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“ I don’t think I’m there yet, but I’m definitely searching for to get to that iconic status worldwide, taking it one city at a time”


Kevan Glover

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Sonny Dumarsais

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EDITOR’s MONTHLY PICK Sweet Lu Olutosin Atlanta GA Influenced by: George Benson, Al Jarreau, Eddie Jefferson, Lou Rawls Jazz vocalist, lyricist, and composer Sweet Lu Olutosin has embraced, embodied, internalized this philosophy unflinchingly on his journey to becoming a top 20 international Jazz recording artist. Whether it’s headlining at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C or, playing the eatro Rendano in Consenza, Italy, Lu’s performances are life changing. Sweet Lu believes it is his duty, his mission to share his God given talent with the world; to use the idioms of jazz, blues, and gospel to share the spiritual healing and love this music, his music, imbues. He feels ‘mission accomplished’ after many of his shows when members of the audience come to him and say things like “...your music warmed my heart” or “I can feel the emotions in your voice” or, the big one, ...” your music made me cry”.

Malcom’s Song, Every Day I Fall In Love and Parker’s Mood are but a taste of what this artist brings to the table with much versatility, vibe and smoothness! Follow him: p_2405167945

Drifter Drifter is a new and upcoming artist for 2017. As a student of life and adventure, Drifter spent the better part of 10 years traveling the world and exploring it's oceans as a Divemaster. Drifting from country to country and sea to sea, he embraced each unfolding with compassion and underIndie / Folk Rock • Minden, ON, CA standing. Over the years, the need to share “Let the good music fill your soul. and communicate this experience grew stronger and started songlet it heal your woes. Let it entertain you. Most important, Let it free writing as a result. you.” With a style and lyrics that can speak to all ages, the content and

messages that shine through his music will move any who share a deep concern for life and all it embraces. He currently resides in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands where he prepares for his journey ahead. His song “It’s Ours” is painful, but poetic, while “This is Me” tells of a man laying it all out there, not asking for a lot, but acknowledging that this is who he is. G1y4UI26SemWy








The Fillmore Charlotte is located in the heart of NC Music Factory. Home to live music, special events and more! The facility is located in a historic textile mill, and is themed in the tradition of the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco. The Original Fillmore has distinguished itself as a favorite among artists and fans alike because of the unique qualities of the theatre's ambience, feel and traditions. The Fillmore Charlotte features the iconic music venue's trademark decor, including red oak hardwood floors, red painted interior, vintage posters of legendary live music performances magnificent chandeliers throughout, state-of-the-art lighting and sound, as well as, stadium style tiers that create great sight lines from anywhere in the venue, a VIP area and more. The venue opened its doors in June of 2009. MUSIEK 15




It's early 2017 and the city of Charlotte has been presented with its own home brewed anthem collaboration from some of the city's own Hip-Hop and R&B stars. It wasn't long before the two masterminds of the city award winning Hip-Hop group of the year T.U.K The Movement, Mr. Wood$ & KYRK decided to do a "Call and Response" for artists that wanted to be the voice of one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

sense to keep his verse to reach the female audience. Next we have Chezzy Boy aka Young Master P delivering the sonic sounds of the streets to captivate the dreams and passion of those that can and will relate to the undeniable struggles. Then we have the voice of the beautiful and multi-talented singer/songwriter Ms. Charnel-Charnel with raw harmonic flow and heart piercing punch lines she executed her space on the track.

The response was overwhelming and had to be carefully planned out to make sure all the cultures of Charlotte was pointed out and represented in the best way. Mr. Wood$ and KYRK had to find the right chef to cook up the best sauce to pour over the different ingredients involved to create the perfect sound so they reached out to the one and only super producer Krazy Figz and the rest is history. After carefully analyzing and understanding the dynamics of the message that they wanted to deliver, the super fantastic four were chosen and these are the names: Akevius - Mr. Dumb Love himself, while taking over the airways with his sensational R&B tones and powerful delivery it only made

Let's now reach down into the heart and soul of the city and there you will find and hear the voice and cries of our youth and there you will also find the city's ambassador LiL Richye, he is the future of our city and the chief cub in the den of lyricist that will mark Charlotte as a kingdom of talent. With all that said pay close attention to the formation and formula that these "Buzz City Allstarz" have to offer and will deliver for years to come!!! For more information, log onto







Sonny Dumarsais #TheProcess By Carey Digsby Reynoldson “Sonny” Dumarsais (Due’Mar Say) is not just an accomplished musician/songwriter. In this day and age, an artist has to have that “it factor” whether it be the ability to sing, write, and play an instrument, or even to sing write, and have the ability to act. But this artist bring a lot more to the table. His humility and being a true student of the craft , ensures him a longevity that many artists ling for, beyond one hit wonders and gimmicks. Check this out….. Your life has been both blessed and challenged. Reflect on how it has shaped you. SD- For me the balance between being blessed and challenged helped me to understand what my core values are. I gained a better outlook on life that has afforded me the chance to travel the country and work with great artists. I don't take things for granted any more. I appreciate the blessings experienced in my life. I understand where my help comes from which allows me to remain humble. This musical calling on my life has given me more drive to want to succeed then I could ever imagine. My ultimate desire is to make a positive impact on someone else's life. It seems that 90’s music is not only making a resurgence, but its also inspiring

today’s new artists. What are your thoughts about that? SD- The 90’s music for me is the Golden age of music that birthed a lot of musical styles that I feel are timeless. The timelessness of the 90’s music rings truth through my musical interpretation of songs that audiences experience firsthand at my live performances. Of course the 90’s music influence is apparent in my recordings too. I'm excited so many artists are putting their twist on 90’s music and are coming out with new and fresh sounding music that still honors our musical legends. To me, using the 90’s musical influences is beautiful. In particular, artists like Bruno Mars and Drake have new music that I really enjoy embodies the 90’s sound. Tell us about your first single Someday SD- "Someday" is song I wrote in my bedroom on my guitar; it's my story. “Someday” is the story of a young man trying to see beyond what's in front of him in order to get to where he wants to be and needs to become. It's a story about faith and vision. I want the lyrics to inspire people to dream, and to reach for their goals. I want audiences to know that someday soon their “Day of great achievement” will come too. You been fortunate to play lead with a lot of well-known artists on many stages. How has that been? SD- It’s been incredible and an honor for me to be able to share stages with people I considered my heroes in music. I always dreamt MUSIEK 23

of touring. When the chance to tour became my reality, it made me realize the sky is the limit. I also realized the sky can be the limit for anyone who truly puts their all into achieving their dreams. I learned limitless dreams can put you on the stage with people who once seemed outside of the realm of possibility to meet. I'm so grateful for all of my performance experiences. Performing with established artists taught me lessons I'm going to appreciate forever. You seem to blend a variety of music genres to create your own style. How important is it to be unique and stand out as an artist? SD- Blending many different musical styles to create my own unique style is one of the most important things I enjoy about being an artist. I learned to truly embrace my musical influences in a manner that makes me different yet recognizable to people who love music. I believe being genuine is the coolest way to stand out. You want to inspire and speak to today’s generation. How important is that to you? SD- The opportunity to speak to today’s generation means everything to me. My musical purpose is not only to entertain, I also want it to inspire people to go after their

dreams the same way I have. I want to show this generation that we all can experience success in our own right if we put our best foot forward, grind and not be afraid to fail knowing our hard work leads to success. I want to be the voice that tells my generation to "Stay hungry and stray from foolish behavior" so their goals are realized. I want people to have the faith to dream of heights yet to be seen. You said; “I've come a long way..... Though I feel my journey is just beginning I appreciate where I've been, and where God has taken me from.” It sounds like your faith has kept you grounded and focused. SD- Yes, absolutely I grew up in a Christian family. I've seen firsthand how having faith passes all understanding. I know faith has shaped my life in more ways than one. I pray I can be an example of how far God can take someone who believes in Him and believes in their own capabilities. My faith informs my world. I just want to be a light in these dark times we’re living in. I realized that sometimes faith is all I have to stand on and so I stand. Facebook-Sonny Dumarsais Instagram-Sonny Dumarsais Twitter-SonnyDumarsais





Amelia Hope Hailing from London, Amelia Hope is an experienced vocal performer, private vocal coach and songwriter. She is known for her jazz, soul, funk and blues abilities, combining big band elements with earfriendly melodies. Her history shows that she has also written the top line of a number of electronic tunes as part of collaboration projects with various producers; three of which were signed and published by I.M. Red Trance Digital in Germany, Unearthed Records in the UK and Milk Records in Italy.

accredited by the University of West London.

Amelia is managed by Alive Network, UK and can be frequently seen performing all around the UK for various functions, events and jamming nights. Writing songs with jazz chords in mind, on which she could lay her soulful colors, she aims to keep her audience happy by delivering catchy tunes. This will be reflected in “ComplexCity”; her upcoming soul album as part of a duo collaboration project with Dave Browning, called “Duology”.


“Love From Your Enemy” “Story of my Life” and “Perplex City” definitely shows the versatility and soulful range of this artist In 2015, Amelia obtained a Diploma in Songwriting from BIMM London,

In October 2016, Amelia Hope and guitarist, Yur Yesli, were added to the Alive Network development and are now being managed by Alive Network Entertainment Agency in the UK, under the duo name "Plus One". Their act is available for live bookings through the agency and delivers a mixture of popular jazz and contemporary tunes with an elegant twist to suit everyone's taste. 91729?sk=app_2405167945 _KGGo_QylEzA

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Kevan Glover ,from Buffalo New York, on a trip to the QC with friends, saw something in this city. That lead to his first company established No Question Entertainment in 2005. But it did not stop there. Fast forward twelve years and now you have Queen City Awards, Konnected Magazine, Konnected Clothing and several other endeavors that allow artists and fans to be ..Konnected! So this interview I was really looking forward to. The chance to sit and talk shop with not just an industry trendsetter, but someone who also sees the potential in not just this area, but in those we cross paths daily with. Kevan, you are well known for the Queen City Awards and the Konnected Magazine. What inspired you to create the multiple businesses you’re known for over the years? You are a source for other individuals to be on the come up. What encouraged you? What made you say “I’m going to be my own boss, I’m going to be a source for others to have employment?” Well, a lot of people don’t know the first business I had was a paint and home repair business, I was working part time there and working with Medicaid, verifying Medicaid benefits. They told me that I was going to be hired on permanently, because I was going through a temp agency. The manager caught wind of that, called me into the office and fired me. He basically told me “you’re not in New York anymore, this is a work free state get out the office!” I just remember sitting in that cubicle with everybody looking at me, and I said I’ll never give anybody that much power over me again, and that was in 2001. I haven’t looked back or worked for anybody else since then. You’ve been compared because of your work in the music industry, getting artists on board educating’ve been compared to Russell Simmons! How does it feel to be compared to such an iconic figure in the industry? I

An interview with

KEVAN Glover Written by Carey Digsby

By #cwspeaks

Cover photo and feature photo by Silvio Suarez MUSIEK 32


It’s very humbling you know, to be compared to Mr. Simmons, someone that I truly respect. I think the reason why the comparison is even close, is because Charlotte is still behind in times. We’re still adding on so many things that have been already been cultivated in those major music cities. So I’m able to think that it’s 1990 and create so much of this stuff because of the landscape just wasn’t created. To be on the forefront of a lot of that, I’ve reaped the benefit of some of those accolades. I definitely appreciate it, I don’t think I’m there yet, but I’m definitely searching for to get to that iconic status worldwide, taking it one city at a time. You mentioned during this interview, being from upstate (New York) a couple of people have recognized and one particular artist stated, and I quote: “it’s rare for a person from another state to show so much love to an area that he’s not from, and be a major part of putting it on the map.” How does that make you feel? It makes me feel good. It want always that way to receive that love. A lot of people said “hey he’s from New York, don’t support him.” But you know, I played basketball and whenever I put my mind to something I go full throttle with it, and I’ve been out here since 2000, so that’s 17 years, so this is my home now. If I’m here, I need to be putting some positive energy into the atmosphere, so I’m fortunate enough to do some different things to help benefit other people and to help build the market up. It’s definitely something that I truly appreciate and hope that more of the locals and natives get more on board and help the movement out. It’s something I definitely take pride in.

meet with, who would you say has almost been like a mentor to you? To keep striving and doing what you are doing now? I would have to say Parrish from EPMD. He and I talk almost like every other day, and he lets me know if I’m on the right path and the different things, how my ideas are, and encourage me to continue to do what I do. Everything has to have somebody replace somebody, no matter what it is. Jordan got replace by Kobe, Kobe got replaced by LeBron. It’s the same thing in entertainment, somebody needs to replace Russell Simmons. If I happen to be that person, cool, my hard hat, put that on. Parrish definitely the main one that kinda guides me, introduce me to different people, get their opinions, get my opinions as well. He’s definitely has had a big influence over me these years.

With Parrish being that type of individual to you, there will come a time in which you will become the teacher, and someone else will become the student. Up and coming DJs, Promoters, Artists form various genres, many of which you’ve had on the Queen City Awards. What will you give to them to understand not only the success, but the longevity in this business? It’s gotta be what you are really called to do. Some people do it because it’s cool, some of them are doing it because someone is feeling them or they got the money to go to the studio, but true talent will definitely prevail. So when the money is not coming or the notoriety is not there, it’s what you do then. Like back in the day, people just rap to rap, there was no money involved, so at the end of the day I just tell people to work on their craft so In this industry we have the tendency to rub shoulders with a lot of you can separate yourself from the 20 million other people that are doing what those iconic people, who’ve been doing this for quite some time. Out of you do, and stand out! If you work on all those you’ve had the opportunity to your craft, you’re talented at what you do MUSIEK 34

and it’s meant for what you do, then you will get what’s supposed to come to you. But if it’s just a hustle, or something that you are doing in your past time, it will definitely show once you perform with somebody and that’s truly what they do.

Follow Kevan and the Konnected brands at:

Kevan and attendees from 2016 Queen City Awards














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