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TCESCEducator September 2019

Darrell Scott, father of Rachel Scott, the first victim in the April 20, 1999, massacre at Columbine High School, challenged Trumbull County’s public school administrators to start a chain reaction by making it a point to let the people in their lives—friends, family members, colleagues, coworkers, students—know how much he or she means to them. Scott addressed superintendents, treasurers, principals and other school leaders at this year’s Trumbull County Administrators’ Conference in Geneva, Ohio, on August 1. For more, please see pages 4 and 5.

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TCESC Educator The Trumbull County Educational Service Center Educator is designed to highlight the activities and accomplishments of our students, staff, partnering school districts and local public educational community. The TCESC Educator is published throughout the school year by the TCESC Public Relations Department. Please submit items for consideration for the next Educator by Sept. 20 to the TCESC Public Relations Department: Brittany Bissell Public and Community Relations Coordinator (330) 505-2800 ext. 187

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From Superintendent

Michael Hanshaw Welcome to 2019-2020! At the TCESC, we realize this has been a busy time for all of you as you settle into the new school year. The TCESC has nearly 280 dedicated employees prepared to assist our Trumbull County public schools as we all continue to serve our students, staff and communities throughout the year. We welcome several new staff members to the TCESC and our new superintendents to our Trumbull County public school system. You will notice with this edition of the TCESC Educator that we are using a new format to present the newsletter. We have found this format to be more user-friendly and are confident our readers will also like it. We hope to see all of you Tuesday, Nov. 5 when we gather for Innovative Day 2019 — an event that received numerous accolades and endorsements from educators across Trumbull County. More information about this year’s daylong professional learning opportunity will be forthcoming. We at the TCESC look forward to working together and in collaboration with our aligned school districts to make 2019-2020 as successful as possible as we all strive to again lead with educational excellence. Have a great year! In This Edition Chain Reaction……………..…………………...…..p. 4 TC Administrators……………..……………...…. p. 6 School Supplies……………...…………………......p. 9 Milestones……………………….…...……………....p. 11 On the Cover: Darrell Scott, center, father of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the Columbine High School shooting, shown left, recounts the massacre that claimed the life of his daughter and left a lifelong mark on his son, Craig, who was also at the school that day and came within seconds of being shot as well.

Doug Hiscox

Laura Revetti

Chris Canann

Brittany Bissell

The Trumbull County ESC has welcomed several new employees. Doug Hiscox, former Assistant Superintendent at the Mahoning County ESC, has joined our Curriculum and Instruction team as a new supervisor replacing Bill Young.; Laura Revetti, formerly at Niles City School District, is our new supervisor of emotionally disturbed programs, replacing Melissa Starkey; and Chris Canann, previously of Youngstown City Schools, is a new special education supervisor. Additionally, our public/communications relations and marketing department has expanded to include Brittany Bissell, a former TV news anchor at WKBN/WYTV in Youngstown.

Bryan O’Hara

Toby Gibson

Velina “Jo” Taylor

John Grabowski

Over the summer break, Bryan O’Hara, former director of the TCESC Curriculum and Instruction Department, was named the new Girard City Schools superintendent, replacing David Cappuzzell. Brookfield Local Schools named Toby Gibson, one of the district’s longtime principals, as the new superintendent, replacing Velina “Jo” Taylor. Mrs. Taylor moved to the Lakeview Local Schools superintendent’s post when Robert Wilson retired. John Grabowski, longtime principal at Champion Local Schools, was promoted to superintendent following the retirement of Pamela Hood.


Chain Reaction Pas It was a simple request, but, said Darrell Scott, not one he takes lightly. Scott, father of Columbine victim Rachel Scott, asked everyone in the large conference room to close their eyes, and then consider making a commitment to accept responsibility for the people in their lives—family members, students, colleagues, co-workers — and to become more aware and intentional of those relationships. “Make it a point to let them know you are there for them, that you care about them, that they matter in your life,” Scott said. By accepting what has become known as Rachel’s Challenge, we can each start our own chain reaction of kindness and compassion, Scott said. Scott was the keynote speaker for this year’s Trumbull County Administrators’ Conference in August. He and his wife, Sandy, lead Rachel’s Challenge, a non-religious, nonprofit, non-political organization that works to reduce school violence. Scott’s daughter Rachel was the first student killed April 20, 1999, in the Columbine High School shooting. One administrator, after thanking Scott, asked him how he is able to continue telling Rachel’s story 20 years later. “Because it’s necessary,” Scott replied.

Scott and members of his team travel cros country to dozens of schools each year to pre sent Rachel’s Challenge to students, parents and educators. Some local districts, including Howland, Hubbard and Liberty, have implemented elements of Rachel’s Challenge. One member of the Rachel’s Challenge team, Chri Mowery, is a graduate of Weathersfield Loca Schools. “This message is as relevant today as it wa 20 years ago, and maybe even more so,” said Mowery of Canfield.

Leaders from Trumbull County’s public school districts listen as Darrell Scott, father of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the April 20, 1999, Columbine High School massacre, recounts the events that unfolded that day and the aftermath of the tragic event that changed the landscape of school safety and security across the country.


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Scott said he has a special place in his heart for the Mahoning Valley, especially the local school system. Frank Amedia, a Hubbard native now living in Canfield, is the local pastor/ businessman Scott talks about often when sharing Rachel’s Challenge. Amedia, at the time unknown to the grieving father, shared with Scott a recurring dream related to Rachel that he had been experiencing. Amedia told Scott that he had seen falling from a young girl’s eyes tears that were pointing to the ground and something beginning to

Rachel’s Challenge Look for the Best in Others Dream Big Choose Positive Influences Speak With Kindness Start Your Own Chain Reaction grow out of the ground. Scott didn’t see the relevance in Amedia’s dream until he retrieved his daughter’s backpack from the sheriff’s department and turned to the last page of her final diary. “I was stunned. There was a picture of a girl’s eyes and a trickle of tears falling from them, 13 tears,” he said. “At first, they were clear, but got darker as they were falling. Just hours after Rachel drew that picture, 13 people, including my daughter, died at Columbine.”


Trumbull County administrators focus on school safety,

Nearly 180 Trumbull County superintendents, treasurers, prin Close to 180 administrators representing Trumbull County’s public schools gathered in Geneva, Ohio, Aug. 1 and 2 for the annual Trumbull County Administrators’ Conference hosted by the Trumbull County ESC. Presenters, along with Darrell Scott, father of Columbine shooting victim Rachel Scott, included Warren G. Harding High School Principal Dante Capers and Joshua Guthrie, principal at Warren’s Lincoln PK-8 School; Attorney Megan Bair; Denise Holloway, supervisor, TCESC Trumbull Student Assistance Consortium; Pam Leist of Ennis Britton Law Firm; and Gary Hartman of The Builder’s Association. Warren G. Harding Principal Dante Capers and Joshua Guthrie, principal at Warren’s Lincoln PK-8School, talk to Trumbull County middle school and high school principals about how a strong social-emotional learning program advances student voice.

From left, TCESC Assistant Superintendent Robert Marino Jr., Darrell Scott of Rachel’s Challenge and TCESC Superintendent Michael Hanshaw. Attorney Megan Bair provides a legal update.

Trumbull County public school administrators listen to keynote speaker Darrell Scott.


social-emotional learning & more at 2019 conference

ncipals & curriculum leaders attended this year’s gathering

Pam Leist of Ennis Britton Law Firm updates special education supervisors on legal issues.

Gary Hartman of The Builder’s Association discusses the 2019 Skilled Trades Expo scheduled for Sept. 26 at the Canfield Fairgrounds. The TCESC is one of the sponsors of the event designed for students in grades 6-12.

Dr. Dennis Embry discusses “Peace, Productivity, Health & Happiness” with Trumbull County public school administrators.

Michael Hanshaw, right, welcomes former student Chris Mowery to the conference. Chris, a graduate of Mineral Ridge High School, is a presenter for Rachel’s Challenge.

Darrell Scott meets with school administrators during a break-out session.


2019 Mahoning Valley Skilled Trades

EXPO Sept. 26, 2019 Canfield Fairgrounds Canfield, OH Designed for grades 6-12 8


Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Cram the Cruiser supply drive a success! Working together and with the community, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Trumbull County Educational Service Center collected over a ton—that’s more than 2,119 pounds — of school supplies for children in Trumbull County. We received more than $2,000 to purchase additional supplies. Some of the supplies were earmarked for students in the Joseph Badger School district whose families were impacted by flooding in July when a levy in Kinsman failed after significant rainfall.

“We are very grateful for the help and that the ESC and highway patrol made special consideration for our families. It’s been a challenging time, but receiving these school supplies right now is significant for our families and these children.” — Linda Miller, Kinsman trustee 9 910

to 2019-2020!


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The Learning Center kicks off 2nd year with open house

The Learning Center marked its second year in operation at its Liberty location last month with an open house and reception. Dozens of school leaders, community members and public officials attended the Aug. 27 gathering. Several organizations, including The United Way of Trumbull County, Valley Counseling and Kent State at Trumbull were on hand to donate backpacks, books and other resources for students. The TCESC opened The Learning Center last year to bring several classrooms to a central location. Thank you, school supply contributors! The United Way of Trumbull County Valley Counseling Trumbull County Mental Health Board Child and Family Solutions Belmont Pines Eastern Gateway Community College Kent State Trumbull Liberty Giant Eagle


The Learning Center has 7 classrooms: 3: TAP (Transitional Adjustment Program) 1: APP: (Alternative Placement Program) 1: STEP (Student Therapeutic Educational Program) 1: Traditional ED Classroom 1: Specialized Low Incidence Program

The Trumbull County Educational Service Center is looking for SUBSTITUTE ASSISTANTS to fill various positions.

A high school diploma and background checks are required. Assistant subs may work regularly in positions.

We have something for everyone! For more information, contact the TCESC Human Resources Department at 330-505-2800 or visit https//


Tuesday, Nov. 5

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TCESC Educator: September 2019  

The Trumbull County Educational Service Center Educator provides information and updates about the TCESC and the public school system in Tru...

TCESC Educator: September 2019  

The Trumbull County Educational Service Center Educator provides information and updates about the TCESC and the public school system in Tru...

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