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Natalie is a Transformation Coach who has worked with hundreds of individuals seeking to live a life of purpose and genuine relationship with their true selves, others, and their world. She believes in uncovering the core of life challenges and creating change by rewriting our scripts and rewiring our brains. This column addresses the Awakening and the resulting transformations being seen and experienced in our community and within our own lives.


our privileged planet

“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” —T.S. Elliot During the time of Aristotle and for 18 centuries after that, it was believed that the Sun, our solar system, and the stars rotated around the Earth in concentric circles. At the time this understanding was the basis for a very important spiritual belief— that humans were at the center of the Universe! In 1543 Nicolaus Copernicus revealed this primordial error and proved that, in fact, the Earth was not stationary—it was only one planet circling around one of billions of stars. His discoveries were the keys that unlocked the mathematics of the Universe, and the Copernican Revolution was born. The people of the time were not excited about his discovery.

Earth no longer held a preferred place in the cosmos, and as a result, neither did humanity. Since that time, scientific discovery and spiritual perspectives have shifted back and forth, like a game of cosmic ping-pong, between the apparent insignificance of Earth and the role of Earth in the greater purpose of the Universe. On Christmas Eve 1968 the world watched as Apollo 8 rounded the dark side of the moon and laid eyes upon the awe-inspiring light of Mother Earth, our home, for the very first time. The images taken on this momentous event move me to the depths of my core. In 1977 an historic mission was launched as two Voyagers were sent to explore our solar system. When Voyager 1


approached the edge of the solar system, it turned back toward the sun and captured unprecedented views of our home star. The Earth appeared as a small pale dot engulfed by a ray of sunlight. The image of this pinpoint of light re-inspired timeless questions about Earth’s meaning, purpose, and significance. Some saw the sunbeam that clearly pointed to our tiny planet as a sign from God that although we were, in fact, small in size we were big in importance. Carl Sagan, in his book Pale Blue Dot, expressed the sentiment of many others when he questioned the significance of the Voyager photo, stating that:

“Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark.” In 1923 Edwin Hubble saw for the first time the true magnitude of the Universe when what were once thought to be distant stars were found to actually be galaxies—billions of them. Apparently, not even our galaxy is unique. Scientists began to believe that habitable planets capable of sustaining complex life must be abundant in our galaxy and beyond. In the last several years, discoveries have been made that confirm this claim. Until recently, only gaseous planets had been found, much like Jupiter; however, today we have found countless planets with qualities more similar to Earth. It is no longer speculation to say that basic life exists on other planets, but the jury is still out whether there is complex or intelligent life. Several years ago I happened upon a documentary called the Privileged Planet. The premise of the movie is that it takes many factors (about 20) to have a habitable planet. When calculating the probability of each factor existing simultaneously, the likelihood of finding planets such as our own remains exceedingly rare, even in such an expansive, abundant Universe. Some of the factors needed for a habitable planet include: • Location in the galaxy: away from hostile supernovas, cosmic dust, and crowding • The Goldilocks Zone: being just the right distance from the sun, not too hot, not too cold • Protection: being surrounded by giant planets to deflect comet impacts • Goldilocks Star: not too hot, not too cold • Large moon: to stabilize the planet’s axis and rotate water • Liquid water and an oxygen-rich atmosphere • Interior heat: which produces the magnetic field that protects the planet from solar winds This certainly seems quite miraculous, even if it isn’t unique. The movie’s most compelling argument is the coincidence that,

“The same narrow circumstances that allow us to exist also provide us with the best overall setting for making scientific discoveries.” The atmosphere of Earth is very thin and also trans-

parent, which both allows the sunlight to reach the ground–supporting life–and also allows us a clear window through which to view the cosmos beyond our home planet. This is just one example of how the conditions that make Earth suitable for complex life are also the same conditions needed for scientific exploration of the Universe. Our location inside the galaxy is another example. We are located inside of a spiral arm about halfway between the black hole in the center, which is dangerous territory, and the outer edge, where there are not enough heavy elements to form planets. Even at this halfway point, the Earth is lucky to be located outside of the spiral arm itself, where star formations and dust would both endanger us and cloud our view. These factors for life within the galaxy also happen to be the best possible position for us to have a clear view out into the great beyond.

“The most incomprehensible thing about the Universe is that it is comprehensible.” —Einstein Another example of this Divine design can be seen in a solar eclipse. Life on Earth is in part dependent on our beautiful moon. Without it, the Earth would not have a stable axes tilt, in which case we would not have the seasons, which would greatly reduce the capacity for diversity of life. During a solar eclipse, the sun, moon, and Earth align in a straight line. The moon moves directly between the Earth and the sun, blocking it out completely. In order for this to happen, the sun and the moon must appear as if they are the same, exact size, which they do–half of one degree. The moon is 1/400th the size of the sun, and the sun is exactly 400 times further away! What makes eclipses amazing is not simply that they are awe-inspiring to watch, it is that because of them we have learned critical information about our sun and our planet. Only during total solar darkness, the sun’s corona, or outermost atmosphere, is visible, allowing scientists can examine the spectrum of the sun. This study has opened a portal to the physics and chemistry of the entire Universe. Eclipses are responsible for many important scientific discoveries, including helium.

In the 4th century BC it was believed that the Sun, our solar system, and the stars rotated around the Earth.

In 1968 the world watched as the astronauts from Apollo 8 viewed the earth from space for the first time.

During the total eclipse of May 29, 1919, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was proven. The Earth went from the center of the Universe to no preferred position, then from unique within the cosmos to just one of an abundance of habitable planets, and now to a world not only perfectly suited for life but destined for scientific exploration. Regardless of whether we are one or one of many, I see the wonder, the magnificence, and the purpose of life on Earth. I don’t need scientific proof for the existence of meaning and intelligent design in the Universe or to know that our home, the Earth, is a special place. Even Copernicus would be misunderstood if one said he believed his discovery made the Earth unimportant or took God out of the equation. In fact, he once stated:

In 1990 Voyager 1 captured an image of Earth from the edge of our solar system.

“The mechanism of the Universe wrought for us by a supremely good and orderly creator... the system the best and most orderly artist of all formed for our sake.” - Nicholas Copernicus For early scientists such as Galileo and Newton, God was not a hypothesis, it was their assumption. Today most scientists have lost their theological roots, but it is returning full circle.

In the cosmic sea of possibilities, the question remains: pale blue dot, or not?

During the total eclipse of May 29, 1919, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was proven.



Earth and Heart To be of the Earth is to know the restlessness of being a seed the darkness of being planted the struggle toward the light the joy of bursting and bearing fruit the love of being food for someone the scattering of your seeds the decay of the seasons the mystery of death and the miracle of birth —John Soos


The Gospel of Thomas reminds me: If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” I had just returned home from being with my dying father when I received the news that my friend Gene was in his final days at a local Hospice House. My shadowed heart felt sad and heavy, blocking the sunlight of my spirit. Dialogue with myself and my higher self opens me to what is within. Writing helps me to release and renew. And so I write:

From the window that looks out into my garden the earth teaches. It just happened to be one of those days you want to be outside. All was aglow in warm, sunny, golden light. Glancing at the side yard lawn; it is completely covered with at least 100 or more blackbirds grazing in the grass. I ask, “What does it mean? What is the message?” No need for loud drum rolls! Nature’s touch is gentle, and I hear her whispers. I am humbled by the simplicity. In the garden surrounding the birds, flowers are bursting forth their magnificence, plants are spreading roots and dropping seeds, blossoms are sprouting on the fruit trees, and the air is filled with the fragrance of a splendid spring day. The earth calls us to ap-


by Frannie Hoffman

proach with reverence as she shares her secrets of release and renewal. Easter is upon us and is the season of release and renewal. As plants emerge from the earth, we move towards our spirit. The cycle of life brings us to what never dies. Awakened to this earth where God is ever present. When overwhelmed by the emotional burdens of difficult circumstances (especially the death of someone close to us) it is hard to believe that God or goodness can accompany us here. When not understanding, open the heart to the earth’s lessons and be fed, and allow it to speak to you. I decide to stop what I am doing and I move towards the beach, which is two blocks from my home. I feel pulled as I allow this inner calling to bring me to the water’s edge. I look around and take a deep breath in. I never get tired of the beauty. My heart is filled with gratitude as I listen to the way God speaks to me through the birds and nature. The earth feeds my soul. I settle into my chair and close my eyes as I sink into the earth with a sigh of relief. This is no place to read, write, or think. There are no thoughts as I descend into my chair, as I feel my tired body. Once again I look out at the sea and I fall into its spell. With every breath I become open and empty as I release my mind. My bare feet find their way into the sand as my toes dig in and the warmth covers my skin with a feeling of connection. I listen to the sound of the wind against the leaves on the trees and the waves crash against the shore with their own rhythm. I feel at home here.

This earth and all that inhabits it, like the sand, the rocks, the trees, the flowers, fish and birds, are our companions in the dance of life. We sometimes forget this and as human beings we are too busy with our private agendas and believe that we must fight for what we need. There are many sacred places of power where I have traveled like Mt. Shasta, Hawaii, Sedona and even my lakefront property in Northern Ontario. Yet if you just stand still on the


Faces in the Trees

ground where you are and open yourself to all possibilities, you can feel the earth’s healing energy and hear ancient wisdom. Now is the time to look at whether you are allowing yourself to receive the extraordinary gift of feeling “at home” wherever you are.

The earth is always present and when we return to the heart, we receive the gift of life that feeds our soul. If you feel that life is overwhelming, take your shoes off and feel your toes in the sand or just go out and hug a tree. While you are at it, see the word earth written in your mind’s eye. Take the letter “h” and move it in front of the “e.” Now what do you see?


Frannie Hoffman is a spiritual intuitive, counselor and author. Through her counseling sessions, Circle of Light meditations, writings and seminars, she is deeply committed to inspiring and empowering people. For more than 20 years, she has devoted her life to helping others tap into their own spiritual power so that they can live more authentically. In her book “From Modeling Clothes to Modeling Self” she invites the reader into her personal and honest expression of life and Divine Spirit. and

Cover Artist Oliver Norden


Oliver Norden is an lifelong artist living in Gulfport, Florida. Oliver was invited to America from Belgium 11 years ago to create a 14th century mural. Oliver’s project, The Faces of Trees, has been unfolding for nearly a decade, and most of the trees in his collection are from Gulfport. Oliver “feels” the faces in the trees by detaching from all judgment and looking beyond what our brain is trained to see, allowing the facial features to be visible to some. He then captures the images and completes the multifaceted design, which includes ancient cultural scriptures mixed with innovative digital graphics techniques. For more information about The Faces of Trees project, contact Transformation Magazine.

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Love Yourself

A New Beginning by Rena Greenberg How long would you give a child to learn to walk? As long as it takes would be the obvious response. You would not berate the child for failures, bumps, or bruises along the way. What would happen if you gave yourself that same luxury when it comes to achieving a body weight that makes you comfortable? You may assume that by being hard on yourself when you “mess up,” you are giving yourself the kick in the behind that will magically get you to stop self-sabotaging behaviors. However, the opposite is more likely to be true. When you can open your heart to yourself and give yourself love and compassion for your struggle with food instead, you can begin to relax and take an honest assessment of your situation.

As long as you take a hard stance against yourself, you will find yourself bracing against the inner onslaught and rebelling against your inner critic. Ironically, this inner critic wants the same thing that you deeply desire—to be healthy, happy, and at your ideal weight. It believes that you need “tough love.” The problem is that your inner child needs gentle love and compassion to change deep-seated, negative behavior patterns—not more criticism. She (or he) may appear to be compliant when the critic shows up and starts spewing advice regarding your latest chocolate binge, but in reality she is very likely cringing inside with shame and regret. Unfortunately, these negative feelings begin to spin into the type of emotional pain that all too often sets you up for the next binge. Take a look at the cycle. Perhaps there is an incident that triggered you. For example, your mother-in-law criticized your cooking, you exchanged some harsh words with your spouse, or your 12-year old flunked his science exam. As you ruminate about the situation, you begin to feel uncomfortable. Before you even realize it, you are finishing off a bag of chips left on the counter. As soon as you become conscious of what you are doing, your inner critic forges in, full-steam ahead: “What is wrong with you? You are so weak! You said that you were going on a diet this week. You cannot stick with anything!” How do you feel when subjected to this type of internal attack? Ashamed, humiliated? And what do you do when you feel embarrassed and low? Chances are you just throw in the towel and agree with your critic’s assertion that you deserve to be fat, and nothing will ever change for you. What would happen if you broke the cycle with a new response to mistakes that are bound to occur on the road to permanent weight loss? Imagine a new scenario with a much-preferred outcome. An event occurs in your life that is upsetting to you. Perhaps you discover that you weren’t invited to a local social event, and you feel rejected. In this new scenario, rather than ignore your feeling or judge the situation, you simply respond to it.


You feel the feeling of rejection in your body. You may become aware of the inner voices that accompany this feeling and write them down. Perhaps you write down the following sentences: • “I’m always alone.” • “My only friend is chocolate.” • “I am going to treat myself to a candy bar so that I’ll feel better.” When you have the opportunity to observe your thoughts on paper like this, you gain perspective. You can begin to recognize the voice of hurt. Some obvious examples of unrealistic thinking are saying words to yourself like “always,” “never,” and “should.” When you hear these words, you can begin to notice that inner pain is alive and operating in the moment. Let go of any judgment about these thoughts and words. If you can accept the fact that pain is a part of the human experience and you are simply experiencing your share, then you can let go of any desperate need to “fix” it. Just sit with it.

Your thoughts are not who you are. They are simply a manifestation of the inner pain that is activated in this moment. Witness your strong urge to drown the pain and the incessant mental chatter with your

drug of choice—food. Notice that you do have a choice. This is your opportunity to break the vicious cycle of self-sabotage. As you listen to the negative voices urging you to indulge in chocolate or sugary, fattening food to deaden the pain, create an internal mental image of this dark, hurtful, and fearful energy. Perhaps it is nothing more than a big cloud of smoke. Stand up to that voice of pain, and tell it that you are not listening to it anymore. Tell that voice that you are not succumbing to its fear-based thinking. No matter how solid the fear feels, it can only be dissolved in the presence of true strength and self-care. Now feel your own body. Send some appreciation and mercy into your being. Breathe into your chest and belly fully. Notice that you are separate from that negative thinking. It is not who you are—it is simply an energy passing through you. This energy actually feeds on your reaction to it. By disengaging from it, you stop it dead in its tracks. Now is the time to give yourself love and support.

In the energy of love, both pain and fear dissolve. You cannot get rid of discomfort, but you can submerge it in a higher vibration of love, rendering it lifeless. Hold yourself the way you would hold a small child. Ask yourself: What are you needing? If you are hungry, take a moment to hold an inner picture of various food choices, and see which one will actually support the health of your entire system—mind, body, and spirit. If you are not physically hungry, take this opportunity to let your inner child play. Go for a walk outside. Turn on your favorite music and enjoy the thrill of moving your body. Go out and smell the flowers—literally. Celebrate this day and your inner victory.

It’s only by releasing your old way of responding to pain that you can begin to embrace something new. Beating yourself up for getting it wrong just isn’t going to work. When you take space for yourself and give yourself the love your being craves—while at the same time redirecting old, harmful behaviors—you slowly learn to relate to yourself in a new way. You can truly begin to rejoice in the preciousness of your life. Be patient with yourself. In the same way that every baby who is physically healthy learns to walk eventually, we do ultimately learn from our mistakes as long as we stay focused on a new, positive outcome.


Rena Greenberg is the Author of The Right Weigh (Hay House Publishing) and The Craving Cure (McGraw-Hill). She has a private hypnotherapy practice in Sarasota, specializing in Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Surgery. She can be reached at 800-848-2822 or visit


You develop a feeling of neediness and clinging. You are addicted to the other person (or rather, to the euphoric feelings you experience due to the chemical reactions and hormones produced by your brain when you are “in love.”) He or she is like a drug.

Joeel A. Rivera, M.Ed., Ph.D. (ABD) holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and is currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology. Joeel’s extensive career as a relationship coach includes certifications in P.R.E.P, a 30-year research-based program for couples, Nurturing Father’s curriculum, and Parenting 21st Century. Contact Joeel at

•••••••••••••••••• Addicted to Love “How can I love her one minute and dislike her so much the next?” “I feel he’s my soul mate, so why do we constantly fight?”

Sound familiar? If so, you are not alone. Most “love relationships” turn into love/hate relationships, where feelings of love can turn into drama—hostility, attack, or withdrawal of affection at the flick of a switch. This duality of pleasure and pain is considered “normal.” Many people believe that if you love the person it will all “work out.” Sadly, this is not the case. The reality is that the relationship will probably get worse. Other areas of your life will begin to be affected: you snap at your children more or fight in front of them, you withdraw from your friendships, or you are distracted at work. You’ll keep the cycle going for a while until it grows so destructive that the relationship finally collapses.

You are trapped in an impossible addiction that maintains a destructive game: It makes you feel so good, and at the same time it is eating you alive. It might seem “normal,” but this is not what you want, is it? Normal is not an aspiration to strive for. If you want to stop the love/hate cycle you need to know why it happens and how to make changes before the relationship drives you crazy or ends. First, let’s look at why the drama begins. The path of a typical relationship: You’re “in love.” You feel alive. Your life feels more meaningful—someone needs you, wants you, and makes you feel special. You feel whole. The feeling can be so intense that the rest of the world fades into insignificance. It feels as though you are healed—your pain is gone. (Although in reality it is just temporarily covered up.)

It feels great until your partner fails to meet your needs or expectations in some way. 10

You are on a high when the drug is available, but even the possibility that it might not be there for you can lead you to feelings of fear, abandonment, and rejection. The pain you had before this person entered your life reemerges, but this time you mistakenly believe your partner is the cause. This is when the drama begins. You both may begin to feel jealousy or resentment, and you take offense to practically everything your partner does and says. You become possessive and controlling, you withdraw, demand, argue, criticize, judge, blame, and attack. And why do you do these things? Deep down you believe that somehow this will convince your partner to change his or her behavior and go back to meeting your needs. So, you begin the love/hate cycle—switching back and forth between love and affection and hate and attack. However, now you’re not just addicted to the love, you’re addicted to the drama cycle too. It makes you feel alive.

Research shows that relationships that are full of drama can be more addicting than most drugs. How can this be true? Well, the simple answer is that when you fight your body has an adrenaline rush. This adrenalin eventually crashes and you calm down. Have you ever heard the phrase, “There is nothing like making up after a fight”? The reason the make-up period is great is because when you come down from the “high” you are usually apologetic and “loving”— so you both swing back into the positive-feeling addiction (and the brain releases other chemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin), making you feel happy and euphoric once again. Unfortunately, this state is short lived because, like with all drugs, your body will start looking for that “high” (adrenaline rush) all over again. Eventually the rush loses its strength, and as a result, you have to keep increasing the dose or look for alternatives to fuel the addiction. In other words, the more of a routine it becomes to fight the more adrenaline you are going to need, and so you find yourself fighting more often and with greater intensity. Maybe the make-up period continues to feel good to you—that is, if you are looking to experience a roller coaster ride in your relationship. What are the warning signs? If you find yourself getting in arguments and you don’t know why or if either of you tend to pick a fight for no apparent reason, it may be a sign that you are experiencing these addictive tendencies. Does this mean your relationship is doomed? Not necessarily. If both partners are willing to make a conscious effort to stop the addictive behaviors there still is a chance to have a great relationship.

The key is to recognize warning signs that lead to fights before they happen. Because the fighting only perpetuates the addiction— the cycle of pleasure and pain, love and hate. Below are some of the warning signs that a drama cycle may be beginning. Arguments tend to progress in this order. Keeping your eye out for these behaviors in yourself or your partner can help prevent escalation. Warning Signs: 1. Changes in body language (slouching, looking down, fast breathing, fidgeting, pacing) 2. Changes in voice and language (raising the voice, negativity, being short, using harsh words) 3. Negatively interpreting what the other is saying 4. Invalidating what the other is saying 5. Bringing the past into the conversation 6. Using terms such as “you always” or “you never” 7. Using words and comments intended to hurt the other person Initially it will be difficult to become aware of the cycle and stop it; just like any addiction it will take a time to break through the patterns. Don’t beat yourself up if you catch yourself in the act—this is the goal! What matters is that you become more aware of these behaviors as they begin so that you can stop yourself before that addictive dose of adrenaline kicks in. The more you can stop yourself, the less frequently you will find yourself engaged in that insane drama.

Once you become aware you are doing it, the cycle loses its power. Next month I will offer communication strategies that DO work, so that when you recognize a negative cycle beginning you can use a new technique to avoid the pain of hurtful and harmful arguments. Until then, remember that:

At our core the only thing that we truly want is to love and be loved.


Healing use of the human voice to change the vibration fields of the human body. The program was developed and facilitated by Jo Mooy and Patricia Cockerill, spiritual leaders, certified sound healers, Reiki masters and Theta Healers™ based in Sarasota, FL. “Sound is the basis of every sacred text and religion known on the planet,” said Mooy.

“Vibration is the root of creation, and the effects of sound are physiological, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral.”

The Healing Power of


by Lisa Clift

“Sound is the vibration touching every part of our physical being. We hear sound not only through our ears but through every cell in the body. It transforms us at the emotional and spiritual level.” —Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Medical Pioneer, Oncologist and Sound Healer

We are living in a world bombarded with frequencies— from cell phone towers, computers, military equipment, and many other sources. Although these vibrations are not all in our audible spectrum, they all can cause disruption to our well-being, as well as the harmony of the Earth and our connection with Her. As more people become conscious of the need to counterbalance the negative impact of these frequencies, a new sound healing movement is gaining force globally. Within its scope, researchers, spiritual leaders, and independent practitioners are now working to identify ways that sound frequencies can be used to effect positive changes at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Exploring emerging sound healing theories and techniques is a fascinating learning exercise; however, actually incorporating them into your spiritual practices is the best way to expand your horizons of consciousness, reconnect with the spirit of Earth, and heal yourself and others at many different levels. I experienced this firsthand among a group of approximately 30 participants who recently had the unique opportunity to immerse in a three-day sound healing retreat that brought together theoretical learning with concentrated practice in toning, which is the


With these premises in mind, following are highlights that can help you to understand the foundations of sound healing and how to begin using them in your spiritual practices: What is sound? Sound is a form of energy that is made when pressurized air molecules vibrate and pass through a medium. They create waves that are interpreted by a hearing receptor, such as the ear or an electronic instrument that records the vibrations. Sound waves are recorded in cycles per second or hertz (Hz), and the human range averages between 2 Hz and 18 Hz. Dolphins, in comparison, hear in the ultrasonic range at approximately 200,000 Hz. How does sound affect you? The impact that sound has is largely unconscious. You are probably unaware that every breath, thought, desire, and word creates a vibratory wave that impacts sentient beings and the Earth as a whole. For example, every word has a meaning, creates an image, and generates a vibration in the human body that redefines form at the molecular or psychic level. “The repetition of certain sounds imprints the listener,” noted Cockerill.

”Repeated words or sounds—mantras or criticisms—vibrate the energy centers of the body, or chakras, creating harmonic or disharmonic grooves in energy fields.” How does sound create form? “Forms are the by-products of the thoughts, intentions, and actions that preceded their formation,” said Mooy. They also are based on sacred geometry, which is a mathematical order intrinsic to the creation of the universe. Following are some examples: 1. In the 1960s, medical doctor Hans Jenny devised experiments that vibrated various substances into organic geometric shapes on a steel plate (He used sound from a crystal oscillator, and his work became known as Cymantics.); 2. Scientists have used computer programs to encode the musical scales and to illustrate that when notes are struck, geometric shapes are formed; and 3. Mark Fisher, a Navy sonar technician and graphic artist, recorded the natural sounds of whales, dolphins, and birds and used Sonography to produce beautiful geometric patterns distinct to the species and also to different seasons of the year. How does sound heal? The Greek philosopher and

Healing mathematician Pythagoras (500 BC) said that geometry was the visual music of the heavens. He also believed that mathematical harmonic ratios infused music with healing powers that could harmonize the human body. Today, science and spirituality are coming together to rediscover this fundamental truth. One of several underlying principles of sound healing is entrainment, a physical phenomenon where all objects in time and space seek to harmonize with the strongest possible vibration or rhythm. Overall, higher vibrations are finer and more desirable than lower vibrations, which are denser and can cause disharmony and disease. When your body is in entrainment, for instance, all of your major systems are working in harmony with your heart as the highest frequency generator—the equivalent of the strongest pendulum in a collection of clocks that guides all the others to tick in unison. As another example, added Cockerill, “When you transcend your ordinary existence and come into harmony with something really beautiful, whether a glorious sunset or inspiring music, or a person you care deeply about, you are coming into sync with your higher self. When in that state of entrainment you are at your optimal functioning capacity.” How can you apply sound healing? Of the methods explored by Mooy and Cockerill during the retreat, listening to music infused with healing frequencies, the use of instruments, and intentionally channeling your own words are three ways that you can embark on your own sound healing journey today.

Listen: Many cultures throughout time considered music the sound of the soul. For example, the ancient Solfeggio frequencies, which were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo, were used in Gregorian chants to heal. These six frequencies are aligned with liberating guilt and fear; undoing situations and facilitating change; transformation and change (DNA repair); connecting and relationships; awakening intuition; and returning to spiritual order. Today, musical research pioneers such as Jonathan Goldman are creating new compositions with specific frequencies to assist in healing. Goldman’s “Holy Harmony” uses the Solfeggio scale in combination with a powerful prayer or mantra that represents the name of Christ using the Hebrew alphabet. Other examples include classical music masterpieces and new music designed to enhance brainwave states including theta, which is meditative. Use instruments: One way to create healing sounds yourself is with tuning forks, which are sound resonators that vibrate at a certain frequency when struck. Forks are available in the Solfeggio frequencies, as well as other ratios or pitches including the sacred 2:3 Pythagorean interval, the 8:13 sacred ratio that is believed to be the phi or love ratio, and one that resonates with quartz crystal. Tuning forks generally are used in the energy fields around the body, and you need some guidance and research before working with them. Other examples include crystal bowls or metal Tibetan bowls. Use your voice: You might not realize it, but your own

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voice is one of the most powerful sound healing tools. Since each word you speak carries a unique sound or meaning that influences the mind, heart, and spirit, your awareness of this capability can help you to set the intention to heal with every word you speak. As Mooy summarized it:

Frequency plus intention equals healing. Sound plus imagination equals a result, and vocalization plus belief equals an outcome. These equations can help you to unlock the power of sound and its capability to transform the consciousness of the planet and your life. Author’s note: Toning—which is different from singing— is one of the most powerful and moving spiritual practices I have ever experienced, but it requires training. Jo Mooy and Patricia Cockerill will offer a Day of Sound, Toning & Healing at Unity of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Road, on Saturday, April 9th from 9-5 pm. For more information contact Mooy at 941-355-1414 or jo@


Lisa Clift is a writer, editor, and former editor-in-chief based in Sarasosta, FL. An active member of the spiritual community in Sarasota, she is a meditation facilitator and is trained in Theta Healing™ and Quantum Healing.



The Flame of

Spirit by Rev. Denise Oyler

Walking across hot coals may go against everything your mother has told you, but has your mother ever experienced the flame of Spirit? My first firewalking experience occurred 10 years ago at a retreat in the foothills of Alabama facilitated by national author Edwene Gaines. In 2005 Edwene wrote a book entitled The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, and she is a master at creating the life she desires. One of the tools Edwene uses to create and connect with spirit is firewalking.

Whether you choose to walk across the coals or not, your life will change.

once is enough.” “Go again, my beloved,” spirit spoke. Now, I was filled with fear, because the way spirit spoke I knew it was my destiny to go again, and I was scared. Stepping out of the circle to approach the runway was a bit more difficult this time than the last time. Now I needed to focus on trust and how in my life spirit has never let me down or abandoned me. Right foot up, forward movement was the last physical thing I remember. I had become truly one with Spirit.

There was a sense of perfect peace, my physical body was nonexistent, and I was floating across the coals on the purest essence of all—love. This is why I was spiritually called to attend a firewalk ceremony…not to physically walk across the coals just so I could say that I did, but to unite with and experience the meaning of oneness with Spirit. Since that night in Alabama, my life has not been the same. I have been able to achieve prosperity in all areas of my life, and for this I am grateful.


Rev. Denise Oyler is an ordained minister of Religious Science. She has been a licensed Prayer Practitioner for the past twelve years. She has been certified as a Firewalk Instructor by the Firewalk Institute for the past seven year and has successful guided over two hundred and fifty participants across the coals. Currently, she serves Unity Church of Sarasota as the Head of the Chaplain program.

A firewalk is really about learning how to listen to that “still small voice” within each and every one of us. That “still small voice” is intuition and the guidance of spirit. On the evening of the firewalk we were instructed to chant, walk in a circle around the coals, and ask ourselves silently: “Can I walk across the coals without getting burned?” There were 24 of us following the instructions on this evening. For me, doing three things at once—walking, chanting, and having internal conversations with myself—was somewhat of a normal everyday occurrence; however, when in complete darkness and just the red glow of coals lighting the area, I felt unbalanced. My still small voice was saying your life is going to change. After five minutes already 10 people had walked across the coals, some of them three times. I wondered why spirit had not given me the go ahead. I thought about walking across the coals without spirit’s approval. However, I knew that was the ego doing some stinking thinking. Then it happened, I felt the soft sweet nudge of spirit suggesting to me to walk now. As I approached the red runway, I felt contented and with all the confidence of the Gods I took that first step and kept going until I reached the end of the path.

I was so happy and immediately began crying tears of joy as I rejoined the chanting, walking circle of participants. I had done something I never expected I would be able to do. I walked across hot coals. All of a sudden, deep within my soul I heard “go again.” I immediately answered to myself, “No,


Mother Earth & Father Time “How very special are we For just a moment to be Part of life’s eternal rhyme How very special are we To have in our family tree Mother Earth and Father Time He turns the seasons around And so she changes her gown But they always look in their prime They go on dancing their dance Of ever lasting romance Mother Earth and Father Time The summer larks return to sing Oh what a gift they give Then autumn days grow short and cold Oh what a joy to live How very special are we For just a moment to be Part of life’s eternal rhyme How very special are we To have in our family tree Mother Earth and Father Time” From E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, written and composed by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, 1973


The Way It Is us, let’s just do what we can when we can with what we have. The good feelings we generate will complete the circuit and voila! Manifestation! Here’s how that’ll work: Attachment

Gregg Sanderson, The Stand-Up Cosmic, of Clearwater has a rare view of the metaphysical universe. He traveled the road from Christian Science through Judaism, Agnosticism, Atheism, Living Love, Psychic Development, Spiritualism, Teaching of the Inner Christ, all the way to Science of Mind where he is a licensed practitioner. He is the author of What Ever Happened To Happily Ever After? and Split Happens - Easing the Pain of Divorce. Gregg’s latest venture is Spirit With A Smile — The Way It Is (Unless It’s Something Else).


Want to know the background story on BOB? To fill in a knowledge gap, go to and search for me. Just click on my picture and you’ll find all of my previous columns.

Meanwhile, BOB enjoys Its latest creation, people, where It experiences a variety of dramas and emotions through them on their way back to Love, BOB’s essence. Since they had free will with their creative thought, they made some rules for living that don’t work: “You must always be right, and you exist to please others.” We call them the RACE rules. Righteousness and Approval Complicate Everything. Last month, I explained how it all works and left off with the questions: “What do we really want?” Of course, since we’re made out of BOB stuff, we want what BOB wants. “And what does BOB want?” BOB just wants to have fun! By now you may have figured out that the story of Intelligence and Power we call BOB has some parallels with the mythology in various holy books. The tree of knowledge for example, could have something to do with righteousness since the knowledge is of good and evil, right and wrong. The story of Cain and Abel vying for their daddy’s favor might have something to do with approval. Ya think? Since every thought is a request, BOB gets a lot of conflicting requests. If you ask for something you don’t want, BOB gives you what you ask for. Have you ever said; “I’m fat,” then wonder why you have trouble losing weight? You just spoke your word for FAT. BOB isn’t a mind reader, you know. Oh wait! Yes It is. Emotions are the energy to communicate with BOB, and they’re often beneath the surface, so if you say “I feel good” when you feel lousy, BOB will not be fooled. You’ll get more “lousy.” Then there’s preponderance. If you spend a half-hour a day “thinking positive” and the rest of the time living and thinking negative, what do you figure BOB will create for you?

Some people I know, when invited to go for coffee after their prosperity class, say: “I can’t afford it.” Hmmm. So what’s a body to do? Simple. Just be clear, happy, and creative 24/7… and apply for sainthood. As for the rest of

If you want to change the way things are, the trick is to be unattached to the outcome. This is one big enigma, so let’s take it apart. What does “attachment” mean? Attachment is “I gotta have it, and I suffer without it.” “NEED” is the word I use for attachment, and one I prefer because it gets right to the heart of the matter. It’s usually accompanied by some degree of fear, anger, anxiety, or frustration. Since you communicate with BOB through emotion, It gets the request, even if it isn’t loving. When people are in NEED, they radiate “I don’t have…” as that is the focus of their attention. They exude lack. Sometimes they’re downright creepy. You can notice certain characteristics when somebody (maybe even you or me) is needy. • They never get enough. • They try to manipulate people and situations to get more. • They’re afraid they’ll lose what they have. • They envy those who have more than they do. • They perceive other people only as threats to or suppliers of their need. • When others get it more easily, it lowers their selfesteem. In other words, they’re putting out a lot of “I don’t have” energy when they operate from NEED. Think how puny a positive affirmation is beside all that. NEED is another acronym. It stands for “Never Ending Expectations and Demands,” and it is always active, usually below the surface. Just for fun, pretend you need money. If you’re loaded, you probably know somebody else who really needs it. Go down the list above, and I’ll bet you can remember times when they’ve done all that. What? You, too? Yeah, I know. Now, suppose you’re looking for a place to park your car at the mall. All of a sudden, the list looks pretty silly, doesn’t it? Who ever lost a single wink of sleep over not having a place to park? See? That’s non-attachment. That’s why one of the first things a student learns to create is a parking space. Just think a message to BOB of “I accept a place to park” and BOB makes sure somebody nearby is just about to leave. Now try it with the rent, that perfect relationship, or something else you really must have. See? Now there’s all that bulleted stuff above that comes into play, so it takes a little more work. Feeling “I need” is just another way to say, “I don’t have,” and BOB says, “OK, you don’t have.” On the other hand, “I accept” is just another way of saying, “I accept.” If the NEED isn’t there to interfere, the message from BOB is “OK, here it is” or “OK, It’s on the way.” If I say “I accept” when I’m really feeling “I need,” it’s back to square one. Remember, we’re all part of BOB, so we might fool ourselves, but


The Way It Is we can’t fool BOB. The list works for any emotional NEED. You went down the list thinking about money. Try it now thinking horny. See? It’s still the same list, and it still actually repels what you need the most. The stronger the need, the more repulsive is the energy (and the needy one). So where does BOB come in? Remember, It’s just playing a game. We’re all parts of BOB, so It gets to play the game from infinite perspectives. Heroes and horrors are all part of BOB’s experience. The horrors are caught up to one degree or another in RACE rules. They’re either drowning in righteousness or floundering for approval. The heroes, on the other hand, are those who work their way through the RACE rules in varying degrees of realization and find the cardinal rule—the ONLY rule: Thoughts become things. I don’t know about you, but I know for sure I’d rather be a hero than a horror so that through me BOB can have the experience of winning the game in new and exciting ways. What do you have to do to be a hero? The first step is to wait breathlessly by the rack for the next issue of Transformation Magazine. If you don’t find the column inside, you’ll find it on-line where you’ll also have the opportunity to write a letter to the editor to tell her how much you want to see it in print every month. You can also have it sent directly to you by email. Just email and you’ll get it as soon as it’s available.

Next month, dear friends: The Hero Mentality.


Marcia began her career as a school teacher, working with preschool through inner city high school students. She has worked with all aspects of Metaphysics for over 40 years and specializes in Tarot and Numerology. Marcia’s clients and students are in every state and throughout Europe. Marcia has taught over 400 students to “read” the Tarot for the purpose of self-guidance and to use the powerful symbolism of the Tarot to reach higher levels of spirituality. Marcia is now in her 12th season of a local TV show called Metaphysics with Marcia. Her column, Spiritually Speaking, originally ran for 8 years in Attitudes Magazine in the Sarasota area.


The Tao of Willie

What is Tao? The official title is Tao Te Ching or Book of Change. It is pronounced “dao” and is a philosophy of life written by many Chinese “Masters” and inspired by the teachings of Lao Tzu, who lived more than 600 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. There is so much that the Tao is that it is easier to say what the Tao is not. It is not a religion. Now that we know what the Tao is not, it can be safely said that the Tao is everything else! To quote Willie: “The Tao is the biggest thing there is. The Tao connects the personal with the universal. It is the link between you and other people. It is the link between you and the natural world, the link between you and the universe. The Tao is the link between you and yourself. And that ain’t all [English teacher’s do not use the word ain’t, but I am direct quoting here]. The Tao is a way of life, a science and an art. It is the natural order, and it is a path that leads to peace and freedom. The Tao is the deepest well of the purest water, but you cannot see it or hear it, touch it or taste it. You also cannot use it up.”

“The general idea is that if you live your life in accordance with your own essential nature, then your life will be empowered by the Tao.” The symbol for the Tao is one that everyone is familiar with. It is a big circle, equally divided, half black and half white. The white side has a black dot in its center, and the black side has a white dot in its center. Over the years it has become a symbol for balance. This book is called The Tao of Willie, and here comes the big question: Who is Willie? Why, it’s country singer Willie Nelson of course! I have just psychically heard a groan from some of you, don’t deny it. Everyone knows who Willie Nelson is. It is likely that you “young readers” heard Willie’s music while still in the womb! I have grown up with Willie and his music, and I have always loved the wisdom and simplicity of his lyrics. I am

a music lover and I have seen many concerts over the course of this long lifetime of mine. The high point of my years of attending concerts was seeing Willie, here in Sarasota, in the early 1990s. Willie has been writing songs for almost 70 years and has been recorded by so many other artists that many people don’t even know that they are listening to a song that he wrote. No matter what you think of Willie Nelson, I can assure you that this is a little “gem” of a book. Nelson has the art of making the complicated simple and this is a wonderfully spiritual book for both the novice and the advanced student of the “path” to higher knowledge. I would like to quote some of Willie’s “down-home” spiritual wisdom. I am certain that everyone will be able to relate to these words. Please remember that I am taking these quotes out of context and using only a few of my favorites. • • • • •

• •

• • • • • • • • •

“Using your religion and faith as a guide to your actions will do more for other people than if you just talk about it.” “The wisdom is in the moments when the madness slips away and we remember the basics.” “I believe that most people have deep religious needs that oftentimes are not met by their church, their synagogue, or their golf pro.” “Above all other things, I believe in the universal truth of the Golden Rule.” “I believe that creative imagination rules the universe. I believe in the beauty of first love and the eternal power of all love. I believe in dreams and in dreamers, being one myself. I believe in the power of modern medicine and the wisdom of ancient medicine as well. I also believe in the power of laughter and the beauty of a good joke.” “If you forgive your enemies, it messes up their heads.” “The Tao teaches that people of deep spirit breathe the wind and drink the morning dew. You may think that’s crazy, but I like the way it sounds, and prefer to appreciate life’s mysteries and trust in its truths.” “Don’t let your thoughts think you.” “If someone is a jerk, that’s their misfortune, not yours.” “Over two thousand years ago, the masters of the Tao taught that while life is finite, knowledge is infinite.” “Like they say, you’ve got to slow down and smell the flowers. Or in my case, smoke the flowers.” “What is God’s religion?” “The way I see it, different religions are just different paths leading to the same place.” “Ninety-nine percent of the world’s lovers are not with their first choice. That’s what makes the jukebox play.” “I’m no doctor, but it’s not hard to see that one of the chief causes of high blood pressure is worrying about the possibility of having high blood pressure.” “It’s easy to be false with other people, but to be false to yourself is a waste of your life on earth. Look in the mirror. Live.”


• • •

“There is no normal. There’s only you and me.” “There is only one map to the journey of life, and it lives within your heart.” “In the end, all of us are just angels flying too close to the ground.”

Now you have had a tiny taste of The Tao of Willie. Trust me that there is a lot more where that came from. I have mentioned that I rarely recommend a book and don’t take lightly that fact that many people take my recommendations to heart. I hope that you will do yourselves a favor and read this one. Often, words spoken most simply hold the greatest impact.


The Earth This story may be your story. As he sat in quiet solitude with the morning sun warming his face, the seeker asked for guidance. What is it you want? Guidance. I feel lost and disconnected from you. I feel I am not hearing you. Not as clearly as I once did. Maybe not at all. Why do you think you stopped listening? I did not realize it at first. Initially I felt I was doing YOUR WORK. Then, it slowly seemed to become just work. At first, I felt I was LIVING LIFE. And, then it became making a living. Why do you think you stopped living life? Fear, worries, anxieties. Everything seemed to close in, rather than expand. I lost the power of my faith. I lost the passion for action. My words failed me. That is what it felt like to you? Yes! And what did it feel like before, when you were living your life?

The Earth: The Foundation, The Source

by Dr. Marty Finkelstein

This story began as he asked for guidance. Sitting facing the morning sun, knowing that his vacation would soon end, he felt a deep dread and hopelessness welling up inside him. He would have to return to working, paying bills, and the multitude of daily stresses that now seemed to define his life. His name is of little consequence, for he is the seeker in each of us who yearns for answers, peacefulness, aliveness, and enlightenment. Perhaps like the seeker, you have tried hard to follow the right path. You have enriched your life with religious teachings, you have read hundreds of inspirational books and attended countless seminars that left you excited, turned on, and born again with renewed possibilities. But then life hit like a forceful wave that knocked you off course and once again, you were left struggling to understand where you went wrong or which direction you should take next. Perhaps those of you who have lived longer than 40 years thought experience alone would bring wisdom and peace of mind. Maybe you thought that knowledge would satisfy your thirst for life. Or, your career, family and friends would fill the empty spaces in your heart.

Listening and feeling, experiencing with an open heart. Dancing and singing, joyfully. Learning for the sake of learning and loving for the sake of loving. No strings attached, with no expectations. So, there you have it. You already knew! If I already knew, I would not be hurting right now. It is good for you to recognize your pain. Oh, I definitely feel my pain. So what is it you want now? I want to tune into you. I want to raise my listening IQ so that I feel you in my mind, body, and spirit each moment. I want to keep my youthful promises with myself and expand my divine relationship with you. Walk with me. Absolutely... Take your shoes off as you walk through the woods. Can you feel the earth below you with each step? Close your eyes and listen. Say nothing. As he walked, the seeker could feel the earth’s force vibrating beneath his feet. He had asked for guidance, and now he embraced his own responsibility to listen and trust. Everything grew out from the earth.

The earth is the foundation. The past, this moment, and the future are held in its fertile soil. Can you feel the earth that is inside you? That is you? 21

As he continued to walk, he soon observed that he could not tell where the earth and his body were separated. They were one. There was no distinction between his feet and the ground.

His roots sank deep into the earth’s core, anchoring him, so that, like a magnificent tree, he could stretch towards heaven. He felt intensely alive. Feel the presence of the earth within you. It holds every memory. It holds every belief. It holds every choice, dream, answer, and every possibility. At its core, burns the internal pure fire of consciousness and infinite wisdom. He began to remember when the earth inside him had felt alive and fertile for growing. He remembered when he had shaken loose from the past, willing himself to face challenges with faith and courage. It was clear his inner earth had been neglected. How easy it had been to forget to water or feed that precious soil.


Dr. Marty Finkelstein is a holistic chiropractor for over 30 years. He is an innovative speaker and teacher empowering people to greater wellness and healing in their lives. This article is an excerpt from his book The Seven Gifts. You can contact Marty at drmarty3@yahoo. com or visit

22 2 2


Healthy Eating Seven days of the week, seven main notes in music. In fact, in numerology seven is the number of completion. There also are seven in each of the following groups: forms, shapes, habitats, smells, food groups, and textures. Cool stuff! Everything in nature also has a specific purpose and shape called the “Doctrine of Signatures.” For instance,

The foods that resemble certain body parts are known to have positive health benefits for those body parts.

The Nature Connection by Phil Zeitler

Everything in nature relates to us, and the connections are fascinating! First, let’s look at the number “lucky seven.”

The seven colors in the rainbow relate to the seven systems in our body. We have seven Chakras or energy centers. There are seven holes in the head: two ears, two nostrils, two eyes, and one mouth, which together provide entrance to outside information and stimulus. There also are seven essentials of life: air, water, whole foods, walking, sunshine, loving relationships, and passion. Completion happens when all seven are working in balance. Every seven-year period we actually get a new body, the bones taking the longest, unless your diet (In Latin “diety” mean god) is filled with mostly foodless foods and lifeless drinks that downgrade the body. Our bodies are designed to regenerate for more than 100 years. The body doesn’t stop until we tell it to—so who’s getting old? I, for example, am going to live life to its fullness ‘till my last breath. It is said that God’s number, our Creator, is seven.


Corn resembles our teeth. Slice a carrot or onion and see the human eye within their radiating lines and pupils. Isn’t it interesting that we cry when slicing an onion because it’s good for the tear ducts, and that coincidentally carrots are good for the eyes? Foods that resemble the brain and are good for that organ include heads of cabbage and cauliflower and walnuts, the latter of which even have the right and left hemisphere. Foods akin to the heart include red peppers, tomatoes, and a cluster of red grapes. Foods that mirror the reproductive system include the avocado, which has a swollen seed inside and takes nine months to grow from bloom to harvest. Olives resemble the ovaries. Figs grow in pairs with all the reproductive seeds inside. I’m sure you can imagine what the banana and cucumber look like, and yes, they’re good for that area of the male anatomy too! Foods that bear a liking to the bones: celery and turnips. And if you have a kidney problem what food is important to eat? Kidney beans, of course. You’re getting the picture… Our body is always communicating with us, yet we often don’t discern its language. It communicates with colors, shapes, textures, specific cravings, forms, pains, itching, feelings, symptoms, and so on. Did you know that diarrhea, vomiting, and diabetes, etc., are positive NOT negative communications telling us what we need to address? Even cancer is just a symptom. The definition for cancer simply is rot and decay. It’s not a negative thing; it’s getting rid of something that shouldn’t be in the body. Our bodies are totally made up of tubes, some 76 trillion cells in a tubular shape, many thousands of miles in distance that the body travels over 2,000 times a day at lightning-fast speed. Remember that “Life is Movement,” so keep moving. The heart alone has 250,000 miles. So the real issue with disease, which

is just a man-made term for “dis-ease,” is simply keeping the tubes clean. Got a lung problem? Cleanse the lung tubes. Congestive heart failure? Cleanse the heart tubes. Can it be that simple? Oh yes. Live, raw whole foods from nature alkalize and quicken the body to life so that disease can’t survive because it starves parasites, which feeds on rot and decay—just like they do in the wild. That’s what cleansing with these foods, exercise, and thinking right will do for us. Creation designed us to eat food whole, not processed food products, because everything these whole foods need to digest themselves are in there. For example, if you separate the yoke from the white of an egg you are missing an important link. In conclusion, it really is true that:

“We are what we eat.” Life is movement, so keep exercising. We are what we think, so keep thinking healthy. We are whole and fearfully and wonderfully made. My philosophy after 34 years of passionate study and living is: God made food, He made us, don’t change it, it works!


Phil Zeitler is a Health and Wellness Consultant, Seminar Speaker & Farmacist with over 34 years of living the example, studying & passionately helping others heal whatever issues they’re facing. Email:


Recycling, reusable bags, and using other products that reduce energy consumption are meaningful entry points to green living.

Randy owns Triple 3 Marketing based in Sarasota. He’s a long term advocate for positive change having owned a couple community magazines since 1999. Randy sold Positive Change Media in April 2009 and took a year off before launching Triple 3 Marketing. In addition to helping business owners, he also provides private coaching. Randy has a masters degree in communication arts from the University of Wisconsin at Madison where he studied persuasion and attitude change. Contact Randy at


Hands on

Green Living It seems like the prevailing message about going green these days is to buy more stuff. The challenge is sorting through a lot of hype to find products, services and programs that are actually good for the environment. Let’s look at some facts about the current state of green living and some ways that you can become more conscious about your participation in this important movement. You may wonder: Is America really becoming greener with all of its eco-type events and programs? I read a report recently indicating that 77 percent of Americans recycle. The southern region of the United States has the lowest participation nationally at 68 percent. One of the surprising factoids revealed was that Americans over 62 years old recycle more (81 percent) than younger adults ages 18 to 30 (70 percent). Oregon gets the most love for being recycle-friendly. There also are some promising products now for sale on the market including solar panel systems, solar water heaters, earth-friendly building materials, and hybrid and electric vehicles. Less expensive choices include more sustainable clothing items, compact fluorescent light bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and reusable shopping bags. Okay, now a question: What about reusable shopping bags? No doubt these bags have sold like hotcakes since 2007, but start noticing how many people are actually using them when you visit the grocery store.

Many reusable bags live lonely lives in the trunks and back seats of American automobiles. According to the Worldwatch Institute, Americans throw away more than 100 billion plastic bags annually. Less than six percent of this total ends up in a recycling bin. Making a more conscious effort to actually use these carriers is a good first step in improving your green lifestyle.


So, what else can you do? Here are some practical ideas for becoming a more hands-on environmentalist organized around three areas—volunteering, expanding your knowledge, and advocacy. Volunteer–There are many organizations in our region that would welcome a helping hand. This is a time-proven way to make a difference, while also making new connections. Here are some of the local organizations you might want to support: Sarasota Bay Estuary Program, Mote Marine Laboratory, Keep Sarasota County Beautiful, Keep Manatee County Beautiful, Sierra Club, ManaSota-88, Save Our Seabirds, Friends of Sarasota County Parks, American Littoral Society, Audubon of Florida, and the Florida Native Plant Society. I’ve been doing volunteer work with the Bay Guardians, a program funded by the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program. Recent projects involved removing invasive plants at G.WIZ in downtown Sarasota and Neal Preserve in Manatee County. Each outing requires about three hours of work. Expand your Knowledge–My son Bryan and I recently discovered the Florida Master Naturalist Program. Earning this certificate requires completion of three courses: Coastal Systems, Freshwater, and Uplands. Each course involves 40 hours of classroom time and at least three field trips. It also requires a short presentation and group project. Bryan’s presentation in the recently completed coastal course was about the air potato vine, an invasive plant that strangles native species. My presentation was about the Brahminy blind snake, one of the world’s smallest snakes first sighted in Florida in 1983. Our final group project provided classmates with guidelines on creating the Aha-Moment. This refers to a sudden understanding about the importance of wildlife and conservation. Many people understand the significance intellectually, but it often takes a personal experience to feel it on an emotional level. That’s the Aha-Moment. Life can be full of Aha-Moments if we pay attention. I’ll never forget swimming with dolphins in Mexico or spending a Christmas holiday among redwood trees at Sequoia National Forest in California. A more recent Aha-Moment occurred when I was boating locally on the Intercoastal Waterway. We pulled up on the beach at the southern tip of Lido Key. A few of us were walking into a small clearing when an amazing set of events occurred in the span of no more than 10 seconds. First, we noticed a large crab near the edge of the water. A fish suddenly appeared with an incoming wave and swallowed the crab whole. As the fish was flopping back into the Bay with his prize, a brown pelican swooped from the sky to capture the exposed fish. We were speechless to witness this display of wildlife. It is these kinds of moments that remind us why the environment is precious. All of the species that live in our bay and Florida are vital and interdependent. Another learning opportunity is the Florida Master Gardener Program through the University of Florida Extension Program. This 50-hour course requires 75-hours of volunteer work

within one year of earning the certificate. Finally, if you’re looking for one of the easiest ways to learn about local nature, explore the more than 100 area parks spread between Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Take along a copy of a Florida Nature Guide Book to help identify various species of plants and animals. Advocacy–Each of us has an opportunity to be an advocate for positive change. Find an issue you care about and do your homework so you can be credible when interacting with other people including policy leaders. Corporate interests are extremely well represented at all levels of government, and it is often at the expense of the environment and human wellness.

Become a voice for nature and all the critters that depend on our goodwill. Many Americans have been misled to believe that sound environmental policies are a threat to the economy and job creation. This short-sighted thinking undermines the opportunity of making America a world leader in renewable energy, sustainable building, mass transit, and related fields and industries. The misguided pushback against the potential of green innovation will be studied by future scholars as one of America’s missed opportunities.

Be an agent of positive change anyway: as a volunteer, as a lifelong student, and as an advocate for the things you care about. 27

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Connection What I find fascinating about Cerf (who insists that the fact that his name is pronounced “surf” is just an interesting coincidence) is that he comes across as such an unassuming, ordinary man. Most people may not know his name, yet his invention touches the lives of billions of people every day. What I like about Cerf’s example is that it points to the impact one individual can have, and the kind of legacy that can be created within a human by Jeff Gitterman lifetime, thanks to the miraculous speed of change. Thinking about our own individual legacies in the world The phrase “World Wide Web” literally conjures up an image of a spider web made up of six billion lines connecting requires stretching to see our connection to the broadest circle all the people on the planet. During our lifetime, this amazing possible, and recognizing the importance of our own actions technology has emerged and can be seen as an outward mani- and choices in relation to that greater whole. It’s not necessarily about trying to take bigger actions to affect more festation of the idea that we are all one large system. people; it’s about bringing the awareness of Although spiritual mystics have told us for milthat larger context into every small action lennia that we are all One, it does seem and interaction you have. that science and technology are startThe most important thing ing to confirm this insight. Just a to remember is that if we want decade or two ago, it would have to make a real difference, we been much harder to describe have to start with ourselves. this notion to people without it Once we stop trying to fix seeming abstract. the people around us and Albert Einstein once instead focus on learning to wrote, “A human being is listen and widen the circle part of a whole, called by us of our own awareness as the Universe. He experiencfar as possible, we discover es himself, his thoughts and that we can begin to have feelings, as something sepaan impact in profound and rated from the rest; a kind of unexpected ways. We begin optical delusion of his conto leave a legacy for the future sciousness. Our task must be to that is not measured in money, free ourselves from this prison by but in human energy that has been widening our circles of compassion generated by freely giving our attento embrace all living creatures and the tion to others. whole of nature in its beauty.” When we give our attention to It helps to know that we are not another human being, that person sudalone. I think these days, more and more Just as the Internet makes a denly feels met and fulfilled, and will people are realizing this, and again, the Instop craving your time and endlessly ternet is playing a big part. Just a few years great analogy for describing the taking. And when that man or woman ago, someone with a particular niche interinterconnectedness of billions of goes home, his or her energy will be est or an unusual problem might have felt isolated, not knowing where to turn or who people, it is also a great example of freed up to be given to others in turn. Freely given attention generates more to talk to. But today, there are chat rooms the potential impact of one energy, and energy fuels creativity. on every conceivable subject, where like ordinary individual. That’s what our legacy to the world can minds can connect and discover their be, in ways that we may not ever be able to see, but will undesameness throughout all corners of the globe. We all need connection as human beings, and the broader niably be felt by people far beyond the sphere of our personal our circles of connectedness, the more purposeful and meaningful our relationships and by generations to come. own lives become. As we widen our circles of attention, we simultaneously become aware of the impact that we can have, even if Jeff Gitterman is the CEO of Gitterman & Associates Wealth Managewe are just one in six billion, one tiny node in the infinite web of ment, LLC ( and co-founder of Beyond Success humankind. ( a consulting firm that brings Have you ever heard of Vint Cerf? I certainly hadn’t unmore holistic values to the world of business and finance. Jeff has til I read about him in the back pages of Esquire magazine, but been featured in Money Magazine, CNN, Financial Advisor, New Jerhe impacts our lives every day, because Cerf is the man credited sey Business Journal, Affluent Magazine and News 12 New Jersey. In with being the “father of the Internet.” An American computer 2004, he was honored by Fortune Small Business Magazine as One of scientist, he developed the language that computers use to comOur Nation’s Best Bosses. He also serves as chairman of the advisory municate over the Net (technically known as TCP/IP protocols.) board to the Autism Center of New Jersey Medical School.

The Internet

and the Earth



Healthy Skin

Cleansing Clay

by Nancy Holmes, Licensed Esthetician

Of the many elements that Mother Earth provides, clay is the perfect beauty ingredient for masques.


The purpose of a masque is to deep clean your pores by helping them to attract clogged toxins and hardened sebum and then draw them out. This simple action increases circulation and generates life-giving oxygen, giving you a healthy glow. The more oxygen your cells receive the stronger they become, and that helps to keep your body and your face healthier as you age. As a side-effect, the process evens out skin tone and activates collagen and elastin cells, causing your skin to be tighter and smoother. First things first: determine your skin type. Is your facial skin oily and/or blemished, dry, sensitive, or sun damaged? Once you determine your skin type, you can search the internet for a specific clay that will help your skin become more balanced. Clay comes in a rainbow of colors: pink and red for dry/sensitive skin, green for oily/blemished skin, gold for soothing sun-damaged skin, black and brown, such as Fuller’s Earth, for oily and white for all types of skin. My suggestion: Look for white clay since it is the easiest to find and is the most often used as a masque ingredient. It is versatile, that is to say it can be mixed with a wide variety of ingredients commonly found in your pantry or fridge, such as eggs, honey, yogurt or sour cream, oatmeal, even cocoa. • Yogurt is good for sensitive as well as oily skin. • Honey is very soothing, and eggs, especially the yolk (skin food) holds the masque together. • Sour cream is great for blemished skin. • Oatmeal will tenderize skin cells and give you baby-like softness. Mix 1/4 cup more or less of your clay with one or two of these ingredients and a little water or oil (preferably organic). Create a mixture with the texture of thick cream (you want the masque to stay on your face) Apply to your freshly washed face, neck, and chest. Leave on for at least 30 minutes, then splash with cool water and pat dry.


Nancy Holmes has 10 years of experience as an award winning esthetician and is a Bellanina Facelift Massage Specialist and Seminar Instrustor. Contact Nancy at 941-416-7409 or


Spotlights/Events SPECIAL EVENT Living Beyond Disease Southeast Regional Retreat “The Sound of the 7th Trumpet” with Michele O’Donnell, April 29 & 30, 2011. Author and syndicated talk-show personality, Michele O’Donnell’s healing career began in nursing, but her life took a different direction in 1970, when her second child, Lara, was born prematurely with severe respiratory disorders and subsequent mental retardation. As she writes in her first book, “Of Monkeys and Dragons,” Lara was spontaneously healed at the age of two with absolutely no medical treatment or therapy whatsoever. How did this occur? What was this healing principle? Michele has since opened the first Holistic Clinic in Texas, and a healing ministry that has made waves around the world. She approaches all diseases (regardless of how “incurable”) from an unconventional approach that has medicine scratching its collective head. Lara’s healing was the catalyst that has blessed everyone who makes contact with Michele or reads her books. You can listen to “Living Beyond Disease” each Sunday at 9am on WHNZ, 1250AM radio. All of O’Donnell’s books and CDs are available at Wings Bookstore at Unity Campus (4500 4th St. N., St. Petersburg). Michele O’Donnell’s Southeast Regional Living Beyond Disease Retreat will be April 29 & 30, at Unity Campus in St. Petersburg. Early registration fee for the weekend is $150 ($175 after March 31st). This year a Friday-only option is available for $25. Learn more at Purchase tickets online or call (727) 522-6657.

Community Spotlight Nardo’s Natural


NARDO’S NATURAL is an organic skin care business established by the four Mastronardo

Their products have covered shelves across the Southwest region of Florida and have been the number-one selling skin care line at Spa Oceana located at the world renowned Don Cesar. But how did it evolve? The story begins a few years ago when the oldest of the four Nardo brothers was touring the country


hosting a better-health cooking show. During the presentation he accidentally burned himself on a heating element. Realizing that organic oil is also beneficial for skin, he repeated applications to the burned tissues. The result of notable improvement with minimal scarring helped to launch NARDO’S NATURAL. This prompted him to call upon his brothers to develop a responsible skin care line with products derived from nature. Their mission is to provide a safe alternative for daily skin-health. A few months later, NARDO’S NATURAL launched their first moisturizer. The powerful coconut oil base product is loaded with antioxidants and is a wonderfully refreshing hydration cream. NARDO’S NATURAL has since launched several other organic products and continues to grow everyday. Discover more at

Community Spotlight A WELLNESS CLINIC IN THE MAKING! Dr. Ron Latronica, a chiropractic physician of 25 years in the Sun City Center Area, welcomes Iris Baulac to his staff. Baulac is a nationally certified, state licensed massage therapist and certified colon hydrotherapist, who specializes in colonics utilizing the L.I.B.B.E. open system. The L.I.B.B.E. offers the client the utmost in comfort and privacy. Colonics have been in existence since biblical times and can be helpful for prevention and good health, plus can address digestive issues by removing toxins and debris. Iris also holds certifications in lymphatic detox therapy, craniosacral release, and has advanced training in biofeedback. She utilizes the L.I.F.E. Biofeedback protocol which assists in identifying imbalances in the body so they can be energetically corrected. The clinic will also offer the ioncleanse detox footbath. Iris’ goal is to educate each client on how to improve their health through cleansing. Dr. Latronica’s clinic also offers relaxation and deep tissue massage, hearing aid services and testing, non sur-

gical face lift and skin tightening, acupuncture, and doTERRA essential Oils. Contact Iris Direct at 813-309-3039 for appointments and more information about services. Dr. Ron Latronica, 955 Del Webb Blvd., Suite 101, Sun City Center, Fl 33573, 813-633-3332

Community Spotlight LIFE TRANSITIONS COACHING Transitional coaching is for people seeking personal, spiritual and or professional development. Lose weight, create your dream job, learn to live passionately.....Become the me you want to be. Navigate life’s changes and challenges such as divorce, “empty nest syndrome”, loss of a loved one, relocation, loss of employment, life style change... Uniquely living life defined by design is a coaching process of assisted self discovery, value assessment and accountable affirmations whereby dreams and goals can be easily achieved in a well thought out supportive, measurable and empowering manner. Using a unique process that taps into the unlimited potential of the creative sub-conscious mind, that drives internal change. This is combined with simple action steps and practical goal setting measures where you can see your changes and progress along the way to defined goals and the ultimate end result you desire. L. Michele Frith B.A.,M.S. is a Certified Life Coach specializing in transitions. She is also a personal and professional development facilitator for the Challenge, “Design Your Life”, program. She can be reached at 941-592-5874, E-mail:

Spotlights/Events Community Spotlight Feng Shui Sarasota Makes its Home in Southgate Feng Shui Sarasota had their grand opening on February 16th. The Chamber, local news media, community leaders, and lots of friends and family came out to be part of the celebration. Kathy Keh - the store owner - is a resident of Southgate who moved to Sarasota from Manhattan 6 years ago. She spent her career in high tech sales, business development and fundraising. Last fall after being laid off she decided to re-feng shui her home. She decluttered - cleaned out closets and cleared off bookshelves etc., and during this process was inspired to open her store. Within 6 short months Feng Shui Sarasota went from being an idea to being a full blown reality. “What many people don’t know is that at its core feng shui is about creating the life you want rather than letting life just happen to you. It’s like the Asian version of The Secret, but with specific instructions on how to achieve a life full of abundance, happiness and health. The results are phenomenal, and something that I think a lot of people need right now”. Every item in the store is meant to empower her customers, and help them to bring their own personal and professional intentions to life. You will find feng shui symbols made of all the elements, cures, outdoor fountains, hand carved marble statues, natural crystals, lots of books, and other energetic healing therapies. For more information visit the shop at 2135 Siesta Drive across the street from Dillards or call 941-366-8113 or email kathykeh@

SPECIAL EVENT Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Program Starts May 12-15, 2011 Join Melanie Smith, AP and Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner for a transformative experience in Energy Medicine at the Dolphin Beach Resort in St. Petersburg. This program will empower you to better understand your own energies to prevent, heal and transform emotional and physical blocks that often manifest as illness. The

Foundations Program is designed for individuals who want to expand their self-care skills to build a resilient energy system and enhance their skills to help family and friends with emotional and physical challenges. It is also powerful for individuals wanting to incorporate energy medicine into an existing professional practice. You will learn: about the nine energy systems, how to balance energies for better health and wellness and address a variety of imbalances including sleep disturbance, stress, eye disorders, auto-immune illnesses, depression, hormone imbalances, heart disease, respiratory challenges, diabetes and much more. Melanie was awarded Teacher of the Year in February 2011 by Eden Energy Medicine Students for her ability to teach Energy Medicine in a way that is clear, fun and accessible to everyone! For further details or to register, please call Well Within Natural Medicine, Inc. (727) 522-6515 or visit:

Community Spotlight “Spiritual Psychotherapy”

Here we are, trying so hard to awaken to the understanding that the spiritual foundation is the basis for all healing. Talking about our feelings is just not enough. We can go through all the emotions that we have, and experience them, which is necessary. We can proceed forward, forgiving ourselves, as well as the others we need to forgive for all we and they have done that we believe are mistakes. This will still not be enough to give us the freedom we all long for. In order to heal, really heal, in order to shift, we must acknowledge that Spirit is always within us and guiding us. It both a process of letting go, and trusting in All That Is. Believing this, SPECIAL EVENT with all our might, is where we find the peace, the bliss we yearn to feel. This keeps us aware Finding Yourself in the Midst of that nothing ever happens that is not in our best Your Transitions interests. It also requires us to live in this moment, and only this moment, as it is the only Mondays 7-8:30 p.m. time that truly exists. Unity of St Petersburg Are you ready? If this touches you, 6168 1st Ave N resonates deep within, please call me. I use Lillie Cintron, MBA a sliding scale so I can see the most people. Spiritual Teacher and 941.525.0906 Coach facilitates weekly Community Spotlight meetings of spiritual wisdom, support and understanding to help you manage your life changing transitions such as divorce, breakups, NEW LOCATION: Cozette’s Boutique job loss, financial hardships, business downsizing, relocation , etc. Whether challenging or positive like a new home, job or relationship, life-altering changes present the uncertainty that “life as you know it is over”. Being in the midst of a transition leads you into a spiritual awakening process intended to fulfill your soul’s growth Cozette’s Boutique & Enchanted Nopurpose towards a blessed, prosperous and tions @ 667 Central Ave N. will be relocating to joyful life. Undergoing this process takes time, a willingness to embrace the uncertainties, our new shop just a few steps away from our surrender, faith and lots of patience. In an in- current location. We invite you to visit us the first week spiring, experiential and uplifting class environin April as we unveil our new visions for the ment, you will learn practical spiritual principles to help you undergo your specific situation. Spring of 2011. Be the first to get one of a kind stylish If you or someone you know is experiencing a life-altering transition or is in new fashions straight from Paris & other eclecthe midst of confusion over what to do next, tic countries. Be “Just a Little Wicked,” Book a these classes will support you in the pro- reading with Christy or let Cozette show you cess of discovering who you are, finding your how to fashionably stop traffic. Look for us at 645 Central Ave N. the path and knowing what you are meant to do. fi rst week in April. Love offering gratefully accepted. For more information call Lillie at 787-235-8788 or visit her website:



What Creates a

Shaman by Deborah King

“…Whatever your particular journey has been, rest assured that nothing happens in your life that isn’t part of your Divine plan. Everything will serve your higher purpose in some way.” –from Be Your Own Shaman.

If you had told me when I was in my early twenties that some day I would be considered a Master Healer, I would have thought you were drinking even more than I did. Not only was I an alcoholic, but I was also popping prescription drugs, chain smoking cigarettes, being sexually promiscuous, and using extreme diets to maintain my obsession with being a size two, all the while being an anxious workaholic corporate lawyer.

I was totally out of touch with my body and not even aware of how messed up I really was. My rebellious out-of-control life was the outgrowth of a terrible childhood. My father loved me, but that love had been mixed with molestation, starting when I was a toddler. He first raped me when I was nine. And when he confessed to our parish priest, the priest also abused me sexually. My mother, who was cold and cruel to me, knew what was going on at home and completely ignored it. I took refuge where I could. A good Catholic child, I spent hours praying to pictures and statues of Jesus, Mary, and the saints. And I spent a lot of time outdoors in nature, where I felt safe as I communed with the animals, trees, and rocks. I would enter a heightened state of awareness through both these avenues of connecting with Spirit. Then, when I was 25, my life took a major turn: I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

consciousness, and connecting to Source. Next I tried alternative healing modalities, such as acupuncture and massage. I also knew, somehow, that I needed to get in touch with my emotions, so journaling became another significant route of discovery. I wrote about my childhood, how I felt about my family and my job, my fears and failures—everything. I became much more aware of my emotions and how I had buried them under all my addictions and behaviors, and how journaling let me release my feelings in a healthy way. Then my quest led me to someone who did energy healing. I had a series of sessions with this healer, and the “miracle” occurred—my cancer went into total remission!

What made the cancer disappear? That question led me to my new life. I devoted the next several decades to the study of healing (while still working as a lawyer to pay my way). I learned distance healing with an esoteric Christian group (they called it “prayer”) and advanced forms of meditation while studying the ancient wisdom of the Vedas. I graduated from a Mystery School, where I focused on the chakra system, the human energy field, and “hands-on” healing. I also traveled far and wide to study with masters and shamans in Nepal, Tibet, Brazil, and elsewhere. Finally, I put together everything I had learned into my own powerful healing technique. As I looked back over the course my life had taken,

I realized that the things I had experienced—all the abuse, the addictions, the cancer—were the foundations for becoming a “wounded healer.” And being a lawyer? Well, it turned out that the focused intent that wins lawsuits is just what is needed to effect transformations in healing. Life is about transformation—becoming more conscious, becoming more of who we really are. Believe me, if I could change my life so completely, so can you.

Cancer! Talk about a wake-up call! I knew I didn’t want the radical surgery that was the only medical option at the time, so I started searching for other ways to deal with this new development in my life. In order to get some clarity, I started by joining Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and I quit alcohol and drugs that first day. AA, like all 12-step programs, has a spiritual component, and I was able to reconnect to the Source I had rejected as a teen. Meditation was the next important step in my process. To this day, my daily meditation practice is the single most vital component of my life. Nothing beats meditation for clearing the mind, allowing the body and mind to let go of stress, expanding


Deborah King is a master healer, teacher, and author of the bestseller Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You. Her new book, Be Your Own Shaman, takes you on a one-of-a-kind journey into the powerful esoteric world of healing. Deborah brings her knowledge and experiential workshops to audiences worldwide, hosts a popular weekly Hay House radio show, and offers an online 21st Century Energy Medicine program at

Deborah is coming to Wings Bookstore @ Unity Campus in St. Petersburg on April 17th.

your worth; expansion in adoration. Since time began man has devalued their worth and capabilities for greatness.

Develop the attitude that honors your worth and expansion.

Join Emily every month as she shares messages on how the angels and archangels can help you to have a healthier and happier life. Emily answers reader’s questions by delivering messages and guidance from your guardian angels and archangels. To ask your Angels a question, attend one of Emily’s local events or email


Happy April! As our world faces challenging moments full of fear and dispair, our souls and our Angels are powerfully encouraging us to become more aware of our true essence and the blessings that truly surround us. Every month the Angels share a message that is most needed by Transformation’s readers. To best be an instrument of love and Divine guidance, I stay open to the messages that eventually become the words that fill this column. As I stay open, I receive messages of hope, love, and inspiration. They have shown me that every time you read their words, they are lovingly and powerfully creating shifts of awareness, and creating movements of energy for healing and understanding within your mind and body, while simultaneously helping you release limiting thoughts, stagnant energy, and beliefs that no longer serve you. The message that follows is purely of love and Divine inspiration. I have added remarks for clarity within parenthesis. The rest are the words they shared with me as I sat to listen to their wisdom. My intentions are to share Divine Guidance and to be of service. May love, light, and peace be your daily companions today and for every day that follows. Namaste. Treasure your loved ones, the air, and all that surrounds you. It is gift from the All. A token of love and admiration for your worth. You are here for a special reason and during special times. We want to remind you to honor you self worth. Desire is driven by your soul’s intentions and your soul’s blueprint. It urges you to expand in expression and in honoring

Dear ones don’t forget you are valuable to us, valuable to God, valuable to all. Deep down inside your soul knows this without doubt. It’s a knowing derived from your core. See it now and feel it now. The need to degrade your essence has never been inspired by God, but by man’s ill perception of the truth. See your self valued, see yourself whole. You are special and you are good. Delve into this truth and see the expansion that will follow. The truth is that no one can ever take this truth from you. Not with words, not with action. The true you is perfect and whole and always sustained by the same force that sustains us. The reality (that represents the truth of who you are and what is with the world) is one that is rarely seen by man. You are more of an intrinsic part to this truth that you are fully aware of. Sincerity of your spirit will align you to this knowledge. A knowledge fueled by love and Divine miracles. Feel us, see us. Let us carry you my friend.

See the wonders found in the temple of your life, in the glory and beauty of your life. The circumstances (that surround you) don’t govern the truth, spirit fuels the truth. Your spirit is the truth. Eternal and strong, diligent and able, aware and amazing in magnificence. Fields of energy surround your human bodies. Fields that shape and and impact every being. This field is sustained by a powerful infusion of light and love. Awareness of this can shift your whole reality. It can help you to realize that you, yes you, are capable of magnificent experiences. You are able to navigate through circumstance more equipped with Divine power and capabilities.

See yourself as we see you and ignite the potential buried within your soul.


Divine magic is yours for the taking. Ask and receive. See yourself as beautiful and whole and you will create their manifestation. Sincerely look at what truths are guiding you.

What lies have taken hold of you? Are they the ones that sustain the essence of God or are they ones that negate your Divine essence. Seek clarity in your days and know it will be given. Through clarity of mind a vortex is created for rapid transmutation of all experiences. Delve now, not leaving this important action for another day. Do this now ans we’ll infuse our presence within and all throughout. Be simple in words and quick in action. Divinely ordained are your actions when driven by love. Sustained in fear when derived from malicious intentions.

Simplicity of the mind leads to words of wisdom. Words of wisdom create inspired actions and sustainable results.









Rooted in Nature

Rooted in Nature by Ricky Roberts III A few years back, I was in California to give a talk at the grand opening of a friend’s yoga center. Before the talk, I was reflecting in a nearby park about what I would share. I took notice of a very large oak tree and began to think about how old it is, how much it has witnessed, and how many storms it has weathered. I thought about how much

nature has to teach us, always. In this instance, I pondered on what the beautiful oak has endured in her time and how it can relate to what we may endure in ours. If you look at nature, you will notice how gracefully it flows with the ever-changing process of its elements. Take a moment to watch a tree on a windy day and see how it blows in the wind effortlessly. Observe a bird flying through the sky and notice how it doesn’t fight against the wind, but works with it to travel in the direction it is heading. Watch a flower blossom, appreciate its beauty, and then recognize how the plant will release the flower without attachment, with peace and grace. Life will change. As seasons change the dynamics of a tree, the many different seasons in our lives will change the state of who we are just the same. Just as a tree remains rooted in Mother Earth, flowing freely with the different elements it may experience, we too shall root ourselves in the support of all that surrounds us and trust that storms to come are a part of the bigger purpose at hand. When we are able to let go of our need to control the circumstances of life and surrender freely to the evolution of nature, in the same way a plant releases its blossoming flowers, or a bird glides with the wind and not against it, we will come to know the true nature of who we are: whole, beautiful, and divine. If we root ourselves in the essence of who we are and what nature is, we will see that we are all one in the same.

Open your heart to the magic of this life and all that it has to offer us.


Ricky Roberts III is an author of three books, “You,” “What Really Matters,” and “Where Did the Gift Go. He is a youth advocate, mentor, and inspirational speaker whose mission in life is to encourage people to see the greatness of who they are. At the age of 17, Ricky had an epiphany, after being stabbed nine times. From that point on, he has devoted his life to serving his higher purpose. Visit


Healthy Eating

Natalia is the chef/owner of Glowing Temple, a raw and living foods inspiration, creation, and education service. A long time foodie, Natalia discovered the excitement of the raw lifestyle, from its gourmet dishes to its endless health and beauty benefits. She creates recipes focusing on local, seasonal ingredients and never compromises when it comes to organics. Natalia is the author of Pure Pleasures: Luscious Live Food Recipes from the Glowing Temple Kitchen, filled with 75 of her hottest recipes. Visit for more inspiration.


Green Smoothies:

A Fresh Start to Your Day

I have had many conversations with people who want to make positive changes in their diets, but often they don’t know where to begin. Frequently, they come to me with the thought that they have to ditch all of their favorite foods and replace them with celery sticks and salads. I love it when I can help to transform those restrictive feelings with the idea that bringing healthy foods into our diets often makes some of the less wholesome choices fall away naturally.

If you can replace just one meal a day with a cleansing, nutrient packed meal, you will be surprised how much of a difference it can make! My favorite way to inspire people to make quick, easy changes is with breakfast. What’s your breakfast looking like these days? If it’s full of refined sugars, processed carbs and fat, you’re probably doing more harm than good. Take a look at the word breakfast; you are literally breaking a fast after a good night’s sleep. Your body needs to slowly and gently re-enter the eating and digesting phase of your day. You want your morning meal to be packed with nutrition, easily digested and filling enough to sustain you until lunch. A powerful way to start each day is with a green smoothie. The basics behind a green smoothie are leafy greens blended along with other vegetables and/ or fruits. The easiest way to transition from more traditional breakfast fare to your new super breakfast smoothie is to begin on the sweet side: lots of luscious fruits blended up with a handful of greens. No matter which route you head in, you are giving your body a huge nutritional boost with vitamins, minerals, fiber and chlorophyll. All of this in a quick to make, easy to drink, and portable breakfast that will give you the energy you need for your day. Even if the rest of your diet remains the same, you might be lucky enough to experience a boost in immune system function, weight loss, detoxification of the body, improved elimination, increased energy, and many more benefits. Many people find that over time, the more green smoothies they drink, the more they crave greens and healthier foods throughout the day. Your body likes being treated this good and will be asking for more! You may start with breakfast, but don’t be surprised if your lunch starts evolving as well. Here are a couple of recipes to get you started. Have fun experimenting with your favorite fruits and leafy greens to create some other delicious combinations.


Sour Green Grape (serves 1) Grapes make the perfect sweet, juicy base for green smoothies. With the spinach and lime, this drink is like a fresh green limeade. 2½ cups green grapes 3 cups spinach juice of 2 limes Blend all ingredients until very smooth. Enjoy with great pleasure! Clean & Green (serves 1) This is a wonderful, cleansing green smoothie with parsley. This deep green herb is one of the best ways to freshen breath, working on an internal level with its high chlorophyll boost. This is really nice with the sweet orange juice and green apple to make it more palatable. 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice 1 green apple, cored and chopped 2 stalks of celery, chopped 1/2 cup parsley (well packed) Blend all ingredients until very smooth. Enjoy with great pleasure! *all of the information in my articles is based on personal experience. This is not intended to be treated as or to replace medical advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

Carol L. Roberts, M.D. is the founder and Medical Director of WELLNESS WORKS located in Brandon. Dr. Roberts graduated from Harvard University and the University of Texas Medical School, specializing in Otolaryngology and Emergency Medicine. She practiced ENT for ten years, followed by eight years of Emergency Medicine. During much of that time, she practiced and taught the principles of healthy living. In 1994, she opened her private practice, WELLNESS WORKS so that she could devote her career to the integration of conventional medicine with natural and holistic healing.


The Great Shift

We in the scientific Western world think of time as a straight line. We live from the past toward the future. We tear the months from our calendars and throw them into the trash. Past is past, future hasn’t come yet, and today is all we have. But there are other ways to think about time.

Einstein showed us that time is bendable, that the faster you go, the slower is time. Some cultures believe time is a cycle, endlessly and identically repeating forever. The ancient Mesoamericans, the Inca, and the Mayans saw time as cyclic too, but not as identically repeating. The Mayans, acutely aware of the movement of the stars in the heavens, built a calendar that was not only accurate astronomically, but has been seen as prophetic by many modern philosophers. As we all know, this calendar “ends” on December 21, 2012. What can we learn from that? The confluence of prophecy from our own Judeo-Christian tradition and the writings of Nostradamus and others have made us wonder if there isn’t something here we should be paying attention to. Well, let’s look at the events of our recent history and see if we can find a pattern. In the 1950s all was quiet. We’d just come out of an awful war; the United States was the clear hope of the world. We lived in an optimistic haze, believing that our lives would be simplified by technology, that the push-button home would free the housewife from menial labor, that happy husbands came home from work to find supper on the table, the kids scrubbed and smiling, and all sat around the newest toy—the television—at night, laughing at I Love Lucy and Jackie Gleason. Life seemed perfect. But not for long. The authentic suffering brought on by the Vietnam War brought forward a deep desire for change that gripped a generation. The Civil Rights movement brought the changes promised by the Civil War, through non-violent means

(although much violence was used by those who clung to old ways). The feminists loudly proclaimed they were not like their mothers, the Stepford wives. The hippie culture introduced free love, drugs and rock and roll, all of which blew open the mind, for good or ill. Love, peace, and friendship were written on our tie dyed t-shirts. Woodstock showed the world the power of this new generation. Although on the surface most of us went on to live more or less conventional lives, many of us took up in-depth study of spiritual teachings from all over the world. The deepest messages of the Vedas, the Buddha, the Christ, were not only studied, but through experiential practice, such as meditation, retreats, workshops, austerities such as fasting and silence, were made part of our psyche.

Spiritual awakenings were happening to many people. We were still hidden, like mushrooms in the forest, but we were everywhere. Gradually the new-old ideas began to emerge to public consciousness. Events like the Harmonic Convergence opened the portals of energy that allowed greater awareness to flow in from the universe we know, and from the dimensions that, although they surround us, are hidden to our five senses. Teachers emerged, like Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson. Channeled information like the Course in Miracles, the teachings of Abraham about the Law of Attraction and the appearance of inexplicable phenomena like the crop circles and UFO sightings continued to deepen the sense that something important is happening here.

At this point, is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t know that something profound is happening? Our technology has advanced to the point that we have created a complete nervous system for this planet, linking us instantaneously, and allowing for great revolutions in thinking to underwrite actual revolutions on the ground.


People everywhere are waking up to their collective power. Remember last year’s story that had us all transfixed? I’m thinking of the story of the 33 Chilean miners, trapped underground for 17 days before they knew they had been found. It was another 52 days before they were brought right up out of the ground in a capsule named Phoenix, in an image of rebirth that can be seen as a metaphor for what is happening to all of humanity at this moment in time.

How could they have survived if “human nature” is supposed to be survival of the fittest, dog eat dog, as we have been taught? In fact, they survived—in their own words—through humor and through democracy. They played jokes on each other, they decided early on that they would all survive, and so they ate one bite of canned tuna every two days for more than two weeks. They voted on everything, they shared tasks and they survived, every last one of them. So I propose that time is a spiral. That evolution itself is evolving, and that the newest turn of the spiral has brought us to the point where we, the collective human race, are able to write our future and determine our own direction. The challenges are many, the obstacles great. But we need challenges, we thrive on them, and once enough of us have made that leap in consciousness it will seem easy to change our institutions. If we are to be a space-faring race, we must learn cooperation and stop wasting our energy in fighting amongst ourselves. We must grow up, use the gifts and talents of us all, and there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

The take-home Apple for today: BE PREPARED! CHANGE IS HAPPENING!


Out Your ego! . . . and wake up to who you really are

ergy is that of completion, not of wrangling what you think you should have and pulling it toward you.

When Spirit reaches for a reflection of what it knows itself to be, it’s peaceful and flows easily.


Using the word “deserve” indicates a current of fear operating under the surface that prevents you from understanding your worthiness. The next time you tell yourself you “deserve” something, notice how your body feels. Is your chin by Staci Backauskas up? Fists clenched? Chest out? Ego is demanding what it After declaring bankruptcy and letting go of most of my posses- believes it’s entitled to and is afraid that it isn’t going to resions, my ego was in full throttle WHY ME? mode. “I deserve better than ceive it. this,” it ranted. “I walked away from a job that paid me a lot of money to live my dream of being an author —and this is how it ends? I deserve more.” Spirit doesn’t need to demand anything. I spent more than a minute caught in the “unfairness” of it all. It merely allows what is like itself to be After all, I’d worked so hard. I sacrificed and humbled myself. How could this be the result? drawn closer. And isn’t that the experience Here’s the truth. Had I believed I was worthy of a different exyou really want? perience, I would have had one.

“Deserving” is an ego concept that justifies anger, resentment, frustration, and a host of other negative emotions when things don’t go your way. It’s the feeling you get when you believe you’re justified in being upset that you didn’t get what you wanted. When you feel worthy, the en-


Staci B is an author and spiritual explorer from Tampa who’s logged over 10,000 hours on the journey of awakening to the truth of who she really is. She has written seven books, including ego: A Primer, and her Out Your ego! column is syndicated both in print and online. Her work inspires others to realize that there is no “answer,” only the next step – and that is enough. Visit

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Yoga According to doctor and Ayurvedic healer Pratima Raichur, “A change of seasons affects the human psychophysiology just as it stimulates a change in the life of a tree.”

Roll with the Earth:

On Seasonal Change

The Sufi poet Rumi likens the human body to a hotel overrun by transient guests, each moment subject to a new arrival in the form of some unexpected emotion or thought. “Welcome and entertain them all,” he counsels. “Even if they are a crowd of sorrows . . . still treat each guest honorably, he may be clearing you out for some new delight.” The most basic cycles of change, those of nature, can be unsettling to the body if you lack coping mechanisms. As the earth settles into the short light of winter months, it is easy to settle into our own inner shadows, brushing elbows with a bit of seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder. In spring, as the light lengthens, we may swing the other direction, towards insomnia and speediness with a touch of spring fever.


Interestingly, researchers at Vanderbilt University recently discovered that light exposure levels at birth affect the functioning of an individual’s biological clock and their reactions to seasonal change throughout life: “People born in winter months have a higher risk of a number of neurological disorders including seasonal affective disorder” or seasonal tumult. The darkness of winter, and your own reaction to change, can be fertile grounds for exploration and excavation. Writer Phillip Moffit urges us to embrace the “hibernatory” element of winter in moments of change, regardless of season, for “just as the earth uses the short winter light for renewal, so in moving through change your own psyche may well need to go into an inner darkness.” The breath, or pranayama, asana, or poses, and mudras, or seals, offered this month are warming, stimulating, and opening. They are designed to connect you to the earth, boost your energy, and expand your breath. Please always use caution if you are a first time yogi, and even seasoned practitioners must not forget the power of combining breath, sequences, and seals: If you feel light-headed, rest. Use caution if you have high blood pressure. Our pranayama breath practice is kapalabathi, or breath of fire. Known as skull-shining breath, it brings energy up towards the head and clears emotion. It is especially useful for anger and sadness, as it mimics the rhythmic breath we use when we cry. Do not perform while pregnant and be very cautious if you have high blood pressure. Sit cross-legged or comfortably on a pillow or block so that your hips are elevated above your knees. Breathe in and out through your nose and bring one hand to the belly—make sure that as you inhale, your chest and belly expand out, when you exhale, they travel in. Take two deep breaths. Inhale and relax your stomach muscles, then contract the stomach muscles, causing a forcible exhale through your nose. (The abdominal muscles should tighten sharply, drawing the belly in towards the spine.) Then relax the core muscles and allow the inhale to happen passively as the belly and chest rise. Repeat 10 times: abdominals engage for the exhales and passively relax for the inhales, while you keep the shoulders,

Yoga neck and face relaxed. If you feel light-headed or dizzy stop and breathe normally, then resume. Repeat two to three times. Our asana focus is on parting the clouds by moving the body and energy, rooting to the earth in a standing sequence and then resting deeply, yet actively. The cloud salute is a low-key version of the sun salute, perfect for the days when you’re feeling more nimbus than nimble. Cloud Salute (Adapted from Bernie Clark’s Yinsights) 1) Beginning: Come into mountain pose, Tadasana. Bring your feet together and root them into the earth, while hugging your thighs together and lifting your crown to the sky. Press your palms together at your heart in anjali mudra, prayer pose. 2) First Movement: Begin to inhale, and then spread your arms wide raising them to the sky. Bring your palms together, and reaching as high as you can, complete the inhalation, pause … and smile. 3) Second Movement: Exhale, and then slowly lower your prayer palms down the center of your body, lifting your right knee up to your chest. Finish the exhale, pause. Lift the corners of your lips: it is called a smile. 4) Third Movement: Inhale, raise your arms wide and up to the sky, while lowering your right foot: Synchronize the movements so that the hands touch at the same instant your foot touches the floor. Complete the inhalation, pause. Grin! 5) Fourth Movement: The other side now: Begin to exhale, draw your palms down the center of your body, lifting your left knee up to your chest. Exhale, pause. 6) Fifth Movement: Begin the next inhalation, and then again spread your arms wide and up to the sky, while you lower your left foot. Keep the movements equal. Complete the inhalation, pause, exhale, and lower your arms through prayer as you raise your lips in a smile. Repeat these five movements as many times as you like. Then rest in legs up the wall, a gentle version of forward fold that is both energizing and calming: Sit with one hip against a wall, lay down, then slowly swing the legs up and onto the wall like you’re going to sit on it, bringing your tailbone as close to the wall as comfortable. It does not need to touch. For a more energizing inversion, you can support your lower back with block or bolster at your sacrum in a mini-shoulder stand, or sarvangasana. Relax here up to five minutes. Then roll yourself off the same way you got on, rolling onto your side and pushing yourself up. Take savasana, or corpse

pose, laying on the back with legs extended, feet apart, palms up, hands a comfortable distance from the body. Stay here as long as you like, but at least 6 minutes as your poses settle into your body. After your savasana, find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and connect with the source in the “earth witness” mudra: Rest the back of your left hand in your lap while reaching the right hand for the floor, pressing each fingertip into the floor while keeping the palm raised. The left hand signifies wisdom and meditation, or receptivity, while the right represents “skillful means,” or the grounded focus of study and practice. Breathe slowly and keep awareness on the contact between fingers and floor.

Your breath, practice, and mudra have deeply rooted you into the earth: Allow yourself to feel supported, connected, and safe.


Britt Dienes is a writer, teacher, yogi, and designer who lives in Sarasota with her two snow dogs. She journeyed her way to yoga after a childhood spent on the ice and in ballet studios. In yoga, she found a safe and sacred space to heal her injuries while learning to heal the physical and emotional pain of others. She received her MA in Literature from USF and her Yoga Alliance certification from Fred Busch at Miami Power Yoga. She teaches at Ringling College and yoga at Soul Sanctuary, Sarasota and Nelda’s Yoga on Venice Island. Her yoga-inspired clothing line, Tantric Pirate, can be found online and at select studios.


Friday, April 1 E.S.P. Fiesta, 5:30-9pm Temple of Love & Healing 3700 40 Avenue North, Price: $10 or 3 for $25, Healings $10 Contact: 727-545-1122, Come and have a reading from our Gifted Readers.

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Pierre, Come join us for a day of relaxation, fun and Introduction to Lightworks Healing Method friendship on gorgeous 2 acre setting on a lake. 3-5 pm, Yoga SRQ 405 S. Pineapple Avenue Sarasota, Price: love offering, lightworksmethod. Mantra Meditation - Raj Markose 10-11:30am, Angel Ministries 2269 Tamiami Trail South, Venice, com, Spiritual seekers and healers: learn about this method of divine energy healing. Receive $20, Rev Pat Charnley 941-284-9459, www. energetic transmissions; perform exercises to, Learn mantra meditation effortlessly, using powerful mantras to reduce stress, meet your Spirit Guides. achieve clarity of thought, increase creativity and Tuesday, April, 5 personal productivity and manifest. AYURVEDA FOR AMERICANS 10:00 - 3:00 The Chakra Center, 137 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Suite 201; Sun City Center, Cost is $48 Contact: 813-633-9400, A 5 hour Workshop with Sparrow Slo’an, of Alafia River Aura Imaging. Come explore the philosophy of Ayurveda, the Science of Life, the ancient holistic medical system, from Vedic knowledge - Learn how to de-stress and detox with understanding of foods, herbs, and cycles. INCLUDES AN AYURVEDIC LUNCH. RSVP All’s Faire 12-5pm The Longhouse on 49th Street, Inc. 2309 49th Street S., Gulfport, Price: Free, A Community Healing Arts Faire: Meet and greet Longhouse practitioners, mini services avialable (Reiki, Massage, The Odyssey), Community Yoga at 1pm, Walk the Labyrinth 2:30 Natural Body Care Class 3:30 - 5:30 Mabry’s Market 5129 S.R. 674 Wimauma, Price: $20 preregister, $25 at the door Contact: Susan Bishop, You will learn how to make your own natural high quality lotion, cream, lip balm, salves, toothpaste and we will discuss shampoo and conditioner ideas. Crystals & Gemstones at 2pm. The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft. Myers. Price: Free Contact: 239-939-2769. Learn how to choose, clean, and charge your gemstones as well as how to use them. Also learn about crystal grids.

Sunday, April 3 Intro to Wicca 2pm. The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft. Myers, Price: Free Contact: 239- 239-939-2769 This is a continuing weekly series on Wicca. Classes include but not limited to: concept of Deity, Altars, Holidays, elements, sacred space, herbs and oils, candle magick, spells – how to, ritual, and questions and answers.

Prevention Plus Health Screening A Path to Wellness, 6405 9th St. N. Price: Varies per Service, Contact Dr. Christopher Jackson, id20.html 727-329-9637 or 1-888-667-7587 In less than 1 hour you can avoid life-threatening disease by participating in accurate, affordable ultrasound screenings. Schedule with a company your peers know and trust. “I AM” Workshop, 6-8pm Enchanted Spirits 712 Broadway Dunedin Price: $20.00This can be a life-changing workshop. Teaching you the power of your thoughts and words! Join us to begin your Journey! Bring a Journal/We will be writing!!

Wednesday, April 6 Tarot – part one – 7pm The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft. Myers, Price:$30 Contact: 239-939-2769 Learn the meanings of the cards and how to utilize this wonderful tool. A Rider Waite deck is required. Part Two on 4/13. RSVP Numerology for beginners 7pm. The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft. Myers, $20 RSVP Contact: 239-939-2769, Learn how to use numbers as a stepping stone to your spiritual development. Learn how your power number and your birth number can give insight to your spiritual progression. Astrologer Jane Lasser “Chiron and its Gifts” 7-9pm, Hampton Inn, Clearwater, for more information., Learn how Chiron’s movement in the heavens affects love, marriage, fertility, and finance. Celebrity and audience charts will be examined. Bring your natal chart to the meeting. Ms. Lasser is a frequent presenter for Chicago area NCGR research groups.

Friday, April 8 Psychic Circle, 7:30-9pm Universal Harmony Church, 5903 Seminole Blvd, Seminole FL, 727-392-7725, Spiritual Trance Dance 8PM- 10PM Blindfolded & 10PM-12PM Without Blindfolds Attend one or both sessions. Prana Yoga & Healing Center 3840 South Osprey Avenue Sarasota, $20 at the door $11 in advance includes both sessions. or 941.726.3262 or www.ThroughFrequency. com Journey through music,sound & movement in a safe & sacred space. Dance also includes sound healing with live didgeridoo, chanting, & toning. Event is held once a month Candle Magick 7pm The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft. Myers, Price: $30 Contact: RSVP 239-9392769, Learn how to use candles for blessings, manifestation, and healing. This class incorporates essential oils and herbs. You will be able to prepare a candle for personal use. All materials are included with the class fee.

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Sunday, April 10 Kabbalah 101 3:00-5:00 p.m. Bija Yoga 1250 Tamiami Trail N Naples, $20.00 Contact: (239) 775-0888 Register online at, Explore the complex system of Jewish mysticism with Maggid Larry Gerstenhaber. Includes movement, meditation, story, and prayer, Tree of Life, Four Worlds, etc.

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Rune Casting for beginners 7pm The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft. Myers, Price: . $30 RSVP Contact: 239-939-2769, Learn the history, mythology, as well as several methods for casting the runestones. Don’t miss this exciting class on one of the world’s oldest forms of divination

Wednesday, April 13

the retreat ends. or Reiki healing circle 7pm The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft. Myers, Price: Free Contact: 239- 939-2769. Come join experienced and gifted reiki healers for an evening of energy work. Friday Message Service, 7:30pm-9pm Temple Of Love & Healing 3700 40 Ave North St. Petersburg, $10 for three messages, Come meet our Gifted Readers.

Finding Your Path 6:30-8:00 p.m. Anahata Center 945 Central Ave. Naples Price: $15.00 Contact: (239) 262-0811 Explore and experience practices from a variety of mystical spiritual traditions, learn how Saturday, April 16 to choose practices and meet your teachers. Taught by Larry Gerstenhaber Ph.D. Pendulum Workshop at 2pm. The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft. Thursday, April 14 Myers, Price: Free Contact: 239-939-2769, Learn how to choose, cleanse, program, and ‘charge’ Crystal Essentials with Julie at 7pm. your pendulum. Learn how to use your pendulum The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, more efficiently for divination, energy work, chakra Ft. Myers, Price: $20 RSVP Contact: 239diagnosis, and finding lost objects. Free charts will 939-2769, This is a series of one class per be available with this workshop. month for 6 months to learn how to incorporate Feng Shui, Aromatherapy, and Chakra Tea Leaf readings w/ Marilyn, 11-6pm work all in one handy tin! Julie will combine 4/16 & 4/23, Enchanted Spirits 712 Broadway essential oils and crystals, along with hand Dunedin,727-286-6279 outs for using this amazing technique. Oils will be available for sale at reduced price for Eden Energy Medicine For Women 9:00-5:00, this class. Dolphin Beach Resort, 4900 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach, Price $125, Contact (727) 522-6515, Friday, April 15 Join Melanie Smith, AP, Eden Energy Medicine Teacher of the Year, and Sacred Women’s Retreat - Now I Become learn how to use energy medicine techniques to Myself: Walking the Edge of Authenticity balance your hormones and address issues related 04/15/- 4/17 Friday at 6pm thru 12:30 on to women’s health. This class is designed to create Sunday, St. Pete Beach, Price: $375.00 a healthy internal environment that encourages (mention this ad and save $50.00 - pay your hormones to prosper. You will learn a daily only $325.00) Nurture your mind, body and hormone balancing routine, techniques for removspirit! This retreat is designed to assist you ing toxins and releasing stuck energy, energy in exploring, integrating, expressing and exercises for fortifying your energy field and reduccelebrating your authentic self through art, ing stress. The exercises and techniques taught yoga, meditation and movement. Deepen are easy for you to use and share with friends and your spiritual connection, experience greater family. Women and the men who love them are all peace and joy, connect with your heart to welcome to this class! realize your deepest desires, release blocks (i.e. limiting beliefs, fear, doubt) that prevent Three Interfaith Amigo 10:30 am - 7:00 pm you from living authentically and create a Unity Church of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Road, Sarapersonal manifesto as a first step to claiming sota, $25 each, $40 for both Contact: Unity Church and living your inner most desires. Leave 941-955-3301, Getting to the Heart of Interfaith. feeling renewed, supported and reconnected! The Eye-Opening, Hope-Filled Friendship of a PasAlso, receive a FREE Coaching Session tor, a Rabbi and a Sheikh. Interfaith collaboration ($125.00 value) for additional support after for hope & healing in the world.


Who’s The Boss - Parental Boundaries 101 10 am to 12:30 pm, Angel Ministries 2269 Tamiami Trail South, Venice, Price: $25 Contact: Rev Pat Charnley 941-284-9459, Restore order and regain your sanity by learning to set and KEEP boundaries, allowing the benefits of “Natural Repercussion”. Manifesting with the Angels 10:30-12:45pm Venice Holistic Center, 251 Tamiami Trail Price: $ 20 Contact: 941-966-6190 Limited to 25 words. Discover how the Angels guide you to fulfill your purpose. Follow 4 simple steps. Receive individual messages from the Angels. Presented by the Harts. The Power of the Violet Flame 1 pm to 3 pm Angel Ministries 2269 Tamiami Trail South, Venice, Price: $20 Contact: Rev Pat Charnley 941-284-9459, Many are feeling pain within the physical body due to increased vibrations during ascension. This workshop helps understand, and work with the violet flame. Mandalas Class 4:00pm 2044 Bispham Rd., Sarasota Price: $10 donation Contact: 941-266-8435. Yvonne Graham will share the history and use of mandalas for self expression, spiritual growth and their relevance for us today. You will make your own. CMF. Healing Through Loving Kindness Practice w/ Bhante Sujatha, 10 - Noon The Chakra Center, 137 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Suite 201, Sun City Center, Price: $30 Contact: 813-633-9400 or visit Buddhist monk from Blue Lotus Temple in Woodstock, IL speaks about Loving-Kindness. Teaching centers around the cultivation of selflove; each receive blessing of healing energy. Statewide Candlelight Vigil in Memory of Gabriel Myers, 7:30-9pm, At the bridge from Clearwater to Clearwater Beach, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, 800-782-2878 Clearwater Candlelight Vigil in memory of Gabriel Myers and the Right to Informed Consent. Gabriel was a 7 year old boy in foster care who died while on 3 psychiatric drugs. Parents and Guardians have the right to informed consent.

Sunday, April 17 Deborah King “Be Your Own Shaman!” 1:30 to 5 pm, Unity Campus, 460 46th Avenue N, St. Petersburg. Price: Tickets are $25 727.522.6657, or online at WingsBookstore. com. Step into the mystery that’s calling you! This knock-your-socks-off workshop will open your hidden shamanic powers as you, a natural-born healer, learn to become your own shaman. You’ll learn all about the extrasensory skills you naturally have to heal whatever ails you, and to heal others as well. This experiential workshop develops your personal power and self-knowledge and leads to self-mastery. Join Deborah King for an intense experience and journey into the mysterious realm of the mystic. Learn ancient techniques that transport you into the world of the invisible. The event will also include a book signing with Deborah King (Hay House author of Truth Heals and Be Your Own Shaman). Message Gallery 6:00pm 2044 Bispham Rd, Sarasota, Price: $15 donation Contact: 941-266-8435 www.cmfsarasota. org, Join medium Jay Higgins for a special evening of messages from loved ones in Spirit, and from personal guides. CMF. Reiki Share 7 PM. Wings Bookstore, 4500 4th Street N, St. Petersburg. Price: Love Offering. Join our circle of Reiki practitioners and community members to welcome this relaxing, restorative energy into your life! No prior experience with or knowledge of Reiki is necessary. A love offering is appreciated. Arrive early to ensure entry to this “After Hours” event, as the doors will close promptly at 7:00 PM to ensure sacred space.

239-939-2769, This is a class that meets once a month, This second class will focus on The elements, First matter, the language of the alchemists and the Philosopher’s stone. Serious students only please.

Thursday, April 21 “Heal Your Life” Workshop, 7pm to 8pm 20 West Spa, Englewood, 941-475-0020, FREE to public. Louise Hay’s work presented by Margit Anderson, Licensed Workshop Facilitator.

Thursday, April 21 Usui Reiki Level Two 7pm. The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft. Myers 239-939-2769, Learn long distance healing method using channeled life force energies. Also learn in depth information on the chakras and the aura. We will also utilize visualization techniques, pendulum work, and crystal grids. Reiki symbols, attunement, and certification available with this class. Pre requisite class one. RSVP $50

Friday, April 22 Scrying for beginners 4pm. The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft. Myers 239-939-2769. Learn how to use a crystal ball, scrying mirror, or any other scrying tool you have. Learn how to achieve successful visualizations as well as how to interpret them. $30 RSVP

a Child’s Etiquette Class with Karen Leonetti CDA,CDS. Karen is a fun, fresh food expert and educator. Must be pre-paid, Space is limited. Beginners Introduction to Tarot with Justin Martz, 6:30-8:30 pm, Creekside Gems & Minerals, 5914 Trouble Creek Rd., New Port Richey, Price: $40.00, Contact: Lisa Monk (727) 845-5451, In this class, we will explore the 78 cards of our modern popular Tarot, their history, and various practical applications.

Sunday, April 24 Easter Service, 9 am and 10:30 am Unity Church of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Road, Sarasota, Price: Free, Contact: 941-955-3301, Join us at Unity Church of Sarasota at 9 am or 10:30 am. Bring a fresh flower to be placed on, and transform the cross for the flower blessing.

Tuesday, April 26 Mindfulness Meditation w/ Bhante Sujatha, 1-3, The Chakra Center, 137 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Suite 201, Sun City Center, Price: $30, 813-633-9400 or visit, Buddhist monk originally from Sri Lanka shares meditation techniques taught by Buddha - meditation posture, mindful breathing, techniques of concentration and opening one’s wisdom eye.

Wednesday, April 27

The Art of Tasseography – Tea Leaf Reading 7pm. The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave Saturday, April 23 #108, Ft. Myers 239-939-2769. Learn how to read the tea leaves for yourself as well as othLotions and Potions Apothecary 2pm. ers. A free tea leaf reading is included with this The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft. class, as well as all supplies and handouts. A Myers 239-939-2769Learn how to mix your own tea party with extras! RSVP $30 personal blend of body butter, massage gel, or aroTuesday, April 19 matherapy oils using all natural ingredients. Free. Eliza Rey: “Intuitive Tools 4Kids” 1:30 3:30pm, Unity Campus, 460 46th Ave N., St A Gathering of Goddesses with Carolyn. Picnic in the Park, 11-2pm Petersburg, Tickets 7pm The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave Lealmon Park, St Pete, Price: Free are $25 and include a signed copy of Eliza’s #108, Ft. Myers, Price: $35 RSVP Contact: 239939-2769. Network with strong, eclectic women 727-545-1122, Come and Meet our Family Bring book. 727.522.6657. Intuitive Tools 4Kids (IT4K) is a program created for parents and children to in this monthly meeting to honor self, spirit, and a dish or just bring yourself! Come enjoy an afternoon of Fun and Laughter! encourage methods of developing a child’s intuthe Divine feminine. ition, creativity, and self esteem. Eliza Rey is an Children’s Etiquette Class! 2-4 PM. expert in dealing with this topic based on her 27 Wednesday, April 20 Price: $25 (family discounts available), Karen years as a children’s occupational therapist and her background as an intuitive. Eliza is also a Alchemy – Class Two – The Principals of Al- Leonetti 941-349-7536, Do you want your 5-12 year old child to brush up on their P’s & writer of inspirational writings including her most chemy, 7pm. The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland recent book Daysee The Delinquent Angel. Ave #108, Ft. Myers, Price: $30 RSVP Contact: Q’s? Sons or daughters are invited to attend


Join Eliza for this workshop to learn more about with them, travel with them to other dimenhow you can support your child’s natural intuitive sions, and experience healing. Taught by Larry abilities in a loving way, allowing their innate gifts to Gerstenhaber Ph.D. naturally emerge, grow, and develop! Bellanina Facelift Massage Seminar, 9AM-5Thursday, April 28 PM, 389 Commercial Court, Suite B, Venice $830.00, 941-416-7409 or onsightbeauty@aol. Abundance Wheel with Carolyn 6pm. com, Occurs 1 -2 times per month - (April 30 The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft. & May 2). LMTs, Estheticians, and CosmotoloMyers 239-939-2769. In this intro class Carolyn gists learn how to provide a most beautiful will explain how to work with the five elements to and effective facial treatment. You will learn a manifest your most prosperous life. Learn how to technique that has a WOW factor unlike any bring in more money, time, and resources by break- other facelift treatment out there. You will take ing down blocks that limit your growth potential. with you a product kit filled to overflowing with Free RSVP all you need to start immediately improving your income, and giving men and women what Saturday, April 30 they want: a definite improvement in their looks, deep relaxation, improved health and a glow Have You Had a Spiritual Experience Lately? and quality to their complextion they have not 2pm – 3pm, 20 West Spa, Englewood, 941-475seen in decades. NCBTMB Approved Provider 0020, FREE. Come and share your stories with #022228-00, 24 contact hours, FlBMT Provider others who have too! Sponsored by the Florida #50-7840, Nancy Holmes, Licensed Esthetician Satsang Society, Inc., an Eckankar Event. Elka Boren Workshop “More Truth Will Set “Why Crystals and Stones?” 1-2 pm You Free” 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, Angel MinisMiracles Bookstore, 1950 2nd Ave. N. St. Peters- tries, 2269 Tamiami Trail South, Venice FL burg 727-822-3157. Explaining how these items, Price: $30, Rev Pat can enrich and enhance our daily experience. Love Charnley 941-284-9459, Healing Workshop. Offering Elka works with “Source Energy” seeing into the human body! Trained by Shamans, Elka hold a Psychic Faire 10am-4pm high level of healing skills. The Labyrinth 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft. Friday May 6 Myers 239-939-2769. Choose from an assortment of well-established and gifted healers. Tarot readBanquet - Eileen Nauman: How to Pick a ers, Palm reader, soul chart progression, Oracle Successful Surgery Date, 7pm (cocktails cards, full chart astrology analysis, rune caster, 5:30), Hilton Bayfront, St.Pete, DNA and psychic cord cutting, medium, chakra cleansing and alignment, and Shamanic Journeys. Eileen will go through her rules for determining the best time to have an operation. Planetary 25min for $25 direction (retrogrades) and its affect on the Intuitive Arts Fair - “Women with Gifts Galore” outcome of a surgery will be discussed. Void-ofCourse moon plays a part in the formula. The 10am-2pm, The Chakra Center, 137 S. Pebble transit of the Moon through all twelve zodiac will Beach Blvd, Suite 201, Sun City Center, 33573 be discussed in order to determine the best time Price: $25.00 for 20 minutes, Appointments acfor such an operation. cepted, visit or 813633-9400, Choose from several gifted Intuitives, Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Psychics, Tarot Readers, plus Aura pictures, BioProgram, 5:30 pm, May 12-15, 2011, Well Mat sessions and more. 20% discount on select Within Natural Medicine, (727) 522-6515, www. merchandise the day of the Fair. , Located at Dolphin Beach Resort, 4900 Gulf Boulevard, St. Pete Beach, Parts of Self, 10:00-11:30 a.m. (727) 360-7011,, Join Anahata Center, 945 Central Ave., Naples, FL Price: $15.00, (239)262-0811 www.AnahataNaples. Melanie Smith, AP for a transformative experience in Energy Medicine at the Dolphin Beach com, Meet multiple aspects of your self, dialogue


Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida. This program will empower you to better understand your own energies to prevent and heal emotional and physical blocks that often manifest as illness. The Program is designed for individuals who want to expand their skills to build a resilient energy system for themselves, family and friends. It is also powerful for individuals wanting to incorporate energy medicine into an existing professional practice.

Saturday May 7 Eileen Nauman Beginning Medical Astrology, 10-5, Hilton Bayfront, St. Pete., We will use Eileen’s formula, the Med-Scan, to study a natal chart and interpret it medically. Participants will be taken on a step-by-step journey towards understanding which zodiac sign rules each part of the body or body system. Eileen has been a practicing medical astrologer since 1970. She is a bestselling author and homeopathic and alternative medicine therapist. Dance Camp for Daughters and Mom’s, 10-1 pm Unity Church of Sarasota, Annex Building, 3023 Proctor Road, Sarasota Price: $175 for Daughter and Mom with Workbook Contact: Marilu at 306-1825, Learn what the Stars know. Theatrical Makeup, Social Graces for big events. Hot Latin Dances, Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa. Class is limited. Enroll NOW.

Saturday, May 21 Quantum Entrainment® Basic Workshop, 9:30am – 5pm, Holiday Inn Sarasota Airport,, 877-357-0750 This is a one day training where you will be taught the basic Quantum Entrainment® Process by originator Frank Kinslow. You’ll engage in exercises to experience the “secret” of instant healing and be performing QE on others by lunch break. You will learn how to heal physical and emotional disharmony in yourself and others, heal at a distance, and use QE as a powerful meditation while performing daily activities.

Ongoing Events Sunday, May 22 Quantum Entrainment® Master Workshop, 9:30am – 5pm, Holiday Inn Sarasota Airport,, 877-357-0750 This Master Workshop takes Quantum Entrainment® to a new level. Actually, you will learn refined Quantum Entrainment®. You will learn to apply Quantum Entrainment to finances, relationships, groups, world peace and learn how to teach children to do QE. The Quantum Entrainment® Basic workshop is a prerequisite for this workshop.

Ongoing Events Monday Angel Gathering, Every Second Monday 7pm, Wings Bookstore 4500 4th St. N. St Pete Price: Love Offering, Contact:, (813) 758-1139, Connect with your Angels & Archangels. During each gathering, Angelic beings are channeled & discussed. Participants are guided through powerful exercises, to encourage the Angelic connection. Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Mindful Eating Program, 7-8:30 p.m. Mondays, for 6 weeks, starting Apr. 11, Troublecreek & Hwy. 19 New Port Richey, Price: $89, Rita Milios - 727-8605675, Clinical psychotherapist/ hypnotherapist addresses food triggers, cravings, impulsive eating from mind/brain perspective. 2 hypnosis sessions; mindful eating training. Metaphysical Mondays! $20 Readings! 10-4:30pm, The Power of One 238 W. Tampa Ave. Venice Centre Mall #258 Venice Price: $20, 941-488-6714, Full Tarot or Crystal Readings just $20 all day! Nia with Kelly, 5:30-5:30pm, Saradance 5000 Fruitville Rd., first time free, $15 or 6/$68 or 10/$100, Relaxing and sweaty workout that combines focus, music, simple steps, and Joy. All fitness levels.

the subconscious mind with the conscious. Let go of limiting beliefs. Become the vibration that attracts what you truly desire. Healing Circle, 9-10am The Power of One 238 W. Tampa Ave. Venice Centre Mall #258. Venice, Price: $10, 941-4886714, Journey into your healing experience with a guided meditation. Work with energy as a group, then pair off to experience both the giving and receiving of Universal Life Force Energy, opening and connecting with your guides and increasing your psychic awareness. No experience in energy work is required.

Self-Healing with Dr. Salli Lau 10am-12pm Unity Church of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Road Sarasota, Price: $10 Love Offering Contact: Dr. Sallie Lau, Learn proper nutrition and how to choose supplements for your individual needs. Natural alternatives to chemical/drug medicines. Prevent disease and promote healing from the most common to the most dreaded/fear diseases. March 1 to April 19

Discovering the True Self Rev. Barbara Calabrese, 7- 8:30pm, Starts: 02/01, 7 week course every Tuesday, Mystic See 411 West Dearborn St Englewood, Price: $75,, An accredited course through The College of Goddess Gathering, Every Fourth Monday Metaphysical Studies. Do you want to meet a 7pm, Wings Bookstore 4500 4th St. N. St Pete wonderful person? Experience positive thinking Price: Love Offering,, for your highest potential. (813) 758-1139,, Gathering empowers women to align with the Goddess Meditations/Readings/Healings w/Tony within. Celebration includes belly dancing & Fernandez exercises to assist women embrace the feminine 7pm, Anahata, 945 Central Ave, Naples, Price: energy that desires to express fully! $15, 239-784-9519 Tarot Readings with Allison, 10-4:30pm Every Mon. Fri. and Sat., The Power of One 238 W. Tampa Ave. Venice Centre Mall #258. Venice, Price: $30, 941-488-6714, Allison has been a psychic intuitive since a child. Along with her clairvoyant, and clairaudient abilities, she combines traditional tarot with Native American Tarot bringing deep insight into the areas in question. By appointment or walk-in. (Metaphysical Mondays, full reading just $20)

Tuesday Laughter Yoga, 10:00am Location to be Announced, Sun City Center, Price: $5 Contact: 904-687-6972, Every Tuesday, Laugh your way to better health. You only need the ability to breath and the willingness to laugh for better cardiovascular health, pain relieve, and sleep. Available for private and corporate parties

Tarot and Psychic Readings with Frannie 10-4:30pm, The Power of One 238 W. Tampa Ave. Venice Centre Mall #258. Venice, 15min/$25, 30min/$45, 60min/$85, 941-488Emotional Freedom Technique & the Law of 6714, Frannie has been a psychic and intuitive Attraction 7-9pm First & Third Monday, Unity of reader for over 20 years. She uses the Tarot, and Psychometry, along with her channeling abilities St Petersburg, 6168 1st Ave N, St Pete to connect with those who have passed, as well $10 suggested love offering, Juanita 727-3605028, Megan 727-729-2246, Learn how to align as your Spirit Guides. By appointment.

Holistic Moms Network Monthly Meeting 7-9pm, Whole Foods Lifestyle Center, Price: Free for first meeting, then membership ($45) requested Contact: Roxanne Jorgensen, D.L. Dell’Armo will show how Zero Balancing and Trager Approach help alleviate physical and emotional patterns that stem from the mindbody relationship. 1st Tues Meditation & Healing Circle, 7:00pm Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, 2044 Bispham Rd., Sarasota, Love Offering, Join Yvonne Graham for meditation and opportunity to receive hands-on spiritual healing. Love Offering. www.

Wednesday Experience the BioMat w/ energy work The Chakra Center, 137 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Suite 201, Sun City Center, 813-633-9400 or visit, Relax, renew, strengthen, harmonize on The BioMat and experience simple hands-on JSJ flows. 20-minute complimentary sessions w/ Marcia Wednesday afternoons; Call to schedule your time. Reiki Share For All Reiki Masters, 7-9:00pm 3rd Wednesday, Rising Tide International, 5102 Swift Rd. Sarasota, Suggested offering $5 Contact: Rev. Zan Benham, For Reiki Master of


Ongoing Events all lineages. An opportunity to exchange Reiki and attune, expand and empower. Spiritual Channeled Healing and Messages 12-3pm, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays The Power of One 238 W. Tampa Ave. Venice Centre Mall #258. Venice, $40, 941-488-6714, Jill offers years of experience connecting quickly and clearly to Spirit. With compassion and commitment for people she helps bring about change, enabling them to transition into seeing their truth, heart, uniqueness, and value of themselves. She can help ease life’s burdens and blockages to lighten the load and bring direction...helping the mind, body, and soul to remember love and joy. Self Realization Classes, 5:45 - 6:45 pm Sarasota Gnostic Center, Clark Rd Sarasota Price: Love donation, Contact: (941) 228-9208 Experience Gnosis.Learn the secret practices used through the Ages. Relaxation-Concentration-Inner Change-Guided Meditation-Chakra Activation-Astral Projection Tarot, and much more. Meditation with Jill, 10-11am Every Wed. and Sat., The Power of One 238 W. Tampa Ave. Venice Centre Mall #258. Venice Price: $20 suggested donation, 941-488-6714, Whats happening spiritually in your life? Share experiences and knowledge in this fun, uplifting, interactive group. Explore and grow individually and collectively through the wisdom of spirit. Followed by a guided healing meditation and channeled messages and information.

Thursday Hypnosis Weight Loss – 6pm-7pm 20 West Spa, Englewood, Contact: 941-4750020, Register Theresa Foley, Licensed Hypnotherapist 5-Class Series - Classes are Thursdays, April 7, 14, 21, 28, May 3 Ask and It Is Given: Law of Attraction in Action, 7:00-9:00pm, Unity of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Rd, Sarasota, Price: $10, Contact: Rev. Zan Benham, Description: Understanding and practically applying the principles of the Law of Attraction through the works of Abraham/Hicks. Enhances clarity, well-being, joy, creativity, prosperity.


Active Meditation, Every 2nd and 4th Thursday, 7PM at Wings Bookstore, 4500 4th St. N, St. Petersburg, Price: Love Offering. Active meditation is the process of witnessing while being engaged in activity, helping to release stress, rebalance the mind and purify the body. During this “After Hours” event, Leigh will guide you in cultivating the silent witness within you. Please bring a meditation pillow or yoga mat. Arrive early, to ensure entry.

Women’s New Moon Meditation 6:30 pm Every other Friday, Rising Tide Spiritual Center 5102 Swift Road Sarasota, Price: $5 love offering for rising Tide Contact: Jo Mooy 941-355-1414 Women’s New Moon meditation for planetary healing & peace. Smudging & sacred space @ 6:30 pm. Meditation starts at 7 pm. Complimentary healings 6:30-7 pm. Rising Tide 5102 Swift Rd. Call Jo Mooy 941-866-5752. $5 suggested love offering.

Joyful Yoga with Megan, 6-7pm Fossil Park Rec. Center, 6635 Dr. MLK Jr. St. N., St Pete, 727-893-7756, $25/mo or $7/class. 1st Class FREE, Breathe light and love through your body and spirit while enjoying deep yoga stretching. Megan 727-729-2246

Women’s Full Moon Meditation 6:30 pm 04/15 Every other Friday, Rising Tide Spiritual Center 5102 Swift Road Sarasota, Price: $5 love offering for rising Tide Contact: Jo Mooy 941-355-1414, Women’s Full Moon meditation for planetary healing & peace. Smudging & sacred space @ 6:30 pm. Meditation starts at 7 pm. Complimentary healings 6:30-7 pm. Rising Tide 5102 Swift Rd. Call Jo Mooy 941-866-5752. $5 suggested love offering.

Rock Your World 7:00pm Alternative Health Therapy 1201 Sheridan Rd Clw., Price: Love Donation Contact: 727-4499090, Discussing and exploring the tools of Conscious Evolution.Open to the energy of the Crystal World. share and learn. Limited Reservations. Messages Of Love, 6-8pm Enchanted Spirits 712 Broadway Dunedin Price: $20.00, Contact: 727-286-6279 Description: Join in a Sacred Circle w/Alania. We will welcome the guidance,Love, Support, and Healing of our Family in Light.Bring your open heart and receive a Channeled Message!

Friday “A JOURNEY WITHIN” Soul Service w/ Rev. Debbie Dienstbier, 3-4:15 PM; The Chakra Center, 137 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Suite 201, Sun City Center, Price: $10 Love Donation Contact: 813-633-9400, Come feed your soul! Reverend Deb’s weekly service includes a Guided Meditation, Soul Sermon and Personal Messages from Spirit. Private readings also available. Free Belly Dance Class, Fridays 6 – 7pm Hip Expressions Belly Dance Studio, 1108 62nd Ave N, Saint Pete, Price: FREE, 727.459.8558, Discover how belly dance is great spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Join the belly dance community – be strong, be sexy, belly dance!

Women’s New Moon Meditation 6:30 pm 04/01 Every other Friday, Unity of Sarasota 3023 Proctor Road Sarasota, Price: $5 love offering for Unity of Sarasota Contact: Jo Mooy 941-355-1414, Women’s New Moon meditation for planetary healing & peace. Smudging & sacred space @ 6:30 pm. Meditation starts at 7 pm. Complimentary healings 6:30-7 pm. NOTE: Location change to Unity of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Rd, Sarasota for this meditation only. Call Jo Mooy 941-866-5752. $5 suggested love offering. Energy Dance, 6:30-8:30 pm Gulfport Recreation Center, 5730 Shore Blvd. South, Guflport, Price: $5.00, Contact: Livia, 727-501-6915, Dance free-style to various music. Enhance movement awareness, connect to your deeper self, enjoy the dance community. Class has warm-up, guided exercises, and hour-long wave.

Saturday Psychic Readings from 11 -2 PM The Chakra Center, 137 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Suite 201, Sun City Center, $45 for 30 min, 813-633-9400 or visit Different readers each week; call or visit our website to learn who is reading this week! Walkins welcome or call for appointment.

Ongoing Events Intuitive & Wellness Fair, Every 3rd Saturday 11:00am - 4:00 pm, Om Gaia Wholistic Center 312 12th St West (Old Main) Bradenton, Start the year off with CLARITY! Various Readers and events! Get a reading by Transformation Columnist Emily Andrews. Crystal Readings with Tami, 10-4:30pm The Power of One 238 W. Tampa Ave. Venice Centre Mall #258. Venice, Price: $30, 941-4886714, Tami connects with her Guides, Angels, and Crystal Spirits, giving you a reading very different from that of Tarot. Tami channels messages she receives from the chosen crystals that help you achieve growth on your spiritual path, receive past life information, become aware of blockages that help your life journey, and learn what spiritual gifts that your guides would like you to develop. ( Metaphysical Mondays reading is just $20) Crystal Vibrations 101, 10-11:30am 1st Saturdays, The Power of One 238 W. Tampa Ave. Venice Centre Mall #258. Venice Price: $10, 941-488-6714, Crystals and their properties have been used in every culture for thousands of years. Learn how tto choose and connect with crystals. How to keep them clear and happy. How they can help you in everyday life. Learn how crystals themselves can tell you things about yourself, and how you can work with them to remove emotional blockages and connect with your Guides and Angels. Tami will then give everyone a mini crystal reading! Psychic Fair ,12-5pm Last Saturdays, The Power of One 238 W. Tampa Ave. Venice Centre Mall #258. Venice Price: 15min/$15, 941-488-6714, Here’s your chance to experience all of our wonderfully gifted and unique readers at The Power of One! Tarot and Psychic Readings with Frannie, Tarot with Allison, Crystal Readings with Tami, and more. Psychic Fair 1st Saturday 12-8pm Enchanted Earth 733 Main Street Dunedin Price: $1 per min./20 min minimum Contact: 727-216-6594, Come meet our readers Lori Newlove, Naviae, Celestial Raine,Tea Leaf Reader Marilyn Mackey Mystical Faire 1pm-5pm Anahata 945 Central Ave. Naples, Price: Free Entry Contact: A fun way to sample the eclectic offerings we have at discounted prices. Tarot Readings, Cord Cuttings, Henna Tattoos, Sound Therapy, Energetic Healing, Hypnosis & more. Every 2nd Saturday Yoga for Scoliosis Practice with Stacy Renz 1-3pm, One Saturday each month, Living Room Yoga, 1608 29th Avenue N, St. Pete, Price: $35 a week ahead; $45 after, Register at www. or call (727) 826-4754, Yoga for Scoliosis Practice with Yoga Therapist and Occupational Therapist Stacy Renz. Manage the pain associated with scoliosis with yoga stretching and strengthening.

Health Fair, Every 2nd Saturday,12-5pm The Power of One 238 W. Tampa Ave Venice Centre Mall #258 Venice. 941-488-6714, Come share a day of healing with well established, gifted Spiritual Healers and Channelers of many unique modalities. Reduce stress, promote healing, receive messages, and open yourself to receive the love and healing you so deserve. The Magic of Mantras, 11:30-12:30 1st and 3rd Saturday, The Power of One 238 W. Tampa Ave. Venice Centre Mall #258. Venice Price: $10, 941-488-6714, A mantra is a group of sound vibrations which have an effect on the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Each week you will learn 3 different and very powerful mantras along with their meanings. Raj, a master grounded in 30 years of practice, will help you feel the vibration of these ancient sounds to attract great healing and spiritual forces.

Sunday One From The Heart Healing Sessions 9:30-10:15 A.M., 4889 Fruitville Rd , Sarasota (Knights of Columbus Bldg ), Price: FREE,, CSA Healing Practitioners offer 15 min. sessions to bring about a state of mind that responds in the reflection of Wholeness, Peace, and Love Mystical Faire / Psychic Faire, 1pm-5pm 2nd Sunday, Anahata Holistic Healing & Spiritual Center, 945 Central Ave., Naples, Free Entry, (239) 262-0811, A fun way to sample the eclectic offerings we have at discounted prices. Tarot Readings, Cord Cuttings, Henna Tattoos, Sound Therapy, Reiki, Hypnosis & More. Every 2nd Last Sunday Sacred Drumming, 4-5:30pm At the labyrinth of Unity of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Rd. Sarasota, Love offering, Contact: Rev Zan ButterflyDeerwoman, A fire circle with chanting and drumming . BYO chairs and water and extra drums to share. All are welcomed, seasoned drummers and new ones. Sunday Celebration Service, 10am Center for Conscious Living, 6152 126th Avenue, Suite 501, Largo, Price: Love offering, Contact 727-538-0900, Sunday Service with life-affirming message. We are a New Thought center offering spiritual tools to improve our personal lives and make the world a better place.

Join our new Rover Rewards Club Price: FREE Contact: Give a Dog a Bone (813) 641-3734 or Stop by and get your Rover Rewards Card to recieve 10% off your entire purchase one a month!


New Services at the Dutch ReTreat Dutch ReTreat Massage, Village Plaza, 16621 US301 South, Wimauma Natural Nails & Skin Care - Call Dee (941-2286306), Auto Accident Massage Therapy, PIP insurance accepted - Call Deb (813-763-0340)

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Throughout the Month Monthly Seminar Series on Common Health Issues, A Path to Wellness, 6405 9th St. N. (MLK), St. Pete, 33702, (727) 3299637, Diet, nutrition and other holistic and natural approaches to reverse and/or prevent common health conditions will be presented.


Energy/Spiritual Healing Reiki Center of Venice

116 Corporation Way, Venice 941-497-7795 Reiki training-all levels-all ages. NCBTMB , BOC and FL Massage Ce’s. Full and Half day workshops. Crystal and Chakra Healing courses and sessions.

(EFT) Emotional Freedom Techniques & The Law of Attraction Unity of St Pete 6168 1ST AVE N. St Pete. 727-360-5028 or 727-729-2246 Juanita Christy & Megan Gray, MA, Private and group sessions. Juanita, EFT Certified Coach has practiced meditation for over 35 years. Megan has 28 Years experience of coaching and Yoga Therapy.

Sound Body Wholistic Health Center

5530 1st Ave N,St. Petersburg, FL 33710 727-388-1444, A wellness center dedicated to the exploration and practice of healing with sound and music. Private sessions, CEU courses, books, CD’s, instruments and more.

Detox/Colon Therapy Essentials for Health Colon Therapy

Sue Ontiveros LMT, CT, 5710 4th Street North Suite 4 St Petersburg, 727.906.6675,, We specialize in colon therapy, nutrition, and detoxification. Colon therapist, Sue Ontiveros, has performed over 8,000 colonics making her well qualified in her field.

Herbal/Nutrition HerbalWise, Deserie Valloreo

St Petersburg, 727-384-HERB (4372), HerbalWise empowers you to take control of your health naturally through hands-on herbal medicine-making workshops, individual consultations, and our own line of herbal remedies.

Artists/Musicians FireflyHalu Handcrafted Art Also available at The Chakra Center and Art Center Manatee, Sculptural, Functional and Inspirational Art by Sandy Z. Duran including chakra pendants, stained glass incense holders and more. Every piece, always inviting the light!


Bookstores/Gifts/Learning Heavenly Things, Inc

216 First Avenue N (Jannus Landing) St. Pete 727 822 8938, We provide an assortment of unique art pieces, mystical objects, spiritual music, encouraging books, happy gadgets, popular relaxing products, fine arts & crafts, aromatherapy, essential oils, jewelry, altar pieces, tarot cards, semi-precious gemstones, incense and much more.

Counseling & Life Coaching Patrick J. McGeever, LCSW, MSW, MPH

Doctoral Degree Candidate, 941 587-3107 Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Reiki III Master. Individual, Marriage/Couple/Family, Group Therapy and Reiki offered by appointment.

Spiritual Coaching

Megan Gray 727-729-2246 Motivation, releasing blocks. EFT, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. M.A. Counseling 1863.

Churches/Spiritual Centers Center for Metaphysical Fellowship

2044 Bispham Road Sarasota, FL 941-266-8435 Start your Sunday smiling at our 10:30am service. Hands on healing, inspirational talk, special music and Spirit messages. Healing Share 2nd and 4th Tues 7:00pm.

Shrine of the Master

852 Browning St, Sarasota 941 953-6620, Metaphysical Christianity, embraces spritiual teachings of all world religions. Sunday morning services include vibrational healing and Sunday evening services include messages from Spirit loved ones.

Center for Conscious Living

6152 126th Avenue, Suite 501, Largo, 727-5380900, We are a Science of Mind New Thought center offering spiritual tools to improve our personal lives and make the world a better place. Unity Campus, First Unity & Wings Bookstore 4500 4th Street North, St Petersburg 727-527-2222,

Healthy Eating Healthy Hut Market, Restaurant, Cafe

595 Corey Ave., St Pete Beach 727-363-hhut (4488), At the Healthy Hut, our mission is to add one more choice for a healthy lifestyle to your daily commute, bringing you the highest quality products and services in the pursuit of a life well lived seeking maximum human longevity and quality of life.

Facilities/Meeting Rooms Sacred Lands

1620 Park Street N, St. Pete, (727) 347-0354 Sacred Lands Preservation and Education, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving land that has historical and archaeological significance. Sacred Lands hosts a variety of programs and events at the mound site which is the location of an ancient Tocobago village.

Mediation and Yoga Womens Meditation Group, Spiritual Connections, Jo Mooy, 941-866-5752,, Women’s guided meditations on the New & Full Moons for global and personal healing. Healers offer complimentary energy services. Sacred space, chanting, silence, at Rising Tide Spiritual Center.

Hypnosis St. Petersburg Hypnosis Center

3530 1st Ave. N. Suite 105, St. Petersburg 727-452-5630,, Create Transformation and Positive Life Changes With Hypnosis. Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Prosperity Thinking, Stress Reduction, Release Fear, Change Habits, Increase Confidence, Stop Procrastination, Sleep Better, Set Goals. Reprogram the Subconscious Mind Today. FREE Consultation with Tamara.

Massage/Body Work Structural Energetic Therapy® Center of Brandon 125 Central Drive, Suite B, Brandon

813-856-4SET (4738), SET provides relief from acute/chronic pain. SET’s cranial/structural techniques make lasting changes in the body, starting w/the 1st session! You Really CAN Feel Better!!

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Naturopathic/Holistic Medicine B Family Healing Center, Dr. Christina Captain, DOM, 1219 East Ave S #104 Sarasota, 941-951-1119, 7 Wellness Works, Dr. Carol Roberts M.D., 1209 Lakeside Drive Brandon, 813-661-3662, ™A Path to Wellness, LLC, Dr. Christopher Jackson, Ph.D., DOM, AP, 6405 9th St. N., St. Pete, ™Alternative Health Therapies, 1201 Sheridan Rd., Clearwater, 727-449-9090,

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Acupuncture Physicians B Longevity Wellness Clinic, 2106 Bispham Rd, Sarasota, 941-225-2338, 7Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic of Ruskin, 203 W. Shell Point Road Ruskin, 813-645-8168,

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Higher Education B East West College of Natural Medicine, 3808 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, 941-355-9080 B Everglades University, 6001 Lake Osprey Dr, Suite 110, Sarasota, 888-785-8689,

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Energy/Spiritual Healing ™The Longhouse, A Healing Arts Centre, 2309 49th Street S., Gulfport, 727.322.5766 • ™(EFT) Emotional Freedom Techniques & The Law of Attraction, St Pete., 727-360-5028/727-729-2246 Juanita Christy & Megan Gray, MA 7Alafia River Aura Imaging, Riverview, 813-601-1276 B Energy Sound Healer, Robert Austin, 941-822-9046, B Quantum Entrainment®, Dr. Frank Kinslow, 941-587-8009,


Herbal/Nutrition ™Chantilly Health and Wellness, 12199 Indian Rocks Rd, Largo, 813-245-0314,


Artists/Musicians 7Kirtan Sacred Sounds, Suzanne Alvarez, 813-785-7993,

Bookstores/Learning Centers 36 B Elysian Fields Books & Gifts, 1273 S. Tamiami Trail Midtown Plaza, Sarasota, 941-361-3006, 41 APapillon, 212 W Virginia Ave, Downtown Punta Gorda 941.205.2800 18 B The Power of One, 238 W Tampa Ave, Venice Center Mall, 941-488-6714 20 ™Creekside Gems & Minerals, Trouble Creek Rd. New Port Richey, 727-845-5451 22 ™Miracles Metaphysical Bookstore, 1950 2nd Ave. N. St. Petersburg, 727-822-3157 20 B Mystic See, 411 West Dearborn St, Englewood, 941.473.3816, 39 7The Chakra Center, 137 S. Pebble Beach Blvd Ste 201, Sun City Center, 813-633-9400, 14 AAnahata ~ Holistic Healing & Spiritual Center, 945 Central Ave., Naples, 239-262-0811, 22 AShamans Blessings, 3465 Bonita Beach Rd, Suite 4, Bonita Springs, (239) 947-0000 ™ Enchanted Spirits, 712 Broadway, Dunedin, 727-286-6279, 7 7, 13 ™ Wings Bookstore, 4500 1st Street North, St Petersburg, 727-522-6657, AThe Labyrinth, 12995 S. Cleveland Ave #108, Ft Myers, 239-939-2769 9 48 ™ The Enchanted Forest, 3051 16th St. North, St Petersburg, 727-823-9291, Gifts 46 36 40 52

™Mermaid Minerals, 306 Orange St, Palm Harbor, 727-785-4444, ™Handcrafted Jewelry, Doug Souza, AStonewater Studio, Gemstones & Wellness, 8805 Tamiami Trail North #130, Naples, 239.821.2266 ™ Underground Crystals, Wholesale Minerals, 727 623 1206,

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Business/Personal Services B Triple 3 Marketing, Randall Moore, 941-321-2984, 7Marcia’s Creative Solutions, 813-980-0298, B Interiors by Rene, Venice, 518-312-8433,

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Counseling & Life Coaching B Integrated Mindset, LLC, Cindy Snowball, 941-524-1022, B Higher Vibrational Living, 941-706-2210 ™Rev. Marla Sanderson, 727-475-8991 ™Megan Gray, EFT, Attraction, Yoga, Counselor, 727-729-2246,


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Counseling & Life Coaching B Life Transitions Coaching, L. Michele Frith, 941-592-5874, B Alternative Healing & Holistic Practitioner, Zan Benham, 941-922-7839,

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Psychotherapy B Spiritual Psychotherapy, Barak Ilana Asher, LCSW, 941-525-0906, ™Victoria Hawkins, LCSW, Psychotherapy, Art, Yoga and more, 727-793-7458,

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Churches/Spiritual Centers B Radiance of Sarasota, 2868 Ringling Blvd Sarasota, 941-927-6797 B Center of Spiritual Awareness, 4889 Fruitville Rd , Sarasota (Knights of Columbus Bldg), 941-926-7828, ™Temple of Love & Healing, 3700 40 AVE. N., St.Petersburg, 727-522-7133, B Unity Church of Sarasota, 3023 Proctor Road Sarasota, 941-955-3301, ™Universal Harmony, 5903 Seminole Blvd. Seminole, 727-392-7725, ™Unity of St Petersburg, 6168 1st Ave North, St Petersburg, 727-344-1515,

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Healthy Eating B Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant Organico, 8405 Tuttle Ave Sarasota, 941-359-9303, B Whole Foods Market, - 1451 1st Street, Sarasota - (941) 955-8500 ™Gateau O Chocolat, Emmanuel Roux, 727-251-1879, ™Heartmade Gluten-free Sweets & Treats, Lisa Stoler, 727-686-3767, 7Mabry’s Market, 5129 E State Rd 674 Wimauma, 813-957-3148

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Health & Wellness 7doTERRA, CPTG Essential Oil, Parrish, FL, 813-545-1256, 7Ochunsoino’s Spiritual and Natural Health, 203B W Shellpoint Rd, Ruskin, 813-649-4789, www. BUniversal Ideas, LLC, David B. Durand, M.D., 5445 Matthew Ct., Sarasota, 941-554-4064,

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Hypnotherapy ™Hypnosis for Positive Change, Tamara Shadday, C.Ht., 727-452-5630, 7Hypnosis and Intuitive Coaching, Velora Peacock, 904-687-6972,


Massage/Body Work 7Dutch Retreat Massage & Wellness Clinic, Sun City Center, Village Plaza, Suite 104, (813) 763-0340,

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Associations/Clubs/Networking ™The Astrological Association of St Petersburg,, ™Moxy Women, St. Petersburg,


Past Life Regression B Forever Souls, Elissa Bentsen, 941-706-3583,


Pets 7Give a Dog a Bone, 6170 N Us Hwy 41 Apollo Beach, 813-641-3734,

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Readers/Intuitives 7A JOURNEY WITHIN, Rev. Debbie Dienstbier, The Chakra Center, Sun City Center, 727-433-3896, B Intellectual Metaphysics, Marcia Bender, 941-924-1721, ™Living to Inspire, Emily Andrews, (813) 758-1139, 7Cynthia Castillo, The Chakra Center, Sun City Center, 813-645-4979, AAnthony Fernandez, Medium, Anahata, 945 Central Ave, Naples B Jack Alexander, The Tea House at Asian Arts, 5437 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, 941-359-9222,

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Spa and Beauty B 20 WEST SPA, 20 west Wentworth St. Englewood. 941-475-0020 or email B Nancy Homes Holmes, Esthetician, 941-416-7409,


Mediation and Yoga B Womens Meditation Group, Jo Mooy, 941-866-5752,,


20 Pounds 30 Days...

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Christina Captain DOM, AP, SLP

Blood, Saliva and Urine Laboratory Testing Hair Analysis Stool Analysis Applied Kinesiology Toxicity and Nutritional Analysis Affordable Laboratory Testing

Acupuncture Electro Acupuncture Auricular Acupuncture Lifecare Counseling Wellness Coaching Nutritional Planning Chinese Herbs Homeopathy Allergy Elimination Jaffee-Mellor Technique Acu-point Injection Therapy B-12 Injections Stop Smoking Treatment Weight Loss Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation Detoxification Programs Saliva Hormone Testing Hormone Balancing Supplement and Medication Review

Lauren Rathvon DOM, AP

Miss your skinny jeans? We can help you lose weight! At the Family Healing Center we know that “one size does not fit all.” Combining the principles of Oriental Medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and conventional lab testing, our experienced acupuncture physicians will individualize a plan that puts you in control of your weight loss. Call 941/951.1119 now to register for our free informational seminar on April 19th at 6PM.

Now Accepting New Patients. Visit for more information, or call the Family Healing Center at 941/951.1119 for a free consultation.

ANNUAL COMPLEMENTARY CARE PACKAGES AVAILABLE You and your whole family can enjoy the benefits of regular complementary care all year! For more information, go to:

Weight Loss Seminar April 19th, 6pm 941/951.1119 to RSVP

Convenient Downtown Office Location: 1219 East Avenue South, Suite 104 at the Midtown Medical Park. 941/951.1119 ~ ~ 55


Transformation Magazine, April 2011  

Transformation's April issue is all about Earth! Become grounded, connect to nature, live green, spread your roots!