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Teka’s Take On…

Tymes summer issues and the weather lol. As the weather changes daily, we as humans have to adapt to those conditions. We have to be able to prepare ourselves for varying conditions everyday. As we go through what seems to be “mundane daily rituals” or simply “our schedules”, we are actually adapting to the conditions of our lifestyle and must prepare accordingly. Over time, depending on how well balanced these rituals are- hopefully through the process you are not only adapting, but also evolving. The type of evolution I’m referencing this month is more of a “YOU Growth” theory. We all need to evolve in lifein all aspects of our lives to move forward, increase ourselves as humans and thrive in an ever-changing society.

An imperative and necessary change in life, evolution has been a hot topic for centuries. In this particular case, I’m not even going to touch the genus homo, natural selection theory…so sorry Darwin. While I do agree with some of the points made in the process of the state of human development and characteristics, evolving from apes is definitely not one of them. My beliefs lead me to believe otherwise, and while I like to believe I’m as “woke” as they come, I am still a follower of Christ and no one or nothing will touch that belief system of mine. I’m open to learning new things, as knowledge is infinite and will never lose my can call me close minded on this subject, I’ll politely disagree- but my mind won’t be changed on where “we” originated from. But I digress… It’s been a super sticky summer this year and August is shaping up to be just a hot and steamy as June and July were. Both literally and figuratively as far as Urban

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By definition, evolution is the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. So for those that feel it unnecessary to do so, why on earth would this not apply to us? From conception you are in a constant state of evolution and development. You change mentally and physically. Time allows these changes to take place without much effort on our part with the exception of maintenance. Mental and physical growth comes with continuous education, working out to maintain a healthy body and eating right for both mental and physical sustainability. But what of emotional growth? Spiritual growth? These are two major areas that tend to be overlooked by many, usually unintentionally. Most brown folks are raised in the church, so they feel they’re covered on the whole spiritual thing. As one of those very people at one point in my life, with age I discovered my spiritual growth did not come from “the church”. It only gave me the initial interest and foundation of my beliefs. The growth (still occurring daily) came from me opening my mind and heart to more than what I was just being told by the Bible. It stemmed from my spiritual connection in another realm of belief. It comes with constant meditation, reflection and respect of the Universe as a whole. Love is a grand foundation in which I lay my beliefs and God is love. Spiritual growth is a constant process that is everchanging- so I don’t believe there is a human on earth that can say they have truly mastered the process. Al-

lowing your spirit room to grow opens your mind, body and soul to be able to reach new levels of existence. You do not just exist because you’re a warm body, but you’re existing in an elevated realm of consciousness. You are more aware of self and others. Your sense of being grows and you can better process and digest the conditions of the world around you. Emotional growth is a toughie. As a mere mortal, I am subject to my emotions. While men may argue women are “more emotional” I tend to disagree with that. Women are more likely to express their emotions outwardly than a man, but I know men go thorough and experience the same set and levels of emotions that women do. That is why it is imperative that we as a society grow emotionally collectively. If only women experience emotional growth, we’d leave the men behind in leaps and bounds in a stupor of miscommunication and find ourselves unable to have use for men beyond physical interactions. I know- that’s a WHOLE notha subject. So I’ll leave that alone for now, but will say this; once you have learned how to properly process your emotions, your will gradually come better at managing them. Expression is an amazing tool to help with this process. You don’t always have to talk through them with someone (although that helps-cause you can work it out aloud and you’re acknowledging them), but you can release them in other avenues. For example, I use different tools for different emotions. You cannot build a home with only a hammer. You require multiple tools to make that home functional to be something you can actually dwell in. So why try to deal with your emotions using the same formula every time. I use writing as a tool of expression, when I cannot find the words I meditate or pray or both. I use music and words to dissolve feelings of hurt, sadness and confusion. I use my Bible to understand and work through all of the above feelings. I talk to myself (yep, I know it sounds crazy, but Telisha and Teka have many conversations and I’ll even allow my other personalities to chime in from time to time as well. I yell, I cry, I commiserate. I move on. Sometimes, I’m left feeling refreshed and renewed, sometimes, I’m left feeling unsure of my choices and decisions…well that’s just life and that’s being human. But working this ish out is a part of the emotional growth process which ultimately helps you to evolve into a more emotionally adept person.

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Point is people; we need to evolve to get to the next level of consciousness in life. Imagine trying to conduct your adult life with your toddler brain, or your adolescent thought process. You’d be hard pressed to manage day-to-day tasks, much less be able to properly adult. Growth and evolution is a necessary tool for everyone…no matter how woke you may be. But listen; don’t take my words for it…that’s the beauty of life- you must seek this knowledge out for yourself for your own understanding and interpretation. So get to evolving! That’s my take on that, so evolve or be left in the dust of your own ignorance. The choice is yours friend- Love LOVE! ~Teka Rose Urban Tymes Contributing Writer

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Business Introducing Coral Oral Coral Oral, the world’s first Black-owned toothbrush company, has arrived and its signature black brushes are sold exclusively on Shareef Abdul-Malik, founder of Coral Oral and says the inspiration for the products came to him while volunteer teaching Black youth about entrepreneurship and economic empowerment. After explaining the importance of recirculating dollars within the Black community by supporting Black-owned enterprises, Abdul-Malik asked the class what essential item they would produce first. Their answer? Toothbrushes. Since the product’s launch in early February 2017, the response has been explosive, with viral shares on social media and initial sales way beyond projections. “I was shocked,” Abdul-Malik said. “We created a product, agreed that we would sell the product solely on, and after one advertisement post, we went viral. Over 1 million people viewed our video within the first week.” Abdul-Malik says that Coral Oral’s business success has also spilled over to benefit other Black-owned companies, noting the bump in sales of another toothbrush seller on since the launch of Coral Oral. “I think we are beginning to see the power of cooperative economics,” he said. Next, the company has its sights set on creating a network of distributors in an effort to give the community an opportunity to sell the product locally and benefit directly from its expansion. “We are ready to empower our community and spread the message that buying from our own community, and selling to the world is basic common sense that has been stripped from us,” he said. “This is just a start, but hopefully the WeBuyBlack movement can help reawaken us to our collective potential.” Become a distributor:

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127 North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28202 T: +1 704 228 1111 | E:

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His Hands, His Art, His Passion: Sterling Shoe Shines There is something to be said when a person uses their hands to make a living. That individual hones their craft and becomes an expert in it. It forms a solid foundation to build upon, preparing a work ethic that is second to none. The art of shoe shine is a lost art, and gone are the days of men sitting high in the chair, getting that much needed care to their shoes, reading a paper or talking to the gentleman that uses his hands to bring back that rich color and beautiful shine to those pair of shoes.

(shoe shines) is a lost art that needs to be revisited? SG: It’s an art of fashion. I feel like men should always look good. When you go to the barber shop, you keep your hair trimmed, when you go to the clothing store, you want to look good, especially on our feet. In the corporate world, people look at you from head to toe, so I feel that having a shoe shine business would bring more gentlemen in to learn how to take care of their shoes a little better.

CD: So you educate them too on how to take care of their shoes? Did you know that The Godfather of Soul, James SG: Yes sir I do! I tell them that there is a Brown once shined shoes for a living? He used to certain way to walk, because if you walk a shine shoes and sing and dance on Ninth Street certain way, leaning.. you can put more damage to your shoes. Take your shoes off when in Augusta, Georgia. In 1993 that very road was renamed "James Brown Boulevard" in his honor. you get home and place them back into the He used his hands in an honest craft, it laid done box they came in, your shoes will last longer. My Granddad always taught me that, Charlie the foundation to his iconic legacy. I got the chance to sit and talk to another power- Thomas, the singer of The Drifters. He would tell me; “son, take care of your shoes. I’m not ful brother who too recognizes the talent in his going to be spending two to three hundred hands. Sterling Green, owner of Sterling’s Shoe Shine shines shoes, repairs them, and even give dollars on shoes for you and you damaging ladies deep foot massages after a long day at the them!” As I got older, I started taking care of my shoes, so why not share that information office or at home. Why, because his mission is with others? that all that sit in his chair are treated like the Kings and Queens that they are! CD: What would you tell our younger brothers today about the art of dapperness, the care for CD: What was the dream, the concept behind your shoes? Sterling Shoe Shines? SG: The dream behind Sterling Shoe Shines; I SG: I would say to them, that it’s ok to wear sneakers. It’s ok to go out and spend $150was always into shoes. I was working for a commercial painting company, and they kept $200 on some Jordans…but why not go out messing up my schedule, so my Queen Shee- there and spend that same amount on a pair of dress shoes? Ladies look at you, you have na Pickett owner of AlphaMale Nailcare, pushed me forward. She asked me, “What do to go to work in the corporate world and you can’t go in there for an interview with a pair of you want to do?” “Why don’t you run your own business?” It just so happened that I was Jordans on your feet! They are going to look at you and say “this guy didn’t come in the House of LeMond and he had some shoes sitting around, so I went and just fixed prepared.” So why not have a pair of good quality dress shoes on your feet? It’s ok to them up, cleaned them up! Then a customer switch up your style, show others that you that Sheena was working with asked if I did custom shoe shine, and I said yes! It just took can be a little urban, and a little stylish as well! off from there, and I’m here today, seven months later, I have my own business! CD: I have to ask you this question because when you think about shoe shines, you think about barbering, and tailoring, the dapper, the finer things that men enjoy. Do you think that it

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“The House of LeMond Men's Boutique is a blast from the past, with all of the modern appeal and flair. It's a one stop shop for all things dapper!” “This place has it all! They really have such a gorgeous selection of men's apparel, incredible accessories, a unique and high fashion atmosphere, highly professional and efficient staff, good music and the loveliest, most welcoming people I've met!! I highly recommend the House of LeMond!! They even have custom tailoring and the best shoe shining in town!! “

Voted Charlotte's Best Independent Men's Boutique!

The House of LeMond 116 W. 4th St. Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

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FB/Twitter/Instagram: @thehouseoflemond

Address 116 W. 4th St. Charlotte, North Carolina 28202 Contact: Social Media: @alphamalenailcareclt Call (704) 280-2540

Providing men with the ultimate nailcare experience in a masculine atmosphere.

Be treated like the King you are‌.. Visit AlphaMale Nailcare today!

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With Kisha Green

Literary Treasures


Author Spotlight: Rory D. Sheriff There’s nothing more engaging than absorbing the sultry sounds of an eclectic voice when it is combined with words from an alluring and profound mind. Triple-threat Rory D. Sheriff has something special to offer for your eyes, your ears and your mind. Author, actor and Playwright, Rory has skillfully and uniquely set himself as a cut above the rest. By commingling his talent of satisfying all of the senses, Rory has elevated the artistry of romance and drama in written form. As a world traveler, Rory attributes his time in the U.S. Army, and the experiences he gained by living in various cities and countries, as the catalyst for his broad perspective on life, love and adventure. Often penning his thoughts just as a means of expression, in doing so, Rory discovered his first passion for poetry and creative written expression. Simple thoughts inspired by life soon were cultivated into notebooks full of lyric prose, influenced by the works of authors and playwrights such as Zora Neale Hurston, Lorraine Hansberry, August Wilson and Tyler Perry.

Rory has attended Temple University and Central Piedmont Community College where he majored in Business and Theater. An initial internship at Philadelphia’s Power 99 where he was mentored by one of the station’s most familiar voices better known as “Golden Boy,” followed by a thirteen-year career in the radio industry, laid the foundation for him to create a well-recognized name in the arts community. He currently resides in Charlotte, NC. Rory plans to pull the fascination from his sleeve once again with the debut of two forthcoming stage plays, “Henry” and “Speak Easy.” but coming sooner than later is "Jitney" that will premiere in Charlotte this month. Rory and BNS Productions will present, for the very first time in Charlotte, NC, August Wilson’s Tony Award winning play, Jitney.

Jitney is an “explosive” and “gripping” portrait of African American life and manhood from the pen of two-time Pulitzer Prize winning writer August Wilson, best known for Fences. This is BNS Productions’ third opening at the Duke Rory chased his dream of entertaining readers Energy Theater, following rave reviews and with his unique story telling style and released sold-out performances of the original stage his debut steamy novel, Get N’ Serious. Rory production, Be a Lion in May. went on to pen 4 stage plays, 4 novels and 3 short films. He debut his first musical, Be a Jitney will perform 10 shows at Duke Energy Lion in 2013. Be a Lion has been getting rave Theater at Spirit Square Charlotte NC, Aug revues across the nation including an offer to 31st – Sept 9th. Tickets and Early Bird Pricing: perform in South Africa. His second stage play is true and dear to his heart. The 2016 Chica- go’s a Taste of Theater award winning stage For more information on Rory visit, play Boys to Baghdad is loosely based off of his experience of joining the Army and serving in Desert Shield/Storm.

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These are some buzz worthy books! Each month Kisha Greenbrings further enlightenment to reading by featuring 5 phenomenal books plus one extra (1 will always be a nonfiction or one children's book) for you to learn more about and add to your personal library! Aug Top 5 ● On The Down Low by JL King ● Neglected Innocence by Tavares Jones ● Daddy, Read To Me by Rachel Slaughter ● Definition Of A Bad Girl by Michaune ● Head Doctor by Avery Goode

Reading is truly Necessary!



With Kisha Green!

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readers to six men, The Brothers Forum, to offer female readers A RARE PEAK INTO THE PSYCHE OF THEIR MALE COUNTERPARTS. Black Coffee also wakes up social advocacy by delving into discussion of pressing issues that affect black men including Homicide, Suicide, Unemployment and HIV. With a raw and authentic voice, R.L. Byrd journeys into the black male’s perspective of challenges in love and life, unveiling truths to the great mystery of _WHY_ MEN ACT AND RESPOND IN WAYS THAT WOMEN ARE OFTEN UNABLE TO UNDERSTAND. 5 things women will learn about men from in _BLACK COFFEE: 1. _Good (and bad) men come in all complexions, sizes & walks of life; sometimes you have to peel back the layers to find him. 2. Men can be strong on the outside, but quietly suffering on the inside. (When your man doesn’t talk to you.) 3. Men deal with trust issues (just like women) that can wreak havoc on a relationship. 4. Sometimes it’s difficult for men, who are hurt and betrayed, to get over their feelings and move forward. 5. For some, social issues hinder finding, establishing, and maintaining a healthy relationship. For more information on R.L. Byrd's catalogue of books visit ATLANTA ARCHITECT/AUTHOR, R.L. BYRD returns with continued discussions of love and life in his newest release BLACK COFFEE. Black Coffee_ introduces the

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Author Latise M. Howie

The Chronicles Trilogy 35/ Urban Tymes Magazine

URBANITY Television

An interview with Jazmyn Simon: Female Lead Star of “Ballers” At the premiere of Ballers, we got the opportunity to speak with Jazmyn Simon, the female lead star in HBO’s hit series. To watch her in this series, one would not suspect that this was her first major role in a television series, yet don’t be fooled, her craft has been honed via her studies in in Las Vegas and Chicago, and cast in various television and movies. Her character Julie Greane is strong and supportive, yet shows that behind the character is something amazing that is ready to shine. Her arrival, full of energy and fun as she spoke to media and fans alike! UT: Welcome! How are you today sis? JS: Hot and humid UT: It is a bit humid today in Charlotte. We are normally known for our tepid weather and Carolina Blue skies! JS: I guess I brought the heat! (Laughing) Sorry guys! UT: So you are here in the QC, promoting the third season of Ballers. I know you are excited! JS: I’m very excited! I feel very blessed and fortunate to be on this journey one more time. Many shows are not fortunate enough to have a season three, we did, so I’m grateful to God for that! UT: Yes, and think about it, the 20th episode, left us all in suspense… JS: Right! Dwayne’s (Johnson) character Spencer hobbled and hip surgery! UT: Yes, he was! So now you have to tell us, because your character (Julie Greane) plays a strong character, dealing with a husband (Charles Greane) who has made that transition, retiring from football and changing into

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Photos by Urban Tymes Media

another role. What can we expect in season three from you? JS: You know, I’m excited to say in season three, we are still going through transitions. In life and in marriage there is always something that pops up. Julie kinda steps out on her own and does her own thing work wise this season, what you really haven’t seen. You’ve seen her really supporting her husband the first two seasons, a lot of people really don’t know that she’s a doctor. So she’s doing her job, as a doctor this season, and just letting it be known that he needs a little more help than she does in the work arena!

island with. So I would say I had at least one meal a day with one of my cast mates. Breakfast, lunch or dinner I was with one of them. I was honestly with Donovan the most, he is like my little brother, and we all became extremely close in seasons one and tow. In season three we shot in Los Angeles, but we still remained close. We are all on this journey together and there’s only a few people that can understand the journey like these people (my cast mates) can. We love each other and it truly is a family, except for Dulé, he’s not my brother, he’s going to be my husband (smiling). See what I’m saying! I remember when Dulé and I first started UT: With that transition that you mentioned, will dating, we all went out and I said “I’m out there be any hint that Charles, as all football with all my brothers, this is great! “And players do when retiring, going toward a more Dulé said, “I ain’t your brother!” (Laughing) lucrative deal for his character? JS: I’ll say when the season starts and UT: We want to thank you again for coming to ends, he’s still in the front office with the the QC and Urban Tymes thanks you for the Miami Dolphins still. He’s in the front office opportunity to learn more about you Jazmyn of the Miami Dolphins. In the last season. and your character Julie Greane! Let’s make Larry Seifert, who’s played by my fiancée sure our readers follow you and the HBO seDulé Hill, shout out to Dulé baby! He ofries Ballers. fered him (Charles) an Assistant GM position in the front office, and that caused a few problems with my character Julie, because he’s busy every day. It’s a 365 days/ job, so he’s still in the front office when we start and when we finish the season but there’s some bumps in the road and in the middle there! UT: So one last question, you mentioned being blessed for seasons one and two, now we have season three. Is it more like a family to you rather than a job over the seasons? Have you and the cast grown closer, see certain things that can occur with the cast and feed off each other, which in turn shows in the episodes we get to watch? JS: 100 percent! I think that we were fortunate enough to shoot a show in Miami together, and none of us were from Miami. Dwayne lived in Southern Florida, so he was the only one that is home based, but the rest of the crew and the cast were all from Los Angeles. So season one we got extremely close. So imagine being on an island where you don’t know anybody except for the people that you came to the

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An interview with

Donovan Carter: From Gridiron to Hollywood. Staying Humble Donovan Carter’s starring role as the young and talented NFL defensive tackle ‘Vernon Littlefield in HBO’s popular series “Ballers,” has garnered a true fan base from both those that watch and those that truly know the DC native and former UCLA football player. Speaking with Donovan at the premiere of Ballers and Insecure in Charlotte NC at the Fillmore, his demeanor was that of one that recognized the blessing that was given to him, and to be where he is right now. But let’s let Donovan share more with you about his journey! UT: Donovan! I know you guys are on a whirlwind right now. The show Ballers premiere, just received an Emmy nomination, how do you feel? DC: God is good man! I’m blessed! Happy to be here, I’ve never been to Charlotte NC before. Just happy to be here and show the fans the first episode of Ballers and Insecure, and have some fun! UT; Well hopefully this QC heat is not draining you guys right now! We’ve heard that the show is going to be fire this year! DC: Yes it definitely is! It’s a good season and I’m excited to see what everybody thinks. We’ve worked hard on it.

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URBANITY Television

UT: It’s impressive that you’ve went from football to Hollywood and working with many talented people in this industry. Tell us how that has been for you.

feel like you could lose an opportunity when it could be something so simple. Also, use your resources, whatever you got, tap into that. Network is key out here.

DC: It’s been crazy. I thank God every day, because I was at a point in which football was over and like a lot of athletes, and people, you’ve got that transition in which you don’t know what you want to do, and trying to figure out what am I here for on this earth? And God blessed me with an opportunity to audition for this show, and I just went for it. I didn’t have any experience, I just took a leap of faith, and it ended up working out. Here at season three…I couldn’t have wrote a better story for myself! If you would’ve told me this when I was in school, I would’ve thought you was crazy. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life, so I’ll continue to work hard to be a better actor and continue to be successful in this business.

UT: So what can we expect out of your character Vernon this year?

UT: Your character Vernon is going through a transition right now, has some financial issues. That’s one of the things that seem apparent in this type of industry, such as football. With you having that background in football, what words of wisdom would you give to up and coming athletes or those that are trying to get into the world of acting? DC: I would say save your money. Everyone tells me to save your money because you never know. And don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have something on your mind or you need some help. Don’t let that pride get in the way! So many people have that pride or that ego, I 39/ Urban Tymes Magazine

DC: Continue to just follow me and my best friend Reggie on the show, our lifestyles. We’re two guys from the hood, we made it out. We’ve got all this success, all this money, doing the best we can to learn from our mistakes and set ourselves up for the future. But you know, they’re two knuckleheads man, so you expect some type of nonsense to go on! They are just those type of guys. UT: So out of all of this that has occurred with you, who has been your biggest mentor? DC: My biggest mentors, always my coaches from college. My co-stars….they are like my family. Jazmyn (Simon) that’s my big sister. Dwyane (Johnson) Omar (Benson Miller) Troy (Garity) I can call on and ask for anything, and really God. God is my biggest mentor. I just come to Him and pray, and give Him all my cares, all my fears, and He always fix it! I’m good with that. UT: Thank you Donovan! DC: Thank you man!

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Photo by J aka Julio

Taking Care of Business By Teka Rose 42/ Urban Tymes Magazine

Introduced to the world as the incomparable Anthony Hamilton’s backup singers; The Hamiltones continue to make significant strides soulfully singing their way into fans hearts. Their multi-faceted talents and exceptionally infectious personalities are making these three crooners America’s favorite trio with more than enough vibrato to reach above and beyond the stars. They’ve toured the world astonishing crowds near and far, made countless radio and TV appearances and remain as humble as the boys next door. Each member encompassing his own uniquely individual charm that meshes together as effortlessly as the harmonies they create. Twoey, J. Vito and Tony Lelo are masters of their crafts and can literally make a song about anything and out of thin air. They don’t only sing- but they produce, play multiple instruments (voices included) and write when they are on and off the road. With a whirlwind schedule, Urban Tymes and Teka Rose was able to catch up with The Hamiltones at Charlotte’s own TCB 54 Hundred Bar & Grill one steamy afternoon and they only made the quaintly vibrant, down home joint (with THE best wings in Charlotte) that much hotter once they graced the stage. Amidst lots of smiles, singing and laughter- we managed to squeeze in a few questions for our readers about fellas and what The Hamiltones have going on now. Teka Rose: Your vibe is very relaxed and natural, as if you’ve sung together for many years. How long have you worked together as The Hamiltones? Tony Lelo: About five years now. TR: That’s it?

TR: Which is what? Throw something out there you’re listening to. Twoey: I listen to a bunch of stuff- more alternative, old school and stuff like that Lelo: For me it’s all around the board – from the 60s to now, gospel…that’s where we all come from TR: But you’re even able to make up songs off the cuff- for instance your video about whose Billy goat is this (for one example of many), when you were on location and you’re just able to gel and feed off of each other’s energy and make something that sounds great. Lelo: That was a truly organic situation and it ended up working. TR: Did you ever find out whose goat it was? All: laughing, No, we never did- we still trying to figure that out. TR: The search continues…. TR: Your harmonies are flawless- do you ever have “off” days? Vito: We try not to- but we may, may a couple of times… Twoey: off days are far and few Vito: you know if we’re really tired, or someone losses their voice (cause they sing 24/7) that’s happened before, but for the most part we’re all always on each other about being tight and having everything together so it never really reaches that point where someone is off because you don’t have the room to

Lelo: Hmmmhmmm (yes) TR: You are extremely versatile with your sound. You fluidly go from one genre to the next effortlessly; does that come as a result of a reflection of your individual personalities? Lelo: We all listen to a wide variety of music and with The Hamiltones, our music wears so many hats so its just true to what we listen to and what grabs us and that’s what that does to us. Twoey: So what I was gonna say on top of that is basically it is a representation of our personalities and what we listen to on our personal time.

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TR: Speaking of off days, when do you ever have time off to relax, you segue from one thing to the next and are working constantly it seems, when do The Hamiltones get “me time”? Twoey: ehhhh, that comes far and few too*smiles* most of the time when I’m home, I’m still working Vito: Yeah that’s for all of us, all across the board. Our off days are days committed to each other during the week- away from home, and you know we’re working in the studio that helps push who we are. So the off days are committed to work

Photo by Silvio Suarez Lelo: Yeah, I play the guitar, Vito plays the drums. Twoey: We’re a self contained engine. TR: When can we expect The Hamiltones album? All: Real soon….real soon. TR: You’re in the spotlight 24/7- tell us something you want people to know about you- that they may not already know. Vito: That’s kind of hard; cause for me…my life is pretty much an open book. What you see is what you get- so it’s really nothing else you wouldn’t know. TR: For all the covers you’ve done, do any of you Vito: I can draw…I like to draw. have a favorite? Lelo: I didn’t know you like to draw….you learn something knew everyday. All: We just love doing them all Vito: I don’t do it a lot, but when I do it- I really do it Lelo: Is it like 5th grade or like for real? TR: Do you all compose your original songs togeth- *Vito laughs*: My drawing skill are good. er, or does the group have a specific songwriter Lelo: I like to play basketball and golf- but most of the time I’m creating music. I don’t really have anyLelo: Nah we all write, create together thing people wouldn’t know, cause everything is out on the line. TR: Do you have writing sessions, or do you write as Twoey: I’m the same- everything I do is open. I play you go in between other things? drums, I produce I sang, and I like to laugh. TR: Is this your first time here at TCB 54 Hundred? All: Yes TR: What’d you think of the wings? Lelo: Oh they are amazing, Vito: Everything was amazing, the wings, the fish… Lelo: We got some more coming. My time spent with The Hamiltones felt less like work and more like kickin’ it with old friends who you’re completely comfortable with. Their work ethic is unlike any other and the passion for what they give to their fans so freely is evident. A trio of the most significant voices I’ve heard in some time and their individual ranges are unreal. They will have you doubled over with laughter one minute and full Photo by J aka Julio of down home southern music the next. Whether they’re chopping it up with media and fans at TCB 54 Hundred Bar & Grill, singing/working on the tour Lelo: That’s more realistic, we’ll be in the studio and bus to their next show, or performing in front of thouhe (Twoey) may make a beat…Twoey is really one sands of fans in sold out arenas- The Hamiltones of our main producers he is a heck of a beat maker. offer a consistent, raw sound that makes everyone He has like 4 or 5 tracks on the joint and he may cre- around them feel the vibes they’re belting out. ate a beat and Vito and I will start writing and Twoey will chime in with his artistic viewpoint. Vito is more ~Teka Rose, Urban Tymes Contributing Writer the creative guy with the harmonies. Let’s Get Social! | IG: @ImTekaRose | Twitter: @TekaRose TR: But you are all multi-talented, cause I know one of you plays the guitar, Twoey is producing and did I see one of you on drums earlier? 44/ Urban Tymes Magazine

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SOUTHERN TRADITION: 200 West Benson Street | Anderson SC 29624 Mon - Wed 10am-6pm | Thur - Sat 10am-7pm Distillery Phone: 864-226-9917 Corporate Phone: 864-760-0469 During a visit to Clemson SC, my wife and I got the opportunity to tour the Palmetto Distillery. Owned by Trey and Bryan Boggs, the distillery is well known for South Carolina’s First Legal Moonshine as well as fine southern whiskey. The story behind its humble beginnings, from 48/ Urban Tymes Magazine

their ancestor who ran moonshine back in the 1800s illegally, to the two brothers’ vision to make their own and make sure that the government gets their cut. Red tape, taste testing and licensing was proverbial hurdles that the owners encountered during the journey, yet the end result was a moonshine that was smooth to the taste and left no residual after effects like other distilled moonshine. During the tour, the staff shared with us “Moonshine 101” which is the process taken to

course I had to get a bottle for future sampling with family and friends! The distillery also creates their own line of mixers, hot sauce, seasonings and jellies. I can see why this place is a must visit if you are in Anderson of visiting Clemson University. To learn more about the distillery, and to get your bottle of this hidden gem of the south, visit:

create moonshine. They also shared with us little known facts behind the end by products of the moonshine process: the heads, body, and tails. The “heads” is the most potent of the liquor created, with a high alcohol content of 100 to 150 proof. This stuff, if one was to drink it, could be poisonous. The “Body” consists of alcohol and water, is about 80 proof and a little higher, this is drinkable and what distillers look to create. The “Tails” is the remnants of what was fermenting for 14 days, and is beyond nasty. While it is alcohol, you never want to try and drink it. Then there is the mash that is left, which from what the staff told us, they give to a local hog farmer to feed to their pigs, to help “season” the meat so to speak. After the tour, we were given the opportunity to sample the moonshine that has caused quite a stir in SC. From the regular moonshine that was smooth and clean (aka White Lightning) the flavored moonshines (Blackberry, Peach, Apple Pie and Strawberry, made with natural fruit) to my favorite taste during the tour, the Palmetto Whiskey, 89.3 proof, which is 21% rye matured in new French Oak. Truly worthy of the medals it has won over the years, the tones and hints of caramel flavor of this whiskey impressed me, so of

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(360) 281-9866 51/ Urban Tymes Magazine



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Mr. Rivers Breakfast Joint 125 N Main St Anderson, South Carolina Call (864) 760-0597 Breakfast was a must on a Thursday morning, after a trip to Clemson SC for orientation. We happened upon this little spot in downtown Anderson SC, and after reading various reviews, we said let’s try it. It was not busy at the time, we were able to get a seat quickly. Reviewing the menu, it seemed as though the place had limited items. My wife ordered the Farmer’s Breakfast, which consisted of two eggs cooked your way, creamy grits or home fries, toast or biscuit and choice of sausage, country ham, or pecan smoked bacon. Now note, we don’t eat pork and my wife is on a gluten free diet due to allergy, so she opted for fresh fruit instead. As for me, I was daring and wanted to see if they could really do a Frittata, so I got the Veggie Fritatta with marinara sauce. Beautiful plated arrangement, yet the grits that were creamy were the stone ground grits, which I thought was okay. My wife did not, comparing them to other creamy grits we’ve had on our travels. The Frittata was smaller than expected, a little salty, possibly because of the eggplant inside. It was also short the marinara sauce. Toast was not warm at all, which was surprising to me considering there were not a lot of customers in the restaurant. Quaint place, yet was not sure if all the review and high praises were from locals. Our thoughts, it gets 3 out of 5 stars.

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