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Temple Israel Memphis, Tennessee Spring 2021 Issue Vol. 75; No. 3






Pandemic Life Lessons with Laura & Andrew Woods


Rabbi Jeff Dreifus: A Welcomed Return

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Tzedakah Stories


Mazel Tov!



By Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein

By Sarah Rushakoff

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By Sarah Rushakoff

By Melinda Lejman and Anna Bearman

Since the Last Voice Recap of Temple Israel happenings

Congratulations to our congregants on their lifecycle events!

Mid-November 2020 through February 2021

Cover Photo by NELLY SA R A IVA





T E M P L E I S R A E L M A Y 9 · 2 0 2 1

R O S E G A R D E N 4 : 3 0 - 6 P M

REFLECTION The "Three R's" are forever associated with Reading, (W)riting, and (A)rithmetic, but this Spring 2021 pandemic moment in time—and Temple Israel's ongoing role as a communal, physical, and spiritual anchor in our lives—introduces three new words to live by: Rebirth, Recalibrating, and Rethinking. Though its effects are far from over, it is already clear that COVID has awakened each of us in different ways to life’s fragility. It has forced a recalibration of how we spend our days and live our lives: whether working more at home, spending precious time with family, or simply finding the inner strength to persevere. However, the Jewish season of rebirth, renewal, and freedom coincides with spring no matter the year and its implications. As an extended Temple family, our past year has been miraculous—even during a pandemic. While several Jewish and other institutions are surviving, very few have actually been thriving with daily direct impact throughout this pandemic. We are among those rare few, and we are still doing it in every area: from unprecedented worship and lifelong learning attendance to dozens of outdoor lifecycle ceremonies, whether on the Temple campus grounds and cemetery or in members' backyards. Yes, it is true that, as of this writing, 51 members of our Temple family have died since the pandemic began. It is also true that your clergy have never stopped officiating simchas either. The vibrancy and dynamism of Temple throughout the nightmarish winter we just endured is rather remarkable. This remarkable endurance is all the more reason to celebrate the renewal of our Jewish lives, both individually, as families, and collectively, as one big congregational family. To honor the 167th Anniversary of Temple Israel and the 21st anniversary of our

Written by R AB B I MI C AH D. G R EEN ST E I N

May this spring inspire you and those you love to rethink your role in tikkun olam as you recalibrate your life and seek to rejuvenate your soul.

East Massey campus' building renewal, we will broadcast a special Shabbat evening service on April 23, 2021, live from our outdoor Rose Garden. We will reunite the builders of the 2000 "Gift for Generations" campaign vision with Temple's current and future Board of Trustees. With spring in full bloom just after Passover, we will sing with joy for better days ahead. We will follow that beautiful image outdoors with the first in-person Shabbat gatherings of our high school Confirmation and Graduation classes in over a year on May 7, 2021, and May 14, 2021. Our Temple Israel sophomores, juniors, and seniors embody Jewish commitment in young adulthood far beyond bar/bat mitzvah age. The mere sight of these rising college students who care deeply about their Jewish identities and have stayed connected to their home synagogue through high school graduation is a reminder that, in spite of the past year, the best is still yet to come. You are invited to tune in and experience all celebrations virtually and enjoy our high-definition Livestream platforms our production team has so artfully elevated on every Shabbat, holiday, and milestone occasion. May this spring inspire you and those you love to rethink your role in tikkun olam as you recalibrate your life and seek to rejuvenate your soul. With hope and optimism for our Temple future,



PANDEMIC LIFE LESSONS with Laura & Andrew Woods 4 • V O I C E • S P R I N G I S S U E • 2 0 21

M A R R I E D I N TO A PA N DE M I C Laura and Andrew Woods were married in their dream Jewish ceremony on November 30, 2019, after dating for three years. They were able to travel for their honeymoon and returned to Memphis eager to settle into what they thought would be typical married life—then COVID happened. “...That anticipation of ‘when are we gonna have a normal day as a married couple’ was weird. We had this idea in our heads that, like everyone else's, kind of got flipped upside down a little bit,” said Laura. Figuring out a daily routine was more difficult than the couple had imagined when their temporary work-from-home situations eventually became the norm. They decided to try to turn their challenges into opportunities for growth.

FA I R PL AY Since they were both home most of the time, Laura and Andrew quickly realized they needed to find a way to divide housekeeping labor. To achieve their goal of a balanced home, they used a book titled Fair Play: A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do (and More Life to Live).. For any household where the labor is divided, the couple recommended following the advice in the book and having frank conversations about expectations. And once they did, breaking down household chores became uncharged and manageable. “That was a tangible thing that was super helpful�finding a good rhythm in the home. Not just physical things like the dishes, but emotionally, like these are things we needed in order to work better together,” Laura said.

cial media when friends and family are vocal about uninformed and even harmful opinions about things like vaccines or mask-wearing. “I turned my Facebook off. It was just too much,” he said. “People do not care [about considering other viewpoints] if they believe they are right. Whatever their opinion, if they think it, they’re gonna say it.”

C O M M IT T E D TO TI K K U N O L A M Sharing their voices with the community, Laura and Andrew have become more active in the past year. They both said it has helped them maintain a sense of momentum during a time when we have all felt a loss of control over our lives. They are grateful to the social justice cooperative MICAH (Memphis Interfaith Coalition for Action and Hope) for helping bring important issues to light. Through his work with MICAH, Andrew has been invited to attend a social justice leadership training conference this spring. The couple is also building a team of delegates to represent Temple Israel more officially at MICAH meetings and events. During the recent winter storm, they found another way to give back to the community. Comfort Keepers of the Mid-South employs trained caregivers for in-home care. With the snow and ice, many of their workers could not safely get to clients’ homes. With their four-wheel-drive vehicles, Laura and Andrew leapt into action. “Laura's call was a prayer answered,” said Wendy Rotter, Comfort Keepers’ Chief Financial Officer. “I cannot tell you how many miles they drove—likely over 1,000 miles and too many hours to count—early mornings and late at night on icy roads from Frayser, to Germantown, to Whitehaven, to Arlington and all over. Without their love of community, so many of our elderly clients would’ve gone without, or had gaps in their care.” Laura and Andrew did not want to be congratulated or compensated for their mitzvot; they wanted to inspire others to take action and practice tikkun olam in their respective communities. “The pandemic hasn't stopped us. If anything, it’s encouraged us,” said Laura. “What can I do while I'm sitting here? Let me find other ways to make the world better.”

The pandemic hasn't stopped us. If anything, it’s encouraged us.

PE RS O N A L L E S S O NS Laura said her biggest pandemic lesson has been being more intentional with her time. “I think we make better use of our time together and try to make it intentional quality time,” she said. “I've probably been more in contact with my family via Zoom and Facebook since the pandemic. If anything, we’ve grown these relationships, especially with the family that is not in Memphis.” The main thing Andrew said he learned is boundaries with social media. He logs out of soWritten by SAR AH R US H AKO F F




6 • V O I C E • S P R I N G I S S U E • 2 0 21




eff Dreifus is coming back to Memphis, but he’s got a few things to do before making the move — graduate from Hebrew Union College, become ordained as a rabbi, and marry his fianceé — no big deal. After living, learning, and working in places like California, Michigan, New York, Rhode Island, Alaska, and Israel, Jeff is coming home in June to become Temple’s first-ever Director of Innovation, Engagement, and Strategic Partnerships — a role that will enable him to oversee TI-Crosstown and Temple Israel University, the adult education branch of Temple. It is a role that seems perfect for him. “I am really excited about every part of this position. As I mentioned to Rabbi Greenstein, if I could have written my own job description for what I would do after rabbinical school, this would be it,” said Jeff. Jeff says he wants to hear from the community. “I will begin by listening and hearing people and figuring out where people are in their Jewish lives, their social lives, and their professional lives,” he said. “Basically, not coming in like I have all of the answers, but really taking an approach of let's see what the community dynamics are now, and how we as the Temple Israel community can respond to those.” Temple has had its space at Crosstown Concourse in Midtown since 2017. It is a place dedicated to regular religious and community programming like social justice oriented TI Talks, Purim escape rooms, Shabbat gatherings, and more. As part of his work in strategic partnerships, he will be focusing on the Midtown space and continue growing Temple’s relationships with the many diverse organizations that occupy Crosstown Concourse. “Memphis certainly has more than its fair share of problems. So much poverty. So many people in need of help. We can find those organizations whose missions align with our own, making Memphis a better place, filled with spirit and kindness and compassion. I'm really looking forward to partnering with those organizations and working together with them on behalf of Temple to move this city forward,” said Jeff. His deep roots in Memphis will inform his work here. Jeff's family is deeply rooted in not only Temple Israel but also the Memphis Jewish community. His grandma proudly likes to tell him he is a fourth-generation Temple member. Her parents, Jeff's great-grandparents, were married at Temple. He grew up at Temple preschool, went to Jacobs Camp for Photo by N E LLY SAR AIVA



Photo by NELLY SA R A IV

a dozen summers, and was active in BBYO and NFTY. His stepdad was involved with Anshei Sphard Beth El Emeth, where Jeff spent time studying with Rabbi Joel Finkelstein. “Having been a part of many Jewish communities, I just think that there's something very special and unique about the Memphis Jewish community in terms of its warmth and its openness and its pride,” he said. Putting down roots in Memphis will be a welcome change for Jeff and his fianceé —soon-to-be wife, Rachael Brill—because he has been going full steam for the past five years. They have moved four times since COVID began last February. Before that, Jeff commuted back and forth between Jewish communities in Alaska, Israel, and different parts of New York as part of his rabbinic training. After Jeff and Rachael settle in Memphis, they will travel back to the Northeast again for his ordination and their wedding. Rachael is the Associate Director of Camping at the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ). Jeff is looking forward to introducing his fianceé to Memphis, and especially its cuisine. “I miss Pho Binh so much,” he said. “I feel like you know, Jews have been praying for 2,000 years to get back to Jerusalem. Well, I think every day about getting back to Memphis for their lemongrass tofu.” 8 • V O I C E • S P R I N G I S S U E • 2 0 21

Having been a part of many Jewish communities, I just think that there's something very special and unique about the Memphis Jewish community in terms of its warmth and its openness and its pride.


Written by SA R A H RU S HA KO FF









2021MILESTONE C E L E B R AT I O N S ANNUAL MEETING FOLLOWED BY THE 167 TH TEMPLE ISRAEL ANNIVERSARY SHABBAT........................................................APRIL 23 · 5 PM T.I.U. (TEMPLE ISRAEL UNIVERSITY) ADULT HEBREW GRADUATION.................................................................................APRIL 25 · 2 PM 158 TH TEMPLE ISRAEL CONFIRMATION SHABBAT...............................................................................................................MAY 7 · 6 PM 2021 TEMPLE ISRAEL HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION SHABBAT............................................................................................MAY 14 · 6 PM SHAVUOT EVE SERVICE.................................................................................................................................................MAY 16 · 6 PM SHAVUOT MORNING YIZKOR SERVICE.............................................................................................................................MAY 17 · 9 AM



10 • V O I C E • S P R I N G I S S U E • 2 0 21


DORY WOLF SIMS s the world continues to respond to the seemingly endless crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Memphis community is in no shortage of volunteers performing acts of service and loving-kindness. While we are not physically within the walls of Temple, the foundational values of Reform Judaism are expressed through our members who show up to serve at all times, but especially in a time of need. One such role model is Temple member Dory Sims, daughter of Brenda and Rodney Wolf, who has volunteered her time as a registered nurse to administer COVID vaccines at the Pipkin Building in Memphis. “The minute I heard about being able to do this, I jumped on it,” shared Dory. “I love volunteer work, especially in the medical field. This opportunity was exciting to me in particular because it makes me feel like I am, in a small way, a part of history. Being able to use my skills has been super rewarding, especially with the population of people that we started vaccinating.” Many of Dory’s patients waited for hours in a seemingly endless line of cars to receive a vaccination, but when they got to Dory, they were nothing but grateful. “It was unbelievable to see these people coming out and waiting in line for hours and hours, and then they get up to the vaccine site and have no complaints. These are people in their seventies and eighties who have been in line for five, six, seven hours...it’s an amazing thing to see. It’s been an incredible experience.” Dory grew up at Beth Sholom but spent a lot of time at Temple in her childhood. “My best friend, Tricia Woodman, went to Temple and I would tag along with her to Wednesday night school. Then, I got my family to join Temple because I loved it so much,” shared Dory. “Three of my kids have been bar or bat mitzvah-ed at Temple and we’ve had kids enrolled in the ELC, too.” Dory has plans to travel in the future and volunteer for service organizations that are like Doctors Without Borders. “My dream is to travel and provide medical care as a volunteer, but being able to help the Memphis community — my home — during this pandemic is an extraordinary thing,” said Dory. “Being able to perform a mitzvah is what I love to do.”

Written by M E L I NDA L E J MAN

I love volunteer work, especially in the medical field. This opportunity was exciting to me in particular because it makes me feel like I am, in a small way, a part of history.

T I M E M P H I S . O R G • 11


SOFIA KARABELL ofia Karabell lives a life of tzedakah. She is one of those young women who actively pursues their passions. In her case, those passions are her Jewish community and helping animals. Sofia was in 4th grade when she discovered her father was Jewish. "Ever since then," she says, "I have always felt a part of the community and wanted to give back. I like being a part of it." Sofia went on to become Bat Mitzvah at Temple Israel in high school and now, as a college student, she continues her commitment to Temple as a 5th grade Religious School. teacher. She boasts about the Temple team saying, "Rabbi Bess and Jackie are amazing and are always taking care of us. During the recent boil water advisory [in mid-February], they checked on everyone. It’s really nice having that support as a college student." On top of her college and religious commitments, Sofia makes time for her other passion — helping animals. To her friends and colleagues at Rhodes College, she is known as "the animal person" — a fitting title, as she has been fostering animals for about five years now. Last semester, she became even more involved with doing critical animal care as well as helping connect people with foster homes, finding stray animals shelter, and giving new animal owners advice. "I threw myself into this work when COVID started. The more you get involved, the more people know you, so you get phone calls and texts...it was overwhelming for my mental and physical health, so now I stick to just networking and helping animals get to a [safe place]." COVID has exacerbated the problems in the shelter system. Sofia explains, "When this pandemic started, it forced a lot of people to abandon or surrender their pets due to job loss and other issues. That means more animals need care." On the flip side, more people were at home more often, which allowed an increase in people able to foster animals. As for right now? "It’s been really tough," she says. "There are just not enough people who can foster or are willing to, so there are a lot of animals being boarded, and that is draining rescue organizations’ funds which they need for medical care or transport." That combined with a lack of adoption events and volunteering opportunities during COVID is stressing rescue organizations to their limit. Luckily, Sofia has provided a list of organizations and ways to help (found at the end of this article).

12 • V O I C E • S P R I N G I S S U E • 2 0 21

Organizations You Can Support: Happy Dog Rescue Humane Society Memphis Animal Shelter

Between her compassionate spirit and intense studies, Sofia is creating a bright future for herself. She is a senior at Rhodes, majoring in Biology with a minor in Religious Studies, while also working part-time as an assistant vet technician at Walnut Grove Animal Hospital. She intends to go to vet school in 2022. We wish her the best of luck and continued success! Reach out to Sofia if you or someone you know wants to get involved in volunteering or learn more about helping surrendered animals in Memphis: sofibell88@yahoo.com

Team Memphis Rescue

How you can help: Donations of food, toys, or monetary donations, as well as fostering and transporting animals and walking dogs.

Written by A NNA B E A RM A N and M ELINDA LE J M A N


THE SHAINBERG FAMILY hen their father, Raymond Shainberg, passed away in 2019, the Shainberg siblings knew they wanted to honor both of their parents’ memory in a significant way. Their mother, Toby Sturman Shainberg, predeceased their father in 2007. The eldest of the Shainberg children, Temple member and past Sisterhood President Nancy Kline, shared with her siblings Temple’s need for financial support of the congregation’s cemetery. So, they decided to make a gift in their parents’ memory to support the cemetery’s ongoing care. “Dad was very much a forward thinker and saw challenges before they arose. He was also one of the founders of the Memphis Jewish Foundation,” shared Nancy. “We felt like this would be a meaningful and important way to honor both of our parents’ memories.” The Temple Israel Cemetery is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the South, spanning 16 acres, and has served as the congregation’s burial ground since 1846. A special section of the cemetery established in 1900 contains remains that were moved from the congregation’s burial ground on Bass Avenue (later, Jefferson Avenue). This section, surrounded by a wrought-iron fence, contains the graves of many of the congregation’s earliest members, as well as numerous victims of the yellow fever epidemics that plagued Memphis during the 1870s. The cemetery has been expanded only once, in 1991, when the congregation purchased additional land across from the existing cemetery to meet future needs. The Levy-Cooper Chapel was constructed on the grounds in 2006 and has held congregational services since January of the following year. Temple also has plans to significantly upgrade the audio/video technology to continue accommodating virtual attendance at outdoor funerals due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Both of my parents were incredibly charitable, and it was important for them to give to worthy causes, and Temple is a place they loved,” shared Andrew Shainberg. “We heard from Nancy that the cemetery needed a plan for the future, and we decided this was a great cause. It’s important for us that we follow in our parents’ footsteps in terms of giving to causes, organizations, and institutions that are in need.” Although Paul now lives in New York and Andrew lives in New Jersey, Toby and Raymond’s children were all raised in Memphis and grew up at Temple. “Going to Temple was instilled at an early age — we had to be confirmed, and we had to graduate from Temple. It wasn’t even a question,” shared Robin Shainberg. “All of us have lifelong friends that we grew up with at Temple. It’s a very Written by M EL I N DA L E J MAN

family-oriented congregation. We wanted to support a few places that meant the world to my parents to honor their memories. Temple is one of them. They loved Temple.” Their sister, Kathy, is also buried in the Temple Israel Cemetery. Not only were Toby and Raymond charitable where the community was concerned, they cared deeply for all five of their children — Nancy, Kathy of blessed memory, Paul, Andrew, and Robin. “We all know mom and dad were very generous,” shared Paul Shainberg. “Generous to causes, generous to family, their kids, and their grandkids...they took care of all of us. They were good people. They loved having Temple as their spiritual home.” The Jewish cemetery is known by many names. House of graves — or beit kevarot — refers to the consecrated ground assigned eternally to those who inhabit it. The Jewish tradition also refers to the cemetery as a beit olam, or eternal house.1 “Our Cemetery is beautiful, and it is kept beautiful, and we are so lucky to have such a peaceful place, not only for those who have passed but their loved ones who visit as well,” shares Nancy. “What this gift is going to do for Temple is ensure that the Temple Israel Cemetery is always the beautiful resting place it is today. It is our hope that others also will choose to contribute to the Temple Israel Cemetery to help ensure its future.”

What this gift is going to do for Temple is ensure that the Temple Israel Cemetery is always the beautiful resting place it is today.

Beloved: A View of One of the South’s Oldest Jewish Cemeteries as Photographed by Murray Riss. 1

T I M E M P H I S . O R G • 13



T I M E M P H I S . O R G • 15


We don’t just ride our bikes, we wash them at the bike wash, we fix them at the mechanic’s shop, and we fill them up with gas. Besides all this fun, we learned all about bike safety and raised $16,550 for St. Jude!

16 • V O I C E • S P R I N G I S S U E • 2 0 21



Thank you to everyone who donated gifts for the students at Perea Preschool this year! It was a combined effort among WAF/RS, TI CHAI, and the BKL ELC, and we were thrilled to be able to give all 133 students a toy, a book, and a winter hat during their drive-by holiday celebration!

T I M E M P H I S . O R G • 17



Thank you to all of our volunteers who delivered Chanukah gift bags to our senior members. Pictured are Jan Klein and Lynn Owen 18 • V O I C E • s P R I N G I S S U E • 2 0 21



We are so grateful for the volunteers who delivered this year’s Chanukah Mitzvah Meals! This program was made possible by Temple Sisterhood. Pictured are Jen Ross, Leslie & Toba Kornberg, and Rebecca Fox.

T I M E M P H I S . O R G • 19


CONNECTI+JUICE PARTNERSHIP Through a matching campaign made possible by the Rabbi James A. Wax Fund for Social Justice, ConnecTI raised over $1,000 to purchase and build a shed for JUICE in Orange Mound. These funds provided the Garden with a shed to keep their tools in and also covered the cost of gardening tools that ConnecTI gifted to the Garden as well!

The mission of JUICE is to develop and advance the selfreliance of Orange Mound and the larger community by building capacity and engagement among citizens and businesses.

2 0 • V O I C E • S P R I N G I S S U E • 2 0 21


MAZEL TOV! B’nai Mitzvah

New Members* We welcome the families of: Penny Asbell & Pat Deveney Anna Bearman Fran Braverman


Jane Goldsmith Butler

Son of Sara & Joshua First, Samuel became a bar mitzvah on January 2, 2021. He is a 7th grader at Maxine Smith STEAM Academy and the grandson of Carol & Tom Babcox, Sallie Spence, and William First.

Emily & Andrew Dawson Amber & Ramon Dennis Peggy Goldsmith Fineman Erin & Allan Kimble Samantha & Kevin Padawer Michelle & Edward Powell Lisa Wrobel & Scott King *Through March 5, 2021

Engagements Rebecca Winestone & Noam Liss

AL AN H AMBURGER Son of Karen & Adam Hamburger, Alan became a bar mitzvah on February 27, 2021. He is a 7th grader at Houston Middle School and the grandson of Paula Quarles and Rusty Quarles* and Marcy & Perry Hamburger.

Marriages Madison Gallagher & Brendan Frankel Brooke Frankel & Erich Simpkins

Births JAYDEN CHIPM AN-KALIN Son of Jeff Chipman & Adam Kalin, Jayden became a Bar Mitzvah on March 6, 2021. He is a 7th grader at Houston Middle School and the grandson of Carol* & Berkley* Kalin and Gail* & Bruce Chipman.

*of blessed memory

ELIANA REGINA JOLLY Daughter of Stephanie & Brad Jolly, Granddaughter of Gina Jolly, Monty Jolly, and Jane Brandt.

DAVID AVRAHAM LENNON Son of Emily & Marc Lennon. Grandson of Janet & Doug Shipman and Roslyn & David Lennon.*

T I M E M P H I S . O R G • 21








1 1






Ilana Krygier Lapides's Ordination as a Rabbi Carol & Bert Barnett

According to the Talmud, giving is as important as all of the other commandments combined.

Birthday of Joe Levy Marion Suekoff

Thank you to those listed below who made donations to the following funds from Mid-November 2020 – February 2021: Barbara K. Lipman Early Learning Center, Beulah R. Vosse Library, Brotherhood, Cemetery, Clergy’s Discretionary, ConnecTI, General, Grounds & Beautification, Hohenberg-Scheidt Lifetime Learning Fund, Mary Shainberg Archives, MeFTY, Mildred Schwartz B’nai Mitzvah Scholarship Fund, Museum, Music Program, Rabbi James A. Wax Fund for Social Justice, Service to the Blind, Sisterhood, Temple Israel University, and the Wendy & Avron Fogelman Religious School.

FOR THE RECOVERY OF Buddy Ballin Saralyn & Danny Weiss Barry Pelts Marsha & Michael Underberg Judy Ringel Stacey & Michael Alpert Beverly Buchalter May Lynn Mansbach Sally & Michael Pelts Judy Royal Marsha & Michael Underberg Barbara Towbin Dee & Stewart Cannell Racelle Mednikow Judy & Jerry Shore Arie White Harry Jaffe IN HONOR OF Carly Abramson Melinda & Michael Lejman Special Birthday of Sylvia Appleton Jan & Marc Reisman Art Aronson Judy & James Stephenson Rabbi Katie Bauman Myreah Moore Birthday of Maury Bronstein Doris & Irvin Califf Jeanne & Rabbi Harry Danziger Tami & Bob Eiseman Ilene & David Friener Jan & Howard Horn Julie Lansky & Tobey Hubbard and Family Arline Margolis Debbie & Paul Padawer Samantha & Kevin Padawer Sue & Larry Pfeffer Sandy & Roger Polak

Rena Rose Missy & Steve Weisman and Family Barbara & Norman Towbin Jane Eckstein Sue Pfeffer Sylvia Appleton Dick Eiseman on Becoming Chairman Emeritus of the Temple Israel Cemetery Committee Ed Wise Rabbi Micah Greenstein Akiva School Binnie & Paul Alpert Stacey & Michael Alpert Sylvia Appleton Inky & Philip Aronoff Rabbi Kenneth Aronowitz Steve Brown Dana Collins Robert Davis Steven Edwards Abigail & Ross Felt Mason Paul Gudelsky Family Marilyn L. Haas Family Foundation Gail Ifshin & Steve Salky Melinda & Michael Lejman Faye & Jack Marks Cheri & Henry Rudner David Sharfman Arleen Siegel & Joe Delaney Kelly Sisk The Strasberg Family Marsha & Michael Underberg Carrie Harmon, Ellie Schwartz, and Max Schwartz Viki Poole

Birthdays of Laurie & Jeff Meskin Lisa & Jonathan Frisch Cecile Prager Susan & Brian Banner Birthday of Jan Reisman Sylva Appleton Judy Royal Sylvia Appleton Dale & Richard Caen Barbara & Norman Towbin

Melvyn Koffman Adelman Belmont Village Jan & Marc Reisman Karen Riss Esther Alabaster Miriam Alabaster Judy & Peter Felsenthal David Michael Alperin Carolyn Bender Abe Aronoff Inky & Philip Aronoff Jack Astrachan Dorothy Klein Jack Klein Margot Astrachan

Rabbi Jeremy Simons Sherry Laemmermann Melinda & Michael Lejman David Sharfman

Jerry Ballin Sherrie & Norman Badrian Carol & Bert Barnett Ellen & Herb Kahn Linda Stone Kaplan Millie & Alan Katzen Yvonne & Glenn Kiersky Terry Orgel Linda Pelts Jan & Marc Reisman

Birthday of Jan Stein Anniversary of Jan & Lee Stein Deborah & Sam Brackstone

Abe Baras Jay Snetman Margie Snetman

Conversion of Jennifer Strasberg Charlene & Chuck Prousnitzer Lyn & Gordon Yukon

Ike Baruchman Beverly Buchalter

Cindy Shainberg & Helmut Steinberg Kimberlee & Scott Strome Jewish Foundation of Memphis Consecration of Sutton Silver Marlene & Martin Silver

Abbie Strauss Cindy Shainberg & Helmut Steinberg

Orville Baughman Sharon Berman Skip Gronauer

80th Birthday of Russell Strauss Donald Strauss

Joy & Leo Bearman Eileen & Clay Foster

Temple Israel Clergy Team Susan & Raymond Evans Wendy & Steve Radtke

Leo Bearman Sylvia Appleton Eileen & Clay Foster Margo & Todd Gruen Julie & Jerry Klein Judy Kriger Joyce Lazarov Marcia & Bill Levy Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg

Temple Israel Sisterhood Maury Bronstein Temple Israel University Leaders Homer Brooks Waffle Shop Volunteers Calvary Episcopal Church Rabbi Bess Wohlner Madelyn Ginsberg Sherry Laemmermann Melinda & Michael Lejman Amy McCaffery David Sharfman

Adele Bedrin Louis Bedrin Linda Bedrin & Don Klotwog Michelle & Brian Blake Benjamin John Beck Sylvia Abraham Beck Sharon Gadless

Happie Hoffman Rochelle & Jeff Fenton David Sharfman

Birthday of Brenda Wolf Marilyn & Harvey Cook

Lou Belkin Cathy Weil

Birthday of Buzz Katz 60th Birthday of Cathy Poulin Jamie & Glenn Goldring


Marilyn Belz Nancy & Richard Robinson Goldie & Mark Shepard Marsha & Michael Underberg Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg

Cindy Katz Betsy & Ron Gilman

Samuel Abraham Sharon & Lou Gadless


D ONATIONS Ernie Bernhardt Regina Jacobsen Emily Bernhardt and Family

Doris Levy Bodan Sandra & Randy Flatt Debbie Jackson Lynn Kline Jan & Marc Reisman Andee Williamson

Tricia & Eric Blumenthal Jane & Gene Eckstein Gloria & Eddie Felsenthal Jamie & Glenn Goldring Susan Goldsmith Helen Gronauer Michelle & Mark Heiss and Family Sue & Bobby Jacobs Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Sandy & Steve Kaplan Millie & Alan Katzen Cathy & Richard Kessler Yvonne & Glenn Kiersky Ronni Kirsch Ken Levi Sally & Tony Mann PPPI Family Debra & Bill Razzouk Matthew Razzouk Jan & Marc Reisman Judy Royal Eleanor Schwartz Joyce Sealand Jane & John Shelton Elaine & Irvin Skopp Jackie & Bob Solmson Jan & Lee Stein Susan Adler Thorp Marsha & Michael Underberg Cathy Weil KK & Van Weinberg Adrian & Larry Weissman and Family Anne Wulff & Brian Bendersky Ethel Zale

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2 4 • V O I C E • S P R I N G I S S U E • 2 0 21

Al Burson Amy Sheon

Jan & Marc Reisman Bob Woolf Sara Natalie Cooper Tracey & Ronald Cooper and Family Ben Croner Julius Jiedel Jo Croner Geary Davis Carly Davis Pamela Davis Jack Drucker Bernice Seligstein Salomon Myrna & Alan Salomon Issy Paul Engelberg Selma Chamberg Ida & Leonard Engelberg Rabbi Harry W. Ettelson Sandra & William Ettelson David Fargotstein Esta Fargotstein Margaret & Shep Fargotstein Edward Felsenthal Cecile Prager Lillie, Leon, and Sidney Feuerstein Tamra & Howard Feuerstein Andrew Forman Evie Greenberg Natalie Frager Susan Dreyfus Susan & Jerome Franklin Ellen & Herb Kahn Gayle Powelson & Martin Grusin Jan & Marc Reisman Marsha & Michael Underberg Paul Freeman Melvin Marvin Kraus Polly Underberg Marsha & Michael Underberg Irving Freudberg Jean & Buddy Ballin

Sara Clemons Connie & Mike Sherman and Family

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Elsie Lenore Haines Geller Laurance Norwood

David Millard Cohen Pattye Cohen

David Mark Ginsberg Sally & Michael Ginsberg Ellen & Herb Kahn

Marvin Cohen Barbara & James Bongard Sharon & Lou Gadless Sarah "Necie" Conroy Douglas Frisch Michael Gryll Ellen & Herb Kahn Sharon Kraar

Bubba Goldberg Ben Greenberg Haiman Kohn Helen Bernstein Kohn Phyllis & Jay Greenberg Larry Goldsmith Susan Goldsmith

Gerald Jonathan Goldwin Louis Jacobson Amelia Smith Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg Paula Benovitz Gould Stella Benovitz Wexler Charles Wexler Edward Graff The Boyle, Capretto, Graff, and Marino Families Harold Greenberg Julie & Jerry Klein Howard Greene Carolyn & Robert Kleiman Julie & Jerry Klein Nancy & Gary Raileanu Carl Reiter Sylvia Alperin Greif Linda Bernstein, Francis Kallsnick, and Dale Panoff Sylvia & Dan Greif Dina Bernstein Herman Gilbert Gruber Lynn & Vic Butcher Judah Gudelsky Harriet Silverman Mason Gudelsky Bettie Anne Mahony Abe Everett Hanover Kevin Gaiman & Jeffrey Hanover Dena Friedman Hanover Jeffrey Hanover Samuel Hayden Marcia & Allan Hayden A.J. Herzberg Rose Dorothy Herzberg Cathy & Richard Kessler Roger Hirsch Julie & Jerry Klein Judy Kriger Judy & Nick Ringel Julian Hohenberg Patty & Lee Abraham Skip Gronauer Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Diane & Wendell Kruse Anne Wulff & Brian Bendersky Sylvia Pappenheimer Johnson Janice Jacobs Pappenheimer William Pappenheimer Carl Johnson Joseph Joseph Susan & Larry Weiss Ruth Kahn Peggy Sternberger Judy & James Mosely

D ONATIONS Ruth & Jay Kahn Peggy & Billy Sternberger Charles Kahn

Harry Sidney Loket Lynn Kline Evelyn & Martin Snyder

Morris Kaminsky Neil Kaminsky

Esther Goldberg Malkin Janis & David Iansmith

Nina Katz Marilyn & Alan Magnus Elaina & Mike Sexton

Roy Mansberg Stacey & Michael Alpert Sylvia Appleton Betsy Aronson and Family Arlene Averbuch Sally & Rick Baer Annette & Kenneth Baim Joan & Stanley Baker Barbara K. Lipman Early Learning Center Teachers and Staff Julie Barton Jeff Belkin Sharon Berman Emily Bernhardt and Family Margaret & Steve Biller and Family Barbara & Robert Blumenthal Morgan Bohannon Barbara & Jim Bongard Susan Boston Beverly Buchalter Terri & Paul Burson Dee & Stewart Cannell Paula & Avrahm Cohen Susan & Neil Cohen Jane & Gene Eckstein Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt Ida & Leonard Engelberg and Family Susan & Raymond Evans and Family Trudi & Reid Evensky Melissa & Richard Faber Anna & Kate Faulk Gloria & Eddie Felsenthal Freddi & Joel Felt Rochelle & Jeff Fenton Janis & Pat Finan and Family Hal Fogelman Eileen & Clay Foster Rebecca Fox & Larry Haak Susan & Jerome Franklin Stephanie Gear and Mary Ann Harris Leslie & Mark Gillenson Sheryl Gorden The Gronauer Family Skip Gronauer Lynn Gruber Julie Guillot Beverly & Gil Halpern Marcia & Allan Hayden Leigh & Rob Hendry Jeri & Allen Israel Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Ellen & Herb Kahn Janet & Paul Katz Millie & Alan Katzen Bev Kay Linda Kennard & Joel Johnson Cathy & Richard Kessler Yvonne & Glenn Kiersky

Sarah Katz Lynn Gruber Bess Bloomfield Katzen Joy Katzen-Guthrie & Mark Guthrie and Family Maya June Kaufman Dorothy & Rob Goldwin Robert Paul Kline Wayne Jeffrey Snyder Bernice Kline Thalheimer Lynn Kline Aimee Herzberg Kriger Lisa Usdan & David Portnoy Morris Kriger Judy Kriger and Family Robert Russell Krivcher Charles Magids Samuel Magids Jan & Jack Magids and Family Sonya Alperin Krivcher Jack Belz Sheryl Eskowitz Debbie Jackson Dianne & Marc Magids Reba Magids Laurie & Jeff Meskin Allie Prescott and Sean Gould Sheri & Ron Spielman Pamela Wade Badana & Herman Lasnick Ann & Julius Lasnick Paul Lazarov Mary Shainberg Laverne Siskin Suzanne Lazarov Sidney Lazarov Roselle Lazarov Beady & Irwin Leib Gina Jolly Sidney Levine Harriet & Lou Strasberg Elise Hottenemsor Levy Richard Light Gilbert Levy Brother Joel McGraw Gladys Strasberg Lindy Herman Louis Lindy Judy & Jim Lindy

Elaine & Steve Kovner Monica & Bert Less and Family Myrna & Joe Levy Shelley & Don Levy Rae Jean & Sandy Lichterman Connie & Robbie Loveless Bayla & Arnold Manis Cheryl & Rob Meltzer Laurie & Jeff Meskin Jeri & Mitch Moskovitz Susan & David Newman Debbie & Paul Padawer Teri & Jeff Peacock Sally & Michael Pelts Deedee & Ron Perel Rochelle & Frank Perlman Carole & Charles Plesofsky Susan & Abe Plough Viki Poole Nancy & Gary Raileanu Amy & David Rea Jan & Marc Reisman Kimberly Robison Barbara Rosenberg Trevor Rosenthal Rose & David Ross Rose & Dick Rubin Diane Rudner Michelle Salomon Myrna & Alan Salomon Carolyn & Adam Schrier Robin & Andrew Shainberg The Siegler Family Amy & Tod Singer Linda Ellen & Ron Sklar Rochelle & Avron Slutsky St. Mary's Episcopal School Jan & Lee Stein Judy & James Stephenson Harriet & Lou Strasberg Russell Strauss Mary Henry Thompson Michael Thompson Barbara & Norman Towbin and Family Marsha & Michael Underberg Erin Walter Cathy Weil Caren Yarmuth and Cheryl Parvey-Levy Lyn & Gordon Yukon Hollie & Greg Ziskind Sue Margulis Ann Lousin David Marks Jan & Lee Stein

Mary Oshlag Sheryl Gorden Mel Padawer Jan & Marc Reisman Laurie & Harry Samuels The Siegler Family Ide Perlberg Larry Perlberg Sidney Perlberg Gail Perlberg Saul Perlman Rochelle & Frank Perlman Jean Pierce Peggy & Lenny Goodman Elizabeth Pinstein Martin Pinstein Bertha Cohen Plesofsky Carole & Charles Plesofsky Emily Fargotstein Poe Sandy Kessler Sydney Pollack Nancy & Gary Raileanu Betty Pure Andee Williamson Emilie Ratner Sylvia Appleton Gloria & Eddie Felsenthal Ronne & Donald Hess Robin Jaffe Fay Levine Sue Ann & Bernard Lipsey Mother Bear Project Beth & Steve Orlansky Viki Poole Nancy & Gary Raileanu Jan & Marc Reisman Shirley Roberts Russell Strauss Saul Rosen Meryl Rosen Ceil Rosenberg Beverly Rubin Jan & Marc Reisman Alan Shirley Rosenthal Michele & Martin Pinstein David Rosenthal Kenla & Philip Engel Bonnie Roquita

Richard Dennis Miller Deborah & Steven Bilsky

Leah Malkin Rosenthal Philip Engel Bonnie Roquita

Leah Morris Arnold Nagelberg Harris Nagelberg

Kent Rubens Mildred Reagler Rubens Terry & Richard Luther

Mildred Louise Needleman Sandy Kessler & Michael Woolsey

Rosalie Rudner Carol & Bert Barnett


D ONATIONS Steve Brown and Family Maury Bronstein Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt Shara Lynn & Arnold Goldin Harry Goldsmith and Family Judy Kriger The Marston Group Deedee & Ronald Perel Carole & Charles Plesofsky Viki Poole Shelli & Sheldon Rosengarten Rochelle & Avron Slutsky Jackie & Bob Solmson Jan & Lee Stein Marsha & Michael Underberg Billie Anne Williams Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg Ann Salky Anise & Ron Belz Gloria & Eddie Felsenthal Nancy & Gary Raileanu Gail Ifshin & Steve Salky Linda Ellen & Ron Sklar Margie Snetman Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg Helen & Henry Samuels Judy & Kenneth Freedman Honey Scheidt Eileen & Clay Foster Charlotte & Boyd Gillespie Julie & Jerry Klein Billie & Barry Pelts Margaret & Gib Vestal, Jr. Honey & Rudi Scheidt, Sr. Lucia & Hal Crenshaw Eileen & Clay Foster Daniel Frisch Margo & Todd Gruen Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg Alan Schwartz Bonnie Schwartz Carolyn & Brian Schwartz Linda Smith Milton Seligstein Sylvia & Mickey Salomon Abe Serenco Deanna & Irvin Serenco Roy Sexton Marilyn & Alan Magnus Herbert Shainberg Suzanne Lazarov Bobbie Shainberg Rose Shainberg Helen Schlesinger Waller Jay Warren Waller Thelma Greenberg Ruth Katz Slavney Susan & David Slavney

2 6 • V O I C E • S P R I N G I S S U E • 2 0 21

Judith Stander Sharyn Tritsch

Emily Van Stavoren Weinberg Ronald Weinberg

Elsa Stein Binnie & Paul Alpert Sherry & Mike Grosman Judy Levy

Joe Weiner Sharon Kustoff

Roberta Strasberg Ann & Larry Adler Anise & Ron Belz Helen Gronauer Debbie & Ron Jackson Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Yvonne & Glenn Kiersky Gail & Myron Lewis Esther & Ronny O'Mell Linda Pelts Sally & Michael Pelts Gayle Powelson & Martin Grusin Jan & Marc Reisman Anne Wulff & Brian Bendersky Lyn & Gordon Yukon

Shirley Wexner Julie & Jerry Klein Joyce Lazarov Cathy Weil

Ronald Underberg Stacey & Michael Alpert Atlanta Allergy & SENTA Partners Jean & Buddy Ballin Andrea & Brian Barrach Lawrence Beck Anise & Ron Belz Emily Bernhardt and Family Brenda & Mark Curland Trudi & Reid Evensky Abigail & Ross Felt Judy Fisher, Bobbye Gorenberg, and Carolyn Lettween Cathy Goldstein and Family Mimi Grossman & Alvin Franklin Harkavy Shainberg Kaplan PLC Marcia & Allan Hayden Barbara Kahn Ellen & Herb Kahn Betty & Louis Kalish Rona Kantor and Family Mildred Kiel Sandy & Jim Kimmelman Carolyn & Max Lettween Ken Levi and Family Lipscomb Pitts Insurance Bayla & Arnold Manis Jeri & Mitch Moskovitz Lyda Parker & Stanley Zitron Sally & Michael Pelts Jan & Marc Reisman Carole & Charles Plesofsky Debra & Alex Saharovich Kyle Schaffer and Joe Schaffer Rochelle & Avron Slutsky Jan & Lee Stein Rachel & Ted Tasch Jeanne & Irving Weiss Judy & Bruce Young Carolyn Dimand Washer The Washer/Malish Family

Aaron Werbin Debbie & Ron Jackson

Myron Wilner Irene & Andrew Wilner Naomi Lewis Wise Ed Wise Amy Konig Wulfe Judy & Nick Ringel Patty Evans Wurzburg Debbie & Bucky Parker Ellen Eiseman Zelden Patty & Lee Abraham Arlene Averbuch Dana & Greg Averbuch Ben Beatus Hallie Elliot Julie & Jerry Klein Judy Kriger Gail & Myron Lewis Roslyn & Lester Lit Deedee & Ronald Perel Carole & Charles Plesofsky Jan & Marc Reisman Judy & Nick Ringel Arlene & Vic Schlesinger Saralyn & Danny Weiss Lance Zitron Judy Kriger Muriel Blatt Zuckerman Ronni Kirsch

ADDITIONAL D O N AT I O N S Anonymous Charlie Belenky Martha & James Boyd Rose Merry Brown & Aron Livnah Stephen Cooper Edward Dattel Cindy & Sam Ettingoff Gale Gordon Sharon & Steven Gould Suzanne Gronemeyer Marilyn L. Haas Family Foundation Dana Kamara Sherry Laemmermann Jan & Danny LaVene Stephanie & Barry Leff Shelley & Don Levy

Menke Foundation Gregory Miles Linda & Claude Paddock Joan Perlman Vivian Riefberg Charitable Giving Fund Sid Scheinberg Jody & Larry Shutzberg Bobbie Shainberg Margie & Harold Steinberg Alyse Wagner Rabbis Bess Wohlner & Jeremy Simons Reginald Wurzburg Foundation Laura & Paul Yacoubian

O U R S Y M PAT H I E S October 16, 2020 - February 15, 2021 Ann Goodman Salky Melvyn Koffman Adelman Amy Rae Koenig Wulfe Ellen Eiseman Zeldin Helen Lieberman Elsa Kaufman Stein Howard Greene Rosalie Rudner Natalie Rosenberg Frager Lou Ginsberg David Mark Ginsberg Freda Sexton Pearl Henderson Marilyn Hanover Belz Lena Shanskaya Vaysbukh Ronald Philip Underberg Orville Leon Baughman Lawrence Edward Baum Mel Padawer Sara Steinmark Clemons Emilie Goldberger Ratner Roy Nathan Mansberg Joyce Stubblefield Julian Jefferson Hohenberg Ceil Rosenberg Beth Goldsmith Brown Roberta Florman Strasberg Heleen Katz Schroff John Blumbeks Gerald Ballin Sonya Alperin Krivcher Elizabeth Sherer Aaron Weinman Sarah “Necie” Conroy Carol Bennett Cohen Marvin Lester Cohen

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Temple Israel is a sanctuary for prayer and inspiration, a vibrant center for Jewish learning, and a congregational home for living Torah. We are a source of strength and a force for good for Reform Jews, the greater community, and the world. RABBI MICAH D. GREENSTEIN Senior Rabbi

JOHN M. KAPLAN Cantor Emeritus


MARK FOGELMAN Immediate Past President




WAYNETTE BESSER Sisterhood President


LEIGH BAIM MANSBERG Senior Vice President


MARC B. TAUB Brotherhood President

HAPPIE D. HOFFMAN Cantorial Soloist

WENDY T. ROTTER Vice President


STACY CANALES Executive Director

HARRY K. DANZIGER Rabbi Emeritus

Temple Israel • 1376 East Massey Road • Memphis, Tennessee 38120 • 901.761.3130 • timemphis.org Temple Israel is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism. • reformjudaism.org • urj.org

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