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For the treatment of

INJURY, PAIN & DISABILITY Dr Daniel Goodman is one of the few physicians in the US who is an expert in the most advanced, scientific, non-surgical means of treating many disabling problems utilizing...







The same treatment successfully used by many professional athletes including: Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant & Tiger Woods.






U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8



U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

FROM THE EDITOR May begins with a dance around a pole and ends with a weekend of memorialized memories. In between, lies a celebration of another country’s independence, and the celebration of our Chico State grads. In the middle, we celebrate Mothers. Our May issue also is devoted to celebrating our local Women in Business. I want to recognize my oldest daughter, Sarah, who has made it her business to raise her two sons. Sarah is the consummate mother and often stretches that notion to rather amusing extremes. I marvel at her patience, her persistence and steadfast promise to be there every step of each her son’s way. Porter, 6 and Hendrick, 3 push her to the limits, hug and kiss her with unabashed love, and, fear her just enough to listen to her when all other voices fail to get their collective attention. In a world where Sarah is known as “not working outside of the house,” I want to honor the business woman she is by making an amazing business of working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and constantly trying to improve and invest in news ways of making her products just that much better each day. This is my 4th issue of this magazine. What a job, if you really want to call it that. This month provides a glimpse of just how crazy and cool and fun this “job” actually is. First off, our local spotlight found me in the lovely lakeside house of Mary Jensen. I was there to interview her about her newly published book, Rudy’s Rules for Travel, a tribute to her late husband. Interview? Our two hour conversation included tears, laughter, poem readings and a genuine friendship unfolding right before us. I would be remiss if I did not encourage you to buy this book, read it, and then find a way to help build the scholarship this book is supporting. The other crazy and cool thing stems from our cover story about NorthState Plastic Surgery. As a a neophyte journalist, it is a bit disconcerting walking into a place like that and figuring out just what to do. I was greeted by Dr. Hartmann, or should I say, Emily, a former drama student of mine from Chico High. Again I found myself in a two hour conversation full of wonder and amazement. To be honest, writing is the single most difficult thing that I do in life. I have been a bit terrified that people are actually reading my work. I want to thank these two for giving me permission to write and the joy it brought me to tell their stories. What a job indeed. The Back Page is an example of this fright about people reading my stuff. Although, each month has softened that a bit because of the delightful responses I have received. I have been invited to meet with the Chico Historical Society and, among other things, they have an article about Ross Lawler to give me. Ross just keeps popping up! The folks who live in my childhood home contacted me and invited me and my family to come take a tour. My sister and I did so and, whoa, the flood of emotions that came pouring at us ran the gamut. I cannot thank them enough for that opportunity. This issue’s back page is as close to a rant as I will ever show. It was fun to write, enjoy the read. On to June and the 43rd wedding anniversary to my lovely bride, Renee. To think, we used to be the same age.




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U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8



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10 This month’s cool kids are acting as STEM

52 Shelley’s Creative Catering details a

ninjas, meet them firsthand!

surefire Spring Asparagus Salad

12 Our local spotlight shines brightly on Mary Jensen and her newly published book.

52 Our cover story takes you inside NorthState Plastic Surgery’s new building.

63 Backpage—Our Editor in Chief plays with then and now with a few regrets.

53 Hickman Family Vineyards features their recipe to Lawless Lemonade, moonshine and all!

FEATURE 56 We celebrate with some sparkling examples of our Women in Business.


HEALTH & BEAUTY 34 Improve your responses to stress and anxiety.

36 Choose your obsession for a better life journey.

38 Key points to attaining the perfect eyebrow shape.

HOME & GARDEN 39 In the first of a three part series, Dave McDonald takes on a 1930’s Chico home remodel.

42 New Again Kitchen Remodeling comes to


the rescue of a pair of house flippers.

45 Create a space you will love in your outdoors with these helpful tips.


53 8

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

60 The Upgraded Living staff and local community members give shout-outs to their Moms!

I love this town. Gayle Aylward, Agent Insurance Lic#: 0691589 1277 East Avenue, Ste 110 Chico, CA 95926 Bus: 530-895-1356 www.gayleaylward.com

Thanks, Chico. I love being here to help life go right in a community where people are making a difference every day. Thank you for all you do.


Joe Sweeney, CFP ®

Renée Michel, MBA





2452 Lakewest Drive, Chico, CA 95928


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Registered representative offering securities and advisory services through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC (doing insurance business in CA as CFGAN Insurance Agency), member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services also offered through Sweeney & Michel, LLC, a registered investment adviser. Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity. CA insurance license # 0I22683 & 0H82321

Helping Aging Parents With Their Assets


The thought of our parents getting older can bring forward a lot of

Get multiple copies of the paperwork, as each asset or income

emotions. It can be difficult to see physical and mental change in the

source might need one to add you as a trustee to the account.

people who took care of us as we grew up. It can be equally difficult as

The CPA can help locate sources of income and assets that may

the role shifts and we need to begin caring for them.

need review.

Many people end up with the responsibility of caring for their parents financial affairs. Whether they formally ask you to become the trustee of

3. Touch base with the advisors—insurance should have an agent, investments should have an advisor or company named, and

their estate, or mental incapacity forces the issue, it’s important to know

income sources will have a contact person you should get in

where to start. Here’s a few tips we’ve seen be helpful:

touch with. Be prepared to furnish a copy of the legal paperwork, and sign multiple forms and letters for each asset to get it

1. Start with the documents—locate any trusts, wills and tax returns

transferred into your care. You may want to open a bank account

they have. Ideally these will line out what their assets and income

on their behalf and have their income paid into it, so you can pay

sources are. You should also keep a list of who they worked with

their bills from a single place.

for each. The process for becoming your parents financial caretaker can be 2. Talk with the providers—the CPA and estate attorney will be two

tedious, and take months to become fully effective. However, it’s a

of the first calls you need to make. The attorney will be able to

responsibility that many take with pride as they are able to help their

help draw up any additional documents needed to formalize your

parents in a meaningful and loving way they never could before.

decision making ability (power of attorney or trustee paperwork).

Renée Michel, MBA and Joe Sweeney, CFP® | 2452 Lakewest Drive, Chico, CA 95928 530-342-2900 | 800-333-2901 | (F) 530-342-3925 | rmichel@amgchico.com | www.sweeneymichelamg.com Securities and advisory services offered through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC (doing insurance business in CA as CFGAN Insurance Agency), member FINRA/SIPC. Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity.


Caring Dentistry from Toddler to Teen Years Dr. Kimberly Lange, DDS General Dentist

650 RIO LINDO AVE. #4, CHICO 343-3137


Each week, the group breaks down into smaller teams and go on to compete with each other on projects that revolve around the current relevant topic or idea. They design, build, and execute “hands on” projects under the direction of the STEM ninjas, spending 30 minutes learning and building. The rest of their day is dedicated to having fun with, and enjoying, what they have created. As an example, the STEM Ninjas program popped off to a literal bang the first few weeks rocket curriculum. Each week is a continuation of the previous week’s content, so the kids got to evolve from learning basic concepts to setting off more engineered rockets. Randal Turley, Boys and Girls Club Oroville Teen Center Director, said getting to see the progress both groups were making through the rocket portion of the program was a highlight of the program so far. “We’ve been doing these rockets for six or seven 10

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

weeks and we started with these little tiny straw models that are basically spit wads and we have seen these kids grow from shooting spit wads to making isopropyl alcohol rockets,” he said. “So over just six or seven weeks they were able to progress from spit power to full on combustion.” Austen Jackson and Macie Hughes, teen cocaptains of STEM Ninjas, agreed that getting to see the learning progress over the course of the rocket experiments was their favorite part so far. They also both agreed that their experience in the program has made them feel more prepared for the next steps they want to take in achieving their goals. Both of these motivated teens are interested in future careers in STEM. Austen is already an early enlist in the Navy with engineering in mind and Macie plans on utilizing his knowledge in technology and his speaking skills to pursue public speaking on tech-related topics. We can’t wait to see what else these Cool Kids go on to create, explore and discover! For more information, or to help grow the Butte County STEM Ninjas, contact Rashell Brobst, CEO, The Boys and Girls Club of the North Valley at 530.899.0335 or Tracey Allen, Director of Professional Learning, Butte County Office of Education at 530. 532.5730.



STEM Ninjas is an educational program that is geared toward utilizing high schoolers interested in STEM fields to mentor and teach elementary school kids. Six Oroville teens are sowing the seeds of success for younger generations in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These students meet twice a week at 4:30 p.m. at Wyandotte Academy’s expanded learning program. The format is a mutually beneficial opportunity where older teens get relevant on the job training while providing a personalized learning structure for the younger kids. The program is a partnership between The Boys and Girls Clubs of the North Valley and Butte County Office of Education.


Celebrating 40 years of dressing women

328 Broadway

Downtown Chico


The first thing she shared with me at our meeting at the inviting lakeside house was a black and white photo of Rudy hanging out of a window. The window was in the Isle of Sorgue in a Province of France. He is sporting a beret and is taking orders as he has declared himself “chef of the house.” She does not need to say that this is typical of Rudy. She then handed over an advanced copy of her book and with a smirk on her face and tears in her eyes stated, “Spoiler alert. Rudy dies in the end.” This very well may be true but this book keeps Rudy very much alive and treasured and celebrated. It is said that some people travel to the beat of their own drummer. Not Rudy. He had his own orchestra and he clearly was in control of the baton. There remains an obvious irony attached to the fact that Rudy had rules. Of course there are 13 of them, afterall a dozen are to be shared, a baker’s dozen has one for the baker himself. The irony lies in what Mary termed Rudy’s “spontaneous nature.” Rudy takes spontaneity to a whole new level, more like instinct meets reflex. Rules do not appear necessary to this approach to living.


your ir r o f n Liste win a pa to s! chanceury Box Seat of Lux


To Her Rudy

June 2 8:00pm


U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

Mary Jensen never intended to work and live in Chico. Now she never intends to leave. She calls it serendipitous; it turned out to be more like fate. Since the time she was a little girl, she wanted to write a book. She discovered that in the meantime she had to make a living. And oh, what a living it was, and wow, what a book she has written. It began when she was ready to relocate from her Southern California roots to the community of Chino. Serendipity answered that call as the school district from Chico contacted her with a visit and a possible job offer. She was shown Bidwell Park and a “couple of downtown stores,” and thought, “Well, I can do this for a couple of years.” Here is where fate took over. She became the new psychologist at Citrus School, and, in turn, met the school’s principal. The rest of this story is beautifully chronicled in her book, “Rudy’s Rules for Travel.” Rudy was that school’s principal who would become her husband and lifelong tour guide. The subtitle is “Life

Mary was urged by her family to write this book. Discovering her copies of the trip diaries made it possible. Though Mary believed that it would only be for her family and friends, it has turned out to be for anyone and everyone. The book does much more than merely take the reader on these myriad trips. It rather places the reader right in each place, each situation, as a welcome companion and empathetic friend. Yes, it is sad that Rudy dies in the end. The read, however, will take each reader through the entire gamut of emotions from laugh out loud joy to nail biting fear and anxiety and everything in between. Mary promised Rudy she would write this book and has done so with a reality of unabashed love and absurdity of traveling with a wind up gnome doll. No spoiler alert here, rather an urging to purchase this book and revel in the reading experience. NOTE: Mary’s donating proceeds from this book to the AAUW Chico’s Scholarship Fund. She feels strongly that she “owes this community, especially the young women.” Simply go to the website for more details on how to donate or simply call Ruth Berger at 530.895.3959.


Lessons from Around the Globe.” Their shared school calendars allowed time for this story to unfold.


“You can look at Dr. Barthelow as the Picasso of Cataract Surgery” –Jim Hauenstein with Dr. Isaac Barthelow of North Valley Eye Care. During his long career in the healthcare industry, he found that many physicians turned away Medi-Cal patients to ensure that they wouldn’t lose money on treatment. Even in Northern California, Dr. Barthelow was one of the few doctors who took non-paying patients, but even more surprising, specifically advertised to invite them in. His strong belief in the importance of always helping others struck a chord with Jim and the two quickly became friends. It was no surprise that Jim visited North Valley Eye Care when his eyesight began to wane in 2009. Dr. Rudick checked his eyes and found that the changes in Jim’s vision were due to cataracts, a slow clouding of the eye’s natural lens. Jim scheduled his surgery for July, and though he was perfectly comfortable with Dr. Barthelow as his surgeon, he was understandably uneasy as it was the first surgery he ever had. He decided not to ask questions and simply take the plunge.


Jim Hauenstein Originally from North Tonawanda, New York, Jim Hauenstein moved to California in the late 1960s after completing his contract with the US Army and a stint at Eastman Kodak. Tired of brutal East Coast winters, he moved in with his uncle in Fullerton, California and his cousin arranged an interview at McDonnell Douglas’ IT department. Jim was hired at McDonnell Douglas and within a few short years, he earned a manager position overseeing one of their top software processing systems. Jim’s training at McDonnell Douglas exposed him to a world of new opportunities, including an offer from Long Beach Memorial Hospital to serve as Director of IT, which he accepted in 1983. The position was Jim’s first foray into the world of healthcare, and he quickly realized that he was perfectly suited for the field. He held the position for five years before transferring to Renown Health in Reno for another five years, California Hospital System in the Bay Area for two years, and finally the McKesson Corporation in Atlanta, Georgia. When McKesson signed a multi-million dollar software deal with Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach, Jim was sent to oversee the transition. It was there that he met his wife, Yasmin, who was the hospital’s director of rehabilitation. Eventually, the CEO of Quorum Technologies reached out to Jim and invited him to Chico to help with a system conversion at Enloe Hospital. He agreed and worked on the conversion for three months in 2006 before Enloe’s CFO asked him to temporarily fill in for the recently vacated CIO position. He found himself right at home and remained in that position until retiring in 2014. During Jim’s tenure at Enloe Hospital, he met and worked with the majority of Chico’s doctors and found himself especially impressed 14

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

Upon leaving the surgery on his first eye, he didn’t remember much, other than how quickly the procedure was completed. He decided to be more inquisitive on the second surgery and wanted to know exactly what was going on. He was surprised at how straightforward the procedure was, and the opportunity to have his questions answered in full by Dr. Barthelow relieved the apprehension he had toward the surgery. Jim had his second surgery a few short weeks later and couldn’t have been more happy with the results. As he put it, “I couldn’t believe how fast it was over. You’re in one minute and you’re out the next. It was a great experience. I didn’t even do laser surgery, which I hear is even easier. When I had my first eye done and took off the patch it was like going from an old grainy TV to 4K Ultra-High Definition. It was unreal. The things I thought were bright and clear—I just had no clue. I knew the leaves on the tree were green because I knew they were supposed to be, but with this level of clarity, my idea of green became so different.” With eyesight restored to near 20/20, Jim couldn’t be more thankful for his newfound vision, or the need to only wear glasses for close up reading. “It’s like I have a new life that I didn’t even know I needed,” Jim said. “I’ve lived with blurriness and fading vision for so many years— the difference is just amazing.” When asked about the importance of eye care for seniors, Jim responded, “The older you get, the more you’re at risk for stumbles and falls that can lead to major and costly medical intervention. Impaired vision only increases the chances of experiencing such an event. Cataract surgery and proper eye care make a world of difference for older people. From a health standpoint, correcting those issues makes you healthier and less prone to accidents. I think about it as an investment in a healthy lifestyle and an investment in reducing healthcare costs. I would recommend cataract surgery for anyone. There’s no pain to the surgery whatsoever and the results will blow you away!” IF YOU’RE LIKE JIM AND HAVE EXPERIENCED CHANGES IN YOUR VISION, CALL NORTH VALLEY EYE CARE TODAY AT 530.891.1900. AS HE’LL BE THE FIRST TO TELL YOU, IT’LL BE THE BEST DECISION YOU’LL EVER MAKE.

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late to Begin Planning For Your Financial Future.

(530) 891-1133 (800) 472-3867 901 Bruce Road, Suite 280 Chico, California 95928

Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated | Member SIPC & NYSE | www.stifel.com

Mother's Day Shout-Outs! Merm, thank you for always being so generous and loving in every aspect of our relationship. I love knowing that, at any moment, I can give you a call, whether that is to tell you something funny that happened in my day, or to just say a quick hello, and you will always put a smile on my face. I am beyond thankful to have you in mine and Aaron’s life. We love you so much, Happy Mother’s Day.—Nissa Mom, Thank you for always being there for me, for helping guide me and teach me. I am so grateful to have you as my Mom. Love you lots, Frankie


Ridge Events S PR IN G UP TO TH ES E

The Fest features Chocolate Candyland with a chocolate fountain and chocolatiers with countless delicacies, desserts and confections for sale. Enjoy Lollipop’s Old Fashion Ice Cream Shoppe, musical entertainment, art, craft, commercial vendors, and a range of food selections.

Paradise Tour de Chocolate Bike Ride May 20, 8:00–9:30 a.m. Paradise Community Park, corner Pearson and Black Olive Choose from three routes. Wine in the Pines Friday, May 18 5:00–8:00 p.m. Stroll downtown Paradise on the Skyway, within walking distance of tasting stations, shops, and vendors offering specials and wine tasting. Food trucks will be on site. Event Sponsor Holiday Market and regional vintners will supply wines, with some excellent brews available as well. Ticket sales, check-in and food court area will be located at the Park n’ Ride at 6231 Skyway.

Giselle features heartbreak, drama, and the vengeance of the Wilis—supernatural beings who dance men to death. 530.872.1719, northerncaliforniaballet.com. Hooked on Hunting/Drawn to Archery May 19, 2018 7:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Paradise Bowhunters' Archery Range in Coutolenc Park off of Coutolenc Road, Magalia Introduction to basic wilderness skills for the young and the young at heart, with archery, animal identification and tracking, orienteering, and wilderness first aid. Free, with burgers, etc. for a small charge. agateorca@ix.netcom.com, 530.990.0211 paradisebowhunters.org or facebook.com/ paradisebowhunters Open Micful Norton Buffalo Hall, 5704 Chapel Drive Fees/Admission: $2.00 Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Evening of Chocolate, Wine & Brew! Friday, May 11, 7-10 p.m. Paradise Community Park, Corner of Black Olive & Pearson Tickets $50 Beyond Fitness Chocolate Chase Saturday, May 12, 6:30–11:30a.m. Beyond Fitness, 7224 Skyway 3K & 5K Walks, 5K Run and 10K Run events. 13th Annual Paradise Chocolate Fest May 12, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Terry Ashe Park, 6626 Skyway Chocolate Thunder Motorcycle Run May 19, 9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. Start: Sierra Steel Harley Davidson, 1501 Mangrove Avenue, Chico Check-spots throughout Butte County. Includes Rick’s Blowin’ Smoke Tri Tip. $20 Rider/$30 Couple. 16

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

Fine performers share their latest accomplishments in song, poetry, comedy and other entertainments. All are welcome to bring their talents, or just come and enjoy! Sign-ups start at 6:45 for a two-song or 10-minute slot. Snacks & beverages available for purchase. Northern California Ballet Spring Performance: Giselle Friday May 18th 7:15 p.m. Saturday May 19th 2:15 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. Paradise Performing Arts Center, 777 Nunneley Road Paradise, CA 95969



Paradise Chocolate Fest Events One of the sweetest Festivals on the west coast, Paradise Chocolate Fest is ranked among the “Best of the Golden State” at Cal Expo. Indulge in all things chocolate while supporting youth on the Paradise Ridge!


Fragrance Collection Home Fragrance Decor without a Flame Handcrafted in the USA

Join us for our

le & Celebration

17th Anniversary Sa


May 11th & 12th



6177 Skyway • Downtown Paradise



Feather Fiesta Days In May, one of Oroville’s largest hometown celebrations is put on: Feather Fiesta Days. This festival has been an annual celebration for the past 70 years. The events put on by several of Oroville’s local service clubs and businesses starts the second week of May with the main festival taking place on Saturday, May 12. Here is a look at some of the main events that will take place.

PARADES There are two parades that take place during Feather Fiesta Days. On Friday, May 11, the Kiwanis Club will be hosting a Kiddies Day Parade. This parade is for children to participate, and this year’s theme is “Under the Sea”. Come to Historic Downtown Oroville at 4:30 pm to support our local youth as they show off their floats and costumes. On May 12 at 10:00 am the Grand Parade will take place hosted by the Oroville Exchange Club. Head to Historic Downtown Oroville to watch floats, vehicles, bands, animals, and more as they represent this year’s theme of “Oroville Strong 2018”. Here you can support your local businesses, clubs, youth, and public figures. If you have children, candy will be given out by some walkers during the parade.

FAIRS Throughout the day on May 12 there are two fairs that take place: the Street Fair and the Craft Faire. The Street Fair, hosted by the Oroville Downtown Business Association, is located in Historic Downtown Oroville. Craft vendors, information booths, and food vendors are all encouraged to participate. You will learn about local businesses, be able to purchase local goods, and enjoy lunch from the food vendors. The Oroville City Docents Associations puts on the Craft Faire every year at the historic C.F. Lott Home’s garden area of Sank Park located at 1067 Montgomery Street. At this fair you can view and purchase crafts made by some of our local artists.

GOLD RUSH CAR SHOW One of the biggest attractions that Feather Fiesta Days has to offer is the Oroville Gold Rush Car Show. The Oro Dam Cruisers puts together this two day event with their “Show & Shine” taking place at Feather Falls Casino and Lodge at 3 Alverda Drive on Friday, May 11, and their “Judged Car Show” taking place in Historic Downtown Oroville on Saturday, May 12. Head down to admire these beautiful classic and unique cars that come from all over the country. You may wish to participate in one of their other events such as their free raffle and free poker walk. These are only some of the main events happening during Feather Fiesta Days. There will also be a Chili Cook-Off, a Bloody Mary Bar, and activities for children. Other businesses will be putting on their own events throughout the week prior to May 12.


U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

Aesthetic Medicine

Our Rejuvenating Services Include: Botox * Fillers Laser Treatments Facials * Massage * Waxing ...and much more

Enhancing Your Personal Beauty 2450 Oro Dam Blvd. * Oroville * (530) 712-2312 19

Dr. Hartmann, a Chico native, found herself in a crossroads her senior year in high school. Up until then, she had no real plans to go to college. A drama class at Chico High and an introduction to TaeKwonDo brought her the focus and confidence to see herself succeeding in higher education. The venerable Alberta Simic facilitated the opportunity for a year long college connection in Costa Rica. This is where she first met the man she would marry. Dr. Hartmann also lived with a family there who experienced personal tragedy that opened her eyes to the fact she had no reason to feel sorry for herself. She understood that life is a precious gift and is not to be taken for granted. Upon completion of the year in Costa Rica and with some additional help, she was accepted into Chico State’s pre med program and never looked back with any regrets. She then chose Georgetown and earned a Masters in Biophysics. Though she received other offers from med schools, Georgetown remained the right choice. This, too, is where Dr. Hartmann reconnected with her husband, Eric. Madison Wisconsin would then be home for her residency.

Debunking the Myths If you lined up all the one-liners, titter talks, quips, sneers and punch lines about plastic surgery, I’m certain that they would reach from Chico to the District of Columbia and back. That just so happens to be the exact distance Dr. Emily Hartmann traveled to join Northstate Plastic Surgery and partner Dr. Kevin Myers. Actually, you would also have to add stints in both Costa Rica and Madison, Wisconsin to complete the deal. And, yes, there are enough jokes to stretch to those places as well. Interestingly enough, it took a mere five minutes of conversation with Dr. Hartmann to erase the cruel and unnecessary humor. She simply shared that just an hour before the interview, she was stitching up a College student from injuries she received 20

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

in a car accident. The care and kindness she portrayed about this vulnerable girl was enchanting. It is the same kind of care and kindness that Northstate Plastic Surgery portrays in their philanthropic endeavors including the sponsorship of Relay for Life. Couple that with the amazing work Dr. Myers offers with his special focus on hands and the complex breast reconstruction program their office has in place to support women through breast cancer, and all the laughter simply dissipates. It is, however, a bit amusing to think that Dr. Hartmann never saw herself as a plastic surgeon and Dr. Myers was not looking for a partner. The North State truly benefited that neither of those became true.

She had a clear understanding that the nature of the residency is basically to “lift you up and then knock you down.” Despite this, it was in these rounds that Dr. Hartmann fell in love with plastic and reconstructive surgery. The precision, technical skills and grace that it took to complete an eight hour surgery held her in awe. The fact that these surgeons emerged happy and excited further sealed the deal. All of this combined jived with her personality. Her last rotation was plastic surgery and not unlike the opening to this article, Dr. Hartmann, too, thought this would be “all about boob jobs and face lifts.” On the contrary, unlike many surgical procedures she had experienced, this last round successfully married the acute skills of the doctor with the psychological needs of the patient. She shared a story of a patient who grew up with a single breast as the other did not have the proper muscle tissue to develop. Beyond the mere social stigma of having only one breast as a junior high student, learning that insurance would not cover the procedure was heart wrenching. The parents did scrape up enough money for the surgery that led Dr. Hartmann to the conclusion that a medical practice must be more than numbers and laws. She went on to talk about everything associated with any of these procedures, and mentioned breast cancer specifically. She readily admits that she likes “the messy stuff” associated with

surgery but adores the needs attached to the emotional side. Plastic surgery allows for the doctor to slow down, to take the necessary time with each patient to attend to all sides of their needs.


Finally, a Fellowship in LA brought Dr. Hartmann full circle in the world of plastic surgery. As she put it, this opportunity from USC thrust her right into the “belly of the beast”. It exposed her to the world of cosmetic surgery and she learned about marketing and patient flow, giving her the tools and resources for her own practice. This further opened her eyes to that misconception of just what plastic surgeons actually do. All of this would prove vital for the next move. She knew that going from this Fellowship to a private practice of her own was, indeed, a big deal. On a trip to Chico to visit her parents, Dr. Hartmann found herself awakened at four o’clock in the morning with the realization that she could practice medicine right here. Though her husband’s response was initially no, he quickly fell in love with our community and they moved their three children, Olivia, 10, Belle, 6, and Lincoln, 3 back to her hometown. Dr. Hartmann admits that finding this partnership with Dr. Myers is a “one in a million” opportunity. Not only did she get this good feeling and felt the cohesiveness between them, she said he became her ”big brother” and was always ready to drop everything to help her. Collectively they have turned Northstate Plastic Surgery into the premiere venue in this area. The recent move from the original 700 square foot office space reveals that.


The two doctors and their staff moved into the Northstate Plastic Surgery office on East Ave in June. The final phase of the new construction will be open this May. It is the addition of a full service med spa. This will join the clinic and accredited surgery center, ensuring the capacity to fulfill any patient’s needs. This three prong approach is impressive and the tour of the new facility truly eye opening. Each of the three areas have their own entrance. The clinic is in the back of the new building and its artwork featuring wood and metal, along with local touches, is an inviting way for patients to come for appointment with the doctors. The surgery center has a private entrance on the side, one that leads into a calming waiting room where the patient is led into a comfortable, stress free preparation area with all the amenities to allow for proper preparations both physically and mentally for the upcoming procedure. The state of the art surgery room is beyond words, except to note that it matches anything seen in the best hospitals. The hiring of an anesthesia provider is in the works, completing the impressive nature of this center. The last piece of this puzzle, the med spa is near completion. Beauty Eternal, as it is named, has its own entrance on the front side of the building and allows a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. Housing this spa, along with both the clinic and surgery center in one space, allows for a more aggressive approach to any cosmetic wishes. In addition, the spacious rooms will assist in fulfilling any and all patient requests and needs. The true beauty of this center lies in the interconnected nature of all three areas. Patients can be led internally to any area and have access to consultations and doctor’s input as the need arises. An open house for the entire community will take place on Thursday, May 24th at 5:30 p.m. It is certainly easy to see that, all jokes aside, the misconception of plastic surgery is real and Northstate Plastic Surgery is on a mission to turn that thinking around. The wonderful partnership between these doctors, the capable and enthusiastic staff, along with this beauty of a new facility will no doubt aid in this quest. At the end of the interview Dr. Hartmann pointed to the side wall of her office and with a glint in her eyes and that electric smile on her face claimed, “We’re just getting started!” You cannot help but look into her eyes and, once again, see that senior in high school with her newly found focus and strength and believe anything she says. You also get the clear notion that she is not joking. 22

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8



In 2017, Sarah was approached by HGTV to be on an episode of House Hunters with her clients who were moving to Chico. The episode received major airtime and catapulted the small Chico office into national visibility. The producers and directors of the show loved their experience in Chico and have since returned two more times to film Sarah and her clients for the show. A fourth episode is also rumored to be coming soon.

As a Chico local, Sarah has been a part of the community here for over 25 years now since she left the Bay Area at 18. She has raised two sons who’ve both graduated from Chico State & currently both still live locally here in Chico as well. Throughout her schooling as an English major, Sarah had thoughts of being a writer most of her 20’s here in Chico. She ended up working in a local real estate office at 29 and absolutely loved the entire process of helping home buyers & sellers throughout their real estate needs. Sarah ended up taking her real estate sales licence and then continued on in her profession with taking her brokers license so she could open her own office & ultimately take a different approach to real estate here in Chico.

Regardless of the success and stardom, Sarah has remained humble and true to her roots. Independent Realty Group has continued to grow through their commitment of caring for their clients and ensuring that they are walked through each step of any real estate transaction. Their clients’ stellar reviews are testament to this statement. They have refused to compromise their ethics, professionalism, and flare for fun throughout the journey, and in doing so they’ve earned the trust of their clients and fellow realtors. Sarah has plans to expand Independent Realty Group even further, adding two new agents this year and another office outside of Chico. Though there’s still so much more work to be done, she makes sure to create plenty of time for her ever-loyal pup Meatloaf, and strives each day to be the person that he thinks she is. IF YOU’RE LOOKING TO BUY OR SELL YOUR HOME AND COULD USE A DEDICATED BUT NOT-STUFFY TOUCH, CALL INDEPENDENT REALTY GROUP AT 530.487.8777.

In 2008, Sarah founded Independent Realty Group, a name she admits was a bit misleading at the time as she was the only member of the company for the first five years. Fiercely independent herself, she believed that her ambition would one day attract other like-minded and independently willed individuals to join her team, creating the group of her dreams. Within a few short years, through no shortage of tireless work, that dream came to fruition. Now, 10 years later, Independent Realty Group is home to six realtors and an office administrator. The group prides itself on putting their customers first and marching to the beat of their own drum. Without a doubt, you’ve seen their advertising around town printed in Upgraded Living or plastered high above on billboards, and it certainly reflects it. They feature stern faced women with lasers or rainbows shooting out of their hands. Eye-catching and chuckle-inducing, this juxtaposition in advertising has worked well for them. As Sarah puts it, “We’re down to earth and normal, so why be uptight with our marketing? We like to have fun with it and we think it represents how our company exudes what it’s like to be from Chico.” 24

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

Meatloaf’s Corner: 1. If you could be any other animal, what animal would you be? Just a bigger dog. Then my size would finally match my bark! 2. What’s your favorite treat? Ahi tuna. Sarah gives it to me on occasion, and I know how to convince her. 3. What’s your favorite place in northern California? Four wheeling with Sarah in Butte Meadows. Ooooo the wind in my hair!


Sarah Nielsen



House of Rice THE SUN SETS ON

“We were so sorry to hear you’re going out of business,” a customer inside House of Rice utters with genuine disappointment as she carefully places her purchases into her bag. “Retiring,” the store’s co-owner, Harold, exclaims, “we’re retiring!” The smile on his face is one of the most genuine I’ve seen as he repeats the remainder of the explanation he gave another customer just 15 minutes before. It is clear from his upbeat candor that he is excited for this next step in life, and why shouldn’t he be? After all, he’s certainly earned it. For the past 44 years, he and his wife, Catherine, have served the Chico community 10 hours per day, seven days each week—save for one two-week adventure in Thailand. The store has been the couple’s home away from home, and they’ve run the business throughout those 44 years without a single employee. Evening trips to Sacramento, San Francisco, or Lake Almanor for dinner were considered vacations, and the two have earned a bit of a cult following in Chico because of that commitment. As a result, their ever-open door has become the go-to for hard-to-find items and unique gifts for those who are notoriously difficult to shop for. “We did what we promised we’d do,” Harold says, “and now we’re ready to enjoy the things we’re truly passionate about.” For Harold, that passion is photography, and it has been a major focus of his since he graduated from New Jersey’s School of Modern Photography in 1964. “Finding beauty in common things makes me happy,” adds Harold, “and I’ve trained my eye for 65 years to find that beauty.” For Catherine, gardening at the start and end of each day has been her peaceful retreat. Their home’s backyard is a testament to her green thumb. Her newfound time in retirement will be spent taking taking classes to further her knowledge of the subject and experimenting with new methods to further perfect her process. Though they both have different hobbies, they’re tied together by their love of nature, and they plan to spend plenty of their time traveling to experience all that there is to see. While traveling the world, their home base will remain 26

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

in Chico. Catherine is quick to mention, “No matter where we go, we’ll always come back to Chico. We love this town and it will always be our home.” House of Rice will close its doors on May 31st and will be truly missed as an icon of Downtown Chico. Over the month of May, Harold and Catherine will host a storewide 50% off sale to liquidate their entire remaining inventory before setting sail on one of the most deserved retirements in recent memory. Whether you’re in the market for Chinese art, Asian-inspired furniture, hand painted vases, cooking utensils, wall decor, Chinese herbal medicine, Buddha statues, meditation singing bowls, or any one of the thousands of other items they have in store, stop by, bid these two a warm congratulations on achieving what few others have, and wish them well on the journey to come. HOUSE OF RICE IS LOCATED IN DOWNTOWN CHICO AT 338 BROADWAY STREET. THEY ARE OPEN MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY FROM 10AM TO 5:30PM AND SUNDAY FROM 12PM TO 5PM. THEY CAN BE REACHED BY PHONE AT 530.893.1794.

Now Available in Chico Free Consultation Call Today (530) 893-0386 Speical Introductory Pricing

SculpSure helps you safely reduce stubborn fat in the problem areas such as the belly, love handles, back, thighs, and chin.

Amour Medical Aesthetics 1645 Esplande, Ste 1, Chico (530) 896-0386



DK WEB DESIGN Creating Personalized Solutions Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out or a full-fledged company looking to increase your traffic with search engine optimization or social media marketing, the team at DK Web Design will work with you to create a personalized solution. With fair pricing, open communication, and a talented staff who genuinely care about their customers, the DK team operates by the core concepts of trust, honesty and transparency to create a strong working relationship with every single client. “You know you're not going to be just a customer number when you come here,” says Owner and Designer Danielle Vogel. “At the end of the day, we want to take pride in what we do, and we want the client to be happy.” At DK, the website design process begins with a consultation to discuss goals and the pros and cons of different options. Once your needs are locked down, the team develops a personalized design solution, scheduling a time to go over their estimates in person. “We are big on education,” Vogel says. “It’s really important to me that clients have a clear understanding of the ideas we put on paper for them. Essentially, I want to be sure that they have enough information that they feel like they can make a good decision.” The DK team understands that this 28

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

is an investment and will do whatever they can to help you make the best choice for your business. “If there are any holes or loose ends or anything, I encourage you to call us,” Vogel says. “We’ll sit and meet with you as many times as we need to for it to make sense.” Once you and the team have an agreed-upon project, DK’s project manager will help you gather content for the website. The next step is designing and coding the website itself. “At every part of that process we check in with the clients,” Vogel says. “So there is no surprise when the website's done.” Before launch, the team will do quality assurance to make sure every part of the website works. Last but not least, the website will be put online and made available to the public. Their impressive client list includes: Chico Performances, Grayc Glass, and Red Tavern. DK Web Design has built a reputation for excellence in the Chico community and beyond. Vogel, who started DK in 2012 to create jobs and to use her talents to contribute to animal welfare organizations, is proud to keep all the company’s work in the U.S. and to support a different non-profit every month. “When it's my turn to pick, it's usually an animal place,” she laughs. With three pro bono projects on the books at any given time, the team is currently offering their design services to El Rey Theater, Project Hope, and the upcoming Bidwell Bark event. “It gives meaning to what we do,” Vogel adds. “We're looking for those long-term, meaningful relationships where we can genuinely help people.” FOR MORE INFORMATION, AND TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION, CALL DK WEB DESIGN TODAY AT 530.809.4989.



Insuring Women ENSURING OUR PEACE OF MIND Each May, Upgraded Living features our Women In Business issue because we cannot help but admire the immense number of women in Northern California who keep our communities thriving. The following three women from InterWest Insurance Services have gone above and beyond in keeping their clients safe and secure, while also giving back to their community. To top it off, they have done so while raising families of their own, a feat that any mother is sure to regard as no easy task. We salute them and their continued work both in their business and within their community.

Rose Krepelka RHU®, REBC®

Michele Carter, CIC, CRM, CISR

Delynn Thomas

Vice President

Vice President

Personal Insurance Broker

Originally from Tulare, California, Michele Carter joined InterWest Insurance Services in 1991 as an account manager and began working in the Commercial Insurance Division of their Redding office before moving to the Chico branch in 1994. In her role as Commercial Insurance Broker, while she works with a wide variety of industries, her special interests are insuring social and human service organizations and health care providers.

Delynn Thomas grew up in Woodland and moved to Chico in 1982 to attend Chico State, as have many others before and after her. She fell in love with our small town and never left. Delynn joined InterWest in 1988, being ready for a new challenge, and settled into personal insurance focusing on home and auto.

A fifth generation Chicoan, Rose Krepelka graduated from Chico State in 1982 with degrees in business administration and accounting. She opened her own brokerage in 1989, focusing on employee benefits insurance—medical, dental, vision, life and disability. She ran it successfully for 13 years before making the jump to InterWest in 2002. Rose is proud to admit that most of her business has come from referrals and working with employers throughout the Northstate has been one of the most fulfilling experiences she has had. As she mentioned, “You just get one opportunity to make a positive lasting impression.” Her word-ofmouth client procurement is proof that she does an excellent job at exactly that. Since 1989, Rose has worked with over 500 different businesses in Northern California and provided a specialized level of service for each, ensuring that each company’s employees are well taken care of. She strives to keep employers in compliance and make sure that in the event of a claim, they are well prepared and covered. 30

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

Michele has worked with many of the largest businesses in the North State and has a clear understanding of the challenges her clients face from funding, regulatory and oversight standpoints. With over 20 years of experience in risk management, insurance consultation and risk transfer solutions, she works diligently on behalf of her clients to stay abreast of the complex changes in exposure and protection requirements, thereby ensuring their continued success in our community.

Among the many things Delynn loves about working in the insurance industry, is the opportunity to educate others about liability exposures and coverage solutions. Working with a wide variety of people, personalities and situations makes each day unique and the opportunity to help people find a sense of security in their lives makes the job fulfilling.Living in a small town, your clients are your neighbors. As Delynn puts it, “We take a serious vested interest in our clients because they matter to us. Helping them make the right decisions today could mean all the difference in a time of crisis.”



U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

The Aging Brain: Assessment, Treatment, and Interventions for Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias Presented by: Roy D. Steinberg, Ph.D. Geriatric psychologist fd l

Date: May 10th, 2018

Time: 9:30 am—2:00 pm Location: CARD Center 545 Vallombrosa Ave Chico, CA 95926

Registration Required by May 3rd For more information or to RSVP please call 530-898-6525 or online: https://acaregiversjourney.eventbrite.com



What Can Kybella Do For Me? In our youth, the classic profile shows a smooth, defined jaw and chin line. As we age, some of us develop submental fullness, or a "double-chin". It can be the result of weight gain, heredity, or simply part of the aging process. You cannot target chin fat with diet or exercise, and surgery is painful, pricey, and invasive. Now there is Kybella (deoxycholic acid), an FDA approved injectable enzyme that breaks down the fat cell membranes, leaving those cells to be digested and eliminated. Once the body kicks in and recognizes those fat cells as waste, they are naturally expelled. The injection procedure takes about an hour; numbing with topical Lidocaine, marking the skin for injection sites, then the actual injections. Downtime is minimal, but swelling, bruising,and redness are the most common side effects. Not everyone will be a candidate for this procedure, so a consultation is required. This is not a "quick fix"! There is a healing process that takes several weeks. There will be immediate swelling (think bullfrog or pelican!!), then the area will get loose and wobbly, then gradually the skin tightens back up where the fat cells and membrane have been reduced. The area is evaluated at about 6 weeks to see if another treatment is necessary. Up to 4 or 5 treatments can be done if there is enough remaining fat to inject. To see if Kybella is right for you, call the Derm Bar Med-Spa at 530.342.2672 to get a free consultation! DERM BAR MED-SPA 85 Declaration Dr. Suite 100 Chico, CA 95973 530.342.2672


U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

Self-care is an intentional collection of behaviors, practices, and mindsets that can improve our responses to stress and anxiety. When we develop and implement self-care strategies, we decrease reactivity and improve our ability to manage daily life. Self-care practices might be described as things we do to realign ourselves with our “better selves” and to put us back into order. They remind us of who we want to be or really know ourselves to be, and they can be practiced by kids, adolescents, and adults of any age. Ultimately, the goal is to arrive at a sense of balance and equilibrium. But what do these concepts mean? Often, people mistake balance for a sort of imagined perfection or superhero deflection ability. Or, they confuse it with not feeling at all. However, we are human beings with a variety of feelings and emotions that can be triggered by daily life. Some days we manage these better than others. Self-care is about creating a life that feels good over looking good. The first category of self-care practices consists of those activities that people often forego due to busy schedules. These activities may include painting, bicycleriding, yoga, dancing, hiking, playing a musical instrument, exercise, model building, or puzzle making—as regularly scheduled activities. There is a direct correlation between engaging in these activities, reducing stress, and improving our ability to manage difficult situations. According to foundational research in trauma and neuroplasticity, these practices can help “reboot” the amygdala, reduce “fight or flight” responses, and mitigate the impact of past trauma. They also help us

to respond in more present-centered time. Some of these activities, including yoga or other intentional body-mind practices, have been demonstrated to be effective in creating new neural pathways, allowing us to bypass outdated, ineffective ways of reacting to difficult situations. We can develop new ways of responding. The second category of self-care practices consists of internal activities that others may not see: breath-work, journaling, meditation, religious and spiritual practices, inspirational reading, and participating in psychotherapy. These can be implemented as first-line defenses in the case of a crisis. The in-flight safety briefing encourages you to secure the mask on yourself before assisting others. If you don’t, you may risk not having the ability to assist your more vulnerable self when it really needs you, let alone helping others. Without such practices, your brain seeks to return to a more primitive set of reactions. Self-care practices are developed when life is good and things are going well, so that when things go awry, the foundational practices already exist and the tools are readily accessible. At the end of the day, self-care is not about the ability to control the things that happen to you and around you, but it is about your ability to transform your responses. It’s about meeting your own needs so that you can be the best version of yourself.




Lance Ferris is a licensed adolescent and adult psychotherapist believes that change happens when people are given the guidance they need to draw on their own strengths and realize their potential to live fulfilling, happy lives. For more information, contact Lance at 530.592.7847 or lanceferrislcsw@gmail.com.

Strength means recognizing that it is impossible to be strong all of the time. We support and empower Caregivers.

530.898.5925 Passages Caregiver Resource Center is funded by the California Department of Healthcare Services, the Area Agency on Aging (PSA2,PSA3), and the California Departmnet of Aging. 35


I’ve been in the fitness business for over twenty years now and, as a result, I am in love with this journey and this process. I’ve served in the United States Air Force, trained thousands of people, participated in bodybuilding shows, powerlifting, and kettlebell competitions. Fitness has been my passion and my business for the majority of my adult life, but it all started from very humble beginnings. If most of my adult life has been about fitness and helping others, then most of my childhood was about being overweight and ashamed. As a result, most of my young adult life has been filled with depression, anxiety, and worst of all, I felt broken. What brought me to fitness as a young man was that I was ashamed of my body. In fact, I hated my body, which is to say, I hated myself. At age fifteen, I discovered martial arts, and for the first time in my life I found a physical activity that brought me peace and mental focus. I discovered what I refer to now as meditation through movement and I became obsessed with learning to move better and more efficiently. I was obsessed with becoming the very best human being I could possibly become. Twenty years later, I am still in love with movement, training, learning and becoming a better human being. Throughout my journey, I have several times been referred to as “obsessed” as if that were a negative. I have often received the statement “all you ever do is workout”. I want to make something very clear, we are all obsessed! No, not just us “fitness freaks” that workout 36

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

all the time. Truely, we are all obsessed. You’re either obsessed with mediocrity, or with excellence, or obsessed with merely trying to avoid going backwards. We are all obsessed, so choose your obsession. I have trained for nearly two straight decades now and seldom miss more than two days without a workout. I train daily because I need to, I also train daily because it gives me balance and peace. I train daily because I have come to love the feeling, the challenge, the mental and emotional strength I gain from the training. I no longer feel pain or discomfort or any negativity from training, rather all I feel is joy and peace. It is the daily discipline of training that has brought me clarity and freedom and continues to bring me out of depression and anxiety. Therefore, I am obsessed with becoming a better human, being as active as I can, for as long as I can. As a trainer and as a fellow human, I urge you all to start your own fitness/health journey. If you’ve already begun your fitness journey, do not stop. Dig a little deeper, dig deeper for more meaningful motives and you will develop a deeper more meaningful commitment and connection not just to your fitness journey, but your life journey. The true gold you’re looking for is right beneath the surface. Choose your obsession.




Micah Hankins is the owner at MH Fitness. For more information, visit MH Fitness at 2426 Park Avenue in Chico or contact Micah at micah@mhfitnesschico.com.



Here are a few key points in Eyebrow Shaping to attain a naturally beautiful shape. For starters, and as hard as it might sound, “do not touch.” It is best to allow your brows to grow out for six to eight weeks so they can reach there full potential. Thus the key here is the longer the better. This helps reveal the natural shape of the brow itself. I personally always refer to the Golden Rule for brow shaping which is to go from head to tail as a start to finish procedure. To get started, find the head by holding a brow pencil vertically. At the middle of each nostril, mark the spot. Then pivot the brow pencil while still at the nostril to the outside of your iris to find your arch and mark that spot. Once again, pivot your brow pencil from the nostril to the outer corner of your eye to mark your tail. I always recommend brushing your eyebrow hairs straight UP at the head and then in the direction they lay. Like other hair, eyebrow hair can be stubborn and also have the need to be trained. For assistance, there are many brow gels out there like “Boy Brow by Glossier” to help control these stubborn hairs. Once you have brushed all hairs up and in the direction they naturally lay 38

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

through the arch and tail, you can now trim any long and unwanted hairs to suit your natural shape using precision movement with fine tiny scissors trimming one hair at a time. Now it is time for tweezing. It is a good idea to prep the skin before you tweeze. I recommend massaging your favorite facial oil over the brow bone area as this will moisture the hair follicles and alleviate some of the discomfort that comes with tweezing. It is important only to tweeze those unwanted hairs outside of your natural shape. Pluck each hair in the direction it grows, one at a time, holding the skin very taut. This is best done in natural lighting in order to avoid overdoing it. This basic guide will reveal your natural shape. Simply fill in your brows where needed to achieve desired thickness by starting more sparsely at the head and then thicker through the arch and tail. Just like that, TADA—Eyebrows!




For more information, visit Jennie at Microblading Chico Cosmetic Tattoo Studio at 578 Rio Lindo Ave #5 in Chico or call 530.717.3968.


Restoring Chico As any flipper is sure to tell you, flipping a home is no easy project. However, rebuilding a completely gutted home is another matter altogether. Local contractor Dave McDonald of DWM Builders and his partner, Jason French, are currently doing just that at a 1930s home on W. 16th Street in Chico. Originally built as a bungalow to house employees of the once iconic Diamond Matchstick Factory, the home fell into disrepair as it traded hands over the decades since the factory’s closure. Eventually, it was sold to a pair of investors who thought they could simply flip the property, but once gutted, realized the project was far too complicated an undertaking for their level of experience. The home sat vacant for some time before one of Dave’s friends pointed out the property to him. Excited for the opportunity to resurrect a historic Chico home to use once more, Dave reached out to Jason, and they decided to purchase the property. The house on W. 16th Street is the seventh property the two have worked on together, and is, by far, the most ambitious of their projects. As a contractor, Dave has worked on over 100 homes since receiving his license in 2004. Jason, a construction management major, worked for a development firm in San Diego before moving back to Chico six years ago. Since partnering, they’ve restored a number of highly visible properties, the most notable being a home that had turned into an eyesore on the northeast corner of E. 1st Avenue and Oleander. “Neighbors would stop by all the time excited to talk about the restoration, and thank us for giving the home a facelift. It was cool to not only restore a home in need of repair, but also beautify part of

our community at the same time,” said Dave. The experience working on the home gave them the confidence needed to take on any other project, and the warm welcome they received convinced them to look for other properties where they could have the same positive effect. The Diamond Matchstick Factory bungalow fit the criteria perfectly. Though the home is currently down to bare studs, Dave and Jason paint a handsome picture while describing the home that will soon materialize. At 1,200 square feet, the home previously sat on a raised foundation with a two bedroom, one bathroom floor plan that did not make the best use of the space available. After multiple iterations, the two settled on the ideal four bedroom, two bathroom open floor plan that makes use of every available square foot. The plans for the remodel call for converting the raised foundation to slab, which will add approximately 18” to the ceilings inside. As the exterior walls had to be rebuilt, Dave and Jason took the opportunity to add plenty of new dual-pane windows to the plans, guaranteeing the home will be light and bright throughout the day. Though the guys are focused on every aspect of the house, the kitchen has turned into the design’s focal point with a 20 square foot dark walnut butcher block island as its star attraction. An inset oven and stove with surrounding seating will provide the new owners with the perfect setting to entertain family and guests alike. Though the project is a massive undertaking, the two plan on having the home ready for sale by the end of July. They are working on it while continuing their normal day jobs, helping others build and remodel their own homes. Follow the home’s progress over the next three issues right here in Upgraded Living, and should you need a renovation of your own in the meantime, make sure to call 530.864.1301 for a free consultation. 39

There’s something about

Sherry LandiS “Sherry is the Notreal only is she “Sherry Landis is by best. far the best estate agentthorough in Chico. Sheand is professional, positive, hasisincredible follow through. competent, butand she fun to work with! “She helped us navigate our way through the sale of two homes and the purchase of -Margaret McNulty, another—all at the same time! She never missed a beat. She madeChico sure we understood the process, and stayed in constant contact with us. Even after all three homes closed, she continued to call, email, and text just to make sure everything was going as planned. We could not have done it without her.” — Doug anD CoLEttE RobERtS

(530) 514-4855 | landis4sale25@gmail.com landis4sale@aol.com | www.SherryLandis.com

Large rooms, vaulted ceilings + separate living and family room areas with wood stove and fireplace. Master suite is oversized with large walk in closet, jacuzzi tub and separate shower!!! Kitchen has lots of custom cabinetry and eating bar, refrigerator is included! Tastefully painted with modern colors - Wonderful large indoor laundry w/sink, covered patio and more. Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,901 Price: $499,000

Brand new windows, Central Heating and Air Conditioning, Roof, Flooring, paint inside/out, garage doors, kitchen cabinets, granite counters, lighting, interior doors, tiled shower - just to name a few!!! Enjoy the fireplace and natural lighting in the perfect location home that is smack dab in the center of what’s happening!!!! Parks, schools, downtown, the usual!! Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,431 Price: $319,500

A feeling of home when you enter this door - relaxing in an open flowing floor plan, yet little spaces to tuck away should you need to have some quiet time away from the rest of the gang!! The master suite is separate from the rest of this well laid out home and boasts a wonderful master bath/dressing area! Well appointed Thisnewer was the home steel and only one owner! have many SoAmuch terrific Michael Galli floor plan remodeled from$639,000 head to with highmodel end stainless appliances, graniteThere and tile andbeen high ceilings! to see! Call today! Bed: 3.0 updated Bath: 3.0and SqFt: 2,643 Price:

upgrades including travertine tiles, upgraded carpets, granite, oversized lot, built in desk in media room, special color paint throughout, draperies, landscaped beautifully with slate water fall, flowers galore and redwood trees. RV Access on both sides of the house and two master suites make this home a must see! Bed: 4.0 Bath: 4.0 SqFt: 3,166 Price: $429,000


A lot of house for the money with some great features!!! Several living and dining areas with remodeled and added on areas of the home approximately 9 years ago! Places to park all the toys with double gates on both sides of the home for this and that, plus a garage. Newer water heater, nice fireplace and kitchen open to the living room. Bed: 3.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,453 Price: $299,900

toe about a year ago. Stainless steel appliances, granite counters, plush carpets, decorator lighting, exterior and interior painting, lush park like yard, sparkling in ground gunite pool, newer 10x10 outdoor shed, wood stove, shows truly like a model home. Open floor plan with so many upgrades! Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 3,675 Price: $665,000

Its that “once in a life time” opportunity!!!! That’s right, check it out, nearly 1/2 acre of unimproved property with great soil, big trees and just ready and begging for a nice home to be built on !!! ONLY IF you enjoy things like: listening to birds sing & the sound of water. Make this dream a reality and claim it as yours today!!! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Acreage: .37 Price: $165,000

My homes are selling fast! Call if I can help by listing your home today!

#1 Producer for 2017! 40

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

CA-DRE lic# 01084946

BRE Lic #00596703

See these homes on virtual tour at my website!

Broker Lic #01912741

“Through circumstances we’ve needed to buy and sell homes a couple of times this year and would not consider using anybody else but Effie. She’s knowledgeable, friendly, and gets the job done.” -Jim Peplow, Chico

Expect to be impressed. Superbly appointed in an exclusive community of fine estates, this elegant home was built to exact specifications with almost no regards for cost. As you approach the house, you will fall in love with the peaceful ambiance of the beautiful koi pond and its waterfalls. The massive, double door entry will welcome you to a stunning residence offering exceptional detailing throughout. This beautiful home features all the amenities one could want, including radiant, heated marble floors, imported Brazilian mahogany pillars, dramatic ceilings, formal room,neighborhood formal dining room, a family by room with fireplace, Intoxicating view! Where the eagles soar, this captivating residence Tucked away in living a upscale & sheltered majestic kitchen with granite counters, doublehome. convection oven, trash compactor, and sits shielded behind iron gates. This home is truly magnificent with trees, here you will find your dream This beautiful home bar. The master suite offers dual vanities, hisproperties her closet, a jetted is eating designed for income indoor/outdoor entertaining and is&loaded with toweringvacancy ceilings, factors walls of are glass, oors, afrom lavishthe living These great producing investment with their tub, zero percent justgleaming a stone wood throwflaway CSUC and a walk-in shower. You love the fully-equipped home theater, wine room, formal & informal dining, gourmet kitchen, granite counters, upgrades. will love thewill generously proportioned rooms, theofthe campus. You This well maintained apartment complex consists 2 individual four plexes, each with their own separate parcel number and can cellar, andwood the dumbwaiter. A wholeliving house fan,dining central vacuum, A/C units, gorgeous fltogether oors, the or formal and rooms, the2located cozy designer hood, one 3 fireplaces, 6” Sacramento interior walls, Ave. 2HVAC, carother garage be purchased separately. Both four plex home are next to each other, at 620 W and3the at and 1019 2 water heaters, and security system will keep thismaster perfectly family room with intercom it’s fireplace, guest quarter, expansive suit, more all onan almost 2 acre parcel. The ambiance is peaceful with Mechoopda. Both properties are identical to each other, each off ering 4 units, each unit consists of 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. All the units have suited to you with at allcan times. The backyard is centered around entertaining, with a views of sunsets & city lights. You will breakfast on the patio watching large kitchen lighting, breakfast nook over looking a beautiful their own indoor laundry with side by side washer dryer, dishwasher, waterAtheater, centralrelax heat&and air.your New gorgeous pool, waterfalls, and covered gazebo. private yard, 3 car garage, gated R.V. parking all on and almost onerefrigerator, ace the mountain garbage ranges &disposal, Sutter-Buttes. night simply enjoy installed on both buildings in January of 2018. Bed:of 32.0 16.0 Lot sky. SqFt: 10,454 Price: $2,190,000 ofroof totalwas privacy. unobstructed view theBath: star-speckled 4.0 Bath:3.0 Price: $749,900 Bed: 4.0 Bed: Bath: 3.0 SqFt: SqFt: 2,5014,367 Price: $487,500 Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,389 Acreage: ~2.0

PENDING The lake is only seconds away from this beautiful home! Tucked away Pirates will squeal & scurry for this hidden treasure! The delightful, large in neighborhood, a friendly neighborhood, this immaculate home offers an open Golf porch course,oflake walking trails are provides just a stone throw away from this inTucked a quiet this wellspaciousness, maintained home offers a fldarling front this&gorgeous home relaxation and a great You will marvel at this home’s the fl owing oorplan, gleaming wood floors, lion-awayHigh ceilings, gleaming bamboo flooring, floor plan, highperfect ceilings,for large living days room,to ansitopen kitchen with an island, a stunning home. Tucked in a cul-de-sac in a prestigious neighborhood, gated porch, summer upon and relax. Inside place to get to know your neighbors. With soaring 10 and 12 foot sized den, 3 balconies, and large game room. The home features a dream kitchen with 2 full The yard is beautiful and off ers plenty five burner gas cookfltop a double ovens. Seller has made many upgrades ceilings, this home ers anfeatures open floor plan, proportioned rooms and of you’ll find an open oor and plan, high ceilings, tile counters, and wood thisoff home walls ofgenerously glass windows providing ample stoves, 2 ovens, pot and pan drawers, Corian counters andnew an island.abundance The list of amenities space for gardening, outdoor dining and to this darling home which includes all new appliances in the kitchen, of windows for natural lights. As you step into the house you flooring throughout. Tile floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, fireplace natural lighting, crown molding throughout, bamboo flooring, a cozywill shower head, bathroom sink, newer carpet some windows. fallsecurity in lovewith with the spacious living room and This its cozy fireplace, with its sunny also includes 3 walk-in heating & cooling units, central vac, fireplaces and fiareplace system. The entertaining. home has so doors, much to infaucets, the living room, closet, mater bath withand dual sink,2new separate mantel, built-in bookshelves, cabinets with glass The master is yard located in the first floorfree and so two other bedroom are2nd a breakfast nook and3along the formal dining room. In addition, this home also offers downstairs suite offisers an exercise room and jetted tub. The master bedroom, see. Call today! shower and bedroom amaster tub. The maintenance you can enjoy life darling kitchen, bedrooms and a loft, indoor laundry, a beautiful on theJack second floor. Theby yard is the beautifully landscaped ersenjoying a lush a flfamily room that can beZen-inspired easily turnedlandscaping into an office plus or Bed: a 24th bedroom. with &more Jill rooms, and bedroom, alland are located onlawn, the 2nd oor. This home also 3.0 Bath:The 3.5 by spending time the lake5th canoeing, fishing, oroff just patio with fountain and car garage. a bubbling spa, water fountain, 2 large sheds and an oversize side yard. updated kitchen and bathrooms have slab granite counter tops and custom walking thein-ground paths around offers an poolthe andarea. so much more! Bed: 5.0 Bath: 6.5 SqFt: 6,236 Price: $799,000 SqFt: 2,005 Price: $399,000 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,516 Price: $279,900 tiled flooring. Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,899 Price: $399,000 Bed: 2.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,346 Price: $269,000 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.5 SqFt: 1,739 Price: $309,000

PENDING Two commercial properties. The This home features granite Intoxicating views of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen!! This well maintained Step through theAC entry home and experience the history of this antique Chico charmer. Nested in the coveted Avenues, first parcel has 1.6 withofathis delightful counter tops, laminate flooring, home sits on 10 acres of total privacy. Featuring a large living room Thishome immaculate home offersbyan open floor plan,generations. high ceilings,From numerous for ample This home offremodeled ers a spacious living room, this has been enjoyed numerous Chico its with cozywindows with granite to its newer dualkitchen pane windows, 600 Sq ft. building structure that crown molding, security system, akitchen free standing wood counters stove, a newly with sun light and fresh interior andheater exterior paint. Its oversized formal living and dining room are security new gas water and stainless steel appliances, this home exemplifi es the quality of fi ne homes. You will love the fi replace, large bedrooms, central heat was built insystem, 1979 and has been central heat and air, dual pane granite counter tops, custom cabinetry and newer appliances, this perfect for entertaining families and friends. The ambiance light appliances and airy kitchen offThe ersalso alavish pantry, center generously proportioned rooms the peaceful of this home. living room and the dining room of this home operating as a nursery for the last and windows, upgraded home provides tile and laminate ooring, an and overasized bonus and air,formal 2 flcar garage large yard with island and brand new granite countertops. The family room opens to the kitchen and has a cozy indoor 25have years. It is partially fenced, it is and fi xtures. This home also has a a wood stove, water 2 balconies, held numerous parties and entertained many friends and families. room Guestwith must of marveled at plenty rich laundry, wood floors, spacious family of room forthe asofteners, pool. on services and isin near park pool. large basement perfect foroff your ficity replace those cold winter nights. theisflbeautiful ooring throughout house is brand Allplus a private domestic well well, central heating and air, room andfor sparking ground TheAll yard and ers athe dinning patio withnew. pergola andaashared newly Ag. installed drought friendly Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 and Thehave 2nd parcel is you wine collection and storage! barn/shop, 4 car theshopping. bathrooms granite countertops and new flooring. house has socarport much and much more. landscaping. This is a brand homenew for to create memories of your own. This SqFt: onto.29 is adjacent to the today! Bath: Bath: 3.0 SqFt:1,296 2,240 Price: Price:$280,000 $399,900 41 offAC er. and Schedule your showing Bed:Bed: 4.02.0 Bath: 3.0 2.0 SqFt: 2,029 Price: $379,000Bed: Bed:4.0 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 2,503 Price: $399,900 other parcel. Price: $400,000 SqFt: 2,085 Price: $239,000 40

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G . C O M APR I L 201 6



THE CLIENT Stephanie and Andy Neumann are what most would consider a dynamic duo. Perfectly matched, the two met in Sacramento while pursuing their separate careers in real estate—Stephanie was working as a development manager in Sacramento and Andy was a contractor from Paradise. The two hit it off and the rest, as they say, is history. After they were married, the two began working on a number of side projects together, finding time wherever they could to flip homes. Stephanie used her knowledge of the real estate market to find properties with significant potential, negotiate a fair price, and the two would work together to fix the home and put it back on the market. Andy’s experience as a contractor was invaluable as it allowed them to take on some pretty extensive remodels that wouldn’t have been easily conquered by the average do-it-yourselfers. Eventually, the couple moved back to Paradise where Andy began building new homes 42

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

THE CALL as Neumann Construction, and Stephanie joined Blue Team Realty to sell real estate on The Ridge. Over their 25 years together, the couple renovated and sold over 50 homes from Los Angeles, California to Brookings, Oregon. As a real estate agent in Paradise, Stephanie kept a close eye on the local real estate market. In 2017 she found the perfect half acre property, centrally located but quietly tucked away from the noise of the Skyway. She and Andy decided to purchase the property and build an affordable spec home on it. Rather than follow the trend of most builders with 3,000 square foot homes selling just north of $600,000, they decided to shoot for a more modest home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms at 1,702 square feet. They began building in late 2017 and decided to hire a couple subcontractors to ensure the project finished in a timely and efficient manner.

As with any construction project, there’s always the possibility of unforeseen delays. In the Neumann’s spec home, that delay came by way of the home’s custom cabinetry. Due to the delay, the couple needed to reschedule the granite countertop installation in the kitchen, laundry room, and two bathrooms. Unfortunately, the next available installation date was nearly two months after the cabinets’ original date. Stephanie asked around for suggestions and one of her coworkers recommended New Again Kitchen remodeling, as their parents had just flipped a home and couldn’t have been more pleased with their work. She visited New Again at 2502 E. Park Avenue in Chico and spoke with store manager, Ric Powers, about her project and the tight timeline they were on. As it turned out, another client needed to reschedule their installation, leaving an opening in their schedule the following week. She showed Ric the color of their cabinets and the sage

THE CURE As with so many stories before, New Again’s installation team arrived right on schedule and went to work on the couple’s spec home. They began in the kitchen and installed Giallo Vermont granite on both the bar top and base cabinets of the kitchen island and over the base cabinets in the back of the kitchen. They finished the look with a 6-inch matching granite backsplash. The installation team continued into the laundry room and bathrooms, where they installed matching granite throughout, beautifully tying the spaces together. The project began early in the morning, and they finished installation, packed up, and CONNECT

cleaned the space before noon the next day, leaving behind beautiful countertops and two very happy customers. Unsurprisingly, Stephanie had nothing but rave reviews of her experience with New Again Kitchen Remodeling. “Ric was so easy and helpful to work with. He took the time to fit us into their busy schedule when no one else was able to,” Stephanie said. “Not only did he make our timeline work, but he also provided us with a number of pointers for our next spec home. As it turns out, a 6-inch granite backsplash is actually cheaper than a 4-inch. Our previous granite supplier didn’t tell us that. Not only was New Again’s quote less expensive, but they ended up saving us money on projects for years to come. He was so honest and it made working with him even more enjoyable.” Asked for her advice to others interested in flipping homes or building their own, Stephanie said, “I’ve been in the construction and development industry

for 25 years and you quickly learn that characteristics matter most. Work with someone who is responsive, honest, and knowledgeable about what they’re offering. When you find a contractor who takes you seriously and cares as much about your time as their own, you’ve found the person you should be working with. When it comes to flipping homes or building spec homes, time is everything; you set your benchmarks and profit estimates on how much time it takes to complete the project. In the end, my advice is to be realistic with your time, give yourself a contingency plan, and find good people to help rather than think you can do everything yourself. We couldn’t be happier with the experience we had, and we’re lucky we found Ric and New Again.”


painted walls, and he immediately knew which granite would show best. They went over the home’s plan, made their notes on measurements, and set up installation for the following week.

If you’re looking to start a home improvement project, complete a flip, or build a new home and could use materials, advice or someone to complete the project for you, call New Again Kitchen Remodeling at 530.899.2888.



A Memorable Shopping Experience Soothing scents, a casual vibe, and the welcoming smiles of owners Jess Rowe and Rue Sullivan are what greet you the moment you step inside The Rustic Nest, a clothing, home and garden shop located across from the Gardenwalk in downtown Chico. Jess, who opened The Rustic Nest in August 2017, describes the store as a “menagerie” of feelgood, well-worn pieces incorporating vintage and farm elements. “We love items with stories,” says Jess. “Items that create beauty in people’s lives,” Rue adds.

While both women are creative spirits with Chico roots, they bring their own distinctive backgrounds to the store. Jess, the former owner of Bella’s Beads, contributes her years of experience selling jewelry wholesale. When she was 17, she made her first jewelry sale at the old Made in Chico, which was located in the same building that now houses The Rustic Nest. Rue, a trained herbalist with experience in farming and botany, brings along her 44

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

Though Jess and Rue seem like childhood friends, the pair only officially met last year, when Jess followed a balloon-decked garage sale sign to Rue’s home. “Her garage was set up like a beautiful little boutique,” Jess recalls. “And I was like, this is not a garage sale. Like, why are you doing this in your garage? You need to have a store.” Having recently opened The Rustic Nest, Jess invited Rue to join her as a business partner. “That's kind of where our journey began,” they say, smiling. “It's working together beautifully.” Since joining forces, Jess and Rue have managed to design a constantly evolving space that perfectly balances the old and

the new, juxtaposing aged objects—such as old doors, windows and screens—with handcrafted and imported goods. As artists and morally conscious store owners, Jess and Rue are committed to supporting local artists and sourcing responsibly. They currently carry items from 11 different local artisans, buy fair trade wherever they can, and never fail to deliver a memorable shopping experience to their customers. “Everyone who comes in here is always super happy when they leave,” they say proudly.



As you venture farther into the store, it becomes obvious that every single item on display was selected with these notions in mind. Racks of soft clothing in floral and earth tones are tucked between antique tables and cabinets that display everything from scented candles and overstuffed pillows to charming decorative signs and weatherbeaten tchotchkes. Just as suggested by its name, The Rustic Nest carries comforting rustic items inspired by the beauty of the natural world. In the words of Jess and Rue, “It’s everything you would want in your home.”

passion for plants, introducing natural scents, incenses and essential oils to the store’s inventory with plans to add more bath and body products in the future.

A New Outlook On Your

Outdoor Spaces When the weather turns warmer, life starts to shift to the outdoors. Whether it is entertaining friends, watching the kids play, or hosting family; everything seems better outside. One of my absolute favorite spaces to design is for outdoor living because I love to be outside. Often overlooked, my philosophy is to bring the inside out so you can enjoy the outdoors with the comforts of inside. It creates a real environment that guests will love. This is definitely a more recent trend, but one that I think is here to stay! Now with the weather getting warmer, it is the perfect time to step outside and start thinking about creating your outdoor space as the ideal summer destination. Whether you need a refresh to an existing space or are starting with a blank slate, updating your outdoor living area will help you take full advantage of warmer weather. If you are starting with a blank slate, the most important part to this process is to start with the right furniture. In Chico, this means quality! Our summers are so intense that you want to make sure to invest in your big pieces like table, chairs and seating

that will last you more than one season. So, start with neutrals for longevity and look for keywords like Sunbrella. This brand is based on the belief that fabrics should be both beautiful and functional, including allweather wicker and teak, able to withstand all types of weather. Once you set the foundation with quality materials then you bring it to life with colorful throws and patterned pillows, potted plants, lanterns, outdoor rugs and accent tables. Textiles are an easy way to update your outdoor space each season as well as colorful and patterned pillows which instantly transform the space! Look to create a space you love and that speaks to your entertaining style and you are set. Stock up on entertaining essentials. For me, that’s prosecco with outdoor champagne glasses (my favorites are from Crate and Barrel) and, of course, water balloons for the little ones. This will make it easy to enjoy these long summer days when your guests stay into the evening. By keeping an eye on bringing the indoors out, those guests will be both comfortable and happy.




For more information on creating your ideal outdoor space, visit Lauren O'Donnell Interiors at laurenointeriors.com. 45


From Vintage Storage to Modern Container DIRECTIONS: This month, at Eighth & Main Antique Center, I found a set of four vintage floral storage containers and gave them a modern day makeover.



Four containers Spray Paint (color of your choice) Newspaper Paint Pen or Sharpie (color of your choice)

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

Before starting this project, cover your craft area with newspaper to protect it from the spray paint residue. I also suggest spray painting outside to avoid breathing in the paint fumes! Next, take the containers apart and spray them with the paint color of your choice until the entire container is evenly coated. Note: This may take a few rounds of light spraying spaced over a few hours.

Once the containers are completely dry, label each container with a sharpie or paint pen. I themed this particular set of containers for my kitchen, but they can also be used in any part of your home. Let the sharpie or paint pen dry, then enjoy!

Hint: When spray painting, I flipped each container upside down leaving the inside of the container paint free!





Be Inspired



Come See Us

Exciting hands-on workshops. Unique Home Decor, Vintage & Repurposed Furniture, Clothing, Crafting Supplies, Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan®, Local Handcrafted Candles, Jewelry & more…

6424 Skyway in Liberty Plaza Paradise 916-622-7894 OPEN Wed–Sat 10–5 Sun 1–4

Supporting our local women in business 47

Groundcovers: A V I TA L L A N D S C A P E A D D I T I O N

Groundcovers form an indispensable part of a yard’s design. These low-lying plants, with a creeping, spreading habit, can bring life to various areas in your landscape and often thrive where nothing else grows. They are valuable as backdrops for trees and taller shrubs, or as specimens in their own right. They can cover bald spots in a yard, keep down weeds in a garden, or provide an alternative to a grassy lawn. They look lovely tucked in between the stones of a rock garden and can help hold soil in place on problem slopes. Many of them provide beautiful color through the seasons and others create wonderful fragrance when you walk on them and crush their aromatic leaves. The UC Master Gardeners of Butte County identified what they think are the best groundcover plants for use in our area as part of their list of “Butte County All-Stars.” They used research and feedback from local nurseries and home gardeners to find plants that are easy to grow, well suited to our Mediterranean climate, low maintenance, and drought tolerant. Below is their list of All Star Groundcovers: Woolly Yarrow, Achillea tomentosa—This sun loving plant with golden flower heads makes a flat, spreading mat of gray-green leaves. It is deer resistant, drought tolerant and attracts butterflies. 48

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

Emerald Carpet Manzanita, Arctostaphylos ‘Emerald Carpet’—Small, urn shaped pink flowers followed by brick-red berry like fruits attract birds, bees and butterflies, It grows in sun/part shade, and is a deer resistant California native. Common Bearberry, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi—Another deer resistant California native, forms a mat 15’ wide with small, glossy, bright green leaves. It has abundant white/pink urn shaped flowers, likes sun/shade, and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Dwarf Plumbago, Ceratostigma plumbaginoides—Prized for their intense blue flowers that bloom summer to fall, this plant grows in sun/part shade, is deer resistant, and attracts butterflies. Candytuft, Iberis sempervirens—Narrow, shiny, dark green leaves with pure white flower clusters that create sheets of bloom in spring make this a garden staple that grows in sun, is deer resistant, and attracts butterflies. Partridge Feather, Tanacetum densum amani—The leaves are finely cut, silvery white, and featherlike. Small yellow flower heads appear in late spring. It grows in sun/ part shade, is a deer resistant California native, and attracts butterflies and birds. Elfin Thyme, Thymus Elfin—A diminutive member of the mint family, this steppable, fragrant plant has lavender-pink blooms, grows in sun, is deer resistant, and attracts bees and butterflies.




Carol Koenig of Butte County Master Gardeners.


Putting Yourself First There's alot of buzz going on about self care and putting yourself first. Sound selfish? Here's how easy it is to incorporate and why it's essential. The ins and outs of self care can be hard to identify. When you’re too stressed to think about giving yourself a little love, I want you to remember to treat yourself like you would treat your priorities—because your health is a priority! For some, this self care starts with the physical: long bubble baths, face masks, sitting down with a cup of tea, or getting themselves a manicure. However, self care can be even quicker, simpler, and get a little deeper into your psyche with as much effort and time it would take you to brew your morning coffee. My preferred method of quick, no fuss but actively effective self care is five minutes of focused meditation. This meditation can be anything from sitting down, closing your eyes, and picturing your happy place to using guided meditation like the Calm™️ app to help you find that quiet place in your mind and destress yourself. This kind of meditation takes you away from the superficial worries and stresses of everyday life and into a space where you can actualize your priorities, thoughts, and goals for the day. So, next time you think you can’t practice self care because you don’t particularly love bubble baths, remember it can be as simple as grounding yourself with 5 minutes of time for you. You can't pour from an empty coffee cup, self care must come first. –Dana xx


U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

A Catalyst for

Change To those who feel stuck, dissatisfied or unsure of where to go next with their lives, certified master life coach Dana Grant says, “When things don't work, stop pounding in the same direction. Allow things to flow without force. Pay attention to the signs and the navigations rather than continuing to hit the same wall thinking it's going to break down…. Trust the process. Be still.” As an international public speaker, an author, and a leader in her industry, Coach Dana has offered this advice to countless clients—including former Nike Vice President Marilyn Tam and CEO of Voices of Women Media Jody Colvard. Dana serves as a catalyst for change, encouraging each client to break away from limited beliefs and begin living a healthier, more fulfilling life. “It’s all about balance,” says the co-founder of Califlour Foods and former business lobbyist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Today, this health trilogy serves as the foundation for Cali Soul Coaching, Dana’s solution to helping others create a balanced lifestyle. Whether she is coaching one-on-one or leading a live workshop, Dana focuses on creating that connection between the mind, the body, and the soul. A vital component of the balance, she says, is encouraging clients to connect with and truly love themselves. To this end, Dana has designed interactive workshops specifically focusing on self-love, including an upcoming workshop entitled “Boundaries: A Course in Self-Care.” Typically, Dana will guide workshop participants through exercises in self-discovery, including break-out sessions, guided meditations, and exercises to help participants rewrite their stories. “There are a lot of surprises, and every one is different,” she says. Through her holistic life coaching, Dana helps clients get unstuck, assessing their unique goals, creating a personalized plan to help them overcome obstacles, and start moving in a new direction. “Sometimes, people aren’t aware of why they come in,” Dana observes. “They may not be quite sure what’s going on, but they want movement in their life. And so I think that I clear the path, but really they're clearing the path…. They're paddling the boat. I'm just navigating.” If you are in need of help, or perhaps someone to help navigate life’s transitions, or maybe just to jumpstart a change; Coach Dana tailors her approach to suit all of your unique needs. To book an individual coaching session or to access Dana’s free online lifestyle content, including her brand-new podcast, Soul Speaks, visit calisoulcoaching.com. Workshop and event information is also available @CaliSoulCoaching on Facebook or on Instagram @danasoulgarden.


While traveling the world to meet the demands of her fast-paced career, Dana suffered from health problems including frequent debilitating migraines. Her chronic illness prompted her to go on her own pilgrimage to get healthy; a journey that led her to take a closer look at the balance of her own life. Through this process of selfexploration, she developed a three-pronged approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle. “What I saw was a need for balance,” she says. “Not just health coaching, not just healthy eating, but a healthy mind, body and soul.”


INGREDIENTS: • 2 pounds asparagus, trimmed and cut into 2” pieces


@ C Ao l ive ran c h


U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

• Preheat oven to 450 degrees

• 1 yellow bell pepper, diced

• Toss asparagus with 2 tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper

• 1 cucumber, diced

• Roast asparagus for 10 minutes and let cool

• 1 cup grape tomatoes, halved

• Mix all vegetables and toss with vinaigrette

• 2 tbsp feta cheese (optional)

• Add 2 Tbsp feta cheese if desired


Rooted in Chico for 20 years.


• 3 tbsp lemon juice • 4 tbsp olive oil • 1 tsp Dijon mustard • Salt and pepper to taste



Spring Asparagus Salad



INGREDIENTS: • 1 oz Cobble Ridge Grappa Moonshine • 3 oz lavender lemonade (recipe below)

DIRECTIONS: 1. Combine Grappa Moonshine and lemonade into shaker with ice. 2. Shake for 15 seconds, strain over ice, and enjoy!

LAVENDER LEMONADE INGREDIENTS: • 2 cups of water • 1 cup of sugar • 1 cup dried lavender buds • 1 cup fresh lemon juice

DIRECTIONS: • Add 2 cups of water and 1 cup sugar to a small saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring until sugar dissolves. • Add 1 cup lavender buds to mixture. Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature. • Strain and discard lavender buds. In a pitcher, add lavender tea and lemon juice. • Fill the remainder of the pitcher with cool water and stir. • Place pitcher in refrigerator until ready to serve.


temporary residence in the mall into a more permanent one, by turning the old Candy Time store into Shubert’s second location. This second store will make the brand considerably more accessible to Chico residents and reflects on Kasey’s love and commitment to her community. “There’s always been a certain pride associated with living in Chico. We all have bumper stickers on our cars that say we’re from Chico, and it’s always been our mission to make Chicoans happy.” Kasey said, “Opening a second location in a vacant mall space fills another shuttered location and breathes new life into the space. We’re doing what we can to continue pushing Chico in a positive direction.”

CELEBRATING 80 With A New Store “If not me, then who?” repeats Kasey Reynolds, quoting one of her favorite sayings. She continues, “I was raised in a beautiful community, and I want to pass that on to my children and their generation.” She’s taking the necessary steps to ensure that she’s able to do just that. Raised in Chico, Kasey is a 4th generation Chicoan. Her great uncle, Leonard Shubert, moved here and opened Shubert’s Ice Cream in 1938 to immediate fanfare. Focused on making homemade ice cream from scratch, it was a hit with the local community and exactly what residents needed to cope with Chico’s unbearably hot summer months.


U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

May marks Shubert’s 80th anniversary and one of the oldest legacies in Chico retail. Since opening, the business has grown year-afteryear and has been in need of a larger location for some time. They experimented with a pop-up store in the Chico Mall last year and, after receiving a wonderful reception, realized that opening a second location would satisfy their need for more space. To celebrate their 80th anniversary, they’ve decided to turn their

Between the bid for Chico City Council and expansion of Shubert’s, Kasey will undoubtedly have her hands full in 2018, but hard work is something she’s plenty used to. We look forward to watching the year unfold and wish her the best in her journey to come. WRITTEN BY STEVE K. PHOTOS PROVIDED BY SHUBERT'S

In the late 50s, a Downtown Chico candy shop was going out of business, Kasey's grandfather, Charles Pulliam, offered the candy shop’s owner a section of Shubert’s to sell through his remaining candy. The addition of the candy to the ice cream shop proved to be the perfect combination, so he purchased the recipes from the candy shop’s original owner. He incorporated the recipes and inventory into Shubert’s ice cream business, and candy also became a staple of the shop’s offerings. Over the years, Leonard handed down the secret recipes and taught Kasey’s grandfather how to make candy, who then taught Kasey’s

father, who then taught Kasey’s brother Nathan. Nathan’s been making the candy at Shubert’s ever since. The two now own and operate Shubert’s together.

Expanding Shubert’s isn’t the only exciting news for Kasey this year, as she’s also running for Chico City Council. Running on the platforms of city beautification, public safety, and taking the polarization out of politics, she’s hoping that her involvement in city government will help maintain a quality of life similar to what she had growing up. “I want to make sure that Chico is a place where people would love to live and raise their kids; a place where companies would be excited to bring their business. The vast majority of people I’ve met in my life agree on 90% of things, but we all seem to focus on the 10% that we don’t agree on. I’d like to focus on what we do agree on, and work together to make Chico the city I know it can be.”

The Barrel RRm at almendra winery & distillery

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w w w. a l m e n d r a w i n e r y. c o m


Women in Business In this feature, we highlight eight outstanding local businesswomen from a diverse range of backgrounds. If there is one thing these boss ladies have in common, it is their determination to achieve their goals while tirelessly serving others. Keep reading for major inspiration!

Melissa Peters



“Entrepreneurship is probably one of the toughest things I've ever done,” says Kathy Hankins, the owner and CEO of Alpha Strong Gym and Fitness. Since opening her gym in 2007, the former corporate executive manager has become a leader in the fitness industry, supplying her military-grade, soft-line equipment to the TMX shows, the ETF studios and the Tough Mudder training studios. “Tough Mudder was my dream,” Hankins says. “I always wanted to be connected to them because their company is so much like my gym: it's a family, a tribe. I always tell people I never wanted a gym to build pretty people. I wanted a gym to heal people one rep at a time.”


“Just set your sights on what you want, and get it,” Melissa Peters tells aspiring business women. The owner of Mim’s Bakery opened her business thirty years ago after finishing her art degree at Chico State. “I bought the building in 1989 to do desserts for restaurants,” Peters explains. When her use permit required her to have at least some retail, she began selling allnatural, fully scratched baked goods on site. Since then, the Bay Area native has grown her business, weathering the economic downturn and developing a regular clientele. “Most of my customers are really great people,” Peters says, smiling. “You know, we have repeat customers, so we get to be part of people's lives. Like, say they get married, then we do Grandma’s 100th birthday, then we do their first child's birthday cake...It's nice to see them change through it all. I still enjoy that we get to participate in their celebrations.”

Dissatisfied with the sandbag equipment she used in her group classes, Hankins decided to create her own design, developing a sleek, durable and lightweight sandbag that allows for high repetition without risk of injury. Following the success of her sandbags, she created an obstacle course training line as well as the world’s first soft kettlebell.

Some of the more memorable custom cakes Peters has created include a six-foot-five-inch tall cake shaped like Bigfoot and one shaped like “Hoptimum Guy” for Sierra Nevada Brewing. She also did a cake for the 100-year anniversary of Lassen Volcanic National Park. “I just really enjoyed working on that because it's such a huge event,” she says. “It's really cool.”

As a woman in a predominantly male industry, Hankins says it takes gumption to succeed. “One of the things that I learned right away in the industry was I was kind of perceived more as a bitch than being professional when I really had an opinion about something. I had to learn to get past that…. I would say to women entrepreneurs: Don't be afraid to do what you want to do. You should not let anything hold you back. At all.”

When asked what it takes to be successful as a woman in business, Peters replies, “Yeah, there’s sexism, and yeah, it's different for women than it is for men. But I think it takes the same skills. It takes a strength of character to be in business. You have to be able to want to serve people, too, because regardless of the field that you’re in, if you’re not serving your clientele, then you’re not going to do very well.”

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

Women in Business



Shelly Watson


“I believe in leading by example,” says Shelly Watson, the Jesus Center’s Director of Services. Currently in her 10th year at the Center, the social worker has overseen the development of numerous programs for women in need, including a communitywide mentorship program and House of Hope, a transitional housing program for homeless women. “I just try to be that person,” Watson says. “I want to empower women to be the same...That’s my goal: helping them become self-sufficient, helping them to get over some of the trauma in their lives. Whatever I can do to help keep encouraging and guiding them. When they say I can’t, I want to be their cheerleader telling them, ‘you can.’” As a single mother who struggled for years to support herself and her son, Watson recalls often feeling like she did not have anyone to cheer her on or guide her towards the resources and support she needed. “I did it the hard way,” she says. “I had three jobs. I was gone fourteen hours a day. I look back and think, I missed a lot and I struggled and felt alone a lot.” Today, the former hairdresser and florist devotes her energy to giving other women the support and guidance she, herself, once needed. For example, Watson came up with the idea for the Bloomin’ Hope Flower Cart, a vocational flower program through which homeless women learn to hand-make and sell bouquets at the corner of Fourth and Main in downtown Chico. Lastly, Watson, who was recently accepted into Chico State’s Master’s in Social Work program, encourages women, “You’re never too old to learn. Don’t just settle. You deserve more. Give yourself the chance to see who God created you to be.”

“Everyone should do what they love, otherwise it feels like work,” says Raine Deigh, owner of Ruby’s Boutique and Red Fly Clothing. “My dad always said that if you don't love your work, it's a job. If you love it, it’s something you get to go do every day.” Growing up in and working at her father’s structural steel business from age 14, Deigh initially went to trade school for welding inspection. While earning her license, she worked retail for about three months. “And I loved it,” she says, laughing. After working as a welding inspector for a couple of years, the 23-year-old Oroville native returned home with the dream of starting a clothing store in one of her parents’ buildings. She opened the first Red Fly in 2003, offering a mix of surf/skate lifestyle clothing. Two years later, she opened her dream store, Ruby’s Boutique, curating contemporary bohemian clothing. “That was so fun,” Deigh recalls. “It was just totally different than anything I'd ever done. It was kind of hard. I wasn’t fully prepared for the bookkeeping part of it…. But I just had an amazing group of friends that would just hang out in the store and help with everything.” Though Deigh admits being a single mother and a business owner has not always been easy, she still loves going to work every day. “I love people. I love socializing. I love touching cute things and dressing people up,” she says. She expresses how proud she is of the inventory she has built over the years as well as the amazing young women who have worked for her, some of whom have gone on to open their own clothing stores. “We just have kickass girls,” she says. “And I think it's so important as women to support each other.” 57

Women in Business

Dorna Andersen



“Paying it forward is the ultimate form of success,” says Chef and Restaurant Owner Ann Leon. “That’s how we look at it in our kitchen.” The culinary dynamo, who opened Leon Bistro in 2008, has made paying it forward her MO. Whether she is mentoring budding chefs through her restaurant internship program, or working with local non-profits like Stairways and Sixth Street Youth to feed the homeless and the mentally ill, Leon is all about inspiring others and making a difference in Chico, the place she considers home. Graduating from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, the Berkeley native went on to work at various fine dining locations, including the renowned Claremont Hotel restaurant. There, she worked her way up to become the restaurant chef, collaborating on large-scale fundraisers with famous chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Hubert Keller. Since opening her Bistro, Leon has taken on a number of passionate projects, including an initiative to start a culinary school in Chico. “That’s really what I’m working on,” she says. “I just think there’s a huge need here.” Though she acknowledges that the culinary world is extremely male-dominated, Leon admits, “I've never really thought of myself as a female chef, and I think most of us don’t…. We don't want to be known as The Best Female Chef; we want to be known as The Best Chef, if that’s what it is.” Unlike many professional kitchens, which are often competitive and cutthroat, Leon’s kitchen fosters a team-building atmosphere. “I'm on the line every single night. I touch every plate,” she says. “It’s a full ballet, and that's how I look at it. We work in unison, and we work very well.” 58

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

“Don't get too hung up in the politics,” advises Dorna Andersen, a retired art teacher and athletics coach who owns property in south downtown Chico starting at the corner of Eighth and Broadway. “I would encourage women to get into business,” she continues. “Just to remember it costs money. You can't do it for nothing, and you have to have the support system.” Born and raised in Chico, Andersen graduated from Chico State before she began teaching art, first in Orland and later in the Bay Area. “I got a lot of experience and worked with some wonderful art people,” she says. With a father who worked as a welder and a mother who worked as an art teacher for around thirty years, Andersen came by her artistic talent quite naturally. After teaching at Alhambra High School for 25 years, Andersen returned to Chico to help manage Andersen Properties for her mother. When she inherited the property, she fixed up the building and resolved to fill it with artist studios and artistic businesses. Today, the building houses businesses including Winchester Goose, an interior design studio, a tattoo parlor shop, a salon, and MGD design studio. “I've been really lucky. I've had really good tenants,” Andersen says. After managing the properties for around 15 years, she now delegates most of the business work to her significant other and business partner, Deborah Merritt, and her property manager, Peter Path. An avid supporter of local art, Andersen shares that one of the projects she is most proud of is the mural of her father she had painted on the side of the corner welding shop around two years ago. “An artist friend of mine painted that for me, and then Dave, the welder, made these steel panels,” she says. “It's gorgeous.”

Women in Business

Beverly Thomassian


Nicki Jones


“I think [what] I'm most proud of is supporting women because most of my clients and students are women,” says Beverly Thomassian, the CEO, President and Founder of Diabetes Education Services. A registered nurse with a master’s degree in public health, Thomassian trains healthcare professionals about the ins and outs of diabetes to help them achieve certification. Thomassian started Diabetes Education Services 20 years ago when she and her husband first moved to Chico. Though she started out teaching online courses from her home office while raising her two children, the diabetes coach has since grown her business to include a female-only team of employees (girl power!), a newsletter that goes out to over 20,000 online subscribers, and a two-story office space with a webinar recording studio.

To those just starting out in business, Thomassian urges, “Give yourself permission to be your authentic self. Because I think so much in business, when we start, we're nervous, and we want to project a certain image. But I think people don't really care about that. They want to know who you are and your personality. So I would say, let your personality shine.

“I love being a part of the community,” says Nicki Jones, who co-owns Bobbi’s Boutique and Heavenscent Candles and Gifts in Paradise. “We have awesome customers which we’ve built over the years. We’re part of the community and part of the town. So we’re where we like to be.” Although the former accountant never intended to open her own business, when she and her sister moved to the area in 2001, they decided they wanted to have a business together. “We started looking around the Chico area and ended up finding a specialty candle business for sale in Chico,” Jones explains. The sisters bought the business and moved it to Paradise, expanding their inventory over the years to include gifts, garden and home decor. “I’m blessed with good health. I feel very fortunate,” Jones says. “My biggest challenge is time in my life.” Jones, who divides her energy between store management, town affairs and volunteer animal rescue work, somehow found the time to open a second business, Bobbi’s Boutique, three years ago. “The only nice clothing store in Paradise, Buttons & Bows, decided to close, and so I called them, bought all their fixtures and decided to open a ladies' clothing store,” Jones says. She named the store in honor of her late husband, who had good fashion sense and used to buy Jones’s clothes for her. To women considering going into business, Jones says, “I encourage any women to pursue a dream they might have, but also be familiar with the reality of what you really have to do. The biggest challenge is usually financial. The second challenge is finding the customers and being realistic about expectations.”


Over the course of the thousands of live seminars and conferences she has given, Thomassian has gained a reputation for her fun and lively presentation style, including her famous diabetes flash mob. “In all of my classes, we stand up and we dance,” she says, smiling. “But I'm not doing it just for fun. I'm doing it to teach them moves to teach their patients.” Serving as a professor at both Chico State and UCSF, Thomassian somehow also finds time to keep current on what is going on with people living with diabetes by working one day a week at Feather River Hospital’s inpatient and outpatient diabetes education program.



Mother's Day Shout-Outs!

Cheers to all of the wonderful Mothers. Today, and everyday, we celebrate you!

The Perfect End to the Season The North State Symphony presents their final concerts of the 2017–18 Season with food for thought in a program that concludes with Tchaikovsky’s musical musings on the role of fate in human existence. The concert features guest artist Evan Kahn performing Edward Elgar’s Cello Concerto, one of the most heart-wrenchingly beautiful concerti ever written. Kahn has been praised as “a cellist deserved of serious listening” for bringing his “electrifying … nuanced and colorful” style to all of his performances. The highlight of the concert is Tchaikovsky’s Fifth symphony. “Tchaikovsky’s musical storytelling probes the roles of fate, faith, and predestination, and though it ends triumphantly, we are still left with questions,” says conductor Scott Seaton. “We thought this would be a perfect way to end our season, and look forward to continuing our symphonic quest for universal answers with you next season”. Concerts are Saturday, May 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Laxson Auditorium in Chico and Sunday, May 13 at the Cascade Theatre in Redding. Single tickets are on sale at the Cascade Theatre Box Office in Redding (cascadetheatre.org) and the University Box Office in Chico (chicostatetickets.com). In addition, save the date for the North State Symphony's biggest fundraiser— Frugal House, returning to a beautiful Epick Homes neighborhood in Chico! The kickoff street party will be Friday, June 8, then enjoy shopping and creative decorating inspiration on Saturday, June 9. Visit Frugal House on Facebook for details.


U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8

My mom is the best because she sacrificed

expert, but also a fashionista, a race car driver

everything of herself for me and my five siblings.

in another life, a lover of fluffy dogs and electric

She worked day and night so that we had food

nail colors, a coffee connoisseur, and, last but

on our table, clothes on our backs, God in our

not least, a collector of shiny objects, designer

hearts, and smarts in our heads. But the most

shoes, and children—five, to be exact. Thanks for

important thing she gave us, unconditionally,

being your sweet, spicy self, and for loving each

was love. She is my hero —there is no one

one of us so completely, Mom! Happy Mother’s

stronger than her. Thanks to her I am the person

Day! –Emily Huso

I am today and I pray every day that she is proud of me and feels that she did a good job with all

Mom, Thank you for passing down your blue

of us. –Mary Carmen Godinez-York

eyes and the ability to see beauty in everyday things. You have always inspired me to be the

My mom is my best friend! She is the funniest,

kindest, most patient version of myself and even

sweetest, most caring person I know. She’s

though I don't consistently succeed, you always

always willing to help “us kids” out with anything

give me another shot. Thanks for being a rock

we need! She is the mom I hope I become. Love

during one of the craziest years of my life, and

you mom! –Nicole Robertson Verkuyl

always. I appreciate and love you forever! Happy Mother's Day. –Alyssa Worley

My Mom has shaped me into the human I am today. She’s taught me kindness, and love,

Moms nurture and nudge, nitpick and nag,

to be a strong, independent woman and has

unconditionally love and are naturally devoted.

never for a second put herself before me. I’ve

My bride of 42 years, Renee, embodies all of

watched her love her family and protect them

this. Her mantra has always been that “if your

fiercely. She is the strongest person I know. If I

kids, at some point, don’t hate you, then you are

end up half the person she is I’ll be happy. I love

not doing your job.” She continues to do this job

you with all my soul mom, ugga mugga ugga

for our two daughters, now 35 and 32. For the

mugga.... –Holly Schmunk

past three years, I have seen these mom skills come out in full force as we have “adopted” a

My mom came to America from Vietnam over

son, a Butte College basketball player who came

30 years ago with many dreams. She went to

to us wounded and wary. Renee has nurtured,

school, learned a new language and worked

nudged, nitpicked and nagged this boy into a

day in and out to support her family. Not only

delightful and forward thinking young man.

did she run a successful business with my

What a treat to be witness to such a thing. Like

dad, she always made sure her kids and family

his sisters before him, I do not look forward to

came first. Selfless, caring, and strong are only

seeing my wife, and her anticipated meltdown,

a few adjectives to describe this woman! –Kim

when her son leaves to continue his education


and basketball career at a four year college. Happy Mother’s Day babe, you deserve a great

After having my own children, the love I have

one! Love, your Kevin

for my mother has grown even stronger. She is “Mimi” to my babies and watching her with

The older I get, the more I realize how lucky I

them is one of the greatest joys of my life. She

am to have Effie Khaki as my mother. Generous,

is the most loving and caring, smart, creative,

caring, light hearted, and still overly concerned

thoughtful, and all around amazing person. I am

with whether or not I’m eating and sleeping

beyond thankful to have her in mine and

enough, the things that seemed so restrictive

my children’s lives! We couldn’t live without

growing up have become some of the things I

you Mimi! –Annie Lewis

now value most. Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to be a better person. You

Shout-out to my mom, Cynthia Eldenburg,

truly mean the world to me. I love you, Mom!

who is not only a nurse and a homeschool

Happy Mother’s Day!—Aveed


COMMUNITY CALENDAR APRIL 12–MAY 27 The Vets Show 11:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (Thursday–Sunday) 900 Esplanade, Chico Costs: $5 Adults | Veterans with Cards, Students, & Children are Free Info: An art exhibit displaying works from more than 25 veterans. 530.487.7272

MAY 4–SEP. 7 Friday Night Concerts 7:00–8:30 p.m. CIty Plaza, Chico Info: downtownchico.com or 530.345.6500

MAY 5 2018 Chico Pioneer Day Parade 10:00 a.m. Downtown, Chico Cost: Free Info: chicopioneerdayparade.com Bidwell Bar Day 12:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m. Bidwell Canyon Recreation Area, Oroville Cost: Free admission & parking Info: Relive old fashion Pioneer ways of crafting and traditions.

Stuff the Bus delivers food to hundreds of children in need in our community throughout the North State. facebook.com/ KRCR7 or krcrtv.com/home

MAY 12 13th Annual Paradise Chocolate Fest Terry Ashe Park, Paradise 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Cost: General Admission $5 | Children Under 4 Free Beyond Fitness Chocolate Chase 6:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m. 7224 Skyway, Paradise Cost: $20 Adults & $10 Students | After April 26th $25 Adults & $15 Students Info: chocolatefest.us/events/chocolatechase-fun Chico Beer Tickets Noon–5:00 p.m. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, Chico Cost: $20 beer tickets Info: Must be 21+ and have a valid ID to attend. sierranevada.com/beercamp


Bidwell Bark 8:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. Lower Bidwell Park, Chico Cost: 17 & older $30 Children (ages 5–16) $15 Info: Butte County’s biggest pet-friendly festival of the year. 5K Run or 2K walk. All registrants receive free breakfast snacks. Rain or shine event. Bidwellbark.com CINCO DE MAYO Girls On The Run Butte-Glenn GOTR 5K 7:45 a.m. arrival time, 9:00 a.m. 5K start time Butte College Main Campus, Oroville Info: gotrnorthstate.org

MAY 11 Stuff the Bus 2018 6:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. 300 Main Street, Chico Info: Annual Stuff the Bus food drive. 62

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 8



MAY 20 Paradise Tour de Chocolate Bike Ride 8:00–9:30 a.m. Paradise Community Park Cost: Ride Day– $25 Adults | $15 Students Info: Chocolatefest.us/events/tour

MAY 22 Sharing the Journey Cancer Support Group 7224 Skyway, Paradise 3:00–4:30 p.m. Info: 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month. For more information, contact Jean Aldridge 530.327.5730.


MAY 31 Chico Chamber Summer Bash 10381 Midway, Durham 5:30–9:30 p.m. Cost: $35 Info: 80 anniversary of Shubert’s Ice Cream & Candy. Join us for music, food, & drink. Chicochamber.com or 530.891.5556



The third of a four part series, about juggling the juxtaposition of being a native Chicoan from our Editor-in-Chief, Kevin Dolan.

come to mind. This broad stroke of a gully was both a revered friend and unique enemy. The vast, primitive playground rendered pure joy. However, most of my social life was on the other side of that gulch allowing that playful friend to become a wary foe. At that time, there were five bridges crossing the gulch, two of which were inaccessible for my needs. From East to West they were: Longfellow, Palm Ave, the Esplanade and the twin single lane bridges at Cussick and Gwynn. Longfellow Bridge, named for the lumber company, was located at the 1st Avenue and Mariposa junction. To this day, Cohasset Road takes a hard right turn at this gully and heads to the Esplanade. Palm Ave is the shortest distance across this divide at that turn, and the small bridge there may have alleviated what traffic was crossing the Esplanade at the time. I wished to go straight across at the end of North Ave, and did, despite having to get off my bike and awkwardly bouncing it across the bed of large rocks. As a flood control, the gulch would render this impossible at times and thus, as far as I was concerned, would raise its ugly head. Yes, there were times we challenged that rush of water and, as a result, always had a “story” to explain to my mom. There was a Sandy Gulch Market. Where the Esplanade and Cohasset meet is the Miller Mansion and, yes, there was a Miller’s Market. From East 1st to the curves of Sandy Gulch, the Esplanade to Mangrove was what was known as Chico Vecino. Vecino is the Spanish word for neighborhood. This area served as John Bidwell’s experimental Black Walnut orchard. He planted the trees as a guide marking the streets of the neighborhood to follow.



CONNOTATION I have always been struck by the names of things and society’s take on them. For example, Cost Plus Imports, a brick and mortar somewhere between a 99 cents store and a clearance warehouse for Pier 1. Rebranded as World Market proved a successful change. In the areas that I grew up, I have found that such changes have not been, in my hindsight, so personally positive. Sandy Gulch is the first to

Sandy Gulch is now Lindo Channel. A quick research shows the word “gulch” ranks in the bottom 30% of popularity as a societal word, “channel” is in the top 10%. The small neighborhood known as Chico Vecino is now the “Avenues,” ranked among the must places to live. There no longer exists a Sandy Gulch or Miller’s Market. Heck, even the once anticipated “New World” development is now the emerging Meriam Park. I have always been struck by the names of things and society’s take on them. None of this keeps me up at night. I do not wiggle any of this into conversations. However, there is one unnamed bridge that lurks in my mind like that beautiful girl at the ten year high school reunion who confessed she was always in love with you. It is architecturally stunning, pragmatically useful and simply did not exist when I truly needed it. It is the bike/pedestrian bridge crossing over from Ceres to Downing. Close enough to the end of North Ave for me. Close enough now, but where was it back then? So, for now, let me leave you with this. I will continue to marvel at the sheer beauty and appreciate the stunning architecture. I will continue to take pictures of it from different angles and times of the year. However, I will NEVER cross it. 63

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(530) 532-8181 All insurance plans accepted. Whether you’re just beginning to grow your family or already a parent, Oroville Hospital’s midwifery team is here to guide patients and their partners through preconception, pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experiences.


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