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FALL 2019

Keynote Tom Murray brings his ‘intentional interaction’ message to Innovative Day 2019 on Tuesday, Nov. 5. Joe Sanfelippo will discuss the First 5, the Last 5. — See pages 4 and 5.

Also In This Issue Steps to Literacy..………...p. 3 STEAM Learning……….....p. 6-7 Building Futures......……...p. 8-9 Striving Readers……….….p. 10-11

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6000 Youngstown Warren Rd. • Niles, Ohio 44446 • Phone: (330) 505-2800 • Fax: (330) 505-2814 • www.TRUMBULLESC.ORG

TCESC Educator The Trumbull County Educational Service Center Educator is designed to highlight the activities and accomplishments of our students, staff, partnering school districts and local public educational community. The TCESC Educator is published throughout the school year by the TCESC Public Relations Department. Please submit items for consideration for the next Educator by Nov. 15 to the TCESC Public Relations Department: Brittany Bissell Public and Community Relations Coordinator (330) 505-2800 ext. 187

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TCESC Governing Board Don Bishop Denise Domhoff Jeff Dreves William J. Holland Allen Ryan

TCESC Administrative Team Michael Hanshaw, Superintendent Lori Simione, CPA, Treasurer Robert Marino Jr., Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Instruction

From Superintendent

Michael Hanshaw This has been a busy, albeit exciting time for the TCESC. Innovative Day is just around the corner and we are looking forward to welcoming our keynote speaker Tom Murray, along with Dr. Joe Sanfelippo and all of our presenters, and each of you on Nov. 5 to our second countywide professional learning opportunity. Please see pages 4 and 5 for more information about Innovative Day. A highlight this fall has been Education Dive’s inclusion of the article “5 steps for aligning assessment, literacy instruction for young readers” written by TCESC Curriculum & Instruction team members Robert Marino, Lauren DeJulio and Angela Guarnieri. The article, which has been shared by various other outlets and educator resources, outlines the efforts of the TCESC and our partnering school districts to close learning gaps and build lifelong readers. More information can be found on page 3. We at the TCESC are proud of the outstanding work taking place among our staff and our aligned school districts. These continued collaborations are an essential part of our shared goals of helping our students build strong futures as we lead with educational excellence.

Kathleen Vilsack, Director of Pupil Services Carlotta Sheets, Supervisor of Human Resources Christopher M. Hubinsky Technology Administrator



On the Cover: Tom Murray, keynote speaker for Innovative Day 2019, will bring his message of intentionality to the Nov. 5 countywide professional learning opportunity for Trumbull County educators.

From ‘learning to read to reading to learn’ Article penned by TCESC C&I team members outlines key steps to close learning gaps, build lifelong readers.

— Make it a joint effort. — Do your homework before selecting a vendor. — Make professional learning a priority. — Let teachers know you are helping them. — Fully leverage the data. These are the areas outlined in the essay “5 steps for aligning assessment, literacy instruction for young readers” penned by three members of the TCESC’s Curriculum and Instruction team: Robert Marino, assistant superintendent and curriculum and instruction lead; Lauren DeJulio, curriculum and instruction special education supervisor; and Angela Guarnieri, curriculum and instruction elementary language arts supervisor. The article, published by Education Dive and shared via other educator resources, looks at the TCESC’s partnerships with school districts to develop successful personalized learning literacy programs supporting state 3rd-grade reading mandates. Read the full article here.

See Striving Readers on pages 10 and 11

Education Dive is a resource for educators that addresses topics such as policy, blended learning, classroom tech, journalism and learning management, among others. Operated by Industry Dive, the publication explores trends shaping K-12 and higher education. 3

Trumbull County Educat How are YOU intentional in your interactions? Tom Murray, this year’s Innovative Day keynote speaker, is challenging Trumbull County educators to think about how you are connecting with your students. “What are the intentional ways you’re getting to know your students?” Murray is asking. “How are you connecting on a personal level?” Murray, director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools, will be at all three Innovative Day 2019 locations in Warren — Warren G. Harding High School, Lincoln PK-8 School and Willard PK-8 School — on Tuesday, Nov. 5. Dr. Joe Sanfelippo, superintendent at Fall Creek School District in Fall Creek, Wisconsin, will discuss what can we do to amplify the voices around us: Be intentional. Open doors. Build each other up. His challenge is to consider what you are doing in the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes. Use the hashtag #IDchallenge (for Innovative Day Challenge) and share via social media what you are doing to connect with your students.


Tuesday, Nov. 5

* WGH H * Willard * Lincoln

For more about Joe Sanfelippo a senters plan to d tive Day 2019, r Innovative Day Warren G. Hard (Grades 4-12)

Lincoln (PK-3)

Willard (Specialists)

#IDchallen 4



WATCH Tom Murray’s Challenge

ve Day 2019

5, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

High School d PK-8 School n PK-8 School

t what Tom Murray, and our other prediscuss at Innovareview this year’s Session Books: ding

Joe Sanfelippo’s Challenge “Every interaction matters because every interaction could be the one they talk about forever.”

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The Trumbull County ESC started another year of STEAM Powered Learning this fall with 212 students from 18 Trumbull County public school districts. The program started in 1991 as an Arts Excel Program that has grown into STEAM Excel – a complete Powered Learning program focused on developing the creative talents of students while stressing process development, self-assessment and evaluation. Last year, just over 180 students participated in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) program based at Lordstown High School.


Jenny Panca

EAM Powered



Pam Lubich & Marc Bjelac

Jocelyn Ingram 7

BUILDING FUTURES: Trades Expo lets Tr

Trumbull students among 4K to attend i


Trumbull County public high school students were among the more than 4,000 to gather at the C field Fairgrounds in September for the Mahoning Valley Skilled Trades Expo. A first-of-its-kind event for area students considering a career in the trades, the expo gave studen opportunities to connect with skilled industry professionals, learn more about the field and gain som hands-on experience. The Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania and Western Reserve Buildi Trades worked collaboratively with several partners including the Trumbull County Educational Se vice Center, Mahoning ESC, Columbiana ESC, and the Youngstown / Warren Regional Chamber. Sixteen trades were represented. Several contractors were on hand and the event also featured inte 5 active and static displays with equipment. Students were provided with information on how to apply for various apprenticeships. 8

rumbull students gain hands-on experience

inaugural event at Canfield Fairgrounds




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Key Vocabulary Routines & other topics highlight T

Hundreds of Trumbu participate in tra

Joan Sedita

Michelle Elia

Lauren DeJulio 10

The Trumbull County Educationa founder and creator of Keys to Liter Ridge High School for a uniquely de opportunity for educators on Mond Sedita presented the overview of to Trumbull County public school e 12. The training, designed to enhan knowledge to improve comprehens sessions at the TCESC in Niles and S ersfield where, respectively, K-2 tea Core Reading Instruction: A Phonic from Catapult Learning and grades ued support in beginning and advan gaps in struggling adolescent reade instruction, social emotional learni and content specific information. Facilitators, including Ohio Litera cussed morphemes, used hands-on educators can better engage their s Several hundred educators atten made possible through a $1.2 millio consortium made up of Trumbull C ter preschools and six public schoo The funding, provided through th prehensive Literacy Grant, is helpin Trumbull County advance the langu students in preschool through grad The goal of the three-year grant est numbers of students living in po ties, English learners and students according to ODE. The TCESC consortium includes view, Lordstown, Joseph Badger, W Southington. The Ohio Department of Educati ents May 23, 2018. In all, the state a school districts and consortiums of

Read media coverage o

Additional photogra

TCESC Striving Readers professional learning day

ull County educators aining sessions

al Service Center welcomed racy Joan Sedita to Mineral esigned professional learning day, Oct. 14. f the Key Vocabulary Routines educators who teach grades 6 to nce student vocabulary sion outcomes, coincided with Seaborn Elementary in Weathachers discussed “Enhanced cs Routine” with expert trainers s 3-5 teachers received continanced phonics practices to fill ers as well as using data to drive ing, diverse learner awareness

racy Lead Michelle Elia who disn activities to demonstrate ways students. nded the sessions that were on grant awarded last year to a County Educational Service Cenol districts in Trumbull County. he Ohio’s Striving Readers Comng public school educators in uage and literacy skills among de 12. is to focus on serving the greatoverty, students with disabiliidentified as struggling readers,

Trumbull County teachers listening to Joan Sedita

Dana Butto

the school districts of LakeWeathersfield, Newton Falls and

ion announced the grant recipiawarded $33 million to 46 f districts.

of the trainings here.

Patty McGraw

aphs on page 15. 11

Serving Pupils

TCESC Pupil Ser educational opp

Here’s a closer look inside some of our classroom units a

Traci Ady, far left, and Linda Spies, second from left, classroom assistants, with their students inside their MD classroom at Niles Intermediate School.

From left: Kris Sutton, classroom assistant, Trisha Betts, teacher, and Onnie Kowacich, classroom assistant, in the MD unit with their students at Niles Primary School. 12

rvices Department classroom units provide portunities for students in Trumbull County

nd the TCESC professionals who serve our students daily.

From left: Lucia Frendenburg, Pam Barton and Jeseca Lindberg with their preschool students in their classroom at Girard’s Prospect Elementary School.

Madalyn Sanders, left, teacher, and Dianne Walker, classroom assistant, with their preschool students at Niles Primary School.

Ellen Spano, standing, classroom assistant, and Arianna Wilson, seated, teacher, with their preschool students at Girard’s Prospect Elementary School. 13

TCESC Serving Pupils

Michael Broderick, adaptive physical education teacher, standing, with, from left, Sue Hartman, classroom assistant, Jenna Holub, teacher, and Rebekah Stevens, classroom assistant, in the adapted physical education classroom at Niles Primary School. .

From left: Jessica Masters, teacher, Sherry Davis and Joellen Manz, classroom assistants, with their students inside the MD unit at McDonald High School.


ATTN: Trumbull County Teachers Grants available through retired teachers association The Trumbull Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) is providing two $500 grants for active teachers to support innovative activities in their classrooms or for school -wide activities. This grant program is open to all academic disciplines, grade levels, or building activities. The grant money should not replace funds already allocated. All teachers are encouraged to submit applications. You may use additional sheets of paper or prepare on a computer. The deadline for applications is Nov. 15, 2019. Awards will be granted in January 2020. Recipients may use the grants for projects, activities, or programs that best fit the academic and curricular year. Information/application available here.

Trumbull County teachers participate in a hands-on activity during the Oct. 14 Striving Readers professional learning day.

Grants: $500 For: Activities Deadline To Apply: Nov. 15

Striving Readers sessions highlight vocabulary, skill building

Shelli Frazier-Bradley

Bill Bosheff 15

Trumbull County’s Public Schools: Working to Build Futures If you haven’t yet had a chance to watch our latest public schools commercial, click on the picture and you’ll see some highlights of the great work taking place here in Trumbull County. County auditor shines spotlight on Trumbull public school system In his 2018 Financial Report, Trumbull County Auditor Adrian Biviano included—for the first time— our public school system. Working with the TCESC PR/Marketing Department, the auditor’s office highlighted the TCESC and each public school district in Trumbull County. You can find the complete report here or by clicking on the PAFR cover photo to the left. The schools section starts on page 11.

So many great things are taking place in our Trumbull County public schools & at the TCESC. To keep up, follow us: @TrumbullESC @TrumbullCountyESC 16

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Tuesday, Nov. 5 13