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Fashion Designer with Georgio Armani to Costume Designer for Lady Gaga

vagaries FASHION Photograpaher: Unek Francis Make up: Daniel Bayu Hairstylist: Darren Bay Stylist: Christopher Brown Model: Abby Robinson

Swing Coat & Hat - Closet By Christobal Dress - Samuel Dong Shoes & Jewelry - Crystal Walker

Skirt - Closet by Christobal Coat - Samuel Dong Handbag & Jewelry - Crystal Walker Shoe - Model Own

Swing Coat & Pant - Closet By Christobal Blouse Shoes & Jewelry - Crystal Walker

Nails - Closet by Christobal Blouse & Jewelry - Crystal Walker

Jacket - Samuel Dong Jumper - Closet By Christobal Shoes, Handbag & Jewelry - Crystal Walker



In The Looking Glass Sole/Soul Beauty

by Alyssa L.Williams - Wardrobe Stylist - Dallas, TX “When I didn’t understand why a person behaved in a perceived nonsensical manner as a child, my mother taught me that the best way to understand the struggles of another person is to ‘walk a mile in his/her shoes.’”

Though initially confusing to a young mind about the appropriateness and cleanliness of wearing another person’s shoes, as an adult I comprehend more clearly the profundity of that simple suggestion. As a child, I questioned how I could even get a hold of someone else’s shoes so I could walk in them. Now I realize that even if I were to attempt to put myself in their place, feel what they feel and experience life from their perspective, one mile just isn’t enough. I have learned that the best way to be empathetic

those around is to just keep living my own life, to understand the complexities of my own struggles and to be mindful of the roles played by everyone involved. Perhaps, the best way to understand others is to take a deeper look at the miles I have walked; to understand that the condition of my soul is directly related to the places my proverbial soles have taken me. My favorite musical artist, India Arie, reminds listeners that “Life is a journey… not a destination.” I look at myself and those around and I realize sometimes in the fast pace of life and society that concept gets lost. It gets lost in our need to have more, to do more and to be

more. We get caught up in the desire to be more than we are today constantly moving towards our future selves and lives and ignoring the beauty of our now and the past that brought us here. We perceive our goals as finish lines and whisper to our hearts “I will be happy when...” creating in ourselves an unconscious discontentment with where we are and dismissing the things we have already worked so hard to accomplish. We are steadily moving towards achieving a goal comparable to a goal reached by a Facebook friend.

Working daily to get that breathtaking pair of shoes that was shared by a celebrity on Instagram. We want what people have and often we are driven enough to get them. Soon after our “destinations” are marked with some tangible representation and memento of the dream we sought after. As fashionistas, the triumph of a raise on the job is flaunted by the purchase of the latest fashions and trends of the season. The most recent monetary achievement is shown in the hue of the soles of the shoes we now own and the other owners we most recently aspired to be like. But how often do you stop to ask a question that will allow you to truly connect to them personally or one that forces you to connect to yourself through a deeper understanding of both theirs and your journey through life? Look in the mirror. Our looking glasses reflect an image of our physical selves but also, if we look deep enough, it reflects our inner selves. As individuals, our paths are as diverse as our natural outward appearances. It shows who we are before we put on the face we want the world to see. It shows the images of all the pieces, all the experiences, all aspects of socialization processes that shape us. It reflects the years of endured degradation that eroded self-esteem or perpetual praise that enforced self-worth. For preppy personalities mirrors reveal the time spent challenging your mind and engaging in political debates about values. For those who are edgy it may show an out of the box thinker who questions society and writes punk rock music in his/her spare time. A mirror could reveal a romance novelist who appreciates the classic feminine style and life of a 1950’s conservative housewife. It exposes our most intrinsic thoughts about self and concepts of desirability while at the same time functioning as a type of uniform representing self. Our clothes, specifically our shoes, are not just things we wear and choose to walk on during the

day. They help us communicate parts of ourselves while carrying us to our desired places. When I ask myself about the places I have been and how they shaped part of my personal style, one theme comes to mind. I spent much of my childhood and adolescence searching for a balance between my tomboyishness and femininity. I wrestled with the lessons from society that said boyishness in women is unacceptable and couldn’t possibly be beautiful. But as I look in the mirror and reflect, I realize that my tendency to feminize menswear with bow ties and layers of necklaces and masculine jackets paired with sexy heels represents the balance I found for myself. I now aim to ignore the box I had previously relegated myself to in my search of having what others had and being who others were. My beauty is my own and yours is your own- both to be equally appreciated, reflected and confidently worn. My style is a reflection of my journey. It is my mine and I see it whenever I spend time in the looking glass. I look at my shoes with their heels tall and their eclectic design and I see years and miles of duality and self –definition. What if we all allowed ourselves to let the mirror reflect more than just the image we heard was appropriate but allow it to reflect our story- how we feel and who we are? What if we allowed ourselves to see hardship as hardship and triumph as triumph? Maybe we could see the strength in ourselves and understand the courage of neighbors. We could understand that the wearers of Monolo Blahnik pumps are no better than those whose shoes remain nameless. Our sole mementos of reached “destinations” may widely vary but we could appreciate them as our true choice of soul expression and a piece of our voyage. It is the journey that makes the person and, in a way, it is the journey and not just the destination that deserves recognition. We carry it in our every decision,

word, thought and expression including the things we choose to wear from to day to day. So as we evolve and reach new heights and depths of our souls, our styles and views of others should do the same. I’m curious, what does your soul/sole say about the miles you have walked and the distance you have traveled?

“How often do you stop to ask a question that will allow you to truly connect personally or one that forces you to connect to yourself through a deeper understanding of both theirs and your journey through life? Look in the mirror.“


dust Photographed by: Jenn Werner Model: Christine Gischler Hair & Make Up: Jasmin Alleblas Styling: Maria Barteczko Jacket: Tamina von Ribaupierre



j e n n w e r n e r. c o m

j e n n w e r n e r. c o m

Martin de Tours Clothier proudly introduces their made-to-measure new menswear collection of suits and dress shirts. The new Martin de Tours Clothier Fall 2013 collection is available for purchase via their ecommerce at Martin de Tours Clothier is an up and coming brand that is going to change the way consumers think about men’s suits and dress shirts, ultimately incentivizing them more to purchase suits and dress shirts that are made-to-measure than off the rack. The Martin de Tours Clothier style valets that are top fashion consultants can help measure and find the best suit and dress shirt for any occasion for their guest. Martin de Tours Clothier takes the approach that every customer is a guest and should have the look they desire and the best fit possible.

The Martin de Tours Clothier new Fall 2013 collection proves you don’t have to sacrifice quality, comfort and style with their affordable suits and dress shirts. Martin de Tours Clothier introduces their Prerequisite, Signature and Heritage for their new Fall 2013 collection. All suits are 100 percent wool and dress shirts are 100 percent cotton with styles that range from mainstream to contemporary. All of this can be purchased online and the best part is you have your very own style valet to help you find the best item and items for your exact measurements and style preference. Martin de Tours Clothier offers high quality made-to-measure menswear custom suits and dress shirts with the finest fabrics to exceptional service provided by a personal style valet to each guest. For more information and to purchase Martin de Tours Clothier online, visit www. or order by calling 800-638-0817.

“Buyer Beware! There are knockoffs and fakes and they have been around for years. Buy from a trusted source that offers a guarantee and you will most likely acquire an authentic item.”


For more than 35 year Catimini has been standing out for its free and creative spirit offering children’s clothes that have adapted to the needs and desires of children. Catimini designs the kind of fashion that today’s child expects. By focusing on excellence in comfort and style, Catimini pieces are perfect for all children who long for a world of exploration, dreams, invention and fun.

karubuyashi WARRIOR

Photographer: Viktorija Pashuta Model: Elle @ Kismet Designer: Tameru Logbicho MUA: Jennifer Malaszczuk Hair Stylist: Carina Tafulu

If women were able to fight in World War II, then this is what they would have worn. Some people think women are seen as less or not equal to men. I feel as if every garment that I’ve created in this collection is promoting women of empowerment. Aids Project Los Angeles (A.P.L.A) donated memorabilia from their ‘Aids Walk’ so I could create this collection.

Hats and T-shirts are the focal point of the aesthetic of my concept for the Warriors. I deconstructed hats and T-shirts by burning them and cutting them in different shapes and angles to create their serrated edge look. Creating evening Gowns and Leotards while still keeping the original shapes of the T’s, gave attitude to each silhouette.

All the colors are considered Japanese tradition. Red is considerate a blood color, dark brown would be considered burned embers, black pulls in all of the different shapes and elements, white is purity and bronze and silver are considered armor royalty.

Having to battle AIDS is like the biggest fight anyone can bear. So as you see the woman walk down the runway you see the scars from the Burns. You’ll notice shes been beaten and victimized, hidden in some type of pain or suffering. She stops and stands at the end of the runway. The fierceness in her eyes and the spirit in her soul is captured. Snap a shot. Snap another shot. History has just been captured in the new days era.

karubuyashi WARRIOR Victorious as a woman. DEC2013

Sienna Rose Top on left and Shoes provided by New Balance.


O u r M i s s i o n : To p r o v e t h a t ‘ F a s h i o n D o e s H a v e A H e a r t ’ On Saturday, September 14, 2013, Hollywood image-maker & wardrobe stylist Sam Russell surprised a single mom in need with a wardrobe upgrade valued at over $10,000. Sam created The Giving Closet in 2011 after observing the over-gifting afforded to celebrities in the all-consuming entertainment industry. Traveling with Stevie Wonder in 2009 for the Presidential Inauguration was Sam’s first trip to the DC metropolitan area, and now it’s the 7th stop of his goodwill mission. Identifying his mission, Russell shares, “Our society adores the rich and looks down at the poor. But if she had a new handbag and the same shoes as you, would you know the difference? I now travel the US and find unique stories of women in need and convince my favorite designers to help re-route just a small portion of what they set aside for celebrities and recognizable athletes. With the help of various non-profits and social workers, I learn the sizes and needs of these selected women and surprise them with a boost to their image.” The 7th recipient of his traveling mission is Ivana Willis, a single mom with a son in dental school. Ivana has struggled with clinical depression her entire life. Despite having an extensive work history, she found herself unemployed for over 3 years when the economy shifted. After approaching Suited for Change in DC, she nailed her next interview with a donated suit and is now employed part-time by the American Psychological Society.

Sam exclaims, “As she is getting back on her feet, all the while setting an example of perseverance and hope for her son in college, I wanted her to have a boost to her look. The Giving Closet is not a handout, but a hand up. Ivana will do the rest on her own; I have no doubt!” Each Giving Closet surprise is unique. This give-away included over 60 outfits ranging from weekend to weekday attire from popular artisans like Sue Wong, Adrianna Papell, Sienna Rose, and Single Dress by Galina Sobolev. Ivana’s “hand up” also included designer handbags from Koret New York and Meridian 110, shoes from Sole Society and New Balance, jewelry and accessories from BCharming and Vilaiwan Fine Jewelry, skincare products from OWN Products, and even a pair of designer eyewear valued at $1,000 by Gold & Wood of Paris. As an example of how The Giving Closet is asking bigger brands to re-route some of their PR goods & budgets to benefit real people with touching stories, Sam shares the account of Gold and Wood’s generous contribution—“Gold and Wood was thrilled that Stevie Wonder wore their eyewear at a concert in Glastonbury a few years back. So I called them up and asked for a favor. In response, Gold and Wood sent a pair of designer shades from Paris for this surprise by overnight mail. This “pay it forward” agenda in the cut throat arena of fashion is rarely seen.”

-Sam Russell DEC2013

“Give a woman a good pair of shoes and she will conquer the world. The Giving Closet refuses to live in a world where women are not supported and it sets the bar high to do something about it.�

In the spirit of giving, this holiday seasoncaught one DC resident off guard as the passion project of celebrity fashion guru Sam Russell traveled to the nation’s capital for its 7th Goodwill stop. Sam’s inspiring project, The Giving Closet, was a mission born out of frustration. He had an “Oprah Winfrey Aha” moment in 2011, a realization that would change the course of his life. “Free ‘PR Swag’ is what the entertainment industry calls it,” exclaims Sam. “Free shoes, free handbags, etc. It’s all that fun stuff set aside for celebrities and recognizable athletes. My ‘Oprah Aha’ moment compelled me to question the possibilities of re-directing just a portion of these things to real people who don’t live in million dollar homes. I could really help someone, I pondered. Once that thought washed over me, it all but consumed me.”

She is wearing Adrianna Papell

MEET IVANA IN DC In introducing Ivana, Sam shares, “I did a Google search and found this amazing non-profit in the District called Suited for Change. I called and asked them what role model they had on their roster. I wasn’t interested in someone sitting on the board, but rather, a woman off the street with a heart of gold. Before they even knew who I was, they mentioned Ivana. This single mom has honorably worked her entire life, but when the economy shifted years ago, she fell on hard times. And with a son in dental school, that was easy to do.” This fall, The Giving Closet surprised her with over 60 outfits, valued at well over $10,000. Ivana is employed part time and getting back on her feet. She will certainly stand out on her own merit, but a wardrobe upgrade usually reserved for the stars certainly won’t hurt her either.

She is wearing Adrianna Papell

LINKS FROM SPONSORS: Adrianna Papell Single Dress Sienna Rose Sue Wong Sole Society New Balance BCharming Jewelry Vilaiwan Fine Jewelry Koret New York Handbags Meridian Handbags Gold and Wood Eyewear: DEC2013

Gold and Wood Eye Wear & BCharming Jewelry

She is wearing Sue Wong

Meridian 110 Bag and Necklace c/o Vilaiwan Fine Jewelry

She is wearing Single Dress Top, Gold and Wood Eye Wear, BCharming Jewelry and Koret New York Handbag DEC2013

The Giving Closet challenges us all to go out and make a difference in the world--Anyone can criticize someone else. But do you have what it takes to build up someone?

//Black Matter // One Desert boot. Annul the optical dispersion of a surface by creating mappings able to trap light. Pressed black leather with a relief effect for an uneven surface. Technical and breathable microfiber lining. Vibram bottom sole. Made in Italy, 100% Leather. â‚Ź249

// Gravity Distortion and Time Displacement // Fall // Winter 2013 Collection

Completely designed and manufactured in Italy. Peter Non is the “non-shoe”. They are not made for “this” or “that”, they transcend function. Something that you slip on as easily as you would unconsciously begin walking with your left foot. The shoes are carefully and laboriously hand crafted at the feet of the Dolomites in Italy in an eco-friendly way. The name “Peter”, from the greek “petros”, means “stone”: solid, durable and multifaceted in a word “eternal”. The surname, “Non”, is related to the concept of “non-shoe” and embodies the Venetian origins of the brand.

- Based on true life Peter Non tells real life stories. Based on true life is the way we collect and pass on emotions. With Based on true life, Peter Non promotes the free expression of each artist: the product becomes secondary, while the passion and the interpretation of the individual are what emerge. The selection is authentic and natural, sometimes we choose, at other times they find us. In both cases, these are People, People that we like and with which we feel a particular connection. Through their stories, Peter Non becomes alive and is reborn each time with new forms.

//Atlas // Undercover

Desert boot. An art and ancient place transported in a space and a modern dimension. Wool with a mix of warm and cool colors hand woven in Morocco at the feet of the Atlas Mountains, with hydrophobic suede uppers. Technical and breathable microfiber lining. Vibram bottom sole. Made in Italy, 100% Leather. â‚Ź310


born this way


He began his artistic career from the disco in 1991. Inspired by electronic music, dance, the cybernetic, begins to create avant-garde costumes for dancers and performers. In 1998 an encounter with the showgirl (Spain) Natalia Estrada leads him to an immediate success. After those years began collaborations with TV productions, the organization of some major events, photographers and ballet companies costume to dress up and show girl national, calendars and advertising. The creations of Antonio Urzì have a unique style, thanks to the use of alternative materials to common fabrics and also the inclusion of electroluminescent effects in the same costumes is the feature that sets it apart. Today it boasts several collaborations with some international fashion houses, among which the maison Armani, discovered by Francesco De Simone, Creative Director of the fashion house and Giorgio Armani’s personal assistant, for the creation of apparels and accessories for various projects, and among these, remember the last collaboration, for the design and the realization of some costumes of the pop star Lady Gaga for her latest world tour, “Born This Way Ball” that even today is still in progress.

FASHION AFFAIR: At what age did you become interested in the fashion industry? Who or what inspired you? ANTONIO URZI: I began designing in the world of nightclubs in 1990. I started to create costumes for myself (I was a performer) and for the dancers because it was fun. This was a second job. At that time, I worked in glass and was specialized in the production of stained glass and interior design. For this reason, I started learning about alternative materials, to be used later in the week and in my creations. I never thought about attending fashion schools. Electronic music, dance, the cosmos and the reality of extraterrestrial were/are my primary sources of inspiration. At that time, I wasn’t familiar with Paco Rabanne, Thierry Mugler and Jean Paul Gaultier or how they were associated with the fashion industry.

FA: What do you feel has been the driving force behind your success? AU: I do not know, maybe perseverence. I have fought a lot to get in the position where I am today. Thanks to perseverance, I can now boast numerous collaborations. Success, of course, I share directly with the Creative Director, Francesco de Simone. FA: On your way up the ladder to success, did you ever feel like quitting? If yes, what made you decide to keep moving forward? AU: I am never discouraged. I have seen with my own eyes in this industry the corruption, wickedness and envy incapacity. And it’s becuase of this, I often ask myself, “Why am I doing this?” And then I remind myself that it’s my love for creativity and that is what destroys every obstacle.

JUST A FEW CLIENTS: -Britney Spears 1995 (USA) -Natalia Estrada 1997/2000 (Espana) -Elisabetta Canalis 2000 (Italia) -Maddalena Corvaglia 2000 (Italia) -Ludmilla Radchenko 2002 (Russia) -Moran Atias 2003 (Iran) -Ilary Blasi 2004 (Italia) -Filippa Lagerback 2004 (Norvegia) -Ingrid joni 2009 (Albania) -Naomi Campbell 2009 (UK) -Anna Oxa 2010 (Italia) -Galena 2011(Bulgaria) -Lady Gaga 2010/2013 (USA) and many more to come....

FA: What was it like working with Lady Gaga? AU: Working with Lady Gaga was great. When her Creative Director called me into a meeting, I was in disbelief because I did not understand why they desired to meet with me. When I discovered I had been chosen to produce clothing for her, I was in a state of shock for about 20 minutes! Working for Lady Gaga was fantastic, I think it is the dream of thousands of designers but it required a lot of responsibility, both in respect of Armani but also in respect of the artist.

FA: What has been your greatest accomplishment so far? AU: My greatest success has been with Lady Gaga. In 2012, I was extremely proud after having made an outfit in just three days prior to the “Born This Way Ball Tour” in Japan. A few minutes before the concert, she thanked me publicly and that typcially doesn’t happen to anyone. It was an honor.

FA: Do you come up with your designs or does the client provide you with any direction? AU: I often illustrate the style and then have it taken to the client because I seek, through my imagination, the best style for the artist who has to wear the dress. Obviously, it is not always so, because few approach me with clear ideas and their needs have to be met. It is not easy because quite often I find ignorant customers who want one thing, then come to distort it in time. I try to stay centered, although in truth, I stress these situations. FA: What do you like most about working with the materials that you choose? AU: I love working with aluminum and plexiglass. I have not had the opportunity to make the most of what goes through my mind. In recent years, I have tried to make clothes and accessories strong, but unfortunately when I find free time, arrive works to be undertaken. I’m working on a haute couture line characterized by “armour aluminum” no one has seen. If everything goes as planned, the end of 2014 will see something spectacular.

FA: What have you learned about yourself through this journey of being an artist? What have you learned about others? AU: I learned to continue to be an artist, you have to be yourself and try to be humble and give respect. These are two key points to get to get the goal set. I also learned that we, all without exception, are instruments of a “Creator” that feeds our creative minds, and that we, here on earth, we do not invent anything, but “channeling” information from the cosmos of something that already exists . There is one who is fully conscious, like me, and there are those who still do not realize it, but sooner or later, everyone will be able to recognize him.

FA: Do you have any fears? AU: I’m not afraid. Fear is a feeling of those unfamiliar with spirituality and of those who are not conscious. We are spiritual beings and immortal. If it is true that we are immortal, why be afraid? FA: What challenges have you had to face in this industry? AU: The biggest challenge I have is having the capital needed to maintain a couture brand. To launch a brand, you must have ample amounts of capital as well as partners and investors. This is a challenge for me because I have none. I think I can early in this colossal undertaking and for me this is a challenge. FA: As a human being, what do you feel is the single most important thing in life? AU: From my human point of view, with all the weaknesses that the earthly life imposes, I realize that what is most important and valuable is Spirituality. We are part of creation and are very important beings who have forgotten the Divine that is within us. FA: Is there anything else you would like to share with the Fashion World? AU: Next year I plan to go public with my brand and share who I really am. What I feel, what I think and something until now that I could not express.

“I am not afraid. Fear is a feeling of those unfamiliar with spirituality and of those who are not concious.�

Lady Gaga wearing Antonio Urzi for “Born this Way Ball Tour” 2012/13

“A must have this Holiday Season!”

ZERO White Teeth Whitening System Price $399.00

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Teresa Lipsey EIC, Fashion Affair Magazine

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THE PARIS ISSUE A New Issue Viewed by Victor Demarchelier

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AW 13/14


The deeper meaning of “UMASAN” is coming from UMA – mother of life/divine mother (the Great Goddess of Indian mythology) and SAN – is the meaning of unity and respect.

UMASAN is the first and only vegan High Fashion label that satisfies the needs of the new health style generation. The vegan label attaches a great importance to ecological and human production processes as well as the natural, sustainable and animal-friendly use of resources. UMASAN creates this avant-garde ‘feel-good’ fashion with innovative vegan fabrics like SeaCell (seaweeds), MicroModal (beech wood) and TENCEL (eucalyptus wood) and more. It is UMASAN’s promise not to use any animal products, concentrating on humane/ecological production solutions and choose fabrics through the eyes of sustainability and earth consciousness. Not using animal products means that there is no wool, cashmere, leather and fur in the collections. In symbiosis, UMASAN uses new shapes which are adjusted to the anatomy and kinesiology of the human being, based on the sophisticated Japanese cutting technique. UMASAN is also deeply inspired by Traditional Yoga philosophy and its idea of pure life and the conjunction between mind, body and spirit. UMASAN is creating calmness within the madness of the fashion world and its ever evolving market insecurities. No color explosions, fabric overload or unnecessary trend back and forth. Pure black becomes a color of light and remains no longer a color of darkness. UMASAN is looking for balance and timelessness opposing industry standards. SLOWING DOWN– is UMASAN’s main philosophy.


Photographer: Cathy Du with MOYA Photography/ Model: Lucrezia Farci Makeup: Giulia Fanny Hair:GS IMAGE Designer & Stylist: Chiara Menghi

MOYA Photography/

Thursday Friday is a handbag and accessories brand with a sense of humor! Based in Los Angeles, Thursday Friday pokes fun of the obsession with expensive luxury goods while also honoring the beautiful designs of each bag by creating democratic cotton canvas totes printed on all sides with images of an exclusive leather luxury icon. Each Thursday Friday bag is limited edition – honoring the idea of exclusivity while also making each design, not only accessible but also functional. Thursday Friday is pleased to introduce its newest designs and styles to take you through the Fall/Winter 2013 gifting season. Joining Thursday Friday’s existing collection of bags are new colors on natural canvas, black canvas and the Flags series. New styles are available for immediate shipping at

Thursday Friday adds two color palates to the popular Diamonds series. Taking a cue from fall’s favorite trend to date, the Diamonds Together bag in Hot Pink keeps the collection fresh. The Diamonds Together bag in White pays homage to the classic and chic style. Both colors are available as a Together size for $65, and a Here Pochette for $35. Also new to Thursday Friday’s collection is the Flags Series. The Flags in Diamonds UK is inspired by the iconic Union Jack print, while Flags in Diamonds US symbolizes American stars and stripes. This style is available in Super Together for $90, and Here Pochette for $35 and is guaranteed to make a fashion-statement. Finally, Thursday Friday’s latest launch is the Hot Pink on Black tote. The Black Canvas series originally launched in 2012 with the Diamonds White on Black selling out almost immediately. Similarly, Hot Pink on black sold out in the Together bag for $65 and Here Pochette for $35. The Super Together bag for $90 is still available.

PEPPER Pepper Spy chose to bring Louie Bello into the spotlight this month for his insatiable hustle, true charm, charisma and abundant musical talent. This kid is unstoppable.

@meganmarini | in/meganmarini |


What would you say the future of branding holds? Louie Bello: It used to be about putting out a good record but now you’re selling yourself. I feel like you’re one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve met, do you get that a lot? Louie Bello: [Laughs] I’m a people person and that helps. Would you say you’re satisfied with life? Louie Bello: No. Never satisfied. I am grateful. But I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied, because when you become satisfied you become complacent, you become boring to your family. You become that guy that just sits on the couch watching TV. Definitely not satisfied. If you had any advice for the youth coming up what would it be? Louie Bello: Don’t get into the business. [Laughs] Go to school and become an engineer. If you’re really going to do this you’ve got to be humble from the start. Confidence is awesome, over-confidence is cool, cockiness sucks.

“Confidence is awesome, over-confidence is cool, cockiness sucks.”

That’s what I say, because when this shit is over, and you’re sitting on your porch, and you sold 10 million records and there’s nobody sitting there with you, I don’t care how famous you were – you fucked up. Life starts with people who love you and it’s supposed to end with people that love you. My whole thing is I want more people sitting on the porch with me. If you’re trying to get up, be humble, work really hard and be responsible. Not by kissing people’s asses, by being you. You can pick up a free download at: | @louiebello


DD FOXX is a multi-talented young Lebanese artist born in Saudi Arabia and based in Dubai. She started singing at the early age of 15 with her school choir, and is quickly becoming a household name in the U.A.E. DD FOXX‘s debut album is a blend of Dance, Pop and R&B tracks with a Middle Eastern flavor, giving DD FOXX a unique sound of her own. She has co-written the album with her producer and songwriter, Kevin Bassett (New York), which was recorded in Dubai. DD FOXX has performed with numerous artists and opened for Sean Kingston in Dubai to rave reviews.

Model/Music Artist: DD FOXX Photographed by Wilfred Dy Hair and Make up: Marh Farh Garment: Tim Tijares Rios

Being a dedicated and hardworking artist, DD FOXX’s efforts have already gained the attention of various promoters and booking agencies. International concerts and promotional tours are in the planning, and these cover shows in the United States, Canada, Asia and parts of the Middle East upon release of her album. To see and hear her latest single, “Raise the Roof”, simply click on the link below!


Model/Music Artist: DD FOXX Photographed by Wilfred Dy Hair and Make up: Marh Farh Garment: Tim Tijares Rios


Fashion’s Version of Pandora is Born in Stylit Stylit is personalizing fashion online to deliver outfits women want from the brands they love.




Photo credit: Erickson Dela Cruz Event: Philippine Fashion Week SS2014 Grand Allure Event Date: October 27, 2013 Venue: SMX Convention Center

JOYCE PENAS PILARSKY j o y c e p i l a r s k y . c o m

five GOLDEN RINGS Mödernaked Mödernaked Mödernaked Mödernaked Mödernaked Mödernaked Mödernaked Mödernaked Mödernaked Mödernaked Mödernaked Mödernaked Mödernaked Mödernaked Mödernaked

sounds swedish, but it´s spanish is not a porn site is not H&M nor Zara does not have a marketing department (we won´t be surprised if you never heard of us!) does not have a sales department thinks that people are wonderful (sometimes) is not common listens to music all the time dances all the time too loves the little things in life drinks 2 liters of H2O everyday can be addictive makes mistakes (big and small) never loses the chance to go on vacation loves happy endings

Photography: Berta Pfirsich Styling: Jèss Monterde Make-up: Marta Vicente Illustration: Marta Veludo Model: Nora @ View Models


Handcrafted rings with a varnish finish. Polished brass. Prices range from $33.00 to $117.00 each.

IFA fashion designer



“Since I was child, my interests were painting, decorating and fashion. I am very proud to have learned many things from my experiences with fashion studies. One of the most important lessons I have learned up until this point is to not rely on place and time to begin designing. I simply start with the basics and from here my designs seem to come to light.�



i t a l i a n f a s h i o n a c a d e m y. c o m

“Some designs have even come to me in my dreams.�



ELBUODD Model left: Bra-top: Topshop Model right: Bra-top: Topshop Pants: H&M Shoes: KG by Kurt Geiger Necklace: vintage Earrings: Warehouse

EGDEE Photographer: Nika Babayeva / Models: Olivia Ancell (Body London) and Jeannette Belaouane (First Model Management) MUA and Hair: Ekaterina Novinskaya/ Assistant: Laura Zucchero Styling: Nikki Brown/



Model left: Slip: H&M Necklace: Topshop Hold-ups: Falke Shoes: ZARA Model right: Slip: Wacoal Hold-ups: H&M Shoes: Jimmy Choo Necklace: Accessorize Earrings and bracelette: Bijou Brigitte Rings: vintage

Slip: H&M Necklace: Topshop Bracelet: Bijou Brigitte

Model left: Bodysuit: Motel Rocks Shoes: Jimmy Choo Necklace: Stylist’s own Rings: vintage Bracelet and earrings: Bijou Brigitte Model right: Bodysuit: H&M Shoes: ZARA Necklace: Topshop Bracelet: Bijou Brigitte

Model left: Bra-top: Topshop Skirt: LOVE Moschino Necklace and rings: Vintage Shoes : Bullboxer Model right: Bra-Top: ZARA Skirt: N21 Necklace: ZARA Shoes: Jimmy Choo

dressing illustration or enhancement? You wake up feeling groggy even after you have slept the full 6-8 hours. It is time to dress for work and you are wishing it was casual Friday. You browse through your closet. If you were to dress for your mood you would don sweats and sneakers. It is only Monday and you have four days of business attire to wear.

One would then not dress to illustrate their mood, but dress to enhance their mood. The second time around you browse through your closet to identify which pieces would make you feel better. Is it the silk blouse, a bright colorful tie, your highest heel, or a colorful pocket square?’ Dressing to illustrate one’s mood perpetuate’s one’s current emotional state. In the essence of being true to one’s self, mood illustration would be proven beneficial. Dressing to enhance one’s mood optimize’s one’s current emotional state. When one desires to get out of a funk, mood enhancement would be proven beneficial. Depending on the day of the work week preference for mood illustration dress or mood enhancement dress could guide you when browsing through your closet.


Dawnn Karen | Owner, Fashion Psychology Success LLC | Cell: 646-504-1730

Dawnn Karen is a NYC- based Fashion Psychologist. She focuses on bridging the gap between perception and reality by styling from the inside out.


shades of


Wardrobe | Gary D. Lumapas Models | JM Manalang of CalCarrie’s International Models Philippines & Rhonee Rojas of Reco Modeling Agency Styling | Harold Cabrera Grooming | Mariz Dizon Hair Stylist | Rein Carpio PH | Von Buenconsejo Of SPEEDLITE PRODUCTION Location | Snippets Of Style

The Photographer My Style Ideology My style ideology is about striking the balance among the elements of what makes a great photograph remarkable. It is a holistic approach bringing one’s imagination into reality emanating deeper into the mind, body and soul of one’s quintessence.

My Inspiration My passion for photography inspires me to do better and raise the bar for myself. It is like AIR, you cannot see it but you can feel it, the only reason for living in this world – my lifeblood. My mentors Doc Marlon Pecjo, Lope Navo and Winston Baltazar are my real life inspirations.

My Influence I am greatly influenced by some of the top fashion photographers in the planet such as Mert & Marcus, Terry Richardson, Mario Testino,Steven Meisel, and Ellen Von Unwerth.

Personal Insights I think photography is a lifetime learning, you will never get to point where you will stop and say you have done everything there is to do, it is constantly evolving with times, that is why, it is important for you have to develop your own personal style. Your personal style should come from within your own inner soul. You create scenarios outside of the frame to give viewers a sneak peak of what is going on to establish interest and engage everyone involved.

Working Methodology I follow this mantra since I started photography: “Imagine…Achieve” , because if you could imagine you could achieve. Everything starts by thinking, planning, executing and making things happen. In addition, the key ingredient to a successful photography career is to always have FUN in everything that you do because it matters.


beauty FASHION with Alicia R. Camlibel, Ph.D., LPC, Psychotherapist

Why does the holiday season seem to bring so much joy?


Happy Holidays! Saying it now seems a bit more applicable today than it did on October 10, 2012, the day I asked my fabulous Editor, Teresa Lipsey, if she had any ideas on what I should write about for the December issue. One of her suggestions was an article about why the holiday season makes people happy. Well, one thing I have learned about the world of magazine column writing, sometimes you are writing about things that are about 6 weeks away. So, it is October 11 in New Jersey, a balmy 68 degrees Farenheight, and I am not even feeling it. My mind is on getting my son a Halloween costume and preparing for a Halloween party we are having this weekend. In usual fashion, I go home that evening and the conversation over dinner is about my dilemma. What is it about the holidays that makes people happy, makes people feel festive? My 8 year old quickly chimes in with the answer, “Mom, it is about spending time with family.” Well, yes she is absolutely right. However, my psychologist mind set kicks in and I think to myself, there are many people who don’t enjoy spending time with family or don’t have family to spend the holidays with. This thought is interrupted by my 3 year old chiming in with, “Santa comes and give presents.” Again, yes she is right, for most children the holidays involve some sort of gift giving and children always look forward to gifts. However, it still wasn’t resonating with me. I chalked it up to the balmy weather and put the article writing on hold. Well, fast forward to November 4, 2013. I still haven’t written the article and I am still struggling with what to write about. Having the personality style very opposite to a procrastinator, this isn’t sitting well with me. The article is due in 6 days and my psychologist mindset is arguing with my own mindset. I keep thinking to myself for so many people the holidays are stressful, family visits bring up issues, and then for others they have bad associations of the holiday season or do not have anyone to spend the time with. How the heck do I write an article that respects their feelings? Ugh! Not sure what to do, I go out to run errands and end up at the Short Hills Mall. From the moment I enter, the holiday music is playing, the entire place is decorated with holiday decorations, and the center of the mall is all set up waiting for Santa’s arrival. Okay, I may not be ready to write about the holidays but they are coming and at the Short Hills Mall in NJ they are already here. As I run around the mall looking for a dress and pants for my daughter I realize the jolly music, the big shiny decorations, the Santa snow globe display, the blue lights and menorah, are not only pretty but are brightening my mood.

Later that day, I am driving my two youngest children and happiness of the Holiday Season resides in the hope to the local supermarket and the request from the backit gives. Just as my children who sat on Santa’s lap are seat is to listen to Christmas Music. So, as most parents hoping for a car or baby doll, as we grow our hopes and would do, I abide by their request and we spend the car dreams grow and change, but the emotions remain the ride singing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reinsame. Just as my deer.” The kids are thrilled and happy. I think to myself, another reminder to get this children who sat For each year that passes the rituals, tradiarticle written. Well, it doesn’t happen and tions, and meaning of the season in many on Santa’s lap on November 8, my husband and I take the ways remain the same, there will still be lights children to the Mall (going to the Mall two are hoping for at the Mall, there will still be the Rockefeller times in a week is unprecedented for us, lol). Tree Christmas Lighting in New York City, a car or baby Well, low and behold not only is decorated in Santa will still arrive at the end of the Macy’s full holiday glory but Santa is there waiting doll, as we grow, Thanksgiving Day Parade, menorahs will still for the kids. My two youngest quickly run up be lite, Christmas cookies baked, and people our hopes and to him, my son (my middle child age 6) asks will be kissed under the mistletoe. However him where he parked the reindeer, if he has dreams grow and for everything that comes with the holiday been busy at work this year, and tells him he season, there is also the belief of hope. Hope would like a car for Christmas. My 3 year old change, but the that this will be the best Holiday season yet, sits on his lap and my 8 year old does ballet emotions remain hope that time with family will be peaceful, twirls for him, all before sitting to pose for a hope that family traditions will continue to the same. picture with him. It was at that moment, the be passed down and new ones created, hope culmination of the past week’s that there will be peace on earth events hit me. and goodwill toward all, with the knowledge and belief if it doesn’t There are many reasons the happen this holiday season… it Holiday Season may lift our will happen next year. spirits. It may be because we get to spend time with famWishing you all hope for this ily and friends who we do not holiday season. regularly see or maybe we get to spend more time with them. With peace and good willWe have more opportunities Alicia to get together with people. Holiday parties at work, with friends, socials at church, concerts at school, all provide us with more reasons to socialize, dress up, and enjoy time with others. Favorite holiday shows such as “Santa Claus is coming to town,” “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.,” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” provide hours of escape and holiday pleasure. Special meals, Christmas cookies, setting up the Menorah, decorating the tree, provide us with routine and time with family and friends. However, it was at the moment my children sat on Santa’s lap with their faces glowing, listening with baited breathes to every word he said that I realized for many the magic

BLACKENED NY SIRLOIN Served with Creamy Mushroom Sauce, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Golden Beet & Carrot Medley

Blackened Spice Rub -2 tbs cayenne -3 tbs paprika -2 tbs garlic powder -2 tbs onion powder -3 tbs chili powder -3 tbs pepper -2 tbs salt 1. Mix all ingriedents. Rub on steak. 2. Let steak marinate for at least 30 mins. 3. Cook steak on a grill to you liking. Creamy mushroom sauce -3 tbs flour -3 tbs butter -2 cups milk warmed -Salt -Pepper -2 tbs garlic powder -1/4 cup oyster mushroom chopped and cooked -1/4 cup portabello mushroom chopped and cooked -1/2 water 1. Melt butter sauce pan on medium. Then add flour. Stirring constantly, cook mixture for 5 mins. 2. Add cooked mushrooms and cook for 1 minute. 3. Slowly add in warm milk stirring briskly. Season with salt pepper and garlic powder. Bring sauce to a boil until it thickens like gravy. Take off heat when thick. 4. Add 1 tbs of water at a time to thin out sauce to desired consistancy. 5. Serve hot on blackened NY Sirloin.

Beautiful Food for a Beautiful Life.


Served with Heirloom Tomato Chutney & String Beans

Parmesean Chicken -4 thinly sliced chicken breast -1 cup parmesean cheese shredded -2 cups bread crumbs -1 tbs garlic powder -1 tbs onion powder -1 tbs dried oregano -1 tbs dried parsley -1 tbs salt -1 tbs pepper -3 eggs -2 cups flour 1. Pre heat frying oil in a cast iron pan to 375째F. 2. Season chicken with salt and pepper. 3. Mix flour with garlic powder, onion powder, dried herbs, salt and pepper in bowl. 4. Beat eggs with a splash of milk in separate bowl. 5. Mix parmesean cheese with bread crumbs in a separate bowl. 6. Coat chicken breast with seasoned flour, drench in egg mixture, and toss in bread crumbs mixture. 7. Fry each piece of breaded chicken until golden brown about 5 minutes. 8. Keep in warm 200째F oven until ready to serve.

Savory String Beans with bacon -4 cups of string beans trimmed and cut into 4in pieces -Salt -Pepper -2 tablespoons lemon juice -1/2 cup cooked bacon chopped 1. Boil large pot of water with saLt. 2. Par cook bean for 4 mins. 3. Take beans out of water and into an ice bath (water and ice in a bowl) 4. Heat skillet with oil over medium high heat. Quickly heat beans, add salt and pepper to taste, toss in bacon, add lemon juice. 5. Serve as a side with parmesean chicken and heirloom tomato chutney.

Heirloom Tomato Chutney -2 cups heirloom tomatoes cut into 1/4 in pieces -1 onion small diced -2 cloves of garlic -1 lemon juice -2 tablespoons fresh parsley chchopped 1. Heat oil in pan over medium heat. 2. Add in garlic and onions and cooked until onions are translucent. 3. Add tomatoes, parsley, and lemon juice. Stir until tomatoes are coated evenly. 4. Season with salt and pepper. Serve on top of parmesean chicken.


Fancy Pecan Pie -1 cup Light Corn Syrup -3 eggs -2 tablespoons melted butter -1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract -1/4 cup Amaretto liquor -1 1/2 cup toasted pecans -2 9 in. pie crust unbaked 1. Preheat oven to 360째F. Take 1st pie crust to prep the pie dish. 2. Mix syrup, eggs, butter, amaretto, vanilla in a bowl. Whisk until completely blended. Stir in pecans and pour into pie crust. 3. Take 2nd pie crust and cut into 1/2in strips. Weave each strip to create a criss cross pattern. Pinch around the rim creating a homemade look. 4. Brush top with egg wash (1 egg mixed with 2 tablespoons water) and sprinkle with sugar. 5. Bake in oven for 60-70 mins. If edge starts to brown quickly cover with foil. 6. Let pie cool in refrigerator for at least 2 hours before serving. Serve with whipped cream.

Beautiful Food for a Beautiful Life.

Advice this Holiday SEASON for the Fashionable at Heart... TRY SOMETHING LUXURIOUS!

By Sam Russell with The Wardrobe Dept/


f your like me, the winter months mean your favorite activities are all indoors. Cuddle up to a warm fire or stylishly pay bills in the best. Soffia B designer, Sophie Burkart, has a vision of you in limited edition silk robes, eloquently lined with the softest cotton. A good robe is hard to find. May even take some of you longer to find a good man. Be patient. Your halfway there now. DEC2013


our quarrel is not with us. If you left the party early because of a lack of suitors, again not our fault. Gwyneth Shoes are the secret of attraction. This is the belle of the ball. Gwen Frempong Boadu has designed for the likes of Sam Edelman of Sam & Libby, Kenneth Cole Reaction and Steven by Steve Madden. So pay attention. Each season gets yummier and yummier below your ankles. How often can you say that? The Gwyneth Shoes girl can.



ou didn’t even know you needed a new clutch this season; then stage left entered Tesler+Mendelovitch. Now your ready to do whatever it takes to get this in your stocking this season. Only the debonair fashionistas know about “wood skin” clutches, made from 100% wood and leather lining. If your aiming for good taste, you found it. DEC2013


here is a voice you cannot drown out: YOURS. Its the same voice telling you to pay attention when your eyes have feasted upon true quality. Buddha to Buddha is renowned for their bold unisex handmade sterling silver bracelets. Tap into the soul of each piece. Rockers cannot have all the fun, be the coolest dad on the soccer field. Trust me, conversational and spiritual jewelry with a masculine edge will score you points on that first date. DEC2013



he’s the bubble in the champagne this season wearing Volatile Footwear. Volatile offers a diverse line of shoes, sandals and boots that are as unique as the personalities of the people who wear them. Loyal Fashion Affair fans recall when we first introduced you to their Yellow Patent Leather Clutch in the Anniversary May 2013 Issue page 144 . Admirable prices on handbags, bridal, kids shoes and more. Anything Very Volatile will ensure a majestic entrance.

O DEC2013


ur golden finger is now pulsing towards Michael Stars Eye wear. As you know, its no longer just t-shirts. A deep desire for well-bred-finds brought you to our pages and Michael Stars is the main attraction. Your next trip to Los Angeles would be incomplete without a rad new pair of shades. Its no bother on the wallet at these prices.

m i c h a e l s t a r s . c o m DEC2013

D on’t get your knickers in a twist. If you want it for the holidays, bookmark this issue and leave the computer open. He should get the hint. Its time to upgrade your sheepskin boots and LAMO is the queen (and king) of premium quality footwear. Blizzard Hats, earmuffs and gloves will win you over with noble prices. The uber comfy sandals will have you back for more come Spring, we promise!

l a m o f o o t w e a r. c o m


have recently graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Contemporary Textiles. My aim is to produce innovative beautiful tactile pieces of work. Using traditional textile techniques and vintage aesthetics contemporary technology is injected producing exciting futuristic pieces that ultimately create an art and fashion crossover. The work covers a number of genres; costume, editorials, gallery installations and commercial markets as part of my label textile label, “Tulle and Candyfloss.�

I thrive on working with a range of mixed media, which includes embroidery, screen and digital print. Techniques include devore, quilting, embroidery, fabric manipulation and embellishment to produce unique contemporary textiles. I have a passion for all things vintage and wherever possible try to incorporate this into the work by embellishing with vintage items, whether that be lace, buttons or pearls. This piece incorporates an abundance of vintage lace which when combined with contemporary techniques creates a new identity for the redundant historical textile. The end design materializes from a chosen theme that is researched intensively. From this research, experimenting, developing and pushing samples plays an important part of the design process. As a result of this process the following techniques were incorporated within the piece; 3D embroidery, latex moulding, digital print, devore and quilting.

Photographer - Andrew Farrington Model - Katie Cooper MUA - Allison Willcox

“MISS CORAL” Underwater Love Meets Primal Futurism Karen Casper Tulle and Candyfloss Textile Design

For this textile piece titled Underwater Love meets Primal Futurism, I explored the environmental issues which threaten coral reefs and their habitats caused by pollution, destructive fishing practice, overfishing, careless tourism, and the subsequent effect this damage has on sea life. Having previously worked for the BBC’s Natural History Unit I was aware of the wonderment and visuals the underwater world had to offer and as such research was drawn from numerous documentaries. In addition to this research material, visits were undertaken to the Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and Blue Planet Aquarium to gain primary research. Finally inspiration was drawn from fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen and Iris Van Herpen. Using this serious issue as inspiration this work represents the textures, colours and contours of the underwater world, creating ‘preserved textiles’. The ideas are presented as a cape and headpiece; Miss Coral. The cape reflects the growth and cultivation of the natural world, using traditional textile techniques and vintage materials injected with contemporary technology to create something ethereal. Miss Coral represents the ‘day’ colours of certain coral species with the glow in the dark ‘night’ version, created with specialist threads representing the electric creatures of the Abyss. The work has been created for the fashion editorial market, however given the power and influence fashion has in today’s society it is a way of also highlighting serious global issues.

LEFT AND MIDDLE: Textile Designer and styling - Karen Casper at Tulle and Candyfloss Fan - Ventalina Headpiece - Violet Photographer - Ian McManus Model - Chloe Grundy at Nemesis Models MUA - Allison Willcox Hair - Laura Southworth

BELOW: Textile Designer and styling - Karen Casper at Tulle and Candyfloss Photographer - Ian McManus MUA - Allison Willcox Model - Katie Cooper

“FAIRGROUND FUN� This is a piece that I produced for my Foundation Degree. I have tended to thrive on working with a chosen theme, and have enjoyed then researching and pulling together from various sources materials and inspiration to work with. I chose the fairground as the focus for my final major project. I wanted a subject that had depth and history and would give me a solid base to work with. The theme has an additional two themes running in conjunction; vintage and distressed. I have a tendency to use vintage pieces in my work, whether that be lace or buttons and these types of textiles would be ideal and relevant when it came to representing the decoration of fairground objects. As for the distressed element, for one it is a personal preference when designing to create a distressed appearance, but also when researching trend forecasting this was a future fashion trend. An additional factor in my designs has also been the personal element. I try to include any personal imagery into my designs if possible and this project would be no exception. Included in the final designs are images of a carousel ride my daughter rode, my mum in her teens on the big wheel and me as a teenager on a fairground ride. The techniques used include digital and screen printing, bleaching, embroidery, quilting, embellishment and devore. The embellishment of the work has been produced using vintage media, that include buttons and lace.

Model and Textile Design - Karen Casper at Tulle and Candyfloss Photographer - Andrew Farrington MUA - Allison Willcox

j o h n MONTH of the


Italian-American model & actor John Strand never gave much thought to fashion growing up, and the thought of modeling as a career never even occurred to him until several years into his journey as a musician and frontman for an indie rock band. “The magical mystery of music is still the inspiration and energy that moves me in modeling and everything else that I dream and do” he states. Born in California and raised in various cities and countrysides throughout the US, the creative artist known exclusively by “one name with two words” was almost accidentally discovered by the fashion world through the photographic lens of a childhood friend, whose early shots of John Strand found their way to a small talent agency in Denver, and within weeks several editorials and runway shows were published in local magazines and media outlets. A new obsession was ignited that intertwined with his love for rock & roll and led him back to Los Angeles and the entertainment epicenter of Hollywood. Along with campaigns, commercials, and runway shows for designers like Uniqlo, Ermenegildo Zegna, Anthony Franco, Nicki Minaj and many others, John Strand recently walked in the Los Angeles Fashion Week show for Project Runway stars Malan Breton and Michael Costello. He is currently under development by SuperBox Talent Management in Beverly Hills and positioned for upcoming tours in Asia, NYC, and Mexico City. Keep your finger on the Instagram pulse @JohnStrand and find the full story at www.JohnStrand. biz


ND DEC2013


john DEC2013

j o h n STRAND

I apply this thru my signature quote ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ which is a succinct statement from my Italian forefather Julius Caesar to summarize the success of his vision, executing a dream into reality; ‘I came, I saw, I conquered.’” DEC2013

“My biggest life lesson is to believe, and keep believing that perseverance brings character, character produces hope and hope is victory.

johnstrand DEC2013



Em Best FASHION AFFAIR’s oollients f



The view from the top is quite splendid here. Topping Fashion Affair’s list of the best emollients of 2013 is the Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion. Vegan and deeply moisturizing, this is the freeway to luxurious skin. Dr. Oz calls this the “miracle berry” and we could not agree more! Ready for a miracle in all things moisture related? **Highest marks for the natural scent of orange. To win, you must run the race.




Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion

$14.97 DEC2013

d i r t y b e a u t y. c o m


Lemon Verbena

$7.99 on sale

Like a good song on the radio, you will want to savor this. Not enough space on this page to write about how much we loved Out Of Africa’s Lemon Verbena at the Fashion Affair office. Highly suggested after the shower in either a lotion or oil form.***Heaven-sent in a bottle. It smells like your future!

Stepping up to the plate next is the Eucalyptus Muscle Balm from Dirty Beauty. Hypnotic at impact, no need to re-apply for hours afterwards, we promise! Natural plant oils, black walnut leaf, beeswax, peppermint and olive oil find the perfect marriage here. ***If you want harmony with your skin, this is the collection for you!


Eucalyptus Muscle Balm



Elite Premier $65 Creme Many wanted to be at the top, but only a few deserved to be here. Our household is using this sparingly. Yes, we want it to never end. The perfect blend of vitamins and active botanicals are presented in this perfect velvety creme. Light in scent, healing on contact. ***Buckle up, this is highly addictive!

This is not random good luck, fate brought you to me. Before you jet off to your next hand-modeling gig, you may want to add Apriori to your daily routine. The buzz is so strong, women across the globe are signing up to be sales reps in their communities. Much more information on their web-site about that. ***Its hard to keep a good thing under wraps! This lotion is sublime.


Hydro Burst Lotion



Gel Cream


No need to reminisce about the skin of your youth. A unique blend of Maple Sugar Extract, Organic Agave Sap Extract, Betaine, Organic Shea Butter and Witch Hazel Water will be your co-pilot in time travel. ***Ideal for combination skin and sensitive skin. We can’t get enough of Yves Rocher! DEC2013

If the suitors don’t stop calling, it could be Benir Beauty to blame. To be in the know is to discover bee venom and its moisturizing properties for aging skin. After hearing that is replaces both your day and night moisturizer, you will be at that point of no return. ** Its easy to see why this made Fashion Affair’s list of items you should not miss!


Anti-Aging Bee Venom


b e n i r b e a u t y. c o m

Its udderly understandable that the best of the best in saturated solutions will be overwhelming. The glee countdown continues with the Made In The USA wonder of Udderly Smooth. ** Trust me, if its cracked, this will un-crack it.


Body Cream Jar


Exude confidence in your latest choice! Napa Organics is rich with omega fatty acids from powerful extracts of raspberry and pomegranate. Your skin will definitely know the difference. *** This is a grand find. Did not want the bottle to end!


Restorative Body Lotion




All Natural First Aid Healing Cream

Healing Tree is crisis management for troubled skin. Uniquely blended contents like Tea Tree Oil, Arnica, Calendula and Myrrh. Major good news for sensitive skin, scrapes, diaper rashes: basically any AND all gentle healing relief. ***Top shelf ingredients and immediate results! DEC2013

Her killer eyes may have pulled you in, but wait until you feel her touch. Uber hydrating with no greasy residue. Lulu Blossom made it to our Top 20 List with their Milk & Honey Body Lotion made with natural vegetable emulsifiers, coconut and grape seed oils: all topped off with a hint of vitamin E. ***Opt for both sizes as you will want to travel with this.


Milk & Honey Body Lotion 3 oz $9.95 6 0z. $18 DEC2013

You will sleep better with the gentle help of Biao Skincare. The team here travels the globe to bring you oils from the Brazilian rainforest and Chinese herbal wisdom infused into a bottle. It’s everything your tired skin has yearned for. Renew your face, refresh your mind and re-charge your spirit. **Why didn’t we discover this magic sooner?


Night Creme


Yes to everything on their web-site. Guilt free and love filled, yes to is a line of all natural skin and hair care products made with real fruits and vegetables. **Unobtrusive odors and absorbs quickly.Surprised at finding this type of quality at such a warm price.


Grapefruit Moisturizing Lotion

$15.99 DEC2013


Facial Lotion


This facial lotion has made the relocation from west coast to east coast that much easier. My new ally for the winter months is the Lily Farm Fresh facial lotion! When you find a lotion free of synthetic chemicals and gluten free, stay stocked up. Life is much more grand when you have good skin. **My sensitive skin adjusted effortlessly to this!


Body Butter Small/




So hard to review a product that your best friend “borrowed� from right under your nose. Sure they were happy to boast about the sudden revival in their skin tone, but what about mine? 100% Vegan and irresistible aromas...who can blame her? **Recent update: empty bottle returned, her skin is still glowing!

People often give up on their dreams of looking as “pulled together� as they used to be. Before you go off the deep end, give Nuvsio your undivided attention. Its like a trip to the spa, each and every moment you can. Detoxifying Minerals, Pomegranate Seed, Argan Olis and so much more go to work, deeply and sincerely. ***Perfect for sensitive and troubled skin.


Mineral Enriched Balm Concentrate

$125 Born to Glow


Time is of the essence. Created just for girls, the back story will touch your heart and the price tag will make it easy to accommodate your little angel. Visit the web-site and see why Willa made our list of the Best Emollients of 2013. Its good intent and high quality all natural ingredients in every drop. *** LOVE this lotion! You will welcome every dollop out of the bottle.

#17 $9.50

Be Brilliant

A scratchy Patsy Klein album on the turntable and home on a Friday night lathering up with the Lavender Lace Butter is my idea of heaven. Everything at Phoenicia is in harmony with nature and you. Its easy to love on the collection of hair butters and anti aging emollients. *** With Shea butter at the core, a little goes a long way!


Lavender Lace Butter


p h o e n i c i a n a t u r a l l y. c o m

All dry tales will soon come to an end. If all promises were as earnest as this, it would be a much better world. accént® is gentle and uncomplicated (unlike your ex). A unique blend of plant-based enzymes, combined with amino acids and advanced moisturizers delivers! **Loved how easy it was on my hands.


accént® Moisturizing Lotion



Hand & Body Lotion/ $5.20

Dr. Cindy Jones is a biochemist and a herb farmer with a passion for handcrafted soaps, lotions and so much more. This lotion is a winner with key ingredients like rice bran oil, avocado oil, green tea extract and calendula extract. **Very soothing smell with spa quality results.

POWER love DEC2013



helping others in the name of


Amour Vert Staci Ponte Dress BLACK THE GOODS:

Every occasion-approved. The Staci is a very flattering A-Line dress made with thick organic cotton that is comfortable and shapely. Note that the waist sits a bit lower. It would definitely be ideal for a medium or tall girl, though it has been popular with all shapes and sizes. -100% Organic Cotton -Machine wash cold, hang to dry -Made in California, USA -Fits true to size


For the purchase of this dress, BeGood Clothing will donate a meal to the San Francisco non-profit, Project Open Hand, which delivers meals and groceries to critically ill people in the Bay Area


Amour Vert Riley Moto Jacket HERRINGBONE THE GOODS:

The Riley Moto Jacket is for the fun and sophisticated. This thick herringbone organic cotton jacket has a side zipper and large collar to keep you classy and warm. Wear it zipped or unzipped.


Bird and Stone Zebra Bracelet THE GOODS: -Handmade with love in the USA THE GOOD: A portion of the proceeds from each sale will support empowerment organizations such as after school programs, microloans, educational initiatives, and career development organizations.


is the first fusion of social responsibility and fashion. The brand has made waves, often referred to as the Urban Outfitters of sustainable clothing and accessories. Each line BeGood carries (including its own, California Organics) returns a portion of sales to well-appointed charitable initiatives. Many of the lines are eco friendly and all are sourced from companies that use fair labor in production. BeGood stocks many upcoming lines like Bird and Stone jewelry, which returns a percentage of sales to education initiatives and microloans in communities that need them most.

Angela and Roi Wine Cross-Body Bag THE GOODS: Beautiful and substantial vegan leather. Minimalist. Black vegan leather interior. Adjustable cross-body strap. -9.8” x 7.1” x 2.8” -Strap length is approximately 47” -Magnetic button closure and adjustable cross-body strap -One external pocket at back THE GOOD: The ribbon on each Angela & Roi bag represents a different cause. Angela & Roi donates $5 of each purchase to the cause represented by each ribbon. The Wine Angela & Roi Cross-Body Bag enables a $5 donation to the Aids Foundation of Chicago, one of the nation’s preeminent HIV/AIDS organizations.

The founders are described as fashionistas, volunteers, eco-geeks, and partiers. The company came about when one soon-to-be member of the BeGood team quit his job with a large fashion retailer in San Francisco, unhappy with clothing aesthetic and environmental practices within the company. The aesthetic is often described as “California cool” and it has attracted several large editorial placements and celebrity endorsements within the last year. Who would have thought that the hemp sacks that defined “eco friendly” in the 90s would give way to radically chic urbanwear? For the holiday season, BeGood features nearly 1,000 unique pieces: clothing, accessories and gifting for him and her. BeGood stocks another 150 exclusive products. All of them are good for the world and even better for your wardrobe. This is a company to follow.


Arbor Collective Brigg Jacket THE GOODS:

This Brigg is the perfect spring weather jacket. Medium-weight . Great khaki color and soft canvas feel. -100% Bamboo Viscose -Runs a slight bit tight in the shoulders but true-to-size otherwise


Arbor Collective is committed to a truly sustainable business model. Every one of their products is made using the softest and highest grade bamboos, organic cottons, etc. They pledge to donate 5% or more of their profits yearly to eco-organizations. Currently, they have partnered with True Offsets, an organization that works to reforest Hawaii. The brand as a whole prides itself as “carbon negative.� They are true to their eco-pledges..

$130.00 DEC2013

Arbor Collective Lincoln Shirt BLUE THE GOODS:

This Arbor Collective Button Down has been a hit in the store. Very lightweight and perfect for the Fall weather no matter where you are. Wear by itself or pair with the Portland Vest. -100% Organic Cotton

$75.00 DEC2013

Proof Hayburn Polarized Sunglasses THE GOODS:

The Hayburn is a round, fun frame with a touch of modern edge making it great for women. Each frame is polished and coated with a water/sweat protective layer. Each pair of sunglasses comes with a custom wood case and microfiber pouch to protect and clean. -Hand crafted from sustainably sourced wood -Polarized lenses -Plant based acetate frame -100% UVA/UVB protection -Frame size: 29-41-129


Proof Eyewear is not only an environmentally friendly company, but they also donate a portion of each sale to non profits in India that provide sight, giving surgeries to people with cataracts.


Threads for Thought Belinda Top CURRY COMBO THE GOODS:

The Belinda is a beautiful button down top with a flattering fit. Pair this chiffon with your favorite jeans for a fun night out! -Loose Fit -100% Recycled Polyester Chiffon -Runs Large so size down one size


Percentages of each sale of Threads for Thought products go to support both the International Rescue Committee and the Natural Resources Defense Council. The IRC responds to the world’s worst crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives, while the NRDC is the nation’s most effective environmental action organization.


Sseko Designs Harbor Tote THE GOODS:

This saddle tote fits your lifestyle whether used for work or for play. See the whole line of Sseko bags and clutches here. -Hand-crafted with high-quality oil-tanned leather in Kenya -Fully lined in canvas -Secure pocket fits 15” laptop; additional zip pocket -Drop Length: 9.5” 13” (H) x 18” (L) x 5” (W)


Sseko Designs was created to help some of the brightest, most committed young women in Uganda continue their education. The Ugandan school system is designed with a nine month gap between secondary school and university. Sseko Designs hires recent secondary school graduates for this nine month period to live and work together, while earning money that will go directly towards their university education.

$240.00 DEC2013

Reveal - Criss Cross Cork iPhone 5 Case THE GOODS:

This case is made from 100% natural cork. It’s all sustainable too since cork trees don’t have to be cut down in order to harvest them. -Fits any standard iPhone 5


For the sale of this cork iPhone case, Reveal will plant one tree in the United States through their partner, American Forests.


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