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TRABUCCO FLEXIBLE CHAIR A breath of fresh air in the world of feeder chairs: the most important accessory for the enthusiast of the extra-large fish grows and renews itself thanks to Italian creativity.

Next to a classic design, indispensable to provide stability and comfort for the user, it is the system of accessories and of their attachment to the structure the real “plus” of the product. Thanks to an intelligent device, for the first time the accessories can also be connected to the rear legs, which during use are drastically tilted. And it is the extreme flexibility of use of the accessories that inspired the name Flexychair for this fantastic chair.

• Innovative frame made of a lightweight tubular aluminum structure, with adjustable front legs and telescopic rear legs; • High strength ABS feet, with large diameter to avoid sinking into the mud, tilting to fit any profile of the ground; • Extra-comfortable seat, fully padded, made of waterproof fabric and high quality microfiber, which is also waterproof; • Backrest fully reclining for transportation and well padded; • Padded headrest cushion, very comfortable in long waits; • Higher ground clearance than the standard models, to reduce the stress on the user’s legs; • 2 front legs Ø 25 mm, adjustable via large rubber knobs operating to non-marking devices that don’t scratch them.

Mud feet are tilting to automatically fit the contours of the ground.


An unprecedented series of blocks and accessories that can be adapted on all feeder chair, fishing chairs and seatboxes that have tubular legs of 25 mm maximum diameter. The system has been called Flexy Concept in order to emphasize its flexibility in adapting to the chair, to the seatbox, to the environmental conditions and personal requirements of the user. It allows a perfect fitting of the support on any leg of the chair, including the rear ones, in order to firmly apply the feeder arm, the umbrella arm, the rod rest, the accessory tray. Three are the elements of innovation which make the system unique in the market.

• The block can be opened up to 180° to clamp it laterally to the leg, even below the frame; • Possibility of rotation of the block to bring the accessory horizontally, in case the chair leg wouldn’t be vertical; • Chance to remove the accessory and leave the block connected to the leg, or to interchange any accessory with another one.


The knob (1) allows to open the block to clamp it on to the leg, instead of inserting it from the top. The knob (2) fixes the block and rules the chances of rotation.

At the end of the fishing session, the accessory can be disconnected, leaving the block on the leg.


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Beautiful fishing chair: large, stable, comfortable and, above all, rotating to follow the user’s needs, who while fishing is continually moving to the right and to the left to pick up the bait, to load a feeder, to catapult loose bait, to tie a hook, to bring the landing net. Fitted on top of a sturdy aluminum frame, it has a fully padded cushion and back rest. With folded backrest and legs fixed to the dedicated clips, the chair takes a small volume in any car. The legs of 30 mm diameter, equipped with wide, tilting mud feet, accept all the accessories of the XPS Clamp-On.

• Strong aluminium frame • Rotating and padded seat, with folding back rest • Two front telescopic legs Ø 30 mm • Two back legs Ø 30 mm with fixed length • Wide, tilting mud feet • Completely folding for easy transport Feeder STaTioN WiTh reduced diMeNSioNS aNd GreaTer STabiliTy


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It’s the greater sister of Specialist Feeder Chair, which can offer excellent comfort for the larger dimensions of the seat, for the higher ground clearance and the reclining backrest, which culminates with a padded headrest. Unchanged the useful carrying bag that lets you store the chair in the car booth preventing mud and water from damaging it. The four telescopic legs are equipped with tilting feet, while four angled arms, having adjustable height and a diameter of 25 mm, allow the user to apply any accessories. The chair is supplied with a convenient side tray.

Two large knobs enable to modify the angle of the back rest.

The accessorie’s sticks are adjustable in height. Special devices allow you to adjust the extension and orientation of all four side arms.

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Rod and reel not included.