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Did You Know……. MUSIEK 10

Do You Need a Manager ? Question: Do you need a Manager? This is a question that arises among many musicians when they start gaining popularity and contacted for more and more events. But before you step out there and hire a manager, let’s take a look and who and what a manager is, and the work behind it….. A talent manager, or artist manager, band manager or music manager, is an individual or a company whose primary job is to guide the professional career of artists in the entertainment industry. The importance of an artist manager deals with what they do, and how they impact the career of the artist and their brand. (The key word here is brand) A manager should be developing and unlocking value for their artist which comes from business development, leveraging the brand equity of the artist to create direct revenue streams, and developing strategic partnerships with others to create visibility (thus increasing brand equity) and revenue.

● Help book studio time and practice sessions. ● Explore funding opportunities for the band. ● Negotiate financial deals with the label for expenses like touring and recording. ● Oversee other people working for the band, like accountants, agents, and merchandisers. The key to finding the right manager, knowing that person can handle what to do when things go wrong, has leadership dynamics and motivation for their artists and those around them, and understands that they work for you the artist and has your welfare in mind.

Do Managers Need a Contract? YES! Even if you're unsigned indie artist that is a friend to the potential manager and there is no money involved for now, you need to write up an agreement. Typically, managers are paid a percentSo…why do artists needs a manager? age of an artist’s income: often 15% to Well some of the work that they do in20%, and any deal between artists and clude: managers should be negotiated up front, then revisited when significant events oc● Understanding details of planning cur that could drastically increase or dean artist's career crease the artist’s income. (Suggestion, review yearly, so both parties are on the ● Send out demos to labels, radio same page) Please note: managers stations, local print media, and on- should not have to cover any expenses line publications out of their own pocket. ● Book gigs and invite labels and the So with this information, you the artist can media to the shows. now go back and review and answer that question: Do you need a manager? ● Network and talk to people about the band.







Tell us DJ Y.O.U., what attracted you to become a DJ? When I was 10 years old, I was watching Time/Life programs on TV selling CD's. I would record them and watch them over-and-over again. I would even download the words to the music they were playing so I could sing along. I was so into music, I wanted to play music for other people. A couple of years later, my brother introduced me to the music of Skrillex, who was a DJ who made music I loved. I thought if he was a DJ that was what I wanted to do. So did With These Hands DJ Academy play a big part in your learning the skills of a DJ? Yes. Claude, the owner of the academy taught me everything I needed to know and answered any questions I had. First, the academy taught me the basics of the DJ equipment (i.e. turntables, mixers, etc). Next, I was taught how to put music together in order to mix them. Claude taught me on the latest software and equipment used by today's DJ's. The academy then enabled me to practice at my own pace, and gave me a chance to perform with other students at events. Would you say that, just like sports, being a DJ takes skill and practice honing your craft? Most definitely! I practice most days 3 hours a day - mixing and scratching - trying to perfect my skills. I still ask questions of other DJ's and still take classes at With These Hands DJ Academy.

on TV highlighting the DJ academy, and played at Apostrophe Lounge here in Charlotte. The music you play, we’ve heard you go across all genres, but what would you say is your favorite? I can play any music the customer wants, but the genre I like the most is Dubstep and Trap music. I'm known for introducing the crowd to this genre whenever I play. I try to find a song or two which fits with the genre I'm playing without being too different. If DJ Y.O.U could play and spin anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Definitely England. This is where Dubstep originated and they seem to be ahead of music coming to the U.S. Share with our readers one little known fact about DJ Y.O.U: I volunteer at Joy Church in Matthews, NC where they host "Room at the Inn." We feed and shelter the homeless one night a week during the winter months. How can your fans get in contact with you? My fans can always reach me at DJ_YOU2 on Instagram; DJ_YOU2 on Twitter; DJ_YOU2 on Mixcloud; DJ Y.O.U. on Soundcloud; and on Facebook at DJ YOU. For bookings, you can contact my manager at 704.223.0037 or

So tell us about some of the gigs and events you’ve done. I've played weddings, birthday parties, several corporate events, school dances, been






SYDNEY�S martini and wine bar


Sydney’s Martini and Wine Bar is located in the Fourth Ward of beautiful Uptown Charlotte. Situated at the base of the Transamerica Building, Sydney’s is the perfect place to enjoy a drink after work or an event, as well as on the weekends. At Sydney’s our goal is to provide excellent customer service as well as delicious food and drinks. We have several appetizing small plates and salads which can be easily shared or ordered just for one. With over 30 hand crafted martinis and an international wine list on our menu, Sydney’s is sure to have an option to satisfy your taste. Sydney’s also has several succulent desserts that will delight your sweet tooth. With over 2400 square feet, our space is able to accommodate 148 people and is ideal for groups, couples, and individuals looking for an upscale environment to socialize while enjoying great food and drinks. Our ambiance is warm and inviting, allowing our customers to unwind and forget the day. Sit back and relax in one our of four lounge areas or pull up a stool at our 25 foot long granite top eye-catching bar. We also have numerous indoor tables and an outdoor covered patio perfect for seating rain or shine. Savor our food and drinks while listening to scheduled live music. Our stage is ideal for single performers or 2-3 piece bands who enhance our calming atmosphere. It is our pleasure to be your after work escape and weekend getaway setting. We look forward to seeing you soon at Sydney’s Martini and Wine Bar. SYDNEY'S MARTINI & WINE BAR, 401 North Tryon Street #104 Charlotte, NC 28202 t: (704) 503-9060 Email

OPENING TIMES Monday - Thursday 3pm - 12am Friday 3pm - 2:00am | Saturday 3pm - 2:00am MUSIEK 19


Drea D’Nur Written by #cwspeaks



Photo by NATHYIA JACKSON @mwop1 (instagram)

Years ago I had the opportunity to listen to singer and songwriter Drea d'Nur. The place was at Dupp & Swat, the event was Rare Soul hosted by R&B artist Eliah. During this event, the music and mood that Drea laid upon those in attendance was powerful and heartfelt. As an independent artist for 10 years, she’s traveled to Germany and recorded her debut album Day of D'Nur (2013), collaborating with many industry greats and artists alike. Honestly, I still listen to this album to this day, especially when I have to reconnect and remember the journey traveled by many (listen to track 1: Beautiful, which my wife Renee loves)

During the Rare Soul event, she shared with many her struggles, her hopes and dreams, and how music is a tool not only for communication, but for healing as well. She states she is influenced by Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill and Nina Simone. Ironically in 2017, she will embark on a special project dubbed “The Spirit of Nina” which hails to be: “A riveting multimedia musical & visual homage to Nina Simone by Drea d'Nur.” This will take place at Kleinhans Music Hall at 8pm. Also, her website shows a photo series of sisters paired with the iconic Nina Simone in various poses styled by Johanna Rodriguez of AKEWU.

From her recent 2016 tour in Montreal at the From her works featured on ABC World News to House of Jazz and various countries throughout Europe, to today, directing her projects, being a her music moving up various charts, she is clear voice to our struggles daily, and uplifting attuned to the audience she performs to. This was very evident in her passionate piece: Cry For listeners with her voice…. Drea D Nur light shines brightly. Change, which speaks to listeners about those killed due to senseless violence. Poignant and timeless it seems, as you listen to the words, And her vision remains clear. it reflects on today’s societal woes, yet can even speak on past and future events.








BuzzWorthy King Tiger Official Top Songwriters & Top Artists is an IMAs Award Nominee Winning Recording Artist and multi-faceted entertainer.

“Juan OsWaldo Cayetano Jr” was birthed with the blood of Garifuna parents embedded deep within his roots born in Harlem, NY. He moved to a neighborhood called Cypress Avenue in a section part of the South Bronx when he was just two months old. He is of Honduran and Guatemalan decent and is part of the Garifuna culture. The Garifuna are the Decendants of Caribe, Arawak, and West African People.

King Tiger later became one of the youngest most successful entreprenuers today in our generation owning seversal Distilled Beverages such as Ron Bermudez and King's Label Whisky established since 1852 which was Discovered Produced and bottled in the Dominican Republic by J. Armando Bermudez & Co., S.A. King Tiger has also launched his own independent record company “Drastic Universal Records, LLC / King Tiger Publishing, LLC See more at: .KkkfjhFo.dpuf



Arctic Monkeys are an indie rock band formed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England in 2002 after meeting at Stocksbridge High School. The band consists of Alex Turner (vocals, guitar), Jamie Cook (guitar), Nick O'Malley (backing vocals, bass) and Matt Helders (drums, vocals). Founding bassist Andy Nicholson left in 2006. The band has released five studio albums, "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" (2006), "Favourite Worst Nightmare" (2007), "Humbug" (2009), "Suck It and See" (2011) and "AM" (2013), all of which debuted at #1 on the UK Albums Chart. MUSIEK 28

Each of the band's first five singles: I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor, When the Sun Goes Down, Leave Before The Lights Come On, Brianstorm and Fluorescent Adolescent hit the UK Top Five, but their sixth single, Teddy Picker, only went Top 20 and their seventh single, Crying Lightning peaked at #12.

discontinued) Top Of The Pops music program, which was often seen as a gateway to success. The band's debut album, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, held the record for the largest first week sales of a debut album in the UK (in its first week, it sold more than the rest of the Top 20 albums combined).

The band's rise to success started in late 2004/early 2005 when demo songs which had been handed out in CD form at gigs found their way onto the Internet. These demos rapidly spread among message boards and friends leading to a growing fan base for the band, and were collected on the unofficial Beneath the Boardwalk, which the band recognizes on their website. The band owe much of their success to viral buzz via the Internet, and have eschewed typical commercial channels, including refusing to appear on the UK's (now

The album sold over 360,000 copies in its first week, but lost the title in November 2007 to Leona Lewis's album Spirit. Tracks like Do I Wanna Know and Flourescent Adolescent exhibit deep lyrics paired with some serious instrumental beats that we give the producer a hundred plus plus on! To learn more, visit:

Photo- via website








Itz Karma MUSIEK 35

“Be authentic, Trust your ambitions and believe in Karma.”

When I was little, it's all I did. I was in talent shows, singing on the back of the bus, rapping which alludes to a smooth culmination of two and doing a little pop-locking for all you old music styles that are influential indeed. This Texas native is not just a performing artist, but a school readers. I would sing so much my moms multi-talented artist. With modeling and acting as favorite words were "will you please be quiet." part of her repertoire, she’s established her lonAny regrets or set backs? If so, how did you gevity in this industry for sure. overcome it? Her performance in Baytown TX showed a I don't have any regrets, but just like with anyglimpse of her versatility, as she brought to thing in life we have setbacks. I was a wife and those in attendance her powerful rendition of mother of small children in the studio as much Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” then dropping spoken word on the crowd, followed by “I Deserve.” as I could be with a wonderful producer from NC named Brian Morgan @briankmorgan, in my Karma has just released her New EP titled, earlier years of music. Though music was my “Bold and Beautiful” on Itunes which is getting passion and it bled though my soul, my obligarave reviews! Needless to say, Musiek Magazine stepped up to speak and learn more about tions and responsibilities was my family first. My husband, at the time didn't mind me being in the this soulful sister! studio, but he didn't like the idea of me performing, too much. When I became single, I went full How did you know that music was your speed ahead! Now a setback is only a setup calling? from God so I stay prayed up to receive what he has in store for a sister next!

She is hailed as the “Diva of Hip Hop Blues”


Ok...we have to ask....where did the name "Itz Karma" come from? The name came from "life" itself, my life. Through life we learn many lessons. I'm not perfect. There was a time where my "Karma" wasn't always good, but when you know what peace is and you'd rather be kind to people, smile more, give more, help receive more. I'm not just speaking of monetary or gifted items, but receiving joy from watching your works being shared. "What you put out, is what you get back" When I sing good music, I get that good feeling back from my audience. Itz Karma.

truly grateful to all that follow me and support me. There are upcoming concerts, new video shoot for "The Life" ft. DeeSmuve @deesmuve, and I have another huge photo shoot soon. You'll be able to catch a couple of performances during Superbowl weekend.

Log on to for updates, videos, music and more! I'd like to give a special thank you to you Mr. Digsby for allowing artist like myself to have a platform to share our stories with the world!

Hugs, There is now a resurgence of the R&B music Karma scene. What are your thoughts? Its time for R&B to flood the air ways. I love all types of music, but R&B tell stories of love, life, relationships, feeling blue, etc. My music falls in several genres but performance wise, I'll do a R&b/Blues/Neo-soul show first! Fun question; what was your most memorable performance and why? My most memorable performance had to be a New Years Eve live show in Baytown and my father came. We've rebuilt our relationship over the years and to see how proud of me he was, still puts a huge smile on my face. My momma has always been there. She gets in the limo's like they are hers. She locks up VIP with her friends, lol but I'll never forget the day my dad showed up. Brother can cut a lil rug too. You receive a call from an artist you've always wanted to collab with...that artist is.... Jamie Foxx, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Foxx...I've been loving his voice since In Living Color. He released an album back in the day called "Peep This" and I still know all the songs! Just one song! What’s next for Itz Karma? International is next. My music is currently streaming in places such as Africa, Australia, Canada and more with great ratings. I am












Musiek Feb 2017 Featuring Itz Karma!  

Musiek's Feb issue features Itz Karma, King Tiger, from overseas group Artic Monkeys, Drea D'Nur and much more!

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