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This book is based upon an antique doll collection auctioned by Theriault’s of Annapolis, Maryland. Design: Travis Hammond Photography: Gerald Nelson Senior Conservator: Terry Lanford $75 ISBN: 1-931503-76-1 Printed in Hong Kong

Ascent to the Mountains – The Spielzeugmuseum Angela Prader in Davos, Switzerland It began as a simple amusement, became a diversion in an otherwise busy family schedule, and, somewhere along the line, became a serious life’s work and study. Some who study antique dolls and playthings remain private collectors, others author books and still others lecture. Some dream of founding a museum. Of those, a very few actually do. One who did is Angela Prader of Davos, Switzerland, founder of Spielzeugmuseum Davos. Establishing a museum compels vast planning, hard work, and a determined vision. In addition to all the business and building decisions, there is the collection itself. What will be included? What will be its standards? Angela Prader resolved, early on, that she would seek and select only the best in each category. “Originality of the doll or the dollhouse, or the costume or the house contents, has been crucial to 3

me”, she reflected in an interview. “Of course, one always wants the object itself to be perfect, such things as flawless bisque and porcelain or original paint on wood or paper mache, but I decided to go a step further. I’ve always sought out dolls wearing their original costumes and wigs, and with wonderful accessories.” And then there is the question of specialization. “I wanted to show dolls and playthings from every genre, from the 1700s until the early 20th century”, she noted. “And because I’ve always had to choose and buy carefully, I decided that I would just pause until I could find the best of the best for every category. Having to be patient has stood me well, because, along the way, I continued to study and learned what the best really was. And that’s what I added to the Museum.” The Spielzeugmuseum Prader has no incidental objects that just wandered in by chance. Each item has a reason, a purpose to portray. Whether it is the signature “Victoria” fashion lady with her wonderful provenance and extraordinary original trousseau (“I knew I needed this doll for my museum, but I was so stunned when I went the limit


and beyond at auction to win her that I couldn’t move or breathe for some time”, she still recalls even though that event occurred more than 15 years ago) or the collection of “Kinderbringen” figures so symbolic to the world of doll collecting, or her peddler dolls chosen for their originality of wares, the focus has always been fullness and unity. Into her fold, Angela Prader has welcomed a very rare set of Grodnertal wooden dolls with sculpted hats alongside Lenci’s googly-eyed “Autumn” from her four season series. There is an outstanding Maerklin ceramic stove with six copper cookwares counterbalancing an extraordinary collection of Austrian enamel miniature furniture. Tiny wooden Erzebirge villagers in their original box juxtapose the “Der Wanderer” mountain climber by Steiff. There are more early Steiff dolls, including an impossibly-complete early school room set with all accessories. Rare examples of early paper mache ladies, many photographed in books, proudly stand alongside German bisque and porcelain beauties with fancily-sculpted hair. The world of fashion is carefully represented, ranging from a grand-sized paper mache gentleman as Mozart to an amazing collection of eight French ladies by Lafitte-Desirat from the early 20th century, each in original costume on base. There are 19 miniature bisque dolls in original handmade elaborate costumes representing the coronation of Elizabeth I that contrast a pair of Japanese bisque children in outstanding exhibition-quality silk traditional costumes. Dolls in fine folklore costume, including a rare pair of bisque children in Swiss costume, parade in competition with elegantly-attired French ladies. And should the fashion dolls, themselves, not be enough there are collections of early antique purses, fans and accessories to be presented.


The collection includes very rare bisque dollhouse gentlemen with sculpted helmets, an all-original French mechanical waltzing lady by Vichy, a bevy of early sculpted-hair dolls known as “milliner’s models” , Grodnertal wooden dolls including an exceptional set of six dolls with sculpted hats, English poured wax child dolls in superb original silk costumes, set of Chinese Door of Hope dolls, very fine French all-bisque dolls in original costumes, mint Chad Valley Snow White and Seven Dwarves in original boxes, and hundreds more. Representing their native Switzerland are a large pair of carved wooden dolls by Huggler, an early studio Sasha doll, and a remarkable collection of more than 25 different models of the rare early 20th century metal-bodied dolls by Bucherer, some virtually unknown. The Museum also features a fine collection of doll houses, doll rooms, stores and kitchens. Notable is an English carved wooden butcher shop, German Apothecary by Oscar Meier, early petite Hacker stores with lithographed decorations, and more. There are German doll house rooms with original furnishings and curtains, and superb French folding rooms with original furnishings. Rare individual miniature of carved bone and silver form other collections. Although Angela Prader preferred to display her museum objects singularly, she has also been keen on placing related objects in nearby proximity. Thus, abundant in the Museum have been doll-related objects. Carriages range from an impressive hand-carved coach with drivers and passengers to hand-painted tin carriages by makers such as Maerklin and Bing. Furniture includes superb 19th century works including maitrise models. And there is the collection of rare 19th century toy stoves, complete with their cookware and accessories. Too, rarities in doll’s tea and dinner services had been show-cased in the museum, many in their original boxes.


Among the rarest of the 19th century doll and toy world are playthings of paper mache or paper. Their delicate nature, by very definition, means that few still exist in fine condition; those that have were assiduously sought out by Angela Prader, and her collection offers superb examples such as a boxed set of men and woman on horseback in classic fox hunt, mid-19th-century boxed paper dolls, sets of paper soldiers, and a Chinese checkers game with paper mache figural pins. There are paper mache candy containers and squeak toys including a wonderful lady whose shoulder pads pop up revealing two little children hidden inside, and an early paper mache doll, believed to be dated early 18th century, with rattle interior. Sought-after Erzebirge wooden dolls and figures include complete market places, villages, and other vignettes from the 19th century, and wax dolls are wearing their original dainty costumes, while a rare early wax taufling baby has dated ink inscription. The collection rounds out with a wonderful collection of antique toys, ephemera and tinplate trains. The Davos Museum is a tribute to the vision of Angela Prader, one of Europe’s keen eyes in collecting. She was known throughout the continent as loving a wide range of objects that traced the entire history of playthings, her mission. Her husband Jurgen Prader, who encouraged and aided her from the early years of collecting throughout the Museum years, says “her mission was to show to visitors the amazing craftsmanship, the beauty, the harmony, the love with which these old things were manufactured. For her it was art and culture.”


1. Rare and Wonderful German Paper-Mache Nodder "The Doll Merchant" 6" (15 cm.) Standing upon a wooden base is a paper-mache figure of a man with loosely-nodding head, having painted costume of bright blue polka-dot pants, yellow vest, big red bow tie, brown cap and grey Tyrolean-style jacket. A paper-mache doll sits on his shoulders, he offers a bounty of dolls in his hand, and there are further dolls stuffed into his vest and jacket pockets. The nodder is arranged on wooden base under a glass dome. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, Thuringia, mid-19th century, a series of merchant nodders was created at this time by an unknown maker. Value Points: wonderfully-preserved nodding figure with most apt theme for doll collectors. $1100/1500

2. Amusing Wax Paper-Mache Cucumber with Eight Tiny Wax Dolls 5" (13 cm.) A wax-over-paper-mache cucumber with painted finish has an oval cut-out at the front in which are arranged eight tiny allwax child dolls with painted colorful costumes, posed against wax grass. The dolls appear to represent a family of children, shown as "steps" of different ages, and the cucumber theme may be a whimsical reference to the well-populated family. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: probably early 1900s, maker unknown. Value Points: delightful novelty with amazing detail of wax design and portraiture on these tiny figures $600/900

3. Most Captivating Bisque Character Doll and Mechanical Cow in Traditional Alpine Costume of the Almabtrieb Festival Bisque socket head, blue glass sleep eyes, painted curly lashes and brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, open mouth, stuckout tongue, two porcelain teeth, brunette mohair bobbed wig, composition and wooden toddler body with very chubby torso and limbs. Condition: generally excellent, repair on one leg of cow. Marks: SQ (intertwined) 223 Germany. Comments: Schuetzmeister and Quendt, circa 1915. Value Points: the doll tends a 25" papermache cow with brushed flannel coat having painted brown spots, brown glass eyes, carved nose and horns, carved hooves, with tail and ears, and having "nodding" arrangement of head that is activated by keywind mechanism at side of torso. The boy wears his elaborate original woolen folklore costume of the Austrian Alpines of rich purple wool, with elaborate accessories including superb watch fob, and with a silk-ribbon trimmed walking stick to match the ribbon streamers worn by the cow; the cow is also decorated with a fanciful wire-framed coronet wreath and bell. History: The Alpine regions of Switzerland, Germany and Austria traditionally celebrated Spring with the annual "ascent to the


mountains"; herds of cows and their shepherds single-filed the narrow mountain passes to reach the freshest grasses at the mountain peaks, where they feasted until August. At that time, they returned, single-file again, down the narrow passes to the villages below. The return to the villages ("descent from the mountains", known as "Almabtrieb" in Austria and "Alpabfahrten" in Switzerland) was celebrated by merry festivals, the shepherds dressed in colorful traditional folklore costumes, and the greatest milk-producing cow was bedecked with flowers and a crown. Historical accounts have poetically described the event as "cow bells across the meadows". $1500/2500


4. Rare German Bisque "The Swiss Children" in Original Traditional Swiss Appenzell Costumes 14" (36 cm.) and 17". Each has bisque socket head with highly-characterized facial expression, each with pale blue intaglio eyes, Sonneberg composition and wooden fully-jointed body; the girl with heavilymodeled eyelids, single-stroke brows, closed mouth with very full lips and slightly pouting expression; and the boy with brush-stroked brows, sculpted eye crinkles, closed mouth with wide beaming smile and sculpted row of teeth. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: F.P. 3 (incised, girl) B.P. 5 (incised, 5). Geschutz S&C Germany (green stamp, both). Comments: Swaine and Co, Porzellanfabrik Huttensteinach, their initial series of art character dolls were registered in 1910, but produced for a short time only. Value Points: rare art character models, the F.P. model is very rarely found, the brother and sister pair have wonderfully-expressive features, choice bisque and painting, and are wearing their original beautifully embroidered traditional Alpine costumes of Switzerland. $2500/3500


5. Early German Mohair Teddy by Steiff 12" (30 cm.) Soft brown mohair teddy with excelsior filling has swivel head, side-head stitched ears, pronounced snout, black shoe-button eyes, black embroidered nose, jointed limbs, felt paw pads. Condition: good, original finish with some mohair sparseness, nose re-embroidered. Comments: Steiff, circa 1910. Value Points: most endearing early teddy in well-loved loved condition. $400/600

6. Rare Model German Felt Doll as Zouave Soldier by Steiff 14" (36 cm.) Felt swivel head with center-seam face and pressed facial features, black shoe-button eyes, painted facial features, stitched-on ears, slender firmly-stuffed body with jointing at shoulders and hips, large over-sized feet. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Steiff, from their art character doll series featuring various soldiers, policeman and other uniformed men. Value Points: very rare model wearing original Zouave soldier uniform that is amazingly-preserved, having vibrant colors and all-original accessories. $2000/3000

7. German Felt Soldier by Steiff with Original Buttons and Vibrant Costume 20" (51 cm.) Firmly-pressed felt swivel head with center seam, brown glass eyes, painted facial features with downcast lips, stitched ears with blush detail, detail of brown hair from beneath the attached cap, jointing at shoulders and hips of elongated slender body, large feet and hands with separated thumbs. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Steiff (button in ear). Comments: Steiff, circa 1915, from their extensive line of soldiers of all nations. Value Points: vibrant original colors of the original navy blue and red Chevauxleger uniform trimmed with brass buttons, cap medallion and having knee-high boots; an antique Tuck postcard featuring a group of these Steiff soldiers is included. $2000/3000


8. German Bisque Lady Doll with Sculpted Brown Hair and Exquisite Costume by C.F. Kling 17" (43 cm.) Bisque shoulder head of adult lady with slender face and elongated throat, brown sculpted hair with tightlyarranged curls at her forehead and nape of neck held by a sculpted hair band, painted facial features, upper glancing painted blue eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, accented nostrils, closed mouth with center accent line, pierced ears, original muslin body, bisque lower limbs with painted flat black shoes with red lacing, blue stocking ribbons. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: attributed to C.F. Kling, circa 1870, the model is known as Countess Dagmar for its resemblance to that 19th century lady. Value Points: superb original presentation, having original body and bisque limbs, and wearing a superb original costume of sheer muslin, blue silk and lace, undergarments. $1100/1400

9. Extremely Rare All-Original German Bisque Doll as "The Work-Table Companion" 8 1/2" (22 cm.) excluding base. Bisque shoulder head of adult lady with oval face, pale bisque, blonde sculpted hair captured in a green painted snood with purple lustre tassel and white feather trim, painted bright blue eyes, eyeliner, closed mouth, muslin body, bisque lower limbs with painted black boots. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1870. Value Points: the rare and dainty lady with fancily-sculpted hair is wearing her original costume, and was presented in The Englishwoman's Magazine of that time as an exclusive design named "The WorkTable Companion", the costume is decorated with a pin-cushion coiffe, pockets with packets of needles,


silk reticule enclosing a thimble, and sash pocket with scissors. The presentation is entirely-original, very rare to find, and preserved on its original base under a glass dome. $2500/3500

10. Very Rare German Bisque Lady, Model 107, with Rare Modeled Bodice and Hair, by C.F. Kling

tinted complexion, brown sculpted hair with deeply-combmarked sculpting, waved away from her face into large rolled curls at the crown and back of head and held with a sculpted black hair comb with gilt trim, blue glass inset eyes with dark eyeliner, painted lashes and feathered brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with dainty lips, sculpted pierced ears, sculpted bodice with fancy rose-edged collar and blue neck bow trimmed with gold edging, white dots and bright blue flowers; on original stitch-jointed kid body. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 107 9. Comments: attributed to C.F. Kling, circa 1875. Value Points:

22" (56 cm.) Bisque

exceptionally rare model whose special features include brown hair color, fancy coiffure, hair ornament,

shoulder head of adult

fancy sculpted bodice, pierced ears, and maker's signature. The doll is wearing her original white dotted

lady with delicately-

Swiss gown with multi-layered handmade undergarments. $2500/3500


11. Very Rare Swiss Wooden Character Dolls by Huggler 17" (43 cm.) Each is individually-carved wooden doll with lightly-tinted complexion and facial features, depicting a young boy and girl, each with dowel-jointing at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees and having carved detail of slightlycupped hands, each wearing its original country costume including wonderful padded slippers. The boy has carved short hair with detail of forehead bangs, and the girl has carved center-parted hair with braided coronet. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: nsh (incised on left foot of each). Comments: Huggler of Brienz, Switzerland, early 20th century Value Points: wonderfully-carved folk dolls virtually unknown in this larger size, and having very fine original gleaming patina. $2000/3000

An early 20th century xhibition of Huggler dolls including this pair.


12. German Cinnamon-Brown Mohair Teddy by Bing 15" (38 cm.) The firmly-stuffed teddy of soft cinnamon-brown colored mohair with humped back has swivel head, elongated muzzle, amber glass eyes, black embroidered nose and mouth, disc-jointed elongated arms and hip-jointed legs, felt paw pads. Condition: very good, mohair sparse on nose, small moth holes in one paw. Comments: Gebruder Bing, circa 1920s/early 30s. Value Points: rare color of the dear early teddy. $500/800

13. Extremely Rare Swiss Earthenware Miniature Stove with Original Pots 9" (23 cm.) h x 9"w. The heavy clay or earthenware hearth stove with glazed finish features arched firewood openings at sides and front, curved back wall with centered chimney, and five lidded pots with dropped bases that fit into the opening holes on the stove top. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Swiss, early-19th century. Value Points: very rare stove, sized for child play or placement in early toy kitchen, complete with original cookware. $1100/1500

14. Rare Swiss Studio Doll by Sasha Morgenthaler 20" (51 cm.) Having socket head with darkened complexion, very plump cheeks and chin, elongated slender throat, painted brown eyes with shaded detail, black and white upper eyeliner, brown lower eyeliner, short-stroke brows, tiny nose, closed mouth with small coralshaded lips, platinum-blonde wig, five-piece jointed body. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 101/52 Sasha (ink script on left sole). Comments: Swiss, Sasha Morgenthaler, the doll was the 101st doll created by her in 1952, and bears her signature. Value Points: wonderfullyappealing character face on the perfectly-preserved art doll, wearing his original Sasha-tagged costume. $3000/4500


15. 19th-Century American Wooden and Cloth Alphabet Panorama Barrel 3" (8 cm.) barrel. A maple wood barrel-shaped container with metal turning handle has a coiled fabric ribbon inside which unravels when the handle is turned. The ribbon, about 48" long, is printed with scenes and study guides for letters of the alphabet, such as "B is a black bear climbing up a tree". An original paper label with illegible name except the word "Copyright" is on one end. Excellent condition. American, circa 1875, the entertaining teaching toy is well-preserved and very rare to find. $500/700

16. Outstanding and Extremely Rare German Complete Set of "School" by Steiff 17" (43 cm.) teacher. 11" students. Included are six felt child dolls representing the students in the school room, each with blue glass bead eyes, center seam face, painted facial features, blonde mohair stitchedon wig, and five-piece jointed body, wearing original factory schoolwear costumes; along with very slender-bodied Professor with centerseam face, long pointy nose and chin, black shoe-button eyes, jointed elongated limbs, and having stitched-on black felt costume and cap, leather shoes on elongated feet. Condition: generally excellent, some costume fading on children's costumes. Marks: Steiff (button in ear on all seven dolls). Comments: Steiff, circa 1910, the set is extremely rare; in 1910 only 45 complete school displays were sold. Value Points: extremely rare to find in this state of originality, including three sets of school desks and benches on original frames, the Professor's desk and chair, slates and wooden pencil boxes for each student, glove on wooden pedestal, large slate, and various additional satchels, slates and journals. $12,000/16,000



17. Extraordinary French Bisque Poupee "Victoria" with Perfectly-Preserved Extensive All-Original Trousseau, and Detailed Provenance 17" (45 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulder plate, pale blue glass enamel eyes with darker blue rims, dark eyeliner, rose-blushed eye shadow, painted lashes and feathered brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with accented lips, pierced ears, antique blonde hand-tied human hair wig (shown in photograph with equestrienne costume) over cork pate, and original blonde mohair wig (shown in photograph of undressed doll), all hollow-leather body with articulation at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: French, circa 1870, with original body deposed by Clement in 1867; Clement, a shoemaker by trade, deposed a method for molding hollow leather doll bodies just as one might mold a shoe on a form. The body that he designed was exquisite, but perhaps due to their luxury nature, few were ever made. Value Points: the doll, an exquisite treasure in itself, is perfectly-preserved with finest quality of bisque and painting, and immaculate rare original body, and is enhanced with her remarkable trousseau and fascinating provenance.

The Provenance of Victoria and Her Trousseau The original property of the family of Lady Alexander of Gatefield House, Faversham, Kent in England, the doll and her remarkable and all-original trousseau had been preserved by the family from 1870 until the time of the Second World War, about 1944. At that time, Lady Hamilton, who worked diligently to raise funds for the Red Cross humanitarian efforts aiding prisoners of war, decided to offer the doll and her trousseau as a prize in a fund-raising raffle. The doll was placed in a shop window of Preston Street in Faversham and more than 2000 raffle tickets were sold. (A copy of the original raffle advertisement is included).The doll was won by Great Aunt Annie, of the town, who kept the doll for nearly half a century, finally passing it along to her great niece who named the doll Victoria in honor of the British queen. The doll and her trousseau were placed at auction in 1994, acquired by the Spielzeugmuseum Davos where she has reigned flawlessly until this time. $25,000/35,000

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Black cashmere wool equestrienne costume with extended skirt for sitting side-saddle, black beaverskin top hat with blue tulle band, and miniature woven leather whip with gilt metal gargoyle head


and tassel tip.

The Trousseau of Victoria

Ivory satin wedding two-piece wedding gown with laced back, pouf sleeves, train, bustle, tulle drape at hips, decorative satin and tulle frou-frou, and garlands of tiny silk flowers and leaves. Along with a matching floral coronet, ivory silk heeled shoes signed C.C, carved bone folding fan, and elbow length kidskin gloves.

Crisp royal blue


silk taffeta three-

blue and

piece ensemble

cream silk

with over-skirt


and fitted jacket,


trimmed with

gown with

aqua silk edging

fitted jacket

and ribbons, and with lace at

forming into a hip-length taper at one side,

neckline and cuffs. elaborate aqua silk bows

elaborately constructed skirt, separate

at the back, extended train.

wrap, with silk fringe trim.

Three pairs of brown kidskin shoes or ankle boots (two incised C.C.), turquoise bead jewelry ensemble including hair ornament, necklace, faux-watch with enamel back, and earrings, bonehandled parasol with ivory silk satin cover and wide lace border, carved bone parasol with handpainted flowers on the royal purple silk lining, and purple tassel, six fashionable bonnets of silk, Black taffeta

woven reed or feathers, several to match the exclusive gowns, Five additional bonnets including

hip-length fitted

dainty white cotton bonnet with tucks and lace trim, two sheer tulle summer caps trimmed

jacket and

with dainty flowers, and two silk caps with lace edging, woolen carriage robe with leather straps,

overskirt with

grey muff in original cardboard containers, paisley cover, two leather purses, brown wrist-length

lace edging,

gloves, various hair brushes, "poudre" leather powder jar, and wrapped packages of stationery,

above a darkest-

undergarments comprising three pairs of pantalets, four petticoats, long petticoat, chemise,


night shift with dainty lace edging, two pairs of stockings, and a stiffened bustle, red leather

velvet skirt with

covered wooden doll trunk with two lift-out trays, bonnet holder, and the original paper label of


Verry Fils, Galeries de Fer, 19 Boulevard des Italiens/22 rue de Choiseul; the Verry Fils jewelry shop also carried a line of luxury dolls and toys.


White cotton gown with graceful pagoda

Brown silk-velvet very long

sleeves, wide hem

jacket top with wide pagoda

border of narrow

sleeves lined in plum

knife pleats, high-

silk and edged with lace,

waist back with

with black silk banding

flowing demi-train,

all-around, above a dark

and very elaborate

black/brown brushed velvet

lace and ruffled trim

skirt that is very full at the

in alternating bands


that form the entire front, and accent the cuffs and high collar.

Aqua crepe de chene two-piece

Black taffeta gown with

ensemble (frail),

fitted jacket and fitted

Peach silk faille three-piece ensemble with over-skirt, fitted

with very elaborate

front skirt that forms into

jacket that flares over the hips, elaborate bands of narrow

construction details.

a very full and elaborately-

pleats and ruching.

constructed back, with wide bands of black Alencon lace.


18. French Wooden Sedan Chair with Hand-Painted Designs and Bisque Doll

limbs, painted black boots. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1890, the figure bears an uncanny

13" (33 cm.) The wooden-framed sedan

resemblance to Emperor Franz Josef of

chair (chaise a porteur) has elegantly-shaped

Austria and it is known that dolls were

design and is decorated with green-painted

created in his model; the luxury of the

finish to simulate marble with painted gold

costume suggests its custom production at

carvings and trim. There are three windows

the time. Value Points: outstanding original

and an opening front door, and

costume, wearing formal suit of silk, wool

the sedan chair is decorated with

and velvet, with bone-tipped walking stick,

hand-painted designs of musical

top hat, medal, lined cape, fob chain and

instruments, shields and more. The

monocle. $900/1500

interior is lined with padded velvet and beveled

rococco mohair wig, and original frail silk

21. Wonderful All-Original Mignonettes in Polichinelle and Marquise Costumes for the French Market

costume in the 18th-century-style is seated

5" (13 cm.) Each is all-bisque with swivel

mirror and a bisque head doll (SH 1160 model) with glass eyes, closed mouth, blonde 18.

inside. Excellent condition. Late-19th century.

head, blue glass eyes, painted lashes and 20.


brows, closed mouth, blonde mohair wig,

peg-jointed bisque arms and legs, painted shoes and stockings. Condition: generally

19. 19th-Century French Carved Bone Miniatures "Children in the Garden"

excellent. Comments: circa 1890, the dolls were presented for the French market in

6" (15 cm.) h. pavilion. Of intricately-carved bone, including a six-sided pavilion with flying

classic silk costumes. Value Points: wonderful original costumes, each of ivory, rose or

flag, ornamental columns and walls, enclosing a table and two benches and with a little

pale blue silk with metallic trim and lace collar, the boy as Polichinelle with classic front

mouse at the entrance; double-wheeled cart with slat-sides, working wheels; and two seated

and back torso humps. $900/1300

children playing flute or horn. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: French, 19th winter months, according to tradition. Value Points: very rare examples, the children of

22. Outstanding French Wooden Sedan Chair with Hand-Painted Scenes Signed by Artist

particular mention, with wonderful carving details such as mouse. $1200/1800

20" (51 cm.) h. x 9" w. x 9"d. The wooden sedan chair (chaise a porteur) has bombe-

century, the works were created by seafarers of the Brittany coast during their dormant

shaped roof and back, three beveled windows, front opening door, and elaborate cast

20. Superb German Bisque Miniature Gentleman in Original Costume, Possibly Emperor Franz Josef of Austria

metal crest, finials, mounts and carrying brackets. The interior is lined with original padded patterned silk, and there are fringed silk valances at each window. The sedan

8" (20 cm.) Bisque shoulder head of adult man with sculpted brown side-parted hair,

chair is decorated with original artist-painted finish to simulate aged canvas and all four

sculpted moustache and full beard, painted facial features, muslin body, bisque lower

sides have exquisitely-painted scenes in the 18th century romantic style encircled with garlands and scrolls; one panel is signed Grison. Beautifully-preserved condition, with original carrying rods having velvet covers. French, circa 1875, a luxury work in the manner of objets d'art offered by prestige Parisian establishments such as Maison Giroux which likely commissioned the work with scenes to be painted by Francois Adolphe Grison (1845-1915, listed in Benezit). $4500/6500

23. French Porcelain Lady Doll by Dressel and Kister 14" (36 cm.) Porcelain swivel head on matching porcelain shoulder plate with modeled bosom, angular face with strong chin, painted facial features, blue downcast eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, single-stroke brows, closed mouth, brunette human hair wig, kidover-muslin body, porcelain lower limbs, wearing antique green silk gown with matching bonnet. Condition: generally excellent, boots repainted. Marks: (Dressel and Kister blue mark, inside shoulder plate). Comments: Dressel and Kister, circa 1910. Value Points: elegant swivel head fashionable lady with gentle expression. $900/1300 19.



22 details.

22 details.


24. 19th-Century Continental Wooden Artist Mannequin 21" (53 cm.) The all-wooden doll of finely-grained adult face with well-defined eye sockets, age lines on

25. Very Fine Early-19th Century Embroidered Silk Gown and Cape

forehead, elongated nose, closed mouth, swivel head,

To fit slim-bodied doll about 20". Of

woods with natural darkened finish has oval slender

muscular upper torso, ball-swivel waist, dowel-jointing

fine lustrous burgundy silk with stiffened

at shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips knees and ankles, well-

lining on both the gown and the cape, the

defined toes and separated fingers. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Continental, probably

ensemble is lavishly ornamented with gold soutache embroidery along with crewel embroidery in shades of green forming flower stems and leaves, and with flower

French, mid-19th century, the body model and

petals formed of opalescent crystal beads and little buds formed of white pearl

design served as inspiration to Leon Casimir Bru

beads. There is a wide band of fine lace at the gown cuffs and double rows of wrist

for his deposed wooden poupee body of 1867.

lace ruffles. Excellent condition. A superb early costume whose luxury detail is

Value Points: well-sculpted model with characterized facial features,

virtually never found, and whose well-preserved condition is remarkable. Early-19th

perfectly-preserved. $800/1200

century, probably French. $800/1200


26. Early-19th Century Costume of Green Brocade Silk with Quilted Petticoat To fit plump bodied doll about 18". Of patterned green brocade with padded lining, the round-shouldered gown has a border of white seed pearls, and the gown is decorated with bands of gold metallic threads. Along with the gown is a heavily-quilted green cotton petticoat to match the lining. Good condition with some silk frailness. Early-19th century. $400/500

27. Outstanding Collection of 19-Century Miniature Porcelain Dolls in Original Coronation Presentation 4" (10 cm.) Each of nineteen dolls has a porcelain shoulder head with painted black or brown hair, painted facial features, the men with painted moustaches, firmly-stuffed fabric body with bisque limbs. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: the German-made dolls were uniquelycostumed in England, circa 1858, likely to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I; the complete collection was acquired by Angela Prader from an original English estate collection. Value Points: the remarkably-inclusive group features the Queen in most elaborate costume, along with six ladies-in-waiting, two men with elaborately-beaded velvet costumes, three men in matching pale green velvet costumes with silver tinsel trim, three additional men in gold decorated costumes, and three guardsmen in brown velvet costumes with red trim. The costumes are intricately constructed in the 16th-century manner. $7000/12,000


29. Unique and Very Fine 19th-Century Carved Wooden Exhibition Royal Coach with Horse and Personages 26" (66 cm.) The carved wooden royal coach is authentically-constructed with large spoked wheels, driver's platform with decorative frame, guardsman's platform at the rear, and with elaborate finials, figural corner mounts, and a superb crest-design featuring four winged angels guarding a royal crown resting upon a carved pillow. The coach is painted original royal red with bronze green and gold decorations and painted royal crests and shield on the door panels. The coach interior is original blue silk with silk fringe, and a pull-out step allows for graceful exit from the door. The driver's seat has original velvet cover with gilt metallic fringe and the coach is being pulled by two carved wooden horses with elaborate leather harness and velvet headdress and saddle with gold fringe decoration. Seven carved wooden persons accompany the coach, each with highly-personalized facial features, hair, and costuming, including seated driver, standing guardsman, black livery man, and four seated passengers: older gentleman in military uniform, younger man in court costume, woman with highly-stylized hair and costume, and a young boy. Excellent original condition except one wing and one shield missing on coach decorations. With extraordinary workmanship, truly unique and handmade, the personages are unidentified but clearly represent French royalty of the 18th century. French, late-19th century. $8000/12,000

28. All-Original French Mechanical Toy, "Jester with Bells", by Vichy 12" (30 cm.) Standing upon a tinplate base with three spoked wheels is a bisque-head man with blue glass eyes, painted lashes and brows, sculpted curled moustache, closed mouth with smiling expression and two rows of painted teeth, blonde mohair wig, carton torso and legs, wire upper arms, metal hands. When wound, he moves forward, leaning his head side to side, waving his arms in a playful manner. Condition: generally excellent, mechanism functions well. Comments: Vichy, circa 1870. Value Points: superb state of preservation, he is wearing his original silk jester costume with metallic fringe and trim, and carrying ribbons of brass bells, and has outstanding facial sculpture including incised cheek and forehead laughter and dimple lines, and rare painted teeth. $4000/6000


29 detail of passengers.

30. German Bisque Dollhouse Gentleman in Original Costume 8 1/2" (22 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with very elaborate sculpted helmet, painted facial features, brown eyes, sculpted brown moustache, goatee, and hair, muslin body, bisque lower arms and legs, painted shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1890. Value Points: very rare model with elaboratelysculpted and painted grey helmet trimmed with gold and blue and red feathers, factory-original felt flannel uniform. $600/900


31. Wonderful Early Nuremberg Kitchen with Built-In Chimney and Stove

32. Mid-19th Century Paper-Mache Peddler Man with Fancy Goods

22" (56 cm.) w. x 14"h. x 16"d. The three-walled open-front kitchen room has original

8" (20 cm.) Paper-mache shoulder head depicting a gentleman with painted facial

faux-rosewood grained paint on exterior walls, grey painted interior walls, and burnt-red

features, wide curvy brows, painted moustache and goatee, carton torso and hands,

painted floor with black cross-hatched lines. There is a painted grey built-in stove at the

posed on original base. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: for the French

back wall below the grey painted chimney with attached shelf having dowels for holding

market, mid-19th century, the doll appears to be from the same maker as Lot #33,

pots. The side walls are shelved with an attached faux-wood-grained (filled) linen cabinet

based upon size, style of tray, matching bases. Value Points: rare doll model, designed to

at one side, and a built-in sink with faux-pump at the other side. Contents include

represent a Turkish peddler, wearing original costume and turban, and carrying a tray of

more than 25 pewter pots, urns and pitchers, various tin molds and pants, 6 copper

fancy goods such as colorful beads, little purses, fans, shells, books, and other decorative

molds, chopping block, and various other utensils and accessories. Excellent condition.

novelties. $900/1400

Nuremberg, circa 1850. $4500/6500


33. All-Original Mid19th Century PaperMache Peddlar Lady with Sewing Notions 8" (20 cm.) Paper-mache shoulder head with slender facial modeling, painted facial features, blue eyes, closed mouth, black painted pate with center-crown slit for insertion of the brunette human hair wig, carton body and hands, posed on original wooden stand. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: for the French market, circa 1850, based upon similarity of materials, base, tray, and size, this and the preceding doll #32 appear to be have been created by the same maker. Value: alloriginal doll has rare hair construction, wearing her original multi-layered costume, red woolen cape, bonnet, and carries a tray and basket laden with various sewing supplies, threads, fabrics, and, for the children, two little tiny Grodnertal dolls and little toys. $800/1200

34. Early Grodnertal Wooden Doll as Peddler Doll with Original Wares 13" (33 cm.) All-wooden doll with heart-shaped face and elongated throat has original painted complexion and facial features, human hair wig, shapely torso, dowel-jointing at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, spatula-shaped hands. Condition: generally excellent, original finish with light craquelure. Comments: Germany, circa 1840. Value Points: the peddler wears her original cotton gown, undergarments, apron, cap with ruffled liner, and red woolen cape, and carries a basket of fancy goods and household wares including a tiny Grodnertal wooden doll. $1500/1800


head, circa 1865. Value Points: rare variation of the American autoperipatetikous, this example wearing her beautiful original gown with demi-train. $1100/1700

37. American "Autoperipatetikous" Doll with Superb Original Aqua Silk Costume


10" (25 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with blonde sculpted hair drawn away from her face and held by a black painted hair-band, brightblue painted eyes, painted facial features, closed mouth, carton torso and skirt which encloses the hidden clockwork mechanism, kid arms, metal feet. When wound, the lady alternately lifts her feet up and down as though walking. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Patented July 15th, 1862; also in Europe, 20 December 1892 (base of skirt). Comments: the design was patented by Enoch Morrison, and made by Martin & Runyon of New York, circa 1862, using a variety of different bisque, china and paper-mache heads from European suppliers. Value Points: the doll wears her splendid original aqua silk gown with lace trim and extended train, designed to sweep elegantly along the floor as she glides 35.

along. $1100/1700

35. Pair, Miniature Silk Roses and Vines in Porcelain Pots 12" (30 cm.) A matched pair of ornamental plants feature green leaves along with rose buds and other flowers, arranged in porcelain pots. Excellent condition. French, circa 1885. $300/400

36. English "Autoperipatetikous" Doll in Original Costume by J. Peacock 11" (28 cm.) Bisue shoulder head with sculpted blonde hair, tightly-arranged curls at the forehead and a braided chignon at the nape, bright-blue painted eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, single stroke brown brows, closed mouth, modeled bodice with ruffled neckline and little buttons, carton torso with slender hollow floor-length carton skirt containing clockwork mechanism, kid arms, brass lower feet. When wound, she alternately lifts her feet as though walking. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (remnants of original paper label). Comments: based upon the Enoch Morrison clockwork walking doll, the English version, with variation of hollow skirt, was marketed by


J. Peacock of Oxford Street, London, using German bisque


38. 19th-Century Silver Miniature Desk with Hallmarks 5" (13 cm.) The Chippendale-style secretary desk has cabinet top with double nine-pane windows topped by three urn finials, drop front desk front, three opening lower drawers, and voluptuously full sides that hinge open. The cabinet has hallmarks. Excellent condition. $400/600

39. Set, Miniature Repousse Silver Salon Furnishings 2" (5 cm.) l. settee. The ensemble has rich repousse designs overall, with foliagescrolled backs and arms, cabriole legs on table, including settee, table, two arm chairs and four side chairs. Excellent condition. $300/500

40. Regal German Bisque Lady Doll with Purple Lustre Tassel and Snood 23" (58 cm.) Bisque shoulderhead with very pale complexion, oval face and elongated throat, sculpted blonde hair waved away from face and captured in a green painted snood at the back of the head, and her face framed by a purple lustre tassel at one side and a sculpted feather at the other, painted facial features, brightblue upper glancing eyes, thick upper eyeliner with very daintily-painted lashes,

on muslin body. Comments: attributed to Alt, Beck and Gottschalck, circa 1870. Value Points:

aquiline nose, closed mouth, antique muslin body, bisque lower limbs, well-shaped

outstanding sculpting of the regal lady with exquisite painting of facial features, rare coiffure, and

fingers, black flat shoes with red laces. Condition: generally excellent, few repairs

wearing fine original costume. $1700/2500



43. French Carved Bone Etagere with Accessories, and German Bisque Lady 4 1/2" (11 cm.) A carved bone shelved etagere with fancy spindles and shelf edges is lavishly-fitted with a multitude of dishes, vases, cordial set, urns, candle holders, and a bowl of red bone apples. Included is a German bisque dollhouse doll with sculpted blonde hair, painted features and original silk gown. Excellent condition. Both circa 1870, the etagere with wonderful detail of miniature accessories. $500/800

44. Charming French Gilt and Mother-of-Pearl Miniature Goat Cart 6" (15 cm.) A cast metal goat with wonderful detail of horns and fur has a gilt metal saddle and harness and is attached by a gilt metal frame to an oval 43.

mother-of-pearl open-bed cart with gilt metal frame and spoked wheels. Excellent condition. French, mid-19th century. $300/600

45. Outstanding 19thCentury French Carved Bone Ladies at the Spinning Wheel 5" (13 cm.) Standing atop an intricately-designed spinning wheel fancy are two ladies with carved bonnets and costumes; the spinning wheel is connected to treadle and moving gears arranged on a lower level,

41. German Porcelain Doll in Original Blue Woolen Uniform 41.

and when the handle is very carefully turned the spinning wheel turns, too.

10" (25 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head, black sculpted hair,

Excellent condition. French,

painted facial features, blue eyes, closed mouth, muslin body

mid-19th century, from a

with porcelain lower limbs. Condition: generally excellent.

series of exquisite miniature

Comments: Germany, circa 1880. Value Points: the doll wears its factory-original blue woolen

fancies created by seamen

uniform with brass buttons, leather belt, red stripes, tall black hat with trim, sword. $300/600

from the French Brittany coast during the quiet winter

42. Rare French 19th-Century Carved Bone Miniatures

months, this example having

5" (13 cm.) Each of delicately-carved bone with fine details


amazing detail and whimsical design. $800/1200

of filigree designs and accessories, including armoire

46. 19th-Century Porcelain Doll Known as "Morning Glory Lady"

with crest niche displaying a carved bone bust, small upper cabinet with double doors which open to reveal faux-book-spines, and larger lower cabinet with

15" (38 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head of

double doors; along with a lady's toilette table with

adult lady with slender oval face, elongated

bracketed mirror, two drawers, fancy spindled legs,

throat, black sculpted hair drawn away from her

and a lavishly-filled table top of toiletry accessories;

face and accented with stippling around the forehead

and with a filigree-carved arm chair. Excellent condition.

edge, the hair captured in a braided chignon at the

French, circa 1860. $800/1100

back, and decorated with clusters of colorful morning





glory flowers behind each ear, having blue painted eyes, black and red upper eyeliner,

47. Mid-19th Century Mahogany Doll's Bed with Canopy

single-stroke brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with accent line between the lips, old

17" (43 cm.) The mahogany bed with fancily-carved foot-board posts has a very high back

muslin stitch-jointed body. Condition: generally excellent, repair on muslin right arm.

with canopy top, and is fitted with antique bed covers including trapunto quilt, silk

Marks: S 56 (inside shoulder plate). Comments: Lippert & Haas of Schlaggenwald, circa

covers and pillow, and superb lined burgundy curtains with braid trim and tassel drops.

1855. Value Points: very beautiful lady with exquisitely-sculpted hair and face, original

Excellent condition. Probably English, mid-19th century. $800/1200

body, wearing original muslin gown, undergarments, slippers. $2500/3500


48. Splendid French Miniature Room with Very Fine Gilt Bronze and Silk Furnishings 17" (43 cm.) w. x 10"h. x 8"d. A folding dollhouse room as salon has two high arched windows with cardboard panes, original fancily-shaped cardboard valances and lavish lace curtains decorated with garlands of glass beads. A glass chandelier suspends and there is a centered mirror with printed frame; the walls, in fact, have original printed wallpaper which is lavishly covered with a myriad of paintings and portraits. The room is furnished with a set of fine gilt bronze furnishings having original silk upholstery with hand-painted scenes in the 18th-century style, along with a fancy gilt and soft metal table with attached banquet lamp and cigars and cigar cutter. Inhabiting the room is the lady of the home with sculpted brown hair and elegant gown, governess in her original costume holding baby, and a bisque theatre doll in original silk Polichinelle costume. Excellent condition. French, circa 1880, very rare and unusual decorative design is all-original, with rare luxury furnishings. $3500/5500

49. Exquisite French Bisque Poupee in Very Fine and Detailed Original Silk Costume 25" (64 cm.) Pale bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulder plate, rounded facial shape, blue glass enamel inset eyes, dark eyeliner, painted lashes, mauve-blushed eye shadow, lightly-feathered brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with outlined lips, ears pierced into head, blonde mohair wig


with original ribbons, cork pate, kid gusset-jointed poupee body with shapely torso and derriere, stitched and separated fingers. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 8 (front shoulder plate). Comments: attributed to Blampoix, circa 1865. Value Points: very fine original

50. 19th-Century Continental Carved Wooden Doll Chair with Gold Leaf Finish 24" (61 cm.) The wooden chair with elaborately carved crest on the high back has unusual oval mirrored medallion, arms, padded silk cushion, and original gold leaf finish with warm patina.

preservation, having gorgeous bisque,

Excellent condition. Continental, probably Italian, late-

wonderful original wig with paper label

18th, early-19th century. $1200/1800

"8", fine silk satin and faille gown with fitted jacket, ruched-front skirt with deeply-bustled back, undergarments, hand-stitched shoes, matching parasol, gloves and matching woven bonnet. $5000/8000


52. Austrian Child's Porcelain Tea Service "Lilac Time" 4" (10 cm.) Of fine white porcelain with unusually-shaped cups and teapot, the set

51. Fine French Porcelain Tea Service in Luxury Presentation Box

is decorated with transfer designs of blooming lilacs and leaves, and with gold-edged rims, comprising lidded teapot and sugar bowl, creamer, six cups and saucers. Marked "Victoria Carlsbad Austria". Excellent condition. Circa 1890. $300/500

53. German Child's Porcelain Tea Service in Cabbage Shape Design

3 1/2" (9 cm.) teapot. 10" x 8" box. The nicely-shaped box with bombe-shaped sides has original mauve paper cover decorated with gilt embossed die-

9" (23 cm.) tray l,. Of fine white porcelain with embossed designs to simulate heads of

cuts and an oval engraving. The interior is fitted with mauve silk lining upon which is

cabbage, and with shaded green leaf coloring accented with gold, the service comprises

resting a porcelain tea service with white interior and periwinkle-blue exteriors trimmed

a porcelain tray, lidded teapot and sugar, creamer and two cups and saucer, the saucers

with gilt edging and handles, the pieces still tied into the box with mauve silk ribbons.

formed as though a cabbage leaf. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1800. $300/400

The set comprises a lidded teapot and sugar bowl, creamer, four cups and saucers.

54. Outstanding French Porcelain Dinner Service by CBG in Original Presentation for Au Paradis des Enfants

Excellent condition. French, circa 1880. $800/1100

5" (13 cm.) l. tureen. 18" x 12" box. A light-wood box with decorative paper covers and center medallion labeled "Fabrique Francaise CBG Paris Service de Table" and store label "Au Paradis des Enfants, Paris", hinges open to an elaborately-fitted interior on multi-tiered arrangement, featuring a white porcelain dinner service with colorful floral transfers and gilt edging. The service comprises six plates, round platter, four shallow bowls, one oval platter, two footed compotes, fruit bowl, four shallow bowls, two relish dishes, three lidded tureens, along with four glass goblets, gold cutlery for four, three knife rests, three salt dishes, six napkins, menu cards. Excellent condition. French, Cuperly, Blondel and Gerbeau, Paris, circa 1890, the set was sold by the luxury toy store, Au Paradis des Enfants. $1200/1500

55. Miniature German Porcelain Dinnerware in Original Box 3" (8 cm.) tureen. 5" x 4" box. A wooden box with slide lid has paper label on the cover that illustrates the contents, namely, a porcelain set with gilt designs, including lidded


tureen, gravy boat, two square bowls, relish dish, platter and six plates. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1885. $200/400

55.1. Delightfully-Sized Porcelain Tete-a-Tete with Rich Gold Finish 3 1/2" (9 cm.) Of fine white porcelain with unglazed bases, white porcelain interiors, and very rich gold (possibly gold leaf) finish, the set comprises lidded tea pot and sugar bowl, creamer, two cups and saucers and oval tray. Excellent condition. Probably French, circa 1880. $300/500

55.2. Rare Early Dutch Cast Brass Samovar 7" (18 cm.) The polished hand-cast samovar features a removable lid, handles, faucet, and drawer in the base for coals or warming stones. Excellent condition. The rare authentically-cast miniature is likely a maker's sample, Dutch, late-18th century. $600/900


57. German Mohair "Yes-No" Panda by Schuco 13" (33 cm.) Firmly-structured swivel head with white mohair face, black mohair ears, painted black shadow around amber glass eyes, black embroidered nose and mouth, black and white mohair torso, black mohair arms and legs; a hidden mechanism in the torso allows the head to nod "yes" or "no" when the tail is moved. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Schuco, Germany, circa 1935, a rare and delightful teddy that functions well. $900/1300

57.1. German Composition Googly Character 12" (30 cm.) Solid domed composition head with sculpted and painted boyishstyle hair, painted facial features, side-glancing googly eyes, upturned tiny nose, closed mouth with impish smile, cloth body with jointing at shoulders and hips, wearing original factory costume. Marks: Ges Gesch. Comments: Germany, circa 1920s. Value Points: wonderful impish expression on the googly character. $300/400

58. Four German Bisque Snow Babies in Rare Larger Size 4" (10 cm.) h. of standing, 4"l. of sled. Each is all-bisque figure of child with "snow" covered winter suit with hood or cap, painted facial features. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Germany (and/or incised model number). Comments: Germany, circa 1910. Value Points: wonderful large size of the laughing playful children, including pair of children on sled, seated child, child falling on tummy, and child on snow shoes. $700/1200

56. German Mohair Golden Teddy by Steiff 18" (46 cm.) Golden mohair teddy with round face, amber glass eyes, black embroidered nose and mouth on small centered snout, disc-jointed arms and legs, felt paw pads. Marks: Steiff (silver button with underlined "f"). Excellent condition. Germany, Steiff, late 1930s. $600/900


59. Three Rare Models of German All-Bisque Snow Children 4" (10 cm.) Each is all bisque with "snow" covered winter costume, painted facial features with smiling expression. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1915. Value Points: rare models include little girl in pink skirt trying to balance on skis, girl on unusual bisque toboggan sled, and two children (big and little brothers) on another toboggan sled. $500/800

60. Extremely Rare Italian Googly-eyed Lenci "Winter" Girl from the Seasons Series 21" (53 cm.) Felt swivel head with pressed and painted facial features, large O-shaped googly blue eyes with glazed highlights, curly lashes, high fringed brows, O-shaped mouth with glazed lower lip, brunette mohair curly wig, five-piece body. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Lenci, circa 1938, from the Season Series of googly-eyed dolls. Value Points: extremely rare model is amazinglywell-preserved in virtually mint conditon, wearing white organdy dress with white "snow flake" felt dots, matching cape, dress and cape trimmed with rows of white boa feathers,ruffled petticoat, panties, black felt shoes. $1800/2500


61. Italian Felt Character "Uncle Scrooge" by Lenci 16" (41 cm.) All-felt character with white felt face, applied celluloid disc eyes, applied felt features including brows and yellow and orange beak, spectacles, large orange felt web feet with blue felt spats, white four-finger duck hands. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Lenci, Torino, Made in Italy (paper label, penciled AW 58 on reverse). Comments: Lenci, late 1940s, the comic figure depicts Uncle Scrooge (marketed as Dagobert Duck

62. Italian Felt Child Doll by Lenci, Model 110/67, in Original Box

in Europe), as created by Carl Banks in 1947 for Walt

18" (46 cm.) Felt swivel head with pressed and painted facial features, brown side-glancing eyes, grey eye shadow, painted

Disney. Value Points: wonderful characterization of

brown upper lashes, fringed brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with accented lower lip, brunette mohair wig in long

wealthy Uncle Scrooge from the Donald Duck family,

ringlet curls, jointing at shoulders and hips. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Lenci Made in Italy 110/67 (paper

wearing original red felt jacket, black top hat, and

label on box). Comments: Lenci, circa 1930. Value Points: preserved in her original box, the 110 model child wears her

carrying cane and a sack of money. $700/1000

original green felt dress, orange felt coat with applique felt borders, felt sunbonnet, undergarment, orange felt shoes and


carries a green woven basket of vibrant felt flowers; the costume is fresh and vivid. $1100/1500

63. Italian Felt Character Boy as Hockey Player by Lenci

(traditional winter sport city in the Italian Alps), matching knit leggings, brown felt breeches with lacing fly-front, brown felt gloves, brown leather skates, and carries a hockey stick. $900/1300

14" (36 cm.) Felt swivel head with pressed and painted

64. Fabulous Set of English Cloth Snow White and Seven Dwarves by Chad Valley with Original Boxes

facial features, blue side-glancing eyes, dark eye shadow,

16" (41 cm.) Snow White. 6" Dwarves. Each of the eight dolls has felt face with pressed and painted facial features,

painted curly upper lashes, brows, blushed cheeks, closed

she with brown upper glancing eyes, curly lashes, one-stroke brows, closed mouth with rich red lips, blushed cheeks,

mouth, blonde mohair wig in side-parted style, jointing at

black mohair curly wig, five-piece cloth body; and each Dwarf with distinctive painted face to depict their personality

shoulders and hips. Condition: generally excellent. Marks:

and name, and with beard or spectacles as appropriate. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Chad Valley Hygienic

Lenci (paper label with ink "Rita 190"). Comments: Lenci,

Art Dolls (paper label on boxes, and stamped with name of doll). Comments: Chad Valley, circa 1937, the dolls were

circa 1936. Value Points: in vibrant fresh colors, the little

released in conjunction with the original Disney Snow White film, and designed to represent the characters as they

boy wears original ice hockey costume, comprising teal

appeared in that 1937 animated film. Value Points: absolutely-pristine condition of the wonderful set, with vivid

blue jersey sweater with embroidered sun and "Cortina"

original costumes, complexions, painting and accessories, each preserved in its original box. $2000/3000


65. Wonderful Swiss Apothecary Shop with Hand-Carved Details and Rare Contents

Excellent condition, original finish throughout, rare contents. Swiss, early 20th century. $3500/5500

27" (69 cm.) w. x 22"h. x 16"d. The honey-toned wooden open-front shop has original painted pale ochre walls and natural finish on outer walls and floor. A multitude of

66. Grodnertal Wooden Doll with Tuck Comb and Original Costume

shelves, drawers and cabinets fill the side and back walls including sliding glass-door

11" (28 cm.) All-carved wood with one-piece heart-shaped head and torso, painted black

center cabinet with fretwork carving that matches the fretwork trim on the cabinet

hair with yellow tuck comb at her crown and two well-defined spit curls at each side of

tops and side. There is a free-standing counter with working drawers. The shop

face, painted complexion and facial features, tiny brown eyes, closed mouth, jointing at

features a scale with original Swiss label, an unusual wooden jar labeled "Crayon Anti

shoulders, elbows, and hips. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Grodnertal,

Migraine", 19 pieces of porcelain apothecary utensils (many with imprinted logos), as

circa 1840. Value Points: beautifully-preserved doll wearing her original multi-layered

well as glassware, several mortar and pestles, and glass containers with medical labels.

costume, carrying antique basket. $800/1200


67. Early Puzzle in Wooden Slide Box 7" (18 cm.) x 9". The wooden box whose slide lid depicts nine children at play with games is labeled "The Two Friends". Inside is a flat wooden puzzle with lithographed Harness". Good condition, some wear to

68. Rare and All-Original Erzgebirge "The Village Market Place" with Bentwood Box

lid. Germany, mid-19th century. $200/300

2 1/2" (6 cm.) figures. The scene of a busy village market place can be created for play

scenes, the English name being "The

amusement with the myriad of people, tables, wares and other accessories, all stored in original bentwood box. The 16 people include merchants and shoppers, each of carved wood, the uniquely-painted costumes and accessories including hats, purses, shawls; six of the merchants are attached to their original stalls offering baked goods, fruits; butcher, fishmonger with brass scale, and chicken farmer with butcher blocks. There are six additional free-standing wooden tables laden with foods. Excellent condition. Germany, Erzgebirge region, mid/late-19th century, fine original condition of the extensive and well-detailed village scene, with original box. $2000/3000

69. Beautiful Early Wooden Combination Game in Original Box 7" (18 cm.) x 9" wooden box. The wooden box with slide lid has a hand-colored engraving depicting nine children playing the game, along with the game title in four languages, the English name being "The game of patience - of mosaic work and of combination". Inside are six puzzles depicting three boys and three girls in folklore or fashionable costume; the puzzles are wooden strips, and were designed to be interchangeable in a multitude of ways with the fun possibility of creating amusing costumes. Excellent condition, complete. Germany, circa 1850. $600/900 67.



70. German Paper-Mache Lady Doll with Beehive Coiffure 15" (38 cm.) Paper-mache shoulder head of adult lady with very elongated throat, sculpted hair arranged with very full pouf curls at the sides of her face and braided chignon at her crown known as "beehive", large painted blue eyes, painted facial features, blushed cheeks, slender kid body with wooden lower limbs. Condition: generally excellent, minor craquelure on shoulders. Comments: Germany, circa 1840. Value Points: rare early model with wonderful coiffure, original fine and body, gleaming patina of complexion, and wearing her original costume including little net sack with book and hankie. $900/1300

71. Very Rare and Fine German Toys "The Hunting Scene" for the French Market 5 1/2" (14 cm.) l. horses. 19" x 13" box. Superbly-sculpted animals and people depict a hunting scene of the aristocratic class, of wood and paper-mache with hand-painted details to enhance the realistic shape and posing. The set comprises four riders astride horses including woman in yellow bonnet seated sideways, and one standing man with accompanying horse. There are three rabbits, six hunting dogs of various breeds, and

71 details.


four deer (two with metal antlers). Each animal is posed in action as though running, and each of the deer and horses is posed upon a wooden pedestal base. The entire set is preserved in its original box labeled "Chasse" (Fr. hunt) indicating its production for the French market, and includes five flowering trees to enhance the scene. A nearly identical set was offered in the mid-19th century catalog of Louis Lindner. Excellent condition (some wear to box) of all pieces with vivid and artistic colors. Erzgebirge or Thuringia, 19th century. $2500/3500


72. Very Beautiful French Paper-Mache Poupee with Original Wig and Costume 21" (53 cm.) Solid domed paper-mache shoulder head with oval face, elongated strong throat, small black enamel eyes, feathered arched brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with pale accented lips, blushed cheeks, pink kid-body with shapely torso and limbs, gussetjointing at hips, stitched and separated fingers. Condition: generally excellent, some light craquelure on original finish, kid patching. Comments: French, paper-mache head likely by Voit, circa 1850. Value Points: the lady has superb wig with coiled braids, gentle expression, original finish, original gown (bodice silk worn away), with tulle gown, silk bodice trim, undergarments, kid slippers and woven reticule. $1200/1800

73. A Trio of French Carved Miniature Bone Furnishings 3 1/2" (9 cm.) buffet. Each is of bone with finely carved fretwork, accessories and details, including buffet with mirrored back, three drawers and a tiny bone tea set; cabinet of treasures with mirrored medallion on the door, and three shelved interior with a collection of tiny carved bone accessories, and a pianoforte with attached candle sticks, music sheet, lyre base, and painted keyboard. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: French, mid-19th century, the delicate handcarved objects were the handwork of Normandy/Brittany sea farers during their quiet winter months. Value Points:


wonderfully-detailed miniature furniture with imaginative features such as sheet music. $700/1000

74. Early and Rare German Wooden and Bone Balancing Toy 8" (20 cm.) overall h. 3" doll. Grodnertal wooden doll with painted hair and facial features, has jointing at shoulder and hips, a bone pin extending from one foot for balancing, and two extended ball-shaped counterweights to create the balancing effect, the doll poses upon its original elegantly-shaped platform with bone-carved balancing plate. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1850, inspired by the popular acrobatic themes of the early/mid-19th century, the balancing toys were created in both Germany and France, even inspiring one French depose. Value Points: very rare early toy in perfect state of preservation. $700/1100

75. A Trio of French Miniature Wire-Framed Baskets 2" (5 cm.) Of spiral-twisted narrow wire, each basket has open lattice-shaped sides, bail handle, and a glass-covered early engraving forming the floor of the basket, one depicting a little girl at the well, another a girl picking flowers. Excellent condition. French, circa 1840, very rare and beautifully made. $400/700

76. Extremely Rare and All-Original German Paper-Mache Lady with Extraordinary Coiffure 8" (20 cm.) h. excluding wig. Solid-domed papermache shoulder head with oval-shaped face, elongated

hand-tied human hair wig. Condition: generally excellent, one horizontal craze line at back

throat and modeled bosom

right shoulder. Comments: Germany, circa 1830, possibly Voit for the French market, the

has black painted pate,

head may have been created as an exhibition sample, as indicated by its size, coiffure, and fine

brown glass inset eyes,

state of preservation having always been preserved under glass dome which is included. Value

lightly-feathered lashes and

Points: serenely beautiful face is enhanced by the extraordinary original and elaborate coiffure

brows, accented nostrils,

with decorative beads, ribbons and braids. $4500/6500

closed mouth with shaded lips, original brunette


77. Two German All-Bisque Miniature Dolls with Sculpted Helmets, and Hide and Wooden Horse 4" (10 cm.) Each is all-bisque with sculpted helmet, hair and painted facial features, peg-jointed arms and legs. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa1900. Value Points: the rare all-original little dolls have wonderfully sculpted and painted helmets and factory-original costumes; included is a fine carved wooden miniature horse with brown and white hide covering and leather harness. $1000/1500

78. Rare 19th-Century Fancily-Designed Tin Cart with Two Tin Horses 14" (36 cm.) The tin cart has graceful design with unusual 77.

scalloped-rail edging decorated with tiny bells, and is painted

original mustard-yellow with brown stenciled accents and cream interior. There is a livery man's stand, a driver's high seat, two large metal spoked wheels with fancy decorations, realistic spring construction of the frame, and two tin horse with painted dappled coats and painted saddles and harness that pull the cart. Excellent condition, original finish. Possibly French, circa 1870, an especially beautiful carr with wonderful original decoration. $1200/1600


79. Superb German Wooden Grocery Store by Christian Hacker with Signature 18" (46 cm.) w. by 14"h. x 9"d. The open-front

78.1. Two German Carved and Painted Wooden Figures

one-room store has original crest and front

6" (15 cm.) lady. Each is hand-carved wooden figure, depicting a woman with rifle and pouch, and a gentleman with flaring paper-mache cape. Each is hand-painted with wonderful and vibrant details of costume, including original paper-mache hats, and each is posed upon its original wooden base. Excellent condition. Germany, early-19th century. $300/600



panels with colored-lithographs depicting scenes of the sources of exotic spices and foods offered in the store, the front panels labeled "The Grocer's Shop" (in English,

German and French). The interior, with original paint and papers has a back wall of ten spice shelves with original lithographed labels (in three languages) and there is a matching counter. The store has original wooden barrels, tin Petroleum can, brass scale, sugar loafs, wooden shoulder head grocer, and rare condiments including a sack labeled "AZ Paris 141" and a wrapped package of cigars. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: CH (paper label) 108/4 (pencil script). Comments: Christian Hacker, circa 1880, the signature lithograph design was used with several different store front styles, and evidently a great favorite. Value Points: fine state of preservation of the rare petitesized store with original features and signature. $3500/5500


80. German Tin Carriage with Team of Paper-Mache Horses 9" (23 cm.) Tin toy carriage with green and black painted finish and red stencil outline has four spoked wheels, stand at the back for livery man, driver's seat with tin pleated seat cover, two carriage lamps, and doors that hinge open to single bench interior. The coach is pulled by two original paper-mache horses in prancing pose, with dappled coats, leather harness, mohair mane and tails, posed on a metal frame with one hidden wheel below. When the toy is moved along, the horses bob up and down in a realistic manner. Excellent condition. Germany, Nuremberg, circa 1875, the rare toy is beautifullypreserved. $1100/1500


81. 19th-Century Paper-Mache Doll for the French Market with" A La Bonne Foi" Signature 24" (61 cm.) Solid domed paper-mache shoulder head with painted black pate, rounded facial shape, small enamel glass eyes, delicatelypainted lashes and brows, accented nostrils and eye


81 detail signature of

corners, open mouth, two

Tempier on foot.

upper teeth, original human

hair wig, pink kid hand-stitched poupee body with gusset-jointing at elbows, hips and knees,

82. Wonderful Large German Houseware and Grocery Store with Original label

stitched and separated fingers. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: A La Bonne Foi/

39" (99 cm.) w. x 22"h. x 21"d. The large wooden open-front store with natural finish

Tempier/25 Boulevard Italien/Paris (ink script on left foot). Comments: presented for the

accented with black trim and applied details, has store-front windows on either side that

French market at the early doll shop of Georges Tempier which closed in 1857, and dating

into a pair of free-standing counters with tiered curved display shelves. The floor is a

this doll prior to that time. Value Points: the early doll is wonderfully-preserved with fine

wooden parquet with natural finish, and the five-sided walls feature center shelves flanked

facial patina, original finish, sturdy body with signature, and wearing original silk gown,

by a pair of cabinets with glass-door uppers and six-drawers below. The center shelving

layered undergarments, stockings, red kidskin ankle boots, and silk bonnet, with rare store

has an unusual step-styled cornice that is centered by a built-in faux-clock. There is a free-

signature. $1800/2500

standing paneled counter that matches the front panels. A German porcelain lady is in attendance, and the store is filled with numerous antique tins, brass scale, crockery and food stuffs. An original gilt label appears on the door frame "Colonialwaren-Handlung". Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1885. $3500/5500


83. German Bisque Lady Doll with Original Elaborate Coiffure and Costume 18" (46 cm.) Solid domed bisque shoulder head with oval face and elongated throat, blue painted upper glancing eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, single stroke brows, aquiline nose with accent dots, closed mouth with center accent line, brunette wig arranged in original elaborate braided chignon, original muslin stitch-jointed body, leather arms. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1870. Value points: the doll is wearing her original Norwegian folklore costume with elaborate tulle and metallic gilt ribbon coiffe, button-laced vest, double-layer woolen skirts, jewelry, undergarments, shoes. $900/1400


84. Wonderful German PaperMache Squeak Toy "Lady with Baby Surprise" 6" (15 cm.) A paper-mache sculpted figure of fashionable woman with sculpted brown hair and painted facial features, wears a painted blue blouse with very full sleeves, white skirt, grey toque bonnet with red bow, and carries a parasol. The woman is posed upon a wooden-framed bellow base. When the bellows is squeezed, the shoulders of her blouse pop open in lid fashion and two little white-costumed babies peek out. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1870. Value Points: the amusing toy is wonderfully preserved. $800/1200 83.


85. Early German Miniature Book of Engravings Depicting World Costumes 5" (13 cm.) x 3". A firm-covered book, with engraving on the corner depicting three men in native costumes examining a map of the world, contains a foldout folio with alphabet-labeled pages, each page depicting a folklore-costumed person whose nationality begins with that letter. The engravings have printed colors with hand-painted gouache detail. The cover is labeled "Alphabeth Reise um die Welt". Good condition, spine loose, some spotting. A very beautiful book, early-19th century. $300/600

86. Wonderful Collection of Nine Carved Wooden Dolls with Original Costumes


5" . Each is all-wooden with shapely torso and legs, jointed arms,

87. 19th-Century Paper-Mache Nodding Toy "Flirtatious Lady" for the French Market

having carved hair or hat, painted facial features, painted shoes.

5 1/2" (14 cm.) A carton or paper-mache figure of a voluptuous

Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, 1840. Value

lady is posed upon a wooden base with marbleized finish, her

Points: the outstanding ensemble, preserved on original wooden

very full skirt covering the separate lower body which swings

stands in glass dome, is detailed with rare features such as five

on a hinged arrangement. Her sculpted costume features a

different carved hats, helmets or turban on the men and different

very full skirt that she is lifting in a flirtatious manner while

hair styles on the women; each is wearing its well-preserved

holding a lorgnette to her face. When the nodder is tipped, she

original costume decorated with tiny metal paillettes and having

swings back and forth, teasingly revealing her lacy pantaloons.

infinite detail of design. Ex-Marianne Bodmer collection.

Excellent condition, original painted finish. Mid-19th century,


for the French market. $800/1200 87.


88. Wonderful French Miniature Folding Room with Original Furnishings and Accessories

factory costumes inhabit the room. Excellent condition. For the French market, the

14" (36 cm.) l. x 9"h. x 9"d. The heavy stock five-sided folding room is designed with

remains perfectly-preserved. French, circa 1880. $4500/6500

room was originally presented with these furnishings, draperies and wall coverings, and

side-angled window walls, and has original wall papers and gold paper edging, original valances with patterned silk draperies that match the original upholstery. There is a gilt

89. Pair, French Bisque Miniature Surprise Dolls in Original Costumes

framed wall mirror, three ormolu framed portraits, and a superb ensemble of mahogany-

6" (15 cm.) Each has bisque socket head, blue glass enamel inset eyes, painted facial

finished salon furnishings comprising a day bed with high canopy, piano and piano

features, closed mouth, blonde mohair wig, carton body, bisque lower hands. Condition:

stool, mirrored armoire, fireplace mantel with fancy ormolu clock, fernery with original

generally excellent. Marks: 0. Comments: French, circa 1880, a spring mechanism is

ferns and flowers, scalloped-edge pedestal table, four chairs and an ormolu umbrella

in each left leg, and when the leg is pressed it causes a charming action: one doll doffs

stand. The furnishings, including the mantel shelf and canopy curtains, are upholstered

his hat, and the other doll lifts a carnival mask to his face. Value Points: the rare and

in burgundy silk with rich blue and gilt woven designs, and there are embossed gilt

delightful dolls are wearing their factory-original silk costumes and function well.

Dresden papers to simulate bronze that edge the furniture. Two bisque dolls in original



90. French Bisque Poupee in Very Fine Early Velvet Costume 25" (64 cm.) Bisque swivel head on bisque shoulder plate, blue glass paperweight inset eyes, painted lashes and fringed brows, rose-blushed eye shadow, accented nostrils, closed mouth with shaded lips, pierced ears, blonde mohair wig over Steiner pate, kid gusset-jointed poupee body with slender torso, stitched and separated fingers. Condition: generally excellent, hairline at right shoulder. Comments: French, circa 1880, the Steiner head is more typically found on bebe body, and although not original is appropriately sized and of the era. Value Points: regal presentation, the lady doll wearing a fine early velvet and silk burgundy gown with aqua silk sash, matching bonnet, burgundy velvet purse, undergarments, leather shoes. $3000/4500

91. French Salon Borzoi Dog in Unusual Reclining Pose 15" (38 cm.) The firm paper-mache Borzoi dog is lavishly covered in white fur with long bushy tail, posed reclining, with open mouth, shaved face, amber glass eyes and velvet ears. Excellent condition. French, circa 1890. $300/600


92. Extremely Rare and Fine Austrian Enameled Metal and Silver Coach With Extraordinary Scenes

storage area of the driver's seats; all sides and floor of the coach both inside and out, and

11" (28 cm.) l. 8"h. The royal coach is designed with richly-embossed silver framed

are more than 25 scenes and each is different. There are ten beveled glass windows, one

windows and doors and silver wheels with feather-spoked wheels. Nearly every surface of

hinged door, and decorative silver finials, winged angel center crest, and two carriage

the coach is decorated with enameled hand-painted scenes in the 18th-century style. The

lamps. Excellent condition. Vienna, Austria, circa 1890, an extraordinary example of

designs extend to the inside ceiling as well as the roof the top, sides and even the inside

this art work. $6000/9000

even to foot rests; the entire underside of the coach has enamel scenes, too; in all, there



93. German Bisque Dollhouse Man in Livery Costume 6" (15 cm.) Bisque shoulder head depicting black-complexioned man with sculpted black hair, painted facial features, muslin body, bisque lower limbs. Condition; generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1900. Value Points: wearing wonderful factory-original costume of livery or coach man, with gilt paper accents on costume. $500/800

94. Ensemble, Austrian Miniature Enameled Furnishings and Dollhouse Doll 3" (8 cm.) settee. Comprising a salon ensemble of settee, table with cabriole-shaped legs, and two matching chairs, each with gilt bronze frames in elaborately "sculpted" designs, and having hand-painted enamel scenes in the 18th century romantic style; there are seven different scenes in all. Along with a bisque dollhouse doll with blonde sculpted short curly hair, painted features, closed mouth, muslin body with bisque lower limbs, factory-original costume. Excellent condition. The furniture was created in Vienna, Austria, circa 1900. $700/1100 95, 96.

95. German Bisque Dollhouse Man in Original Costume

bisque lower limbs. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa

5" (13 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with

edging. $300/500

brown sculpted hair and moustache,

1900. Value Points: wearing factory-original costume of green felt flannel with gold

96. Austrian Enameled and Bronze Miniature Fire Screen

painted facial features, muslin body,

4" (10 cm.) A bronze fire screen has elaborately-detailed frame which encloses the double-sided hand-painted enamel screen, one side depicting mother in a garden setting with two children with red enamel edging, and other depicts a garden path with fence and gate. Excellent condition. Vienna, Austria, circa 1890. $500/800

97. Austrian Enameled Metal Sleigh with Gargoyle 6" (15 cm.) The winter sleigh with curved bed and scalloped sides is resting on a gilt bronze sleigh frame with gargoyle-shaped head; the sleigh bed has burgundy enamel exterior with gilt stencil designs, and an interior enamel hand-painted scene with three people, sheep, and home in the background. Excellent condition. Vienna, Austria, circa 1890. $900/1300


and leaves, the service comprises a large footed lidded tureen, covered serving dish, covered sauce dish with attached under-tray, serving bowl (rim flakes), large oval platter, two sauce dishes, gravy boat, two relish dishes, footed compote, six small plates, and twelve dinner plates. Excellent condition but as noted. Marks: Bleuet K.G. Luneville (stamp). French, circa 1900. A beautiful service with warm appealing floral designs. $300/600

100. Rare Early Tiny English Wax Dollhouse Doll in Original Presentation 5" (13 cm.) Honey-tinted poured wax shoulder head, tiny bead eyes, painted features, brunette hair in original style with hair bows, muslin body, wax lower limbs with painted

98. 19th-Century Child's Soft Paste Dinner Service with Rare Exotic Bird Designs

shoes. Condition:

6" (15 cm.) Of creamy soft paste, the black-rimmed service is decorated with designs of colorful exotic birds perched on tree branches. The service comprises large footed lidded tureen, two smaller covered serving dishes with double handles, square covered serving dish, eight various platters, two sauce boats, ladle, four soup bowls, and sixteen various plates. Excellent condition. Circa 1885, an especially beautiful design. $400/600

generally excellent. Comments: English, circa 1865. Value Points: the wonderfully-preserved early wax child in rare size wears her original costume and bonnet, and is presented in her original woven lidded basket. $500/800

99. French Child's Soft Paste Dinner Service with Wildflower Designs 5" (13 cm.) tureen. Of cream soft paste or faience, with delicate designs of blue and rose wild flowers

101. Dainty English Wax Doll in Original Costume and Rare Petite Size 8" (20 cm.) Poured wax shoulder head, tiny bead inset eyes, tinted features with gently-smiling closed mouth, brunette hair, firmly-stuffed muslin body with poured wax lower limbs, bare feet. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: English, circa 1880. Value Points: most charming petite size with dainty features, original body, and original costume and box. $500/800


102. Wonderful English Poured Wax Child Doll in Original Gown, with Provenance 16" (41 cm.) Poured wax shoulder head, blue glass enamel inset eyes, delicatelytinted facial features, closed mouth, light brown separately-inserted hair, softly-stuffed muslin body, poured wax lower limbs. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: English, in the Montanari manner, circa 1875. Value Points: beautifully-preserved doll wearing her original costume of sheer dotted tulle over peach silk, three layers of undergarments, tiny kid slippers and hand-stitched bonnet with rose silk ribbons. $1800/2300

103. The Sister English Poured Wax Doll in Aqua Silk Gown 16" (41 cm.) Poured wax shoulder head, blue glass enamel inset eyes, painted features, light brown insert hair wig, closed mouth with gentle smile, softlystuffed muslin body, poured wax lower limbs, bare feet. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: English, in the Montanari manner, circa 1876, a sister doll to #102, the doll's provenance is described above. Value Points: beautiful gentle-featured doll with brilliant blue eyes is wearing her original aqua silk gown under sheer muslin, layered undergarments, kid slippers handstitched bonnet with rose silk ribbons, and carrying an early woven-bead sewing basket. $1800/2300

The Story of the Wax Sisters Dolls is a Curious and Delightful Serendipity About 1875, a doting English grandfather had chosen five wax dolls, all identical except the color and small details of their gown, to gift to his five granddaughters. Time passed, the girls grew up, the dolls passed down in their own families, generation after generation, and eventually all became separated. Angela Prader acquired the doll in rose gown, knowing nothing of her story, and displayed her in the Museum. One day a visitor arrived to tour the Museum and, upon reaching the wax doll in rose, exclaimed "I have the same doll, but in a different color of gown". Querying the visitor on her family history and learning of the generous great-great-great grandfather's gifts, it became obvious that these dolls were two of the five original sister dolls. The doll in aqua silk soon joined her sister at the Museum, and, just as happily, the two far-flung real-people relatives, who had never known of the other's existence, became acquainted and re-united the actual family. The only question remains "where are the remaining three dolls?"


104. Two German Cast Metal Dollhouse Accessories 2 1/2" (6 cm.) h. stacking pots. Including a cast pewter set of four stacking pots, along with a rare set of cast brass graduated size weights that fit inside each other in "nesting doll" fashion, with lid and clasp, and stamped 1855 with maker's insignia. Excellent condition. Mid-19th century. $300/500

104.1. Pair of Tiny German AllBisque Dolls as Egg-Warmers 4" (10 cm.) Each is a tiny 2" all-bisque doll with sculpted hair, painted features, jointed limbs, painted black shoes, silk costume, posed atop a stiff-framed egg warmer which forms into a long skirt for the doll; the egg

54.1. Pair, 19th Century Gilded Bronze Candelabra

warmers are covered with silk

5" (13 cm.) Each of the matched pair of gilded bronze

faille over flannel and have bead

candelabra with richly sculpted pedestal has three-arm candle

decorative trim and a tiny bisque

holders centered by a higher candle holder, and decorated with

chick attached to each. Excellent

garlands of gilt chain link. Excellent condition. Circa 1885.

condition. Germany, circa 1920.




105. Deluxe German Wooden Doll House Rooms with Original Furnishings and Dolls 43" (109 cm.) w. xc 25"h. x 20"d. The open-front wooden dollhouse rooms have fancy columns at the sides and center and a carved crest at the center back. There are curtained windows at the back and sides with original valances, and the rooms have their original floor and wall papers. Chandeliers hang in both rooms which are lavishly furnished as bedroom and parlor/dining room with antique furnishings of the period. A green ceramic parlor stove stands in the corners, there are general pictures on the wall, many accessories, decorative objects and dishes, and three German bisque dolls in original costumes. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1890. $3400/5500


106. 19th-Century Chinese Checkers Game with Rare Paper-Mache Figural Heads 13" (33 cm.) square board. 2 1/2" checker pins. The wooden board has fine original finish to showcase the 28 original "checkers" which are paper-mache sculpted heads, attached to wooden dowel pins for inserting in board holes. The heads have beautifully sculpted and painted facial features, with sculpted hair, hats, and bodices painted in delicate colors. The figural checkers are preserved in four original boxes. Excellent condition of a rare mid-19th century salon game. $700/1000

107. Amusing German Bisque "Monkey Tipping his Hat" Squeeze Toy 10" (25 cm.) including hat. A bisque-head monkey with painted brown "fur" and white face has painted blue downcast eyes, painted features, wooden block torso with inserted bellows, wooden lower

108. German Wooden Toy "Menagery" with Original Flocked Animals

limbs, wearing his original blue suit and holding

17" (43 cm.) w. 14"h. The wooden framed menagerie exhibit has lithographed

a grey paper-mache hat in his hand. When the

paper designs on the front with merry and colorful designs and a centered

bellows is squeezed, he moves his right hand briskly

name "Menagery" [sic]. Behind the metal bars of the three-level cages are the

up and down, thus tipping his hat, as though

twelve original paper-mache exotic zoo animals with painted finish. Excellent

greeting passers-by. Condition: generally excellent.

condition with some wear on paper cover. Germany, for the American market,

Comments: Germany, circa 1890. Value Points:

circa 1900, note the curious spelling of the title name. The rare toy is especially

wonderfully-preserved toy with rare bisque sculpted

remarkable for the inclusion of all of the animals. $1200/1600

head, original costume, amusing action. $700/1000


109. German Paper-Mache Mechanical Clown on Rocking Horse 8" (20 cm.) A paper-mache horse with dappled painted finish, black bead eyes, leather harness, is attached to original rocking horse base and has a hidden keywind mechanism on under-belly. Riding the horse is a papermache clown with painted features, original costume. When wound, the horse should rock back and forth. Condition: all-original albeit a bit dusty, mechanism needs adjustment. Germany, circa 1900, a simply bazaar toy with charming personality. $400/600


110. Mid-19th Century PaperMache Lady Doll, Possibly for the French Market 29" (74 cm.) Solid-domed paper-mache head with light wax coating, black painted pate, black enamel inset eyes, eyeliner, delicately-painted lashes and brows, closed mouth with outlined lips, blushed cheeks, original brunette hand-tied human hair wig in braided coronet, muslin body, wooden lower arms with spatulashaped hands. Condition: generally excellent, some craquelure to original wax finish. Comments: Circa 1840, possibly for the French market. Value Points: the beautiful lady with original painted complexion and features is wearing her original muslin gown with transfer print designs, undergarments, heavy leather shoes, bonnet with cutwork trim and ruffles. $1100/1700

111. Mid-19th Century "Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe" Presentation 10" (25 cm.) A slipper-shaped "house" with black silk cover and blue silk interior, has an arrangement of tiny Grodnertal wooden dolls, including the 2" mother and twelve 1" children, each with original simple silk costumes; on the lid of the slipper house is the poem "there was an old woman who lived in a shoe..." written in a tiny ink script. Excellent condition. English, with Grodnertal dolls, circa 1850, a charming presentation that is all-original. $600/900

112. Three Rare German Wooden Dolls with Sculpted Hats 5" (13 cm.) Each is all-wooden with one-piece head and torso, painted complexion and facial features, dowel-jointing at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, mid19th century. Value Points: very rare dolls are in exemplary condition, including man with tall top hat, painted blue stockings; Chinese man with painted red hat, queue at back of head, downcast moustache, painted yellow stockings and red shoes; and black-complexioned man with colorful polka dots on shoulder plate, red shoes. $1500/2200


113. Three Rare German Wooden Dolls with Sculpted Hats 5" (13 cm.) Each is all-wooden with one piece head and torso, painted complexion and facial features, dowel-jointed shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, mid19th century. Value Points: 112.

extraordinary original condition of the rare early dolls, each with painted hat, including Scottish boy 114.

with painted

blue tam decorated with tassel, painted yellow shoes; Asian man with fitted red turban having blue tassel at the back, long downward-curled moustache, painted brown stockings and black shoes; and man with painted red turban with wide white outer wrap, painted black moustache, painted yellow stockings and red shoes. $1500/2200

114. Rare Early-19th-Century English Paper Doll "Ellen, The Naughty Girl Reclaimed", 1811 4 1/2" (11 cm.) doll. A grey paper book titled "Ellen, or The Naughty Girl Reclaimed" features 18 pages of stories about the naughty little girl who finally becomes a well-behaved young lady. The story is told in a series of vignettes which correspond to the various costumes of the accompanying paper doll; there are eight different costumes or scenes. The original matching envelope which held the book, paper doll and costumes is also included. Cover worn, girl is excellent except old cello repair at back of neck; costumes, scenes and book are excellent and retain rich colors. The book is labeled S. and J. Fuller at the Temple of Fancy, Rathbone Place, and dated 1811. Very rare to find so complete and fresh from this early period. $800/1300 113.


Germany, circa 1870. Value Points: especially beautiful painting of eyes, fancy coiffure, and wearing original green taffeta gown with black velvet ribbon trim, undergarments, velvet cape, stockings, shoes. $800/1100

116. Four German Porcelain "Kinder-Bringen" Figures 4" (10 cm.) - 5 1/2". Each is heavy porcelain figure depicting a jester-costumed

115. German Porcelain Lady Doll with Original Costume

man holding a number of taufling-wrapped babies, the jesters wearing a variety of

24" (61 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head with black sculpted hair arranged in center-parted style

brightly-colored and decorated costumes including fancy caps, and the babies with

with loosely waved hair captured in a casual chignon and decorated at the back with modeled

gilt-trimmed taufling blankets. Excellent condition. Germany, mid-19th century, the

beading, large blue painted downcast eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, single-stroke brows,

figures, known as "Kinder-Bringen", were presented to a newly-married couple as a

accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with center accent line, muslin stitch-

hope for a large family. Rare figures to find with wonderful variegated decorations.

jointed body, kid arms. Condition: generally excellent, few paint flakes on hair. Comments:

Mid-19th Century. $600/900


117. Wonderful German Porcelain "KinderBringen" with Jolly Face 5" (13 cm.) One-piece heavy porcelain figure depicting a plump-bodied jester who is clasping four taufling babies, he with fancy jester cap, ruffled collar, blue jacket, purple breeches, and the babies with painted ribbons and pom-poms. Excellent condition. Germany, mid-19th century, an especially charming example of the "kinder-bringen" tradition with fine quality of painting, especially his wide beaming smile. $300/500

118. German Porcelain Boy in Original Costume with Toy Goat Cart 4 1/2" (11 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head with black sculpted hair in short boyish fashion, stippled details of hair around the forehead, painted facial features, cobalt blue eyes, muslin body, bisque lower limbs, painted brown shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1860. Value Points: the little boy is wearing his wonderful antique silk and woolen costume with elaborate detail, and owns a small French luxury toy goat cart with mother-of-pearl cart. $400/600

119. German Porcelain Lady Doll with Rare Gilt-Edged Painted Snood and Fine Original Costume 17" (43 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head of adult lady with oval face and elongated throat, black sculpted hair waved away from her face with details of stippling around her forehead, loose curls onto her shoulders, and a pageboy coiffure captured in a modeled gilt snood with gilt bow at her crown and gilt tassels at each side of her hair, blue upper-glancing painted eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, black single-stroke brows, closed mouth, original muslin stitch-jointed body, wooden hand. Condition: generally excellent, some fingers missing. Comments: Germany, circa 1865. Value Points: beautiful lady with rare artistically-

blue and aqua silk under-dress and trim, undergarments. Provenance: ex: Marianne

painted coiffure, wearing her fine original gown of stiffened embroidered muslin with

Bodmer collection. $900/1300


121. Collection of Antique Accessories for Lady Doll 3 1/2" (9 cm.) dog. Including a paper-mache dog with very lush white fur and tail, amber glass eyes; faux-tortoise over wood miniature chest with bone feet; wooden hand mirror; carved bone basket with fretwork detail, "The Ladies Boutique Safety Razor" in original box, pair of fingerless gloves, bone shaker, cranberry glass cologne bottle for chatelaine, silver brush with lion handle and chatelaine on original card. Excellent condition. Mid/late-19th century. $600/900

122. Very Fine 19th-Century Lady's Chatelaine 8" (20 cm.) overall. A gold-plated chatelaine with chainlink design is decorated with fancy brooches set with turquoise and coral beads, and has a suspended chain link purse, and other accoutrements. Excellent condition. Late-19th century, a beautiful luxury model of the lady's toilette. $400/500


120. Collection, Very Fine Antique Purses in Petite Size 2 1/2-3 1/2". Including very fine French purse with cast brass frame having figural design of woman, with ribbon-striped silk cover, marked Brevete; cast brass flat


embossed floral design and silver frame; cast brass framed purse with oval porcelain

123. French Mother-of-Pearl and Tin Miniature Horse Cart

painting of woman on the exterior and silk lined interior; silver framed purse

6" (15 cm.) A pair of gilt tin horses posed as though

with filigree design enclosing a porcelain scene on one side and embossed design

prancing are attached to a two-wheel pony cart whose

of coach and passengers on the other; and a tiny 1 1/2" woven reticule. Excellent

cart-bed is a mother-of-pearl shell. Excellent condition.

condition. Mid-19th/late-19th century, the purses were featured in a special

French, circa 1880. $300/500

purse that hinges open to magenta-silk lined interior; brown leather purse with

exhibition of antique doll-sized purses at the Spielzeugmuseum. $500/900

124. Very Rare French Painted Tin Roman Chariot with Lion Team and Original Bisque Doll 9 1/2" (24 cm.) Two pressed metal lions with gilt finish are attached to a paintedtin Roman chariot with two spoked wheels, original green painted finish with




colorful flowers and gilt edging. Standing in the chariot is an all-bisque girl with swivel head, blue glass enamel eyes, painted features, white mohair wig, peg-jointed bisque arms and legs, wearing her original aqua silk flowing gown with gold metallic trim and crown, holding wand in her hand. When wound the chariot should roll along as though pulled by the lions, driven by the hidden clock gears beneath the chariot. Condition: generally excellent, mechanism functions well. Comments: French, circa 1890. Value Points: very rare luxury toy with beautiful finish and costume well-preserved. $1500/2500

125. Fine Early Toilette Table for Poupee with Original Porcelain Accessories 16" (41 cm.) The toilette table with dark mahogany finish has elegant style with spindled legs and towel bars, nicely-carved oval mirror and brackets, the top with cut-out or framed niches for various original accessories are included, namely, a fine porcelain wash bowl and pitcher set with gold rims and floral designs, three matching containers, bone combs, and towels. Excellent condition. A fine luxury toilette with exquisite porcelain accessories. $700/900

125, 126.

126. French Bisque Poupee in Original Costume with Au Paradis Des Enfants Signature

des Enfants Perreau Fils 156 Rue Rivoli (body stamp). Comments: French, circa 1867,

18" (46 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid-lined bisque shoulder plate, blue glass enamel

allows the head to tilt forward and back and side to side as well as swivel. The doll was

inset eyes, dark eyeliner, painted lashes and feathered brows, accented nostrils and eye

presented at the prestigious Parisian doll shop, Au Paradis des Enfants, a testament to its

corners, closed mouth with outlined lips, ears pierced into head, brunette hand-tied

quality. Value Points: very beautiful doll has original wig, signed very sturdy body, and is

human hair wig over cork pate, French kid poupee body with gusset-jointing, shapely

wearing her original bronze green silk gown with matching cape, undergarments, gloves,

torso, stitched and separated fingers. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Au Paradis

jewelry, leather shoes, and purse. $3000/4000

although unsigned the doll has the rare neck attachment of Alexandre Dehors which


127. Beautiful French Bisque Poupee with Fully-Articulated Wooden Body 18" (46 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulder plate, dark blue enamel inset eyes, dark eyeliner, painted lashes, lightly-feathered brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with accented lips, ears pierced into head, brunette hand-tied human hair wig over cork pate, French wood body with doweljointing at shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles, and with extra pivot-joint at hips. Condition: generally excellent, right thumb and one finger tip broken. Marks: 4. Comments: French, circa 1867. Value Points: beautiful lady with finely-sculpted wooden body with original finish. $3500/4500


128. Two French Miniature Cabinets with Enamel-Painted Scenes 10" (25 cm.) Including a glass-front vitrine with curved glass and bombe-shaped frame, and having enameled-tin veneers with romantic scenes in the 18th-century style, glass shelved interior, velvet roof and interior, with original stamp "Procede Brevete SGDG Modele Depose". Along with a miniature sedan chair with beveled glass and enameled-tin veneers with cherub scenes. Excellent condition, French, circa 1890. The cabinet contains four small porcelain figures, two with Rosenthal signature. $800/1200

129. French Enameled Tin Sleigh with Early Doll 9" (23 cm.) sleigh. 7" doll. The wooden-framed sleigh with fancy gilt-metal frame has enamel tin side panels with scenes of cherubs and flowers, and velvet lining. Seated in the sleigh is a paper-mache/wooden doll with fully-articulated body, having painted hair and facial features, and wearing his original costume. Very good condition. Sleigh, circa 1890, doll circa 1850. $600/900

130. Very Rare and All-Original French Musical Automaton "The Gliding Lady" by Vichy 20" (51 cm.) A bisque-head lady with blue enamel eyes, painted features, closed mouth, pierced ears, blonde human hair wig over cork pate, carton torso and legs, wire upper arms, metal hands; the doll is standing upon a wheeled metal base which is covered by her pale green silk costume, and holds a fancy fan in her right hand and an ormolu lorgnette in her left hand. When wound, music plays, she glides forward and in circles, while alternately lifting the fan and then the lorgnette to her face. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Gustave Vichy, circa 1875, his luxury model automaton was offered in prestige Parisian shops. Value Points: all-original, the poupee has exquisitely-styled gown with train, matching bonnet, luxury-quality bone fan and fancy lorgnette. $12,000/16,000


132. German Bisque Doll with Sculpted Dutch Bonnet by Gebruder Heubach 11" (28 cm.) Bisque socket head with sculpted white Dutch-style bonnet decorated with rose and yellow bands, painted facial features, intaglio blue eyes, white eyedots, closed mouth with center accent line, five-piece paper-mache body with sculpted Dutch-style shoes, wearing original simple cotton and felt costume. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Heubach (sunburst mark). Germany. Comments: Gebruder Heubach, circa 1912, an unusual variation of the popular Baby Stuart doll. Value Points: rare decoration of cap, original body with Dutch "wooden" shoes, original costume. $500/800

133. German Bisque Whistling Boy by Gebruder Heubach with Rare Body Style 11" (28 cm.) Solid-domed bisque head with flanged neck, sculpted light brown hair, intaglio side-glancing blue eyes with white eyedots, painted brows, "O" shaped mouth with drilled puckered lips as though whistling (there is no whistling bellows), carton torso and legs, wooden arms, antique costume; when legs move back and forth he turns his head from side to side. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Heubach (square) Germany. Comments: Gebruder Heubach, circa 1910. Value Points: rare

131. German Bisque Vignette "Blowing Bubbles" by Gebruder Heubach

variation of the whistling model, the doll appears entirely original. $400/600

18" (46 cm.) overall. 8" figures. Arranged on a wooden base under a glass dome are two all-bisque figurines depicting a boy and girl seated on bench with bowl of soap bubbles

134. German All-Bisque Baby with Flowers and Vase by Gebruder Heubach

and a bubble pipe in their mouth, each figure with sculpted and painted costumes. The

6" (15 cm.) One-piece all-bisque figure of little boy, naked excepting his painted brown

pair are displayed on an original paper-mache base, beneath a garland of bisque flowers

socks and shoes, with painted brown hair, side-glancing eyes, clutching a little bouquet

and velvet butterflies. Excellent condition. Germany, Gebruder Heubach, circa 1900. A

of flowers in one hand, a bisque vase attached at the back. Excellent condition. Marks:

superb vignette with luxury details of flowers and butterflies, and an enchanting theme.

Heubach (square). The rare little model is most delightful in theme and sculpting.




135. German Bisque Coquette by Gebruder Heubach 13" (33 cm.) Pink-tinted bisque socket head, brown sculpted short curly hair with glazed aqua painted hair band and bow, intaglio side-glancing blue eyes, feathered brows, closed mouth in beaming smile with row of tiny teeth, dimpled chin, Sonneberg composition and wooden fully-jointed body, wearing pretty antique dress, undergarments, shoes and stockings. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Heubach (square) Germany (model number is illegible). Comments: Gebruder Heubach, circa 1912. Value Points: especially fine detail of sculpting including laughter crinkles at eyes and dimpled cheeks. $500/700

136. Most Unusual Pair of German All-Bisque Babies as Decanters by Gebruder Heubach 9" (23 cm.) seated. The matched pair depict seated babies with sculpted blonde hair, painted facial features with intaglio detail of upper glancing eyes, closed mouth with dimpled expression, and modeled baby smock with green painted trim, and sculpted ruffles. The figurines are sculpted with a separate head which removes to reveal the decanter neck. Excellent condition. Germany, Gebruder Heubach, rare novelty variation, circa 1910. $700/1000



137. An Extraordinary German Menagerie with Very Rare Animals, Wooden Tent, and Trainers 17" (43 cm.) h. giraffe. The menagerie features one of the largest collections of superbly-sculpted wild and exotic animals made by the skilled German artisans of the late-19th century, each animal of paper mache with realistically-posed body and limbs, defined musculature, authentically-painted textured "flocked" finish, and each having glass eyes of appropriate color. What is most intriguing is not only the inclusion of rare animals, but also the three animal "families", namely the giraffe and two baby giraffes, the tiger with baby tiger, and two adult mountain lionesses with their two babies. Other animals include lion, three camels (one of which is double-humped), two brown striped hyenas, two spotted leopards, two hippos, tiger and tigress, polar bear, cow, deer, and very rare grey striped hyena. Also included in the Menagerie is a wooden tent painted with cream and red wide stripes and having various sections and doors, along with two wooden cages that are marked Fragile and S&M 59 Nurnberg, buckets. extensive wooden fencing able to be arranged as wished, and two animal trainers or handlers, one with especially charming pose. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1880, smaller paper mache animals (see #108) were popular toys from the Thuringia area. This set is quite rare in larger deluxe size as well as quality, and the signature on the wooden crates may provide a clue to its maker. Value Points: the extraordinary Menagerie is notable for the rarity of its animals, their fine craftsmanship and excellent state of preservation. $6500/9500


138. Rare Set of German Stockinette Character Dolls Marketed by K*R 13" (33 cm.) The set of five dolls are each stockinette over padded wire frame, with stitch-shaped and painted facial features, able to be flexibly posed in any manner. Condition: very good, some surface dust, one nose tip worn. Comments: K*R offered the dolls in their 1927 catalog, describing them as "highly original character dolls", in costumes to represent a variety of professions, even offering to create dolls to order "if colored illustrations are sent in". Value Points: rarely found, the dolls are all wearing their original felt costumes to suggest various professions, here notably the barkeeper. $1100/1500 139 detail.


139. Early 20th-Century French Wooden Model of Bar 21" (53 cm.) l. 9"h. The heavy wooden bar with nicely-paneled front has a heavy pewter bar top with rounded edge; the back of the bar has various cubicles and bottle racks, in such well-executed manner as to indicate that the model was originally created as a salesman's traveling sample. The word "Biere" is inscribed on the front, and also included is a pewter beer barrel (incised Depose Lyon and illegible manufacturer's name) and an assortment of glass bar ware. Excellent condition. Early 20th century, probably French. $800/1200

140. Collection of German PaperMache Winter Gnomes on Sleds 2" (5 cm.) Seven paper-mache gnomes with painted costumes and accessories having snow-laden winter theme are each posed differently as though in an outdoors winter frolic, along with 140.

three wooden sleds. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1930. $300/500

141. Austrian Felt Character Doll by Elli Riehl in Original Costume 8" (20 cm.) All-felt with stitched-on head posed looking to the side, stitched and painted facial features, brown upper glancing eyes, long lashes, buttonshaped nose, closed mouth with wide posed held behind his back. Condition:

143. Rare German Felt Character "Der Wanderer" by Steiff, Exhibition Model

generally excellent. Comments:

16" (41 cm.) Felt swivel head with center and mouth seam, elongated nose and

Austrian doll artist, Elli Riehl, born

chin, brown mohair stitched-on ears, amber glass eyes, painted features, five-

1902, created a series of whimsical felt

piece felt body with over-sized feet and hands. Condition: generally excellent.

dolls in the mid-1900s. Value Points:

Marks: Steiff (underline f, button in ear). Comments: Steiff doll, late 1920s,

whimsical character doll wearing his

the doll is wearing a well-detailed costume for trekking the Springtime Alps,

original artist-made costume. $300/500

comprising woolen plaid knickers, woolen stockings, large leather shoes with

smiling grin, brunette mohair wig, arms

141, 142.

142. German Brown Mohair Miniature Teddy Baby by Steiff

fringe and silver studs, plaid woolen scarf, khaki jacket with zipper front, black beret and leather-strap back pack. No other models are known with this costume which likely was created for special exhibition purposes, perhaps as

4" (10 cm.) Dark brown mohair teddy as baby with shortened limbs and plump round face, swivel

a promotional model for the metal zipper which was just coming into use

neck, jointed limbs, velvet muzzle and feet, bead eyes, embroidered nose and mouth. With original

(mostly for boots or galoshes) during this period. Value Points: wonderful

silver Steiff button in ear. Excellent condition. Steiff, circa 1930, one of the rare small sizes of the

presentation Steiff doll with intriguing mystery background, well-preserved.

new-style Teddy Baby introduced in 1930. $400/600



144. German Bisque Doll by Kling with Original Folklore Costume 18" (46 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with sculpted short blonde curly hair, brown glass eyes, painted lashes, brush-stroked brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with outlined lips, commercial muslin stitch-jointed


body, bisque forearms. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Kling, circa 1880. Value Points: wonderful expression and bisque, rarer glass eyes, wearing well-detailed original folklore costume. $600/900 141.

145. Wooden Erzgebirge Toys with Victorian Park Themes 3 1/2" (9 cm.) h. carousel. Each of wood with original painted finishes, the miniature toys include a carousel with four horses that revolves by turning the roof-top knob, a seven-member musical band performing in outside theatre, and a carnival booth with roulette wheel, along with three park benches. Excellent condition. Germany, Erzgebirge, late-19th, early-20th century. $400/500

146. Three Wooden Erzgebirge Toys with Childhood Theme 3 1/2" (9 cm.) swing. Including a wooden swing set with swinging boats in which are seated little children, a wooden toy stall with tiny wooden animals and ship, and a wooden Punch and Judy theatre with lever to cause the two figures to move back and forth. Excellent condition. Germany, Erzgebirge, late-19th century $300/500

147. Wonderful Collection of Erzgebirge Wooden Animal Dolls in Original Box 2" (5 cm.) Twelve carved wooden dolls with pin-jointed arms and legs include a boy and girl with painted Tyrolean costumes (except cloth skirt for girl), along with ten "people animals", each with painted and cloth costumes, including bunny couple, duck couple, rooster and chicken couple, lady frog and boy dog. Excellent condition. Ergzebirge, early 20th-century, the rare and charming animal people are perfectly preserved with vibrant fresh colors. $1100/1600


148. German Paper-Mache Uniformed Men on Original Wooden Bases

costume and coiffe and holding a basket of flowers; a white plush bunny sits

6" (15 cm.) Each is a modeled

Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1900, possibly Zinner and Sohne.

paper-mache figure of standing


at her feet. When wound by porcelain-tipped knob at the side, music plays, she turns her head side to side, and appears to offer a bouquet of flowers.

man, posed on round wooden base, having sculpted and painted uniform of various styles, including two members of a marching band, three in grey uniforms, and two in blue and red uniforms. Excellent condition, original finish. Germany, Thuringia, mid-19th century. $600/900

149. German Handwind Mechanical Toy "Little Girl with Basket of Flowers", Possibly Zinner & Sohne 14" (36 cm.) Standing upon a wooden base with decorative paper covering is a bisqueheaded doll with brown glass eyes, painted lashes and brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, open mouth with tiny teeth, brunette mohair wig, carton torso with wire upper arms, and legs, wooden lower arms and legs, wearing her original folklore-inspired


needles, and little handmade journals with titles such as "Tender Feet" and "Love and Hope". The basket is preserved in an early bentwood box. Excellent condition. English, mid-19th century. $500/800

152. Two Rare Early19th- Century Silk Needle Booklets by Schule 3" (8 cm.) x 3 1/2". Within each of the firm-sided "books" are four silk pages with handstitched edging, and handpainted figures of women or soldiers. The figures are designed as though holding a rifle or a parasol, and where these would appear is actually a fine steel needle. The pages were cleverly designed to immediately show if a needle (expensive at that time) was missing. One book is printed F. G. Schule (and other illegible words) on the front cover, and the other, depicting a row of women, is labeled on that spread "Schule's Scene (illegible) Madchen in Uniform". Very good/excellent condition. Extremely rare sewing antique, early-19th century. $800/1200

150. 19th Century Porcelain Peddler Lady with Basket of Sewing Notions 10" (25 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head with

153. Charming German PaperMache Squeak Toy of Child

black sculpted hair in short curls, painted

5" (13 cm.) A wooden-based

facial features, muslin body, wearing early calico gown, undergarments, bonnet,

squeak toy with kid-covered

cape, and carrying a basket of wares. Condition: generally excellent. Comments:

bellows depicts a little paper-

for the English market, late-19th century. Value Points: the sewing notions include

mache child with sculpted smock

beads, threads, laces, buttons, needles and many other treasures, presented on

and cap seated on a chamber pot,

wooden base under glass dome. $900/1200

with knitting yarn and needles

151. English Basket of Early Miniature Peddler Wares in Early Box 5 1/2" (14 cm.) A flat woven basket is liberally-filled with a vast assortment of

in her hand. When the toy is squeezed, squeaking cry is heard and her right hand turns to and fro as though she is knitting. Excellent condition. Germany, mid-19th century, wonderful detail of modeling on the

miniature sewing novelties

amusing toy, with fine original

and ephemera designed for

finish. $400/600

use by peddler doll, including little baskets, dolls, buttons, beads, 152.


154. Extremely Rare and Wonderful Mid-19th Century Peddler Doll Couple with Extraordinary Wares 18" (46 cm.) Two early peddler dolls are attached to an original wooden base, including woman with head of carved wood or paper-mache, and smaller papermache boy; each with sculpted and painted hair and facial features, muslin body, and original costume. Condition: generally excellent, some typical minor dustiness. Comments: for the English market, mid-19th century. Value Points: exceptional and unique peddler pair, she with especially fine sculpting of hair and face, and having a bounty of wonderful novelties and useful wares, including: several wooden dolls, drum, woven booties, collection of coin pockets, pin cushions, sewing notions, leather card with ink inscription "Betty Dodd" (illegible) 1829, and a wonderful miniature book that is entirely hand-written in ink "The Kin... Gypsy Book of Fate", signed by B Dodd 1851, with pages of fortunetelling questions and possible answers, followed by Mrs. Dodd's "Advice to new married people". The smaller doll, perhaps representing a young boy entering the tinsmith trade, is laden with a bounty of tinware for sale, as well as tools and bellows for repairing tinware. The two dolls are preserved under a glass dome. $5000/8000


Bristol (England) orphanage, and was likely designed as a solace to the young children living in the home. Prior to the 1830s orphaned children in England were sent to workhouses. In 1836 the Prussian evangelist George Muller established the first of three orphanages in Bristol, England, aiming to offer a good environment for parent-less children. $800/1200

156. Late-18th-Century Wax Taufling Baby in Original Decorated Cradle 7" (18 cm.) l. The pine wooden cradle has scrolled head and foot boards, nicely-shaped rockers and original forest green, burnt-red and cream painted finish with decorative floral designs. The cradle is fitted with its original bed linens, including a finely-woven silk pillow and matching silk-over-paper stock bed cover trimmed with peach silk ribbons and edging. A small wax taufling baby with lace-ruffled bonnet and painted features is resting in the bed; the baby's body is actually a flat-carved wooden form. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, late-18th century, the taufling baby was known as "Fatschenkind". Value Points: very rare to find early doll in wonderfullypreserved condition. $800/1500

157. Early English Polyrama Game in Original Box 155. Early Paper-Mache and Wooden "Rattle Doll" in Bristol Orphanage Costume

8" (20 cm.) Sixteen heavy

7" (18 cm.) One-piece paper-mache or carton figure of

engravings are designed

woman standing with hands crossed in front of her

to be placed alongside

torso, designed with hollow skirt interior having closed

each other in a variety

base beneath the skirt to enclose the small rattles that

of ways; all parts are

are hidden within. The woman has finely-sculpted facial

interchangeable, thus giving

features and costume including Charlotte cap, red dress

endless possibilities to

with white collar and apron, gloves, flat black shoes, and

create different landscapes.

attached to original wooden base. Condition: generally

Known generically as

excellent. Marks: Bristol 1700 (hand-lettered on base).

"polyrama" or "endless

Comments: Early-19th-century (the 1700 date is likely

landscale", this particular example is tradenamed "Myriorama, Collection of many thousand Landscapes", designed

incorrect), the doll is costumed in the worker's uniform of

by Mr. Clark, published by Samuel Leigh, 1824. Panels are very good, some darkening, box is very worn. $300/400

stock panels with early


159. Very Early and Exquisite French Cloth Taufling Doll with 1785 Date 5" (13 cm.) An all-cloth doll with taufling-shaped body has stitch-shaped face with tiny enamel inset eyes, painted features, and shaped kid arms with defined flat-cut kid fingers. The doll is wearing her original gown with lace trim and blue silk

158. Outstanding German Hand-Painted Vignette of Tragant

ribbons, and matching lace-edged cap. Condition: sturdy

11" (28 cm.) vignette. 13" dome. Presented under a blown-glass dome is a busy village scene made of tragant with

albeit very dusty. Comments: French, late-18th century, a

hand-painted details; the scene featuring the town hall, church, homes, gazebo, and more, along with six various

hand-written paper under the gown reads "Je suis ne le 13 avril

people, flowers, plants, and other features. The vignette depicts a busy village life with ladies at a tea party, boy and

1785" (I was born April 13, 1785). Value Points: rare little cloth

girl picking flowers, and bride and groom at the church. Germany,mid-19th century. The scene is artfully made and

doll with inscription, most endearing dainty facial features.

wonderfully preserved. $1200/1500



161. Collection of Tiny Carved Bone Dinnerware 1 1/2" (4 cm.) l. tray. The tiny dinnerware is carved of bone and comprises oval tray with decanter and four glasses, four plates, covered tureen, six small plates, decanters, covered jars, small bowls and matching fruit compote, knives, forks and spoons. Excellent condition. Late-19th century, the tiny dinnerware is extremely rare, extremely difficult to create. $300/500

162. 19thCentury Carved Wooden and Bone Gentleman 10" (25 cm.) A carved wooden figure of an aristocratic gentleman has a detachable carved bone head with defined 18th century-style hair, and carved bone ruffled jabot, cuff, hand, and stockings;

160. German Collection of Tragant Miniatures in Early Box

the costume is

1 1/2" (4 cm.) baby. A collection of about 50 miniature tragant treasures including a little baby seated on chamber-pot,

defined with

plates of cookies, inkwell, sewing machine, food stuffs, and much more. The figures are sculpted of tragant (resin, starch,

shaded paint

etc) and hand-painted. The collection has been stored in an early wooden box with engraving on the lid, old hand-written

colors of brown

label "Tragant" on the side, and was acquired by the museum from an original estate. Late-19th century. $1200/1500

and black with gilt edging and fauxruby stones. His right hand and cuff are missing. Mid-19th century. $300/500

163. Very Rare French Carved Bone Hand-wind Spinning Wheel in Original Box 4" (10 cm.) An intricately carved miniature bone vignette depicts a bonneted lady standing behind a spinning wheel; on a lower lever are turning gears and a handle which, when turned, cause the spinning wheel to operate. Excellent condition of the intricately-designed mechanical toy with beautiful detail of woman as well as the working parts. The miniature is preserved in its original box with


slide lid. Early/mid-19th century, French, the miniature carved bone pieces were created by seafarers along the Brittany/Normandy coast during quiet winter months. $800/1200

164. Four 19th-Century Childhood Miniatures 5" (13 cm.) tree. Including an unusual bead-shaped tree with wooden pedestal and little wax angel atop, along with three carved bone miniatures including wax baby seated on a carved bone swing, bone crib with elaborate-cut filigree sides, and two-wheeled cart with fancilyscrolled wheels and filigree seat and sides. Excellent condition. The bone miniatures are French, mid-19th century. $800/1000

165. Pair of 19th-Century Carved Bone Tumbling Acrobat Toys 4 1/2" (11 cm.) Each is of carved bone with richly-detailed frame, depicting Chinese acrobats on balancing bars. The acrobats are designed with loosely-jointed limbs, and when the side handle is turned, they perform front and back flips, and tumble and turn. Excellent condition. Mid-19th century, the toys are notable not only for their well-executed mechanical action, but also for the exquisite detail of carving. $800/1200

166. Three Very Tiny French Carved Bone Furnishings 3" (8 cm.) Of very finely-worked carved bone including a corner etagere with filigree door cabinet that actually opens, and shelf with an array of bone miniatures; lady's desk with drop-front and gold etching, and a matching desk chair. Excellent condition. French, circa 1885. $400/500


167. Outstanding Pair of Chinese Bisque Dolls in Very Elaborate Costumes 16" (41 cm.) Each has pale bisque socket head, enamel inset eyes, painted lashes, brows and closed mouth, lightly-blushed cheeks, black human hair in elaborate arrangement designed to accommodate a fitted cap, unusual body with composition torso, hands and feet, and wooden limbs. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (double cross in circle) 10. Comments: probably Chinese, circa 1915. Value Points: extraordinary multi-layered antique costumes worn by the little girl and boy include wrapped cotton shirt and silk leggings on each, the girl with two kimonos, the outer of lined red silk with embroidered dragons and other symbolic figures and other designs, with very high bound shoes with embroidered details, and a gold metallic cap decorated with colorful beading; and the boy with two kimonos, the outer of lined orange silk with embroidered serpent dragons, silver bead necklace, embroidered slippers, and gold metallic cap with beaded embroidery. The costumes have exquisite workmanship and, along with the rare-body dolls, are vibrantlypreserved. $4000/6500


167.1. Two, Japanese Paper Mache Child Dolls with Bell Toys 12" (30 cm.) excluding hats. Each has round chubby character head with gofum finish and whitened complexion, black enamel eyes, black bobbed hair with little tufts of hair in front of each ear, and each is wearing its original silk costume including hat, posed upon a wooden base, and carrying a brass bell toy or musical instrument. Excellent condition. Japan, circa 1940. $300/400


169. Pair of Chinese Silk Slippers for Doll 3" (8 cm.) l. (very narrow at tip). The woodensoled shoes designed for bound feet have tiny heels and are covered with embroidered symbols, with rose silk boot top. Excellent condition. China, late19th century. $300/500

168. A Quartet of Four Large Chinese Opera Dolls in Elaborate Costumes

170. Two German All-Bisque Dolls Depicting Chinese Men

17" (43 cm.) Each has paper-mache head with sculpted and painted facial features to represent various characters

4" (10 cm.) Each is one-piece bisque and torso with sculpted pointy-

from the Chinese opera performances, wooden torso, lower legs, and hands with very long fingers. Condition:

tip yellow cap, painted facial features, slant brows, brown eyes,

generally excellent. Comments: China, early 20th century. Value Points: each doll wears very elaborate silk

modeled moustache that curls downward, pin-jointed bisque arms

embroidered costume with extravagant head-dress, attached shoes; the detail of embroidery and design extends

and legs, painted shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Comments:

entirely around to the back of the costume and each is heavily padded for stability; few examples can be found

Germany, circa 1900. Value Points: rarity factors include sculpted

in this larger size. $1500/1800

caps, moustache and original silk costumes. $500/800


171. Seven Chinese Wooden Door of Hope Dolls in Original Costumes 10" (25 cm.) Each has carved wooden head with natural finish complexion and tinted facial features, painted black hair, the three women with sculpted chignon, cloth body, wooden hands. Condition: generally excellent, some minor age fading on costumes. Comments: Door of Hope dolls from the Shanghai mission, circa 1920, including Bride and Groom, Amah with child, young boy, young girl and one with old paper label "A Chinese Man". Value Points: the dolls wear their exquisitely-sewn multi-layered costumed, the bride with very beautiful coiffe. $2000/3000


172. French Paper-Mache Lady Doll by Voit with Very Rare Blue Glass Eyes in Grand Size 32" (81 cm.) Solid-domed paper-mache shoulder head with black painted pate, oval face, strong elongated throat, heavily-modeled eyelids, lightly-painted lashes and brows, aquiline nose, closed mouth with accented lips, brunette hand-tied human hair wig, kid poupee body with one-piece shapely torso and legs, stitched and separated fingers. Condition: generally excellent, fine original complexion with slight rub on left cheeks, some body mends. Comments: attributed to Andreas Voit, circa 1840, for the French market, the doll is featured in German Paper-Mache Dolls, 1760-1860 by Grafnitz, page 99, with the notation "very rare blue eyes". Value Points: grand size, blue glass eyes, and superb original muslin costume with thick embroidery, undergarments, boots, coiffe, jewelry. $3000/4000

173. French Paper-Mache Poupee with Slit-Head Wig and Fine Antique Costume 15" (38 cm.) Paper-mache shoulder head with solid dome, center-part slit on black painted pate with inserted human hair wig as braided chignon, painted blue eyes, black upper eyeliner, accented nostrils, closed mouth with center accent line, kid poupee body with one-piece shapely torso and legs.


Condition: generally excellent. Comments: French, circa 1840. Value Points: rare slit wig, original finish with lovely expression, and wearing gorgeous early silk gown with lace fiche, coral silk ribbon trim, undergarments, black slippers with coral silk bows. $1200/1600

174. Early-19th Century Wax Lady in Garden Scene 7" (18 cm.) Seated upon her original painted wooden display base is a wax lady with painted facial features, wig, wrapped wire armature body, original maroon taffeta gown with gilt metallic border and embroidery, woven metallic hat, surrounded by a border of stiffened paper or cloth flowers. Fair/good condition, original as found, with some typical dustiness. Early-19th century. $300/500

175. Outstanding French Paper-Mache Gentleman by Andreas Voit in Fine Antique Costume and Wig 32" (81 cm.) Solid domed paper-mache shoulder head with painted black pate, oval face, elongated strong throat, black enamel eyes, painted lashes, arched feathered brows, pierced nostrils, open mouth with two rows of square-cut teeth, white human hair periwig with rolled curls and ponytail, kid poupee body with shapely one-piece torso and legs, stitched and separated fingers. Condition: generally excellent, some mends to kid body. Comments: for the French market, attributed to Andrea Voit, circa 1840. Value Points: wonderful large exhibition poupee from early era, with original periwig and fitted silk jacket, velvet breeches, silk stockings, black heeled Huret-style shoes, and watch and fob. $2500/3500

177. Wonderful Bisque Doll in Original Jester Costume on Musical Drum 17" (43 cm.) Standing upon a velvet-covered drum with braid trim, is a bisque head doll costumed as jester, with brown glass eyes, painted features, open mouth, four porcelain teeth, wooden block torso and legs, spring-upper arms, wooden lower arms, painted red stockings and black shoes. The drum is actually a bellows, and when squeezed it plays music and the doll dances about. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 1894 A/M Dep Germany 7/0 (head) 9lNN (pencil script on base of drum). Comments: for the French market, circa 1895. Value Points: wonderful original condition of the amusing toy, the doll wearing very fresh original rose and ivory silk costume and bi-corn cap, with brass bells. $1200/1800

178. French Bisque Bebe by Simon & Halbig, Original Costume and Shoes 22" (56 cm.) Bisque socket head, brown glass flirty eyes, mohair lashes, painted lashes, brush-stroked brows, open mouth, four porcelain teeth, pierced ears, brunette hand-tied human-hair wig, French composition and wooden fully-jointed body with walking-style body that causes the bebe to also turn her head and wave her right arm. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 1039 Germany Simon & Halbig S&H 10 1/2. Comments: for the French market, circa 1900. Value Points: the pretty doll is all-original, has original wig, costume, body, body finish, rose knit stockings, and rose silk shoes signed Paris Bebe with bee symbol. $1200/1800

179. Bisque Polichinelle by Kuhnlenz in Original Costume for the French Market 15" (38 cm.) Bisque socket head, blue glass inset eyes, painted features, open mouth, four porcelain teeth, pierced ears, blonde mohair wig, block torso with classic front and back Polichinelle humps, straw-filled arms and legs with bisque hands and paper-mache feet with glued-on silk slippers. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 44.21. Comments: bisque head by Gebruder Kuhnlenz, for the French market, circa 1890. Value Points: very pretty smiling doll, alloriginal with beautifully-preserved, vibrant and fresh yellow and aqua silk Polichinelle costume with metallic threads, lace trim, matching cap and shoes. $1200/1600

180. French Bisque Doll as Marotte with Original Costume 12" (30 cm.) A bisque shoulder head doll with blue glass paperweight inset eyes, painted features, closed mouth, pierced ears, blonde mohair wig over cork pate, is attached to ball-shaped torso containing a music box, and a stick handle; the Marotte is wearing its original blue silk jester costume with silver metallic trim, and matching jester cap. When twirled around, music plays and the jester

176. German Bisque Three-Face Doll by Carl Bergner in Original Costume 12" (30 cm.) Bisque socket head with three varying faces, the head enclosed in

swings its costume. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 0 F.G. (scroll). Comments: French, with Gaultier head, circa 1880. Value Points: all-original costumes is well-preserved. $900/1400

a paper-mache hood that hides the two faces not in view, including smile face

181. German Bisque Mechanical Walking Doll by Gebruder Heubach

with brown glass eyes and closed mouth, sleeping face with modeled closed

11" (28 cm.) Bisque socket head, small blue glass inset eyes, painted lashes, feathered brows,

eyelids, and crying face with squinting brown glass eyes and closed mouth as

accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with laughing expression, blonde mohair wig,

though crying; on original muslin body with composition lower limbs, the faces

carton torso with clockwork mechanism that winds at side torso, wire upper arms, metal upper

are revealed by turning the knob hidden at the top of the head. Condition:

legs, composition lower legs, bisque forearms, wearing pretty lace dress that may be original,

generally excellent. Comments: Carl Bergner, circa 1892. Value Points: very

undergarments, leather ankle boots, bonnet. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 7668 Germany

expressive features, fine bisque, original body, and wearing original multi-

Heubach (sunburst). Comments: Gebruder Heubach, circa 1915. Value Points: wonderfully-

layered costume. $1200/1600

modeled face depicting a delighted child, happy at its new ability to walk. $900/1300



182. English Mahogany Cabinet with Lion's Head Pulls and Dinnerware 34" (86 cm.) h. x 29"h. x 7 1/2"d. The mahogany dining cabinet has double-door upper section with interior shelves and three small cutlery drawers above three wide lower drawers with brass-plated lion's head pulls, and is ornamented by acorn finials at the crest. Inside is displayed a partial dinnerware service in white softpaste. Excellent condition. English, early-19th century. $1200/1600

183. Early19th-Century Porcelain Lady with Great Presence attributed to Lippert & Haas of Schlaggenwald 24" (61 cm.) Pink-tinted porcelain shoulder head of adult lady with solid dome, oval face, elongated throat, pale blue upper-glancing eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, single stroke brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth, brunette human hair, muslin stitch-jointed body, kid arms. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (see photo, inside shoulder plate). Comments: attributed to Lippert & Haas of Schlaggenwald, circa 1850. Value Points: rare doll with compelling presence, fine quality of complexion painting, original woolen dress, jewelry, undergarments, red kidskin slippers. $2000/3000

184. Rare German Porcelain Doll with Wooden Articulated Body and Original Gown 8" (20 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head lady with black sculpted hair drawn in loops below her ears and captured in a chignon at the back of her head, painted facial features, small blue eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, single-stroke brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth, wooden body with shapely torso, dowel-jointing at hips and shoulders, porcelain lower limbs with porcelain dowels at knees and elbows, painted flat red shoes and ribbons. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1850. Value Points:


rarity factors include original articulated wooden body, rare coiffure, orignal costume. $4500/6500

185. 19th-Century French Carved Bone Miniature Toilette 3 1/2" (9 cm.) Carved bone dressing stand with hinged mirror on fancy spindled brackets has single drawer and a countertop with candle holders and various toiletry bottles and jars. Excellent condition. French, mid-19th century. $300/500

186. German Porcelain Lady Doll with Extremely Rare Green Eyes 23" (58 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head with black sculpted hair waved smoothly over her ears and drawn into a braided chignon at the back, slightly-pinktinted complexion, painted green-shaded eyes with upper-glancing black pupils, white accent dots in eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, single-stroke black brows, accented eye corners, circle-accented nostrils, closed mouth with welldefined lips, kid stitch-jointed slender lady body, separated fingers. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 8 (inside shoulder plate). Comments: Germany, circa 1855. Value Points: beautiful lady doll with extremely rare painted green eyes, original body, wearing original white muslin gown, undergarments, leather slippers and silk sun bonnet. $1200/1600

187. Early Carved Wooden Doll with Unusual Leg Construction 22" (56 cm.) Carved wooden socket head with painted and defined hair, moustache and beard, blue glass enamel inset eyes, well-defined ears, on original wooden body with dowel-jointing at shoulders, elbows, and knees, and the unusual characteristic of jointed left hip only. Condition: good, split at right side of head, old retouch to complexion and hands. Comments: Continental, late-18th century. Value Points: unusual and mysterious leg jointing of early wooden doll. $1100/1500

188. Wonderful and Rare Mid-19th Century Tumbling Toy in All-Original Condition 6" (15 cm.) A simple wooden cabinet with marbleized paper cover opens and unfolds to reveal a delightful tumbling toy; the lid reverses to form two levels, and the drawer pulls out to form still a third. When the paper-mache and wooden figure is placed appropriately, he tips forward, tumbles, and then tumbles again as though performing acrobatic tricks. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (pencil script on the base has illegible name and address and 1857 date). Comments: circa 1855. Value Points: wonderful state of preservation of the early toy with beautiful colors and activity. $1200/1500

189. Rare and Wonderful Mid-19th Century Two-Person Tumbling Toy 10" (25 cm.) box. 3" people. A wooden box with green paper cover unfolds to form into a four-step platform; a drawer at the back opens to reveal two paper-mache characters suspended from decorative bars. When the figures are placed on the steps, they balance each other, tumbling and then righting themselves in an enchanting manner. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: French, mid-19th century. Value Points: rare early toy in exceptional original condition, with beautifully-painted costumes enhanced with gilt paper edging. $1800/2300


190. Set of Twelve German Paper-Mache/ Wooden Miniature Dolls in Original Box 6" (15 cm.) Each doll has carved wooden body with papermache/wooden head having distinctivelysculpted features, hair, hat, or ornaments, with painted facial features, wire upper arms and legs for posing, wooden lower limbs, small metal loops at crown for theatre suspension. Condition: generally excellent, few very minor flakes. Comments: Germany, mid19th century, the miniature dolls were designed for use with theatres, dollhouses, or miniature settings. Value Points: an extraordinary set of dolls with finely-painted facial features and hats, wearing all-original costumes of silk, velvet, and wool, and preserved in their original box. $3000/4000


193. Austrian Enameled Miniature Furnishings 3" (8 cm.) The four-piece ensemble comprises a settee, two matching arm chairs and a small round foot stool, each with gilt bronze frame and hand-painted enameled scenes in the 18th-century romantic style. Excellent condition. Vienna, Austria, circa 1900. $400/500

194. Austrian Enameled Miniature Salon Furnishings 3" (8 cm.) Having ornate bronze frames which enclose handpainted enameled scenes in the 18th century romantic style, comprising an arm chair and matching side chair, basket with

191. A Set of Four of Exquisite Miniature Folding Fans

enamel scene on lid,

3" (8 cm.) largest. Each with faux-tortoise frame, the largest with 12 blades having gilt

and a wall plaque with double candle holders. Excellent condition. Vienna, Austria,

stenciled design and interspersed with paper blade having hand-painted floral designs;

circa 1890. $600/900

along with 2" fan with exquisite hand-painted scene of kitten; and a 2" fan with

195. Very Fine Set of Austrian HandPainted EnameledBronze Furnishings

hand-painted images of kissing children with images of moon and sun on the outside frame. Excellent condition, exquisite workmanship. Mid/late-19th century. $500/800

2" (5 cm.) h. table. 2 1/4"h. clock. Each piece has ornate bronze frame that centers a hand-painted enamel scene in the 18th century romantic style, including library table with drawer having unusual fishing scene on the banks of a country stream with castle in the background, three chairs, and an easel back clock with porcelain face. Excellent condition, clock hands turn, uncertain if clock is working. Vienna, Austria, circa 1890. $900/1300

192. French All-Bisque Mignonette with Original Wedding Gown

196. Three Sets of Tiny Glassware Services

4" (10 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque torso, cobalt blue glass enamel eyes,

1" (3 cm.) vases. Including a set of

painted features, closed mouth, blonde mohair wig, peg-jointed bisque arms and legs,

turquoise glass with two urns, two

painted blue two-strap shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: French, circa

decanters, and two each of four style of

1885. Value Points: the little mignonette wears her original ivory wedding gown with lace

glassware, all blown glass; cornflower-

trim, train, and orange blossom details. $400/600

blue blown glass set with one decanter,


one urn, one wash bowl and pitcher, and nine various stemware; and a faux-tortoise shell tray with a set of amber glass tea service comprising lidded teapot, creamer, sugar, five plates and mugs, pitcher. Excellent condition. Early 20th century. $400/600

197. Austrian Enameled Miniature Cabinet with Music Box 5 1/2" (14 cm.) The gilt bronze frame in classic Louis XVI style has desk base whose table top features scenes of playful cherubs, and ornately-shaped cabinet top with drawer and 18th-century style romantic scene; a music box is hidden in the upper cabinet with winding key at the back. Excellent condition, music box functions well. Vienna, Austria, circa 1890. $900/1400

198. Outstanding Austrian Enameled Metal Miniature Clock with Cherub 4" (10 cm.) The giltbronze clock has elaborate

shoulder plate, blue glass enamel inset eyes, painted lashes and brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with outlined

frame surmounted by a seated and winged cherub holding

lips, pierced ears, blonde mohair wig over cork pate, French kid gusset-jointed body, stitched and separated fingers.

a mandolin. There are enameled hand-painted scenes of

Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 2 (head and shoulders). Comments: Gaultier, circa 1875. Value Points: very

cherubs on each side, and a courtly romantic scene on the

beautiful original emerald green silk fashion ensemble with silk fringe trim, fancy bustle back with demi-train, bonnet,

front panel below the porcelain face. The clock winds and

bone-handled feather fan, undergarments, leather ankle boots. $1800/2800

adjusts at the back, and appears to be working. Excellent condition. Vienna, Austria, circa 1890. $1100/1500

199. French Bisque Poupee in Wonderful Antique Costume 15" (38 cm.) Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque

200. Doll-Sized Maitrise Model of Lady's Writing Desk with Fancy Inkwell 11" (28 cm.) h. 14" w. The honey-toned wooden desk, possibly cherry wood, has decorative veneer panels on drawer fronts separated by narrow light wood stripes, interior niches, leather writing surface, bronze hardware and cabrioleshaped legs. Arranged on the desk surface are various antique accessories including a painted metal double-inkwell with seal, bone folding fan, bone-tipped pencil, picture frame and more. Excellent condition. $1100/1500


201. Two French Wax Fashion Dolls by Lafitte Desirat with Signed Platforms

202. Two French Wax Fashion Dolls Attributed to Lafitte-Desirat

12" (30 cm.) Each has poured wax head with slender face posed in angular manner,

12" (30 cm.) Each has wax head with slender face, elongated throat, painted facial

painted facial features, brunette mohair wig, very slender elongated body with padded

features, mohair wig, padded armature body posed in elegant manner, painted shoes,

armature allowing stylish pose, painted shoes. Condition: very good, some surface

and posed on original velvet-covered base. Condition: generally excellent, slight silk

dustiness, posed on original velvet base. Marks: Lafitte-Desirat (ink notation of velvet

frailness. Comments: attributed to Mesdames Lafitte-Desirat, circa 1915. Value Points:

base) (lady in mauve dress also labeled 1910 and with original store label of Meurillon

the dolls wear their original very fashionable ensembles, the seated lady seated upon,

& Cie 7, Av. Victor Hugo Paris). Comments: Circa 1912, Mesdames Lafitte and Desirat

wearing gold velvet gown with brown plush "fur" trim, her base labeled "Le Programme",

designed a series of dolls to illustrate contemporary fashion of the early 20th century,

and the standing lady in green velvet with coral silk posed for strolling on "Avenue du

described in one contemporary book as figurines that "show us the changes in dresses,

Bois". $1500/2500

coats and hats, as well as the moods of the women who wore them". Value Points: exquisite workmanship on the haute couture costumes. $1500/2500


203. A Trio of French Wax Fashionable Ladies by Lafitte-Desirat 12" (30 cm.) Each has wax head with slender face posed realistically (each different) with painted

204. French Wax Fashionable Lady of 1915 in the Manner of LafitteDesirat

features, padded armature body, painted shoes, arranged on velvet-covered bases (one, unsigned on

12" (30 cm.) Wax lady doll with stylishly-posed slender face on elongated

wooden base). Condition: fair/good, some dustiness, fabric wear. Marks: Lafitte-Desirat (signed on

throat, painted facial features, blonde mohair wig, padded armature body. The

two velvet bases). Comments: Medames Lafitte-Desirat, circa 1915, the lady in black has original

doll is posed upon a velvet-covered base with 1915 banner in French national

label "Au Bois", and the lady in grey is "En Promenade" according to her label. Value Points:

colors, and is wearing a stylish woolen costume inspired by the classic Zouave

wonderful documents of early 20th century French fashion. $1200/1900

uniform, with painted boots, and carrying two red, white and blue hat boxes with label "E. Hautecoueur, 35 Avenue de l'Opera, Paris" (and matching paper label on the underside). Condition: generally excellent, some dustiness. Comments: in the manner of Lafitte-Desirat, 1915, the costume was designed to inspire patriotic enthusiasm during the WWI war years. $800/1000


207. Rare German Bisque Miniature Doll with Fancy Sculpted Hair and Original Costume 6" (15 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with blonde sculpted hair drawn away from her face and captured in a painted black snood with blue bows at each side of face, painted facial features, blue eyes, closed mouth, muslin body, bisque lower limbs. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1865. Value Points: very rare to find this model in this petite size, with fancily-designed coiffure, wearing original magenta silk costume with lace trim, undergarments. $500/700

208. Petite German Bisque Lady with Sculpted Hair and Original Costume 6" (15 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with sculpted blonde hair drawn away from face into soft pageboy curls, held by black head band, painted facial features, bright blue eyes, closed mouth, muslin stitch-jointed body, bisque lower limbs, painted black shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1880. Value Points: all-original condition, wearing wonderful original net dress with rows of lace trim, undergarments. $400/600 205.

205. German Bisque Lady Doll with Elegant Coiffure 23" (58 cm.) Bisque shoulder head turned to the left, blonde sculpted hair arranged with curls onto her forehead and forming into a braided coronet at her crown, large painted blue eyes in well-defined eye sockets, red and black eyeliner, brown one stroke brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with accent line, pierced ears, original commercial muslin body with stitched-on stockings and leather boots, leather arms, antique gown (peach silk worn away), undergarments. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1870. Value Points: beautifully-arranged coiffure, wonderful sculpting of eyes. $500/800

206. German Bisque Doll with Sculpted Blonde Hair and Glass Eyes 19" (48 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with very plump face and shoulders, short blonde sculpted hair in large looped curls, blue glass inset eyes, dark eyeliner, painted lashes, feathered brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with center accent line, muslin stitch-jointed body, very plump arms to above the elbows, original bisque lower legs, wearing antique rose satin costume with lace trim. Condition: head excellent, restoration on left little finger and right leg. Comments: Germany, circa 1875. Value Points: most charming model whose plump face contrasts the tiny nose and mouth, original bisque limbs with fancy lustre painted boots. $700/1100 207, 208.


209. German Bisque Doll with Sculpted Hair, Glass Eyes and Unusual Swivel Neck 11" (28 cm.) Bisque head with flat-cut neck socket that attaches to original bisque shoulder plate, sculpted short blonde curly hair, blue glass eyes, dark eyeliner, painted lashes, lightly-feathered brows, closed mouth with center accent line, muslin stitch-jointed body, bisque lower arms, purple lustre bisque boots, wearing fine antique net gown with lace trim, undergarments. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1875, the same facial model as #206, with


variation in head swivel. Value Points: rarity factors include unusual neck swivel, sculpted hair, glass eyes and original body and costume. $800/1200

210. German Bisque Gentleman, 1304, by Alt, Beck and Gottschalck in Formal Suit 23" (58 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with deeply-sculpted hair having generous curls tumbling onto his forehead, brown glass inset eyes, painted lashes and thick brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth, muslin stitch-jointed body, bisque lower hands. Condition: generally excellent, some little chips on finger tips. Marks: 1304 Germany No. 8. Comments: Alt, Beck and Gottschalck, circa 1880. Value Points: having maker's signature, the man has rarer glass eyes, wonderfully-sculpted hair, original body, and wears antique formal-wear suit with top hat, watch and fob. $800/1100



211. Grand German Tin and Nickel Toy Stove with Original Utensils by Maerklin 21" (53 cm.) x 12"h. (excluding chimney) x 16"d. The very large stove of heavy tinplate with raised designs, has eight nickel-plated doors at the front with very ornate nickel hardware; the legs and side columns are also nickelplated as is the towel bar, fancy chimney cap, double-opening side doors, and six pots and pans designed to fit inside the stove burner holes. Excellent condition. The stove has the Maerklin insignia on the side. Germany, Maerklin, late-19th century, a large and luxury model in perfectly-preserved condition. $1200/1800

212. Rare German Redware Tea Service for Dolls 2 1/2" (6 cm.) Of glazed earthenware with sienna red finish on the raised floral designs, the set comprises lidded teapot and sugar bowl with flower-shaped lid handles, creamer, six cups and saucers. Excellent condition. Germany, late-19th century, a rare complete set with beautiful raised decorations. $400/500

213. Collection of Brown-Glazed Stoneware 3" (8 cm.) lidded jar. Each of earthen or stone ware with glazed brown finish, including lidded double-handled jug, pouring bowl with handle, pudding mold with handle, and wash bowl and pitcher. Excellent condition, few rough edging areas. Mid-19th century. $200/400

213.1. German Tin and Brass Toy Stove Designed for Stovetop Cooking 12" (30 cm.) x 5" x 11". The low oven-less tin stove with nickel stove top and cast iron burners has


open-work sides, chrome frame with fancy feet, brass towel bar, and original chrome pots and pans with brass knobs, and brass tea pot with wooden handle. Excellent condition. Germany, Maerklin, circa 1920. $500/700




214. 19th-Century Cast Iron Doll-Sized Waffle Maker Stove 8" (20 cm.) The cast iron single-burner stove has pull-out drawer for ash removal, hole for stirring the coals, single cast iron burner, and a very rare extra burner designed as a waffle maker with heart-shaped waffle design. Excellent condition. Few examples exist of this rare miniature stove. Mid-19th century. $1200/1800

215. German Porcelain Doll with Pink-Tinted Complexion 16" (41 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head with slightly-tinted pink complexion, black sculpted hair in short uniform finger curls, pale blue eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, shaded brows, closed mouth, muslin stitch-jointed

body, old porcelain arms and legs, antique calico gown, undergarments. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1860. Value Points: beautiful early gown with detailed construction, fine lustrous porcelain complexion, fancy purple tassels on porcelain "stockings". $400/600

216. Very Rare Dutch Metal and Brass Parlor Stove with Tea Kettle 14" (36 cm.) h. excluding chimney. The cast metal and tinplate parlor stove has cast brass feet, doors, and decorative trim, with extended center urn-shaped section for warming, and upper stove section with burner. There are two metal railings and two metal rings for drying towels, mittens and such, and a working flue at the urn section base. A wonderful early stove with original brass-capped chimney and having early brass tea kettle with wooden handle. Excellent condition. Dutch, early-19th century. $1200/1700 214, 215.


217. All-Original German Wax-over-Paper-Mache Doll with Curious Label 30" (76 cm.) Wax-over-paper-mache shoulder head, blonde sculpted hair waved away from face into generous pouf curls, blue glass inset eyes, dark eyeliner, painted features, closed mouth, elongated muslin body, wooden lower arms and legs, painted black ankle boots with yellow buttons. Condition: generally excellent, small wax line

217 detail.

at left eye. Comments: Germany, circa 1870, the doll has a curious inscription on its front breastplate. Value Points: wonderful all-original doll with historically-interesting inscription, wearing original muslin gown with blue silk ribbons, undergarments. $700/900

218. German Paper-Mache Taufling Baby in Original Presentation 12" (30 cm.) Paper-mache shoulder head with blonde curly sculpted hair, painted features, pale blue upper glancing eyes, feathered brows, closed mouth with outlined lips, wrapped "body" to suggest little taufling baby. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, probably Schilling, circa 1880. Value Points: rare to find so perfectly-preserved, the factory-original taufling costume decorated with generous lace and silk ribbons, and with matching bonnet. $600/900

219. Child's German 18-Piece Dinner Service by Villeroy and Boch in Original Labeled Box 6" (15 cm.) h. footed tureen. Having white background with blue borders and floral designs, the service includes footed lidded tureen, covered casserole dish, gravy boat with attached under-plate, oval platter, two

219 box label.

footed bowls, and twelve plates. Each piece has the V&B blue insignia, and the original paper label on the side of the wooden box in which they were sold (see photo), which notes there are 18 pieces in the service. Excellent condition, late-19th century. $400/600


220. English Poured Wax Child Doll in Original Costume 24" (61 cm.) Poured wax shoulder head with honey-toned complexion, brown glass inset eyes, tinted facial features, downcast lips of closed mouth, inserted brunette human hair, softly-stuffed mohair body with poured wax lower limbs. Condition: very good, some typical wax scratches, features faded. Comments: possibly Montanari, circa 1880. Value Points: most endearing well-loved child doll is wearing her original patterned homespun dress, undergarments, bonnet, stockings, leather shoes. $1200/1600

221. German Wooden Dollhouse Kitchen with Rare Furnishings and Accessories, 1885 Era 31" (79 cm.) The wooden-framed one-room kitchen with natural finish and checkerboard-pattern parquet floor, has high shelving on all three walls, large chestnut cupboard, work table, benches, and several hanging shelves. The kitchen is furnished lavishly with 29 white porcelain dishes, 19 pieces of copper cookware, a matched set of 6 brass and wrought iron pans, white porcelain canister set with gold trim, tin lanterns, coffee roaster, butter churn, tin petroleum can for lamp oil, and more. Excellent condition. German, circa 1885, the kitchen is beautifully preserved, has many rare accessories, and includes German porcelain lady in antique costume. $3500/5500


222. Very Rare and Fine 19th-Century Glazed Ceramic Toy Stove with Copper Cookware 18" (46 cm.) w. x 7"h (excluding chimney) x 11"d. Constructed on heavy tin base with nickel-plated sides and oven doors, the stove is built of glazed green enamel tiles in 1" squares, and is decorated with brass-plated claw feet, and nickel-plated towel bar and stove cap. The stove is fitted with original copper cookware that fits into the burner holes, and includes a rare chocolate pot with wooden stirrer, water boiler with brass cap and cause, and four additional lidded cookware with brass lids. Late-19th century, an outstanding and rare toy stove model. $2000/2500

222 detail ceramic tile.

223. Very Rare German Cast Iron Toy Stove with Brass Coffee Roaster 18" (46 cm.) w. x 10"h (excluding chimney) x 16"d. The heavy cast iron stove has three oven doors with heavy cast hardware and brass knobs that match the brass towel bar, unusual oval metal chimney, and is fitted with four stove-top cast brass pots that are designed with extra deep bottoms to fit into burner holes; including fine brass tea kettle with dolphin figural handle and wooden hand grip and knob, and extremely rare brass coffee roaster with wooden handle. Excellent condition. Very rare and fine, Germany, early/mid-19th century. $2000/3000


224. Wonderful English Wooden Butcher Shop in Frame 22" (56 cm.) x 20"w. x 22". The wooden shadow-box like presentation of a well-supplied butcher's shop is entirely of wood, featuring the nicely-windowed apartment on the top level, and the butcher shop below. Three generously-girthed butchers stand at attention, cleavers in hand, and butcher blocks nearly, while hanging on three layers of racks behind them as nearly 100 cuts of meat; the meat is all of carved wood with handpainted details. Excellent condition, original glass cover is included (not shown). English, mid-19th century. $3000/4500


tail (beard may not be original); Style I Arabian camel with V-grooved nose and open mouth; Style II giraffe with unusual head shape; Style II hippo with one-piece head and neck, painted teeth and two wooden fangs; Style I kangaroo; Style I polar bear with painted black eye corners; Style I poodle with cloth ruff; Style I sea lion with unusual (original?) painted white whiskers and snow flecks around the eyes; Style II zebra with closed mouth; Style I donkey with narrow nose (missing mane); Style I with leather horns and ears; and Style I leopard with full ball neck. Good/excellent condition. American, Schoenhut from the HumptyDumpty menagerie of circus animals. Three of the animals (zebu, mountain goat, and buffalo) have original metal buttons on under-belly with HumptyDumpty insignia. A wonderful and extensive group of glass-eyed animals, three with rare metal labels. $3500/5000

226. American Wooden Humpty-Dumpty Circus Figures by Schoenhut 8" (20 cm.) The all-wooden circus figures include monkey with heart-shaped face and painted features, row of teeth, wearing original costume, rope tail; clown with applied face and ears, wide beaming smile, original costume; painted eye donkey, stool, and see-saw. Very good/excellent condition. American, circa 1910, Schoenhut from their Humpty-Dumpty circus. $600/900

225. Thirteen Wonderful American Wooden Glass-Eyed Circus Animals by Schoenhut 8" (20 cm.) The collection of thirteen carved and painted wooden animals from the popular toy circus each feature glass eyes, and

227. Three American Circus Performers by Schoenhut

include Style II buffalo with cloth ruff, closed mouth, leather ears and horns; Style I mountain goat with leather horns, beard and

8" (20 cm.) Including lady and man circus performers, each with bisque head, sculpted hair, painted facial features, wooden body with jointing at shoulders and hips, clothes-pin hands and slits in feet for posing on circus accessory pieces; and lion tamer with wooden/ paper-mache head and brown sculpted hair and moustache. Condition: generally excellent, some craquelure on lion tamer. American, Schoenhut for the Humpty-Dumpty circus, circa 1910. $600/900


228. Mystery Wooden Doll as Japanese Lady for Schoenhut Circus 8" (20 cm.) All-carved wooden doll with painted hair and facial features to depict Japanese woman, has amber complexion, hair sculpted in elaborate top knot, side-slanted painted eyes, wooden five-piece jointed body with clothespin style hands and slits in feet for posing, and wearing original muslin undergarment and silk kimono. Condition: generally excellent, few typical minor paint rubs, shoes repainted. Comments: designed for the Schoenhut circus, and of the same style and era of production, circa 1910, possibly a model from the German Schoenhut family designed to meet a particular popular European demand. Value Points: very rare model designed to display with the Humpty-Dumpty circus, no other example is known to exist. $400/600

229. American Wooden Characters, Max and Moritz, by Schoenhut with Animals 8" (20 cm.) Each is all-wooden with socket head, painted hair and facial features to depict the storybook characters, jointing at shoulders and hips, and wearing factory-original costumes. Condition: very good, restored. Comments: Schoenhut, circa 1910, depicted are Max and Moritz, first appearing in the mid-19th century book by Wilhelm Busch, and then re-appearing in the early 20th century as the American comic strip characters from the Katzenjammer Kids. Moritz appears here with two different styles of topknot curl, both appearing original. Value Points: hard-to-find models from Schoenhut, the impish figures are sold along with a Schoenhut glass-eyed pig, and a painted-eye goose, both in fine original condition. $700/1100

230. Superb American Wooden Doll by Schoenhut, All-Original with Display Box 14" (36 cm.) All-wooden doll with carved socket head, intaglio brown painted eyes with white

eye-dots, lightly-feathered brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with very full lips, original brunette mohair tacked-on bobbed wig, wooden spring-jointed body. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Schoenhut Doll Pat. Jan 17th 1911 USA. Comments: Schoenhut, circa 1912. Value Points: in unplayed with condition, wearing original Schoenhut costume, cap, shoes with grommet-edged holes and knit teddy, and presented in original display box which unfolds to reveal so many ways the doll can be posed as it is "jointed with patent steel spring hinges having double spring tensions and swivel connections", along with the admonition "Do not soak the doll in water". $2500/3500


233. German Bisque Doll as Candy Container in Original Costume 6" (15 cm.) A bisque shoulder head doll with blonde sculpted curly hair and painted facial features with blue eyes, is attached to

231. Large Box with Complete Set of Wonderful ABC Picture Blocks

a ball-shaped

15" (38 cm.) x 14" box. 3 1/2"l. blocks. A large box decorated with scenes of children playing in the

hollow body-

meadows and a little girl reading an ABC book opens to a complete set of 20 hollow blocks with

form, with

internal rattles, each covered on all six sides with colorful lithographed scenes of animals, birds, and

wire upper arms and bisque hands. The body is covered with original woven

amusing people, along with numbers and alphabet letters. Excellent condition. Late-19th-century,

floral fabric with matching full sleeves and a lace-edged bonnet, and there is

printed in Germany for the English-speaking market. $400/700

a removable cap at the base for access to the candy container hidden within. Original paper label "Hartwig & Vogue, Bodenbach". Excellent condition. Circa 1900. $300/500

232. Beautiful 19th Century Children's Pop-Up Book "The Children's Tableaux" 12" (30 cm.) x 10". The large firmcovered book with wonderful cover image of three kittens in a musical scene, opens to a series of stories, rhymes and five doublepage pop-up scenes including The Kitten's Circus, Children at the Seaside, The Goose-Step, The Children's Express, and Puppy Dunce at the Mrs. Tabitha's Cat Academy. Published by Ernest Nister of London, and E.P. Dutton of New York, printed in Bavaria. The book is inscribed "To dear little Ethel, Christmas 1895". Very good condition. $300/500


234. American "New Folding Dollhouse" by McLoughlin in Original Box 18" (46 cm.) The heavy board frame is covered with brilliantlylithographed designs to depict two richly-furnished rooms of a late19th century home, ready for use as dollhouse play; the exterior walls, roof, and front garden area are also lithographed with vividlyrendered architectural details. The house folds for flat-storage and is preserved in its original labeled box with directions for assembly on interior lid. Excellent condition of house, box has some dustiness and small paper wear. German, McLoughlin Brothers of New York, late-19th century. $800/1500

235. German Lithographed MultiHead Paper Doll in Original Box 10" (25 cm.) The heavy stock paper doll with easel back depicts a smiling young girl with curly hair, presented in her original box labeled "Character Puppen", along with five alternate heads that are easily-changeable, and with embossed and richly-designed costumes on heavy stock, including four dresses, four bonnets, parasol, muff, fan and school bag, arranged within the paperlace-edged box. The box is labeled DRGM No. 44780, with paper label "Ankleide-Puppen, J.W.S. & S". Germany, late-19th century, beautifully-designed set with imaginative use of multi-heads for added play possibilities. $500/700


236. Rare American 19th Century Doll by Goodyear 20" (51 cm.) Molded rubber (gutta percha) shoulder head with very plump cheeks and chin, sculpted short black curly hair, painted facial features, blue eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, singlestroke brows, closed mouth, muslin stitch-jointed body with sewn-on stockings, and black leather boots, wearing original simple muslin gown, undergarments. Condition: generally excellent, early repaint. Marks: Goodyear's Pat. May 3, 1851, Ext 1865 (incised on back shoulderplate). Comments: the Charles Goodyear patent of rubber/gutta-percha was first registered in 1851 and continued in 1865, this model from the latter era. Value Points: very rare to find well-maintained example of this American doll, its unusual use of rubber/gutta percha material appearing simultaneously with its French cousin, the guttapercha-bodied Huret poupee.

black upper eyeliner, feathered brows, closed mouth with very full lips,


muslin stitch-jointed body, leather arms. Condition: generally excellent.

237. German Paper-Mache Child Doll with Unusually Expressive Features for the American Market

Marks: (partial paper label on back shoulderplate). Comments: circa 1875, probably German for the American market, based on English label. Value Points: very pretty deeply-sculpted features with large eyes and lips. $500/800

shoulder head with fine

238. American Paper-Mache Doll by Greiner with Early Period Patent Date

creamy complexion, black

19" (48 cm.) Paper-mache shoulder head with black sculpted hair arranged

sculpted short curly hair

in full curls and pulled behind her ears, painted blue/green eyes with white

waved behind her ears,

eye-dots, painted upper lashes, single stroke brows, accented nostrils, closed

stippled detail of hair around

mouth, muslin stitch-jointed body with leather arms, wearing nice antique

the forehead, outlined pale

costume. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Greiner's Patent Head No.

blue downcast eyes, red and

5 Pat. March 30th, '58 (original paper label). Comments: Ludwig Greiner,

21" (53 cm.) Paper-mache


circa 1860s. Value Points: early period label on the American classic doll, especially welldefined modeling of features, original nicely-preserved finish. $400/600

239. Five Wooden Soldiers from Nine-Pins Game by Ives with 1885 Patent Date 10" (25 cm.) Five wooden figures with lithographed designs of faces and uniform costumes are posed on wooden bases, having sculpted wooden hats. Each has patent date of May 5, 1885 printed on back. Very good condition, original finish well-preserved with some crinkling of paper. American, Charles Ives, a partial set of his patented nine-pins game. $300/500

240. 19th Century PaperMache Doll for the American Market 26" (66 cm.)

features with unusually large black pupils, pale blue outlined irises, painted lower


lashes, feathered brows, closed mouth with downcast expression, muslin stitch-jointed


body with sewn-on stockings and tasseled leather shoes, wearing original (frail) blue silk

head doll

taffeta gown, undergarments. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Unbreakable Heads

with sculpted

6000/11 (anchor mark) (original label). Comments: circa 1880, for the American market.

blonde curly

Value Points: fine original finish with lustrous patina, unusual and German attractive eye

hair waved

painting. $500/800

away from the her face,

241. American Wooden Doll in Original Costume by Mason and Taylor

behind her

12" (30 cm.) All-wooden doll with swivel head, sculpted short blonde hair with painted-over-

ears and

gesso finish, painted facial features, blue eyes, feathered brows, finely-finished wooden body


with dowel-jointing at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, metal hands and feet, painted green

in curls at

ankle boots. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Mason and Taylor of Vermont, circa

the back,

1880. Value Points: fine original condition of the early American doll, along with her original

painted facial

blue/cream plaid gown with black velvet trim, undergarments. $800/1200


242. German Porcelain Bathing Doll in Large Size 16" (41 cm.) All-porcelain one-piece doll depicting a young child, standing with arms held in front and fists clenched, having pink-tinted facial complexion, light brown sculpted hair, painted blue upper-glancing eyes, black and brown eyeliner, brown single-stroke brows, closed mouth. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1880, the model is commonly known as "Frozen Charlotte", although its original purpose was as a play bathing doll, its unique body shape preventing the doll from sinking. Value Points: fine large size excellent condition. $400/600

243. German Porcelain Bathing Doll in Medium Size 14" (36 cm.) Of same construction as #242 with variation in size, and some variations in decoration, for example, having grey un-threaded eyes. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1880. $350/550

244. German Porcelain Bathing Doll with Black Sculpted Hair 11" (28 cm.) All-porcelain one-piece standing baby with hands held in front and small folded fists, all-over pink-tinted complexion, black sculpted hair with stippling detail around the forehead, painted facial features, brown upper glancing eyes, grey eyeliner, black painted brows, closed mouth. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1880, appealing size and rare all-over tinted complexion. $400/600

245. Collection of German Miniature Nursery Furnishings by Babette Schweizer with Dolls 3 1/2" (9 cm.) h. piano. The furniture of soft metal with painted brown or green finish and gilt accents and border, comprising upright piano with matching foot stool, two matching child beds, high chair with faux-woven seat and food tray laden with little soft metal painted toys, and an oval table with two attached bench seats. Included are three seated porcelain dolls with sculpted hair, standing porcelain baby and a little porcelain dog on cushion. Excellent condition. The furniture is attributed to Babette Schweizer of Germany, late-19th century, and includes very rare pieces in impeccable condition. $1200/1800


246. Outstanding Collection of German Soft Metal Miniatures by Babette Schweizer 6" (15 cm.) h. birdcage. The ten pieces are of soft metal with black/ bronzed finish to lend a very rich look, comprising settee with four matching chairs and an oval pedestal table, birdcage with floor stand, ornate plant stand, very ornate etagere (with added stoneware figures), stool, and dessert plate. Excellent condition. Attributed to Babette Schweizer, Germany, late-19th century. Of exquisite quality and quality, including rare decorative pieces, and perfectly preserved. $1500/2500

247. Unusual Petite German Wooden Dollhouse Room with Original Furnishings and Two Dolls 10" (25 cm.) x 6"h. x 7"d. The open-front small room is ingeniously constructed to form into a 2" flat box for storage of the furniture when not in play, or to open and clip together to form this furnished room. The walls are covered with lithographed paper in the design of ornamental paneling, valances and drapes, and there is a parquetdesign paper on the floor. The room is furnished with lithographed-papercovered wooden furnishings to suggest elaborate carving, comprising roll-front desk with mirrored back surmounted by a clock, matching corner etageres, side table, pedestal table, and settee and four chairs with original green velvet trim. Included are two bisque shoulder head dolls with painted hair and facial features, muslin body, bisque lower limbs, and wearing matching antique costumed with soutache embroidery. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1890. $1200/1600


248. Set of German Bisque Dollhouse Dolls in Original Box 4" (10 cm.) - 5". Still attached to their original box are six bisque miniature dolls, depicting a young family with two children, the maid and the cook. The four adult dolls have bisque shoulder head, sculpted hair, painted facial features, muslin body and bisque limbs, and the two children are all-bisque with jointed limbs, glass eyes, and mohair wigs. Condition: dolls are excellent, box worn. Comments: Germany, circa 1915, the set was designed for the American market. Value Points: wearing their factoryoriginal costumes, the little children with toy lambs, each doll has original paper label "Made in Germany", and they are presented in their original box labeled "Family Dolls, 1720/23/6/6". $600/900

249. German Bisque Dollhouse Man with Original Costume and Rare Wheel Chair 7" (18 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with brown sculpted hair and moustache, painted features, muslin body, bisque lower limbs, wearing his factory-original costume comprising navy blue wool double-breasted jacket with braid and gold faux-buttons, shirt, tie, trousers, brimmed cap, and carrying two original pieces of leather luggage. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1900. Value Points: pristine condition of the gentleman doll, with detailed rare costume and accessories. Along with a soft metal porter's carriage with gilt finish. $1100/1500

250. German Bisque Dollhouse Man in Original Labeled Box 7" (18 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with brown sculpted hair and moustache, painted facial features, muslin body, bisque lower limbs, painted shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1910. Value Points: wearing his original formal-wear suit, the gentleman is presented in his original box with original paper label "Herr im Sakkoanzug". $300/500


251. Charming Furnished German Wooden Dollhouse Rooms in Petite Size 25" (64 cm.) w. x 11"h. x 14"d. The two room house features a set-back den behind the dining room with lattice-style frame, two windows with original lattice canopies and curtains, wonderful original wall and floor papers, and fancy lattice work at the front columns; the exterior has original cream paint with blue and gold trim. The house is furnished with rare pieces including blue silk sofa in surrounding framework table, chairs, side-board, and many accessories including several ormolu pieces. There are three bisque dolls in original costumes including the maid with sweeper. A charming petite room house with wonderful contents and accessories. Germany, circa 1910. $2500/3500


253. German Miniature Soft Metal Chapel with Furnishings 5" (13 cm.) The five-sided chapel of filigree-design soft metal has hinged door that opens to reveal a chapel room with three people in worshipping poses, and various attached furnishings. Excellent condition. Germany, early 20th century. $200/300

254. German Bisque Dollhouse Chauffeur with Luggage 6 1/2" (17 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with sculpted brown hair and moustache, painted facial features, muslin body, bisque lower limbs. Condition: generally excellent.

252. German Miniature Vignette of Wedding with Bride, Groom, and Priest at the Altar

Comments: Germany, circa

16" (41 cm.) h. altar. An ornately-designed wooden altar with dark finish and gilt highlights is

1900. Value

decorated with miniature soft metal and porcelain liturgical objects. Standing at the altar is the priest

Points: pristine

with brown sculpted hair, moustache and goatee, and having especially fine quality of facial modeling,

condition of the

along with the bisque bride and groom, each with bisque shoulder head, painted facial features,

rare occupational

muslin body and bisque lower limbs; the bride with mohair wig, high white stockings, and original

dollhouse man,

wedding gown of the Edwardian era, and the groom with brown sculpted hair, white painted bisque

wearing chauffeur's

hands as though gloved, and original formal-wear suit with long-tail jacket. Also included (not shown)

uniform of blue oil-cloth fabric, with silver faux-buttons, leather belt, cuffs, and

is best man with ring. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1910. Value Points:

wrapped leggings, blue-brimmed cap, and carrying three pieces of leather and

wonderful vignette with rare accessories and fine dolls. $1200/1800

canvas luggage. $800/1100


255. German Bisque Dollhouse Lady and Sewing Table with Accessories 6" (15 cm.) Bisque shoulder head, brown glass inset eyes, painted features, closed mouth, brunette mohair wig, muslin body, bisque lower limbs, painted shoes and stockings, antique dress. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 511 11/0. Comments: Germany, circa 1900. Value Points: the glass-eyed dollhouse lady wears her original costume, and owns a silverplate chatelaine with needleholder, scissors and thimble. Included is a wooden sewing cabinet with miniature sewing tools and supplies. $600/900

256. Three Rare German Bisque Miniature Dolls with Sculpted Driver's Hats 3" (8 cm.) and 6". The larger with sculpted motorcycle or

257. German Bisque Dollhouse Chauffeur along with Very Rare Miniature Wheel Chair

bi-plane helmet and goggles,

6" (15 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with sculpted brown brimmed cap, painted facial

painted facial features,

features, brown hair, muslin body, bisque lower limbs with painted brown gloves,

muslin body, bisque lower

wearing original brown felt flannel uniform. Condition: generally excellent. Comments:

limbs, and the smaller pair

Germany, circa 1900. Value Points: all-original pristine condition of the sculpted-hat

are all-bisque, she with

man. Included is an extremely rare soft metal wheel chair with tufted silk padding,

molded helmet and goggles,

original bronze-like finish, probably Babette Schweizer production, late-19th century, in

and he with modeled brown

very fine condition. $1000/1300

has bisque shoulder head

Scottish cap with detailing. excellent. Comments:

258. Three Tiny Vienna Bronze Miniatures and Tiny Wooden Dolls

Germany, circa 1900. Value

1 1/2" (4 cm.) egg. Including tiny 1/2"

Points: each is entirely

Vienna bronze depicting professor and

original with well-detailed

student, 1" Vienna bronze of woman reading

costume to complement

to two delighted children, Vienna bronze

their model, the larger

potted plant, 1 1/2" fully-articulated wooden

with brown oil-cloth belted

Grodnertal doll in original bentwood box,

Condition: generally

jacket, shirt, tie, and plaid knickers, and having painted brown stockings and dark-brown

and "The Smallest Doll in the World", a 1/2"

painted shoes and gloves. $600/900

wooden Grodnertal articulated doll presented in original painted wooden egg. Excellent condition. Late-19th century. $300/500


260. German Porcelain Fortune-Telling Doll for the French Market 12" (30 cm.) excluding hat. Porcelain shoulder head with black sculpted hair, painted facial features, muslin body, kid arms. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1880, the doll was used for presentation of fortune-telling novelty made for the French market. Value Point: wearing original burgundy velvet gown with black lace and metallic gilt trim, matching peaked hat, the fortune teller has an "under-skirt" composed of hundreds of folded paper fortunes, each

259. German Porcelain Doll with Beautiful Antique Gown

with a hand-written fortune in French

22" (56 cm.) Solid-domed porcelain shoulder head with black painted pate, painted

language, and is rare to find in such a

blue downcast eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, single-stroke brows, accented

complete state. $800/1200

nostrils, closed mouth with hint of smile, brunette mohair wig, commercial muslin excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1880. Value Points: beautiful face with fine

261. Miniature German Porcelain "Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe"

lustrous porcelain, original rare body, and wearing wonderful antique gown with

2 1/2" (6 cm.) l. shoe. A wooden shoe

overskirt, undergarments, wide-brimmed straw bonnet, and gilt mesh purse. $500/800

contains "the old woman", made of bisque

stitch-jointed body with sewn-on stockings and red leather boots. Condition: generally


263. Nine Early German Porcelain Miniature Dolls in Original Costumes 3 1/2" (9 cm.) Each has porcelain shoulder head with black sculpted hair, painted facial features, muslin body, with sculpted blue bonnet and painted features, along with

porcelain limbs. Condition: generally excellent, Comments: Germany, circa 1880, presented for the French market,

her five black-haired porcelain children, the shoe arranged

likely intended as theatre or opera dolls, included is early storage box pencil-labeled "Poupees mignonettes". Value

upon a multi-layered felt cushion designed for use as pen-

Points: the dolls wear elaborate fantastical costumes depicting a theatrical scene, including harlequin. $1200/1800

wiper. Excellent condition of the charming nursery rhyme vignette. Circa 1880. $300/500

264. Petite German Porcelain Lady Doll and Her Two Children

262. German Porcelain Lady Doll with Fine Antique Gown

7" (18 cm.) Porcelain shoulder head of lady with sculpted

17" (43 cm.) Solid-domed porcelain shoulder head with oval

snood, with stippling details of hair around the forehead,

face and elongated throat, black painted pate, painted blue

painted facial features, muslin body, bisque limbs, wearing

upper glancing eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, single-

lovely ivory satin gown, undergarments. Included is

stroke brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth, brunette

a smaller black-haired china doll wearing her original

mohair wig, firmly-stuffed kid body with lady shape,

organdy gown, undergarments and blue woolen hooded

wooden lower arms with spatula-shaped hands. Condition:

cap, and a porcelain-head baby with wrapped taufling in

generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1865. Value

lace-edge blue wool. Excellent condition. Germany, circa

Points: beautifully-painted features, wearing wonderful

1875, a delightful miniature family. $400/600

black hair waved from her face and captured in a modeled

antique gown with delicately-printed floral sprigs, of finest tiny hand-stitching, undergarments, cream hand-stitched kid slippers. $500/800


265. Very Rare Set of French Bone and Feather Miniature Furnishings 3" (8 cm.) h. The frames of the furniture set are composed of very delicate bones fastened with tiniest of brass nails, "upholstered" with delicately-shaded feathers. Included is settee, table with curved legs, set of six matching chairs, and an unusual very-high-backed chair with alternating cream and paintedbrown bone spindles. Very fine condition of the rare furnishings, a complete set such as this is virtually unknown, and its original state of preservation is pristine. French, circa 1875. $800/1200 265.

266. All-Bisque Mignonette for the French Market in Ivory Silk Boy's Costume 4" (10 cm.) Bisque swivel head with nearly-solid dome, small pate cut at crown, blue glass enamel inset eyes, painted facial features, closed mouth, blonde mohair wig, peg-jointed bisque arms and legs, painted white stockings and black two-strap shoes, wearing antique ivory silk boy's costume with matching cap and silver toy sword. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: circa 1890, for the French market. Value Points: wonderful presentation of privileged young lad, swivel head, glass eyes. $400/500

267. Very Fine Faux-Tortoise Shell Miniature Rick-Shaw 4" (10 cm.) carriage body (excluding carrying poles). Of faux-tortoise


shell, the rick-shaw has three-band hinged roof that can be folded down or up, carriage body with seat and two front "lamps", fenders over the spoked metal wheels, and extended metal carrying poles. A small paper-mache Japanese doll with original silk costume is 266.

included. Early 20th century. Excellent condition. $300/400

268. English Miniature Silver Service 1 1/2" (23 cm.) pot. Of fine heavy silver (unmarked), the service comprises lidded coffee pot, lidded sugar bowl, creamer, footed compote, six cups, six plates, two candle sticks, five knives, five forks, 12 small spoons, 8 longhandled spoons, each with beaded edging. Excellent condition. English, circa 1900. $300/500 268.

269. Small German Bisque Doll with Gilt Metal Bed, Baby and Carriage

bed with original soft rose cotton and lace bed coverings

4 1/2" (11 cm.) doll. Bisque shoulder head with blonde sculpted hair in short curls, painted facial features, muslin

and canopy, with tiny bisque baby in long Christianing robe,

body, bisque lower limbs, cut-work white cotton dress and undergarments. Included is a gilt soft-metal canopy

and a tiny soft metal carriage with pink cardboard lining


and rose fabric sun shade and bow. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1890, a wonderful small vignette in complementary colors, rare and wellpreserved bed. $500/800

270. Two Early Miniature Silver Objects with Hallmarks 6 1/2" (17 cm.) stand. Including a silver stand with ornate decorations from which is suspended a silver incense burner; along with tall double stand with tripod legs. Excellent condition, both pieces are hallmarked. $400/600



271. Two Very Rare German AllBisque Seated Children with Pets

3" (8 cm.) Each is all-bisque seated figure of young child posed in a playful, yet realistic, manner, each with painted facial features, mohair wig, sculpted smock, bare feet, and each posed with a favorite pet, the little boy with brown puppy offering little kisses, and the little girl lovingly holding her grey and white tabby kitten with blue neck bow. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1890, the wigged bisque children figures are rare, and these with bisque pets are virtually unknown. $600/900

272. Three German All-Bisque Playful Children with Mohair Wigs 6" (15 cm.) Each is one-piece bisque figure of young child, posed in a playful and realistic manner,


two seated and leaning forward

cabinet with very elaborate drawer pulls, paw feet. And with silver cradle with

eagerly as though for a toy, and the

raised design of cherub at each end and a raised design of floral garland on the

third crawling with extended hand,

sides, and with a high chair with flute-playing cherub at the back and at the seat.

her modeled smock falling open to

Excellent condition, each piece with impressed hallmarks. $300/600

reveal her bare behind. Each has painted facial features, bright blue eyes, mohair wig, and sculpted white smock with blue trim. Excellent condition, one has original firing line on base. Germany, circa 1890. $600/900

273. Three Miniature Silver Furnishings with Hallmarks 4" (10 cm.) h. desk. Comprising a Chippendalestyle desk with bookcase cabinet having opening doors above a three-drawer lower 270.



275. 19th-Century Miniature Goat Cart and Three Tiny Bisque Dolls 3 1/2" (9 cm.) l. cart. A mother-of-pearl open cart with metal spoked wheels is being pulled by a "team" of two gilt metal goats. Resting in the cart bed is an all-bisque baby, and included are two all-bisque children with sculpted hair, painted features, jointed limbs, painted boots, and wearing their factory-original little school boy and girl costumes. Excellent condition. Circa 1885. $300/500

276. Tiny Bronze Furnishing with Inlay Enamels and Two Tiny Bisque Dolls 2" (5 cm.) l. bench. The set of bronze furnishings is decorated with chair seats and back, and table top in a rich and colorful floral mosaic with star borders; each piece of furniture has tiny imprint signature of the maker. Along with two 1" all-bisque dolls with sculpted hair, painted features, jointed limbs and original factory-knit dresses. Excellent condition. End-19th century. $200/400

274. Very Fine German Soft Metal Carriage and All-Bisque Doll 4 1/2" (11 cm.) doll. A very ornate soft-metal carriage with elaborate filigree designs, multi-spoke wheels and lace-edged matching sun-shade is painted original aqua blue with gilt edging and trim, and has antique lace fittings. Included is an all-bisque doll with solid-domed swivel head, cobalt blue glass eyes, painted features, closed mouth, peg-jointed limbs, painted shoes and socks, wearing antique dress. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1890. Value Points: extraordinary carriage in pristine luxury condition and rare original paint. $1100/1500

277. Two German All-Bisque Dolls in Original Costumes, With Wonderful Fancy Stroller 4" (10 cm.) Each is all-bisque with swivel head, blue glass eyes, painted features, closed mouth, mohair wig, pin-jointed arms and legs. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1900. Value Points: the little boy and girl wearing original matching sailor costumes, and stand beside a wonderful and very fancy soft-metal doll stroller with original shade, silk cushion, and original aqua paint with gold accents. $600/900 275.


278. German Painted Tin Doll Stroller by Maerklin with Doll 6" (15 cm.) The fourwheel stroller blends cast metal and tinplate, having embossed foot-rest to simulate basket-weave, sturdy tin seat and back under rose satin cushions, scrolled sides, wooden hand-grip and metal frame and spoked wheels. Excellent condition, original painted cream and rose finish with some play rubs on paint. Maerklin, circa 1900, included is a bisque head doll with sculpted blonde hair. $700/1000

279. Two Wonderful German All-Bisque Dolls with Matching Costumes, with Carriage 4" (10 cm.) dolls. Each has bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque torso, enamel inset eyes, painted features, closed mouth, blonde mohair wig, pegjointed bisque arms and legs with painted thigh-high black stockings and brown one-strap shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 2/0. Comments: probably Simon and Halbig, circa 1890. Value Points: the little girls wear their original matching costumes (one aqua, one rose) with dresses, bonnets, and lace-edged undergarments, and are playing with a very fancy soft-metal carriage with original ivory paint accented with gold, and with rose and ivory silk fittings and sunshade. $900/1400

280. Very Fine Large German Tin Doll Carriage by Maerklin 12" (30 cm.) The heavy tin carriage has flat sides with scrolled shape, four double-sided spoked wheels, gilt-edged upper railings and decorative crest at the foot, curved handles with wooden hand grips, and collapsible sunshade with original rose silk cover. The carriage is painted original cream and rose with gilt accents. Excellent condition. Germany, Maerklin, circa 1900, an especially nice large model. $2000/2500


281. German Lavishly-Furnished Glass and Porcelain Shop 33" (84 cm.) w. x 15"h. x 15"d. The openfront wooden room has shelving with curved detail on all three walls and a center cabinet at the back. The shelves are laden with wonderful miniature offerings in porcelain and glassware including two blown glass miniature pitcher sets, statuary, and such, some in original box. The store has original pale green painted finish with gilt highlights, and there is a matching free-standing counter, tin cash register and an original sign "Galanterie Waren" indicating the purpose of the shop. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1890. $3400/5500


282. German Ormolu Miniature Accessories 1 1/2" (4 cm.) l. cruet. Each is of fine gilt ormolu and includes candy dish with figural supper and shell tray, cruet set with handle and two glass bottles, pair of candle holders with petal-shaped candle stick, bowl with stem

285. Superb Ensemble of German Ormolu Furnishings with Green Leather Detail

base, frame with lithograph

3" (8 cm.) l. settee. The matched set of gilt ormolu includes an armless

and a rare side table with

settee and two arm chairs, each with very ornate carving and shield crest at

drip trays, small ink well,

unusual bird decoration on perch. Excellent condition. Germany, Erhard & Sohne, circa 1900. $300/600

283. German Ormolu Accessories by Erhard & Sohne

the center back, elegantly curved legs; along with a matching rectangular library table, all four pieces with green leather upholstery or table top. Very fine condition. Germany, Erhard & Sohne, circa 1890. $800/1200

stand with two candle

286. Set, German Ormolu Miniature Furnishings in the Art Deco Style

holders and original paper

3" (8 cm.) h.

back, wall hanging plaque

fireplace. The

with two brushes, umbrella


stand with umbrella and

furnishings of

cane, smaller oval mirror

ormolu include

on hinged bracket stand,

fireplace with

wall candle holder with

mantel top, rectangular library table, two matching chairs, and a dinner

figural design of lion with

gong. Excellent condition. Erhard and Sohne, Germany, circa 1920.

crown, and porcelain


3" (8 cm.) mirror on stand. Each is of rich gilt ormolu, including rectangular mirror in hinged bracket

vase. Excellent condition. Germany, Erhard & Sohne, circa 1900. $400/600

284. German Gilt Ormolu Furnishings German Art Deco

287. Four German Ormolu Miniature Furnishings by Erhard & Sohne 4" (10 cm.) h. mirror. The matched set of

5" (13 cm.) mantel and clock.

furnishings in rich

Each of rich gilt ormolu,

ormolu include hall

including very rare fireplace

mirror with curved shelf

mantel with highly-stylized

and umbrella holders,

Art Deco motif, "flame", and

small stool with flared

attached mantel clock with

sides, and a pair of

swinging pendulum; screen with green paper insert to simulate leather, and a pair of curved back chairs

tabouret stools or little tables. Excellent condition. Germany, Erhard &

with impressed designs. Excellent condition. Germany, Erhard & Sohne, circa 1920. $500/700

Sohne, circa 1910. $300/500


288. German Miniature Tin Soldiers in Original Box by Heinrichsen 1" (3 cm.) - 1 1/2". Of flat-painted tin with slight dimensional effect, the set of 30 soldiers depict men of the French infantry, each on original base, and each painted with rich vibrant Zouave uniforms, including one man on horseback, and one with French flag. Preserved in original bent wood box with original Heinrichsen paper label. Germany, late-19th century. $300/500

290. Collection of Fine Dainty Miniature Silver Furnishings 2" (5 cm.) piano. Comprising tables, chairs, settee and grand piano from two or three various sets, each with superb detail of very dainty silver work, especially notable on such tiny pieces. Excellent condition. Late 19th-century. $300/600

289. An Outstanding and Extremely Rare Large Wurttemberg Hand-Painted Tin Coach with Team of Four Horses 38" (97 cm.) l. overall. The tin coach with original red and black paint accented with yellow pencilstripe and yellow wheels is designed with a driver's bench, three exterior passenger benches, baggage roof carrier, two hinged doors that open to seated interior, various "steps" for mounting the inside and outside seats, and is being pulled by a team of four brown or white horses with wheeled foot frames to allow easy movement; the horses are posed as though trotting and are decorated with original elaborate leather harnesses. Both inside and outside seats have original tufted silk seat covers and there are two original coach lanterns. Bisque and china dolls in original costumes serve as driver and livery man. Very good/excellent condition, original finish throughout, some minor paint flakes on horses. Germany, Wurttenberg, circa 1875, possible creators include Rock and Graner, Lutz or Maerklin; an extremely rare toy, virtually unknown in this size especially with fourhorse team. $8000/12,000


291. French Lead Figures "Brigade du Corps Royal de l'Artillerie au Feu", Probably CBG Mignon 3" (8 cm.) l. wagons. The flat lead/tin figures with slight dimensional effect are superbly hand-painted with rich colors, and comprise four various cannons, nine men on horseback, 17 additional soldiers, six horses, and five wagons including ambulance wagon, hearse, and two supply wagons; the horse and wagons are designed with little hooks for connecting is desired. The under-base of each piece has ink-lettered identification number. Excellent conditionwith superb detail of painting. French, probably CBG, mid-late/19th century. $600/900


294. German Carved Wooden Marching Band, Erzgebirge 3" (8 cm.) Each of carved and hand-painted wood and mounted on original wooden base, comprising ten band members with matching painted uniforms and hats, each holding a musical marching instrument. Excellent condition of the rare early set, remarkably each holds a different musical instrument. Germany, Erzgebirge region, late-19th century. $500/800

292. German Wooden Castle and Fort with Lithographed Designs

turrets, and more. The set is designed with separate parts for easy storage and assembly. Very good

295. Czech Wooden Village and People in Maypole Arrangement, Original Bent Wood Box

condition. Germany, late-19th century. $800/1000

10" (25 cm.) h. church steeple.

22" (56 cm.) The wooden toy fortified castle is decorated with lithographed paper to simulate bricks, stonework, windows and other architectural designs, and includes gateways, towers, guard's house,

The carved and painted wooden

293. Eleven German Paper-Mache Soldiers on Horseback with Spiral Bases

village comprises church with

2.7" (7 cm.) Each is a paper-mache horse posed as though racing with attached paper-mache soldier

steeple and painted German flag

rider, and arranged upon a metal spiral spring with wooden base; the spring is designed to allow

draped from the steeple window,

mobility in play. The horse are presented in various colors and the soldiers are all costumed with blue

two-story "gasthaus", stable with

uniforms, black tall hats, accented colors. Good condition, some repairs, some craquelure. Germany,

rooms above, two trees, very tall decorated Maypole that is also decorated

mid-19th century, Thuringia. $400/700

with the German flag colors, and 12 village people, each in uniquely-painted


folklore costume of the region. Each bears the stamp of "K.K. Hauptzollamt Brunn" and each has hand-inked identification of the piece on the base. Czech, late-19th century, celebrating the traditional European holiday, made for the German market. The village is stored in its original bent wood box with lid, and is very rare to find in such a complete state. $800/1200

295.1. Wonderful Painted Tin Coach "Paris-Versailles" with Team of Horses and Passengers 20" (51 cm.) The tinplate coach with bench-less closed compartment flanked by four rows of outside seating is painted original red, black and grey with yellow trim, red tin spoked wheels, pulled by four painted-brown tin horses with grey manes and tails, posed on double-wheel frames, and having eight painted lead figures seated atop. The coach is lettered "ParisVersailles". Very good/excellent condition with some minor paint flakes. Late-19th century. $1200/1800


297. German Wooden Miniatures "The Wedding Party" from Erzgebirge 2 1/2" (6 cm.) l. horse and carriage with bride and groom. A vignette of small wooden people with brightly-colored painted costumes depicts the village scene of a festive wedding party. The bride and groom appear in a double-horse drawn carriage, and there is another standing bride and groom, six musicians with instruments, 26 other men, women and children, along with various trees, fountains, flower beds, and other park accessories. Excellent condition. Germany, Erzgebirge region, early-20th century. $800/1200

298. German Miniature Wooden Nine-Pin Skittles Set 1" (3 cm.) pins, 3" apple. A wooden hand-painted apple opens at the center to reveal nine 1" wooden pins in the shape of colorfully-costumed clowns, along with two original balls. Excellent condition. Germany, Erzgebirge, early-20th century. $300/400

296. Early German Paper-Mache Boy in Original Costume

299. German Erzgebirge Wooden Marble Game

12" (30 cm.) Paper-mache shoulder head with plump face,

10" (25 cm.) A round wooden base with cut-outs

sculpted black short curly hair with stippled curls onto his

for marbles and painted numbers for points

forehead, modeled ears, dark painted eyes, black upper

has a wooden spiral tower at one end;

eyeliner, single-stroke brows, closed mouth with suggestion

when marbles are dropped in the tower

of a smile, firmly-stuffed slender kid body with wooden lower

they spiral downward, landing in one

arms and legs, painted red shoes. Condition: generally excellent.

of the holes and points are awarded.

Comments: Germany, circa 1840. Value Points: fine original finish,

With original colorful paints, and

the little boy wears his original brown velvet jacket with mother-of-

14 original paint-speckled marbles.

pearl buttons, cut-work collar, and linen straight pants. $800/1200

Erzgebirge, late-19th century. $300/400


300. Set of 19thCentury Wooden Skittles Set with PaperMache Animals 11" (28 cm.) largest. Posed on hollowed wooden skittles base are nine paper-mache animals and birds including peacock, rooster, several ducks, turkey, two chickens, each with colorful, vibrantly painted design, along with nine wooden pins. Circa 1880, a rare and complete set of skittles in wonderfully-preserved condition, well-detailed painting in rich colors. $800/1100

301. Wonderful German Handwind Mechanical Vignette "The Mischievous Musical Clowns" 11" (28 cm.) A wooden platform with decorative paper covers displays an amusing scene of three bisque dolls in clown costumes, one little blue-eyed clown with toy horn seated on the floor and two larger clowns seated on the top rung of two wooden chairs, with fiddles in their arms. When the handle is turned, music plays, the little clown turns side to side as though blowing the horn, and the two large clowns move their right hands as though fiddling, while their chairs tip backward and then right themselves again. Condition: generally excellent, music and motions function well. Comments: delightful and rare mechanical toy, with original papers, costumes and rare theme. $2000/3000

302. German Paper-Mache Lady Doll Known as Milliner's Model 13" (33 cm.) Paper-mache shoulder head of adult lady with oval face and elongated throat, black sculpted hair waved behind her ears into two long finger curls, with the remainder of her hair drawn into a tightly-braided chignon at the back, painted blue eyes, painted facial features, closed mouth, slender kid body with wooden lower limbs. Condition: generally excellent, very minor craquelure on shoulders, cheek paint rub. Comments: Germany, circa 1850. Value Points: rare coiffure, original finish throughout, sturdy body with beautiful original navy blue taffeta gown, undergarments, stockings, shoes. $600/900


303. All-Original German Hand-Wind Mechanical Toy "Dancing Couples" by Zinner and Sohne 12" (30 cm.) l. base, 8"h. 5" dolls. A wooden platform is covered with decorative paper in floral designs and has a five-sided wooden backstage with gold columns and mirrored walls. Three pairs of bisque dolls, each doll with glass eyes, paper-mache body, mohair wig, and original festival costume posed as though dancing, and when the hand-wind knob is turned each couple revolves separately, while the entire dance floor also revolves. The double movements, as well as mirrored reflection, create a grand appearance of merry activity; music plays. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Germany 10-12. Comments: attributed to Zinner and Sohne, circa 1890. Value Points: charming mechanical and musical vignette is all original and functions well. $1800/2800

304. Three German Porcelain Dolls in Original Chimney Sweep Costumes 3" (8 cm.) -5". Each is an all-porcelain figure of standing baby with sculpted black hair, painted facial features, arms held in front of body. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1890, before the days of central heating, the chimney sweeper performed one of the more necessary jobs in both small towns and large cities. Their costumes were functional (thus, black to hide the soot), and eventually traditional, as seen in this collection of chimney sweep dolls. Value Points: each of the three dolls is wearing its original black tightly-woven suit and cap and carries a selection of accessories including ladders, broom, and even little helper dolls. $600/900

305. German Bisque Marotte with Original Costume 13" (33 cm.) Bisque shoulder head, blue glass inset eyes, painted features, open mouth, four porcelain teeth, blonde mohair wig, carton torso containing music box, attached to wooden stick handle. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 3200 AM dep Germany. Comments: Marseille, circa 1890, when the stick handle is twirled the doll revolves and music plays. Value Points: festive and merry marotte is preserved in original condition. $600/900


306. German Bisque Toddler Known as "Tommy Tucker", Model 166 by Kley and Hahn 15" (38 cm.) Solid-domed bisque socket head, brown painted hair in boyish fashion with forelock curl across the forehead, brown glass sleep eyes, painted curly lashes, feathered brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with full lips, composition and wooden ball-jointed toddler body with side-hip jointing, antique woolen suit, shirt, socks and shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: K&H (in banner) 166-4. Comments: Kley and Hahn, circa 1910. Value Points: appealing schoolboy model in scarce smaller size, fine quality of bisque and modeling. $800/1200

307. Swiss Wooden School Desk and Wonderful Antique School Supplies 16" (41 cm.) The metal-framed double wooden school desk with attached wooden bench was likely designed as a salesman's model, with original manufacturer's label of "Felix Schenk Berne". Included with the school desk is a large collection of doll-sized school paper ephemera including notebooks, cord-tied folios, pencil box, large satchel and more. Desk excellent, school supplies are played with, some having actual children's names and notes included. Early 20th century. $800/1200

308. German Bisque Child Doll in Original Folklore Costume 20" (51 cm.) Bisque socket head, blue glass sleep eyes, painted facial features, open mouth, four porcelain teeth, brunette human hair wig, composition and wooden ball-jointed body. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: made in Germany Armand Marseille 390n DRGM 246/1 A 4 M. Comments: Marseille, circa 1900. Value Points: the doll wears her original folklore costume. $300/400


309. Wonderful French Child's Artist Menage in Elaborate Original Presentation Box from Au Bon Marche 18" (46 cm.) x 13" box. An elaborate wooden box with faux-leather paper cover with lithograph design, hinges open at the top and sides to reveal an arrangement of paints, brushes, artist supplies, crayons, tools, stencils, palette, instructional books, and more, in unplayed with condition, still tied into original place. Centering the arrangement is a 9" wooden easel (wonderfully-sized for doll display) with an image of little boy "artists" walking to scenic areas, their canvases and supplies in tote. The image has the Au Bon Marche label indicating that the famous Parisian department store had commissioned the menage from Bourgeois Aine, Paris publisher as an exclusive Etrennes presentation. Fine unplayed with condition. Circa 1900, France. $1100/1600

309.1. French Bisque "Eden Bebe" Polichinelle with Original Costume 15" (38 cm.) Bisque socket head, blue glass jewel-like inset eyes, painted lashes, brushstroked brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with richly-shaded lips, blonde mohair wig, carton body with shaped humps at front and back torso, wire upper arms, wooden lower legs. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Eden Bebe Paris E. Comments: Fleischmann & Blodel, circa 1895. Value Points: the bright-eyed Polichinelle wears his original rose and ivory costume with "diamond" buttons, brass bells, brown shoes with upturned toes, and festive hat to match the costume. $900/1400

310. French Puzzles with Musical Themes in Original Box 13" (33 cm.) x 8 1/2". A firm-sided box with luxury paper covers and gilt edging, having printed lithograph of one puzzle on the outside lid, contains within three puzzles, each with nine small images to illustrate the musical tune that is depicted; the musical notes and song are also shown. A beautiful puzzle set with all pieces complete. Excellent condition. French, circa 1880. $300/500


311. Wonderful French Wooden Toy Stable for "Bibi" and "Coco" 25" (64 cm.) w. x 15"h. x 15"d. The wooden stable with natural finish comprises a center tack room flanked by two individual horse stalls, each guarded by an iron link chain. The tack room, with French label "Sellerie" is supplied with various wooden storage crates, farm tools, and horse tack, and the individual stalls have a metal hay rack above wooden feed bins. The stalls are labeled "Bibi" and "Coco", likely the pet names for the toy horse that lived within. Excellent condition, wonderfully-preserved with its original wooden packing crate. $1200/1700

312. Wonderful German Hide-Covered Wooden Horse Pull-Toy 14" (36 cm.) A carved wooden horse is posed atop a pull-toy wooden platform with cast iron wheels, has amber glass eyes, carved nose, horsehair mane and tail, wooden hooves, and is covered with brown hide, with very elaborate leather harness including leather blinders, and decorated with silvered metal ornaments. Included is a wooden two-wheeled cart (not shown) with original painted finish. $800/1200


313. Early Superb English Paper Coach and Six-Horse Team in Original Box 16" (41 cm.) Of heavy stock paper, the three dimensional construction is presented on an original frame; each piece carefully cut and handpainted with light lacquer over-paint to lend an enamel finish. The presentation comprises a coach whose paper details include carriage lamps, minutely-cut suspensions, 313.

and undercarriage, and even the half-drawn window shade, being pulled by four white horses with painted decorations and harness, and followed by two additional horses centered by a little spotted white dog; there are four riders, each costumed richly as to suggest that a person of great importance is riding in the coach. The presentation is of fine luxury artistic quality and astonishingly-well preserved in its original wooden box which is lined with an early English journal. Circa


1810. $1500/2500

314. Early English Paper Wagon and Team of Eight Horses in Original Dated Box 314 detail.

with light enamel overcoat. The arrangement comprises

315. 19th-Century Extensive Set of German Cut-Out Paper Soldiers on Horseback with Original Bases

the wagon with cut-out details of cage-back and sides,

5" (13 cm.) Each

and original delivery label citing stop-overs in Leicester,

is a cut-out figure

Bristol & Bath, et al. and the horses are fitted with sturdy

on heavy stock

collars and leather straps, with one horseman walking

paper depicting

15" (38 cm.)

Presented on original wooden platform, is an arrangement of a covered wagon pulled by a team of eight work horses; each piece is made of heavy card stock, entirely hand-cut, fitted, and artistically-painted

alongside. The arrangement is preserved in impeccable

a ceremonially-

and astonishing original fresh condition is its original

costumed soldier posed on horseback, with flags, horns, or other regalia, including 30 separate soldiers, and three long

wooden box which is lined with an English journal dated

panels with soldiers and horses pulling wagons or cannons. Each piece is mounted on its original wooden base. Very good/

1810. $1000/1500

excellent condition, few small tears, rich colors. Germany, mid-19th century. $600/900


316. Wonderful Early German Wooden Butcher Shop by Moritz Gottschalk 12" (30 cm.) l. x 10"h. x 8"d. The wooden open-front and open-side butcher shop has painted green back wall with lithographed design to simulate tile, and lithographed parquet tile on the floor. There are built-in and free-standing counters and the shop is fitted with a wonderful selection of wooden accessories including a yellow barrel with original paper label of Herman Mayer, butcher block, other wooden containers, cutting boards and tools, a tin scale, a papermache butcher and a selection of paper-mache meats and poultry. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1880, attributed to Moritz Gottschalck, an identical model appears in his firm's early catalogs. $1100/1500

317. Small German Wooden Butcher Shop from Ergzebirge, Rare Size 8" (20 cm.) The wooden openfront butcher shop is fitted with a bounty of paper-mache meats that are displayed on hanging hooks and wooden cutting boards. Two men stand at attention, ready to serve customers, and there is a wooden faux-apartment on the second floor with painted blue room and painted stonework and windows. Germany, Ergzebirge region, circa 1880, a delightful small-size shop that is well-detailed. $500/700

318. Early Grodnertal Wooden Doll with Fine Original Costume 17" (43 cm.) All-wooden doll with one-piece head and torso having oval face and elongated throat, painted black hair with elaborately-painted curls onto her cheeks and shaded coloring at her forehead, remains of tuck comb at her crown, painted facial features, blue eyes, accented nostrils, closed mouth, dowel-jointing at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, painted white stockings and red shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Grodnertal, circa 1840. Value Points: fine larger size with all-original painting, beautifully-blushed cheeks and wearing original early cotton gown with very full sleeves, undergarments, sunbonnet. $1800/2500


kid body, wooden lower limbs, wearing very early homespun gown with transfer patterns, and with soft metal chatelaine with keys, undergarments. Condition: generally excellent, costume worn. Comments: circa 1830.


Value Points: the early doll has rare glass eyes for this era, and wonderful costume and accessory. $800/1100

321. French Carved Bone Toilette Table and Accessories 3" (8 cm.) An exquisite accessory of finely carved bone, the dresser top toilette table has an oval mirror in bone frame suspended between the hinged spindled brackets, with filigree drawer, candle holders, and little accessories. French, circa 1890, an especially fine miniature treasure. $400/500

322. French Miniature Carved Bone Amusements 2" (5 cm.) table. Of finely carved bone, comprising 319.

319. Rare Late-19th-Century Painted Tin Gazebo with Bird Cage, Possibly Unique

game table with chess set, two sets of bowling

19" (48 cm.) A six-sided garden gazebo with wood floor, tin columns and roof, and brass grillwork

pins, oil lamp,

sides with ornamental panels on the exterior form an elegant garden gazebo; the wide doorway and

dogs, and tiny

five large windows are framed with pressed cardboard floral designs with original gilt-accented cream

set of dominos.

color to match the tin paint. The interior floor is natural wood, an acorn-shaped finial stands atop

Excellent condition. French, circa 1885. $300/500

the center roof, silk flowers are arranged along the lower walls while a bird cage, painted to match the gazebo, hangs at the entrance. Excellent condition, some few paint rubs. The very lovely and unique

323. French Carved Bone Miniature Pianoforte with Cherubs

gazebo is likely a specially commissioned piece of which no other exists, age uncertain, but likely late-

2" (5 cm.) l. Superb miniature pianoforte with very fine definition of

19th century. $2000/3000

keys, carving, sheet music and with attached winged cherub, with a second standing cherub holding mandolin, and piano stool. Excellent

320. Early Paper-Mache Lady with Glass Eyes and Original Costume

condition, one wing broken. French, circa 1890, also included is

10" (25 cm.) Paper-mache shoulder head with slender oval face and elongated throat, black sculpted

a miniature paper folding screen with little children in costumes.

hair with elaborate coiffure, black enamel eyes in outlined eye sockets, closed mouth, hand-stitched




324. Collection, Tiny French Carved Bone Miniatures 1 1/2" (4 cm.) h. sewing table. Of very delicately carved bone, comprising sewing table with hinged lid to reveal tiny bone scissors, thimble, needle holder and more; exquisite spinning wheel with flax, little chair, cat and mouse, and statuary 323. niche. Excellent condition. French, circa 1885, especially dainty tiny examples. $400/600

325. French Carved Bone Miniature Furnishings 3" (8 cm.) l. bench. Very delicately hand-carved miniature furnishings include grand piano with bone sheet music and keys, piano stool, settee with spindled arms, library table with shelf base and two matching chairs, two candle sticks and vase of flowers. Excellent condition. French, late-19th century. $700/1100

326. French Paper-Mache Poupee by Voit with Glass Eyes and Superb Early Gown 26" (66 cm.) Solid-domed paper-mache shoulder head with oval face and elongated throat, black glass enamel inset eyes, black eyeliner, painted lashes, lightly-feathered brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth, accented lips, black painted pate, brunette human hair hand-tied wig in ornate coiffure, kid gusset-jointed 324.

poupee body with shapely torso, stitched and separated fingers. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Andreas Voit, for the French market, circa 1840. Value Points: very beautiful regal lady with fine original lustrous patina, wearing superb early gown of bronze green cotton with traces of original fabric sheen remaining beneath the folds, undergarments, wonderful leather ankle boots. $2200/3200



328. Collection of 19th-Century Paper Ephemera 4" (10 cm.) boxes. Including three boxed presentation cards, several pop-up cards, and unusual paper lamp shade with images of great composers. Mid-late19th century, Germany. $300/400

329. English Soft Paste Doll-Sized Dinner Service with Brown Transfer Designs 5" (13 cm.) l. tureen. Of creamy soft paste, the extensive service is decorated with brown transfer designs of lattice work with floral borders, and included footed lidded tureen, two smaller footed lidded tureens with two ladles, two covered serving dishes, two gravy boats, two serving bowls, seven oval platters of graduated size, eleven large plates, twelve smaller plates, and six soup bowls. Excellent condition, few tiny rubs of under-flakes. English, mid19th century, an especially appealing service in unusual size and with fine design. $400/600

330. Large English Poured Wax Child Doll with Character-Like Face 26" (66 cm.) Poured wax shoulder head with very plump face, double chin, blue glass enamel inset eyes, tinted brows, closed mouth, lovely auburn inserted hair, muslin softly-stuffed body, poured wax lower limbs, curled fingers. Condition: generally excellent.

327. Beautiful Early German Wax-over-Paper-Mache Child Doll with Original Early Body

Comments: circa 1880, English. Value Points: beautiful doll with very

20" (51 cm.) Wax-over-paper-mache socket head with plump face, brown

expressive features, charming plump-

glass sleep eyes, tinted features, blonde mohair wig over pink-plaster pate,

faced modeling, original cotton dress,

composition and wooden eight-loose-ball-jointed body with straight wrists,

undergarments, knit stockings, leather

pretty antique dress, undergarments, coat and hat included. Condition:

shoes. $900/1400

very good, some typical wax play rubs, original wig albeit sparse. Comments: Germany, circa 1880, attributed to Kestner. Value Points: rare model with most endearing expression, original body and body finish. $800/1100


332. English Poured Wax Doll by Lucy Peck with Original Layered Costume with Matching Lace 20" (51 cm.) Rose-tinted poured wax shoulder head turned slightly to the right, blue glass inset eyes, inserted brows and human hair, closed mouth, softly-stuffed muslin body and rose-tinted wax limbs. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: From Mrs. Peck The Doll's Home 131 Regent Street (torso stamp). Comments: Lucy Peck, circa 1880. Value Points: beautiful doll with entrancing large eyes, signed body, wearing original six-layered costume with matching lace on each piece, along with knitted socks, leather shoes, woven bonnet. $1200/1700

331. English Miniature Lead Garden, Accessories and People by Britains 2 1/2" (6 cm.) h. people. The extensive set of hand-painted lead figures and accessories work together to form an elaborate English garden with paths, ponds, trees, potted plants, flower beds, bird house, benches, trees, people, and even glass. A very elaborate set, it was offered by Britains from 1930-1939 in "Garden Series", with the possibility of buying sets or individual pieces; this set has many rare examples. Excellent condition. England, circa 1930s. $600/900


334. 19th-Century Tin and Wooden Garden Room "Mon Repos" 13" (33 cm.) w. x 12"h. x 9"d. Wooden platform with grey painted "stonework" supports a tin garden room with fancily-scrolled lattice work, double stairs leading to the double doors, and inside a carpeted floor, and various metal folding chairs with original cloth seats along with matching table with lace cover and glass punch bowl and cups, along with a large variety of potted flowers and plants. Two bisque or china dollhouse dolls sit in the garden room. A painted tin sign

333. German Wax Child Doll in Beautiful Original Costume and Wig 18" (46 cm.) Solid domed thick-wax over paper-mache shoulder head,

on the front bears the name "Mon Repos". Very good condition. Late-19th century. $700/1000

lower arms and legs with wax coat, painted black ankle boots. Condition:

335. Rare and Wonderful German Lithographed Tin Mechanical Peacock by Blomer & Schuler

some faint original craquelure, original finish, some costume frailness.

9" (23 cm.) The colorfully-lithographed tinplate peacock has

Comments: Germany, circa 1880. Value Points: gentle-faced child

brilliant designs, hinged brown legs with web feet, and three-

wearing her original coral silk gown, lace trim, matching coral silk hair

panel tail feathers. When wound, he proudly steps forward,

bows, fancy jewelry, undergarments. $700/1000

his tail feathers fan out gracefully and then lift for all to see,

blue glass downcast eyes, painted lashes and brows, closed mouth, pierced ears, blonde mohair wig, original muslin stitch-jointed body, paper-mache


then lower again and fold to form a single fan. When closed, the tail is 3 1/2", and when open it is 8". Excellent condition, lithographed beautifully preserved, mechanism functions perfectly. Germany, Blomer and Schuler, circa 1920. $800/1200

336. Rare Early German Lead Botanical Garden in Original Box 2" (5 cm.) people. 3" trees. The lead miniatures have flat base, slight two dimensional detail, and are painted on both front and back. Included are two figures, man with watering can and woman with basket of flowers, ten pieces of fancy fencing along with two sets of double gates, 21 various trees, 10 tall shrubs with little flowers, 49 flowering plants of various breeds and colors, and four lamp posts. The set is preserved in its original bent wood box with lid and (illegible) original label. Excellent condition, beautiful colors retained, few tiny damages. Germany, mid-19th century. $600/900

337. Wonderful German Tin Lithographed Mechanical Toy, PaoPao, by Hans Eberl 10" (25 cm.) The lithographed tin peacock in beautiful blue, green, red, and brown colors has an extended tin "feather" tail. When he is wound, he walks along, his head bobs, and he crows. The lid of the original box is included. Germany, Hans Eberl, circa 1910, the toy is preserved in near mint condition with vibrant flawless finish, and wonderfullyfunctioning mechanism. $1200/1700

338. German Soft Metal Pony Cart and Two All-Bisque Jointed Animals 5" (13 cm.) cart. 3" monkey. A soft metal pony cart with silver finish, gilt and red accents, carries a wonderful all-bisque cat with rare swivel neck, and an all-bisque monkey stands alongside; both cat and monkey have pin-jointed limbs. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1900, rare little animal dolls are delightfully posed. $600/900


339. German White Wooden Kitchen with Stove and Furnishings 31" (79 cm.) The one-room open-front wooden kitchen is painted original white with decorative blue and gold designs in the Arts and Crafts style, having original cupboard, work table, chairs and table with matching stenciled design. There is a tinplate stove with brass trim, and original tinplate pots and pans, the the kitchen is furnished with 25 piece set of blue and blue floral design dishes, various cookware, scale, coffee grinder, cleaning utensils, wood scuttle and more. A bisque doll with blue glass eyes centers the room. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1920. $2500/3500


341. Collection of German Porcelain Dolls as Chimney Sweepers 4" (10 cm.) Each is one-piece porcelain doll with sculpted black hair and painted facial features, hands modeled in front of body. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1880, the dolls are wearing the traditional occupational costume of the chimney sweep. Value Points: well-detailed costumes of tightly-woven black cord, along with various accessories including ladders, brushes, mops and such. $500/800

342. Wonderful German Tin Toy Stove by Bing with Original Copper Utensils 18" (46 cm.) h. x 10" (excluding chemney) x 10"d. The luxury toy stove with original black painted tin frame has nickel oven doors with raised designs, very fancy matching hardware, drawer for ashes, vents, claw feet with gargoyle wings and decorative side columns, chrome towel bar, raised designs at side walls, and six original copper pots and utensils with brass handles and knobs that fit into the burner holes, including rare hot chocolate pot with wooden stirrer, tea kettle and water boiler. The original tin burners are included, and the chimney has original nickel cap. The stove is stylistically identical to #343 with variations in size and materials. $1100/1500

340. German Tin Toy Stove with Copper Pots and Brass Trim, Attributed to Maerklin 12" (30 cm.) x 5" (excluding chimney) x 8"d. The tinplate stove is edged with cast brass, with brass oven doors and hardware, brass claw feet, towel bar, chimney, faucet on boiler and pot caps. The original pots and pans fit into the burner holes and include rare hot chocolate pot with wooden stirrer, water boiler and tea pot. Excellent condition. Germany, attributed to Maerklin, late-19th century, most appealing petite size with pleasing combination of copper, brass and tin. $800/1000



344. Collection of Sculpted Foodstuffs for Miniature Grocery Stores or Kitchens 3" (8 cm.) h. barrels. Sixteen various containers offer a variety of fruits, vegetables, and fresh fish, of sculpted composition with gesso and painted finish, including four orange barrels with black trim filled with sardines, six other boxes, baskets or containers of various fish, along with barrels and baskets of vegetables and a bottle of wine or vinegar. Excellent condiiton. $400/700

343. Fine German Tin and Brass Stove with Brass Utensils 16" (41 cm.) w. x 7"h (excluding chimney). The heavy tin-metal stove has three brass oven doors with embossed designs and elaborate brass hinges, claw feet with added gargoyle design, brass towel bar, raised medallion of

344.1. German Wooden Store with Dollhouse Lady 15" (38 cm.) w. x 14"h. x 4"d. The wooden store stall has original

the side panels, and four original cast brass utensils that fit into burner holes, including tea

brown painted finish with gilt edging, eight spice drawers with hand-

kettle with bail handle and water boiler. The chimney has brass cap. Excellent condition,

lettered labels, carved arched trim, original paper floor, and is filled

outstanding luxury quality and beautifully-preserved. Germany, circa 1890, stylistically

with old food tins, scale, crocks, paper mache food, coffee and meal

identical to #342 with variations in size and materials. $900/1400

sacks, and a bisque dollhouse lady with original costume and soft metal chatelaine of store keys. Excellent condition. Germany, early 20th century, in the Gottschalk style. $800/1200


345. Large German Well-Furnished Grocery Store Attributed to Gottschalk 43" (109 cm.) w. x 25"h. x 19"d. The white wooden grocery has original finishes and papers throughout, highlighted by white painted shelving and cabinets. The back wall has two sets of nine drawers centered by a cabinet with double lattice-work doors. The drawers have porcelain labels and knobs, and the lattice work is repeated as trim on the side shelving, and at the back where it forms two railings and a center medallion. There is a free-standing counter. The store is liberally-filled with antique tins, fauxfood items, many meats, painted iron scale, tin cash register, wooden meat rack, wall telephone and much more. Excellent condition. Germany, attributed to Moritz Gottschalk, circa 1915. $3500/4500


flowers, and wax swaddling blankets in so-called taufling fashion, with red, blue, green, and yellow decoration. Condition: very good, some possible retouch. Comments: the doll was shown in Dolls, Toys and Childhood by Mathes, page 134, described as "possibly Italy, 18th century". $800/1100

347. Collection of 25 Miniature Lead Historical Figures by Gustave Vertunni 2 1/2" (6 cm.) A collection of 25 lead figures representing historical persons in classic costumes, including 14 women and 11 men, each of cast lead, and entirely hand-painted, the woman with plaster-filled lead-cast skirts, the men on lead bases. Good to excellent condition, with some minor paint wear. Gustave Vertunni, French, 1940s/early 1950s. Very sought after, and difficult to find. $2000/3000

348. Small Poured Wax Doll with Costume and Presentation Cabinet 4" (10 cm.) doll. 12"h. cabinet. A wooden cabinet with gold leaf finish on the richly-carved front frame displays, inside the silk-lined interior, a wax doll on wooden plinth, the doll with poured wax head having painted facial features, wax hands

346. Early Poured Wax Taufling Baby with Decorated Costume

and feet, wearing green velvet gown with gilt metallic trim and threads. Excellent condition. Probably Italian or Southern French, late-18th century. $800/1000

15" (38 cm.) One-piece hollow wax doll with honeywax head, painted facial features and brown hair with curly edges around the face, wax coronet of colorful


349. German Waxover-Paper-Mache Double-Faced Fashion Lady in Fabulous Costume 19" (48 cm.) Wax-overpaper-mache swivel head on paper-mache shoulder plate features two different faces, one smiling with closed mouth and blue glass inset eyes, and the other with modeled closed eyes as though sleeping; the faces are alternately revealed by pivoting the head and wig in a very simple manner, muslin body, wax-over-paper-mache lower limbs, blonde mohair wig. Condition: very good, some typical minor craquelure and wax darkening. Comments: Germany, circa 1875. Value Points: rare double-faced lady doll with pristine original body and fabulous antique gown of ivory and aqua silk with braid trim, undergarments, bonnet. $1200/1600

351. Four Pairs of Early Doll Shoes 3 1/2" (9 cm.) - 5". The early shoes include a very rare pair of tan kidskin shoes with wooden heels and dark tan undercoat, black leather shoes with narrow shape and wooden tacked-on soles and heels; leather slippers with tacked-on wooden soles and heels,

350. Collection of Mid-19th-Century Purses 3" (8 cm.) - 5". Eleven purses of various styles includes brown petit point

and cobbler-made black kidskin laced shoes with wooden soles and heels. Very good condition. Early/mid-19th century. $300/500

with dainty floral scene, firm-sided purse with cast brass frame and

352. English Sterling Miniature Desk Tray with Accessories

decoration on silk backgound, beaded reticule, maroon velvet purse with

3 1/2" (9 cm.) l. tray. A silver tray with ribbed rims and claw feet has defined impressions for placement of

silver frame, blue silk woven purse with tassel trim, and several other early

pencil, bell and two shakers, which are included, along with some miniature stationery pieces with sealing

woven examples. Excellent condition. Mid-19th century. $500/800

wax. The tray, bell and shakers are all signed sterling, with hallmarks. Excellent condition. $300/500


353. Rare German Stable with Four Horses, Painted Columns and Ceiling Medallions, Possibly Christian Hacker 22" (56 cm.) l. 12"h. An open-front wooden stable has lithographed paper shingle roof and parquet floor, walls with natural or painted finish in shades of ochre, red and green, support columns with beautifully-painted marble-pattern design, painted light, tin hanging light, wooden fence post, painted wooden hay troughs, tin pail and pitch fork. Included are three original paper-

353 ceiling medallion.

mache horses with dappled finish original leather harness and saddle, along with an added brown tin

horse. Of special note are the painted floral medallions on the inside ceiling of the stable. Excellent original condition throughout except wear to the paper of floor and roof. Attributed to Christian Hacker, circa 1880,


whose early work included pieces with marbleized columns. Very choice and deluxe. $2000/3000

354. Early French Parlor Game with Original Box 8" (20 cm.) x 5" cards. Six heavy stock cards with green paper backing and embossed gilt paper borders depict fashionable persons of history, with circular cut-outs on each to create puzzles. The cards are presented in their original box labeled "Brevet d'invention FP". Excellent condition of cards, box worn. French, circa 1850. $400/600

354 detail.


one small split at bottom shoulderplate. Comments: Germany, circa 1840. Value Points: rare coiffure, original body, original finish. $500/800

356. German Wooden Doll as Shepherdess in Original Box, with Sheep 5" (13 cm.) One-piece wooden head and shapely torso, heavy gesso sculpting over wood-base face and hair with painted complexion, hair and facial features, black hair drawn into chignon at the


nape, painted blue eyes, wooden limbs with articulation at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, and wearing antique shepherdess costume. Condition: generally excellent, original finish, some light craquelure on shoulder plate. Comments: Germany, circa 1850, an unusual construction. Value Points: the rare doll is presented in original bent wood box, with five paper-mache lambs with wool coats, brass horns. $1200/1600

356.1. German Wooden Doll as Fortune-Teller for the French Market 7" (18 cm.) Carved wooden head and shapely torso with sculpted black hair arranged in ringlet curls and chignon, painted features, dowel-jointed shoulders and elbows. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, mide-19th 355.

355. German Paper-Mache Doll with Ornate Coiffure

century for the French market. Value Points: the doll has original finish and costume,

13" (33 cm.) Paper-mache shoulder head of

comprising velvet fitted

adult lady with sculpted black hair arranged

jacket and whhite tall

in high topknot and with arranged pouf

hat trimmed with old Dresden papers and black net skirt covering a "skirt" of folded paper fortunes with ink-written messages.

curls at each side of face, painted facial


features, large blue eyes, painted features,



closed mouth with slight smile, slender

357. Two Small Grodnertal Wooden Dolls in Original Costumes

kid body with wooden lower arms and

6" (15 cm.) and 9". The all-wooden dolls have painted black hair and facial features, articulation at shoulders, elbows, hips and

legs, original paper bands at kid/wood

knees. Condition: very good overall. Comments: Grodnertal, circa 1850. Value Points: the two petite dolls wearing their original

junctions. Condition: generally excellent,

costumes, one carrying sewing basket and the other carrying a tiny Grodnertal doll $400/600


359. Collection of Miniature Silver and Pewter Table Objects 4 1/2" (11 cm.) candelabra. Including a pair of seven-arm candelabra with very elaborate brackets and base; along with four silver miniatures with filigree designs: domed trunk with hinged lid, cabinet with door and drawer, round tray with scalloped edge, and double-sided basket with hinged lid. Excellent condition. $500/800

360. Rare French Porcelain Tisaniere with Gilt and Floral Decorations 5" (13 cm.) The porcelain tisaniere is of fine white porcelain with gilt banding and scrolls, and colorful floral decorations, comprising heating compartment, pot

358. Mid-19th-Century Paper Doll "Jenny Lind" in Original Presentation Folio

and lid. Excellent

9 1/2" (24 cm.) x 8" folio.6 1/2" doll. A heavy stock-paper doll designed to represent the Swedish Opera

condition. French,

performer known as "The Swedish Nightingale" in presented in her original folio with ten numbered

late-19th century.

gowns from 10 famous roles in which she performed. Very good condition, some play wear, one


costume sleeve torn. The names of the costumes, and the opera in which it was worn, appear on the inside folio cover in three languages. Circa 1860. $400/600

361. Four Rare German Porcelain Figures Known as "KinderBringen" 4" (10 cm.) largest. Each is a one-piece porcelain figure depicting a person with his or her arms laden with a bounty of little children or babies, including woman in coiffe and traditional costume with two restless children, two jesters with fanciful costumes holding little babies, and an aged man with bear holding a pair of twin tauflings. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1880, the figures, known as "kinder-bringen" were


traditionally gifted to young married couples, suggesting hope for their families to be. $400/700

362. Rare Small Bisque Marotte on Bone Handle 6" (15 cm.) Bisque socket head doll with brown sculpted hair in short curls and bangs, painted facial features, lady-shaped block torso, with jointed bisque arms, and attached to carved bone handle in classic marotte style, this example designed to hold only, made without twirling or music. Condition: generally excellent, some fraility to skirt. Comments: circa 1885, for the French market. Value Points: most unusual petite size of the popular novelty, with particularly beautiful face on the little brown-haired doll. $400/600

363. Very Fine French Folding Screen with Hand-Painted Silk Panels 14" (36 cm.) The wooden-framed screen, with faux-bamboo style, has rich gold leaf finish, and four panels, each with padded silk center decorated with hand-painted garlands of flowers and butterflies. Excellent condition. French, circa 1880, an exquisite accessory for poupee or small bebe of finest workmanship. $1100/1500

364. German Bisque Lady Doll with Sculpted Brown Hair by Kling 12" (30 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with brown sculpted hair waved into short pageboy curls at back of head, painted blue upper glancing eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, single stroke brows, closed mouth, modeled bodice with collar and tie accented with blue and gilt, muslin stitch-jointed body, old bisque limbs, painted purple lustre boots with purple tassel trim. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: attributed to Kling, circa 1875. Value Points: rarity factors include brown hair, fancy bodice, original body with fancy boots, and fine antique mauve silk gown with black lace, undergarments. $400/500

365. Wonderful Antique Presentations of Foods and Porcelain Dishes 3" (8 cm.) food platters. Including two blue and white stoneware platters laden with sculpted foods (lobster and clams on one, vegetables on the other), along with two cardboard plates with paper-mache cake slices, and with a porcelain tea service, signed Limoges, with rich gilt finish, and a gilt metal cutlery tray with little forks. Excellent condition. $300/500


d'Or Paris (body). Comments: Emile Jumeau, circa 1890. Value Points: lovely creamy bisque on the wide-eyes bebe, original signed body and body finish, wearing beautiful antique dress, bonnet, coral jewelry, undergarments, leather

366. French Bisque Bebe Jumeau, Size 12, with Beautiful Dress

shoes. $2000/3000

27" (69 cm.) Bisque socket head, blue glass paperweight inset eyes, dark eyeliner, lushly-painted lashes and brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth, separated-modeled pierced ears, brunette human hair wig over cork pate, French

367. French Doll's Woven Market Baskets and Parasols

composition and wooden fully-jointed body. Condition: old original 1 1/2" dark firing line at the front crown

6" (15 cm.) baskets/ 14" parasol. Including two woven basket

rim, otherwise excellent. Marks: Depose Tete Jumeau Bte SGDG 12 (and artist check marks) Jumeau Medaille

with double-sided lids, an open top basket, domed top lidded


basket, wooden handled parasol with black silk cover and figural horse's head, and green wooden-handled parasol with black silk cover. Excellent condition. French, late-19th century. $500/800

368. Nine Vintage Mesh Purses 2" (5 cm.) -6". Of finely woven mesh or chain link in a variety of styles and weaves, one with particularly fine embossed cap closure, all of fine luxury quality. Early-20th century. Excellent condition. $600/1000

369. German All-Bisque Ballerina with Jointed Arms 8" (20 cm.) One-piece bisque head, torso and legs of adult nude woman in elegant ballerina en pointe pose, with painted green ballerina slippers, painted facial features with down-glancing eyes, heavilymodeled eye lids, closed mouth, jointed shoulders with right arm bent at the elbow with pointing finger and left arm extended, wearing tulle ballet costume. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1910. $500/800

370. French Mahogany Psyche Mirror in Spindled Bracket 15" (38 cm.) The arched mahogany mirror has pencil-stripe inlay design, wood back, and is set between two spindled brackets that allow for mirror adjustment to various angles. French, late-19th century. $300/500

371. Fine French Mahogany Psyche Mirror with Bone Finials

372. Pretty French Bisque Bebe Steiner, Figure 1, with Original Chemise and Wig 14" (36 cm.) Bisque socket head, blue glass paperweight inset eyes, painted lashes, thickly-fringed brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with outlined lips, pierced ears, blonde mohair wig over original Steiner pate, Steiner composition and wooden fully-jointed body, wearing original muslin chemise,

10" (25 cm.) The arched walnut-framed mirror with pencil-

socks and shoes, original earrings and coral silk hair bows, (antique frail silk dress and undergarments are

stripe inlay has wooden back, fancy bracket frame for mirror

included). Condition: generally excellent. Marks: J. Steiner Bte SGDG Paris Fre A 7 (and original Steiner paper

adjustment, and two luxury bone finials at the crown of each

label on torso). Comments: Jules Steiner, circa 1888. Value Points: most endearing shy expression with beautiful

bracket. Excellent condition. French, circa 1880. $300/500

bisque and painting, original wig, pate, body, body finish, chemise, earrings. $2800/3500


375. Rare German Bisque Portrait Man with Wonderful Costume 13" (33 cm.) Bisque shoulder head of adult man with angular features, slender face, painted blue upper glancing eyes in deeply-set sockets, red and black eyeliner, accented nostrils, closed mouth with center accent line, brunette mohair wig, slender muslin body, bisque forearms, wearing wonderful cavalier's costume of silk and velvet with knee brown knee-high leather riding boots. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: probably Dressel and Kister, circa 1900.

373. Collection of German All-Bisque Children in Endearing Poses

Value Points: rare model to find especially in bisque, with very

4" (10 cm.) standing pair. Each is all-bisque with painted facial features, mohair wig, modeled smocks, including

fine quality of painted features. $1100/1500

three pairs of "best friends", a little kneeling girl with one hand on her dog, and another little girl standing alongside her large and loving dog. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1900, rare models with dogs. $500/800

373.1. Four German All-Bisque Babies with Treats 3" (8 cm.) Each is one-piece bisque figure of seated child with sculpted blonde hair and painted facial features, sculpted chemise, and posed sitting or kneeling, holding a cookie in his or her hands. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1900. $400/500 373.1.

374. Two Amusing German All-Bisque Babies "Eating Chocolate Pudding" 4" (10 cm.) Two one-piece bisque figures of seated little boys, with blonde sculpted hair and painted facial features, one with modeled smock, and each holding a pot of chocolate pudding which they are, quite evidently, immensely enjoying sampling. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1900. $400/500




376. Beautiful German Bisque Lady Doll with Rare Coiffure, Trunk and Trousseau 14" (36 cm.) Bisque shoulder head with oval face, elongated throat, blonde sculpted hair with waved curls around her forehead, one long ringlet curl behind each ear, and clusters of curls at the back of her head, black hair band, painted facial features, bright blue downcast eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, accented nostrils, closed mouth with accent line, muslin stitchjointed body, painted flat black shoes, bisque lower arms and legs. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1870. Value Points: exquisitely-beautiful doll with original body, wearing original dotted tulle gown with blue silk trim, undergarments, along with trunk, wooden hat box, undergarments, lovely silk gown, cape. $2000/3000

377. Miniature Silver Coffee Set Along with Footed Oval Tray 2" (5 cm.) h. coffee pot. Comprising a three-piece coffee service with very deep repousse designs, the lidded coffee pot with rarer side handle, along with matching lidded sugar bowl and creamer. And with an oval tray with claw feet and cutwork side rail. Excellent condition. $300/500


378. Two German Porcelain Bathing Dolls 6" (15 cm.) and 10". Each is one-piece all porcelain figure of standing baby with sculpted black hair having stippling details around the face, the larger with painted brown eyes, grey upper eye shadow and pinktinted complexion, and the smaller with blue painted eyes. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1885. $300/500

379. Collection of Miniature Purses and Fans 2" (5 cm.) -2 1/2" fans. Including two carved bone folding fans with silk ribbons, paper folding fan with ormolu frame and romantic scene, fauxtortoise-shell fan, and an unusual folding fan with mother duck and babies hand-painted scene. Along with seven small doll purses of various styles, notably a firm-sided purple velvet purse with silver frame. Excellent condition. Late-19th century. $500/800

381. Collection of Miniature Silver Objects

380. Eleven Fine Vintage Purses in Beaded or Mesh Styles

1 1/2" (4 cm.) coffee pot. Of fine silver, including filigree 2" settee with

4" (10 cm.) -6"l. A beautiful

figural horse), two oval baskets, four-arm candlestick, tea pot on frame,

collection of vintage purses from

shaker, tiny basket and single-stick holder with ring handle. Excellent

early-20th century including

condition. Late-19th century. $500/800

woven mesh with clasps, beaded,

matching pedestal table, two arm chairs and three side chairs; coffee pot with wooden handle; two silver bells (one with bone handle, one with

with especially beautiful frames.

382. French Doll's Pewter Tea Service in Original Satin Lined Box by CBG

Excellent condition. Early-20th

11" (28 cm.) x 7" box. The firm-sided box with maroon paper cover and gilt

century. $800/1200

lettering with CBG insignia hinges open to red satin quilted lining and

silver mesh, and others, four


pewter tea service comprising lidded tea pot, lidded sugar bowl, creamer, eight cups and saucers, eight gilt spoons and a gilt sugar tongs. Excellent condition. French, circa 1890, Cuplerly, Blondel and Gerbeau. $400/500

383. Two German Bisque "Kinder-Bringen" Novelties 5" (13 cm.) One amusingly featuring an equestrian riding a stork and surrounded by babies, including one in the stork's bead, and another in which a delivery man with hat in hand seems to be announcing the arrival of a stork with four babies. Excellent condition. Germany, late-19th century. $300/400

384. Vintage Miniature Decorated Holiday Tree and Box of Miniature Candles 8 1/2" (22 cm.) The vintage tree stands on original wooden base and has attached spiral metal candle holders at the edges of the branches, along with glass balls, garland and a little bisque snow angel doll. Included is a small bent wood box of tiny miniature parade candle lights with original paper label on box "Nachtlichte fur das viertel Jahr" from the firm of G.A. Glafey of Nurembeg. Excellent condition. Late-19th century. $300/500

385. German Pink-Tinted Porcelain Lady with Original Costume 11" (28 cm.) Pink-tinted porcelain shoulder head with black sculpted short finger curls, painted blue eyes, red and black upper eyeliner, one stroke brows, closed mouth, muslin stitch-jointed body, porcelain lower limbs, painted shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1860. Value Points: the petite doll is most charming, wearing her original net dress with red silk ribbon trim, undergarments. $400/500


388. Carved Wooden Folk Doll in Traditional Costume of Greenland 17" (43 cm.) Carved wooden head with natural finish, firmly-stuffed body with wooden hands, brunette human hair fitted into wig indentation on scalp, with original topknot. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: circa

386. Wonderful German Doll in Original Costume of Lapland, with Sleigh and Accessories

1910. Value Points: the native doll of

14" (36 cm.) Celluloid head with sculpted black short curly hair, amber complexion, painted

Greenland is wearing

features, muslin body, celluloid hands. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: circa 1910.

an elaborate original

Value Points: the doll is wearing wonderfully-detail traditional Lapland costume, and is posed

costume of decorated

in a hide-covered wooden hooded sleigh with decorative detail, along with a wooden sled

kidskin with beaded

packed with supplied for a winter trek. $800/1200

yoke and especially beautiful thigh-high boots. $800/1000

389. German Wooden Miniature Farmyard Toys from Erzgebirge 3" (8 cm.) l. stable. The miniature animals are all handcarved and hand painted, and include pigs, horses, lambs,

387. Very Early Peruvian Woven Border Fragment with Doll-Like Theme

cows, goats, chickens, and more. Also includes are three buildings comprising

12" (30 cm.) l. 5" h. The woven woolen textile in rich dark colors appears as 12 doll-like

stables and coops. Two building are stamped "Gesetzlich-geschutz" on the

figures with extended hair; the fragment was designed as a border fringe, the figure hanging

underside. Excellent condition. Germany, Erzgebirge, early-20 century. $600/900

upside-down so the cascading hair created the fringe effect. Excellent condition. Peru, early Nasca style, c. 50 BC - AD 200. During the early 1900s, Jurgen Prader's great-grandfather

390. German Paper-Mache Lamb Squeak Toy

physician traveled and worked in Peru, and carried this textile back to Switzerland upon his

6" (15 cm.) A paper-mache lamb with very full wooly coat, painted face, tin horns,

return, little realizing that a century later his family would open a doll museum. When the

green and red silk ribbons, is standing upon a bellow wooden base which, when

Spielzeugmuseum opened, the Prader's decided to display the doll-like piece as "the oldest

pushed, causes the lamb to squeak. Excellent condition. Germany, Thuringia, circa

doll in their museum". Remarkably fine state of preservation, lightly-baste-stitched to linen

1880. $500/800

backing. $1200/2500



391. Early Wooden Toys and Dolls from Erzgebirge 5" (13 cm.) l. boat. Each is handcarved and painted, comprising a wooden row boat with two oars and a sailor; man with carved top hat and costume, carrying a walking stick; two boys with painted blue tams and fully-articulated bodies, especially 390.

nice condition of painting; and a wonderful early bird house with painted and lithgraphed decorations and


three wooden

392. Beautiful Early Sonneberg Bisque Child with Closed Mouth

birds on branches.

22" (56 cm.) Bisque socket head with plump facial modeling, brown glass inset eyes, painted

Excellent condition.

curly lashes, brush-stroked and feathered brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth

Germany, late-19th

with outlined lips, pierced ears, brunette human hair hand-tied wig, Sonneberg composition

century. $400/600

and wooden fully-jointed body with straight wrists. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Sonneberg, circa 1880, one of the earliest examples of German composition-bodied child dolls. Value Points: very beautiful doll with original body and body finish, wearing wonderful antique costume, bonnet, undergarments, leather shoes. $1600/2200


393. German Dollhouse Miniature Accessories 3 1/2" (9 cm.) clock. Including a gilt metal hanging clock with very fancy frame and swinging pendulum, in original box; gilded figure of a standing lady supporting a globe on her head; and a tinplate and ormolu telephone with receiver and mouth piece, the latter by Erhard & Sohne. Excellent condition. Germany, early-20th century. $300/500

394. Two German Bisque Dollhouse Dolls in Original Costumes 7" (18 cm.) Each has bisque shoulder head with painted facial features, muslin body, bisque lower arms and legs. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1900. Value Points: the woman, with original wig, wearing beautiful silk Edwardian dress, and the gentleman with brown painted hair wears woolen uniform with double-breasted jacket and feathered

392.1. Wonderful German Toy "Schattentheatre" or Shadow Theater

bicorn hat. $500/700

395. Two German Bisque Dolls in Antique Costumes

18" (46 cm.) x 18"h. x 15"d. The wooden box base service as the toy theatre floor, and encloses the side and back walls when they are unfolded and placed inside; the walls are covered, both front and back,

6" (15 cm.) The boy is

with superb

all bisque with swivel


head and jointed limbs,

scenes of eager theatre-goers waiting tor the curtain

brown glass eyes, closed

to arise, the stage and curtain, and the orchestra. The

mouth, blonde mohair

curtain panel on the stage is designed to fall open

wig, marked "31-13 (head,

revealing an opaque curtain behind that was designed

torso and arms), and

for play performances with the black heavy-stock

is wearing an original

silhouette figures that are included. The silhouettes

folklore costume. The girl

include people, animals, and props, mostly with hinges

has bisque socket head,

moving parts, and also included are several theatre

blue glass eyes, slightly

programs, and the (very worn) lid of the original box.

parted lips, tiny teeth, blonde mohair wig, five-piece paper-mache body,

The contents are very good to excellent. The box lid has

painted shoes and socks and is wearing an antique linen dress with feather-

original store label of E. W. Matthes of Berlin. Circa

stitch trim, matching bonnet, undergarment. Excellent condition of both.

1890. $800/1100

Germany, circa 1900. $400/600



398. French Metal Miniature Parisian Kiosk as Chocolate Dispenser 10" (25 cm.) The metal/tin six-sided kiosk, a miniature replica of the beloved Parisian landmarks of the late-19th century, is laden with advertising for Chocolater Menier, and is designed as a candy dispenser for that very candy. Excellent condition. French, late-19th century, $500/800

399. Three German Bisque Dolls for Dollhouse 5" (13 cm.) -7" Including lady with bisque shoulder head, painted features, closed mouth, brunette mohair wig, muslin body, bisque lower limbs, original (frail) costume; little girl with bisque shoulder head, blue glass eyes, closed mouth, muslin body, bisque limbs, pretty costume; and an all-bisque boy with painted brown hair and large blue eyes. The woman is marked 615 10/0. Excellent condition. Germany, early 20-th century. $500/800

396. German Bisque Doll by Kestner in Beautiful Antique Costume 20" (51 cm.) Bisque shoulder head turned to the right, blue glass sleep eyes, painted lashes and brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with accented lips, blonde mohair wig, kid gusset-jointed body, bisque lower arms. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: J made in Germany, Comments: Kestner, circa 1890. Value Points: closed mouth doll is wearing a beautiful linen fashion gown with brown embroidered flowers and brown silk trim, undergarments. $400/500

397. Five German Paper-Mache Candy Containers as Doll Satchels 3" (8 cm.) -5". Each is of heavy stock paper with decorative covers to appear as a satchel, basket or hat box for doll. Originally used as a candy box with the added enticement of later play use, including a wonderful faux-leather French-style valise in rich purple, metal-framed drumshaped basket with lithographed lid of children playing tug-of-war, hat box, and two suitcases with faux leather bindings and travel stickers. Early-20th century. $400/700


mohair wig, peg-jointed bisque arms and legs, bare feet. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Gebruder Kuhnlenz, circa 1890. Value Points: rare matched pair of wonderful quality, perfectly-preserved and wear their original well-detailed costumes. $600/900

401. Pair of German All-Bisque Dolls in Original Sailor Costumes 3 1/2" (9 cm.) Each is all-bisque with onepiece head and torso, blue glass eyes, painted Condition: generally excellent. Comments:

403. Two German All-Bisque Dolls and Little Metal Car with Hidden Tape Measure

Germany, circa 1900. Value Points: the little

2 1/2" (6 cm.) Each doll has one-piece bisque head and torso with

boy and girl pair are wearing their factory-

sculpted bisque helmet or cap, painted facial features (with moustache

original flannel sailor costumes. $400/500

on one), painted blonde hair, pin-jointed bisque arms and legs with

features, closed mouth, jointed limbs.

painted boots, wearing factory-original costume. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, circa 1900. Value Points: rare to find tiny occupational dolls, included is a gilt-finished tin car with rubber wheels which has a hidden cloth tape measure hidden in the car body. $500/800

400. German Bisque Pouty Boy by Gebruder Heubach with Toy Doll 12" (30 cm.) Solid-domed bisque socket head, painted

403.1. Collection of Tiny All-Bisque Dolls in Original Costumes

blonde boyish hair, intaglio blue eyes, white eyedots. feathered brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with

1 1/2" (4 cm.) Each of the 12 tiny dolls is all-bisque with one-piece

Marks: 6894 Germany 3. Comments: Gebruder

402. Pair of German All-Bisque Dolls with Ebony-Black Complexions and Original Costumes

Heubach, circa 1912. Value Points: the wistful-faced boy

3 1/2" (9 cm.) Each is all-bisque with ebony-

all-bisque baby in pincushion arrangement inside, and a glass novelty

carries his own little bisque doll in original crepe paper

black complexion, swivel head, black enamel

carriage. Excellent condition overall, circa 1900. $300/500

equestrian costume. $600/800

eyes, painted features, closed mouth, black

pouting expression, composition and wooden ball-jointed body, nicely costumed. Condition: generally excellent.


head and torso, sculpted hair, painted facial features, wearing factory-original knit costume. Along with a pair of bisque babies in woven blanket, a seashell tied with blue silk ribbons containing a tiny

404. Twelve All-Bisque Miniature Dolls in Wonderful Original Costumes 2 1/2" (6 cm.) Each is all-bisque with jointed arms and legs, painted facial features; including seven with swivel heads, mohair wigs, painted blue boots; and five with one-piece head and torso, sculpted blonde hair and painted black boots. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: circa 1900, French and German. Value Points: wonderful selection of miniature dolls, wearing their well-detailed and preserved original folklore or traditional costumes. $1100/1700

405. Collection German All-Bisque St. Nicholas Figures 2" (5 cm.) Each of six all-bisque figures has painted red Santa suit with white "fur" trim, some with accessories such as bag of treats; along with a paper-mache Santa with sled and holiday tree, and with an all-bisque Snow Man with grout finish. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1915. $300/400

406. Pair of German Bisque Googlies, 323, by Marseille in Original Costumes 6" (15 cm.) Each has bisque socket head, blue glass side-glancing googly eyes, painted features, close mouth with beaming smile, impressed dimples, brunette mohair wig, five-piece paper-mache body with painted shoes and socks. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 323 A 11/0 M Germany. Comments: Marseille, circa 1920. Value Points: the little boy and girl googly pair are wearing their original elaborate folklore costumes and are wonderfully-preserved. $800/1000

407. Set of Six German All-Bisque Children Playing Soldiers 3 1/2" (9 cm.) h. tallest. The six pink-tinted all-bisque babies are naked except for the colorful "paper" bisque hats that each wears along with a strap and toy rifle. Each of the children is posed differently thus forming a very interactive and amusing scene; two have attached vase backs, and one pair is seated on original green-painted bisque sled. Excellent condition. Germany, Hertwig, circa 1915. $500/900


the rooms contain several pieces of Gottschalk wooden furnishings including two waiting benches for passengers. The station is pencil-numbered 2(?)964 on the underside. Rare building with original labels, very good condition with play wear. Germany, Moritz Gottschalk, circa 1900. $1200/1800

409. German 19th-Century Paper Game of Firemen 8" (20 cm.) h. building. Of heavy-stock paper with embossed detail and rich color-lithographed designs, the various components depict a burning building, six various pieces of horse-drawn equipment, and a large assortment of personnel and village people. The individual pieces are mounted on tin clips for easy standing. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1880. $400/600

410. Collection of German Miniature Wooden Toys from Erzgebirge 5" (13 cm.) l. firetruck. A collection of transportation-theme toys, each of handcarved and painted wood, including firetruck with ladder and firemen, yellow bus, rare propeller bus "Strassen-Zepp Mohrenkopp" (being a humorous twist on the Zeppelin), horse-driven fire truck, various motorcycle drivers and delivery men, and more. Excellent condition. Germany, early-20th century. $500/700

411. French Wooden and Paper-Mache Dollhouse Barracks with Furnishings and Soldiers 18" (46 cm.) h. x 13"w. The wooden two-story house with paper cover to

408. Rare German Wooden Building, "The Leipzeig Railroad Station" by Moritz Gottschalk

simulate brick, stonework, windows and gated entrance, and is labeled "Caserne d'Infanterie". The front center-opens to two floors, with beds, tables, and other

16" (41 cm.) w. x 14"h. The wooden-framed railway station has an arched center section with

living accommodations for the soldiers. On the walls are hung various maps, a

wooden hitching post and chains, three doorways (one leading into each side room and one out

rifle rack, and Rules of behavior sign, and the table is laden with food. There

the back), and two two-story room sections (one for baggage, and one for tickets, according to

are French flags, guard rooms, and 22 paper-mache soldiers, some still tied,

the sign on each), each with four arched windows. The exterior has painted blue roof and faded-

unplayed with, in place, and including bugle boy, man on horseback and others.

green floor, with lithographed walls to simulate stonework, window frames, and clocks, and the

Excellent condition, some minor paper wear on the exterior. French, circa 1900.

station name "Leipzeig". The interior floor papers are original, the walls are simple paint, and



412. Wonderful Swiss Wooden Fire Truck with Eight Swiss Firemen by Bucherer 26" (66 cm.) The simple wooden fire truck with original (worn) painted finish in red, blue and yellow has attached ladder that can be wound to upright position, working wheels. Along with eight 8" firemen with paper-mache heads and sculpted helmets with painted straps, metal bodies with ball-bearing articulation allowing infinite posing, and wearing original blue flannel woolen uniforms and painted boots. The firetruck is by the Swiss wooden toy maker, Verband, and the firemen by Bucherer. The wonderful Swiss-themed vignette was a popular feature in the first display cabinet upon entering the Davos


413. Rare German Mechanical Walking "Anglo-American Soldier" by Schuco 10" (25 cm.) Felt swivel head with center seam, black shoe-button eyes, shaped nose, little mouth, stitched-on ears, firm-body with internal mechanism that attaches to the wheeled metal feet, hinged arms, brown felt uniform that is fixed to the doll. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Schuco, circa 1917, the figure, tradenamed "Automato" When wound, the "freely marching toy moves forward and backward, turns to the left and to the right and stops at command" according to the original catalog, the movements achieved by "simply reversing the levers". The model in brown khaki felt was marketed as "Anglo-American Soldier". Value Points: rare early mechanical toy from Schuco in well-preserved condition, mechanism functions well. $1200/1500


Spielzeugmuseum. $1500/2000

414. 18th-Century Continental Wooden Parade Doll with SuperblyCarved Hair 25" (64 cm.) All carved wood with one-piece head and torso, well-defined carving of hair with loose braid drawn to back of head with captured curls, original small hole at crown for placement of hair-piece or crown, dark glass enamel inset eyes, painted lashes and brows, closed mouth with gentle smile, chemise yoke has carved definition, dowel-jointed shoulders, elbows and hands, so-called "cage" lower body that is attached to upper torso by simple peg. Condition:

416.1, 416. very good, some typical old retouch on complexion. Comments: 18th-century, Continental, probably Portugal, the removable upper torso and head allowed use as a parade doll during festivals, while the simplistic wooden cage served as understructure for fashion display at other occasions. Value Points: superb carving of hair, especially nice intermediate size. $2500/3500

415. Wonderful Set, "Jouet Belge" Hand-Painted Wooden Village with Trees and Garden 6" (15 cm.) l. guest house. Of simply-constructed block wood with added details such as dormer windows and chimneys, each piece of the village and its environment is hand-painted in delicate cream with green accents such as shutters. The set includes 14 various buildings ranging from cathedral to large guest house to simple cottages, 9 pieces of fencing including gates and gate towers, 6 groves of wind-blown trees and various smaller trees, and 12 boxes or beds of flowers. Each piece is stamped "Jouet Belge Bruxelles" with pencil notation of the style.


Excellent condition, one window dormer missing. Belgium, a beautifully-made and crafted toy village. $1600/2500

416. English Wax Doll with Glass Eyes and Original Costume 29" (74 cm.) Wax shoulder head, enamel glass eyes (designed to sleep with wire lever in torso), tinted facial features, closed mouth with slight smile, brunette hand-tied human hair wig, firmly-stuffed muslin body with elongated legs, blue kid elongated arms with blue silk band at the elbows. Condition: extensive old craquelure on wax, eyes not sleeping. Comments: English, mid-19th century. Value Points: charming presence, original body and wig, and wearing a beautiful early costume of cotton print gown, undergarments, kidskin slippers, wire-framed silk bonnet and woven reticule purse. $300/600

416.1. English Wooden Doll with Dainty Early Costume 13" (33 cm.) One-piece carved wooden head and torso with round-shaped face, black enamel inset eyes, fringed brows, closed mouth, original tacked-on wig, cloth upper arms, wooden lower arms, jointed one-piece legs. Condition: some minor paint rubs on complexion. Comments: English, late18th century. Value Points: very pleasing originality of the early wooden doll in charming petite size, wearing original homespun dress with transfer designs, hand-stitching, three layers of petticoats, apron, tiny purse. $2500/3500

417. Early Doll with Wonderful Wooden Body and Outstanding Gown 26" (66 cm.) Paper-mache solid domed head with heavilylidded inset enamel eyes, high painted brows, aquiline nose, closed mouth, hand-tied brunette human hair wig, attached lower arms, wooden torso with well-detailed hips and stomach to accommodate fashions of its time, dowel-jointing at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, carved definition of toes. Condition: head restored, hands replaced, otherwise excellent. Comments: Northern Italy, 18th century. Value Points: wonderful original body torso with well-shaped elongated legs, and outstanding early costume of woven silk with homespun lining, bone-shaped bodice with back lacing closure, sleeves designed open at the back with silk tie ribbons, gilt metallic borders, along with original underblouse/chemise, petticoat, hand-woven warm stockings, and hand-stitched sandals with gemstone accents and silk (matching gown) soles. $3500/5500


sabre, and two with drums. The set is preserved, unplayed with, with brilliant colors in its original labeled box by Heyde, described as model #169 "Franzos Infanterie Marsch". 1914. $400/600

421. A Wonderful German Paper Board Game with Castle and Soldiers 9" (23 cm.) x 12" box. Castle assembles to 10 1/2" h. Of heavy-stock

paper stock, the

various die-cut pieces of castle are mounted on wooden block frames, allowing easy and various assemblies, including turrets, watch towers, moat and walls. Along with die-cut figures of soldiers

418. Set of German Miniature Lead Figures Depicting the French Naval Fleet by Georg Spenkuch

in various uniforms. The box lid is three-language, aiming

4" (10 cm.) h. largest. The semi-dimensional lead figures depict the French naval fleet at sea, including six various ships, three life boats with

to appeal to a wide audience,

passengers, man raising the French flag, three cannon carriers, and architectural piece including light house, brick walls, and three admirals posed

the English name being

on the bulwark peering through binoculars, the French flag waving. Excellent condition. A rare set with wonderful detail of painting. Georg Spenkuch, Germany, early-20th century $300/500

419. Set of Swiss Lead Soldiers in Regimental Uniforms with Two Flags 4 1/2" (11 cm.) The flat tin/lead soldiers with slight dimensional effect are wearing regimental costumes of the late-18th century, comprising red jackets, yellow breeches, each with sabre, horn or drum and two carrying flags. There is some repaint. $300/500

420. German Lead Soldiers of French Infantry in Original Box by Heyde 2 1/2" (6 cm.) including rifles. The fully-dimensional figures depict the French Marching Infantry including 18 soldiers with rifles, one on horseback, one with French flag, one with


"Prisoner of War or the Military Problem". Rare set, the contents very complete and in fine condition, box lid has some wear and age. Germany, mid-19th century. Also included is a set of mid-19th-century French puzzles depicting various war victories with rich colors, three complete puzzles, box lid included, fair/good condition. $800/1200

422. Rare German Boxed Set of 19th-Century Paper Soldiers of Frederick the Great 3 1/2" (9 cm.) A wonderful collection of embossed heavystock paper soldiers are mounted on cardboard frames allowing a dimensional effect. The soldiers depict various regiments of Frederick the Great (Friedrich's des Grossen) and each is identified at the base. On the lid and on the reverse of each figures is "Schurer's Nahgarn und Hakelgarn ist das Beste" which is publicity for the best cotton and crochet thread; likely the soldier's were a premium offered when the home sewing materials were purchased, much like the paper dolls offered by Coats and Clark American thread company. Late19th century. $500/800

423. Trio of German Paper-Mache Soldiers in Zouave Uniforms for the French Market 8" (20 cm.) Each has paper-mache head with sculpted and painted hair, turban and facial features, block torso, wire upper arms and legs for posing, carved wooden lower arms and legs, painted yellow leggings, white stockings, black shoes. Condition: generally excellent, one missing one foot and base. Comments: Germany, circa 1880, for the French market. Value Points: rare articulated figures with wonderful detail including beards and moustaches, artistic painting of complexions and facial features, and wearing wonderful original red and blue zouave costumes with gold accents, on original wooden bases. $700/1000


424. Set of German Lead Soldiers by Haffner in Original Box with Colorful Label 6" (15 cm.) l. castle. 2" soldiers with rifles. Each of semi-dimensional lead/tin with hand-painted finish, comprising a castle scene with background, 6 multi-figure vignette scenes, 16 soldiers on horseback in a variety of activities and vignettes, 14 additional single soldiers in various poses, and 4 trees. In addition, many of the lead bases have greenery detail to suggest ground. The set is presented in its original box with colorful label of soldiers from many countries and bearing the Haffner symbol. Figures excellent, box lid very worn. Germany, Haffner, late-19th century. $900/1300

425. Rare Set of German Lead Soldiers, "Garde du Corps Napoleon" by Rieche 1 1/2" (4 cm.) -2". The flat lead figures with slight dimensional effect are entirely hand-painted in rich colors, depicting the Garde du Corps of Napoleon, comprising 53 figures with a wide variety of styles and people. Super original condition with only two or three small paint flakes. Germany, Rieche, one of the earlier German lead soldier firms, founded in 1806. $800/1100


426. Rare and Wonderful German Lead Soldiers Depicting Hospital Encampment by Heyde 7" (18 cm.) l. ambulance and horses. The hand-painted lead soldier set comprises two-horse ambulance with three passengers and two drivers, two-horse supply wagon with farmer and one soldier, one-horse hay cart with two soldiers, four sets of gurney with wounded soldier and two tending soldiers, two gurneys with seated wounded soldiers, thirteen additional soldiers including various wounded and attending, three canvas tents with Red Cross flags, and trees. The entire set is preserved in its original box with Heyde gilt lettered label and the pencil name inscription "Verbandplatz" indicating the hospital encampment. Superb condition, notable for variety of figures and activities. Germany, Heyde, circa 1914. $1500/2000

427. Rare German Set of Russian Infantry Soldiers with Winter Theme by Haffner

428. English "Band of the 1st Life" Set with Movable Arms by Britains in Original Box

1 1/2" (4 cm.) - 1 3/4". The fully-dimensional lead soldiers in blue winter uniforms

2 1/2" (6 cm.) -3". Twelve fully-dimensional blue-uniformed guardsmen on horseback are

are mounted on bases that are cross-country skis, and posed in various manner (one

presented in their original box, each with accessory or instrument, and each having the

tightening lace, one actually fallen over, the set comprising 21 different soldiers,

jointed arms introduced in 1911. Excellent condition of figures, box worn. The movable

four various trees or shrubs, and a snow-covered vignette scene with church in the

arm set is considered very rare. $600/900

background. Excellent condition. Germany, Haffner, circa 1899. $700/900


429. German Wooden Dollhouse Bakery with Display Etagere 22" (56 cm.) w. x 13"h. x 11"d. The wooden oneroom store ha paint4ed original creamy white with gold accents and features half-columns at the front sides, and built in shelving and spice cabinets around the walls. The center back features a display niche centered by an etagere with graduated-size shelving to enhance the baked goods that are offered. There are 12 spice drawers with porcelain labels, matching free-standing counter, wonderful scale, eight matching tea tins, and a bounty of other tempting "edibles". Two German bisque dollhouse people stand in the store. Excellent condition, original finish. Germany, circa 1910. $2500/3500

430. Collection of Miniature Wooden Toys from Erzgebirge 2 1/2" (6 cm.) swings Included are two amusing animal people with jointed limbs, sailor with jointed limbs in canoe, horse-drawn Punch and Judy show, carnival booth with game of chance wheel, two swings with passengers, five market stalls of food with vendors, two rocking horses, boy on sled, four musicians, park bench set, 20 various people, 7 various animals, and various other small accessories. Excellent condition. Germany, Erzgebirge, early-20th century. $600/900

431. German Miniature "Janus" Two-Faced Teddy by Schuco 3 1/2" (9 cm.) The metal-armature teddy with brown plush "fur" cover, has jointed limbs and a swivel head with two different faces, one a traditional teddy bear face, and the other a character face with large googly bead eyes and stuckout tongue; when


the brass knob at tail is worked, the alternate faces can be revealed, and, also, the teddy can nod "yes" or "no". Excellent condition. The miniature teddy was marketed by Schuco in 1954 as "Janus". $400/500

432. Very Rare Petite German Wooden Dollhouse with Tin Inserted Rooms by Orobr 11" (28 cm.) w. x 11"h. x 5"d. A petite wooden doll house frame with lithographed-paper cover to simulate brick, shingles, windows and doors, is labeled "Rosa's (?)yst" on the front side of the cozy cottage. The open back side is fitted with five small lithographed tin rooms with printed walls and floors, and fitted with appropriate tin furniture for that room, including bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. The furniture is designed to attach to the rooms by means of tiny tabs and slits. The rooms can be removed by pulling out the secret panel at the side wall. Near mint rooms and contents, exterior of house has some paper wear. Germany, Orobr of Brandenburg, 1930s, more known for their tin toys, the firm also presented this unique dollhouse which made use of their tin-lithography skills while appealing to the customer for the popular doll house. Few other examples of this rare house are known to exist. $3000/5000

433. Pair, German Mechanical Dancing Figures by Schuco 4" (10 cm.) Each is whimsical animal with metal-framed body that enclosed mechanism, with

Schuco logo stamp

metal feet; including black velvet

on scooter. Excellent

mouse with black bead eyes on

condition. Germany, circa

celluloid discs, red embroidered

1920s. $400/500

mouth, black felt ears, holding a little painted white metal mouse with fringe skirt; and bunny with orange felt face, upper body and ears, green

435. Two German Mechanical Walt Disney Pigs by Schuco

felt pants, holding a little metal bunny with chenille legs and orange felt

4" (10 cm.) Each is felt

ears. Both marked "Schuco Patent". When wound, they dance about, tossing

flannel cover over metal

the baby up and down and twirling around. Excellent condition. Rare

armature containing a

variations of the toy in well-preserved manner. Schuco, 1930s. $400/600

clockwork mechanism,

434. German Mechanical Friction Toy "Gnome on Scooter" by Schuco

with little bead eyes, felt ears, sewn-on felt or cotton costume, metal feet with rollers, one holding a violin, and the other a

6" (15 cm.) Standing upon a tin scooter with friction mechanism, is a

tin suitcase.. Both marked Schuco patent. When wound, one pig plays violin, and the other matches

gnome with wool plush hood, mohair beard, felt costume. When friction

around in circles. Excellent condition. German, Schuco, circa 1939, with Disney licensing from

movement is activated he moves forward and in circles. With original

Three Little Pigs animated film. $400/600


438. Two German Mechanical Miniature Toys by Schuco 4 1/2" (11 cm.) Monkey on Scooter. The two monkey toys have metal armature body which encloses mechanism, and includes felt-faced monkey with tiny glass eyes, and brown wool plush fur, felt-covered costume body with hinged arms, posed standing on a tin scooter with friction mechanical action, with Schuco logo


mark. And standing tin-faced monkey holding a drum which it beats when wound, marked Schuco patent on feet. Excellent condition. Germany, Schuco, circa 1930s. Also included is a little tin mechanical dog., marked Made in US Zone, Germany. $400/600

438.1. German Tin Lithographed Toy "Tom" by Lehmann in Original Box


436. English Lead Figures Depicting Circus Figures by Britains

7" (18 cm.) The

3 1/2" (9 cm.) h. man on stilts. Of fully-dimensional lead, with hand-painting,

lithographed figure of circus monkey has vibrant

the figures include clown with drum standing atop a blanketed elephant, another

rich costume with plaid pants and patterned vest, red

elephant, two elephants balancing on hint legs, two bare-back woman with toe dowels

jacket and cap marked "Tom", hinged arms and legs. The

to attach to horses, three white decorated horses, four various clowns, two men on

toy is designed imaginatively

stilts, three other men personnel, two tigers, kangaroo, two barrels and a wooden

with pull strings to allow the

ring. Five of the people have jointed arms. Very good/excellent condition. English,

monkey to climb which he

Britains, the circus was introduced in 1936. $500/800

does in a very realistic manner.

437. Pair, German Character Mechanical Clowns "Rolly" 8 1/2" (22 cm.) The composition-head clowns

20th-century, the toy is marked with the Lehmann symbol in several places as well as on its original box which is included. $400/600

have a tuft of hair around

439. German Paper-Mache Clown on Lithographed Tin Musical Drum

the bald pate, metal torso

10" (25 cm.) Standing upon a

containing clockwork

lithgraphed tin platform in the

mechanism, felt hands,

shape of a drum is a paper-

wheeled metal feet with

mache clown with pointed

felt shoe covers, and

bluecap, painted white complexion with clown decorations, wooden block body with

original felt and cotton

painted boots, wearing original clown costume. Condition: generally excellent. Comments:

with painted jolly faces and clown decorations


Germany, Lehmann, early


colorful costume. When wound, the clown roll around using their walking stick as balancing

Germany, circa 1890. When the handle is turned, the clown twirls around, and a tinkling

pole. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Schuco Rolly, Made in US Zone Germany.

musical tune is played. Value Points: well-preserved little toy whose drum has colorful

Comments: Schuco, circa 1950. Value Points: all-original clowns are well-preserved and

decorations of a circus animal musical band on parade, original clown costume, functions

amusing; included is a small vinyl-head clown with a large bouquet of balloons. $500/700

charmingly. $400/600


440. German "Hopsa" Clown and Mouse with Drumming Clown by Schuco 4 1/2" (11 cm.) Two clowns with painted-white clown-decorated faces have flocked auburn hair and metal armature bodies with internal mechanism; one holds a baby mouse and when wound, twirls it around in the air and lifts it up and down,


while dancing around itself; the other has a drum and cymbal combination which he vigorously beats. Each marked

composition hands and feet. Condition: generally excellent, few

Schuco patent, and one presented in its original box Schuco box with

flakes on hat tip. Marks: (Bucherer mark on torsos). Comments:

tradename "Hopsa". Excellent condition. Germany, Schuco,

Bucherer of Switzerland, the fine watch makers put their talents

1930s. $500/700

to toy use in the mid-1920s with the creation of wonderful

441. Two Colorful Pop-Up Books with Circus Themes 13" (33 cm.) x 8 1/2". Comprising "Great Menagerie" published

characters with intricate ball-bearing bodies. Value Points: the charming pair wear their original costumes, are well-preserved. $600/900

by Shoolbred & Co of London, with six pop-up scenes including animal trainers, aquarium, snake charmer and more. And "International 439.

Circus" published by J.F. Schreiber with six colorful dimensional pop-up scenes from the Big Top performance. Excellent condition. Late-19th century. $300/500

442. Swiss Character Clowns with Metal Articulated Bodies by Bucherer 8" (20 cm.) Each has composition head with sculpted clown cap and ruff of hair below the bald pate, painted clown complexion and decorations, metal ball-bearing body allowing infinite articulation, 440.



443. Swiss Doll "Saba" with Metal BallBearing Articulated Body by Bucherer, Original Box


8" (20 cm.) Composition head with painted hair

each. Marks:

and facial features, metal ball-bearing body that


allows for infinite posing possibilities, composition


hands and feet. Condition: generally excellent.

torso mark).

Marks: Made in Switzerland Patents Applied For


(torso). Comments: during the 1920s a series of

Bucherer of

comic, celebrity, storybook and classic 8" dolls


with distinctive body construction, was created by

circa 1920s

the famous Swiss watch-maker, Bucherer, making

from their line

use of their artistic engineering skills; the dolls

of Saba dolls,

were marketed under the trade name "Saba". Value


Points: perfectly-preserved, the doll has wonderful

the beloved

character face with artistic painting, and is

characters from

preserved in its original box. $700/900

the "Bringing

light touchup on hair of

Up Father" comic strip series. Value Points: the infinitely-posable bodies are delightfully-suited to

444. Three Rare Swiss Character Children with Wide Grinning Expressions by Bucherer

this interactive pair, each wearing its original costume. $600/900

446. Rare Swiss "Pinocchio" with Articulated Metal Body by Bucherer 8" (20 cm.) Composition head with long

6" (15 cm.) Each has

sculpted nose and sculpted pointy cap,

composition head with

painted complexion and facial features

sculpted cap, sculpted

including large O-shaped eyes, metal

hair, painted facial

ball-bearing body, composition hands

features with wide-eyed

and feet. Condition: generally excellent.

googly expression,

Marks: Made in Switzerland, patents

broadly-grinning smile,

Applied for (torso). Comments: Bucherer,

metal ball-bearing body,

from their Saba line of character dolls,

composition hands and

circa 1925. Value Points: rare Saba

feet, and each is wearing

model is well-preserved, wears original

its original costume

costume. $400/700

including padded flannel generally excellent, touch-up or rub on two noses. Marks: (Bucherer incised marking on torso).

447. Three Rare Swiss Comic Character Dolls by Bucherer

Comments: Bucherer, circa 1925, from their series of Saba dolls, the trio represent popular comic strip

8" (20 cm.) and 6". Each has

or film characters of the time with notably distinctive expressions and features. Value Points: very rare

composition head with distinctively-

Saba models, with uniquely-painted hats, and each wearing its original costume. $1200/1500

modeled and painted features, including

leggings. Condition:

bearded bald sailor with googly eyes,

445. Swiss Character Doll "Maggie" and "Jiggs" by Bucherer

chubby man with top knot and

8" (20 cm.) abd 6". Each has composition head with sculpted hair and distinctively-modeled facial

padded metal body, and big-nosed

features of the comic strip pair, Maggie with high topknot and broad frown, and Jiggs with wide bug

man with little derby cap and

eyes and grin, each with metal ball-bearing body, composition hands and feet. Condition: generally

moustache; each with metal ball-


bearing body and composition hands and feet. Condition: generally excellent, some wear to hat rim, chubby man may have some retouch. Marks: (Bucherer mark on torso of each). Comments: Bucherer, Switzerland, 1920s from their line of Saba dolls, representing popular comic strip characters of the era. Value Points: among the rarest of the Saba line, with wonderful personality and imaginative detail. $1200/1600

448. Rare Swiss Metal-Articulated Toy Giraffe by Bucherer 11" (28 cm.) All-metal with ball-bearing construction to allow wonderful posing of the long-necked animal, composition feet, rope tail, spotted painted finish. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Bucherer of Switzerland, circa 1925. Value Points: among the rarest of the wonderful infinitely-posable toys created by the firm, with artistic original painting. $700/900

449. Swiss Doll by Bucherer on Bicycle, the Symbol of the Spielzeugmuseum Davos 8" (20 cm.) Composition head with sculpted red cap, painted facial features of smiling man with cigarette, all-metal ball-bearing body, composition hands and feet. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Made in Switzerland Patent Applied for (torso). Comments: Bucherer, the luxury watch-maker of Switzerland, from their line of dolls marketed under the trade name "Saba", during the 1920s. Value Points: beautifullypreserved rare model, the doll was posed on a bent wire toy bicycle and appeared in publications as a symbol of the Davos museum. The doll is sold here with his bicycle. $800/1200

450. Swiss Comic Character "Mutt" and "Jeff" by Bucherer 8" (20 cm.) and 6". The pair of comic strip characters, Mutt and Jeff, have composition heads with classic features as they appeared in the comic strips, including long pointy nose of Jeff and wide moustache of Mutt, metal ball-bearing bodies, composition hands and feet. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (Bucherer mark on torso). Comments: Swiss, Bucherer, circa 1925, from their Saba line of dolls. Value Points: perfectly portrayed, the delightful characters have original painted finish and original costumes. $600/900



451. German Tin Swimming Pool with Clock Tower and Pump 12" (30 cm.) w. x 11"h. x 17"d. The tin metal swimming pool has embossed painted brick frame and a painted "grass and sand" sunbathing area with clothesline for bathing suits. A beach house is at one end with a surmounting clock tower and Swiss flag, and there is a red water pump and diving board at the other end. Four German all-bisque dolls play in the pool. Germany, circa 1910. $1200/1800

452. German Tin Bathtub with Dolls by Kibri 13" (33 cm.) w. x 8 1/2"h. The tin room has painted finish to simulate tile and features a tin bathtub and shower stall. There is a water receptacle behind the wall that connects to the chrome faucet and a wall lamp and




beveled mirror. The bathroom is furnished with a wooden towel bar, various accessories, and two all-bisque dolls with sculpted hair and painted facial features. Stamped "Kibri Germany". Excellent condition, some slight paint flaking at edges. Kibri, circa 1915. $800/1000

453. Five German All-Bisque Kewpies 3 1/2" (9 cm.) kneeling Kewpie. Each is allbisque with modeled topknot, blue wings, side-glancing googly eyes and impish expression, including large Kneeling Kewpie, Blunderboo lying on his back, Kewpie Huggers, small Kewpie Traveler, and classic standing Kewpie with jointed arms. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1912, designed by Rose O'Neill. $800/1000

454. Four German All-Bisque Babies and Pressed-Paper Beach Chair 6" (15 cm.) chair. Each is an all-bisque baby in seated pose with head posed in realistic cheerful manner, having sculpted hair, painted facial features, closed mouth with smiling expression. Along with a beach chair of heavy-stock paper with embossed finish to simulate wicker, with sunshade and original striped canvas upholstery. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1920. $500/800

455. German Tin Swimming Pool by Kibri with All-Bisque Dolls 14" (36 cm.) w. x 13"h. x 20"d. The heavy tin metal edifice features a bathing house at the back with two changing rooms, shower, balcony with stairs and sun-bathing area, with angled roof, and a large swimming pool at the front with brass-plated ladder. With original painted finish and original stenciled designs to simulate tile at the shower, and little fish around the edges of the pool. Included are four all-bisque miniature dolls with sculpted swim wear. Excellent condition. Attributed to Kibri, Germany, circa 1920. $1500/2000

455.1. Four German All-Bisque Kewpies 7" (18 cm.) largest. Including two classic standing Kewpies with topknot, blue wings, side-glancing eyes, and jointed arms with starfish-shaped hands, incised O'Neill on feet. Along with seated Kewpie with arms outstretched and bumble bee perched on her foot, marked c.; and Kewpie Traveler with parasol and valise. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1915, designed by Rose O'Neill. A delightful group of the beloved imp. $800/1100 455.1.


456. Very Rare and Superb German Painted Tin Ferris Mechanical Wheel with Passengers by Doll 20" (51 cm.) h. (including flags). 13" x 11". Arranged on its original tin platform is an intricately-constructed Ferris wheel with six double-seated cars, watch tower with ladder for spectators and watch tower for operator. When handwound at the side the wheels revolves in a realistic manner, and the freely-attached cars also swing to and fro. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Peter Doll of Germany, Doll et Cie, founded in 1898, primarily known for toy steam engines to which this toy could be attached or operated by hand. The Ferris Wheel had just been introduced at the 1893 World's Fair and the engineering marvel inspired a bounty of related toys and memorabilia, circa 1898. Value Points: remarkably-fine state of preservation of the rare luxury toy, with all-original paper-mache passengers, the conductor, four flags, lamps, detachable ladder to the spectator watch tower, and beautiful painting with gold and red accents. $2000/3000

456.1. German Lithographed Tin Mechanical "Clown Balancing on His Hands" by Distler The lithographed tin clown with brightly-designed costume in red and yellow has hinged arms and is balanced upon them. When wound, he walks on his hands. Excellent condition, lithography wellpreserved, mechanism functions well. Distler, Germany, circa 1920. $600/800


opens and closes as though singing. Original painted finish with some paint wear, mechanism functions well. Germany, Gunthermann, early 20th century. $800/1000

460. German Painted Tin Mechanical Toy "Cat with Parasol and Mice" by Gunthermann 6 1/2" (17 cm.) The painted tin tabby cat standing on wheeled base, has an amusing painted blue suit and long curly tail; attached to his midriff is a red and white striped parasol upon which four little mice are running about. When wound, the parasol twirls around, the mice appearing to escape. Excellent condition, some light paint flaking, original finish, mechanism functions well. Germany, Gunthermann, early 20th century. $1500/2200

461. German Tin Toy Mechanical Elevator Tower with Two Spectator Cabins by Doll 15" (38 cm.) including flag. The painted tin elevator

457. German Tin Lithographed Monkey by Distler

mechanism and music function well and charmingly. A

tower has embossed

rare toy, Germany, Gunthermann, early 19th century.

shingled roof with gilt flag,

Standing upon a green tin base is a


tin spectator cars that move

monkey in marching uniform with

up and down the tower

held at his front. When wound, he

459. German Painted Tin Mechanical Singing Frog by Gunthermann

nods his head, twitches his tail and

8" (20 cm.) Painted tin figure of a standing frog with

turned. At the spectator

beats the drum in a vigorous manner.

painted red jacket and yellow suit, green webbed

level of the tower there

Marked "Germany". Excellent

feet and hands, green head with loosely-hinged jaw

is a walk-way around the

condition of lithography although

and painted yellow eyes, is posed holding a paper,

frame, protected by a lattice

slightly darkened, mechanism

supposedly sheet music. When wound, his jaw rapidly

fence with gold railing. Six

cap, a yellow drum and drumsticks

shaft on metal rods when the handle at the side is

functions well. Germany, Distler,

paper-mache spectators sit

circa 1920. $600/800

in the cabins. Condition: generally excellent, all

458. Very Rare German Painted Tin Mechanical Musical Toy "The One-Man Band" by Gunthermann

original finish with some light paint flaking at base. Comments: Doll et Cie,

Painted tin figure of a man with red

founded by Peter Doll

jacket, yellow vest, tan trouser, and

in 1898; the firm was

grey top hat, is standing on a tin

fascinated with the use of

platform, a cello at his front, and a

steam engines as well as the

drum with cymbals attached to his

new inventions of the late

back. When wound, he vigorously

20th century, including

plays the cello, the cymbals clang up

the 1893 Ferris Wheel (see #462) and the elevator, made famous at the Eiffel

and down, and his hat moves up and

Tower of the 1889 World Fair in Paris. The toy operates by hand-winding the

down, too, while a simple musical

side wheel, but was also designed to operate with the firm's toy steam engines.

tune plays. Excellent condition,

Value Points: very rare toy, beautifully-preserved, with historical significance.

minor paint loss, original finish,



462. Rare German Tin Mechanical Musical Ferris Wheel in Grand Size by Kibri 28" (71 cm.) The painted tin Ferris Wheel features 12 double seats that are swing-attached to the grand wheels, each with two paper mache passengers with painted costumes; at the middle of the wheel a clown stands on a little platform and appears to be turning the wheel all by himself. There is a ticket booth on the base platform surmounted by double flags, as well as two entry doors with suspended glass lamps and two lithographed-tin penny toys of a little boy on horseback that decorate the front. When wound, the large wheel rotates in classic Ferris wheel fashion, the cars freely swing, and the clown leans forward and back as though working hard, while music plays. Condition: generally excellent, music and mechanism function well, original finish is wellpreserved except paint flakes at back side of platform base. Comments: Kibri, Germany, circa 1925, the continuing popularity of the 1893 Ferris Wheel inspired many toys, this deluxe example with wonderful details. Value Points: the luxury grand-sized toy is complete with all passengers, original paint, and wonderfully-working. $2500/3500


463. Italian Felt Character Doll by Lenci in Original Costume and Box 12" (30 cm.) Felt swivel head with pressed and painted facial features, brown side-glancing eyes, painted curly upper lashes, bow-shaped lips, blonde mohair wig in coiled chignon, jointing at shoulders and hips. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Lenci, circa 1938. Value Points: wearing her original multi-layered felt costume, with head scarf, felt floral bouquet and wooden shoes, the little girl is preserved in her original labeled box. $300/500

464. German Lithographed Tin Mechanical "Clown on Rocking Piglet" by Distler 5" (13 cm.) A grey piglet with curly tail is decorated with circus blanket and is being ridden by a brightlydressed circus clown. When wound, the clown bounces up and down with spring mechanism, and the pig rocks back and forth. Excellent condition, lithography well-preserved, mechanism functions well. Germany, Distler, circa 1915. $600/800

465. Collection of Early-20th Century Celluloid Toys 4 1/2" (11 cm.) bears. Including a pair

composition and wooden bent limb baby body, antique romper costume. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: M made in German16 JDK 247 16. Comments: Kestner, circa 1914. Value Points: exceptionally fine quality of bisque and sculpting of laughter lines and dimples, original wig, pate, body and fine body finish. $600/900

of jointed bears with painted sailor middy shirts and caps, a girl with wide-

471. German Toy Telephone by Bing

eyed character look holding a basket of

7" (18 cm.) The tin gooseneck style telephone has wooden mouthpiece and gong

flowers, eight rolly-dollies of various sizes

ring, with original "Bing-Bing" label. Excellent condition. Germany, Bing, circa 1910.

and styles including animals, Skippy,


a be-spectacled historical figure, and a one-piece costumed celluloid bunny.

472. Pair of Unusual German Dolls with Velvet "Mushroom" Caps

Germany and Japan, 1915-1940. Excellent

6" (15 cm.) Each of the pair has a composition head with painted features, blonde

condition, a delightful and colorful group of amusing simple toys that are wonderfully-

mohair bobbed wig, padded armature body with original white knit costume and

preserved. $400/500

brown felt feet. An over-sized velvet mushroom cap sits on the head of each doll. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Germany, mid-20th century, the original

470. German Bisque Character Baby, 247, by Kestner

purpose of the novelty dolls is not certain, although they were played with in the

20" (51 cm.) Bisque socket head, blue glass sleep eyes, painted features, open mouth, two

Prader family as part of annual Easter egg hunts each Spring; the dolls were hidden

porcelain upper teeth, outlined lips, dimpled cheeks, blonde mohair wig over plaster pate,

in the garden along with the eggs as an special treasure to be found. $300/500


474. Very Rare Painted Tin Mechanical Toy, Soldier on Skis, by Gunthermann 8 1/2" (22 cm.) The painted pressed tin soldier is posed upright on yellow skis, ski poles in hands, his painted khaki green uniform decorated with red and brown bands and having matching helmet and knee-high black boots, a rifle and backpack attached separately. The soldier is hinged at his waist, and when wound, he leans forward and backward, as though cross-country sking. Excellent condition, original finish well-preserved,

473. Extremely Rare German Mechanical Toy "Automatic Diver" by Bing with Original Box

mechanism functions well. Germany, Gunthermann, early 20th century. A very rare toy in superbly-preserved original condition. $3000/4000

8" (20 cm.) The cast metal toy depicting a man with green painted suit and gold diving helmet with caged windows, his

475. Rare French Lithographed Mechanical Parisian Omnibus by Rossignol

hands sculpted to his body and holding painted axe in one hand and knife in the other, and with molded back pack with

12" (30 cm.) The lithographed tin city bus is decorated with rich red,

fan blade. When his extra-strong clockwork is wound, he dives

green and yellow colors and features the name "Compagnie Generale des

and then arises automatically as the propeller changes the

Omnibus" on each side, and the added sign "Ligne B Triocadero - Gare de

direction of rotation. According to early advertisements, the

L'Est " attached to each roof side. There is a blue-suited driver in the front of

Diver "functions well in any type of vertical glass container

the bus, which is richly lithographed, and features fenders, stylized starting

or bucket". Near mint condition, the Diver is preserved in

fan, the location sign "Trocadero" and the C.R. initial for the maker; these

his incredibly rare original box with illustration on the lid.

same signs appear at the open-end back of the bus. An attached key winds

Germany, Bing, circa 1910. $4000/5000

the clockwork mechanism which operates perfectly. The toy is in near mint condition, even bearing the paper label of the original French store where it was sold. Charles Rossignol. Paris, early 20th-century. $3000/4000



476. Rare Early German Mechanical Tin Toy "Joan of Arc" by Gunthermann

477. Very Rare German Toy Men on HighWheeled Bicycles, Prototype Model

6 1/2" (17 cm.)

uniforms are depicted

A pressed tin

seated upon high-wheel

horse in prancing

bicycles with separately-

position is

attached legs hinged at

posed upon a

the hips and the knees,

two-wheeled tin

the bicycles connected

base, a tin figure

by metal rods to each

of a woman,

other and to the platform

presumably Joan

wheeled base they are

of Arc, astride,

pulling. When wound,

wearing painted

the piece propels forward

5 1/2" (14 cm.) l. Two men in lithographed

silver armor

and around, while the

and helmet above her flowing brown hair, sword in one hand and shield in the

men move their legs at hips and knees

other, an original (frail) cloth skirt above her red painted trousers and boots.

in a realistic pedaling manner. Marked

When wound, the horse moves along on the wheeled base, and she bobs up and

with raised letters "Gebrauchs Muster Nr.

down. Excellent condition, original paint is well-preserved, mechanism functions

7747". Germany, a prototype sample of toy,

well. Germany, Gunthermann, late 19th century. $1200/1800

maker unknown at this time, early-20th century. Very rare and well-preserved.


478. Pair, German Cast Iron Gas Lamps Attributed to Maerklin

480. Two Cast Iron Gas Lamps Attributed to Maerklin

11" (28 cm.) With slender cast iron poles having ornate scrolled design, original

12" (30 cm.) The matched pair with cast iron base having ornately-scrolled pole and original

green, brown and gilt painted finish, and having suspended brass lamps with

brown, green and gilt paint have brass-framed lamps with opaque glass, that can be lowered

opaque glass, adjustable chains for lowering or raising the lamps. Excellent

or raised by the chain handle. Excellent condition. Germany, attributed to Maerklin, circa

condition. Germany, attributed to Maerklin, circa 1900. $500/800

1910. $400/600

479. German Tin Lithographed Man on Three-Wheeled Velocipede by Kellerman

481. German Lithographed Mechanical Toy by Stock

5" (13 cm.) A lithographed tin toy with cast iron pulley weight depicts a pressed tin

wheeled cart decorated in red and yellow colors. When wound, the cart propels along, and

man in green uniform and cap, knickers, leggings, seated upon his three-wheeled

she appears to steer to and fro, by moving her hinged arms. Excellent condition, original

velocipede with red spoke wheels. Excellent condition, lithography well-preserved

finish well-preserved, mechanism functions well. Germany, Stock, early-20th century.

and original. Germany, Stock, early-20th century. $800/1300


5" (13 cm.) A woman in lithographed blue dress and cap is seated in an open-top three-


482. German Painted Tin Fountain Attributed to Maerklin 11" (28 cm.) The heavy tinplate fountain with original painted finish in red and cream with gilt accents has three spouts above three bucket plates, and a working pump handle. Very good condition, some very minor paint wear and darkening. Germany, attributed to Maerklin, a rare accessory piece, late 19th century. Also included (not shown) are the original three buckets. $800/1000

483. French Painted Tin Mechanical Toy, The Violinist, by Martin 7 1/2" (19 cm.) The painted tin man with defined brown hair and facial features has tin tall hat, and original cloth costume with checkered pants and long coat, holding a tin violin in his hands, When wound he plays the violin. Excellent condition, original finish well-preserved, mechanism functions well. French, Martin, early-20th century. $800/1100

484. German Painted Tin Toy Man 7 1/2" (19 cm.) The painted-tin figure depicts a man resembling Charlie Chaplin with painted moustache and classic hat, painted red jacket, brown flannel cloth trousers, over-sized feet. When wound, he moves his hinged lower body in a humorous manner suggestive of the comical actions of the silent film actor. Excellent condition, original paint well-preserved, mechanism functions well. Marked "Made in Germany". Germany, early 20th-century. $1100/1500

485. German Painted Tin Mechanical Toy "Sweeping Lady" by Gunthermann 7" (18 cm.) The painted tin toy depicts a pressed tin fully-dimensional lady in pink and green dress with apron and large hair bow, holding a wooden broom in her hinged arms. When wound, she moves around in circles and semi-circles, her arms moving up and down, as though sweeping. Excellent condition, original painted finish well-preserved, mechanism functions well. Germany, Gunthermann, late19th century. $1100/1500

485.1. Rare French Painted Tin Toy "Donkey with Cymbals" by Martin 8 1/2" (22 cm.) The painted tin toy depicts a person-donkey with head attached

on hinged bar, painted green and red uniform with black and brown shorts, holding cymbals in the hands of his jointed arms. When wound, he vigorously nods his head to and fro, and claps the cymbals. Excellent condition, original painted finish with very minor flakes, mechanism functions well. French, Martin, early-20th century. $1200/1700


488. German Lithographed Tin Penny Toy, Limousine with Driver 4 1/2" (11 cm.) The lithographed miniature toy cat has open top with two seated women in the back seat and a uniformed driver at the front, nicely-defined details of the cream-colored car with red, yellow and gilt trim, and with carriage and head lights. Excellent condition. Germany, early-20th century. $500/800

8" (20 cm.) Two sets of three boys are posed as if having a tug of war, on metal

489. German Lithographed and Painted Mechanical Tin Toy by Gunthermann

two-wheeled carts, attached by a spiral metal rod which also balances the carts,

6" (15 cm.) Posed upon a

with richly-detailed lithographed costumes, even a little dog at their feet. When

painted tin wheeled base

wound, the carts move back and forth as though first one team is winning, and

are three lithographed tin

then the other. Excellent condition, lithography well-preserved, mechanism

figures of jockeys or boys

functions well. Germany, Einfalt, early-20th century. $900/1300

on horseback, each with

486. Rare German Lithographed Tin Mechanical Toy "Tug of War" by Einfalt

matching costumes and horse blankets. When wound, the base wheels forward and around, and the horses bob up and down in a separate movement. Excellent condition, original finish well-preserved, mechanism functions well. Germany, Gunthermann, early-20th century, a rare toy. $800/1100

490. German Lithographed Tin Penny Toy 4" (10 cm.) The tin penny toy sedan with brown roof and yellow body decorated blue and red stripes has a seated uniformed chauffer. Excellent condition, lithography well-preserved. Germany, early-20th century. $400/500

491. Wonderful Large German Painted Tin Steamship "Wilhemina" by Carette 487. German Painted Tin Mechanical Toy "Two Boys on Scooters"

20" (51 cm.) The painted steamship with cream and red base, ochre-yellow floor and

5 1/2" (14 cm.) A red metal frame with gold spoke wheels supports two little carts

gilt railing has wonderful details including railed look-out platform with stairs, two

with gilt interior upon which are seated two little boys with painted costumes and

lifeboats on original racks, tin masts cabinet bells, steering wheel, and four tin flags.

caps, having hinged arms and legs, and leaning forward on the handle bars of their

Excellent condition, original painted finish is well-preserved. Germany, Carette,

carts. When wound, the cart propels along and the little boys lean forward and

the French-born German toy maker created toys from about 1886-1917, notable for

back as though pedaling their scooters. Excellent condition, original paint well-

luxury of details. This example, lettered "Wilhemina" on one side, is remarkable

preserved, mechanism functions well. Germany, early-20th century. $1200/1500

for preservation of original details, and original painted finish and accessories that


are wonderfully-preserved. Circa 1912 model 622/3. $5000/7500

492. German Mechanical Bell Toy "Boy with Hoop" 8" (20 cm.) The painted pressed-tin dimensional figure of a running boy is balanced on two green painted spoked tin wheels at the back and a large metal rolling hoop in front of his jointed arms, the hoop supporting a chrome bell at its center. The costume has original blue and peach painted finish including cap. When wound, the boy appears to run along (although it is actually the

493. American Lithographed Tin Mechanical "Inter-State Bus" by Ferdinand Strauss

wheels that are turning), pushing the hoop which causes

10" (25 cm.) The lithographed bus with inside bench seats, stairway to upper deck with more benches, has original green

the bell to gong. Excellent condition, original painted

and yellow finish, grey wheels, inside driver. When wound, the bus moves rapidly along. The bus is marked "Inter-State

finish (some paint wear on exterior of hoop), mechanism

Bus, Trademark, 98". Excellent condition, well-preserved original lithography, mechanism functions well. American,

functions well. Germany, late-19th century. $700/1000

Ferdinand Strauss, circa 1920. $500/800


496. with stylish bobbed hair and man with highly-characterized dour expression and long pointy nose, each with metal ball-bearing body, composition hands and feet. Condition: generally excellent, few paint flakes on woman's hair. Marks: (Bucherer incised mark on torsos). Comments: Bucherer of Switzerland from their line of Saba dolls,

494. German Lithographed Toy Theatre

the pair likely represented film celebrities of the era, 1920s. Value

18" (46 cm.) x 18" x 15" assembled. The folding theatre, on heavy stock paper has brilliant lithographed

Points: rare models, the man with particularly-distinctive features, each

scenes of architecture, stage, curtains, orchestra, and theatre-goers. The theatre has been arranged on

wearing factory original costume. $800/1100

permanent board for display, and has classic arrangement of various scenes for dimensional effect. Very good/ excellent condition. Germany, circa 1920. $300/500

495. Pair, Swiss Black Character Dolls with Sculpted Turban or Fez 8" (20 cm.) Each has composition head with sculpted turban or fez, rich brown complexion with painted features, metal ball-bearing body, hands and shoes, costumed in Turkish or Moroccan fashion. Condition: dolls excellent, orange costume worn, other costume not original. Marks: (Bucherer incised mark on torso). Comments: Swiss, Bucherer, c. 1920. Value Points: rare model with unusually handsome and artistic painting of features and hair. $800/1100

496. Two Swiss Character Dolls by Bucherer 8" (20 cm.) Each has composition head with painted hair and facial features, depicting woman




497. Trio of Swiss Character Celebrity Dolls by Bucherer

Bucherer of Switzerland from their line of dolls marketed as "Saba", the trio clearly

498. Four Very Rare Swiss Dolls by Bucherer as Silent Film Celebrities

represent early silent film stars, based on distinctively modeled and painted unique

8" (20 cm.) Each

features, and stylized original costumes. Value Points: three rare early celebrity dolls

has composition

from the firm's line. $800/1200

head with

8" (20 cm.) and 6". Each has composition head with painted hair and highlycharacterized features, metal ball-bearing body for infinite posing. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (Bucherer incised marking on torso). Comments:

uniquely sculpted hair and facial features clearly designed to represent a particular silent film star, such as Charlie Chaplin, metal ball-bearing body, composition hands and feet. Condition: generally excellent, typical costume fading. Marks: (Bucherer incised mark


on body). Comments: Bucherer from their Saba line of dolls, which featured a number of film celebrities including Charlie Chaplin, which is one of this group. Value Points: rare


models including lady in cloche cap, lady with broadly smiling expression, man with cap and cigarette and Charlie Chaplin. $2000/2500

499. Four Swiss Dolls in Folklore Costumes by Bucherer 8" (20 cm.) Each has composition head with painted hair and facial features in various styles, featuring three women (each different hair style) and man with sculpted hat, metal ballbearing body, composition hands and feet. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (Bucherer incised mark on torso). Comments: Bucherer of Switzerland from their line of Saba dolls, 1920s. Value Points: each of the dolls is wonderfully-preserved, wearing its original elaborate folklore costume, the Dutch woman with her original box stamped "Hollander 1008" (not shown). $1200/1600

500. Swiss Celebrity Doll by Bucherer in Original Cowboy Costume 8" (20 cm.) Composition head with sculpted black side-parted hair and black moustache, painted features, metal ball-bearing body allowing infinite articulation. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (Bucherer mark on torso). Comments: Bucherer of Switzerland, circa 1920s, the doll represents a Western hero of the American film industry of that era. Value Points: rare model wearing his original costume with brown fringed cowboy pants, plaid shirt, checkered scarf, black hat, also included are two saba fragment dolls as display pieces. (Box shown belongs to #499). $400/600



501. Grand English Wooden Tudor-Style Dollhouse by Tri-Ang, with Furnishings 47" (119 cm.) w. x 24"h. x 17"d. The two-story English Tudor-style house has attached garage with upper apartment on one side, and a small covered porch with outside painted sundial lettered 1652 on the other side. There are three opening sections to the dollhouse, each with two floors; the center section features an entrance and staircase, and each side has a single room on each floor. The house has original paint and papers, both inside and out, with typical painted exterior flowers, six-pane double windows that hinge open, and opening front and side doors. The house is filled with wooden furnishings, glass, metal and wooden accessories, and a number of painted-bisque German dollhouse dolls of the 1930s era. Excellent original condition throughout, with some minor typical play wear. English, Tri-Ang, 1928. $3500/5500

502. Superb German Sample Books of Embossed Die-cut Figures

late-19th century. A wonderful discovery of early embossed lithography work from original (unidentified) publisher, in superb condition. $700/1000

13" (33 cm.) x 8" sheets. Sixteen sheets of heavy-stock embossed die-cut figures are

503. German Bisque Character Baby, 128. by Kammer and Reinhardt

presented in an accordion-style folio book, intended as a sample book to be shown

17" (42 cm.) Bisque socket head, brown glass sleep eyes, painted lashes, short feathered

open at trade fairs or show room. The sixteen sheets, all un-cut and in pristine

brows, accented nostrils, open mouth, outlined lips, two porcelain upper teeth, dimpled

condition, include animal, village, garden, religious, and other themes. Germany,

cheeks and chin, brunette mohair bobbed wig, composition bent limb baby body, wearing


pretty antique costume with cutwork and embroidery. Condition: generally excellent, tiniest pin flake on bottom right eye rim. Marks: K*R Simon & Halbig 128 42. Comments: Kammer and Reinhardt, circa 1915. Value Points: especially nice quality of bisque and sculpting on the rarer model baby, original body and body finish. $500/800

504. German Mohair Bear by Gebruder Bing 19" (48 cm.) The golden mohair teddy has extended snout nose, amber glass eyes, black embroidered nose tip and mouth, stitched ears, swivel head, elongated jointed arms, hip-jointed legs, felt paw pads. Excellent condition with some sparseness of mohair on back limbs, working growler. Germany, Bing, late 1920s. $800/1100

505. German Lithographed Tin Mechanical Beetle by Lehmann 4" (10 cm.) The lithographed tin beetle has hinged wings and movable legs. When wound, he flaps his wings and moves along in a realistic bug-like manner. Excellent condition, wellfunctioning. Germany, Lehmann, early-20th century. $300/500

506. German Lithographed Tin Mechanical Penguin by Gama 6 1/2" (17 cm.) the colorfully-lithographed penguin has hinged spectacles, hinged neck, jaw and wings. When

508. German Lithographed Tin Penny Toy "Horse and Carriage"

wound, he bobs his head up down, opens and closes his beak, and flaps his wings an an amusing manner. Excellent

4.3" (11 cm.) The lithographed tin toy depicts a closed Hansom

condition, lithographed well-preserved, mechanism

cab in green and black with yellow, red and black trim, red wheels,

functions well. Germany, the Bavarian company was created

driver's seat with blue-suited driver with top hat, pulled by grey

by George Adam Mangold (hence the acronym GAMA

prancing horse. Excellent condition. Germany, early 20-th century.

as the company name) in 1882, and during the late-19th


century created wonderful lithographed tin mechanical toys such as this example. $400/600

507. German Tin Lithographed Toy, "Zulu" by Lehmann 7" (18 cm.) A lithographed tin toy depicts a tin ostrich with well-defined feathering, pulling a two-wheeled yellow cart with red outlined and spoked wheels; the cart is driver by a blue-suited black-complexioned boy. The cart is marked

509. German Painted Tin Penny Toy "Woman with Child in Sleigh" with Rare Rotating Feet The painted tin toy features a dimensionally-shaped woman whose lower skirt hides her wheel-shaped feet which rotate which she is pushed along, creating a walking-like illusion, with painted costume, blue sleigh with seated child having well-detailed costume including hand muff. Excellent condition. Germany, Meier, late 19th-century. $500/700

"Zulu", 721 and Lehmann with 1903, 1907, and 1913 patent

510. Rare German Lithographed Tin Penny Toy Airship

dates. When wound, the wheels turn, propelling the cart

4 1/2" (11 cm.) The lithographed tin airship is painted yellow with

and the boy pulls on the harness causing the ostrich head to

narrow blue stripes, and suspended spectator baskets with tiny

bob up and down. Excellent condition of both lithography

spectators. The airship is labeled Ges Gesch. Excellent condition.

and movements. Germany, Lehmann, early-20th century,

Germany, early 20th-century, a very rare toy in wonderfully-


preserved condition. $600/900


511. German Tin Railway Double-Sided Railway Station With Outside Waiting Area 22" (56 cm.) w/ x 13"h. x 9"d. The tin plate train station features a two story building with painted brick and stone exterior flanking a center waiting area which is architecturally embellished with fancy columns and trim. The building have painted "stained glass" windows, and there is a ticket window booth at either inside wall. The station can be accessed from either side, a faux-clock reads 3 o'clock, and the flags are furled on the roof. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1900. $2000/3000

511 detail, ticket window.

511 detail, side of building.


512. Outstanding German Tin and Metal Railway Station by Bing, 1912 23" (58 cm.) w. x 14"h. x 8"d. Of pressed tin and cast metal, the classic railway station has embossed and painted bricks and singles, grout-like finish at front and sides of building to simulate stone, arched windows with tin-framed panes, and other elaborate architectural details including furled flags and eagle crest. The Bing insignia is on the front platform. Near mint condition. Germany, Bing, the station appeared in their 1912 catalog. $4000/6000

513. Rare German Painted Tin Railroad Ticket Booth by Bing 6 1/2" (17 cm.) The pressed tinplate building with embossed brick and shingle designs is hand-painted, and has four etched glass windows with tin window frames, gas lights, railings, detachable destination sign currently reading "Fahrkarten", and ticket slot. Inside is the original candle holder and a number of "tickets". The office was offered in the Bing 1912 catalog. Excellent condition with fine original finish, and having GBN symbol on front base. $800/1200


514. German Tin Train Set with Live Steam Engine by Bing The "O" gauge tin train with painted and lithographed finish comprises a steam locomotive known as "stork leg" , along with two-axle tender, passenger car, another car and a passenger wagon. Germany, Bing, the set with engine model 8969/0 appeared in the Bing 1902 catalog. $700/1000





515. German Tin Clockwork Train with Three Freight Cars by Bing The English-style lithographed tin train clockwork train, "O" gauge, comprises a mechanical engine of type 020 with two-axle tender, and three freight wagons. Bing, circa 1927. $400/600

516. German Tin Clockwork Train by Bing The tin train set, "O" gauge, with painted and lithographed finish comprises a mechanical engine, type 020, with two-axle engine and two passenger cars (lst and 2nd class). Germany, Bing, circa 1920. $600/900

517. German Tin Clockwork Train in Original Box by Bing The painted and lithographed train set features a clockwork engine, marked O=35, along with coal tender, three passenger cars and a luggage car. Designed as a floor runner train, to be used without rails. In original (worn) box. Germany, Bing, circa 1922. $1200/1800

518. German Tin Clockwork Train Set by Bing The clockwork-wound painted and lithographed tin train has engine marked O=35, coal tender, and two passenger cars, with track and presented in original (worn) box. Germany, Bing, circa 1920. $1100/1500



519. German Train Set with Rare Snow Plow Car by Bing The tin train o-guage with painted and lithographed finish comprising an electric locomotive (type 020) with two-axle tender, open-bed car, and a rare snow plow car at the front. Germany, Bing, circa 1925. $800/1200

520. German Electric Train "Starkstrom" by Bing The train set o-guage composed an electric locomotive, 220 type, having three-axle tender with "coupe vent", attached coal car, and two passenger cars. Germany, Bing, circa 1914. $900/1400

521. German Train Set, 990, by Maerklin The cast iron locomotive, o-guage stencilled 990, has hand-painted tin coal tender, two 5" passenger cars and a 5" baggage car. Maerklin, circa 1919. $400/500


522. Four German Gas Lights for Trains or Villages, Three with Maerklin Signature 17" (43 cm.) tallest. Including rare model with metal grid-like pole that allows the brass-framed lamp to be raised or lowered, one with wooden base, another with double lamps (the former three all with Maerklin stamp), and a painted metal-based lamp that can also be raised or lowered by winding the hidden chain inside the pole Very good condition. Germany, early-20th century. $800/1200

523. German Tin Signal Bell by Bing


5" (13 cm.) A painted blue signal bell tower with winding crank to signal oncoming trains is mounted on hand-painted tin base, functions when handle is turned. Excellent condition. Germany Bing, circa 1910. $300/500

524. German Metal and Tinplate Train, Spur, by Bing 10" (25 cm.) engine The cast iron engine has chrome trim, original black enamel painted with red and gold finish, stenciled "2990", and has coal tender, three passenger cars (one with some denting) and a baggage car. Germany, Bing, circa 1920. $800/1300

525. German Tin Station and Signal Bell by Bing 10" (25 cm.) w. platform. A tin platform painted to simulated ground and grass displays a little tin two-story house with cut-out windows, painted architectural details, alongside a tin cylindrical signal bell that actually operates. Excellent condition. Germany, Bing, circa 1910. $400/600


526. Largest German Electric Train, Gauge I, made by Bing, with Rare Accessories Of hand-painted tin and metal, the locomotive is electricpowered, has two original headlights and pulls a tender, passenger car with seated passengers in brightly-colored garb, a dining car, and baggage car. Germany. Bing their largest gauge train set, circa 1920s. In very fine wonderfully-preserved condition. $2000/3000


527. Wonderful Large Early German Pressed and Painted Tin Railroad Bridge by Bing 13" (33 cm.) The bridge with arched metal fencing and painted tin towers with turrets and French flags is decorated with delicatelypainted flowers, and has an embossed crest at each entrance; Excellent condition. The underside of the rails are marked G.B. Germany, Bing, gauge 0 +1, circa 1898. $4500/6500


528. Extremely Rare 1935 German "Der Adler" Historical Train and Passengers by Maerklin, in Pristine Condition

529. German Painted Tin Maerklin Accessories

5" (13 cm.) l. engine. Comprising the 0-gauge cast iron engine car

9" (23 cm.) The painted

with painted green finish and gold stencil trim, brass trim, silver

tin bathtub on scrolled leg

railings, labeled "Der Adler" and having a man with grey coat and

base has lower shelf, faucet,

top hat standing at the back. Along with coal tender, two coaches

and original aqua and

with yellow and black painted finish, and opening doors to the

cream painted finish with

interior with facing bench seats; and open car with bent six bench

gold accents. Along with a

seats. Included are 43 paper mache passengers, posed seating, with

five-sided plant stand with

hand-painted costumes in a variety of historical styles, some with

scrolled base, original blue

parasols, some with hats. The set was issued by Maerklin in 1935

paint with gilt accents. Very

on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the earliest German

good condition, some paint

train. The Adler Train is considered a formidable prize for train

wear. Germany, attributed to

collectors, although its Biedermeier flavor also deems it of superb

Maerklin, early 20th-century.

related interest to collectors of early-19th century objects. What is


most remarkable about this rare toy is its impeccable condition, with flawless original painted finish, and having extensive and complete set of passengers. Germany, Maerklin, 1935. $6500/8500


530. Wonderful Petite German Tinware Bathtub on Stand with Floral Design, Possibly Maerklin 6" (15 cm.) including faucet. The tinware tub has painted blue and cream finish with gilt borders and a stenciled design of a garland of ribboned roses, with matching scrolled stand, and matching bucket. Excellent condition. Germany, probably Maerklin, circa 1910, a well-detailed luxury model with wonderful painting. $400/600

531. German Painted Tin Toy for the American Market by Muller & Kaderer 16" (41 cm.) h. including

two passengers. The frame is decorated with tin flags and stenciled design, and when

flag. A simple

the wheel is turned, the framework revolves in classic Ferris wheel fashion. Germany,

tin structure

an enchanting toy with original painted finish and simple handwind action. Early-20th

supports a

century. $1100/1500



533. Rare German Tin Mechanical "Alpenbahn" by Sahlheim and Strauss with Bub Ticket Stand

and two tin

4" (10 cm.) cars. 6" base of

airships, each

station. An enchanting toy

with heavy

presents an inclined track

stock paper

on which two lithographed

blades; the

tin cars are wending their

from which are suspended two tin

framework is decorated with banners and a simplified American flag. When

way to the peak of the

wound, the aircraft should revolve around; mechanism not functioning. Original

Alps; the lithography

finish is well-preserved with some little flakes. Germany, Muller and Kaderer,

is imaginatively-designed to appear as though on an include and passengers are seen

circa 1910. $500/800

gazing out the windows. Included with pulley-like arrangement is the original track and

532. German Painted Tin Mechanical Zeppelin Toy

frame; and the original cardboard box in which the cars were sold. The cars are labeled "Alpenbahn" and Made in Germany. Included is a petite ticket station with fine original

11" (28 cm.) h. 18"l. A painted tin base supports the framework of a Zeppelin

painted and lithographed finish, signed KB for Karl Bub. Excellent condition. Germany.

carnival ride with two grey Zeppelins, each with a suspended double seat with

1930s. $1100/1500


536. lithographed-tin jockeys on horses are suspended. When wound, the horses revolve around. The box is labeled "Corsa dei Cavalli" by E. Cardini. Excellent condition, some minor box wear. Italian, the Cardini firm created their wonderful toys which combined fine tin lithographed and imaginative box packaging for only 6 years, 19221928. $800/1200

535. English Cast Iron and Lead Racing Game by Britains 9" (23 cm.) A cast iron wheel with four attached discs, each with emanating metal rod to different length to

534 detail.

534. Rare Italian Lithographed Tin Racing Toy in Original Box

which a painted cast lead figure of jockey on racing horse is attached. An unusual novelty for the English firm of

14" (36 cm.) assembled. An original simple cardboard box unfolds to form into a display

Britains, preserved in excellent original

for the toy, having printed scenes of crowds at the race-track; a six-sided tin center-piece

condition, circa 1930s. $400/500

is attached to the roof of the box and forms into a circular framework from which six

535.1. Italian Lithographed Tin Cable Car in Original Display Box by Cardini 8" (20 cm.) The original cardboard box unfolds to form a carnival display background for the lithographed tin cable car with simple keywind mechanism. Fair/good condition. The box is labeled "Rimessa Cardini". Italian, Cardini toy maker, circa 1920s. $400/500

536. German Tin Miniature Gas Tank 6" (15 cm.) German tin miniature gas pumps comprising a three pump layout, each with unique white lamp having designation of particular company including Shell BP, and Pratts. As well, a small oil dispensing station with advertising for Shell oil and two in and out signs for traffic. Circa 1920. $200/300



537. German Lithographed-Tin Mechanical Man Riding Motorcycle by Gunthermann 7" (18 cm.) With printed brown driving costume and helmet, the man is posed leaning forward on his motorcycle; when wound the rear tire moves, creating a forward motion. Fine original condition, original


lithography is well-preserved, mechanism functions well. Germany, Guntherman, circa 1920. $400/600

538. German Lithographed-Tin Mechanical Toy of Two Men on Motorcycle



3" (8 cm.) The lithographed tin toy features two men on motorcycle in typical riding outfit of the period, the man at the back with pivot waist. When wound bike propels forward, and the man at the back pivots side-to-side as if for balance. Marked "Germany DRGM". Excellent condition, lithography is well-preserved, mechanism functions. Germany, circa 1930 $100/200

539. German Painted-Tin Mechanical Racing Game 4" (10 cm.) horses. 11" diameter overall. A centerpiece with weighted mechanism has two metal rods which attach to the the two painted tin jockeys on horseback, each horse with one wheel that allows the "racing" motion. When wound, the horses and riders ride around and around. A charming simple toy. Germany, early-20th century. $300/500

540. French Painted Tin and Iron Toy Featuring Early Bicyclist 11" (28 cm.) The painted-tin man with moustache, cap, painted blue and cream costume with high leggings and brown shoes, has hinged shoulders and hips, and is seated on an early bicycle with large spoked wheel at the from and a small weighted wheel for balance at the back. The bicycle is attached to an iron weighted centerpiece, and when in motion, the rider pedals his bike and gongs the brass bell which is attached. Excellent condition, slight flakes on the original painted finish. French, late-19th century. $600/800


543. German Tin Penny Toy Racing Game The pressed tin racing game features three jockeys on horses arranged around the seven-sided race track, with tin "finish" sign. The race occurs with pull-string motion. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1910. $200/300

541. German Tin Train, Tracks, and Station by Bing in Rare 00 Scale 3" (8 cm.) A rare-size 00 railway set by Bing featuring an engine with four cars, tracks, and station, one of the earliest 00 sets created, predating even Maerklin by over 10 years. This, an electric version which was introduced by Bing in 1923, bears original finish and appears complete as offered. Excellent condition. Circa 1923 $500/700

542. Four German Tin Accessories for Railroads by Bing 7" (18 cm.) ticket booth. Including a painted tin ticket dispenser with six different destinations and including the paper


lamp with hinged light; painted tin scale with

544. Rare Anniversary Tin Toy Commemorating 100 Years of Nuremberg to Furth Rail Service

two sacks of sugar and wheat (with Bing mark),

3 1/2" (9 cm.) Miniature tin toy set of small train on

and sign (with Bing mark). Very good/excellent

rounded base which is decorated with scenes of the two

condition. Germany, 1920s. $600/900

cities, Nuremberg and Furth, and which commemorates

tickets inside (with Bing mark); metal grid signal

100 years of rail service between the two cities starting in 1835. The charming little toy is wonderfully preserved in its original box which when opened forms a litho base with scenes of each city on each corner. The lid of the box describes the 100 Year anniversary. A highly imaginative toy that is beautifully presented


in an engaging box worthy of an important historical moment for the region. Germany, 1935. Wonderfully preserved condition. $200/400


545. Pair of German Tin Train Station Accessories and Signage by Maerklin


5" (13 cm.) Two tin train station accessories comprising a sign post representing departure information for cities in Germany and a baggage cart with small wood trunk marked "Express." Nicely painted features on both and sign is of excellent quality. Germany, circa 1910, the red cart is stamped Maerkilin, and both pieces are marked Germany. $100/200

546. German Lithographed Tin Train by Distler with Maker's Mark 5" (13 cm.) l. engine. The lithographed tin train comprises a red engine car, twoaxle coal tender, and two passenger cars. The train is marked with Distler insignia and Initials J. D. M. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1915. $300/500


547. German Tin Toy Train Set As Rare Floor Runner Version 3" (8 cm.) Tin toy train set comprising engine, two passenger cars, and a baggage

548. Tin Penny Toy Set of Porter With Baggage and Additional Items by Hornby

car with highly imaginative painting and decoration. The set is a unique floor

3" (8 cm.) Lithographed tin penny toy set comprising a porter who pushes a trolley with

runner version not requiring tracks and is simple in its charming ability to operate

trunk, as well two additional trolleys and six pieces of luggage (one of which is wood).

without complex mechanics or tracks. Wonderful diminutive size is reminiscent of

Two of the bags are marked Hornby. Circa 1910. Nice original condition and finish.

only slightly smaller penny toys. Germany, Circa 1910. $300/400




549, 550.

549. German Bisque Asian Portrait Lady in Spectacular Original Costume


17" (43 cm.) Bisque socket head with amber tinted complexion, brown glass sleep eyes, slightly

550. Japanese Wooden Miniature Decorated Cabinet with Unusual Color

modeled brush-stroked and feathered brows, accented nostrils, open mouth with outlined lips and

13" (33 cm.) The wooden chest of drawers has a center door cabinet that

four porcelain teeth, well defined ears, original brunette mohair wig, composition ball jointed body

opens to interior niches, eight small drawers, a deep upper drawer, and

in distinctive tinting for Asian models, spectacular original Asian costume comprising multiple layers.

a wide lower drawer, and has original ochre painted finish with painted

Condition: Generally Excellent. Marks: 155/5 Comments: possbily Kestner, circa 1900. Value Points:

floral motif and highly-lacquered finish, with copper hardware and trim,

A rare exotic model that is beautifully presented in an elaborate and wonderfully preserved multi-layer

and a working lock and key on the center cabinet. Overall very good,

costume of exhibition quality including distinctive shoes. $1200/1500

some wear on base. Early-20th century. $400/600


551. Rare Japanese Paper-Mache Ichimatsu Child With Signature and Original Costume 23" (58 cm.) Solid-domed paper-mache socket head depicting a young Japanese girl, brown enamel eyes in half-moon shape, incised eyeliner, grey painted brows, closed mouth with prim lips, large sculpted ears, paper-mache shoulder-plate and lower limbs, bellows crier in torso, muslin upper arms and legs. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Japan, early 20th century. Value Points: Rare large size of this wonderful Ichimatsu example with elaborate original costume and maker's signature on body. $800/1200

552. German Cloth Character Boy by Kathe Kruse with Unusual Foot Signature 14" (36 cm.) All cloth doll with pressed and oilpainted three-seamed head, brown hair with delicate curls around the forehead, brown painted eyes, black and brown upper eyeliner, closed mouth, cloth body with unique separate thumb, stitch-jointed arms, jointed disc legs, and hard sole. Condition: Generally excellent, small rub at nose tip. Marks: Kathe Kruse (and illegible number on left foot). (toy store stamp of Th. Schermer on right foot). Comments: Kathe Kruse, circa 1930. Nicely which is dressed in typical Kruse style clothing of

554. German Bisque Child Doll By Simon and Halbig with Unusual Marking

the period. $1000/1400

15" (38 cm.) Bisque socket head, painted lashes and brows, blue glass sleep

preserved example of this iconic German cloth doll

eyes, accented nostrils, open mouth with shaded lips and four porcelain

553. German Bisque Doll, by Simon and Halbig with Keywind Walking Body in Original Bebe Articule Box

upper teeth, richly shaded cheeks, antique mohair wig, composition and

17" (43 cm.) Bisque socket head, brown glass

Marks: S&H HXI Germany (head) Heinrich Handwerck (body). Comments:

sleep eyes, slightly brush-stroked and feathered

Simon and Halbig , circa 1900. Value Points: rare example with mystery HXI

brows, accented nostrils, open mouth, shaded

markings, with original signed body, original body finish. $400/500

and outlined lips, four porcelain teeth, pierced

wood ball-jointed body, nice antique costume including woven straw hat with "Marine National" label on the band. Condition: Generally excellent.

enclosing clockwork mechanism which winds at

555. German Bisque Child Doll, Model 109, by Heinrich Handwerck in Antique Mariner Costume

the side torso, antique costume including aqua

25" (64 cm.) Bisque socket head, brown glass sleep eyes, thick painted

silk costume that may be original. When wound

eyebrows and lashes, accented nostrils, open mouth with shaded lips and

mechanism powers small rollers housed at bottom

four porcelain teeth, dimpled chin, pierced ears, auburn mohair wig,

ears, blonde mohair wig, paper mache torso

of shoes which propel the doll forward. Condition: Generally excellent, mechanism functions willfully.

composition and wooden ball-jointed body, Condition: generally excellent.

Marks: Simon and Halbig Germany DEP 1249 (head) (feet rollers also marked). Comments: Simon

Marks: 109-13. Comments: Heinrich Handwerck, circa 1905. Value Points:

and Halbig with Imhoff walking mechanism, circa 1895, the doll was designed to appeal to the taste

wonderful example of classic child doll wearing antique costume with two-

for French dolls. Value Points: An amazingly preserved example of this rare mechanical doll that is

piece mariner costume, undergarments, stockings and shoes, original wig,

wonderfully still preserved in its original box labeled Bebe Articule. $900/1200

original body and body finish. $400/600



556. Child's German-Language Book "J. Staub's Bilderbuch" with Stories and Activities 9" (23 cm.) x 12". The firm-covered book has illustration on the cover featuring mother reading the book to her three children. Inside are various stories with full page color illustrations, and pages of illustrations of various objects designed to be cut-out and played with in the story scenes. Contents excellent, cover a bit worn. Erster Band, publisher, Zurich, 1916. $100/200

557. Petite German Bisque Doll with Pincushion Costume 5" (13 cm.) Bisque socket head, blue glass eyes, painted features, open mouth, porcelain teeth, blonde mohair wig, composition five-piece body, painted shoes and socks. The little bisque doll is wearing a layered ensemble of extended length with flannel under slips designed to be used as pin holders, which would be covered by the elegant silk gown and bonnet. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1910. $300/400

558. Rare German Tin Wheel Chair by Gunthermann 5" (13 cm.) The tinplate wheel chair with large spoked wheels at the sides and smaller wheels at the back, designed to be used for adult person, has hinged foot rest, original bronze-like finish with traces of original painted design. Excellent condition. A rare accessory. Germany, Gunthermann, circa 1900. $400/500

559. German Nickel-Plated Early Steam Iron 6 1/2" (17 cm.) The heavy cast metal iron with nickel-plate finish is intricatelyconstructed as a "steam" iron, with wooden handle, signed "Omega". Near mint condition. Early-20th century. $200/400

560. Petite German Bisque Character Baby, 151, by Hertel and Schwab in Original Costume 9" (23 cm.) Bisque socket head, brown glass sleep eyes, painted lashes and brows, accented nostrils, open mouth with shaded lips and two upper porcelain teeth, painted hair, composition bent limb baby body. Condition: Generally excellent. Marks: 2/0 15. Comments: Hertel and Schwab, circa 1914. Value Points: charming petite size wearing wonderful and original multi-layered Christening gown and

560, 561.


undergarments and with antique baby teething rattle. $300/400

561. German Bisque Character Baby 263 for Catterfelder Puppenfabrik 11" (28 cm.) Bisque socket head, brown glass sleep eyes, painted lashes and brows, accented nostrils, open mouth in smiling expression, two porcelain teeth, shaded lips, deeply modeled dimples, blonde mohair wig, composition bent limb baby body. Condition: Generally excellent. Marks: 263 28 Germany. Comments; Catterfelder Puppenfabrik, circa 1915. Value Points: fine original condition of this rare model with beautifully preserved original body. $300/400

562. Pair of Amusing Japanese Celluloid Toys In Original Boxes 6" (15 cm.) Two celluloid novelty toys comprising "Naughty Dog" depicting dog biting the pants of a crying young child who is running away, and "Santa Claus on Sled." Both are maintained in their original marked boxes denoting theme name. Excellent condition. Japan, circa 1950 $200/300

563. Amusing Lot of Japanese Novelty Celluloid Figures 7" (18 cm.) Large group comprising 29 pieces of unusual and amusing celluloid novelty and character figures including Mickey Mouse, Santa Claus, The Hill Billy Dance Band in the original box, a rolly clown, assorted animals, a large girl on rolly base, and various people. Excellent condition, Japan, circa 1950. $200/300


564. German Bisque Figurine By Gebruder Heubach of Young Boy in Military Costume 7" (18 cm.) One-piece all-bisque figurine of young boy with highly-detailed painting of features and toy soldier's costume including toy sword, belt and helmet; bisque candy container is attached at the back. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Heubach (sunburst mark). Comments: Gebruder Heubach, circa 1912. Value Points: rare model with well-detailed modeling. $200/300

mouth with shaded lips, four porcelain teeth, blonde mohair wig, composition

565. German Bisque Child, Model 168, by Kestner with Amusing Bisque Party Favor

and wooden ball-jointed body, Holding a small novelty figure of bisque headed character with side glancing painted eyes and open/closed smiling mouth. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Made in Germany 168. Comments: Kestner, circa 1905. Value Points: the pretty dolly-faced child wears antique costume

18" (46 cm.) Bisque socket head, blue glass

and is holding a bisque-head party favor doll with side-glancing eyes and smiling

sleep eyes, painted lashes, brush-stroked

expression, wrapped armature body and original crepe paper costume, probably

modeled brows, accented nostrils, open

Hertwig. $400/500



566. German Tin/Metal Train Set by Bing with Rare Postal Car 7 1/2" (19 cm.) The steam engine of metal/tin has painted and lithographed decorations, labeled 485 and includes hinged floor for access to the two-axle coal car, along with two passenger cars (1st and 2nd class) and a postal car for mail. The engine has the Bing symbol on front. Excellent condition. Germany, Bing, 1920s. $700/1100

567. German Tin/Metal Clockwork Train Set for the English Market by Bing 6" (15 cm.) l. engine. The set comprises a tin/metal engine with clockwork mechanism, painted finish with gold lettered name "Achilles", along with a two-axle coal tender, two baggage cars with "guard" windows, and passenger car designed for local lines. Germany, Bing, for the English market, late 1920s. $600/900

568. German Electric Train Set "Starkstrom" by Bing 7 1/2" (19 cm.) l. engine. Comprising a metal/tin engine labeled 0-35 with wind-breaker, headlight and nickel decorations, along with two axle coal tender, two passenger cars with opening doors, and a baggage car with sliding door and two opening doors. The engine is marked Bing. The train was marketed as "Starkstrom", Engine (circa 1927) excellent condition, cars (c. 1920) have some roof rubs. Germany, Bing. $600/900

569. German Tin/Metal Clockwork Train by Bub, Model 1220 7" (18 cm.) Comprising a metal/tin clockwork engine with, painted/lithographed decorations and elaborate construction details, along with a two-axle coal car, two passenger wagons with opening doors, and a baggage car with sliding door. The initial KBN appear on the front of engine. Excellent condition. Germany, Bub, circa 1920s. $500/800


570. German Clockwork Tin/Metal Train Set by Maerklin 6" (15 cm.) Comprising a tin/metal engine #970 with clockwork mechanism, 0 gauge, along with two-axle coal tender, two passenger cars and one baggage car. The train has the Maerklin name imprint on the coal car. Excellent condition. Germany, circa 1930. $400/700

571. Collection of German Composition Train Passengers and Personnel 2" (5 cm.) The 45 people comprise various passengers with luggage, porters, shoe shine men, newspaper vendors, maintenance people, waiters, and many more. Each with hand-painted costume and original stand, some signed by Elastolin. Very good to excellent condition.


Germany, 1930s. $300/500

572. Group, German Lead Figures as Railroad Passengers and Crew 2" (5 cm.) The fullydimensional lead figures with hand-painted costumes and details are posed on flatmetal bases, depicting


six passengers, and seven train personnel including ticket vendors, waiter, mechanics, conductor, et al. Very good condition. Germany, early-20th century, probably Heyde. $300/500

573. English Lead Soldiers "Mounted Band of the 1st Life Guards" by Britains in Original Box

574. English Lead Figures "Mountain Artillery" by Britains in Original Box 2.3" (6 cm.) Each is fully-dimensional lead figure with hand-painted costumes or details, including six uniformed soldiers with white helmet caps, one soldier on horseback, two grey donkeys with saddles, two

3" (8 cm.) The fully-dimensional lead figures on horseback have hand-painted detail of costumes,

brown donkeys with saddles, and cannon. The group is presented

facial features, and musical instruments. Excellent condition with beautifully-preserved painting, the

with original Britains box marked "Mountain Artillery 28". Excellent

Dragoon Guard (red coat) is not original to this set. English, Britain, circa 1930. $400/600

condition (box very worn). England, circa 1940s. $300/500



575. German Tin Metal Clockwork Train by Bing with Tender and Four Freight Cars 7" (18 cm.) Comprising a tin/ metal clockwork engine of green and black with red outline and raised lettering "Bing", that is pulling a two-axle coal tender, and four freight cars including flat bed with wooden barrels, two open-top flat cars, and a brightly-colored festively-designed car with symbol of person with


cheerfully-extended arms on the sliding door. Excellent condition. Germany, Bing, circa 1920s. $400/700

576. German Tin Electric Train with Freight Cars 6 1/2" (17 cm.) The lithographedtin electric engine car has brown finish with yellow stenciled trim, and is pulling three freight cars, including cattle car with sliding





door, shell gas car, and an open flat bed car, all of lithographed tin. Excellent condition. Germany, Bing, circa 1930. $400/700


577. German Tin Lithographed Clockwork Train by Bub 5" (13 cm.) Of lithographed tin, the O-gauge train includes a clockwork engine with attached key marked TWI, along with a passenger car and a baggage car. Excellent condition. Germany, Karl Bub, the engine is marked KBN, late 1920s. $300/500

578. German Lithographed Tin Clockwork Train Set, Attributed to Eberl Each of lithographed tin, the 0-gauge train composes a brown engine #3290 with matching number two-axle coal tender, and two passenger cars. There is a clockwork mechanism in the engine. Excellent condition. Germany, attributed to Eberl, circa 1920s. $400/600

579. German Tin Lithographed Clockwork Toy Train by Bub 4" (10 cm.) Comprising an engine with keywind mechanism, and two passenger cars, each of lithographed tin with fine detail of decoration. They are signed KBN. Excellent condition. Germany, Karl Bub, circa 1930. $400/500

580. German Painted Tin Gas Station by Kibri with Roadster Car 14" (36 cm.) w. station. The painted tin gas station has four columns supporting the roof with printed sign "Tankstelle", gas pump, teller's booth, and table for supplies, all with original painted finish (good condition, original finish, some flaking paint on pump), Kibri, circa 1930s. Along


with an open-top cream and red roadster marked "Made in US Zone Germany". $400/600

581. German Tin Toy Passenger Plane by Orobr in Original Box 14" (36 cm.) Tin toy passenger plane with original painting and decoration that features early prop aircraft with six windows and detachable wing and propeller. Housed in original box with label and original price. Germany, Orobr, circa 1930. Virtually unplayed with condition $200/300

582. English Lithographed Tin Mechanical Car 8" (20 cm.) Tin mechanical windup car featuring early two-door sedan with long engine compartment, decorative features including rear British license plate, and driver seated on the right. When wound, car propels forward and functions well. Excellent condition. Marked "Made in England". British, Circa 1925 $300/400



583. Very Large Collection of Elastolin Soldiers, Marching Band and Soldiers on Horseback by Hausser 3 1/2" (9 cm.) l. horses. 3"h. people. The extensive group of fully-dimensional composition figures with painted features, costumes and accessories, includes 10 soldiers on horseback, two soldiers bearing metal Swiss flags, two riders on motorcycle. 11 marching soldiers, 20-person marching band with various musical instruments and baton leaders, and 12 various soldiers in action poses including cross-country skier on skis. All marked Elastolin (various signature styles). Excellent condition. Germany, Hausser, circa 1940s. $1100/1500



584. Rare German Elastolin Artillery Set by Hausser In Original Box 6" (15 cm.) The composition-modeled Artillery set consists of four uniformed German soldiers, four horses, a passenger cart and cannon; two of the soldiers are modeled with formal uniforms and posed to ride horseback. Hausser, Germany, circa 1935, a rare and complete set of Elastolin figures by the iconic firm is wonderfully preserved in original condition and finish and housed in its original box (not shown). $600/900

585. Collection of German Composition Personnel, WWII Era, by Elastolin 2.7" (7 cm.) Sixteen individuals or groups, each sculpted of composition and hand-painted depict


specialized medical or technical personnel of the WWII era, including nurse bandaging a leg, doctor treating a wounded arm, soldiers aiding fellow wounded soldiers, radioman, medic with Red Cross dog, and more. Excellent condition, mostly signed Elastolin, a few are Lineol. Germany, Hausser, circa 1940s. $500/800

586. German Composition Naval Officers of WWII Era Marked Lineol 2 1/2" (6 cm.) Twenty composition sculpted and hand-painted figures depicting German naval crew of the WWII era, including flag bearer with tin flag, four officers in formal uniforms, and 15 sea-men in classic middy uniforms. Excellent condition. Each signed Lineol. Germany, circa 1940s. $300/600

587. Collection, German Composition Soldiers by Elastolin 4" (10 cm.) horse. 4" soldiers. Each is one-piece modeled composition with sculpted and painted uniform, cap, boots, and facial features. Included is one man on horseback, 11 marching soldiers with rifles, and the flag-bearer holding the flag. Each signed "Elastolin". Excellent condition. Germany, Hasser, circa 1930. $300/500


587.1. Two German Lithographed Tin Toy Airplanes 5" (13 cm.) Including a lithographed/painted tin plane with camouflage colors that is presented in its original box along with instructions for making the plane "fly", and original string apparatus. The box is decorated with color-illustrated scene and labeled Nr.833 Heinkel-Kampfflugzeug with Lehmann symbol, and the plane also bears the Lehmann symbol. Near mint condition, box worn. Germany, 1940s. Along with a German tin penny toy bi-plane with passenger in excellent condition, circa 1920s. $400/600



591. German Tin Battery Operated Sedan by Tippco In Original Box 10" (25 cm.) Lithographed tin four-door sedan with battery operation is labeled with Tippco inscription on three sides and housed, in unplayed with near mint condition in its original box with illustrations of the car in varying colors. Marked "Tippco Made in Germany U.S. Zone". Circa 1950. $300/400

592. Mid-20th Century Tin Toy Representing Swiss Train Station and Swiss Train 11" (28 cm.) l. train. The painted tin Swiss rail station in modernist style has winding clock in the clock tower and various signage. Along with a clockwork mechanical train with Swiss Rail insignia. Excellent overall, fine original finish on the station, clock needs adjustment. Circa 1950s. $400/600

588. Rare German Electric Car Set "Electro-Ingenico 5311" by Schuco in Original Box 21" (53 cm.) The two-car set is an elaborate feat that incorporated attached wires to a steering wheel that would allow a child to operate car direction and speed. The set is completely unplayed with and still remains tied within box in virtually mint condition. Included are two cars and all accessories and parts as well as instruction booklets and box. Germany, Schuco, circa 1950 $1000/1400

589. Early German Tin Sedan "Ferlenk Auto-3000" by Schuco in Original Box 4" (10 cm.) This particular example is a unique trademarked design in which a string and key is attached to the steering wheel, thus allowing a child to control the movements. All the pieces are original and intact including instruction booklet. Original box, marked "Schuco Ferlenk Auto 2000". Fine unplayed with condition with strings still in original paper covering, box a bit worn. Germany, Schuco, circa 1930. $300/500

590. German Tin Electric Truck "Elektro-Fernlenk-LKW 6077" by Schuco In Original Box 12" (30 cm.) Tin electric toy truck with unique patented Schuco mechanism that allows a wire to be attached to truck and extend to steering wheel which is held by child to operate. Set is complete and appears to have never been removed from the box or played with, box a bit worn. Germany, Schuco, circa 1950. $300/400


595. Two American Barbie Dolls by Mattel in Classic Early Costumes 11" (28 cm.) Two classic models of American Girl Barbie from 1965, each with bendable legs; one with blonde hair and wearing early "Evening Splendor" ensemble #961; and one with brunette hair wearing "Golden Glory" costume #1645 of 1964/1965. Both excellent condition. Mattel $500/800

593. Rare Japanese Aston-Martin 007 Car of James Bond in Original Box Molded plastic model toy car representing the iconic Aston Martin of British 007 agent James Bond with battery-operation; while there is no mention of Bond the figure enclosed ideally represents him and the car has many of the same unique functions of the Bond auto. Japan, circa 1965. Wonderfully preserved nostalgia toy in original box and in virtually unplayed with condition $500/800

594. American Icon Dolls "Barbie" and "Ken" by Mattel in Original Boxes

596. A Trio of American Barbies and Skipper from Early 1960s

11" (28 cm.) and 12". Including the

11" (28 cm.) Including

#5 issue of early

1963 Fashion Queen

ponytail Barbie

Barbie with three

with tightly-curled

additional wigs and

bands, with original

wearing Crisp 'n Cool

swimsuit, shoes,

costume, #1604; 1961

sunglasses, booklet,

Bubble Cut Barbie with

stand and box, 1961.

auburn hair and original

And sculpted hair

swimsuit; and 1964

Ken with original

Straight Leg Skipper in

swimsuit, sandals,

her original box with

and box, 1964.

costume and shoes.

Excellent condition.

Mattel, very good/

Mattel. $400/600

excellent condition. $500/700


598. Early German Vertical Steam Engine by Bing 16" (42 cm.) Tin steam engine on heavy metal base has original burner and water gauges on the boiler; and having a very intricate and design including unusual temperature gauge. The engine is signed on the front with Bing insignia. Excellent working condition. Germany, Bing, early 20th century, the engine was shown in the Bing 1913 catalog as model 130/114, available in 7 sizes, this being the intermediate. $500/900

599. Rare Tin Toy Fountain Toy for Steam Engine by Bing 5" (13 cm.) The painted and lithographed tin accessory, designed by operate with steam engine power, features an ornate fountain with highly

597. German Model Steam Locomobile by Ernst Plank in Original Box

decorative features

8" (20 cm.)

potted plants. Small

Early and rare

plaque on front of

model steam

fountain with


Bing marking

with fixed

of GBN.


Germany, Bing,

including three lion heads from which water spouts into the fountain bowl and two attached

ability to work forward and backward without reversing gear, on original cast iron

Circa 1920.

stand, complete with burner and contained in original box with beautiful illustration

Excellent original

of the label of his shop. Germany, Ernst Plank, circa 1908. An amazingly well preserved

condition with

example appears virtually unplayed with and wonderfully displayed in original box

superb finish.




600. German Steam Engine by Maerklin in Original Condition highly ornate and

602. Highly Ornate German Steam Engine in Original Box by Maerklin

complex metal steam

17" (43 cm.)

engine with lying


cylinder and dynamo,

preserved steam

attached on original

engine on large

base, and complete

base with one

with additional

cylinder engine,

accessories including


funnels and pot.


Excellent original

which are

condition and finish.


Germany, Maerklin,

original and

circa 1930. $400/600


13" (33 cm.) The

Original Maerklin paper label adorns

601. Early German Steam Engine by Georges Carette on Painted Tin Base

the front and

17" (43 cm.)

its original box

Early metal steam

in unplayed

engine with high

with condition.



complete with

Maerklin, circa

burner on nicely

1935. $600/800

the entire piece is wonderfully preserved in

painted tin base with

in Germany in the

603. Elaborate and Rare Large German Metal Steam Engine by Doll et Cie

late-19th century and

21" (53 cm.)

produced toy boats

Metal twin-

and steam engines

cylinder steam

until the war in 1917

engine with

colorful decoration, a rare example by Georges Carette, a French toy maker who set up his works

when he fled back


to Paris. Germany, George Carette & Co., circa 1910. Excellent condition, some minor paint

feeding pump, displayed on luxury large green base that is highly decorated

wear to to tin base. $600/900

with faux brick chimney. Rare large size by this illustrious firm that specialized in steam toys in the late 19th and early 20th century. Exceptional original condition. Germany, Doll et Cie, circa 1930. $600/900



SpielzeugMuseum - Angela Prader Davos  

A Catalog Auction of the Complete Contents of the Museum Featuring Childhood Treasures from the 18th to Early 20th Century

SpielzeugMuseum - Angela Prader Davos  

A Catalog Auction of the Complete Contents of the Museum Featuring Childhood Treasures from the 18th to Early 20th Century