Circus Mag Gift Guide 2013

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Issue #3

German & English

PHOTO: Susanne Dittrich, STYLING: Iris Görling. Kleid „Gold“/ golden dress:




circus magazine Gift Guide 2013



Weihnachten ist die Zeit des Schenkens! Es ist nicht immer leicht, jedes Jahr aufs Neue schöne Weihnachtsgeschenke zu finden. Hübsch und originell sollen sie sein. Wir haben für Sie ein paar schöne, originelle und nützliche Weihnachtsgeschenke gesammelt. Denn - am wichtigsten ist doch, dass die Weihnachtsgeschenke, die wir für unsere Lieben aussuchen, von Herzen kommen. Christmas is the season of giving! A season in which we take the time to make those who are important to us feel loved and special. It is not easy to find new beautiful gifts every year. Pretty and original they should be. So, we have collected some beautiful, original and useful Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Wir wünschen ein frohes Fest! Happy Holidays!

Ruth-Janessa Funk Founder & Publisher


circus magazine Gift Guide 2013

von links nach rechts / from left to right Haarkranz+Pelzkragen/ hair crown+fur collar: I love gorgeous Kleid/ dress: White by Paglie Haarband/ hairband: Noa Noa Schleife silber/ silver bow: Littl by Lilit pink Cape: Hilda.Henri Shirt+Rock/skirt: Noa Noa Stiefel/ boots: Bellybutton Haarreif: Gabriela Pardo Fellweste: I love gorgeous Strickjacke: Noa Noa Rock/skirt: I love gorgeous Stiefel/ boots:: Bellybutton Kleid „Silber“/ silver dress: I love gorgeous Haarreif/ headband: Macarons Weste + Hemd/ vest + shirt: white by Paglie Jacke/ blazer: Wertfein Hose/ trousers: Macarons Stiefel/ Boots: Bellybutton

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013


LUCKY BOY SUNDAY Lucky Boy Sunday‘s Bobo Doll is a loveable character at heart. 99.00€€shop here>

LITTLE TITANS A pair of beautifully boxed tights. £15.99

INCH BLUE handgefertigten Krabbelschuhe aus Naturleder von inch blue. (0 bis 6 Jahre) ab ca. 30€

GRAY LABEL Crossover Top Unisex wrap top with long raglan sleeves with lockstitch details.Made from the softest 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. 32,00€


circus magazine Gift Guide 2013

JAMMIES Prêt-à-Porter Set Poppyseed Quince 2-piece Set. A pretty pink trim is added to this super soft dark-grey ribbed Baby Bodysuit & Pants Set. $ 69 USD


GIFT SET byGraziela Kindergeschirr als tolles Geschenkset macht jede Mahlzeit zur Freude! 3-tlg. im Geschenkkarton. 40 €

WINTER OUTFITS DUCKSDAY Für die Allerkleinsten ... Schneeanzug Baby/ Kleinkind: ab 59,95€ Regenanzug: 54,95€

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013


BABY SOULS Satin Flower Girl Shoes 25€ / 32$ USD, seen on

BIG KIDS MAGAZINE#5 BIG Kids Magazine is an Australian contemporary creative arts publication that features the work of children and artists side by side. $15 AUD (plus p&h) LUNCH BOX „TRAKTOR Die Brotdosen werden lokal produziert und sind frei von schädlichen Chemikalien und BPA. 19,95€

HOUSE SCARF Donna Wilson Collection 100% Lambswool £52.50


circus magazine Gift Guide 2013

Great book: WALK THIS WORLD Celebration of Life in a Day with Popup Animations. $10.86 USD

DJECO LES PETITS ATELIERS Beide, Jungen und Mädchen finden hier stundenlangen Spielspaß. Die Bastelanleitungen erklären den Kindern Schritt für Schritt was zu tun ist. 15,25€-19,75€


LET THEM PLAY LUNAHOOD by Kids on the moon. 59,00€ Shop it at

MONTESSORI NECKLACE 15 sustainable color wood beds Hand assembled Length 80 cm. Made in Germany, $22.50 USD

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013


SWINGS PINK BUTTERFLY + SHWINGS FLAMMEN DESIGN BY SHWINGS. Flügelchen für Schuhe Polyester / ca. 6 x 8 cm je / each 9,95€

Photo: Coco Amardeil

NORMAL IS BORING The joyful collection of „la cerise sur le gâteau“ has a lot to say for itself. Great gifts for teens! Cushions 50 x 50 cm. 39,00€

PEARLS & FEATHERS Neckless, hand assembled Faux Pearls with natural and bright colored dyed feathers. Made in Germany, 9,95€ 8

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013

GREEN GUITAR PILLOW „We will rock you!“ size: 30 cm x 60 cm included pillow Made in Germany, US$ 55.00

LITTL BY LILIT JEWELRY is crafted by hand in Jaipur, India. Each piece is unique. ­ MIXED gemstone necklace brings together citrine, rose quartz, iolite, peridot and garnet in a rich combination of colours and special properties.


ZIRKUS HASE WEISS Mit ein paar einfachen Handgriffen ist das Zirkuszelt aus Pappe aufgebaut und dann heißt es: Vorhang auf für deine eingene Zirkusvorstellung. 35,90€

KIDS OEUF KISS HAT Cold weather is no excuse not to rock! $56.00 USD

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013


WICKELTASCHE von Lässig. Die erste Wickeltasche aus der Linie Premium Label Fair & Lässig ist nicht nur modisch, sondern wird auch nach strengsten ökologischen Richtlinien produziert. Echtleder mit herausnehmbarer Innentasche.




STYLE & STONE JEWELRY We love jewelry! Don‘t we? Here are some fine pieces from Style & Stone Designer Juliane Rohr.



circus magazine Gift Guide 2013

1. Krönchen-Ohrringe/earrings mit Onyx 59,00€ 2. Neon-Nappa-Lederbänder mit Anhängern bringen gute Laune im Wintergrau 69,00€ 3. Ohrringe/ earrings mit bordeauxfarbenem Quarz 59,00€ 4. BerryNappaband mit pinken Quarz und Amethyst 59,00€ for more info contact:



JOT STYLUS FAMILY The perfect gift for Daddy! He loves to to draw, write, and sketch. Fingers and rubber-tips just don’t cut it. He needs a fine point stylus with precision to make his notes legible, his lines exact, and puts pixels right wherehe want them. Starting at $21.99 USD.



Ígló&Indí Holiday Magazine 2013 It features all of their favourite Ígló&Indí creations, along with some interviews with parents from all over the world – parents with one thing in common: they like what Ígló&Indí does. So with endless pride and almost an overload of Holiday spirit Ígló&Indí presents to us their favourite magazine of the year! Click here to view their magazine!

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013



Florence Rolando from PIROUETTE

Q: What can you tell us about yourself? Q: What is the story behind the name Do you have children? „Pirouette“? A: I am French on my mother‘s side and Swiss on my A: Pirouette is a word that people use in French as father‘s side, and I have German and Italian blood. I lived in 4 different countries in the last 10 years, so I think you can call me a nomad. I now live in Portugal with my husband and 3 children.

well as in English, and there is something very playful about it.

Q: When did you start your blog? A: I started in 2009.

Q: What is your professional background? Q: What else do you do outside of blogging at A: After graduating from Ifm (Institut Francais de la Pirouette? Mode), I worked in the fashion industry before moving A: I am a contributor to magazines Doolittle in France

to media and events. I co-founded Bubble trade shows and Naif in Spain, I do occasional free lance work for in New York in 2006, but I am not involved anymore. Ifm and I am currently working on a line of decor I was a contributor and correspondent for Milk objects made in Portugal. Magazine (8 years).

Q: Do you find that Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter help you reach people beyond the blog Q: What was your inspiration in starting your blog? A: Pirouette is a continuation of the blog I was writing A: Social Media really helped building a reich and for Bubble.


circus magazine Gift Guide 2013

exciting network at the beginning of Pirouette. Now

PHOTOS © Florence Rolando

I have added Vine, Instagram, and I spend a lot of Q: What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along time on social shopping platforms (they are highly the way or best business advice you received? Always be true to yourself! addictive). Too much time in front of screens!

Q: What are your favorite topics to blog or Q: What is currently your favourite place in the world, your favourite book or movie? write about?

I am interested in people more than in anything. When I speak about products, it is most of the time with a view on who is doing them.

Q: What are some current trends that you watch?

I focus on things that are beautifully made and educative at the same time, things that will engage a child‘s imagination and creativity.

Q: What are you passionate about?

Many different things! But at the moment I am very much into the preservation of our beautiful planet.

I love Portugal for its food, its beautiful light and for the generous people. My favourite book is a The Old Man Who Read Love Novels by Luis Sepulveda, and my favourite movie is Princess Mononoke by Miyazaki. Meet Florence Rolando, the woman behind the wonderful Pirouette Blog. Florence Rolando is a children’s fashion and design specialist, co-founder of Bubble Trade shows, contributor to Milk Magazine, consultant for children’s brands, and she’s a mother of three. She studied Italian Literature and Civilization at University of Franche-Comte. She lived in Paris for 15 years where she graduated in Fashion and Textile Management from IFM, Institut Francais de la Mode. She participated in Photography and Architecture Lecture Cycles at Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain (Paris) and followed a Course in Contemporary Photography History at Christie’s Institute (London). circus magazine Gift Guide 2013


CHRISTMAS PHOTOS / Susanne Dittrich STYLIST / Iris Görling HAIR & MAKE-UP / Martina Eppers SPECIAL THANKS to all models from NEXTCAST Hamburg & Sonntagskinder Hamburg.


Susanne Dittrich, PHOTOGRAPHER, geboren und aufgewachsen in Hagen, studierte anschließend Fotografie. Nach 5 Jahren Weltreise, vorallem durch die USA, arbeitet sie seit 1998 als freie Fotografin. Ihre Leidenschaft gehört neben der Fotografie ihrem Mann und ihrem Pferd. Sie liebt die Naturfotografie. Ihre Lebensmotto liegt in den einfachen Dingen des Lebens, was für Susanne auch bedeutet, sich selber nicht immer so wichtig zu nehmen.

Iris Görling, STYLIST studierte Marekting und Management in Heidelberg mit einem MBA Abschluss. Anschließend folgten Stationen in einer Werbeagentur, bei Kaufhof AG und als Moderedakteurin für das Kids Wear Magazin. 2004 machte Iris sich als freie Stylistin selbstständig. Seither arbeitet sie, wenn sie nicht auf Reisen ist und die Flöhmärkte der Welt erkundet, vor allem für Modeproduktionen und in der Werbung.

Born and raised in Hagen, Germany, Iris got her master degree in photography. After 5 years worldwide travel and living abroad, mainly in the US, she settled down in Hamburg in 1998. Today she works a an freelanced photographer. She worked for several clients worldwide and major magazine like Marie Claire, Men‘s Health and Modern Living.

She studied Marketing and Management in Heidelberg and also got her MBA degree. This was followed by stations in an advertising agency, Kaufhof AG and as a fashion editor for the Kids Wear Magazine. In 2004 she decided to start her own business as a freelance stylist. Today she works, mainly for fashion and advertising.

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013

linke Seite/ left page: gr端nes Kleid/ green dress Wertfein rechte Seite/ right page Haarreif: I love gorgeous Jacke+Rock/ jacket+skirt: Macarons Bluse,Haarschleife+Tasche/ shirt,hair bow+bag: Littl by Lilit Schuhe/ Boots: Bellybutton

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013



circus magazine Gift Guide 2013

Kleid + Pelzkragen/ green dress + fur collar by Wertfein Haarschleife/ hair bow: Littl by Lilit Gitarrenkissen/ Guitar pillow: Gabriela Pardo

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013


linke Seite/ left page: Kleid „Silber“/ silver dress : I love gorgeous Haarreif/ headband: Gabiela Pardo rechte Seite/ right page Kleid „Gold“/ golden dress: I love gorgeous Haarband/ headband: Macarons


circus magazine Gift Guide 2013

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013


Weste + Hemd/ vest + shirt: white by Paglie Jacke/ blazer: Wertfein Hose/ trousers: Macarons Stiefel/ Boots: Bellybutton


circus magazine Gift Guide 2013

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013


Junge/ Boy: Hemd + Hose/ Shirt + pants: Paglie/ White by Paglie Jacke/ cardigan:Macarons Sneaker: Belly Button M채dchen/ girl: Pullover/ sweater: I love gorgeous Rock/ skirt: Noa Noa Schuhe/ Boots: Bellybutton


circus magazine Gift Guide 2013

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013


Schal/ scarf: Macarons Shirt/ shirt: I love gorgeous Blazer/ blazer: Hilda.Henri Rock/ skirt: Noa Noa Schuhe/ boots: Bellybutton Kissen/ pillow: Gabriela Pardo


circus magazine Gift Guide 2013

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013


Haarkranz + Pelzkragen/ hair crown + fur collar: I love gorgeous Kleid/ dress: White by Paglie


circus magazin Gift Guide 2013

circus magazine Gift Guide 2013


Schal/ scarf: Macarons Shirt/ shirt: I love gorgeous Blazer/ blazer: Hilda.Henri Rock/ skirt: Noa Noa Schuhe/ boots: Bellybutton Kissen/ pillow: Gabriela Pardo



circus magazine Gift Guide 2013

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