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Great things happen

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We want

great things

for you and they happen here.

Like, what great things? Well, you could meet a professor who changes the way you think—and discover a major that becomes your life’s work. You could make a difference firsthand by feeding the homeless on the Sandwich Bus. You could go on amazing journeys, whether it’s a midnight bike tour of downtown Detroit, or a trip to San Francisco to present your undergraduate research project to an audience of PhDs. All the great things that happen while you’re at UDM will get you ready for all the great things that will come afterwards.

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Great thingS

Architect Magazine calls UDM’s architecture program one of “Six Schools Committed to Social Justice.”

Great things happen

every day. We followed a couple of UDM students around all day so you could see what life is like here. One’s a freshman, the other’s a senior. One’s female, the other’s male. One lives on campus, the other commutes from home. But this part’s the same: both have great things happening for them at UDM.

I’m totally awake and ready to go. Really, I am.


Day in the life


The Quad

Name: Andrea Evans Year: Freshman Major: Biology (pre-dental) Belongs to: Sigma Sigma Sigma; Chemistry Club (UDM’s most popular club) Serious study break: A spontaneous volleyball game on the court outside my hall when the weather’s nice

great things happen

2 Chantel


me Jenna



Titan Dining Room am Student Center

The girls and I never run out of discussion topics—everything from jeans to genes.



chemistry lab Ford Life Sciences Building

Which is the major food group?

Dr. Caspers knew all our names by the second week of class.

Biology midterm: Check. Next! I love the smell of books in the morning.


11:15 3:28

Biology Lecture am Ford Life Sciences Building

2nd floor am McNichols Library

Titan Fit Zone pm Student Center

I’m ready for some me time. 3

Coffee and doughnuts after Panhellenic


Grounds CoffeeHaus pm Student Center


My dorm pm Shiple hall

Hunker down to study with Courtney & Tena

Leading a heated discussion on the Calvin-Benson cycle.

Great things happen

every day. Day in the life

Name: David Dumais Year: Senior Major: 5-year Physician Assistant program Belongs to: William Beaumont Society 5.3 Representative; 5-year P.A. Program-Mentor Program (chair); Alpha Epsilon Delta Scalpel Reporter; Presidential Ambassador for College of Engineering & Science; Engineering & Science Student Council (past secretary); Chemistry Club Serious study break: A concert at the Magic Stick or dinner at Hockeytown with the guys

great things happen






Preparing E Coli samples very, very carefully


room 105 am Ford Life Sciences Building

Coffee break with my advisor and mentor, Prof. Greg Grabowski.



A la Carte area McNichols Library

An Alpha Epsilon Delta meeting with faculty advisor Gerard Albright, S.J., to discuss World Medical Relief project.

It’s what’s called “tension release.” AKA “cracking up.”

It’s never too early to review the basic genetic properties of restriction enzymes.



Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab am Ford LIFE SCIENCES BUILDING

Room 118 am Ford LIFE SCIENCES BUILDING Don’t be fooled— I am very serious about becoming a P.A. ...and so is Lauren.

Dr. Ottenbreit makes endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus organelles of the eukaryotic cell come alive.


2:35 3:20





Dr. Ottenbreit explaining the midterm grade distribution. Let the A- be mine.

Skulls and knees make my day.





The most important reason to choose a college is academics. That’s where UDM is particularly great. In fact we’re a topranked school in our category in Michigan. Our menu of majors and degrees is vast as well as excellent, so you’ll have a lot of fantastic choices. Our highly regarded programs in architecture, engineering, nursing, business, cyber security, and psychology have launched thousands of careers, as have our pre-med, pre-dent, and pre-law programs. One more thing: UDM has a top ranking by U.S.News in the “Great schools, great prices” category. see more great things: learn/undergraduate

great things happen


Four ways to multiply the greatness factor in your education Study Abroad

Students have life-changing experiences taking classes for a semester or more in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Greece, Italy, Mexico, and Poland.

Academic Exploration Program For students who are still deciding on a major, this program allows you to discover your passion.


Academic matters

Honors Program

Top undergraduates from all our colleges come together in special courses and projects to challenge one another and broaden their horizons.

American Language and Culture Program

This program helps our 600 international students, who come from more than 50 countries, learn about the customs and history of the United States and strengthen their English.



Great thingS

UDM beat out 50 universities to win top prize at the international Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. Twice.

9.11 am

David Koukal, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Honors Program ear l y one morning in P rofessor K ouka l ’ s honors P hi l osophy c l ass .

PROF: We think our opinions a re in fallible, but clea rly they ’re not. W hy do we make this mistake? ST U DEN T: It’s because we associate with people who have the same opinions as us.

8.42 am


ST U DEN T: I think it ’s because we always hea r our own thoughts. S o the r unning monolog ue of our lives is our own voice inside our heads.

great things happen


PROF: It ’s interesting that you refer to thinking as internal d ialog ue. 8 That’s exactly what


S ocrates says — that thinking is like two people talking in your head.

PROF: W hat i f cer tain doctr ines or my ths a re useful? Should we allow the questioning of 8.41 am thei r tr uth fulness?

Great things happen

every hour. And at any given moment, half the students in David Koukal’s honors philosophy class will be waving their hands in the air. That’s because, as Prof. Koukal likes to say, “philosophy brings you into contact with the most fundamental human questions that human beings ask.” It’s all about learning how to think—a skill that will always be in demand.

ST U DEN T: Suppose we had a secondary discussion, not about the doctr ine’s tr uth fulness but about its usefulness, and came to a 8.29 am unanimous opinion that the my th was in fact actually useful, rega rd less i f it was tr ue? T hen your question would be moot.

8.54 am 8.52 am

PROF: Interesting. 8.34 am

PROF: Let’s look at the S ov iet Un ion as a case i n poi nt. T he preva i l i ng do ctr i ne was that the pa r ty had the best i nt erests of the work i ng class at hea r t. H ist or y has judged that t o have been a fa lse my th. But it was usef u l for ma ny yea rs t o stabi l i ze so ciety. ST U DE N T : Usef u l t o whom ? T he popu lation wasn’t involved in a d iscussion about whether 8.55 am or not it was usef u l. PROF: Poi nt wel l ta ken.

8.45 am 8.58 am

PROF: T he m ista ke Caesa r made was he thought he was i n fa l l ible. ST U DE N T : D id he de cide he was i n fa l l ible, or d id he act on the tr uth that he k new? A nd i f he d id n’t th i n k a ny th i ng was tr ue enough t o act on , then he shou ld n’t be emperor, be cause he wou ld never ma ke a ny de cisions.

8.27 am

PROF: A re you say i ng a l l leaders have t o assume i n fa l l ibi l ity?

9.40.04 am 10.22

ST U DE N T : T hey don’t have t o assume i n fa l l ibi l ity but they have t o act on partial knowledge.

8.28 am

9.46. am

STUDENT: Right, other wise you ’d be froz en in a kind of skeptic al dou bt . PROF: So how do we know when something is true? We can feel sur e about all kinds of thi ng s an d still be wrong.

9.44 am

9.45 am

8.47 am

see more great things:


How does our faculty teach?



At a time when many colleges and universities are making classes a lot bigger, UDM continues to maintain its low 14:1 student-faculty ratio. And that’s the fundamental value of a UDM education—up-close-and-personal attention from professors, coaches, and mentors who are thinking first and foremost about teaching you. In fact, when our students talk about what they like about UDM, it’s faculty they always mention first. These are real experts who keep their office doors open, who answer your e-mails at midnight, who give you hands-on research opportunities, and conduct study-abroad trips. And when extraordinary people are invested in your success, it’s a great thing that you’ll carry with you all your life. see more great things:

great things happen


“When you graduate, you will be in a fantastic position. For one thing, you’ve already worked a full year in industry in a co-op program. You’ll have a tremendous advantage over other people just coming out of school.” Mark Paulik, Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering

“We make ourselves available to students as much as we possibly can, and the students take full advantage of that. I always tell my students, I’m here to give you the tools so you can do the critical thinking and discover the answers yourself.” Ninee Yang, Instructor Health Economics

“Architects from around the country ask me to recommend students to come work for them. I have students now working in California, Alaska, all over the country—and it’s because they’ve been here at UDM.”  aniel Pitera, Associate Professor D Architecture


“If you want small class size paired with extreme interaction with scholars doing cutting-edge research, then this is the place for you.”  att Mio, Assistant Professor M Chemistry & Biochemistry

“You will have so much support during your years here that, when you graduate, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you want to do, what’s important to you, what your goals are and how to achieve them.” Mary Ann Hazen, Professor Business Administration

great things happen 12

Co-ops & Internships


Amber Usher, 20, Nursing major Co-op at DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital Emergency Department

Great things happen

every Semester.

“In the ER you have to prioritize and do what’s most important first. They teach you that in nursing school, but with this co-op, I’m actually applying it. We see patients from age 0 to 100. People might come in with a cold or not breathing. So I’m not only hearing about a theory in class or reading it in a book, I’m seeing the process right in front of me. It’s an awesome experience to have before you graduate. Other schools don’t require this like UDM.”

To apply all the great things you learn in the classroom:


Co-ops & Internships

At UDM we believe what you learn in books is only part of the story. A lot of great things also come together when you’re out in the field, or in the lab having realworld experience. That’s why our Career Education Center helps hundreds of students secure co-ops and internships every year. In some programs, paid co-ops are actually a required part of the degree—because we know that the hands-on experience you’ll gain will not only bolster your resume but will be a fantastic complement to the classroom part of your education. It also helps to know that many of our faculty are practicing professionals in their fields—so they can tell you what it’s like out there in the working world. see more great things:

great things happen


“The most beneficial part of my co-op was my improvement in leadership skills” Adam R. Uhlianuk, Civil Engineering Co-op employer: Professional Service Industries, Inc.

“Obviously a co-op or internship is vital to developing a career in architecture. This internship allowed me to learn not only the technical requirements of an architect but also the personal and administrative. I’ve learned a lot about the structure a project takes as it goes through development.” Brian T. Nelsen, Architecture Co-op employer: Kenneth Hahn Architects, Inc

The following companies have hired UDM co-op students: Architecture Albert Kahn Family of Companies (Kahn) Buckeye Construction LLP buildingcommunity WORKSHOP Detroit Collaborative Design Center Hobbs + Black Associates Integrated Design Solutions Katherine Frank Creative, Inc. Kenneth Hahn Architects, Inc. MAC Property Management McGough Companies Merz & Associates, LLC Milnet Architectural Service New Perspective Architects SHW Group LLP Spirit of Space St. Martha Parish SyDesign True North Architecture P.C. University Commons University of Detroit Mercy Urbanistički zavod Republike Srpski USKH Inc. Valley Architects LLP Wolgast Corporation Business American Axle–Human Resources and Finance Deloitte

tried &true

UDM’s co-op program is the first in Michigan and the third-oldest continuous program in the nation.

What is


It’s the best of both worlds. You’re working in a real job with a real salary, AND for required programs, you’re getting college credit toward your degree. In a co-op you apply your theoretical knowledge in a realworld setting. It’s like being paid to have an educational experience. Ford Motor Company–Purchasing Detroit Red Wings Detroit Pistons DENSO–Human Resources and Finance DTE Energy–Human Resources Engineering American Axle & Manufacturing ArvinMeritor Cannon Design Carbon Credit Environmental Services Carrier, Blackman & Associates, PC Charles Pankow Builders Continental Automotive Systems. DENSO International America, Inc. DiClemente Siegel Design, Inc. DTE Energy England Logistics First Energy Nuclear Operating Company Ford Motor Company G2 Consulting Group LLC General Motors Corporation George Auch Company Giffels-Webster Engineers, Inc. Kolene Corporation Lockheed Martin Systems Marshall Erdman & Associates Michigan Department of Transportation Mohr Engineering M.P. Holcomb Engineering Corporation MTU Detroit Diesel, Inc. Municipality of Chatham-Kent National Security Agency Northrop Grumman Corporation Oakwood Group P3 North America, Inc. Peter Basso Associates, Inc.

Plastipak Packaging Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) REI/Korten Rockwell Automation ServoTech Engineering Inc. SHW Group LLP Southeast Michigan Council of Governments Superior Engineering Associates, Inc. TACOM/TARDEC Tech Enterprises Temple-Inland Toyota Technical Center Transportation Equipment Supply Company (TESCO) University of Detroit Mercy Vehma International of America, Inc. Nursing AmeriStaff Nursing Baruch Senior Ministries Bay Regional Medical Center Beechwood Manor Inc. Botsford Hospital Caretel Inns of Lakeland Children’s Hospital of Michigan Covenant HealthCare Crittenton Hospital Medical Center Detroit Receiving Hospital Doctors’ Hospital of Michigan Forest View Hospital Garden City Hospital Harper University Hospital Healthcare Corporation of America (HCA) Heart & Vascular Physicians Henry Ford Health System Hilton Convalescent Home Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital John D. Dingell VA Medical Center Karmanos Cancer Institute Lapeer Regional Medical Center Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers Marywood Health Center (GR Dominicans Healthcare) McLaren Regional Medical Center Meadowlark Retirement Village Metro Health Hospital-Grand Rapids


started Your career begins with a great career office. UDM’s Career Education Center provides workshops, hosts job fairs, and maintains an extensive database of job opportunities.

face to face

Don’t be surprised if you meet your future employer on campus. Employers often come to UDM to participate in career fairs, information sessions, on-campus interviews, and as classroom presenters. Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center Northern Michigan Regional Hospital Nurse Match Staffing Solutions Oak Manor Inc. Oakland Aesthetic Dermatology Oakwood Healthcare, Inc. Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services Porter Hills Retirement Communities & Services Providence Hospital and Medical Centers Railside Living Center Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan Relevar Home Care Robbinswood Assisted Living Community Sinai-Grace Hospital Spectrum Health St. John Hospital-Detroit St. John Macomb Hospital St. John Macomb Hospital-Warren St. Joseph Mercy-Oakland St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital St. Mary Mercy Hospital-Livonia St. Mary’s Health Care-Grand Rapids St. Mary’s Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital-Dallas University of Michigan Health System Waltonwood Services LLC WellsBrooke Premium Home Health Care Westways Staffing Services, Inc. William Beaumont Hospitals Sciences Baljinder Pannu, MD CVS Caremark Healthlink Medical Transportation Henry Ford Health System Shelby Family Cosmetic Dentistry Urgent Care 1 Group William Beaumont Hospitals

“This co-op allowed me to put all my learning and knowledge into hands-on experience.” Chelsea R. Lothrop, Nursing Co-op employer: Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital

“Working in both the field and an office setting was incredibly helpful. I have a much more realistic set of expectations of each. Being in the office, I’ve been able to develop some work relationships that have already shown signs of promise for my next co-op assignment.” Patrick R. Andridge, Civil Engineering Co-op employer: Professional Service Industries, Inc.

“This university gave me a great opportunity to work for a local company with a global stature. And at the end of my internship, I received an e-mail extending me a full-time offer to be a financial analyst at Ford.” Alex Watkins, Business Administration/Finance concentration Co-op employer: Ford Motor Company

“Over the course of my co-op I gained not only skills of the trade but also an understanding of the business side of the market that will be important in moving me forward with a career.” Ryan N. Morse, Architecture Co-op employer: SHW Group LLP


Detroit rocks— two million Tigers fans can’t be wrong. UDM’s career fairs— an extremely great thing.

More about Andrea Evans on pages 2 and 3.

Singing up a storm at Union Hours.

Titans en España.


College Life



great things happen


UDM engineering students install solar panels on the Engineering Building roof.

UDM student volunteers with youngsters at Gesu after-school program.

ALL the time

Student takes the challenge on the Dual Sports Equalizer during the Spring Blowout event.

I Pisa & pizza.

Those who possess the Rock get to paint it. Tree cycling? No, it’s an environmental sculpture created by architecture students.

Everyone loves Chemistry Club experiments.


Freshman students take a break after cleaning a school playground as their PTV project.

The Jesuits and the Sisters of Mercy are UDM’s religious sponsors.

UDM’s Theatre Company performs The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. The annual midnight bike tour: 25 miles, Palmer Woods, Greektown, downtown Detroit, and a Lafayette Coney Island hot dog.

Cement canoe competition.

Packing it all in:


Astronomical time doesn’t actually expand when you’re at UDM. But with so many things to do, you’ll feel like there’s extra hours in the day. More than 60 student clubs and organizations, intramurals, watching the big game, Greek life—it adds up to a lot of hours and a lot of great times.

Settling in. You’ll probably be surprised at how quickly you’ll feel at home at UDM. We make it easy for you, with a host of opportunities and programs designed to make a smooth transition into college. SOAR: our overnight summer orientation where you’ll meet friends, take placement tests, and register for fall classes.

College Life

Prologues, Transitions & Viewpoints (PTV): a full four days of orientation before classes begin in the fall to launch you on your academic and social journey. The Common Read: a bonding experience through reading, which introduces you as a first-year student to the intellectual culture of university life. The First-Year Experience: a program to support you as you move into one of the most exhilarating phases of your life.

great things happen


With six residence halls housing approximately 800 students, our McNichols Campus has a smalltown feel in a big-city location. Most freshmen live in traditional residence halls, which makes it easy to meet new people before settling into suite-style residences for the upperclass years. see more great things at

Professional Organizations (Student Chapters) American Chemistry Society (Chemistry Club) American Institute of Architecture Students American Society of Civil Engineers Association of Computing Machinery Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers National Society of Black Engineers Society of Women Engineers UDM Emerging Green Builders Chapter Honor Societies Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Sigma Nu Beta Alpha Psi Iota Iota Iota Phi Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Theta Psi Chi Tau Beta Pi


Detroit Titans in Motion Dance Team

Ethnic Associations Arab Cultural Society Chaldean American Student Association Chinese Student Association Hispanic American Student Association Indian Student Association International Student Union Muslim Student Association Special Interest Alpha Phi Omega (National Service Fraternity) Biology Club Body Sculptors CST Radio Campus Crusade for Christ Campus Recreation Advisory Board College of Business Student Advisory Board Council on Family Relations Counseling & Addiction Studies Association Detroit Titans in Motion (Dance Team) 1 Engineering & Science Student Council Honors Program Kappa Omicron Kappa Leviathan Self Defense The LOTR Miniatures Club Mercy Ensemble of Praise Pep Band 2 Peace & Justice Social Floor Philosophy Club Pre-Dentistry Students’ Association Political Science Association Student Alumni Association Student Nurse Association Student Programming Board Student Senate Student Social Work Association UDM Men’s Club Hockey 3

Fraternities/Sororities National Panhellenic Conference – Gamma Phi Beta Sorority – Kappa Beta Gamma Sorority – Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. – Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. – Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. – Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. – Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. North-American Interfraternity Conference – Kappa Delta Rho – Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity – Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity – Sigma Pi Fraternity International UDM Greek Council Fitness & Fun 3–on–3 Basketball 5–on–5 Basketball Badminton Billiards Dodgeball Flag Football Golf Homerun Derby (Softball) Indoor Volleyball Sand Volleyball Soccer Table Tennis Tennis Ultimate Frisbee Yoga

19 2

UDM Pep Band pumps up the crowd at home basketball games.

>60 student clubs and organizations Human Intramural pyramids during badminton tourney Greek week “50 Days of Fitness” (do 100 workouts, get a prize)

91.9 FM CST Radio 3

Rock climbing during Celebrate Spirit picnic.

The UDM Men’s Club Hockey team in action.


Great athletics stirring up the

great things happen



Great thingS

Three, in fact. UDM fields three new Division I teams—men’s lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, and men’s tennis.


UDM student-athletes play at the top of their game—our 19 varsity teams are NCAA Division I. In fact, since 1990 the Titans have captured 21 championships, so coming out to cheer them on is the ultimate spectator sport. UDM student-athletes are known for their academic achievement. They rank nationally in the top 5 for academics, and more than half qualify for the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. At UDM we value academics first—because we want all our students to look forward to a promising future. see more great things:

Men’s sports Basketball Cross country Fencing Golf Lacrosse Soccer Tennis Track & Field

Calihan Hall, UDM’s sports complex, is equipped with a professional basketball arena, along with an indoor track and strength fitness room. Other top-grade campus facilities include a new tennis complex and a multi-purpose track and field—available to all UDM students and athletes.

Women’s sports Basketball Cross country Fencing Golf Lacrosse Soccer Softball Tennis Track & Field


UDM’s undergraduate programs give you many, many

School of Architecture Architecture (5-year Master’s Degree) Digital Media Studies

opti School of Dentistry 7-year BS/DDS Program Dental Hygiene

College of Business Administration


Accounting 5-year BSBA/MBA Program Business Administration Concentrations in: Finance International Business Management Marketing

great things happen



Great thingS

U.S.News & World Report consistently ranks UDM in the top tier of Midwestern master’s universities.

see more great things:



College of Health Professions Health Services Health Services Administration Physician Assistant (5-year Master’s Degree)

McAuley School of Nursing Nursing

College of Engineering & Science

College of Liberal Arts & Education

Architectural Engineering Biochemistry Biology Chemistry Civil and Environmental Engineering Computer Science Electrical and Computer Engineering 7-year Engineering/JD Manufacturing Engineering Mathematics Mechanical Engineering Pre-Dentistry Pre-Medical Pre-Physician Assistant

Academic Exploration Program (for undeclared majors) Addiction Studies (and Certificate) African American Studies (Certificate) Catholic Studies (Certificate) Communication Studies Computer Information Systems Criminal Justice Economics Education Elementary Education English Financial Economics (Macomb) History Human Services Language and Culture (Certificate) Legal Administration Legal Studies (Certificate) Liberal Studies Philosophy Political Science Pre-Law Psychology General Developmental Industrial/Organizational Religious Studies Secondary Education Social Work Sociology Special Education Emotionally Impaired /Behaviorally Disabled Learning Disabilities 5-year Teacher Education Program (bachelor’s and master’s degrees) Theatre



The essential steps to put it together.

great things happen


howto Visit us. It’s the best way to see all we have to offer, and there are a variety of ways to do it: Come to Visit Days, book an Individual Visit, schedule an Overnight Visit in our residence halls, or shadow a UDM student to classes to experience a “day in the life.” To make a reservation or schedule a visit—or just to talk to a helpful admissions counselor—e-mail us at, call 800-635-5020, or go to

Financial Aid and Scholarships. If you’re thinking you can’t afford a UDM education, you should know that 82 percent of our students receive financial aid packages that cover more than half of tuition and fees. Our financial aid officers will help you maximize your scholarship and financial aid opportunities. Contact us and we’ll show you how. Scholarship and Financial Aid Office: 800-635-5020

Apply! It’s free when you apply online. Go to Questions? E-mail admissions. or call the office at 800-635-5020.

University of Detroit Mercy Great numbers.

The University of Detroit Mercy, a Catholic university in the Jesuit and Mercy traditions, exists to provide excellent student-centered undergraduate and graduate education in an urban context. A UDM education seeks to integrate the intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and social development of our students.

Faculty with doctorate or terminal degree:

Faculty: more than


Financial aid:

Michigan’s largest and most comprehensive


percent of undergrads receive some form of financial aid


26 53


& countries.

Placement rate:



percent of students are working or in graduate school within six months of graduation.


Catholic university

More than academic degrees and programs of study


through schools and colleges. UDM’s three campuses are located in Detroit, the 11th-largest city in the nation. UDM students are close to professional opportunities in established fields as well as emerging areas such as life sciences, fuel cell technology, and cyber security. And besides being a great sports town, Detroit is home to some of the best rock, jazz, hip hop, and R&B bands in the country.

Detroit Zoological Park

ree eF


. Lo


Joh y


7 Mile Road W. Outer Dr. W. McNichols Rd.


d Woo e.

d Av

Southfield Freeway

Detroit Historical Museum

The Detroit Institute of Arts Ford Field

Fairlane Town Center The Henry Ford Museum

Comerica Park

Cobo Hall Joe Louis Arena

Renaissance Center

Make a virtual visit: UDM McNichols Campus

UDM Corktown Campus (Dentistry)

UDM Riverfront Campus (Law)

Paul Hitz

Produced by Lipman Hearne, Chicago/Washington Photography: Dave Frechette and Chris Strong


89 percent


Students: approximately

Student-faculty ratio:


Alumni: more than

Student body:

Get more info:





We want great things for you. 800-635-5020 4001 W. McNichols ROAD, Detroit, MIÂ 48221-3038

2011-12 University of Detroit Mercy Viewbook  

The 2011-12 University of Detroit Mercy Viewbook.

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