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THE PAST INFORMS THE FUTURE This magazine is primarily about looking forwards, homing in on new projects and technologies that will ensure that the UAE remains not only competitive, but a global leader in the years ahead. However, often times we are encouraged to reflect on our past, in efforts to inform our work in the present and the future.The new archaeological studies that reveal the prehistoric origins of Al Ain are, therefore, of particular interest. Throughout the years such discoveries in the UAE have consistently revealed a rich history where inhabitants tended to move from one place to another, dictated by the climate or available resources. An exception to this rule, though, has now been found in Al Ain. One of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited places, it has been determined that Al Ain became a major centre from the Bronze Age onwards, with the ingenuity shown by its inhabitants ensuring its growth and survival. Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of DCT Abu Dhabi, commented: “The founding father of the UAE, the late His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, recognised the importance of understanding this ancient past and encouraged fieldwork in Al Ain from the 1960s onwards. The discoveries our team of archaeologists are uncovering are fascinating and reveal incredible details about our ancestors, their lifestyles, their resilience, and their ingenuity. These details uncovered about our history and earliest culture are both educational and inspiring to all; especially our younger generations as they build their knowledge and appreciation of their Emirati ancestors.”

There was a wide array of opportunities in Al Ain, from growing crops through to mining copper, the latter needed by expanding economies throughout the ancient world. Copper was mined and processed in Al Ain, then transported to the coast as ingots on trade routes that were already well established. Indeed, with their understanding and experience of the sea, these Bronze Age entrepreneurs established a trading port on Umm an-Nar Island, right next to the modern city of Abu Dhabi. It became a hub for international trade, just like its modern equivalent. The Bronze Age residents of Al Ain also used copper from the neighbouring mountains to make weapons and agricultural tools, promoting safety and prosperity.The excavation of a tomb, which is up to 4000 years old, has revealed dozens of metal weapons that attest to the ingenuity and technological mastery of the time. As Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli, Italian diplomat, politician, historian, philosopher, humanist and writer of the Renaissance period, said: "Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times. This arises from the fact that they are produced by men who ever have been, and ever shall be, animated by the same passions, and thus they necessarily have the same result.” The proof of this statement can be found in Al Ain.

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FEATURES IN THIS ISSUE It was 43 years ago, back in 1975, that Nabil Arif and Abdulla Bintoak founded the company of Arif & Bintoak Consulting Architects and Engineers; doing so in anticipation of the scale and pace of the architectural growth that would occur throughout the length and breadth of the UAE. And from the very beginning the firm was focused on producing exceptional solutions for clients through the use of practical design skill and flair in tandem with the very latest industry technologies. Providing an honest, approachable and friendly service, Arif & Bintoak


APID P34 Interior Design is a powerful, essential part of our daily lives and affects how we live, work, and play. It is an industry that has evolved dramatically over the years, and today interior designers are expected to have a working knowledge of textiles, materials, colour, & space planning.


guides its clients through the many difficult and complex stages of the construction process, and is dedicated to the improvement and carefully planned development of the nation’s architecture and infrastructure.


In fact, following a modest beginning when the firm had only five engineers, Arif & Bintoak has enjoyed steady growth to become not only one of UAE’s, but one of the world’s leading consultants.

AL AJMI ENGINEERING CONS P60 For this is a company that has maintained its presence in the local and global marketplace throughout all the different market cycles thanks to its enviable track record of providing professional consultancy services, excellent craftsmanship integrity, sound principles.

HIDI GROUP P64 Throughout the past 43 years, The HIDI Group has maintained a set of core values that concentrate on robust, long-term client relationships and high levels of customer service, while embracing the technology and innovation needed to succeed in an ever-changing business environment.


WORLDWIDE NEWS P10 Siemens has signed an agreement with STEAG GuD Herne on the turnkey construction of Herne 6 600MW combined cycle power plant with district heat extraction. Steam will also be extracted and the thermal energy will be used for the district heating grid of Germany’s Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. This will be the first single power plant unit to provide 400MW of (thermal) district heat with combined cycle operation.The overall fuel efficiency of the natural gas used will be more than 85%.

REGIONAL NEWS P12 Oman-based Al Raid Group, a leader in quality lifestyle projects, has recently launched work on the 240,000-sq-m Al Araimi Walk in Barka. The iconic development project, which will set a new benchmark as the nation’s first ever retailtainment destination, will feature 164 retail outlets, 42 food and beverage outlets, seven entertainment hubs, a hypermarket, and an IMAX cinema. Apart from offering shopping and family-oriented experiences, other highlights of the mall include: an indoor waterpark, and trampoline park.


LOCAL NEWS P14 It may initially seem counterintuitive that, despite the well documented cashflow difficulties and ever-increasing competition within the emirates’ construction-related sectors, we have found the demand for integrated marketing services has increased over recent years. There is a simple explanation. Long gone are the days when the main challenge for most companies in a rapidly developing country was finding enough manpower to handle the onslaught of new projects.

TOP SHOWROOM P36 Interior design is a growing and multi–faceted industry that revolves around how a particular space should look and feel. The success of this sector is particularly good news for showrooms that feature individual products utilised within interior design, such as sanitary ware, lighting, furniture, walls and floors, tiles, and kitchens. In this issue of Emirates Projects Magazines we feature what we consider to be the top UAE Interior Design showrooms in these specific categories; showrooms that can assist customers to make informed decisions that encompass good design.


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Celebrating in the UAE

ounded in the Republic of Ireland by Chairman and CEO Dr. Anil G Pillai in 1996, Airolink has been operational in the UAE since 2008. Its strong pipeline of secured works, in tandem with ongoing and completed projects, further boost’s our capacity to a goal of AED 10 billion worth of works across all market sectors. As Airolink celebrates its 10th anniversary in the UAE, it can look back on a heritage that began in Ireland when there was a huge demand for construction and projects came in swiftly. With this rapid success came an ambition to venture overseas, most notably in the UAE where there were ever-growing opportunities for businesses that offered practical solutions and high quality workmanship. With Airolink already registered with NATO as a military contractor, Dr. Anil partnered with a local firm to bid on a globally tendered project and was awarded the Al Minhad NATO Air Base facility in Dubai; the company’s first project in the UAE. This success was quickly followed with further military work on aircraft runway works for

the Australian Defence Force and the Al Dhafra Air Base facility for the US Air Force.

Superior Projects, Superior People With offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Airolink provides not only traditional contractor services, but also design and construct, with its own inhouse design and MEP capabilities. Furthermore, the company operates across all market sectors, including hospitality, residential, commercial, military and education, working on projects across all of the seven emirates in the UAE. Throughout Airolink’s first 10 years in the UAE, the market has been dynamic, requiring constant review. During this time the company has enjoyed tremendous success by working closely with its clients and partners, with a considerable degree of its work coming via repeat business, which underlines the trust that clients and developers put in Airolink, and stands as testament to its philosophy of relationship building. This level of success, of course, has only been possible thanks to the skill and professionalism

of its people, which are undoubtedly the company’s greatest asset. At the present time, Airolink is expanding its workforce, having recently increased the numbers of its personnel to approximately 2700, of which 400 are middle level engineers and senior management. Many of its people have been with the company since its inception, and new members of the team are very quickly put through its on-boarding and training process, which is typically conducted by longstanding staff, making the process smooth and welcoming. Airolink is extremely proud of its ongoing staff retention rates and its family run business attitude.

Thriving on a Challenge Airolink has completed over AED 1 billion of work and has ongoing works in hospitality, retail and education, with more than 25,000 students actively engaged within school facilities built by Airolink. Many of these ongoing projects are with well established clients and incorporate elaborate design into the structure or façade. The company thrives on design challenges and is


committed to exceeding the expectations of its clients. Two particular projects that require such dedication are the Seven Hotel & Apartments on The Palm Dubai, with its connecting high level steel bridge comprising a floating infinity pool and outdoor restaurant deck facilities, all structurally engineered to exacting standards, and the Al Mamzar Byblos Hotel, a four-star, design and construct hotel collaboration. In all, Airolink currently has 14 ongoing projects across a variety of market sectors and in various stages of completion. More or less 50% of these are with repeat clients.

Supporting the Community Airolink will continue to grow and expand in Airolink International Construction LLC P.O.Box: 30585, Abu Dhabi, UAE T: +971(0) 2 445 3530 F: +971(0) 2 445 5081

the years ahead, focusing on client satisfaction, top quality workmanship within the client’s budget parameters, and a safe working environment. Perhaps its biggest challenge is market competition by tier one contractors, maintaining a positive cashflow position and the ongoing integration of the very latest technologies into its day-to-day business. Its short to medium term outlook is bright, with Airolink strengthening its position in the UAE market, whilst continuing to manage and explore projects within its overseas offices in Europe and India. To mark 10 years of evolution and success in the UAE, Airolink has a series of celebrations lined up, involving all of its staff and partners, Airolink Building Contracting LLC P.O.Box: 42649, Dubai, UAE T: +971(0) 4 447 3448 F: +971(0) 4 447 3449

and incorporating gifts, awards and media advertisements in publications throughout the nation. The company has also recently distributed bonuses to all employees as an appreciation gift and celebration of its 10 years in operation. In keeping with our mission statement , Airolink was heavily involved with generating international funding support for charitable construction works, including the UAE’s first Hindu temple & other Charitable Initiatives . Representing an opportunity to expand the number of religious faiths offered within the UAE, this also allowed the company’s management and employees to engage with, and be good stewards within the community. Airolink Building Contracting LLC – SHJ BR P.O.BOX 37338, Sharjah T: +971(0) 4 447 3448 F: +971(0) 4 447 3449


SIEMENS TO BUILD TURNKEY COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANT IN GERMANY Siemens has signed an agreement with STEAG GuD Herne on the turnkey construction of Herne 6 600MW combined cycle power plant with district heat extraction. Steam will also be extracted and the thermal energy will be used for the district heating grid of Germany’s Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. This will be the first single power plant unit to provide 400MW of (thermal) district heat with combined cycle operation. The overall fuel efficiency of the natural gas used will be more than 85%, making Herne 6 one of the most efficient and most environmentally friendly plants in the world. Investment in Herne 6 is expected to be in the mid-triple-digit euro range. Siemens, as general contractor, will build the power plant on the site of an existing plant owned by STEAG in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Herne. Critical components for the plant will be manufactured in Germany – the steam turbine and generator in Mülheim and the

H-class gas turbine at the factory in Berlin. The new gas-fired CHP plant will begin operations in 2022 and is expected to generate electricity for the Rhine-Ruhr region with district heat at the same time. Siemens and STEAG have also entered into a long-term service agreement. Siemens power and gas division CEO Willi Meixner said: “We’re very pleased that we were able to land this project in a difficult market environment. This success also shows that our strategy of developing projects in close collaboration with our customers is working. “Environmentally friendly, gas-fired CHP plants such as Herne 6 can play an important role in further implementing the transition to a new energy mix in Germany.Therefore for further projects already being planned it is enormously important to provide the legal security needed.” STEAG management board chairman Joachim Rumstadt said: “We are convinced that Siemens is the right partner for this important and pioneering project. As we

know from our successful collaboration in earlier projects, Siemens has excellent

expertise in the area of power plant construction.”

SKANSKA, AECOM HUNT JV SELECTED FOR SEATTLE CENTRE ARENA REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT Skanska-Hunt, a joint venture between Skanska and Aecom Hunt, has been selected by OVG-Seattle and NHL Seattle as general contractor for the redevelopment of the Seattle Center Arena, US. Construction on the largest private investment in the history of Pacific Northwest sports and entertainment will commence in 2018. Other partners of the project include CAA Icon (developer representative and project manager), Populous (architect) and Labor Partners. The project team is working with the City of Seattle to complete the permitting and approval processes. Previously, Skanska had built several sports and entertainment venues, including MetLife Stadium, University of Portland Beauchamp Recreation Center and University of Kentucky Commonwealth Stadium expansion/renovation. Aecom Hunt has built more than 150 sports facilities and its recent projects


include Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Philips Arena in Atlanta; Little Caesars Arena in Detroit; and T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Skanska executive vice president – general manager Kevin McCain said: “The Skanska-Hunt team is incredibly excited to join the team for this iconic project. “We believe that this is more than just a redevelopment of Seattle Center Arena and will become a world-class urban arena that will serve the Seattle area and its diverse communities. “We take great pride in the opportunity and look forward to partnering with this team to produce a one of a kind facility for generations to come.” The redeveloped Seattle Center Arena will be built using modern engineering techniques to deliver a building that will be suitable for hockey, basketball, concerts and other entertainment events. The new arena will feature an interior of up to 750,000ft², almost double its current size, and will also meet LEED

standards and preserve the current historic and iconic roofline. Aecom Hunt senior vice president Tim Smith said: “Seattle Center Arena is an important landmark and we’re thrilled to partner with Skanska to bring this renowned facility into the twenty-first century. “Together, we’ll provide unparalleled

sports building expertise, deep local connections, and the latest in construction technology to deliver Oak View Group’s inspiring vision, revitalizing the area and creating a premier destination.” The new Seattle Center Arena will hold more than 140 events every year, with a goal of becoming one of the top 10 music venues in the country.


LINKCITY SECURES PLANNING APPROVAL FOR THIRD PHASE OF HALLSVILLE QUARTER PROJECT Property development firm Linkcity has secured planning approval for its third phase of development at the Hallsville Quarter in Canning Town, London. Designed by Hawkins-Brown, the project will include features 620 flats, including 50 care home units. It will also include further 118,404ft² of development, including retail, leisure, offices and NHS health centre. Linkcity is planning to complete the third phase of development in 2023. The Hallsville Quarter project is comprised of shops, offices, leisure, hotel, community uses, student accommodation, 1,148 flats and basement car parking. Montagu Evans has advised Linkcity in relation to the project. Montagu Evans partner Simon Marks said: “This is an important application for Newham, securing a further phase of development that will bring new amenities to the area, including an NHS health centre and the borough’s first extra care homes. “These updates to the original 2012 consented masterplan will help landowner

and development partner LB Newham better meet local needs with more homes, including affordable housing, in a well-planned development close to public transport, shops, health and leisure facilities.” Part of the £3.7billion Canning Town and Custom House Regeneration Programme, the Hallsville Quarter project will reconnect the areas north and south of the A13 flyover, including Canning Town Corner with Barking Road and Rathbone Market. Measuring six hectares, the Hallsville Quarter will be completed in five phases. The project will deliver 1,100 homes with different tenures. Hallsville Quarter project will also include the development of 323,000ft² of leisure and retail space, as well as more than 32,000ft² of space for community facilities. The project will feature public spaces, pedestrian links and facilities for cyclists new, as well as 1,100 secure parking spaces. The construction on the second phase of Hallsville Quarter was started

in early 2015. It is said to be the major regeneration project that creates a new district centre for Canning Town. Hallsville Quarter’s second phase included shops, cafés, restaurants and 196-bedroom IBIS hotel, as well as

additional public spaces, secure car parking for around 300 cars and facilities for cyclists. Linkcity, which is part of Bouygues UK, is engaged in the development of multiple major projects across the UK.

ADB TO FUND NEW POWER TRANSMISSION PROJECT IN BANGLADESH The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will provide more than $357million for the development of two power lines in Bangladesh as part of efforts to help the government achieve the national target of electricity for all by 2021. The investment comprises $350million ADB loan, $7million grant from the Japan Fund for the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JFJCM) to fund energy-efficient conductors, and $500,000 grant from the Republic of Korea e-Asia and Knowledge Partnership Fund (EAKPF) to promote socially inclusive growth with gender equality. ADB was earlier involved in the Bangladesh power sector, including the recently approved Rupsha 800MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in the southwest region, to improve the transmission system by providing more efficient power transfer to the load centres of the southern and western zones. The Southwest Transmission Grid Expansion Project builds on ADB’s earlier

work in the country’s power sector. Under the project, a 126km 230kV transmission line will be constructed from Barisal to Faridpur; and a 104km 400kV transmission line from Bogra to Rohanpur, along with substations, transformers and associated extensions and connections. New type of high temperature conductors will be used in the new transmission lines, which will allow more power transfer at lower energy losses. These conductors have less resistance to power flow, higher power transferring capacity, and operate more reliably in tropical weather, besides helping to minimise right-of-way requirements. The new conductors also reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional transmission conductors that are used in Bangladesh, contributing to climate change mitigation. This climate change mitigation accounts for $93million of the investment, comprising $86million from the ADB loan and $7million from the JFJCM grant.

Under the EAKPF grant, the project will provide funds for a scholarship programme that will support women’s access to higher education and boost their job opportunities in the electricity sector.

The government will contribute $174.5million toward the $532million cost of the project, which is expected to be completed at the end of June 2023.



AL RAID LAUNCHES UNIQUE LIFESTYLE MALL IN OMAN Oman-based Al Raid Group, a leader in quality lifestyle projects, has recently launched work on the 240,000-sq-m Al Araimi Walk in Barka. The iconic development project, which will set a new benchmark as the nation’s first ever retailtainment destination, will feature 164 retail outlets, 42 food and beverage outlets, seven entertainment hubs, a hypermarket, and an IMAX cinema. Apart from offering shopping and familyoriented experiences, other highlights of the mall include: an indoor waterpark, trampoline park, snow village, ice-skating rink, virtual reality zone, and cliff climbing adventure facility. Al Araimi Walk will open its doors by September 2020. Raid Abdullah Al Araimi, vice chairman of Al Raid Group, said:“Having a sprawling tree-lined promenade, a high-tech digital park, gourmet restaurants, world-class designer brands and a lot more, each and every aspect of Al Araimi Walk will exemplify and reflect the essence of refined

taste, and the innovative spirit of the Al Raid Group.” “Through the launch of Al Araimi Walk, it is our endeavour to become the nation’s number one destination for families,

tourists and shoppers; where they can spend joyful moments exploring retail outlets, gathering at a wide selection of cafés and restaurants; and enjoying the several entertainment attractions that will be a

part of our magnum opus property. That’s not all – through Al Araimi Walk, it is our goal to offer retailers the choice of selecting a strategic partner who will bring them ‘closer to the consumer’,” he added.

BAHRAIN STARTS WORK ON HIGHWAY EXPANSION PROJECT Bahraini authorities said work has begun on the expansion of the Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Avenue between Roundabout 6 in Hamad Town and the Wali Al Ahd Avenue. The scope of work includes installation of new traffic signals, lights, and painting of new road markings, each of which will help to ensure road safety, reported BNA, citing senior officials. The expansion follows the directives of HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister, to develop urgent solutions to congestion and improve the flow of traffic across the kingdom, it stated. Once the project gets completed, it would offer easier access to those coming from the left side of Road 6 and heading to Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Avenue, the report added. Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, Essam bin Abdullah Khalaf said an additional lane will be added to Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Avenue (which will extend between Road 6 and the Wali Al Ahd Avenue’s roundabout),


besides installation of ground channels for future infrastructure initiatives. The project aims to boost traffic flow from Hamad Town by 750 vehicles per hour during peak times, and improve the capacity of the intersection between the Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Avenue and Road 6 by roughly 35, explained Khalaf. Waiting times will also decrease, which will in turn reduce the frequency of traffic jams Roundabout 6 and ease traffic movement on Shaikh Hamad Avenue, he added. The minister pointed out that the project was aimed at serving Hamad Town’s residents travelling to Manama and Riffa by reducing pressure on the Wali Al Ahd Avenue, especially during peak times, and allowing greater access to commercial and residential areas in general. "This project, and the government’s comprehensive road network plan more generally, will lead to a major expansion of Bahrain’s transport capacity, accommodating for increased urbanisation as well as an exponential increase in the number of vehicles on the roads," he added.


SNC-LAVALIN BAGS $180MILLION AL ZOUR REFINERY CONTRACT IN KUWAIT Canadian engineering contractor SNC-Lavalin has won a commissioning deal for Al Zour Refinery in Kuwait that will produce 615,000 barrels of oil per day. Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) awarded the $180million (KWD54.4million) contract to SNC-Lavalin, instructing the firm to launch a host of management support services for one of the biggest refineries in the world. SNC-Lavalin's scope for the project is broad and includes master planning; start-up programme development; risk assessment and management; commissioning management support; operational readiness and assurance; project phase execution work; training; competency development and assurance; documentation preparation; creation of management and e-learning systems; and the provision of software and procedures for conducting a safe and efficient startup to operations. KIPIC, a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, is developing the $16billion (KWD4.8billion) Al Zour

Refinery that could open by December 2019, creating 1,500 jobs. Once it reaches full operational capacity it will have the largest refining capabilities in the Middle East, and increase Kuwait's national oil output to 1.5million barrels of oil per day. "We look forward to building a long-term relationship with KIPIC and working in association with them to commission one of the newest and biggest refineries in the world," said SNC-Lavalin's president of oil and gas, Christian Brown. He added: "This is a great opportunity to demonstrate our global expertise and extensive capabilities in downstream, and to support our client in executing their strategy and delivering a successful startup and the steady state operations of the refinery." Montreal-headquartered SNCLavalin has more than half a century of construction experience in the Middle East, where it has had a helping hand on more than 700 projects. The region accounted for nearly a quarter of the company's global revenue

last year. Its performance in the GCC so far this year has been impressive, winning an MEP contract for Meydan One in Dubai; a $1.5billion contract to build

a PVC plastics plant 150km southeast of Oman's capital city Muscat; and a $42million EPC contract to expand a district cooling plant in Saudi Arabia.

$1.18BILLION NEW JAHRA MEDICAL CITY OPENS The New Jahra Medical City project, one of the largest healthcare development projects in the Middle East, was recently opened in Kuwait. The project was developed by the Amiri Diwan in

collaboration with Pace, one of the leading multidisciplinary consultants in the region. The hospital in the Al Jahra Governorate – Al Qasr Region was inaugurated by the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad

Al Jaber Al Sabah, with the attendance of the Crown Prince of Kuwait Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al Hamad Al Sabah, and Kuwait National Assembly speaker Marzouq Al Ghanim, along with a select group of ministers and other decision-makers. President of Financial and Administrative Affairs at the Amiri Diwan, Abdul Aziz Saud Ishaq said the project was initiated in 2013. Construction work commenced in March 2015 and was fast-tracked to completion in three years. Pace CEO Tarek Hamed Shuaib said the medical complex comprises eight separate buildings, the most prominent being the main hospital premises, which rises to 15 storeys and has a total built-up area of 440,000 sq m. “The architectural design process started with a concept based on the introduction of nature to the internal environment. The purpose of this is to create harmony within the facilities, as a means of contributing to the treatment and healing of patients.

Green areas and interior spaces play an active part in strengthening this direction of design, creating an atmosphere full of life in numerous spaces,” he said. The KD365-million ($1.18billion) project includes a 1,234-bed hospital, a fully-equipped dental facility with 115 treatment rooms and a regional health administration building. It also features a women’s centre; trauma centre; 32 operating suites including two hybrid operating rooms, a hybrid CT operating suite, and a hybrid MRI operating suite. The outpatient facilities have 22 departments with 135 clinics with stateof-the-art equipment which includes a 10seat hyperbaric chamber, the only one of its kind in Kuwait. Other service buildings include a public car park and staff car park, both accommodating 5,000 cars and two emergency shelters, each for 300 people, Shuaib noted. A helipad is located on the roof of the diagnostic and treatment block, right above the Emergency Department’s trauma section.



WHEN BRAND AWARENESS IS CRITICAL TO SUCCESS, CAN COMPANIES AFFORD NOT TO INVEST IN MARKETING? It may initially seem counterintuitive that, despite the well documented cashflow difficulties and ever-increasing competition within the emirates’ construction-related sectors, we have found the demand for integrated marketing services has increased over recent years. There is a simple explanation. Long gone are the days when the main challenge for most companies in a rapidly developing country was finding enough manpower to handle the onslaught of new projects. Now company owners, management and sales teams are discovering they need to work that bit harder to ensure they beat the competition to the best tenders or land the golden meeting with the key decision maker. Today there is a battle for attention in the industry and those not investing in communicating their brand through the right channels and ensuring they are at the front of people’s minds are falling behind. Having operated as a generalist marketing agency servicing all UAE sectors for almost a decade, we now increasingly represent businesses within construction, including cost consultants, project managers, architects, temporary structures, facilities management, MEP, real estate, claims firms, legal firms and industry recruiters. One of the main underlying reasons for our continued success in the sector is construction-related companies now have the knowledge and incentive to invest more in getting their messages out to the right people, in the right countries and companies, through brand awareness, thought leadership and lead generation activities. Also, the news is spreading of the huge impact on a business’s bottom line that can transpire from a proportionately small investment in these services. I recently met with a construction services company CEO, who directly told me he is looking to invest more time on these measures as he now feels the time is right to work a bit harder to let the market know about the fantastic things they have been doing as a company, helping drive new business as a result. He asked me to come in and explain how iHC’s clients are finding the work we do for them (across targeted PR, online advertising, social media and industry events) effective in terms of improving their bottom line. It is not a tough sell. Our large bluechip and local construction industry clients alike regularly land multi-million dirham


contracts through the work we have been doing to elevate their brand.This is not just helping them through trickier economic conditions, but actually winning some of the biggest contracts in their history through leads and connections transpiring from the newsworthy content we produce on their behalf. However, it’s only the wilier characters we encounter that have realised the most crucial time to invest in marketing is when the market slows. From initially reviewing and often bringing up to date their branding and website, then through generating powerful media articles, awards, speaking platforms, creative content and social media marketing and solid, consistent online advertising, we are pushing our clients’ newsworthy messages onto the handsets and laptops of their actual target audience – the decision makers.

We like to call this strategic and targeted PR, with additional push out over social marketing channels: ‘PR+’. The feedback from clients is they are seeing their strategically shared and promoted articles being clicked on by the audience they want to be reading their message. They are even receiving comments from existing and potential clients giving thanks for the ‘informative piece’ or congratulating them on their industry, corporate or product news. Most importantly, of course, clients see a tangible ROI in the form of new business enquiries - an ‘in’ with new contacts and an eventual improved bottom line. An example is a global project management company we represent across the Middle East and UK. The Regional Director called me and animatedly

explained how he had just had an extraordinary moment in a multi-party meeting. A key decision maker from one of the UAE’s main developers approached him to say he enjoyed reading his industry magazine article, which we had created with the title, then reposted and advertised on LinkedIn. This key person hadn’t engaged with him before, never mind thanked him for putting together an interesting thought leadership piece. Fast forward six months and the client won its biggest ever contract with – you’ve guessed it – the very same developer. In short, in a now saturated market, the difference between the winners and the losers is the trust and awareness marketing provides to a business. If you are not already doing it, it’s a must.



DAMAC PROPERTIES, RHG TO LAUNCH RADISSON HOTEL DAMAC Properties has signed an agreement with Radisson Hotel Group (RHG) to launch Radisson Hotel, Dubai DAMAC Hills, on the Trump International Golf Club Dubai at DAMAC Hills. The first Radisson-branded property worldwide to be located on a golf course, the 481-key hotel will comprise one and two-bedroom suites and offer investors an opportunity to purchase units operated by the RHG with returns of up to 6% guaranteed for the first three years, on their investment. DAMAC chairman Hussain Sajwani said: “Dubai’s increasing appeal as a global tourism destination gives direct and indirect investors access into the sector’s growth, as Dubai is set to continue welcoming increasing numbers of tourists well into 2020. “Our partnership with Radisson Hotel Group offers such investors a unique opportunity to invest with two globally recognized industry leaders, and own a part of this exclusive property.” Radisson Hotel, Dubai DAMAC Hills is already under construction and is expected to welcome its first guests in the fourth

quarter of 2019. The hotel will have two restaurants, modern leisure facilities comprising a gym, spa, kids club and an outdoor swimming pool, as well as meeting space covering 600m². Radisson Hotel Group executive vice president and chief development officer Elie Younes said: “We are delighted to enter into partnership with DAMAC Properties, one of the most prominent and respected real estate developers in the region, and we appreciate their commitment and vision to develop such an exciting project. “We are further delighted to introduce our new upscale Radisson brand to the region, with its own mark of Scandinavian inspired hospitality which we are confident will appeal to the varied and evolving needs of international travellers visiting Dubai.” The Radisson Hotel, Dubai DAMAC Hills, is located in DAMAC’s 42 million ft² master community, DAMAC Hills, a gated, premium residential community in the heart of Dubailand. Once completed, DAMAC Hills will consist of more than 4,000 luxury villas, 7,500 condominiums and more than four million ft² of greenery.


ME by Starck. Sleek lines, iconic shapes, pure aesthetics, sustainability and durability. For more information: Duravit Middle East SAL (Off-Shore), info@lb.duravit.com, Duravit Middle East SAL Off Shore - UAE Rep Office info@ae.duravit.com, Duravit Saudi Arabia LLC, info@sa.duravit.com. www.duravit.com



CMEC SECURES $150MILLION EPC CONTRACT FOR DUBAILAND PROJECT China Machinery and Engineering (CMEC) has secured a $150million turnkey engineering, procurement and contracting (EPC) contract from Bahrain-based GFH Financial Group (GFH) for the construction and financing of up to 85% of California Village, its Dubailand-based project. GFH said that under the terms of the contract, Chinese banks will provide financing under an insurance policy to be issued by Chinese state government agencies. According to the Manama-based company, California Village is one of the high-end mixed-use development and gated communities located in Dubailand with more than 200 private villas and 400 branded residences opposite MG Theme Park on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Highway in Dubai. CMEC, which is owned by the state government of China and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with

a market capitalisation of $15billion, will take up all activities necessary at the Dubailand-based project for the completion of villas, apartments, facilities and other amenities. The announcement for the Dubaibased project has been made after a threeday visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to the UAE that resulted in the signing of several business agreements in sectors ranging from energy to aviation. GFH CEO Hisham Alrayes said: “We’re pleased to create this important strategic relationship with CMEC, who is a leading global EPC provider. “California Village will mark our first cooperation and we expect to build on this relationship with CMEC and other Chinese partners to undertake works that reach up to $1billion in value covering other projects currently under discussion in the Gulf region. “We look forward to obtaining the necessary approvals and concluding this important milestone successfully.”

GFH, one of the major financial groups in the Gulf region, is involved in asset management, wealth management, commercial banking and real estate development and is listed on Bahrain

Bourse, Kuwait Stock Exchange and Dubai Financial Market. The group’s operations are focused on the GCC, North Africa and India.

VIBRANT DEPICTION OF UAE’S HERITAGE & PROGRESS TO ADORN WATERFRONT MARKET’S MAIN WALL THROUGH UNIQUE MURAL PAINTING COMPETITION Dubai’s largest integrated quality fresh food destination has announced the launch of a unique mural painting competition aimed at creating a vibrant depiction of the cultural and economic transformation of the UAE community. The competition is part of the Waterfront Market’s community-focused initiatives that celebrate the diversity and exceptional progress of the country and support the growing local art scene. The Waterfront Market urges young and upcoming artists across the UAE to participate in an open platform and submit their works before September 16, 2018. This is a chance to become known for an award-winning mural that will remain an icon of development adorning one of the Waterfront Market’s main walls. The competition’s theme broadly covers the UAE’s rich heritage and achievements as a nation. Issam Galadari, Chief Executive Officer,


Ithra Dubai, said: “The Waterfront Market Mural Competition is an exciting addition to our previous community-oriented initiatives including the food fest, biggest catch competition and other events. The mural competition is an initiative which we hope will bring together artists from the UAE’s creative community to capture in an art piece, the growth in our nation’s culture and heritage. We look forward to meeting artists that represent the country’s talents and make us proud to showcase their work to more than hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly and to the world. Their artworks will be judged based on creativity, uniqueness, visual impact, balance and accurate depiction of the competition’s theme.” An artist will be selected directly from the initial submitted applications through the committee who would shortlist finalists and collectively decide on a winner. Works of the top 10 shortlisted artists will be

displayed in a gallery. On top of having the honor to represent the local art community, the winner will be awarded AED 30,000. The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to paint the artwork on the main wall of the Waterfront Market measuring 8.5 meters in length and 4.5 meters in height as a symbol of the UAE’s cultural heritage and economic development. Shoppers and tourists visiting the Waterfront Market will have a chance to witness live the mural work in progress by the winning artist from 1st of October 2018, and the artwork will be unveiled to the public after completion at the Waterfront Market. Submissions of proposed work will be evaluated by a combination of juries and business leaders that will be selected by the Waterfront Market and will be assessed based on artistic merits such as appropriateness of content and visual impact of the project. Designs must be

original and must not have been previously promoted, sold or used in any competition. The deadline for submission of designs is on September 16, 2018. A maximum of three original artworks in high resolution can be submitted to murals@waterfrontmarket.ae. For more information on the competition and the guidelines, kindly visit @WFM. UAE




Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Al Faisal Tower

Al Nasr Stadium

DAMAC Towers By Paramount

IMG Worlds of Adventure Theme Park

Burj Khalifa District | Bay Square | Bldg. 01 | Office 901 | Dubai, UAE T: +971 4 552 1026 | F: +971 4 552 1036 E-mail: info@sseweb.ae | Web: www.sseweb.ae

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VOLVO TRUCKS TAKES SAFETY TO THE NEXT LEVEL A byword for safety, sleek Scandinavian styling and the last word in reliability – it can only be Volvo Trucks. However, this is not a company to sit back and rest on its laurels, underlined by the recent introduction of no less than eight advanced safety features in the UAE, providing better traffic safety and an enhanced working environment for drivers. Volvo's new driver support systems, based on the award-winning innovation of Volvo Dynamic Steering, helps to take safety up a notch or three. Volvo Dynamic Steering with Stability Assist works together with the truck’s Electronic Stability Control system, quickly detecting if the rear of a truck is starting to lose grip. If this occurs, it immediately provides light steering wheel assistance to help the driver steer in the opposite direction, stabilising the vehicle.


Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist works together with the truck’s Lane Keeping Support system at speeds above 55 km/h, reducing the risk of driving off the road or unintentional lane departure. The system achieves this by monitoring the vehicle's position using cameras. When it detects that the truck risks driving outside the current lane, the steering is activated and helps the driver return to the intended direction. The company has also introduced Volvo Dynamic Steering with Personal Settings, a function that makes it possible to adjust steering wheel resistance to suit the driver’s preference. Carl Johan Almqvist, Traffic and Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks, commented: “Volvo Dynamic Steering has truly revolutionised the driver’s job behind the wheel. Better directional stability, easier manoeuvring and higher comfort have reduced the risk of road

accidents and strain-related injuries. Now we are building further on our success with new functions that help make the traffic environment even safer. This is all in accordance with our vision that no accidents involving Volvo trucks should ever occur. These functions were developed to help drivers avoid some of the most common accident scenarios identified via our accident research programme.”

Volvo Vehicles Talking to Each Other In a separate innovation, Volvo Trucks is introducing a cloud-based service, Connected Safety, which allows Volvo trucks and Volvo cars to automatically alert each other to hazardous traffic situations. The passenger-car version of Connected Safety was launched by Volvo Cars in 2016. With Volvo Trucks

now rolling out its version of the service, trucks and cars are able to alert each other to potential hazards. This is possible because the two companies share safetyrelated data between their respective clouds. “Expanded cooperation between different players is one of the most important keys to improved road safety. If more vehicles are able to exchange real-time information about the traffic situation, it will lower the risk of accidents. With Connected Safety we are opening the door to the future, with the hope that more vehicle manufacturers will join in,” says Carl Johan Almqvist, Traffic and Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks. Connected Safety was developed to send out alerts to nearby vehicles connected to the service whenever a driver activates the vehicle’s hazard warning lights.


“A vehicle standing still by the roadside in poor visibility risks being hit from the rear, which can have severe consequences. An alert issued well in advance gives all drivers of nearby cars and trucks the same opportunity to reduce speed, adjust their driving to the traffic situation and avoid a collision,” explains Carl Johan Almqvist. In the longer term, the cloudbased service can be expanded with additional safety-enhancing functions. “As the technology undergoes further refinement and more vehicles are linked to the system, real-time information will become an important complement to the various intelligent safety and driver support systems found in our trucks today. Connected Safety marks the start of a new phase in our ongoing drive to promote safe driving and prevent accidents,” says Emanuele Piga, Director Customer Solutions & New Services Development at Volvo Trucks.

Electrically Powered Trucks for the City Volvo Trucks is not only committed to driver and vehicle safety, but to the safety and sustainability of the planet, too. This was highlighted recently when it presented its second electric truck model in three weeks. Following the unveiling of Volvo

Trucks’ first all-electric truck, the Volvo FL Electric, the company is expanding its product range with yet another electric truck. The Volvo FE Electric is designed for heavier city distribution and refuse transport operations with gross weights of up to 27 tonnes. “With the introduction of the Volvo FE Electric we have a comprehensive range of electrically powered trucks for city operations and are taking yet another strategic step forward in the development of our total offer in electrified transport solutions. This opens the door to new forms of cooperation with cities that target to improve air quality, reduce traffic noise, and cut congestion during peak hours since commercial operations can instead be carried out quietly and without tale-pipe exhaust emissions early in the morning or late at night,” says Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks. The first Volvo FE Electric, a refuse truck with a superstructure developed together with Europe's leading refuse collection bodybuilder, Faun, will start operating in early 2019 in Germany’s second-largest city, Hamburg.

efficient technology for gas-powered vehicles, Volvo Trucks makes it possible to significantly reduce the climate impact of heavy regional and long-haul transport operations. The new trucks, the Volvo FH LNG and Volvo FM LNG, can run on either biogas, which cuts CO2 by up to 100%, or natural gas, which reduces CO2 emissions by 20% compared with diesel. This relates to emissions from the vehicle during

usage, known as tank-to-wheel. “Our new trucks running on liquefied natural gas or biogas produce a far smaller climate footprint than diesel trucks do. In addition, they are much more fuel-efficient than the gas-powered trucks available on the market today. This makes gas more viable as a replacement for diesel, even for heavy long-haul operations,” concludes Mats Franzén, Product Manager Engines at Volvo Trucks.

Cutting CO2 by up to 100%

Volvo is now launching trucks that can cut CO2 emissions by 20 to 100%, too. With a firm focus on new, energy-




Water is a precious commodity and today, more than ever before, increasingly erratic weather patterns, population increases and changes in lifestyle have put pressure on our water supplies. Hence, it is important that we use water carefully. Ideal Standard, one of the leading providers of innovative bathroom solutions,is a keen believerin taking practical steps nowthatwill ensure there is enough water to go around for years to come. With building regulations now emphasising the importance of being green, water conservation has also become a vital factor in the final design of bathrooms. The fact is almost 49% of water used in a home is in the bathroom. Backed by its emphasis on revolutionary technologies Ideal Standard offers ground-breaking products that conserve water and promote efficiency. One outstanding example is theIdealraincollection of shower systems and kits.The precision-designed flow engine delivers optimal spray proficiency, while the easy-to-use controls and high and low-pressure compatibility helps maintain the right rate of water flow. Its clever design helps reduce water consumption without compromising on comfortor performance. In fact, Idealrain head showers have a 12l/min flow rate only, while Idealrain handsprays go up tojust 8l/min flow rate. Isn’t that great for conserving water?


Ideal Standards prides itself in offering great ranges of mixers and taps with clever water-saving features. Connect Airmixers, known for their minimalistic and slim line interiors, combines precision engineering with a notable saving on water consumption and therefore bills. Tonic II, Tesi and Ceraflexbathroom mixers combine superior function, aesthetics and water saving characteristics, performingflawlessly and saving money in the long run. Idealspray ablution faucets function impeccably at 4l/min flow rate. Another water conservation breakthrough is Ideal Standard’s advanced AquaBlade®flush technology. Unlike other flushing systems, AquaBlade®is an engineered system of channels that creates a cascading wall of water, which gives optimum water flow covering every inch of the ceramic. This advanced engineeringallows flushing at the extremely low level of 4,5/3l,delivering nevertheless a remarkably clean toilet bowl. As an innovative company Ideal Standard directs its efforts are towards meeting both consumer and environment needs. The result is a more satisfying bathroom experience for customers. The company believes that each and every one can do small changes and save water now, so we can all prevent more extreme measures needing to be taken later.

Handy water-saving tips from Ideal Standard: • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Water comes out of the average faucet at around 11 litres per minute. Don’t let all that water go down the drain while you brush. • Fix your leaks. Dripping taps are hugely wasteful - losing around one full bathtub of water every 6 days. They are often simple to fix. • Cut your showers short for some serious water savings.Cutting just one minute off your shower can save 8-16 litres each time. That’s around 24,000 litres a year saved by a family of four. Choose Idealrain handspray with 8l/ min flow rate and use 57% less water compared to a regular handspray. • Choose efficient fixtures. Like installing Ideal Standard mixers that have only 5l/min flow rate and ultralow-flush toilets. Also look for water efficient dishwashers and washing machines. • Keep an eye on your bill to spot leaks. If your water bill goes up suddenly, there’s a good chance that there’s a leak somewhere. Call in a plumber to check your lines to save water --and cash! • Don’t run the dishwasher or washing machine until it’s full. Those halfloads add up to many litres of wasted

water. Filling just one heavy load to the washing machine can save 5 litres each time. • If you are hand-washing dishes make sure you use water sparingly by turning off the tap at regular intervals instead of letting it run the whole time that you’re scrubbing. • Rinse vegetables in a full sink or pan of water. • Water outdoor plants in the early morning. This way you’ll need less water, since cooler morning temperatures mean losing less water to evaporation. We believe that together we become stronger and hence we can all play our part in saving water. As a leading provider of innovative bathroom solutions, Ideal Standard continues to design and manufacture leading-edge bathroom solutions, being a frontrunner when it comes to revolutionary water conservation technology Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Ideal Standard Gulf covers the Middle East region in collaboration with esteemed business partners across the different countries. The company is associated with some of the most prestigious projects in the Gulf and is committed to reinforce its market presence with its adherence to product quality, innovation, design and sustainability.

Materials that inspire ideas. Shapes and hues designed to freely express your style. Unique and inspiring products with unlimited choice. RAK Ceramics gives you limitless imagination.




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SEATRADE MARITIME MIDDLE EAST 2018 TO HIGHLIGHT SIGNIFICANCE OF CYBERSECURITY IN GLOBAL MARITIME SECTOR Seatrade Maritime Middle East – the maritime meeting place for the Middle East held biennially in Dubai - is set to tackle the pertinent issue of cybersecurity in the increasingly technology-dependent global maritime industry in light of the costly, growing attacks targeting major international shipping companies. To be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from October 29 to 31, 2018, under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, the Seatrade Maritime Middle East exhibition and conference will highlight the nature of known cyberthreats, their serious impact on the maritime community, the risk factors involved, and effective measures combatting the evolving cybercrimes. Stakeholders and senior executives from all over the world have identified cybersecurity as a topic of global importance especially after the International Maritime Bureau’s warning that shipping is becoming the ‘next playground for hackers.’ There are


now mounting calls for companies to prioritize their cybersecurity measures as a result of this valid concern. Emma Howell, Global Head of Marketing, Seatrade Portfolio, said: “It is highly encouraging that stakeholders are now coming together to discuss the subject of cyber security in the maritime industry. The industry has already implemented contingency plans, learning from serious incidents of cyberattacks involving prominent shipping firms. However, we admit that much still needs to be done and, as such, we are putting the spotlight on the importance of proactively building an ever-evolving cybersecurity system that can effectively fight off cyber threats. Seatrade Maritime Middle East 2018 is a timely platform to exchange experiences and propose more efficient and modern solutions that will help shield the industry from future costly network intrusions.” Cosco Shipping Lines and A.P. MollerMaersk were two of the shipping giants recently hit by cyberattacks, prompting the leading firms and the entire industry

to beef up their cybersecurity systems. Cybersecurity has become an urgent need as next-generation technologies are steadily being integrated into the maritime sector, with the prospect of autonomous shipping now becoming a possibility and millions of maritime operations data being churned out weekly. The topics of intelligent shipping as well as the tangible benefits and efficiencies offered by intelligent shipping technologies will be tackled during the 3 days of Seatrade Maritime Middle East, which is an integral part of the UAE Maritime Week. A focused session will take place on October 30th during the second UAE Maritime Future Leaders Seminar, organized by the Dubai Maritime Cluster Office. The session, entitled ‘Security from cyber-attack: how safe are we?’ will be moderated by Katharina Stanzel, Managing Director of INTERTANKO. Part of the UAE Maritime Future Leaders Seminar, this dedicated session is part of a one-day program that expands its

focus to the intelligent shipping and the tangible benefits and efficiencies offered by intelligent shipping technologies and includes individual presentations by industry expert speakers, followed by interactive round tables with the audience. Jason Stefanatos M.Sc, Senior Research Engineer and Maritime R&D and Advisory, DNV GL – Maritime, one of the session’s speaker, said:“Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the shipping industry and the recent attacks on leading shipping companies Cosco Shipping Lines and A.P. Moller-Maersk demonstrates the importance and critical-nature of being cyber resilient. We need to step up our game to protect the industry from these network breaches--a challenge that requires all maritime stakeholders to work together and improve the conditions. Owners, flag administration and class societies should help contribute in the campaign towards achieving a cyber-safer sea trade.”


AN EDUCATION IN SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION Airolink has successfully completed an extremely prestigious project in the education sector – Brighton College Dubai and Dwight School Dubai by Bloom Education, which officially opened on 2nd September 2018. With a combined development value of more than AED 275million, the campuses are built on a 10-acre site, with two G+3 floor buildings spread across 89,000m2 of space. Airolink has created something of a niche for itself in the construction of educational campuses, and this latest project for Bloom Education is testimony to its expertise in this specialist field. The company’s engineers, construction supervisors and project managers worked with over 2000 workers and technicians on the project in order to meet a strict deadline for the new academic year. The facilities include a dedicated learning resource centre, iconic back box theatre for performances, sports hall, outdoor pitches, games courts, and a swimming pool. The schools will also share a 600-seat auditorium and an IAAF standard running track.

The two schools, which will be located within a ‘super campus’, will have a combined enrolment capacity of up to 4000 students, and will accommodate the Centre of Excellence for Arabic Language, Culture and the Arts. Moreover, once the school is fully complete there will be separate dining areas for the junior and the senior schools; however, only the junior area on the ground floor will be used in the first year. The senior dining area, which is on the first floor, will be used initially for meetings. Above this space is a multipurpose hall for indoor sport. Whatever the project, the Airolink mission is to control the construction process to achieve sustained growth and profitability through professional performance that creates value for its clients; a commitment to a safe work environment; ethical business practices; and a work environment where individual growth is the foundation for the company’s ongoing success. Airolink’s ultimate aim is to be the contractor of choice for discerning clients

throughout the UAE; to be known as an industry leader that keeps safety, quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction at the very heart of every project. This philosophy provides the opportunity,

growth and incentives necessary to attract and retain the industry’s very best people, who in turn help the company to meet targets and growth plans.


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Of course, everyone is looking for a home with a view, and there is none better than that of Marasi and Burj Khalifa from Elite Business Bay. Designed with a variety of amenities and the utmost sophistication, this development enjoys the ultimate setting, with the Dubai Creek entering a new era of prosperity. Situated alongside the shimmering Dubai Water Canal, Elite Business Bay enjoys stunning views, making this much sought-after location difficult to beat. Standing at 24-storeys high, the development offers a range of fully furnished modern and spacious homes – studios, one-bed, two-bed and fourbedroom apartments – and, combined with a range of affordable prices, provides contemporary living at its best. With previous experience in creating homes that accommodate various lifestyles, Elite Business Bay has been thoughtfully designed to provide the very best in living spaces, with apartments


ranging in size from 475 ft2 to 2200 ft2. What’s more, each home is handed over fully-furnished, providing homeowners with the last word in value. The selection of quality interiors and finishes sets Elite Business Bay apart. Expertly created by an experienced design team, each element lends itself perfectly to the life residents want to live, no matter what their style. This really is the embodiment of luxury living: relax by the temperaturecontrolled pool enjoy a little shopping for some retail therapy or recharge by socialising with friends at the nearby waterfront. Elite Business Bay is fully equipped with exclusive facilities to cater to individual preferences and convenience. Indeed, it anticipates all residents’ needs with a broad portfolio of complimentary amenities, including covered car parking and a state-of-the-art gymnasium, jacuzzi and steam rooms. Elite Downtown Residence is an equally impressive development, consisting of a beautifully designed

24-storey tower that offers real value-formoney. With fully furnished interiors with an acute attention to detail, it offers great views of Dubai’s iconic landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa, and provides the best of all modern lifestyle and recreational amenities. A stone’s throw away from the Dubai Mall, Elite Downtown Residence features studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments, with each one having spacious restrooms, bedrooms, and balcony. It also delivers state-of-the-art facilities, with a personal gym, sauna, swimming pool, parking, and prayer room facilities. Buying an apartment is usually a daunting task. Triplanet, a dynamic and innovative developer with a passionate commitment to provide modern designed homes in picturesque locations across Dubai, makes the whole endeavour easy by bringing together the best of residential and lifestyle benefits.



THE HOME OF REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT Cityscape Global has grown to become the largest and most trusted annual meeting point for the property market to stimulate cross-border investment, promote transparency in the market, and propel the industry across the globe. The event attracts a dynamic list of investors, homebuyers, developers, government authorities, and real estate professionals.

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2 - 4 OCTOBER 2018 Dubai World Trade Centre | UAE

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Samantha Kane-Macdonald Event Director

INDEX director Samantha Kane-Macdonald reveals how September’s second show of 2018 will offer a different interiors experience – to both designers and manufacturers INDEX – the Middle East’s largest interiors exhibition – is gearing up for its second design event of the year, and will offer a fully rounded creative experience by running alongside its new sister show, FIM. While INDEX will continue to provide a sourcing platform for designers, architects and buyers from across the residential, retail, hospitality and commercial design sectors to find exclusive interiors products, FIM will showcase the base materials, parts and fittings required to manufacture those products from scratch. Together, the co-hosted exhibitions will cater to the whole design industry in a new way, offering a one-stop shop for finding both high-end and value driven furniture and décor – plus the wood, metallics, hinges and joints that will bring bespoke pieces from concept to reality. Event Director Samantha Kane-Macdonald is behind both shows. She said: “September’s INDEX – our second of the year – and FIM running adjacent to one another makes it easier than ever for designers, architects, buyers or manufacturers to come and absorb an all-encompassing design showcase put together to help them achieve all their client ambitions. “That can be from acquiring lighting, furniture or bedding for a hotel, villa or shop’s interior, to discovering the parts and fabrics needed to create that one-off armchair, pouf or walk-in-wardrobe. To be able to serve-up all of that for our visitors in one place is a real source of excitement for us – and our exhibitors. “Our shows always attract a wide range of buyers, from designers to retailers and manufacturers, and by bringing two separate events like this together we’re hopeful we’ll open up many of our exhibitors to a whole new market.” While autumn’s INDEX will be a more compact edition of its flagship annual show which took place in March of this year, the three-day exhibition will be held with its own theme: an exploration of the old Silk Road and its role both in the past, and in 21st century trade and design. The famous cross-continental design pathway opened-up new markets for Asian and European design philosophies, and that East meets West narrative is behind how September’s show – taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre – will be presented.

By bringing value-driven products and premium brands together in the Middle East, the show is presenting itself as a modern-day Silk Road, where value-driven products from the East will be exhibited alongside premium Western brands. It is set to welcome more than 400 furniture and décor design and supply companies from across the continents, all specialising in fit-out and interior products for commercial, hospitality, retail and residential design projects. Renowned international brands including A Casa K, Alain Saint Joanis, Cristal de Paris, Gasparri Design and Minardi Piume are all confirmed, plus exciting new brands such as CIELLO from Sri Lanka and LISOWSKI Glass Studio from Cyprus, amongst others. Samantha Kane-Macdonald elaborated: “The Silk Road started over 2,000 years ago, and through its many routes became the first way that Europe and the West was introduced to the likes of silk, dyes, precious stones, porcelain, spices and perfumes. In return, the route took western goods like glassware, woollen textiles, rugs, carpets animal firs and skins to a new market in the East, making it the world’s first and then premiere trade route – at the heart of which was design and creativity. “Its path ventured through the deserts of the Middle East. Two millennia on and the region – the UAE especially – plays equally as central a role now as being the hub between the two continents. “The INDEX show will focus on individual designs and value driven products from Asia, sat alongside premium products from Europe, with design houses from the likes of Italy, India and China giving us great variance. Together, they will allow the show to present a wide selection of interior products to suit the taste and budgets of all our visitors, covering every buyer’s needs as the design industry heads into the final quarter of the year.” INDEX will come alive with the colours, patterns and textures that encapsulated The Silk Road when it was its most densely trodden, and will be brought alive with a number of live features. Highlights include the Trend Hub – an interactive platform for designers and retailers that will feature seminar sessions on topics including 2020 design and colour trends, experiential design, social media for business development and visual merchandising.

While INDEX will continue to provide a sourcing platform for designers, architects and buyers from across the residential, retail, hospitality and commercial design sectors looking to find complete interiors products, FIM (middle and right) will have a more workshop-like feel as it showcases the base materials, parts and fittings required to manufacture those products from scratch.

The show floor will also host a curated showcase of local talent compiled by Tashkeel, plus a collaboration between Boxmark and South African designer Ronel Jordaan that will culiminate in the creation of a ‘Wool Waterfall’. Running simultaneously, FIM will unite local furnituremakers, interior designers and architects with international providers of materials, tools and components who are looking to expand their reach across the Middle East. According to a 2017 market report by analysts Ventures Middle East – citing the United Nations Commodity Trade Database – the annual export value of furniture and parts thereof out of the region is estimated to be worth AED 1.5billion (US$400million) each year. Of that, the UAE accounted for roughly AED750million (US$200million), half the total figure. It is that mammoth industry that FIM seeks to benefit, promoting the skill and value of the experts fuelling that booming market. Firms including Hafele GmbH & Co, Simonswerk, Plamac Spa, L&S, Sedil Curvi, Seven Italia and Viterie will all be taking part.

Samantha Kane-Macdonald said: “From wood, fabric and materials, to fittings, structural parts, 3D printing and upholstery tools, FIM will bring manufacturing to life in a way that compliments its position alongside INDEX. Where INDEX can provide inspiration and direct product sourcing, FIM will be the place where the creative minds behind our region’s growing catalogue of new build and refurbishment projects can source every part of any furnishing product they are trying to bring to life. “This is the first time we have been able to incorporate these two separate design elements together in the same place, so September’s event is going to be something different for all our visitors. We feel it allows our exhibitors to provide an essential one-stop shop that hasn’t existed up until now.” Following September’s show, the full flagship INDEX experience will return in September 2019 as the show in its entirety sits alongside The Hotel Show Dubai, together offering a complete insight into the Middle East’s surging design and hospitality industry.

To find out more about INDEX and FIM, taking place September 16th – 18th, visit www.indexexhibition.com

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Dawood Al Hajiri Director General of Dubai Municipality Dubai Municipality’s new initiative that allows contractors to design and supervise metal structures for industrial projects without appointing consultancy offices has reduced the construction costs by 12% and the project licensing period by 33%. Dawood Al Hajiri, Director General of Dubai Municipality recently honoured the companies involved in the design and implementation of the metal structures in the Emirate of Dubai. During the ceremony, one of the companies that obtained the first such building permits presented its experience. Al Hajiri said that it is one of the many initiatives that will be launched by the Municipality in a bid to simplify the procedures and reduce the cost of building and encourage investment by creating a stimulating environment with easy and fast procedures. He pointed out that this initiative aims at reducing the steps of the new building permit procedures, which the Dubai Emirate's Building Permits Procedure Development Committee has already launched in order to enhance international competitiveness in the ease of issuing building permits as per the World Bank guidelines to make Dubai a source of global best practices. Al Hajiri said the move is in line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to enhance investment, reduce costs, strengthen the economic competitiveness of

Dubai as well as the continuous government support for the investment environment in the emirate, which will have positive effects on all segments of the society, directly and indirectly. He added that this initiative is only the first step within the Municipality's road map to support investors and reduce the cost of construction. Al Hajiri stressed that the stimulating investment environment brought by this initiative will save financial cost and enhance speed of completion of construction projects with steel and industrial buildings in particular to meet and keep up with the pace of development in the field of construction. He added that the Municipality has devoted its efforts to the success of this initiative and study its results on the local market, in terms of activating the design and implementation activity of the construction companies of metal structures. According to this initiative, the contractors were allowed to submit directly through the electronic program for building licenses to obtain a building permit for industrial buildings, which does not exceed the height of ground and first floors, to design and implement the project without the presence of a consultant so that the company takes up the job of the consultant of obtaining building permits from the Dubai Municipality and oversee the progress of work in the project.

CHILDREN'S CITY’S SUMMER TALENTS FESTIVAL As part of its efforts to develop the talents of the future generation by organizing various events and programs that combine entertainment and benefit at the same time the Children's City launched the Summer Talents Festival. The Summer Talents Festival includes many interesting competitions and shows such as “Making Future” program, workshops, various courses, and sports challenges such as the “Year of Zayed Photography Contest,” “Zayed We Will Follow Your Path” competition, the Dolphin shows, the “Robotics” course, the “Friends of Robot” course, the “3D Printing” course, the “Make Your Magic Adventure” activity, “Enjoy the Zoomba” sporting challenge, the “Magic Show,” the “Drum Show” on the Children's City's interactive stage, the “Galaxy Chopper” show, the “Modhesh” fun shows and the “Make Your Space Vehicle” activity. The morning performances are held from 10am to 12 pm and the evening shows are organised from 4pm until 10pm. Naila Al Mansouri, Head of Children’s City said the Children's City aims to promote and highlight the diverse skills of children in various fields, as well as to convey the concepts and contents of the children in a smooth and enjoyable way to gain valuable and useful information in the summer while preserving the elements of fun and enjoyment that contributes to the formation of a generation with distinct skills and a wealth of information and culture.

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DUBAI MUNICIPALITY WINS 11 AWARDS Dubai Municipality has won 11 local and international awards during the first half of this year through 144 participations for awards in various sectors of the Municipality such as the Environment and Public Health Services; Environment, Health and Safety Control; Corporate Support; Director General; Communication and Community; as well as Engineering and Planning. Ahmed Al Louz, Acting Director of Knowledge Management Department, pointed out that the participations in various local and international forums were part of the Municipality's endeavor to be a leader in the race for excellence and achievements. “The highest participation was in the Environment, Health and Safety Sector, which competed in 40 awards, followed by the Environment and Public Health Services in 22 awards. The Engineering and Planning Sector and the Corporate Support Sector participated in nine local awards and then the Director General Sector, which participated in four. The Communication and Community Sector competed in two awards,” he said. Al Louz added that the Corporate Support Sector was the most winning sector with four local awards followed by the Environment, Health and Safety Sector winning two prizes and the rest of the sectors won one local award each. “Among the departments that participated and won in the most number of local and international awards was the Waste Management Department,”

DUBAI FRAME SHINES RED CELEBRATING UAE-CHINA WEEK Dubai Municipality had joined the celebrations of the UAE-China Week, in honour of the Chinese President's visit to the country, by lighting up Dubai Frame red, representing the flag of the People's Republic of China and displaying the theme of the UAE-China week through the screens inside the Frame during this period. UAE and China have been enjoying strong and old relations that are commercial in nature and have developed it further in the recent years. The number of Chinese companies, operating in various fields, including investment and trade in the UAE, has exceeded 4,000. The country also has several Chinese markets and trade centres in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Ajman.

Dubai Frame is considered one of the most important tourism projects implemented by Dubai Municipality in the recent times, where the visitor can enjoy the city's old and modern views every day from 9 am to 9 pm. It is worth mentioning that the online ticket reservation system and the smart services of the Dubai Frame that have been launched recently, provide visitors with an easy way to book their tickets in advance and ensure their preferred time of visit. The ticket price is Dhs50 for adults and Dhs20 for children aged 3 to 12 years, while the People of Determination, children under 3 years old and elderly people above 60 years can visit Dubai Frame free of charge.

“Knowledge Management Department is keen to encourage the various organizational units in the Municipality to participate in the awards, whether local or international, but with a condition that the awarding bodies should have a great deal of reputation and credibility. Dubai Municipality has been keen to develop standards that measure up to the level of the award that each department wishes to achieve. We agree with the participation based on these criteria and if the required standards are not met we do not encourage any participation,” said Al Louz. He added that the aim of encouraging the participation in these awards is to achieve local and international leadership for Dubai Municipality, which is a strategic objective that all organisational units seek to achieve by competing in local and international forums to evaluate Dubai Municipality’s standards with the level of other organisations with global standards, and to seek to know how through these partnerships we can complete the lack of requirements to achieve this leadership.

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AL HAJIRI DIRECTS PLANTERS TO INCREASE CITY GREENING Dawood Al Hajiri, Director General of Dubai Municipality on Thursday visited Warsan Nursery, which is one of the vital projects of the Municipality. The nursery contributes to the expansion of the green area in the Emirate and the country by providing millions of seasonal and sustainable flower saplings and takes care of them as per the highest international and innovative standards in this area.

DCL TESTS 80,000 BUILDING MATERIAL SAMPLES IN 2018 Until the end of the first half of this year, Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) in Dubai Municipality has examined 80,308 samples of building materials and 238,359 tests were completed during the same period. “DCL has developed various testing services for different building materials using the most accurate analytical methods and modern techniques. In addition to tests and analysis, our labs conducted field studies on building and construction materials in the emirate,” said Adnan Al Marzouqi, Head of Building Materials Laboratories in the DCL. “The samples included various building materials used in the infrastructure of pavements, structural products such as prefabricated concrete and rebar, as well as green building products such as thermal insulation materials, dyes,” he said, adding that the labs conducted chemical analysis tests on these materials. Al Marzouqi stressed that in an effort to increase customer satisfaction and happiness, the laboratory has taken all necessary preparations to provide testing services to customers 24 hours to ensure that they are completed on time. He pointed to the efforts of the laboratory in qualifying the necessary technical staff and providing all the modern analytical techniques to conduct these tests according to the latest testing methods and approved work procedures. “Among the new services offered by the Building Materials Laboratories Section are the service of checking the presence of asbestos and examining the characteristics of thermal transfer by thermal flow meter in green building materials and products, testing of moisture-proof materials used in insulation works, as well as testing of oil and petroleum products for viscosity, density and temperature vulnerability,” said Al Marzouqi.

The visit, part of the Director General’s follow up of the service projects implemented by the Municipality, was aimed to know the work progress and practices applied in the nursery and its facilities and the services provided there. During the visit, Al Hajiri toured the area of flowers, trees and points of sale, as well as the advanced device in the nursery, which converts plant waste to useful fertiliser, which contributes to the sustainability of the provision of agricultural materials that feed plants in the nursery. "Our interest in the nursery comes within the scope of our belief in its positive and important dimensions and its pivotal and pioneering role in the agricultural field in the Emirate, which is in line with the Government's wise directives to take care of the urban and environmental achievements and its role in making Dubai the city of cultural diversity," he said. Al Hajiri pointed out the importance of keeping pace with developments and innovations to contribute to the promotion of Dubai's status within the world cities as a green city characterised by the beauty of the cultivated areas, which gives its facilities a spectacular and attractive cultural landscape to be like a beautiful painting. He directed the planters to continue to contribute to increasing greening and landscaping in the city and its streets and parks and the invention of advanced methods, systems and technologies to achieve the strategic environmental objectives of the project. The nursery provides various agricultural services such as the sale or rental of vases for external and internal beautification, and the service of coordinating and growing vases with indoor and outdoor plants, providing the structures for the formation of trees, shrubs and vegetable fences and the sale of hundreds of varieties of flowers, trees and shrubs. The nursery also contains a number of integrated facilities such as greenhouses, shaded areas, soil and water laboratory, prevention laboratory, tissue culture laboratory, germination rooms, regular and refrigerated stores, and an integrated training hall. The Public Parks and Horticulture Department of the Municipality currently has five nurseries at Warsan, Mushrif, Al Safa, Al Mamzar and Saih Al Salam. These nurseries serve as the bank that ensures the provision of all plant needs for green spreading projects, and the implementation of agricultural maintenance and cultivation of seasonal flowers.

It also provides the necessary local environment plants for the afforestation projects and for planting reserves, forests and outer roads. The Department is keen to develop nurseries and increase the area of production on a continuous basis. The current and future nursery projects include greenhouses, automated production systems, shaded areas for flower production, trees and shrubs, traditional plant production, flower testing area, plant showroom and sales hall, staff offices, multipurpose training hall, agricultural warehouses and agricultural beautification areas, as well as many agricultural laboratories such as Soil and Water Laboratory, Prevention Laboratory, Tissue Culture Laboratory and Seed Unit, which includes Seed Laboratory and Germination Chamber. It is worth mentioning that the Nursery Division has achieved many remarkable achievements during the year 2017. Last year, the nursery has produced about 47,111,196 saplings of various plant varieties, collected and cleaned 788,043 grams of seeds of various species, planted 837,759.9 grams of seeds of different plant varieties, processed and planted 2,148,504 different species of plants, prepared and processed 870,154 flower plant saplings. Warsan Nursery cultivates all the plants automatically, which used to be done manually. Earlier, the automatic cultivation was limited to flowers only. Now all manual irrigation systems for production have been converted into automatic irrigation sites. New plant varieties have been introduced and the nursery is following up the extent of their resistance and adaptation to growth in the country.

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Dawood Al Hajiri, Director General of Dubai Municipality recently visited the Truck Market in Dubai and discussed with the traders about the ways to enhance the business in the market and listened to their requirements and discussed solutions with them on the ground. The meeting was organised by the Customer Relations and Partners Department in the Municipality as part of interacting with the customers of the Municipality’s various facilities to listen to their views and suggestions that will enhance the means of cooperation and upgrading the level of services to achieve common interests in line with the directives of the wise government. Al Hajiri emphasised the Municipality’s keenness to provide a unique environment for the customers of such specialised markets in the region, which Dubai city was keen to implement according to the latest specifications after a comprehensive study of the requirements of implementing this type of projects to serve the wishes and objectives of all parties. He said that this meeting confirms the Municipality’s interest to follow up the latest developments in the existing projects in the Emirate and to check on the requirements of the current work environment and market requirements of facilities and services, as well as the challenges faced by traders in


this specialised market and implementation of solutions in accordance with the best innovative standards and practices and also to benefit from the suggestions of the customers and their participation in the march towards the realisation of the strategic objectives of these projects. Al Hajiri pointed to the important features of the Truck Market as one of the vital markets in the Emirate which is providing integrated services for traders such as vehicle inspection, finance, insurance, and places for auctions as well as regulating the trade of trucks and heavy equipment and used spare parts in accordance with the regulations and facilitating the export of trucks and heavy equipment. The traders praised the keenness of Dubai Municipality to organise meetings to exchange ideas and discussions on the most important proposals that play a positive role in enhancing cooperation with customers to provide services according to the highest standards. After the meeting, the Director General of Dubai Municipality visited the market accompanied by traders and Municipality officials to get acquainted with the current situation of the market and listen to their requirements and their various desires and discuss solutions with them on the ground.

Dawood Al Hajiri, Director General of Dubai Municipality on Monday received the Consul General of South Korea, Chun Young-wook. The meeting comes within the framework of the continuous visits conducted by the Diplomatic and Consular missions to the Municipality aimed at building bridges of cooperation and enhancing relations between the two sides as well as exchanging expertise to achieve common interests. Al Hajiri, who welcomed the Korean Consul General, stressed the importance of continuous communication in benefiting from the outstanding expertise and successful experiences in various fields of work, which are aimed mainly in achieving the desired objectives. Young-wook praised the unique achievements of Dubai Municipality in various sectors, which resulted in the remarkable development, witnessed by the Emirate in the field of municipal work and community services.

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A delegation from Dubai Municipality headed by its Director General, Dawood Al Hajiri visited the Chinese city of Guangzhou to learn about the stages of manufacturing of the digging machine, to be used for the Deep Tunnel Storm Water System project for Airport City-Expo 2020, which is one of the most vital and strategic projects in the Emirate of Dubai. The drilling machine is expected to arrive at the site in October 2018. The excavation will begin in December. The project will be covering an area of 490 square km, which is almost 40% of the entire urban area of Dubai. Al Hajiri and the accompanying delegation reviewed the quality standards in the factory in Guangzhou and the production efficiency procedures as well as the technical specifications that characterise the drilling machines. The project was launched in October last year and is due to be completed by September 2020, as Dubai Municipality is racing to complete the project before the 2020 World Expo. Dubai will be purchasing two large TBM machines for drilling deep tunnels for the project. These machines will be the largest in the region used for digging tunnels that will be used for the purpose of transporting storm water. Al Hajiri indicated that TBM 1 will begin its drilling work from the starting of the seventh intersection on Sheikh Zayed Road for a distance of 2.4 km towards the sea up to the

location of the main pumping station, then be dismantled and reassembled to move from the seventh intersection until the eighth intersection along 1.7 km. In parallel, the second TBM drilling machine will start work from the Expo intersection on Jebel Ali - Al Habab Street for a distance of 5 km and will continue until the eighth intersection on Sheikh Zayed Road, he said. Al Hajiri added that manufacturing and installation of one device will take 364,000 man-hours, noting that the daily energy consumption of the first device will be 64 MW taking the total consumption in 12 months to approximately 20,156 MWh. The second device will have a daily electricity consumption of 58.738 MW taking the total consumption in 14 months to 21,380 MWh. He pointed out that the finished internal diameter of the tunnel will be 10 metres and that the cutting diameter of one TBM machine will be 11.05 metres and the average daily drilling will be 19 metres per TBM. “The drilling will be done in two types of soil; the weak rocky soil and clay soil with an average depth of 42 metres. The tunnel with a diameter of 10 meters will consist of eight concrete segments per ring, each 35 cm thick. There will be two segment types – 1.6m and 2m wide and each piece will be weighing seven tonnes. These pieces will be fixed by iron pegs and sealed with epoxy,” said Al Hajiri.

Khalid Sharif Al Awadhi, Assistant Director General of Dubai Municipality for Environment, Health and Safety Control Sector on Thursday received Sake Van Der Waal, Economic Consul at the South African Consulate General in Dubai. The meeting comes within the framework of the continuous visits conducted by the Diplomatic and Consular missions to the Municipality aimed at building bridges of cooperation and enhancing relations between the two sides as well as exchanging expertise to achieve common interests. Al Hajiri, who welcomed the South African Economic Consul and the accompanying delegation, stressed the importance of continuous communication in benefiting from the outstanding expertise and successful experiences in various fields of work, which are primarily aimed at serving the community by applying the best practices according to the highest levels of service. The meeting discussed a number of topics of joint interest such as the Halal certification requirements approved by Dubai Municipality, the statistical information on imports and the updates on the project on imported products from South Africa. The delegation also introduced the National Independent Halal Trust (NIHT) of South Africa Van Der Waal also praised the unique achievements of Dubai Municipality in various sectors, which resulted in the remarkable development, witnessed by the Emirate in the field of municipal work and community services.

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DUBAI MUNICIPALITY ENSURES PARTICIPATION OF PEOPLE OF DETERMINATION IN ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVITIES As part of its continuous efforts to ensure participation of the People of Determination in environmental activities the Waste Management Department of Dubai Municipality organised a two-day Awareness Program in the field of sustainable waste management at the Summer Camp of Dubai Club for the People of Determination. The Awareness Program was part of enriching the summer activities of the Club and was aimed at making the People of Determination happy, qualifying them, integrating them with their surroundings and raising their awareness on the importance of maintaining cleanliness in order to keep the city of Dubai clean, green and sustainable.

PROACTIVE STEPS TAKEN FOR DUBAI MUNICIPALITY CENTRES’ COMPREHENSIVE SMART TRANSFORMATION As part of its relentless quest for smart transformation in services, Dubai Municipality received more than 300 customers through its Smart Day initiative, which is organised on Monday and Thursday every week. The Smart Day initiative was launched by the Municipality Centres Department to train customers on smart ways to complete transactions so that they do not need to visit the centres and complete their transactions sitting in their offices and places of residence through smart phone applications. Khater Al Nuaimi, Director of the Municipality Centres Department said: "The response of the customers to the initiative is fantastic and reflects their keenness to cooperate with the initiatives of Dubai Municipality aimed at the complete smart transformation. He added that the Municipality Centres have taken proactive steps towards a comprehensive smart transformation and to set their business model in implementing smart services and applications. Al Nuaimi said that the Municipality Centres are keen to simplify service procedures and deliver to the customers who come to them to complete the transactions of Dubai Municipality. “In order to achieve all services by smart means, we will make agreement with all partners, the government departments and institutions that provide services in Municipality Centres. This is one of our steps towards comprehensive smart transformation in the Municipality services in Dubai Municipality,” he said.

“We face great challenges as the Municipality Centres are joint centres that are not limited to the services of Dubai Municipality, but also include the services of local departments, government institutions and private companies that provide services to thousands of customers during the morning and evening periods daily. Our goal is clear, which is derived from the strategy of Dubai Municipality, which is the strategy of the Government of Dubai, to turn government services to smart services that are accessible to all,” said Al Nuaimi. "Our aim is to improve service delivery and keep pace with the progress of the Emirate of Dubai and work in line with the future strategic plan of the Government of Dubai," he said. "We will soon be in strategic agreement with our partners in the centres for smart transformation of all services offered there currently. We need to convert existing spaces into smart platforms, smart work environments and non-traditional services. This will require everyone to cooperate, initiate and move quickly to change, and we will not stop at this line. The race for excellence is endless, as emphasised by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who is the first leader encouraging towards excellence and creativity. We will soon announce a package of new steps and initiatives that are in line with the next phase and Dubai's future," said Al Nuaimi.

The program, attended by more than 100 people, also witnessed the participation of the character "Nadhoof," a favorite of children and the public and a symbolic character designed by the Waste Management Department to express the profession of cleaning workers in Dubai Municipality. Eng. Abdul Majeed Saifaie, Director of Waste Management Department said that the Department is committed to meeting the needs of all categories of the society in the field of environmental awareness and involvement in environmental responsibility, especially the People of Determination to empower them and highlight their capabilities in a free and barrier-free community to make Dubai home to creative individuals who are proud and happy to live in a cohesive and coherent society. During the program, a drawing and coloring workshop was organised, and gifts were distributed with awareness messages about the importance of contribution and participation in maintaining public cleanliness. The workshop is part of a series of workshops organised by Dubai Municipality aimed at encouraging the People of Determination and raising awareness about various areas of Municipal work through a range of fun filled useful activities interacting with them in a positive and excellent way.





It is an industry that has evolved dramatically over the years, and today interior designers are expected to have a working knowledge of textiles, materials, colour, space planning, sustainability, lighting, various software applications (CAD and BIM), structural requirements, health and safety issues, and building codes. It’s a complex, creative and sophisticated line of work, which is why it vital that it has one organisation that helps to pull everything together – APID. Established in November 2005, APID’s primary aim is to narrow the gap and build bridges between professionals in the industry, government bodies, affiliates, and end users. It does this by offering networking opportunities to its members, not only throughout the UAE, but also the wider GCC and Middle East region, where interior design is one of the fastest growing industries. Highlighting the value of the interior design industry and ensuring that Dubai is the hub for design in the region, APID is committed in bringing value to the interior design industry by promoting innovation and creativity through freethinking, and in doing so create awareness of the importance of the profession. Put simply, APID will innovate to relate,

research to educate, and will collaborate with best practices in multiple disciplines for the betterment and profit of society as a whole and the interior design profession in particular. In many ways, APID is where interior designers go to become inspired and advance their careers. Led by Mrs Farida Kamber Al Awadhi, APID has a strong industry network of highly experienced and inventive

Ambassadors, consisting of Faisal Al Raisi, Esra Lemmens, Laura Bielecki, Omaima Ibrahim Mohammed Alrebati, Alison Grace-Gahan, Jane Muff, Ayida Al Riyami, Maja Kozel, Indu Varanasi, Pallavi Dean, Dr. Gamal el Samanoudy, Carlos Montana, Dr. Nagla Mahmoud, Kristin Lee, Juan Roldan, Annamaria Lambri, Roman Lafner Samiha Al Hashimi, and Darshan Shetty.

ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DESIGNERS (APID) 35 Benefits of Membership There are a great many advantages to being a member of APID, with benefits accessible only to association members. Below is a summary of the advantages of being a member. • Benefit from discounted rates for professional liability and can take advantage of personal coverage for health, motoring, travel, home content, watercraft, and life insurance with APID’s prefered partner, JLT Insurance. • Receive invites to all APID networking events and learning seminars which give members an opportunity to network with colleagues and industry professionals. • Access to the APID website to showcase recent developments, projects, and events, as well as social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. • There is an opportunity to publish opinion pieces on the APID website and on its Linkedin page. • Obtain APID certification and permission to use relevant the member logo on website and email signatures for the full year of the membership. • Access to APID events and being active in designing new APID events/workshops. • Opportunity to receive a mention or discount advertising fees with media partners. • Access and promotion on APID's online Resource Centre; a database of credible

• •

APID members in the interior design community. Promotion on APID's online platform: website and social media. Opportunity to network with colleagues, designers, industry, media partners, and government bodies through APID events and social media. Access to global and local key design associations and institutes. Access to all APID networking events and learning seminars, with member discounts where fees are charged. Dual membership with international interior design associations such as PIID (Filipino) and BIID (British). Connect with the industry for student internships. Opportunity to use the APID interior design hub @d3 (work in progress) during working hours 9-5pm, Sunday to Thursday, and for events booking.

Not Just a Light Source Lighting is one of the most overlooked and yet important elements of good interior design. It can make or break the ambience of a room, so it pays to get it right. However, as a specialist discipline, is has been slowly stepping outside of the interior design field over the past decade. So although many firms employ a lighting specialist, interior designers insist that they work closely with them, as lighting is not just about a light source. It is

about having the right place for the light, the right intensity, and the latest lighting technology, for this is an area of interior design that is forever advancing. Lighting is much more architectural and will continue to go in that direction, being used to accent, direct and focus, rather than lighting for the sake of lighting.

Join Today! The future of interior design in the region looks bright. Projects are unique and interesting and technology is helping to realise them much more easily. Technology will continue to play a major role in the interior design industry by introducing new trends to the market, such as virtual reality, smart homes, 3D printing, and adding personality into design. For those companies and individuals wanting to stay abreast of all of these developments, becoming a member of APID is a real boon. As we have seen, there are myriad reasons for this, not least that APID is the only professional membership organisation representing the interior design industry across the region. Moreover, it is working towards building a platform where the entire interior design community, comprising of designers, educators, decorators, suppliers, students of interior design and various other bodies, can come together for common benefit in a thriving community Members also receive an APID certificate attested to their credentials.The professional membership gives the person/organisation the opportunity to use the APID professional member logo on their website and email signature.



The success of this sector is particularly good news for showrooms that feature individual products utilised within interior design, such as sanitary ware, lighting, furniture, walls and floors, tiles, and kitchens. In this issue of Emirates Projects Magazines we feature what we

consider to be the top UAE showrooms in these specific categories; showrooms that can assist customers to make informed decisions that encompass good design, superior manufacture, and unrivalled value.




T: +971 4 3411301 | E: info@hudalighting.com | W: www.hudalighting.com The complete lighting solution provider, from consultation and design through to supply and execution, Huda Lighting offers the complete service, complemented by its automation division and professional technical team. Moreover, its showroom displays a broad portfolio of both indoor and outdoor light fittings from a number of leading brands, taking in classical, modern and contemporary designs. Huda Lighting does not only supply the light fittings though; it has a highly skilled and qualified team that can install the chosen lighting at a client’s premises, professionally and costeffectively. Furthermore, its well-trained team is always happy to perform site visits whenever required to ensure that materials, from a design, application and technical perspective, can satisfy the client’s requirements. In addition to lighting, the company’s showroom displays a wide range

of sockets, switches and wiring accessories from the most sought after brands, with their different finishes and functions managed by the expert technicians in Huda Lighting’s automation division. Visitors to the 600m2 showroom will be impressed by the variety and quality of the brands and products on offer, with a focus on modern and contemporary designs. The showroom, which has different areas for outdoor, indoor and technical lighting, has been set-up to

display a broad array of light fittings, featuring many unusual and iconic pieces. A qualified designer is on-site in the showroom too, assisting clients with aspects such as light distribution and lux calculations to achieve beautiful ambience and designs. Whatever your lighting requirements are, you will find a solution amongst Huda Lighting’s spectacular and elegant options.



T: +971 7 2467000 | E: info@rakceramics.com | W: www.rakceramics.com Founded in 1989 and headquartered in the UAE, RAK Ceramics serve clients in more than 150 countries through its network of operational hubs in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Australia. One of the largest ceramics brands in the world, it has the the capacity to produce 116 million square metres of tiles and five million pieces of sanitaryware per year at its 22 state-of-the-art plants across the United Arab Emirates, India, Bangladesh and Iran. Its annual turnover is approximately $1 billion. In the UAE, there is at least one RAK Ceramics flagship showroom in each emirate. The one in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, is the latest to open and features the new ‘Room For Imagination’ concept. Within the showroom there are different ambiances showing different setups and scenarios in terms of bathrooms, kitchens and living areas, as well as a technical area where clients can experience products and see how they function. Another area is dedicated especially for tiles, and a further area is dedicated for slabs. Superbly designed in a very modern, sleek, international style, the showroom is around 700m2, with a skilled sales team that can advise customers on the latest trends and what better suits their individual needs and requirements RAK Ceramics is a founding member of Emirates Green Building Council, which supports the development of sustainable buildings in the UAE. The UAE Ministry of Environment and Water awarded the company with the Environmental Performance Certificate in recognition of its successful efforts to

comply with environmental protection standards and regulations. It goes without saying, therefore, that the company is committed to practicing environmental stewardship throughout its manufacturing chain, from product design through to efficient operations processes, and is proud of the active role it plays in building a better community by enhancing the surrounding environment. This commitment can clearly be seen when viewing products within the showroom. RAK Ceramics works with Italian designers based in Europe. What’s more, whenever a new development project is initiated, the company takes into account new trends from all over the world. The entire team keeps itself completely updated on the global scene by working in the marketplace every single day, speaking with architects and developers, visiting the world’s most famous design studios, and attending the leading international exhibitions. RAK Ceramics is today a lifestyle solution provider, offering materials that inspire ideas. The company is

able to mix and match sizes, colours, shapes and hues in order to freely express designers’ and end users’ styles. Tiles, sanitary ware, accessories, furniture, total look solutions – RAK Ceramics designs and manufactures the products that inspire limitless imagination.




T: +971 6 5671221 | E: sales@nazoceramics.ae | W: www.nazoceramics.com NAZO Building Materials was established back in 1979 by Mr. Nazaret Boulghourjian, and today has a presence in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Fujairah. Its primary function is the supply of ceramics, porcelain, tiles and mosaics to the local and regional market. Importing and representing well over 70 manufactures, and providing solutions for developers, architects, consultants, interior design companies and the retail industry, the company also has a wholesale division, plus a separate division for water-jet and the fabrication of bespoke pieces. NAZO boasts the largest showroom in the country, with the latest collections from quality global manufactures from Italy, Spain, Turkey and many more. Displaying an array of panels and visuals to assist the client in selection, the showroom offers design visuals through 3D renderings to enable clients to fully understand the materials and provide them with knowledge to make informed choices. Within the company’s main 25,000ft2 showroom, clients can see and touch many of the materials in a realistic environment, with highly trained sales executives on hand to help pick out the right product for the client’s individual requirements and specifications. In fact, the in-house interior design team

utilises the latest technologies to build visual walkthough that provide clients with the unique opportunity to collaborate and share in the design process of their unique projects. The products on show include many unusual pieces, such as porcelain tile slabs exceeding 1.5m by 3.2m and handmade tiles, mosaic and manmade stone. NAZO is a very environmentally aware company too, aligning itself with manufacturers that not only produce LEED accredited materials, but also have same commitment to supplying environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. In design, NAZO suggest and implement products that carry LEED accreditation, taking green

technology very seriously. Moreover, the company has ISO 14001:2015 in place for Environmental Management Systems. Through passion and dedication to its craft, NAZO, a family based company, has a strong desire to bring the latest designs and technology to the region. Team members travel to many of the global exhibitions and regularly receive factory representatives for discussion and collaboration. Many of the team interact on a weekly if not daily basis with leading industry professionals, to the point where NAZO is now seen as the market leader with regard to bringing the latest and best collections to its clients and their projects. Providing true value, superior quality workmanship and unrivalled customer service, NAZO empowers its clients to have the most rewarding and positive experience from the moment they walk through the door until the completion of a project. Needless to say, its aftersales service is second-to-none, too. Complete client satisfaction is at the core of everything that NAZO strives to do!



T: +971 4 4274080 | E: info@ae.duravit.com | W: www.duravit.com Founded in 1817 in Hornberg in the Black Forest, Germany, Duravit AG is today a leading international manufacturer of designer bathrooms. The company stands for innovations in the fields of signature design, the intelligent use of technology, and premium quality. In cooperation with high-profile international designers, such as Philippe Starck, EOOS, Phoenix Design, Sieger Design, Kurt Merki Jr., Christian Werner, Matteo Thun and Cecilie Manz, the company develops unique bathrooms that really enhance quality of life for users on a sustained basis. Duravit's product portfolio comprises sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, baths and shower trays, wellness systems, shower-toilets, faucets and accessories, as well as installation systems. To meet the demands of the growing project market, and particularly specifications, including Duravit, the showroom of United Supplies acts as a hub for ideas, inspiration and specialist technical advice, working in partnership with architects, designers and developers to ensure the correct Duravit products are specified. United Supplies is an authorised distributor of Duravit products in the UAE, with four showrooms: two in Dubai, one in Sharjah, and one in Abu Dhabi. Visitors to these showrooms can experience Duravit products in different styles, with the aim being to bring designer bathrooms to life.

These showrooms are a focal point for professionals to see first-hand the quality of Duravit’s innovative designs.

in Duravit’s manufacturing processes allowed for this extremely precise design.

Duravit takes a big interest in architectural finishes, with its Vero range having laid the foundation for architectural bathroom design. With its understated rectangular form, this successful series concentrates on the essentials and can be combined in a versatile manner. And following on from this achievement, Duravit now presents Vero Air, the next development in the successful Vero series. Throughout the creation of this bathroom range, Duravit has consistently adhered to the distinctive design language of its predecessor. The range’s washbasins and bathtubs impress with reduced edges and a striking linear charm. State-of-the-art technologies used

Duravit’s objective is to make designer bathrooms come alive. This is guaranteed by the highest quality, original design and comfort-enhancing technology. This brand essence defines the company’s DNA worldwide, and it distinguishes everything it does. For Duravit, the bathroom of the future is the ideal combination of these three core competencies, and in order to continuously advance its expertise in these areas its product management works closely with research and development departments, both inside the company and externally, as well as with its own designers.




T: +971 4 4270568 | E: info@goettling.me | W: www.goettling.me Quintessentially German, Goettling Interiors brings the best of German interior brands to the UAE. Oliver Goettling, originally from Munich but living in the UAE since 2003, established his own company, Goettling Interiors, back in 2010. The company offers products from leading German brands such as Schüller for kitchens, Gaggenau, Miele, and Siemens for kitchen appliances, Occhio for lighting, Cor, Interlübke, and Kettnaker for seating and wardrobes, and Parador for flooring to list a few. They offer design, supply, installation and after sales services with the highest level of quality. The company’s unique showroom gives the client spectacular examples of its product portfolio via show kitchens of different styles, seating area mock ups, and a variety of wardrobes, including top-notch walk in wardrobe. A state-ofthe-art presentation area is equipped with a large flat screen where the company presents its photo-realistic 3D simulations of proposed designs and concepts. In addition to that it has corresponding samples of the latest materials and finishes, updated brochures and product catalogues at hand. Clients can enjoy the design and selection process in their own time along with Goettling hospitality. It is not a typical ground floor / walkthrough showroom either. Being located on the 34th floor of the iconic building Ubora Tower in Business Bay, the concept is one-of-a-kind.

The showroom has been laid out to make it innately like an experiential centre for clients, where they can come in and experience the kitchen and other furniture pieces in their true surroundings. Clients say that the atmosphere and the privacy of the showroom makes them immediately feel at home, while being impressed by the panoramic view of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai skyline portraying the perfect backdrop for the luxury kitchens and furniture. Spread across an area of 4200ft2 and decorated with luxury furniture and kitchens that are based on the philosophy of the democratisation of

design-high quality at a reasonable and affordable price. Clients can expect multiple models of kitchens with all functioning appliances, state-of-theart lighting and various wardrobe styles. They can also expect to be led through all the details in their decisionmaking journey by the very hands-on company founder and owner, Oliver Goettling, together with Goettling Interior’s highly specialised design team. The company employs a multinational team of experienced designers who have been a part of Goettling for many years. This melange of nationalities is one of main reasons why the company understands the diversity of all of the cultures and nationalities living in Dubai and their individual requirements and lifestyles. The responsibility towards nature and the environment is very close to everyone’s hearts at Goettling, too. That is why it partners with brands that have the least carbon footprint and the best enduring quality products. The beauty of its timeless designs and the long life of its products ensure sustainability. Goettling Interiors’s philosophy is simple to strive to be the best in the market and create an outstanding experience for everybody involved.




T: +351 229617400 | E: info@frato-interiors.com | W: www.frato-interiors.com Frato’s flagship store at The Dubai Mall is a one-stop location for both interior designers and architects. The 400 m2 space, located in the first floor of the mall, near The Waterfalls, invites clients on an inspiring journey into Frato’s overall concept of interiors, with the new store providing the very best of the brand’s collections. This is supported by a highly qualified and experienced team, which provides select conditions for trade customers. interpretation of life. The endless possibilities to customise pieces give the opportunity to create individual design highlights alongside uncompromising exclusivity, unparalleled craftsmanship and aesthetic refinement. Frato’s founders have from the beginning fully embraced the unbreakable compromise between artistry and singularity, conveying their personal and professional beliefs in every single piece that bears the company’s insignia. A charming and unique store that displays Frato’s collection in a homely manner, it blends classic and contemporary styles and includes brand new pieces of furniture, upholstery, lighting and rugs, designed to provide up-to-date and cosmopolitan home furnishing solutions. The store was conceptualised to portray a vision of the home and a way of living that bears the unmistakable brand’s worldly spirit, orchestrating a sophisticated pallet of colours, refined materials and shapes in a clear commitment to perfection. Frato offers a scalable and adaptable collection, bearing in mind clients’ specific needs, as well as their personal

What began as a passion for travelling and collecting memoirs of the most stunning places on Earth became a pledge for globally inspired interior design projects, equally engaged to luxury and comfort. The singularity,

distinctiveness and balance within the logo, a mandala, intertwine in beautiful harmony, depicting a brand that stands for uniqueness and embraces the influences of several cultures. Frato expresses itself through a profusion of rich and rare materials, such as exquisite fabrics from India, mother of pearl from the Philippines, and noble woods from all over the world. Yet there is always a concern for environmental issues and a commitment to the best ecological practices. Being a permanent participant in all major design events, such as Maison & Objet, Isaloni, Design Shanghai, and just a few months away from featuring for the first time in Downtown Design Dubai, Frato is proud to reveal its collection in Dubai for the first time and invites its customers from all over the world to visit its brand new store. Born in Portugal, premiered in Paris and now present in over 60 countries, Frato also takes pride in having its collections on show in bustling London; Harrods to be precise, in a 200m2 showroom on the third floor of this iconic British institution.









Best Tall Building Americas Winner

Best Tall Building Asia & Australasia Winner

American Copper Building represents a venturesome and highly visible architectural statement along the edge of New York City’s East River. Clad in copper on the north and south façades, the color and refractive qualities of the towers will patina gracefully over time, shifting from a russet brown to a signature blue-green throughout the years, much like the iconic Statue of Liberty. Perhaps the most conspicuous structural element is the three-story skybridge connecting the East and West towers, which creates intriguing corner spaces and provides residents with a unique way to appreciate their home. “One of our favorite features on this project was the skybridge. When we were designing the pool, we wanted the occupants to be able to swim from one skyscraper to the other, 300 feet in the air. Taken together with the building’s focus on sustainability and resiliency, American Copper Building creates this new idea of what urban living on the waterfront can be.” - Gregg Pasquarelli, Principal, SHoP Architects.

Oasia Hotel Downtown was also named Best Tall Building Worldwide.

Best Tall Building Europe Winner The Silo has been transformed from a grain container in the formerly industrial Nordhavn area of Copenhagen into a contemporary residential high-rise. The interior has been preserved as raw and untouched as possible, while a façade made of galvanised steel has been installed on the exterior of the former silo to create a climate shield.The Silo embodies

the importance of restoring original structures in cities, as a matter of environmental sustainability, as well as an ethical and visionary approach to cultural heritage. “For architects, one of the hardest jobs of working on an adaptive reuse project like this is that you can fall in love with the original structure – which in this case was the old silo, this monolithic, slim and aesthetically pleasing building. In this instance, it’s a question of how you can transform the original structure into a livable building that still contains the old soul of the silo.” – Caroline Nagel, Project Director, COBE.


COUNCIL ON TALL BUILDINGS AND URBAN HABITAT 45 Perhaps most exciting, the introduction of a multidirectional elevator opens up infinite combinations of vertical and horizontal building design opportunities. “Given the rapid advance of technology, who knows what buildings will look like in 10 years? Cities are changing, and we need to be flexible in order to adapt. MULTI is like a merger between a train and an elevator using linear motor technology. In terms of frequency and routes, we can create the equivalent of highways and city roads in the shaft of an elevator.” – Michael Cesarz, CEO MULTI, thyssenkrupp.

Best Tall Building Middle East & Africa Winner Zeitz MOCAA represents the adaptive reuse of a massive grain storage and silo complex on the downtown waterfront of Cape Town, South Africa. The top portion of the taller building was transformed into a luxury hotel, while the bottom portion of the elevator building and the storage annex would become Africa’s first international museum dedicated to contemporary African art. From the outside, the greatest visible change to the original structure is the addition of glass windows inserted into the geometry, which by night transform the building into a glowing beacon on Table Bay. “There were very loud calls for the original structure’s demolition, and there’s no surprise as to why it’s valuable real estate, and it’s much less risky to build something new. But my response to that was, why would you do that? It was the mix of old and new that drew us to the project, and there’s multiple layers of history there. We didn’t want to wipe the slate clean, and what would you replace it with that has this much power?” – Mark Noble, Development Director,Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

Urban Habitat Award This award acknowledges that the impact of a tall building is far wider than just the building itself, and recognises significant contributions to the urban realm in connection with tall buildings. Awardees demonstrate a positive contribution to the surrounding environment, add to the social sustainability of both their immediate and wider settings, and represent design influenced by context, both environmentally and culturally.


The World Trade Center Master Plan in New York City forms a welcoming and open space that is meant to foster the democratic values of public assembly that played a pivotal role in the city’s collective response to the attacks of September 11, 2001. At the center of the space are two reflecting pools that deeply puncture the vast flat expanse of the plaza, forming empty vessels that delineate the location of the former towers. The design knits the site back into the urban fabric, allowing the site to be a living part of the city once again. “You can break some buildings, but you can’t break our spirit. In essence, this was the inspiration for the World Trade Center Master Plan. The most important aspect of the memorial is that it’s open to all as a completely public space. Although the intention of the September 11 attacks was to frighten us, we didn’t want security on the site; we wanted it to be open and free.” - Carla Swickerath, Partner, Studio Daniel Libeskind.

Innovation Award This award recognises a specific area of recent innovation in a tall building project that has been realised in a design, implemented during construction/ operation, or thoroughly tested and documented for its suitability in a high-rise. The areas of innovation can embrace any discipline, including but not limited to technical breakthroughs, construction methods, design approaches, urban planning, building systems, façades, and interior environment.

MULTI, the world’s First Ropeless, Multidirectional


Elevator, harnesses the power of linear motor technology to move multiple cars in a single shaft, vertically and horizontally. The potential that can be realised from this innovation is extensive. MULTI requires fewer and smaller elevator shafts, and can thus increase a building’s lettable space by up to 25 percent.

Construction Award This award recognises construction excellence in a tall building project, made evident by superior quality in construction, significant technical innovations, the proficient execution of a complicated or exacting design, a triumph over difficult conditions, or the documentation of superlative speed and efficiency. EY Centre employs a world-first timberand-glass closed-cavity façade (CCF) system, made possible by innovation in digital technologies, that helps the building achieve impressive sustainability standards while creating an approachable office space for tenants. Attention to detail was critical in the project’s delivery. A team used a 3D modeling platform to create an exact replica of the triangular timber soffit and awning, which could be meshed with asbuilt survey information to allow for prefabrication and high quality preassembly directly from the 3D models. “The façade is characterised by the revolutionary use of timber. Prior to the EY center, a closed-cavity façade had never been used a high-rise before. We wanted to reimagine the commercial high-rise as an art form. The best thing about the project is its sense of place; the vision was to use natural materials, in this case timber and stone, to make it more inviting." - Jason Vieusseux, General Manager, Design Management & Construction, Mirvac Construction.

around the structure. These elements help the building achieve a high level of transparency while reducing the heat load to a point where the building is energy efficient and yet has the great luxury of floor-to-ceiling, water-white glass. The façade includes a first-of-its-kind shading system that automatically adjusts to block glare, and the lights dynamically adjust to dim or turn off if the natural light is sufficiently bright. “We wanted a building that would change our culture and how we were viewed by the community. At the time we had employees scattered within several buildings, but we wanted to bring management closer to our employees. As a global media organisation, openness and transparency were our guiding principles.” - Terry Hayes, Senior Vice President, NewYork Times.

2008 Winner Shanghai World Financial Center is a symbol of commerce and culture that speaks to the city’s emergence as a global financial capital. The tower’s boldest feature, a 43-metre-wide portal carved through its upper levels, is dramatic, but also services a distinct structural function – it relieves the enormous wind pressures on the building. This design boldness has allowed the SWFC to endure as an indelible feature of the city’s skyline 10 years later. “When we began designing this building back in 1994, it was going to be the tallest building in the world. We focused very much on the symbolic quality of the building both within its community but also as a world symbol of the emerging global economy of China. With Shanghai’s skyline growing, the purpose and role of this building was to create an urban stabiliser on the skyline, a focal point that welcomes the activity of the city.” states William Pedersen, Principal, Kohn Pedersen Fox.

10 Year Award The 10 Year Award recognises proven value and performance over a period of time. This award gives an opportunity to reflect back on buildings that have been completed and operational for a decade, and acknowledge those projects that have performed successfully long after the ribbon-cutting ceremonies have passed.

2007 Winner New York Times Tower stands out in the city’s busy skyline, with its distinctive grille of white ceramic brises-rods wrapping




Schindler - Hugo M. Ramos





Managing Director UAE Schindler Pars International Ltd.(Dubai Branch) Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Safa 2, Indigo Building 5 P.O. Box 117117, Dubai UAE T: +971 4 3760129 F: +971 4 3805502 E: info@eg.schindler.com W: www.schindler.com

Q: A:

What is Schindler’s solution to smart urban mobility?

Schindler’s PORT Technology is a highly sophisticated elevator control and security access technology based on a Schindler innovation. The elevators know where the passengers are going before they enter the car. The passengers select their destination from a touch-panel in the lobby and are then directed to the elevator now programmed to take them to their destination as quickly as possible. The outcome is fewer stops, shorter travel times, and less energy consumed by the system. The PORT

Technology allows a time saving of up to 50% during passenger embarking and disembarking. It revolutionizes the science of optimizing traffic flow through a building while offering personalized service and access control. PORT can be programmed to take you to the floor your office is on in the morning and to the floor where there are restaurants/cafeterias during lunchtime. Since it knows where you are, where you want to go and how many people are there in the building, it knows how you can get to your destination in the fastest possible way, then does just that.

Q: A:

How is PORT different from its competitors?

Competitor technology generally relies on ‘Hybrid’ technologies - they have buttons inside the elevator that allow the user to change the destination; this results in an increase in the amount of time needed to reach said destination, as well as removing the benefit of any efficiency calculations made by the system. PORT doesn’t have buttons inside the elevator, and thus it serves the true purpose of destination control which Schindler has pioneered since 1992. PORT also manages building evacuation in an emergency, which is particularly relevant in our ‘high-rise heavy’ market. It provides clear instructions to people at every PORT terminal in the building, instructing them to either wait for an elevator or take the emergency stairs, depending on the availability and location of the elevators and considering the overall safety requirements of any passengers. The number of cars required to evacuate each


Schindler - Hugo M. Ramos

floor are estimated based on the current population data.

Q: A:

How is PORT a sustainable technology for high rise buildings?

Eco Module is one of the unique features of PORT. During high traffic periods, it finds the best, or most optimum solution for both the least possible average waiting times, and least possible power consumption. During periods of low traffic, it puts certain elevators into stand-by mode to save power while still providing an excellent traffic performance. This innovative technology can be used not only in new buildings but can also be added to existing elevators in older buildings.

Q: A:

And now Schindler has developed myPORT; what is the thinking behind this?

myPORT is a cutting-edge technology that will change the dynamics of urban mobility forever. This unique smartphone-based service for personal mobility offers a seamless three-step identity verification on entry and provides “e-banking level” security with no inconvenience to the user.

Once inside the building, myPORT allows users to move throughout the building with the use of just their smartphones. Schindler’s myPORT is in constant communication with the building’s PORT Technology elevator interface to provide building owners, managers, tenants and visitors with realtime information. You can also send special authorization codes via SMS text messages to grant access to building visitors and much more.


Finally, we would like to ask about ‘Schindler Ahead’, which we understand is the new digital solution for elevators and escalators?


It certainly is, and it enables a whole range of new digital products and services. So, whether you own, manage or use an elevator or escalator, you will benefit from higher uptime, thorough insights, and greater convenience. Put simply, Schindler Ahead is the world’s first fully digital closed-loop maintenance, emergency services and information system. Imagine a platform where all involved parties are connected and

necessary information is shared in real-time with full transparency in your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Schindler Ahead connects equipment, customers and passengers with Schindler Contact Centres and technicians via its digital closed-loop platform. Similarly using the system, we can update advertising screens within elevators as and when needed. It can also be used intelligently – the system can, for example, be programmed to display food advertising when it is expected that the elevators will welcome lunchtime traffic at certain times of the day, all while allowing touchless interaction by the end user. Schindler Ahead will also allow for predictive maintenance based on big data analytics, allowing us to deliver a whole new level of service to our customers as well as pushing our ethos of safety and quality even further.





Featuring stunning scenery overlooking the tranquil Khaled Lagoon, this iconic leisure destination boasts breathtaking landscapes and incredible architectural designs that reflect Sharjah’s rich cultural and historical heritage. Featuring a lively fun-filled atmosphere, the waterfront attracts visitors of all backgrounds to explore its multi-faceted appeal. Launched by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) in 2010, this popular tourism project offers an impressive variety of recreational facilities and welcomes visitors and families of all ages. Its recent expansion adds even more value and opportunities for retail, food and beverage, entertainment and franchise investment, particularly in light of its location in the most populous area of the emirate, which provides a constant footfall for the businesses situated in and around Al Majaz. Among its many attractions are the spectacular dancing Sharjah Musical Fountain, one of the best-known and largest in the Middle East an eco-friendly sports and jogging track, the Maraya Art Park, the Splash Park and children's playground, encompassing the Al Majaz Waterfront philosophy of a family destination.

With 91% of reviews in TripAdvisor rating Al Majaz Waterfront as either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’, it is consistently rated among the top attractions within Sharjah in a number of categories, highlighting its appeal across a range of ages and interests. As one of the jewels in Sharjah’s

tourism crown, Al Majaz Waterfront plays a leading role in Shurooq’s portfolio. Shurooq’s projects have been integral to the emirate’s flourishing tourism industry, which now forms one of the pillars of its existing economy and future strategies for growth.

SHARJAH INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY – SHUROOQ 49 Figures from the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority show that emirate’s hospitality sector revenues witnessed a 7.8 percent increase during the first half of 2017, reaching AED372 million, and in 2017, Sharjah welcomed 1.8 million guests into its accommodation sector – a giant 17 percent increase on the previous year, with more than 4 million guest nights recorded. Building upon that, Sharjah aims to attract more than 10 million tourists as part of its Tourism Vision 2021, by: promoting the emirate as an ideal family destination; adopting an innovative tourism approach; enhancing efficiencies in tourism sector through partnership and collaborative action; and highlighting the cultural and heritage elements to reinforce Sharjah’s status as an international cultural hub – Al Majaz Waterfront ticks all of those boxes. An impressive range of cafés and restaurant outlets at Al Majaz Waterfront, covering all tastes for local and international travellers offers unique opportunities for large companies, franchises and smaller businesses who are either looking to expand or enter into the regional market. The diversification of these restaurants has proved to be a highly effective strategy in terms of servicing and attracting different brands, where Al Majaz outlets have enjoyed a significant return trade as customers opt for new experiences as they revisit the attraction. Al Majaz Waterfront is also the preferred venue to a host of exciting events, festivals, fairs, concerts, celebrations and displays, reinforcing its status as one of the premier destinations for world class entertainment,

leisure, culture and sports. These include stunning fireworks shows, art and photography exhibitions, street markets, Sharjah Music Festival, Sharjah Light Festival, the Winter Festival, water sports and much more, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors throughout the year. “The permanent features which make Al Majaz Waterfront such an iconic landmark as well as a tourist hub ensure that it is recognised as an integral part of Sharjah’s make-up. The design of the development, the world-class facilities, amenities and services and the family-oriented atmosphere opens the door to exceptional business ventures on all levels for all audiences. “Sharjah’s tourism industry is integral its economy now and will play and even more significant role in the future. Our diversity across unique eco-tourism projects, heritage developments and niche luxury accommodation has placed the emirate firmly on the tourism map, not just regionally, but globally and the worldwide awareness of Sharjah as a cultural hub has increased its reach enormously.” With regards to retail, again the variety of visitors in terms of origin, age and interests provides investment opportunities in every sector of a family, leisure and tourism destination. Marwah Obaid Al Shamsi, Al Majaz Waterfront Manager, said: “With such emphasis on children’s activities and facilities, Al Majaz Waterfront provides a fully-rounded family experience, and with that comes the opportunity to offer the visitors every facility and service they need on site.

“Shurooq’s launch and subsequent development of the Waterfront has been a reflection of Al Majaz’s popularity, and its current status as one of the prime tourist destinations in Sharjah has demonstrated the value in that investment. “The stability and consistency of business growth within Al Majaz is in direct proportion to the increase of visitors, and Sharjah’s ever-increasing success in terms of attracting leisure investment aligns perfectly with the emirates Tourism Vision 2021.” Al Majaz Waterfront is a key leisure destination favoured by UAE residents and a popular tourist attraction on the Khalid Lagoon. It hosts a variety of artistic and

entertainment activities throughout the year, including film screenings, stage shows and firework displays on national occasions and holidays. It is also renowned for its New Year’s Eve fireworks. The iconic leisure destination boasts many state-of-the art leisure and service facilities, including world-class restaurants and cafes, with stunning scenery overlooking the Sharjah Music Fountain. Al Majaz Waterfront is also home to the mini water themed park (Mini Splash Park), Mini Golf Course, Alwan Centre for kids and play areas designated exclusively for children to enjoy have fun and enjoy time with their families and friends.





And from the very beginning the firm was focused on producing exceptional solutions for clients through the use of practical design skill and flair in tandem with the very latest industry technologies. Providing an honest, approachable and friendly service, Arif & Bintoak guides its clients through the many difficult and complex stages of the construction process, and is dedicated to the improvement and carefully planned development of the nation’s architecture and infrastructure. In fact, following a modest beginning when the firm had only five engineers, Arif & Bintoak has enjoyed steady growth to become not only one of UAE’s, but one of the world’s leading consultants.


result can be seen in the skylines of the UAE’s futuristic cities, with a remarkable portfolio of projects that takes in everything from private palaces and

large-scale urban environments through to an extensive range of commercial, residential, and civic and institutional complexes.



Arif & Bintoak offer a wide range of consulting services in engineering and architecture, all aimed at raising the quality of the built environment. For over four decades the firm has plotted strategic growth and worked extremely hard, producing a medley of projects that each has a unique sensitivity to the rich culture and people of the UAE.This approach has been balanced with pioneering design work, dictating that the firm has now grown to approximately 500 of the industry’s leading professionals. The end




AL GHURAIR CONTRACTING & ENGINEERING WORKS LLC P.O. BOX 76477, Dubai, United Arab Emirates | T: +971 4 4504220 | F: +971 4 4504221 | info@agcew.ae | www.agcew.com ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 OHSAS 18001:2007

ARIF & BINTOAK CONSULTING ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS 53 These projects include: • R  affles Hotel: One of Arif & Bintoak’s major recent accomplishments, the Raffles Hotel at Wafi City, Dubai, is a 19-storey construction that is certainly one of the firm’s most prestigious and iconic projects, with design elements incorporated from both the Middle East and Asia. • M  ohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Centre: graduate institution located abroad, the Harvard Medical School Dubai Centre provides a crucial link between Harvard Medical School’s international faculty, a global network of academic leaders, and the academic and clinical work being performed at Dubai Healthcare City. • M  arina Promenade by EMAAR: Marina Promenade, nestled within the panoramic confines of Dubai Marina, is a premium residential enclave that overlooks the widest and most scenic part of the bay and is ideally located opposite the prestigious Dubai Marina Yacht Club.

• South Ridge by EMAAR: Amidst a sprawling metropolitan and eclectic mix of architecture, residential and retail spaces, hotels, restaurants and landscaping, South Ridge is a six-tower residential complex developed in downtown Burj Khalifa District. • The Circle Mall by Nakheel: The Circle Mall is the first mall located in the Jumeirah Village Circle community, a family-friendly development designed to provide a sense of community. With over a million square foot of built up area, the mall comprises over 440,000 square foot of leasable space.

housing a hotel apartments and offices.


• M  aple 1, 2 & 3 by Emaar: Maple at Dubai Hills Estate offers the perfect surroundings for family life, bringing residents a wide array of lifestyle, sporting and leisure amenities. • N  ad Al Sheba Residential Community by Nakheel: The project vision is to create a seamless community located within Nad Al Sheba 3, Dubai. The development site of 120 hectares is proposed to be subdivided into 1,600 nos.

• RP Heights (200m High): Rising up to form an essential part of the Downtown Dubai skyline, RP Heights redefines the standards of luxury living. Located within Downtown Dubai.

• Green Community Motor City Expansion by Union Properties: Motor City is a development based on a unique automobile and motor sport theme that includes residential, business, sports and leisure opportunities.

• Buildings by DAMAN at DIFC: The 235-metre high buildings by Daman – located in the heart of the DIFC precinct- is a 65-floor mixed use residential and commercial complex

• T  own Square Dubai by Nshama: Town Square Dubai is the most trendy and sought-after neighbourhood being developed by Nshama. Located at the Al Qudra Road, it features several

townhouses and apartments as well as substantial retail, hospitality and commercial space. • V  illanova by Dubai Properties: Villanova is located in DUBAILAND proximity to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. • M  ixed Use Development at Mankhool: Centrally located in the heart of Bur Dubai, the mixed use development owned by AW Rostamani Group One Person Company entails four nos. unique towers located on a large podium, comprising of a hotel, hotel apartments, high end residential and offices buildings. • H  otel Holiday Inn Dubai Festival City: Holiday Inn Dubai Festival City, located in the heart of the newest shopping, culinary and entertainment destination, extends a vibrant welcome to work and play.





Al Ghurair Construction - Readymix LLC P.O. Box 158, Dubai, UAE T: +971 4 3502100 / 338 1708 F: +971 4 3502196 / 338 1243 Email: readymix@al-ghurair.com www.al-ghurair.com

Since Al Ghurair Construction Readymix’ inception it has successfully delivered more than 16 million cubic metres of readymixed concrete to construction projects in Dubai. Al Ghurair Investment is one of the largest diversified industrial enterprises in the Middle East, with global reach and business roots stretching back half a century. The Al Ghurair name is synonymous with the UAE and the company is proud of its rich heritage. With a history of pioneering innovative businesses built upon excellence, trust and responsibility, it has a deep commitment to enhancing life within its community. Its reputation and success is based on strong values and an unwavering commitment to every enterprise that it undertakes. The production and supply of ready mixed concrete for infrastructure projects has been a core focus of Al Ghurair’s construction activity since 1985. With a leading presence in United Arab Emirates and Qatar it has a production capacity of more than 1000 cubic metres per hour and 1.8 million m3 per annum. The Al Ghurair Construction Readymix LLC plants are fully computerised and the most sophisticated of their kind in the Gulf. The company holds ISO 9001 for Quality Management System, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, and Certificate of Product Conformity for Concrete Production and Delivery Facilities from Dubai Municipality/DCLD.

AG Readymix AG Readymix mobile application Towards improving services and interaction with our valued customers, we have introduced a new mobile application, which can be downloaded from the following locations:

AG Readymix

The key features are listed below: • • • • • •

Place daily/weekly ready-mix concrete orders View real-time order status View the delivery tickets and delivery schedules Track the live truck’s location in the maps View Invoices and related delivery tickets Submit an enquiry etc.

ARIF & BINTOAK CONSULTING ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS 55 Superior People, Superior Performance The staff at Arif & Bintoak comprise of a team that is experienced, skilled and talented at their craft. With a consummate degree of loyalty, diligence and dedication, they are driven to produce the highest quality work for their clients. This collection of experts in different disciplines is arguably Arif & Bintoak’s greatest advantage; giving the firm the ability to develop and coordinate all aspects of the design and construction of a project. Indeed, the firm is something of a onestop-shop, from the development of preliminary designs concepts, feasibility and cost analysis preparation through to full architectural, structural and services technical drawings, the procurement of all necessary regulatory authorities' approvals,

tender and contract documents preparation, and onto the supervision of construction and future maintenance. What’s more, the firm’s experienced, creative and professional teams hail from as many as 16 different countries, giving Arif & Bintoak a fair few fingers on the global pulse and familiarity with multiple international and cultural contexts.

Sustainable, Comprehensive and Competitive Sustainable design is no longer an option. In the present day, it is standard practice through all disciplines. At Arif & Bintoak, sustainability has been a key driver of its development for many years and, at each stage of a project's lifecycle, the firm’s people collaborate and innovate to develop high-performance energy-efficient and

environmentally friendly solutions. Arif & Bintoak is committed to the core value of design excellence, which includes delivering projects that are both innovative and sustainable. Bringing a combination of commitment, strong professional experience and creativity to every project it undertakes, Arif & Bintoak has a solid reputation for high quality architectural work in the building and construction industry, with the firm now having an annual turnover in the range of AED 8 billion of works designed and supervised. On average, the firm’s engineers have responsibility for the supervision of 35 to 40 construction sites across the UAE at any one time, and consistently 40 to 50 design projects are simultaneously being developed by the architects within the design studio.

Modern construction is a melting pot of design inputs and everything needs to be brought together in order to ensure the successful completion of a project. This needs total coordination, which can also lead to improvements in productivity, enhance resource efficiency, reduce waste and minimise cost. This is an area in which Arif & Bintoak excels and, working on projects across all sectors, prides itself on being comprehensive, competitive and sustainable. Put simply, the firm is committed to achieving design excellence. No two projects are ever the same, and the team strives hard to provide a consistently high level of integrity and detail to produce the best results for its clients.





In Pursuit of Excellence

Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai

The Block, d3- Dubai Design District

Group Companies

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Tanseeq Investment Group of Companies


6th Floor, Building 3, Bay Square, Business Bay, P.O. Box 3151, Dubai, UAE Tel: +971 4 277 0244 | Fax: +971 4 277 0424, Web: www.tanseeqinvestment.com




To achieve this goal the firm is also fully committed to streamlining the routine aspects of the business, with the entire team being given full training in the programmes that they carry out on a day-to-day basis, enhancing the speed, accuracy, flexibility and presentation of its services.This includes a multitude of powerful design software packages.

A Core Value of Design Excellence Arif & Bintoak’s expansion has in many ways closely followed that of the development of the UAE. Its mission is to

create, innovate and meet its clients' objectives by designing aesthetically refined, contextually distinctive, practical, sustainable, and cost-efficient buildings and developments.With a finely tuned approach to the local environment and a thorough knowledge of the culture and history of the nation, the firm combine between the contemporary and the traditional. Arif & Bintoak owes its success in part to its ability to play a leading role in the architectural development of the UAE, while creating economical and technically efficient developments and structures for a growing and diverse band of clients. With

both founding partners being skilled civil engineers, and the CEO among the top recognised leaders in the business, Arif & Bintoak focus has always been on maintaining a perfect balance between architectural distinction and economic success. Arif & Bintoak has expertise across the full spectrum of architecture and engineering, giving it a genuine point-ofdifference and a special status in the built environment sector in the UAE. Every member of the team is passionate about the role that design takes in improving everyday life for all those people who come into


contact with its buildings. Moreover, they are committed to responding to the demands of what is one of the most dynamic and ever-changing nations on the planet with cross-discipline design thinking that is driven by creativity, innovation and immense experience. This has made Arif & Bintoak a clear first choice for discerning companies and organisations throughout the UAE and abroad that can’t afford to compromise when it comes to quality workmanship and fast, responsive customer service.


Creation Gulf Trading LLC

CREATION CELEBRATES TWENTY YEARS OF EXCELLENCE Creation is a well-known lighting and lighting controls solutions firm in the region. Within twenty years, it has carved for itself an enviable reputation and today the name Creation is synonymous with Quality, Innovation, Sustainability and Cost effectiveness throughout the Gulf and beyond. It all started 20 years ago, when its founder Dharmendra Patel started out as a one-man show heading Gulf operations of UK based firm Polaron. Soon young Patel felt poised to change hats from commissioning Engineer to entrepreneur and set up Creation. His numerous years of all round experience in the industry encompassing project deliverables, design, management, production, logistics, installation, commissioning and accounting, were just what Dubai needed at a time when the construction scene exploded in the Gulf. Surviving in a region with fly by night operators abound, Creation was founded on extremely clear fundamentals, an explicit vision and a commendable mission to protect their customers’s best interest by

delivering high quality solutions originating from responsible, efficient, ethical and proficient resoources. Exceeding Customer Expectations When Creation lands a project, it goes to work as a team player together with the designer, contractor and client. Going the extra mile to study the project, carry out necessary feasibility studies and coordinate with all the parties involved ensures smooth project execution eliminating any last-minute surprises. “When Creation is onboard, smooth execution, impeccable service and peace-of-mind is assured,” says Patel. Quality workmanship is at the heart of everything that Creation undertakes, a fact underlined by its certification to ISO9001: 2015 through TÜV SÜD Middle East, a pioneer in providing management

system certification services. “Our continual quest to meet and exceed customer expectations had us embark on this upgrade from the 2008 version,” says Dharmendra. This new certificate is valid for three years and is subject to compliance in an annual audit, which will review aspects such as the QMS Policy, QMS Manual, and 17 other QMS procedures that include Project Documentation, Project Management, Risk Assessment, Pre and Post Sales Service, and Maintenance. “Regular audits by the certification body will help us adhere to the higher benchmarks set by the new standards. These standards will also help in continually improving our processes, giving the company reliability, and reassuring customers of our commitment to deliver quality in goods and services,” adds Patel.



all over the world. We were not sure whether all the light fixtures would work on the same control protocol. This led us to select a control system that acted as the spine of the project to provide flexibility in changing control protocols as desired, without having to change the equipment.” Lessons to be Learned


Managing Director of Creation Gullf Trading LLC

Scaling New Heights At present Creation is concurrently working on a number of important and prestigious projects. These include a business park, three hospitals, a complex of over 100 villas, three five-star hotels, two residential complexes, two residential towers, and one iconic mixed-use development that takes in nine residential buildings and a mall. The firm is also carrying out multiple fit-out jobs that include fine dining restaurants and high-end offices. Dharmendra reveals that one of the biggest feathers in Creation’s project portfolio has to be St. Regis@ Nations Tower in Abu Dhabi. “This one project will remain entrenched in our memory for a long time. It tested not only our design and product capability, but also our programming expertise, project management skills and our ability to solve 11th hour site issues, whether they pertained to wiring or changes in the light fixtures thus affecting the control protocol.” “This project was unique from day one. The lighting designers had an elaborate and bespoke lighting scheme with varied light fixture manufacturers and suppliers from

The lighting sector is incredibly fast moving, so it is vital that the Creation team remains completely up-todate with all of the latest trends and developments. “For this we thank our industry partners, who from time to time hold training programmes and share white papers and case studies. Most importantly, there is a constant dialogue between us and various manufacturers that helps us keep abreast with developments currently underway that will result in new products and technology launched in the near future,” explains Dharmendra. Keeping up to speed is just one of the challenges. “There is a lack of committed and qualified Engineers, and this will no doubt be one of our biggest challenges in the years ahead. Instead of learning how to row the boat, they keep changing boats – this is the biggest disservice that one can do to themselves.

hand experience of smooth execution and peace-of-mind,” reveals Dharmendra. Looking to the future, Creation will continue its steady growth pattern; not growth for growth’s sake, but because of demand for its services. Having started out as a lighting controls specialist, then expanding to light fixtures, project management, and now a turnkey solution provider, Creation has, at the same time, expanded geographically, from UAE into Oman and then India. It is now set to open a new office in South Africa. “As we move forward, we would also like to see Creation as an institution that provides a platform for young budding talent to bring about a change in the industry,” concludes Dharmendra. Research shows that attention to lighting in interiors in commercial establishments, especially hotels and restaurants, is known to increase revenue by over 20%. To understand in depth about how teaming up with Creation can help you accrue a range of benefits, do get in touch with them at info@creationgulf.com. It will be the best decision you will ever make.

“Another challenge is the everincreasing urge by project heads to focus on the bottom line. This cannot be a benchmark for a product to be incorporated into the project, as in the long run it drains resources by means of replacement, repairs and refurbishment,” reveals Patel. Increase Revenue by Over 20% Repeat business is a hallmark of Creation. “Once the client experiences our services and our dedication to their project, it’s like having tasted nectar for the first time! They want us on-board as they now have first






For this is a company that has maintained its presence in the local and global marketplace throughout all the different market cycles thanks to its enviable track record of providing professional consultancy services, excellent craftsmanship integrity, sound principles, highly qualified staff, and being at the forefront of adopting the latest designs and construction techniques. At AEC, experience, expertise and service combine for unparalleled results. Established in 1987 by Engineer Suhaib Al Ajmi in Abu Dhabi, AEC is an awardwinning multidisciplinary architectural design and engineering consultancy firm that opened its Dubai branch in 1994 and expanded it with Architect Wassim Adlouni. The firm is licensed to design and supervise the construction of buildings regardless of their magnitude. As a result, it actively undertakes all sorts of projects such as urban developments, hotels, residential apartments, villas, banks, office buildings, industrial buildings, institutional buildings, mosques, and public facilities. And whatever the project, AEC strives to finish it on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards, irrespective of size and complexity.


Timeless Designs AEC listens to its individual client’s needs and requirements and then sets out to operate in a partnership with them to achieve a successful conclusion to any task, both from a technical and financial viewpoint. Led by the client’s vision, the company works hard to surpass expectations in all subdivisions of design. Its design philosophy is based on the belief that a functional design is one that maintains its value in addition to leaving a lasting

impression. The precise design will lead to a unique identity by creating and mixing all distinctive components of each project. AEC is passionate about delivering robust and innovative designs, which allows it to retain its position at the forefront of all of the latest industry trends and developments. The firm’s project aesthetics objective has consistently revolved around creating suitable, definitive, and timeless designs.


AL AJMI ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS 61 A Great Team Producing Great Results At the heart of the company are the capability, enthusiasm and integrity of AEC’s people. The firm takes pride in working with its clients to achieve outstanding results, and in doing so creates a real sense of shared purpose within the business. This is what makes AEC such a great place to work. AEC believes in investing in individuals and promoting teamwork through providing a pleasant work environment in which designers can share ideas and cooperate with one another. This working environment provides a creative setting in which effective and timely solutions are assured. AEC’s highly experienced engineers, designers and technical staff are always striving to facilitate client objectives in the most proficient and cost-effective manner possible without compromising on either service or quality. The integrity, individual effort and teamwork of all of the firm’s people are principal resources in its responsibility and commitment to the client. Attracting and retaining the very best people has allowed AEC to build up an impressive portfolio of important and prestigious projects over the past three decades. Such prestigious projects, from World Renowned Hotels to Palaces, are scattered throughout Dubai in almost every locality, namely: Palm Jumeirah, Down Town Burj Khalifa Boulevard, Business Bay, Dubai Marina, TECOM, Dubiotech, Mirdiff, Al Satwa, JVC, Al Jaddaf, Al Khawaneej and Dubai Land among others

A Broad Portfolio of Expertise AEC’s range of services is all-encompassing, allowing the firm to provide the complete offering all under one roof.

Market Research & Feasibility Analysis During the initial stages of a project, AEC can provide a project background brief, macro and micro-economic study, real estate value chain dissection, site analysis, market research and assessment, financial analysis, and comparable developments screening and impact analysis. Its report would then act as the founding pillar of the project, as it would justify the project’s feasibility and define the design requirements.

Renovation & Restoration Consultancy As a service obligation, AEC aids its clients in achieving their goals for asset reuse and optimisation, energy efficiency, and resource conservation. The firm deliver combined architectural, design, planning, engineering, and sustainability consulting solutions for renewing all types of existing structures regardless of their project lifecycle.

Urban Planning & Development AEC holds true to its belief that its communities shall be established on the lessons of the past, acknowledgment of present objectives, and on dreams of the future. Its across-the-board services include community planning, urban design, sustainable community consulting, master planning, regional planning, environmental planning, zoning assistance, site assessment, site engineering services, site specific urban design, and revitalization. The firm implements a location-based integrated systems approach in its master planning and urban design strategies. This ensures that its solutions are economically viable, while being socially and environmentally responsive.

Architectural & Engineering Design AEC design high performance structures, based around the principles of sustainability, which integrate with their surrounding and coexist in tandem with them. From small private villas and high-rise buildings through to urban developments, the firm’s projects strive for equilibrium between art and technology, form and function, beauty and performance, vision and reality. Its in-house designers and engineers collaborate together throughout the project lifecycle, thus providing a standalone service to clients.These integrated approaches among different segments of the design team ensure project execution efficiency.

Contracts & Specifications Management Through its stringent contract documents and detailed specifications, AEC maintain and ensure the smooth execution of all projects without compromise on quality, striving for international standards through crafting tender and contract documents as per: • FIDIC - International Federation of Consulting Engineers • POMI - Principles of Measurement (International) for Works of Construction as published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, London • Building and Construction CSI standardised specifications


those plans and specifications. Furthermore, the team is responsible for overseeing that the main contractor's approach and programme are suitable and precisely executed in compliance to the agreement.

Project Management From project initiation to project closing, AEC’s engineers’ practices throughout the project lifecycle are in accordance with the Project Management Institute. This ensures that the projects handled finish on time, within budget, and to the best quality standards.

Infrastructure & Industrial Construction Consultancy AEC has entered into corporate agreements with several international engineering firms based in Europe, America, and the Middle East. It now offers broader services that encompass all major sectors of architecture and

engineering within infrastructure and industrial facility construction.

Superior Solutions to Complex Challenges AEC goes beyond a typical consulting role and becomes a partner to clients by aligning with the goals, processes, and people at each organisation. The entire team prides itself on being problem solvers. Consequently, finding innovative solutions isn’t just an option for the firm -it’s what it does. AEC is unyielding in its pursuit of getting it right, first time, every time. Delivering practical, elegant, and efficient solutions at an economic benefit to owners, clients, and end-users, AEC’s fundamental mission is to encourage a diverse culture of extraordinary talent and be recognised globally for providing superior solutions to complex challenges.

Construction Supervision Even the best planned projects depend on thorough construction supervision. For this reason, AEC believe in the significance of the consultant’s presence by providing full construction supervision. Although the contractor is accountable for constructing in compliance to the plans and specifications, the supervision team has a duty to ensure that the construction adheres to



Calibre Consulting FZE

Martin Dewhurst Managing Director, Calibre Consulting FZE


Calibre Consulting first opened its doors for business in Dubai in 2013, after identifying that there were a number of organisations that didn’t have the budget, resources or competencies in place to effectively address workplace safety. With this in mind, it developed a service that allows businesses to meet and exceed their objectives by integrating their individual requirements into their existing frameworks. “We believe that each organisation is different,” explains founder and Managing Director Martin Dewhurst, “and therefore require different approaches, so we always develop bespoke solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.” The firm understands that whilst the framework and structure of safety management systems is very similar across different markets and industries, taking a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach does not always deliver the best results. “When we work with clients we seek to fully understand their operations, as well as their future plans, so we can work together to build a system that not only addresses their current concerns, but is ready to grow with their business,” Martin continues. To further support organisations, Calibre Consulting has developed a health & safety management software called Calibrate. Calibrate delivers real-time visibility to all stakeholders across multiple sites in multiple countries. It also provides an integrated road map and structural framework for organisations to achieve their long-term strategic plans and project-driven safety outcomes. Calibrate allows managers to remotely monitor ongoing compliance, highlight bottlenecks and best practice, and gives them the data required to make informed decisions so they can direct their resources where they are most required.

Calibre Consulting FZE


Passionate About Health & Safety

A Cultural Change

There is no doubt that Martin Dewhurst knows his subject inside-out. He is a stonemason by trade and has worked in and around construction his entire life, in locations as diverse as the UK, Europe, Australia, and more recently the Gulf. “I moved into Health & Safety over 15 years ago and have worked in a number of roles, including Global Head of Health & Safety at Nokia Networks, where we made dramatic reductions in serious incidents across the over 150 markets we were in,” he says. “I’m passionate about helping people improve workplace safety and drive operational efficiencies, so having worked for, or with, businesses from SMEs through to global corporations I wanted to share that knowledge and support other businesses in their journey to world-class performance. That’s how Calibre Consulting came about.”

The Calibre Consulting team genuinely enjoys working with businesses to help them achieve their goals, but it can sometimes be challenging to change the culture of an organisation. “Usually senior management is behind the transition when integrating safety into everyday work practices, but there can be some people who fail to see the value of a safe workplace and perhaps don’t fully understand their responsibilities,” Martin says. “In these circumstances we’ve found that it’s important to help everyone from the bottom to the top of an organisation understand that they all have a role to play in safety. Making this cultural change includes providing everyone with the information and support required to give them the competence and confidence to put safety into action and help them understand the important part they play in the overall improvement across the company.”

Over that past five years, Calibre Consulting has enjoyed considerable success, with one of its most noted projects being with Massar Solutions. “Initially they approached us to support their in-house safety team to draft an ISO compliant Quality, Safety & Environmental Management System, but after delivering that they requested that we assist them in the implementation of the system with a view to obtaining third party ISO certification in the compressed timeline of three months,” Martin explains. “We successfully enabled them to achieve this target with a couple of weeks to spare, despite them having a workforce based in eight locations across four emirates from Sharjah to Sila on the Saudi border. Obtaining this external certification against the three standards meant they were able to tender, and win, new contracts that they had previously been excluded from.”


With the updates to the relevant ISO standards over the last few years, the approach to compliance with quality, safety and environmental requirements is more aligned than ever. “We have seen that clients find it beneficial to implement an integrated management system that covers not only safety, but also includes quality and environmental aspects, since there is a definite overlap between the actions required to demonstrate compliance with these internationally recognised standards.” Martin goes on to explain that there are several other benefits to having a robust safety management system in place, concluding: “There are a number of statistics that show other advantages from implementing safety in the workplace, apart from the obvious reduction in incidents and injuries. These include increased employee engagement, reduced staff churn, lower insurance premiums, improved efficiencies and process improvements. This may come as a surprise to some people as safety is usually viewed as an additional task and cost to a project, but it is shown that organisations can realise up to a 300% return on investment for safety programmes.”

www.calibreconsulting.net martin.dewhurst@calibreconsulting.net

+971 52 913 3825






The HIDI Group was originally founded in 1975, by Andrew Hidi, in Toronto, Canada. At its infancy, Hidi & Associates primarily provided mechanical engineering consulting services. However, in the mid-90s Hidi & Associates acquired a company which offered electrical building services, called E. A. Rae & Associates. The amalgamation of these two businesses resulted in the creation ‘Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers’, an MEP consulting engineering services firm that laid the foundation of what the The HIDI Group has become today. Throughout the past 43 years, The HIDI Group has maintained a set of core values that concentrate on robust, longterm client relationships and high levels of customer service, while embracing the technology and innovation needed to succeed in an ever-changing business environment. Its team of professional engineers, engineering technicians and designers take on complex projects worldwide, supported by offices located in Toronto, Calgary, and Dubai. “Until the late 90s, Hidi Rae was a relatively small firm catering primarily to clients within the Toronto region,” explains Ahmad Shakil, Managing


Principal - Middle East at The HIDI Group. “As Hidi Rae’s reputation grew, so did its need to expand and evolve, with the decision being taken not to have all of its eggs solely in the ‘Toronto’ and ‘MEP’ basket.” In 2002, the firm embarked upon an expansion and diversification strategy that resulted in the addition of a Communications (ELV/IT) division in 2003, the opening of the Calgary office in 2007 the same year that Building Commissioning was introduced. The expansion outside of North America came in 2008 with the unveiling of a Dubai office. In 2014 Hidi Rae also launched Alula Lighting Design, its inhouse specialty lighting design studio. Risk & Resilience services followed a year later. That same year, the decision

was made to rebrand the firm from Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers to The HIDI Group. The firm continues to look for opportunities to expand its service offering, both as a company and in Dubai, with several exciting initiatives currently under consideration.

A Logical Step “When I joined the firm in 2002, we were working primarily in the Toronto market,” says Ahmad. “But we were growing, and as you grow a firm, there are young people who aspire to higher roles and more challenges. We clearly saw that we needed more ‘space’ for these young professionals. So we had a brain-storming session and decided to diversify both geographically and in relation to the services we provided.”


THE HIDI GROUP 65 The first move was to open an office in Western Canada; the city of Calgary was a great fit and obvious choice for expansion. Due to Ahmad’s 12 years of experience in the Dubai market, opening an office in the Gulf seemed to be the next logical step. “Around the economic and construction boom time, some architects from Canada were getting involved with projects in Dubai. We worked with those architects back in Canada and some of these firms eventually moved and set up offices in the region. Due to our ongoing U.A.E. projects and the fact that I had experience working in Dubai, there was a lot of synergy, and we decided to open our Dubai office in 2008.”

A Sense of Ownership Technically speaking, for the UAE market, The HIDI Group currently provides consulting engineering services for MEP, ELV/IT/AV and Security systems for buildings, as well as speciality Lighting. These services cover both design and site supervision. Perhaps a better description is that the firm is in the business of helping its clients realise their visions and aspirations. The HIDI Group tries to ease its client’s ‘pain’ by being a reliable partner that is honest, fair, and that genuinely enjoys what it does. “We endeavour to be the engineers of choice for our clients.” Ahmad continues. “We don’t go for the short-term approach, and we don’t try to be everything to everyone. Furthermore, we only operate in certain sectors, ensuring that we retain and have complete control over the quality and design of the projects.” What particularly sets The HIDI Group apart from its competitors is its ability to

integrate design considerations amongst all disciplines. It does not, for instance, assess risk and resilience in isolation; a risk mitigation recommendation often results in a mechanical and electrical design implications, whilst the lighting design must also consider security and energy requirements. The result is an all-inclusive approach that contributes to clients’ continuing success. “It’s not just about robust designs; it’s a number of things, including quality of service, being conscious about the goals of client and providing a design that reflects those aspirations in terms of cost, time, performance, maintainability, and future proofing,” says Ahmad. “We try to instil a sense of being invested in a project, a sense of ownership and being a part of the whole process, endeavouring to be a partner that the client can rely on and who is available.”

Extra Effort What The HIDI Group does may not rocket science, but what it does, it does well. “Doing the job well is a combination of a number of things, including robust designs, which can be relied upon for trouble free performance, and designs and systems that are appropriate for the project’s key objectives and client’s aspirations.” explains Ahmad. “It is also important to be flexible.” The HIDI Group has the ability to offers its clients both a bespoke tailored approach or a standard solution, based on their needs.This extra effort has lead to The HIDI Group winning numerous important and prestigious projects in the Gulf. “Whatever the project and whoever the client, we never take a blinkered approach,” he continues. “We look at the overall


project and do what is best for that project. As an example recently, the firm was having an initial design workshop for a tall tower on a small plot where the team was struggling to make separate entrances work for different occupancies in a mixed-use project. Although it was not related to The HIDI Group’s area of expertise, a suggestion by the firm based on past experience helped the team come up with a very elegant solution to an architectural issue. “Perhaps the most important aspect of our services is that we endeavour to be a reliable ‘Partner from Concept to Completion’. When a problem comes up, as it inevitably does in a construction project, we always find a solution in the best interest of our clients and the project.”

A Family Affair The HIDI Group currently has a 40-strong team in Dubai and a team of over 160 back in Canada. As a result, it is big enough to take on practically any size of project, but is not so big that the partners and stakeholders lose touch with the projects and delivery of services. The firm’s partners are happy to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. This approach has fuelled impressive growth for The HIDI Group in Dubai, with the firm celebrating its 10th anniversary in the Emirate on June 1st, 2018. “Our business model is based on providing a high and reliable level of service to a select number of clients, retaining them for extended periods of time and working with them on a repeat basis. Some of our clients in Toronto have been with us since the company was founded in 1975, and we are looking to

emulate that model in Dubai,” Ahmad says. “Business is good at the moment, and the team is quite busy with a number of projects in various stages of design, and at least three new large projects expected to commence construction over the next few months.”The future, therefore, looks bright, with The HIDI Group continuing to base its business model on steady, controlled and manageable growth; not growth just for the sake of growth. Over the last five years, the firm has grown at just over 15% year-onyear, and is confident that it will be able to continue this in the future. “The HIDI Group will be looking at opportunities to establish a presence in at least one other country in the region over the next couple of years. We constantly aim to expand the portfolio of services offered, and over the next five years we will certainly be adding at least two, possibly three, additional disciplines to our capabilities in Dubai.” In spite of the group’s continued growth and innovative advancements, it has maintained a sense of family that is rooted in its earliest days. All the senior management in the firm are shareholders and thus have a vested interested in the firm’s success on a project by project and overall basis. Clients are dealing with owners, not just employees. Loyalty between The HIDI Group and its employees is one of the keys to its success. “We’ve created a really wonderful management team, and we all push each other, whilst at the same time creating an environment where everyone enjoys working together,” concludes Ahmad. Here’s to the next 10 years!




P.O. Box: 6934, Sharjah, UAE +971 6 567 1221


nazo@emirates.net.ae sales@nazoceramics.ae

facebook.com/nazoceramics instagram.com/nazo_ceramics





• FULLY FURNISHED STUDIO, 1, 2 & 4 BEDROOM FREEHOLD APARTMENTS WITH BURJ KHALIFA AND LAKE VIEWS • CLOSE TO ALL AMENITIES (SCHOOLS, SHOPPING AREAS, RECREATIONAL FACILITIES ETC) • FULLY EQUIPPED KITCHEN WITH APPLIANCES INCLUDED • SEPARATE SWIMMING POOL FOR ADULTS & KIDS, HEALTH CLUB, GYMNASIUM, STEAM AND SAUNA Triplanet Range Group (Developer) is a prominent name in the UAE with global reputation. The company has earned accolade for its excellent track record of on-time delivery of projects. Developer has delivered and handed over 10 projects in Dubai Sports City named Elite 1 - 10 Sports Residences. Some Highlights are : • • • •

3,500 + apartments delivered. 5 million + sqft constructed. 10 + years in Dubai Real Estate Industry. 2 Billion + worth of stock handed over.

Triplanet Range Group Tel: +971 4 553 0646 | Mob: +971 52 905 1318 Email: info@triplanet-group.com Website: www.triplanet-group.com

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