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Hey Untamed Family.

As we dive into this month’s theme I'm sure you will find something to quench that solstice thirst and more. It has been an extremely busy month at HQ with the launch of ‘The Portal’ to accompany the magazine. As we get closer to our Anniversary issue here is what you can expect to see more of over the next few months. More 5D topics, from Astral Travel to our connection to the Dragons, Elementals, and all the Starseed topics and light language you can handle. Untamed Soul was never created to follow the mainstream, it was created to share new discoveries and levels of awakening in a community that has no pedestals and awareness of everyone's limitless potential.

EDITORS PICK 7. Social Media for a New Age News - As always Katie hits the nail on the head.

This month's theme is a celebration of Solstice & Soul Purpose. Do I know my purpose? Some days it feels like there might be more pieces of the puzzle than others. Other days I feel as if I could take on the world with the magic I am being shown is available. But isn't that part of the human experience? To fully immerse ourselves in the experience. I think it is. I wanted to send you through this month’s issue with my warmest wishes but also remind you all that we grow from where we are. See you in September. Oceans of Cosmic Love

Charlie x Founder & Lead Creatrix Charlie Edwards


11. Rude Awakening - Welcome Natalie Fell to the Untamed Family.


CONTENTS 2. Editors Note

! e d i s n I s t' a h W

7. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR A NEW AGE NEWS - with Katie Brockhurst 11. **NEW** RUDE AWAKENING - Natalie Fell shares with us her unfiltered views on spirituality.

4. Things we Love..

Real & Raw Features


14. SELFCARE FOR THE SOUL exploring the importance of Selfcare each month - with Mala Kennedy

16. FORTY PLUS & FRUSTRATED - with Fabio Mazzieri

Community & Connection





28. ASK MAMA STARR Mama Starr answers your questions every month on all things spiritual.

34.HOLISTICALLY HAPPY Michelle shares practical advice for your Sacral Chakra. 34. THE EVERYDAY GODDESS Leanne shares her inner wisdom on living life Goddess Powered.

Magic & Mindful



36 STORIES UNTOLD Our Expert Penny shares advice on how to get your story out in the world

41. MOON VIBES 38. NATURE'S KITCHEN Our foraging expert Jill shares with us her recipe for Elderfower Fizz.

Crystal Moon Mentor Emma Halley shares her inside on this months moon.

Gentle Reminder... As we explained in our email Untamed Soul is moving to a quarterly publication. This means we will be able to bring you a bumper issue every 12 weeks. This means our next issue will be in September!




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What we’re enjoying this month in the ‘Untamed’ HQ




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1. Revalation - Russel Brand 2. Catnap - Shelgo Tea 3. Labradorite - Psychic Trre 4. Moon Shine Balm Essential mind store 5. MummyMegz Sunnycomb Bar 6. Harper's Candles Wolfwood 7. Georganics Toothpaste tablets 8. Juniper Ridge -Desert Cedar Essentail Oil



As humans we judge, its part of our nature. The key is to become aware of it as it arises. Acknowledge it and ask yourself if it is part of your truth. Athena Seye.

When I judge someone else, I know I'm really judging a part of my shadow self. Lisa Viccars We took to the digital streets and asked YOU our readers and social media family what your thoughts were on Judgement in the spiritual Community. Here are a few love bombs & snippets of wisdom from our conversations this month.

"Judge Not lest Ye be judged" The only truth which lies in your judgment is the truth that you believe about yourself. For you can never truly know another as you know yourself. Your experience is the only Truth you truly know. Stay in your lane and walk your own path. - Roberta Smart.

"Releasing judgement of ourselves and others creates space for dreaming, intending and creating what we prefer instead." .- Jena Robinson

When you feel the need to judge, you can be sure the ego is at Play. When you choose to accept and let the moment pass. You can be sure your soul is leading the way. - Yvonne B.

‘When you catch yourself judging, say this.. “A judgment without is a judgment within” Energetically it instantly frees the both of you from any ‘karma’ .. healing limiting beliefs and ‘correcting’ your negative thinking patterns. - Sophie Cashen

As humans we must learn the difference between judgement & discernment. I cannot begin to count the number of times I have told myself off for what I believed to be judgement only to have this later confirmed as discernment. There is a difference and discernment is always needed. Dx

Come and join our community and share your perspective with us on Instagram, Clubhouse & Facebook. Your voice is the mission 6


s w e N

Katie Brockhurst, the Social Media Angel and author of Social Media For A New Age, shares her thoughts on online life for us Untamed types - covering the latest news and predictions in spiritual social media and digital wellbeing.

Social Media Ego vs Social Media Soul Are You Showing Up or Showing Off? As a teen, I wanted to be famous when I grew up. Let’s be honest – a lot of us probably did. It was the thing to aspire to, especially with all the big TV talent shows of the time like Pop Idol and beyond, which promised to make ‘ordinary folk’ famous. Being famous is something many people still aspire to, except now it’s different… Being YouTube or Instagram famous, rather than on the TV, has become much more accessible and is a big business, especially when considered an ‘influencer’. Social Media Ego vs Social Media Soul Are You Showing Up or Showing Off? Less exclusivity and more accessibility means that many of

us who are present on social media are getting a taste of ‘fame’ ourselves. I have met people that I have only known online and felt a little starstruck. I know people have done the same with me and even more so with my clients and friends who have big social media followings. I recall once I was walking down Glastonbury High Street when I saw someone do a double-take, come up to me and say, ‘Hi!! Katie??! It’s MargaretAnne – from Instagram!’ Which is both awesome and weird all at the same time. Wanting to become social media famous in this day and age is as natural for us now as wanting to be TV famous was when I was a teenager. But because of this, when we get on social media there is a tendency for us to act differently to how we act offline.


I also think that when we see ourselves on a screen, in the same way that we used to see people through the lens of the TV or movie screen, it can activate this idea for us.

As my publisher, Sean Patrick of That Guys House, said when we met to discuss my first book, ‘We are not all Beyoncé!’ Social media plays to that part of our ego which makes us think we have to be Beyoncé. (Not that there is anything wrong with being a little bit Beyoncé!! But let's get a reality check here). EGO: A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Our ego is having a FREAKIN’ field day when it comes to social media. Social Media for a New Age is in part about recognising when our social media ego is getting out of control and how to shift it into a better balance and connect with our social media soul. My social media ego wants big follower numbers, and doesn’t even really care who the followers are; she wants to look and feel popular, successful, important and in control. My social media soul, on the other hand, really wants community, connection,


engagement with like-minded people, to make friends she can get to know, meet clients she can support and serve with her knowledge and skills. My social media soul values authenticity above all. But then, what does it mean to be ‘authentic’ in this day and age? I think ‘authenticity’ has lost much of its meaning, or value, during recent years due to social media. Being authentic is a good thing, when it means being true to oneself and being genuine with others. For me, this is still one of the most important attributes of conscious communication. When you’re being authentic, you’re showing up as your true self, but sometimes on social media, the line between ‘showing up’ and ‘showing off’ gets blurred. There are many reasons we show up in different ways with different people. Wanting to be liked. A protective ego. Thinking we have to do social media, life, in a certain way to please others. Sharing and exploring multiple, natural and nuanced versions of the self. When our social media identities started to form, we needed the likes, follows and shares to succeed, survive and thrive online. We adapted ourselves and created filtered and modified show reels, our branded profiles, editing what people see and choosing carefully what we share.

This seems very natural to me. We change and filter memories in our minds depending on our perspective, so it is not a surprise that we edit forward with social media to create a picture we want to see of ourselves, or we think others want to see. Or that marketing people think (or know) will sell. Not forgetting that it is fun having a creative profile, using all the filters, stickers and gifs. Indeed I LOVE a good GIF off!! But filtering ourselves in these ways can be confusing for us and can create an artificial picture or presentation of who people really are. I would love you to acknowledge and say hi to your social media ego now as well as your social media soul, because they both play a part in your social media journey. When we bear witness to both sides, it makes it so much easier to get back into balance when we are leaning too much into ego. Every time I post, I have to check in with myself on this. Because the sweet rush of likes and comments? Ahhhhh, makes you feel goooood, doesn’t it? My social media ego looooooves getting lots of ‘likes’ on posts, and it likes those ‘likes’ to come through fast. I have noticed I have a tendency to keep checking and checking again to see if there are any new likes, comments, hearts immediately after posting… I know that I am not alone in this.

My social media soul – my authentic, core self – however, is happy to let a post go out into the ether and do its thing. Trusting that it will be seen by the people it needs to be seen by, without the need for validation. My social media soul doesn’t NEED the likes and comments, although she welcomes, feels and receives the love and comments gracefully whenever they appear. But all too often, the ego sneaks in, with its desire for more likes, more validation and can lose sight of it’s authenticity. The act of showing up as our true selves taking a back seat - and doing whatever we can, or think we should, in order to boost our follower and like counts.


But surely I’d never do anything inauthentic on social media? I hear you say. Feel into the following things and ask that Inner Unicorn of yours what it has to tell you about its authenticity… Only using filters or professionally photographed/edited images. Posting on social media when you don’t feel like posting.

- Buying reach/ likes through Facebook and Instagram ads. Employing a copywriter or social media manager to do it all for you. - Buying influencer or media support without declaring it. - Using NLP in your content without declaring it. - Using persuasive marketing tools to get people over the line or onto a list. - Buying likes or follows. - Creating content similar to someone else and not acknowledging them. Some of those could feel a bit punchy. They are for me. Many of these practices have a middle ground, but it is good to consider how genuine they are for you or how you could use social media more authentically. I think that we could be more mindful of the tools and marketing advice available around social media marketing, and better assess what is now old paradigm and what is for a new age.

I am inviting you to question how it feels and not to just assume that because everyone else does it, or because it works to make money or gain recognition, that it is in alignment with you when using social media for yourself or your business. Finding your own Inner Unicorn answers, using your own inner authority, your own inner compass, will help guide you in what is the right course of action on social media and within your own marketing practices. Inner Unicorn Question Time Journal on these questions to gain an understanding of whether your social media ego or social media soul is taking charge when you post: Am I posting from a place of love or fear? Am I trying to impress or impact? Am I seeking or needing approval and/or attention from others? If you’d like to dive into topics like this, and the other things I cover in my column please join me in my Social Media For A New Age club on ClubHouse and Mighty Networks www.socialmediaforanewage.club Until next time!




g n i k a w Rude A

A MIXTAPE We join Natalie Fell as she leads the way with her next-level authenticity on all the buzzwords from awakening to spirituality.

Let's get straight to the point here... When I think about the early days of my awakening, I remember how jarringly exciting it was. what I stumbled upon then was a whole new world. What I started researching was shocking, eye-opening and felt like truth and insanity at the same damn time. I started reading things that made me cringe and things that made me ugly cry in blissful hope for the future of humanity. BUT. There was a lot of bullshit out there. A lot of interesting, helpful stuff, but also a lot of bullshit. Once I realized that what was happening to me also happened to a ton of people before me, and apparently was going to happen to even more people after, I couldn't get enough.

I read everything I could get my hands on, spent hundreds on books and online courses

I read everything I could get my hands on, spent hundreds of dollars on esoteric books and online courses, became an armchair expert on suppressed human history and curated my instagram connections list with who I thought were the best, most enlightened gurus in the land. I became a meditation pro. I learned how to tell the difference between 3D and what lies beyond - and um, a LOT lies beyond. Much like the way I tried to dig out of my first huge dark night of the soul - by filling it with surfacelevel stability and a pretty facade I was approaching my awakening the same way.


I was neglecting all of the deeper questions my soul was urging me to address because they were just too damn uncomfortable. I was completely bypassing my shadow. I was avoiding what awakening is REALLY about by claiming I already had all of the answers, just because I read about them and associated with people who were “levels” above me. What all these awakening gurus had told me I “should” be feeling was so far from my reality. I wasn't enlightened, I was anxious. disinterested and detached. It wasn’t blissful at all. It eventually made me question everything “spiritual” I had been devoting myself to. If this whole concept of creating a “new Earth” was really a thing, then how is meditating all day helping anything? If you're now this elevated being who knows all of the Universe’s secrets,

then how come one of them isn’t embracing your humanness and being the best at that? I mean, why not just be floating out in space then? What's the point of the human part of the experience?

What's the point of the human part of the experience? And that’s when I realised that alot of new age spirituality is a trap. It’s a hard truth, but the truth nonetheless. A friend of mine put it SO well. she said that once you start waking up to who you really are, you leave a system that no longer serves you. But the things that are waiting to scoop you up in your new vulnerable state can be even worse. What’s on the outskirts of sleepy, mainstream society isn’t always love and light, in fact so much of it is a different kind of trap. Like another net that catches people who find their way out of the main net of the matrix. It shouldn’t be this way, but it is. People have been trying to define, streamline, and commoditise awakening since the dawn of time. We created religions out of it. We created yoga out of it. We created escapes from life disguised as true enlightenment out of it.

And it’s ironic because as I started to come full circle, I realised that awakening is experiencing awareness of who you truly are through the most personal journey you'll ever embark on. When I started to look for answers and reasons and research that ultimately left me unfulfilled and questioning MORE, I eventually realised that the only thing that felt like truth was a deep knowing within my heart. When you only trust sources outside of you for answers, you’re missing out on all of the knowledge that you already naturally possess. When you start to blindly depend on some guru to show you the way, you lose faith in your own inner compass and ignore your own intuition. When you fill your mind with all of the reasons why you’re above living life as a normal human being, your life will become meaningless. And that’s just not the point of awakening at all. You don’t have to become someone no one understands in order to live an awakened life.

I tried going down that route and it felt like shit. Sure, awakening will make you rewrite your life stories in many ways, but it won’t make you unrecognizable to yourself. Other people, maybe, but you definitely shouldn't feel like a foreigner in your own body. Awakening is more of a coming home than a leaving behind. Remember, awakening is a HUMAN experience. You have to embrace your humanity while letting your soul in at the same time. Keep that in mind at all times along your journey and you will be just fine. Sending you so much love and light and great vibes, but also a pile of rocks in the form of repressed inner child trauma and karmic lessons to undo because hey, it’s what you signed up for.

x e i l a Nat

Join Natalie across the world wide web on the following links...


Natalie's book is also available from her website.

Insta: @nataliewindlefell

Meme Saturdays are a favourite here at HQ

r o F e r a C f l e S YOUR SOUL

Your soul’s purpose is to know that you are good enough. Decide that you are worthy. Decide that you are good enough. Decide that you can have it all. Decide, decide, decide. Decide means to kill off other options, to make it final, so when you decide you are backing yourself.

How does self-care fit into this? Well when you decide you are worthy of having all the things that you desire. You also get to decide the amount of effort you put in. You can have it all, and be living on purpose while you play with your kids, Or read your favourite book. Or meditate and host a moon ceremony.

Whatever you need to do to nourish your soul is enough. It can create the path for abundance, and if you seek it, it is meant for you.

Your purpose is to be all of you, in every moment. To keep coming back to you, recalibrating and meeting your edges. And while you are doing it, you are tuning in to self-care. You can hustle as much, or as little as you want. You don’t have to do everything. You get to slow down. You also get to go fast, if that is what fills your cup.


That’s the thing about discernment, it is yours, so you get to own what you want. You get to decide. There’s that word again. When you decide, you call your purpose closer to you. Allowing it to bubble up to the surface and show you who you are.

Isn’t it freeing to know that you are always doing enough? That because you are you, you are living your purpose. Say goodbye to pressure and hello to freedom. That is where selfcare lives. It is guilt-free. It knows that by filling yourself up to the brim you are embodying your purpose. It is from that place of abundance that you can serve others, you can give them the gift of true service. So today, you get to decide. That you are living on purpose, and you get to do it with grace.

Know that every time you are nourishing your soul.

Knowing that every time you are nourishing your soul, you are giving others permission to be themselves too. That’s the gift that keeps on giving.

M a la x . Join Mala across social media for more self care guidance & spport.

mala@malakennedy.com www.malakennedy.com

FORTY PLUS & FRUSTRATED Roaring Success with

Fabio Mazzieri We join Fabio this month as he shares his awareness of men's healing and the importance of finding their own core values. I’ve been chatting to many men recently about hitting the 40+ mark as a man and re-naming the ‘midlife crisis’ as ‘Forty Plus and F*@#d Off’. The demographic of the men who I work with in my peak mental performance coaching business, has shifted to mostly men aged 40 -55. And all our conversations have a common theme; ‘I am heading into my last chapter of life in this form and is this it?” I see a pattern with my clients telling me that they are feeling trapped in jobs they dislike, because they have to bring the money home every month. They hate knowing that they are making their employers millions while receiving far less than they know they are worth.


The pressure of being the man and being the provider. The pressure of feeling that they have to have a job title to keep the in-laws happy; feeling trapped and not allowed to express themselves as they must conform to everyday Joe life. Feeling that they can’t ‘get out’ on the weekend when they have been working all week, but ‘need’ to spend time with the family, wash the car, mow the lawn, help the kids with their homework. While all along feeling they just want to be out playing golf or going for the hike they long to do. Feeling they are not being seen or heard and having huge communication issues with their other half. Realising that now they are on very different life paths and drifting apart more and more every day.

Feeling that they have lost sight of the goals and vision they once had. Losing the focus to exercise and putting on weight as they have no time to get to the gym. Sex, what’s that? Libido going out of the window because they are lacking confidence in themselves and they can’t remember when they last saw their toes. With the thought constantly in the back of their minds ‘Is this it, is this all there is to life now?’ I was 44 when I realised all of the above. Apart from the helping the kids’ part as we don’t have any children. I realised I had to make a change, not only for my own needs and mental health. But also to keep the love of my life, my soul mate Kate, in my life. I was projecting all my anger, anxiety, frustration and pain out onto the world. Remember; it all starts with us, what we project out we get back. So, listen up guys, there is still plenty of time to address the elephant in the room, the Inner Critic, which is talking, even shouting at you every single day.

Take stock and realise where you are giving your power away. You can take your power back from giving it away to the job. You can take your power back from giving it away to money. You can take your power back from giving it away to time. You can make time for your partner. You will find that you can communicate better with your partner, create more time to spend together as a couple, and as individuals without feeling guilty. You can make time for YOU! You can shut the inner critic up once and for all! You will learn to recognise WHY it shows up. You CAN live the life you desire. All you have to say to start with is I DECIDE…

Take stock and define your core values, for your career, love and health. Set clear boundaries and align to them.

Fabio You can find Fabio on the links below..

IG: @Fabio_Mazzieri_Coaching FB: @Fabio_Mazzieri_Coaching Website: www.fabiomazzieri.co.uk


That Friday Friday


Helen Bartram, coach and host of the 'That Friday Feeling podcast, shares her thoughts on life for our Untamed Soul family- covering the latest tools and reflections for living a happy life on your own terms.

From a reformed people pleaser! We are constantly told to “set boundaries” but rarely do I see anyone sharing how to set boundaries and why it’s important. From someone who spent a large chunk of their life people pleasing and taking a walk down the one-way street to burnout I can safely say that boundaries are an absolute game changer in living a fulfilled, meaningful life. Right now you may feel like you give your best to everyone else and have nothing left for yourself. Perhaps you feel like you don’t even know what to think or feel anymore because you are so used to putting everyone else first? If so, it’s time to get some boundaries in place!

So, what are boundaries? 18

I like to think of boundaries as an invisible line. A border if you like, that helps us to create some space physically and emotionally. It allows us to recognise our own needs, values and responsibilities. Boundaries can act as a signal to others about your expectations and what you find acceptable and not acceptable. Without boundaries It can become difficult to both protect ourselves from others and separate our own thoughts and feelings from that of others too. Boundaries are so important to avoid burnout and to be able to live with autonomy. It can be overwhelming and uncomfortable to say the least. The trouble lies though when you own a label that can potentially restrict your growth when in fact it is a normal healthy part of life. Would you agree that imposter syndrome is simply a mix of selfdoubt, feelings of inadequacy, and a lack of self belief?

To label anyone an imposter and identify as a fraud 18 of themself feels a little harsh to me, when it's simply what I deem to be a healthy response to a new / challenging situation. Show me someone who hasn’t done something meaningful to them and not felt any of these things. Show me someone who has never doubted their own ability when doing something for the first time or stepping into a new challenge.

SHOW ME SOMEONE WHO HAS NEVER DOUBTED THEIR OWN ABILITY WHEN DOING SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME OR STEPPING INTO A NEW CHALLENGE. Often we feel that way because of the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect. It’s ok to not always get things right, it's ok to not have all the answers all of the time, it's ok to ask for help and it’s ok for things to not go as you hoped / expected.


Here’s some actionable things for you to work on if you feel like you suffer with Imposter Syndrome:

1. Observe your feelings and thinking around the situation 2. Focus on accepting all feelings are normal 3. Work on quieting your inner critic and turning the volume up on your inner cheerleader 4. Let go of expectations of self and events 5. Take action and do your best!!! Stop focusing on feeling like an imposter and start focusing on believing in your awesomeness! Have fun!


MY JOURNEY . . e TO MY s o p r u

P l u So

This month we fully lean into what our purpose is with Intuitive Therapist & Unteathered Goddess Speaker Shveta.

What is my purpose? A QUESTION that haunts almost everyone at least once in their lives. Especially when the wakeup call gets so loud that it feels like it has pierced your heart. I spent 3 decades wandering aimlessly ignoring the wake-up calls. Abiding by the rules, following instructions laid out by well-meaning people in my life. Well, that is how it looks to me now when I reflect on my past. I remember vividly, almost 30 years ago. It was a gloomy winter evening, and my mother was preparing for evening prayers. Something was different that day. I was sad and upset but did not want to share with anyone. Listening to the soothing musical prayers, I chose to sit down after the ritual and closed my eyes. That was my first wake-up call. I tasted the most divine connection of cosmic love with pure bliss. I was overwhelmed with pure love and burst into tears.

I kept crying but I was not sad anymore. I felt LOVE, a pure unconditional blanket of love washing away my. A seedling had been planted in my heart. As I came out of the meditation I asked, ‘What am I doing here? I should be heading to the Himalayas for more meditation. Why am I studying if I can taste the bliss with this connection?’ These thoughts scared my parents who asked me to limit my meditation time. I was told, ‘You need to focus on your education.’ Back then, I was a child and I followed their rules. There were a few similar episodes, but I always held myself back from going deeper. I kept ignoring the pull. Years passed by and my busy life followed the expected path education, career, marriage, and kids. But I felt a constant emptiness that brought me inexplicable pain. I tried healing it by obtaining worldly possessions. To bring instant gratification. On the surface, a beautiful life.


But I moved through it like a zombie. Constantly frustrated, feeling suffocated and confused. Little did I know that I was standing in my own way. Blocking the flow, and was causing the emptiness. The universe had to get louder for me to hear it. It threw few lifechanging circumstances at me, and snatched away everything I was attached to. Until I found myself lost in oblivion. Despair and pain making space for me to connect to the Divine. The seedling planted in childhood was ready to bloom. Meditation helped me process the pain and allowed me do the inner work needed to heal. This healing work continues, and I have learned: Our soul’s purpose is what our soul chooses to do in this lifetime. Before arriving on this Earth plane, our souls choose the lessons, experiences, and circumstances for this lifetime. If we suppress or constrain ourselves, we fall out of alignment with our soul.

Our soul is patient and calm, it whispers to us, giving direction we remain oblivious until we consciously connect to the world within us. Connecting to that inner world connects us to our soul. As we recalibrate with the energy within, our outside lives transform. If we continue nurturing our relationship with our soul, we feel more balanced, with our human foundations strengthened by soul-led deep roots. The more balanced we feel, the more our lives flow through us, and we can live untethered and unbound. We are the unapologetic, fully accepting authentic reflection of our soul, able to fulfil our soul’s purpose So, lets connect a little more to our souls each day, and live a wild soulled life. Untamed. Untethered. Boundless. Blessings!

If we fall out of alignment, we feel emptiness, despair, sadness, frustration, anger, etc.

You can find Shveta at www.untetheredgoddess.com


WHEN YOUR MONEY STORY CHANGES, Everything CHANGES Tierra Womack shares with us how our money stories play an important role in many different aspects of our everyday lives. What money story are you creating for yourself? When we are claiming our inheritance of prosperity, there is a money story we are creating subconsciously AND consciously (or externally). Conscious co-creation may look like setting financial goals to cultivate material items and gauging how you are amassing wealth via the number of zeroes in your bank account. However, one must also be aware of the money story they are creating for themselves at the subconscious level. To determine this, you may ask yourself:

Are you living in a poverty or prosperity mindset? Do you feel as though you will always have enough money for the things that you need or do you feel like you will always have to struggle to have the things that you want?

When I first examined my money story several years ago, I realized that although I desired a wealthy lifestyle for myself and my loved ones, I had limiting beliefs blocking me from receiving and accepting the prosperity I hoped for. As a Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner, I speak with countless women who also hoped for abundance and prosperity in all areas of their lives and are not only unaware of their money blocks but don’t even know such money blocks exist! Therefore, you can do all of the meditation, manifestation exercises, affirmation tracks, and future money visualizations you want but if you don’t gain awareness and clarity around the existing money blocks in your life, there will always be resistance to receiving the prosperity you desire. There are several money blocks which may affect your capacity for a prosperous life but the most common limiting beliefs affecting your ability to receive more abundance are:

Fear: Fear creates a tightness and resistance inside of you that essentially repels money energy from you. This fear may be generational or have been assessed during your own life experiences. For instance, if you have always heard, “More money, more problems” then you may be more apt to subconsciously push money away as opposed to want to attract money to you. Self-Sabotage: “I must not need it, I must not spend.” This block may rear it’s head when you are offered opportunities which may bring more prosperity into your life. Guilt: This is so prevalent for women around spending, indulging for themselves due to historically putting others first so we feel bad when we do for ourselves.

Lack of Self Worth: I must not deserve it because I haven’t received it yet. We ALL deserve wealth. It’s our birthright! This block is often tied to guilt. Confidence creates wealth in your life but you must feel WORTHY to maintain wealth. Simply being aware of your money blocks is the first step to overcoming them because from there you can shift these beliefs into a new money story for yourself. You’ve got this!


Money Affirmation: ‘I am capable and worthy of creating a prosperous life for myself and my loved ones.’

Find Tierra at www.thebravewaytribe.com


A Leap Of Faith... We join Untamed Soul Community Member Wendy Dixon as she shares her journey of her finding her soul purpose. I really thought I had made it when I started work at a major multinational company. I walked into the offices on my first day and couldn’t believe quite how big it was, it had its own multistory car park, shops, canteen, cashpoints, and numerous lifts and in the beginning I constantly got lost in the building.


After a while I got used to it all, I was promoted and managed my own team, but somehow I lost my sense of self along the way. There were thousands of people working there, and eventually, I began to just feel like a number, lots of ambitious people with very little sense of service or teamwork. My days were long filled with endless meetings and emails, so I often worked late just to keep on top of the work, but it was never enough. I was being bullied and started to feel worthless. I felt like I was living a double life, in my personal life I was a medium and healer and the spiritual aspect was very important to me; but I never felt I could disclose this at work and worried about being ridiculed

I felt like I was living a double life, in my personal life I was a medium and healer and the spiritual aspect was very important to me; but I never felt I could disclose this at work and worried about being ridiculed. I could almost hear people saying “she talks to dead people” while raising their eyebrows and sniggering, I saw how they talked about other people and I didn't want that to be me. We had lived in the area for 30 years, and I longed to live near the sea, back in the North East, around family and friends. One day I intuitively felt it was time to make the move, time to start living life our way, people thought I was crazy I was 59 and my husband 63, how would we find work at that age!! My husband started to look for a job in the North East and he found and was offered a job within a couple of weeks. Within 3 months I left my job, we had sold our house and we now live in a beautiful house just 5 minutes from the beach. Now I had made the move I had to trust that the right path would present itself. I had some timeout, I’d been away from the area for 30 years, so I started linking up with old friends and meeting new like-minded people. I was applying action whilst the universe weaved its magic.

I decided to focus on my own business, I would do readings, healing. I found a part-time job to give me the financial freedom to focus on the business. We went into lockdown which meant that business was put on hold for a while, so I spent the time working on self-development and learning lots of new skills that I could use to help others. A number of wonderful opportunities have been presented to me such as becoming an author after writing a chapter in a co-author project. I really am in love with my life. As I look back now, I am so pleased that I listened to that intuitive feeling and took the plunge to living my true purpose. There most definitely is much more to life than that treadmill, you just need to be brave enough to make that jump. Love & Light

x y d n e W

https://www.wendydixon.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/wendydixonmedium


CHRISTINE Crystal expert Christine Langdale shares with us her favorite crystals for this summer solstice.

The Summer Solstice is always one of those points of the year that feels life-affirming doesn’t it? It’s the day with the longest daylight hours of the year for us in the northern hemisphere, and always feels like it should be summer at this point (though the British weather doesn’t always cooperate!!). Is it coincidence that Boris has chosen this date as the target for Stage 4 of the Lockdown Roadmap? If all goes to plan, that’s the date life goes back to ‘normal’ (though probably still with face masks….) and we can all look forward to a bright summer of fun.

It’s also a good time to have a few life-affirming crystals about, possibly using them in a Solstice ritual or two!! Be warned though, these stones are all at the high end of the energy spectrum and may be too stimulating for some, don’t try to use them all at once, and think about using a stone with a gentler energy with them to soften the effects!

Pyrite- Fool's Gold A crystal that combines the elements of earth and fire, producing sparks when struck against a hard surface it will also protect you from negative energies (and noisy neighbours!) as well as sparking your own energies into life. Use it to re-energize any areas of your home or life that need a boost right now.


Red Tigers Eye Falcon’s Eye (also known as Red Tiger’s Eye): A deeper, darker colour than the golden variety and combining Earth and the Sun’s energies, this is a stimulating stone which sends energy to the lower chakras. Adding passion and vitality to your love life as well as any projects you have on the go.




Sunstone It wouldn’t be summer without Sunstone, carrying the energy of the sun god Ra, bringing life and joy to all. Warming the body, lifting the spirits and adding lifeaffirming energy to the Solar Plexus.


Garnet: Another Fire stone, regenerating the body, stimulating and uplifting the emotions, in particular this stone will stimulate your kundalini energy. Carry these crystals with you, place them on your altar or use them in healing, meditation and ritual to work with them and benefit from their energies this Summer.

See you soon!

Christine is a Reiki Master & Crystal Healer living in East Yorkshire, UK



Mama Starr Sometimes you know you need to move forward but you can’t figure out which direction to choose. Mama Starr gently, but firmly guides you on your way.

Reader Question... Hey Mama Starr, When you’re doing a reading with someone, how much is too much to share? How do you know when NOT to say something? Jenny Hey Jenny! What a great question! Discernment is an essential skill to learn, especially when you are new at giving readings to others! Our words have power. Quite often a person that I have done a reading for has told me how profoundly my words affected them. Bit I don’t even remember having said it. For that reason, it is really, really important to choose your words carefully.

As a rule, remember that any prediction of the future should be approached with caution. Free will is in play for all parties, so the future has many variables. We can only read the energy right now. We can draw conclusions about where the current energy may lead, based upon our experience, but that doesn’t mean that such things are set in stone. Most professional psychics and intuitives will only share such things with a HUGE caveat; that such things are only one possibility among many.



So, rule number 1, any future predictions should be approached with caution. Rule number 2, the word death has incredible power. Remember that death can mean many things beyond physical death. It can mean the death of an idea, or the death of a cycle, the death of feelings. If we say we see death, we may cause the death of hope… and hope is extremely powerful! We never want to take away someone’s hope, because that is the main ingredient needed for miracles! Approach this situation with caution. Finally, ask yourself if the information you are giving will empower or disempower your client. Remember your job as an intuitive is to empower others. It is not your job to make them dependent on you for answers, or to tell them what to do, but to give them the tools to make their own powerful life choices. I remember once, I was working with a client who told me that she had found another woman’s undergarment in her boyfriend’s glove box. He told her that someone borrowed his car and left it there ‘by accident’. You don’t have to be psychic to see that’s a lie, right? Do you think I told her that? Hell no, I didn’t tell her that!

SPIRIT DOESN'T GIVE US ALL THE ANSWERS, WE NEED TO USE DISCERNMENT. This was something she needed to figure out for herself. Instead, I asked her to check in with her feelings to see if she really believed it. Eventually, she figured it out. Just as Spirit doesn’t give us all the answers, we should use our discernment to know when to speak and when to stay silent. Pay attention to the words you use and the effect they have on others. Spend some time talking with your guides about this so that you can become really clear about what to say and what not to say. Namaste!

Starr x.

For more on this, be sure to have a look at my video on the Ask Mama Starr YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIVVviBU36A

Life with

THE ANGELS Yvonne Bottarelli joins us each month and shares with us her monthly guided meditation & her joyfilled life with the angels. Welcome to June, let there be sunshine let there be joy. The Angel we are connecting with this month is the mighty Archangel Jophiel. Who comes on a beautiful golden ray of wisdom and beauty. Working with this beautiful Archangel will help you see the beauty in all things. See the beauty within yourself, see the beauty in the world around you. When you can step aside from judgment and worry, you can step into joy. You move beyond emotion, beyond experience, to a blissful state of pure being. We are divine beings, therefore we are divine creators, every thought creates. We are not often even aware of our thoughts or how they are affecting and creating our reality. Sometimes our thoughts are filled with fear, then we wonder why bad things keep showing up. Just stop and ask yourself next time you don’t like what is before you, what have my thoughts been that has created this?

We are immensely powerful, life isn’t happening to you, life is happening through you. The Angels wish for us to experience the fullness of joy always, and they are right beside you encouraging you to make your life lighter with your thoughts. We have a choice how we view any situation; to see the growth, learning or the greater and higher good. I have clients who have lost their jobs or their relationships have ended.

We are divine beings, therefore we are divine creators, every thought creates. We are not often even aware of our thoughts or how they are affecting and creating our reality. 30

Angel wisdom has always shown me that they were not happy in their job, or the relationship they were in wasn’t the right one and that much better and greater things were ahead. It is a divine quality to trust the ever-unfolding path of life, to have faith in the process. Sometimes we have to let go, to let better in, to take a step back and see the beauty before you. Archangel Jophiel can assist you when you call upon her to elevate your thoughts, trust your insights as you receive her wisdom and light. We have a well of divine inspiration available to us at all times.

We have a well of divine inspiration available to us at all times. Archangel Jophiel works with the crown chakra and can help us release fear and open up to divine guidance and illumination. You may be guided to make the changes within yourself first, raising your vibration with loving thoughts towards yourself, believing in you and the greatness of you. Till next month have a blessed June, much love

Yvonne. x

JUNE Meditation Taking long slow deep cleansing breaths, allowing yourself to drop into the feeling of peace and tranquillity. With each in breath imagine a golden light filling your body. As you exhale, release any stress and tension. This golden light expands all around you, it fills the room or space you are in. We now invite in Archangel Jophiel, she stands before you. Open your crown chakra on the top of your head, seeing it open like the petals of a flower. Ask Jophiel to elevate your thoughts or help with any situation you wish to see with a more positive light. Allow Jophiel to pour her golden light of wisdom in through your crown. Feel this light enter your mind and your thought patterns. Feel this golden light flow down to your solar plexus chakra; the seat of your joy and your power. Sit in this place of connection and joy for a moment. When you feel ready, give thanks to Jophiel. Breathe deeply, stretch and return to the present moment.

Find the full meditation on my YouTube channel. Yvonne is based in Taunton UK as a holistic and spiritual Healer. Yvonne combines her certified therapies with her empathic nature and spiritual wisdom to guide, empower, heal and support.


Spark creativity with your sacral chakra Staying in the lower chakras, this month we move up to the second of the main chakras. The sacral chakra or svadhisthana in sanskrit. This chakra is located between the belly button and the pelvis and is focused on creativity, sexuality and our sense of flow. Developed as an infant, between 6 and 24 months, the age where we start to find freedom in the ability to move, experiencing the joy and pleasure of experiencing the world around us. As an adult, when our sacral chakra is balanced we feel creative and empowered, There is an ease and flow to our lives with healthy intimate relationships. However, when the chakra is unbalanced, either through an event that impacted it at the time of its development or a trauma around the areas it governs,


we can start to see this show up for us in our physical, emotional and energetic body. An imbalance in the sacral chakra might look like some of these; if you can relate to them they may be clues that your root chakra needs some support.

Physical - Any issues relating to our lower abdomen and reproductive organs such as fertility issues, urinary tract infections, ovarian cysts or sexual dysfunctions as well as lower back concerns. Emotional - Lack of confidence and creativity, inability to feel joy or a sense of depression, inability to create intimate relationships. Addictions - Alcohol (linked with the water element), sex and heroin (due to the pleasure nature described by addicticts for this particular drug).


How can you support the sacral chakra? Although we can’t see our chakras, we can certainly feel the effects when they become unbalanced. To care for them we can use our body and mind to support them, there are many different holistic supports but these are my top picks.


Focus on oils that stimulate your senses, think about the aromas that remind you of pleasure or spark your creativity. Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood are more sensual oils, thought of by some as aphrodisiacs. Using essential oils (diluted appropriately) to massage over your abdomen is a self-care ritual that will support you, or you can use the same oils in a diffuser.

The sacral chakra is associated with the element of water, that sense of ease and flow. Intuitive yoga flows teamed with poses that target the pelvic region are particularly good for working with this chakra. So poses that open through the hips such as goddess, butterfly and yogi squat.

Positive affirmations

Healing crystals

Notice how this statement makes you feel and don’t be afraid to get curious about anything that comes up for you, journaling is a great way of exploring this.

The orange shades of agate make it the perfect crystal to support the sacral chakra, also associated with the colour orange. In general, stones with orange, golden or red-orange color are considered supportive stones for the Sacral Chakra.

Help foster positive beliefs around your ability to flow through and enjoy life by affirming the qualities of a balanced sacral chakra. My favourite affirmation for the sacral chakra is “Creativity flows freely through me”.

See you all soon. Love & Light


RECLINED Michelle Taylor is a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, intuitive coach you can find her on BUTTERFLY the links below. @happyhealthytoday



THE EVERYDAY GODDESS Revolution Each month spiritual transformation coach Leanne Macdonald shares with us her Life Alchemy wisdom & tips for living the life of an everyday Goddess

You have unraveled the stories, now what? I am always sharing, quite frankly with any women I enter into a conversation with, that life begins to transform when we unravel the stories we have been living life through up until that point. We begin to question, get curious, view our decisions and beliefs from a different perspective. It is both a beautiful and exhausting journey as our ego will hang onto our known beliefs with all of its might because it LOVES patterns and predictability. But finally……You have made it! Hooray for you! You have successfully unraveled every single last belief that has been holding you in this cycle of life, like an airplane in a holding pattern, flying around and around on the same course. Now what?

Well now it gets exciting, you are beginning your shift into the powerful creator that you are. You are beginning to consciously choose life. Imagine if you will, that life is a pick and mix counter, and right in front of you are compartments of sweets (or possibilities in life) just waiting for you to scoop them up and pop them into your candy bag. What are you going to choose? Because right now in this moment you have a clean slate, an empty space of which to rebuild a life on your own terms, aligned with your own heart. You get to decide every last detail of your life, how you see yourself, how you see others, how you see your life, what your life looks like day to day, who is in your life, how they are in your life, what you do each day.


Every possibility is open to you, you simply have to choose, and let the magical force of energy flow through you into that choice, creating it into your life. Journalling is my go-to for all of the choices I make, I get to really explore what it is that I actually want, and not only that I get to explore why I want it. Which actually is quite important, as some of your wants might be old belief patterns rearing their ugly heads, disguised as consciously creating life. The choices such as, I want to have a million pounds in my bank, ask yourself why? What would it mean about you to have a million pounds in your bank? When I explored this for myself that choice was linked to me feeling worthy, which is a no no. You can have ANYTHING in life, just do not choose things to resolve an underlying limiting belief about yourself. If you want a million pounds in your bank, make sure it is just because it would be cool to have it.

Journal on the below questions today and begin to shift some energy into cocreating a life you would love.

If money were no object and in fact not even a conscious ‘thing’ in my life, what would my day look like? What legacy do I want to leave in this lifetime? Who do I need to be to create the things I would like to be a part of my life? Tons of love Goddess,

Leanne MacDonald is a UK based Spiritual & Mental Well-Being Coach. She is passionate about awakening the pure potential within everyone, so they can go on to experience a life filled with absolute joy and purpose. www.leannemacdonaldwellbeing.com

UNTOLD STORIES witr Penny Tresher Our expert writer & editor Penny Thresher shares her passion for her words with our community because your story needs to be heard. So last month we looked at some ways to make your writing easier to read. By using less words, shorter sentences and by cutting out unnecessary adverbs! How else can you engage your readers and keep them coming back for more?

Use similes, metaphors, and analogies Three great ways to add colour and depth to your writing. There are subtle differences between them, but here are a few examples: A simile compares two similar things by pointing out their similarities, usually using the words “as” or “like” Example: “As light as a feather” A metaphor is similar but often more poetic, it does not use “as” or “like”. It is a more rhetorical comparison saying that something is Example: ”Love is a battlefield”


An Analogy is saying that something is like something else, usually to provide and explanation Example: “Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you are going to get” Using all of these wisely in your writing can bring your writing to life.

Create Structure I always encourage people to write freely and not to worry about structure before starting. It is more important to get the words on the page. But sometimes it helps to have an idea of how your writing is going to appear. Creating a framework or a timeline helps to bring your piece together and that will help in the editing process. It does not need to be set in stone; you can adapt as you go!

'To write is human, to edit is divine.'- Stephen King

Editing 'To write is human, to edit is divine.'Stephen King The editing process is where you switch from being the writer to being the reader! Editing your own work can be tricky. Finding an editor who understands your voice and will encourage and support you in your writing is a great idea, but not always possible. So here are a few tips to help you: Take a break. If you have been immersed in your writing, step away before starting the editing process, so that you start with fresh eyes.

Start by reading your work aloud. Hearing how your writing sounds can really help you understand what needs fixing. You will get a feel for the flow and consistency, and notice where you have reused words and phrases. I have certain words that I use over and over – I will often use a Thesaurus to find an alternative to avoid this problem. Save the proofreading for last. This is the final task of your editing process. As you go through the editing process there will be some re-writing, so checking for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes before this point will waste time. There are many online editing tools available that you can use to help with this process, but always do a manual read through Happy writing!


Penny is a UK based coach, writer, editor and speaker. With a fierce passion for words and a desire to encourage everyone to find their voice, she combines her coaching skills and writing ability to help people speak up and shine brightly in the world!

penny@cornerhousewords.co.uk www.cornerhousewords.co.uk




Our very own seasonal foraging expert and kitchen witch Jill Wheeler brings us her recipe for Elderflower Fizz. Oh the month of June, how I love you so. Trees are back in leaf, everything is lush and fresh. Green everywhere and colour in abundance as everything is growing and flourishing. The perfect moment to take time out for a country walk. With a picnic and room in your hamper to forage for some treats on the way. In late May and throughout June, take a drive down any country lane or even along urban roads, and you will see a profusion of large, white flowers in the hedges. The flower of the Elder. On a warm, dry day the air is filled with the sweet scent coming from the milky white profusion of clustered, tiny star flowers. The flowers are shaped like a parasol

and the leaves are oval leaflets with slightly toothed edges. Sometimes hogweed and cow parsley blooms can be mistaken as elderflowers. The easiest way to check is to look at where the stems are coming from. If they are coming directly from the ground then it is probably not elderflower. Elderflowers grow on the Elder tree. The second way is the scent. Although even elderflowers can smell musty or have a cat wee smell when they are past their best. This is another indicator not to pick them. They should smell of summer, fragrant and heady. Only collect them on dry days. It’s the pollen that gives them that wonderful scent . Do not collect any that have browned or are not fully open yet.


As with all foraging, do it mindfully. Only take a few from each tree. If you decimate the tree of flowers, there will be no elderberries later in the season. This will also affect the birds' food source in autumn if there are no berries. As always, if you are unsure on the identification, then leave them be. Avoid collecting from roadsides due to pollution and give each flower head a shake to release any pollinating insects. I tend to do this then do it again when I return home before giving them a quick rinse before use.

Like elderberries, the flowers have many medicinal qualities. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory , antibacterial and anti-viral properties can be found in the flowers. Like elderberries, the flowers have many medicinal qualities. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory , antibacterial and anti-viral properties can be found in the flowers. Commonly used for treating colds and flu, sinus infections and other respiratory ailments. Also known to boost and support the immune system and help alleviate some allergies. The flowers can be made into tea, or a tincture, used to flavour culinary dishes (they go particularly well with gooseberries which are in season at the same time) and to make cordial and syrup.


However, I would like to introduce you to my favourite recipe for the flowers. One I love to enjoy on a warm summer’s day. A refreshing elderflower fizz. There are many different ways to make this fizz but this is a quick and easy option. The only important thing to remember, once you have made it, is to release the fizz from the bottles from time to time to avoid them exploding. You will need some empty plastic pop bottles (not glass with its explosive nature). I recommend that you sterilize the bottles by popping a baby sterilizing tablet in each one filled with water then giving a quick rinse before use. You will also need a large sterilized bucket with a lid for the fermenting stage.

INGREDIENTS: Ingredients for Elderflower Fizz 1 bag (1kg) of granulated sugar. Elderflowers (at least 10 to 15

fresh flower heads)

4 lemons (including peel, sliced) sachet of champagne yeast Enough water to fill at least half the bucket with water (around 5 litres)

Method... Boil around 2 litres of water and pour onto the sugar Stir to dissolve the sugar When dissolved, add rest of water and leave to cool. Add the elderflowers and sliced lemons Cover and leave for a couple of days stirring daily. You will notice small bubbles start to appear as a froth on the surface. If you don’t see anything after 3-5 days, add the sachet of yeast and mix well. Leave for a few more days. The amount of natural yeast present will depend on how fresh and dry the flowers were when picked. If you have some fizz, you can add half a packet of the yeast. After 7-10 days you can decant to bottles. To do this you will need a sieve and some muslin cloth or a tea towel to strain the contents of the bucket. The strained liquid can be put in bottles.

Ensure you leave good head space in the bottles for when you release the gas. For a couple of weeks, you will need to release the gas build up carefully every day or so from the bottles. When this has settled down the contents are ready to drink. Chill before drinking and enjoy your taste of summer in a glass. Consume within a few months.

Ensure you leave good headspace in the bottles for when you release the gas. For a couple of weeks, you will need to release the gas buildup carefully every day or so from the bottles. When this has settled down the contents are ready to drink. Consume within a few months. Chill before drinking and enjoy your taste of summer in a glass.

x x y l l Ji

Jill Wheeler (Jilly) is a mum of two, vegan cook, who is passionate about cooking and foraging for food. Jill runs a preserves business ‘Jillys Homemade Preserves’, using produce she grows on her own allotment as well as locally sourced or foraged. She loves to share her knowledge on natural ways to preserve the seasons bounty, and to keep our history of preserving alive.

jillysjam@hotmail.com | www.jillyspreserves.co.uk @jillysjam


n o o M WISDOM with Emma Halley

Join 'The Crystal Moon Mentor' Emma Halley as she explores the phases of the moon for this month & how best to take to navigate them.

Welcome back to my Moon Vibes space here with our Untamed Soul family. Consider this a safe space to check in, recalibrate, and realign yourself with the powerful energy of the upcoming Moon cycle. I say it all the time, but even the smallest pivots in our life, in order to better follow the flow of the moon, can make such an enormous difference to the way we think, feel, and attract abundance daily. Can you believe we’re half way through the year already? I have to admit, June is my favourite month, not least because it’s my birthday. As a Gemini, I love this energy of creativity and inspiration. The New Moon this month is so open minded and curious.


Key Dates – 10th – New Moon in Gemini 24th – Full Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

But before that, our Last Quarter Moon this month kicks us off on the 2nd with some Pisces energy. This can feel a little emotional and as we leave the last Moon cycle it’s the perfect time to let go of any emotions or beliefs that aren’t serving you well. If you free up this space now, the New Moon on the 10th, as I mentioned above, is all about inspiration and creativity. Geminis are communicators, so it’s the perfect time to voice your intentions and ambitions to the universe by literally saying them out loud. Focus your attention on your social life, your friends, neighbours and siblings. Maybe set an intention or two for developing these relationships. The First Quarter Moon lands on the 18th, and this is often the time we start to second guess ourselves and our manifestations. This Moon is in Virgo and on the cusp of Libra; routine and balance. Stay present, but don’t let these feelings run away with you, they will pass. Sit tight, carry on, don’t make any decisions, it will pass. Our beautiful Full Moon this month is on the 24th and floats from Sagittarius into Capricorn, giving you the opportunity to focus on fun and adventure, but also on the mark you leave upon this world.

Capricorns are ambitious, Sagittarians are adventurous; this lunar-combo under one Moon invites bold expansion into who you are and what you want to become in this life. Full Moons are about releasing. So with all this in mind, what do you need to let go of in order to create the life of your dreams and the one that leaves this world a slightly better place? Is it your own limiting beliefs or worldviews that are holding you back? Do you need to re-evaluate the stories you tell yourself? Full Moons are also about gratitude though, so take a minute to be grateful for these beliefs as you release them, they were there to serve you and protect you in some way, even if they were misguided. See you next month, Sending Love.

Emma x



n I g n i m Co . . . r e b m e t p Se


Including... - Community ideas around 'Aliens' & Starseeds. - The perfect Vegan Recipe for September. - Ascension Tunes to soothe your soul. - Ask Mama Starr - Soul Led Conversations with The Divine Feminist.


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