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Over half way there! We’ve finished our 2nd trimester and it went very well. We said goodbye to some great missionary friends who finished language school and have headed to their fields of service. Our final trimester started on September 9th and graduation is December 13th. We’ll head back to the states and spend Christmas with Jennifer’s mom in New York. The Mission Society will have a Global Gathering in Florida that we are required to attend in January. and have some final training. Then we will have the daunting task of figuring out what to take with us to Peru for the years to come. Peruvians are small in stature, so we’ll need to take a lot of cloths and footwear for the men in the family to last a while. The church we attend here in Costa Rica is small, but very much alive. Daniel has started playing with the praise band and we can’t begin to tell you how blessed we are by this church. This is the church that has the feeding program for kids at the barrio we go to on Saturdays. We truly enjoy going to the barrio, it is a great place to practice Spanish and share the love of Christ. Jennifer and Katherine have also started to help prepare the food on Saturday mornings. This is a great education on not wasting food and cooking for quantity. Most of you know about Kendall, the little boy from the barrio that was hit by a car, he had to have some skin grafts, but by the grace of God he’s doing well and is back in church. Our kids are all doing great. The other day we arrived home late and Katherine said “it sure feels good to be home”. This was great to hear especially since she struggled a little the first few months we were here. The Lord has truly blessed us.

Tim and Katie at the father daughter lunch at school.


We’ll be in need of a vehicle during the time in the States.

We would love to fill some dates meeting with people & groups to discuss working together in Peru.

We need to raise our monthly support.

Continued prayers

“God created us, breathed life into us, and purposed us for his glory. The grace and mercy he gives warrants our love and obedience. In response, we boldly proclaim his greatness.”

The Kids leading chapel at school

The kids in the park.

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The Goshorns

HOMEWARD BOUND Well the farm is sold, we are officially homeless. It is bittersweet. I have to admit that at first it was much more bitter than sweet, but I am adjusting to it. I know that we will never be out on the streets, but again we are relying on others for our daily needs. It's unsettling to this recovering control freak all this depending on God and those He calls to support us, but I am getting used to it. "Home" is such a strange word to me now; I'm just not sure what it means. I remember it was strange the first few times I went "home" to NY after I got married. It was no longer my home but it still felt like home until I got use to KY and we bought the farm and started raising our children. Then home was definitely KY. But, what does home mean to us now? Where is home? When language school is over and it's time to pack up and say goodbye, will it feel like we are leaving our home? Will KY ever feel like home again? Will we feel like strangers out of place? Like visitors or guests just passing through? I think about the saying "home is where the heart is� but my heart is in several different places. Maybe home is simply where my husband and kids are, but that too will change soon. I now have a 19 year old talking of his future plans. I know he is ready to leave home. Well almost. The thought literally makes my heart ache. My intention in raising my children was to give them strong roots in the Lord and confidence to go where He leads them. I've tried not to be too possessive because I know that they are not mine, they are His. I was entrusted with three precious gifts! And one of them is extremely independent with desires to live in the Middle East and witness to Muslims. How proud I should be, yet it scares me to death. I am not ready for this. What will it be like when he returns to the States for college? How will I handle being on a different continent than my son? What will "home" be like then? Nothing here in this world is forever. We get attached to things, jobs, people and places. We like the security of the familiar; we tend to retreat from change no matter how much better it is for us. But, when we choose to follow Christ, we simply cannot make plans or predictions, it's all up to Him. When we choose to follow Christ, change is a part of life. It's a little scary, it makes me anxious and restless, or should I say I allow it to make me anxious and restless. Yet at the same time, it's liberating to just live day by day without a plan, not knowing where our next "home" will be and simply believing it will all be okay. It's a constant struggle living in the bondage of "home". We are human, and no matter how trusting and obedient we are, we desire a plan and a "home". But the truth is this earth is not our home. When our time here is done we will be in our true home with our God. The fear, anxiety and restlessness will no longer exist. I long for the day when I hear Him say “Welcome Home�. ahhh:) -Jennifer

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The Goshorns

Prayer Requests 

The closing of the farm this month.

The learning of Spanish, along with the schooling of the kids as we begin our last trimester in Costa Rica.

Continued physical and spiritual protection.

Continued financial and prayer

support, as well as new finacial and prayers partners. 

And finally that we trust in the Lord for everything and stay strong in our faith in Him.

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples! 1 Chronicles 16:24

Par tner with us God has been very clear that we cannot do anything alone. First we need Him, then we need His followers to help us. Without the Body of Christ behind us, we will never be effective ministers of God’s word. When someone partners with us, financially or through prayer, they are just as much a part of God’s work as we are.

You can give tax deductible one time, monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual donation for any number of years. For information on how to give financial support online please visit: goshorn or or you can mail your tax deductible

gift to: “The Mission Society” at PO Box 922637 Norcross Georgia 30010-2637 USA Designate gifts: “Goshorn Support 5/540” Our Email/ Skype/ tim.jen.goshorn US Phone line (works wherever we have internet): 859-474-2494

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August 2013 newsletter  

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