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FROM THE EDITOR “We’re going to do thankfuls. Who wants to start?” This was a dinner tradition in my family as I was growing up. We’d go around the table, each of us


saying what we were thankful for that day. It’s been awhile, but looking back, I’m so happy we took the time to reflect on the positive things in our busy lives. If it was my turn tonight, I’d say I’m thankful for my family--big, intense, hilarious and ever-growing. I’m thankful for my friends all over the world who have taught me how to be a friend from anywhere in the world. I’m


thankful for my supportive, sweet boyfriend who makes me laugh every day. I’m thankful for my dedicated co-workers who work with me into the wee hours of the night until our glowing office window is the only thing lighting up Broadway. I’m thankful to you, our readers for giving us a community to write about and to create for. I’m thankful for my health, for music, the sound of the ocean, good books, coffee and macaroni and cheese. Which brings us back to dinner… Food is a huge part of our culture and meals are a setting for socializing, bonding and creating memories. This issue is full of delicious recipes from cooks all over our community who have taken the time to let us in on some of their culinary family secrets just in time for Thanksgiving. To top it all off, we have a holiday wish-list worth drooling over and are encouraging everyone to







Alyssa Worley WRITER Ian MacLachlan SALES

shop local this season. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Recipe: Sweet Cottage Pumpkin Pie

Chico Grande: Novelist, Erin Lindsay McCabe


Holiday Wish List : Get inspired to shop local this holiday season

COMMUNITY 14 | Chico Grande: Erin Lindsay McCabe Local author Erin Lindsay McCabe’s journey to becoming a published novelist.

37 | Kirk’s Jewelry One of Chico’s true gems, Kirk’s Jewelry celebrates 40 years of dedicated customer service.

edgy-chic fashion extravaganza and Sean Martin is stealing the nation’s heart with his soulful songs, starting right here in Chico.

17 | Philanthropy: Share your Harvest Extra produce from local gardens goes to food instead of waste.

39 | The Dressing Room A new women’s clothing store brings philanthropy and fashion together.

77 | Art Walk A new downtown tradition showcases Chico’s artistic spirit.

18 | Cool Kid: Gentry Stein A world champion yo-yo artist, right here in Chico.

40 | Medical Q&A Our medical experts give us the scoop on heart health and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

78 | Reader’s Pic: Thankfulness A sorority’s Thanksgiving and our town’s thankful thoughts.

HOME & GARDEN 47 | We Built This City: Shasta Dam Homes Shasta Dam workers’ houses were literally picked up from the basin and plopped down here in Chico.

FEATURES 22 | Community Cookbook A compilation of recipes from the kitchens of our own community.

20 | Christmas Preview One of Chico’s favorite traditions is back! We’ve got a peek at what’s in store this year. FOOD 27 | Meet the Farmer: Harpos Organics Organic, sustainable farming with delicious intentions. 28 | Recipes: Sweet Cottage & Kitchen Table It’s time for some amazing pumpkin pie and grilled cobia. HEALTH & BEAUTY 32 | Beauty Q&A Envee Hair Studio dishes about winter hair care, heat styling, and creating volume. 33 | The Spa Local women team up to make a life-long passion for beauty into a full service medical spa.



48 | Real Estate A look at beautiful local homes available this fall. 56 | New Again Kitchen & Bath presents: Housecall A set-designer teams up with New Again to give a mid-century home a scene change. 58 |Antique DIY See yourself in these vintage tennis treasures. ART & ENTERTAINMENT 74|Artist Profiles: Chikoko & Sean Martin Chikoko will knock your socks off with their


60 | Holiday Wish List Whether you’re looking for him, for her, for the kiddos or for the home, we’ve got sparkles, style and a little something for everyone in this year’s Holiday Wish List.













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Erin Lindsay McCabe Travels of a Hometown Girl Through Time and Space BY JAIME O’NEILL / PHOTO BY MICHELLE CAMY

If you were a grown up living in Chico three decades ago, it’s possible that you saw a fairhaired little girl—perhaps eating an ice cream cone at Shubert’s, or maybe playing in the creek at Bidwell Park across from her parents’ house on 8th St. You might have even spoken to her, telling her to watch where she was going if she was running too fast. But chances are you didn’t take note of her, just another kid doing things grown ups mostly don’t see, preoccupied as they tend to be with grown up business. Even if you did notice her, it’s unlikely you would have thought, “oh, there goes a budding novelist who will write a fine novel some day.” But that little kid did grow up to write a fine first novel—I Shall Be Near To You--recently published by Crown Books, a tale narrated by Rosetta, the main character, who follows her husband off to fight in the Civil War, disguised as a man. More than 200 women are known to have fought while passing as men on both sides of that deadly American conflict. Erin Lindsay McCabe, the girl who grew up to write that novel, has made good use of her 37 years on the planet. She’s earned a couple of college degrees, gotten married, taught classes, and become a parent. Her son, Dallas, is now 3 ½. (He’s clever,” she brags, “and very bright. He’s linguistically brave.”) The boy’s affinity for language is probably genetic; his parents are both word people who met when they were pursuing language-centered studies at U.C. Santa Cruz, the place that saw the genesis of her book when she was researching a paper for a history class and came upon the real-life war letters of Sarah Rosetta Wakeman, the woman who inspired her novel’s main character. “I wouldn’t say I was a Civil War buff,” Erin says, “but I was 13 when Ken Burns’



Civil War documentary came out, and I watched it with my parents. There was so much in that film that resonated with me.” Returning to Chico after college, she read a story in The Chico News & Review about Civil War re-enactors. “In the article,” she says, “the writer said women re-enactors could only be nurses or they could dress up in finery as camp followers, which is often just another word for prostitutes. That made me angry and I wrote a letter to the editor about how women had, in fact, fought in the Civil War.” Chico’s a long way in space and time from the American Civil War, but Erin’s Chico background contributed much to her book. “I couldn’t have written it if I had grown up in the Bay Area,” she says. “I grew up around animals, I was in 4-H,

and the rural life the novel’s characters inhabit is a huge part of the book. I grew up enjoying the natural world in a way kids mostly don’t get to do anymore, and that is essential to Rosetta’s life, too. I knew what it was like to grow up in a town where people knew who you were. It’s used in a more negative way in the book, but it made it easier for me to imagine Rosetta’s life before she went to war. I always felt I could be anyone I wanted to be in Chico. I have never felt that way anywhere else I’ve lived.” She started keeping a diary when she was 7, a discipline she maintained through college. “I was always writing,” she says. “My childhood friend, Liz Latimer, and I would write sock puppet plays and perform them for our moms. I always thought I wanted to write a novel, but I didn’t know what it

would be about.” She remembers, too, some special Chico teachers. “I had great teachers at Chico High,” Erin says, “Ms. Brugger was my drama and English teacher, and everybody who took band still remembers Mr. Duarte. Seeing someone so passionate surely made me more aware of the joys found in artistic pursuits. Then there was Lois Bueler’s grammar class at Chico State, one of the best classes I ever took, anywhere.” So, Chico readers, the next time you see a kid you otherwise might not have noticed, take note. That child may be incubating a great novel you’ll be reading a few decades hence.

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November Concerts: North State Symphony Explores Europe and Imagines the Future

The North State Symphony’s quest for a new Conductor-Music Director continues on Nov 16th in Chico (and the night before in Redding). “Imagine!” — as the concert is called — showcases the symphony in music that can send the listener into reveries of earlier times and imagined places. Brian Stone, the guest conductor for the night, is a Californian whose career has been spent primarily on the East Coast. He’s chosen music by Mozart, Schumann and Dvorák, three pillars of classical music from Austria, Germany and Bohemia. He’s one of four finalists for the



North State Symphony post, replacing Kyle Pickett who led the orchestra for fourteen years. Piano soloist Soheil Nasseri is even more international. A Californian born to Iranian-refugee parents, Nasseri now lives in Berlin, Germany, where he devotes himself to classical piano. The Piano Concerto by Robert Schumann which Nasseri will play is a powerful Romantic piece. That’s Romantic in every sense of the word: emotional and expressive, it was written for Schumann’s beloved wife Clara to play. Theirs was one of the great love stories of the 19th century, beginning when her father forbade her to marry Robert, and ending with Clara caring for Robert as he slipped into madness. The piano work is sandwiched between a graceful early example of Mozart’s genius, and a symphony by Antonin Dvorák which is full of folk songs and dance rhythms from Bohemia (now the Czech republic), beautifully arranged for a symphony orchestra. Tickets for the Chico North State Symphony concert are available at chicostatetickets. com or by calling 898-6333. The symphony’s website has lost more information, too!

Ways to

GIVE Share Your


This season, there are any ways to give. Our area is rich with charities, all set in place for good causes, and all in need of help. Even if you don’t have cash to spare, you might have some extra items around your house that could be put to good use if put in the right hands. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Chico Animal Shelter

Summer has casually seemed to linger on this year. Certainly, continuing to wear tee-shirts well into December is something we all wouldn’t mind, but inevitably cold weather will take over, zip-up hoodies will make they’re big debut, leaves will begin to fall and those green summer gardens will soon be harvested. Much like our closets, overflowing with a surplus of sweaters and cardigans, every year backyard gardens yield an excess of fruits and vegetables that end up going to waste. Food is the largest single source of waste in California, making up 15.5 percent of the state’s waste, and when driving around the North State, it’s nothing short of obvious finding where a good portion of this waste comes from. Five years ago, Meg Bogue, a veteran gardener of thirty years, couldn’t help but to notice the extra fruit and vegetables not only in her own garden, but also from backyard gardens and surrounding local orchards. Bogue quickly thought of an answer of what to do with Chico’s produce overabundance and gave her mission an appropriate title: Share Your Harvest. Bogue started Share Your Harvest with a mission statement that has only grown and adapted to a much larger level over these last few years. “We collect vegetables and fruit from home gardens and provide them to needy people in shelters all over Chico, says Bogue. Meg approached the idea when she had a surplus of peppers one year, which she wanted to share with friends and family. Share Your Harvest takes waste and not only distributes to local shelters, but takes into account what shelters will use every last bit of the contributions so nothing goes to waste. The Well Ministry, Esplanade House, Salvation Army and Skyway House are some of the shelters that receive weekly deliveries and have a muchappreciated personal relationship with Meg and Share Your Harvest. The small volunteer program continues to make a big difference in the community. Since BY MATTHEW MANFREDI / PHOTO BY MICHELLE CAMY

the organization’s start, Share Your Harvest has delivered over ten tons of produce to people in need in the Chico area. Their success is not only from their own efforts but also from the community lending a helping hand. Local agricultural landmarks such as TJ Farms have donated a plethora of fruits and vegetables to the program over the last five years. Even the smallest contribution can make a huge difference and Share Your Harvest makes it extremely easy for anyone to lend a hand. Share Your Harvest provides a starter kit that includes fruit boxes and cards stating that the produce is a part of the organization to get it where it needs to be. Going far beyond their original mission statement, each year Bogue still focuses on getting larger quantities of produce to where it will be used as food for people in need. “Being able to share what you’ve grown in your own garden is a great feeling,” Meg says smiling as she reflects on the past few years. “It’s especially rewarding when your efforts help those who are in need.” Even if it’s only a small portion, find a useful home for those unused fruits and ripe vegetables by contacting Meg Bogue and Share Your Harvest at (530) 8998797 or by email at

2579 Fair Street, Chico | 894-5630 Helping surrendered and rescued animals Needs: canned cat and dog food, kitten formula, kitten nursing bottles, large tube socks, cat litter, white rice, large rope toys

Chico Food Project Helps stock food at the Chico Food Locker, the Salvation Army, the Jesus Center and Vectors for Veterans. To Help request a “Blue Bag.” Each time you shop, buy an extra non-perishable food item. On the 2nd Saturday every other month, a volunteer will pick up the bag, leave another bag in its place and take the filled bag to local food pantries.

The Esplanade House Call (530) 891-2977 x 201 to set up a drop-off time, or stop by 181 E Shasta Ave M-F 9:00-5:00 Families are being given a boost up to a new, healthy life. Needs: pot and pans, kitchen items, bed linens, owels, toiletry items, furniture (especially for children), computers, tools for maintenance crew

Habitat For Humanity 1188 Park Ave, Chico | 530-343-7423 Builds Homes for Needy Families Needs: building materials and fixtures, home decor

Kirshner Wildlife Foundation For a comprehensive list of needs, visit Housing, treating and feeding all the wild animals at Kirshner takes a lot of equipment. Here’s an idea of their broad spectrum of needs: vehicles, building supplies, security system, medical supplies and furnishings, food and grooming items for animals, solar panels, blankets and towels, cleaning supplies, scales 17

open enrollment

Cinderella Feb 27 & 28 at 7pm March 5 – 7 at 7pm March 8 at 2pm Center for the Arts

335 W. Sacramento Ave. Chico, CA 95926 (530) 891-3090

COOL KID G en t r y S t ein No matter how small a city you live in, you truly don’t know the accomplishments people you may run into each day have achieved in their life. When you think of a World Champion, an 18 year-old guy from Chico may not come to mind--but that’s exactly what our Cool Kid this month is! Let me introduce you to Gentry Stein, a world champion yo-yo artist! Gentry is a very friendly person and when I interviewed him, I felt like I already knew him. All his dedication and practice has truly paid off and is so inspiring. Gentry himself was inspired by Augie Fash, who was the current world champion when he started learning yo-yo at the young age of five years old. Because yo-yos rarely go out of use, over the years, Gentry has accumulated a collection of 100 yoyos. Gentry has competed in several yo-yo competitions around the world. His love for yo-yos has taken him to places such as Prague and Japan. Traveling to foreign lands may seem costly, but each trip is paid for by his sponsor, The Yo-Yo Factory. Gentry recently went to Japan to compete in the world championship. He enjoys competing during Nationals rather than regular contests because longer routines give him the chance to create a better performance. He explained that although he didn’t have the best technical score in the National competition, he had an edge to the way he performed on stage; his choreography and stage use helped him win the world title. 18


As if a prize of $500 wasn’t enough, Gentry won the title of World Champion, which is as great as any other prize could be. In standard competitions, the yo-yo artist performs before a panel of judges and each performer is evaluated based on their technical execution. Before each competition, Gentry prepares himself in a unique way. Although he is offered the opportunity to watch the other competitors, he chooses to practice on his own. “I can focus on what I’m doing,” he explains. Now that Gentry has accomplished his goal of becoming the world champion, he next aspires to “change the image of a yoyo from something other than a kid’s toy.” When he isn’t found preparing for a competition, Gentry works at Bird in Hand in downtown Chico. Every Saturday, you can find him teaching kids and adults alike the art of mastering how to yo-yo. “Anyone can learn how to yo-yo. People from ages five to fifty and beyond can learn how!” Gentry Stein is quite the accomplished Cool Kid- not only has he achieved the world title, he is a sponsored athlete and even has a signature yo-yo he helped design. Gentry’s yo-yo, the Shutter, is sold around the world and locally at Bird in Hand. “My favorite yo-yo is the Shutter because it fits my style best.” Gentry has already made an impact on yo-yo history and he will continue to for many years to come. BY ANNABELLE PEARL / PHOTOS BY MICHELLE CAMY

Financial Strength.

Client Interests First. With all of the recent news in the financial markets, you may have questions about the financial strength of firms that you entrust with your money. Stifel is very well capitalized, with a net capital ratio of 28 times the required level. Our business model, which emphasizes client service, does not rely on the leverage which has plagued many other financial institutions. To our existing clients, thank you for your continued trust. For those who are not currently clients, we would like to get to know you. Call us for more information on our firm and how we can help you pursue your financial goals.

(530) 891-1133 (800) 472-3867

1058 Mangrove Avenue, Suite 2 Chico, California 95926 Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated | Member SIPC & NYSE |




Each year we look forward to one of our favorite Chico traditions: Christmas Preview. Bundled up families and friends enjoy a night of twinkling lights, steaming cider and live music around every corner. Our favorite shops are fully decked out with their most fabulous Christmas garb, offering treats and peeks at their most giftable items. The laughter of kids, the “Ho, Ho Ho!� of Santa and the clip-clop and jingle bells of the horse and carriage fill the evening with sounds of the season.Take part in celebrating the start of a magical season on

Sunday, November 23 from 4:00-8:00 PM.



Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for this year’s event: Art Etc - Delicious Mandarins Heavenly Blue - Musical Performance on the Balcony & Cupcakes Gabrielle Ferrar - Chocolates & Champagne Zucchini & Vine - Cheese Tasting Cyclesport - Snacks, Cider & Pizza Tomfoolery - Delicious Goodies, Live Music & Preview Sale Dolce Home - Food & Drinks from Monks Lyon Books - Crystal Joliffe’s Homemade Cookies & Live Music North Rim - Holiday Cookies Anika Burke - All Clothing & Accessories $30 and Under! 5th St. Clothing - Live Performance & Cookies Bird in Hand - Annual Commemorative Buttons Chico Paper Co. - Live Music, Artists & Treats Kirk’s Jewelry - Live Music, Sweet Treats & Jewels from Around the World Trucker - Live Music For Elyse - Food & Drinks Urban Laundry - Licensed Catered Bar & Snapshots Photo Booth Olde Gold - Steve’s Famous Cookies Mountain Sports - In-Store Music & Homemade Cookies Powell’s - Their Festive Peppermint Bark Bling on 3rd - Balloons for the Kids & Preview Specials for Adults


ESTATE JEWELRY (530) 891-4610

��� Main Street | Chico, CA | Inside the Garden Walk Mall


Community Cookbook

Nothing brings people Spread the love of food! meal, and this year’s together quite like a good full of delicious family Community Cookbook is s of several local homerecipes from the kitchen ations are sure to cooks. These culinary cre ily back for more! bring your friends and fam

A BRIGHT IDEA! DIY Fall Center Pieces

Add a fun pop of color to your Thanksgiving decor this year. All it takes is a few pumpkins and your favorite cheerful flowers to create something you and your guests will love. Simply hollow out your pumpkins, cut flower stems to size, and arrange them however you like. Floral foam or a frog can be used to hold the stems in place. We used varying pumpkin sizes and colors for a unique look, and a mix of daisies and mums. These arrangements make a beautifully festive centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table and are a great way to add some autumn charm to a front porch. Have fun and get creative! PROJECT COURTESY OF PAM WENHAM / PHOTOS BY ERIN WENHAM

Mom’s Cheese Ball From the Kitchen of


Meaghann Tenuta

t Wine Cheese 1 Tub Kaukauna Por Cheese am Cre oz. 1 Package 8 eese Crumbles Ch e Blu oz. 8 e 1 Packag s 1/3 cup Diced Onion




ients Cream first 2 ingred h and together until smoot ese che e blu then add the h your wit ve Ser . ons and oni favorite crackers.

Curry Chutney Dip From the Kitchen of Taylor



e 8 oz Sof tened Cream Chees y’s Chutney Half a 10 oz Jar of Major Gre 1/4 teaspoon Dried Mustard 1/3 cup Chopped Onion 1/3 cup Chopped Pecans Directions

a food processor. Combine all ingredients in Serve with crackers.

R oasted C auliflower and Smoked G ouda From the Kitchen

1 Large He

of Kristin



ad Cauliflo wer, Cut in to Florets Lucero Oli ve Oil’s Asc olano Olive Oil Optional S alt and Pep p e r to T aste 1 cup Aged Smoked G ouda, Shre dded Optional B acon

Directions Toss the ca uliflower fl orets in th Ascolano o e live oil alo ng with th and peppe e salt r and arra nge them in layer on a a single large bakin g sheet. Ro cauliflowe a st the r in a preh eated 400 ºF oven until lightl y golden b rown, about 20-3 0 minutes. Top with ch eese and p ut back in until the ch the oven eese melts, sprinkle ch opped bacon on to p (optional).


(Gluten and Dairy Free)

Low Carb Pumpkin Pancakes From the Kitchen of Vivica Menegaz

Ingredients 2 ounces Freshly Ground Flax

Directions Mix all wet ingredients in a large bowl with a whisk until frothy (about 30 seconds). In another bowl mix all dry ingredients. Slowly add dry ingredients to wet as you keep whisking. Once the batter is ready it should be semi-thick, but still pourable. If too dry, add 1/4 cup of water. Heat a teaspoon of coconut oil in a small non stick pan and pour one ladle of batter in it. Cover with a lid and lower flame to low. Cook for about 2-3 minutes per side. Serve immediately sprinkling with more masala mix and garnishing with whole hazelnuts. You can serve with coconut cream on top.

Seeds 2 ounces Ground Hazelnuts or Hazelnut Flour 1 ounce Egg White Protein 1 cup Coconut Cream 3 Organic Eggs 1/2 cup Pumpkin Puree 1 teaspoon Aluminum-Free Baking Powder 1 tablespoon Cinnamon Powder 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract 1/4 teaspoon Sea Salt 1 tablespoon Chai Masala Mix Coconut Oil to fry

Sweet Potato Casserole From the Kitchen of Melody Giles

Bake sweet potatoes at 400ยบF for 45 minutes, until soft. Then remove the skins before using in this recipe.



For the Potatoes:

Preheat oven to 350ยบF. Blend sweet potatoes, honey, eggs, butter,

5 cups Baked Sweet Potatoes

heavy cream, vanilla and salt in a mixing bowl. Stir until all

1/4 cup Honey

ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Pour into an 11x7 inch baking dish.

2 Large Eggs, Beaten 1/2 cup Unsalted Butter, Melted 1/2 cup Heavy Cream 1 1/2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract 1/4 teaspoon Sea Salt

For the Topping: 1 cup Almond Flour 2 tablespoons Coconut Flour 2 tablespoons Honey 1 cup Chopped Pecans 1/8 teaspoon Celtic Sea Salt

Place almond flour, coconut flour, honey, salt, pecans, and butter in a food processor and pulse until combined. Sprinkle pecan mixture in over the sweet potatoes. Bake for 20 minutes until golden brown. Drizzle with honey and serve.

1/4 cup Butter, Melted 25

Apple Rose Tart

of breadcrumbs. finely chopped, and the pieces are about the size remaining the add and bowl large a in Place the chopped nuts mixture ingredients, tossing together with a fork. Press the tart pan with a evenly over the bottom and up the sides of a 9-inch es. minut 15 for Bake . bottom removable


For the Custard: and whisk to Place the cornstarch and salt in a medium bowl re, and beat until measu liquid large a into eggs the Crack combine. mixture, just a arch cornst the into eggs the smooth. Slowly pour all the beaten egg little at a time, whisking, to prevent lumps. When aside. has been incorporated, stir in the maple syrup. Set

From the Kitchen of Carina Carnagey

For the Walnut Crust: 2½ cups Walnut Pieces 4 tablespoons Unsalted Butter, Melted 2 tablespoons Granulated Sugar 1 Egg White ¼ teaspoon Kosher Salt For the Custard: ¼ cup Cornstarch ¼ teaspoon Kosher Salt 4 Large Eggs ½ cup Pure Maple Syrup 1 cup Heavy Cream ½ cup Milk 2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract Additionally: Thinly Sliced 2 Apples (I used Macoun), Quartered, Cored, and Use) to Ready Until Water Lemon in (Keep Juice of a Lemon ¼ cup Apricot Jam, Warmed (Optional)

Directions For the Walnut Crust: Preheat the oven to 400ºF. until the are In a food processor or chopper, pulse the walnuts



set over medium Combine the milk and cream in a medium pot and d the edge, low heat. When small bubbles begin to appear aroun cup at a time, into remove from the heat and pour, about a quarter has been stirred the egg mixture, whisking. When all the hot cream medium-low over set and pot the into back in, pour the mixture heat. 5 minutes, or Cook the custard over medium-low heat for about e from Remov r. omete therm candy a on until it registers 160ºF h a fine mesh heat and stir in the vanilla extract. Pour throug wrap over the strainer into a heat safe vessel, and press plastic refrigerator for the in Chill g. formin from skin a t preven to e surfac ned. thicke and cool etely 3 hours, or until compl Assemble the Tart: Warm the apple Spread the maple custard in the walnut tart shell. . pliable until ave slices in the microw it up vertically Roll a slice of apple into a tight spiral and stand in a concentric in the custard. Continue to arrange apple slices n. Warm the pattern, around the first one, building a rose patter glaze over the this Brush juice. lemon with it apricot jam, and thin nal). apples, for shine and to prevent browning (optio


Harpos Organics

craft beers • local ingredients • seasonal menu



iles of dark green avocados, bright yellow lemons stacked high, and pulpy glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice beckon atop the Harpos Organics stand at the Chico Farmer’s Market. What is Harpos? “It’s the first three letters of my last name, and the first three of my wife’s,” the man at the stand explains as he reorganizes tomatoes. Allen Harthorn and Pamela Posey, owners of Harpos Organics, grow unparalleled produce. This family owned organic ranch has been in the family since 1917. After Allen received his MS in agriculture and worked 11 years teaching agricultural sustainability and resource management, he and Pamela decided it was the right time to allocate their knowledge and interest into managing the family farm. They took over management in 2001 and have been growing avocados, lemons, herbs and oranges organically since 2005. Orange, orange-lemon, and orange rosemary marmalades fresh from the farm are also available. We recommend mixing with these marmalades with plain yogurt or topping oatmeal with them for a sweet morning treat. Organic passion fruit and low acidity tomatoes are newly available this year and are, not so surprisingly, amazing. “We endeavor to enhance the ecological diversity of our farm by relying on nature to grow our cover crops, rejuvenating the soil and many organ-

isms that support healthy trees.” Also incredibly conscious about one of the most precious resources we have, Harpos Organics “uses water as conservatively as possible (subsurface drip).” The farm is also developing natural habitat borders to harbor plant species and animals that support a diverse ecosystem. All their farming is done without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Not only does Harpos do great produce, but also being intentional about the way they grow makes the business that much more appealing. Cutting open a perfectly creamy avocado and spooning it from its thin peel, the rejuvenating smell of a fresh lemon--so sweet it almost could be an orange, and tangy, quenching “OMG orange juice,” these are all experiences guaranteed to be the best you’ve ever had, with Harpos Organics. Find them at the Chico Farmer’s Market Wednesday and Saturday and at their online store where you can mail order produce.

Now accepting holiday reservations & private parites

Patio Dining Full Service Restaurant 7 Days a Week Bar 3pm to Close Happy Hour 3pm-6pm Kitchen 4pm-10pm 128 W. 2nd Street, Chico • 530.343.3408



Pumpkin Pie

PIE CRUST INGREDIENTS: 2 Cups Flour 1 ⅓ Cube Butter (Chilled and Grated) ¼ tsp Salt ¼ Cup Ice Water Blend the flour with the chilled, grated butter and salt. Blend with fingers until pea sized balls form. Sprinkle the ice water while quickly whisking. Form dough into two balls. Roll out 2 pie crusts and chill.

STREUSEL INGREDIENTS: 1 ½ Cups Brown Sugar 1 Tbsp Butter 1 ½ Cups Walnuts

Mix streusel ingredients together and divide evenly, top each pie. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes to an hour. Filling should be set, check with a toothpick.

FILLING INGREDIENTS: 5 Eggs 1 ½ Cups Sugar 1 tsp Salt 2 tsp Cinnamon 1 tsp Ginger 1 ½ tsp Clove 1 ¼ tsp Nutmeg 29 oz Pumpkin Puree 24 oz Evaporated Milk 3 U10 dry pack scallops 2 Tbsp Rice Oil

201 Broadway, Chico (530) 342-7000 28

Beat the eggs and add all ingredients until well mixed. Pour evenly into the two pie crusts.




Grilled Cobia with Kaffir Lime Leaf-Heirloom Tomato Butter Sauce




196 EAST 14TH STREET CHICO (530) 343-7370

FISH INGREDIENTS: 6 oz Portion of Cobia **Cobia may be substituted for another fattier fish like salmon. 1/2 tsp Fresh Thyme Salt and Pepper to Taste Grapeseed Oil Season cobia with fresh thyme, salt, pepper, and a touch of grape seed oil, place on hot grill for 2-3 minutes until fish produces nice grill marks.

SAUCE INGREDIENTS: 1 Whole Heirloom Tomato or 8-10 Heirloom Cherry/ Grape Tomatoes Dehydrated at 135째F for 6-8 hours. *Dehydrated tomatoes may be substituted for fresh but you would add them to the sauce later in the cooking process. 2-3 Kaffir Lime Leaves Sliced as Thin as Possible 6 oz Vegetable Stock or Seafood Broth 2 Tbsp butter Salt and Pepper

While fish is on grill, assemble your sauce: Place vegetable stock or seafood broth in small saute pan with Kaffir lime leaves and dried heirloom tomatoes--add a pinch of salt and pepper and reduce by half. As sauce reduces, place fish on lightly oiled baking pan and finish cooking in the oven at 500째F for 3-5 minutes depending on the thickness of fish. (Cobia should be cooked thoroughly, salmon can be cooked to preference.)

bistro bar patio

Once sauce is reduced by half, add 2 tablespoons of butter (and fresh tomatoes if you are not using dehydrated tomatoes) and reduce until butter is melted and begins to emulsify with the sauce. Pull fish from oven and place on a bed of steamed Baby Bok Choy or other greens, then pour sauce over fish and enjoy.

Happy Holidays are here. Call to book your holiday parties with us.

Reinventing New American Cuisine RECIPE COURTESY OF THE KITCHEN TABLE 1250 EAST AVE, CHICO, CA 95926 (530) 592-3480 PHOTO BY FRANK REBELO 29

Add some cozy to your home.


Dr. Vimali Paul welcomes: Laura Loudermilk Family Nurse Practitioner Certified Diabetes Educator

Joy Culp Family Nurse Practitioner

To her practice of Internal Medicine Comprehensive Primary Care for

D I A B E T E S , H Y P E RT E N S I O N , WOM E N ' S H E A LT H A N D MO R E

Same day appointments available for established patients Visit our website at Come see us at the beautiful Philidelphia Square

85 Declaration Drive Suite #110 Chico, Ca 95973 172 E 2ND STREET•DOWNTOWN CHICO•(530) 345-2453

(530) 894-6600


Jewelry Repairs Quality, Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthy All repairs done on site by Craig Tolman 30+ years Bench Jeweler/Owner


A Designer Jewelry Boutique

Downtown Chico


on 3rd Street, next to Art, etc.

(530) 892-2000 |

50% off

Clothing & Accessories with discount code*:

UL50 *Some rules apply

211 Main St | Downtown Chico 32

Q: I know that heat styling every day can be damaging. How can I protect my hair?

Q: How should I change my haircare routine for the colder months?

A: Using a good heat protectant is key. There are many great professional brands out there. Get one that you spray in while your hair is wet so you can protect during blow drying as well. I love Prive’s thermal protectant and detangling spray. I also recommend that fine-haired clients turn down the heat on their hot tools. 450 degrees is way too hot for the majority of us.

A: Any time there is a season change it can affect our hair. Over the summer our hair usually gets brittle and dry from all the sun, swimming and other outdoor activities. I always recommend getting a healthy trim and a shine/ moisture treatment to get your hair back to looking healthy and shiny. Remember to still use your salon quality shampoo and conditioner that is appropriate for your hair type. Especially if you color, you will still need to use a sulfate-free line.

Q: My hair is thin and always seems to look flat. How can I add some lasting volume? A: Maximum volume will start with a good volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Then I use a root amplifier while blow drying with a round brush to help give volume at the crown. The trick to lasting volume is to let your top sections cool in the round brush before releasing the brush. By doing this you are ‘setting’ the volume so it will last all day. One common mistake I see a lot of clients making is loading up their hair with volumizing or holding products trying to make their volume last. Too much product will only weigh your hair down.



Nichole Roth at Envee Hair Studio 218 W 3rd St, Chico, CA 95928 (530) 891-3683

At Home at




If there’s one thing we love about writing the stories that we do in Upgraded Living, it’s the continued realization that the American dream is still alive and well in the Northstate. With stories like Angie Wisdom’s, a path of stepping stones that finally led to her dream job, it remains apparent that those who work for their dream, end up realizing it. Born and raised in Burney, CA, Angie Wisdom was anything but a complacent teen. Hit with the beauty bug at an early age, Angie began doing her friends’ makeup in high school and eventually rose to doing makeup for bridal parties. Passionate about her craft as she was, reality eventually came knocking at her door. Angie graduated from high school and decided to move southwest to Redding. Upon arriving in Redding, she began searching for the career path that was just right for her, and ended up falling into the real estate industry, assisting in closing real estate transactions at a title

and escrow company. She remained at the job for just over seven years before life presented her with yet another opportunity. She left her job in Redding and continued south once again, this time landing in Chico. Angie continued in title and escrow for nearly two more years after moving to Chico, but something was missing; it was clear that her heart remained in the world of beauty and makeup that she had left behind nearly a decade before. In 2009, she left her job in the real estate industry and, returning to her roots, took up a position as a makeup artist and skin care consultant at a local spa. 33

The Staff

Bonnie Murray 8 years as a licensed Esthetician Specialty in acne treatments and hydra facials

Angie Wisdom Spa Director Licensed Esthetician

After four years in the beauty industry, Angie recognized the myriad of opportunities that existed for those who continued to further their education in the field, so she began studying for her esthetician’s license and obtained it in February of 2014. With her new license in hand, she knew it was time to make a change, and something told her that this was going to be the big one. Angie had met Sherry Landis, a local real estate agent and long time friend of the magazine when Sherry hired her to do makeup at her daughter’s wedding. The two had clicked and became instant friends all those years ago, remaining in close contact since. Angie called Sherry asking for ideas on the next step in her career and the two met for coffee. During their coffee date, Sherry encouraged Angie to visit her husband, Dr. Randy Landis, that day as they had just been talking about the need for a new medical spa in Chico. Angie’s request for Sherry’s advice couldn’t have been more timely. As the owner of Landis Facial Surgery in Chico’s Philadelphia Square community off of the Esplanade, Dr. Landis had noticed time and again that there was a need for a full-service medical spa on the north end of Chico. When a vacancy in the building they owned in Philadelphia Square occurred, the two decided it would be the ideal location for the new spa. Adjacent to Dr. Landis’ surgical practice, the new business would provide the perfect complement to the facial cosmetic and maxillofacial surgical procedures Dr. Landis was performing, and the envisioned esthetic was a match as well. As a trauma and cosmetic surgeon for the past twenty-six years, the new business would allow Dr. Landis the ability to

Megan Freeman Licensed Esthetician 2 year makeup artist



expand the breadth of services to his already prolific customer base. Where Sherry was concerned, the spa would give her another place for her to send her clients after the successful purchase or sale of a home. Sherry discussed the idea again with Randy shortly after her meeting with Angie, and the two decided to open the business, bringing Angie onboard as their director of operations. Together, they scheduled another meeting with Angie in April 2014 and invited her thoughts on the business both from an esthetician’s standpoint and on interior design. Angie had dreamed of opening her own spa since she was in 8th grade, and when provided with the opportunity to express her ideas, shared that she had already planned it out step by step. Her vision for the spa matched Dr. Landis’ and Sherry’s, so the three went to work gutting and renovating the office space next door. Angie couldn’t have asked for a better couple to work for. As owners of the business, they removed any ego from the planning and allowed her to pick out exactly what she wanted for the space she would soon be working in. Her dream of working in a welcoming, cozy, upscale locale where clients could visit to get facial treatments and services quickly began to materialize. They even gave her access to assist in hiring other employees that would ensure the spa remained a drama-free environment. Construction moved forward at lightspeed. In fact, all three were surprised at how quickly everything progressed. Within a few short months, the bones of the building were complete; Sherry and Angie went to work decorating the space with some helpful inspiration from the girls at The Address. Just as construc-

tion went off without a hitch, so too did the design of the space. Happy at home in their new location, naturally titled The Spa, Dr. Landis, Sherry, and Angie set out to differentiate their spa from the others in town. They sought out Youngblood Cosmetics, a skin care line specifically formulated for upscale med-spas and skin care clinics around the world. The industry standard among professional makeup artists, the line is made with the highest quality minerals devoid of harsh chemicals, dyes, or preservatives that can cause irritation. The group fell for the lineup and decided to carry the entire thing. In fact, they are the only spa north of Sacramento to Redding that does. Dr. Landis decided to bring on HydraFacial®, a specialized treatment that infuses peptides and antioxidants into the skin while it exfoliates and extracts blackheads, sebum, etc. The non-surgical, non-invasive procedure provides instant results with no downtime or discomfort, making it the ultimate pop-in treatment during the workday. To cap off their menu, The Spa provides the gamut of offerings you would expect from full-service medical spa, including pampering facials and signature facials based upon individual skin type and condition, acne treatments including extractions, deep cleansing and purifying masks, and blue light treatments to kill bacteria. Cosmetically, The Spa also provides full waxing services, makeup artistry, and spray tanning by Angie’s mobile airbrush spray tanning business, Coco Kiss Tanning, which she started in 2010. The three put the finishing touches on The Spa and opened the doors to their new business on October 15th to a crowd of over three

hundred eager visitors. The open house was a huge success and has already created a huge buzz around town for their newborn business. Employing two makeup artists and three estheticians, The Spa is fully equipped to cater to any group including full bridal parties and corporate retreat groups. The specialized, full pamper experience takes the extra step in providing a much deserved getaway right in your own backyard after a long work week. Better yet, the location provides the tucked-away privacy of Philadelphia Square, with easy accessibility right off the Eaton Road exit, and plenty of parking. As a doctor supported medical spa, this is one of the few locations in Chico where you can obtain medical-grade and prescription-based products and services including botox, Juvederm®, and Restylane®. After the success of the open house, the three decided to focus one day per month on a product or service-based event that would introduce visitors to something new. The next event will be on Allergan® and will take place on November 20th. We’re excited to see something new open in Chico with just the type of focus on service and atmosphere that our town deserves. The Spa is located at 80 Declaration Drive, Suite 102 and can be reached by phone at (530) 342-4SPA to set up an appointment. You can also visit The Spa online at

Robin Cross Director of first impressions 20+ years in the medical industry

Olivia Lohse OMSA

Operating Hours Monday 10-3 Tuesday 9-5 Wednesday 10-7 Thursday 9-5 Friday 9-4 Saturday by appointment only


328 Broadway

Downtown Chico


Since 1978

30 Philidelphia Drive, Ste. B 898-9350 |


1356 Longfellow Ave., Chico Longfellow Shopping Center (Across from In Motion Fitness) *All services provided by students under licensed supervision.



of Celebrating 40 Years of Kirk’s Jewelry


Kirk’s Jewelry store front, 1973

Jeweler Mark at the laser welder

Kirk in the early 1970s

Kirk’s Jewelry showroom

In-house CAD designing

bundled up elderly gentleman walked into the warm light of Kirk’s Jewelry, his heart heavy with love. It was Christmastime and his wife was very ill. He took his time looking over the jewelry sparkling in the glass cases and carefully selected a beautiful pendant and chain. He told Chris Daniels, the store manager, “Please don’t wrap this in Christmas paper, it is for her birthday.” When he returned to pick up his beloved wife’s birthday gift, he smiled gently and said, “Now she has her winter night gown.” “This is a special place,” Chris says, and she continues to tell me the love and life stories of her customers, each illustrated with a special piece of jewelry. The value and care put into customers along with the craftsmanship and integrity in the jewelry are the manifestation of owner, Kirk Bengtson’s dream. When Kirk was thirteen years old, his father, a dentist, taught him the art of lost wax casting in the hopes of getting his son interested in dentistry. Kirk was inspired “I loved the magic of it,” he explains, “You take something so flexible, and hours later have something so permanent.” But Kirk wasn’t interested in the dentistry aspect of the wax casting, he wanted to use the technique to create jewelry. He began to experiment, carving wax by hand and making jewelry out of gold used for fillings at his father’s dental practice. He had such a love and talent for jewelry making, he went on to apprentice for the Venice Lapidary Guild, designed jewelry in Monterey, then made his way to Chico where he completed a special major at Chico State in business and art. Kirk has let his shop grow without letting it lose any of its intimacy or integrity. He has highly skilled jewelers and continues to offer handcrafted custom pieces, while also providing his customers with the newest technology for a more modern approach to jewelry design and creation. Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) is available for customers who want pieces that are absolutely perfect, symmetrical, and can be designed interactively at the shop. With the customer in mind, Kirk also spends time each year traveling as far as Belgium to meet with diamond and gem brokers and hand select the best diamonds and gems for his jewelry. By selecting and buying the gems himself, he eliminates the middleman and is able to offer competitive pricing to his customers while ensuring they are receiving the best quality diamonds and gems. When Kirk is not working on design and overseeing the operation of his shop, he and Chris put a lot of effort toward bettering the community, coordinating community events such as last month’s Window ArtWalk, and supporting local charities. “We love the people here,” says Kirk. “My dream is to create jewelry for people to appreciate; to create pieces people want to wear and want to pass on to generations.” To make something special, Kirk’s takes the extra time to work with their customers to personalize each piece. “We want each customer to be able to be part of the jewelry process from start to finish.” When you shop at Kirk’s, not only will you receive the highest quality, but you’ll also be able to create something that is customized by you. If you want to drop a stone, raise a stone, change an angle, select your diamond, incorporate a family piece into something new, or simply repair something that is sentimental to you, Kirk’s will work with you every step of the way to create a special piece that is uniquely yours. “Jewelry is all about the sentiment,” says Chris. And Kirk’s Jewelry has been honoring that belief for 40 years, making Chico sparkle inside and out. BY BRIANA LINDSTROM / PHOTOS BY ERIN WENHAM AND COURTESY OF KIRK’S JEWELRY


Holiday Skin Shape-up! by Dr. Vimali Paul

Custom Upholstery

Design Projects


Window Treatments

Professional Sewing

Retail Fabrics

Call to get your project started! Michelle Siam (503) 343-3943 2574 Fair Street, Chico ACROSS FROM BUTTE HUMANE SOCIETY EXCLUSIVE NORCAL SELLER


Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve; we want to look our best for family gatherings, parties, or that holiday date night. The Derm Bar Med-Spa now has the JuVaShape radio-frequency device to renew, revitalize and refresh the face and body. This non-invasive procedure uses concentrated thermal energy to heat through the skin layers, releasing excess fluid in the fat cells. Superficial fat is decreased in thickness, collagen increases, and skin has a more uniform appearance. The JuVaShape is FDA approved for cellulite, and improves the tissue strength and blood flow. Retained fluids and toxins are drained from the fat cells by heating the water molecules and causing them to dissipate and reduce in size. Then we use bi-polar radio-frequency technology to tighten the skin. Since excess fluids are drained into the lymphatic system, we recommend drinking lots of water before and after treatment to prevent dehydration. There is no down-time with this procedure, and very little discomfort. Heat (like a sunburn), mild redness, or slight swelling may occur, but goes away within hours after treatment. The art of body contouring with radio-frequency is a proven technology, and it is performed in our Med-Spa by our welltrained registered nurses. JuVaShape can be used on face, arms, thighs, belly, and buttocks, and usually requires a series of 6 treatments approximately 2 weeks apart. Make an appointment for a free consultation with our licensed professionals at:

The Derm Bar Med-Spa 5 30 - 3 42-2672 8 5 Declaration Drive Suite 100 Chico, CA 95973

“Comfort never looked so good.”

1183 Bille Road, Paradise 530-872-9167



The Dressing Room: Philanthropy + Style = Phashion Statement BY BRIANA LINDSTROM / PHOTO BY ERIN WENHAM


icole Peterson is a local woman who has always had an eye for design and a heart for community outreach. She has spent most of her life doing residential land development, working the family farm, designing her own homes and raising three adoring daughters. What comes along with a house full of girls and a fashionable mom? The constant trying on, borrowing and mixing of clothing and the (at least once) daily question: What should I wear? As her girls grew up and moved on to grow their own families, Nicole was left with a bit of a gap where all that girl energy used to be. “Being in my house alone, I started to realize that I need to get out there and learn how to socialize.” Inspired by fashion icons such as Grace Kelly, Jackie O. and Princess Diana who had a great panache for setting fashion trends while staying classy and age-appropriate, Nicole decided she wanted to contribute to the boutique scene in Chico. The Dressing room is a quaint, intimate vintage style shop offering modern designs from some of Nicole’s favorite designers. The quality clothing Nicole selects for her shop is made to fit and flatter. Everything she carries looks good on a woman’s body and displays class and elegance without being too sheer or unwearable. “I hate when you

find something you love, but then you think ‘Oh, I can’t wear a bra with that!’” Nicole explains. She will carry lines she loves to wear herself like Joseph Ribkoff, Papillon, Anne Klein, Johnny Was and ModO-Doc--all designers who pay attention to fashion and convention. “Self image makes such a big difference in our lives. I don’t think people always realize how much a bad hair day or an outfit that we don’t feel good in changes our emotions and our way of thinking and interacting with the world.” With that thought in mind, Nicole is incorporating her love for community and her philanthropic tendency into her shop. Each month The Dressing Room will be joining efforts with Catalyst domestic Violence Services and local hair salon, Shaded Image to make a difference in the lives of women experiencing intimate partner abuse. The Catalyst staff will refer a participant of their program to meet with a stylist and receive a makeover. The Shaded Image will provide a new hairstyle, color recommendation and makeup tutorial, and The Dressing Room will provide a wardrobe selection. “We are creating an opportunity to help women build positive images of themselves,” Nicole is very excited about this aspect of her new business. “With the assistance of our loyal customers, The Dressing Room is creating

a wardrobe closet. We are offering a 5% discount off one item of each purchase in exchange for the donation of a quality lightly worn item that you are no longer enjoying from your closet. We will be giving these clothes to the women we make over in the hopes of enhancing their confidence and selfesteem.” With chic, effortless options for any occasion-from yoga and athletic wear to everyday basics to special dresses and statement pieces, Nicole literally has you covered. The extra thought she puts towards her customers and her community gives The Dressing Room a special touch and is a great reminder of the reason for the season. “I love the challenge and the joy,” Nicole says, and although she is discussing the details of retail, it is clear to see that she approaches everything in her life with this hands-on, positive attitude. The Dressing Room 530 Broadway Chico, California (530) 566-9394


MEN’S HEALTH Getting to the Heart of The Matter with Cardiologist Dr. Peter Wolk By Darrell Fuller, Director of Cardiac Services, Enloe Medical Center

perfect body scrub. I set out to create the ffy, foamy and non One that is light flu as inspiration, I've ub scr oily. Using the t are panion lotions tha also designed com rishing. nou ply dee and , light, yet rich dmade All products are han Chico, Ca. Enjoy!

in small batches in

- Jamie Wendorf

Exclusively available at Refresh with more locations coming in December

Blossom (inside Refresh) 1047 Village Ln. Chico 896-0300

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for men, and of the 10 leading causes of death in Butte County, heart disease is the most prevalent.1 Yet there is good news, according to Peter Wolk, MD, one of many cardiologists on the Enloe Medical Center Heart Program team. In many cases, heart disease is treatable and preventable. “The steps you take to avoid heart disease are the same as those to control it if you already have it.” Dr. Wolk recommends:


If you smoke, quit. Control diabetes, high blood pressure,

cholesterol and triglyceride levels through proper







Lose weight if you are overweight. Talk with your doctor about taking up an

exercise program.


Technical Outerwear & Footwear Life Style Clothing & Accessories X-Countr y Skis & Snowshoes

“Taking steps to prevent cardiovascular disease can go a long way to helping you avoid surgery and mechanical fixes like stents and balloons. If you are at risk, Enloe has many noninvasive or minimally invasive ways to detect the disease,” says Dr. Wolk. These include treadmill tests, imaging tests such as angiograms, CT and MRI studies, functional screening, peripheral angiography, ultrasound, nuclear imaging and echo. “If you have even mild obstructive blockage, we will start aggressive treatment to lower lipid levels.”

176 E 3RD ST, CHICO (530) 345-5011



When lifestyle changes aren’t enough: For those patients with serious blockages in their heart or other arteries, interventional tools such as balloons, stents, lasers and atherectomy devices can be used to open up the artery. This can relieve chest pain or leg pain. Enloe has many technologies available for minimally invasive treatment of cardiovascular disease. Patients with completely blocked thigh arteries can be successfully treated without surgery or stents. After any procedure, follow-up medical treatment, proper diet, exercise and medications may be necessary to help prevent recurrence. “These procedures are like fixing potholes in the road,” Dr. Wolk says. “They address the immediate problem, but long-term solutions are needed. Technology allows us to save patients, but the hard work that must continue involves lifestyle and behavioral changes that can help prevent a recurrence.” If you do experience symptoms of heart attack, call 9-1-1 or get to the emergency room right away. The quicker you can receive treatment, the better the chances for a successful outcome. The Enloe Heart Program offers a multi-disciplinary approach to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease to improve quality of life. Learn more at heart. To find a doctor or call 1-877-ENLOE-MD. 1

Source: State of California, Department of Public Health,

WOMEN’S HEALTH Does Winter Make You SAD? Natural Solutions Support Healthy Moods By Linda Nilsen RN, BSN, IBCLC, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

As fall turns to winter some of us experience seasonal affect disorder (SAD). SAD comes consistently with the season, most commonly late fall. You are more likely to suffer from depression if you are female, younger and have a history of, or family history of depression. Symptoms of SAD include low energy, fatigue, oversleeping, change in appetite, irritability, anxiety, loss of interest in favorite activities, feeling rejected, guilt, hopelessness, and headaches. Most of us have experienced some of these symptoms in regular everyday life. Symptoms can start out mild and become more severe. If your symptoms do not go away and interfere with normal life, seek professional help. A professional may need to rule out physical problems such as thyroid dysfunction. A decreased amount of sunlight affects circadian rhythm, melatonin and causes the level of serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter, to drop. Serotonin regulates brain functions such as mood, appetite, sleep and memory. WALK IN THE SUN: We can literally take steps to keep our mood and motivation in healthy balance. Ten thousand steps a day improves mood and decreases inflammation. Exercising outdoors in the bright morning light will help increase serotonin function. Even just a short walk can help. We are surrounded by beautiful Bidwell Park, so why not take advantage? TAKE IT ALL IN: Even normal variations of our moods can benefit from natural solutions. Brain inflammation is associated with depression and PTSD. Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA found in cold-water fish, flaxseed, and walnuts are anti-inflammatory to the brain. Depression is also linked with low levels of

vitamins B and C, Magnesium and amino acids. Try to incorporate raw leafy greens, local eggs, fermented cod liver oil and natural sunlight into your daily routine. Also make sure you are getting healthy in your sleep. For the best quality shut-eye, get to bed before 10PM in a dark quiet room. THINK POSITIVE: Our thoughts are actually physical, and the cells in our body absorb them. Positive thoughts change our internal chemistry improving mood and cellular immunity. Turning negative self-talk into a positive message about ourselves is powerful! SMELL THE ROSES: Aroma greatly influences our moods. Essential oils (EOs) are biologically active and support neurotransmitters including serotonin. Care must be taken to ensure purity and potency. To be safe these oils must be pure and of the highest therapeutic quality. Inhaling EOs reaches the cells in our brain that affect memory, emotion, hormones and the autonomic nervous system. They enter into our blood when inhaled or used topically. Be sure to use EOs labeled safe for internal use. Citrus oils like wild orange and lemon are excellent for elevating mood in a relaxing way. Frankincense is excellent for the brain and inflammation. EOs that support serotonin are lavender, chamomile, wild orange and marjoram.


20% off any service (new clients only and $40 minimum) 2 1 8 W 3 R D S T, C H I C O | 8 9 1 - 3 6 8 3 E N V E E H A I R S T U D I O. C O M

Incorporating these simple, natural methods into your lifestyle can help prevent you from falling victim to SAD this fall. For more info, contact Linda Nilsen RN, BSN, IBCLC, doTERRA Wellness Advocate 530-354-5051


Trade in Tradition for a Healthy Thanksgiving By Scott Amick, MA, CPT, NKT When I think of the traditional “Amick Thanksgiving,” I think of a huge meal, football, and a long nap. In this column I am going to take a closer look at the grub on our table, using a lens filtered by a recent documentary that has inspired me: Fed Up. The premise of Fed Up is simple: Sugar exists in almost every food that you purchase from the grocery store and should be considered a poisonous substance. Furthermore, “The cards are stacked against those attempting to feed their families healthy, sugar free meals, and it is our own government and the industrial lobbyists that have stacked the deck.” Let’s look at a few substations for the common sugar-laden treats that we find on the Thanksgiving Table: Instead of Candied Yams, complete with melted marshmallow and caramelized brown sugar, substitute mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon. Instead of Canned Cranberries, get your sweet flavor from fresh blueberries on a mixed green salad. Instead of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider, slice a lemon and place it in a pitcher of ice water a few hours before your meal. Instead of Kraft Stove Top Turkey Stuffing, which boasts a heaping helping of high fructose corn syrup, find a recipe for wild mushroom stuffing! Mmmmmmmmm, yummy! The point that I am trying to enforce is simply that with a little effort, a break from the traditional Kraft and Oscar Mayer powered feast may be precisely what the Mayflower ordered to fuel your shopping frenzy on Black Friday. While you are out shopping, pick up a copy of Fed Up and be prepared to learn alarming information about the sugar intake of our society. Out was not on the list. If you are interested in more information regarding the anti-angiogenic meal plan visit or contact Advanced Body Dynamics to discuss your meal planning strategy. Until next time,

Happy Thanksgiving, and until next time move with Intention. Scott Amick, MA, CPT, NKT 530-781-2639






CLASSIQUE FACIAL Call to book your appointment!

TONJA BELTRAMO LICENSED SKIN THERAPIST 568 Manzanita #5, Chico | (530)519-0580

Don’t want your homeowner’s insurance to go up? by Delynn Thomas, InterWest Insurance Services, Personal Insurance Broker | (530) 897-3134


oday, homeowners are very busy people and home maintenance can be put on the back burner. However, one of the factors that can cause an increase in your premium is a claim. Although we cannot control rate increases, we may be able to temper a rate change if we pay attention to some basic home maintenance tips. Here are 5 simple things to do around your home that may help prevent a claim: Wind or hail damage can wreak havoc on a home. Making a quick visual inspection of your roof can help you identify missing or damaged shingles. A simple repair can prevent a large claim. Water penetration via your siding and roof can go unnoticed until the rain subsides. Check the flashing and fascia boards before the rain begins to be sure they are in good condition and covering gaps around skylights, chimneys and vents. When these transitional pieces are broken, in need of paint or not secure, a leak can lead to not only damage, but possible mold.


Clear your gutters and downspouts of debris so that the rains can flow off the roof freely. Avoid fire and freeze damage this winter by applying these good old basics: Change the batteries in your smoke detectors, wrap your exterior pipes, call your local chimney sweeper for the annual cleaning, and keep clothes dryer vents free of lint. Trim tree branches away from your roof to prevent rubbing or branches dropping that can cause damage. Keep the roof clear of leaves and pine needles. Leaves have tannins that will slowly rot your roof if not cleaned up regularly.

Take a couple of hours this fall and give your house a little attention to prevent costly issues in the long run.




Call today to schedule an appointment for your complimentary hearing evaluation. *To determine candidacy for hearing instruments.

Chico's hearing aid specialists since 1949

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Deanna McCoy


Customized Hormone Optimization for Men and Women James S. Nagel, MD



70 Declaration Drive Chico, CA 95973 (530) 566-9700


Facing the



verweight and obesity are among the most under-addressed and widely prevalent health issues in America, affecting a large percentage of our population EVERY DAY. Why is something so common and dangerous as obesity being overlooked? For two reasons, 1: People are beginning to accept it as “normal.” 2: It is a sensitive issue and people avoid discussing it to remain politically correct. It is time to face the facts. More than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese. Approximately 17% of U.S. Children ages 2-19 are obese.1 Overweight and obesity are associated with more than 60 chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and several types of cancer. Overall, many of these are leading causes of preventable death.2 According to the American Cancer Society, 572,000 Americans die of cancer each year, about one-third of these cancer deaths are linked to excess body weight, poor nutrition and/or physical inactivity. Children and adolescents who are obese are at greater risk for bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, and social and psychological problems such as stigmatization and poor self-esteem.3 Obese people are 25% more likely to suffer mood and anxiety disorders • 21% more likely to suffer major depression • 47% more likely to suffer bipolar disorder • 27% more likely to suffer panic disorder or fear of open places4

A lifestyle revolution has begun and is spreading throughout the U.S., led by Dr. Wayne Andersen. Take Shape for Life uses a network of doctors and a tried and true whole body health program that encourages and guides patients into healthy eating, healthy activity and healthy sleep. Take Shape for Life addresses the country’s weight problem and is bringing people to Optimal Health every day. Several local doctors are joining the cause, using Take Shape for Life in their own lives and recommending it to their patients. They took the time to explain a little more about the program and its results firsthand. Dr. Sean Liston, Ophthalmologist and fellowship trained in corneal and refractive surgery: UL: Is there any relationship between obesity and eye health? Dr. Liston: Obesity has been linked to age-related cataracts (the clouding of the lens inside of the eye), glaucoma (associated with elevated pressures in the eye, leading to blindness), age-related maculopathy (damage to the retina leading to central blindness), and diabetic retinopathy (bleeding and scarring in the eye related to diabetes, that can result in blindness and loss of the eye). UL: Why did you try Take Shape for Life? Dr. Liston: Initially I was going to do it support my wife, Tracy who wanted to lose the weight. I didn’t think I had a weight problem, because I felt that I ate a healthy diet and I exercised regularly. But the numbers don’t lie and when I weighed myself right

A local team of health and weight loss coaches are bringing Take Shape For Life to Chico and adding a twist! With whole food options and recipes, and an office to visit for consultations and coaching, they are happy to present their revolutionary nutrition and weight-loss program, Live the Lifestyle. If you are truly ready to get to work… If you are interested in hunting down and eliminating the habits and beliefs that don’t serve you… If you are ready to go after and achieve your dream body… Then the time is NOW. Set up your free consultation today!



before I started the program I found out that I was in the obese category of weight for my height. I knew then that if I didn’t take control of my weight, I would not only cut short my lifespan, I would dramatically reduce my quality of life in the future. The consequences of which I see daily in my clinic. UL: How many pounds have you lost so far? Dr. Liston: I lost 37 pounds and I’ve kept it off for the past 6 months. UL: Why do you like Take Shape for Life? Dr. Liston: I like the fact that it is higher in protein, so that it not only makes you feel more full, it helps to reduce loss of muscle while you are losing the weight. I also liked the fact that great care was taken to ensure that all of the nutrients you need are incorporated into the food, so that you don’t have any vitamin deficiencies from the reduction in calories. UL: Why does this system work? Dr. Liston: I think the program is pretty versatile and flexible. I don’t like to drink my meals. I like breakfast food for breakfast, lunch food for lunch and dinner food for dinner and the program offers, if I was out and needed something to tide me over, I could eat a Medifast bar and I would know that I was keeping to the program. UL: How has this system kept you motivated to overcome your challenge? Dr. Liston: When I am out at a restaurant with Tracy we hold each other accountable. When I am

• Customized Meal Planning • Coaching • Medical Support • A variety of options to best suit your health and weight loss needs.

Live the Lifestyle is located inside In Motion Fitness. Take the first step today and call for an appointment.

(530) 321-5962

by myself, I use a couple of tricks. I will now cut my entree in half and ask for “doggie bag” right away, so I’m not looking at the food and eating it. I also eat the salad first and drink plenty of water. I’m still enjoying the food and feeling full, but I’m also ensuring I’m not overeating and then feeling guilty or bloated afterwards. UL: Would you recommend this to your patients? Have you? Dr. Liston: Yes, I would recommend this to my patients. In fact, many of my patients have noticed my weight loss and asked me how I did it. I have recommended it as an option for patients that have expressed difficulty in losing the weight and keeping it off. UL: Anything you would like to add? Dr. Liston: This isn’t really a diet, it changes the way you look at food so that you are more thoughtful about what you eat. I have a sweet tooth, and if I am going to eat a cookie, it is going to be a true treat from Tin Roof Bakery or Upper Crust, rather than wasting it on a Chips Ahoy after a hard day in the office.

James Lacey, MD, MPH, FACS. Board certified in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (ENT) and Sleep Medicine.

UL: Have you had any health problems due to being overweight? Dr. Lacey: Knee and ankle pain. Slightly high cholesterol. UL: Why did you want to lose weight? Dr. Lacey: To demonstrate a healthy lifestyle for my children. I want to spend a lot of time with my wife and kids. I have a family history of sleep apnea which is what drew me to the field of Sleep Medicine. UL: How many pounds have you lost so far? Dr. Lacey: 40 pounds. I’m still on my journey. Now I’m focusing on incorporating more workouts into my schedule. UL: Have you recommended the program to your patients? Dr. Lacey: Yes. Sometimes as an ENT with a narrow focus on the head and neck, it is easy to dismiss the rest as not part of our area, but a lot of what we deal with is directly tied to obesity. Sleep Apnea is only the obvious one. Last year in the American Journal of Public Health it was reported that obesity is associated with nearly 1 in 5 US deaths. This new data suggests obesity’s toll on Americans is more than 3 times the previous estimates. We directly deal with patients with acid reflux, migraines, pseudotumor cerebri. If we are not addressing the other benefits of being at a healthy weight, we are doing our patients a disservice. Significant reduction in the following disease states are seen with being at a healthy weight: Cardiovascular

disease, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, venous stasis disease, degenerative joint disease, elevated cholesterol, depression, urinary incontinence, gout. Additionally, the overall quality of life is improved in 95% of patients along with an 89% reduction in 5 year mortality. UL: Anything else you would like to add? Dr. Lacey: I am VERY proud of my wife for helping us on this journey and I can see the difference in our own lives and the lives of her clients. Stephen Grant, PA-C, Emergent and Urgent Care and Family Practice UL: Has being overweight ever affected your health? Grant: Weight has never impinged on my health. My weight gains have been modest and more cosmetic than clinically significant. Regardless, they have a measurable impact on my self image and my sense of personal contentment. UL: Why do you like Take Shape for Life? Grant: What I enjoy about TSFL is the extensive structure of the program on all fronts. The portability of the meals is a huge advantage for me, as I commute and my possessions and needs during the workweek are contained in my car and my medical bag. The packaged meals are effortless to incorporate into my day. My objective was to lose 25 pounds. I lost 27 in five weeks, give or take.

Try this great healthy appetizer from your local health coaches to keep you on track this Thanksgiving!


INGREDIENTS 3 hard boiled eggs

UL: How have you been able to stay motivated with Take Shape For Life? Grant: My motivation in this program comes from the fact that my entire family, literally every one, is active in it with me. Daily shared program activities, discussions of aspects of the process and watching each of our team lose weight is very self sustaining. UL: Have you recommended Take Shape For Life to your patients? Grant: I am very active in my promotion of the TSFL program in my medical practice. I can say that I consider this approach to achieving and maintaining optimal health for my patients is as medically valid an option as any of the more traditional methods applied in allopathic medicine and superior to many. 1

Journal of American Medicine (JAMA)


Center for Disease Control and Prevention


Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research


Gregory E. Simon, MD, MPH, of Seattle’s Group Health Coopera-

tive, July issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry.

(1 lean)

1 tablespoon yellow mustard (1 condiment)

1 dill pickle spear, finely chopped (1/2 snack)

1 tablespoon Chopped Chives (1/7 condiment)

DIRECTIONS Cut your eggs in half lengthwise so you have 6 halves. Scoop out the yolks into a bowl. Mash with a fork. Add the pickles (reserving some for the top) chives, and mustard. Stir. Spoon back into the eggs. Garnish with the reserved pickles, or you can use a pinch of dill weed, If you like your eggs hot, add a few splashes of hot sauce. Simple, delicious, healthy!



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870 East Ave. in Chico

Carpenters at Shasta Dam Village creating one of the larger family residences.

Opal Foxx (right) and, her friend and fellow dam worker, Gladys Rogers, Fall 1942

We Built This City

A couple issues back, We Built This City featured O.E Tracy’s Storybook Homes and their suburban revolution and great housing impact they had on Chico. The young architect brought his ideas from the East Coast, Missouri and other parts of the United States and personalized the houses to become one of Chico’s first suburban housing developments. Forged through a vast contrast of ideas, art, and perseverance, Chico truly remains a Northern California rarity thanks to this great cultural, architectural and geographical contrast. Bits and pieces of American and California culture can be found all over town and surrounding areas—sometimes from the most unexpected places. 1941 was a very important year not only for Chico but all of Northern California. The state was beginning to grow and expand; cities were beginning to boom with great populations. Around the same time, the finishing touches on the great Shasta Dam were taking place and because of that, many elemental changes were about to take place for our small fraction of the state. The great aqueduct would provide water for virtually all of California, farms and the persistent growing cities. Consequently, with the dam work concluding, workers who set up their homes in the basin of the dam were beginning to look for new places to reside before the Shasta Lake was filled for the first time.


An excerpt from an essay published in 1941 by Viola P. May, a woman getting a first hand look at what life was like living in the dam villages. “To the construction man, home is where his wife and children are. On location this may mean anything from a tent in the desert a hundred miles from the nearest store, to a cabin on the mountainside. In the case of Shasta Dam, home was in a beautiful village, built in a once isolated mountain canyon, fifteen miles from the city of Redding.” A connection a family has with their household is something that is not easily replaced, as Viola states in her article. The seven-year construction was finalized in 1945 and although the workers’ families had to leave the area, they were given the opportunity to transport their houses to the next stage of their life. Around this time, Chico’s population was approaching 40,000 and the small town charm began to attract people from all over California, including some of the Shasta Dam workers. As Shasta Lake was in the process of being filled by the Sacramento, Pit and McCloud Rivers, a handful of the dam village houses were extracted, transported and placed in between Esplanade and Mangrove on 7th Avenue where they still are today, blending in with the rest of the historical Chico real estate.

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One of the 3-room houses—Fireplace and arbor installed by “Red” Neville, the original occupant .


Dam Builder waiting for hiring to begin, washing his clothes.

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There’s something about

Sherry LandiS

When we first listed with Sherry, she was so helpful in telling us what changes inside our house must be done to prepare for the listing. Sherry was also our realtor for the prop“Sherry Landis is by far the best real estate agent in Chico. She is erty we were buying. Any time we had questions, she made us feel as though we were professional, positive, and has incredible follow through. She helped us her only listing. She always responded to our texts and emails quickly.

navigate our way through the sale of two homes and the purchase of

the same SheSherry neverwould missed a beat. She made we Onceanother—all we had our at house on thetime! market, have an open housesure any weekunderstood the process, andletstayed in what constant contact with Evenand after all end that we wanted. She always us know the comments of us. realtors their clients were so that we knew we stood. Once weand made sell, would three homes closed, shewhere continued to call, email, textthe just to she make sureexplaineverything each step was of the way,as always watching out for our bestdone interest. We would going planned. We could not have it without her.”highly recommend Sherry to anyone wanting to sell their house or buy a new one! RobERtS — Doug anD CoLEttE -Jennifer Teague

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This one owner home located in popular North Chico has a newer roof. This property has beautiful newer tiled hallways and an open floor plan, loads of parking as well as a 3 car garage. Brina the dog may greet you with a smile. Easy to show. Bed: 4.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 2,051 Price: $349,900

Yippee ki-yay... bring your horses, other 4-h animals and enjoy your life on the prairie in this great Ranchette with views from your covered large deck of Mt. Shasta and Mt Lassen! Separate family and living areas, and indoor laundry. This property also offers a huge separate man cave shop 30x40 shop only 3 years old! Just minutes from Woodson Bridge Park on the Sacramento River to enjoy swimming and fishing and great sunsets! Neat neighborhood, close to to schools, and the bus stop near by. Bed: 4.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 2,142 Price: $249,900

Granite counters, alder cabinets, tiled floors in most of the home. Cute, large lot, covered patio without permits. RV access Bed: 3.0 Bath: 1.0 SqFt: 1,014 Price: $209,500

This was the model home and only one owner! There have been many A terrific Michael Galli floor plan updated and remodeled from head to upgrades including travertine tiles, upgraded carpets, granite, oversized toe about a year ago. Stainless steel appliances, granite counters, plush lot, built in desk in media room, special color paint throughout, draperies, carpets, decorator lighting, exterior and interior painting, lush park like yard, landscaped beautifully with slate water fall, flowers galore and redwood sparkling in ground gunite pool, newer 10x10 outdoor shed, wood stove, trees. RV Access on both sides of the house and two master suites make shows truly like a model home. Open plan with Ruralfloor property withso 3many car upgrades! detached this home a must see! garage and room to park all your toys! At the top of a hill, behind a gated community, you’ll3,166 find this 1 owner custom built home by Jimmy Lamb. You’ll Bed: 4.0 Bath: 4.0 SqFt: Price: $429,000 If you gardening, fruit trees and Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0enjoy SqFt: 3,675 Price: $665,000 know it is Jimmy’s house by the landscaping when you pull up! Standing out in the crowd and boasting things that others might now have, proudly sitting on this 1.49 acres is pure heaven. Whether you are enjoying entertaining in this gourmet kitchen with top of the line stain less steel appliance, gas stove with griddle, built in wine cabinets, granite counters and cherry cabinets, or relaxing in one of the 2 living areas, or perhaps sitting in the gorgeous dining room, all while meandering down the wide hallways with travertine tile - Waking up or going to sleep in the master suite, you’ll be reminded how blessed you are to call this house a home! The closet alone is as large as some bedrooms, and this double headed shower you can spend the day in!!! Views galore off the back deck while watching a sunrise or a bird go by, feel the breeze in your hair and listen to nature, you’ll feel like your on vacation, but lucky you - it’s home. Easy to show, just make appt. first!! Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 3,482 Price: $699,000


privacy, this could be the ticket for you! 3/2 and close in yet feels so very far away - while sipping on your coffee, listening to the chirping of the birds in your very own, you might read your book in this detached school house approximately 14 x 18. Priced at just 359,900 Run---don’t walk! Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,802 Price: $359,900

My homes are selling fast! Call if I can #2help in Production for 2013! by listing your home today! Any closed transaction receives a gift certificate to 48


CA-DRE lic# 01084946

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Holidays and special events can be held in the over-sized recreation room of this decorator-perfect home. You’ll love the soaring ceilings and Pirates will squeal & scurry for this hidden The delightful, large the huge dual pane windows which look treasure! over a changing panorama porch of this home provides relaxation a great offront nature. There is agorgeous dream kitchen with a large island, and granite counter place to every get to conceivable know your neighbors. With soaring 10 and family 12 footroom tops and built-in. There is a delightful ceilings, home fifeatures of glass windows providing ampleThe with a toethis warming replace walls to gather around on cold wintry nights. naturalformal lighting, crown molding cozy combo living/dining roomthroughout, is light andbamboo airy and flitooring, is very ainviting. fireplace withso mantel, cabinets with glass doors, There is simply much built-in to see. bookshelves, Call to see it today! a darling kitchen, 3 bedrooms and a loft, indoor laundry, a beautiful patio with fountain and Zen-inspired landscaping plus 2 car garage. Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,523 Price: $365,000 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.5 SqFt: 1,739 Price: $309,000



With charm and character of yesterday and all the conveniences This darling home is immaculate You willthe breakfast in the morning today, this home is stocked with upgrades as well granite counter atofyour private terrace watching and hassuch been cared for. It the magnifi centflooring, view. crown At night tops, laminate moulding, security system, is near Bidwell Park,central schoolsheat and simply stroll down thewindows, meandering and air, dual pane upgraded appliances and fixtures. shopping. Its master suite This has a trails and of stars perfect home alsoenjoy has atwinkles large basement your wineUpper collection, view for of beautiful Park.aThe that dance onporch the water. Aswarm you sunny spring and summer days to darling front for those features include high ceilings, approach the house, you will fall in sit and 5 bedroom 3 bathroom large with abedrooms, living room indoor and upstairs laundry, love withrelax. the peaceful ambiance room. waterfall. and a cozy darling patio. ofsitting the beautiful Bed: 3.0 Bath: 3.0 Bed: 4.0 Bath: 4.0 5.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: SqFt: 1,425 2,085 Price: Price: $229,000 $239,000 SqFt: 3,272 Price:Bed: $825,000


Beautiful ranchette in a private The lake and the golf course are CountryThis living can be yours!! lane lead you to this setting! immaculate home A quiet country in close to thiswill beautiful home! wonderful half acre Ranchette. has an unassuming charm of offers a peaceful ambiance, light This home Tucked away in a neighborhood thatairy complements environment. soft cascades offeatures light and and rooms, largethe living room, fiThe ne homes, this home an shades in this home add a timelessness where tomorrow, or a tile counters, and wood flooring. open floortoday, plan, large living room week need notamean urgency. In this special place you willceilings, find a bright Indoor laundry, two car garage, with fireplace, high master airy akitchen, a delightful living that with lookswalk-in out over a peaceful and sunny Florida room with all room suite closet, large yard, setting and facing a largeyour family forgarage large gatherings. There is the windows 1.75room acresperfect 2 car and so much more! plenty of room inBed: the 3.0 yard Bath: for a garden, pool and family orchard. 2.0 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 Bed: 3.0 Bath: 2.0 SqFt: 1,776 $299,900 SqFt: 1,852 Price: $364,900 SqFt: 1,653Price: Price: $329,900

tiled large s. RV

h: 1.0 9,500

ead ead to to ad to plush plush plush ee yard, yard, yard, stove, stove, tove, rades! rades! ades! ched




Lake and mountain AwesomeSituated Kelly Ridge location with a finest in one of Chico’s Tucked away in view!!! a upscale beautiful view of lake andby mountains. This home features master neighborhoods, among2 custom neighborhood & the sheltered suites (one on each level), heat air, indoor builtcentral homes, this& home features majestic trees, you will findchina your hutch, laundry, hugeThis balcony off home the living room and fldining room, 2 car an open oor plan, high ceilings, dream home. beautiful and for carport. formal living room, family room is garage designed indoor/outdoor with entertainment center and a entertaining and is loaded with fireplace, large kitchen with island upgrades + R.V. parking all on facing the family room, and 3.0 so Bed: 3.0 Bath: almost one acre of total privacy. much more! Bed:Price: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 1,663 $189,000 SqFt: 2,140 Price: $299,000 SqFt: 2,501 Price: $459,900



Gentleman Ranchette! Build your 3 parcels, each with their own AP#. dream house on this 3.60 acres of oaks, The seller’s house is on one in of an the Superbly appointed among giant next to the flowing creek prime soil in a fabulous Durham parcels, to behome subdivided. exclusive gated community of fine estates. Thisneed dramatic is built location. Thespecifi acreage is large mayto carry a qualifi to exacting cations with almost Owner no regards cost.for The homeed enough have living a small orchard buyer featurestoformal and dining rooms, a large game room w/ wet on it or enoughkitchen room for horses. bar, gourmet granite counters, wood floorings, 2 fireplaces, Owner may carry on financing onvac., breakfast Acreage: .14 Price: $69,000 tile roof, surround sound, central patio overlooking the a qualifi ed buyer. theland poolfor and gardens, 3 car garage & much more. the description “ magnificent “ seems like an understatement. Acreage: 3.66.0Price: $179,900 Bed: Bath: 4.0 SqFt: 4,733 Ac: 1.27 Price: $999,900

5,000 5,000 and 5,000

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h: 2.0 9,900

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PENDING Intoxicating views of Mt. Shasta Mt. Lassen!! maintained Two commercial properties. The and This home is This trulywell magnifi cent with home sits has on 10 of total privacy. Featuring a largegleaming living room first parcel 1.6acres AC with a 600 towering ceilings, wood withbuilding a free standing kitchen sqft. structurewood built instove, 1979 a newly floors,remodeled a lavish living room,with formal & granite counter custom cabinetry and newer this and operating as tops, a nursery for the informal dining,appliances, gourmet kitchen, home also provides tile and laminate flooring, an over designer sized bonus last 25 years. It is partially fenced, it granite counters, hood, 3 with a wood stove, indoor water 6” softeners, balconies, is room on city services and is near park laundry, fireplaces, interior 2walls, 2HVAC, a private domestic well plus a shared central and shopping. The 2nd parcel 3 Ag. car well, garage and heating more alland on aair, ~2 barn/shop, 4iscar andismuch acre more.parcel. #073-010-411 on carport .29 AC and Bed:Price: 4.0 $435,000 Bath:3.0 Bed: 4.0 Bath: 3.0 SqFt: 2,240 adjacent to the other parcel. SqFt: 2,839 Price: $539,000 Price: $400,000



Two commercial properties, their own separate The of This home echoes APN. decades Charm & Character!!! This turneach of thewith first parcel has 1.6 AC with a 600 Sq ft.laughter building structure that wasYou builtwill and happiness. century bungalow is conveniently in 1979 and been operating as a fall nursery for the 25quiet, years. friendly It is in love withlast the located nearhas downtown and offers partially fenced, it is on citywith services is near park and neighborhood. The spacious all the charm of yesterday all and Theconvenience 2nd parcel #073-010-411 is on .29living AC and is adjacent the other room and the to formal dining the of today. Many parcel. upgrades have been made to room of this home have held this darling home in the last few numerous parties and entertained of months. So much to see. Call many friends and families. Acres 1.89Bed: Price: 4.0 $400,000 Bath: 3.0 today! Bed: 2.0 Bath: 1.5 SqFt: 2,157 Price: $399,900 SqFt: 1,230 Price: $199,900 49

Serving Butte County

UPSCALE VIEW HOME! Custom built in 2004, gated subdivision, split floor plan, commanding entryway, granite, stainless, tile, excellent condition, amazing expansive views

SPECTACULAR ESTATE PROPERTY!! 3.44 Acres of useable land. Vaulted open beam ceilings, library, RV parking, garden area, private setting, amazing view!

SPECTACULAR LOCATION! Exceptionally well cared for home in one of Paradise’s most desirable locations! Turnkey, super-clean, master suite, fireplace, 2 car garage, large rear yard, RV parking and more!

Bed: 4 Bath:3 SqFt: 2754 Price: $374,000

Bed: 3 Bath:3 SqFt:3140 Price: $520,000

Bed: 3 Bath:2 SqFt:1491 Price:$235,000

ALPINE STYLE LIVING! Spectacular view estate, decks, bonus room, office, 3 fireplaces, patios, spa room, botanical garden room, well, extra storage, mature landscaping, attached garage, room for second unit! Bed: 4 Bath:3 SqFt:2976 Price: $379,000

EXCEPTIONAL FIXER OPPORTUNITY! Two homes on two adjacent parcels! One 2bed 1bath 954s.f., one 1bed 1 bath 630SqFt, large barn structure, Large level and usable parcels, live in one rent the other? Rent both for good cashflow!

SPECTACULAR ESTATE! Unique home and 9+ acre property in Butte Valley, vaulted ceilings, tile, wood, barn, garden area, salt water solar heated pool, covered porch, wood stove with brick hearth, open floor plan, amazing views, must see! Excellent horse potential. Bed: 3 Bath: 3 SqFt: 2,606 Price: $565,000

CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! USDA ELIGIBLE!! Updated throughout! New cabinets, flooring, appliances, tile bathroom, vanity, fixtures, gorgeous laminate flooring, large yard, laundry room, big deck, RV or boat parking, conveniently located. Nice place! Must see! Bed: 3 Bath:1 SqFt:864 Price:$117,900

OUTSTANDING PARADISE LOCATION! Nestled amongst the pines. Big living room with vaulted ceiling, oversized bonus room, copious master suite, covered patio, garden area, fruit trees, lush yet low maintenance yard. Call today!

Bed: 3 Bath: 2 SqFt: 1,584 Price: $95,000

PREMIER PARADISE LOCATION! Newer roof, HVAC, Tank-less hot water system, dual living spaces, Vaulted open beamed ceilings, huge laundry room with half bath, large deck, oversize garage, gated RV parking, quiet cul-de-sac location. MUST SEE HOME! Bed: 3 Bath:2.5 SqFt:2,252 Price:$329,000


Must Sell Properties!


Bed: 2 Bath:2.5 SqFt:1771 Price:$232,900

MUST SEE HOME! So much home for so little $$! Large living room, family room, dining area, huge bonus room with pool table and bar, big master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, massive walk-in master closet, detached garage, circular driveway, private rear yard. Won’t last! Bed:2 Bath:2 SqFt:1978 Price:$97,500

Serving All Of Butte County


SWIM ALL YEAR! Great centrally located, 2825 sqft home with beautiful gas heated in-ground pool. Large deck for entertaining, garden area, fruit trees, shop and much more! Home features basement with bathroom, utility sink and separate entrance. $264,500 #849 Annette Gale 530-872-5892

BRAND NEW CUSTOM designed Eggers home. 3 BR/3.5 BA, 2429 sq.ft. located on over 1/2 ac lot. Beautiful tiled entry, custom double doors & chandelier. Spectacular dream kitchen. Master on main floor, en-suite & spacious walk-in closet. Call for more details. $434,000 #207 Julie Rolls 530-520-8545

2 ACRES IN TOWN!! Room to roam w/charming 2br/2ba home. Explore Your Options!! Building opportunity while collecting rent, tentative parcel map & subdivision w/lot split into 4-1/2 acre lots. Call for more details. Possible Owner Financing. $179,000 #847 Nikki Sanders 530-872-5889

VIEW OF THE TREES! Backs to green belt. 3 bedroom, 3 ½ bath, dining nook, 2605 sqft on ½ acre. Huge game room with bar & Woodstove or potential for 2 living space, Much more & must see! $272,500 #1044 Susan Doyle 530-877-7733


MOVE-IN READY 3BR/ 2BA home w/vaulted ceilings & open floor plan. Upgraded laminate flooring, gas fireplace w/custom 12X12 tiled hearth. New Deck & Park-Like back yard. The living room flows right into the huge dining area and nice kitchen. This home shows wonderful. $239,000 #383 Brian Voigt 530-514-2901

SERENITY & BEAUTY! 4BR/ 3BA, 2400 sq.ft. home, beautifully landscaped .72 acre! Large living room, Master suite w/ a walk-through closet, remodeled BA, dual sinks. Room for RV Parking! $242,900 #657 Rhonda Maehl 530-873-7640

2 INCREDIBLE HOMES on one 3.44 acre parcel! Charming garden, wood floors, handmade tile kitchen counters, 2BR/ 2BA, bonus room known as the Shibui art studio! 2nd home 2 BR/2 BA, great office. It’s a one of a kind property!

BEAUTIFUL HOME! on two park like acres! 14 foot ceilings, granite counter tops, split bedroom, hardwood and tile floors, whole house fan, custom pool, small orchard, three car garage and storage shed.

$425,000 #704 Heidi Wright 530-872-5890

$550,000 #951 Jamie McDaniel 530-872-5891


NEW CONSTRUCTION in beautiful west side of Paradise! 4 bedrooms, 3 bath upscale home offering granite counters, custom cabinetry on two acres with a view. Top quality throughout~ appliances, HVAC, windows, 50 year roof, acrylic stucco and so much more. $559,900 #595 Kandice Rickson 530-872-5892

JUST MINUTES FROM EVERYTHING IN TOWN! This home has an open living space and part of the garage has been converted into a good sized bonus room. The large yard is covered in mature fruit trees and the location is fantastic. $115,000 #1105 David Connell 530-321-8920


acre corner lot 3BR/2BA, 1663sq.ft home. Large double garage with shop area. Master bedroom has slider to patio, nicely updated master bathroom. Lots of extra storage throughout the home. Many updates, dual pane windows & hardwood floors.

$148,900 #215 Julie Rolls 530-520-8545

AVAILABLE IN 55+ SIERRA SUNRISE! HUD home with so much to offer; 2BR/2BA. Large living room with vaulted ceilings, gas fireplace, laundry in unit. Large master w/ att. bath. Att. 1 car gar. w/carport, walking trails, community pool, community center and so much more! $200,000 #1233 Shannan Turner 530-872-3822

51 51



872-5400 7020 Skyway Paradise, CA BRE# 00913120



6127 Dana Court - Magalia

5537 S Libby Road - Paradise





351 Starlight Court - Paradise

5793 Acorn Ridge - Paradise



Lana Gunn "Finding Happy at Home was like a breath of fresh air! Their caregivers have been nothing short of wonderful; very compassionate, professional, and reliable. Just wish we had found Happy at Home sooner!" -Ruth and Bob G.

Bathing/Dressing · Light Housekeeping/Laundry Family Respite · Meal Preparation/Dietary Needs Transportation · 2-24 Hour Care Options BRE 01107562




Dr. Robert Eyler

Breakout session topics ranging from agriculture and water to marketing to manufacturing!

Dr. Jaana Remes

Early bird registration rates are now available! Register today at!

of the McKinsey Global Institute and Introducing the 2015 keynote speaker

For questions, email Georgia Nilsson at or call 530-898-4598.

Jake Soberal

CEO of Bitwise Industries


Why Do Federal Reserve (Fed) Decisions Matter? by Renée Michel, MBA and Joe Sweeney, CFP ® Financial Advisors at Asset Management Group


n recent years, the Fed has held interest rates at rock bottom levels in an effort to encourage lending and stimulate economic activity. During the month of September, the market was focused on the Fed. Following the Federal Open Market Committee meeting (9/16 – 9/17), multiple Fed officials presented their opinions about how the Fed should handle the raising of interest rates and the return to normal monetary operations. Unsurprisingly, there are some definite differences of opinion amongst the Fed’s top experts on when to raise rates. If they raise interest rates too soon, the economic recovery could falter. If rates are left low for too long however, inflation could spike. After reviewing the current economic data, the Fed voted to maintain the pace of its tapering and drop its monthly bond purchases to $15 billion. This meeting was pivotal because it was the second-to-last meeting before the scheduled end of the Fed’s historic quantitative easing program. By voting to maintain the taper, the Fed boosted confidence that the U.S. economy is doing well enough to take off the training wheels. For bond investors, rising interest rates will affect the mar-

ket prices of the bonds in their portfolios. As interest rates rise, bond prices fall as new bonds paying higher rates come on to the market. The good news is that the economy is doing reasonably well, which bodes well for equity prices. The latest second quarter GDP estimate showed that the economy grew 4.6% in the second three months of the year, and the signs point to continued growth this year and into next. Bottom line: We know higher interest rates are coming, we just don’t know when. As financial professionals, we spend a lot of time managing these issues for our clients so that they are prepared for rising rates. We believe investors can have long-term success when they create a plan and strike the right balance between equities and fixed income in their portfolios.

The Sweeney & Michel Team 2452 Lakewest Drive| Chico, CA 95928 530-342-2900 | 800-333-2901 (F) 530-342-3925


Take 25% OFF! & 24 Months FREE Financing!

7-Piece Gathering Set $1299 Final Price

2101 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy, Chico *Good 10/25 through 11/26, O.A.C see store for details.

Is your home ready for the holidays?


lets you control light. Beautifully.


FREE in home cosultations. 1314 Mangrove Ave. in Chico

We also oer: Paint, Wallpaper, Custom Draperies, Interior Design, Home Accessories, Weekend Delivery

(Inside Finds Design)

Hours: M-F 10am - 6pm



New Again Kitchen & Bath Presents

House Call


The Client

The Call

Dave Beasley lives in a three story house that he designed and built complete with ceiling beams that came from a barn owned by John Bidwell. He loves designing, building, and staying true to the era and history of the structure and job he is working on. With his Bachelor’s in construction and his Master’s in theatre scenic design, he worked as a set designer and teacher at Chico State for 30 years and has has

plenty of experience and enthusiasm for unique design and execution. When his friend was selling his home in Chico, he decided to buy it and remodel it as a project. “I like the challenge,” he says. And so he got to work on changing the home that started out “a little depressing,” into a quaint, bright home that has already sold to new owners.

The Call “My realtor friend, Frank Condon had worked with New Again Kitchen & Bath several times before and he was always really happy with the outcome.” Following his friend’s recommendation, Dave went into New Again Kitchen & Bath’s showroom and his imagination was piqued by the variety of materials and design ideas on display; it was truly a designer’s playground. As soon as Ric at New Again Kitchen & Bath talked to Dave about the project, he was fully onboard. “When Dave came into the showroom and told me about his background in art and theatre, I was immediately excited to work with him. Then I found out that we were working with a mid-century modern home, I got totally excited again. That’s a lot of excited, right?” He laughs.



AFTER Sunway Birch Shaker Cabinets Industrial Hardware Swan White Granite Countertops White Subway Tile Backsplash

The Cure The original cabinets were metal and very dated and the rest of the kitchen’s layout, counters and appliances all needed a facelift as well. Sunway Birch Shaker cabinets with a cherry finish were selected and Dave’s son installed them flawlessly. Industrial hardware was chosen for the doors and drawers to bring the affordable shaker style into the mid-century home. For the countertops, Dave went with Swan White granite which is one of Ric’s favorites. “I love to work with this granite because it is a simple neutral and is very affordable for our clients, plus it is mined in the US,” says Ric. A white subway tile continued the clean, neutral look for the backsplash and a sleek new sink with an industrial faucet by Dawn was the perfect fit. “I was so impressed by New Again Kitchen & Bath,” says Dave. “Jin (lead installer) did a fantastic

job on the joints in the granite. I’ve had other countertops installed and this was by far the best one.” He runs his hand along the smooth, seamless appearance of his new granite counters and his satisfaction is visible. Although this house will soon be home to its new owners, Dave plans on continuing to use New Again Kitchen & Bath to update the home he lives in. “It’s the best one stop shop for a lot of different styles. They cut everything to fit perfectly. They know their materials and they’re fast. I’m going to install one of the showers they have in their showroom in my own home.” Dave, Ric and the rest of the team at New Again Kitchen & Bath turned the dark, dated home into a bright, cheerful place that stayed true to its midcentury modern roots and will be a beautiful, welcoming place for its new family.

New Again Kitchen & Bath 2502 Park Ave, Chico, CA 95928 | (530) 899-2888 57

ANTIQUE DIY: What’s that racquet? Retire your old tennis racquets from the court and give them a stylish new purpose! This simple project makes the perfect addition to a rec room, man cave, or any room craving a little extra whimsy. Charm the sports lover in your life this holiday season with this unique gift that is sure to impress. Vintage tennis racquets, like these gems we found at Orange St. Consignment in Chico, are fairly easy to track down and won’t break the bank. Most glass shops will cut custom mirrors to fit tennis racquets, and even glue them on for you. The cost depends on the size of the racquet, but we were pleasantly surprised at how affordable this service was. The racquet’s netting can be left on and used as a backing for the mirror, making this project oh so simple. Thank you to our friends at Lash’s Glass in Chico for their fantastic (and speedy) custom mirror and glass cutting work!




ORANGE STREET CONSIGNMENT an organized display of the rare and collectible to unique, unusual and pratical too


TREASURE COVE Donations and consignments supporting disabled adults for over 20 years

Wed-Sat, 11ish to 5pm or by appointment

180 E 9th Avenue . Chico

6194 Skyway, Paradise, Ca. 530-877-2514

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‘Tis the season for gifting! As you’re out and about enjoying the brightly colored leaves and a little bit of boot weather (finally!), make sure you hit up all the local shops for your gifting needs. We’ve got a peek at what’s out there from scarves to sparkles to sweets, the perfect way to start your Holiday Wish List.



A.L.C. Sleeveless Sweater Dress @ Syllabus Uno de 50 Swarovski Necklace @ 5th Street Clothing Co.

Darling Petal Dress @ PB&J Boutique $119.50

A.L.C. James Studded Blazer @ Syllabus

Joie Sheer Black Blouse @ Syllabus

Seychelles Lucky Penny Bootie @ PB&J Boutique $147

Diane Von Furstenberg Black Wrap Dress @ Syllabus


Equipment Plaid Tee @ Syllabus Feather Brass Cuff @ PB&J Boutique $52

A.L.C. Zip-Up Cardigan @ Syllabus

Diane Von Furstenberg Flared Skirt @ Syllabus

Lace Top Boot Cuffs @ Anika Burke, 2 for $15

Seychelles Pounce Booties @ PB&J Boutique $147

Girly Socks @ PB&J Boutique $9.99



Lou of Paris L’Envolee Silk Bra & Panty Set @ Heavenly Blue Fine Lingerie P.J. Salvage Duckie Robe @ Heavenly Blue Fine Lingerie

Vintage Silk & Felted Wool Scarf @ Birkenstock

Holiday Candle @ Finds Design

WILDFOX Classic PJ Set @ PB&J Boutique

Arizona Fur Birkenstocks @ Birkenstock

Girly Socks @ PB&J Boutique $9.99


Nic & Zoe Dark Olive Coat @ 5th Street Clothing Co.

Nic & Zoe Multi-Colored Wrap @ 5th Street Clothing Co.

“Prayer Wheel” Pendant @ Bling on 3rd

Taos Embroidered Leather Boot @ Birkenstock

Mystree “The Summit” Jacket @ PB&J Boutique $89.99

Love Dove Double Double Coat @ PB&J Boutique $88.50

Handwoven Clutch Made from Recycled Fashion Magazines @ Eighth & Main Antiques 64


Red Striped Knit Beanie @ Formal Education “Bacon Makes Everything Better” T-Shirt @ Chico Locker & Sausage

Scotch & Soda Ombre Cardigan @ Formal Education

Deer Flask @ Formal Education

Will Leather Goods Messenger Bag @ Formal Education

Ben Sherman EC1 Chinos @ Formal Education

Scotch & Soda Plaid Shirt @ Formal Education

World’s Greatest Dad Double Pocket Beverage Pillow @ Finds Design

Rodd & Gunn Wool Peacoat @ Formal Education


Rhythm Clock with Swarovski Crystal Elements @ Finds Design

Heavyweight Chenille Throw Blanket @ Finds Design

Canvas Journals @ Finds Design

Antique Carved Mirror @ Eighth & Main Antiques

Decorative Pillow @ Finds Design Vintage Glass Jewelry Box @ Finds Design

Laptop Work Desk @ Evans Furniture $399

Ekornes Stressless Chair @ Finds Design

Long Burning, Dripless Danish Taper Candles @ Zucchini & Vine

Lounge Chairs @ Evans Furniture as low as $499 66


Creations by Lilly Natural Fabric Handbag

CV Jewelry Designs Tumbled Brown & White Jasper Double Strand Necklace & Matching Earrings

Intricately Carved Water Buffalo Head

Multi-Strand Green Prehnite & Metal Necklace & Matching Earrings from Mexico

Ming Wang Fuchsia & Black Abstract Knit Print Dress

CV Jewelry Designs White Coral & Black Onyx Necklace with Carved Piece Trimmed in Silver & Matching Earrings

Ming Wang Turquoise & Black Abstract Knit Print Jacket Ming Wang Green & Black Striped Jacket with Rhinestones

“Untamed Spirit” Pewter Horse Sculpture Embedded in Frosted Lucite by Kitty Cantrell

“A Trip Around the World” Quilted Wall Hanging Designed & Quilted by Katie Vaclavik 67

Drusy Quartz & 18K Gold Plated Heart @ Aicora Gems $130

14K Gold Handmade Necklace with Arizona Amethyst @ Aicora Gems $1200

Tahitian Pearl Necklace with Trillion Shaped Rutilated Quartz with Yellow Gold, Platinum & Diamonds @ Gabrielle Ferrar

18K White Gold Ring with Black Rhodium Bead-Set Diamonds & Round Emerald @ Gabrielle Ferrar

14K White & Rose Gold Filigree Diamond Fashion Ring @ Gabrielle Ferrar

18K Yellow Gold Diamond Lace Band @ Kirk’s Jewelry

14K Gold & Diamond Ring Handmade From an Oak Branch @ Aicora Gems $2950

14K Yellow Gold, Orange Sapphire & Diamond Ring @ Olde Gold $1395

18K Yellow Gold Fancy Chocolate & White Diamond Ring @ Kirk’s Jewelry

14K White Gold Opal Diamond Pendant @ Olde Gold $895



14K Yellow Gold and Diamond Wide Garland Band @ Kirk’s Jewelry

18K Yellow Gold, Smoky Quartz & Garnet Ring @ Gabrielle Ferrar

Sterling Silver Ruby Pendant & Earrings Set @ Olde Gold $105

18K White Gold Diamond Pave Pendant @ Olde Gold $1895

18K White Gold, Sapphire & Diamond Earrings @ Olde Gold $995

18K White Gold Emerald Ring with Black Rhodium & Bead-Set Diamonds @ Gabrielle Ferrar

14K White Gold & Tourmaline Ring with Diamonds @ Olde Gold $1695

14K White Gold 3 Stone Diamond Ring @ Gabrielle Ferrar

14K White Gold & Ruby Ring with Diamonds @ Olde Gold $3995 14K White Gold Diamond Infinity Symbol Earrings @ Gabrielle Ferrar

Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Bracelet @ Olde Gold $225

18K White Gold & Diamond Bangle Bracelet @ Gabrielle Ferrar 69

SkinMedica Vitamin C + E Complex @ Derm Bar

Bare Minerals Collector’s Edition Deluxe Size Foundation @ The Powder Room

Blossom Coconut Vanilla Foaming Sugar Scrub @ Refresh

Obagi Sun Shield Matte SPF 50 @ Derm Bar SkinMedica Lytera Skin Brightening Complex @ Derm Bar

Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer Exfoliating Treatment @ Derm Bar

Professional skin care and pampering items for someone special. Fill up a gift basket @ Massage Envy

Yonka Paris Creme 15 @ Rejuvahh

Deva Curl Frizz Fighters Hair Set @ Laura’s Wig & Beauty Supply 70


Privé Shining Weightless Amplifying Foam @ Envee Hair Studio

Bontrager Velocis Helmet @ North Rim Adventure Sports

Niterider Lumina Micro 250 Light @ North Rim Adventure Sports

Powermonkey Explorer Solar Powered Charger @ Mountain Sports

Gigantic Keyboard with Record Mode & Playback @ Apollo Piano

The Gift of Music! Fine Pianos Available @ Apollo Piano Schoenhut Toy Piano @ Apollo Piano

Car Bed! @ Evans Furniture $499

Kid’s Bunk-House Loft Bed @ Evans Furniture $1299


Two Pound Box of Assorted Chocolates @ Shubert’s Ice Cream & Candy $31.20

Sierra Nevada Beer Peanut Brittle @ Joy Lyn’s Candies

5th Street Clothing, Co. 328 Broadway St, Chico 530-345-5754

Refresh Face & Body 1047 Village Ln., Chico 530-896-0300

Finds Design 1341 Mangrove Ave, Chico 530-892-1905

PB&J Boutique 3221 Cohasset Rd #150, Chico 530-809-1177

Massage Envy 615 Mangrove Ave #110, Chico 530-892-8585

Evans Furniture 2101 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Pkwy, Chico 530-895-3000

Heavenly Blue Fine Lingerie 240 Main St #220, Chico 530-343-3333

Rejuvahh Skin Therapy Salon 568 Manzanita #5, Chico 530-519-0580

Eighth & Main Antiques 745 Main St, Chico 530-893-5534

Syllabus 212 Main St, Chico

Gabrielle Ferrar 214 Main St, Chico 530-345-1500

Shubert’s Ice Cream & Candy 178 E 7th St, Chico 530-342-7163

Olde Gold Estate Jewelry 225 Main St #3, Chico 530-891-4610

Zucchini & Vine 204 Main St, Chico 530-345-3551

Aicora Gems at The Jewelry Box 1334 Mangrove Ave., Chico 530-809-1034

Formal Education 334 Broadway St, Chico 530-809-1839

Bling on 3rd 240 Main St #180, Chico 530-892-2000

Chico Locker & Sausage Co. 196 E 14th St, Chico 530-343-7370

Kirk’s Jewelry 246 W 3rd St, Chico 530-891-0880

Joy Lyn’s Candies 1183 Bille Rd, Paradise 530-872-9167

Birkenstock 333 Broadway St, Chico 530-345-4880 Anika Burke 211 Main St, Chico 530-918-8850 Katie’s Corner II 1950 E 20th St # F619 Chico (Inside Chico Mall) 530-892-2228 Laura’s Wig & Beauty Supply 870 East Ave, Chico 530-342-1200 Derm Bar 85 Declaration Dr #100 530-342-2672 Envee Hair Studio and Spa 218 W 3rd St, Chico 530-891-3683 Powder Room 239 Broadway St, Chico 530-899-9350 and 30 Philadelphia Drive, Suite B 530-898-9350 72

North Rim Adventure Sports 178 E 2nd St, Chico 530-345-2453 Mountain Sports 176 E 3rd St, Chico 530-345-5011 Apollo Piano 3150 California 32, Chico 530-924-4469


MUSIC LESSONS creative one-on-one sessions with Jacob & Emily Nolen in Chico


ORIENT & FLUME ART GLASS A Chico Tradition 2161 Park Avenue, Chico (530) 893-0373, Ext. 3 Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm





Call for details!

Artisans Galleria 25 Lost Dutchman Drive, Chico Esplanade across from Philadelphia Square, across from Wine Time

916-802-7193 530-801-1526

F $ 5 uOpuF rc ha se

yo nd or w he n om 1 ve m or e fr $2 5 or

YOUR AD HERE! Contact Upgraded Living at (530) 894-8091

Hours: Tue 4-7 | Wed-Thur 2-7 | Fri 2-8 | Sat 4-8 | Sun 11-2


Artist Profile:


s the lights beam down onto the runway, as the music beat starts to pulse and hum, as the curtain draws back and the first model

emerges, I watch not the stage but the audience. All are wide eyed and fixed on the stage in anticipation of the excitement to come. Chikoko is a fashion show unlike any other. As they say, “Our mission is to inspire individual expression and creativity. We set ourselves apart from the fashion industry in the desire of inclusively, raw vision and conscientious manufacturing. We are…Nel Adams, Muir Hughes, Michalyn Renwick, Christina Seashore, and Sara Rose TestmanBonetti.” Five designers who created an entirely new vision of society through fashion at this year’s event called Neotropolis. In this artsy experimental event, models of all kind stomp toward the audience donning handmade apparel. Nothing is off limits and everybody is accepted. People come from far and wide to share in this addictive yearly occurrence. Many come dressed differently, more fancy or fun, than they may on the streets, knowing that any and all fashion is just fine at Chikoko. Nothing is too strange or outlandish to fit into the weird and wonderful world of Neotropolis. Starting in 2005, Chikoko’s way of idiosyncratic looks with pinnacle performances throughout continues to expand the boundaries of fashion. This year, Full Force Dance, Co. and an aerial performer wowed the crowd with their high energy talent between sets. A full bar and food trucks kept blood sugar balanced (or unbalanced in some cases), and enjoyment was had by all. If you missed out on this October’s fashion show, you can still sneak a peek into the experience, the ninth annual Chikoko Bizarre Bazaar--an alternative craft fair, is December 13 and 14th at the Chico Women’s Club. It will help with withdrawals since sadly we must wait an entire year to see what the designers will come up with next. If you have yet to experience the wonder of Chikoko, visit their website and pen their events into your day planner for next year because their events are truly unforgettable. **Chikoko Shows are for a mature audience. BY ALYSSA WORLEY / PHOTOS BY KYLE DELMAR WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/FAUX-TOE



Artist Profile:




here is a musician among us. Us

hesitation, he jumped on board for his first

Butte County-ans are always happy

full US tour, playing guitar and vocals with

when we see one of our own making

this “noisy metal band.” In only a month and

it. Sean Martin has toured all over the country,

a half, the band had played in every major city

to arenas large and small, and has been “killin

in the country. The bug for touring was born.

it” since the 3rd grade where he started out

“Something about seeing new faces every

with the trumpet as his instrument of choice.

night…seeing people singing along with me

“My teacher made me do a trumpet solo in

was very surreal.”

front of the whole school. I was pumped out

Once back home in Chico, Sean was

of my mind. That’s what gave me the bug.”

packing up the outside patio at Bidwell Perk

Sean later picked up the guitar around age 14,

with his coworker, Upgraded Living’s very

perfected Drive by Incubus, and never looked

own Erin Wenham, when he received a text


from an unknown number that read, “Hey,

Around 8th grade, his first band took

what’s up?” It was Rachel. “After her tour, I

shape. They had no singer or bass player, but

didn’t think I’d ever hear from her again…

they were invited to play a Nirvana cover at

figured she was super famous and cool.” He

their junior high’s spring concert. That was

hadn’t talked to her in years and suddenly

Sean’s first opportunity to play rock music in

she was asking him to move to Seattle to be

front of an audience. Although it was the only

the guitarist in her band He Is We. A couple

show the band would ever play, the music

weeks later, the band was flown and put up

didn’t stop there. It was just the beginning.

in an all expense paid hotel in Manhattan by

Right before Sean started high school,

Universal Records. They had made it. “One

during “the MySpace Days,” Sean started

minute I’m working at a coffee shop in Chico,

writing his own music. After playing in a pop

the next minute I’m walking down the same

punk band in Chico, he “discovered what an

halls as Taylor Swift and Nelly Furtado.”

acoustic guitar was” and adopted the singer

They started touring. A lot. Sean recalls

song-writer style he is known for today.

playing with the bands Parachute and The

Playing all over the little big town of Chico at

Ready Set, “Hearing 6,000 people screaming

the sweet age of sixteen, Sean began to make a

is the craziest thing.”

name for himself.

Sean’s new release, the Let Go EP is now

Around that time, there was an opportunity

on iTunes and Spotify, so be on the lookout

to get in touch with an artist named Rachel

for that amazingness. When asked if he could

Taylor. She had messaged Sean (via “the

have any superpower, what would it be? The

Space” of course) and told him how much she

final answer, with much thought (almost 20

loved his music and asked if he would give hers

minutes of thought), was “Instantaneous self

a listen. “I did and I loved it. We kept in touch,

transport system. Forget traffic teleport. I’d go

sending songs back and forth.” Fast forward

anywhere I want.” Creative, thoughtful and

a few years and Rachel Taylor was signing a

funny, Sean Martin is the epitome of cool, and

contract at Universal Motown Records and

also happens to be an incredibly talented artist.

began touring nationally, opening for bands

Check out his new music and support locals

like All Time Low, and Jack’s Mannequin.

doing lo-cool things.

Meanwhile, Sean got an offer from a management company in Sacramento to fill in for the band Ten After Two, who opened for Memphis May Fire in 2011. Without 75


NOVEMBER 6 - DECEMBER 7 Cricket on the Hearth Based on the novella by Charles Dickens Theatre on the Ridge 3735 Neal Rd, Paradise

NOVEMBER 15 Great Gobblers Family Hike Chico Creek Nature Center 1968 East 8th Street, Chico 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

NOVEMBER 6 Student Market Organic produce sold at Chico State campus Between the BMU and Student Services Center 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

NOVEMBER 18 Michael Franti (Acoustic) El Rey Theatre 230 West 2nd Street, Chico 8:00 PM

NOVEMBER 7 World Dance Party Chico Women’s Club 592 East 3rd Street, Chico 7:30 PM Artist Reception Orland Art Center Gallery 732 4th Street, Orland 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM NOVEMBER 8 All About Vultures Guided Park Tour Chico Creek Nature Center 1968 East 8th Street, Chico 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Animal Language Preschool Program Chico Creek Nature Center 1968 East 8th Street, Chico 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM The Wonder Show A Traveling Vaudeville Experience (18+) The El Rey Theater 230 West 2nd St, Chico 9:00 PM

NOVEMBER 20 World Line, Circle, and Couple Dancing 2320 North Ave, Chico Register at NOVEMBER 21 Great Gobblers Preschool Program Chico Creek Nature Center 1968 East 8th Street, Chico 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM NOVEMBER 22 California Regional Theatre Presents: Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Kids Pleasant Valley High School 1475 East Ave, Chico 2:00 PM For tickets, visit NOVEMBER 23 Christmas Preview Downtown Chico 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Fall Owl Prowl Chico Creek Nature Center 1968 East 8th St., Chico 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Info:



Art Walk On Thursday, October 2 the Chico Arts Commission coordinated with the DCBA and merchants around town with a special thanks to Kirk’s Jewelry to create a special art event. Art was displayed and artists created right in front of spectators’ eyes, food and drinks were offered and many businesses stayed open late to host artists and to welcome the community into their spaces. A diverse display of all things art brought many people downtown to join in the festivities and appreciate a bit of beauty. PHOTOS BY MICHELLE CAMY


Full line of Round Table’s famous Specialty and Create Your Own Pizzas, plus Flatbreads, Pasta & Sandwiches


Rotating selection of craft beers on tap New menu of burgers, appetizers & blended drinks


New state of the art video games Prize redemption center Party room for teams, groups & family gatherings



Anonymous I’m thankful for my best friend and the love of my life--my husband. I’m thankful for my five month old son. When the doctors said it wasn’t possible for me to have a baby, I became pregnant. After a trying labor he was our miracle and most precious gift. I couldn’t be more blessed.

Kathleen Miller There is always something to be thankful for. I am grateful for the appreciation, unconditional love and care I get from my friends, coworkers, and my family every day!

Frank Rebelo I am thankful for my mom. I appreciate all the things that she has done for me to support me and advise me through my hardest times and to share laughs through the best times.

Andrea Montgomery I am thankful for two healthy beautiful boys, a loving supportive husband, and a beautiful town to live in.

Erin Wenham I am thankful to live in such a beautiful place full of wonderful and talented people. I feel so lucky to have good health, great opportunities, and loving friends and family.

Kathleen Trevia Oliver I am thankful for being blessed with my handsome four year old boy!

Carol Moore I am thankful for receiving a Kidney transplant after only waiting nine months. What a blessing!

Samantha Duncan I am thankful for Chico. Growing up in San Diego, it was difficult finding a sense of belonging. People were often concerned more about themselves than others. It was not until I transferred to Chico State in 2012 that I understood what it was like to feel like part of a community. I immediately became involved on campus through the Associated Students Sustainability and Phi Chi Theta, a co-ed professional business fraternity. These organizations helped me connect not only with the campus, but the city as well. I met environmental advocates, farmers, city officials and business owners. What connected them was their sense of pride for where they lived. As my education progressed and my involvement continued, I too developed a sense of pride for Chico. It is important for me to share this story because I believe many overlook college students and assign stereotypes. I may be a college student, but I have the same love and respect for this city as you.

Christina Hammans There is absolutely no better way to start your Thanksgiving holiday than participating in the Run for Food in Bidwell Park. It is even more special when you run with a friend and your families are there cheering you on. This run is yet another amazing Chico event that promotes giving back, bringing the community together, and the importance of physical fitness. These are just a few reasons why I adore Chico and Chicoans.


Call our Medical Concierge to set up an appointment to get your flu vaccine or set you up with a primary care provider. 530.532.8035 530.533.8500 | 2767 Olive Hwy, Oroville, CA. 95966 |

Upgraded Living November 2014  

This month, we'd like to welcome you to join us and a number of wonderful members in our community for our potluck Community Cookbook issue!

Upgraded Living November 2014  

This month, we'd like to welcome you to join us and a number of wonderful members in our community for our potluck Community Cookbook issue!