I didn’t understand where he was coming from but found most true to my brand, is that people that was one of the best piece of advice that I would come to me just to talk. Not necessarily to ever could have listened to and taken on. That is do their PR but to be a voice or just to consult. It something that I live by. If it’s not something that was a large part of my brand that was behind the I am passionate about - I don’t care how big the scenes. I found myself being this consultant. I’ve retainer is. I don’t care how big the client brand had a lot of other publicist that I’ve consulted awareness maybe. If it’s not something that I can with, trained and mentored. Even in that, it was engage in with full passion then I don’t want to always behind the guise of my regular PR opera- engage in it. tion. About 2013, people started coming to me saying that I should start pulling that out sepaI find that people who are in a place of discourrately and speak more and talk more. agement and even being in a place of depresSo it is separate from PR but it’s not separate in sion in their business and engagements where the stance that they really go together because they feel unfulfilled – I believe that the only thing it’s the same thing that I do for my clients. I’m that can fulfill you is your purpose. I believe that just taking out the execution of the pitching, writ- when you are doing things with no purpose or its ing and phone calls. It’s more of the empowernot connected to your diving purpose it really is a ment and motivation, teaching and training waste of time. elements. That’s what Elliot Carlyle - The brand. The Voice has become but it’s no different per-

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As publicists, we have to keep in mind that not only do we represent clients but clients also represent us. If it’s not in line with your vision, your purpose or the trajectory for your destiny for your life then it’s not something that you have to engage in. And there not going to miss out because there is somebody out there who it is for. I want people to be connected with who is for

them. I know that I am not for everybody and everybody is not for me. Connect with Elliot W: Instagram & Twitter: @westoncarlyle FB Live: Elliot Carlyle Monday-Friday 10pm EST

Keema Bouyer is the

founder of The Queen's English PR ( ). The Charlotte, NC based agency specializes in branding and public relations for Beauty and Lifestyle Brands &Non-Profit Organizations. Let’s Talk PR airs every 2nd Wednesday at 230pm EST on This Needs to Be Said ( Follow Keema Bouyer on Social Media Instagram, Twitter & Periscope: @queensenglishpr Request a consultation Visit the website

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Teka’s Take I Am Woman. I Am Woman; a declaration that echoes the sentiment of women of all races, shapes, sizes and ages worldwide. Hear us ROAR as we take on the third month of the year preparing to March into an era of bold demands for change. The movement for change has been a request of women since the beginning of time; stop treating us as the “lesser” of the genders. It’s high time our superb femininity stop being mistaken for an inability to contribute to every facet of and within society. Yes, a woman can do everything men do physically, mentally, emotionally and yeah, we do it even better in a lot of cases…but I digress. I am in no way am speaking for every woman in the world, to each her own. We all have differing views on the issues, but we can all agree- numbers don’t lie. An estimated 4,956,422 MILLION women participated in the January 21st Women’s March on Washington. 673 organized Sister Marches in solidarity for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families took place across the globe. Women and the men who support them came out in droves all over the world, including our beloved Queen City to recognize that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country (as written in the Women’s March Organizers mission statement). The Women’s March on Charlotte drew about 10,000 participants, who walked, from First Ward to Romare Bearden Park, singing, chanting and standing in love, peace and a desire for change. Each city, every country that participated represented a step in uniting com-

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munities and imparting a grassroots change. Women have fought for decades against the beliefs that we are damsels in distress. Despite the extremely relevant and necessary contributions made to the world as we all know it. Women have played vital roles in society throughout history which have been lost, dismissed and disregarded as many of us tend to be today. Those women who fought so feverishly for basic human rights sparked a passion in millions of girls and women for generations to come to demand no less than the chance to be considered equal. We do not wish for war, but will march alongside any man to defend our own with such a fury that could leave the strongest of soldiers quivering like a delicate flower in a hurricane. Women matter. Without us, life would literally cease to exist. Women are multi-talented, multifaceted wonders of the universe that one should never try to understand or underestimate for that matter. The Leader of the “Free” (term used as loosely as humanly possible) world, #45 we’ll call him is one of the most publicly candid misogynists we’ve witnessed in such a position; be so open with his anti-woman sentiments….especially with the now infamous “grab ‘em by the pu**y” statement floating on the pouty lips of those who mimic him. But let’s face it, that mindset didn’t come from just anywhere…it’s the way a lot of men have regarded women. As property, props or…I won’t say it again but please see aforementioned word spelled using asterisks. The argument could be made that not all women seek equality, honor, or

respect by the actions of a few women who tend to lean on their femininity for profit, or gain in some form or another. However, that same argument could actually be made for men; dare I say more-so? The validation for power and respect in the corporate sector, entertainment industry, athletics and beyond has always been highly sought after and desired by men. And we’ve all bore witness to the things that they will do to climb the ladder to success in one form or another. But I won’t be petty here; this is about the women, our suffrage and our empowerment. We also cannot group men in the same category as we wish not to be. There are plenty of men who respect and acknowledge our strength and our struggle, so we must be able to recognize and know how to differentiate those men from the othersW

to uplift each other, fight to promote positivity within and around our communities. Be builders spiritually and emotionally to the young daughters who are watching our every move. Be slow to pass judgment on those we do not understand and instead, impart your knowledge on those who may need it. Teach your children so that they become self-sufficient and do not rely on the knowledge of others. Make their fragile minds so covered in strength and dignity there’s no room left for doubt or self-hate. The time is now, because tomorrow is never guaranteed. Take action today to help mold the minds of the future. Be strength, be beauty, be bold. You are WOMAN, my sisters….let me hear your ROAR! Be love, because you are love.

March is our month that we are recognized. March is Women’s History Month. We will celebrate those who throughout history have contributed to our growth as individuals, as scholars, educators, scientists, doctors, lawyers, customer service representatives, entrepreneurs and as women. We will continue to fight for equality. We will continue to organize and produce change daily. We will join our sisters and supporters everywhere for International Women’s Day on March 8th and participate in A Day Without A Woman movement to reflect the change we wish to see.We must fight on. Fight

~ She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

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~ Teka Rose

Urban Tymes Contributing Writer Social: FB: IG: @ImTekaRose | Twitter: @TekaRose



Dawn Nicole

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Secret Sauce Strategist & Chief GrowGetter, Dawn Nicole, is a National Key-Note Speaker and practicing Business Growth Expert, with a hybrid background of Corporate Leadership garnished by Creative Arts Success, spanning over 19 years! This ambitious force to be reckoned with, is a Springfield, Massachusetts native turned Charlotte transplant and in addition to Certified Trainer and published author, Dawn has recently added a new title to her portfolio, as Creator and Founder of the all new “What's your secret sauce? ™” Tool! A new-age tool, designed for new-age thinking, in a new-era of relationship building and marketing! Her creation uses a trademarked formula to produce easy to understand, simplified results, that can provide one’s brand value in a matter of minutes!

Nicole travels the nation helping individuals and corporations to increase CONFIDENCE, CULTURE and OMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE thru discovering their Secret Sauce! Author of Top Selling Book, Grow For It, Dawn Nicole has also been highlighted in the Charlotte Biz Journal, featured on WBTV News in Charlotte, NC., and interviewed on eWomen Success Institute. Below:

• Johnson C Smith University, Charlotte Small Business Conference- Key Note Speaker and Panelist • Carolinas Non Profit Summit- Key Note Presenter • North Carolina Bar Association- Key Note Presenter • Rotary Club International- Key Note In August 2015, Dawn Nicole made a life Speaker • E Women Network- Key Note changing exit from Corporate America, goSpeaker ing from desire to decision in opening up • The Woman’s Advantage ( ® ) – Key Note her own consulting firm which focused on Speaker strategic growth planning for entrepreneurs. • Institute of Management Consultants USA, She knew she needed a different approach IMC. – Workshop Speaker in order to succeed, therefore Dawn Nicole • Durham Business and Professional Chainfocused on building strategic mindsets, siKey Note Speaker multaneous to building strategic plans, en• Triangle Entrepreneurial Leadership – Key couraging her clients to… Think Like Note Speaker GrowGetters vs. Go-Getters. This played a • Regus Offices- Key Note Speaker huge factor in her fast growing success. In • Business Klub- Key Note Speaker • M &F early 2017, Dawn Nicole introduced her Bank- Key Note Speaker newest concept, “What's your secret sauce? • Super Leads Group- Key Note Speaker ™” as a way to help people discover and • Basket Case – Redefined- Key Note market their value better than ever before. Speaker In the same family as DISC®. , Myers Briggs and other notable favorites, “What's Aspiring businesses , artists and other proyour secret sauce? ™” is much different fessionals will benefit greatly from this dybecause it combines an individual’s person- namic sister and the guidance she and her al talents with their professional strengths to team provides ! To learn more , check out create a unique brand value that can’t be the business advertisement and contact her bought, taught or duplicated. With W.Y.S.S. today ! quickly becoming a crowd favorite, Dawn 17/ Urban Tymes Magazine

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ESSENTIALS Your Life, Your Health & You!


Simple Steps to boost your immune system now

(BPT) - Whether it's battling the rampant germs of cold and flu season or maintaining wellness throughout the year, the immune system is your main line of defense. In order to feel good as often as possible and recover quickly when you don't - it's important to keep your immune system strong. "The immune system is the part of the body that monitors both internal and external environments," says Dr. Chris Oswald, certified nutrition specialist and chiropractor in Hudson, Wisconsin. "It's important to understand that both too much immune response and too little immune response, including inflammation, is not good, so maintaining that happy medium is the name of the game." To achieve that "happy medium," Dr. Oswald recommends incorporating five simple steps into your daily routine: Support natural sleep cycles "Sleep is the time when our bodies repair and rejuvenate, so it is something to not be taken lightly," Dr. Oswald says. "Generally speaking, the older we are the less sleep we need, but for adults 7-9 hours is usually the sweet spot."

"It is also very important to maintain regular hours as our body's circadian rhythms do not like to be disrupted," he adds. Eat fermented and unprocessed foods Dr. Oswald says the body's microbiome health has a huge impact on the immune system. The microbiome is the collection of microorganisms that inhabit the intestinal tract, creating a mini-ecosystem. "Every bite of food we eat impacts microbiome balance, so it is important to eat foods that promote its health," he says. "I like fermented foods and foods that are minimally processed or as close to their form in nature as possible. When the wrong foods are eaten, certain microbiota are able to 'gain strength' and offset the health promoting benefits of other more beneficial organisms." He adds that dietary fiber is also very important to maintaining the health of the microbiome. Additionally, foods high in omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA help boost the immune system. Use supplements to support digestive health

"The digestive tract is a barrier to the outside world He says a good way to know if you are sleeping well is which selectively allows molecules to pass through," says Dr. Oswald. This is why a healthy gut is a big if you fall asleep within 30 minutes of lying down and part of overall health - it filters out the bad while you are able to wake at approximately the same time keeping in the good. every day without an alarm clock.

22/ Urban Tymes Magazine

Eating plenty of probiotics in foods like yogurt and kefir helps maintain digestive health, but it can be difficult for the average person to get enough to make an impact. "Supporting digestive health with a comprehensive probiotic supplement such as Nordic Naturals Nordic Flora Probiotic Daily is a great foundational health strategy for everyone," Dr. Oswald says.

Embrace mindfulness and meditate Dr. Oswald says both acute and chronic stress have an effect on the immune system, which can potentially decrease your resistance to illness. One easy way to combat stress is to try to meditate every day.

"Meditation is a very powerful option and I firmly believe that all should find some way of Move your body increasing mindfulness," he says. "It is important "Higher levels of fitness are definitely associated to remember that meditation is different for everywith improved immune function," says Dr. Oswald. one." He recommends high intensity interval training Meditation can be sitting quietly with eyes closed, (HIIT), where you alternate short periods of instaring at a flame, walking in the woods, etc. Try tense exercise with brief rest periods. something that feels right to you that allows you to "I like people to choose any activity they like and relax and be mindful of the present. have a nice gentle 5 minute warm-up followed by (Courtesy of Brandpoint) up to six 100 percent work intervals for 30 seconds with 60 seconds of rest," he says. "Once complete with the circuit, a five minute cool down completes your workout in 19 minutes or less."

courtesy of 23/ Urban Tymes Magazine


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#wearehumanbeings Written by CWSpeaks

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To know Dani Cook

is to know

not just the prolific spoken word artist that has walked on stages and speak words that are thought provoking and sometimes very direct in its intent. Nor is she the talented business woman and artist. You can also look at the layers of her life, from her stint in the military to loving mother, grandmother and other times that challenged her spirit and resolve….. The Dani that I’m talking with today is the Dani that has watched society become silent and unmoving when it comes to the human condition. A community that has turned away from those that are in need and Charlotte. I posted it on my social media, set the date, and May 10th, 2014 was the very first Free is looking as she puts it, only one thing…Love. Hugs - Charlotte event. Over the next 2 1/2 years, So she steps into a position that she will tell you, she we would do 18+ events and give out thousands of hugs. did not foresee coming into existence. In the beginning it was the Free Hugs Campaign, but then someThen... during out Free Hugs event in October thing else was birthed, the helping of our homeless 20017, I couldn't shake this feeling I had. It was a citizens in Charlotte. So strong is her belief in their feeling like there was more and we were need, this amazing sister has not only given items on missing it. So the next day, I grabbed a Free a weekly basis to them (out of pocket and with Hugs sign and headed Uptown by myself. I assistance by other people that care) but she has ended up sitting down and talking with several of helped some get back home via bus, slept one the folks in our homeless community, buying weekend with them to fully understand what they go them dinner, and getting two of them a room for through on a daily basis, and even opened her home the night. In that one afternoon, I learned things to two sweet spirits to aid in their health and care. that would change Free Hugs and my life forever. I learned how important sleeping bags, socks, To talk to her about this was a must. It became not bus passes, and learning the feeding schedule is just an interview, but an eye opening, spirit to someone who is living on the street. I learned challenging reflect and step up experience to be honabout the shelters and ministries... what's est….. working and what's failing miserably. Dani, what moved you to take up first the Free Hugs Campaign, then working and helping the homeless The next day, I put up a post that I was buying community? sleeping bags on Amazon and planned to deliver I was sitting at my desk in (still in Corporate them the upcoming weekend. I committed to America) and saw a friend post the Official Free purchasing them on faith for anyone who told me Hugs Campaign video. It told the story of Juan they would reimburse me. Mann's original Free Hugs movement that started in 2006. I was moved to tears by the video and immediately wanted to do a "Free Hugs" in 26/ Urban Tymes Magazine

One week later, we delivered 15 winter sleeping bags to our homeless community, along with 15 hygiene bags, snacks, and bottled water. That's how it all started.

It's about more than donating clothes and food. There are things they truly need... clean laundry, storage units for their items so they can work, showers, bus passes, etc. Talk to someone who REALLY knows them and find out what's important to them.

Sis…….Charlotte’s homeless population is staggering. Over 4700 homeless children in CMS, Final thoughts overcapacity recorded at It's about relationships. the centers and resources Many of them have lost that seem to be limited as hope in humanity. They well? don't believe they are worth There's a large number of saving and they deserve homeless in Charlotte the life they have. With that and a good portion of type of mindset, nothing will those are chronically change for them no matter homeless. Chronically what you do. You can give homeless means they them houses, jobs, and have to have been withclothes... but if you don't out a home for 12 months reinstate their belief in No glamour or makeup: OR homeless 3 times in humanity, kindness, and the last 4 years. As far as love, it won't matter. We Dani after sleeping the weekend with her overcapacity, we have the need to be the bridge to homeless friends ability to house when we them learning to love deem it necessary. For themselves again. Only example, the Rooms at the Inn program has vary- then will there be permanent, lasting ing numbers of beds open (I've seen it as high as change. 193) for the night when the weather is severe and Thanks again for helping shed light on the issue. more churches choose to participate. If we felt it was a priority ALL the time, we could provide more shelter than we currently do. Also, the number of fights, theft, and drugs that happen within many of the shelters keep quite a few people from staying there. Of course, the shelters are also incentivized to house those who already get government checks which leaves others in need as well. The city noted in 2015 its plan to end homelessness by 2016….to raise 11 million dollars for affordable housing. Your thoughts? How'd we do? What was the money raised spent on? Because apparently, we fell short. Following your posts and videos, you’ve gained some acceptance with several individuals that are homeless in Charlotte. What is the misconception that many people have about those that are homeless? That they're all drug addicts, thieves, or dangerous and that they make a ton of money panhandling and misuse the money they are given. How can the community really help? 27/ Urban Tymes Magazine

A weekend ….an example of what they live daily Dani If you would like to help, please visit her FB page:

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he’s the “Diva of Hip Hop Blues” which alludes to a smooth culmination of two music styles that are influential indeed. This Texas native is not just a performing artist, but a multi-talented artist. With modeling and acting as part of her repertoire, she’s established her longevity in this industry for sure. A recent performance in Baytown TX showed a glimpse of her versatility, as she brought to those in attendance her powerful rendition of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” then dropping spoken word on the crowd, followed by “I Deserve.” Karma has just released her New EP titled, “Bold and Beautiful” on iTunes which is getting rave reviews!

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Ok..we have to ask....where did the name "Itz Karma" come from? The name came from "life" itself, my life. Through life we learn many lessons. I'm not perfect. There was a time where my "Karma" wasn't always good, but when you know what peace is and you'd rather be kind to people, smile more, give more, help receive more. I'm not just speaking of monetary or gifted items, but receiving joy from watching your works being shared. "What you put out, is what you get back" When I sing good music, I get that good feeling back from my audience. Itz Karma.

How did you know that music was your calling? When I was little, it's all I did. I was in talent shows, singing on the back of the bus, rapping and doing a little pop-locking for all you old school readers. I would sing so much my moms favorite words were "will you please be quiet."

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Any regrets or set backs? I don't have any regrets, but just like with anything in life we have setbacks. I was a wife and mother of small children in the studio as much as I could be with a wonderful producer from NC named Brian Morgan @briankmorgan, in my earlier years of music. Though music was my passion and it bled though my soul, my obligations and responsibilities was my family first. My husband, at the time didn't mind me being in the studio, but he didn't like the idea of me performing, too much. When I became single, I went full speed ahead! Now a setback is only a setup from God so I stay prayed up to receive what he has in store for a sister next!

There is now a resurgence of the R&B music scene. What are your thoughts? Its time for R&B to flood the air ways. I love all types of music, but R&B tell stories of love, life, relationships, feeling blue, etc. My music falls in several genres but performance wise, I'll do a R&b/Blues/Neo-soul show first!

released an album back in the day called "Peep This" and I still know all the songs! Just one song!

What’s next for Itz Karma? International is next. My music is currently streaming in places such as Africa, Australia, Canada and more with great ratings. I am truly grateful to all that follow me and support me. Fun question; what was your most There are upcoming concerts, new video shoot memorable performance and why? for "The Life" ft. DeeSmuve @deesmuve, and I My most memorable performance had to be a have another huge photo shoot soon. You'll be New Years Eve live show in Baytown and my father came. We've rebuilt our relationship over able to catch a couple of performances during the years and to see how proud of me he was, Superbowl weekend. still puts a huge smile on my face. My momma has always been there. She gets in the limo's Log on to for updates, like they are hers. She locks up VIP with her friends, lol but I'll never forget the day my dad videos, music and more! showed up. Brother can cut a lil rug too. I'd like to give a special thank you to you Mr. Digsby for allowing artist like myself to have a You receive a call from an artist you've platform to share our stories with the world! always wanted to collab with...that artist is.... Hugs, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Foxx...I've Karma been loving his voice since In Living Color. He

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Literary Treasures With Kisha Green Author Mahogony Star As a literary consultant I come across so many authors. I have also watched many careers blossom, so it is always exciting to see a new author doing what they can to make their presence be felt in the literary world.

KG: How many books do you read a month? MS: I would say on average four books per month. I get most of my reading done during my commute. I wish I had time to read more.

KG: When did you decide to write professionally? Allow me to introduce you to Mahogany Star... MS: Although I've always been one to write This avid reader and writer hail from Bedford- my thoughts out, at one point in life I had so Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY. She's the many stories going on in my head I decided to proud author of four books, including the pen them into a book. In 2006 I wrote Where Urban Book Source Top Ten of 2009 "Where Secret's Lie, because I was at a certain point Secrets Lie", the recently released "Sex in my life where I needed to get some things Degrees of Separation" and the upcoming out of my head and on paper. "Summer’s Heat". Even after obtaining her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in KG: Did you ever consider hiring a literary Organizational Management, and working in agent and shopping your manuscript to a Healthcare Administration, her heart was major publisher, why or why not? always in writing and there is where she was MS: I thought about it, hiring a literary agent truly in bliss. Forever a Brooklyn girl but but I never really pursued it. I never really currently she resides wit her husband and two shopped my manuscript to a publisher. I children in Long Island. If she’s not working thought the process was easy enough to self on her latest sexy story, you can find her publish, although I'm aware of the benefits of reading, watching Lifetime television, rescuing having a publishing house behind your work. feral cats, or indulging in her unhealthy obses- Perhaps one day in the future I will begin to sion with the Investigative Discovery Channel. shop my work. Now combine all of that and you know you the stories Mahogany pens will be very interestKG: What is one word to best describe your ing but also addictive. writing style? MS: Dynamic KG: What is your favorite genre? Why? MS: I have a few favorite genres. I really love KG: Describe your writing life. to read Ethnic Fiction and Historical Fiction. I MS: I write in between meetings, I write a little enjoy reading stories that are relatable to me, after I jump out of the shower with a scene for but I also like to read about experiences I a book I haven't even started yet. There are haven't had. I'm very interested in history, times when I'm bursting at the seams to get a particularly African American history so I like storyline together, and then there are times to read Historical Fiction based on the stories when my mother is badgering me about why I of my ancestors. Reading historical fiction haven't been writing. helps me to appreciate the here and now.

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KG: What is your greatest literary accomplishment? MS: My greatest literary accomplishment thus far has to be when I did the Divas of literature tour in 2008, it was five authors, five cities, it was a great time. Seems like forever ago, but it was an accomplishment for a first time author who just wrote a book because she had to get a story out of her system. KG: How have you handled an unhappy reader regarding a book you wrote? MS: I really take it all in stride and still thank the reader for taking the time to read my book. Realizing that your story is not necessarily going to be for everyone. I understand that all readers are not going to be happy, I'm a reader first. Sometimes readers miss the author's point, and that too is ok. You just hope that readers won't be overly critical of your work, but if they are then it can only serve to help me put out better work in the future.

short stories that tell the story of individuals who are engaging in affairs. There are a lot of books about affairs of course, but my latest release delves into the fact that we are all closer than we think in terms of intertwined relationships. I wrote the first story in the book almost ten years ago about this couple in which the husband was holding out on giving his wife what she needed sexually. I expanded the thought because a friend of mine was talking to a guy and she found out that she had been involved with a close friend of his. She was shocked and that made me think about the theory of Six Degrees of Separation.

KG: What's next for you, what can readers expect from you? MS: I am releasing a book called Summer's Heat, April of 2017. It's a really sexy yet intriguing story. Readers get a glimpse into Summer's life in Sex Degrees of Separation. I'm also working on a Biography for someone whose story is so unbelievable you'd think it KG: What advice would you give an aspiring was made up. Readers who have read Sex author? Degrees have asked for a part two, so I'm MS: To not stop. No matter what keep also hoping to have that out before the end of writing, keep putting your work out there. I the year. took an almost ten year break between For more on Mahogany visit her website publishing novels. I would also tell an aspiring or reach out to author to be patient with themselves but not to her on Facebook at give up. KG: Who is the target audience for readers of your work? MS: I'd have to say the target audience is women who are like me, urban-contemporary. Meaning the everyday woman. The woman who deals with being a wife, girlfriend, mother, lover, friend. We all deal with the same issues as women, in one way or another. Here I am, a girl who was raised in the Sumner Housing Projects in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn during the crack era. Born to a fourteen year-old, raised by my grandmother. But, like a lot of progressive women I didn't let that hold me back. So my target audience I would say is the woman who can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. KG: Tell me about your latest release and what made you write it. MS: My latest release is called Sex Degrees of Separation. It's a book made up of a few

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With Kisha Green! These are some buzz worthy books! Each month Kisha brings further enlightenment to reading by featuring 5 phenomenal books plus one extra(1 will always be a nonfiction or one children's book) for you to learn more about and add to your persoal library! 1. The Case Manager by Latoya Chandler 2. Knight Takes Pawn by Martha Sweeney 3. Graffiti Mural by Eartha Watts Hicks 4. Snatched Away by Denise Coleman 5. My Cup Runneth Over by Jeneva Gardel Children's Pick: Early Sunday Morning by Denene Millner

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Author Latise M. Howie

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KATRINA WALKER When I met Katrina Walker at an event hosted some time ago, one would never know that she was a teen bride and mother of four who faced abuse, poverty and homelessness. Yet when talking to Miss Katrina, she shares another side to her already amazing life. One full of creativity, tenacity and an unwavering acceptance of never stopping, never quitting. Taking what live gives her and finding a way to change it, or even master it, all the while inspiring others to do the same. Recently she shared this journey to success in her recently released book, UNBREAKABLE- the Katrina Walker Story, published January 2017. But on this day, we sat and talked directly to the source!!!

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Hello! How are you this evening? I’m fine! How are you? You doing ok?

we (me and my children) didn’t have anything, I had a husband that would go out on me, coming in and daylight is hitting him in the face, I’m great! You’ve been busy, a lot of meet I would look at my little children, my babies, and greets in this area and all the work that and I knew that we weren’t supposed to be you do all over, it truly means a lot that poor and down the valley. It wasn’t supposed to you’re spending a little time with Urban be that way, so that was me, always trying to Tymes today! Thank you so much for having figure things out, I wasn’t lazy. God gave me a me! I really appreciate it, and everyone has brain, and with this brain I have to use it. I shown me nothing but love here. I’ve really met wasn’t born with a silver spoon or want some amazing people with good hearts and someone to give me anything, I’ve always been good spirits. So thank you again for having me! a person to get out and make it. If my mother would give me a quarter, I would take that I got a chance to read and learn more about quarter and form a business with that quarter! the motivator, the self-made millionaire, the woman that has that fire to get you going Quick note: She shared also during the interinto your goals and dreams and destiny. view, how she held a variety of jobs, as early The mantra that you have embraced is as eight years old. From collecting bottles and “Against All Odds.” It’s the main thing that selling those bottles back to the store owners, you constantly preach and share with to ironing sheets for women and promoting that everyone you come in contact with. What’s ability via word of mouth. “ I remember telling the secret? What’s the key thing that keeps the women, these sheets are going to feel you motivated every day? I think, to be honreally good to lay on!” Promoting her skills in est with you, when I look back on my life….I ironing while her friends were out playing. was just born to be the way that I am. Going back as early as I can remember, as early as Today’s young women are going through so four years old, remembering going up in a much it seems, into uncharted territory. close knit community, with four streets , and What are your thoughts? My thoughts are that fifth street…Black people knew to turn taking it back to the basics. The only thing I had around at that street! So even at four, I would back then was on tv seeing Diahann Carroll ask questions, like most people wouldn’t ask being a lady, and my mom. Those women were the question, just go to the store and get a ladies. The young ladies today, they are very Double Cola or an RC Cola. Those were the intelligent, I think a lot of them just want that things that Black people could drink, but me love, and a lot of time they just don’t know. I myself, I wanted to know, “How come we can’t heard a young man once say, “She’s just a have Coca Cola?” So it started early with me, I boot girl!” I don’t want my young women to just knew the difference. As I got older, my stoop down for a boot, or a pocketbook. If you mother used to say “You know what, (she used like those things, know that you can get them to cuss) you like good #$%^!” And I did! Any yourself! As women, we live a tough role, I’m a struggle growing up and coming up, I just knew mother, with four children. My young ladies are how to come through it. My mom, who’s not smart, very intelligent, but they have to know with us any longer, I remember her saying this this, that they are bigger than a boot or a to me one day sitting at her kitchen table. She pocketbook. I see them and there’s so many was a little skinny woman, resembling Cicely things that they can do, there’s no excuse! I Tyson, and she sat at the table and had her grew up listening to Stevie Wonder, and I see hands down Carey, and she brought them this man, blind, out here doing what he do, still back up and said “I’ve never seen nobody go getting it to this day….there’s a lot of us that down and come up!” and she would take them don’t have a handicap or something keeping us down a little further, “like Katrina!” Her voice back. So we need to just get up off our butts would boom like Dr. King’s…. and I’m looking and do it. Back then, like my grandmother used at her, and I knew she was wondering where to tell us “Start from the bottom, crawl before did this girl come from? you walk!” To my young ladies, I tell them, Once I got married and went through the number one, keep God first! You don’t settle for domestic violence, and got to the point where anything, but love yourself! Don’t sit around

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“….I just wanted to be the and I camevessel. up with theBecause BE Foundation because I believe a lot of places don’t open their doors, and these that some waybaskets we are people, they are lost. Pushing and all carts, cut off from their and family,so andI rock bottom. broken, refer to Dealing with a drug addict, is very hard. myself asBEa Foundation, “broken isvessel” What I’m doing with the hiring a fullall timethe nurse and ..’ a doctor on staff time and give these people that need these services Ms Trina (can I call you that?) You are a second chance at life, the ones that truly dropping that wisdom for our young sisters! want. It’s a disease! I want to help these It’s not cute, you don’t settle for less when you people, when it’s zero degrees outside and the can be the best! God gave you two arms; learn church doors are closed, to give them a warm how to wrap them around yourself first. You place, a clean place and some help. So many gotta love yourself! times, they are hurting, because they have no one to talk to, to trust. RainbowKidz Learning Center is more than just a learning center, but a place for young So tell us, what truly inspires you? minds to reach their full potential. How did People, truly helping people! you bring life to this program? When I worked at Federal Express, Fred Smith, the To learn more about this amazing , motivational owner of the company would come out and talk woman, visit: to us, I took advantage of what this man was Website: saying. And I was thinking to myself, I don’t Facebook: thekatrinawalker want to work here for the rest of my life. I’m not Instagram & Twitter: @mskatrinawalker going to be an old lady working for Federal Express! Everything I’m learning here, I’m going to take and start my own company. I started thinking and wondering, who’s keeping these folk’s children? Everyone does not work a “9 to 5” or “6 to 6” anymore, so I’m going to start a daycare center! I’m good with children, I love them, and everything he talked about with his business, the quality , people, service and profit….I use it, but it was a different concept with the children. I want to give the best quality and service to the children; and their parents will not have to worry about their babies. The food, nutritious, a full curriculum, the parents can drop the children off whenever they like. That’s the way you have to think, outside of the box. and let people misuse you and you have to take it. Don’t be the side chick; you sit up in the driver’s seat! You don’t let a man only see you at night and can’t take you out in the day. Never let a man misuse you, you become the wife if he truly loves you, don’t be the side chick, it’s not cute!

Let’s talk about the “BE “Foundation…..the ”Blind Eye” Foundation. I know that is truly a project dear to your heart. It is. I’m the type of person that if I could make sure everyone could eat steak, I would. I want to see that everybody wins! The BE Foundation came about because I know that people “see” things but they don’t. If it’s not their immediate family that they truly love, a lot of times folk don’t really care, unless it’s happening to them. I had a nephew that lost his life to crack cocaine and everybody, knows somebody that’s on drugs,

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A POSITIVE BEAUTY Jasmine Bourdeau everywhere I go. I watch. I listen. I read and share in the wisdom of my teachers, leaders and ancestors. In so doing, I have learned to perform self-care. For too long I had not functioned at my optimal best but never took the time to evaluate what I was feeding myself. It's imperative to be selective of what we feed ourselves emotionally, physically and Before my eyes meet day, I thank Allah for everything for all of the glories and wonders of spiritually. We can only be strong when we remind ourselves of all the beauty and genius life in this world and the next. Afterwards, I recite the affirmation that frames my day,” I am we possess. You need only measure up to the “you” of yesterday. love and inspire wisdom,” is my personal mission statement. This gives my day purpose Making it to where I am regardless of my and intent. I'm reminded in overwhelming circumstance has always been under my moments to breathe deeply, close my eyes control. I walk in a journey with backdrops that and meditate on my purpose. To be happy I have not always been scenic but meaningful. I must remain positive and know where to find beauty in myself and others. Surrounding am looking forward to stumbling upon the myself with a supportive, benevolent village rolling hills of love and uncharted seas of bliss. motivates me to live in love. It is that love that Through it all I never question. I lean on inspires meaningful experiences and imagination to reach heights no one has ever relationships. I inspire by cultivating wisdom seen before. The mind creates our reality. The journey exposes the smiles, joys, hurts, triumphs, heartbreaks, love and the complexities of life. It is not a matter of whether we have experiences but how we view our experiences that separate the fulfilled from those left starving.

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Your Style Game…..

“L”VATED The House of LeMond 50/ Urban Tymes Magazine


3010 Monroe Rd Charlotte NC 28205 (704) 712-9531

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Style Tips for Slip On Shoes By GvS -Michael Snell Clothier

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en have been involved in a bit of a love/hate relationship with their shoes. While the most fashionable of items will usually be brogues and other leather shoes, these shoes tend to contain various fashion statements like lifts and other wedges that can make them very uncomfortable for long periods. Unfortunately, this is causing a host of health issues for guys and anatomical issues like plantar fasciitis are on the rise. The slip on shoe, while very casual in its approach, tends to solve a lot of foot pain issues for guys while at the same time making them a sort of bulls eye for office ribbing. Fortunately, this season has brought with it quite a few different slip on shoe designs that have become far more fashionable and acceptable as formal footwear options. It means men can pair their shoes with their most casual jeans and slacks and may even unexpectedly find themselves wearing their shoes with a full three-piece suit. Today’s fashion designs have allowed for this, but there are a few rules that men need to be aware of in the process. Layers Slip on shoes tend to be seen as most appropriate when paired with a layered outfit. This is exactly why wearing them with a full three-piece suit tends to be seen as appropriate under today’s fashion rules, but it also means men can pass their slip on shoes around various

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outfits and might even seen regular wear during the fall and winter when layering is the norm. When it comes to layered casual outfits, there is a sort of “retro” thought with images of the 1990s coming through for most men, but this needn’t be the case. So long as men enter the world equipped with items that can be removed and put on as needed, then their slip ons will fit seamlessly into the whole idea of layered outfits.

Cuffed Trousers Wearing unhemmed trousers with slip on shoes is inappropriate. Men will need to have their pants hemmed to their ankle’s length. For a more casual approach, men may choose to hem their pants slightly above the ankle line to draw attention to particularly fashionable slip on shoes, but this will become more of an issue in formal settings and will likely be seen as a faux pas. A standard cuff is appropriate in most settings. Choosing Slip on Shoes GvS Clothiers have an exceptional example of fashionable slip on shoes in our brown slip on with tassle option. These brogues are made out of real leather, so may be paired with a full suit without any issue and will be suitable for office wear, but will come equipped with all of the comfort and health improvements that wearing a slip on provides. It’s a win win for any man!

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Food Wine



Protect your heart with these easy meal add-ins These foods can give your heart a better chance (BPT) - What's the biggest threat to our health? It isn't cancer or even accidents, but heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, one in four deaths in the U.S. is caused by heart disease, which includes heart attack and stroke. This statistic is scary, but the good news is, there is something powerful we can do to prevent us from becoming a victim to this disease. Even if you are one of the 47 percent of Americans living with a major risk factor, there are preventive measures you can take for a healthier heart, says registered dietitian nutritionist, Dawn Jackson Blatner. All you have to do is embrace some simple lifestyle changes starting with your diet. "Food is quite literally one of the best medicines out there when it comes to improving our health," says Blatner. "Studies show us repeatedly that a balanced diet including heart-healthy unsaturated fats, along with multiple servings of fruit and vegetables can give you additional protection against heart attack and stroke." Here are five of Blatner's go-to foods you can easily incorporate into your diet for a daily dose of heart-healthy compounds. 1. Fish: Salmon and other fatty fish such as sardines are chock full of omega-3 fatty acids, which lower the risk of irregular heartbeat and help decrease plaque buildup in the arteries. If fish isn't already in your meal rotation, it's time to start. Preparation and cooking time for fish entrees is much shorter than that of chicken, beef and pork, making it a perfect weeknight meal.

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2. Greens: Leafy greens contain nitrates, healthy compounds that not only reduce the risk of heart attack, but can boost survival rates after a heart attack. Plus, spinach, kale and other dark green vegetables have carotenoids, which work to keep blood vessels healthy. So aim to have at least one cup of leafy greens each day, such as scrambled in your morning eggs, a green juice as a snack or a leafy salad with lunch or dinner. 3. Nuts: They contain protein, fiber and healthy fat, which work together to keep us feeling full and satisfied. Though high in fat, studies show people who consume nuts on a daily basis are leaner than those who don't, and staying lean is, of course, heart-healthy. So go ahead and keep almonds, walnuts or pistachios on hand for snacking, and choose those that are minimally processed, avoiding candied or highly salted nuts. 4. Dark chocolate: Good news: Eating dark chocolate every day can reduce heart attack and stroke for high-risk patients. The magic compound here is flavonoids, which are beneficial for blood pressure and clotting while also reducing inflammation. If you're on-board with making chocolate your after dinner indulgence, opt for brands with 60-70 percent cocoa and that don't contain milk fat in the ingredient list. 5. Eggs: Contrary to earlier belief, eating one egg a day has no negative effect on coronary health and can actually reduce the risk of stroke by 12 percent, according to a recent review of 30 years' worth of scientific study cited on But all eggs are not creat-

ed equal. Eggland's Best eggs, for example, offer the benefit of 25 percent less saturated fat, five times more Vitamin D, more than twice the omega-3s and three times more Vitamin B12 than ordinary eggs. Eggland's Best's superior nutritional profile is due to its proprietary, all-vegetarian diet. So get cracking and experiment with recipes featuring poached, baked and even hard-boiled Eggland's Best eggs to serve up heart-healthy meals.

Directions In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, egg whites, milk and Dijon mustard; set aside. In a 10 to 12-inch ovenproof nonstick skillet, spray with cooking spray and heat to mediumhigh.

Very Vegetable Frittata

Saute onion until softened - about 2 minutes. Add the mushroom, broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini to the skillet. Saute until slightly softened - another 3 to 4 minutes. Whisk the egg mixture again, then pour over the vegetables.

Ingredients: 4 Eggland's Best Eggs (large) 1/3 cup Eggland's Best Liquid Egg Whites

Sprinkle tomatoes and feta cheese on top. Place a lid on the skillet, reduce heat to medium and cook until the bottom and sides of

1 cup non-fat milk 1 tablespoon chopped chives 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1/3 cup finely chopped onion 1 cup chopped mushrooms 1 cup chopped broccoli 1 cup chopped cauliflower 1 cup chopped zucchini 1 cup halved cherry or pear tomatoes 1/3 cup crumbled feta cheese salt and pepper, to taste arugula, for serving (optional)

the frittata are firm - 8 to 10 minutes. Preheat the oven broiler.

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Place the skillet under the broiler and broil until the frittata is cooked through (no longer jiggly) and slightly browned on top - about 5 minutes (watch closely). Cut into 4 wedges and serve immediately, over a handful of arugula, if desired. - Recipe courtesy of Eggland's Best.

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The Voice of the Indie Artists‌. Worldwide

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Urban Tymes Mar 2017 Woman Issue  

The Amazing Woman Issue! Featuring self made millionaire Katrina Walker, Spoken word artist and Community Leader Dani Cook, and Teka's Take....

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