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Glenn Jones The R&B legend Carey Digsby sits down with the man that made R&B songs synonymous with real love and reflects back on his time in the industry and how R&B is surging back to the top with new fans!


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Marcela Cruz MUSIEK 10

HWGA is Marcela's first EP that was released on Oct 18th. It blends the topic of love and war with RnB and a dash of pop. With musical influences such as Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, JoJo and more, you'll hear an original sound with soulful riffs and vocal melodies by a girl who grew up in the 90's and early 2000's. Complimented with production that combines a suite of live instruments, modern synths and hard hitting drums.

dancehall/reggae track by Buju Banton and Wayne Wonder that was released back in 1992. Stay tuned for her creative videos that will highlight this and other slamming music!

This EP focuses on such a relatable topic about struggles within love because well, who doesn't like writing/singing about love? Marcela’s thoughts: “As an artist there are a lot of different messages I'd like to deliver and I'm anxious to do so. I've had so many influences growing up but I've always gravitated towards big voices that take me on the craziest riff rides. I love and respect so many of the big voices I grew up with in the late 90's/early 2000's and am impressed with a lot of artists that are coming up now. It has all come together to help form my own voice, which I am unashamedly ok with how it is still being created and can't wait to see the different journeys it takes me emotionally and artistically. I'm eager to grow and want to do SO much because of my many different interests within music and life itself but my love for R&B stays at my core and I'd like to motivate and inspire as many lives that welcome me to do so.” She recently shared with her fans a collaboration between her, producer Nelly Pro Toolz, hip hop artist Dutch Rebelle called "Don't Know Why." It's a remake of the popular



Alabama-born Singer Erik Smallwood is a multifaceted individual. Songwriter/Producer/Worship Leader that has been in the industry for over 10 years with performances with various national acts, at festivals, award nominations, film contributions, and his heartfelt work within the Christian market.

They went to God in prayer, and asked for His guidance. A position opened in Athens, AL at Friendship Church as a Worship Pastor for the church's North Campus in Elkmont, so they packed up and moved to there “in faith.” Now both are on staff at Friendship - Erik as Worship Pastor and Hannah as Children's Director.

He’s been nominated for 5 Carolina Music Awards and won in 2012 for Best Country Male, as well as nominated for two Alabama Music Awards in 2017. Listening to his single “Sweeter” pulls you in with grit and energy! There’s more to this artist than meets the eye, and from reviewing video and There’s more inspiration to this artist’s story, for in shows, the crowds love him. Love the way he has 2015, Erik and his wife, Hannah, began seeking blended his love for music and faith into a sound something much deeper, longing for something that is truly unique and amazing. more than what they had experienced before. Opening for major acts like Joe Diffie, Jason Isbell, Shooter Jennings, Jason Michael Carroll, David Alan Coe, Josh Thompson, ThirdDay, Eli, Plus One, Gary Jules, Lenny LeBlanc, The Embers, Jennifer Knapp, Disciple, Luna Halo, Gary Nichols (The Steeldrivers), and many others.





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In March of 2017, Trump proposed the elimination of the Arts and Humanities Endowments. Basically the FY 2018 budget Established by Congress in 1965, the NEA is blueprint proposes the elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts. NEA reports the independent federal agency who’s that it will “continue to operate as usual and funding and support gives Americans the opportunity to participate in the arts, exercise will do so until a new budget is enacted by their imaginations, and develop their creative Congress. Our FY 2017 operations remain unchanged. We continue to make FY 2017 capacities. Through partnerships with state grant awards and will continue to honor all arts agencies, local leaders, other federal obligated grant funds made to date.” agencies, and the philanthropic sector, the NEA supports arts learning, affirms and celebrates America’s rich and diverse cultur- This supposed budget proposal, while being al heritage, and extends its work to promote reported as a “worst-case scenario” by the equal access to the arts in every community administration, has many artists, museums, and cultural organizations nationwide reviewacross America. ing their futures. Smaller groups that currentThe reach of the National Endowment for the ly struggle even with the support of NEA may be doomed if these cuts come to fruition. Arts is truly national—we directly fund projects in every state, investing in communities large and small, urban and rural, coastal To learn more about this organization, visit and land-locked. To extend our impact, 40 percent of all NEA grantmaking funds go







TCB 54 Hundred is an American restaurant , bar and lounge nestled off Nevins Road in Charlotte NC. The name comes from “Taking Care of Business” which is their motto. General Manager Chris Burgess goal is to make sure his staff takes care of every person that comes into his establishment with friendly service and nice people. The food at this place is great also. From burgers and chicken sandwiches, to a variety of flavored wings that are seasoned to perfection and makes you want to order another round! On Saturdays, they have held signature day parties that features live music. Notable celebrities such as Anthony Hamilton, Glenn Jones and The Hamiltones have performed during these packed

out day parties, and the venue has held night shows featuring artists such Alvin Garrett, Shableek, and Sai the Artist. One patron of the venue stated: “This is the type of place you go chill whether it’s after work, night out with girls or for me to line dance. The wait staff is really nice and the atmosphere is real chill. I would recommend this spot to my out of town friends that don't really club but like to be sociable chill listen to music eat and or have some drinks.” MUSIEK 20

5400 Nevin Rd * Charlotte, North Carolina * (704) 596-0605


“Music is vibrational. People feel it…… before they hear it!”



ALFRED Clemonts Alfred Clemonts is known to be a singer, songwriter, and the owner of a music empowerment non-profit company call "A.S.O" (Alfred Sings Out). The sound is a truly gospel sound, and that should be no surprise. Alfred Clemonts’ story is rooted in the ministry, singing of it since he was a child and now understanding his purpose in music, to encourage, uplift, and minister to people who are hurting and need a word from God. When I heard his singing of “Lord” which was a rendition from Musiq Soulchild’s “Love” there was pain, and humility. Of a person that was connecting with the source and truly understanding the importance of knowing who God is. He has teamed up with On the Beat Entertainment to produce your first album His single, “I’m Here” produced by Ollie Crooms. The single debut on iTunes in June has garnered a lot of attention and rightfully so, for it shows that this artist can move smoothly between genres of music, yet not miss his true focus. So from his single debut to the various events he’s been a part of in June and July, we got a


chance to talk to this talented brother about his music and what’s in store!

CD: Gospel music. You ran for a while, you hid your gift, like Jonah and the whale! AC: HAHAHAHA!

CD: You are a busy man! AC: Indeed

CD: With your music though, with everything that is going on out here in today’s society, how CD: With a debut, a lot of people don’t underimportant is it for that music, or for that individustand how much work it is to drop a single, a al to be heard? featured single. How has it been for you? Was it AC: Oh man, it very important! I look at it a big adjustment? Was it everything that you like this; music period has the potential to wanted? touch so many people. Those people that AC: Well to be honest with you man, I heard are a part of music, those people that sing what you said earlier, about it being a lot of or write songs, you are on that platform to work, and going and going. And we have! In touch a lot of people. It’s so important that fact, since the song debuted, we’ve just when you’re writing, when you’re singing, been trying to set up performances to push when you’re making the music, you think the single. Because we want to get it out about those things that people may face there as far as we can, so people can be those experiences. Let that be your touched and uplifted by it. It’s definitely platform to speak out about it, to sing been an adjustment. We’re just really excitabout it, to dance about it, or whatever. ed because it is something new that God is Whatever your talent may be, it is very doing. We’re just walking it out, making ourimportant. Gospel music is very imporselves available, and we’re open to whatever God is going to do with the song and future tant; it can change the pace of a person’s day, it can the pace of a songs to come. There are other things we person’s life. are working on as well. CD: So what has kept you focused during this journey? AC: Well you know, I would have to say just my motive to please God. And also, my drive to share what God has given me. That would be the thing that really drives me because for so long, I kinda held back and kept it to myself. But in this season I know that God is pleased with me sharing the gift he’s given me. That’s really what keeps me focused, keeps me grinding and moving forward because I want people to be touched and uplifted by what God has given me. For so long like I said before, I let someone else do it, let someone else sing, but now God is saying “this is the time, this is what I put in you.” Another focus is to encourage and uplift people to do the same. Because there are other people that are out there that are struggling, don’t know how to release the gift, and I want to be an inspiration to them as well. There are a lot of gifted people out there holding back.

CD: Check this out, this has been quite a journey. What in store for you? What’s next? AC: I really want to continue to minister through song, continue to make music, to write. I even have some ideas to author books. I really want to reach out to those that are holding that gift in and really don’t know how to let it out, whatever your talent may be down on the inside. I really want to minister to those people as well so they can be liberated. When you operate in your gift, your talent, it brings about a freedom within yourself. I want to help people, potential artists; to come out of their shells and be who God has designed and created them to be!


s e n iTu on z a Am te s i s g n i am e r t S





KELDAMUZIK Written by: Carey Digsby

Photos Courtesy of MUSIEK 28

Okay, so first question, the one that has to be asked. Where did all this talent come from? You do so much! Your family, are they multitalented as well? Please share! -Lol yes everyone is curious! :) My talent comes from my family actually; my grandfather was an independent popular musician years ago here in Northern California. He always encouraged me to live out my dream as an entertainer. I started as a child actor, auditioning for commercials and taking acting classes then as I got older I started recording music, then that lead to me creating a TV show. So, define Keldamuzik’s sound……… YASS! Keldamuzik's sound is an authentic taste of what real music is suppose to sound like. I make music for literally EVERYONE, your grandmother who likes something laid back and jazzy and even for your kid sister that likes to dance in the mirror in her bedroom lol. I go for the commercial sound but I talk about what we all go through on a daily basis along with fun club tracks and radio

friendly songs that you cannot deny. Overall my hooks are catchy and lyrics are easy to sing or rap along to, I want people to enjoy music and not find it complicated or too cheesy. You’ve been fortunate to see what it takes to tour overseas doing your music. How was that for you? What wisdom did you gain from it? Touring overseas was #AWESOME! Let me tell you, the fans didn't even really know who I was but they were so happy to see a talented artist come out there and entertain them. Performing in Tokyo was crazy, I couldn't believe it when my hype man introduced me then I came out and everyone started screaming. Afterwards I came on the floor and hugged everyone and started passing out CD's. We traveled two a few different islands out there and when I was in the Caribbean we traveled to different venues, radio stations and TV stations, I gained a lot of experience by knowing this stuff is not easy and the artist really has to be


ready and not rely on anyone else but themselves.

and I should be doing whether I become rich and famous or not.

“Diva Talk Tonite” what was the concept behind the show? It’s an entertainment variety talk show, so I interview guests of all backgrounds and we also include comedy in between similar to Saturday Night Live. It's so much fun on set; it's always like a party behind the scenes because everyone is socializing, networking and excited to be on set.

It’s says a lot that you give back to the community, via “The Diva Outreach” and “The Cultural Exchange Tour” In your own words, why do you see its importance to do so? - Yes well it’s more like an edutainment thing, I entertain and educate the community and the youth at the same time. I also participate in any activities that involving helping community causes. The Diva Outreach was started by me last year where I felt like I can become a public speaker and discuss social issues with young women and help them understand what they are facing in society today. I recently did the "Keldamuzik Speaks" campaign, which was a pictorial that includes photos of me as a victim of domestic violence. We promoted to various blog sites, the turnout was very successful and we made sure to schedule the campaign around October which is Domestic Violence awareness month.

So what can we except from Diva Talk Tonite next season? More exciting guests for sure! We are always casting and looking for something or someone entertaining, recently we had a hypnotist on the set that hypnotized like 4 people on the set, it was amazing! We also want to incorporate more comedy skits that actually tell stories to make it even funnier. Just keep watching! You are so involved with various areas of this industry, from music, to television to modeling. Which one do you feel most “at home” doing? To be honest, ALL of them. Every time I'm on stage or in the studio I feel like I'm in my bedroom. Every time I'm hosting my talk show or acting in films I'm just myself, same with modeling. This is my destiny

You are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the industry. What’s next? Definitely will be producing more films, my last film "Love the Original Way" made it to the Black Hollywood Film Festival at Raleigh Studios, so next I have another film "Gas Light" that I will be seriously concentrated on.











The Nile Deltas are a rock 'n' roll band on their own terms, an unashamed 'song' band with a voice up front drenched in soul. Soaking up the influences of their influences, The Nile Deltas have arrived at their own place, a very British rock band with an American flavour, think early Whitesnake with a feathering of The Black Crowes, Free with a faint aroma of Blackberry Smoke. Vocalist Craig Blencowe soars over a band that are committed to providing just the platform to allow him to do this; serving the song, yet providing an irresistible no frills, larger than life rock 'n' roll sound. With two guitarists and a Hammond Piano player, the band dishes it up old school, with dynamic interplay and an intuitive respect for the song.

'It's all about getting 6 guys in a room, shooting for this big beautiful noise and STILL leaving space in the whole thing' After spending the latter half of 2016 in the studio, writing and recording demos, The Nile Deltas are heading out live to hone the material, before taking up an invitation to record their debut EP at legendary Rockfield Studios Call 07803 266 920 @theniledeltas Email:




Feature An Interview With…..

GLENN JONES By Carey Digsby When I hear the name Glenn Jones, the first thing that pops into my mind is that smooth single “We’ve Only Just Begun” that let that lady in your life know that there was more to come from this man! But no, it didn’t stop there! With hits like “I’ve Been Searching” “Show Me” and “Round and Round” to say soulful, is an understatement to the musicality of this artist. The reason, Glenn Jones was originally an amazing gospel artist, who made the seamless transitions from spiritual to R&B music! His voice accompanying each note played with perfect pairing. Our interview allowed us to catch him at sound check, and the voice, still powerful, still capturing the essence of R&B.

make room for me, I first had to get the opportunity, and it’s been great. I think there were times I was in situations with record labels and it wasn’t the best place for me to be. I was with RCA for a while, and don’t get me wrong they were good to me you know financially, but they weren’t breaking my records. And that is because at that time they really didn’t know, they didn’t have the knowledge or the marketing skills to know how to market me and put that money behind me. It took a little longer. But overall the fact that I’m sitting here 30 plus years later talking to you, I’m good with it! I’ve had a very good life, made a good living, been all over the world, and I’m still doing what I do. I can’t complain about it.

CD: I still remember the interview you did with Dick Clark on American Bandstand. When was that, in 1983? GJ: I did a play, about the life of Mahalia Jackson with Jennifer Holiday, so that had to be around 1984. Because that’s when “Show Me” came out, and I was in the play at that time.

CD: Music today, how important is it today that artists understand not just the business, but who they are as an artist? GJ: I think that’s the only way they are going to have staying power, the only way they are going to have longevity. It’s knowing who you are and not letting people push you to being somebody that you’re not. And CD: It was great that you guys (you and Dick don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing anyClark) talked about your transition from Gospel body for what kind of music that they do. to R&B music, and during that time you mention We know in this society that sex sells. But I Norman gave you your opportunity to break just don’t think that I would be good at that. into this industry, which is great because so That’s not me or my personality and where I many times people don’t recognize those that am. have helped them or where they started from . So my first question, looking back on where you CD: Well, now let’s be honest, I know you’ve came from, the base of the music that you have heard from many a brother…. done. How has the ride been? GJ: Uh oh, here we go! GJ: It’s been great for the most part. Because I got an opportunity that a lot of CD: I don’t even have to finish that sentence! people don’t get. And sometimes, it’s not GJ: Yeah (laughing) I’ve heard it “I’ve got even about the talent. There are a lot of three-four kids listening to your music!” But great singers, a lot of great musicians that that goes to show you that you can capture never even get the shot. Even when my that side too. It can be sexy without being mother used to tell me, that my talent would explicit. A lot of time people just listen to make room for me, but in order for it to the beat, the music, but when people get MUSIEK 41

into the substance of the lyrics, that’s the most in music. Because in a lot of school programs important thing. I think that was the thing that did music is not even in there! And that was the it for a lot of people. thing (music) that not only kept myself but many, many other artists on the straight and narrow, CD: You are a very talented brother! But you had the the self-esteem that you get from that. Those are opportunity to collab with an artist of today, a “meet- the kind of things that I’m a part of. ing of the minds” “old School and New School” who would it be? From touring with Norman Connors in the 80’s to GJ: Okay. New school female, would those iconic hits just mentioned during this interview, probably be Chrisette Michelle. See that term the music made truly has stood the test of time. Now “new school” when it comes to one of the cats, he makes music not just for us, but for a new generit’s hard to explain because you’ve got a guy like ation denied the knowledge, and to give an example Joe, he hasn’t been around for twenty, twenty of what R&B romantic music truly is. five years, so to me he’s still “new school” but when you look at the music that they are playing He’s only just begun. in mainstream, they’re not really playing him like that. They should! Joe is an incredible artist, I love his work, and I’ve been told he’s a fan of mine. So I would love to do something with him. CD: Just those two artists alone, I can visually see and hear that music happening! That would be powerful. GJ: Yeah! That would be it for me. CD: So you’re here at TCB 54 Hundred. You’re going to bless us with your voice. We’ve heard the tracks, you at soundcheck. Voice still on point, haven’t skipped a beat at all! So what’s next for Glenn Jones? What projects do you have so we and our readers can be ready to jump on it? GL: I do have a new album that’s about to drop. The album is titled “Love by Design” its classic Glenn Jones. Mid tempo, some ballads, it even has a steppers’ cut that I did with a cat, smooth jazz guy named Nick Colionne an incredible guitar player. We did two mixes, a smooth jazz mix and an R&B mix. Going to have Regina Bell sing on the title cut Love by Design. It’s just a great record man! I have a foundation called The Love Jones Foundation, which our agenda is to reach out to seniors, to reach them through music. We go into these facilities and we raffle off gifts, give all the women flowers. Take my rhythm section and I play. I do music for them, from Frank Sinatra to whoever! Some Gospel, we have church (smiling) We are also tied to the Boys & Girls Clubs, we go in and have workshops and stuff to teach them the different genres of music. Different formats of music, how it’s being sold, distributed. They didn’t know what an 8-track was, or reel to reel. They didn’t even know what a 7 inch was! We do that and our goal is to raise money and buy instruments for the kids to keep them involved






PositiveOne is a Brand of Love. Our goal is to change the world to have a positive view point on all aspects of life. We communicate this message in four phases, P1 outreach, P1 media, P1 apparel and P1 connections. All of these phases are connected to our passion of giving back to others and helping others. We are leaders in our community by executing these phases we are confident that we will elevate those around us and ultimately the world.

Instagram/Twitter: @iampositiveone Email: Website:










Musiek Aug 2017 Issue Featuring Glenn Jones  

Musiek sits down with the man that made R&B songs synonymous with real love and reflects back on his time in the industry and how R&B is sur...

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