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KIDS & TEENS SUMMER FITNESS Keep your kids moving and healthy this Summer. Whether preparing for Fall team sports or using the the time off school to get in shape, build muscle or stay active...this youth program is for you!

TWO TRAINING AGE GROUPS FOR KIDS AND TEENS! $125 9-12 yrs old AND 13-17 yrs old

Body By Design’s Youth Fitness INDOOR program consists of: 1. Resistance/weight training 5. Sports Injury prevention 2. Cardio-Functional training techniques 3. Flexibility 6. Sport Performance 4. Speed + Agility training for your sport

Carlos Monge is a dad of two boys, 10 and 16, and has been a personal trainer for nearly 40 years! Group training with personalized programs to meet your kids at their fitness level.

Safe - Fun - Results

Limited Space! Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Now Providing Orthodontics!

480-759-1119 4232 E. Chandler Blvd. #10, Phoenix, AZ 84048



Protocols in Place! Honoring all who served. Military and Your discount. Safety is Veterans our Priority

480.650.1230 • 3145 E. Chandler Blvd., STE 116 Located in the Foothills Animal Hospital Shopping Center

LOSE THE Nearly half of Americans report having gained between 2-20 pounds in the last year. Don’t wait any longer! Clean and private facilities. Avoid the box gym crowds. Small group training INDOORS.

12-16 week fitness program to get your health back on track: • 3-4x a week training • Resistance training to shape and tone muscle while burning fat • Cardio Fat Burning to reduce fat faster • Body fat and weight checks every 2 weeks

• Body By Design’s fat burning “2PLUS” technique • Body By Design Nutrition Plan • Safe and personalized programs

Make your health a priority this summer by exercising, eating healthier and results driven accountability. It’s your time for a total transformation in less than 16 weeks!


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