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The Goshorns January 2014

Our Plane Tickets Are Purchased! Well, we spent January starting to pack for Peru, visiting friends and driving to and from Florida for a gathering with The Mission Society. The weather was cool in Florida, but a lot better than sub-zero weather that everyone else was having. We started the training with classes on coaching. We believe this can be a very useful tool while working with Peruvians. It’s a way of having them solve their problems by helping them come up with their own solutions, which will then help build relationships in order to share Christ. We also attended classes on community development, prayer, and the Jesus movement in other cultures. The best part was catching up with families we went through our initial training with who are now serving all over the world. It was also an awesome time for the kids as they had the opportunity to connect with other missionary kids. There were some great speakers as well, such as the president of Asbury Theological Seminary, Dr. Timothy C. Tennent, current president of The Mission Society, Dick McClain, president elect to The Mission Society, Max Wilkins, Darrell Whiteman, Frank Decker, and one person in particular, Steve Saint. Steve Saint was the boy whose dad was killed in Ecuador in the book and movie “End of the Spear”. He is now friends with the native that killed his dad & that native is now a Christian. He has such a love for these people. Steve has had some very painful trials in his life, from the sudden death of his daughter, to an accident he had that caused him to be a partial paraplegic, but his love for Christ & missions never wavered.

Matthew was able to take his SAT exam at Clearwater High School. While there, Jennifer’s uncle invited a friend & his family over for dinner. This family had spent time in Peru on mission trips. They have such a huge heart for the Kingdom & the Peruvians. It was a blessing being able to talk with them for hours. We will be speaking at several churches in February, along with serving a Costa Rican dinner at Asbury. The dinner is scheduled for February 15th at 5:30 at Asbury United Methodist Church. It will be a great time for people to hear about our year in language school and what we expect our first year in Peru to look like. We’ll also have time for questions & answers. We hope you can join us then.

Then we fly out to Peru on March 3rd at noon!!

After the training we were able to spend a couple days with Jennifer's uncle in Clearwater. This worked out good because

Katie and her friend Sarah at the gathering

President of the Mission Society, Dick McClain

Matthew and some MKs from Costa Rica

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The Goshorns

So many people have said to us “I could never do what your doing” & they look at us in awe, but honestly, God does not call everyone into international missions. He did call us, and the only thing we did was say “yes.” He has equipped us & strengthened us. But it has not all been easy, some days it’s a struggle. But God is faithful and good. He has put everything in place, providing for our needs through His followers, YOU. We are grateful you also said Yes. In a way, it’s a privileged lifestyle we live because we get to experience first hand how God provides for us through the faithfulness of His followers saying yes to be “SENDERS” of international missionaries. And for that we are thankful. We are thankful that we have a place to lay our heads, vehicles to drive, free haircuts and hearing aid batteries, invitations to dinner, gift cards for groceries and gas and even a free repair on our computer from the Apple Store. Our prayer is that you as “SENDERS” will clearly see how vital you are to furthering God’s kingdom. Eccl. 4:12 “Though one may be overpowered two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” The central story of the scripture is that God desires an intimate relationship with each of us in which we depend on Him. Mainstream cultures promote independence & self–reliance. Satan's lie is that we can make it on our own. But that attitude separates us from God. Independence is rooted in pride. Interdependence is rooted in humility. We have been humbled as we learn to trust the Lord to provide for our every need through the Body of Christ. It has been a big adjustment, we have had to change our way of thinking, and swallow our pride and accept the fact that we really do need your help. To live fruitfully in The Body of Christ is to be interdependent on each other, with mutual love, and bearing one another's burdens as we move toward a common goal, to spread the love of Christ. “Take heed therefore unto yourselves,

and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.” Acts 20:28 Jennifer “Christ came to establish the principles of the Kingdom of God on Earth, principles designed to restore relationships broken by independence & pride. We therefore must consciously reject independence in our own lives & consciously cultivate interdependence with one another & with God. Only then can we, as missionaries (here & abroad) not only model interdependence but also teach it to others.” Friend Raising: Building a Missionary Support Team That Lasts By Betty Barnett

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The Goshorns

Prayer Requests 

Safe travels & smooth entry into Peru.

Housing in Peru.

A good transition for our kids who will enter into an all Spanish speaking school.

Continued financial and prayer support, as well as new finacial and prayers partners.

And finally that we trust in the Lord for everything and stay strong in our faith in Him.

" y day the LORD went ahead of them B in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night." Exodus 13:21

For Jennifer’s mom.

The heart of man plans his way, but

Continued physical and spiritual protection.

the Lord establishes his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Par tner with us God has been very clear that we cannot do anything alone. First we need Him, then we need His followers to help us. Without the Body of Christ behind us, we will never be effective ministers of God’s word. When someone partners with us, financially or through prayer, they are just as much a part of God’s work as we are.

You can give tax deductible one time, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual donation for any number of years. For information on how to give financial support online please visit: goshorn or or you can mail your tax deductible

gift to: “The Mission Society” at PO Box 922637 Norcross Georgia 30010-2637 USA Designate gifts: “Goshorn Support 5/540” Our Email/ Skype/ tim.jen.goshorn

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We Have Our Peru Tickets