SCCA Annual Report 2020-2021

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ANNUAL REPORT 2020 - 2021

The Chamberlain Student Center and Campus Activities (SCCA) team is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all members of the Rowan University community. Through quality programs, services, and facilities, the SCCA creates opportunities for student engagement and learning, stimulates personal development, and contributes to building campus community in collaboration with university partners. The purpose of the Student University Programmers (SUP) shall be to provide the students of Rowan University with an array of diverse, educational, and entertaining programs, to encourage the development of leadership skills and cooperation among all students, and to promote the interests, image, and quality of experience at Rowan University. Rowan After Hours (RAH) provides late-night/weekend opportunities for Rowan University students to become active in campus life by executing diverse, quality programs in a safe and welcoming environment.

CORE VALUES Student Development

Service Excellence

To prepare students to be engaged citizens and community leaders, we are dedicated to creating an environment that is conducive to student learning, self-discovery, and social growth through opportunities for involvement outside of the classroom.

We want every person to feel valued when they walk through our doors. We prioritize exceptional experiences by anticipating needs and exceeding expectations for those we serve.

Community Building

We strive for the best. We bring honesty, accountability, and professionalism to all that we do. By embracing change while respecting and valuing tradition, we continue to improve our organization and ourselves.

We are committed to creating and maintaining mutually beneficial and productive relationships for a culture where collaboration, participation, care, and respect are modeled in all that we do.


Fun We’re more than just a building. The events, services, and facilities we provide create an engaging and entertaining atmosphere that fosters well-being and social connectedness for the Rowan community. Simply put, we take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves.



A total of 545,270 people walked through our doors this year!

13,957 ADDITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS Information Services


Information Services and University Switchboard operated the entire year, including breaks, with the support of professional and graduate staff, as well as 28 dedicated student employees. The switchboard handled over 15,000 calls this academic year.

This year the SCCA Marketing Team responded to over 170 marketing requests (totalling 15,364 printed designs and projects) to help promote the various events being offered by the SCCA and to help enhance building initiatives and signage.

Event Services

The Game Room

Event Services operated as normal throughout the year alongside changing restrictions, guidelines, and safety procedures. Protocols for assessing risk of student events was rebranded and rebuilt in collaboration with public safety.

While The Game Room was closed this year for traditional usage, several events were coordinated by the team including six game nights and tournaments, including hosting the Extra LIfe Marathon raising $2,630 for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.







123 Other 1,030 Seniors

822 Juniors HOMECOMING This year the Rowan University Homecoming Committee was proud to host a weeklong event series that included a strong virtual events calendar for alumni, as well as various in-person, virtual, and hybrid student events that encouraged and fostered a sense of Rowan pride and community.



SCCA LUNCH & LEARNS The SCCA Lunch & Learns were a six-session virtual student development series centered around the Rowan Thrive Well-Being model. This series presented valuable professional and personal skills, provided opportunities to network with various campus professionals and alumni, and created unique experiences for relationship building among our student and professional staff.

ASSOCIATION LEADERSHIP Association of College Unions International (ACUI): Professional Staff Leadership - Dan Hartman: ACUI Technology & Logistics Coordinator, Region VII 2020 Conference Committee; Registration & Evaluation Coordinator (2021 Conference Planning Team - Region VII) - Jay Patel: ACUI Inclusivity Coordinator, Region VII Leadership Team - Melissa Ulmer: ACUI Student Involvement Coordinator, Region VII Leadership Team; Marketing & Communications Coordinator (2021 Conference Planning Team - Region VII) - Lauren Kuski: Education Council Member, ACUI Leadership Team - Dr. Joe Lizza: Recruitment and Retention Team Graduate Student Leadership - Serafina Genise: Student Member, Region VII Leadership Team - Mustafa Adbus-Sabuur: Student Involvement Student Member (Region VII Team Member)


National Association for Campus Activities (NACA): Professional Staff Leadership - Melissa Ulmer: NACA 2020 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference Planning

The Chamberlain Student Center hosted Student Employee Appreciation Week to celebrate our 60 student staff who have worked continuously throughout the academic year and quickly adapted to University COVID policies. Without their tireless work, nothing dont by the SCCA would be possible!

Committee Chair & Volunteer Development & Graduate Intern Coordinator (Regional Leadership Team- Mid Atlantic) - Dr. Joe Lizza: Chair, NACA Foundation Board of Trustees Undergraduate Student Leadership - Sarah Niles, Social Media Coordinator (Mid-Atlantic Region)

Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA): Professional Staff Leadership - Dr. Joe Lizza: Campus Safety & Violence Prevention Knowledge Community Representative (Region II)


NACE PULSE SURVEY As part of the Student Employee Development initiative, the NACE Pulse Survey aimed to establish a good benchmark for continued assessment of job skills for student staff by their supervisors.

FALL 2020


69% 73%

+4% Increase from prior semsester

Average career readiness skills score

Average career readiness skills score

among SCCA Student Staff.

among SCCA Student Staff.



ACUI Region VI Conference: - 18 participants from SCCA ACUI Annual Conference: - 21 participants from SCCA, OSLP, and Campus Recreation NACA Mid Atlantic Regional Conference: - 2 participants from SCCA NACA Annual Conference: - 1 participant from the SCCA

AWARDS & HONORS ACUI Regional Awards (awarded in November 2020): - Melissa Ulmer Joseph H. Benedict Award - Serafina Genise

NACA National Recognition (awarded in April 2021): - Dr. Joseph Lizza NACA Foundation Patron status for Lifetime Giving

Outstanding Graduate Student Award


TEAM MEMBER TESTIMONIALS Aarushi Gupta Marketing Team

McRae Nkellefack Rowan After Hours

I love working here because it surrounds me with wonderful coworkers and mentors. I decided to get involved because I attended almost every

I enjoy working for the SCCA because everyone is treated as family and as an equal. Staff members are always happy to help out each

event held by the SCCA my freshman year, and I loved the designs they made for their flyers and handbills. The people in the office are always coming and going, but they always have time to stop to say “hi” or talk about your day. Working for the SCCA also lets you stay on top of all the events that are happening on campus.

Sean Dickenson Event Assistant I like the SCCA because everyone who works here really wants to be here. I think this environment makes us more productive and it doesn’t always feel like work. It’s a fun place to work and it gets you ready for your next steps after graduation.

other and the working environment is just so positive and healthy. Being a part of the RAH team has taught me many skills, including sound, lighting, and tech that can help me in the future.

Victoria McClendon Building Manager I have been a student staff member for the SCCA for the past 4 years. Each year I gain new friendships and family members that will last a lifetime. I love the family atmosphere and the fun we create as a whole, as well as in our own smaller teams. I joined the SCCA to gain leadership skills and be more social. My favorite part of the office is defineitly the inside jokes and funny moments we share.