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MARCH | 2019


transformation is happening at the wesley 


The       TSU        Wesley               Foundation                      made history this

1. Describe a time when it was good for you to be silent. Describe a time when you made sure your voice mattered

year as the very first African-American worship team to lead the 2019 Divine Rhythm conference 2. Share a time when someone spoke “a limitation” in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The conference was over you.  How did it make you feel? How did it held over the course of three highly impactful affect you? days where our worship team brought a powerful move of God for each session. The guest speaker 3.  When has fear almost robbed you of a blessing? How did you overcome the fear? for the weekend, was Pastor Rachel Billups. She brought a series of heart changing messages that Just to list a few. We went around the bus and each person shared their response. Some sharing challenged listeners to grow closer to God by pieces of themselves that they’ve never openly working to overcome ourselves, our limitations and own desires. Every student and leader left the discussed before, some coming to tears as they weekend retreat feeling inspired and empowered, openly overcame personal challenges, and some but it did not stop there! Even the bus ride home sharing smiles and laughter of newly found from the conference was spirit- filled, Reverend freedom from limitations that tried to be placed on their lives. These moments were truly heartMorton challenged each student and leader to warming to us all and allowed us to grow closer to privately self-reflect on the impact of the Divine one another through our shared struggles and Rhythm conference as well as an open discussion willingness to become vulnerable through our on a series of questions. shared love of Christ. 


"I rebuke all limitations that have been spoken over my life by friends and even family. This trip opened my eyes and my heart to my full potential and all the plans that God has in store for me. This conference will never be forgotten. Thank you TSU Wesley Foundation for allowing me to connect with God on such a personal level with so many other people my age"

"This trip has honestly meant so much to me. My faith has been tested so much since I've been in college, so for me to partake in activities such as this meant a lot. I'm so glad I got to meet so many individuals who feel the same way about Christ that I do."

"The Divine Rhythm Conference was a great experience. Going into it I didn't know what to expect but I left with a lot. I know my fears and know how I can take steps to overcome them. I thank the Wesley Foundation for giving me this opportunity to connect with others my age in worship. It was a great trip and I can't wait for the next."

"I can honestly say God wanted me to attend this retreat. I felt as if all the sessions focused on something I needed to work on" NEWSLETTER





WESLEY TRANSFORMATIONS Senia heard about the TSU Wesley Foundation the first week of school her freshman year. After going to the introductory ice cream social, she felt how welcoming the staff were. Winning a raffle prize that day turned into a year of faithful membership and a work study position.Moving in the fall semester of 2018 SeNia moved into a photography position for the ministry, traveling with the ministry to capture images for social media and on other platforms highlighting the ministries work. A student leader, Senia leads service projects and is a work study student. She is grateful for the support system she has found at the church, a home away from home, where you can live in an environment where the commonality is the faith.

Senia Hernandez Urban Studies & Political Science Major Champaign, Illinois Sophomore

“Things were really rocky for me with my family when I got to college and my faith was rocky. I found myself straying away in some cases but the Wesley has helped me to reaffirm it. Through talking to Rev and participating in the programs that have helped me live through Christ. Constantly being surrounded by other people your age that believe, just re-affirms that seeing Christ work in other's lives shows that he is still alive and working in mine.”

Chenoa found out about the TSU Wesley Foundation through a mutual friend that came to the Sunday services. After she was invited she started coming consistently, loving the convenience of the 6pm service. After participating in her first L.I.T conference (Leading in Transformation) she knew the Wesley was going to be an active part of her college experience. Moving in this spring, she was more than ready to strengthen her walk with Christ by being thrust into Christian community. Recently experiencing the Divine Rhythm Conference and getting involved in the Butterfly Effect Program, Chenoa believes that she has only touched the surface of the untapped purpose the Foundation will produce in her life. “It has really helped me being involved in church, and closer to the students. It has all been one big bowl of like God Soup, and I am always hungry.” NEWSLETTER


Chenoa Ebanks Computer Science Major Brooklyn, NY Sophomore PAGE 4


Leona came to the Wesley Foundation because of a small student poetry group called Writer's Block, but didn’t experience an actual service until her junior year. Coming off and on she struggled with being consistent at any church service until she met Reverend Morton at a Nashville Alumni Association meeting and got her organization involved in volunteering at certain TSU Wesley Foundation events. Needing a place to stay over the summer for an internship, Rev Morton told her about the summer housing the Wesley provided. Moving in the Summer of 2018, she hasn’t left since. Now as an intern for the Foundation, Leona will experience the United Methodist communications agency. She graduates this May. “I was a fan of God, but not a follower until I got to experience the deep love and passion Rev. Morton had for God. Her unwavering faith has inspired me to believe. When I didn’t know what step to take next she physically showed me how God shows up and helps in my time of need if I just give it to him. Being incredibly involved my three years at TSU, the privacy living in the Foundation in my senior year was what I needed. Now, I can focus on my relationship with God instead of worrying about my future.”

Leona Dunn Mass Communications; Journalism Major Omaha, NE Senior NEWSLETTER



A new $10,000 gift to the Wesley Foundation at Tennessee State University will allow more direct training and nurture for college students pursuing careers in leadership in church, civic and business vocations. Friends and supporters are invited to join the donor—who wishes to remain anonymous—with additional contributions to the TSU campus ministry, which provides spiritual support, counseling, leadership training, weekly worship and Bible study, peer support, and community outreach opportunities for students.            The Rev. Michele Morton, lead clergy for the United Methodist-related presence on the Nashville, Tenn., campus ministry, announced receipt of the gift in early February. The total amount was given specifically to the Wesley Foundation’s Cedric Foley Endowed Leadership Development Fund. The fellowship honors longtime TSU Wesley Foundation board member, the late Cedric Foley, a TSU alum and member of Braden UMC in Nashville, who died after a battle with cancer May 22, 2011. Foley was also a well-loved staff member of the United Methodist Publishing House. He managed popup Cokesbury stores across the nation, and frequently appeared as a model for clergy and choir robes in Cokesbury catalogs. Rev. Michele Morton reports, “Together we are determined to continue to identify, groom and nurture young adult leaders formally and informally, creating a safe environment for young adults to network, explore and respond to God’s call on their lives. “Through this endowment, The Cedric Foley Leadership DevelopmentProgramwill offer internships in local church and agency settings, and social justice work. We will continue to hold Cedric Foley Leadership Training Conferencesand engage students in significant leadership experiences offered within the United Methodist Church. We believe in partnering with transformational experts in diverse vocational fields, who see the need to encourage, train and develop young progressive leaders who will impact this hurting world. We are truly grateful for this generous donation to this endowment fund.” Elaine Jenkins, TSU Wesley Foundation fundraising chairperson, said of the anonymous donation, “The donor has been following TSU’s campus ministry for a number of years and has been very impressed with Rev. Morton’s leadership.  The donor wanted to continue to support the ministry in a significant way.” The Wesley Foundation at Tennessee State University is one of more than 1,300 United Methodist Church-related ministries located on college and university campuses across the U.S. and the world. Their purpose is to celebrate and offer Christ in a way that raises up a new generation of thoughtful, outwardly focused Christians who care about making the world a better place, through spiritual discipline and positive community action. The late Mr. Foley was a product of the TSU campus ministry, and volunteered much of his time mentoring and supporting young people in his role as a Wesley Foundation board PAGE 6 NEWSLETTER member.


To contribute to the TSU Wesley Foundation, or to learn more, please contact Rev. Michele Morton, TSU Wesley Foundation, 3201 John Merritt Boulevard, Nashville, TN, 37209 or (615) 818-6312.   Check out our website:

Cedric Foley with Newtonia Coleman A big thank you to Nathalie Nelson Parker and SBC21 National Network of Young Adults for awarding the TSU Wesley Foundation as one of the recipients for the Leading In Transformation Grant! These grants were awarded for transformational programs or projects committed to addressing social justice concerns that impact the lives of young adults or communities of color. Thank you to our Wesley member and grant writer, Senia Hernandez, for the awesome work to make this possible! The Wesley Foundation has dedicated this grant to fund our Butterfly Effect community service project founded by Wesley graduate, Iesha Brown. This project continues on through current Wesley leaders in partnership with Metro Nashville Public  Schools engaging fourth grade girls in building posi tive selfesteem and practicing leadership and social graces. NEWSLETTER


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