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Issue 6 - February 2021

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Where there is Magic THERE ARE MUSHROOMS



The New Age

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Founder & Lead Creatrix Charlie Edwards

Untamed Community you Gorgeous Souls,

I am so excited that you have found yourself here. The second month of the year already! Time really does fly when you are having fun,


This month the focus for a lot of humanity, including us here, is 'Love'. What it means, how it evolves as we get older and ascend. Last but not least, we talk about how important it is to love ourselves. I was once told by my guides that 'Love is all there ever was and all there ever will be.' Love to me is the most simple form of truth. However this issue finds you this month, howeverdisheartened we may be at how divided the world often seems. Please know that myself & the entire Untamed family are sending you to love always.



EDITORS PICKS 7 SOCIAL MEDIA FOR A NEW AGE NEWS Looking for heart centred social media? then Katie B has you covered.

7 FIND YOUR TRUE NORTH So excited to introduce you to Scott & his new column.

t e Golved . In v

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2. Editors Notes

CONTENTS Inside! What's

5. Things we Love..

8 SOCIAL MEDIA FOR A NEW AGE NEWS - with Katie Brockhurst

Amplify & Ascend

10 MAGIC MUSHROOMS Rosie shares with us her belief that where there are mushrooms there is magic

15 FINDING YOUR TRUE NORTH - with Scott Hutchison-McDade

Magic & Mindful 17 SELFCARE FOR THE SOUL exploring the importance of Selfcare - with Mala Kennedy CRYSTALS FOR THE HEART



10 18 NEW**HEALING THE WITCH WOUND - with Kimberley Jones 23 ASK MAMA STARR Mama Starr answers your questions using her oracle cards

30 LIFE ALCHEMY - The most important message! with Leanne Mcdonald 34 THAT FRIDAY FEELING TOOLKIT - with Helen Bartram

38 HOLISTICALLY HAPPY Michelle shares practical advice and Yoga for holistic health.




39 MUSINGS OF A SOUL JUNKIE Join Robert Leons as he looks back on his lessons of growth.

Community & Connection 41 EMBODIED BUSINESS with Tara Jackson

45 LOOKING UP THROUGH MY SKYLIGHT 56 POSITIVE - HELEN Katie Hopkins shares her journey and BARTRAM powerful reflections with us 47 A JOURNEY BACK TO LOVE with Ester Robinson

50 STORIES UNTOLD Our Expert Penny shares advice on how to get your story out in the world




61 JOURNALING & MEDITATION SAVED ME with Jane Hill 71 UNIVERSAL GUIDANCE This months numerology with Denise

Our foraging expert Jill’s recipe for soup Broth

53 ON THE BOOKSHELF We share with you the books we are excited to read this month!




! g n i v o l e r ' e Things w



What we’re enjoying this month in the ‘Untamed’ HQ




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1 Chant- LeAnn Rimes 2 The maker's Yearbook 3. The light Seers Tarot 4 Terraden Sleepy Lavender Bodybar 5 Your Super.com Moon Balance & Energybomb 6 Greenlights - Micheal McConaughey 7 DoTERRA - On Gaurd.

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In this column, Katie Brockhurst, the Social Media Angel and author of Social Media For A New Age, will be sharing her thoughts on online life for us Untamed types - covering the latest news and predictions in spiritual social media and digital wellbeing. Thinking about leaving Facebook, Instagram &/or WhatsApp? But not sure where to go? Look no further than these new apps we are picking in 2021. If you are Untamed in your approach to social media, you might be thinking of leaving behind the grip of a tyrannical big tech, where the likes of Mark ‘Zuckerborg’ and his AI spy bots have been spinning your data into gold via surveillance capitalism, alongside limiting free speech, via ongoing censorship and biased fact-checking .My favourite New Kid On The social media Block, where we have been Hangin’ Tough with The Right Stuff đ&#x;˜‰ recently, is ClubHouse.


A new audio-only app causing a stir with its invite iPhone only beta release. Possibly the most exciting thing to happen to social media in years, this revolutionary new social media app actually reminds me of the ’90s, making the NKOTB even more relevant! To a time when chatrooms were a ‘thing’ and we loved jumping into rooms to talk to strangers on the internet! In this space, it’s not the filter or angle of that perfect selfie that counts, nor do likes or the number of followers you have matter, it what you say and what you have to share that counts. Clubhouse members say that “You can Be Yourself in a way that isn’t possible on other appsâ€?‌

It’s refreshingly possible to hear the BS a mile off, an app where only the most authentic and real voices really shine through, in real-time, as nothing is recorded or edited, which is music to the ears of anyone who is fed up of the fake it to make it, carefully curated content, on other platforms, this one, in my opinion, is a game-changer. Other alternatives you may want to consider if and when ‘doing one’ away from Facebook Inc, particularly in light of new terms and conditions, is Telegram… There are a few messaging apps and other places people are jumping over to, from Gab to MeWe to Parler and more but have been keeping an eye on migration for a while,

A new social media designed for community, connection & growth. Telegram seems to be the one that’s sticking for many. Much like WhatsApp, it offers direct messaging, audio messages and video calls - its also offers group chat and broadcasting off content to ‘subscribers.’ As an alternative to WhatsApp and Facebook, this is one to watch.

Last but not least is Mighty Networks, a good alternative to Facebook groups in my opinion… Designed for community, connection and growth without adverts or newsfeeds to navigate - it is clean and fresh with a decent app and web version available. It’s where have chosen to host my Social Media For A New Age Club. I'd love to hear from you if you are thinking of jumping ship on your socials. Come find me on any of the above platforms or come hang out with me in my club www.socialmediaforanewage.club






Those of you who know me have probably heard me talking about plant medicine or the use of psychedelics, and their amazing potential for transformation. As someone in the process of writing a book on the benefits of psychedelics - organising a (legal) psychedelic mastermind retreat on a private island in the Netherlands - I’m always excited to share stories and information about the huge potential of these substances because I have seen how it can transform trauma and improve brain health.


Research has been conducted over the past 10 years in the field of psychedelics, and thanks to the latest technology in brain scanning, it is understood that psychedelic substances allow the brain become more open to new ideas and thought patterns. This has proven in many studies to be hugely beneficial for people who are anxious or depressed who tend to ruminate or get stuck in their own limiting beliefs. Psychedelics are incredibly powerful tools, unlike anything else we have researched in the NOMADIC | 24 mental health space.

In fact, a five-year study suggests the use of psychedelics completed by researchers from Johns Hopkins University induced out of body experiences in a small group of healthy volunteers dosed with psilocybin. The participants said they felt more open, more imaginative and more appreciative of beauty. Six months after the experience, 80 per cent of the Johns Hopkins participants showed significant decreases in symptoms of depression and anxiety.

WHERE THERE IS MAGIC THERE IS MUSHROOMS Bad experiences reported in the media, and the stigma that became deeprooted when the ‘war on drugs’ began back in the ’60s related to the use of taking such substances, and it going ‘wrong’, are normally due to the following three things not being observed. Dosage – like anything dosage needs to be measured appropriately. This is not for me to say but working with experts a small amount (ex. 3 grams of psilocybin mushrooms taken as a tea), can offer an experience that can last up to 6 hours, with the peak of the experience lasting up to a few hours.

Set (Mindset)– What intentions you go into the experience with, how you feel before you take them. You are more likely to have a bad experience if you are taking these healing tools in recreation and flippant way, If you go in with an open mind, curiosity and self-compassion in a tie you feel safe and ready to heal (and have the support to do so) then you are going to experience something utterly different than if you take them recreationally for ‘a good time’. Setting (Environment) – the environment plays a big part in the experience. Attending a retreat, a calm and private environment with those familiar with the substance will give you the optimum experience. This is also affected by whom you are surrounding yourself with – if you are participating in a ceremony it is important to ensure you are working with those who are used to the effects, kind of like psychedelic elders.


So why am I raving about psychedelics? The word “psychedelic” combines the Greek words for mind/soul (psyche) and manifest/reveal (dēlos) – meaning anything that brings the true nature of the mind into a conscious, observable space. When referring to psychedelics, we are usually talking about substances that produce a specific altered state of consciousness, such as LSD, magic mushrooms, or ayahuasca, to name a few. The term “plant medicine” is also used to honour the fact that these substances come from natural sources and that they have been used medicinally and ceremonially for thousands of years. In other words, psychedelics help to expand people’s minds, make them question the status quo, and encourage them to recognise the interconnectedness of all creatures. The connection to positive psychology looks to shift our mindset to help us undergo a huge transformation, and in many ways, just like a really good life coaching session, a psychedelic trip can enable you to see the world from a completely different perspective, view problems from an angle you had never considered before.


It enables you to let go of time – past – present and future. It takes you out of the driver’s seat and enables you to step out of the unconscious loop that keeps playing and keeps you stuck; you can effectively re-work and rewire how you think about something. Ego Death. This same sense of expansiveness and interconnectedness with the universe can be experienced through holotropic breathwork, kundalini yoga, meditation, and other shamanic states. This connection could well explain why a lot of people who come out of psychedelic experiences show longlasting increases in the personality trait of “openness” and connectedness to nature. The indigenous cultures have used this medicine as part of their culture to cure and treat their illnesses for centuries. They cannot understand how and why we have shunned plant medicine in the way we do.

Now modern western society is starting to wake up to the possibility that it has a Now modern western society is starting to wake up to the possibility that it has a widespread and deep-rooted illness –

widespread and deeprooted illness – "

one where success is measured through material gain – and a lack of connection to us and our souls. Re-introducing plant medicine into our lives, whether cacao ceremonies or psychedelics, means we are able to listen to those parts of us we have silenced, and reconnect our mind, body and spirit. Everything is connected. .

Rosie x

I’m Rosie, the CEO of Conscious Enterprise and a UK-born and bred Business + Mindset Coach, here to show ambitious AF women like you how to massively uplevel their beliefs, businesses, and bank balances. You can find me on my website www.rosiepeacock.com 11


True North This month Yoga & spiritual teacher ScottHutchison-McDade reflects with us his journey to finding his spiritual identity.

What is your true spiritual identity? It can be a complicated question to answer, even to ourselves. Spiritual identity is something that can be uncomfortable talking about for fear of repercussions or offending someone. Many people are raised in a particular belief system or culture scape, where they are taught what to believe in from an early age; this can often limit mindsets and stop us searching and accepting our true spiritual identity.


My journey to spirituality started when I was in high school. My attendance was so bad that I missed the chance to pick my subjects for a term.

As part of the punishment, I was assigned the three least popular choices, which were Latin, Drama & Religious Education. Latin & Drama were torture, and I grudged every single second of the classes I attended. However, Religious Education was truly fascinating, so I joined the lunchtime club. Before I knew it, I had a group of friends and one of them bought me a bible, so it only fitted I attended Church with them. The Church was run by my religious education teacher and was a million miles away from what I imagined.

People openly had spiritual experiences in public, hands waving in the air. The occasional parishioner fell to the floor in tears of ecstasy. There were guitars and drums and lots of happy songs and prayers, and I truly felt like I belonged. It all came crashing down when I was asked to leave after expressing my identity struggles; through hair dye, body piercings and exploring my sexuality. The progressive church wasn't so progressive after all. My first true experience of spiritual rejection and compounded my fear of organised religion and faith-based activities. God, religion and faith were off the cards for me. I had become a full-blown non-believer in a heartbeat.


The word God would send a shiver down my spine for years to follow. I believed I didn't belong, and I would never belong. Over the years, I've spoken to many people who have had similar experiences of spiritual rejection, and it's much more prevalent than we think. Since that day of rejection, I've had a deep-rooted urge to belong, and this longing only grew stronger with age. I experienced more of the world through travel and embracing cultures.

I've been blessed to have had the freedom of choice in my life. I dabbled with practices from a multitude of faiths and belief systems over the years; looking for something that resonated with every part of my being and sparking joy in my heart, without any luck. After an accident at work, which negatively impacted my mental health, I dived into an intense yoga and meditation practice to help me heal. This practice had such a profound impact; I booked onto a Yoga Teacher Training retreat. This training challenged everything I believed in, as well as my perception of life itself.


Although yoga and meditation aren't a religion, they collectively empowered me to search for practices that inspire me and sparked joy in my heart; technically.

I genuinely lead with my heart; you can have a little bit of everything and pick and choose what inspires you. Most importantly, pick practices that spark joy in your heart.

I now identify as a Zen Buddhist. However, I much prefer the term Flexifaithful. I no longer try to fit into a single box. I've now created my own box. My practice includes mantras, prayers, meditation, contemplation, devotional music.

I lead my life by the mantra Sat Nam = Truth Is My True Identity. There's nothing else for it, lead with life with curiosity, truth, kindness and compassion, question everything and your path will unfold but don't forget to have faith.

I am deeply drawn to the teachings of Kundalini, nothing is off-limits and sometimes the belief systems conflict with each other and I'm ok with that.

Love & Light

Scott Hutchison-McDade is a leading yoga & spiritual teacher with a deep-rooted passion for all things wellbeing. Scott has a unique approach which draws on a fusion of ancient practices from different cultures and belief systems to form a systematic approach to emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Scott is the founder of The Centre For Positive Change & Wellbeing Radio.


@POSTIVECHANGE ??? @wellbeingradio SOMETHING


r o F e r a Self C YOUR SOUL Our expert Mala Kennedy

shares the importance of prioritising your self care. Love is blooming right now. We can feel it all around us and yet for some it isn’t the toffee we thought it would be. That is why self-care is imperative right now. So, what does self-care look like when it comes to love? It comes back to the simplicity of self-compassion. It’s not complicated but it’s also not always as easy as the idea of it portrays. Selfcompassion requires diligence. It’s attention to detail and returning to mindfulness.

I remember when self-compassion was a total mystery. I spent most of my 20's single and jumping from fling to fling. Between each one, I’d feel like a complete failure. I’d sit alone in my apartment and remind myself of all the ways that I was a joke. I couldn’t hold onto a steady relationship (let alone one that lit me up) which in my eyes made me a massive failure.


Then I’d swim around in copious amounts of alcohol to numb how I was feeling and repeat the cycle over and over again. It was a destructive path that heightened my loneliness, and lack of self-compassion. Whether you’re single or in a relationship you get to prioritise selfcompassion. Take inventory of where you are being hard on yourself. There is a difference between constructive feedback and reflection, and selfdeprecation.

So notice this. Don’t confine your analysis to V-day. Spend the whole month on this. Each day, take note of every time you are criticising yourself. Bring awareness to your behaviour around this criticism. Do you go to the fridge and grab the ice cream after your verbal abuse? Do you text that reliable fallback guy for a booty call? What’s the pattern? Jot it down. Now it is crucial you don’t criticise yourself more if there is a pattern. This is the time for you to put a microscope on your self-talk. As if you were carrying an overflowing cup of tea so it doesn’t spill one precious drop. Be gentle with yourself, you are the tea. Look within. Ask, how can I be loving to myself right now?


Look within, ask how can I be loving to myself right now? You can journal on this. Let it all out. No filter. Follow it up with a hug. Stand up and physically squeeze yourself with love. This is an act of unconditional love. You deserve it. You are perfect. You are whole. You are complete. If you want to take this even further go I recommend mirror work. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself how much you love and forgive yourself.

Doing this has been a gamechanger for me, and it can for you too. The shifts you will experience when committing to self-compassion will radiate out. Your life will expand in magnificent ways. Self-compassion is self-care, and that’s what love is. It is the new diamond ring. So go out there, and romance yourself now.

M a la x .

You can even do the Hawaiian mantra Ho’oponopono. I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.

Mala Kennedy helps women shift from self-doubt to self-love so they can feel confident. She is a life coach, EFT practitioner, writer, podcaster, and mama. mala@malakennedy.com www.malakennedy.com www.facebook.com/groups/ womenrisingtogethernow www.instagram.com/malaloves



s e n o J y le r e b m i with K

Our newest column. Join Kimberley Jones as she explores the 'Witch Wound'... In these uncertain times, we need to connect with our inner knowing more than ever. It can become a guiding light in dark days.

I could see the energy colours in and around the bodies of my clients and read the information held in that energy.

The truth is our inner knowing is part of us, intuition is natural, so why are so many of us disconnected from it, doubting it or even scared of it?

I was amazed. 90% of the womxn I worked with had flashbacks, feelings or experiences relating to the witch trials and intense fears of persecution or death due to being intuitive. 100% of those showed patterns of blocked energy around the neck and throat.

Over the last 20 years, I have done almost 20,000 hours of one-to-one intuitive healing sessions with awakening womxn. Part of that work involved conducting intuitive energy scans of what I and Eckhart Tolle have called the ‘painbody’.


Their bodies were carrying deep memories of events that happened hundreds of years ago. Was it past life memory? Ancestral bloodline cellular memory? A collective wound they were plugging into?

It can be a mix of all three. The healing begins with awareness. Then breathing into where the energy is blocked and using different healing and energy practices to explore and transform it. I regularly recommend singing, chanting, Yogic ‘Lion’s Breath’ and ‘thymus tapping’, which involves gently tapping around the base of the throat as a simple starting point for shifting the energy of the witch wound in the body and opening up the throat Chakra to liberate your truth and activate transformation. Our fears surrounding our natural intuitive and spiritual gifts can also be related to situations in our lives right now. I come from a long line of clairvoyant, psychic, telepathic, empathic mediums who read tea leaves and tarot. I grew up watching my Mum give readings.

" The healing begins with awareness. Then breathing into where the energy is blocked and using different healing and energy practices to explore and transform it.

I trusted her gifts absolutely, as did many others. However, she hid her gifts behind locked doors and actively discouraged me from this path. She was afraid and so she hid her power in the spiritual closet. In the last 50 years, teachings have focussed on opening your third eye in order to awaken your intuition. I suggest that is only a small piece of the puzzle. Healing the Witch Wound is key to accessing your intuitive potential, as is coming home to your body and heart and rebuilding your relationship with your inner self. For many womxn, it isn’t as simple as just getting out there and doing it. For my mother, she experienced violent abuse as a result of her gifts.

"Healing the witch wound is key to accessing your intuitive potential"


Womxn (and men) all over the world are cast out of their church community, rejected by their family, abused by their partner and mocked by the world for having intuitive gifts. In some countries, people are still executed for it.

Take some time in these strange days to reconnect with your inner world

Your intuition thrives when we switch off the noise (and the news!) and get quiet. External voices in the world are so loud right now, so dropping inwards to hear your own inner voice is a powerful way to start accessing your intuitive power and developing your own internal guidance system for the days ahead. If you’d like a free guided healing meditation and Shamanic journey to help you start to reclaim your inner gifts and power, you can sign up for my ‘Healing the Witch Wound™’ audio at: www.healingthewitchwound.co.uk

Kimberley Kimberley Jones- Kimberley is a multi-award-winning spiritual, intuitive mentor and sacred feminine activist with 20 years experience guiding awakening womxn. She is founder of Healing the Witch Wound™. A mystic, channel, writer, energy artist and natural-born Shaman and seer, Kimberley comes from a long line of psychics & clairvoyant mediums. She has featured in a BBC documentary, spoken at global summits alongside the likes of Shaman Alberto Villoldo and her amazing story of spiritual emergency and re-awakening to the Goddess has been featured in several books, most recently one published by Eckhart Tolle. She lives in Devon, UK and offers 1:1 Readings and Healing the Witch Wound Sessions to womxn all over the world.



askMama Starr Sometimes you know you need to move forward but you can’t figure out which direction to choose. Mama Starr gently, but firmly guides you on your way.

Reader Question... SM..

Dear Starr, I would like to ask if 2021 will get easier and where should I be focusing my energy? The simple things in life often feel hard to me and I can't work out where I am going wrong. SM


My darling SM I once saw a Ted talk that affected me profoundly and the words that struck me were this. “It doesn’t matter that something you are going through doesn’t seem as hard as things other people have gone through. Hard is hard and if you get through it, that is all that matters

First - Spirit of Place Authentic Power Spirit of Place – Authenticity is the essence of power in his book, Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav speaks at length about Authentic Power. In essence, this is the goal; to become aligned with your soul, to speak your truth and to be ok with that. Funnily enough, the guidebook for this question says to look for the lesson in your current circumstances.

.”So…when you say…”the simple things in life often feel hard to me” that is really ok. The fact is, you AREN’T doing anything wrong. Right where you are is where you need to be and you simply need to look for the lesson.So let’s see what the cards have to say…We are in the Enchanted Map deck today

1st You have arrived at this place for a reason. If your question is about struggle, then let go of your need to control. Most importantly realize that the answer here is to be authentic. This can be difficult when you have been taught to people please all your life, but it is necessary for your soul’s evolution.

Second... Coming to life - Something beautiful is being born Something beautiful is being born into your life. And that is you!! It just hit me like a ton of bricks…the reason for your struggle is that your soul is begging to be expressed so that you will learn to love yourself unconditionally.



Love Yourself Unconditionally

This is why it feels uncomfortable for you right now because your way of being is not jibing with who you really are!

Over your lifetime you have shed “skins” and identities, you have grown. Celebrate this growth and get ready for more, because it is time.

You’re out of alignment my darling.

Finally,... Sacred Pool, inverted Card 3, Sacred Pool, inverted – The world is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. Remember, dimming your light serves no one. You have much to offer this world and there are people who are waiting for your wisdom and brilliance. However, as is the theme of this entire reading, you must first learn to love and accept yourself. You are a brilliant light…you have much to offer,

3rd so let’s stop dimming it! It is time for you to begin your exploration of how incredibly beautiful and wonderful you really are! Good luck my darling! This is the greatest journey you will ever face. It takes courage, it is not for the faint of heart…but it is so incredibly worth it!

Good luck!

Star Piercy is a Spiritual Life and Business Coach and Women’s Transformation and Empowerment Mentor. Serving women strong women who are ready to turn their strength into power. starr@yonderstarr.com | www.yonderstarr.com www.facebook.com/YonderStarr Group: manifestingformortals My readings page link: http://yonderstarr.com/readings/ www.yonderstarr.com


CHRISTINE Crystal expert Christine Langdale shows us this month, how to work with crystals for Love. February, the month of romance, valentines day etc – Whom do you love? More to the point, do you love (and respect) yourself? In my opinion, if you do not give yourself love, then you are missing out, how can you look after others if you do not look after yourself? Self-care is not being selfish, self-care is what gives you the strength to love and look after others. Bad memories, old habits, anxiety and stress all block our Heart chakra and stop us from being open and loving both to ourselves and to others. We’ve all put a brick wall around ourselves when we’re hurting – it’s natural. You don’t want to expose yourself to any more pain and anguish


Taking that wall back down again, well sometimes it just has to be done one brick at a time. But finding time for yourself, time to love yourself and give yourself some space is so important, especially in busy and stressful times. Whether it’s a fiveminute meditation, a quiet cuppa or an hours blissful treatment – try to make sure you do something for yourself every single day. Obviously, there are lots of crystals which resonate with the Heart chakra (I have more Heart Chakra crystals in my collection than any other chakra!!) and help to promote love and healing – anything that is pink or green in colour usually resonates, but here’s my selection of favourite Heart Chakra crystals:-

ROSE QUARTZ Crown chakra

Rose Quartz – we couldn’t mention love without mentioning Rose Quartz!! Often one of the first stones in our collections!! Known as the stone of unconditional love, and an undoubtedly feminine stone, it resonates compassion and tenderness, both to others and ourselves.

MALACHITE Brow chakra Malachite- A beautiful stone and a favourite to meditate with, just looking at it brings a sense of calm. It’s also a useful stone encourage healthy relationships based on love, allowing you to accept unconditional love into your life.


PETALITE Throat chakra

Petalite – Another pretty pink one!with a high vibration (known as the Angel Stone) which will allow you to find peace and self-heal, releasing some of that emotional baggage and allowing you to trust and love again, another stone of compassion.

RHODOCHROSITE Solar plexus chakra

Rhodochrosite opens the heart, allowing you to accept the love you deserve, as well as encouraging you to love yourself and heal your trauma, it allows you to look at yourself and others with awareness and compassion and to deal with what you find along with the feelings that arise.


AVENTURINE Heart cakra If you are of more mature years this is the stone for you, as it encourages love in later life!! At any age it will help heal heart wounds and help dissolve negative thoughts, bringing a sense of well-being back into your life. This one comes up time & again when I am selecting stones for my treatments!

GREEN CALCITE Root Chakra I love all calcites – you immediately feel better as soon as you pick one up!! Green Calcite, in particular, has a very calming effect on the emotions, and meditating with it can be a very healing experience especially when dealing with trauma, it will allow us to be heartled in our recovery, rather than letting our mind and logic get in the way.

PINK OPAL Sacral Chakra

A truly beautiful stone (I actually prefer it to Rose Quartz if I’m honest!), activating the Heart Chakra allowing any broken hearts to begin the healing process, it will support you emotionally and allow you to become stronger again.

Sending Love. See you next month

Christine Christine is a Reiki Master & Crystal Healer living in East Yorkshire, UK

This self-confessed crystal addict lives with the other loves of her life: her 3 horses, cat & dog, and the husband gets a look in too sometimes!!



LifeALCHEMY with Leanne MacDonald

Each month spiritual transformation coach Leanne Macdonald shares with us her Life Alchemy wisdom & tips for living the life of an everyday Goddess

A decision is not a decision until you take action… Probably the most important article you will ever read! We all make grand statements about life, create vision boards and sit and daydream about how we want life to work out for us…. Then 99% of the time we wait for the dream granter to ring our doorbell and present the perfect life in a box to us. Well, I did – for years. I had all of the intentions in the world to live a better life to feel better about myself. But I didn’t do anything, other than constantly have these dreams and desires. That not doing something was ‘something’ it was an action that went on to create my reality.


A mirror image of life is not great… YET. When we make a choice in life about the direction we would like life to go in, and we can make choices, every minute of the day. When we make these choices, it's not a choice until we do something about it. Without the action, it’s just a thought. With the action it becomes something… Your energy changes around the choice when you act and momentum builds. The emotional resistance will still happen, but that’s happening alongside this amazing energy shift.

Even if you do one thing every single day towards the life you would love to live you are changing the energy around your choices and changing the course of your life. The more action, the faster it happens. And every single day that energy builds, every single time I pick up my laptop and I write. Until you start to take the action, its just words floating around, when you take action the stars align to bring that decision into your reality.

This is not the law of attraction this is the law of creation! We are all-powerful creators with the ability to bring into life anything we want, at any time and it all starts with the choices you make. So, if you are sitting on a journal full of dreams that you keep writing about, wishing for or visualising and they have still not turned up yet – this is why. The action you are taking is keeping you in a belief that it's not in your life yet and something you yearn for…. So, it will become an experience of exactly that!

Choose a dream and take one action towards that dream that feels completely right to take today… Something. I like to consider and something that motivates me into getting into the action taking mindset is I look at what life will look like in 12 months, 3 years and 5 years if I carry on exactly as I am right now. Then I journal on what life COULD look like if I took 1 action a month, 1 action a week, 1 action a day. Grab your journal and start to explore for yourself what your possible outcomes could be with or without taking action, and then make some choices about what your heart most desires.

Leanne xx

Leanne MacDonald is a UK based Spiritual & Mental Well-Being Coach. She is passionate about awakening the pure potential within everyone, so they can go on to experience a life filled with absolute joy and purpose. 31 www.leannemacdonaldwellbeing.com

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THE ANGELS Yvonne Bottarelli joins the Untamed Soul family each month and shares with us her monthly guided meditation & her joy filled life with the angels.

Welcome to February, a month that is known for love. The Angels shine their light and wisdom on Love. The Angels wish for you to live a joyful and lovefilled life. That you see yourself through their eyes, lovable and deserving. One of the greatest ways to Love yourself and the greatest gift you can give yourself is to let go of what may have hurt you in the past. The Angels see into our hearts, they see what sometimes holds us back, is holding on to unforgiveness. Hindering healing and love to flow. Holding on to hurt pain or anger, only does one thing vibrationally, and that is weighing you down, ironically it doesn't even affect the person who caused you to feel this way.


When we hang on to dense emotions our own vibration is heavy and we can only attract more of the same. It’s your choice to set yourself free. It takes more strength to forgive, it's not always easy, but it is always worth it. you can ask the Angels to help you. They know the lighter your heart, the more abundance you will attract. It liberates your soul and paves the way to a bright future. It can be as simple as not being angry with the person who stole your parking space to not being angry with the person who broke your heart. Yesterday is gone, live joyously in the present look forward to your future. This month wish Meditation: let’s wish to liberate your soul.



Finding yourself a quiet space and time to contemplate where forgiveness is needed. Taking a deep breath feeling grounded feeling safe. Breathing into your heart, feeling your heart been filled with beautiful light energy, with each breath the light expands throughout your entire body until it fills the room or space where you are.

Invite your Angels to join you now... To assist you in releasing any heaviness in your heart. Imagine you’re walking through a garden taking in the beauty and scents, you see before you, a hot air balloon. You're surrounded by angels and you walk towards the balloon. The angels invite you to step into the basket, while some of the angels stay on the ground like ground crew, untethering the ropes that hold it on the ground The hot air balloon rises slightly off the ground. The Angels show you that the bags tied to the outside, each of them representing a heaviness within your heart that you are holding onto.

Choosing to love yourself, you untidy each of these heavy bags one by one. The ballon rising higher each time. You contemplate what it is you're releasing, and you feel the lightness enter your heart. Until you're floating above the treetops seeing a beautiful panoramic view. With joy you release the final bags and as you do so the bags instantly dissolve in the violet flame of transmutation. You look around one more time feeling the expansion and excitement of your future. The angels look at you with a smile and you feel their love wrapping around you, entering into your heart, you smile too. And with gratitude to the Angels and your own beautiful light. You take a deep breath and bring yourself back into the room or space where you are. Feeling safe and blessed with love. Join me on YouTube for meditation. Until next month.


Y vonne.

I wish you joyful love

Yvonne is based in Taunton UK as a holistic and spiritual Healer. Yvonne combines her certified therapies with her empathic nature and spiritual wisdom to guide, empower, heal and support. 33

g n li e e F y a d i r F t Tha

TOOLKIT All you need is love... It’s February and inevitably there is going to be a lot of talk of love flying about this month.


Join Helen Bartram from 'That Friday Feeling' Podcast as she shares her tips, tricks & tools to bring that Friday feeling everyday...


Love is a vital part of our human experience and I believe nourishing a loving relationship with yourself is the most important act of love you will ever engage in. When you learn to love yourself and all the parts of you, you will find that you will experience love like never before. Not just from yourself but from others too. What can happen when we don’t learn to love ourselves you might be thinking? Well I speak from a place of experience here when we struggle to love and accept all parts of us (yes, even those bits!) we are easily triggered by others, we judge others and look for flaws within them.

I believe that until you work on loving yourself you will never be truly at peace 18 with you and the world around you. The amazing news is you can take action and nurture a loving relationship with yourself. I’d love you to understand that as with most things this is an ongoing journey of nurturing a loving relationship with yourself, there is no destination for you to arrive at, no tick in a box or certificate of self-love instead it will become a way of living. Practice Good Self-Care Set those boundaries, protect your energy, say NO (and accept that it’s a full sentence, no explanation needed), get out in nature and all those other things that fill your cup and set your soul on fire. Ask yourself “What do I NEED right now?” Live Intentionally Take purposeful action aligned to your values and passion. This is a really powerful act of self-love. Honouring yourself and creating a meaningful life that’s personal to you.


Find Peace with you... Honouring how you feel 3. Honouring how you feel. This isn’t about coming from a place of ego and believing how you feel is more important than how anyone else feels or that we are better than others (but you know that already right?). It is about being true to you. Be honest with how you truly feel and give yourself permission to feel that without judgement. Recognising the feeling, observing it and accepting it.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/helenbartramhappiness Instagram: www.instagram.com/helenbartramhappiness Podcast: https://anchor.fm/helenbartramhappinesswebsite: www.helenbartram.com


n o o M WISDOM with Emma Halley

Join Crystal Moon Mentor Emma Halley as she explores the phases of the moon for February & how best to take to navigate them, Once you realise the ebb and flow of the Lunar cycles has a direct effect on us and the way we think and feel, you can start to get to grips with harnessing that energy for your highest good and take advantage of it so you are in alignment with it, rather than resisting it. You may have noticed how some days you just feel like you could sleep all day, there might have been a few of those lately. Or you feel heavy and burdened but can’t put your finger on why. Much of this could come from fighting the energy of the moon and its phases. After all, we know that the oceans can’t fight the push and pull of the moon, and we are 70% water!


Here follows a guide for the Moon Phase throughout February, with an easy to get to grips with a guide for what, when, and why. I’m going to help you harness this powerful energy all year long, with a monthly update that you can keep coming back to, in order to help you navigate the energy of the Lunar cycles this month & every month for your highest good. Grab a pen and make a note of significant dates in your calendar or diary, pay attention to the themes of each New Moon and Full Moon, and supercharge your moon work by zoning in on those aspects with regards to intentions or releasing.

FEBRUARY 27th Full Moon in Virgo (Snow Moon) The beginning of February is again in a Waning phase and takes us right through to the 11th when the New Moon breaks. Until then, it's time to rest, reset, release, and re-evaluate. You may feel uncomfortable from about the 4th as we sit in the Third Quarter Phase and the energy is firmly between the Full and New Moons, is a time to really look hard at what we need to release if we haven’t already. Ask yourself if there is anything you are not willing to let go of, and why? Give yourself a well-deserved rest between the 7th and the 10th, the Balsamic Moon is one of surrender. Our New Moon this month is in Aquarius and our theme is one of looking forward and being true to ourselves. Intention Setting at this time should focus on the ways in which we can use our true and unique gifts to create our big picture dreams. By the time the First Quarter phase appears, and action is required on the 19th, make sure you are using those gifts in some capacity, no matter how small.

As the energy builds to the Full Moon on the 27th, don’t forget the energy now will be that of twitchy self-doubt and perhaps nervousness. Now is the time to reaffirm those intentions with some affirmations. Pay attention to what comes up and prepare to release and let go of what thoughts and ideas are no longer serving you by the 27th when a Full Moon Releasing Ceremony is perfect along with a Gratitude Prayer. This Full Moon (the Snow Moon) sits in Virgo and can make us overly critical and anxious. Write it all down, journal it all out, and let it all See you next month, Sending Love.

Emma x 36

HOLISTICALLYlthy a e H & y p p Ha Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer & Intuitive Coach, Michelle Taylor shares with us holistic routes to greater happiness and health.

5 WAYS TO SUPPORT YOUR HEART CHAKRA How balanced is your heart chakra? Our heart chakra governs our ability to give and receive love, our sense of compassion, our acceptance and ability to forgive ourselves and others. There’s no doubt that the world needs us to be connected to and acting from our heart space in these uncertain times so this month I share with you 5 simple ways you can support your heart chakra.

"When your heart speaks,

take good notes." - Judith Campbell


Yoga Yoga poses focused around the heart to support chakras will focus on the are of the body where the chakra is positioned to stimulate it but can also be therapeutic for ailments associated with the chakra being out of balance. For the heart chakra, poses that open through the chest such as cobra, supported fish or camel are thought to support and balance the chakra. If an imbalance has left you feeling hopeless or resentful, a yoga flow focused on moving in tune with your breath will get the energy flowing through your body and help to shift your vibration onwards and upwards.

Crystals Healing Crystal Rose quartz is my top pick for working with your heart chakra. You can often find carved versions in a heart shape. Wearing on a necklace, hanging close to the heart or alternatively hold in your hands as you meditate to increase your focus and harness the crystal’s healing properties as part of your practice.


Essential Oils Essential Oils Used aromatically for their emotional benefits or diluted and applied to the body directly, essential oils have wonderful healing qualities. For the heart, look for oils that will be therapeutic for any related physical issues around the chest area such as doTERRA Breathe blend to help clear the airways, or those associated with love and compassion like Rose and Jasmine. Use in a diffuser or take 5 deep inhales from the oil bottle itself, or dilute and apply directly over the heart space.

Affirmations Affirm what you want to be true positive affirmations or mantras are wonderful tools for rewiring our thoughts. Repeat this mantra / positive affirmation to yourself. Say it out loud, write it in your journal or on a post-it note on the fridge so you see it often. Whatever feels the right way for you.

" I lead my life with my heart." 38

Repeat to yourself and really FEEL it and embody it, consider it in all that you do to feel more connected to being led by your heart. You can create your own focus around how you would act and feel when connected to your heart or use my favourite:

Take an inhale through the nose and on your exhale slowly make a humming sound, “mmmmmmm”.

I choose my thoughts, words and actions with love.

Repeat for a few minutes, maybe 10 rounds in and out, and notice how it melts away tensions and stress, not least as it feels a little funny and lighthearted and who doesn’t need more of that in their lives?

Pranayama Pranayama (Breathwork) Your breath has the power to change your mood, to calm your nervous system, to reconnect you back to your physical body. My favourite for taking my awareness to my heart is humming bee breath for the way you feel it vibrate in your chest. Close off your ears with your hands by pushing on the outer ear and press your lips together.

Keep the sound going as you slowly exhale, until you need to inhale again through the nose.


Michelle Taylor is a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, intuitive coach and co-author of Amazon bestseller, The Divine Power of The Feminine Collective & the soon to be released 'Every day Goddess'


Having overcome depression, negative body image and low self esteem with the power of yoga and personal development, she is dedicated to empowering women worldwide to manage their physical and mental wellness with a personalised holistic toolkit.


www.michellemaslintaylor.com @happyhealthytoday


d e i d o b m E


A guide to grounding & Aligning your business chakras for empathpreneurs Tara has 20 years of varied experience working in and with businesses ranging from global corporations and brands to soulpreneurs and hospitality entrepreneurs. She has worked full time, part-time and freelance in many different roles from PR and marketing to HR, business operations and as a PA/VA. Having worked with many entrepreneurs in different industries and through her own experiences, she learned that whilst taking action and showing up consistently as well as having systems and processes in place for a business is essential.

Having the inner energetics aligned is equally important, particularly for empaths. Much of her work supporting others, in the more recent years, has been around this so she has addressed these things in her latest book, Embodied Business. It's for empath entrepreneurs - to support them with grounding and aligning their business with the seven main chakras in the body, with the earth star and soul star chakras as anchor points. It looks at some of the principles, blocks and issues that can come up on the entrepreneurial journey as each can correspond to a different chakra.


Earthstar chakra: Nourishment, holding and support from Mother Earth Base chakra: grounding and business boundaries

When these areas are addressed and brought to light, the whole entrepreneurial journey flows more smoothly.

Sacral chakra: Creativity and receiving in your business Solar plexus chakra: Owning your worth, value and authentic power

You become a vibrational match for ideal clients. You feel safe to show up and share in your authentic power, and you own your worth as the shining light that you are.

Heart chakra: Connecting with others and sharing vulnerably


Throat chakra: Communication and expression in your business Third eye chakra: Your business’ vision and owning your spiritual gifts Crown chakra: taking action in alignment with your purpose Soul star chakra: Divine Love

Tara Jackson Empathpreneurs® www.empathpreneurs.org There are stories and examples shared throughout the book from Tara’s own experience as well as her clients; holistic wellness; inspirational guidance; plus, many practical tools and prompts for each chakra to help you with your business as an empathpreneur.


For further information, please email tara@empathpreneurs.org.

a f o s g n i s u M

SOUL JUNKIE Robert Leon shares his reflections upon his journey of growth so far...

Stop Showing off Robert... I wonder how many of us can relate to hearing things such as I was absolutely FULL of energy and expression as a child. Everyone said I should be on stage. So what changed, just how did I go from that monumental energy to being too self-conscious to enjoy myself or let go, slowly but surely ending up suppressed, depressed, anxious to even go out the door at times.

“Robert behave yourself, stop showing off. You’re just showing off, Be quiet. You’re making a show of yourself. ”If you don’t shut up I’m going to drop you off on the side of the road.” Too much for other people to handle perhaps? A few remarks in early school years may be adding fuel. Having to stand up and read aloud, when I couldn’t read well. Times table or spelling out aloud. Ouch! So often in my adult life, I’ve just been starting to enjoy myself and actually feel confident enough to express and let go, only to have been stopped in my tracks by somebody’s disapproval.

"Sometimes just a mere look from someone you love and respect can really hurt, like a dagger to the heart."


Sometimes just a mere look from someone you love and respect can really hurt, like a dagger in the heart, especially as they’ve totally misread where it comes from in you. I was reflecting on this earlier in the week, as I sometimes do. These things absolutely contributed to my fears and anxieties surrounding performance, leadership and confidence. Preventing me from shining my light on many, many occasions. I still hear and experience these things funnily enough, in adult life. No sooner do I dare to feel brave enough to truly express who I actually am, both men and women pipe up cutting me down. “Oh, he loves himself” “Thinks he’s all that”. ESPECIALLY if I were to have the nerve to acknowledge I might be good at something, or make a joke or clown around at that moment.

Now I’m saying, enough! Stop! Don’t like it, your problem. Everything that comes from me is just expression, if it’s too much, that’s their issue. You see I now know I am supposed to lead in many ways, to help others shine and to shine my own light. To be and reach anywhere near my full potential I have to be unashamedly me in all areas, without filters. It’s been crushing! It’s made me feel so misunderstood and stopped me shining my light for many years, most of my entire life actually. I’m stepping into who I truly am. It’s time for us all to rise. Be unapologetically you, express, discover and have fun. Lots of love,


Of course, I understand now that this is their problem, not mine.

Rob Leon is a Reiki & sound healer, Shamanic practitioner, professional photographer and founder of the clothing brand “Soul Junkie”. 43


connect@souljunkieclothing.com FB Page - Souljunkie Clothing IG - souljunkieclothing

y m h g u o r h t p u g Lookin


Holistic coach and mindfulness expert Katie Hopkins shares her experience and insights.

Marriage and the safety Net... When we went into lockdown, I lost my confidence. It had taken its toll - where most people suddenly had loads of free time I was designated home-school coordinator and it was exhausting. At the time I felt I was doing okay, mentally, and spiritually. But physically my chronic back pain was at an all-time high and I ‘thought’ I was doing a pretty good job of keeping that concealed from my family. It turns out I wasn’t being completely honest with myself. Then following a week of miserable weather, where I didn’t venture outside much - I made an off the cuff remark about something trivial. My husband noted in response that I was being negative. Everything stopped for me…the crickets where chirping. I held my breath. I was horrified.

Everything stopped for me…the crickets were chirping. I held my breath. I was horrified. My ego was hurt, as I spent a lot of my time coaching people and my family to be more positive and build their resilience. To reframe things. Now, my husband was telling me I was paddling in a whirlpool of negativity. I needed time to regroup and I approached him later to get to the heart of the matter. I was genuinely curious to find out what had caused him to say something like that.


He said he had noticed a pattern over the weeks and often it was when the children were with us. Right about now, triggers were firing off left, right and centre. I felt so uncomfortable. He went on to say that I had made a comment on my weight – I had put on a few kilograms during the lockdown and hadn’t felt motivated enough to shift them with exercise due to my back pain. He carried on, telling me I moaned about my grey hair – which was true because I wasn’t ready to look like a crone. It was months past my hair colour treatment and the grey/silvers were taking up residency. Hair is hair, but for some of us it is our crowning glory and if you want to feel motivated, a quick trip to the hairdresser will quickly give you a boost of confidence again. A fleeting moan about my hair is surely ok? Wasn’t it?

Cue flashbacks to when I was a child and my father had a degenerative back disease and couldn’t play with us or he would hurt himself or the pain would make him angry all the time and had a quick fuse.

Still, there was more, he advised me that I no longer hid my back pain from the children and now they were actively aware of it and weary of activities I could take part in etc..

I was flooded with despair - I was literally becoming my parents with each sentence he spoke. By now the tears were falling and I was feeling so emotionally broken, why you may ask?


Well, I was guilty of sharing all those things with my loving husband, who is my safety net in life and partnership. I felt safe telling him those things. Often believing my venting was just that – I did not expect action. The truth is, only I can fix those things. I had been feeling good about myself and the direction of my life. I was meditating daily and feeling abundant. However, I am grateful to my husband for pointing out what I could not see, I was not being kind to myself, negative self-talk can manifest into something bigger.

And I am grateful - not angry - in the knowledge he loves me enough to want to help me grow. In the past, if I had shared these feelings with others, I would have been made to feel less than I am. Knowing my husband loves me for me – simply, unconditionally and apologetically.

Katie x

Katie Hopkins - I’m a free spirit (some may call crazy), who now calls Christchurch, New Zealand, home. I live with my soul-mate husband and three heart-children. I have travelled the world in search of purpose, and I talk to the moon! Self-education is a passion, so I am a Life, Positivity and Resilience Coach, a certified Specialised Yoga Teacher and a Mindfulness Facilitator. I rarely follow logic (much to the dismay of others) and I always trust that the universe has my back. My musings come from the Heart.

www.katielouwcoaching.com | khdhopkins@gmail.com 46

y e n r u o j a s i e f i L BACK TO LOVE Esther Robinson takes us through her journey of returning to love through her extrodinary life. Love isn’t only to be celebrated on one day in February. Love is not measured by the number of roses received or the carats in a diamond. Love transcends time and space. Nothing can break bonds of love, which are measured by the resonance of the heart. This is why we still love those who have left this world and feel their loving presence when we open our hearts and minds to receive it. When love rules, a war within and without ceases because you cannot simultaneously love and hate yourself or your neighbour. 47

Sometimes from this age, my form of communication at home was a tantrum of total frustration, desperately seeking the love and attention I did not receive

I was viewed by others as a quiet, shy child. My memoir ‘Strong One’, due to be published in 2021, shows what love is through my parents raising my older brother with a rare genetic syndrome, WAGR, and how each of us discovered our inner strength through hardships and miracles: “People say carbon monoxide is the silent killer, but I say it’s loneliness. It eats away at the soul insidiously and unseen; a by-product of disconnection from ourselves, those around us and God / Source.

My emotional needs were not being met. It was only as an adult, I realised that these circumstances were designed to make me find the love within myself rather than seeking it from external sources. When people learn how to love and accept themselves and remember how truly magnificent, they are as a spark of God / Source, they will never feel lonely again.” The greatest gift you can give yourself or another is unconditional love. Letting go of judgement and expectations enables you to accept others for who they are. It was from this space that my children’s book ‘A little bit EXTRAORDINARY’ was birthed last September. Described as ‘a book that every child / family should own’ because it is opening hearts and minds to the unity that humanity is embracing.

The greatest gift you can give yourself or another is unconditional love The main character is a little girl called Juliette with Down’s syndrome, who shares her feelings, hopes and dreams. This book, inspired by the compassion I felt as I witnessed my brother being bullied and ostracised, helps children to stay on the path of love and guides adults who have strayed from that path to recalibrate.

What is there not to love about my rhyming story and beautiful illustrations by Gráinne Knox, which teach kindness, compassion, friendship, peace, inclusivity, to follow your joy, reach your full potential and remember how amazing every human being is? My circumstances taught me that my family is not the one of blood and DNA, because I am here to be part of a larger family: the sisterhood and brotherhood of the human race and my purpose to remind them that we come from love and so we shall return. When a decision is made from a place of love, it is always the right decision. Without love, we are like a rose wilting for lack of sunlight. The soul becomes cankered, akin to central heating pipes filling with sludge, leaving a stagnant coldness where warmth ought to flow freely.


A closed heart will be broken again and again until it is cracked wide open, like a cave blown open with dynamite to let the light of the world flood in, set up home and evict the darkness that never truly belonged there. When choosing love, everything flows, for the heart knows. So, strive for love in all you do and feel love come right back at you To order an ‘A little bit EXTRAORDINARY’ and follow Esther’s blog, visit: www.estherrobinson.co.ukIf you are interested in Esther’s intuitive life guidance, a healing session or Esther’s heart-healing meditation channelled from Goddess of Compassion Quan Yin, visit: www.regenerationroom.co.uk

Esther Robinson runs Regeneration Room Holistic Therapies in Lisbellaw, Co. Fermanagh, where she provides Reflexology, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy sessions and training, intuitive Angel Card Readings and Soul Plan Readings.

Ester is a Blue Ray Starseed who describes herself as is a deeply empathic and compassionate healer here to restore unity consciousness and unconditional love.

Gratitude for having me here Untamed Soul readers! I'm also a mum, writer and editor. My publishing career began in London, over 20 years ago. Feel free to check out my award-winning children’s book ‘A little bit EXTRAORDINARY’ and my memior titled 'Stong One' is due for publish later on this year.


UNTOLD STORIES witr PennyThresher Our expert writer, editor and coach, Penny Thresher shares her passion for words with our community... Here we are in February. The month when days start to feel a little longer and our thoughts turn to love…well to Valentines Day anyway! Roses are red, violets are blue…you know the rest! There is no doubt that the best writing comes from the heart. When I feel inspired or moved by something, I often feel that I want to express those feelings in my writing. And words seem to flow easily on the page, fuelled by whichever emotion I am feeling in the moment. For centuries writers have written billions and billions of words to express their emotions. Fiction, love letters, poetry, and of course song lyrics. I am a great admirer of song lyrics. We all have songs which transport us back to a particular moment and can make us instantly recall the emotion we were feeling the first time we heard them. We also love the stories behind the songs.

Who can forget the story of Paul Simon’s Homeward Bound? Apparently written by Simon on a scrap of paper at Widnes railway station, for a lady from Essex called Kathy Chitty, whom he had had to say goodbye to. Many of my favourite lyrics come from the inimitable Joni Mitchell. Her lyrics were the score to every teenage trauma and triumph in my life, and even now, many years later, I can always find a relevant Joni song to pick me up or chime in with something I am experiencing.

"There is no doubt that the best writing comes from the heart."


Joni said, “The most important thing is to write in your own blood. I bare intimate feelings because people should know how other people feel. ”Good writing requires some investment from the writer. More Joni… I remember that time you told me you said"Love is touching souls" Well, surely you touched mine 'Cause part of you pours out of meIn these lines from time to time A case of you (1971) 51

Do not be afraid to pour your soul into your writing. If you are honest and open when you write your readers will know and they will love you for it. People really do like to know that other people feel the same feelings they feel. This is my favourite piece of writing about love. I chose it as a reading for my wedding and it has such power and grace. “Love is a temporary madness, it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides, you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part.

Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion, it is not the desire to mate every second minute of the day, it is not lying awake at night imagining that he is kissing every cranny of your body. No, don't blush, I am telling you some truths. That is just being "in love", which any fool can do. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. â€?Louis de Bernières Captain Corelli's Mandolin

This February, write something to someone you love. From the heart. Happy Valentines x


Penny is a UK based coach, writer, editor and speaker. With a fierce passion for words and a desire to encourage everyone to find their voice, she combines her coaching skills and writing ability to help people speak up and shine brightly in the world! penny@cornerhousewords.co.uk | www.cornerhousewords.co.uk instagram/cornerhousecoaching



Book Shelf

This month we wanted to share our favourite reads. With so many talented writers stepping up to share their stories and wisdom through their books it only felt right that we should celebrate the magic that is flowing and being channelled through these magical writers.

Raven - Tracey Shearer Raven is the second book in the Entwine trilogy, by Tracey Shearer, author, founder of Twilight Sparks Press, four-time cancer survivor, and an intuitive storytelling coach. In this second instalment, Tracey transports the reader back into the world of Entwine, following the journey of Kate Banberry, As, a child, Kate had visions of the future, visions no one believed except her two closest friends, Sam and Beth, girls with incredible gifts of their own. But then the ugly aftermath of a tragedy shattered their sisterhood, leaving Kate alone, hiding her gift from the world once more.


When Kate has a death vision. If what Kate has seen comes to pass, lives will be lost, and their fledgeling sisterhood will be destroyed. Forever. To have any chance of success, Kate must believe in herself and her gifts, embracing her full potential as the Oracle. In the end, she’ll have to defy the Universe to have any chance to save those she loves. But will it be enough?

Available from Amazon ÂŁ12.45 Paperback Published by Twilight Sparks Press

The Reluctant Alchemist – Cathryn Abbott The Reluctant Alchemist is a magical fictionalised memoir channelled by the author: playful witch and spiritual coach, Cathryn Abbott - along with the help of Cathryn’s Upaguru* spiritual guide, Lila Das. It is one woman’s story of finding the power that resides in each and every one of us. What if magic is real? What if in order to save your daughter's life you had to forget everything you think is true and trust in an unseen world?

The Message – Julianna Lovett


If you were a lover of The Secret, then this wonderful book will speak to your heart and to the deepest parts of you, time and again.

The Message is an important, transformative and powerful new guidebook for modern times. Written by spiritual teacher, Julianna Lovett it delivers uplifting messages of selfacceptance, empowerment and freedom.

The Reluctant Alchemist is the story of Morgan Gardiner, whose life is turned upside down after an encounter with a stranger. She is then forced to harness daunting new powers and confront her demons in order to save her little girl...but can she do it in time? Available from Amazon and Waterstones; £9.99 Paperback Published by That Guys House.

Julianna is dedicated to bridging the gap between the infinite and finite aspects of our human experience. In 2001, she unwittingly began a twodecade odyssey of reclaiming her life following the guidance found in The Message and emerged from the experience a messenger of its universal truths. Her journey started with the energetic activation found in her book, The Message, and she now helps empower others to step into sovereignty and find your way back to who you truly are. Available from Amazon and Waterstones; £10.99 Paperback Published by That Guys House



Book Club

Untamed Soul will be joining The Unbound book club this month as we Come join us as we explore a new literary piece each month. Ever since Nicola Humber started The Unbound Press back in November 2018, much like Untamed Soul she knew that community runs through its DNA. The Unbound Book Club goes a something like this… Each new moon we’ll be introducing you to the book of the month. The invitation is that we then read it together over the lunar cycle. The author will share some prompts for us to dive deeper into the magic of the book


- you’ll find these in your New Moon email and also by following us on social media @theunboundpress on Instagram and The Unbound Press on Facebook with a live interview with the author, you’ll have the chance to ask questions and share your insights.

We would love you to share your experience and insights from reading the book on social media throughout the month using the hashtag #unboundbookclub ( Remember to tag us in your post or story, so we get to see it!) This lunar cycle we are talking about Nicola’s book - Unbound Writing, Nicola Humber, Published 1 October 2020 About Unbound Writing… How would it be to write the book you're really here to write?



Our very own seasonal foraging expert and kitchen witch Jill Wheeler brings us her special recipe for this month her soup for the soul. I don’t know about you, but at this time of the year, when the days are still short and cold, there is nothing more satisfying than a bowl of hot soup.

You can make it more of a substantial meal with the addition of lentils, potato, beans, pasta or meat. It is a simple and nutritious meal.

It's like a hug in a bowl; warming and nourishing. Many people reach for soup when they are under the weather. Soup is restorative. Steam from the hot soup helps clear the sinuses and soup hydrates you. Soups help with upset tummies, especially broth, it is easy to digest.

I make a batch and freeze portions for later use. If you have never made soup, then I urge you to do so. You do not need any fancy ingredients or equipment.

We have been eating soup since man discovered fire, cooking in pits lined with animal hide. It is a staple for just about every country, certainly, every nation has a soup it calls its own; French Onion, Spanish Gazpacho, New England Chowder, Italian Minestrone to name but a few. Soup is cheap and convenient.

One pan (unless you like your soup smooth in which case you will need a hand blender at least) and a handful of ingredients is all that is needed and cook until all the flavours are extracted. There are hundreds and thousands of soup recipes out there. So many variations that there is something to suit everyone’s taste. This month I am going to give you my recipe for stock broth. It is a base for any soup but can be used for stew, casseroles and gravy too.


Once made you can return to the pan with your chosen veggies for a super tasty soup. Yes, it is a little extra work but a great way to use up veg that might be past its best. Use up that half onion that has started to dry up in the fridge and the carrot that is going a bit soft rather than discarding them to the food waste bin.

Also, if you have some stale bread, hold onto that, I have added a great crouton recipe at the end. Feed your soul and enjoy!

x x y l l i J

Jill Wheeler (Jilly) is a mum of two, a vegan cook, who is passionate about cooking and foraging for food. Jill runs a preserves business ‘Jillys Homemade Preserves’, using produce she grows on her own allotment as well as locally sourced or foraged. She loves to share her knowledge on natural ways to preserve the seasons bounty, and to keep our history of preserving alive. jillysjam@hotmail.com | www.jillyspreserves.co.uk @jillysjam

FOR THIS MONTHS RECIPE YOU WILL NEED... 2 onions quartered. Glug of rapeseed oil herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano) 3 sticks celery and tops chopped. 200ml of white or red wine 1.6 litres water 3 large carrots, roughly chopped (if you have the carrot tops save these) 1 bulb of garlic (peel the cloves) Bulb fennel roughly chopped (also save the fronds/tops)


Black Pepper (to taste) Sea Salt (to taste) 2 Bay leaves 2 tbsp. vegemite or marmite1 tbsp soy sauce

This Months Recipe Soup for the soul Firstly, toss the carrots, garlic, onion, bulb fennel in some rapeseed oil and the herbs. Pop on a roasting dish and put in the oven at around 180 degrees Celsius. Roast until the ingredients turn colour and soften. In the meantime, add the water to a large pan and add the rest of the ingredients including the tops of your carrots, celery and fennel. Then add the roasted vegetables and all the juices etc, just scrape it all in. Simmer for around 15 minutes. Leave to cool then filter through a fine sieve. Check to season, and adjust if needed. You now have your broth. If you want to make into soup, just use the broth instead of stock in a recipe.

Tasty Toppings... Here are some tasty toppings for your soup. Chop up some stale bread then toss in some rapeseed oil and about a tablespoon of pesto and some sea salt. Pop on a baking tray and cook in an oven around 200 degrees Celsius until they turn colour and are crispy. Chop a bunch of sage and fry in a little rapeseed oil. This is a wonderful topping for leek and potato soup. Drain a can of chickpeas and toss in some rapeseed oil and a few spices (I like curry powder and paprika). Pop on a lined baking tray (use parchment) and cook in the oven, Chop up some kale and add raw to your soup!



. .. e f i l y m d e v a S I think.

We join Jane Hill as she shares with us the power that can be found in meditation and Journaling I’ve always been mildly anxious. I grew up sensitive to place and atmosphere and for most of my life it was simply a question of being careful and thoughtful about where I went, who I was with and what I did. But in the late 1980s, after my first marriage ended, I was hit with panic attacks. I thought I was dying. Hyperventilating, fear of going outside, fear of crowds, fear of travelling on public transport, feeling sick, fear of being sick, fear of eating out, claustrophobia, all these hit me like an express train. As a sensitive child and adult, I’d felt most of these at some point in my life before but managed them reasonably well.

Now it was too frightening, too much to manage or to live with. I found a therapist and after eighteen months I felt transformed. I was much stronger, more confident, more sociable and happier with myself than I had ever been. And I applied for my dream job. I got it. It became my nightmare job. I was never cut out for the world of work; I see that now. I always wanted more, more meaningful work, a sense of purpose. I had a feeling that my life was meant to be more profound than it was, that there was a deeper meaning to my life than I could see.


These were dim, barely articulated thoughts, but they were powerful feelings running under my daily life. I had a faint sense that I wanted a spiritual life. My job, in a cultural institution in Edinburgh, should have been ideal, but after a year or two, I felt like a butterfly pinned in a glass case. Work felt dead, I had no longer any connection with it, and I felt less and less competent at work. I felt dead, the colour had left my life and panic attacks struck again, worse than before. I dreaded going to work, dreaded the journey, took days off sick, could no longer understand why I was there, loathed my life and wanted it to change and became more and more desperate. In 1993 I found another therapist by accident (or was it?) and life began to change at last. After six months, I began to see that my anxiety had a relationship to my spiritual life or lack of it. I sought out spiritual courses and workshops and it was after one of those, run by two wonderful Catholic nuns in Edinburgh, that something happened, and I’ve been practising it ever since.


If it hadn’t been for my therapist, the nuns, and my husband’s continuing support throughout and to this day, I wouldn’t be writing this for you now. I discovered the power of meditative journaling, just when my life seemed at its worst. Ever since then, I make a practice of sitting down with pen and paper to enter another world – the Otherworld. I enter a sacred landscape, where I visit a sacred hawthorn tree, a stone circle, a burn, a peaceful and protective wood. In that landscape I encounter Divine love, healing for my spirit, consolation, blessings, peace, calm and energy, whenever I need them. I’ve met my guides, who give me reassurance and wise counsel. I spend time there too in sending blessings out into the world, to go where they are needed most. This in itself is a healing practice.

Each day now I spend some time in silence and contemplation and several times a week I take time to journal, to write and to visit my Otherworld, my sacred landscape. It always brings me inner strength and peace. It’s a practice that you can do too – all you need is a quiet place to sit, indoors or out, a notebook and pen if you want to write and the commitment to spending some minutes in waiting for your inner self to speak to you. Let others know that you don’t want to be disturbed, sit quietly and wait. In your own words, ask to open up to whatever the universe wants to show you. Images, words, phrases may come to you. Your inner world awaits – and has been waiting for you to invite it to awaken. Your heart longs to connect with stillness, peace and calm and with the beauty of the Otherworld. When we do our spirit is refreshed and restored.

Deep within our heart we long to express and to live that truth. It’s vitally important to our wellbeing that we connect to that Divine beauty that lives within us, and for me meditation and journaling is the way to do so. Sitting peacefully for some time each day, whether you write or not, might change your life. It changed mine.


Jane Hill, the 'modern mystic' has just published an ebook of meditations available on Amazon now titled 'Six Enchantments'. Jane also invites you to her facebook group 'The Secret Meditation Garden', where she leads regular meditations. www.amethystliving.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/gro ups/thesecretgardenmeditation


e c n a id u G l a s r e iv n U


February this year vibrates universally as a 7 known as The Spiritual One.

February is a month where we may see new understandings and breakthroughs in the collective consciousness.

February this year vibrates universally as a 7 known as The Spiritual One.

We have the ability to enter new waves of thoughts from Source and the Universe. We have an opportunity for clear visibility at this moment in time.

February has serene energy around it this year. It carries a spiritual message for growth, knowledge and inner balance. It encourages us to flow with the mystical side of our feminine energy and reach deep down into our soul light. Can you feel that tug of intense soul healing for yourself and others?


This is a month to let yourself feel free to speak about your gifts without fear or negativity. Focus also on learning and teaching. Are you searching for new teachers and gurus who can open up new areas of energetic lessons for you? Every day should be a learning day and we are to share our light and knowledge with others, not just keep it for ourselves.

Mercury may be mischievous in creating mayhem with technology to slow us down at the beginning of the month. But this is to allow us the chance to reset our energies. It’s a time to revaluate our compassion for humanity as a whole and try to steer away from confusion and focus on kindness for all.

Also, if you have some stale bread, hold onto that, I have added a great crouton recipe at the end. Feed your soul and enjoy! February 22nd is still in alignment to receive a vibrational bump wave. These are energies that ripple along our timeline with reflective energy. We saw this on February 22nd 2020 and we have a similar one this year but with a smaller ripple. It will bring new enlightenments with it as well as signs and messages. Live in love, joy and abundance.

Denise Martinez Rossini

The 10th of February is a particular day of vibrational energy when we can call in healing for ourselves and others. Collective prayers and thinking create a powerful energy that can create heart swells of joy. This is also a day to contemplate your beliefs and bring in their strong anchor to help you share your gifts and light.

"Collective prayers and thinking create a powerful energy that can create heart swells of joy."


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Denise Martinez~Rossini I am an intuitive numerologist and Spiritual Empowerment Mentor. I adore working with Numerology and have read thousands of charts for people worldwide. I love to teach Numerology and share the language of the Universe with those seeking its secrets and knowledge. I am thrilled to be bringing you a monthly forecast with insights into what the Universe has in store for you. I will also give you the high vibrations of the month and dates for aligned vibration focus too for the rest of the month. I hope you learn to love Numerology as much as I do.





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