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Travel Management Club THE PLATFORM FOR TRAVEL MANAGERS, FOR OVER 30 YEARS Share experiences, provide opportunities to deepen knowledge and provide a platform for networking. These are some of the activities of the new Reis Management Club (translated: Travel Management Club). For over 30 years Reis Management Club (RMC) has been the podium for travel professionals to meet and exchange knowledge and experiences, as powered by TravMagazine all those years. Through these years some 1.400 travel managers have joined in the RMC, a household name in the travel trade in the Netherlands. RMC focuses on the management of all travel companies. These include directors/owners of tour operators and retail companies, managers, product managers, sales specialists, affiliate managers, but also ambitious employees. This RMC addresses a broad audience interested in the whole travel industry. The objective of the RMC is to contribute to the continuous quality and professionalism in the travel industry. The RMC is the ideal platform for a company to present itself as a major supplier.


Our members RMC MEMBERS: Total members 1.261

A selection of the membership of the RMC

• Director 517 (41%) • Sales 252 (20%) • Financial 29 (2,3%) • HR 16 (1,3%) • Product 116 (9,2%) • Marketing 89 (7,1%) • ICT 39 (3,1%) • Teacher 28 (2,2%) • Other 100 (12,9%) BUILT UP IN 449 DIFFERENT COMPANIES • Airline 19 (4,2%) • PR/Media 13 (2,9%) • TO 207 (46,1%) • Travel agency/Independent travel adviser 131 (29,2%) • ICT 12 (2,7%) • Supplier 23 (5,1%) • Cruise 9 (2%) • Airport 4 (0,9%) • Accountant/Lawyer 6 (1,3%) • Tourist Board 11 (2,4%) • Education 7 (1,6%) • Other 6 (1,3%)


Reactions RMC Erik Jan Reuver – SGR(Z)/Calamiteitenfonds ‘We have become a partner of the RMC to improve our communication with the Dutch travel market. RMC offers us a platform to clearly show our goals and our activities. The RMC has the added value of making a contribution to sharing communication issues with the right platform.’

Karen Kuhlman - Transavia ‘RMC provides the opportunity to show us who we are and offers us the opportunity to strengthen and broaden our network in the travel industry. We know where to find each other in the travel industry, but when we get to know each other just a little bit better, new opportunities arise for further entrepreneurship together, and to be able to tell more about our company.’ Jelmer Pieters - DPO ‘I became a partner because of the quality of the network, the combination between online, events (great turnout, great atmosphere) and printing and of course the relevance of the network. And not unimportantly, it’s a nice and fun Club!’ Hanita van der Meer - OYO Vacation Homes ‘It is good to be regularly informed of all sorts of important issues in the industry. That is also the added value for me. In addition, it is always nice to regularly exchange ideas with each other during RMC meetings.’


Arjan Kers - TUI Nederland ‘There are a number of important issues and dilemmas that the travel world is facing or will encounter. Consider developments in the field of sustainability and also the problems in aviation. These are things that affect us as a whole industry. As TUI we like to take the lead in this, but we want this to be a topic for everyone. An open discussion with colleagues and an exchange of points for attention is very valuable in this.’ Gerda Klooster – Klooster Reizen ‘I find RMC meetings very useful and interesting. It would be nice if there were also smaller meetings specifically for managers of (stone) travel agencies about, for example, the Calamity Fund and Dynamic Packaging in the area of ​​liability and how to deal with this.’ Fred van Eijk – Travel Counsellors ‘For me and my management team, the RMC is a good platform for networking, maintaining contacts with our partners and colleagues/competitors and to stay informed of the latest trends and issues that play a role in and around our industry.’ Roy Platje – Red Online Marking ‘We would like to actively support the knowledge sharing of the RMC. And also see added value in linking our name to these events. Interesting speakers, knowledge sharing and an interesting network are present during the Meetups.’

RMC Meetups Many trade colleagues know the RMC particularly for successful Meetups and symposia, which invariably take place at the end of an afternoon. For the coming year six of these Meetups are planned. Integral part of these Meetups are presentations on current topics with relevant expert speakers (both inside and outside the industry) and with plenty of room for discussion and question by attendees. An RMC Meetup always is concluded with a networking reception. The Meetups are attended by 50 to some 200 visitors, depending on subject, location and availability. RMC Meetups are held at various locations, often within the premises of the sponsor, thus the ability for a uniqye way to present themselves to travel professionals and get in touch with them up close and personal. In this way, the RMC is also a platform to connect.


Become a partner RMC has existed for over 30 years thanks to the cooperation and support of sponsors, which can profile themselves as a knowledge partner and can deepen their network in the industry. Sponsors may also participate in presentations. TravMagazine pays much attention to the Reis Management Club, both online and offline. Included is also a monthly booklet in TravMagazine itself and the online RMC platform. There certainly is a place for sponsor presence in these media. Three packages have been developed for sponsors.

In a nutshell: ideal networking for managers! The CEO-diner is also a valued activity by the Travel Management Club.


Packages Bronze (5.000 euro) • Attendance at Meetups. • Indication of logo and company name on all manifestations of the RMC. • An interview as RMC sponsor TravMagazine. • Placing a 1/1 page advertorial in TravMagazine and the online platform of RMC.

Interested? We welcome you to contact our account managers!

Silver (7.500 euro)

Gold (15.000 euro)

• Attendance at Meetups. • Indication of logo and company name on all manifestations of the RMC. • An interview as RMC sponsor TravMagazine. • Placing a 1/1 page advertorial in TravMagazine and the online platform of RMC. • The opportunity to give a presentation during one of the meetups. • The placement of three columns per year TravMagazine, which are edited by the editors. This be posted on the online platform of RMC. • Hosting a RMC Meetup in private business. • An advertisement (1 x 1/1 page) in TravMagazine.

• Attendance at Meetups. • Prominent mention of logo and business name in a larger size, through all the manifestations of the RMC. • A 2/1 page interview as RMC sponsor TravMagazine. • Placing a 1/1 page advertorial in TravMagazine and the online platform of RMC. • The ability to hold a presentation at two of the meetups. • The placement of six columns a year TravMagazine, which are edited by the editors. This will be posted on the online platform of RMC. You will get your own login to our website. • Hosting a RMC Meetup in private business. • The possibility of sharing your news, aimed at the target of the RMC. • Exclusive participation in the annual CEO dinner • 2 x 1/1 page ad in TravMagazine. • You enjoy the highest quantity discount for products Travel Media.

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