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A little bit of history. Refer page 12.


FROM THE CEO Myths – AWD, Snow Chains & Driving with an unsecured load…


bout this time every year when the snow comes in and the roads require everyone to pay a little more attention than usual, the debate about 4WD versus AWD and why drivers - do or don’t need to fit snow chains - starts to erupt. I found a terrific video on Youtube: https:// … and it offers the best and easiest no frills explanation as to some of the differences and the ‘marketing’ hype that has confounded the topic. Bottom line, a transfer case (2H, 4H & 4L) and/or “something called a locking differential”… pretty much seals the deal as to determining what separates an AWD from a 4WD. Such are why 4WD’s provide a much better transmission of torque to the wheels which subsequently increases their ability to handle conditions that other vehicles can’t. If you’re still reading and shaking your head, watch the video. Then,

if you still disagree, refer to the section below on when to fit and the need to follow instructions. That’s unequivocal regardless of any opinion. Now, until such time as snow tires negate the need to carry or fit chains, there really shouldn’t be any debate on the topic. It’s about safety after all. The alpine resorts, Victoria Police and Regional Roads have been working on getting the legislative changes through and hope that by next season, snow tires – those clearly designated with the 3 Peaks symbol, NOT M+S ratings (Mud and Snow) will make the debate less of an issue.

You must carry chains, that fit your vehicle and you must know how to fit them, where to do so and when. Until then, you must carry chains, that fit your vehicle and you must know how to fit them, where to do so and when, as per details prescribed by the alerts and signage, or chain bay crews. When RMB or 4-Site staff are outside the resort, they are acting on behalf of Regional Roads as authorised representatives, and yes the fine is much less

OPENING HOURS SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 12noon – 4pm Tuesday to Sunday

Volunteers Needed Ph: Margy 03 5758 1200 Panabode Building, Slalom Street, Falls Creek Map Ref: E4. Look for the Harvey Kat. For Further Information: Wb: Em: Fb: Ph: 03 5758 1200

for ignoring the sign, or those instructions, but once inside the resort, if you’ve failed to heed that request, it’s a nasty fine and we really don’t want the start or end of your holiday or trip to the snow being ruined by not doing the right thing. Of course, the RMB makes drivers fit chains to simply inconvenience those people who don’t take safety seriously. Wrong – re inconvenience but correct on safety…. We request that you fit chains to (all applicable) vehicles, to improve road safety for all users – that’s a fact. Still not convinced, think of it this way… many things (ie. Drugs) might be legal and free for people to make their own choices. But some people abuse such things… alas, regulations and laws must override common sense and hubris for the good of the majority. Where do you need to fit chains? The simple answer, in the chain bays and where instructed – look for signs that state ‘Fit Chains Here,’ then pull into a dedicated chain bay (when safe to do so). Who makes the decision on where they need to be fitted from? The hard working and dedicated snow clearing team ‘sweep’ the road numerous times between 4:30am and 6:30am to make the initial assessment. The call is based on the conditions they are experiencing, sensors and electronic readings from the grit spreaders and clearing machinery, the temperature and snow forecast for the day and expectations of the same at various altitudes, forecast freezing levels and numerous other metrics. This is assessed throughout the day by the same crew and from observations gathered from chain bay teams (when manned). It’s not ‘random.’

Resort Entry Tickets may also be purchased on-line at Visitor Information Centre

The Falls Creek Visitor Information Centre is located in the Resort Management Office, up stairs on the corner of Slalom Street and Bogong High Plains Road. Open 8am – 5pm daily for Visitor Information and Gym Memberships. Ph: 03 5758 1202. (Map Ref: E4)

Resort Entry

Resort Entry is located at Howman’s Gap, approx. 4km before reaching Falls Creek. Day and Night passes are $56.50 on arrival per day, (or $51.50 on line). If arriving after 5pm and departing prior to midnight on the same day, entry is free. Visitors over 65 years of age receive a discount. Season Passes are available at $555 (or $475 on line). An ‘All Resorts’ permit, valid at all Victorian Snow Resorts is available for $787.00. Enquire at the Visitor Information Centre desk. Resort Entry Fees fund the essential services of: • Ski patrol • Car Parking • Snow Clearing • Water Supply • Waste Management • Visitor Information Services


Child Care – Hours & Rates

Falls Creek Child Care is located in the St Falls complex, at the base of the Halley’s Comet chairlift – open from 8:30am to 5pm, seven days a week for children from 12 weeks to five years old. Hours & Rates Morning: 8:30am – 12:30pm $90 Afternoon: 1:30pm – 5pm $75 Full Day: 8:30am – 5pm $135 Bookings are strongly recommended as places are limited. Make your booking at:

Accommodation Transfer Service

Operating from the Terminal Building on the Bogong High Plains Road, the Accommodatin Transfer Service will move you, your family and your luggage comfortably to your lodge or apartment. Hours of Operation Mon – Thurs & Sat: 8am – 10pm Friday: 8am – 12 midnight Sunday: 8am – 10pm A Taxi Service is available in the Village during these hours. Ph: 03 5758 1203

Rates Adult: One Way $24 Child One Way $18 Season Pass: Kids Under Five:

Return $39 Return $24 Adult $200 Free

Luggage Allowance Two pieces of luggage, one pair of skis & boots or snowboard & boots and one piece of hand luggage per person. Excess Luggage: $8 per item. Ticket Sales – On Mountain & On Line From 27.06.19 until 09.09.19 all visitors will be required to use the Accommodation Transfer Service. Visitor vehicles will not be permitted into the village during this period.

Falls Creek Resort Management General Enquiries: Ph: 03 5758 1200

Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX

FROM THE CEO Also, when leaving the resort, make sure you’ve removed built up snow from your vehicle. If snow is blocking your vision, front and rear, it’s an offence. So, get as much off your vehicle as you can. Start undertaking this process now, because with the upcoming changes in regulations, this will be elevated to a much higher infringement next year. So, before you start digging your car out, start the engine, crank the heating up to warm the interior – (not the screen for fear of cracking it) while you clean the snow off the exterior of the car. Make sure that as much snow is removed as possible such that any that is ‘too hard to reach’ won’t cause a hazard to others driving in the opposite direction (or behind you!)… because it will eventually and inevitably fall off. Where do I take chains off? Good question and just as hotly contested as ‘why do I need to fit them.’ Common sense would suggest, you aren’t removing them in Mt Beauty! As a general rule, unless conditions at the resort got worse throughout the day, or even more snow is falling than when you arrived, the spot where you put them on is probably a good reference point. If people coming up the hill don’t have them on (assuming they have read and followed instructions), then that too is a good indicator that conditions ahead don’t require them to still be on your vehicle. At this point, find the nearest bay and remove them. Of course, nothing beats common sense, a little patience and driving to road conditions. Please follow roads signs and instructions. Yours and everyone else’s safety, not inconvenience, is what we are most concerned about.

This driver has done a few of the right things – plastic sheet covering the windscreen to help remove any snow later. But, those chains, they go on the ‘drive’ wheels (refer to your manual) not the driver’s (side) wheels. Your Ed had a double take – and had to look carefully to ensure there were no chains fitted to the left hand side – and there weren’t. Pic – Ken Bell

Foodie Tip of the Week: The Brewhouse at the Gully Gateway, their Souvlaki is a ripper… plus a unique selection of bevvies to wash it down with. With the Maze now open, what better place to drop in after smashing your favourite black run! Now, there’s snow everywhere so get out there and get some turns in. •

Cross country lessons & hire 1 Hour free rental 11am-1pm Clinics with great coaches Café – new breakfast menu Toboggan hire Womens camp Family camp

Ph 03 5758 3408

Stuart Smythe, CEO Falls Creek Resort Management

Upper Car Park Windy Corner | Map Ref B3

Adventure your way with Falls Creek Snowsports School! Our Falls Creek Snowsports School offers an extensive variety of ski and snowboard programs, catering to children and adults of all abilities. We’re here to drive your passion for snowsports, develop your skills and get the most out of your on-snow experience! Paw Patrol Snowclub (3 - 5 years) Full & half day programs – see your child’s love of skiing grow as their skills progress! Specialised lessons include professional full-time staff, full day or half day options, delicious lunchtime meals, progress cards and all in a word class learning environment. A favourite of the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol puppies! • Full day: 09:15am – 2:50pm • Half day: 9:15am – 1:00pm • PM lesson only: 1:15pm – 2:50pm Registration from 09:15am and 1:15pm, with lessons commencing at 10:00am and 1:30pm. Junior Workshop (6 – 14 years) Full day programs – book your child in for a full day of adventure and watch as they learn to master skiing or snowboarding! Specialised lessons include constant supervision, full day lessons, delicious lunchtime meals and progress cards. Full day: 09:30am – 2:50pm. Registration from 09:30am, with lessons commencing at 10:00am. Ride Tribe (13 – 17 years) This year, our full day ride tribe program will commence at blue level and up. This dedicated teen program is designed to further develop the skills and confident of our teenage skiers and snowboarders. High-end Ride Tribe groups will hit

the parks, freeride the mountain and most importantly, have a tonne of fun with other ripping teenagers. The program includes constant supervision, full day lessons and delicious lunchtime meals. Full day: 09:30am – 2:50pm Registration from 09:30am, with lessons commencing at 10:00am.

Adult Programs (15+) Develop your skiing or snowboarding skills in our group lessons, designed to cater for adults of all ability levels. NEW FOR 2019. Adult group lesson start at 10:00am The AM Group Lesson features extended sessions and is available daily from 10:00am – 12:30pm. The PM Super Session guarantees a maximum of five participants and is available daily from 1:30pm – 2:50pm. Enquire about our number of speciality programs, including our Mim Sodergren Women’s Program! Brand new to snowsports? If you have never skied or snowboarded before, the Falls Creek Learn to Ski or Learn to Board lessons are for you. With a group lesson in either the morning or afternoon, plus exclusive all-day access to the Halley’s Comet, Mousetrap, Boardwalk and Drover’s Chair beginner lifts, you will find your skills developing in no time! Lessons are available for adults and children and commence at 10:00am and 1:00pm daily.

Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX

New for 2019 Adult LEARN TO SKI “ALL DAY” As a first timer, we want your experience to be as comfortable as possible. Join our Full Day First Timer program and enjoy the guidance and support of your instructor all day, and even over lunch. Get past your second session in the afternoon, and really get moving within Falls Creek’s world class beginner terrain. Private Lessons For the ultimate in personalised instruction, you can’t go past a private lesson. Receive expert, individualised instruction in a session specially designed to cater to your individual needs and preferences. Advance bookings are essential, so get in quick! For all advance lesson bookings and enquiries, please email Booking Details Save time on arrival and pre-book any of our group programs* online at our Falls Creek E-store: https://shop., or let us guide you through your choices at any resort ticket office, rental store, or the Snowsports School Office in Cloud 9. For any enquiries, please contact us at (03) 5758 1000. ‘All trails lead you home at Falls Creek!’ 3

RACE CLUB NEWS Racing and Results School holidays were a busy period for most parents in Race Club, with three races scheduled across the two weeks. As reported a last week, we kicked off with the Junior Agility Race which was a combination of GS and Ski/Boarder Cross from this parent’s uneducated eye, followed six days later by the Rossignol Cup and Cranky Charlie Cup on Friday 12th. Sadly the Board Lounge Throw Down was postponed by a week due to the epically wet conditions last Friday, which made the streets run with water and all of us wonder if there would be any snow left once the rain stopped. I think all Race Club parents breathed a sigh of relief at the BLT cancellation as it gave everyone time to get their gear dry before venturing out on Saturday! It may have been a dismal day for the Rossignol Cup & Cranky Charlie Races, but we couldn’t be prouder of all the kids who got out there and raced. Sometimes the mountains set a challenge for us by providing rain instead of snow, and wind instead of sunshine. But every single child who ventured out on that course did us proud as a club. Well Done! An additional well done to all the competitors who experienced an unexpected delay, were soaked to the skin, and had to wait for their second runs while the course was cleared. It takes real determination to say

to yourself “I’m already soaked to the skin… may as well wait around for a bit longer.” But it also takes real guts to know when you have to call time and say “I’m too cold and these conditions have pushed me to my limits. I need to go in now.” So to all the kids who did one run, then were too cold and wet to continue - well done for making the hard decision and the one that was right for you. Congratulations to the inaugural U21 competitors in the Cranky Charlie, including snowboarders for the very first time. Woot Woot! We mistakenly bought two instead of four boxes of winners chocolates for the U21 competitors (will have a trophy ready for you next year!), so yours truly will be doing a delivery to those who missed out on their prizes next week. And congratulations to the Race Club Mums who showed just how hard-core we are! Six of us got out there and raced in the Cranky Charlie in the Women’s Open Division... two more than in the Men’s Open Division! Not that it’s a competition... it’s totally a competition... but not in that way! If our kids can do it, so can we! It’s the first time in quite a while where the women outnumbered the men in the Cranky. #gogirls #ifshecanseeitshecanbeit. From the back, left to right in the above photo you can see Ineke Thomas, Tristy Sheridan, Phoebe Moore, Caroline King, Daniela Mollica & yours truly. Race Club Mums rock! The Rossignol Cup and Cranky Charlie Cup only happen with hard work of the Race and Events Department, who this year gave the parents a year off from volunteering at the race. We didn’t hear any

complaints from the RC parents when that was announced! In up-coming events, Race Club is putting on its Trivia Night once again. We took a break from it, but it’s back baby! Saturday 27th July 2019 from 7:30pm at in the QT Function room. Check out https:// events/43935/ for more details which will be coming soon! Cheers, Nyree Fiddes, Falls Creek Race Club. Rossignol Cup Results Women U12 Snowboard 1. Pepper Bowes


Women U14 Snowboard 1. Jessica Patterson


Men U14 Snowboard 1. Alex Smythe 2. Samuel Shaw

48.65 1:19.89

Women U16 Snowboard 1. Miah Khan


Men U16 Snowboard 1. Will Weir


Women U8 Ski 1. Annabel Gould 2. India Peters 3. Emma Wang

45.04 54.11 1:00.36

Men U8 Ski 1. Rupert Wallace 2. Freddie Batt 3. Axel Ashton

57.75 1:00.67 1:00.82

Women U10 Ski 1. Grace Breen 2. Coco Thomas 3 Arabella Smit

42.77 50.23 50.41

Service & Demo Centre New Range of Salomon Ski & Snowboard Boots have just arrived!! HIRE • RETAIL • TUNING • CUSTOM BOOT-FITTING 03 5758 3377 Centrally Located Map Ref: K5

25% Discount for all June Ski & Snowboard Boot purchases! Expert Master Boot Fitter’s on site to fit you up. Open Daily: 8am – 6pm FREE Pick-up & delivery for all ski and snowboard rental!

In the Village Bowl at the Falls Creek Hotel Map (Ref: M2) Ph: 03 5758 3819

Be Part of the Team!

As a member of the Falls Creek Race Club, young members can... • Learn life skills in a wonderful rewarding environment. • Make friends for life – with opportunities to travel the world. • Learn to ski and board in a family friendly surroundings. Programs from primary to late teens – including tertiary tuition for full-time athletes.

‘An integral part of Falls Creek and its history!’ 4

Race Club



Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX

RACE CLUB NEWS Men U10 Ski 1. Sam Davis 2. Oscar Peters 3. Jasper Wong

43.21 45.08 46.47

Women U12 Ski 1. Pepper Bowes 2. Abbi Lloyd-Bostock 3. Sky Pringle

43.28 43.75 45.48

Men U12 Ski 1. Archie Gould 2. Eric Wang 3. Archer Buscombe

39.02 42.91 44.62

Women U14 Ski 1. Ella Green 2. Lilly Spice 3. Isabelle Bond

40.13 41.45 42.67

Men U14 Ski 1. Lachlan Houghton 2. Louie Elliot 3. Connor Deane

37.84 39.35 40.42

Women U16 Ski 1. Maddie Hooker 2. Mia Green 3. Poppy Buscombe

38.87 42.08 42.16

Men U16 Ski 1. James Houghton 2. Sebastian Whitely 3. Ted Jowett

Men U21 Ski 1. Andrew Archibald 2. Alfred Wenk 3. Archie Shaw

38.31 38.88 39.31

37.50 37.63 37.70

Women Open Ski 1. Ineke Thomas 2. Nyree Fiddes 3. Phoebe Moore

44.62 45.27 49.90

Men Open Ski 1. Ross Barker 2. Jeremy Thomas 3. John Cameron

40.67 42.52 45.91

Congratulations to almost 100 young athletes who braved the weather and got out there and had a go. A couple of them then had to pick up their back-packs and finish delivering this paper around the village. Great effort! The Cranky Charlie results Men Open Snowboard 1. Andy Deans


Club mums setting a great example at the Cranky Charlie. Pic – Courtesy Nyree Fiddes

Women U21 Ski 1. Mackenzie Whitely 2. Camille Jackson 3. Claire Shaw

39.00 41.28 42.85 *Conditions apply

Movie This Week Tuesday 23 July. 8:30pm


Live Entertainment Thursday 25 July – After the Night Show


A special thanks to the Race and Events team for such a great job. Your work is loved and appreciated. •

Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX




eisure Balance returned to Falls Creek after their 2018 camp and with Sit Ski, Snowboarders and Skiers, they covered all ski disciplines. On the Snow in a Sit Ski, Cameron was initially reserved with only limited movement. However, after a few runs with Dan and James from DWA, Cameron quickly comprehended the ability to control the turning direction of the ski by shifting his upper body weight. Cameron went on during the day and initiated more and more shorter turns through the trees and then in the new powder that fell throughout Sunday. Sit Skis are skis have a moulded bucket seat suspended above them that the user can sit in. There is a shock absorber below the seat, which makes the ride more comfortable for the user, and the seat is attached to the ski by a metal frame. Using upper body movements and out rigger skis (gadgets like crutches that have a ski attached to the

base) attached to the hands, the skier can control the speed and motion of the skis they are travelling on. Designed for people who are wheelchair users or who have other mobility difficulties or paraplegia The adaptive skiing community have developed a variety of techniques and are continually looking at new technologies that now can assist a newcomer to break into the sit ski, skiing or riding world with a minimum of difficulty. Sit Skis that provides independent turning and speed variability using a joystick and/or breath control. For individuals with even the most complex physical disabilities, allowing the skier to operate the safely, with a high degree of performance and independence these hi tech sit skis are making their way onto the snow fields overseas. With Cameron on the Sit-Ski and Nick learning the Snowboard on Mouse Trap assisted by Joanna. Dan was with Sean from DWA and could be seen on several occasions riding down Scott’s and Ruin Castle. Dan’s experience from last year gave him the confidence to attempt every run that was open.

James and Cameron enjoying that fabulous new snow on Wombats. Pic – Courtesy DWA

Greg, with Libby from DWA, was once again on skis after spending time as young skier for 13 years and then as a young adult snowboarder for 10 years. Greg intuitively followed the DWA Guide down Last Hoot turning his skis in the exact same path - never faltering and even washing off speed without instruction. This was something Greg could not remember but intuitively was able to achieve through muscle memory. Muscle memory is related to such terms as motor learning, body memory and cellular memory, though each means something slightly different. The basic hypothesis for all of them is that the physical body retains a memory of what the mind experiences and the mind, or brain and nervous system, retain a memory of what the body experiences. This was the case with Greg and the smile never left his face during Sunday skiing through powder. If you would like to know more about DWA, would like to donate to the fabulous work or would like to get involved, go to • Ken Payne

Pairing Après Share Plates with local Australian wines

feathertop alpine lodge | restaurant | cosy bar

Aperitivo Happy Hour every Wednesday 4pm - 6pm Après Lounge & Restaurant Daily from 4pm

10 Arlberg Street

Happy Hour 4pm Dinner 5pm - late SKIDUBER

complimentary pick up 6

+ warm ambience + chilled tunes + relaxing and cozy + beautiful wines + amazing food

Bed & Breakfast Full a la carte menu Cocktail & Wine Bar Bookings Essential Ph: 03 5758 3232 14 Parallel Street

Map Ref: G2

Experience the fabulous views & relax in the lounge whilst enjoying warm hospitality

Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX



here is nothing worse than riding a chair lift with cold toes.

Cold toes are a common problem in ski boots, and a most unpleasant way to spend your day on the mountain. There are many causes of cold and numb toes in ski boots. Luckily, most of the time it’s a problem that can be fixed. Fit Issues In Your Ski Boots Doing your boots up too tight can squash arteries and capillaries in your feet, which stops the blood getting to your toes. The most common site is across the top of your foot (the dorsalis pedis artery). Another area that can block blood flow is behind the inside ankle bone (the tibial artery). This is a more complicated cause and is usually because there is too much padding in that area. Circulation Blood flow problems to the feet can range from something minor like you ‘just feel the cold,’ to Reynaud’s disease, and peripheral vascular disease (PVD), in which case issues can be quite serious and lead to nasty complications. If you have a history of PVD or diabetic foot ulcerations, then putting your precious feet into ski boots all day may be a serious risk that you should discuss with your health professional.

Make sure your boots are dried out overnight and at room temperature when you put them on. Putting your foot into a cold boot in the morning is just asking for a painful day. Beware of boot dryers - they can be too hot and can flatten out and deform your ski orthotics or shell modifications. Get a ski orthotic for your boots. Until your foot is supported in the optimal position and stabilised in the boot by a ski orthotic, no other boot changes will be very beneficial. Holding your foot in its best alignment will improve blood flow and reduced localised pressure. Find a good boot-fitter that understands all of the issues above and can help make sure your boot is working for you. It’s Just Dam Cold! If you’ve checked and addressed all the above issues, then it’s likely that you’re just skiing somewhere amazing and it is incredibly cold. For these instances I recommend considering a boot heater, or a neoprene boot cover. Neoprene boot covers are mostly beneficial when your boot is below the snow (when you’re skiing in powder!). Heated socks are improving and worth a look at now also.

There is nothing worse than cold toes while skiing – and the problem can be addressed. Pic – Courtesy Ortho Ski

But the true secret to any cold foot issues is to not let your feet get cold in the first place. So, warm socks and shoes around the house before you go skiing is a must. • Krista Sturday, Ski Podiatrist at Ortho Ski



People with Reynaud’s disease should make sure they have a well-fitted boot and ski orthotic to ensure the best blood flow to the foot. Once this is done, you should also consider a boot heater.

Saturday & Tuesday German Night Special All you can eat $50/adult & $28/child Thursday Czech - Bohemian Night Special All you can eat $50/adult & $28/child

What Should I Do? Wear a thin, woollen or synthetic-blend sock designed for ski boots. A thick sock’s fabric will just get squished in your boot and hold your perspiration against your skin, making the sock wet and your skin cold.

Located front of Karelia Lodge on Parallel St.

Wednesday Cheese Fondue Special JB's full Menu all other nights

Opens from 12noon until 4pm Daily!

PUBLIC BAR: 4:30pm to Close! RESTAURANT: 6pm – 9pm

Mountain Staff Special Famous goulash pies or soup:$10

9 Parallel Street. Map Ref: H2 Ph: 03 5758 3278

Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX


CROSS COUNTRY NEWS Season is Underway


his past week has given us a lot to smile about. With the large amount of snowfall in the last 10 days the trails have been blessed with some lovely snow. Racing has begun and now we can start to enjoy the vast network of groomed trails that Falls Creek has to offer. Race Report from last weekend Last weekend was the first real set of races for our Aussie Winter Calendar. On Saturday

the 13th of July, Len Budge put together a great event in the High Plains Tour. This was a 2.5/5/10km skate event starting from the Nordic Bowl. In the open categories, Mark Pollock took the win ahead of Nic Blackwell and Ben Derrick. In the women’s open 10km, Casey Wright won ahead of Anna Trnka and Margeaux Thompson. The word after the race from Casey herself was “I just did the 5km and skied it level 3 (threshold).” After she told me this, I thought “ok Casey, just settle down there.” Shout out also to Len Budge, who organised this event, he came 24th in the 10km event and finished in flying colours! Also Len came first in the 65 and over category if you don’t mind. Across the age groups and disciplines, in the men’s 5km, 12year old Isaac Spring came equal first with his father Jon Spring and in

from Saturday 22nd June Bar Open from 12noon with bar snacks available all day.

HAPPY HARVEY HOUR Tuesday 23rd and Thursday 25th July 3:30pm – 5:30pm Live Entertainment with


Upcoming races Ph: 03 5758 3282 23 Falls Creek Rd, Falls Creek. Map Ref: M2

Partnering great food with an extensive wine list, we still offer our traditional favourites like duck, aged eye fillet, pork belly and barramundi. Plenty of gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options with delicious sourdough bread and a full children’s menu. Bar open from 4pm and Restaurant open daily for dinner from 5:30pm. Roaring log fire and stone hearth – come and enjoy an after dinner port or fortified in our comfy couches in front of the fire.

For 5758 3800 3800 For reservations reservations call 03 5758 or Em: Em: or Schuss Creek Map Map Ref: Ref:K3 K3 Schuss Street, Falls Creek 8

On Sunday the 14th was the annual YMCA Howman’s Gap Victorian Relay Championships were held. This event, originally being classified to ski clubs within Victoria has recently been expanded by Len to be any three people make up a relay team. In the Men’s field, Ronice’s Boyz (John Mordes, Patrick Manning and Liam Flanagan) came away with the chocolates, coming in over a minute ahead of “Oldish”, a team made up of our beloved master blasters Kevin Tory, Jon Spring and Ben Derrick. In the women’s field, Birkebeiner ski team made up of Anna Trnka and Kim Pammer beat “I ski, therefore I am” made up of Rachel Hood, Travis McInnes and David Hood. There we go, a few names you don’t usually read in the results summary, but a lot of fun nonetheless. Thanks Len for a good weekend of racing.


Celebrating our new head chef and continuing to bring modern cuisine with an Eastern flair!

the women’s 5km, Brianna Oldis, daughter of Mal Oldis, took first place ahead of NOR/ AUS Ellen Sohol Lie and Hannah Price. I was speaking to Ellen before the race and the 24 year old was saying she chose to do the 5km race instead of the 10km because she needed to develop some speed in her legs. Let’s hope she was able to do that.

“Be Foodstore and a modern Japanese twist”

Last week Falls Creek once again hosted the Victorian Junior Ski Team on-snow training camp. 47 kids from ages 10-19 staying at the Bogong Village Sport and Rec centre. This was actually a record amount of kids on this camp with the Vic Development Squad expanding impressively. From all reports the camp went really well, with lots of fun times and lots of good ski development.

Falls Creek’s home of fabulous food, specialty coffee, super smoothies, shakes & fresh juices plus eats and all day treats made with love! The region’s best craft beers & cider on tap + extensive wine & cocktail menu fuel up the mornings - recharge the days relax the evenings

super convenient location at the base of Eagle Chair

Welcome to Winter 2019!

Now Open

Seven Days a Week From 10am For relaxed long lunches, exceptional dinners, coffee, snacks and drinks! Plus, we have a great balcony to enjoy the action in Slalom Plaza!

Open daily from 8am til late for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Be sure to pop in and sample local goodness with super friendly service See us on Facebook & Instagram & For reservations call 03 5758 3222

Located in the Village Bowl, below Altitude Apartments. Map Ref: N2

Every Day Specials $35 Large Pizza & Dry Long Neck Deer Saturdays & Wednesdays $10 Small Pizza 4pm - 6pm For Menu and further info, visit: Slalom Plaza (opp Halley’s Comet)

Ph: 03 5758 3088 Map Ref: F3

Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX

CROSS COUNTRY NEWS The Victorian State Championships are this weekend at Falls Creek and we should expect to see some great competition at these events. On the Saturday (20th) is a skate sprint and a classic distance is on the Sunday. Firstly, if you are a parent reading this, I cannot encourage you more to enter your kids in these races as, while it is a state championship, the level, especially for the younger ages, is perfect for juniors to have a go at racing. The goal is to have fun racing and see how you are compared to the other juniors in Victoria. Trail Report The trails are beautifully set for some proper (and fabulous) winter skiing. Pic - Jo Oshaughnessy

With 70cm of snow laying around, there is an abundance of choice out there. The groomer has been frequenting Sun Valley, Watchbed Creek and the Paralyser, as well as the inner trails and the McKay region. However, my expert pick is the trail out to Cope Hut. Whilst he doesn’t often, the groomer has been heading out there and on a calm day it is a treat of great skiing.


Final Word from your Journo Monday, earlier this week, was the 15th of July and I turned 21 that day. I had a great day with friends and family and was able to do the thing I love, skiing. Isn’t that sweet? • Seve de Campo


Movie This Week

Saturday 20th July, 6:30pm


All the best for your birthday Seve! Ed

2019 Grand Opening - Friday 28th June 2019Hour Grand Opening 28th June Happy Beer & Wine 5pm - 11pm -& Friday FREE Bar Snacks 5pm - 11pm. 17 SLALOM ST, FALLS CREEK | 03 5758 3263 DINNER RESERVATIONS RECOMMENDED @NELSE_LODGE

Happy Hour Beer & Wine 5pm - 11pm & FREE Bar Snacks 5pm - 11pm. Milch is back Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Mondays: $20 burger night Plus TRIVIA Tuesdays: Kids eat dinner free (w purchase 1 for 1 of main meal)

Wednesdays: $25 Steak Night

Open 5pm Daily Open 5pm Daily Take-away Take-away Fish & Chips Fish & Chips Tasty Individual Tasty Individual Pies Pies

Evening Meals Evening Meals

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All day Breakfast Burritos All day coffee | All day smiles $10 Cocktail Hour Daily 4pm - 5pm Dinner Available from 5pm

Ph: 03 5758 3407 Bookings Recommended 4 Schuss Street, Falls Creek. Map Ref: J3

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Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX



coming Enduro mountain bike racer. Over the last two years he has progressed to be the fastest junior rider in Australia winning both the National Series and the National Championships in 2016. On March 26 Ben went and raced his first ever EWS (Enduro World Series) event in Rotorua, New Zealand. Prior to the event Matt Rousu caught up with Ben to chat 200 young athlete future in about lmost the race and his potential the mountain bike have world. participants been taking part theyour South Australian MR: Isinthis first overseas Interschools race? Snowsport Championships at Falls Creek Ben: Yep, first overseas race, first EWS this week. World Series), so it’s going to be (Enduro pretty exciting. Carving up the mountain were school MR: Is aged it excitement or17 arecompeting you nervous? children from 5 to in Ben: I’m probably a bit moreevents nervous snowboard and alpine skiing on than excited. to race overseas, but Wednesday andExcited Thursday. They all raced nervous because it’s such a big event. down the NASTAR slalom course, with live MR:on Have heard anything times the you Snowracer website. about the tracks over in Rotorua, NZ? SASKI week what also comprised Opening Ben: From Chris (Panozzo) has and said, Medal ceremonies, night skiing, trophy they’re fast and there aren’t many rocks. presentations, a silent auction and lots of MR: How did you get into riding? family fun. Ben: Pretty much because of my Dad,

couple of years that series kind of fell apart. I then stared racing the national series. MR: How many national events have you raced? Ben: My first national year in 2015. I raced three events, Toowoomba, Adelaide, and SA Interschools chairperson Wenk Canberra and placed 3rd overallKati for the series. said it was an exciting week with skiers and In 2016 I raced the Bright, Perth and snowboarders of all abilities competing. Adelaide National series events winning all three the U19 of series overall. I then went “Withand a number school groups and on to win U19 National Champs in Adelaide many individual family entries, this year’s (with a time that would have knocked Troy SA Interschools provided the opportunity Brosnan off the elite podium). for many newcomers to try the race events,” MR: How did you end up travelling and Mrs Wenk said. racing alongside Chris Panozzo (2 time Elite Gravity Enduro Australian champion)? “Many entrants who had arrived earlier in the week the chance to prepare for the Ben: I firsttook met Chris at a Victorian Enduro state at Barjarg, was NASTAR still like Under race round by practicing onI the course 15s or Under 17s I knew that he was a fast on Monday andand Tuesday.” dude. I wanted to hang out with the fast guys “The bonustoofhang ourout SASKI is so I wanted with event Chris Panozzo. witnessing the big smiles when each of the I remember at Barjarg the shuttles were always entrants finishes their ski or snowboard. a bit delayed, we were hanging out down the I don’t tire oflong the enjoyment each year”our bottom for so that we nearly missed added Kati. race runs. When we got to the top, everyone was wondering where we’d been. He was “Importantly, SA Interschools couldn’t be just like “Ah we’ve just been chilling at the run without the assistance of Falls Creek bottom.” So that felt pretty cool. Resort, ourhecommittee volunteers and After that invited me and to travel with him the many sponsors and donors as well as to the next round at Narbethong. During the support families.” that trip of weSA decided not to race any more of the Vic series. thought that I wouldn’t SA Interschools Ihopes to provide more really continue racing but then Chris opportunities for school-registered invited me to Toowoomba. That was my children in 2020. “We’d like all on South first national race and from then we just Australian school children to know can became mates and he invited me alongthey to all participate in SA Interschools as our focus



LOCAL RADIO Alpine Radio 96.5 FM In the Kiewa Valley Alpine Radio 92.9 FM In the Ovens Valley Alpine Radio 94.5 FM In the Harrietville area


Kelly Gibbons from Wodonga Eyecare consulting at the new rooms in the Mount Beauty Medical Centre, Tawonga Crescent. Full eye examinations including Glaucoma tests, Diabetes and Macular Degeneration screening. Children welcome. To arrange an appointment:

Mount Beauty Community Radio for good music, local news, snow reports and developing programs.

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Fancy a Clean Laundrette? It is here! 41 Bogong High Plains Road Clean, comfortable, well-lit and carpeted - with flat screen TV, folding bench, efficient washing machines, cost effective driers and industrial water filters to give you the cleanest wash possible. Open 8am - 8pm weekdays 9am - 7pm weekends & Public Holidays.

Mount Beauty Chair photos: Ph: 0400 350 488

Fully licensed restaurant

Hand-made Pasta ~ Slow-braised meats ~ World’s best Pork Chop ~ amongst other un-worldly delights by Roi! Hand-churned fruit ice-cream - to die for! Age ‘Good Food Guide’ since 1998 Lonely Planet Guide

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Interested families can find out more informationVisit on the theSA Interschools website and can sign Bogong Power Station up for a newsletter to stayCentre informed about Information For historical & geological exhibits. upcoming events. Karen Cross, SASKI President 10:30am - 2:30pm Bogong Alpine would Village Group 03 5754 3318 the also likeBookings to thank- Phone Falls Creek Resort, community and the Race and Events Department for their fabulous work and Fancy Fresh LocalusFruit cooperation and for making all feel so welcome. It truly is a wonderful and Vegetables…week. •

… and real Free Range Eggs?

Renowned Dining and Wines

Ariel’s Laundrette

of the races he was doing. MR: What are your goals for this year, more EWS or is going to be too hard to juggle school? Ben: I’m racing the EWS in New Zealand and in Tasmania but this year I want to finish YearSaski 12 and out alive, doSaski letters. skiiersget playing with the as much riding as I can and fit. It’s Pic stay - Courtesy Karen Cross probably not the best year to be going into on participation than speed,’’ myis first EWS becauserather Year 12 takes up Mrs Wenk says. chunk of my time. such a massive MR: Have any week plans of forthe further “Held inyou the got second South studies such as University, or each depending Australian school holidays year, we’d onlove howallthese two EWS eventstogo,encourage would holidaying families you like to chance it and try to become a their children to enter. Racing down the professional racer? NASTAR slalom course alone is really one Ben: I haven’t really thought too much of the safest places on the mountain and about it. Becoming a professional mountain assists in improving children’s biker would be pretty sick but yousnowsport sort of doabilities.” have to have another profession once you come out the other Another facet of side. the event is those MR: Do you think able totimes develop entrants with theyou’d fastestbeeligible a career and race at the same time? gain an invitation to attend the National Ben: Yeah, looking at someone like Paul will be Interschools Championships, which held at Mt Buller in September this year.

Open: Sundays and Mondays

Emergency Services Broadcaster

Visits Mount Beauty Fortnightly Next: Fri 10th Nov then Fri 24th Nov

Ben McIlroy with bike - and a ‘can-do’ attitude. Pic - Matt Rousu.

We also have a local gourmet selection… Sourdoughs, Honeybird Coffee, Beechworth Honey and more! Iconic NZ products like Whittakers and Astra Day Spa offers a range of Cookie Time packages and treatments using Just in - our real Fruitonly Ice-Cream the bestMachine products.

Kiwi s Market

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Open Seven days 8am - 6pm through summer Ph 5758 3496 239 Kiewa Valley Highway Next to Fallons Caltex andbyBus Depot Open 7 days appointment Ph: 0498 804 096’smarketgarden


A I R ~A Summer R T I S T 2017 & MA K E U PTHIRTEEN ARTIST Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS H WEEK Edition - DESTINATION BRIDAL -


Shop is now located inside Cloud 9. Ph 0407 855 265 10

Hairdressing Appointments 0427 349 169 5 SITZMARK STREET FALLS CREEK

Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX


Wine Maker’s Dinner

Movies This Week

ext Wednesday, the 24th July, Elk Restaurant will host the annual here’s wattle blooming every wine amaker’s dinner with Nickday, somewhere in our land, Dodds of Sante Wines along with Matthew Di Sciascio, the wine Fromone theofmisty alpinemakers passesatto the Santa & desert D’Sas sand. and …ISH Wines of the burning King Valley. From the Eastern coastal fringes where the Wine wattle buffs growswill thegain best,an insight into why King Valley Wines are strongly influenced To an theItalian lonelycommunity rugged gorges the in this by thatofsettled Kimberley out West. part of NE Victoria and now produce an array of wines that reflect their heritage. The wattle is our symbol, and a hundred The King Valley wine region has one of the years before greatest concentrations of Italian varieties of any wine regionwrote in Australia. Matt and his Henry Lawson of the shearers’ strikes counterparts combine Italian heritage and he saw--cool climate viticultural styles to produce “We’ll make the tyrants feel the sting o’ wines of finesse. those that they would throttle, Nick will compare the growing popularity They needn’t say the fault is ours if blood of Italian Wines, where they are produced should stain the wattle.” and imported in increasing amounts each year into Australia, with Matt Di Sciascio Of allhas thedeveloped native treeshis theown wattle winsofthe test, who range Italian inspiredinD’SAS …ISH For it blooms goldenand trusses andwines the wild as winemaker fornest. the Di Sciascio Family birds make their Wines (one of James Halliday’s ‘Ten Dark High upininthe the2016 canopy, well in from the Horses’ Wine Companion). borders, It will be a fascinating journey throughout the evening with the friendly competition between two wine experts that have an extensive knowledge of Italian wines such as Sangiovese, Dolcetto, Barbera, Pinot Grigio, Fiano and the increasing popularity with Australian wine buffs Prosecco (Glera) Astra Day Spa offers a range of style Sparkling wines. packages and treatments using

The Dawn Wall Saturday 20th 6:30pm at Cloud 9. Snug and safe from mankind and aerial In January, 2015, American rock climbers marauders. Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson captivated the world effort Sprigs of wattle wentwith alongtheir when Aussies to climb the Dawn Wall, a seemingly left for war, impossible 3,000 foot rock face in Yosemite To the poppy-fields of Flanders, beneath National Park, California. The pair lived thethe cannons’ roar. cliff for weeks, igniting on sheer vertical aThe frenzy of global attention. Butthose Diggers kept media the wattle close --for Tommy Caldwell, the Dawn Wall brave and hardened men, was much more than just a climb. It was Andculmination the wattle was talisman, toby get the of atheir lifetime defined back home again. overcoming obstacles. At the age of 22, the climbing prodigy was taken hostage Australians the wattle, and the by rebels in love Kyrgyzstan. Shortly after,mighty he river gums, lost his index finger in an accident, but resolved to up come stronger.and When his That grow on back the Murray, no matter marriage apart, he escaped the pain by what fatefell comes, fixating on the extraordinary goal of free No matterthe where weWall. travel, no matter climbing Dawn Blurring the line where we roam between dedication and obsession, Caldwell and his Wattle partnerand Jorgeson spend six years It’s the the Redgum that draw our hearts back home.and practicing their meticulously plotting route. On the final attempt, with the world Phantom • watching, Caldwell is faced with a moment of truth…•





e of ed

d ght



i but ut


only thecanapes best products. dinner plus inclusive

A Four-course of matched Visit winesuswill complement today to find out the more. event as well as an extensive range of other Italian inspired wines to taste on the Ph 5758 3496 evening Cost $120 per person. The scenery is superb, but you’ve got bigger things to

Open by appointment Bookings https://www. worry about via - likeTrybookings: the cost7 ofdays this thing they’re about to load you in to. “It’s OK; I’ve got Victorian Ambulance • cover” Pic - Courtesy Ambulance Victoria.

And, just so that you know, this week we AUSTRALIAN WATTLE have Danwar at the Falls Creek Hotel

Kilian Jornet - Path To Everest Tuesday 23 July, 8:30pm @ Frying Pan Inn. When he was a child Kilian Jornet, the world’s greatest ever mountain runner, made a list of all the races he wanted to win and all the mountains he dreamt of climbing. The documentary tells the story of how Kilian Jornet, the world’s greatest ever mountain runner, succeeded in completing the historic double ascent of Everest oneyour week, alone Fancy a liftinto and without oxygen in May 2017. •

restaurant tonight?

Oversnow Taxi Service Available Carries up to 10 people. LOCAL RADIO Pick up available from all accommodation Alpine Radio 96.5 FM

venues on the mountain. A TWinemakers H A I R XMatthew S H EDiL Sciascio L Pictured, In the Kiewa Valley ForHfurther information on ambulance A I R A R T I S T & M A K E U P A R T I S T and Andrew Santarossa. $80 one Alpine Radio 92.9way FM or $150 return memberships, - D E S T Icall N A T1800 I O N B648 R I D 484 A L - or visit In the Ovens Valley Last taxi 9:30pm. the website Alpine Radio 94.5 FM Reservations essential, please call A further of- good news- is thatCUTS you LADIES bit CUTS KIDS CUTS MENS In the Harrietville area FADES & BEARDS give them can ring the above number, 03 5758 1208 Emergency Services Broadcaster COLOUR REFRESH - SMUDGE ROOTand - FOILS Mount Beauty Community Radio for good music, your details, pay by credit card you - OMBRE local news, snow reports and developing programs. are covered BALAYAGE by 5pm the next day. You SPA TREATMENTS Ph: 5754 4554 can doPROFFESIONAL theHAIR same by jumping on to the Helen Mathew m 0419 399 737 PRODUCT RETAIL Email: website. If you don’t have a credit card, Mount Beauty | Website: go to your local Post Office and it can 0427 349 169 Hairdressing Appointments Falls Creek & Mount Beauty all be done there. • THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX 5 SITZMARK STREET FALLS CREEK

Live Entertainment

doing Harvey Hour on Tuesday 23rd and Thursday 25th.

Then, at the Frying Pan, after the Night Show on Thursday 25th we have the elusive and incredible OOZ who just “likes to keep the cats happy!” •

Fully licensed restaurant

Hand-made Pasta ~ Slow-braised meats ~ Renowned Dining and Wines Hand-made Pasta ~ ~Slow-braised World’s best Pork Chop amongst other meatsun-worldly ~ World’sdelights best Pork Chop ~ by Roi! amongst other un-worldly delights by Hand-churned fruit ice-cream - to die for! Roi!Hand-churned fruit ice-cream. AGEuntil GoodSaturday Food Guide since 1998 Open February 17th. Guide ThenLonely closedPlanet for three weeks. Re-Opening March available 9th Bookings Please! –Friday Gift Vouchers

Ph 03 5754 4495

177 Kiewa Valley Highway, Tawonga

Falls Creek

Open 8am – 7pm Daily · Extensive grocery range · Bottle shop: beer, wine, spirits · Fresh fruit and vegetables · Hot pies and sausage rolls · Heat and eat meals ·Phone re-charge ·ATM ·Newspapers and magazines

Located in Slalom day carpark at the bottom of Halley’s Comet Chairlift. Tel: 57 583 009 For pick and pack deliveries please visit


FRONT PAGE A Touch of History


t is somewhat amazing how things evolve. The image on the front page of this week’s paper is actually a scan of the very first production put together by your editor in 1980. And there is a bit of a story behind it all.

The image on the front page of this week’s paper is actually a scan of the very first production put together by your editor in 1980. And there is a bit of a story behind it all. As a fresh faced young ‘legend in his own lunch-box,’ your Ed arrived in Falls Creek in April 1980 – straight out of the city where he had been selling boats. But the boating industry took a dive when the OPEC countries screwed the world for the price of oil. Resin and fibre-glass are both petro-chemicals. You needed petrol to tow your boat and petrol to run your boat. Therefore the boating industry was getting slugged in four different directions. Your Ed arrived ‘on the bones of his backside’ and was able to get a job working as a labourer on the new building in Falls Visit the

Bogong Power Station Information Centre

For historical & geological exhibits.

Now open Sundays

10:30am - 2:30pm Bogong Alpine Village Group Bookings - Phone 03 5754 3318

A Bill Bachman photo in the Australiasian Post September 1982 shows your editor enjoyinf the body painting at Sundance in September 1981.

Creek, the international resort style hotel called Sundance Inn for $6 per hour cash plus keep.

opening dinner on Saturday July 12th. Yep, Sundance opened with a big Chinese banquet five weeks into the season.

The location of the Sundance Inn was a little contentious as it was being built on the slope beside Diana Lodge, where everyone skiid down to get the Gully Chair (the only access chair) up to the Village Bowl. But it went ahead.

As a staff member, your Ed was being fed at Attunga and therefore go to know many of the local crew like the Lee family, Mark and Katie Steven, Bobby and Pheobe Irwin to name a few.

Before starting the job on the car park for the season under the watchful eye of Operations manager Peter Norris, your Ed was able to continue working on the building of Sundance Inn until the official

With the season moving on to full stride, it was time to go and hit the pubs after work. “There’s a band on at The Man” which had the disco floor downstairs. “No there’s not.” “Let’s go to the Friers” “They’re charging to

TED “PHANTOM” WEEKS 0456 022 211

Fancy a lift to your restaurant tonight? Oversnow Taxi Service Available Carries up to 10 people. Pick up available from all accommodation venues on the mountain. $95 one way or $170 return Last taxi 9:30pm. Reservations essential, please call

03 5758 1208 12


Falls Creek WHERE

Bottom of Gully Chairlift.


Tawonga Crescent.


Open Daily 10am – 12:30pm & 2pm – 5pm (Map Ref J6)


8:30am – 5pm Mon – Friday 10am – 12noon Saturdays.


Ph: 03 5758 3238 all day. 24 hours for Emergencies. General Practitioners experienced in Family and Snow Sports Medicine.


Ph: 03 5754 3400 for appointments Drs Mark Zagorski, Jeff Robinson, Libby Garoni, Sky Delaney, Laura Zagorski, Angela Stratton, Lauren Cussen, Matthew McAlpine & Lachlan McKeeman.


First fully accredited snowfields practice in Australia based on 34 years experience.

“You’ve only got one head – put a lid on it!”



Fully accredited General Practice with 40 years service to the Upper Kiewa Valley.

Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX

QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY WEEKEND FRONT PAGE metres this week get in” so Nofar they’re not” and “Yesthe theyconditions are!” are perfect to ‘keep on pumping!’ And your Ed’s attitude was “if you guys Falls Museum don’t Creek know what is going on, how are the visitors going to know where toof gothe and To maximise your appreciation spend their money.” resort, a visit to the museum is a must. Open 12noondays untilparking 4pm oncars, both As wellfrom as working your Saturday andbehind Sunday,the thebar museum is Ed got a job at Sundance in fantastic. There arethe many relics some the evenings. And place wasand going off. great many days back andyou it If youfilms lookfrom closely at the front page presents a fantastic insight into our will see where Sundance had thehow services village grew. band ‘Spiral’ who played six of a resident nights a week and Sunday arvo. Andsociety other Speaking of museum, the historical live acts were planned. – and in particular one Karen Smythe – has a fabulous job of putting this Johndone Blackett, the Sundance manager museum together. duringtowinter, needed some fliers But, produced promote many of the Historical Society the up-coming two night gig bymembers ‘The are flat out working their ‘normal’ jobs. a Drifters’ fresh from the US of A. Being Therefore we are looking for volunteers resourceful sort of chap, your Ed said “Yep, who loveRod the Brown opportunity to spend I canwould do that!” is a brother to some time staffing the museum to Marnie Searles at Kilimanjaro and keep was also it open soonthat canwith takeyour advantage working thepeople car park Ed. of theisfabulous collection of material Rod also a very good graphic artist and and videos. an opportunity to learn he very As kindly created, by hand, theabout very our andwas its history, volunteering first resort flier that then photocopied andin the museum is gold! 5758 1200 delivered around the Phone village 03 onto every ifnotice you are interested. board and into every lodge. Village Get-Together A close look at the artwork on the front page will show Sundance also “Falls offered You are invited that to the 5th Annual WINTER EDITION SEVENTEEN Live Entertainment, the resident band Creek Meeting” 4:30pm to 6:30pm Sunday (as mentioned), regular feature movie, a 9th June 2019 ataElk. Drinks at bar prices. cocktail hour with Peter O’Keefe on piano, AD PROOF Nibbles provided. the Jazz sessions on Sunday afternoon and This not really a meeting, it’s more about your ischoice of Chinese or Australian meals. meeting others and catching with old Yep, Sundance was the way toupgo. friends and kicking off the new season with next(read week, your Ed sold some aThe bang! hangover). advertising to Gary McLindin, the manager Meet CEOsome Stuart at theResort FryingManagement Pan Inn and also Smythe and Falls Creek Ski Lifts GM advertising to the Falls Creek Chinese Sharon Raguse and get an update and on the Restaurant (located in Sundance) preparation for the upcoming Winter. paper was born – imaginatively titled ‘This You will also hear about Mountain Film returning to Falls Creek for the 2nd year on Sunday 29 July. Don’t miss it! •

Some of our most important people are already out on the slopes making things safe and secure for a fabulous Great Gear - Better Value opening weekend. Pic - Nathan Fenton Just a little bit more detail on the first version of This Week in Falls Creek. Artwork courtesy Rod Brown.

Week in Falls Creek.’ Now, forty years later and the paper is still here.

Free Chain Hire with Two sets Travelling to Falls Creek this winter? of Skis or Boards hired!

Travelling to Falls There are otherthis notable winter? achievements to be Creek

For Hire: Skis – XC – Telemark – Touring – Recreational and a range of Snowboards.

recognised we’ll try and get Leave theand worries of hiring andthem fittingdone in chains, future editions. Barry Jones at Pretty coping with anti-freeze and icy Valley also celebrating 40 years and roadsisbehind you! thePark Lee your family are celebrating 50 yearsinof car in the secure car-park Attunga Lodge. • Tawonga South and ride our comfortable FRIDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER 2017

König & V2 Chains – and we can supply

WITH FALLSskiCREEK COACH SERVICE magnetic and snowboard racks! OR CHAIN HIRE Gear: Sportful XC clothing & La Bent

accessories Leave the worries of hiring and fitting chains, coping anti-freeze andtoastie icy roads you! Plus:with Enjoy a coffee, orbehind cake on Park your carour in the secure car-park in Tawonga South deck or take-away! and ride our comfortable warm coach to Falls Creek! Daily departures from Melbourne, Albury and Mount Beauty will have you on the slopes sooner – without the fuss!!

warm coach to Falls Creek!

Daily departures from Melbourne, Albury P H YBeauty S I O will T Hhave E Ryou AP and Mount onYthe slopes sooner – without the fuss!!

Kiewa Valley Highway, Tawonga South HIRE • SALES • REPAIRS • SERVICE Kiewa Ph: Valley03 Highway, 5754Tawonga 4024 South

Kiewa Valley Highway, Tawonga South

5A Hollonds Street, Mount Beauty

Ph: 03 5754 4024 Phone 5754 1270

Ph: 03 5754 1118

Em: Open 8am – 6pm Seven Days in June

MOTORING TIPS Drive to the Conditions

Alpine Specialists

Visit the Bogong Power Station Information Centre For historical & geological exhibits.

Now open Sundays

10:30am - 2:30pm Bogong Alpine Village Group Bookings - Phone 03 5754 3318 The means slow enough to avoid an mishaps – like losing your steering because your front wheels lock up when you put the brakes on – and you slide in to a ditch (at best!). Alpine 96.5 Get Radio rid of ALL of FM the snow from your car In the Kiewa Valley – it’s dangerous! Alpine FM drive wheels), gloves CarryRadio chains92.9 (for your In the Ovens Valley (for your hands), mat (to keel on), torch Alpine Radio 94.5 FM (to see), and knowledge (to know how and In the Harrietville area when to fit and remove chains).


Emergency Services Broadcaster

3.0 CM x 1 COL Mount Beauty Community Radio forto good A Motoring Tip brought youmusic, by local news, snow reports and developing programs. $35.70Service Rick at Mount Beauty Centre Ph:Bogong 5754 4554Plains High road, Mount Beauty SEASON CONTRACT

Are you thinking of selling? Talk to us about your property.

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Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition ONE SIX

Winterhaven Complex




QT Apt W402




QT Apt E203




Primo Frueauf Village




Cedarwood Apt 16




Alpine View Apt 22




Athena Frueauf Village




Studio West




Cedarwood Apt 15




Elevate your Lifestyle. Christa Zirky 0402 277 808 13


turns on Ruined Castle before the rest of the world has got anywhere near the runs.

his two level three bedroom, two bathroom, beautifully appointed property which sleeps eight, is situated right beside the free Gully Chairlift and offers true ski-in ski-out access to the Eagle and Summit Quad chairlifts.

This lift was only installed last year and the realisation of its benefits by the skiing fraternity has resulted in dramatic increases in rental returns for Snow Ski.


Snow Ski is a well-managed complex and the apartment is north facing with excellent views down the Gully Run and toward Spion Kopje and Mt Bogong. Recently, a glass roofed, heated balcony was installed with full width windows and sliding door at a cost in excess of $50,000. Until last year the Village Bowl area was not as popular as Slalom Plaza because of difficulty for beginners and children being able to access the snowsports school at the top of Halley’s Comet, thus needing to use the Village shuttle bus. The situation has now changed dramatically with the installation of the Eagle High Speed Quad detachable chairlift. This now means that inexperienced skiers can use this excellent lift, which virtually stops at the bottom and at the top to make boarding and disembarking a simple matter. From the top it is an easy journey across to Cloud 9 and Snowsports School. Furthermore, for the more advanced skiers who wish to ski Ruined Castle and Scotts, rather than using its slow predecessor, the new lift whisks you up to the top of Scotts in a fraction of the time and you will be carving

4.7 out of 5 - Not a bad rating

put up by someone else! And improvements to come this winter!!!

Talk to us at:

Ariel’s Laundrette 41 Bogong High Plains Road, Mount Beauty Open 8am - 8pm weekdays 9am - 7pm W/ends & Holidays

Ph: 0400 350 488

Works to enable a new 50 year lease have now been completed. You can live in the property or rent out as you wish through the on-site management. Snow Ski is situated close to excellent restaurants such as the recently refurbished Frying Pan, BE Food store and the Falls Creek Hotel. There is a shuttle stop close by with regular free shuttles travelling around the village. The Accommodation Transport Service will deliver arriving guests right to the door of the complex.

or on your bike is endless. The Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing is an iconic Australian walk of international standard being promoted by Parks Victoria. The afore-mentioned suite of summer activities includes the Alpine Challenge, the Mile High Dragon Boats, the Bicycle Network Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, the Easter Festival as well as regular mountain bike shuttles. The property is listed for sale with Falls Creek Real Estate for $430,000. Contact on-mountain representative Ted Weeks, Mb: 0456 022 211. •

In the summer months, (we describe as everything not winter), the location can be easily accessed by car with adequate parking out front or nearby. While the quality of your enjoyment of Falls Creek as a winter resort is undoubted, it is the growing suite of summer activities that adds untold value to a purchase in the village. Over the last decade, much work has gone into developing and securing summer trade. The resort now boasts in excess of 40km of mountain bike trails – with some being accessed from the Village Bowl. Add to these the many kilometres of aqueducts and management vehicle tracks and your exploring, whether on foot, on a horse

EMERGENCY EMERGENCY 000 Ambulance 000 EMERGENCY BROADCASTER Alpine Radio (Fires & Floods) 96.5 FM ELECTRICITY Faults & Emergencies 13 17 99 FIRE Falls Creek/Mount Beauty/ Tawonga 000 HOSPITAL Mount Beauty 5754 3500 MEDICAL CENTRES Falls Creek 5758 3238 Mount Beauty 5754 3400


5758 3424 5754 4244 5723 0600 5758 3287 5750 1230 1800 668 511 13 25 00 0421 553 527


Ed 08 * 26.07.19 * Alpine Masters, Rider X, Women’s XC Camp. Aus Open Champs. (C) Ed 09 * 02.08.19 * ASSSTC, Rails Under Lights, Big Air Comp. Mini Series Three. (C) Ed 10 * 09.08.19 * Ski de Femme, RV Rush & SV Ramble, Rails Under Lights, Big Air (C) Ed 11 * 16.08.19 * Kangaroo Hoppet Lead Up, Invitation Night Sprints, Photography Exhibition. (C) DISTRIBUTION: • All accommodation houses, restaurants, businesses, club lodges and apartments in Falls Creek, Bogong Village, Mount Beauty, Tawonga South, Tawonga and Dederang, plus the RMB’s between Dederang and Tawonga and selected venues in Bright and Myrtleford. ONLINE: • Available in PDF form at: INSERTS: • Not Available


DISPLAY: • 1 column (6cm wide) = $15.00 per cm. 4cp = $20.00 per cm. • 2 column (12.5cm wide) = $25.00 per cm. 4cp = $35.00 per cm. • 3 column (19cm wide)= $35.00 per cm. 4cp = $49.00 per cm. CLASSIFIEDS: • Like the Trading Post. Send in your Classifieds and pay when you sell. BUSINESS DIR.: • $5.90 per line per Edition. DEADLINE: • Friday 2.00pm prior to publication date CONTRACT: • A Season Contract for 17 editions of winter is available offering a 15% discount. The contract is secured by payments made four editions in advance. Due Dates: 07.06.19, 05.07.19, 02.08.19, 30.08.19

ENQUIRIES For Information on Advertising or Editorial Contributions please contact: Ken Bell Mob: 0400 350 488 Email: 14

For Payment, Placement of Adverts or Subscriptions, please forward to: Ph/Fax: 03 5754 1346 Office Address: Suite 2, 41 Bogong High Plains Road, Mount Beauty Postal Address: P.O. Box 325, Mount Beauty 3699. ABN: 22 171 749 807 Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX

IT HAD TO HAPPEN I’m Blonde and I’m Flying to Melbourne

The Blonde replies, “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, I’m going to Melbourne and I’m staying right here!”

plane is on its way to Melbourne when a Blonde in Economy Class gets up & moves to the First Class section and sits down

Exasperated, the co-pilot tells the pilot that it was no use and that he probably should have the police waiting when they land to arrest the Blonde who won’t listen to reason.


The Flight attendant watches her do this and asks to see her ticket. She then tells the Blonde passenger that she will have to return to her Economy seat. The Blonde replies, “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, I’m going to Melbourne and I’m staying right here!”

moves back to her seat in Economy. The flight attendant and co-pilot are amazed and asked him what he said to make her move without any fuss. The pilot replied, “I told her First Class isn’t going to Melbourne!!!” •

“You say she’s blonde? I’ll handle this, I’m married to a blonde, and I speak blonde!” The pilot goes back to the blonde, whispers in her ear, and she says, “Oh I’m sorry - I had no idea,” gets up and

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The flight attendant goes into the cockpit and tells the pilot and co-pilot that there is some blonde bimbo sitting in First Class who belongs in Economy and won’t move back to her seat. The co-pilot goes back to the blonde and tries to explain that because she only paid for economy, she is only entitled to an Economy seat and she will have to return to her original seat.

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Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX

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28th 30th – 2nd

JULY Weekly Mount Beauty Park Run. 8am Saturdays. Bicentennial Park, Lakeside Avenue. Ph: 03 5754 1118. 19th Regular Monthly Meeting of the Mount Beauty Men’s Shed group and BBQ Lunch. From 11:30am. All Welcome. Enquiries to: 20th Vic Junior Sprint Champ.s F. 9:30am Nordic Bowl. Ben Derrick 0400 110 046 20th TDFNL Rd 14. Dederang Mount Beauty V Kiewa Sandy Creek @ Dederang 21st Vic Junior Distance Champ.s C. 10am Nordic Bowl. Ben Derrick 0400 110 046. 25th Fabulous Falls Creek Night Show Spectacular 7pm under lights on the Summit. Featuring Skiing and Boarding Demos and a fantastic Fireworks display. Ph: 03 5758 1000. 26th Wombats Rambler Night Race. 6pm – 9pm on Wombats Ramble – an event not to be missed. Ph: 03 5758 1026. 26th – 29th Falls Creek Alpine Masters Championships. Three days of events – including the Wombats Rambler. Ph: 03 5758 1026. 27th Rider X 9am – 2pm. Another new event for Falls Creek this year. This will be a classic boarder/ skier cross course set to suit both disciplines over by Ruined Castle finishing at Dicky Knees. Ph: 03 5758 1026 27th AUS Open Sprint Champ.s C. CC/FIS. 9:30am Nordic Bowl. Anne Bellingham 0427 006 246. 27th TDFNL Rd 15. Yackandandah V Dederang Mount Beauty 27th YMCA Howman’s Gap Alpine Centre and YMCA Falls Creek Cross Country are hosting a screening of the Gutsy Girls Film Festival as part of the Women’s Cross Country Ski Camp – See below. For further info, go to: 27th – 29th Women’s XC Camp. Three days of skiing, coaching, video analysis and socialising based at Howman’s Gap Alpine Centre and hosted by Falls Creek Cross Country. Ph: 03 5758 3408 or Fb: @fallscreekXC



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CR S LL 16









Snow-cleared road road Snow-cleared Ski-in / ski-out road Ski-in / ski-out road Stairs Stairs





Street number Street number 17 Village bus stop Village bus stop

ATS (Accommodation Transfer Service) ATS (Accommodation Transfer Service) Toilets Toilets













to Mt Beauty 30km


Defibrilator location Defibrilator location 17




W2 L


The Gully Day Carpark








ra i l na T Di a


The Gully



4. Albury Corner




5. The Bowl


3. Winterhaven Corner 12





















5 R A M










Slalom North Day Carpark
















2. Falls Ck OISHII GO Central

ST 4






6. Schuss St

SC 4




Lower Slalom Overnight Carpark





Slalom / High Plains Road







CFA Police




L S7 T


1. Slalom Plaza

7 5


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AR 5 LB 3 ER 8 GS T






Lower Windy Corner Overnight Carpark



Windy Corner


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Big Fella Artwork


E x te n s i o n


O Broadway






Windy Corner Day Carpark

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Cross-country Trailhead





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Mount Beauty Park Run. 8am Saturdays. Bicentennial Park, Lakeside Avenue. Ph: 03 5754 1118. Fabulous Falls Creek Night Show Spectacular 7pm under lights on the Summit. Featuring Skiing and Boarding Demos and a fantastic Fireworks display. Ph: 03 5758 1000. TDFNL Rd 16. Dederang Mount Beauty V Wodonga Saints @ Dederang. Snow Trek & Travel Mini Series Three. 11am Falls Creek Nordic Bowl. Ph: Lynn-Maree 0409592 226. Aus Secondary Schools Ski Teams Alpine Championships. Falls Creek. Ph: 03 5758 1026. Aus Secondary Schools Ski Teams XC Championships. Falls Creek Nordic Bowl. Ph: Heath 03 5754 4005. Regular Monthly Meeting of the UKV Community Association. 7:30pm in the Auditorium, beside the Mount Beauty Visitor Information Centre. All Welcome. For more info, phone: Mb: 0428 226 922. Fabulous Falls Creek Night Show Spectacular 7pm under lights on the Summit. Featuring Skiing and Boarding Demos and a fantastic Fireworks display. Ph: 03 5758 1000. Rails Under Lights. 6pm – 9pm. A brand new rail jam in the Village Bowl. Ph: 03 5758 1026. Regular Monthly Meeting of the Mount Beauty Diabetes Support Group. 10am Lakeside Community Centre. All Welcome. Ph: 0427 544 824. TDFNL Rd 17. Tallangatta V Dederang Mount Beauty. Big Air 10am – 2pm on the Ruined Castle Terrain Park. Practice 10am – 12noon. Judged Runs from 1pm. Presentations 4pm. Ph: 03 5758 1026. Ski de Femme Freestyle Fun Race. 1km, 2.5km




Weekly 1st 3rd 4th 6th – 8th 7th – 9th 8th 8th 9th 10th 10th 10th 10th

b le Ra m



and 5km. 10am Falls Creek Nordic Bowl. Ph: Ronice: 0409 332 642. Rocky Valley Rush & Sun Valley Ramble. Freestyle 7.5 & 15km. 10:30am. Falls Creek Nordic Bowl. Ph: Ann 0427 006 246. North East Primary School Relays. 11am Falls Creek Nordic Bowl. Ph: Ronice: 0409 332 642. Fabulous Falls Creek Night Show Spectacular 7pm under lights on the Summit. Featuring Skiing and Boarding Demos and a fantastic Fireworks display. Ph: 03 5758 1000. Regular Monthly Meeting of the Mount Beauty Men’s Shed group and BBQ Lunch. From 11:30am. All Welcome. Enquiries to: TDFNL Rd 18. Dederang Mount Beauty V Thurgoona @ Dederang Regular monthly meeting of the Mount Beauty Self Help Anxiety Support Group 7pm – 8:30pm at the Mount Beauty Neighbourhood Centre. Gold coin donation appreciated. Ph: 03 9830 0533. Fabulous Falls Creek Night Show Spectacular 7pm under lights on the Summit. Featuring Skiing and Boarding Demos and a fantastic Fireworks display. Ph: 03 5758 1000. Falls Creek Invitation Night Sprints 6pm in the Village Bowl, bottom of Summit outside the Frying Pan Inn. Ph: 03 5754 1045. David Rosendale Photography Exhibition. The Boardroom at QT Friday 6pm – 8pm. Sat & Sun 10am – 8pm. Em: All In Slope-style. 9am – 2pm. Ruined Castle Terrain Park. Falls Creek’s home-grown Slopestyle Event. Ph: 03 5758 1026. Falls Creek Nordic Bowl. 9:30am: Kangaroo Hoppet, 42km. 9:40am. Australian Birkebeiner, 21km. 9:50am. Joey Hoppet, 7km. Contact the Race Secretary: 03 5754 1045. Rudi Pendl Night Race. 6pm on the Summit. In memory of an Austrian friend that embraced snow, dance, cooking and all of Falls Creek. Ph: 03 5758 1026. Australian Junior XC Sprint Championships. 9:30am Falls Creek Nordic Bowl. Ph: Ann 0427 006 246.

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11th 15th 15th 16th 17th 20th 22nd 22nd 23rd 24th 24th 29th 31st

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to Nordic Bowl / Bogong High Plains 1


AUS Open Champ.s F. CC/FIS. 9:30am Nordic Bowl. Anne Bellingham 0427 006 246. Australian Police Winter Games. Four days of competitive actions. Details from www.apwg. Ph: 03 5758 1026

Information centre Information centre Post office Post office

to Bogong Village 16km




CFA Police


to Howmans Gap Alpine Centre 4km





PolicePolice / CFA//CFA SES/ SES


Medical centre / ambulance Medical centre / ambulance Helipad / Parking Helipad / Parking

Falls Creek & Mount Beauty THIS WEEK - Winter 2019 Edition SIX

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This Week in Falls Creek & Mount Beauty - 19 July 2019  

In our latest edition, you'll find a front page with a bit of a difference, we discuss the chain debate for another season, get all the acti...

This Week in Falls Creek & Mount Beauty - 19 July 2019  

In our latest edition, you'll find a front page with a bit of a difference, we discuss the chain debate for another season, get all the acti...