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I have to do a double take every time I see “2017” across my computer screen. How is it possible that 2016 is already behind us? It seems like just yesterday we were working on last year’s group of New Year, New You makeovers, and here we are in our sixth year with another set of inspiring individuals, ready to tackle 2017 with newfound confidence. I can’t think of a better way to close out one year than by helping some very deserving individuals with a fresh start in the next. My resolution for 2016 was to greet each day with gratitude and positivity, and after yet another crazy, wonderful year it’s safe to say that I have more to be grateful for than ever. Although the month of December is by far the most hectic of the year (and we’re sure you’d all agree), for us it is without a doubt the most rewarding. Seeing members of our community come together to help those in need fills my heart to the brim every time. The transformations by our amazing network of salons and clothiers are nothing short of draw-dropping, and the complete self-confidence overhaul is the cherry on top. We cannot say thank you enough to everyone who helped these makeovers become a reality. If 2017 happens to be your year to tie the knot, then you’re in luck! Our winter bridal guide beginning on page 25 is packed full of helpful tips from several of the talented and knowledgeable wedding professionals in our area. From planning your perfect day, to coping with stress, to getting in shape for the wedding, this guide is sure to help you to create the celebration you’ve always envisioned. Please join us at the Chico Bridal Show on Sunday, January 8th at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico. We’ll see you there!


From all of us at Upgraded Living, happy 2017! Let’s make it a great year.




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CONTENTS JANUARY 2017 COMMUNITY 14 Cool Kid Bryce Velasco 19 Judith Langley came home for the holidays, thanks to Twin Oaks

36 Local Legend: The Honey Run

Covered Bridge celebrates 130 years

63 Meet the friendly faces of Bamford Family Farms

79 Plan your month with our Community Calendar


HEALTH & BEAUTY 13 A Whole Body Fitness Success Story: The Overtons


38 Your Health: manage stressful times with the right diet

42 Bridal beauty tips from Renew Float Spa 54 Get wedding dress ready with these simple fitness tips

HOME 20 New Again Kitchen Remodeling Presents House Call: A Room to Roam

65 Grape growing tips from Butte County Master Gardener, Carol Koenig


67 New year, new home: design advice from Gallery Interiors

FEATURES 25 Can you hear the wedding bells? Our 2017 Winter Bridal Guide is here!

69 Our annual New Year, New You makeovers!

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Choose your style and save. Whether your taste is traditional, transitional or contemporary you’ll save up to 75% off during our biggest sale of the year.

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U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7




H E A LT H Y F R O M H E A D T O T O E : One Couple’s Journey with Whole Body Fitness March 3rd, 2016 was a day that altered Barbara Overton’s life forever. Finding herself in the intensive care unit after suffering a heart attack (a rare spontaneous coronary artery dissection to be exact) during a family ski trip, Barbara—who was only in her mid50’s—decided to make a change. Like many people, Barbara had found herself struggling to take care of her body while juggling a stressful job with everyday activities. Her solution? She decided to jump headfirst into a new health and fitness regimen with Whole Body Fitness in Chico. “I was really looking for somewhere that would not only get my heart back in shape, but also the rest of my body,” Barbara recalls. She convinced her husband Greg to join her endeavor so that they could hold each other accountable, and by April the couple was meeting with a nutrition coach, seeing a personal trainer, and waking up as early as 4 a.m. for daily exercise. Seven months later, their continued hard work is evident: they have lost nearly 60 pounds combined, and have no plans of stopping. Both Barbara and Greg attribute their success to Whole Body’s knowledgeable staff and comprehensive approach to fitness. Unlike a

typical gym with a sea of treadmills, Whole Body Fitness works on a more individual level to create effective—and exciting—total body exercises. Members can participate in group classes, one-on-one training sessions, or even semi-private training with up to five people. These personalized options work together to create the motivating atmosphere that pushed Barbara and Greg to be their best selves. Before beginning these exercises, however, Whole Body stresses the importance of correcting members’ posture and alignment. “You rediscover those lost muscle groups,” says Greg, who wanted to increase his mobility. His and Barbara’s trainer, Taylor Catrett, elaborates: “People who sit for long period of time have hunched backs and rolled shoulders, so we continuously work on reactivating muscles and balancing the body.” With this approach, many members actually alleviate pain as they exercise. “Taylor has been a big inspiration,” adds Barbara. “[He demonstrates that] you are never too old to get in shape” So, what does Taylor recommend for people beginning their fitness journey? The trainer advises to set small goals and remember

that “weight loss is not linear”—it’s expected to fluctuate week-to-week. Now that Barbara and Greg are fitness experts in their own right, they have pushed friends and family to join them (another strategy that Taylor recommends). With a family history of heart disease and diabetes, Greg has even convinced his twin brother to follow his example and make health a priority. Barbara has also realized how the benefits of healthy living go beyond the number on the scale.“This program has helped me realize

that being healthy and taking care of myself will help me to deal with everyday life,” she says. “I have learned to just relax and take time for me.” Whatever your

motivation in getting fit may be, the Overtons’ experience should serve as a reminder that it’s never too late to put your health first— and you may even find you like it.



COOL KID: BRYCE VELASCO 2016 has come to a close, 2017 has arrived, and now is as good a time as any to make changes and try to make the world the best place that we can. Bryce Velasco is a junior at Pleasant Valley High School and has organized a fundraiser called Walk Woof Wag to help dogs in need. All of the proceeds go towards helping dogs in the Chico Animal Shelter. These dogs may have been recently picked up off the streets or suffered from pre-existing injuries.

Caring Dentistry from Toddler to Teen Years Dr. Kimberly Lange, DDS General Dentist

650 RIO LINDO AVE. #4, CHICO 343-3137


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Bryce was very influenced by his eighth grade community service project, during which he visited the Chico Animal Shelter. “The dogs had no name, just a number on them, and this really inspired me to help dogs get adopted,” Bryce states enthusiastically. This inspiration led to him organize Walk Woof Wag. There have been three different fundraisers over the past few years. The first event took place in July of 2013; during this event, they raised $1800 and under 100 people attended. Since then, the event has grown immensely! During the second event, $6000 was raised and 150 people came out to support. And during the most recent Walk Woof Wag event, $15,000 was raised and over 350 people came out to help! All of the money raised comes from sponsorships, the registration for the walk, as well as donations. Each year, the event has been held in Bidwell Park, in Sycamore field. During the event there are fun activities that dog owners can partake in with their pets, such as a pet look alike contest, a trick contest, and a photo booth. Organizing each event takes many steps as well as many hours of hard work. The first step Bryce takes in organizing each

event is to ask local businesses for sponsorships and help spreading the word around Chico. Next, Bryce organizes the volunteers and places orders for the shirts. Many volunteers help to make this event possible, such as Bryce’s mom Seana, local college students, and the Boy Scouts. One volunteer, Sarah Richardson, has worked with Bryce since the beginning of Walk Woof Wag. “Sarah plays a very integral role in the event; she helps get our shirts and also talks to a lot of businesses to get their help, as well as provide publicity for the event,” Bryce explains. This preparation generally takes around four to five months. “The event has grown over the years and it has really taken off over the past three years,” Bryce adds. Volunteering has always had an impact on Bryce’s life. His leadership class at Marsh Junior High in eighth grade helped him find his passion through volunteer work. Bryce plans on doing another Walk Woof Wag event on September 16, 2017. His goals for the future are to have the event keep growing bigger and bigger. “My favorite aspect of the event is the generous outpouring of help the community gives,” Bryce explains. Although the start of a new year generally means the time for resolutions, let’s make a point to volunteer and work together in our community because we want to—not because we feel like we have to. Volunteering from the bottom of our hearts (like Bryce) is the truest form of kindness. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT WALK WOOF WAG OR TO GET INVOLVED, VISIT WALKWOOFWAG.COM.

URBAN COUTURE a women’s clothing boutique

212 Main St. Chico, CA | 530.828.8506 Hours: Mon. Closed | Tues. - Sat 11-7 |Sun. 12-5 We cater to all ages & sizes.


In our youth, the classic profile shows a smooth defined jaw and chin line. As we age, some of us develop sub-mental fullness, or the “double chin.” Sometimes it is the result of weight gain, but for some of us it is hereditary or simply a part of the aging process. Diet and exercise don’t seem to make it go away. Now there is Kybella, an FDA approved, non-surgical injectable treatment that destroys fat cells beneath the chin (it is NOT FDA approved for any other areas at this time). It is non-invasive, customizable, and permanent. Kybella is made from deoxycholic acid, a molecule that occurs naturally in the body to help break down dietary fats. The injections take only 20–30 minutes, and most people achieve the desired results in 2–4 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart. Downtime is minimal, but swelling, bruising, and redness are the most common side-effects. The procedure, possible side-effects, and post-care will be discussed at your initial consultation. Not everyone will be a candidate for this procedure, so a consultation is required for this to be determined. There are different stages to the procedure, so those looking for a “quick fix” won’t find it with Kybella. Optimum results can take upwards of 6 months, but when achieved, it is permanent, with no surgery required! Make an appointment for a free consultation at the Derm Bar Med-Spa with Teresa, our aesthetically trained R.N. 530.342.2672. DERM BAR MED-SPA 85 Declaration Dr. Suite 100 Chico, CA 95973 530.342.2672


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Downtown Chico

The Classic Profile!

1 in 7 Women Will Experience Depression and Anxiety During Pregnancy and After Birth of a Baby.

You Are Not Alone.

If you are experiencing: Visit: or call 2-1-1 Join us on facebook at

-Final RegistrationJanuary 18, 2017

• • • • •

Depressed moods Disturbing thoughts Constant worry Difficulty sleeping Changes in appetite

Talk to: • • • •

Your doctor A counselor Your family or friends Call the Warmline (800) 994-4773 (English and Spanish)

Refuel Nutrition 1090 E. 20th St Chico, CA (Inside Off the Wall Soccer) 17

THE WINTER WORKSHOP 2017 And here we are…winter! A rich season of great opportunity and renewal. We have just completed the rituals of the holiday season and now we transition into rest and some down time—or do we? In winter we observe nature slow down, let go, get quiet, rest, and hibernate in preparation for the next season, and the next phase. The hibernation time is a valuable opportunity for self care, organization, renewal, and change where we can integrate new ideas and attitudes that nurture the bigger parts of ourselves and serve to expand our vision and opportunities. Taking time for this is very important! THE WINTER WORKSHOP RETREAT 2017 As a way to bridge the gap between holidays and the upcoming year and properly prepare for the wild ride of 2017, THE WINTER WORKSHOP RETREAT 2017 is designed to empower your whole self, body mind and spirit by filling your empty places, amplifying your brilliance, validating your innate wisdom and creativity, feeding your hunger for the new and exciting, and balancing the parts of you that long for equilibrium. You are invited to join and participate wholeheartedly in an extraordinary six part experiential workshop retreat to kickstart the next chapter of your life’s journey. You will amaze yourself. Topics include the Magnetic Beauty of Your Balanced Masculine and Feminine presence, New Ideas, Big Visions, Breath and the Heart Brain connection, the Medicine Wheel for centering, Color as the Secret Weapon for Success, the Power of the Nature Connection, Sound Vibration for Optimal Health, and much more.

Bring Back The Romance


Enter to Win a Night Out for You and a Friend!

The Winter Workshop 2017 begins Wednesday, January 11, 2017 from 6:00–8:30 p.m. More info at or 530.354.4339 CAL-LING Certified High Performance Coach & Intuitive Guide 530.354.4339


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MAK IN G A C OMEBACK Judith Langley is tough as nails. Raised on a military base in Southern California, she grew up strong and ready for anything. She spent a good amount of time in Silicon Valley, working with electronics before moving to Lincoln and becoming a bartender. Twelve years ago, she made her way to Chico and quickly noted how different it was from everywhere she had lived before. Her passions include cooking, going on walks and spreading seasonal joy. From her front door on, her home is completely decked out with holiday cheer, from small, snowy Christmas towns to a full miniature manger set. In June of 2016, Judith broke her back, which led her to spend a good amount of time at Enloe Medical Center, followed by a three month stay at Twin Oaks Post Acute Rehab Center. She was in a lot of pain and recalls relying heavily on pain medication. In the events leading up to the incident, Judith had been having trouble with her back for over a year. She was living with a significant amount of pain and discomfort. After one swift movement and an audible crack, she found herself reaching for the phone and calling 911. It wasn’t until she arrived at Twin Oaks that she found people who would listen to her and understand exactly what was going on. Needless to say, she got to know Twin Oaks pretty well. So much so that she still goes back to see their beautician who comes twice a week to do haircuts and shaves. While she is there, she loves visiting with friends and staff members who helped her back to physical health. Judith received both occupational and physical therapy from Twin Oaks’ expert staff.

The center is known for their ability to keep clients motivated without being pushy. The key to this balance is maintaining a positive atmosphere through enthusiasm and genuine love for the job. Twin Oaks does an amazing job of providing a team that wants you to succeed and treats people like human beings with specific needs rather than swiftly moving from client to client. This was not Judith’s first time at Twin Oaks. They helped her immensely with her COPD, usually for about two weeks at a time, doing their best to create a comfortable environment for her. Judith jokes that these have become her little vacations. Considering the accommodations, that is not exactly an exaggeration. Twin Oaks’ goal is to make every client feel at home. It can be so uncomfortable being away from home for what can be a lengthy amount of time. Now Judith lives comfortably and independently with the help of two amazing in-home helpers and is back in her Christmasclad home, ready for a healthy 2017 and many future get togethers with family and friends. “Everybody there is just really nice,” Judith said. “I just went over there the other day and talked to the therapists and they were glad to see me and glad that I was up and moving.”




THE CLIENT The son of a renowned operatic singer, Chris Genzlinger grew up in New York City and moved to San Diego in search of the California dream. It was there that he met Mary Kay, a physical therapist, whom he was referred to for a lingering injury. The two clicked instantly and, after a whirlwind threemonth romance, were married. They remained in San Diego for the first six years of their lives together and then moved to eastern Nebraska where they opened a coffee house. As most stories involving Californians go, the two couldn’t stay away for long. They looked at numerous cities in California, including their old digs in San Diego, but fell in love with Chico and decided to move here in 2003. In 2004, Chris and Mary Kay bought their first Chico home together. A mid-80s built home in California Park, the home was indicative of the time in which it had been built. The most visible area of the home’s age though, was clearly in its kitchen. Honey oak cabinets covered the walls of a rather ill-designed layout and white 4x4 tile counters with brown 20

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7

grout separated the upper cabinets from the base. The design of the kitchen made entertaining difficult, and the grout made cleanup a hassle, to say the least. Though dated, the space was workable for the two up until Chris decided to retire from his job as a television engineer in 2016. The increased free time meant more time in the kitchen with Mary Kay, and the constant running into each other showed just how badly the kitchen needed a redesign. Mary Kay’s father passed away in April and left them a small inheritance, so the two decided that they would use it to renew their kitchen and toast to him each time they used it.

THE CALL Mary Kay and one of her girlfriends from San Diego set out to begin designing the new kitchen. They visited big box stores in Chico and began piecemealing the kitchen together. They picked everything out, laid out

the bids and timelines, and realized that the process would take longer than five weeks to complete, which was far longer than they were interested in. They remembered reading about New Again Kitchen Remodeling in Upgraded Living, so they decided to stop in. They met with Ric in the showroom and found him to be very friendly and easy to work with. Ric assured them of a timeline for their project that was nearly a full month less than what they had been quoted at the big box stores. Combining colors to come up with the perfect kitchen was difficult for Mary Kay, so Ric and Candy stepped in to help relieve the frustration. They decided to completely gut the kitchen aside from the floor and start over from scratch. The cost of the entire project was comparable to piecing the project together at the big box stores, so Mary Kay decided to pull the trigger. She signed the contract and set a date to get started. They felt he was the right fit, so they requested a bid and found that replacing the entire kitchen using New Again Kitchen Remodeling

THE CURE The team from New Again arrived on schedule and began gutting the entire kitchen. They removed the old cabinets and countertops along with a huge fluorescent light that had significantly lowered the ceiling height in the kitchen. They replaced the large fluorescent light with recessed can lights, adding significant overhead space. The old honey oak cabinets were replaced with creme white cabinetry, and beautiful paradiso gold granite countertops were placed atop CONNECT

the base cabinets. New Again even extended the old countertop footprint to make room for the couple’s mini coffee bar. Jeffrey Alexander Westbury door hardware provided a more polished look to the cabinetry while 6x6 stonefire beige/almond backsplash in a diagonal pattern with elume/boardwalk accent tile tied the entire room together. New Again’s owner was also on hand to make sure that everything was done with perfect precision. As Chris mentioned, “They were all very professional and gave excellent attention to detail. That’s high praise coming from an engineer!” New Again even supplied the kitchen sink. When asked about their experience with Ric, Candy, and the team from New Again, it’s clear that Chris and Mary Kay are totally satisfied. They said, “New Again finished everything in just nine days and everybody was here right on time. They took care of the necessary electrical and plumbing changes and worked around our time schedule. The tile and cabinet guys were all really nice and

friendly and we enjoyed talking and hanging out with them while they worked! We love our new kitchen; it feels larger, there’s so much more counter space, and we feel proud of it when we have people over. We can finally entertain friends like we want to and we would absolutely recommend them to friends and family, in fact, we already have!” With another kitchen renovation completed beautifully on time and on budget, and with another happy couple on the books, it’s no surprise that New Again continues to make a name for itself as the definitive kitchen and bathroom remodeling company in Chico. If you’re in a situation similar to the Genzlingers and could use a hand in modernizing your kitchen or bathroom, give them a call today.



was a full $9,000 less than the first bid they received from a local contractor. In fact, New Again’s bid to replace the entire kitchen was even $5,000 less than the first contractor’s bid to simply reface and paint the cabinets. Ric even threw in an extra 16” of granite overhang for a total of 20” to make seating more comfortable around the island. The decision was a no-brainer. They signed off on Ric’s bid for the kitchen and he set off to work.


There’s something about

Sherry LandiS

“Looking house Sherry so much fun, she was “Sherryfor Landis is bywith far the best was real estate agent in Chico. She is understanding and knowledgable amd made our experience positive professional, positive, and has incredible follow through. She helped us our through the saleinofour twopurchase.“ homes and the purchase of andnavigate instilled usway with confidence another—all at the same time! She never -Sam missedamd a beat. She Adams, made sure we Carlie Chico

understood the process, and stayed in constant contact with us. Even after all three homes closed, she continued to call, email, and text just to make sure everything was going as planned. We could not have done it without her.” — Doug anD CoLEttE RobERtS

(530) 514-4855 | |

This is one of Chico’s most spectacular homes. Camelot Court is conveniently located in northwest Chico with only 3 custom homes on the tree-lined street. The impressive French Chalet exterior has an impressive roof with unbelievable landscaping and 70 tons of exterior stone. The home is privately gated for security, has solar, and sits on almost 2 acres. Make an offer! Bed: 4.0 Bath: 4.0 SqFt: 6,065 Price: $1,649,999

Inside this beautiful gated community you will find this stunning custom built home, designed with an open and inviting floor plan! Quality and detail are found in every nook and cranny and pride of ownership shines throughout! It is apparent that this home has been an inviting gathering place for friends and family over the it’s just waiting for you to start creating your own happy memories! Bed: 3.0 Bath: 4.0 SqFt: 3,847 Price: $619,000

It’s that darling home tucked away in the back of a horse shoe shaped street that everybody wants! Laminate floors throughout except bedrooms and light open floor plan. Nice established yard with great fruit trees and pretty shrubbery. You’ll enjoy this cozy fireplace now with the nip in the air and open to the kitchen/living area for all the guests to enjoy during the holidays. This was the model home Bed: and 3.0 onlyBath: one 2.0 owner! been many SqFt:There 1,345have Price: $286,500

This home’s kitchen has updated granite counters and appliances and is open to the sunken family room with large fireplace and built-ins. Look out the window!!! You’ll see the big yard and hear the tweet of the birds! It’s your own oasis. There is also a separate living room area and also a separate office tucked away from the rest of the home for studying/working. It’s just that perfect floor plan!!! A terrific Michael Galli floor Bed: plan3.0 updated andSqFt: remodeled from $369,000 head to Bath: 3.0 2,302 Price:

upgrades including travertine tiles, upgraded carpets, granite, oversized lot, built in desk in media room, special color paint throughout, draperies, landscaped beautifully with slate water fall, flowers galore and redwood trees. RV Access on both sides of the house and two master suites make this home a must see! Bed: 4.0 Bath: 4.0 SqFt: 3,166 Price: $429,000


Get those horses saddled up and get ready for the ride of your life!!! This one-of a kind property sprawled out over 44+ acres is an absolute dream for the horse enthusiast!!! This property offers a 125 x 125 indoor covered arena, 16x16 stalls, 10 stalls outside that are 12 x 12, tack room, hay barns, a studio with tongue/groove pine, 3 big pastures (irrigated), and so much more!! Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,842 Price: $1,200,000

toe about a year ago. Stainless steel appliances, granite counters, plush carpets, decorator lighting, exterior and interior painting, lush park like yard, sparkling in ground gunite pool, newer 10x10 outdoor shed, wood stove, shows truly like a model home. Open floor plan with so many upgrades! Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 3,675 Price: $665,000

Great wood oak condo upstairs and located in the back of the complex!!!! These are almost as rare as hens teeth and Just in time for Christmas!!!! Refrigerator will stay, carpets just got cleaned, and counters are beautiful!!! Complex has pool and club house and this is a great property not that far from down town and the Park Bed: 2.0 Bath: 1.0 SqFt: 902 Price: $168,000

My homes are selling fast! Call if I can #3 help in Production 2014! by listing for your home today!

CA-DRE lic# 01084946 22

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7

“Effie Khaki was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and accessible throughout the process. She explained everything thoroughly and truly advocated for me. It was a genuine pleasure working with her.” -Laura McLachlin

Expect to be impressed. Superbly appointed in an exclusive community of fine estates, this elegant home was built to exact specifications with almost no regards for cost. As you approach the house, you will fall in love with the peaceful ambiance of the beautiful koi pond and its waterfalls. The massive, double door entry will welcome you to a stunning residence offering exceptional detailing throughout. This beautiful home features all the amenities one could want, including radiant, heated marble floors, imported Brazilian mahogany pillars, dramatic ceilings, formal living room,neighborhood formal dining room, a family by room with fireplace, Intoxicating view! Where the eagles soar, this captivating residence Tucked a great upscale & sheltered majestic Tuckedaway away in in a cul-de-sac location with a close vicinity to Downtown Chico and hospital. This beautiful home was just updated with fresh interior and kitchen with granite counters, double convection oven, compactor, trees, here you will fiwater nd your dream This beautiful home shielded behind home trulywood magnifi cent exterior paint, new heater, newhome. toilets, faucets andtrash light fixtures. Theand housesits also boasts an open iron floorgates. plan, a This great roomiswith stove forwith those cold bar. The master suite offers dual vanities, his heroven, closet, a jetted tub, and is eating designed for gourmet indoor/outdoor entertaining and is&loaded with towering ceilings,lightings. walls of glass, gleaming wood oors, a lavish winter nights, kitchen with large island, double custom cabinets under cabinets The yard is beautiful withflits mature treesliving and and a walk-in shower. You will love theiron fully-equipped home wineforroom, upgrades. will love the generously proportioned rooms, formal & informal gourmet kitchen, granite counters, massive inYou ground pool with wrought gate. The side yardtheater, is the large the enough parking your R.V. or boat. dining, Bed: 3.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 1,597 Price: $319,000 cellar, andwood the dumbwaiter. A wholeliving house fan,dining central vacuum, A/C units, gorgeous floors, the formal and rooms, the2cozy designer hood, 3 fireplaces, 6” interior walls, 2HVAC, 3 car garage and 2 water heaters, and security system will keep thismaster home perfectly family room with intercom it’s fireplace, guest quarter, expansive suit, more all onan almost 2 acre parcel. The ambiance is peaceful with suited to you with at allcan times. The backyard is centered around entertaining, with a views of sunsets & city lights. You will breakfast on the patio watching large kitchen lighting, breakfast nook over looking a beautiful gorgeous pool, waterfalls, and covered private yard, 3 car garage, gated R.V.gazebo. parking all on almost one ace the mountain ranges & Sutter-Buttes. At night simply relax & enjoy your of total privacy. unobstructed view of the star-speckled sky. 4.0 Bath:3.0 Price: $749,900 Bed: 4.0 Bed: Bath: 3.0 SqFt: SqFt: 2,5014,367 Price: $487,500 Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,389 Acreage: ~2.0

PENDING This stunning Durham home offers an open floor plan, soaring ceilings, generously proportioned rooms, abundant natural light and a lavish living room with cozy fireplace. The gourmet kitchen is a dream for any cook and offers a center island, subzero refrigerator, double oven, gas cooktop and pull out drawers. This home boasts a 240+ sqft retreat room and is also is equipped with 2 heat & air units, whole house fan, 7 skylights, security system and water purifier. Master suite is spacious with a walk in closet, large master bath with dual vanity, walk in shower and a Japanese soaking tub. The yard is gorgeous with its sparkling in ground pool set on 5.61 acres with plenty of room for whatever yourPENDING heart desires Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,863 Price: $649,900

The lake is only seconds away from this beautiful home! Tucked away Pirates will squeal & scurry for this hidden treasure! The delightful, large in neighborhood, a friendly neighborhood, immaculate home offers an open Golf porch course,oflake walking trails are provides just a stone throw away from this inTucked a quiet this well this maintained home offers a darling front this&gorgeous home relaxation and a great floor plan, highperfect ceilings,for large living days room,to ansitopen kitchen with an island, a stunning home. Tuckedyour away in a cul-de-sac in a prestigious gated porch, summer upon and relax. Inside place to get to know neighbors. With soaring 10 andneighborhood, 12 foot five burner gas cookfltop a double ovens. Seller has made many upgrades ceilings, this home ers anfeatures open floor plan, proportioned rooms and you’ll find an open oor and plan, high ceilings, tile counters, and wood thisoff home walls ofgenerously glass windows providing ample this darling home which includes new appliances in the kitchen, new abundance of windows for naturalthroughout, lights. As you step intoflthe house you will flto ooring throughout. Tile floors in theallkitchen and bathrooms, fireplace natural lighting, crown molding bamboo ooring, a cozy shower head, bathroom newer carpet some windows. fireplace fall in lovewith withmantel, the spacious living room and its cozy fireplace, withdoors, its sunny infaucets, the living room, walk-in closet,sink, mater bath withand dual sink,new separate built-in bookshelves, cabinets with glass The master bedroom is located in the fi rst fl oor and two other bedroom are breakfast nook and the formal dining room. In addition, this home also offers shower and a tub. The yard is maintenance free so you can enjoy life a darling kitchen, 3 bedrooms and a loft, indoor laundry, a beautiful onspending the second floor.time Theby yard is beautifully landscaped and ersenjoying a lush lawn, patio a family room that can beZen-inspired easily turnedlandscaping into an office plus or a 24th bedroom. by more the lake canoeing, fishing, oroff just with fountain and car garage.The a bubbling spa, water fountain, 2 large sheds and an oversize side yard. updated kitchen and bathrooms have slab granite counter tops and custom walking the paths around the area. Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,516 Price: $279,900 tiled flooring. Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,899 Price: $399,000 Bed: 2.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,346 Price: $269,000 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.5 SqFt: 1,739 Price: $309,000 You will love this home’s spacious living room, delightful family room and formal dining room, each with its own fireplace. The house was recently remodeled with the slab granite counters, new appliances, wood laminate and travertine tiles flooring. The chef’s kitchen offers a 5 burner gas cooktop, double oven, refrigerator and pull out drawers. The master suite offers a large balcony with view of the canyon, walk-in closet, master bath with dual vanity, soaking tub, and walk-in shower with a rain shower head. Serenity can be yours to enjoy in this gorgeous setting. Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 3,538 Price: $598,000

PENDING Two commercial properties. The This home features granite Intoxicating views of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen!! This well maintained Step through theAC entry home and experience the history of this antique Chico charmer. Nested in the coveted Avenues, first parcel has 1.6 withofathis delightful counter tops, laminate flooring, home sits on 10 acres of total privacy. Featuring a large living room thisSqhome has been enjoyed by numerous Chico generations. From its with cozyakitchen with granite to its remodeled newer dualkitchen pane windows, 600 ft. building structure that crown molding, security system, free standing wood counters stove, a newly with PENDING security new gas water heater andheat stainless steel appliances, this home exemplifi es the quality of fi ne homes. You will love the was built insystem, 1979 and has been central and air, dual pane granite counter tops, custom cabinetry and newer appliances, this generously proportioned rooms and the peaceful ambiance of this home home. The lavish livingspecifi room and the dining of this home operating a nursery for the last community windows, appliances home also provides tile and laminate flooring, an room over bonus Superbly as appointed in the exclusive ofupgraded fine estates, this elegant was built to exact cations withformal almost no regards tosized the cost. As 25have years. It isnumerous partially fenced, itand is fallentertained This home also a room wood stove, indoor laundry, waterdouble softeners, 2 balconies, held parties many friends andhas families. Guestwith must of marveled at rich wood floors, the spacious family you approach the house, you will inand lovefixtures. with the peaceful ambiance of the beautiful koiapond and the water falls. The massive doors entry will on city services and isin near park pool. basement perfect for your a private domestic well plus aashared Ag. well, heating and air, room andyou sparking ground The is beautiful and off ers aout dinning patio with pergola andheated newly installed drought friendly welcome to stunning residence offlarge eringyard exceptional detailing through the house and featuring radiant marble floors,central imported Brazilian and shopping. The dramatic 2nd is you wine collection and storage! 4 car much more. counters, double convection mahogany pillars, ceilings, formal living room, formal dining room and barn/shop, a family room w/ ficarport replace, and kitchen w/ granite landscaping. This is a parcel home for to create memories of your own. onoven, .29 AC and is adjacent the bar. This home has everything Bed: 2.0 you Bath: 2.0 possibly wish for! trash compactor andto eating could Bed: 4.0 Bath: SqFt: 4,367Price: Price:$399,900 $699,900 Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,240 Price: 23 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.03.0 SqFt: 2,503 $399,900 41 other parcel. Price: $400,000 SqFt: 2,085 Price: $239,000 40

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G . C O M APR I L 201 6

Who’s got your back– and your back pocket? Joni Ginno, Agent Insurance Lic#: 0732591 1915 Esplanade Chico, CA 95926 Bus: 530-891-5881 Se habla Español

Just ask our 40 million State Farm customers. With State Farm behind you, you can look forward to what’s ahead. Like 97% customer satisfaction with claims — plus discounts up to 40%.* GET TO A BETTER STATE.™ CALL ME TODAY. ®

*Discounts may vary state to state. Based on a 2008 internal State Farm claims department national study.



State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL

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Bridal Guide

W I N T E R B R I DA L S H O W | J A N U A R Y 8 T H | S I LV E R D O L L A R FA I R G R O U N D S 25


U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7


BRIDAL GUIDE CONTENTS 31 Carrie Thengvall Floral: beautiful

arrangements for a beautiful day

33 Hotel Diamond and Two Twenty Restaurant set the standard for dining and accommodations

36 The Honey Run Covered Bridge celebrates 130 years

38 Survive wedding planning anxiety with these stress-busting foods

40 Unique gifts your bridesmaids will adore 42 Bridal beauty tips from Renew Float Spa 44 Fun dessert alternatives you and your


guests will love

47 Drozian Photoworks: capturing love


and the uniqueness of you

49 Take the stress out of wedding planning with valuable advice from the 530 Bride

52 A professional photographer’s tips for

getting the most out of your wedding day

54 Get wedding dress ready with these five simple exercises!




38 28

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7

䘀伀刀䴀䄀䰀 䔀䐀唀䌀䄀吀䤀伀一 䤀匀 䠀䄀嘀䤀一䜀 䤀吀匀 䄀一一唀䄀䰀

䈀伀䜀伀 匀唀䤀吀 匀䄀䰀䔀℀

䈀唀夀 伀一䔀 匀唀䤀吀 䜀䔀吀 伀一䔀 䘀刀䔀䔀 吀䠀刀伀唀䜀䠀 䨀䄀一唀䄀刀夀 ㌀ Ⰰ ㈀ ㄀㜀 䘀刀䔀䔀 匀唀䤀吀 䴀唀匀吀 䈀䔀 伀䘀 䔀儀唀䄀䰀 伀刀 䰀䔀匀匀䔀刀 嘀䄀䰀唀䔀 吀伀 䘀唀䰀䰀 倀刀䤀䌀䔀 匀唀䤀吀⸀  䘀刀䔀䔀 匀唀䤀吀  䴀䄀夀 一伀吀 䈀䔀 䌀伀䴀䈀䤀一䔀䐀 圀䤀吀䠀 伀吀䠀䔀刀 伀䘀䘀䔀刀匀⸀

    䌀愀猀甀愀氀 圀攀愀爀  켥  匀甀椀琀猀 ☀ 吀甀砀攀搀漀猀 吀愀椀氀漀爀椀渀最  켥  䜀爀漀漀洀椀渀最 ㄀㈀㜀 䴀愀椀渀 匀琀爀攀攀琀Ⰰ 䌀栀椀挀漀  簀  ⠀㔀㌀ ⤀ 㠀 㤀ⴀ㄀㠀㌀㤀

嘀漀琀攀搀 䌀栀椀挀漀ᤠ猀 䈀䔀匀吀 

䴀攀渀ᤠ猀 䌀氀漀琀栀椀攀爀 ㌀ 夀攀愀爀猀 䤀渀 愀 刀漀眀℀



U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7


THE ART OF ARRANGEMENT: CARRIE THENGVALL FLORAL DESIGN For hundreds of years, flowers have been used as symbols of love, affection, friendship and sympathy. The beauty of a fresh picked wildflower or mixed bouquet invokes feelings often inexpressible through words. We press them, dry them or hang them in effort to keep the memory of those moments as fresh as the day they were given.

of competitors managing to arrange stunning bouquets from random flowers in a fast paced environment. Carrie won 4th place overall in one such contest during college. She realized that creating bouquets for people was more than a hobby. It could very well be her career. She started Carrie Thengvall Floral Design in 2013 and the business has been growing ever since!

Carrie Thengvall has loved plants and the outdoors since childhood, so the decision to major in horticulture at Cal Poly came naturally. Her concentration was split between nursery management and flower production, which eventually landed her in a floral club on campus. That is where her passion for flower arrangement truly blossomed.

If you’re a new bride and lost to the world of flowers, it’s recommended to sit down with your florist for a consultation. Carrie likes to meet over a yummy drink in a comfortable setting. “I ask them about their vision for the day, hear ideas, and see what plant materials they’re drawn to.” From there, what’s chosen is dependent on season, cost effectiveness, and design.

If you’re anything like me, I imagined floral competitions were held amongst a few flower fanatics in a small space that smells really amazing. After talking with Carrie, the only thing I got right was the smell. Picture dozens

Flower arranging is an art and just like painting or photography, everyone has their own design niche. “I love to use a lot of foliage; olive and bay leaves or combinations of natural wildflowers,” she says. In fact, much of Carrie’s college classes consisted

of memorizing plant materials, so having that knowledge base makes her creations a cohesive mix of unique textures, colors, and aromas. On an average day you can find Carrie in her home studio, cup of coffee in hand and Amos Lee softly playing in the background. Whether it’s cleaning vases, arranging flowers, or managing the books, she loves her job. “Creating something beautiful for somebody else’s enjoyment is the most rewarding thing,” she says. We couldn’t agree more!



U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7


Between guest lists, dietary restrictions, accommodations, and getting everyone where they need to be at the right time, planning a wedding is no easy feat. The Hotel Diamond, and its premier dining experience, Two Twenty Restaurant, are on a mission to change that. Booking lodging and the rehearsal dinner in the same location is sure to alleviate stress for both the bride and groom as well as their incoming guests. With 43 rooms and suites available in the hotel, and one of the best locations to host a rehearsal dinner in town located directly below them, enough can’t be said about the convenience found here. The hotel itself has been referred to as the “jewel” of Chico, and has significantly changed the face of Downtown Chico, setting the standard for the finest accommodations in town. Completely reconstructed from the ground up, the Hotel Diamond offers every contemporary convenience that guests would demand. While contemporary, the hotel still remains true to its historic roots with fine craftsmanship visible throughout the building. Original style crown moldings, rich walnut cabinetry, and artisan furniture custom made to match the hotel combine to create a warm and inviting environment. Best of all, the hotel is located in the heart of Downtown Chico, within a few short blocks of all downtown restaurants, nightlife, and bars. Room block discounts are also available for those looking to host their wedding guests here.


Led by Chef Michael Iles, former executive chef at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Two Twenty Restaurant is a unique addition to Downtown Chico. The entire restaurant space was renovated prior to opening last year, creating an environment that is both airy and elegant, including a piano bar and lounge that opens to the dining room, which in itself is composed of a formal dining space and an area that’s more relaxed—yet still luxurious—where people can have drinks or dine. The menu is just as impressive and reflects Chef Michael’s 30 years of restaurant experience. The resulting effort is referred to as California classic cuisine with a twist, served in an intimate setting by a warm and friendly staff. With a focus on fresh ingredients and sourcing items whenever possible locally, Two Twenty not only delights with delicious meals, but supports the local food community as well. Rehearsal dinner parties are invited to work with the chef directly to craft a menu that is perfectly suited to their own palette. The restaurant is perfectly designed for rehearsal dinners, with multiple locations available to accommodate parties of up to 100 people. For those with smaller parties looking for privacy, the restaurant provides a beautiful subterranean wine room that is both intimate and cozy; for larger parties, the restaurant boasts two large banquet rooms. Directly adjacent to the restaurant itself is the hotel’s artisan cocktail bar, providing yet another locale with an atmosphere all its own for celebrating guests. Two Twenty offers multiple options on how the bill can be split up as well, allowing for the hosts to decide just how many drinks they are providing each member of the dinner party and when the remaining drink orders will be kept on separate bar tabs at the bar itself.



U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7



Over the Creek & In the Canyon Located deep within Butte Creek Canyon, stretching 238 feet across the clear flowing waters of Butte Creek, is one of the 11 covered bridges remaining in all of California. This month marks 130 years since the Honey Run Covered Bridge was built and became an iconic structure that continues to be a piece of rich local history and remains an attraction to tourist and residents alike. The bridge has gone through many changes before it became the iconic structure we all know today. It all started in the year 1886. Before there was a Skyway, Butte County officials wanted to create a passage from Car Hill Road (currently Upper Honey Run Road today) to Nimshew Stage Road (currently Centerville Road). This would provide easier (and dry) access to travelers instead of physically crossing Butte Creek by horse or wagon on their way to Paradise. As construction began, Butte County worked with a firm out of the Bay Area called San Francisco Bridge and Building Company. The bridge’s design came from Thomas and Caleb Pratt and their truss system invented nearly 50 years before. Though this type of bridge was most commonly used for railway bridges because of its efficient use of iron, it was combined with untreated ponderosa pine for weight compression. This would become the first incarnation of the Honey Run Bridge. 36

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7

The bridge would be a modern piece of architecture. Most of it was constructed in sections in San Francisco and brought into the canyon to be assembled. The Honey Run Bridge was opened for traffic in January of 1887, costing the county $4300, and could hold a maximum weight of 1500 pounds. In its first few years, the covered bridge as we know it today, wasn’t covered at all. Many believe covered bridges were used to provide shelter for travelers in wagons and on horseback, but this is not actually the case. Covering provides protection to the bridge’s structure from the elements. In 1901, due to the wind and weather damage from the preceding years, the bridge was covered and took only 10 days and six men to complete the job. “The covering was the biggest change in 1901,” Robert Catalano said, president of the Honey Run Covered Bridge Association. “It was continuously used from 1886 to 1965.” An out-of-control vehicle collided with the section closest to the firehouse in 1965. This caused one section of the bridge to cave in, while the rest of it stayed in tact. Shortly after the crash, Butte County officials decided to build a new bridge a few yards upstream. Using the same plan, the new

Honey Run Covered Bridge became one of only four covered bridges in America using the Pratt design and the only one in United States with three unequal sections. A few years after completion of the new bridge, Harvey Johnson, a Butte Canyon rancher, initiated the Honey Run Covered Bridge Association (HRCBA) in 1972. Their goal would be to preserve the historic value of the bridge. Upon building the park, which is located adjacent to the bridge, the area would become listed on the National Register of historic places where it still remains. Today, the HRCBA has been committed to making the bridge a family oriented destination. In the summer months, weddings often take place under the canopy and events exploring the canyon’s culture happen on the bridge and up the road in Centerville. “It’s a place for families to come and enjoy the creek, to go fishing and swimming,” Catalano said. “We want people to enjoy this county icon that’s one of a kind in the United States.”




There is no doubt we are living in stressful times. However, for brides, life can seem exceptionally so. Even if you’re not planning to walk down the aisle anytime soon, there are proven ways to use the food you eat to successfully manage stress. We often opt for a bag of chips or M&M’s over an apple for a snack when we’re stressed. This can lead to eating binges that temporarily satisfy our cravings, but don’t really help us cope. So, can choosing certain foods actually help your body deal with stress in a beneficial way, once you’re in it knee-deep? Absolutely. What you eat in those times can affect your health and well-being. When you are stressed, your body creates hormones like cortisol and adrenaline that can negatively impact health. Cortisol spikes create unwanted effects in our body like inflammation, constriction of blood vessels, elevated blood pressure, slower metabolism, and brain fog. By choosing healthier options, you’ll face those challenging times with more energy, a clearer mind, and a calmer mood. STRESS-REDUCING FOODS: • Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These fats are essential, which means your body can’t make them, and you must get them from your diet. There are so many benefits to including these in your diet; they regulate hormones, relax artery walls, protect against heart disease and stroke, decrease inflammation in the body, improve composition of blood lipids and make your skin glow. Foods to look for: Walnuts, wild salmon, flax seeds and leafy vegetables. 38

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7

• Berries. There’s a berry for everyone! Delicious, colorful berries are rich in vitamin C, and they are packed full of antioxidants. Our immune system can become compromised when we’re stressed, and these little powerhouses help support it, by fighting inflammation and binding free radicals that stress can cause. Foods to look for: Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. • Dark Chocolate. You’re welcome. We’ve all heard that sugar is bad for us, so why is dark chocolate ok? Research shows it has protective properties against heart disease, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease and even alleviates symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Foods to look for: 70% cocoa or more. • Limit Caffeine. Although this is not technically a food you add to your diet, it is a substance worth considering during times of stress. When you are stressed, most likely, you are not sleeping well, and coffee can easily become your best friend. Using caffeine to power through the day may seem to help in the moment, but it might hurt if it impacts your sleep cycle. Drinking excess amounts of coffee can cause anxiety and nervousness, spike blood sugar, and can elevate your heart rate.




Marilyn DeGarmo earned her BS in Nutrition from California State University, Chico. She is also a wellness counselor, licensed massage therapist, and esthetician.



DIY: Bridesmaid Goodie Bags Don’t forget about your best gals before the big day! A thoughtful gift for your bridesmaids shows your appreciation for their support on the most important day of your life. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, some chic vintage clutches like these from Uptown Vintage & Shabby of Chico may be just the thing! Fill them with treats that are sure to make any girl smile—a pair of earrings to wear for the wedding, makeup for quick touch-ups throughout the day, and of course a special note of gratitude. These beaded clutches are a fun gift that your bridesmaids are sure to use again, and what makes them perfect are the personal touches you’ll add inside! 40

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7




Your Wedding Day—the most anticipated event of your life. The delight that this day brings can be precluded by an onslaught of stress and anxiety that erupts through your skin. The effects of such an imbalance can be minimized by incorporating some simple and very enjoyable rituals. Two weeks prior to the wedding day begin to moderately detox and purify to achieve an inner glow and vibrant energy with the following beverage in the morning and evening: In an 8 oz glass blend: 1 bunch parsley, 1 cucumber, 1 green apple, 1 lemon & 2 tsp honey. • Drink a gallon of water daily while eliminating caffeine, sodas, and processed sugars and foods. Limit restaurant food as much as possible as it is typically high in sodium and can cause bloating. • Restore inner peace and relaxation before going to bed with an evening Epsom salt bath for a minimum of 20 minutes. A blend of 2 cups Epsom salts and 1 cup baking soda will relieve body aches and promote sleep. • Schedule a facial 4–6 weeks out from the wedding, then a follow-up facial 5–7 days prior. Avoid intense and deep exfoliation at this time and tell your esthetician not to do extractions to prevent your skin from being red and blotchy. This facial should be a refresher to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin. 42

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7

• If you’re new to waxing, schedule your first waxing session for 4-6 weeks prior and then your pre-wedding wax five days prior. Areas to be waxed can include brows, upper lip, arms, legs, and bikini. You will achieve the best results by gently exfoliating the skin for three days prior to your waxing session. • Schedule a trial spray tan about 10 days prior to the wedding. If the tan is too dark this will allow enough time for it to fade. If another session is needed, schedule it for about 4–5 days prior to the wedding. • Exercise 30 minutes daily followed by a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. This will help you to mentally and physically handle stress and anxiety as well as looking and feeling great. • Last and not least, treat yourself and your fiancé to a massage at the spa so you can relax together!

B E A U T Y A D V I C E VIA ELIZABETH ANASTASI Elizabeth Anastasi is a Licensed Esthetician, Certified Massage Therapist and Owner of Renew Float Spa located at 1030 Village Ln, Suite 190 in Chico. For more information, visit




B EYOND T HE CAK E For years the traditional dessert option at a wedding has been cake, but the latest trend has brides and grooms considering sweets tables. Sweets tables can consist of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and even candy. Sweets tables allow brides and grooms to still have the traditional cake if they so choose, while incorporating more options to choose from. Below are a few examples of these fun and interactive tables!

CANDY BAR/SWEETS TABLE • Combines candy with cake, cupcakes, and cookies • Matches the theme and colors of your event • Is a fun and interactive display • Can also serve as the party favor S’MORES BAR • Perfect for shabby chic, outdoor, and country style weddings • Can take to go boxes home as party favors OTHER OPTIONS • Popcorn Bars • Trail Mix Bars 44

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7

SHOULD I HIRE A PROFESSIONAL? Although there are plenty of amazing do-ityourselfers out there, I would advise hiring a professional for a few reasons: 1. A professional usually has all of the supplies needed for these sweets tables, such as glassware, crates, scoops, tongs, etc. This way you can rent and not have to buy supplies and try to store them later. 2. Hiring a professional ensures that you have enough candy for your guests, that your table looks amazing, and that you don’t have to do the set-up, tear-down or cleanup. 3. Having an attendant to man the station is a good idea as well because he or she can keep the table clean and tidy and refill items as needed. Jenn has professionally created candy buffets, sweets tables, s’mores bars, popcorn bars, and more. Contact her for more information today!



Song List  Worksheet Music sets the tone, gets people involved, and becomes a permanent part of our memories of special events. When you’re choosing your wedding day soundtrack, make sure you have songs that are meaningful to you, as well as songs that will get your guests up and dancing! Whether you have a live band or a DJ, they will appreciate some guidance and a songlist in advance so they can make sure they are familiar with and have access to the songs you have chosen.

Playlist as Guests are Seated

Processional Song for Wedding Party

UPPER CRUST BAKERY Step into Upper Crust Bakery & Café and your eyes will fall on the dailymade desserts that face the entrance—and with their playful designs and decadent toppings, it might be tough to look away. As a frequent winner of the Chico News & Review’s “Best of Chico” awards, the local eatery is just as beloved for its savory dishes as its sweet treats. When it comes to special occasions, however, these desserts steal the spotlight. Upper Crust has kept its vision steady throughout its nearly 30-year run, but even the most traditional establishments must find ways to keep things interesting. For the cafe, this meant offering desserts and cakes for special events more than five years ago. Now brides and grooms to-be can order anything from cupcakes, to pastries to a table of assorted sweets, and Upper Crust’s staff will do all the hard work of baking, delivering, and arranging. The menu has stayed up-to-date as well; by offering vegan and gluten-free options, the company has a treat for everyone. In fact, general manager Jeff Plummer insists that the vegan cakes are some of Upper Crust’s best. “People think it will be different, but it’s so rich,” he explains. The bakery does everything in their power to create what customers envision: while many take advantage of Upper Crust’s complimentary tastings to choose a traditional wedding cake, others have requested pies or even macarons for the big day. A little Pinterest inspiration never hurt either—photographs can actually ease the process for both customers and bakers. Though Upper Crust is already scheduling tastings for fall of 2017, last-minute planners can breathe easy: the bakery will accept orders up to two weeks before any event. “This is your wedding; take advantage of it,” says Jeff. The perfect dessert will only make the day that much sweeter.

Bride’s Processional


Bride, Groom & Wedding Party Entrance to Reception

First Dance

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DROZIAN PHOTOWORKS Dusty and Amy started their business in 2008 after growing restless in their respective careers (he held a corporate job while she worked as an interior decorator). Wanting a change, they linked their shared passions and expertise to form Drozian Photoworks. By their second year they were shooting 35 weddings a year, and they haven’t had the time to look back since. Eight years later, teamwork has been essential to Drozian’s continued success. Though Dusty and Amy started dating when they were just fourteen, their sense of unity has not waned: every shoot is a collaborative effort that allows the pair to share ideas, work side-by-side, and even look after their toddler on days they remain in the office. Their main goal is for each shoot to feel natural and true to the individual. After getting to know a couple, Amy and Dusty will snap portraits and candids that represent their clients’ personalities. If the bride-to-be is bubbly and playful, for instance, they will strive to capture her laughter throughout the day. The duo also works closely with clients to find locations as meaningful as they are beautiful. Picturesque ranches and sunset-lit oak trees are plentiful in the North State, but Dusty and Amy have also proved they are willing to

travel wherever necessary to get the job done, from a three-hour trip through Santa Clara to a full week in Italy (where they went from a wedding in Milan to a honeymoon in Venice). But while the Droz’ business allows them to enjoy these adventures with their clients, they ensure that the focus remains on the relationship, not the landscape. “We can find things to shoot almost anywhere—we have taken photos in parking lots,” remarks Dusty. While it’s hard to imagine a sunset or Italian vacation ruining a photograph, Drozian ultimately seeks to capture the love that exists within these surroundings. Although the company has continued to flourish, it remains the same small and personal practice as always. The couple maintains their fine balance between work and family after all these years; their office runs without the help of a receptionist, and Amy sews many of the garments for glamour shots herself. These unique touches clearly serve them well, as Dusty and Amy have formed strong enough relationships with clients to expand their services far beyond the wedding day. In fact, some clients have been so pleased that they have returned for nine or ten sessions. Dusty doesn’t take his job for granted, either. “It’s incredibly fun,” he says. “We can appreciate getting to go to parties every weekend.” Though good photography requires a keen eye and lots of hard work, it’s easy to see why the Droz’s gravitated toward a career that involves this much joy.



“You’ll spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than anyone else,” states Dusty Droz, who makes up one half of Drozian Photoworks with his wife Amy. Specializing in wedding photography, the two bring necessary warmth and understanding to photoshoots—and who better to capture those significant moments than a couple that has experienced them in front of the camera as well as behind the lens?


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Wedding Planning Stress 1. Create a Budget The most important piece of advice I have for couples is to first decide on a budget and priorities (florals, food and beverage, photos or live band etc.). Have an open and honest discussion about what you both want for your big day and what you feel comfortable spending. Make your budget and stick to it! TIP: Maximize your budget by choosing a venue that not only speaks to the style you envision for your day, but also offers the most amenities in their rental fee, such as tables and chairs. Keeping a smaller guest list or selecting a non-peak date are also ways to save. 2. Tame Your Guest List Keep venue capacity and catering costs in mind, and then divide the number equally for both of you to invite your close friends and family. If one or both sets of parents are contributing, consider splitting the list three ways equally with the third portion being divided among parents. Last minute add-ons can affect your rental list and catering, so don’t be afraid to keep your guest list on lockdown! 3. Communicate Clearly Effective communication is so important. When booking vendors, make a note of their office hours and policies on how quickly they can respond to emails or calls. This will help you know what to expect. If there is something happening that you don’t particularly like, don’t be afraid to voice your concerns. If needed, request an in-person meeting to touch base and calm your nerves. Use a free wedding website to keep your guests up to date with pertinent information and to share your beautiful engagement photos!

4. Finalize Your Itinerary Work with your vendors and wedding planner to create a realistic timeline that will ensure your day goes smoothly. Structure the timeline to maximize the number of hours in your photography package. Put together a very basic outline of the day for your wedding party, immediate family or friends involved in your ceremony or preparations and send it out ahead of time to ensure everyone knows what to expect for the day. 5. Plan Ahead A lot of time is spent planning everything leading up to a wedding, but often the wedding day set up and cleanup is an afterthought. If you have purchased decor items or are bringing anything that needs to be set up, label the boxes as you pack them. End your wedding on a high note without being stuck with a few hours of cleanup. Hiring vendors who offer cleanup will ensure that you get your security deposit back and that you and your wedding party aren’t picking up garbage or sweeping the floor after such an amazing day! Most importantly, make time for yourself and stay active. Take breaks from planning, and set a rule on date night to not talk about the wedding! HAPPY PLANNING!


Color Palettes


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What can make your cake, invitations, and decorations even more stunning? The perfect color palette! Choosing a color scheme will not only give you a beautiful look that is truly “you,” it will help you make decorating decisions with more ease and certainty. Inspiration is everywhere! Try looking outside of the wedding realm at everyday color combinations that you’re drawn to.



You have taken months or even years envisioning and planning your perfect day. When that day comes it is a whirlwind of meaningful moments that pass by in an instant. Your wedding photos are what is left when everything else has been packed away. Choosing the right photographer for you is very important. Make sure your personalities are a good fit. Some good questions to ask your potential photographer are: • What style of photography do they shoot? • How many years have they been photographing weddings? • How many weddings do they photograph a year? • What is included in their wedding price and package? • Do they have back up photographer if they are sick and cannot photograph your wedding? • Do they have an assistant photographer for your wedding day? • What is required as a deposit to book your date and when is payment due? • Are they insured?

workable itinerary. A workable itinerary is one that can be flexible according to how the day is going. No wedding goes without its mishaps. Much time is lost with your photographer if you or others are not on time or where they are supposed to be. Therefore, it is best to communicate with your friends and family (before the big day) about what time pictures will be taken, where pictures take place, and who will be in pictures. You do not want to spend your wedding day waiting for people to show up to take pictures. Also share with your photographer your visions or ideas (again, before the big day). This way he or she can incorporate them with their own artistic style. Most of all, to have great wedding pictures, keep smiling! Smile when you are getting ready, smile during your ceremony, smile when you are dancing. Your joyous day will be eloquently captured forever and last a lifetime. Last but not least, get those images printed! Do not just upload them to your computer and let them sit there forever. Get an album designed by your photographer. They know best how to make your wedding day into a storybook that you can easily showoff and share with your friends and family.

• Do they have any past clients they could use as a reference? Also check the web to see how past clients have rated them on social media sites. Remember: knowledge is power. You will want to make the most of your time with your photographer. Before the big day, meet with your photographer and have a 52

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PHOTOGRAPHY ADVICE V I A T R A C Y LY N N C A H N Owner of Tracy Lynn Photography. Specializing in photographing weddings here in the North State for over 16 years. For more information visit, or


Premarital Agreement? Deciding whether to marry someone is a very emotional process. Love, trust, property and money all play into marriage. Even if it is the first marriage or the tenth. California law concerning separate property and community property can be very complex and not at all what the couple may want or expect. The practical considerations of the upcoming union should be looked at carefully. After the couple is married, it becomes exceedingly difficult to alter their property rights and obligations. Before the marriage, virtually any property right or obligation of either party can be modified or eliminated entirely. Depending on what property and what debts each party brings to the marriage, a Premarital Agreement can be a critical contract to protect one or both parties’ property rights after they are married. They are often a very good idea. Some of the common areas that can be covered by a Premarital Agreement are: 1. Ongoing business operated by a party prior to the marriage; 2. Property owned prior to the marriage, but the existing mortgage is to be paid with wages and income earned after marriage; 3. How property and debts will be disposed of if a party dies, or their marriage ends in a dissolution of marriage; 4. Ownership rights and beneficiaries of a life insurance policy; 5. Basically any other matter not in violation of public policy or criminal law statute; and 6. Estate Planning and providing for each parties’ children. A Premarital Agreement can also cover spousal support/alimony, but there are enforceability limitations. Independent legal counsel eliminates some of these limitations, and both parties having independent legal counsel provided a great deal of assurance that the Premarital Agreement is fully enforceable. There is also a seven day “cooling off” period between when the agreement is first presented and when it is executed to prevent pressure problems. VALERIE MILLER Persons & Miller Attorney 1209 Esplanade #4 Chico, CA 95926 530.893.0717


Sweating for

the Wedding

5 Strength Exercises to Get You Wedding Dress Ready

3. Squat

Now that you’re engaged and the wedding planning is in full swing, more than ever it’s important that you maintain your health. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or just feel your best on your wedding day, we have comprised a guide of five basic strength exercises to help get you and your fiancé get wedding ready!

A squat is a squat is a squat. Gym class-style, bodyweight only, is fine. Just make sure you drop down to a point where the tops of your thighs are parallel with the floor. Do it holding two dumbbells. Do it with a jump at the top. Then with a barbell on your shoulders, in front or behind your head. Good form is imperative.

Similar to the wedding planning process, deciding on a weight loss strategy to prepare for your wedding day can be overwhelming. We find that a combination of a clean and nutritious diet paired with incorporating five simple moves—plank, pull, squat, push, lunge—into your workout plan is a great start to working your entire body effectively.




To learn more about Whole Body Fitness, visit or call 530.487.8123

4. Push

A plank is a ramrod straight top-of-a-pushup position, usually done on your elbows and held for time. Think you’re straight enough? Get in front of a mirror and you’ll see your hips are too high. Now squeeze your belly and hold it. 30 seconds too easy? Try it with one leg lifted. Still easy? Lift the opposite arm as well.

A push is anything where you... wait for it... push something away from you! Take two dumbbells overhead or one barbell while lying on your back—aka the bench press. Or the ultra-beneficial pushup. Can’t do a full push-up yet? Start with modified push-ups on your knees and work your way up.

2. Pull

5. Lunge

A pull is a move where you take hold of something and pull it towards your chest or abdomen: a row. A pull-down, a pull-up or chin-up. Often neglected, these moves—especially row variations—are a major key to improving posture and keeping your upper body strong.

A lunge is a lot like a squat, only your feet are in a staggered position, one in front of the other. Do them walking, or with your feet planted, or holding light dumbbells. Don’t let your front knee buckle inward. Keep your form tight.

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1. Plank


A New You Begins

With New Skin

Visiting a full-service dermatologic and aesthetic treatment center will likely be an eye-opening experience for first-timers, especially those who are familiar with regular day spas. Where your standard day spa will offer a symptom based treatment, like providing a filler for wrinkles or peels for skin resurfacing, a full-service dermatologic and aesthetic treatment center, like Rejuvené in Chico, prides itself in not only treating symptoms, but their underlying causes as well. The treatment process at Rejuvené employs a comprehensive approach that begins with a thorough consultation to determine a patient’s individual skin type, medical history, and current conditions. Complexion and skin issues, frown lines and wrinkles, volume loss and jowling, and skin laxity are all assessed during this initial consultation. With the information from this first visit, along with information on desired results, budgetary factors, and tolerance for downtime, an organized and systematic plan is created. This “Personal Skin Care Plan” is designed to treat problem areas for each individual patient. It helps patients to not only achieve great skin, but also to maintain these benefits in the long-run. The process of bringing about newer, more beautiful skin is achieved through the 4 R’s of Rejuvené: relax, refill, resurface, and recontour. Led by board certified dermatologist Dr. Kafele T. Hodari, Rejuvené’s team of aesthetic professionals follow these 4 R’s in sequence, providing non-invasive skin restoration procedures at each step that are uniquely tailored to the individual patient. Through a combination of clinical experience, an individualized approach, and a deep appreciation for the artistic side of medicine, Rejuvené’s methodology ensures that each patient has the best opportunity to reach their desired outcome. The hallmark of Rejuvené’s consultation process is the Visia Complexion Analysis System (VCAS). This digital photography and analysis system uses cross-polarized and UV lighting to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions such as spots, wrinkles, and differences in texture and pore size. It also provides unequaled visualization of common problems like spider veins, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, UV spots, brown spots, red areas, and porphyrins. The knowledge of subsurface skin conditions gives the team at Rejuvené a type of “crystal ball” into the future state of an individual’s skin by being able to detect abnormalities before they appear on the surface. With the data obtained from this analysis, they are able to make recommendations not only on how to treat visible skin aberrations, but also how to minimize or defeat underlying issues before they make themselves apparent. From simple one-treatment solutions, to more advanced comprehensive approaches, your skin care concerns can be addressed quickly and easily, thus affording you healthy, beautiful skin for life! If you are looking to refresh your appearance with the youthful glow we all desire, and maintain it permanently, call Rejuvené at 530.342.8295 and schedule an appointment today. One consultation and a personalized plan is all that stands between you and the perfect confidence boost to start your new year in the skin that’s perfect for you. WHETHER YOU’RE LOOKING TO GIFT YOURSELF SOME MUCH NEEDED PAMPERING OR SHOW A FRIEND OR LOVED ONE JUST HOW MUCH YOU CARE, CALL REJUVENÉ AT 530.342.8295 TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT OR PURCHASE A GIFT CERTIFICATE TODAY.



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䘀伀刀䴀䄀䰀  䔀䐀唀䌀䄀吀䤀伀一ᤠ匀

䄀一一唀䄀䰀 䈀伀䜀伀  匀唀䤀吀 匀䄀䰀䔀 䤀匀 伀一℀

䈀唀夀 伀一䔀  匀唀䤀吀 䜀䔀吀 伀一䔀  䘀刀䔀䔀 Because hearing is a wonderful gift!

“There for You 1000%!” “Dr. Chalmers delivers the right balance of professional expertise with a good dose of reality; she tells it like it is! Office visits are delightful and the staff is there for you 1000%. Hearing aids — good ones — are an investment, so it is critical that you get real value, and you will get that here!“ — Alton Wright, Marketing Consultant, Brownsville, CA

吀䠀刀伀唀䜀䠀  䨀䄀一唀䄀刀夀 ㌀ Ⰰ ㈀ ㄀㜀 䘀刀䔀䔀 匀唀䤀吀 䴀唀匀吀 䈀䔀 伀䘀 䔀儀唀䄀䰀 伀刀  䘀刀䔀䔀 匀唀䤀吀  䰀䔀匀匀䔀刀 嘀䄀䰀唀䔀 吀伀 䘀唀䰀䰀 倀刀䤀䌀䔀 匀唀䤀吀⸀  䴀䄀夀 一伀吀 䈀䔀 䌀伀䴀䈀䤀一䔀䐀 圀䤀吀䠀 伀吀䠀䔀刀  伀䘀䘀䔀刀匀⸀

We’re celebrating over 20 years of serving the North State! Call us today and mention you saw us in Upgraded Living for a complimentary appointment...Because hearing is a wonderful gift! Crystal Chalmers, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology

1(888) 876-7450 Located at 15 Jan Court, off of Forest Ave, behind Raley’s Sky Park Plaza

㄀㈀㜀 䴀愀椀渀 匀琀爀攀攀琀Ⰰ 䌀栀椀挀漀

⠀㔀㌀ ⤀ 㠀 㤀ⴀ㄀㠀㌀㤀

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SHASTAN HOMES Shastan Homes is in the process of bringing you a new exciting neighborhood: Shastan Homes at Hancock Park. This subdivision offers the same high quality building program and house plans that Shastan Homes is famous for. This amazing location is only a stone’s throw from Upper Bidwell Park; the park is easily accessible via the walking/biking path along the northeast boundary of our neighborhood. Architect Frank Glazewski has designed all the homes to be beautiful on the outside with exceptional floor plans on the inside. All homes are built with energy efficiency and water conservation in mind. Some of our customers that have installed solar panels on their homes are reporting $0 electric bills.

Shastan’s cutom design-build process is also ideal for building your dream home on any piece of property. We have the best in the business to take you through the entire process. Shastan Homes at Hancock Park is located on the far North East side of Chico near upper Bidwell Park. At Pleasant Valley High School go North on Marigold, then right on Eaton and left on Hancock Park. To learn more visit or call Jay Halbert at 530.520.3146.

HERE IS OUR LIST OF TALENTED CONTRACTORS Architecture Frank Glazewski, 894-5001 Appliances Ginno’s Appliances Scott Dilg, 342-2182 Cabinets Armstrong Cabinets Brian Shirley, 342-5533 Carpet, Window Coverings, Wood Flooring Towne Carpet Henry Iyone, 343-0215 Ceramic Tile Hinkle’s Tile Joe Hinkle, 693-0735 Ceramic Tile Shower Pans Pickering Hot Mop John Pickering, 321-7586 Countertops Ginno’s Appliances Kevin Skinner, 342-2182 Electrical/High Voltage Telic Electric Dave Rudolph, 520-0796 Electrical/Low Voltage - Defcon Security Brett Bowen, 566-6481 Electrical Fixtures - Northern Lights Joe Tilton, 893-8008 Excavations/Backhoe George Neary, 330-3151 Fencing - M & M Fence Mike Smith, 624-3775 Final Cleaning - Annette’s Mop & Bucket Annette Perez, 354-0369 Finish Carpentry - Sam Leaf Construction Sam Leaf , 518-2230 Fireplaces - A-1 Stoves Steve Bruffy, 345-9292 Concrete Flatwork & Foundations Andy Sprague, 864-3273 Framing-Construction & Framing Services Jim Ratekin, 624-4165

Garage Door Sharp’s Locksmithing Tyler Sharp, 533-5713 HVAC & Sheet Metal Jessee Heating & Air Mike Gray, 891-4926 Interior/ Exterior Doors Advanced Door Co. Jim Poole, 894-7000 Landscaping - Sunchasers John Goddard, 624-7000 Landscaping Plants Timshell Nursery Craig Thompson, 521-9125 Maintenance & Whole House Fans Pappa’s Tool Box, Bob Keller, 521-3257 Painting Casey Swaim, 520-6424 Pool Sunshine Pools Ralph Merlo, 521-0365 Plumbing & Fire Sprinklers Knight Construction Tim Knight, 624-5179 Raingutters & Downspouts: North Valley Raingutter 894-3347 Roofing - G & R Roofing Elaine Rios, 518-7760 Sheetrock - Butte Drywall Rick Woodcock, 693-0148 Smith Insulation Ed Smith 217-9425 Stucco & Masonry - Mid Valley Lath and Plaster Lonnie Joyner, 680-0491 Windows, Mirrors, Skylights, Shower Doors Miller Glass Jim Beltramo, 624-6213


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Securities and advisory services offered through Registered Representatives of Cetera Advisor Networks LLC (doing insurance business in CA as CFGAN Insurance Agency), member FINRA/SIPC. Some advisory services offered through Sweeney & Michel, LLC. Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity. CA Insurance License #: 0H82321 and 0I22683



Some things are notoriously hard to consistently predict. The weather, winners of elections and sporting events are a few that come to mind. This still doesn’t stop people and businesses from attempting to forecast future events. The $18 Trillion US Investment markets are not immune to forecasters either. There are plenty of TV, radio, print and website commentators who offer up their opinions on where the market is going. However, the overwhelming sea of research also shows that it’s nearly impossible to predict all of the market’s future moves. That’s why the average investor has achieved roughly only 50% of the markets return over the past 20 years*.

*Dalbar QAIB 2016 This chart is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the performance of any investment or group of investments. Source: J.P. Morgan Asset Management analysis using data from Morningstar Direct. 20-year annualized returns are based on the S&P 500 Total Return Index. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. An individual cannot invest directly in an index. Data as of December 31, 2015.

JP Morgan runs a chart annually showing the effect of missing out on a single day of market returns. That is, what if you missed out on the returns of the 10 best days over a 20 year period? The results suggest it’s far less costly to simply stay the course, rather than jump in and out of the market based on what we hear and how we feel: Renée Michel, MBA and Joe Sweeney, CFP® | 2452 Lakewest Drive, Chico, CA 95928 530-342-2900 | 800-333-2901 | (F) 530-342-3925 | | Securities and advisory services offered through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC (doing insurance business in CA as CFGAN Insurance Agency), member FINRA/SIPC. Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity.


Chico Custom Cabinetry:

Grueling to Gourmet Originally from San Gabriel, California, Richard Yale met his wife, Linda, and moved to Crescent City where they dropped roots and began building their family together. They had three daughters, and, though they loved Crescent City, eventually decided that it was time for a change. They found Chico and decided to make the move 19 years ago. The family rented a home for a few years in Chico and spent the time getting to better know their new community before decided to buy one of their own. Richard began working as the reverend at St. John The Evangelist Episcopal Church in Chico, and Linda as an accountant. They searched for the perfect place in town and eventually found a 1970’s home in a beautiful neighborhood, designed by local architect, Lenn Goldmann, and neatly tucked away off of East Avenue. With three daughters, Richard and Linda wanted to make sure that each had enough space to call their own, and the 4 bedroom house gave them just that. At a price that met their budget, the home was a perfect match. Over the years that followed, the house began to show its age. They began modernizing the home slowly, adding dual-pane windows, modernizing the mantle, and renovating the bathrooms. The family’s large black lab had left its mark on the home as well. With noticeably oily skin, he left a mark just about anywhere he laid on the home’s light carpeting. Eventually, Richard and Linda decided they couldn’t clean it anymore. They opted to replace the flooring throughout the home and the decision opened the door for them to renovate their kitchen, the one area they had truly outgrown. They asked their contractor, Donny Harp of HR Builders, for recommendations and he referred them to Chico Custom Cabinetry. We met with the Yales at their home to discuss the renovation and their experience. UL: What prompted you to renovate the kitchen? RY: Linda and I love to cook and entertain; it’s one of our favorite things to do. We got to the point where we couldn’t bring people into and out of the kitchen even with just a small group of friends over, so we decided it was time for a change. Linda makes homemade pasta and I’m the sauce guy. We love cooking Italian food and it takes a good deal of room to be able to do that together in the kitchen. We needed more space, so we expressed our needs to our general contractor who put together the original design for the kitchen. We then spoke with John at Chico Custom Cabinetry who put together a cabinetry design that better fit our lifestyle and worked with Donny’s plan for the kitchen.

UL: What was the process of rebuilding the kitchen like and what inspired the changes that you decided to make? LY: John worked with us to make sure the kitchen was what we wanted. They ripped out all of the old cabinets and replaced them with custom built cabinetry that matched our needs. We wanted easy access for dishes, a place to hide our appliances, a pull out pantry with deep pull out shelves, wine glass holders in the cabinets, and just an all around easier experience in the kitchen. As Richard said, we spend a good deal of time cooking in the kitchen together, especially on Gourmet Fridays, so it was important to make sure that we had the countertop space to more easily do what we enjoy. We asked for a large center island to create more room for rolling out and making fresh pasta as well as to give us more space to congregate with our friends. Richard wanted storage above the fridge to minimize having to bend down for baking pans and other items. UL: How did everything turn out in the end? What are some of your favorite additions to the kitchen? RY: We absolutely love our new kitchen. John and the team at Chico Custom Cabinetry did exactly what we asked for and more. They built the base for a large center island in the kitchen and added a bar so that friends could be seated at it. There’s far more space now and cooking is so much easier. The way we access everything has changed too. We have a cabinet above the fridge with slats in it to stop the clanging of baking sheets, an appliance garage that hides our countertop appliances when not in use, easy access to all of our dishes, and so much more storage with our new pantry that extends into our garage. The shelves go so far back and pull out so that we have full access to everything in the back. The cabinets are made of alder wood with a clear varnish and all look like furniture rather than just plain old cabinets. We just love it. UL: Would you recommend them to friends and family? RY: If someone needed cabinets, we would certainly recommend them to Chico Custom Cabinetry, and have to neighbors down the street. John was very attentive and took a lot of pride in his workmanship. I really appreciated that. He went over potential issues with us to make sure that everything was perfect and just how we wanted it. We’re finally able to create the experience that channels one of our favorite restaurants, Chez Panise in Berkeley. We couldn’t be happier. IF YOU’RE LIKE RICHARD AND LINDA YALE, AND HAVE A CABINETRY PROJECT, LARGE OR SMALL, THAT COULD USE A CUSTOM TOUCH, A PERSONABLE CONSULTATION, AND/OR A FREE ESTIMATE, CONTACT CHICO CUSTOM CABINETRY AT 530.324.0032 OR VISIT THEM ONLINE AT WWW.CHICOCUSTOMCABINETRY.COM.


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To resolutions that last …

Gayle Aylward, Agent Insurance Lic#: 0691589 1277 East Avenue, Ste 110 Chico, CA 95926 Bus: 530-895-1356



Happy New Year! Whether you’ve got one, or 99, we wish you the drive and resolve to get to a better state™. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® CALL ME TODAY.

State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL

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BAMFORD FAMILY FARMS Cold mist silently fills the space between the dark crooked branches of the trees, evoking a mysterious feel upon first meeting. Bright green grass starkly contrasts with the brown soil, and our boots roll on fallen olives in the dirt. Bamford Family Farm holds some of the oldest trees in our area, and with them some of the best Mission olives around. Since 1909, this orchard has been providing high grade olive oil for people all over the country. The Bamford’s came across the farm when they were looking at different graze land options for their cattle. A For Sale sign and interest in olive growing sealed the deal just last year. The previous owners were passionate about the orchard being left in capable hands, so they allowed Nathan Bamford to observe their final harvest. Now the Orchard Manager, he concludes that without that

training he “would be so lost” when it comes to best olive practices. However, listening as he confidently educates us on olives and works the machinery, you would never guess that this was a fairly new venture. Luckily, we caught the farm right in the middle of harvest season. About 18 employees help to reap 150 acres of olive trees. They start by shaking the trees. Whatever falls is then put in a receiver, which separates the olives from their surrounding foliage. Next the olives are taken to the local press where they’re washed and squeezed, creating the smooth olive oil we recognize. This all must be done within 24 hours or the oil can decay, so the bottles you receive from Bamford Family Farms are guaranteed fresh. 63

Managing the orchard is clearly a family affair. Christina Bamford runs the marketing, while her mom Martha works on the business side of things. The Bamford kids can often be found running between the rows of trees; once in a while pelting the other with a stray olive. They’ve all grown to know and love this orchard. So what makes their olive oil better than what you find on the shelf in a grocery store? Most importantly, it’s pressed and bottled right from the trees. You are getting the freshest oil possible. Mission Olives have a mild flavor profile, perfect for the majority of cooking needs. Christina describes their olives as “buttery and smooth, with a nice bite as you swallow.” Unique to olives as a crop, there is no expiration for the 13,500 trees here. They can go on developing olives for years and years to come. Located right next to Table Mountain, this particular orchard yields five percent more oil than others in the area. Maybe the magic soil that sprouts thousands of wild flowers every spring is the same that creates these flavor packed olives. The Bamford’s aren’t sure why their trees give significantly more oil, but we’re so happy that they do!


U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7

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DIRTY In January there are long, quiet stretches when you can savor the barren beauty of your garden and contemplate any changes or improvements you’d like to make. This year I’m thinking of planting something edible that would also add architectural interest. Grapes come to mind. Grapes have been cultivated since ancient times. Their lush vines can climb over a variety of structures while providing much appreciated shade in the summer or an attractive screen from neighbors. Grapevines add an element of drama to a garden or landscape. The sweet fruit can be eaten out of hand or made into raisins, wine, jelly or desserts. They are vigorous growers and with proper pruning they can last for longer than 30 years. The mediterranean climate of Butte County provides a perfect growing environment for many types of grapes. Look for healthy 1-year-old bare root vines at your local nursery in January and February. Requirements for grapes are simple:

• Loose, well drained soil is best but grapes can grow satisfactorily on poor, shallow soil as long as irrigation is present. A slope is ideal. • Patience and some level of commitment since the vines will require pruning every year Your local nursery can give you recommendations for types of grapes to plant. Cultivars are divided into raisin, table and wine grapes according to their primary use. Some are suitable for multiple uses. I often choose plants that have grown successfully for local gardeners but be adventurous and try several types. The first two years your vines will establish themselves and you should have fruit production by the third year. I’m picturing it already - reaching up into the dark green leaves and plucking a bunch of purple goodness.

• Lots of sun • Plenty of air circulation


• A strong structure like an arbor, trellis or fence to grow on

Carol Koenig is a Butte County Master Gardener. For more information on planting and pruning grapes visit




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It’s about your future.

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U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7


NEW YEAR, BETTER HOME! With a new year comes change. Many commit to getting healthier and becoming a better version of themselves. How about making your home the best it can be this year? Now is the perfect time to make your home your sanctuary for the new year ahead! Do you ever look at rooms in magazines, online, or on HGTV and wish that your home could look that great? Well it can with a little help and guidance from a designer. Many professional interior designers will come to your home for a consultation, look at your space, take measurements, and give you ideas of what changes would make your home look just like it came off the pages of HGTV magazine. A great designer will narrow down your options to the pieces that will look best in your home. He or she will also choose pieces that reflect your own personal style, and make sure the design of your space will be functional and last for years to come. This year why not start by committing to making your bedroom a relaxing, peaceful space to escape to. Draperies and pillows make the biggest impact in a bedroom and can set the stage for the feeling you want to achieve. In the master bedroom featured

above we made custom draperies on a double rod to add versatility and softness to the space. Sheer drapery panels are on the back rod to allow light to softly filter into the room. When no light is needed, the drapery panels on the front rod can be closed for more privacy. This creates a layered look which adds a lot of dimension and warmth to the room. The pillows in this bedroom were custom made to give the bed a little pop of color in an otherwise neutral space. The clients loved the yellow color and knew they wanted to go in that direction, so we helped them find some fabric options then narrowed it down to their favorite. After selecting the yellow fabric, we chose some coordinating fabrics to give the bed an array of interesting pillows. By creating custom pillows here in our workroom, we can make just the right sizes, and even better, nobody will have the same pillows as you!

DESIGN ADVICE VIA G A L L E R Y I N T E R I O R S Make 2017 the year that you make your home the best it can be. Come see Jennah and Robin, owners of Gallery Interiors, located at 1954 Bird Street in Downtown Oroville. To set up an appointment please call 530.533.3430. 67


2017 Spring Events


Booker T Jones: Stax Revue Kevin Spencer:


Hocus Focus

FEBRUARY 3 -4 9 11

Abbey Road: UDAC Las Cafeteras: L.A. Latin Mix Bobby Bones: JUST ADDED! Comedian


Elixir of Love:

SF Opera Cinema Series



19 26

The Nile Project: World Music Poemjazz

Antonio Sanchez

Robert Pinsky & Laurence Hobgood

MARCH 1 5 18 22 25 28 30

Gloria Steinem Enso String Quartet Dervish: Celtic Music Graham Nash Lucky Plush: Dance Chico! Dirty Dancing: Dance Chico! Spotlight Performances: Dance Chico!

APRIL 1 2 5 13-14 30

Rhythmic Circus: Dance Chico! Broadway Boogie: Dance Chico! Naked Magicians: Nothing Up Their Sleeves

Banff Film Festival Tosca:


SF Opera Cinema Series

MAY 25

Annie Jr.

Buy Tickets At: 530-898-6333 68

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7

New year

New you! 6 TH





new year


The glam squad Hair & makeup: bidwell hair cottage Clothing: Urban Couture

At 43, Marie has come a very long way from where she was before becoming sober and moving into the Sabbath House. There were times when she was near death, lying in a hospital praying for the end because hope seemed so far away. But on February 22, 2016, Maria decided she’d had enough. The stories she tells make it all seem so charming and we laughed at how easily she poked fun at herself, but the reality was, Maria could easily not be here today had she not decided it was time to make a change. Now she sits in front of us, telling stories and laughing, bright eyed and vibrant. In fact, she has taken on many responsibilities at the Sabbath House and prides herself in her work, something she says helps keep her sober in addition to prayer and the support of the other women there. Maria, much like the other women I met from the Sabbath House, cannot help but rave about its healthy and sober community. Maria’s advice is strong. After seeing everything slip away, after the guilt of losing it all, including two sons, she wants others to know there is hope and help. The Sabbath House is not just a great place to get a meal and place to sleep, but a place to get back into the community and be a part of society.

At the Salon Tamara treated Maria to several hair treatments to bring some life back into her locks—a reconstructing treatment, clarifying treatment, and Olaplex treatment, which helps rebuild keratin in the hair and restore its shine and elasticity. Maria liked the previous red tones in her hair, so Tamara removed some of the orange tint and added a rich mahogany violet color before cleaning up her cut. For her makeup, Tamara evened out Maria’s skin, waxed and filled in her brows, and accentuated her beautiful features with natural tones, finishing off her look with a bold red lip and subtle green liner to bring out her eyes.



new you!



Patricia comes off as shy at first; soft spoken and quiet. But when with the other women at the Sabbath House, a glow of enthusiasm and playfulness comes out and she is vibrant, with a smile that beams from ear to ear. Originally from Woodland, CA, Patricia moved to Chico with her mother, Carol Carter, who is a musician. Patricia’s life experience includes living in Dallas as a hairdresser, winning 2nd place for hair design, and working in town at a local convenience store. Patricia was content in not divulging much to us in regards to her life before she got into the Sabbath House. Instead she couldn’t say enough good things about the women and her experience at the Sabbath House in the past few months. Patricia’s plans for the future include taking the next step into transitional housing, and hopes to one day have a home for her and her 11 year old son, Hayden. Her advice for those who feel they need help: the Sabbath House is a wonderful place for recovery. They provide the opportunity to take part in the community and develop amazing relationships.

At the Salon To start off her transformation, Lindsey treated Patricia to a spa manicure, complete with a sweet bow detail and a bit of sparkle. Patricia was not afraid to add some exciting color to her hair, and Nicole wanted to give her something easy to maintain, but not at all boring. Nicole darkened Patricia’s roots and added rich copper and red tones with pops of platinum blonde. Patricia loves color, and now her hair is proof of it! Adrian cleaned up and re-shaped Patricia’s existing cut, adding bangs to flatter her face shape. Lindsey gave Patricia a natural makeup look with a neutral palette. She defined Patricia’s brows and added a gold eyeshadow to bring out the blue and green in her eyes. A warm plum lip was added to complete this stunning look that took years off of Patricia’s face.


The glam squad Hair, makeup & Nails: Envee Hair Studio Clothing: For elyse

new year

Christina A mother of 8, Christina Powell is originally from Gridley but came to Chico via the Esplanade House in June of 2015. With tears in her eyes, Christina tells me her sobriety date is September 9th, 2015. It is evident what it means to her to be sober and to have made it past the one year mark, a feat that anyone who has lived with addiction knows is an accomplishment in itself. She just finished her second semester at Butte College and has been nominated for an honors award. Christina smiles when she talks about finally having her license and two cars. It is evident this has been a good year for Christina, and understandable why she gets emotional when talking about finally being sober after living with addiction for 24 years. Christina’s advice is that if you want it, it’s there. For her, the first time she was given a chance at sobriety and getting help, she didn’t want it. Not in the same way she wants it this time around. Now that she has finally accepted the help, good things have come to her. “Stick to it and it rewards you,” she says, wiping a tear of gratitude from her cheek.

At the Salon First, Erin gave Christina a fun, sassy cut with a rich, caramel color to warm up her skin tone and give her hair some dimension. Jessie went with a soft and natural look for her makeup, with brown tones on her eyes that helped to brighten her complexion. Her eyebrows were cleaned up and shaped, and her gorgeous look was finished with a soft, mauve lip. Melissa treated Christina to a gel manicure, complete with some gold shimmer to help celebrate the season and a fresh start!

The glam squad Hair & makeup: bidwell hair cottage Clothing: kreations and Heel & sole shoes



new you!

Michelle After

Originally from San Bernardino, Michelle Wilson has been in Chico for about 18 years. She has seven children from ages 7–25, but all of this is very surprising seeing the youthful sparkle and brightness in Michelle’s eyes. In 2013 Michelle suffered an emotional breakdown, quit her job and lost her home in Bakersfield. After she moved back to Chico, she lived in the Torres Shelter and was homeless for two months before going to the Jesus Center. There she not only found a good meal, but a great place to live with amazing women. After working to put her life back together in the six months she live at the Sabbath House, Michelle has now left and moved into a home of her own. Michelle loves taking care of other people, and just completed schooling to become a certified nursing assistant. Michelle’s advice is to stay humble and be patient. She says to appreciate the situation even though you don’t like it, “because God put you in a place to learn. He has a lesson for us.” In regards to patience she emphasizes, “There are no shortcuts.” Michelle can attest to that and reiterates that the Sabbath House is there if you need it. They believe in second chances.

At the Salon Quilla of Dimensions Salon began Michelle’s day of pampering with a scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment, followed by full color with touches of bright purple to match her bright personality. Stylist Zane then gave her a polished cut, blowout, and curled style. Danielle dolled her up with airbrush makeup, false lashes to bring out her rich, brown eyes, and a bold lip to top off this sleek and glowy look.


The glam squad Hair & makeup: dimensions salon Clothing: 5th street clothing co. and Heel & Sole Shoes

new year

ALI Once a preschool teacher, Alacoque Bolduc (Ali), 34, grew up in Chico. For Ali, ending up at the Jesus Center was a blessing. After falling into a life of alcoholism, addiction, and a toxic relationship, she lost her house, her car, everything but a bag of clothes. A friend of Ali’s worked at the Sabbath House above the Jesus Center and recommended that she go there. 13 months later, Ali is thriving. She attends church, works the front desk at the Sabbath House, has moved out, and is now in transitional housing with her 8 week old baby boy Roman, whom Ali will attest has changed her life. Ali’s hopes for the future include getting completely back on her feet and getting involved in the community. After all of her experience and seeing the possibilities of hope, Ali’s advice to others who may be struggling is to have faith, don’t give up, and accept help. A lot of times that is the hardest part in trying to get out of a tough spot. She says accepting help and taking advice is the key to success.

At the Salon To start, Danielle gave Ali a European facial to help hydrate her skin, give it a dewy look, and enhance its already amazing texture. Danielle also gave Ali a clean and low maintenance brow shape. After hearing that Ali was up for something new and different for her hair, Claudia went for a blunt cut with lots of layers and texturizing and a side swept bang to compliment her face shape. Claudia also toned down Ali’s color to a deeper, warmer brown with hints of golden highlights around her face. For her makeup, Ashleigh used a powder foundation to even her skin tone, then accentuated her skin’s dewy glow with some bronzer and luminous highlighter. To bring out Ali’s eyes, Ashleigh added shades of chocolate brown, terracotta, and copper eyeshadow along with black liner and false lashes. Her look was finished with a soft mauve lip to enhance her natural lip shape.


The glam squad Hair, makeup, & Clothing: Mecca Salon


new you!

Brian After

Born in Long Beach, CA, Brian was accustomed to the busy city life. At the age of 18, his mother brought him to Redding to be closer to family. At 21, Brian moved to Chico hoping to find something a bit closer to the city life he knew and loved. He started out his life here working two jobs and getting a place with his fiancé, Danielle. When their rent was raised and no longer affordable, Brian decided to move to Marysville with Danielle and their unborn son, Landon, who is now almost two. Brian was offered a great job in Chico and he knew he had to take it. Brian moved back to Chico, willing to live homeless at the Torres Shelter to ensure his wife and son had a warm place to stay back in Marysville while he raised enough money to afford a place in Chico. Biking from the Torres Shelter to work near the Chico Airport and working 55 hours a week is another attribute of his dedication to his family and his hope for success. On February 12th, 2017, Brian will be one year clean and sober. It is evident from his spirit and determination that he will succeed in his future goal to be a computer programmer. He says he has his son to thank for that, Brian’s face glowing with pride when he talks about him. Brian is also thankful to have the Torres Shelter there to help him attain those goals. Brian’s advice is evident in his day to day living, “Don’t stop trying,” he says. “Never give up. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring.”

At the barbershop Brian usually keeps his hair fairly short and doesn’t try different cuts very often, but was ready to let Marcus of Gentleman’s Barbershop work his magic. Although Brian’s hair was short, Marcus was able to give him a youthful, fresh cut just in time for the holidays. Marcus gave Brian a number three cut on top with a bald medium fade on the sides and back. Brian is ready to head into 2017 with confidence!

makeover by Hair: gentlemen’s barbershop Clothing: Formal education

hair After





127 Main Street, Chico 530.809.1839

Thank you to all of our salons, clothiers, & nominees for making these transformations possible! You are an inspiration to us all.





218 Main St, Chico, CA 530.892.8116 1342 Esplanade Suite B, Chico 530.892.8746 530.894.1365 ESPLANADE HOUSE



181 E Shasta Ave, Chico JESUS CENTER

1297 Park Ave, Chico 530.345.2640

Tyra is a sweet, long-hair cat who was in need of a bit of love and attention. She was recently rescued by the Chico Cat Coalition (CCC), a local non-profit no-kill, volunteer-run cat shelter. Tyra is a bit shy, but a very calm and friendly cat who loves to be pet. Tyra was brought to Chico Hospital for Cats by Sam, a former CCC volunteer, for a bit of much deserved pampering. Often cats from the CCC are taken to Chico Hospital for Cats to be examined and given any necessary medical attention. Sam began by brushing Tyra’s undercoat and topcoat to remove any matted fur and smooth out her coat. He then conditioned and freshened her fur before giving her ears a good cleaning. Sam completed Tyra’s makeover with a pretty pink tie, and she was ready for her closeup!


Tyra and many of her feline friends are available for adoption and ready to be placed in loving homes. To learn more about cat adoption or volunteering, visit Special thanks to Chico Hospital for Cats for giving Tyra the full spa treatment!

218 W 3rd St, Chico 530.891.3683

1297 Park Ave, Chico 530.899.9343 T O R R E S S H E LT E R


101 Silver Dollar Way, Chico 530.891.9048


520 Esplanade, Chico 530.893.3600




810 Broadway St, Chico 530.894.2515




151 Broadway St, Chico 530.774.2157 BRIAN AT GENTLEMEN’S BARBER SHOP


1342 Esplanade Suite B, Chico 530.892.8746

CLOTHIERS 5th Street Clothing 328 Broadway St, Chico, CA 530.345.5754

Before 76

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7


228 Broadway St, Chico, CA 530.893.0106



548 W East Ave, Chico 530.892.2287


Your 2017 New Year's Resolutions! To make 2017 the year of traveling and new cultural experiences! –Killian Abuan My new years resolution will be to continue living a clean and sober lifestyle and set a better example for my kids! –Michelle Snipes

–Angela Adams

To try to show my kids more patience.

My new year’s resolution is to get back to the gym to swim these extra pounds off and get my core stronger. Gotta keep up with my young boys.

–Cheryl Dunn Sprague

–Becky Hejl

My New Year’s Resolution is to embrace change when it comes, but to live in contentment regardless.

My New Year’s resolution is to reduce stress. I’m thinking there are lots of fun ways to do this!

–Meredith Murrietta New 2017 indeed! BUT, not forgetting to take along all the lessons from 2016. That’s my resolution. Not to resist, but to embrace...the work and foundation of last year is so valuable in building the future. Applying all I learned and am so grateful for to the biggest and best year yet.

–Cheri Lockrem Salas Never assume or pass judgment. We all have a story to tell. –Jody Collins-Fischer My new years resolution will be to continue my college education and to travel more.

–Dana Grant

–Brittany Harford

My New Year’s resolution is to continue to raise a beautiful, wonderful, healthy, happy baby girl. Also, to get into a consistent routine of making my health a priority!

As a local senior grad & family portrait photographer, capturing authentic and artistic images is my passion, that’s why it’s my 2017 goal to turn all family’s photos into a gorgeous, tangible album we can all pick up and cherish for years to come!

–Kimberly Moore Messina To be the best me that I can be! –Kristina Otterson Turner

–Kelsey Young

My New Year’s Resolution is to embrace change and take on all the new adventures coming my way.

My goal is to run 750 miles in 2017. I had the same goal in 2016 but my plan was derailed by a motor vehicle accident early in the year. I am a goal oriented individual so I love starting a new challenge every new year. Good luck to all!

–Amber Ray

–Christina Gehring- Hammans

My New Years resolution is to be a better mom/ wife! Eat healthier, declutter, organize, shop less, cook more, find new fun exciting things to teach the kiddos, waste less food…I could go on!

To be a better wife and mother and a better me all around. And not to talk to about 2016.

–Kimberly Snyder My New Year’s resolution is to focus on and appreciate the positive things in life. There are so many! –Dana Sutter


My New Year’s resolution is to take everything one step at a time, grad school can be very stressful and I need to be able to deal with it in a better way. That includes exercising, eating better, and not letting the stresses of school work overcome me! I hope it works!

U P G R A D E D L I V I N G M AG A Z I N E JA N UA RY 2 0 1 7

–Alisha McLaughlin My resolution is to pay it forward more often. I feel like I have been blessed with such an amazing family and if given the opportunity when possible, I will spread the wealth. –Brandon Duran

To slow down and enjoy my two greatest blessings. To show them that life is best spent with more laughter and less worry. –Alizum Beuselinck In 2015 I went to my routine exam he found a lump on my thyroid, several breast lumps and a growth on my uterus. After Three surgeries—no cancer, thank God—I decided to make a drastic change in my life. In 2016 I quit my job, sold my car and moved to Washington to be by my Mom and 99 year old Grandma. Life is great—new job, new car, new home, and the opportunity to spend every day with Grandma and Mom! 2017 brings the chance to live, love, and laugh! –Julie Donham Pearson My resolutions are to go to Orange Theory six days a week in order to finally get back to my pre child weight. To enjoy my family more. To complain less. –Suzannah Morlo




Paradise on Ice 6626 Skyway, Paradise Info:

Bureau of Land Management Public Meeting 5:00–7:00 p.m. 2035 Business Lane, Chico Info: Lisa Grudzinski 530.224.2140 or or David Fuller 707.825.2315 or

JANUARY 6 Maker’s Workshop 4:00–7:00 p.m. 5729 Almond Street, Paradise Cost: $5.00 per person, materials included Info: Pamela Teeter at 530.413.9499 or

JANUARY 8 Chico Bridal Show 11:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, Chico Cost: Tickets available at the door $10 Adults | $1 for Children | 11 & Under free with paying adult Info:

JANUARY 9 Open House: Family Place & Strengthening Families Program 10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. 1007 Bille Road, Paradise Info: or 530.872.3896

JANUARY 12 Roaring 20’s Happy Hour with The House Cats! 3:30 p.m. 1007 Buschmann Road, Paradise Info: Shell Morley at 530.872.3344 or

JANUARY 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration 2:00–3:30 p.m. Downtown Chico City Plaza Info:


JANUARY 21 Booker T. Jones: Stax Revue 7:30 p.m. West 1st St. & Salem St, Downtown Chico Cost: $48 Premium | $40 Adult | $38 Senior | $30 Youth Info: or 530.898.6333 Frost or Fog 10-Mile, Quarter Marathon & 5K 7:30–11:30 a.m. 5-Mile Recreation Area, Upper Bidwell Park Info: 530.345.1000 Women’s March on Washington in Chico 8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. Info: Tracy Davis at 342.1005 or

JANUARY 28 CHINESE NEW YEAR Chico Chapter Basketball Reception 4:00–6:00 p.m. Game at 5:30 p.m. Cost: $10 for mixer and $5 for game ticket Info: or 530.898.6472

JANUARY 29 Dennis Wolfe Chicken Fried Steak Breakfast 7:30–11:00 a.m. 2010 Montgomery Street, Oroville Cost: $7.50 at the door Info: Phil Valade 530.403.0859

FEBRUARY 4–25 CHOCOLATE! An art exhibit in the Wheeler Gallery Paradise Art Center with the Youth on the Ridge Community Foundation 1:00–4:00 p.m. 5564 Almond Street, Paradise Info: Free and open to the public

Kirshner Animal of the Month Sophie came to us because of our many resources and veterinarians who are here for our animals. She had a seizure at her previous facility, which we are hoping was an isolated incident due to a nutritional deficiency. Since arriving, she has been on a specialized nutrition program and is doing very well with no repeat incidents. She is a happy addition to our family. Name: Sophie (4 months old) Native Habitat: Indian subcontinent, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. Food: In the wild, buffalo, deer, wild pigs, and other large mammals. At Kirshner, all of our tigers are fed rabbit, chicken, duck, beef, and lamb. Bengal tigers are the only tigers that can be born with color variations. As a matter of fact, there are four distinct color varietiesorange, white, cinnamon, and snow white. All have the classic stripes, which traverse beyond fur and are actually skin-deep. No two tigers have exactly the same stripes. Tigers are a rarity among cats, as they love to swim and are quite adept at it. Tigers are solitary animals and heavily scent-mark their territory. Cubs are not proficient hunters until 18 months of age and will remain with the mother for 2–3 years until they are ready to claim their own territory. They are sit-and-wait predators, using their coat as camouflage and waiting until prey is within pouncing distance before attacking. BARRY R. KIRSHNER WILDLIFE SANCTUARY & EDUCATIONAL CENTER Tuesday–Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. including holidays, rain or shine! No appointments necessary but please call ahead for guided tours. For more info, visit or call 530.533.1000.


Your New Medical Home Oroville Hospital 2018

A new five story tower featuring state-of-the-art technology: Amublatory Care Labor & Delivery Intensive Care Medical-Surgical Units 2767 Olive Highway, Oroville, CA 95966 •

Upgraded Living January 2017  

Check out our 2017 Winter Bridal Guide & our 6th annual New Year, New You feature.

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