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SEATBOX | GNT X36 Station Plus The San Siro canal is now one of the best Italian match venues (Ph. Match Fishing Italia).


STATION PLUS THE SIGNATURE Well known among all European match anglers, since long time GNT logo communicates a sense of innovation and reliability: a signature that represents the Trabucco quality.

THE STABILITY Legs of 36 mm diameter drastically improve the fishing station’s stability. So the comfort level raises, and consequently the concentration about fishing action also grows.

A shock to the seatbox world comes once again from Trabucco brand, which breaks into the match fishing scene with an extraordinary concept of fishing station: GNT X36, whose name was inspired by the diameter of the legs to communicate with some effectiveness the new, concrete feeling of stability that the product is able to guarantee. The idea, the materials used, the innovative technical solutions and the extreme adaptability to the personal needs of the user make it a cutting-edge seatbox, as already witnessed by the attentions reserved to it from the angling public during the first exhibitions. The everybody’s sympathy arose immediately after the announcement that the aluminum frame is available in three different colors: white, red, black, offering fans the embarrassment and pleasure of choice, because the three combinations are all quite attractive. Then it was the turn of the technical details: above all the innovative leg locking system, which is operated by knobs which are active along a 180 degree arc. So you can reduce the volume of the seatbox during transport, but also on the banks, because the knobs don’t protrude from the frame profile. Finally, the extreme flexibility of the Connect X36 concept, which provides the possibility of applying the wide range of accessories to any existing seatbox, indifferently with square or round section legs.

THE ACCESSORIES All accessories and supports have in common two rubber adaptors, which allow its application on any existing leg, either having a square or circular cross section.

180° CONCEPT The leg’s adjustment knobs work by traction and are connected to a non-marking device, but the concept that makes them quite unique is their operability along a 180 degrees arc. This means that they can be rotated to reduce the volume of the seatbox during transport as well as on the peg.

THE DESIGN The GNT X36 seatboxes born from a project that takes into account the functions, but, being a product of Italian creativity, it puts the elegance of the shapes on the same level of importance.

FEATURES • “Innovative aluminium tubular frame • Six legs Ø 36 mm, four of which are telescopic: the two on back side feature a level and a bush for quick umbrella fitting, with safety screw; the other four carry a screw bush for the application of any accessory. • Wide, tilting mud feet; beyond the standard models, supplied with the seatbox, special versions are also available with stainless steel feet and grips for steep banks (fitted on optional legs). • Sliding aluminium footplate, with front hole for keepnet fixing • Non-marking screw knobs • Gel padded cushion with pole recess, decorated by a colour band which definitely marks its look • Twin system of air bubble levels: one on top of a leg, the other on back side of the frame • Padded, adjustable length shoulder strap • Top accessory drawer 4 cm deep, plus a side drawer 2 cm deep • Removable drawer stack, made of: - upper drawer 4+2 cm deep - intermediate drawer 4 cm deep, with 2 front drawers - lower drawer 2+2 cm deep • Fittings for Trolley Kit (116-25-220, available separately) • Compatibility with all existing Genius drawers and modules, including the GNT Roto cushion (item nr. 116-05-080).



Seat cushions Drawers Drawer’s partitions Trolley kit with pneumatic wheels Pole front bars (standard and wind version)

• Side trays, with and without cover • Accessorie’s rests (for keepnet, umbrella, bucket, bowl) • Pole kit rests • Feeder & Match Arm • Legs with plastic or stainless steel foot

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