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The Courage of Rabbi James A. Wax


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Mazel Tov!


By Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein

Temple Israel is a sanctuary for prayer and inspiration, a vibrant center for Jewish learning, and a congregational home for living Torah. We are a source of strength and a force for good for Reform Jews, the greater community, and the world. RABBI MICAH D. GREENSTEIN Senior Rabbi

September 17 - October 17

By Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein

Recap of Temple Israel happenings

B’nai Mitzvah, New Members, Engagements, Marriages,and Births

Donations & Sympathies

December 2022 through July 2022

RABBI JEFF DREIFUS Assistant Rabbi EMILY GROFF HEILBORN Music & Cantorial Director HAPPIE HOFFMAN Cantorial Soloist HARRY K. DANZIGER Rabbi Emeritus JOHN M. KAPLAN Cantor Emeritus LEIGH BAIM MANSBERG President WENDY T. ROTTER Senior Vice President BRUCE LANDAU Vice President BETSY SASLAWSKY Vice President HELEN S. GRONAUER Secretary MARK FINESTONE Treasurer DAVID L. BEARMAN Counsel LAURIE MESKIN Immediate Past President RENA ROSE Sisterhood President DAVID PETERSEN Brotherhood President STACY CANALES Executive Director


1376 East Massey Road Memphis, TN 38120 @templeisrael @templeisrael

2 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2

Temple Israel is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism. reformjudaism.org • urj.org

REFLECTION As I prepare for my 32nd Rosh Hashanah at Temple Israel,

terhood Presidents David Petersen and Rena Rose, along

I have never been more excited about the people and pro-

with the Wendy and Avron Fogelman Religious School and

gramming we have in place to effectuate the most meaning-

Barbara K. Lipman Early Learning Center—childcare and

ful High Holy Days to date. From Selichot through Simchat

family-friendly programming will be the "norm" throughout

Torah, we are activating our campuses and reinvigorating

the Days of Awe. Please make plans now for anything that

our rituals with opportunities for all ages. Are you ready?

even remotely appeals to you, and spread the word to Jew-

5783 promises to be not a repeat of this year we are concluding but rather a refresh. Our offerings will reflect a commitment to refreshing not only this time but also this place — the inclusive, forward-thinking, all-embracing spiritual home we know and love. So, what can you expect at Temple Israel? Families with both young children and teens will experience the dynamic duo of Emily Groff Heilborn, Temple’s new Cantorial Music Director, and our veteran Music and Education Specialist Carly Abramson. Our 20s and 30-somethings will relate to offerings from programming in TI Crosstown to Rabbi Jeff Dreifus' Tashlich nature walk in Shelby Farms Park. In our main Sanctuary, our aim is to fill the sacred space with deep spirituality, rich orchestral music with Cantorial Soloist Happie Hoffman, thought-provoking sermons from cler-

ish newcomers that they are welcome here.

It's never too late to begin again and move forward, no matter what the past year has wrought.

As always, our offerings will be viewable on our high-quality virtual platforms; however, as with most things in life, there is no substitute for praying, singing, and connecting in person. Please make plans to be with us, however, you can join us, as we return to renew ourselves and each other throughout the months ahead. As an aside, as we read through the High Holy Day Machzor/prayerbook together, I'm thrilled to share that the phrase "Next year in Jerusalem..." will ring true not once but twice with magical Temple Israel trips to Israel next May and October 2023. See page 4 for more information. The overriding Jewish message of this time is that it's never too late to begin again and move forward, no matter what the past year has wrought. L’shanah tovah u’metukah

gy, and food for the mind and soul throughout the greatest

– May you and everyone you love be inscribed in the Book of

day of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur.

Life for a year of health, joy, and blessing.

Thanks to the creativity and remarkable commitment of our lay leaders and staff—President Leigh Mansberg and the Board of Trustees, Executive Director Stacy Canales and Director of Facilities Scott Giles, Brotherhood and Sis-



REFLECTION QUESTIONS Bring the Voice with you on the Self-Guided Outdoor Meditative Walk on Yom Kippur and use this section as a journal - make it yours! What has this past year taught you about your priorities?

What in your life can you leave behind?

What do you want to spend more of your precious time doing?

What is your soul trying to tell you that you have been too busy, too preoccupied, or too nervous to hear?

In what ways have you grieved this year? What have you lost?

In what ways did you bring light and goodness into the world this past year?

What has been a blessing this last year?

Who have you relied on this last year? Who has relied on you?

4 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2




VOLUNTEERS! We are looking for docents and greeters to work 2-hour shifts during Museum hours: Tuesday-Thursday 10 AM-2 PM, Sundays 10 AM-12 PM, and the first Friday of the month before Shabbat services from 5-6 PM. No experience is required. Rabbi Micah and Susie Thorp will be doing training for docents on September 12 from 10-11:30 AM at Temple. All docents and greeters are welcome. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, VISIT TIMEMPHIS.ORG/RABBIWAX TO APPLY.






Temple Israel was established 168 years ago by a few determined

leaders with great vision and strong conviction. Over the many generations, the commitment of our members ensured that

Temple Israel would be here for all of us. And now it's our turn.

Join those determined members who came before you and help the future of our spiritual home by making a planned gift.



Please consider making a gift to Temple Israel that continues your legacy. There are several ways to make a planned gift including a bequest in your will, retirement plan beneficiary, gift of life insurance, and a distribution from your donor advised fund.

If you have already included Temple Israel in your estate plans we would like to welcome you as a member of the Tikvah Circle. Membership recognizes individuals and families who support Temple through their estate plans. If you would like to learn more, please contact: L A U R A YA C O U B I A N Director of Development lauray@timemphis.org | 901.937.2774

THE HIGH HOLY DAYS AT TEMPLE ISR AEL Information about each service and program can be accessed on our website at timemphis.org/hhd along with links for streaming. Selichot

Rosh Hashanah

Saturday, September 17 TIME



6:30 pm

Selichot Havdalah Selichot creative service for all ages ending with Havdalah

Greenstein Sanctuary Livestream: timemphis.org & Facebook

Sunday, September 25 TIME



8 pm

Rosh Hashanah Eve Service, Rabbi Dreifus, “Seeing the Sacred in People, Even Those With Whom We Disagree”

Greenstein Sanctuary Livestream: timemphis.org & Facebook

9:30 pm

The Sweetest Apple Oneg - L'chayim - For A Sweet New Year!

Monday, September 26 TIME


9 am

Tot Family Service led by Carly Abramson, Emily Groff Heilborn, and Rabbi Dreifus

10 am

Rosh Hashanah Morning Service, Rabbi Greenstein, “It’s All About the Ayin ‫”ע‬

Greenstein Sanctuary Livestream: timemphis.org & Facebook

Teen-led Service with Rabbi Dreifus, Carly Abramson, and Emily Groff Heilborn

Danziger Chapel

Spirit Walk with Rabbi Dreifus and Emily Groff Heilborn at Shelby Farms ending with Tashlich ritual at 5:00 PM

Shelby Farms

4 pm

Shabbat Shuvah

Kever Avot


Friday, September 30 TIME



6 pm

Shabbat Shuvah All Music Service led by Cantorial Soloist Happie Hoffman and Rabbi Greenstein

Greenstein Sanctuary Livestream: timemphis.org & Facebook




10 am

Kever Avot/High Holy Day Memorial Service

TI Cemetery Levy-Cooper Chapel

Sunday, October 2

8 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2


Yom Kippur

Tuesday, October 4 TIME



8 PM

Kol Nidre, Rabbi Greenstein: “Can A Person Be Accountable and Not Be Responsible?”

Greenstein Sanctuary Livestream: timemphis.org & Facebook

Wednesday, October 5 TIME


9 am

Tot Family Service led by Carly Abramson, Emily Groff Heilborn, and Rabbi Dreifus


10 am

Yom Kippur Morning, Rabbi Dreifus: “This Year, Choose Life”

Greenstein Sanctuary Livestream: timemphis.org & Facebook

Teen-led Service with Carly Abramson and Emily Groff Heilborn

Scheidt Family Center Livestream: timemphis.org & Facebook

12:30 pm

“What Being Jewish Means To Me” presentations by Baylee Less, Alex Saharovich, and Wendy Rotter

Livestream: timemphis.org & Facebook

1:30 pm

“Anti-Semitism: A Jewish Refugee’s Personal Story and Historical Perspective”, Dr. Zak Ozmo

Livestream: timemphis.org & Facebook

Three Jewish Yogis - An Annual Yom Kippur Spiritual Exercise with Jenna Kaufman, Ruthie Lichterman, and Marcy Stagner 2:30 pm


Ruach Yom Kippur Music Hour honoring TI Class of 2023 featuring Coleen Dieker

Greenstein Sanctuary Livestream: timemphis.org & Facebook

“The Password”, Adult Learning with Dr. Joe Levy

Livestream: Zoom

4 pm

Yizkor Memorial Service, Rabbi Greenstein: “It’s Never The Right Time To Lose The Ones We Love”

Greenstein Sanctuary Livestream: timemphis.org & Facebook

4 pm

"Deepening Our Connections” with ConnecTI, Temple's 20s and 30s Community, Rabbi Dreifus and Emily Groff Heilborn

5 pm

Torah Processional and Closing Ne’ilah Service

6:30 pm

Final Shofar Blast/Bring your own shofar and join the “Symphony of Shofars” followed by Break Fast in the EttelsonWax Social Hall, sponsored by Temple Israel Sisterhood

Greenstein Sanctuary Livestream: timemphis.org & Facebook


6 pm

Erev Sukkot Experience with Temple Clergy, hosted by Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Help us convert every dollar into seven pounds of food for those in need across the Mid-South. As we fast on Yom Kippur, we turn our focus on making food accessible for Memphians who are hungry every day. Please donate to Temple Israel's High Holy Days Food Drive by sending a check to Temple, payable to Rabbi Greenstein's discretionary fund (write Food Drive in the memo section). All funds will be given to the Mid-South Food Bank and MAZON: The Jewish Response to Hunger. An envelope is enclosed in this issue of the Voice for your convenience, or you can donate online at timemphis.org.

Temple Israel has a way for everyone to comfortably connect and worship this High Holy Day season. If you feel unwell, please enjoy our High Holy Day offerings through livestream. We look forward to worshiping with you!

Sunday, October 9 TIME

High Holy Days Food Drive


Childcare Child Care will be available on Rosh Hashanah Day and Yom Kippur Day. Register at timemphis.org/hhd.

Simchat Torah

Shemini/ Yizkor/End of High Holy Days

Sunday, October 16 TIME


6 pm

Simchat Torah Experience


Monday, October 17 TIME


6 pm

Rabbi Greenstein and Emily Groff Heilborn, “Judaism and the Afterlife”



THE COURAGE OF RABBI JAMES A. WAX iguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the Early Modern Spanish writer widely regarded as the greatest writer in the Spanish language, wrote this about courage: “One who loses wealth loses much. One who loses a friend loses more. But one who loses courage loses all.” It is no exaggeration to say that the rabbi and clergyman whose courage never waivered—no matter what the losses—was Temple Israel’s Rabbi James A. Wax, who led Memphis’ Reform synagogue from 1954 until 1978. When Rabbi Wax passed away in 1989, the newspaper called him “the moral conscience of the community.” One local religious leader added, “Each one has his minister, but the entire community has Rabbi Wax.” After years of research, planning, and preparation, The Temple Israel Museum is pleased to announce the creation of a multi-dimensional exhibit that will feature the religious, spiritual, and social conscience of Rabbi James A. Wax. Righteous Among Men: Rabbi James A. Wax, A Life Dedicated to Social Justice will open on Sunday, September 18, 2022, with a reception open to the community from 3-5 PM, and will showcase Rabbi Wax’s commitment to Judaism and social justice – a commitment that defined his life, paving the way for his pivotal role in the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike and his visionary leadership as an advocate for those with mental illness. Social justice has always been Reform Judaism’s crown jewel, and no leader was more committed to the vision of the Hebrew Prophets to end injustice than Rabbi James A. Wax. When the Torah exhorts the Jewish people and its leaders “to be strong and of good courage,” Rabbi Wax heard the call and lived those words. In the spirit of the Hebrew prophets, he appealed to the heart and moral conscience of humanity and

The legacy of Rabbi Wax is felt in the mission of Temple Israel and the fabric of the greater Memphis community to this day. We hope you will join us for the community reception at Temple on Sunday, September 18, from 3-5 PM. It will remain free and open to the entire community. RSVP and learn more at timemphis.org/rabbiwax.

One who loses wealth loses much. One who loses a friend loses more. But one who loses courage loses all.

The Temple Israel Museum is grateful to the following Presenting Sponsors for their support: The Herbert Shainberg Foundation and members of the James A. Wax family: Jonathan I. Wax, James A. Wax, and James R. Wax

paid the price, thus embodying what it means to be strong and of good courage. As President of the Memphis Ministers Association, Rabbi Wax led the march of hundreds of ministers to City Hall and confronted Mayor Henry Loeb with the nation watching on all three television networks, telling him, “There are laws far greater than the laws of Memphis and Tennessee, and these are the laws of God, human decency, and dignity.” 1 0 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2

The Temple Israel Museum houses The Herta and Dr. Justin H. Adler Judaica Collection, which reflects Jewish life and culture throughout the world. The Museum's extensive collection of Jewish art and ritual objects illustrates the religious and creative expressions of the Jewish people through the centuries as well as an understanding of the Jewish experience and the Jewish way of life.


Righteous Among Men: Rabbi James A. Wax, A Life Dedicated to Social Justice EXHIBIT OPENING + RECEPTION SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2022 3-5 PM | TEMPLE ISRAEL





1 2 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2

ENRICHING OPPORTUNITIES Adult Ulpan S U N DAY S , S TA RT I N G S E P T E M B E R 1 1 Beginner - Advanced Classes It is never too late to start learning Hebrew or brush up on what you once knew. Free and open to the community! For more information or to register, please contact Rabbi Jeff Dreifus at rabbijeff@timemphis.org.

Halleluyah Weekend With Rick Recht N OV E M B E R 1 8 - 2 0 , 2 0 2 2 Thank you to the generosity of the Mildred & Edgar Haas, Sr. Family & the Endowment for Education at Temple Israel.

L'hadlik – Igniting Sparks of Light in the Face of Darkness DECEMBER 9-11, 2022 Yoga and mindfulness before Chanukah with Rabbi Tara Feldman, CoSenior Rabbi of Temple Beth El – Great Neck, and 2004-2008 TI-Memphis Associate Rabbi

Spike Krauss at Temple Israel JA N UA RY 6 - 8 , 2 0 2 3 After a long winter break, wake your spirit up with the high-energy music of Spike Krauss. Don’t miss this bright moment to start the new year off right!

SINCE N THE LAST VOICE 1 4 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2


Temple has been buzzing with activity since the beginning of the year. Confirmation and Graduation classes celebrated their commitment to Torah and the Jewish community; ConnecTI hosted Shabbat at home and at the Overton


Shell; we welcomed a new Temple Israel

President and Board of Trustees at the Annual Meeting; we celebrated Purim with a blowout

ball; hosted Movie Nights; we hosted the most talented musicians and scholars who uplifted

our spirits, and we welcomed our newest members to the community. It was impossible to share it all so be sure you follow us on social media for the latest news and events!










2022 ANNUAL MEETING 1 6 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2















RELIGIOUS SCHOOL The Wendy & Avron Fogelman Religious School was full of learning both in and outside of the classroom. Some highlights of the year were the Yom Ha'atzmaut celebration, the end of school BBQ hosted by Brotherhood, and Confirmation and Graduation!





TI GRADUATION 1 8 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2


AT THE BKL ELC So much joy! The Barbara K. Lipman Early Learning Center kiddos celebrated Kindergarten graduation, learned how to make challah with Laura Yacoubian, Rebecca Belz, and Judy Bearman, sang with Ms. Carly, made Mishloach Manot Bags for the residents of Plough Towers, dressed School Carnival! To keep up with all of the ELC activities, follow us on Instagram at @BKL_ELC.


up for Purim, and had a blast at the Back to







MAZEL TOV! Engagements

B’nai Mitzvah

Brittney Adu & Aaron Canales


Josh Bender & Jamie Sokol

Daughter of Lindsay & Brian Califf, Samantha became a bat mitzvah on January 8, 2022. She is in 8th grade at Lausanne Collegiate School and the granddaughter of Jenny & Larry Bear and Debra & Cary Califf.

Ben Orgel & Taylor Van den Bosch Megan Orgel & Kase Pappert

Marriages E M I LY R U B E N S T E I N

Amanda Green & Josh Wolf

Daughter of Tammy & David Rubenstein, Emily became a

Sylvia Brookoff & Breanne McCormick

bat mitzvah on March 12, 2022. She is in 7th grade at Oxford Middle School.

Cassidy Gubin & Eric Goldberg Nikki Wright & Kevin Brower Rachel Bressler & Ryan Saharovich Colleen Schuetz & BD Freeman

BEN KIEL Son of Meggan & Daniel Kiel, Ben became a bar mitzvah on April 2, 2022. He is in 8th grade at Maria Montessori School and the grandson of Jeanne & Warren Wurzburg and Janis & Brian Kiel.

Lauren Goldstein & Russell Goldberg Ryan Weaver & Brad Bernstein Hannah Manis & Zack Dawson Sarah Schwartzberg & Brad Eiseman Tori Horn & Zach Kloville Abby Durham & Kenny Parker

ABBY PORTNOY Daughter of Lisa Usdan & David Portnoy, Abby became a

Lina Malave & Robby Schranze

bat mitzvah on April 9, 2022. She is in 8th grade at Hutchison LauraLee Madigan & Aaron Glazer

and the granddaughter of Linda & David Usdan and Wynne & Barry Wilder

*of blessed memory

If you have a simcha to share with the congregation, please email Jan Klein in the Rabbis’ office at jank@timemphis.org, or call her at 901.937.2771.

2 0 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2


ADAM COOPER Son of Michelle & Benjamin Cooper, Adam became a bar mitzvah on May 14, 2022. He is in 8th grade at Riverdale Elementary School and the grandson of Susan Cooper and Wendy & Leonard Cooper.

SAM COHEN Son of Stephanie & Stuart Cohen, Sam became a bar mitzvah on June 4, 2022. He is in 8th grade at Memphis University School and the grandson of Louise Guff and Carol & Elliott Slutsky.

KNOX SIMS Son of Dory & Wayne Sims, Knox became a bar mitzvah on June 16, 2022. He is in 7th grade at Memphis University School and the grandson of Brenda Wolf.

SADIE TREMEL Daughter of Emily & Matt Tremel, Sadie became a bat mitzvah on July 9, 2022. She is in 7th grade at Lausanne Collegiate School and the granddaughter of Liz & Tom Mack and Anne & Tim Tremel*.

W I L L I A M A N D S A M J O L LY Sons of Katie & Chris Jolly, William and Sam became b’nai mitzvah on August 27, 2022. William is in 8th grade, and Sam is in 7th grade at Riverdale Middle School and the grandsons of Gina Jolly, Monty Jolly, and Cathy & Bill Perry.

*of blessed memory



Births LO U I S E D I A N A C O R BY Daughter of Richard & Rachael Corby. Granddaughter of Waynette Besser. Great-granddaughter of Gloria Besser.


New Members* We welcome the families of: Katy Abraham & Barrett Schwartz Joey Barsotti & Adam Barsotti Zohar Katherine Shell Benson & Floyd Benson

Son of Jessica & David Snyder. Grandson of Lorriane Steinberg, Terri & Barry Steinberg, Barbara & Jon

Ryan & Brad Bernstein

Schwartz and Sherman Snyder. Great-grandson of Rita Deal and Ethel Jarmell.

Krista Caraway


Drew Chamness

Son of Jami & Adam Lazarov. Grandson of Debbie & Ronald Lazarov, Jodi Karren, and Melissa & Larry Karren. Great-grandson of Ruth Karren and Roselle Lazarov.

R U BY M I R I A M S A M U E L S Daughter of Hillary & Jacob Samuels. Granddaughter of Patti & Bill Weiss and Laurie & Harry Samuels. Great-granddaughter of Annie & Michael Weiss.

S O P H I E K AT E S A S L AW S K Y Daughter of Stephanie & Joel Saslawsky. Granddaughter of Betsy & Andy Saslawsky and Carolyn & Michael

Van Daggett Mary Beth Darrow & Jacob Shiloah Emily & Corry Davis Rachel & Jeff Davis Kady Eby & Marc Schwartz Stephanie & Brian Eisenstatt Meredith & Adam Exelbierd Terri & Richard Finkel

Perlman. Great-grandaughter of Judy & Nick Ringel.

Abby Fox


Dena Frisch & Franklin Edrich

Daughter of Ali & Philip Kirsch. Granddaughter of Ronni & Joe* Kirsch and Marilyn & Stephen Howard. Great-granddaughter of Edee Shuman.

Colleen & BD Freeman Michael Gilbert Janet Glazer

R U S S E L L W I N D E L L J A C K S O N, J R.

LauraLee & Aaron Glazer

Son of Sarah & Russell Jackson. Grandson of Debbie & Ron Jackson and Anne & Lynn Phifer.

Julia Greenstein

Great-Grandson of Judy Jackson and Dana Simon.

Stacey Griggs

Z O R A R E Y E I S E N S TAT T Daughter of Stephanie & Brian Eisenstatt. Grandaughter of Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt, and Donna & Andy Poarch. Great-granddaughter of Carole & Charles Plesofsky.

Shelley & Jon Groff Lily Guenther & Brian Meyers Jessica Hennen & Greg Shrum Mindy & West Huddleston


Stephanie & Brad Jolly

Son of Meredith & Adam Exielbierd. Grandson of Eileen & Allen* Exelbierd, Cathy Meredith and Julie &

Natalie & Jacob Klaven

Michael Parker.

Tori & Zach Kloville


Ilyse Kornblau & Jay Gordon

Son of Lauren & Parker Trotz. Grandson of Sally & Michael Pelts and Blair & Eric Trotz. Great-grandson of Judy Boshwit, Betty Pelts, Arlene Fortas and Dorothy Trotz.


Jan & Daniel LaVene Jeff Lerner Einat & Neal Loskovitz Helen & Uzi Mann

Son of Gina & David Tenenbaum. Grandson of Roz Zalowitz and Sam Zalowitz, and Jan & Terry Tenenbaum.

Jessica & Ryan Mikes

Great-grandson of Emily Bernhardt.

Brona Pinnolis


Molly Rafaely & Seeley Jones

Daughter of Taryn & Mitchell Ashkenaz. Granddaughter of Judie Ashkenaz & Bruce Kahn, Larry Ashkenaz*,

Cynthia Richardson & Todd Silverman

Tamie Moore & Mark Stiles, and Terry Moore*. Great-granddaughter of Susie Russell.

Rachel Rotter


Patti Shaw & Ed Chaum

Daughter of Rachel & Joey Notowich. Granddaughter of Jill & Scott Notowich. Great-granddaughter of Suzanne Lazarov and Marilyn Notowich.

TEAGAN ANNE KEITH Daughter of Sarah & Corey Keith. Granddaughter of Peggy & Mike Mumper, Anne Hislop*, and Nancy & Gary Keith.

Danica Rubin-Richards & Corey Richards Brooke & Erich Simpkins April & Joel Sissman Jessica & David Snyder Alex Tomback & Ben Reisman Laura & LT Wilons Danielle & Ari Zelig

*of blessed memory

2 2 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2

*Through July 29, 2022

ConnecTI provides a holistic Jewish experience through socially, spiritually, and professionally fulfilling opportunities for Memphians in their 20s and 30s with a mission to connect to each other, to our Jewish community, and to Memphis. If you are new to Memphis or are looking to reconnect to your Jewish community, reach out to Rabbi Jeff Dreifus at rabbijeff@timemphis.org or visit timemphis.org/connecti.


Birthday of Dick Eiseman Carole & Charles Plesofsky

According to the Talmud, giving is as important as all of the other commandments combined. Thank you to those listed below who made donations to the following funds from December 2021 - July 2022: Barbara K. Lipman Early Learning Center, Beulah R. Vosse Library, Brotherhood, Cemetery, Clergy’s Discretionary, ConnecTI, General, Grounds & Beautification, Hohenberg-Scheidt Lifetime Learning, Mary Shainberg Archives, MeFTY, Mildred Schwartz B’nai Mitzvah Scholarship, Museum, Music Program, Rabbi James A. Wax Fund for Social Justice, Service to the Blind, Sisterhood, Temple Israel University, and the Wendy & Avron Fogelman Religious School.

FOR THE RECOVERY OF Jeanne Danziger Jenny & Larry Baer Viki Poole Joel Felt Sherwood Platt Carole & Charles Plesofsky Thelma Greenberg Iris Ruden Lynn Gruber Randa Lipman Racelle Mednikow Annabelle Kaplan Lynn Kline Iris Ruden Sidney Lehman Lynn Kline Phyllis Levine Hallie Elliot Sidney Mendelson Larry Moss Mike Alabaster Sondra Price Yvonne & Paul Levine Nick Ringel Judy Kriger and Family May Lynn Mansbach Joel Weiner Lynn & Vic Butcher

IN HONOR OF 65th Anniversary of Jean & Buddy Ballin Inky & Phil Aronoff Judy & Nick Ringel Birth of Vivienne Rose Baum Susan & Raymond Evans Susie & Mark Bender Susan & Raymond Evans Diane & Irwin Evans Abbey & Bryan Benjamin Diane & Mike Cole Janet Glazer Marilyn & Louis Glazer Ken Glazer 2 4 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2

Linda Bedrin Michelle & Brian Blake and Family Marion Suekoff Rachael Brill & Rabbi Jeff Dreifus Jan & Marc Reisman Bat Mitzvah of Samantha Califf Linda Kline Russ Campbell's 30 Years of Service to Temple Israel Susan & Raymond Evans and Family Jan & Marc Reisman Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg Laura Yacoubian Marilyn & Harvey Cook Brenda Wolf Rabbi Harry Danziger Stacey & Michael Alpert Debbie & Sidney Kriger The Newburger Family Mike Dragutsky Anniversary of Cheri & Marc Rubenstein Jamie & Glenn Goldring Rabbi Jeff Dreifus Laura Abelman & Sam Stein Carey & Zach Channing Brother Pat Conway of Christian Brothers University Sherry Laemmermann Elizabeth Mack Sally & Michael Pelts Jan & Marc Reisman Karen & Gordon Robbins Jan & Lee Stein Michael Stein Laura & Paul Yacoubian Wedding of Abby Durham & Kenny Parker Wedding of Nikki Wright & Kevin Brower Susan & Brian Kerman Sarah Eckstein on Becoming Director of Programming and Jennifer Ross on Becoming Director of Engagement at the Barbara K. Lipman Early Learning Center Laura & Paul Yacoubian

Embracing Judaism Class and Teachers, Sally Rosenberg and Judy Bearman Jason Ring Mark Fogelman Jenny & Larry Herman 60th Anniversary of Wendy & Avron Fogelman Judy Kriger and Family Dick Eiseman Birth of Jerome Fuller Naming of Alina Goldstein Sandy Goldstein Rabbi Micah Greenstein Mike Alabaster Perla & Steve Alabaster Stacey & Michael Alpert Sylvia Appleton Jill Asher Arlene Averbuch The Family of Rosalie Beal Amy Brode Rose Merry Brown Stephen Brown Jill Burrows and Julie Sanford Terri & Paul Burson Felix Caldwell Lindsay & Brian Califf Stephanie & Stuart Cohen Robert Davis Steven Edwards Family of Leo Feder, Jr. Susan Feinberg Judy & Peter Felsenthal Brenda & Marshall Gordon Jan & Marc Hanover Ann & Mason Hawkins Sue Kaplan Judy Kriger Jan & Daniel LaVene Debbie & Ron Lazarov and Family Jane Lettes Gail Lewis and Family The Family of Herman Markell Sally & Michael Pelts Vicki Pickle Viki Poole Wendy & Steve Radtke Patti & Alan Rubenstein Cheri & Henry Rudner The Family of Jacqueline Salenfriend Jody & Larry Shutzberg Marlene & Barry Siegel Evelyn Snyder Jan & Lee Stein and Family Tzedek America Marsha & Mike Underberg Lynn Weiner Renie & Alan Weinstein Annie & Mike Weiss Patti & Bill Weiss Lane Weitz Joy Wilk Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg Janet Zale

Sheril & Rabbi Micah Greenstein and Julia Greenstein Gail & Michael Goldberg Marriage of Cassidy Gubin & Eric Goldberg Bat Mitzvah of Abby Portnoy Lou Strasberg on Being Inducted into the University of Memphis Hall of Fame Roslyn & Lester Lit Birth of Raymond Francis Hanson Barbara Kabakoff Birthday of Richard Hiller Susan Dreyfus Brenda & Mick Hapner Carolyn & Joel Mizne Russell Strauss Caren Yarmuth Birthday of Susan Hiller Brenda & Mick Hapner Happie Hoffman Jan Klein Eric Mogy Connie Sherman Linda Ellen Sklar Gregory Miles Birthday of Ron Hoffman Stacy & Art Canales Tommy Howard Judy & Nick Ringel Debbie Jackson Sarah Thomson Marion Suekoff Jimmy Jalenak Ellen Klyce Benjamin Katz’s Installation on the Temple Board of Trustees Cindy & Buz Katz Sarah Keith and Jamie Katz Barbara K. Lipman Early Learning Center Teachers Anniversary of Julie & Jerry Klein Judy Royal Birthday of Ellison Kollath Eve Bernatsky Nora Kaufman Debbie & Ron Lazarov on Becoming Grandparents Again Shelley Robbins & Reed Landau Peter Lindy Sally & Michael Pelts Debbie & Ron Lazarov Marriage of LauraLee Madigan & Aaron Glazer B'nai Mitzvah of Rylee and Ross Sorin Hallie Elliot Betsy Mandel-Carley Debbie Jackson Barbara Mansberg Linda Greenwald Barbara Hellman

D ONATIONS Danny Mansberg Albert Levin

Emily Rubenstein Tammy & David Rubenstein


Leigh & Danny Mansberg Jewish Foundation of Memphis

60th Anniversary of Susan & Harry Rubenstein Joan & Stanley Baker Sharon Kustoff

Celia & George Abraham Alice & Abe Goodman, Jr. Patti & Lee Abraham Leigh & Rob Hendry

Iris Ruden Cindy & Buz Katz

Samuel Abraham Ben Beck Samuel Beck Sylvia Beck Sharon Gadless

Leigh Mansberg’s Installation as President of Temple Israel Kenneth Baim Jane & Gene Eckstein Jeff Fleishman Diane & Mark Halperin Jenny & Larry Herman Debbie & Ron Lazarov Sally & Michael Pelts Ann Rabinovitz Jan & Marc Reisman Debbie & David Rosenthal Kit & Rick Roth Judy Royal Jill & Scott Shanker Judy Stephenson Robin & Jeff Wallace Lisa & Andy Weil Meredith & Gary Weintraub Laura & Paul Yacoubian Laurie Meskin on Her Presidency of the Temple Board of Trustees Jenny & Larry Herman Debbie & Ron Lazarov Jill & Scott Notowich Jan & Marc Reisman Mary & Corey Trotz Marriage of Mallory Moskowitz & Sammy Weitz Linda & Edward Young Alan Nathanson Stevan Black Ken Glazer Birth of Hannah Lou Notowich Lisa Menuskin & Neil Gibson Engagement of Megan Orgel & Kase Pappert Janis & Pat Finan and Family Lynn Owen Gregory Miles Marion Suekoff Teri Peacock Adult Ulpan 2 Class Frank Perlman Lyda Parker 100th Birthday of Phil Pinstein Marilyn & Harvey Cook Cheryl Kaplan Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg 85th Birthday of Nick Ringel Stacey & Michael Alpert Martha & Jerrold Graber Rena Rose's Installation as President of TI Sisterhood Holly Spraker-Perlman’s Conversion to Judaism Judy Royal Sally Rosenberg First United Methodist Church Marion Suekoff

Birthdays of Debra & Alex Saharovich Valli Israels & Andrew Mendlin Lisa Menuskin & Neil Gibson Birth of Ruby Miriam Samuels Stacey & Michael Alpert Susan & Raymond Evans Shelley Robbins Judy Royal Audrey & Greg Siskind Linda & Edward Young Birth of Sophie Kate Saslawsky Stacey & Michael Alpert Judy Royal Anniversary of Gloria & Jerome Siegel Deanna & Irvin Serenco Rabbi Jeremy Simons Church of the River HHS Theatre Booster Group Amy & Tod Singer Birthday of Ruthie Simons Eve Bernatsky Birthday of Jan Stein Anniversary of Jan & Lee Stein Deborah & Sam Brackstone Birth of Cooper William Susser Kelsey Buchbinder & Spencer Glaser Birth of Ari Nathan Tenenbaum Emily Bernhardt Engagement of Taylor Van den Bosch & Benjamin Orgel Janis & Pat Finan Lisa Menuskin & Neil Gibson Debora Weisman Steven Weisman Mike Weiss on His Special Birthday Lisa & Jonathan Frisch Cindy & Buz Katz Jan & Marc Reisman Special Birthday of Ed Wise Bejay Gronauer Raymond Buring Rabbi Bess Wohlner Church of the River Margaret & Shep Fargotstein Leigh & Jeremy Less Amy & Tod Singer Ryan Weaver & Brad Bernstein Janet Zale Mary Beth Darrow Sharon Huffstutler

Adolph Abroms Brenda and Lisa Smith Miriam Alabaster Patty & Lee Abraham Penny & Dan Alabaster Sherrie & Norman Badrian Irma Binder Brenda & Mark Curland Ida Eleazer Sherry & Maury Evensky Linda Greenwald Leigh & Rob Hendry Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Debbie & Ron Lazarov Jan Magids Lauren, Jeff, and Lilly Rower Diane Rudner Ellen & Sammy Salky Andrea & Craig Sander Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Lynda & Stephen Shiffman Stacy & Jerry Siegler and Family Rochelle & Avron Slutsky Daisy Spiro Marsha & Mike Underberg Adrian & Larry Weissman Linda & Edward Young

Abe Aronoff Inky & Phil Aronoff Jack Astrachan Margot Astrachan Annette Applebaum Baim Kenneth Baim Belle Eshman Balkin Frank Balkin Anna Kabakoff Gruber Herman Gruber Lynn & Vic Butcher Bernice Banes Mike Alabaster Lyda Parker & Stanley Zitron Nancy & Gary Raileanu Jan & Marc Reisman Abe Baras Sylvia Baras Barbara Fields Jay Snetman Margie Snetman Hannah Jacobstein Barnett Louis Barnett Clarice Barnett Harris Lewis "Pat" Isaacs Bertha Plesofsky Carole & Charles Plesofsky Freida Epstein Baruchman Ike Baruchman Sam Buchalter Beverly Buchalter Helen Jean Davidson Basist Racelle Mednikow and Family Joy & Leo Bearman Maxine & Don Gold

Sam Alabaster Dan Alabaster

Leo Bearman Dick Eiseman

Debbie Alexander Mary Stone Baer Beth Okeon

Ben Beatus Suzy Boshwit Jan & Marc Hanover

David Alperin Liz Simonian

Harvey Becker Terri & Paul Burson Millie & Alan Katzen Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt

Joseph Alperin Tillie Blen Alperin Annie Krivcher Ezra Krivcher Jill Eileen Krivcher Sonya Alperin Krivcher Barnett Magids Charles Magids Fannie Magids Samuel Bernard Magids Jan Magids Paul Alpert Michelle & Paul Clein Rayna & Michael Greenberg Lisa Menuskin & Neil Gibson Laurie & Jeff Meskin Terry Orgel Jan & Marc Reisman Judy & Nick Ringel Stacy & Jerry Siegler Siskind Susser PC, Immigration Lawyers Marsha & Mike Underberg

Adele Bedrin Louis Bedrin Linda Bedrin & Don Klotwog Michelle & Brian Blake Melody Tuchin Belz Heather Belz Grace Lofsky Bernstein Jane Eckstein Ernie Bernhardt Jori Bernhardt Curd Marcel Jacobsen Regina Jacobsen Emily Bernhardt & Family Joanie Binder Rena Rosenberg Lewis Binder Irma Binder


D ONATIONS Isabel Hecht Blair Linda & Tex Blair

LeRoy Brown Pat & David Okeon

Alfred Blatnikoff Adelle Golub Rae Jean & Sandy Lichterman

Doris Buchalter Carol Stapp

Abe Blindman Marna Lee Blindman Stuart LaVene Debbie & Ron Lazarov and Family Amelia Bloom Nancy Ballin and Family Harry Bloom Toba & Leslie Kornberg Joanne Bloom Ellie Appling Linda Bedrin & Don Klotwog Louise Bloom Gloria & Arnold Himelstein Charlotte Levitch Kathy & Morris Palefsky Jan & Marc Reisman Judy Royal Jeri Lyn & Jeff Sebert Lynn Spielberger Bloomston Linda Pelts Stanley Zitron Marx Borod Ronald Borod Avrome Boshwit Raymond Shainberg Louise Zugsmith Judith Boshwit and Family Robert "Bobby" Bostick Carol & Bert Barnett Linda Bedrin Bejay Gronauer Lyda Parker & Stanley Zitron Viki Poole Jan & Marc Reisman Russell Strauss Caren Yarmuth Joseph Boston Sally & Barry Boston Fernand David Brackstone Jan & Lee Stein and Family LeRoy Bloch Brackstone Deborah & Sam Brackstone Jan & Lee Stein Jeanette Baum Branson Janet & James Branson Leo Brody Natalie Graber and Family Maury Bronstein Wendy & Avron Fogelman Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg Paul Bronstein Suzy Boshwit Felix Caldwell Wendy & Avron Fogelman Debbie & Ron Lazarov Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg Julia & Max Bronze Kathy & Michael Bronze 2 6 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2

Robert Buchalter Beverly Buchalter Carol Stapp Jerry Buring Leigh Ellen Buring Nat Buring Monte Franklin Raymond Buring Albert Burson Rebecca Burson Mabel Paul Jake Shainberg Victor Shainberg Deanna Burson

Gary Chambers Helen Engelberg Sara Gordon Lebovitz Ida & Leonard Engelberg Ada Cohen Albert Cohen Barbara Kleinman Herbert Mayer Jay Underberg Leon Underberg Marsha & Mike Underberg Allen Edward Cohen Linda Ellen & Ron Sklar David Millard Cohen Pattye Cohen Leslie & Bill Fargotstein and Family William "Wim" Mendel Cohen Pattye Cohen

Leon Burson Leslie Burson

Necie Conroy Emily & Douglas Frisch

Irvin David "Butch" Califf Marsha & Mike Underberg Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg

Sadie Brown Cook Douglas Morrison Margo Morrison Rose Morrison Zelda Brown Morrison Marilyn & Harvey Cook

Stewart Cannell Patty & Lee Abraham Wendy & Howard Allenberg Julie & Lawson Arney Judie Ashkenaz & Bruce Kahn Sherrie & Norman Badrian Andrea & Brian Barrach Terri & Paul Burson Steve Carol and Stanley Karr Brenda & Mark Curland Robin & Lu Dorfman Trudi & Reid Evensky Janet & Alan Farber Friends and Family of Stewart Cannell Lisa & Jonathan Frisch Laura Greer Fran Greeson Leigh & Rob Hendry Tom Holloway Jan & Howard Horn and Family Gina Jolly Millie & Alan Katzen Natalie & Ron Lefkowitz Donna & Robert Nathan Paula & Joel Picker Scott Price Rashkind Saunders & Co. Real Estate Rena Rose Susan & Skip Rossen Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Stacy & Jerry Siegler and Family Sherri & Jim Steiger William Sternberger, Jr. Barbara & Norman Towbin and Family Marsha & Mike Underberg Ida Mexic Caplan Mike Caplan Esther Feldman Loevy Leopold Loevy Meryl Klein & Barbara Loevy Eddie Ceitlin Sophie Ceitlin Margaret & Steve Biller

Polly Jane Cooper Karen & Murray Riss Sara Natalie Cooper Steve Cooper Tracey & Ronnie Cooper Ben Croner Helen Jiedel Croner Julius Jiedel Jo Croner Hermine Jacobs Davidson Amy & Mark Adelman Judie Ashkenaz & Bruce Kahn Jenny & Larry Baer Jean & Buddy Ballin The Bearman and Pinkston Family Linda Bedrin & Don Klotwog Paula & Avrahm Cohen Marilyn & Harvey Cook Bonnie & Alan Cooper Brenda & Mark Curland Judy & Michael Edelson Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt Patti & Stanley Elster Peggy & Sidney Evensky Lisa & Jonathan Frisch Leslie & Mark Gillenson Terri Goodman Lynn Gruber Diane & Mark Halperin Brenda & Mick Hapner Debbie & Ron Jackson Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Jayne Jamison & Eddie Bisno and Family Cheryl & Gary Kaplan Steve Kisber Lynn Kline Judy Kriger Molly & Kurt Lane Shelley & Don Levy

Larry Lipman Randa Lipman Lesley & Sam Marks Racelle Mednikow and Family Sharon & Bill Nickol Alvin Notowich Betsy Olim & Steven Levy Suzanne Olswing and Family Mary Lynn Perl Carole & Robert Pinstein Carole & Charles Plesofsky Viki Poole Jan & Marc Reisman Jennifer & Joe Roberts Meryl Rosen Diane Rudner Ellen & Sammy Salky Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Dessie Sewel Marilee Sher Elizabeth & Dolph Simon Dale & Alan Singer Rochelle & Avron Slutsky Margie Snetman Evelyn Snyder Jan & Lee Stein Susan & Saul Stein Jill & Ken Steinberg William Sternberger Laura & Alan Tanenbaum Lisa Usdan & David Portnoy Martin Weiss Sally & Mark Wender Ethel Balkin Davis Joseph Davis Joyce Dattel Kuh Bejay Gronauer Mayme Applebaum Dortch Missy & Chuck Noon Charles Eichenbaum Leo Jalenak, Sr. Peggy & L. R. Jalenak, Jr. Helen Sonn Engelberg Selma Chambers Issy Paul Engelberg Selma Chambers Ida & Leonard Engelberg Natalie Herzberg Epstein Pearl Epstein Polly Heimberg Judy Royal and Family Nell Ettelson Sandra & Bill Ettelson Gertrude Kraus Eubanks Malea & Alan Kraus Marsha & Mike Underberg Rose "Snooks" Evans Paula & Joel Picker Bessie Evensky Jake Salky Peggy & Sidney Evensky Sadie Steinberg Evensky Leo Feder Marcia & Allan Hayden Laurie & Elkan Scheidt

D ONATIONS Esta Katz Fargotstein Laura Riskind

Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Stacy & Jerry Siegler and Family

Betty Roth Feuerman Deborah & Steven Bilsky Judith Boshwit and Family

Melvin "Bubba" Goldberg Ben Greenberg Dory & David Greenberg

Joseph Finan Vicki Wurzburg Sanders Rodney Wolf Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg

Stephanie Goldberg Samuel Zalich Orgel Frances Skaller Max Isaac Sweeting Terry Orgel

Jill Fisher Marcia & Tom Fisher Norma Fisher Sue Ann & Bernard Lipsey Helen Malkin Fink Jill & David Buring Sandra Grissom Robert Forman Evie & Alvin Greenberg and Family Annie Feingold Fortas Susan Eisenstein and Sarah Gewirtz Henry Fortas Sylvia Stiman Fortas Carol & Joel Hertz Irving Freudberg Jean & Buddy Ballin Inez Flink Fried Marilyn & Louis Glazer Michael Stein Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg Evelyn Nathan Friedman David Nathan Steve Simon Linda Simon Henrietta "Tootsie" Friener Rose Merry Brown Susan & Jerome Franklin Lynn Kline Nancy & Gary Raileanu Jan & Marc Reisman Cheri & Henry Rudner Lynda & Stephen Shiffman Barbara & Norman Towbin and Family Bernard Frisch Douglas Frisch Ellen & Herb Kahn Madelyn Gang Sylvia Appleton Brenda & Mark Curland and Family Jan & Marc Reisman Meryl Rosen Russell Strauss

Judy Payton Goldsmith Beth & Lester Goldsmith and Family Robert Goldsmith The Fineman Family Jerome Goldstein Leslie Rose McLean Sandy Goldstein Sam Goldstein Tracey & Ronnie Cooper Paula Benovitz Gould Charles Wexler Alfred Greenberg Lindsay & Brian Califf and Family The Greenberg Family Racelle Mednikow and Michael Mednikow Carole & Charles Plesofsky Shelley Robbins & Reed Landau Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Sylvia Alperin Greif Linda Bernstein Frances Kallsnick Dale Panoff Rae Grosman Stacey & Michael Alpert Carol & Bert Barnett Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt Judy Gerber Marilyn & Louis Glazer Debbie & Sidney Kriger Debbie & Ron Lazarov Helen Leitner Nancy & Richard Robinson Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Julie & Allan Schoenberger Faylese Gruber Leslie Gruber Jay Gruber Fay Gubin Christine Gubin

Dean Gauntlett Nancy & Gary Raileanu

Russell Haas Abe Lapides George Lapides Rose Merry Brown

Dorothy Gellerman Geri & Hal Lansky

Emmet Joseph Hanick Elaine & Kenneth Gieszler

Marshall Gerber Judy Gerber

Jerry Hanover Jill & David Buring

Gary Gibson Stacey & Michael Alpert Janis & Pat Finan Jan & Marc Reisman Shelley Robbins & Reed Landau

Albert Morris Harmel Paul Harmel Robert "Bob" Harmel Jean & Buddy Ballin Marcy & Michael Blen

Susan Dreyfus Lauren & Bill Hackney Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Jan Klein Jeanie & James Larsen Eve & Craig Lazarov Deedee & Ron Perel Carole & Charles Plesofsky Natalie & Paul Royal Karin & Jeff Rubnitz Connie & Mike Sherman Robin & Jeff Wallace Jonathan Wax Caren Yarmuth Stanley Zitron Bertha Solomon Hayden Marcia & Allan Hayden AJ Herzberg Rose Dorothy Herzberg Cathy & Richard Kessler Jacqueline Hirsh Robert Hirsh Debra & Cary Califf Rachel Hohenberg Anise & Ron Belz Teri Graber Sheila Hollander Andrea & Bruce Cohen Ellen & Herbert Kahn Janis & Brian Kiel Carole & Charles Plesofsky Stanley Zitron Marx Jeffer Sarah Karno Jeffer Sidney Lazarov Steven Lazarov Roselle Lazarov Sylvia Pappenheimer Johnson Janice Pappenheimer William “Wm” Pappenheimer Carl Johnson Betty Joseph The Weiss Family Joseph Joseph Susan & Larry Weiss Maxine Meyer Kahn Sidney Kahn, Jr. Susan Kahn Freida Kaminsky Neil Kaminsky Philip Kaminsky Mickey & Arthur Buring Raymond Buring Doris Califf Carol & Joel Hertz Susanne & Bruce Landau Gail Lewis Lyda Parker & Stanley Zitron Carole & Charles Plesofsky Jan & Marc Reisman Judy Royal Jan & Lee Stein

Edward Kaplan Jack Kaplan Harry Stone Linda Stone Kaplan and Family Ernest Ray Kaplan Syd Klein Adele Kisber Lenny Kaplan Louis Kline Robert Paul Kline Harry Sidney Loket Minnie Samuels Loket Annie Schatz Samuels Wayne Snyder Bernice Kline Thalheimer Leon Thalheimer Lynn Kline Sol Kaplan Judith McCown Stanley Baruch Kaplan Sue Kaplan Rena Waller Karchmer Barbara & A.W. Karchmer Morris Katz Nina Katz Melanie Magnus Marilyn & Alan Magnus Elaina Sexton Sara Maharik Katz Sandy Tanenbaum Sarah Katz Warren Weinberg Lynn Gruber Maya June Kaufman Paula & Mayer Kelman Dorothy & Rob Goldwin Steven Paul Kesselman Janet & Alan Farber Barb Gelb & Kenny Weinstein Jay King Sumner Levine Laurie Ruth Miller Donna Reisman Carl Richard Zwerner Jan & Marc Reisman Melvyn Harris Kirsch Philip Louis Kirsch Rose Brown Kirsch Eugene Zuckerman Muriel Blatt Zuckerman Ronni Kirsch Richard Kisber Robert Kahn Kisber Janet Kisber Steve Kisber Isabel & Louis Klitzner Martin Paul Klitzner Gladys Strasberg Lindy Herman Louis Lindy Judy & Jim Lindy Fred Klyman Ted Petrovsky Linda Bedrin & Don Klotwog


D ONATIONS Helen Bernstein Kohn Phyllis & Jay Greenberg

Elise Hohenemser Levy Richard Licht

Sheldon Korones Kathleen Fletcher Stephanie & Chuck Sarasohn

Gilbert Levy Brother Joel McGraw

Marilyn Kosten Brenda & Mark Curland Lauren Hackney Lynn Kline Ken Levi Racelle Mednikow and Family Jan & Marc Reisman Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Connie & Mike Sherman Jan & Lee Stein Marsha & Mike Underberg Abe Herman Kriger Aimee Herzberg Kriger Lisa Usdan & David Portnoy Leslie Landau Stacey & Michael Alpert Sylvia Appleton Anise & Ron Belz Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt Melissa & Rich Faber Leslie & Mark Gillenson Lynn Kline Don Levy Marcia & Bill Levy Jill & Scott Notowich Jan & Marc Reisman Sherry & Alan Samuels Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Connie & Mike Sherman Barbara & Norman Towbin Badana & Herman Lasnick Ann & Julius Lasnick Terry Orgel Joseph Aaron Lebovitz Ida & Leonard Engelberg and Family June & Jerry Odegard Maxine & Mike Shepard Sally & Joe Lebovitz Alec Engelberg Beady & Irwin Leib Gina Jolly Patsy Lerner Doris Califf Betty Jo Goldstein Ilene & Mike Goldstein Bejay Gronauer Jan & Marc Hanover Marcia & Allan Hayden Lynn Kline Yvonne & Paul Levine Racelle Mednikow Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Rochelle & Avron Slutsky Evelyn Snyder Leon Less Michele & Michael Less Deborah Levine Ron Levine Louis Levine Stacey & Michael Alpert

2 8 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2

Irma Menkel Levy Joe Levy Marian Levy Louise Ottenheimer Lewis Sonia Lewis Van Buskirk Gail Lewis Myron Lewis Patty & Lee Abraham Jeanne & Bruce Alpert Arlene Averbuch Carol & Bert Barnett Alison & David Barrack Dot & Stanley Bilsky Marcy & Michael Blen Brad Boekeloo & Stan Drake Rose Merry Brown Beverly Buchalter Gerry Burditt Lynn & Vic Butcher Doris Califf Bonnie & Eliot Cohen Marilyn & Harvey Cook Amy & Michael Egerman Wendy & Avron Fogelman Barbara & Frank Ghertner Leslie & Mark Gillenson Nicholas Gotten, Jr. Joyce & Fred Graflund Rayna & Michael Greenberg Scott Gruber Lauren & Bill Hackney Jenny & Larry Herman Marci & Geoffrey Hirsch Jan & Howard Horn Janis & David Iansmith Monique & Charles Jalenak Peggy & L. R. Jalenak, Jr. Stephen Kasloff Andrea & Robert Kerlan Lynn Kline Karen & Michael Koplon Judy Kriger Jeanie & Jimmy Larsen Eve & Craig Lazarov and Family Jane Lettes Nancy & Michael Levinson Ed Levy, Jr. Marcia & Bill Levy Myrna & Joe Levy Jan Magids May Lynn Mansbach Linda Kay & Randy McCloy Lynn Meyer Marcy Milman Timna Myers Lyda Parker & Stanley Zitron Deedee & Ron Perel Jan & Marc Reisman Shannon Rhue Anne & John Robilio Judy Royal Diane Rudner Marcia Sabesin and Family Arlene & Victor Schlesinger Audrey & Greg Siskind

Stephanie & Joel Sklar Rochelle & Avron Slutsky Margie Snetman Sherri & Jim Steiger Jan & Lee Stein Lorraine Steinberg Mary & Corey Trotz Robin & Bruce Wachsman Sharon & Wally Wallace Charles Wexler Brenda Wolf Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg The Reginald Wurzburg Family Courtney Lewis-Hale Boswell Hale Aron Livnah Carol & Bert Barnett Linda Bedrin & Don Klotwog Louise Bloom Susan Dreyfus Fredrika & Joel Felt Betsy & Ron Gilman Debbie & Ron Jackson Frances & Richard Kallsnick Wendy & Stuart Kaplan Millie & Alan Katzen Yvonne & Glenn Kiersky Marcia & Bill Levy Gail Lewis Carol Lipman Janine Lotz & Ronald Scott Carole & Robert Pinstein Viki Poole Jan & Marc Reisman Paul Rubin Rose & Dick Rubin Judy Royal Leigh & Craig Royal Sherry & Alan Samuels Bobbie Shainberg Rochelle & Avron Slutsky Margie Snetman Sherri & Jim Steiger Jan & Lee Stein Susan & Saul Stein Caren Yarmuth William Loewenberg Joanne Loewenberg Markell Fredrika & Joel Felt Nathan Loskovitz Reva Loskovitz Myrna & Myron Thomas J.G. Lowenthal Abe Scharff Beverly Rauch & Joe Lowenthal Alvin Lowi, Jr. Barbara & Norman Towbin and Family Marshall "Chuck" Lurie Leslie & Bill Fargotstein and Family Marcia & Allan Hayden Millie & Alan Katzen Mildred Kiel Beth Okeon Jan & Marc Reisman Marsha & Mike Underberg Jack Steven Magids Sara & Kevin Adams

Arlene Averbuch Anise & Ron Belz Rita Blumenfeld Brenda & Robert Blumenthal Shelly & Steve Brodie and Family Pat & A.C. Burnham Paula & Charlie Cottam Julie Dorsey & Daniel Leemon Judy & Peter Felsenthal Wendy & Avron Fogelman Mark Glover Diane & Mark Halperin The Harlor Family Marci & Geoffrey Hirsch Richard Krivcher Jennie Latta Gail Lewis Dianne & Marc Magids and Family Reba Magids Deedee & Ron Perel Nancy & Richard Robinson Glen Rosenbaum Diane Rudner Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Connie & Vincent Smith Jackie & Robert Solmson Waddell & Associates, LLC Marianne & Ron Walter Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg Jean Yun Alan Zorfas Ann Ashner Magnus Marilyn & Alan Magnus Maury Malkin Janis & David Iansmith Irving Manis Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Jeff Manis Marcia & Tom Fisher Bayla & Arnold Manis Roy Mansberg Gregory Miles Herman Markell Jack Belz Janis Iansmith Sondra Levingston Lyda Parker & Stanley Zitron Jan & Marc Reisman Jane & Paul Rubin and Family Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Gail Silverstein Doris Marks Lesley & Sam Marks Mollye Bloom Mervis Lisa & Jonathan Frisch Debbie & Sidney Kriger Lisa Levi and Family Nancy & Gary Raileanu Jan & Marc Reisman Greg Meyer Mike Alabaster Sharon & Lee Allen Stacey & Michael Alpert Judie Ashkenaz & Bruce Kahn Joel & Dub Ashner Debbie & Leslie Baer

D ONATIONS Jenny & Larry Baer Joan & Stanley Baker Anise & Ron Belz Rose Merry Brown Mickey & Arthur Buring Debra & Cary Califf Tracey & Ronnie Cooper Nancy & Sheldon Dan Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt Peggy & Sidney Evensky Melissa & Rich Faber Gloria & Eddie Felsenthal Shara Lynn & Arnold Goldin Rayna & Michael Greenberg Helen Gronauer Sherry & Mike Grosman Leigh Hendry Jeri & Allen Israel Debbie Jackson Monique & Charles Jalenak Sarah Josephs Ellen & Herb Kahn Lynn Kline Debbie & Ron Lazarov Shelley & Don Levy Gail Lewis May Lynn Mansbach Ruth & Minton Mayer and Family Lynn Meyer Carole & Bob Pinstein Carole & Charles Plesofsky Jan & Marc Reisman Rose & David Ross Judy Royal Pam & Lee Sacharin Andrea & Craig Sander Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Bobbie Shainberg Jonathan Shankman Connie & Mike Sherman Stacy & Jerry Siegler and Family Gail & Charles Silverstein Dory & Wayne Sims Amy & Tod Singer Linda Ellen & Ron Sklar Evelyn Snyder Sherri & Jim Steiger Jan & Lee Stein Ellen Stern Marsha & Mike Underberg Robin & Jeff Wallace Martin Weiss Lorraine & Bert Wolf Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg

Marty Newburger Lyda Parker & Stanley Zitron Rochelle & Frank Perlman Carole & Robert Pinstein Jackie & Robert Solmson Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg

Barbara Miller Laine Agee Peggy Byall

Walter Reinhardt Susan & Walter Reinhardt

Helen & Herbert Miller Sharon & Steven Gould Mildred Needleman Pauline Needleman Plesofsky Sandy Kessler & Michael Woolsey Ronna Newburger Carol & Bert Barnett Dot & Stanley Bilsky Hallie Elliot Bejay Gronauer Lynn Gruber Renee & Howard Karchmer

Marcia Notowich Wendy & Avron Fogelman Max Notowitz Michael Gryll Herbert O'Mell Stella Wexler Charles Wexler Jeffrey Paddock Linda & Claude Paddock Charles Sanford Pear Marcia Levinson Pear David Pear Steve Pear Arnold Perl Dick Eiseman Wendy & Avron Fogelman Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg

Judy Royal Lynda & Stephen Shiffman Frank Robinson Golden & Steve Bearman Saul Rosen Meryl Rosen Samuel Rosenblum Maureen Rosenblum and Family Benny Rosenthal Diane & Paul Mendelson David Edward Rosenthal Leah Malkin Rosenthal Philip Engel Bonnie Roquita Nancy Rosten Cindy & Buz Katz Debbie Rothschild Nora Rothschild Linda & Mike Gornek Florence Feldman Royal Morris Royal Robert Royal

Joseph Perl Mary Lynn Perl and Family

Mildred Reagler Rubens Terry Luther

Ide & Sidney Perlberg Larry Perlberg Anonymous

Barbara Rubenstein Linda & Bob Katcher Wendy & Jerry Marks Ellen & Barry Turkanis Jeffrey Weiner Robin & Steve Weinfeld

Saul Perlman Rochelle & Frank Perlman Christopher Pettigrew Jamie & Glenn Goldring Cathy Weil Elizabeth Pinstein Alan Shirley Rosenthal Bertha Alabaster Schneider Michele & Martin Pinstein Andrew Platkin Sherrie & Norman Badrian Emily Fargotstein Poe Leslie & Bill Fargotstein and Family Sandy Kessler Jon Charles Poulin Lynn Kline Cathy Poulin Frank Leon Prins Harry Blumenthal

Abby Reiter Renelle & Leslie Ballin Marcia & Joel Greenberg Carolyn Kleiman KK Weinberg Rita Robins Jean & Buddy Ballin Emily Bernhardt Martha & Jim Boyd Judith Hollande Peggy & L.R. Jalenak, Jr. Gail Lewis Jennifer & Joe Roberts

Walter Ruch, Jr. Jan & Marc Reisman Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Harry Rudin Sharon Kerson Ronna Wilons Sandler Michael Wilons Susan Haspel Sanford Rose Merry Brown Betsy Mandel-Carley Jan & Marc Reisman Judy Royal Caren Yarmuth Alan Schwartz Bonnie Schwartz Brian Schwartz Cynthia Blanton Schwartz Mike Schwartz Sigmund Schwartz Susan Dreyfus Millie & Alan Katzen Steve Kisber Caren Yarmuth Stuart Schwartzberg Lynn & Jerry Eisenstatt Jan & Marc Reisman Betty Sembler Stacey & Michael Alpert Jean & Buddy Ballin Beverly Buchalter Mickey & Arthur Buring Emily & Douglas Frisch

Lynn Kline Shara & Sidney Lehman Carole & Charles Plesofsky Jan & Marc Reisman Bobbie Shainberg Abe Serenco Deanna & Irvin Serenco Suzanne Beyer Shahun Amelia Shahun Smith Connie & Mike Sherman and Family Mariette Perel Shainberg Mary Shainberg Paul Lazarov Suzanne Lazarov Robert Silver Judi Silver Herbert Silverson Gail & Norman Stern Milton Simon Martha & Jerrold Graber Selma Bauer Simon Laura & Allen Graber Martha & Jerrold Graber Zelda Singer Owen Yellen Patricia & Marshall Yellen Lynette Slaughter Rae Jean & Sandy Lichterman Jan & Marc Reisman Ruth Katz Slavney Susan & David Slavney Martin Snyder Jean & Buddy Ballin Andrea & Brian Barrach Brenda & Mark Curland Jennifer & Andrew Epstein and Family Marcia & Tom Fisher Wendy & Avron Fogelman Judy & Kenneth Freedman Lisa & Jonathan Frisch Diane & Mark Halperin Andrea Kerlan Adele Kisber Steve Kisber Lynn Kline Karen & Michael Koplon Debbie & Sidney Kriger Rae Jean & Sandy Lichterman Lesley & Sam Marks Cynthia & Rabbi Jordan Parr Carole & Charles Plesofsky Jan & Marc Reisman Arlene & Victor Schlesinger Linda & Jay Shecter Jan & Lee Stein Sandy & Mark Tanenbaum Fred Zimmerman Shirley & Stanley Starr Amy & Tommy Myers Stanley Starr Jack Belz Lauren Harris Faye & Jack Marks and Family Racelle Mednikow Andrew and David Meshnick TIMEMPHIS.ORG • 29

D ONATIONS Howard Meshnick Rochelle & Frank Perlman Carole & Charles Plesofsky Jan & Marc Reisman Elaine Roth Lesley Roth Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Becky & Marlon Starr Jim Stephenson Linda Bedrin Paula & Avrahm Cohen Kay & Frank DiBianca Jan & Marc Reisman Laurie & Elkan Scheidt Zippy & Stan Silverman Liz & Rouben Simonian Pam & John Toppins Harriet Wise Stern Alexandra & David Stern Harriet & Thomas Stern Susan & James Edelman and Family Marie Louise Levy Steuer Sig, Bob, Rick, Matt, and Aleece Hiller Charlotte Straitman Michelle & Paul Clein Charlotte & Morris Straitman Rachel Gutbezahl Roberta Strasberg Holly & Gary Strasberg Alan Suekoff Linda Bedrin & Don Klotwog Eileen Foster Russell Strauss Madeline Weber Margaret & Stuart Werner

Helen Ruth Weisburd Mary Jane Potash

Sol Wilons Rochelle & Elliott Wilons

Wayne Ferguson Irene & Stephen Field Family of Mimi Grossman Lynn Gruber Iris & Ron Harkavy Paul Harmel Toba & Leslie Kornberg Bitsy Kasselberg Barbara Livingston Melissa & Brian Lurie Howard Manis Leigh McLean Robert Mednikow Melinda Menke Gregory Miles Linda & Claude Paddock Marley & Emanuel Pailet Lindsay & Aaron Poulin Lana & Gary Prosterman Rose Rich Lanie Richberger David Sharfman Margie & Harold Steinberg Sharon Tabachnick Temple Beth Am Linthicum Turner John Warra Kathy & Michael Wexler Fran & Jeff Winstock Rabbis Bess Wohlner & Jeremy Simons Ed Wise Brenda Wolf Francine Yellen

Eric Wolf Mark Wolf Sandy Wolf


Arnold Weiss Dick Eiseman Deborah Weiss Johanna & Victor Coonin Monte Wener Jamie & Glenn Goldring Maurice Wexler Lisa Schnall Alfred Burta Wexner Barrie Wurzburg Larry Wilk Anise & Ron Belz Rose Merry Brown Bess Calderon Pattye Cohen Dick Eiseman Lynn Gruber Marcia & Allan Hayden Monique & Charles Jalenak Mildred Kiel Lynn Kline Jill Hertz McCollum, Leslie ShankmanCohn, and the Staff at Jill Hertz Interior Design Arlene & Victor Schlesinger Sandy & Mark Tanenbaum Barrie & Kenneth Wurzburg

Stephen Ely Tabachnick Elaine & Edward Tennen

Othniel Samuel Wolfson Welville Wolfson Deborah & Sam Brackstone

Polly & Ronald Underberg Susan & Ben Persin Marsha & Mike Underberg

Henry Wurzburg, Jr. Patty Evans Wurzburg Debbie & Bucky Parker

Murray Alan Wagner Reva Cook Racelle Mednikow

Lenny Zimmerman Beverly Buchalter Mickey & Arthur Buring Lynn Kline Shara & Sidney Lehman Mel Sembler

Curt Ward Jean & Buddy Ballin Dot & Stanley Bilsky Carol & Joel Hertz Richard Herzberg Cathy & Richard Kessler Bill Leake, Jr. Jan & Marc Reisman Anne & John Robilio Rochelle & Avron Slutsky Marilyn Wein Bernard Wein Lew Weinberg Ronald Weinberg Edna Weiner Lynn Kline Judy Kriger and Family Racelle Mednikow Beth Okeon Evelyn Snyder

3 0 • V O I C E • H I G H H O LY D AY S I S S U E • 2 0 2 2

Barbara Zitron Dana & Jeff Gross

ADDITION AL DON ATIONS Anonymous Jean & Buddy Ballin Bank of America Charitable Foundation Bettye & Neal Berlin Kay Berman Neena Bixby Janet Brueck & Jerry Lang Laura & Russ Campbell Patrice Chandler Charles Dan Kimberly Dixon Susan Dreyfus Dick Eiseman

December 16, 2021 - August 4, 2022 Walter Allwein Ruch, Jr. Iris Posner Jay Mumper Herm Markell Gary Gibson Molly Meltzer Leonard Zimmerman Stuart Schwartzberg Rita Robins Lynn Spielberger Bloomston Stewart Paul Cannell Miriam LeeVine Alabaster Alan Jordan Lynette Slaughter Robert E. Harmel Alan Diamond Louise Adela Palazola Marilyn Strauss Kosten Alfred Greenberg Joan Ungerman Betty S. Sembler Elaine K. Horwitz Greg Hays Meyer Leslie Landau Isaak Lenchik Leonard Kaplan Ronna Newburger Saretta Lee Kaplan Burke Hermine Jacobs Davidson Steven Paul Kesselman Madelyn Helen Gang

Barbara Rubenstein Henrietta “Tootsie” Friener Irving Kaplan Aron Livnah Marc Greenberg Ovadia Yousfan Barbara B. Miller Joan Davis Arthur Joel Sheldon Susan Haspel Sanford Joyce Harris Jack Steven Magids Myron Lewis Wilbur Smith Bill Reed Norman Fisher Joyce Strassburger John Robert Agnos Doris Crouch Mollye Bloom Mervis Jean Entine Martin Eugene Snyder Curtis G. Ward Jim Stephenson Stanley Starr Fran Marino Jay King Jeffrey Paul Pohlman Bobby Pickle Harvey Becker Laurie Ruth Miller Terrence Victor Knight Philip Kaminsky Robert L. Bostick, Jr. Elizabeth “Betty” Friedman Steve Potts Anna “Polly” Heimberg Joanne Kaplan Bloom Ruth Arlene Brown Alan Suekoff Sheila Ruth Hollander Sigmund Allen Schwartz Martin Lynn Ferguson Stephen Lawrence Kroul Alegria Nahon Rabbi Martin I. Hinchin Jack I. Lewis





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