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The Goshorns Step by Step April 2018—MAD RUSH When we arrived in the states there was about four inches of snow on the ground. Jennifer was thrilled. While we are here we will be speaking at eight churches and giving updates. We decided to keep our schedule light so we could spend quality time with our children and fellowship with our friends. During this time, we will be trying to raise money for Gianfranco’s surgery. As you may remember from one of our previous newsletters, Gianfranco is a six year old in our feeding program who was born deaf. The medical exams have indicated that he is a candidate for cochlear implants and the procedure will cost about $28,000 dollars. Please pray with us that during this visit we will be able to raise these funds. Also, Zumilinda has moved to Huancayo because she earnestly wants to attend school. Her home in Andamarca is a long and difficult walk from the school and her Doctors indicated that it is too dangerous for her to make this journey each day. Zumi and her mother moved in with five other family members in Huancayo. They all live in a 12x12 room with just 2 beds. Zumi’s mother asked if we could find a school for her since the public schools near the room they share are full. Therefore, we enrolled her in a small Christian school and have provided money for transportation. Zumilinda was very excited to be going back to school. Please be in prayer that she adjusts well to her new school and continues to enjoy learning. Above is a picture of Zumi in her school uniform on her first day. As many of you know we have raised funds for


two teenagers from the orphanage to attend college. Angel started in January and is enjoying his classes. Hilda had a rough start but we think things will improve this semester. Please be in prayer for these two young people as they adjust to being independent and responsible adults. We will be hosting two teams this summer. The first is a medical team that will be serving in Andamarca. When the Ministry of Health heard that North Americans were going to this area they were very curious because not even they go to this area. They originally thought we were going to use the people to experiment on with new drugs. Our lawyer informed them of our ministry in Huancayo and they were very thankful and even approved a military helicopter for transporting medicine to the area. Please be in prayer for this team in June. In July our construction team will arrive to build a house for an impoverished family in Huancayo. Prayers for this team and family would also be appreciated. Thank you.

We humbly thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. If you haven’t yet, we ask that you would prayerfully consider financially supporting this ministry in Peru. Without more financial partners this ministry can not continue to grow. We love you all and thank you for being part of God’s work in Peru.

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The Goshorns Step by Step

P raye r R e q u e s t s a n d P ra i s e s 

Prayers for continued physical, emotional and spiritual protection.

Prayers for the Bible study/ feeding programs in Cullpa and Pallian

Prayers for additional financial and prayer support.

 

Prayers for Angle and Hilda

Prayers for the Medical and Construction teams this summer.

Praises for our Peruvian team and the opportunity to serve in Peru.

We are thankful for the support of the body of Christ. We are thankful for our health.

 

Prayers for travel mercies in Peru.

Prayers for Jennifer’s mom Joan as she battles cancer.

Prayers for parenting from a distance. And safety for our children in the U.S.

Prayers for Matthew, he is having wrist surgery soon.

Prayers for Zumilinda and her family.

 

Prayers for the prison ministry and home visit ministry.

Pray for Gianfranco & that he will someday hear.

God has been very clear that we cannot do anything alone. First we need Him, second we need the Body of Christ. We will never be effective ministers of God’s word without your prayers and financial support. Please consider partnering with us to further God’s Kingdom in Peru.

All tax deductible donations may be made to: TMS Global PO Box 922637 Norcross Georgia 30010-2637 USA Designate gifts to: “Goshorn Support 5/540” Or online at: and go to “give to a missionary” and use our name. Or visit our website at: Email: Skype: tim.jen.goshorn US Phone (works wherever we have internet): 859-474-2494

Please help by sharing this with whomever you wish.

Matthew 10:38 Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me.

April 2018 newsletter  
April 2018 newsletter  

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