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TheUkiahilite Volume XXXVI

Issue 3

December 13, 2012

Elliott’s Christmas Trees Celebrates 35 Years

Taylor Cameron

Staff Writer

For those who celebrate Christmas, there is perhaps no more important element of their decoration than the Christmas tree. For many, despite the options of an artificial tree or live potted tree, nothing will do but a freshly-cut Christmas tree. Elliott’s Christmas Tree Lot, located at the Ukiah Fairgrounds, is celebrating their 35th year of being in business as of the 2012 Christmas season. Elliott’s was started by the Elliott family in 1977. Floyd Elliott started the tree business, and it has been passed to one of his sons, Steve Elliott, who is ‘hands-on’ in the day-to-day operations of the tree business. Their first location was by the Forks, where they had some fairly quiet seasons. Elliott’s remained at this location for approximately five years. The tree lot moved to the west side of Perkins Street in 1982, across from where Walgreen’s now stands, and was there for most of their time as a business. They moved to a bigger space on Gobbi Street for three years, but then decided to move back to Perkins for a couple more years. In 2009, Elliott’s moved to their current location, the top parking lot of the Ukiah Fairgrounds, which has been their best location since beginning the business. “There’s room for more parking than we’ve been used to, along with great visibility. It’s been the best location so far,” said Steve Elliott. Over the years, other independent tree

lots have come and gone, but Elliott’s continues to thrive, even with several chain businesses, like Walmart and the Home Depot, selling Christmas trees. Despite the competition, business at Elliott’s remains brisk. “Coming to Elliott’s for the past twenty years is part of our family’s holiday tradition. The friendly folks, the goodies, the beautiful trees, and the atmosphere… That’s something you can’t get at a big box store,” said Laura, a customer. Elliott’s offers customers a variety of different types of trees, such as the Douglas Fir and the White Fir. Other types of trees Elliott’s sells include the Grand Fir, Noble Fir, Red Fir, Scotch Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce, and the Silver Tip.

Christmas. Along with trees, Elliot’s sells festive

The business also offers a variety of different heights between a classic Charlie Brown Christmas tree or a thirty foot monster, suitable for a hectic Griswold family

holiday wreaths that add holiday spirit to any home. The Silver Tip and White Fir, which Elliott’s gets from the Mt. Shasta area, are cut by the workers of Elliot’s, along with the owner. The other trees come from a tree farm located in Salem, Oregon. This farm has been supplying Elliott’s with beautiful trees for twenty years. Elliott’s is well-known for their wide variety of trees, but that is not the only service they provide for their customers. They fireproof trees by request, especially for those taking their trees to work. Elliott’s delivers by request as well. Trees and wreaths can be flocked for customers that want a frosted look. Elliott’s has a separate building that is used to do this, in case of rain. Elliott’s keeps all of their trees in water, which is not something many lots do. This keeps them fresh and healthy for the customer.When shoppers pick a tree that fits their idea of a perfect Christmas tree, the Elliott’s employees offer to shake

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the tree, which is the removal of loose needles. Along with that, they offer to cut an inch off of the trunk, to ensure that the tree is able to get water. The employees of Elliott’s will also net the tree, making transportation of the tree easier in several ways: for the workers to get it into the vehicle, for the owners of the tree to get it out of the vehicle, for the owners to do touch-ups, and for the owners to get it inside the house. While tree shopping, Elliott’s is sure to provide a customer with some popcorn accompanied by a cup of tea, apple cider, or cocoa and the privilege of enjoying several versions of classic holiday tunes. Above the popular Goodie-Shack rests the twenty foot mascot, Frosty the Snowman. “A goal for Elliott’s was to be a place that was family-friendly, and it really is the perfect family outing,” said Steve Elliott. Elliott’s may not open until Black Friday, but they receive calls from anxious customers as early as August, asking if they will be getting trees. They start set-up around the first week of October, and close shop on Christmas Eve. At the start of the business season, some of Elliott’s employees return, while others do not, so they look for new recruits every year. Mark Sturgess from Ukiah has worked at Elliott’s for two years and enjoys the job very much. “My favorite part about working at Elliott’s is bringing holiday cheer to our customers,” said Sturgess. Elliott’s has been a successful part of the communities’ holiday season for over three decades and has brought joy to many. It is certain to keep making the holidays happy for future generations. Photo Credit: Taylor Cameron

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Humor: Santa Claus?

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Dec. 13, 2012

Las Posadas Contributed by AP Spanish students

The Holiday Season in Mexico revolves not around Christmas, as it does in the United States, but rather around a celebration called Las Posadas. Las Posadas begins on December 16th and is celebrated every night through December 24th, and the nine nights represent the nine months that Mary carried Jesus in her womb. “Posadas” means lodging, and the celebrations are meant to re-enact Mary and Joseph’s difficult journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of shelter. In honor of this voyage, townspeople gather at dusk dressed as shepherds, angels, and Mary and Joseph, and begin the procession. A child dressed as an angel leads it and the adults follow carrying candles. Traditionally the townspeople go from house to house, singing a song asking for shelter, and the hosts sing a reply denying them entrance. Finally the procession reaches the last house where they partake in traditional Mexican festivities and enjoy a feast, and the party ends with the breaking of a piÑata in the shape of the Christmas star. The last night of the Posadas, on December 24th, is followed by a midnight mass that everyone attends.


En México, la temporada festiva no gira en torno a la Navidad como en los Estados Unidos, sino en una celebración llamada Las Posadas. Las Posadas empiezan el 16 de diciembre y se celebra cada noche hasta

el 24 de diciembre. Las nueve noches representan los nueve meses que María llevaba a Jesus en su vientre. Posadas es otra palabra para alojamiento, y las celebraciones recrean el viaje difícil de María y José desde Nazareth hasta Bethlehem en busca de refugio. En honor de este viaje, la gente del pueblo se reunen al atardecer vestidos como pastores, ángeles, y María y José, y empiezan la procesión. Un niÑo vestido como ángel conduce la procesión y los adultos siguen llevando velas. Tradicionalmente la gente del pueblo va de casa en casa, cantando una canción pidiendo refugio, y los anfitriones canten en respondencia negandoles la entrada. Finalmente la procesión llega a la casa final donde participan en fiestas tradicionales y disfruten de un banquete, y la fiesta termina con la quebrada de una piÑata en forma de la estrella de Navidad. La última noche de las Posadas, el 24 de diciembre, es seguida por una misa de medianoche en que todos asisten.

Dec. 13, 2012


California Voters Pass Propositions

Sydney Summers-Knight

Section Editor

The results of the California propositions are in, with the passing of propositions 30, 35, 36, 39, and 40, while propositions 31-34, 37, and 38 were not passed. Proposition 30 is a sales and income tax increase initiative. In November’s election, the proposition passed in California, with 54.7 percent Yes and 45.3 percent No. Proposition 30 increases California’s sales tax to 7.5 percent, which is 3.45 percent more than the current percentage. Taxpayers that have incomes larger than $250,000 will pay a higher tax for the next seven years. The tax applies to all income one has received since January 1, 2012. If proposition 30 had not passed it would have taken away from the California school budget. Six billion dollars would have been cut from the school’s budget. $5.32 billion would be cut from K-12, $500 million from UC/CSU systems, $50 million away from aides to the mentally disabled, and $49 million from other areas such as fire protection, flood control and water safety. Although, proposition 30 has passed, students personal spending is still going up,

Proposition 31 asked voters if state constitution and law should require government performance reviews along with twoyear budgeting cycles. This would be to keep state government from making unidentified spending cuts and m a k e certain changes about s t a t e government responsibilities.

California voters did not pass proposition 31 with only 39.3 percent voting Yes and 60.7 percent voting No. Proposition 32 was about payroll deduction. It asked if unions, corporations, government contractors, etc. should be kept from using payroll deduction funds for political expenses. The proposition did not pass with 43.6 percent Yes and 56.4 percent No. Proposition 33 has to do with auto insurance compainies and whether the companies should give discounts to drivers who

maintain their insurance coverage, even if those drivers choose to change insurance compainies. 45.1 percent of California voters said Yes, while 54.9 percent said No. Proposition 34 questioned whether the death penalty should be replaced with a more humane punishment; life in prison without possibility of parole. 47.7 percent of voters said Yes, while 52.3 percent of voters said No. This means the death penalty is still in place. Proposition 35 asked for a broader definition of human trafficking. It asked if penalties for traffickers should become harsher and whether sexual traffickers should be registered as sex offenders. The proposition passed with 81.1 percent in favor and 18.7 percent against. Proposition 36 questions the Three Strikes Law in place in California. It asks if a third conviction only be a life sentence when the conviction is for a seri-

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ous or violent felony. Proposition 36 passed with 69 percent Yes votes and 31 percent No votes. Proposition 37 was based on the controversy of genetically modified organisms being used in food one would buy at a grocery store. Proposition 37 asked if labeling should be required on consumer foods that contain GMOs. The proposition failed with 47.6 percent Yes votes and 52.4 percent No votes. Proposition 38 asked for a tax to fund educational programs for children. The tax would have increased personal income tax rates during 2013 to 2024. The funds would go to California’s public schools, universities, and trad schools. Proposition 38 did not pass with 27.8 percent voters saying Yes and 72.2 percent voters saying No. Proposition 38 is about whether the California tax code should be changed. The prop requires multistate firms, or companies,to pay income taxes based on percentages of their sales in California. About half of that tax would be used to fund energy projects for the next five years. 60.7 percent of voters said Yes and 39.3 percent said No. Aside from proposition 40, these are all of the propositions in California for 2012. Photo Credit:

School District Proposes Schedule Change

Andrew Anderson

Staff Writer

In the beginning of the next school year, Ukiah Unified School District will possibly change the regularly scheduled starting time from 7:30 am to 8:40 am or 8:45 am and the ending time to around 3:30 or 4, but there are Ukiah High School students who disagree with the school district changing the starting time to an hour later. With the high school’s start time being possibly delayed to 8: 40 or 8:45 students are starting to realize what else that might mean. “I do not think that we should be in here ‘till, 4 pm” said Ukiah High Freshman Avery Jones. There are also some other problems with the school district changing the starting time. One is the bus schedule. If the district changes the start and end time at Ukiah High, other schools in the area may have to cope with a very different bus schedule. Another issue is the after-school sports schedules would be affected by starting later; it would also affect the students who have a part time job.

A later end time at Ukiah High could mance from just starting school later.” Plus, Dr. Mary Carskadon of Brown mean the students with part time jobs will University Medical School reports in an not be able to go to work as early. October 2001 article for the American Then again, there are some Ukiah High Psychological students who Association love the idea of that the “earwaking up at a ly school start later time. times are just “I definitely abusive.” like the idea.” As a result, said Freshman some school Ashley Cable. districts all Cable also said across the nathat she guartion have antees that her changed to a friends support later starting her on this subtime and studject. Many upper ies show that classmen also the students think the idea is Photo Credit: of those schools have benefited from the great. change. It brought advantages such as be“Yes, I think this is a really good suggestion, because everyone could sleep lon- ing more alert, more people are on time, better prepared for school work, better atger,” said Junior Evan Zeller. Last May, Harvard journal Education tendance, less depression, and a smaller Next released findings that show benefits number of students dropping out of school. According to the National Sleep of later start times. Foundation, about eighty school districts “Start times really do matter...We can across the country have delayed their high see clear increases of academic perfor-

school starting times. Local teachers also have an opinion on the discussion of the time change such as Mr. Smith, the leader of the Ukiah High Faculty Association. His perspective is that he does not think that changing the start time to an hour later would be the “silver bullet” to fix everything. He feels that this proposal needs more planning between parents and teachers. Ukiah High School Principal Dennis Willeford and Assistant Principal Jason Iversen have questions and opinions on the proposal. What kind of changes will this mean for Ukiah High School? Our administration would have to re-coordinate the lunch staff because the meals for all UUSD schools are made in the high school cafeteria. They also mentioned that if the starting time moved back, it would cause a “domino effect” and all other school related things like breaks, and after school programs would have to change to accomadate this change as well. Iversen and Willeford both predict that this may remain an unresolved issue due to questionable cost benefits for the district.


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Dec. 13, 2012

What Should You Get For Him/Her? UKIAHILITE

Katie Reingold

Jose Recendiz

Staff Writer

A guy might think it’s a little hard to dig deep and get those true feelings out there, but it really is not! He needs to think about her, what she really likes, and what comes to mind when he thinks of her. But first, the different stages. If a guy only has a “thing” with a girl, then his present should be much more lower-level. An expensive gift is very nice; however, she does not want him to spend too much if they are not even dating yet. He should not look like he is trying too hard, but with that being said, he does want to look like he is trying. One should find out what she likes and get to know everything about her. Some of the best gifts would be to take her to a play, a movie, or simply take her to dinner. It is the thought that counts! If they have been dating for a couple months or less, he could give her something along the lines of candy, flowers, jackets, shirts or even a scarf would be desirable. Ask her friends or

family what size she might be in clothing, or the other option is to just buy a gift certificate to her favorite store. Then, if they have dating for over six months, he should know what makes her happy, how to cheer her up when she is sad, and what makes her heart beat. A bottle of her favorite perfume is nice; also jewelry is always sweet. An important reminder: one should absolutely not get her something that he has bought his ex. It will make her feel as if he was thinking of his ex-girlfriend when he bought it. With all of this being said, remember that every girl is different. Hopefully, her special someone should have a pretty good idea about which gift to get. He should know his girl better than anyone and should get her something that he knows she will love. After all, it is the thought that counts. Overall, she should appreciate just about anything.

Staff Writer

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the most wonderful time of the year once again! When it comes to gifts, receiving gifts is the best; but buying gifts is a struggle, especially when you have to shop for the opposite sex. Both men and woman often have trouble buying gifts for each other, especially on Christmas. For those who need help shopping for a boyfriend, father, brother, or other male, let’s begin. When shopping for fathers, do not just get him a tie or some tools, but a coffee mug is also good from time to time. Perhaps you could get him a new jacket, shoes, a new watch, or a favorite movie. When shopping for a brother, keep his age in mind. Depending on his age he may want a new video game. He may also want a toy, but make sure it’s one he will enjoy. Younger siblings could even want a hat, but know his style and what he’d like For the artistic type of

brother, an art set will be perfect. Art sets can be purchased at a local shop here in Ukiah. These are all very common ideas, but just asking what he wants is the best bet. Not only does it make it less stressful, it is a lot easier than it would be running around a week before Christmas trying to decide what to get him. Now, when shopping for a boyfriend, if he is the athletic type get him things that he will be using when he is at practice or at a game. These types of gifts may seem small but mean a lot. Also ask him what his favorite movie, artist, or book is for another idea. Another idea is to hand make gifts for the men in one’s life; this is a very meaningful gift they will treasure for years to come. The best bet is to be honest and just ask the men on the list what they would like for Christmas. It is definitely a whole lot easier, rather than pondering weeks about what he wants.

Google vs. Mac: Which is the Best Buy? Alex Malarich

Staff Writer

With the Christmas holidays coming many people are very likely trying to get a new phone as a Christmas gift. But it must be asked have to ask, what is the best phone available ? Well, there are many choices out there right now. The Droid Razr Maxx, the Galaxy Note 2, and the LG Optimous G to name but a few, but most phone comparisons really only say two are comparable. If the best handheld device currently on the market is desired it is really only between the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. The main reasons for this are that no other phones can really compete with their superior processing speed and screen capacity. They are also far ahead in their operating capability. But which is better? Well that is a bit more complicated. They both have advantages and disadvantages. And begin the comparisons.

First off is the screen size. The iPhone 5 has a 4in IPS, 1,136 x 640 resolution, while the Galaxy S3 has a larger 4.8in Super AMOLED, 1,280 x 720 resolution. So the Galaxy S3 has a larger better looking screen the galaxy takes round one. The display type however is another story. The iPhone 5 functions much better in the sunlight then the Galaxy S3 due to its more realistic dampened colors. But in a darker room, or even just out of direct sunlight the S3’s more vibrant, cartoonish colors become very enjoyable. One of the most revolutionary developments about the new iPhone is its new charger. It has rejected the old, bulky, charger for a new, smaller and reversible charger. It is about the same size as the microUSB used in the galaxy s3. This does, however, mean if you have previous products they will be unusable with the new iPhone. The galaxy s3 has no qualms about its old products however. It will still be usable with all its other products. If the camera matters greatly in the

decision then both are fairly good cameras. They both have 8 megapixel cameras with an LED flash. The Galaxy has a much larger range of features that can be used with it, including image stability, touch focus and a 1080p video recording option. The iPhone also has both of these features, but it takes it a step further with a new panoramic mode. As for battery life, the iPhone uses a 1440 mAh battery and the Galaxy S3 uses a 2100 mAh battery. This means that even with its larger screen and more labor intensive processor, the Galaxy S3 has a longer battery life than the less intensive iPhone. In all these are both two rather incredible phones. They are very close to each other in ability and comfort. It basically comes down to preference. These two phones embody the ongoing battle of Google vs. mac. But whichever is chosen it can be assured that it is not a waste of money and both are very enjoyable well designed and well thought out phones.


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Dec 13, 2012


Secrets Of Sydney

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Data Plan on the Rise

all. Free Wi-Fi is also availStaff Writer able throughout our communities, as well as in our homes. It is hard to find someone Most of where people go throughwho does not have a cellphone out the day has internet access now days. It is how the world that can connect to smart phones. 3G/4G is not even needconnects and communicates. Sydney Walls ed to have internet access on But recently cellphones have a phone because of the othevolved into a “smart” device that er resources people have around Happy Holidays everyone! that a positive outlook will help requires internet as well. The rise them and even pay already for. With Thanksgiving come and gone those whose candidate did not win. of the data plan has reached its Why pay for internet at home people are getting ready for the next What’s done is done and there isn’t peak. In order to buy a brand new as well as a data plan for a smartcellphone, 90% require a prepaid up and coming holiday, Christmas, much to do about it now. phone? It makes little sense and data plan that can add up to $40 my personal favorite holiday. I Just be happy you live in this to your monthly bill, that’s about just proves that these corporations and swindling people out love the feeling of Christmas, the country and have the privileges $480 extra yearly. The main question that seems of their money. Christmas lights and decoration all to vote for a President instead of Corporations need to make around, the music, and everything having a Dictator. J Focus on the to remain unanswered is why the purchase of a data plan opis it required? Many people do that comes with it. On Christmas good you have, not the things you not want access to the inter- tional so that those who don’t day every year I wear a Santa Hat, don’t. net on their cellphones yet do not want it can still be able to purand I’m looking forward to doing it You know what is one of the have the option to get rid of it. chase the new updated phones. Smart phones are great with or It is an unnecessary reagain this year. Everything was so most difficult things for me to do? without internet access and should much better when Santa was still Buy Christmas presents for men. I quirement that scams people be able to be purchased withinto buying a phone and havreal, though. can never find Christmas presents ing to pay extra for something out a data plan if needed. Times Like most kids do, I put out for my dad, ever. I always end up that they will not use anyways. are hard and people do not need Corporations are making peo- to be tricked into spending more cookies for Santa every year, but buying him some stupid electronic I also used to put out vegetables thing that he pushes to the back ple believe that internet is neces- money on something they do not for his reindeer. And I swear that of the closet, or clothes. It doesn’t sary to have on a phone, but it does want in the first place. “I hate having to pay extra evnot need to be. one Christmas as a child I heard help that when I ask him what he ery month for my data plan. It For many people, the data plan reindeer on my roof. You can’t wants for Christmas, he replies is too expensive and unaffordable as sucks because they do not have any make that stuff up. Christmas was with, “I don’t know.” Thanks for well, and they have to search the far unlimited options either so I am reaches of the internet on sites like constantly going over the amount the most magical thing for me as a all the help. child, and it still is today. It’s so hard for me to buy guys eBay and Amazon to find a phone I am given and then having to pay that does not require a data plan. a fortune for the overtime I am on After Christmas we get to presents, especially when they Even then, the phones that do it.” Said junior, Destiny Graham. welcome the New Year! I can’t don’t even know what they want! not have internet usually have small This does bring up the problem of how unlimited internet access is believe how fast the year has flown. I love giving people presents, screens and are not as effective as not an available plan for many carI can’t believe in just a few more though, and when I can find that the smart phones. They are very old riers, forcing those who do want months, I will be done with my special gift, I love wrapping it up models and do not function well, It 3G/4G to pay much extra when is a never ending cycle. high school career. Time flies by and putting a pretty bow on it and they do go over their limit. Many phone carrier company’s so fast and before we know it, it’ll giving it to the person. It is one boast about their wide 3G/4G cov- “I don’t ever use my internet and my parents are a never endbe next Christmas and we will be of the best feelings in the world. I erage around the world, but truth ing stream of complaints on how welcoming another year. think meaningful gifts are the best be told, there will always be placmuch they pay monthly for it.” Said I have never made a New Year’s things; it says so much more when es that do not have that coverage. junior, Lexi Caborn. “But I love my Small towns, and far out Resolution, and I kind of feel like someone gives you a nice present places would have to pay ex- phone and I don’t want to get rid I should. I just don’t really get the that they put thought into instead of tra every month for a ser- of it.” Many people feel this way. It is certainly an inconvenience. point of New Year’s Resolutions. I giving you money. Money can be vice that they cannot use. Data plans should be an opPeople do not want to have a feel like if people want to improve nice, though. tion. Nobody should be required themselves, they can do it any time I hope everyone has a wonderful “last season’s” phone, they want to pay extra money for 3G/4G if to be able to stay up to date just of the year; it doesn’t have to be at Christmas and a great New Year! like everyone else, but they do not they do not want it. Maybe soon the beginning of a new year. That’s Enjoy your time off from school, want to have to pay for something cellphone carriers will take into just what I think, though. and don’t forget to leave cookies that even if they would like to use, consideration the ridiculousness couldn’t. There is absolutely no this requirement does and is. It So, I don’t want to touch too out for Santa! much on the election because My shout out goes to my guy, reason that in order to buy a smart would benefit many people who phone, you have to pay extra for in- lose valuable money every month, many people are upset about the Daniel Spence! Have a great 17th ternet access in order to have it at and do not use the service anyway. outcome, but I would like to say birthday Saturday, I love you!

Jess Neale

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Dec. 13, 2012

December 18 - 20: Final Exams December 21- January 4: Winter Break December 28: Registration Deadline for Jan. SAT January 9: Faculty meeting January 11: Registration Deadline for Feb. ACT January 21: Holiday - Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 26: SAT Reasoning & Subject Tests February 5 & 6: CAHSEE (Seniors & All 10th) February 8: Winterfest February 9: ACT February 15: Holiday - Lincoln’s Birthday Observed February 18: Holiday - President’s Day


Dec 13, 2012

Break It to Me Gently

T. Abraham Rawles

Staff Writer

Oh it’s the most wonderful time of the year YAAAAAAA! That’s what it is supposed to be, at least. Sometimes it becomes the saddest moments for certain children because parents try to tell them that there is a Santa Claus, but they all of sudden realize that there is no St. Nick because some jack wagon tells them the harsh truth. My journey of discovery to the painful truth of the nonexistence of Santa is very odd and I feel compelled to tell my tragedy of my three wasted Christmas. It all began when I was 7 years old on the 23rd of December at my grandmother’s house. My father and uncle were having a conversation about my cousin and me, Unknown I was listening to the conversation. My father mentioned to my uncle of how I was trying to have him convince me that there is no such thing as Santa Claus. My uncle replied that my Aunt told him to remain silent around their son

about Mr. Claus. I burst out and yelled at them stating, “Ha! Proof Santa Claus does not exist!” My dad stuttered and exclaimed I did not have any proof. So from then on I dedicated that Christmas and two others after that to prove Kris Kringleis not real. That very Christmas Eve, I sat out next to the fire place. The plan was to just stay up all night and sit next to the Christmas tree to observe that Santa would not come by. My father offered me a drink of water to go with my chewy gummy bear vitamin (so freaking good!) I drank the glass of water. So, guess what? I fall asleep. I woke up

the next morning and realized that on the kitchen counter was Vicks sleep syrup. And I looked down at the tree and, what do you know, the presents were there and my stocking has filled. I think I was the only kid in the history of the world to have been upset at having presents on Christmas morning. My dad walked in with his coffee cup that stated “World’s Greatest Dad” and just smirked, knowing he that got had the best of me. The next Christmas I decided I would video tape the living room for the night and watch the film the next morning. So I placed the camera under the love seat’s cushion giving

Ham I Am

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a perfect view of the tree and fireplace. Well, I went to sleep with a peace of mind that night. I woke up the next morning and went straight to the camera to watch the film but it had been sabotaged someone switched the charged battery with a dead one. I was taunted again by the fake Santa Clause. So for the following holidays, I planned for two weeks on how I would prove there was no Santa Claus. I set up a Santa Claus hell-house. I first put a tape wall a cross the fireplace entrance to prove no one entered in or exited. Then in the walkways, I put my legos all over the floor so in the dark Paps would step on them and yell and wake me up. Then I could catch him committing the crime of putting the presents under the tree. It worked. And I was so happy to find out the truth. It felt good to put my troubled mind to rest. So the next time you see or meet a kid who is trying to find the truth, tell them to figure it out; other-wise, just going to end up like me, which is not a good thing.

by: Trevor Oldham

Thanksgiving is now over, which is a shame because it is the best American holiday that has not been commercialized into an engine of consumerism. Now all we have to look forward to are the red, white and green bells of the Christmas blowout sales, religious disagreement, and grandpa’s sexually suggestive Christmas sweaters. Indeed, ‘tis a time for joy. It is the only time of year that you can walk down the merrily ornamented Main Street and hear the soft melody of your favorite Christmas carol, relishing in the delightful atmosphere of the season of giving, following the fresh footsteps that joyous children and sweet couples have left behind in the fresh snow. Except it doesn’t snow in Ukiah. If we’re lucky, though, we may still wake up to an extremely frigid morning, so cold that you are stuck inside listening to hymns sung by a quartet of your slightly inebriated grandparents, wondering why you ever decided to give them that Bruno Mars album in the first place. It is likely that many students are going to be traveling in the coming weeks, so I have generously offered to compile a list of things that will make your experience on the airlines a little bit merrier. Trevor Oldham’s Guide to the Airlines By Trevor Oldham 1. PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS.

The TSA is and will always be an organization of perverted reptilian government officials. However, it is important to remember that these reptilians wield quite a bit of power

and can delay your progress with a surprise cavity search if you give them reason to. The best thing to do is remain calm, and try not to think of the fact that you are in a line of sheep proceeding to the

slaughter of your individual liberties by the bloody, intrusive fist of the TSA. 2. PROTECT YOURSELF. Most threats to your safety will make it past the TSA because they are too busy compiling a database of naked x-ray pictures rather than fighting a war on terror. Also, on some airlines, children and seniors are not required to take off their shoes, so be wary of toddlers; all it takes is one spark from little Cameron’s new light-up sneakers to turn your flight into another fantastic display of New Year’s fireworks. 3. GET OUT OF THE WAY. M o v i n g walkways are there so that we can go faster. You are meant to walk on them, and as long as you are an able bodied human being, this is what you should be doing. I’ve walked this path many times and

have come to the conclusion that there are essentially three types of people here. There are those who walk or maybe even run, those that stand still and block the entire walkway for others, and those that choose to not use the walkway at all, but they lose every time because they expend much more energy and arrive at the other end in a sweat and out of breath, all because arrogance has led them to think they were faster than this newfangled pedestrian technology. There is a life metaphor in there somewhere. 4. SIT DOWN. Unfortunately, natural selection cannot explain how a species could evolve from invertebrate pond scum to globally dominant, intelligent beings, but then be unable to board a plane efficiently. Apparently, the simple task of sitting down becomes an impossibly difficult undertaking. Every time I fly, I get stuck waiting in the aisle because the man in front of me is wasting everyone’s time trying to fit his oversized luggage into the overhead compartment. If you do this, you are the worst kind of person. Anyway, that is my guide to the airlines in a nutshell, but we’ve only scratched the surface. I have been harboring this vendetta for far too long… I may need to write a book.


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Best Gift For Girls Money or a Gift card 283


167 37 134

Other Gifts Mentioned: Books, Spiritual items, Truck parts, Guns, Hats, Scarves, Stock investment, Ammo, Converse, Black Ops 2, Mac, Bike, Car, Homemade Gifts, CD’s, Love, Hugs, Trip, Romantic/Fun Night, Cute Vintage Furniture, Chocolate, Slippers


276 92


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Best Gift For Boys Money or a Gift card 293



207 97 140 63 176

Some people thought the survey was limited by gender and the Ukiahilite staff apologizes.

Contributors: Jenna Hester

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AUDITION! January 9 & 10 A PAIR OF COMEDIES BY JOHN McNAMARA Directed by Phil Baldwin For Downtown Venue Performances Mid-March 2013 contact Phil on campus or email

Dec. 13, 2012

Page 11


Dec. 13, 2012

Pregnant? We are here to HELP! We offer FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Pregnancy and Sexual Health Services. •FREE Pregnancy Tests •FREE Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound •FREE Selective STD Testing & Treatment •FREE Options Consultation (abortion, adoption, parenting)

(707) 463-1436

The Center

for Life Choices 425 S. Orchard, Suite D, Ukiah

(Across from the DMV) Walk-Ins Welcome

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Rise of the Guardians

Mariana Burns Staff Writer

flix pix

The Rise of the Guardians, based on William Joyce’s children books, The Guardians of Childhood is a wonderful take on the holiday legends. The story follows Jack Frost, voiced by Chris Pine, who is unsure of who he is and his purpose. After Jack gives an overview of his life from 300 years ago leading up to the present time described in the story, he is spreading wintry fun to young children who do not really believe in him. Try as he might, children do not seem to realize that he is there. Meanwhile, in Santa’s workshop the brawny, tattooed, sword-wielding North (Santa Claus), voiced by Alec Baldwin, is confronted with the problem of the return of Pitch Black, or the Boogeyman, voiced by Jude Law. North, Protector of Wonder must now call on the other “Guardians” to get rid of Pitch. Sandman, who speaks by using sand symbols over the top of his head; the Tooth Fairy, voiced by Isla Fisher; and the Easter Bunny, voiced by Hugh Jackman, join North at his workshop to speak to The Man in the

Moon to see who the new Guardian will be to help them defeat Pitch. The Man in the Moon summons Jack Frost, and the four Guardians are discouraged, having had bad past experiences with the fun and “free-spirited” Jack, especially Bunny, which instantly causes some rivalry. After Jack half-heartedly joins the other four, they soon encounter Pitch as he turns children’s dreams into Nightmares, literally nightmarish horses. They all join together with Jack at the lead to fight Pitch in the first of many icy cold battles. Rise of the Guardians is a brand new take on the different legends, depicting them differently than would normally be expected. The story is rather dark and depressing as Jack slowly realizes he had a life before he became Jack Frost, but he does not know why. Pitch also provides darkness as his powers grow. Whenever Pitch is shown, the scenes grow considerably darker and color is much more muted than before. The case is

the opposite when the Guardians are together; color is more vibrant and vivid. The computer animated 3D characters are very realistic looking, as are the background scenes. The characters are very original-looking, especially North, who is more a warrior than a jolly Saint Nick. Each scene is very colorful, and no scene looks exactly the same. Rise of the Guardians is more for the younger children, or teens who still enjoy animated films. Adults will more than likely be under impressed, finding humor mostly in the comic-relief Yetis (Santa Claus’s real helpers) and small Elves (unintelligent rascals that frequently cause trouble). Jack is able to help the other Guardians realize their purpose in life again, considering they stopped interacting with children and had others do their own job. In any case, Rise of the Guardians is a wonderful take on the different legends. It is an entertaining movie to watch to get into the holiday spirit which spreads fun and wonder to children.

Home Alone is a funny family comedy that was produced in 1990, and it was a hit movie. It has won many awards, and entertained families across the world for over two decades. The movie takes place during the holidays, with Christmas on the horizon. Kevin McCallister, the main character (played by Macaulay Culkin) is accidentally left at home while the rest of his family is on a Christmas vacation. Kevin takes advantage of the situation and enjoys the time away from his family, who seem to hate him. Meanwhile, two robbers (played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) target Kevin’s house. Kevin takes up his job to defend the house and prevent the robbery. He sets up defenses to protect the house. The thiefs trip, fall down, and get burned while trying to get into the house. It is very amusing, and the jokes are funny. Kevin’s mom is worried about her son and tries to fly home, but it’s snowing and all the flights are canceled. She finally finds

a flight and drives the rest of the way in the back of a truck with a Midwestern polka band. The robbers do not fare well and are eventually caught by the police. Kevin’s family return, and they never learn about the danger Kevin was in. Macaulay Culkin was born in 1980 and began acting when he was four. He has also been in many other movies, including Richie Rich, Uncle Buck, and My Girl. Home Alone was one of Culkin’s first movies, and made him a well-known actor. He was only ten when the movie was filmed. In between all the stunts and pranks, there are a few moments of the Christmas spirit. There is snow on the ground and holiday cheer everywhere. Kevin helps his elderly neighbor reconnect with his son after a huge fight, and then he can spend Christmas with his granddaughter. It is very sweet. The acting is good and the stunts are well done. Some of the stunts look genuinely painful. The actors did a great job at this. The robbers are always getting

hurt, and Kevin makes it out unscathed. Home Alone won the American Comedy Award and the British Comedy Award, in 1991. It also won the BMI Music Film Award. John Williams composed the music, fitting it to the themes of the movie. Williams also composed the music for Star Wars, Jaws, and the first three Harry Potter movies. The music was indeed excellent and very enjoyable. The mood during the whole movie is funny and slightly suspenseful. There are a few fleeting moments of true danger, but they are quickly over. Kevin is a funny little kid and is still mostly carefree. There have been four other movies since the first Home Alone. In the second movie Kevin is lost in New York with the same criminals. The third movie is a totally new story and involves a secret computer chip that is hidden in a toy car. The fourth continues with the McCallister family. There is also another Home Alone this year, Home Alone: The Holiday Heist, and it will be airing on TV Christmas Day.

Home Alone

Luke Robinson Staff Writer


Dec. 13 2012




Dec. 13, 2012


Radio Daze Comes to Ukiah High

Page 13

Shania Robertson Section Editor Every year the Ukiah High School Drama Department puts on a winter show, and the proceeds help finance the drama efforts throughout the school year. This year’s production is titled Radio Daze, and the setting is America in the 1940’s. The show is actually broadcast at a popular, laid-back radio station during the difficult struggles of World War II. The entertaining comedic-drama was created and written by Shirley McNichols and directed by Ukiah High’s drama instructor, Maria A. Monti. Throughout the show a proud, patriotic vibe resonates through the air while we watch actions and feelings of these radio station employees. In particular, these include a hardworking janitor, two oddly-placed army recruits, three attention-hungry actresses and owners of the station; these three, the Swindle Sisters, work through situations in their very interesting lives. The easy-going feeling in this media

establishment soon comes to an immediate halt as word is received of possible spies lurking around the station. What could they want? And who would want the station’s classified company information? How do they intend to pull this crazy stunt off?

Each and every staff member begins to fall under suspicion as the rumor mill continues to stream into a river of madness as it continues to grow. Even the elderly innocent Swindle Sisters are questioned for answers in an attempt to get to the bottom of this mysterious situation. Just when the audience thinks it could not get more hectic two sisters receive jobs and attempt to disclose the companies information to its loyal listeners. Soon, the company’s secret files are leaked to the public, and all of the character’s lives become inexplicably intertwined. Character plots are mixed together to create an amazing ending to the play.

The satisfying end will leave audience with a content and fullfilling, patriotic mood. The twisted, crazy plot keeps the audience guessing. The energetic singing, dancing, and acting on stage will also keep them intrigued. Audience members will be on the edge of their seat, craving for more of the play’s romanticism. Spy scripts become jumbled within each other and the rumor mill, falling into full swing, becomes increasingly apparent. This play will be premiered at Ukiah High School’s Little Theatre on January 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th and February 1st and 2nd . Attendees may purchase tickets at the door. General admission and seating is $10 and $5 for Ukaih High students with identification. Tickets also may be purchased early from Ukiah High School’s drama instructor and director of the play, Ms. Monti, who will be on campus during school hours. The production of Radio Daze will begin at 8:00 P.M. in the Little Theatre. Doors will open at 7:30 P.M. for those who wish to get a good seat.

New Pizza Restaurant Comes to Ukiah Tess Clausen Staff Writer

Saucy is a brand new pub and pizzeria that opened early this fall at 108 West Standley Street in downtown Ukiah, and now occupies the old Sports Attic space. The space was remodeled just for Saucy and opening preparation was about six months. The main dish is pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. The owner, Cynthia Ariosta, was co-owner at two restaurants previous to Saucy: Piaci Pub and Pizzeria, and V’Cantro, also an Italian restaurant; both are operated in Fort Bragg. The pizzas at Saucy are cooked at 700-725 degrees. The flame running across the top of the oven can get up to 950 degrees. These pizzas, depending on the toppings, take only 90 seconds to three minutes to cook. Saucy serves many appetizers including salads, cheese plates, beef & pork meatballs, olives, and a wide variety of beer and wine.

The social atmosphere of this new restaurant is very fun, upbeat, and different from anything else in Ukiah. Saucy is hip and casual, yet still a perfect place for dining out. Although it is not a quiet restaurant, it is still a stress free environment with great service and neutral decor. Saucy is open Monday through Thursday from 11am to 9pm, Friday from 11am to 10 pm, and Saturday from 12pm to 10pm. Walk-in customers are welcome. Reservations are only accepted for groups of more than eight people. Corkage fees are applied for any wine brought from outside, but all of those proceeds are donated to local charities. Mitchel Mount is the executive chef and ‘fire-master’ at Saucy. Ariosta, the owner of Saucy, knew what she wanted to see on her menu and came up with the framework herself, but she left it up to Mount to make the exact dishes. There are ten other cooks in the kitchen, along with twelve bartenders and waitresses who work different shifts throughout the day. Saucy currently serves ten pizzas, all under $20, including a classic margherita, meat lovers, and the “007” which has

tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto, and arugula- a bitter type of lettuce. The dough at Saucy is made fresh, right there in the restaurant and it is also used to make the bread for sandwiches at lunchtime. The wood-fired oven at Saucy is very unique. The components are made by the Valoriani family in Italy, shipped to the U.S., and assembled by Mugnaini, a company that makes wood fired ovens. “When I was bartending in my early twenties, my boss would call me ‘saucy girl’,” Ariosta said. The name “Saucy” is somewhat inspired by Cynthia Ariosta herself. She decided to name it this also because it is easy to pronounce, and has many different meanings; an attitude, pizza sauce, or because one can get ‘sauced’ at the bar. Saucy is a fresh new restaurant, and many will agree it is definitely worth trying out. Come on down and get a woodfired pizza, sandwich, or simple hors d’oeuvres while supporting this new local business! “I believe that Patrona and OcoTime have really set the standards for a higher food quality and service in Ukiah, a down-

town area should be bustling with activities many restaurants,” said Ariosta when being asked if her restaurant was competition. She thinks Saucy is a “compliment to the already existing restaurants.” In 2001, Ariosta moved from Brooklyn, New York to Fort Bragg and is currently renting an apartment in Ukiah. She is originally from Staten Island, New York. There are not any co-owners of Saucy, but Ariosta said she could not have this restaurant without her amazing team of employees.

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Dec 13, 2012


Athlete: Kate Mayfield Sport: Girls Basketball By: T. Abe Rawles

Athlete: Bernando Avalos Sport: Boys Wrestling By: Lorena Saucedo

Kate Mayfield! Have you heard of her? You might have, for she is very involved with UHS and is very successful. Kate Mayfield is a two sport athlete who competes in girls basketball ,track and soccer. Mayfield has been dominating girls sports and has received a lot of achievements. She has received the blanket award for track and soccer, and winning JV MVP for girls basketball as a freshman is impressive. It is astonishing how her athletic career all began. “My parents just came up to me and said would you like to play sports. I replied sure why not,” said Kate. When asked about her best game Kate said, “I would have to say it would be versus Cardinal Newman because I shut down their leading scorer Elisa Vargas.” Vargas currently is playing for the Mendocino College Eagles Women’s basketball squad, according to Mayfield. She has plans for herself once her athletic career ends. If it ever ends, Mayfield states it is possible for her to participate in the collegiate level of athletics. She

maintains a 3.6 G.P.A and will be attending University of Montana. She is unsure of what she would like to major in, although she believes she will soon decide. “She has a lot of heart and determination,” said Junior teammate Courtney Mee. Kate is not the first Mayfield to stun Ukiah High in athletic talent. Her older brother Kyle Mayfield attended school here and not only had a big impact on the school but on Kate as well. “He is my biggest inspiration and influence in my life. When I was younger I always wanted to be like him or better. That’s why I wear the jersey number 32 because it was his,” said Kate. Mayfield claims that she can never pick which sport is her favorite. “During the fall it is soccer and in the winter it is basketball. I guess it just depends on which season it is,” said Kate. Kate has enjoyed her experience at Ukiah High. She appriciates and loves a lot of her teachers for their time and dedication towards her. Her favorite teacher, if she had to choose, would be Mr. McClanahan.

“Haha why is he my favorite? He is just…. McClanahan,” said Mayfield. When someone is widely known to society there are usually mysteries about that celebrity. Word on the street is that Mayfield has a secret. “She is actually my twin sister,” said Junior Harris Bedford, a member of the water polo squad. The question is still out there, although we may never know. Mayfield’s most memorable moments playing basketball are just hanging out with the team before and after games. The motto that Kate repeats to herself over and over is, “It can only get better from here.” Mayfield believes this not only applies to her and the team in sports but also life as well. Kate has enjoyed her experience at Ukiah High School. Kate believes that her memories here will always live in her heart. Mayfield has had an impressive career so far, but she is not finished yet. She realizes she has a long way to go but knows she is going to enjoy the journey ahead of her.

Over the past four years, the Ukiah High wrestling program has been lucky enough to call Senior Bernardo Avalos a member. Avalos is one of the top wrestlers on the team and shows great determination to be his best and try his hardest. “Bernardo has remarkable abilities,” said Ukiah High School Wrestling Coach Gary Cavender. “He’s electrifying.” Avalos has been wrestling for many years. He chose to pursue wrestling because his family wrestles, and it is something that he really enjoys. His favorite part about wrestling is the tournaments. Avalos has been known to be very competitive and has amazed his coaches with his hard work and determination. Avalos’s teammates describe him as a ‘determined, tough, and intense’ wrestler and say that he is one of the most determined on the team. Wrestling has benefitted Avalos by making him stay in shape and making him stronger. “Also, it made me a harder worker,” Avalos said. During the offseason, Avalos goes to the Ukiah Combat Club where Coach Cavender

keeps the wrestlers in shape and ready for the next season. Avalos also participates in Mr. Ford’s Bigger, Faster, Stronger class, keeping him in top physical condition. Coach Cavender has also been helping Avalos improve upon his skills and is very confident that he will succeed and will push through any obstacles he faces. “He has a few weaknesses. When he gets injured, he has a hard time getting through it…. But he is a remarkable kid,” Cavender said. “I have the greatest group of coaches you could ever imagine, so he can’t help but get better.” Avalos’s greatest skill is his quickness. Coach Cavender said Avalos is the swiftest on the team. “I tried to get him on the cross country team because he’s a great runner. He’s very fast, very tough,” Cavender said. As a wrestler, Avalos has tested his limits, both off and on the mat. After suffering from an elbow injury over the summer, he got right back into practice as soon as possible to do what he loves and prove to both his coaches and himself that nothing can bring him down. “He shows a lot of tenacity…. He’s

pretty tough,” said Coach Cavender. While wrestling can be very challenging, Avalos has had a lot of support from his friends and family. “My biggest supporters are Mr. Clark, Mr. Cavender, and Pablo Gonzalez,” Avalos said. Avalos’s large support group has encouraged him to be all he can be and continue working toward his goals. Avalos also receives a lot of support from his teammates and coaches. “I’m most proud of the way our team has become a family,” said Avalos about his teammates. Wrestling has allowed Avalos to put all of his energy and determination into one sport, and he has dazzled his coaches with his amazing abilities. His coaches are sure that he will stay determined and be the best he can be. Bernardo has proven himself to be a remarkable wrestler and has already made sections, an accomplishment he and his coaches are very proud of. As the season continues, he will surely make Ukiah High proud as his tenacity and determination help boost him to the top.


Dec 13, 2012

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City League Basketball Bounces into Season

Tyler Biscocho

Staff Writer

Ukiah City League basketball is underway. The City of Ukiah offers a recreational Basketball League for kids and young adults from January to March every year.  The teams are non-coed and coached by volunteers who are over eighteen. This program is non-competitive and greatly stresses the enjoyment of the sport of basketball while teaching the players good sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect of others. “I think these young kids definitely walk away from the league having gained some knowledge in being a real team player,” said Jake Burgess, the City Athletics Coordinator.“Above all, they really just love the sport, and whether they are the best or not, feel that they have gotten a chance to prove themselves.” City League Basketball fills its team on a first come, first serve basis and stresses early registration, which ended on October 26th and late registration ended on November 2nd. Practices began on Monday, November 26th as the coaches prepare the kids and young adults for another fun filled season.

Practices usually run every weeknight for about an hour at gyms all around the city such as Yokayo, Calpella, Ukiah High School and other school gyms around town. Games also last about an hour and are also held at gyms around the city. T h e league is divided into five teams based on age groups.  They are K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, and high school.  E a c h team is usually around ten players and is based as much as possible on requests from coaches and participants. However, due to the limits on space and facilities, not everyone can always be accommodated.  Due to be-

ing a recreational sport, there are no league standings kept, putting more emphasis on the fun of the game. “I had a lot of fun playing, and it was a great way of meeting new people,” said Maddie Grivette, a Junior at Ukiah High and a former City League player. “I would recommend it more for the younger kids because it teaches them the game and how to work as a team.” “I never played, but many of my classmates did. They only won one game, but still had a blast and enjoyed their sport,” said Maya Boults, also a Junior at Ukiah High.  The support for the City League

Basketball is extensive at Ukiah High School and all over the town. “I played for three to four years, and I am really competitive, but this league allowed me to mellow out and enjoy the sport for what it was. I also met lots of new people,” said Katie Wellik, a former City League player. The League emphasizes many aspects in young kids and adults that organized sports sometimes overlook, such as ensuring that the team can win and lose with grace and sportsmanship.  It also ensures that the games are family friendly. “City League is very family oriented and it is amazing to see the joy on the kids’ faces even when the score may not be in their favor.  I attend all of my cousins’ games.  They absolutely love playing for the city,” said Tristin Hunt, a senior at Ukiah High. City League is not about winning; however, players will strive to succeed. This not only helps benefit the participants of City League but businesses as well. Teams are given t-shirts as their jerseys, which are sponsored by business owners giving back to the community. No matter how teams play, they are still going to have fun.

Ridin’ solo By: Ben cayler Is boxing the longest enduring sport? In the last decade, more than ever, MMA has been choking boxing out. But seats for boxing events and title fights still fill up. “The Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are the biggest stars in the sport right now and they continue to sell out. Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley sold out the MGN in Las Vegas. In a non-title fight 51,000 people watched Mayweather’s victory Even though the sport is struggling now we have to look back and see what it has done for American culture. There is no denying the influences Muhamad Ali had on African American culture. It is rare that an athlete has such a profound effect on our culture, even rarer that such massive cultural change comes from a boxer. Not to mention the effect that combat sports gyms have had on troubled neighborhoods throughout the country. I’ve always heard stories of how they are kid’s only haven from the rough streets. All those youths group that provide boxing training and what not. And the Golden Gloves! Those are still happening all over the country!

All I can conclude is that boxing is still very much alive. And even if it is dying we have to salute it for what it has done. Big new, Colin Kapernick is replacing Alex Smith as starting quarterback for the 49ers. I was all for this decision until my dad explained to me how messed up this is. Besides getting injured, Smith did nothing to lose his starting position. He has been playing decently lately and never poorly enough that he should lose the starting position. Kapernick did play well his one starting game a few weeks back. But the Niners did score two touchdowns from interceptions. I think Smith should deserve at least one game to try and prove that he has recovered from his injury . Look at that game against the Saint Louise Rams . Kapernick start-

ed and they still lost. So Niners, just give Smith his position back. Start Kapernick when he deserves to be started. Smith has every right to be angry. I know I would be, and so would you. I don’t care what Charlie Barret says because Smith is a decent guy. It is confirmed that the NHL season is not happening this year and likely there is not going to have a season next year as well. Could anyone even afford that? I love the NHL, but come on please.. You are professional athletes, you play a game for a living just take the 1% pay raise. And owners, just give them the money that they ask. You already make millions of dollars outside of owning a professional sports team. The NHL moves about as fast as congress. Very very slow-


And that is insult enough. There have been some rumors that there might not even be a season by next year. This is when I ask; WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING?! I have to assume just standing in a board room. Just standing saying nothing, because nothing is getting done! The NFL solved their problems in a jiffe! It didn’t cost them a single game. I’m going to solve the entire problem right this second. They just need to adopt whatever the NFL did. Now I am no business man, but it seems like common sense to at least look at what the NFL did, at least as a blueprint or something. That’ll help them with some progress. And I already have held up my bargain from last issue; I bought a $60 copy of NHL 13 for Xbox, but Amazon is being a little slow so I haven’t been able to play it. City League baskeball is pretty popular nowadays. “I’m in psychology you know, I know what’s going on in the other players’ minds. That’s why our team the Mendo Swishers, are going undefeated this year,” said Wesley Franks, local superstar and scholar and gentleman.


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Dec. 13 2012

2012-2013 Brings New Teachers

Charlie Barrett

Staff Writer

Ukiah high has had great teachers over the years and continues to do so with Mr. Montgomery and Ms. Chase. These two are currently in their first year’s teaching at Ukiah High.Mr. Montgomery started his early education at Nevada Union High School in Grass Valley California. N e v a d a Union High Schools mission statement is dedicated to providing a vibrant educational environment and culture of caring where academic excellence can be achieved. Growing up Montgomery did not go to college but he was convinced by a friend to attend a local community college.

Montgomery continued his higher education at Chico State University where he earned his degree and teaching credential. “I grew up in Grassvalley, where I worked for my dads hunting guides business called Turkey Creek Guide Service”, said Montgomery. Prior to teaching high school he was hunting guide, primarily for turkeys but occasionally there were other animals that people were interested in. In that line of work that often brought him to Ukiah to build fences for cows. While he was growing up he often took week long trips to Mendocino county to build fences. When talking about how the job is going Montgomery said “Enjoyable. It’s been a long day.” Skilled math teachers are absolutely necessary to build a strong foundation of mathematical knowledge for skills needed later in life. Montgomery played some football in high school but other than that spent a much time hunting and fishing as possible.

Andrea Chase is a new teacher at Ukiah High School. She is enjoying her year so far. Chase is not new to teaching as she taught at Analy High School in Sebastapol. Chase teaches earth science and chemistry. Chase was born and raised in the Santa Rosa area and attended Montgomery High School. During her high school career she was an outstanding volleyball and basketball player. Playing Varsity sports as an underclassman is no small feat in bigger areas such as Santa Rosa. Chase attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon. She traveled to England the summer she graduated from high school and then moved to Portland to start school. “I loved the city of Portland and Lewis and Clark College allowed me to play volleyball and study abroad in Equador, two thing that I wanted from my college expe-

rience. While at Lewis and Clark College Chase earned her degree in biochemistry. “Biochemistry (Very cool stuff, did you know that dumb blondes, vampires and werewolves are all based on real-life diseases? Yes, they are real, no debate” Chase said when talking about her degree. Although Chase loved Portland, a simple twist of fate brought her to Ukiah to teach the students of Ukiah High School. When asked if Ms. Chase had a family she replied “I’m still struggling to keep my cactus alive and eating ramen for dinner- imaging if I had an actual living thing to care for?” This year was her first year as assistant coach at the Mendocino College. When asked about her year up to this point she said “Yes so far so good”. She is teaching one of the toughest subjects to teach that requires a great deal of understanding. Photo Credit: Danny Seltzer

mighty help me,” read the mistake laden, but honest letter. This man named Mike was put into the position to write the letter after being swept from his doorstep and out into the ocean. He then, after being in the ocean for four hours, made his way to a nearby house. With no residents inside, he broke into the house to try and find some warmth. He wrote the letter thinking that he wouldn’t make it to see the next day and wanting his father to know what had happened to him. However, Mike was rescued and brought to the man’s home who had rescued him. He then contacted a friend to pick him up and was reunited with his father. However, the story about Mike and his will power is nothing like what Christine Schleppy had to go through. Huff Post writes about how pregnant Christine went into labor and her husband David Schleppy called for transport to the hospital. While traveling to the hospital, their vehicle got stuck in the mud and a fire ambulance came and picked them up. Then their travel to the hospital in Princeton failed due to fallen trees and

flooding, so they went to a mobile emergency center where Christine gave birth to Liam Alexander who had no idea what both of his parents had to go through during one of the most horrific natural disasters just to bring him into the world. These stories are great examples of what people had to go through because of Hurricane Sandy and how much it disrupted everyone’s daily lives. Hurricane’s like Sandy are the very things of nightmares that break apart all that people come to know. These stories also show what people will do to stay alive and how much it means to them. All of these stories show near death situations in similar ways. In the end, most of the stories about Hurricane Sandy show how devastating it was. That is why there are many communities nationwide coming together to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy. This shows that even though people may have differences, when a natural disaster occurs people can unite and help each other through the hard times.

Disaster Hits The East Coast

Kiki Yanez & Delaney Kindopp Staff Writer On October 22, 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. The people of the East Coast have had to go through extreme heat and extreme cold, but have not recently had to deal with anything like Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy came with unexpected power. The New York Times forecasted that Hurricane Sandy would bring life threatening flooding, which turned out to be true during the hurricane. Because of the expected flooding, the East Coast first started evacuating the low lying areas such as Coney Island in Brooklyn to Battery Park City in Manhattan, which together have a population of around 370,000 people. New York City closed 468 subway stations also because of the flooding. They did this to try to prevent as much damage as they could to the tracks and signal equipment. Along with Hurricane Sandy came loss of electricity and loss of heat. Ukiah High

English teacher Ms. Mastrian reports that her mom, along with many others following the storm, understood what that meant for losing the power in their homes. “She said she did not even want to tell me how many layers she was wearing,” said Ms. Mastrian when describing her mother’s situation. Her mother is in Plainfield, New Jersey and still after almost three weeks following the storm had not received power. Luckily, they were able to buy a generator so they could power a heater and use a portable stove that they purchased. After the storm had ceased and people began heading back to their homes, a homeowner found a letter at his doorstep reading, “Who ever reads this I’m DIEING I’m 28 yrs old my name is Mike. I had to break in to your house. I took blankets off the couch. I have hypothermia. I didn’t take any thing. A wave thru me ou[t] of my house down the block. I don’t think I’m going to make it. The water outside is 10ft deep at least. There’s no res[c]ue. Tell my dad I love him and I tryed get[t]ing out. His number is ###-###-#### his name is Tony. I hope you can read this I’m in the dark. I took a black jacket too. Goodbye. God all

2012-2013 Issue 3  

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