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Maxel 2-Speed system consists of two sets of stainless steel main and pinion gears, allowing anglers the option of a high-speed ratio or a power ratio for maximum torque. Maxel shifting system is designed to operate in a simple and reliable way: just push the shift button and handle in for low gear, offering you the power to fight big game fish; push button and pull handle out so as to switch back to high speed ratio for quick line retrieve.

Aircraft grade aluminum construction incorporating Maxel rigid machine technology. All Maxel reels feature a strong, rigid, one-piece fully machined aluminum frame. These monolithic bar-stock frames not only keep the moving parts in precise alignment, but also maintain exacting control tolerances under heavy loading while fighting big fish.

Maxel Magnetic Cast Assist is designed to reduce backlash and improve casting distance by utilizing the magnetic field. The magnetic piece exerts an opposing force and assist with accurate adjustments. This feature is available on Maxel light jigging reel models.

Maxel pre-set knob and drag lever are designed user-friendly for precise and constant drag settings from FREE (no drag pressure), to STRIKE (where you fight the fish), until FULL (provides extra drag pressure when you need it). Turn the pre-set knob clockwise for more drag pressure, counter-clockwise for less drag pressure.

ANTI-CORROSION SS BEARINGS Maxel use top quality shielded stainless steel ball bearings in order to assure corrosion resistance and smooth operation on line release and retrieve. COLD FORGED SPOOL & SIDEPLATES


With Maxel latest cold forging technology, the super strong, cold forged aluminum spool and side plates stand up to line pressure and hard fighting stresses.

Each Maxel reel is constructed around a high modulus, heat-treated, heavy duty stainless steel gear set for superior strength, smoothness and long life.


CARBON DRAG SYSTEM Maxel unique Carbon Drag system delivers a wide range and smooth operation at all settings. The contaminant resistant carbon surfaces are treated with a precise amount of specially formulated Maxel drag grease that resists water absorption and maintains powerful drag settings. Constant, steady friction and excellent heat displacement are assured through the drag surface design.

ERGO POWER KNOB Maxel ergonomically shaped power knob provides maximum power with minimum fatigue for the game angler. The power knob takes full advantage of the natural dynamics of the human hand, wrist and forearm to help sustain power and endurance for the game angler.

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