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30 WHODINI: Rap Legends talk about upcoming projects!

Larrin Granderson Brings his creativity to the Queen City to help enhance its sound and identity




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Jay Lew Per his bio: Jay Lew is a 25 year old rapper from the rough street of Milwaukee, WI. He is very versatile with his music. He paints a picture in every song he does. His work ethic is amazing. He is always willing to network with new people!! Lyrically the artist has a creative element that speaks to listeners, that no matter what, he is destined to be great. The single Ball on They Ass, is evident of this, as he speaks on how no one wanted to listen to his music, or understand his mentality, but no matter he will still ball‌. Much success to the young brother. Keep on the grind!





Did You Know? Musiek magazine is always ready to share helpful information to indie artists, and hopefully create lasting connections as well. One we’ve found and researched is Indie Artists Alliance is a resource center and knowledge bank for Independent Musicians. They have been supporting Independent musicians since 2005 They recently announce via social media that Indie Artists Alliance, will go from a part of Media Media Inc., to Independent Music & Arts

The Indie International Songwriting Contest is an annual songwriting competition to give recognition to some of the best emerging songwriters in the world, help develop their talent, and provide useful tools for developing the success of the artist. Over $77,000 in useful prizes awarded! We are the first contest of its kind to be conducted COMPLETELY ONLINE. Since its inception in 2008, the Indie International Songwriting Contest has provided useful critiques and reviews for thousands of musicians.

Inc. (IMAAI), a non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to helping Musicians and other visual and performing Artist do business and have access to a lot of different resources. By the end of the year, they will be launching 'Nevada Happens' as part of this which will be all about the Nevada (non-mainstream) indie art and music scene.

Helping and encouraging songwriters was the main purpose for the founders and when it changed ownership in 2012, nothing changed about the mission. Indie International Songwriting Contest (IISC) is owned and operated by Rasmi, LLC based out of Seattle, WA. Even though we are based out of the US, we are truly an international songwriting contest boasting contestants in over 55 countries! To learn more, visit:






enues Dr. Mac Arnold's Blues Restaurant Music Venue 1237 Pendleton St. Greenville, SC 29611 Dr. Mac's in Greenville SC! The venue seats 200 people with a warm and spacious atmosphere. The only and largest Blues Venue in Greenville, SC. Casual dining with food prepared fresh each day! There is a $10 cover charge for music shows. Be sure to check their events page to see all the events, details and hours Tickets can be purchased thru PayPal or at the door. Upon purchase, just print your receipt and bring it with you - it's your ticket in! ​To contact them for reservations please call or email: (864) 558-0747 Visit their website:




BuzzWorthy Written by Star Adams from StarNation Radio I am proud to be the one to tell you all about the West Coast Hip Hop Awards for 2017 in Oakland California at the Scottish Rites Center. California at the Scottish Rites Center. It all began with Super Promoter Mr. Miller, who began this journey as an intern for InterScope Re-

cords, with the drive and determination to be a part of something better in the music industry.

When I speak of him being a super promoter- trust and believe I am speaking about him with full factual content. He was given the title Super Promoter because he truly gets the job done. Simply put -he walks his talk, not just talk his talk. I consider him a mentor. One who I want to absorb knowledge from and I strive to be like him, to achieve accomplishments that I have only seen him knock out. Just to see his projects from start to finish is something more than grandeur. The West Coast Hip Hop Awards is now in its tenth season and to watch this project (his baby so to speak), go from the first launch in Portland Oregon, growing, nurturing it every year always trying to step up the game and improve it, to the elegant gala in the tenth season in Oakland California is exceptional. Each year, seeing its progress,its achievements are part of the growing pains. Organizing, to building the foundation for the next year and what is yet to come. Allowing it to unfold to what it would mold itself to be a long with what he strived to accomplish and then, in the after effects knowing what he wanted and didn't want at the next Hip Hop awards show. As one who has seen much in the music industry, he began to take notice how there were Hip Hop awards however there wasn't one that gave the West Coast accolades to their own recognition, their hard work, dedication, style, the love and perseverance on what they brought to the industry that made them stand out for the West Coast. And most importantly, the honoring of the ones that were the path makers, the trailblazers in the industry to those coming on board now. He wanted to give this back to the artists and creative talents, thus what you see today was born.

He was the one that went and grabbed everyone's coffee and did all the errands. He didn't even care because he already had thoughts on the grander scale of things to come. Before you know it, Mr. Miller moved up the ladder of success and being the first to go cross country promoting, marketing and doing one on one with bookings, sales of merchandise, radio interviews -nationwide. The first ones to physically go on the road to push & promote artists to give them the recognition he felt they deserve. He actually chuckles and says; “I remember being on the bus with Too Short selling his tapes!� Which we all know what era that was and now we've moved on to CDs, flash drives, and digital libraries. In the many years of being in this industry he has had a distribution company and a few record stores as well. By seeing where Mr. Miller has come from as an intern to the Director of the West Coast Hip Hop Awards you begin to start to see his vision.


It's a place where more than 250 artists will be together in one moment in time. To shout out, support, give praise to each other, to give their heart, soul, energy and love to one another and to be a part of the epic scale of performances that will be on that stage on August 5th. To see everyone's love for each other breathing and creating more passion into the industry will be a moment in time to always remember. They will create, share, love, praise and yes, even pray together. You know it will be noted on every dimension of existence. And then there are the awards. To be able to take the stage to receive your prestigious award, will be nothing but breathtaking. Need I say more? On top of this, the gala also has a conference leading up to this with booths, vendors, information and a whole lot of networking and Q & A. So it is definitely and defiantly a business networking experience for all. This year's will be better than before when it comes to the business aspects of it. Honoring the ones we have lost in the industry and the Impact they have made in our lives, the path that they made for all of us still here. You just know that those Stars will be shining and gracing us from the heavens. Mr. Miller has also included the following day much more than just a "Thank you". There will be an all-out BBQ and Car Show.... that will allow the proud & pristine cars to have their moment to shine...and moments of gratitude and socializing with a little more personable feel to it on Sunday August 6th. There is also the wellness factor, as in the Cannabis cultivators that will be present for the first time this year wanting to join in. With an award on Best Strain that will be another feature added to this year's new edition. Bringing in another thriving market to look over for everyone to peruse and to become informative with. Especially for those whom have medical conditions or a part of their current lifestyle. So be sure to check this area out. We have DJ King Assassin hosting this year. For those in the business I am sure you are well aware of him, along with the many other co-hosts on board. One of the awarded co-hosts is Og Duv Mac Dpg which speaks highly of Mr. Miller and the shows. Stating that it is one of the events he looks forward to attending every year, one that you truly

feel the love and honor for all those that are a part of it. He states it truly is a memorable experience and he's been a part of it since 2014. There is so much more to this event than others even realize and there is still time to be a part of this if you want. Please join us all. (I promise it will be an event like none other.) StarNation Media and the Star Network Team will be there as well working the Red Carpet and presenting. This is a part of the History in the making and the most memorable event ever! Before closing here are Mr. Miller's most profound thoughts in his work ethics and how he perceived the industry: “In my old record store & recording studio we have mentored hundreds of thousands of youth over the years. Up and down the west coast. My proudest moments are those of children, when they used to ask me "Was this my store?" I would say yes! They were so used to seeing Whites and Asians run businesses in the black hoods. They couldn't believe it! I truly believe it's our duty to give back, to reach back and teach forward thinking. Coming from Oakland, I wasn't supposed to make it. I was supposed to be in the pen or in a grave. I beat the odds, worked my ass off. Stacked my money, opened up a shop and be en bu sy ever sin ce th en.

I've helped market and promote music around the world. Sold music state to state for 33 years and I have not punched a time clock since 1987. I've been working for me! It wasn't easy, nothing worth anything is. Besides, it's not work if you are doing what you love. So 60 to 80 hour work week is all good. I wish for the kids to pick up microphones rather than a gun! Some might say I'm promoting violence. I'm promoting the reality of life across the nation. The recording artists are the story tellers, they tell you what to expect and you have choices in life. Hip Hop and Music saved


my life. I didn't have to sell dope to be somebody. Music was my keys. I'm not knocking the dope game it just wasn't for me. I'm not knocking the pimp game, it wasn't for me. Music is the healing and consistent form of the arts that has been around since the earth was formed. I love Hip Hop, I love the West Coast music and we will be honoring some if the West Coast Legends August 5th in Oakland. Please come and support if you can, you will be surprised how much we can accomplish together!� With what he had said to me I'm speechless..Please do check the link below where you can find out how to purchase tickets. To purchase tickets to this epic event you can find them here:




BuzzWorthy Hailing from Minneapolis MN, The Forgotten One aka Jordan Faust is a dude who's been making music forever; from singing in front of his 6th grade class all the way to making late-night YouTube songs! He's finally trying to take his craft seriously and see what can do with it! His music is a combo of: Hip-Hop & R&B and even some Rock, Classical, and Countrystyle beats for something new to create his own original sounds. His plan is to make motivational, inspirational, and uplifting music to create a positive direction for Hip-Hop and for the younger generation out there today! He has a unique element to his music., with a blend that is haunting and poignant, which is seriously heard in the single “Careful Wish” featuring Louie P. His lyrics are not grimy and hard hitting, but they make you think. He his finding his way in this industry, as his single “Find My Way” states. Follow this artist on:





South African Singer

Filipa Fast rising star and South African singer-songwriter, Filipa, first burst onto the music scene in 2014 after winning an international Ryan Seacrest cover competition. Her haunting rendition o0f One Direction’s Story of My Life shot her to instant stardom and provided a global platform to release her own debut single Chills on Following this success, Filipa released Little White Lie in 2016, which quickly climbed the iTunes and South African radio charts, including within the top five on 5FM and Jacaranda FM. With deep and personal messages in all of her lyrics, Filipa continues to touch hearts and minds with her music and talent. In recognition of this, she was honoured with Glamour’s Next Big Thing at the Women of the Year Awards in 2014, as well as a Cosmo Awesome Women Nomination. No stranger to live performance and in tribute to her Mediterranean roots, Filipa was asked to sing the Portuguese national anthem at the Portugal – Mozambique friendly during the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup; in front of no less than 30 000 people.

Filipa has spent much of her time, since 2014, working with songwriters and producers in South Africa and the US, including Grammy-Award winning songwriter Pam Sheyne (best known for Christiana Aguilera’s global hit, “Genie in a Bottle”), who she collaborated with for the hit single, Little White Lie. She has also been developing her own unique sound, as well as pushing her musical boundaries to grow as an artist, while studying online towards a BA degree in the Liberal Arts. Her single Boys with Girlfriends has an amazing pop sound mixed with a club element as well. Fans can expect much more from the local sensation, who is set to release several singles and an EP in months to come. As a result of her ongoing collaboration with artists, producers and songwriters, both locally and abroad, Filipa’s upcoming work is sure to create the stir that is now expected from her talent, perseverance and dedication. Follow Filipa on Twitter @FilipaMusic, Facebook and Instagram at FilipaMusic, and her website:


Feature Rap Pioneer Jalil Hutchins of Whodini Talks Music, Life, and Upcoming Projects

By Angela P. Moore I had the pleasure of interviewing Rap pioneer, Jalil Hutchins of Whodini, and we chatted about the group's music and upcoming projects. Whodini, the 80s rap pioneers known for their good humor songs, "One Love", "Magic Wand", "Friends", "Freaks Come Out at Night", and "Five Minutes of Funk", still performs occasionally, and decades later their music can be heard on Rap, Pop and R&B radio, especially during old-school mix shows. MUSIEK 30

Whodini (Jalil & Ectasy and DJ Mell Starr) will perform at the "Back 2 the 80's" concert on July 8, 2017, at the beautiful Wolf Creek Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, performing on this hot ticket includes Hip-hop legends Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, Force Md's, Chubb Rock, Troop, and Hi Five. Music lovers from across the country will attend the soon to be sold-out event, put on by Promoter Jeremy "JD" Hill.

In a recent interview, Jalil opens up and discusses everything from music to the highs and lows of the group's career.

Angela: So, Jalil, tell me what has Whodini as a group been up to? It's been awhile since we've heard from you all. Are you all performing overseas or what? What are you working on right now? Jalil: Living life at this age, we hardly go over to Europe. That might change the end of this year. With these books in front of us, “I put on these shows so that fans of good music can have a place to go down memory things may change. We are working on a lane with the artists whose music may have couple of books. We are working on storybooks on our road stories and another book been a soundtrack to and/or blueprint for on the significance behind our top songs. certain areas of their lives. I am, sometimes, able to take out a moment to look at Angela: So, is the focus for Whodini at how much the crowd is enjoying themthis point mainly going to be on concerts selves, and smile. I’m very thankful for my team,” says Hill. Whodini, a Brooklyn, New York-based trio, was formed in 1981. The group came out in an era that bred some of the most phenomenal rappers in the genre's history. In fact, groundbreaking albums were coming out in the 80s, and the era became known as the "Old School Era" around 1979-1985, and in the late 80s, the "Golden Age of Hip-hop". During this period, hip-hop was used as a form of social protest, and artists addressed social issues. Back then, the trio consisted of vocalist and main lyricist Jalil Hutchins; covocalist John Fletcher, a.k.a. Ecstasy (who wore a Zorro-style hat as his trademark); and DJ Drew Carter, a.k.a. Grandmaster Dee. DJ Drew Carter is no longer with the group. MUSIEK 31

or are you working on new music? [The group's last album was 1996's "Six."] Jalil: For the most part we have a new writer. After the books come out, we may do new music. Angela: If Whodini was to be remembered by just one track, Jalil, which track would you want that to be? Jalil: "Friends" was the biggest seller, technically. The 90s, that time just wouldn't go away. I'm torn between one song.

Angela: When you do listen to music, whom do you listen to? Jalil: I check out a little of these young boys. I don't shut my ears off everywhere. I listen to J. Cole, Tygga and Lil Homie Quan. Some of them have some nice word play. It causes our generation to shut our ears a little. Some of them are coming around. When I look at Kanye and Jay, they still like old heads -more acceptance. I really don't like their style. I like the young boys.

Angela: What can your fans expect at your upcoming show? Jalil: We're gonna do our thing. We will be rapping, scratching and a lil B-Boy. It' gets harder and harder. It not always easy to create. It's just a blessing to be a part of something this long. We thank the people for holding us up this long. When I was young, this was what I prayed for. At that time, it was hard to go national. We appreciate the people and the blessings. Whodini -- we're Angela: You're working on an autobiogra- the group that help Hip Hop grow up. We also bought other things to the conversation. phy. What kind of stuff is going to be in We're much older now. We're taking this there? house tonight. I got to wait to see how I feel Jalil: Everything... Road stories... when I get there. Angela: I read someone where that you Angela: What's next for you guys? don't like to listen to music anymore. Is Jalil: I look forward to our show in Atlanta. that true? Can you expound on that? It's a southern-packed card. It's really a 90s Jalil: Somewhere in the mid-90s, I just atmosphere here. When Kane goes to work, changed. I think it was 1989 when I got he goes to work. Doug E Fresh goes to work. away. When they played with my money, I That's a heavy 90s crowd for Southern mustarted tripping. About 1996, I came back. I don't know what happen to me. All of a sud- sic. den, I didn't want it around me anymore. UnAngela P. Moore is a journalist based in the fortunately, I'm in that same mind frame. I Atlanta area. A passionate writer-and-phodon't have one piece of equipment in my house. I have a couple of spots that I do lis- tographer-at-heart, she freelances for local ten to music. I may be feeling crazy and want and national magazines. She pens articles to go hear music from the Dirty South. I may on celebrity profiles, art, music, business, go to a dark joint and hang out for thirty min- travel, entertainment, health, self-help, and and consumer-related issues. utes. Angela: What about "Freaks Come Out at Night"? Wasn't that a big hit? Jalil: "Freaks Come Out at Night" was a flop according to the book. They let it die on the track at 70. We made "Freaks Come Out at Night" happen by still touring. It didn't go anywhere. It was stuck on 70s. We changed it and it the record got stuck in the Winter shuffle. It came out in the winter time.







Larrin Granderson


“Let My Creativity Speak” Larrin Granderson is more than just a musician. To simply call him that would be similar to saying a 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible is “just a car” or Miles Davis was “just a musician. To understand the beauty, creativity and uniqueness behind something, one must sit in the seat and grasp the steering wheel of a Cutlass, to play “Kind of Cool” by Miles Davis. And for Musiek Magazine, we had to sit and talk with the creative genius that is Larrin Granderson, graphic designer, and owner of Soule Jukebox.


LG: I love it! It’s so much talent here you know, across the board. There’s a plethora of great artists here, many differMM: This is an interview that’s long overdue, but you know we tend ent genres that do many great things. I would love to see all the different collecto keep the best kept secrets to the end. tives, collectively come together and put Sometime ago we had the opportunity to out something. I’d like to see Charlotte in chit chat he and I for the Sounds of the a grander scale, in comparison to Atlanta QC. How was that experience for you and Chicago. I think it’s moving into brother? that direction. LG: It was a good experience working with everybody, to plug in people together MM: What to do lean to more so? What is that need the spotlight. There’s so much your avenue of comfort? talent in Charlotte and there needs to be LG: I’ll tell you, my favorite is Jazz! Flat an avenue for voices to be heard. So it out. It’s Jazz, Hip Hop, Boom Bap. I just was definitely a beautiful experience. Working with the mayor (Roberts) and ev- love music, so if I start working on a song, erybody on that project, everybody bought it could end up sounding Alternative, then so much love to the table to showcase Hip that’s what it’s going to be. But my go to, is Jazz, all day long, Hip Hop, Boom Bap. Hop; it was an ode to Hip Hop. When I was in high school, we would sit MM: One thing our readers do not know, it around all day long doings cyphers and freestyling for 15-30 minutes. Hip hop is that you are a transplant to the QC as engrained in me, and Hip Hop is nothing well, tell them where you are from. but sped up Jazz. Miles Davis is one of LG: I’m from Grand Rapids Michigan, moved to Atlanta in 2000 to go to school. my favorite artists. John Coltrane, Robert Glasper, Dizzy Gillespie, Gary Clark Jr. All After school in Atlanta I moved here and these Blues and Jazz men is what I inat that point I started to open up a dayspire to be in the sense of musicality. care. But before everything was done, I said to myself, you need to focus more on your art and music. So I did the regular 9 MM: Tell us, how do you do it? How do you balance your craft, your talent and to 5, working two jobs , while I cultivated creativity, with your family life? my musicality and beats production, and LG: Mmmm…I tell you what, I don’t balthen it shifted towards what I loved to do ance it well. (Wife laughs in background) and what makes my heart pump…and that’s art and music. So fast forward here, My heart is for family, for God, for music this is my work of art, my “heart work” my and friends. I thank God for good people in my life. My wife being my best friend, to life’s work. kinda understand crazy me! Because I’m MM: I know for a fact you’re engrained in a Gemini, she’s a Gemini too, but I’m a everything you do. It’s evident here in the little more abstract than she is. It’s hard studio, with the various artwork and action because I want to think out of my heart first, even with friends, even with figures and equipment. Its creativity abound! You recently had the opportunity business. I try to help first. One of my mottos is “I want to help more to work with many individuals here in than I hinder” and I want to be that cat I Charlotte, what do you think about the was looking for when I first got started, music atmosphere here in Charlotte? MM: How are you today ? LG: Alright!


and I try to do that. So it’s like a tight rope, but I know at the end of the day, God has put good people, such as my wife, my daughter, such as close friends in my circle to give me a sense of peace.

To follow Larrin, keep up with his latest projects, and connect for creativity, visit: ukebox/?pnref=lhc 516 E 15th St Area 15 Charlotte, North Carolina (704) 713-7120




Photos courtesy of 100Miles


Clothing Choice 100 MILES BRAND In 1992, 100 MILES Clothing Brand was born. Influenced by urban culture and a desire to push the creative limits of fashion, 100 MILES quickly took on a life of its own putting Toronto’s urban fashion scene on the map. Founded at a time when hip hop legends were born, 100 MILES is also notorious for being among the original urban clothing brands worn by the likes of Tupac Shakur, BIGGIE SMALLS, ODB-WU TANG CLAN and many others. More than two decades later, 100 MILES remains true to our original goal – to make high quality, concept-driven, original designs. Keeping with the pulse of its loyal customers, 100 Miles Brand continues to capture the essence of streetwear while constantly moving forward with fresh designs, fierce graphics and high quality apparel. Our brand includes durable, yet stylish t-shirts, tanks, fleece, hats and accessories for men and women.





PositiveOne is a Brand of Love. Our goal is to change the world to have a positive view point on all aspects of life. We communicate this message in four phases, P1 outreach, P1 media, P1 apparel and P1 connections. All of these phases are connected to our passion of giving back to others and helping others. We are leaders in our community by executing these phases we are confident that we will elevate those around us and ultimately the world.

Instagram/Twitter: @iampositiveone Email: Website:






Musiek July 2017  

Featuring interview with Rap Legends Whodini on latest projects. SouleJukebox's Creative mastermind Larrin Granderson, International Music,...

Musiek July 2017  

Featuring interview with Rap Legends Whodini on latest projects. SouleJukebox's Creative mastermind Larrin Granderson, International Music,...