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Summer’s last burst of glory Trent Lakes supports Boyd Island • The Lindsay Ex • Bobcaygeon’s Fall Fair Delivered through Canada Post to homes in Bobcaygeon, Dunsford, Fenelon Falls & parts of Lindsay. Free in stores in Kawartha Lakes, Trent Lakes and Curve Lake September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter


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September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter







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From my Perch

I once won a prize for my agricultural prowess at the “Daddy of ‘em all”—the Bobcaygeon Fall Fair. It wasn’t the clear triumph I might have hoped for, but it was still one of my proudest moments—and a fine example of serendipity. I’ve always liked the idea of growing my own food, although if I had to live on what I’ve coaxed out of the earth, I’d be long dead. I’m a better gardener in my imagination than in the good earth. I had a couple of rows of carrots The Promoter is a local, independently owned and operated news magazine. The opinions and views expressed are those one year. The ground was stony and of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect those of hard (I was a neglectful waterer), and The Promoter. Liability for incorrectly displayed or placed advertisements is limited to publishing corrections or providing the poor plants suffered as a result. advertising credit to be applied on subsequent advertisements When I went to harvest them, at the advertiser’s discretion. I found one multi-limbed root that looked for all the world like two wrestlers entwined in mortal combat. I entered it in the “Most-UnusualShaped-Vegetable” category, and lo and behold, I won. First prize: $5. If my carrot had been a ginseng root, I could have sold it for a fortune. When I got my entry home

Cover: Sunflowers planted on the roadside at Peterborough County Road 36 and Kens Road, Trent Lakes Photo: John Bird

however, I discovered it really was two carrots intertwined. I’m not sure the judges knew that. Should I have won? Perusing the other vegetable contest winners at the fair, I also became convinced I could have won in the best “Two-Field-Pumpkins” category too. I had two beautiful “punkins” at home that were definitely superior to the winners. That would have been another questionable win though, as I hadn’t even planted pumpkins. These two came from a “volunteer” whose seed survived the previous Halloween carving and winter in my compost pile before I inadvertently planted it. It remains my gardening career’s most successful plant (so far), the vine snaking 30 feet through the garden and producing perfect pumpkin twins. I wish I could take credit. I love fall fairs, and we’ve got two great ones coming up—in Lindsay and Bobcaygeon. Enjoy them. LATE BREAKING NEWS FLASH: In a recorded vote Sept. 15, Trent Lakes Council pledged $75,000 towards Kawartha Land Trust’s Boyd Island Preservation campaign (related stories, page 10).

September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter


Village Voice The Promoter reserves the right to edit Letters to the Editor for length and clarity. Please include your email or mailing address and daytime phone number (not for publication). All opinions expressed are those of the writer.

Missing the bus

There has been a further development regarding the initial, “Brother, can we bum a ride?” (Sept. 4, page 13). I am preparing for a move to Lindsay’s bright lights and bus service at the end of September. It’s a move I never anticipated would happen when I came here one year ago. Bobcaygeon afforded a wonderful lifestyle of restaurants, shops, and many other related amenities. But it fell short on a major life issue—mobility. My move to the “real” City of Kawartha Lakes will leave a local senior residence with an approximate $40,000 income shortfall. Is this the way to treat business people who set up shop in a community in need of employment, and one that tithes the tax coffers with a very large payment yearly? What do they get instead? The proverbial kick in the pants. Hopefully a bus service can be renewed very soon. Ted Howes Bobcaygeon (for now)

Pledging to save Boyd Island

Thanks to my parents, who found this little piece of heaven for our family back in the 1950s, I have been cottaging here since I was born. This year a lifelong dream has come true; my husband and I are now full-time residents of Bobcaygeon. As a child I remember setting out with my little boat and motor with Boyd Island as the destination. My friends and I would take the better part of the morning to get to the island for a shore lunch and a hike, but it was always worth the trip. Now anytime my husband and I are looking for a trip out on the water, it includes a circuit of the island. The size of the boat and motor has changed but the island has not. Like so many others, I would like to keep it that way. I am impressed with the efforts of the Kawartha Land Trust to raise the money needed to move forward with the stewardship and care of the island.


September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter

I have pledged to contribute to the fund to honor my late father, Ray Hickling, who so loved the area—and for my children and grandchildren, and the generations to come. I challenge your readers and their families to do the same. Christmas is just around the corner what a wonderful gift idea. Why not sponsor an acre (or more) for a pledge of $1,000—individually or as a group. Challenge your families, employers, co-workers, neighbours, club, place of worship, marina, park, or cottager’s or neighborhood association. Ann Adare, Pigeon Lake

What’s up with milk?

For months now I have noticed that the City of Kawartha Lakes is not equal, at least regarding the price of four litres of milk. In Lindsay it averages $3.97 (plus or minus a penny), Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon, $4.99 (plus or minus a penny). Even at Bobcaygeon’s Kawartha Dairy plant, it is $4.70. You can also get a card, and when you have purchased 10, you get one free (oh joy). Last month we were in Bancroft, where you can get two four-litre bags for $7.69, also at the Kawartha Lakes Dairy outlet. Why the disparity? I like to shop locally when I can, but in this case when I go to Lindsay I’ll get my milk there—and while there will do my other grocery shopping too. Guess who loses? Gord Killen Bobcaygeon

Secret postal depot

If you travel west from Fenelon Falls on CKL Road 8, just before you get to Highway 35, on your right-hand side, there are 44 brand-new postal vehicles fenced in. They have been there since May, or maybe earlier. The Fenelon Falls Post Office does not know why they are there, and no one will answer them from Ottawa. Have they been purchased by Canada Post and left there to rot? Russ Woodard Fenelon Falls

Horseless Carriage become a memory



We recently had a visitor from California, so I called the Horseless Carriage Museum and set up a guided tour. Owner Rick Bennett gave us a private, 90-minute tour of his various treasures, including cars, music boxes and mechanical gadgets. I was fascinated with his passionate descriptions and explanations of each item’s historical significance, and the elaborate stories of how he came to acquire his collection. For example, he has a 1905 Cadillac once coveted by entertainer Jay Leno. However, what disturbs me is the lack of appreciation and recognition the City of Kawartha Lakes displays for this one-of-a-kind attraction. Nowhere could I find the listing of this remarkable collection of mechanical antiquities in any City of Kawartha Lakes information pamphlets. The Horseless Carriage Museum is treated like it doesn’t exist. Rumour has it that an offer from Peterborough may soon lure this real “jewel of Fenelon Falls” to where it is wanted. Citizens, make sure you take your family, friends and anyone else you can think of to visit The Horseless Carriage Museum before it is gone. After your visit, maybe a call or email to your city councillor might be warranted. Paul Tomlinson Coboconk

Remove tyrants to prevent refugees

A human tide of over 4 million people (comparable to the population of each of the Nordic nations) is arriving on Europe’s doorstep. This is a deluge of religious values, cultural beliefs, social strata, and inter-gender relationships that will extinguish the existing order. It is statistically certain that in that tide will be small groups of dangerous religious ideologues plotting the overthrow of their host countries. There have always been refugees, but there has never been a palatable solution to their plight. The exodus of enslaved Hebrews from Egypt lead, eventually, to wars, and the subjugation of the peoples in Judea. Moving ethnic groups en masse, does not work. First Nations in Canada will confirm that the arrival of Europeans swamped their cultures, and brought few benefits.

Harmony Farm

more than just food explore your senses

first annual fall feast september 26th

reservations required Sat and Sun Brunch 9-3 3290 Cty. Rd. 121

They face new challenges every day. The sex ed. and health curriculum can help. The first updates since 1998 will help parents and teachers give kids the skills they need to stay safe. Find out what kids will learn grade by grade at

Paid for by the Government of Ontario

705-488-3300 September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter


People flee their homelands because of persecution, poverty, corruption and violence created by their leaders. The solution is to make the original homelands places of prosperity, comfort, security, political stability, and democracy. Then there will be no reason for huge numbers to flee. It’s almost impossible to clean up the mess when it lands on Europe’s doorstep, so we should redirect our resources to deal with the problem at its source. This would need a radical change in thinking at international levels. We must affirm, by international legislation, sanctions, and military muscle, that no government may treat its people inhumanely. Tyrants must be removed before the people are forced to flee their homeland. Peter Weygang Bobcaygeon

Bobcaygeon loves its Legion

The Bobcaygeon Royal Canadian Legion will soon be celebrating 90 years with very special events to celebrate this accomplishment. The Legion is composed entirely of volunteers and relies totally on community support. Our recent very successful Loonie Auction was an example of how the community supports the Legion. Legions across Canada are struggling to survive but our Legion is doing well because of our loyal and dedicated volunteers. Recently we had nine new community members come forward to help, and they are not

even members of the Legion. These volunteers help cook for our events and have come up with some great new ways of doing just that, starting Sept. 20, they will be doing Sunday Brunches and Pasta Mondays at the Legion. The Legion is a not-for-profit organization that prides itself on supporting our veterans. We also donate to over 50 local charities. New events include our first Oktoberfest Dance, Party and traditional celebration Oct. 17, an Elvis Tribute Christmas Dinner and Dance, and a volunteer appreciation New Year’s Eve. November, of course is our month of Remembrance, our service at the cenotaph and our Poppy Campaign. “Lest We Forget.” Margaret Cameron, 1st Vice President Bobcaygeon

Thanks for the support

On behalf of Bobcaygeon’s Terry Fox Run Committee, thank you very much for the great article you ran on Page 22 of the Sept. 4 Kawartha Promoter. We certainly appreciate your support as we strive to reach out to citizens in Bobcaygeon. We are looking forward to a most successful event this year. Connie Picken and Bev Rancier Bobcaygeon

2016 New Members Special

Buy your 2016 golf membership now and play for the remainder of 2015 FREE

705.738.5111 1.888.452.5111 26 Country Club Dr., Fenelon Falls 6

September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter

City Hall CKL still wants more DC info on Lindsay bridge By Pat Warren

A Development Charges (DC) Taskforce, struck recently to ensure input from the development community in setting charges on new commercial, industrial or residential projects, has been looking at the issue of another Scugog bridge crossing in Lindsay. The DC Background Study can help allocate the bridge costs appropriately to new development, which will cover 60 percent of the project Many CKL councillors agree Lindsay needs a new bridge to deal with increasing downtown traffic—it’s in the transportation study after all. The only questions are the usual ones—where to put it and at what cost? The 2012 council had asked city staff to consider other options, but when staff reported to the current council at its first fall meeting, Sept. 8, they went with what seems to many the obvious choice, Colborne Street. CAO Ron Taylor said the Colborne Street crossing was the appropriate site. Growth forecasts for Lindsay in the growth plan call for a bridge in the downtown area before 2031. Yet another crossing could be considered after 2031, when the population has increased and traffic volumes in the north end of Lindsay will

need to be addressed. At an estimated cost of $10 million, Colborne Street is not only the most affordable option, but staff felt it was the best one to facilitate downtown traffic flows. An Environmental Assessment study in the 1990s by the Town of Lindsay also concluded a bridge was needed at the Colborne site. Another proposal, for Thunder Bridge Road north of the Central East Correctional Centre, carries an estimated price tag of $75 million, plus other environmental challenges. Ward 12 Councillor Gord James argued the best bridge site is the old railway crossing which was considered during the North West Trunk debate. It could cost up to $44 million, but he said the city could apply for grants to offset the higher costs. Council asked staff to bring back more information—hopefully later this month—before it makes a decision.

Shop & Enjoy at Farmers’ Market

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WINTER BOAT STORAGE Call to reserve your spot Pontoon boats • Sea doos Bow Riders • Cruisers

For all your boating needs!

705-341-3077 Leo Groenendyk

Rob Owen

Serving: Lindsay, Bobcaygeon, Dunsford, and surrounding areas. Email - 327 Snug Harbour Rd., Lindsay September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter


Will Fenelon, Caygeon, get gas?

Enbridge Gas Distribution could be bringing natural gas to Fenelon Falls as early as this winter. And if a feasibility study suggests doing both communities at once is a more economical option, the company may bring the heating and cooking fuel to Bobcaygeon at the same time. Enbridge representatives told Kawartha Lakes council on Aug. 11 that the province wants to expand natural gas service to communities where it’s not currently available—and both Fenelon and Caygeon are on the list. They said the company has been making test holes in the Fenelon area over the summer as part of an economic feasibility study. Council recognized access to natural gas would lower energy prices for residents and employers, and could attract new industry and create jobs. It supported Enbridge’s application to the Ontario Energy Board to change regulations that limit the company’s ability to extend service to places like Fenelon and Bobcaygeon.

City approves plan for Balsam and Cameron Lakes By Pat Warren

Kawartha Lakes Council has given its stamp of approval to Kawartha Conservation’s Balsam and Cameron Lakes Management Plan to preserve the water quality of these two very important lakes in


our watershed. Balsam and Cameron are considered two of the cleanest in the region—with no documented occurrences of blue-green algae in either one. They are the headwater lakes in the Kawartha chain, and have less development and less nutrient loading from the upper watersheds that feed them from the rockier Canadian Shield. It is very important to keep these headwaters as pristine as possible. Growing stressors on the lakes include: increased development; urban and rural run-off; and other pollutants like contaminants from power boats, grey water discharge from houseboats and oil spills from shoreline properties. They can challenge the lakes’ abilities to clean themselves and recover. The management plan has many actions to be taken to help preserve the water quality, including: mitigating urban run-off; naturalizing shorelines; managing septic systems; vegetative buffers along streams, educating landowners about shoreline maintainance, and a tree-management plan. These actions will help to stop pollutants entering the lakes so we can continue to enjoy their clean waters.

Speed bumps are removable

City of Kawartha Lakes staff have installed removable speed cushions (that’s “bumps” to you) in two places in Lindsay, and one in Fenelon Falls. It’s part of a two-year pilot project.

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Following a council directive, staff will install speed cushions in Lindsay on William Street and Victoria Avenue. Both locations are north of Pottinger Street. They will also install one in Fenelon Falls on Clifton Street, south of Kennedy Drive. All three are accompanied by warning signs. The “bumps” are removable, so staff will be able to take them away over the winter to allow for snow removal. After a two-year test, said Kawartha Lakes Mayor Andy Letham, “we will see if they have the desired (traffic calming) effect.”

Mitchell’s Bridge back up and running

The four-year closure on Northline Road finally came to an end on Sept. 9, when a brand new Mitchell’s Bridge over the Burnt River was officially opened for public use. The original, 1926 Mitchells Bridge was already nearing the end of its service life when a traffic

accident led to the weight limit for the bridge being reduced from 21 tonnes to eight tonnes. “Replacing Mitchell’s Bridge has been a long process and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while the work has been ongoing,” said Juan Rojas, acting director of development services with the City. The project, which has taken more than four years, will “reduce travel time and improve traffic flow for residents and motorists both north and south of the bridge,” said Ward 3 Councillor Gord Miller. “With two lanes and sidewalks the bridge will be much safer and it will certainly make the trips to Fenelon Falls and Coboconk much more convenient.” A new commemorative plaque was also unveiled detailing the bridge’s history.

Ruth & Stuart Sheppard



Happy drivers turned out in droves to mark the opening of the new Mitchell’s Bridge. Photo Credit: John Chambers

September 26th 1955 September 26th 2015



Fenelon Falls Real Estate Ltd. Serving the City of Kawartha Lakes

Peter Witt Broker of Record

Wendy Witt Sales Rep

20 May St., Fenelon Falls

Kathy Stewart Sales Rep

Lori Griffin Sales Rep

Dave Hardyman

Sales Rep


Desiree Clark Sales Rep

*Not intended to solicit parties currently under contract.

September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter


This Kawartha Life: An occasional series

Stan Nichols tells tales from Boyd Island

By Glenna Burns

If Boyd Island could talk, it could tell many tales. One of its celebrated storytellers was Pigeon Lake fishing guide, Stan Nichols, who began guiding around Boyd Island around 1924. Luckily for us, Enid Mallory transcribed some of his stories in her 1991 book, “Kawartha: Living on These Lakes.”

“I’ve guided for 63 years. Biggest fish we ever got was a 31 1⁄2 pound, 52 1⁄2 inch Muskie. Woman from Akron, Ohio. She fished every year from 1932. People coming back every year were like part of the family.” Stan cooked over a 100 “shore dinners” every summer: unpeeled potatoes, beans, bacon and fish. “We have a dinner place on a small island off Boyd’s Island. Each guide would have a place. There’s a covered fireplace and a table—initials there back to 1943, but I had it before that.” Stan talked about the bad storms that could brew up on Pigeon Lake. One time he had to overnight on the island with his guests until the winds died down. “Boyds had all that land leased for 99 years. They ranched cattle and horses over there.” “Boyd Island—we call it Big Island—should be left the way it is. The government should take it for a park.”

NPLRA to save Boyd

The North Pigeon Lake Ratepayers Association is joining the Kawartha Land Trust in its challenge to raise pledges of $1 million before Nov. 30 to save Boyd Island. New NPLRA President Janet Klein is calling on all members, families and friends to help with what she calls “a great opportunity.” “Pledge now,” she appeals in a letter to the NPLRA membership, “to Preserve Boyd Island FOREVER.” Boyd Island (aka Big Island) is one of the largest and most significant undeveloped islands in Ontario, with unspoiled wetlands, wildlife and a wide variety of plant species. It also has a long cultural history of First Nations use, and a shorter one of settler use. It’s named after lumber baron Mossom Boyd. At press time, KLT already had pledges of $435,000, with $565,000 more to go. You can find pledge forms at The Kawartha Promoter offices and many other establishments around Pigeon Lake, or at:

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HOME-MADE BAKING AVAILABLE Open seven days a week 50 Main st., Bobcaygeon 10 September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter


PLEDGE TODAY TO SPONSOR AN ACRE OF BOYD ISLAND CHALLENGE YOURSELF AND OTHERS BEFORE NOVEMBER 30, 2015 THIS IS A ONE-TIME-ONLY OPPORTUNITY TO PRESERVE BOYD ISLAND Boyd Island has 1,165 acres. Sponsorship of one acre is $1,000; 1,000 sponsorships would reach the goal of $1,000,000 to enable Kawartha Land Trust to preserve Boyd Island for the public forever! SPONSOR ONE, SPONSOR MANY, GIFT AN ACRE, OR PARTNER-UP TO CO-SPONSOR AN ACRE! HONOUR THE MEMORY OF A LOST LOVED ONE WITH A MEMORIAL LEGACY SPONSORHIP! DON’T FORGET CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER; A SPONSORED ACRE CERTIFICATE MAKES A UNIQUE GIFT! BUSINESSES - SPONSOR AN ACRE OR MORE; MATCH CONTRIBUTIONS FROM EMPLOYEES; EVEN CHALLENGE YOUR COMPETITORS! On successful completion of the fundraising campaign, Sponsors will receive: · An email/phone call to submit their donation · A certificate of sponsorship or co-sponsorship · Public recognition in The Promoter for their generous giving Track fundraising progress in The Promoter, the Boyd Island posters in front of the Trent Lakes Township office and our website at www.kawarthalandtrust.

September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter 11


The Promoter Crossword # 161 - By Charon Looking at October 19 Down 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 Singer who thanked heaven for little girls (9) 10 2 God of the Sea (7) 3 Egypt neighbour (6) 4 Farm measure (4) 12 5 It's depressed when you swallow (10) 13 6 Game bird resembling a 15 16 snipe (8) 7 Strikingly strange stuff (7) 17 8 Peacocks do it (5) 20 21 13 You turn them on when 22 you cry (10) 16 Many sided, like some 24 athletes (3-6) 25 17 Online identity (4,4) 19 In name only (7) 27 21 Make downtrodden (7) 22 Spotted feline (6) 23 Desert wanderer (5) 29 25 Celebrity in the sky? (4)










Across 1 Someone running for office (9) 6 Young dog or wolf (5) 9 Napoleon for example (7) 10 Smelter input (4,3) 11 Queen Victoria was not this (6) 12 October 19 event (8) 14 On the rocks (4) 15 City in Silicon Valley (5,5) 18 It turns the chickens (10)

Solution to Crossword # 160

20 Counting of votes (4) 23 Rich dark colour for tanned complexion (8) 24 The right leader? (6) 26 Bearded leftist leader (7) 27 "Nice hair though" candidate (7) 28 Mournful melody (5) 29 Taken aback (9)





Wanted Gold & Silver



Cash paid for Jewelry • Coins • Sterling Watches • Medals • Antiques etc. R. Carruth 705-887-1672

Water Conditioning Limited 1-800-721-4921 • 705-439-2589

Sales * Service * Rentals * Residential * Agricultural * Cottage * Commercial * Industrial

* Ultraviolet Sterilizers * Softeners * Chlorination * Reverse Osmosis * Drinking Water Systems * Iron & Sulphur Filters * Salt Delivery * Replacement Filters & Ultraviolet Lamps Free Service To All Makes Water Certified in Backflow Prevention And Cross Connection Licensed by Testing the MOE 12 September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter

It’s Easy Being Green Introducing Julia—and a new ‘environmental’ column

This issue, we introduce a new column by a local woman who has spent the last decade experimenting with ways to make her home and family lifestyles more environmentally healthy. Julia Taylor, who is also teaching a “Green Living 101” course at the Lindsay Library with the Kawartha Lakes Free University (FreeU), will share some of her easy environmental tips and tricks with our readers in “It’s Easy Being Green.” She’s also a David Suzuki Queen of Green coach. Both her six-week course and this column will look at how to have a chemical-free house, body and environment, how to eat clean, recycle, reduce and reuse, and how to build green communities. “I’m excited to share my growing knowledge because I care deeply—and I know we all care— about the health of the environment, and particularly the health of our beautiful Kawartha Lakes,” she says. Check out Julia’s Green Living course by emailing her directly, or emailing the FreeU founder Wendy Mortimer at KawarthaLakesFreeU@gmail. com. FreeU is a new joint initiative of the Kawartha Lakes city and library system, and is offering three free courses this fall: Green Living, how to read music, and speaking Spanish. Enjoy Julia’s column. “It’s good for your health, it saves you money, and it’s easy,” she promises.


By Julia Taylor

When my husband and I first bought our home, the lawn had not been cut in years. When we cut it, we got many high fives from our happy new neighbours. They loved us. But we were so busy with renovations that by the second year, most of the lawn was dandelions. We thought our neighbours would take back their high fives. But they were still happy. As long as our property wasn’t a hay field, they thought we were awesome. So now we can make our own dandelion wine and high five each other. Lawn-care chemicals, I discovered through further reading, kill valuable organisms, pollute ecosystems, and feed the weeds in the lake. So, one of the best ways to protect our lakes is to simply let the grass be greener on your own side. Let the weeds grow in your grass, not in our lakes, reducing nutrient runoff. Yep, it’s that easy. Your neighbours will still love you—and small changes can make a big difference. In fact, some of you may already be green heroes in this department. I would love to hear your comments, questions and even heckles. Email juliataylor@live. ca.


Legion News “At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.” Branch 67 Lindsay (705) 324-2613 • Pub Fare Lunch – Tuesdays, Thursdays, noon to 2 pm • Full Dinners – Fridays, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, roast beef, liver and onions, plus special • Meat Roll – Saturdays, 2 pm • Live Entertainment – Saturdays, 7:30 to 11:30 pm, free, open to all

Branch 238 Fenelon Falls (705) 887-3041 • Horse Shoes League – Tuesdays, 6:30 pm; spares welcome • Drop-in Darts – Tuesdays, 8:00 pm; all welcome • Bingo – Wednesdays, 6:45 pm; doors open at 5 • Tai Chi – Thursdays, 10 am • Hot Lunches – Thursdays, Fridays, 11:30 am to 1 pm • Drop-in Shuffle Board - Sundays, 1:30 pm • English Pub Night - first Friday of month, 5:30 to 7 pm • Meat Roll - Second Thursday of month, 2:30 pm

Branch 239 Bobcaygeon (705) 738-2710 • Triple M Country Kitchen Brunch - Sundays, starting Sept. 20, 11 am-2 pm—wide-ranging breakfast & lunch items –Adults-$15, 65+-$12, under 13-$7.50 • Pasta Night – Mondays starting Sept. 21, 4 pm - Pasta Plate with garlic/or cheese Bread - $8 • Big Buck Euchre – Sept. 28, 10 am - $10 with light lunch • Meat Roll – Saturdays, 2:30 pm • Wednesday Night Darts (sign-up in club-room), Thursday Night Euchre, and Sunday Shuffleboard: dates to be announced. Branch 441 Kinmount (705) 488-3462 • Bingo – Fridays, 6:45 pm • Meat Draw – Saturdays, 5 pm • Seniors Cards – Mondays, 1 pm • Drop-in Cards – Tuesdays, 7 pm • Lunch – Last Tuesday of month, April to October • Big Buck Bid Euchre - Third Wednesday of month, 11 am

Branch 497 Omemee (705) 799-5095 • Blind Draw Darts – Tuesdays, 7:30 pm • Progressive Euchre – Second Saturday of month, 12:30 pm

Branch 519 Coboconk (705) 454-8127 • Giant Loony Auction – Oct. 3, 5: 30 pm, Amazing items, Roast Beef Dinner - $12 • Meat Roll – Saturdays, 3 pm • Euchre – Tuesdays, 1 pm • Big Buck Bid Euchre - First Wednesday of month 11 am • Lunch - Last Friday of month, 11:30 am – 1 pm • Euchre - one Friday a month, 7 pm (705-454-8127 for date)

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LEX = Lindsay ExhibitioN

Celebrate “The LEX,” Sept. 23 to 27, when Lindsay’s 120-acre Exhibition Grounds transforms into a cornucopia of agriculture events for the community’s 161st fall fair. It’s the single largest event in the City of Kawartha Lakes. LEX offers five full days of family fun, including main grandstand events each evening—truck and tractor pulls on Thursday and Saturday, demolition derbies on Friday and Sunday, and a “Demo Cross” on Wednesday. Wednesday is the parade—and 4-H Day. As

host of the East Central Ontario 4-H championships, LEX is where farm youngsters come hoping to win a competitive berth at the November Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. See top entries from Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes-Haliburton, Durham and York Counties in the 4-H Championship Livestock Show. This year LEX celebrates 100 years of 4-H, and 60 years of the East Central Championship Show. About 400 Grade 3 students will learn about the fair’s many agricultural events, including shows featuring beef and dairy cattle, sheep and goats, poultry, pigs, field crops, vegetables and home crafts at the fair’s Agricultural Education Days. The Lindsay Fair features a huge midway, and the musical entertainment includes a tribute to Patsy Cline. Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, BarnYard Babies, and the WoofJocks Canine All Stars will fascinate the kids—and their parents. For more information visit www.lindsayex. com.

Sounds under the Stars

Robert and Eileen Blake will perform bluegrass, gypsy jazz and more at the last of Gamiing Nature Centre’s ( “Sounds under the Stars” summer 2015 concert series in the Hayloft— an old barn converted into a new, intimate concert venue. The show starts at 7:30 pm on Sept. 26, with a cash bar. Admission by donation ($10 suggested).

The Spence Family would like to thank everyone who supported us in our second season at

Sheffield Greens Golf Club

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Winter storage available for all sized boats at great rates with discounted packages No booking necessary Drop it off 7 days a week Pickup and delivery along with fully insured and licensed boat transportation Full service Volvo and mercury/mercruiser authorized service Birch Point Marina

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Over 50 Years On Sturgeon Lake

Four decades of portraits illustrate Chuck Burns’ life

“Even before I could read I would pour through encyclopedia and art books,” says Chuck Burns. “I was awed by the great masters and their realistic imagery of romantic figures. Drawing and anatomy became a passion I have pursued my entire life.” Now, after over four decades of pursuing that passion, Burns has an exhibition at the Sheila Boyd gallery at the Bobcaygeon Public library, under the appropriately descriptive title: “Forty years of painting portraits.” “When painting portraits I want to involve the viewer; make them ask questions,” he says. “What is the subject thinking? What has life been like for the subject?” This retrospective represents some of his best

work, beginning with 1975’s young man in a “Leather Hat.” Accompanying each painting is an engaging artists’ story. “All my paintings are portraits of myself, whether they be figurative, landscape or close-up,” says Burns. “They are derived from personal experiences with the people in my life, places I’ve been, nature, animals or the everyday objects around me.” The show is open to the public during Bobcaygeon library hours, Monday to Saturday, but only until Sept. 25—so make sure you get out there.




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Daddy’s Home

It’s Bobcaygeon Fall Fair time again The Bobcaygeon Fall Fair—“The Daddy Of ‘Em All”— brings a major coup to its 157th

return to the village this fall from Thursday, Oct. 1 to Saturday, Oct. 3. The James Barker Band, fresh from winning the Emerging Artist Showcase at this summer’s massive Boots & Hearts country music festival, will provide Friday evening’s musical entertainment in the arena, starting at 7 pm. Organizers booked the Lindsay-based band Donna M. Wood Licensed Paralegal Commissioner For Taking Affidavits

Have Fun at the Bobcaygeon Fall Fair

Personal Injury/ Small Claims 15A Main Street T: 705.738.9841

Cathy Hopkins Sales Representative

(beside Steve’s Barbershop)


just in time—before their Boots & Hearts win catapulted them towards stardom and put them out of affordability range for the Bobcaygeon Fair. It’s a great opportunity to see them up close and personal, while you still can—and without even leaving town. Some of the other excitement for this year’s fair is also musical, with a celebrity guest judge for the talent show—Country 105 FM’s Miles Gibney. He’ll have a tough challenge ahead of him. The big Saturday dance that closes the fair will also be a Country 105 Video Dance. As for the rest of the fair, enjoy the usual, delightful suspects.

All-Stars Realty Inc., Brokerage Re/MaX County town Realty inc., Independently owned and operated brokerage would like to welcome CathyCathy Hopkins Hopkins-Poole to our bobcaygeon office.

Sales representative

Cell. 705 738-7007 73 BoltonSchool Street,in Cathy was raised in Lindsay with five siblings and attended IE Weldon Secondary Bus. 705Lindsay 738-2378 Bobcaygeon and secondary education in Oshawa. Cathy moved to Bobcaygeon to raise a family and has lived in the same waterfront community in Bobcaygeon for 25 years. Cathy was a Administrative/treatment co-ordinator for 20 years at the local Dental Offices where she became friends with many clients.

Have Fun at the Fair!

Cathy owns and operates Kawartha Lifestyles Portable Hot tub sales for the Bobcaygeon, Fenelon, Haliburton, Lindsay area. Her daughter is a teacher in Lindsay. Cathy has a love for boating and knows the Trent Severn Waterway well. ~ The 157thextremely ~ Enjoy The Bobcaygeon Fall FairHer passion for helping people has drawn her towards a exciting career in real estate.

738-4402 • 73A Bolton St. Bobcaygeon


1st - 3rd Honest • Friendly •October. Professional

Demolition Derby - Thurs. Oct. 1st 7:30 p.m.

ContaCt CatHy at tHe bobCaygeon oFFiCe at Jermyn Lumber Ltd. 73 bolton St.,St. bobCaygeon 705-738-2378 57 North Bobcaygeon •(705) 738 - 2412 ®

Not intended to solicit properties already listed for sale.

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Tel 705.738.2121 • Fax 705.738-6346 • 888.472.6006 Bobcaygeon • Minden • Lindsay • Bancroft Uxbridge • Huntsville • Peterborough • Barrie For GTA Locations Visit

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68 County Road 36 N • Just North of Bobcaygeon


BOBCAYGEON FALL FAIR “The Daddy Of ‘Em All” Thursday, Friday & Saturday - October 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 2015

Admission: $10.00 each day, children 10 & under FREE - Weekend Passes: $25.00 each Limited Parking: $5.00 Thursday & Friday Only - Limited Saturday Handicap Parking ONLY – $5.00

~ Thursday, October1st – DEMOLITION DERBY ~ Full Size Pro Modified Demo Derby Full Size Straight Stock Demo Derby Figure 8 Race & Mini Smash Demo Derby Starts at 7:30 pm at the Grandstand

~ Friday, October 2nd ~ TRACTOR & TRUCK PULL - AMBASSADOR PROGRAM & SHOW 8:30 am……..................…… Hunter Horse Show 9:00 am ……………………….. MINIATURE HORSE Show 9 – 10 am …………………….. Poultry to be on the grounds 10am-9pm……………………. Exhibit Hall Opens (Curling Club) 10am-6pm …………………… Exhibit Tent 10:30 am …………………….. Judging of Poultry

4:00 pm……………………………………….. MIDWAY OPENS 6:00 pm……………………………............. TRACTOR & TRUCK PULL & Prostreet Diesel, Hotstock 4x4, Mini Mod Tractors & Mod farm 10500 lb. 7:00 pm …….....…………….. JAMES BARKER BAND in the arena 8:15 pm ……....…. AMBASSADOR PROGRAM & SHOW & Junior Ambassador Program & Official Opening

~ Saturday, October 3rd ~ FULL DAY OF ENTERTAINMENT – PARADE – TALENT SHOW – HORSE PULL & more! 9:00 am……..................…… Western Horse Show 9:00 am………………………… MIDWAY OPENS

12 noon to 4 pm. ENTERTAINMENT SHOWCASE in the arena

- Clogging Grandmothers, Tory Hathaway, Ron Guttman – Light Horse Show The Party Magician & North Winds Concert Band Poultry Barn Opens 12:15 pm…………… Entries taken for Dog Show CONCESSIONS Open (arena until 5 pm) 12:30 pm ……….…. Junior Sheep Show (14 & under) 10:00 am ............................. Dalrymple Rabbitry, Pony Rides & Juvenile Goat Show (10 & under) Farm Animal Display 1:00 pm…………….. DOG SHOW begins Exhibit Hall Opens (curling club) 1:30 pm……………... Entries taken for Talent Show at band shell Beef cattle on the grounds Juvenile Dairy Calf Show Sheep Show & Dairy Display 2:00 pm…………….. TALENT SHOW starts at the band shell 11:00 am ............................. ANNUAL PARADE – starts at the fountain Singing & Instrumentals Goat Show & Judging Beef Cattle 3:30 pm…………….. HORSE PULL – Light & Heavy – at the Grandstand Juvenile Beef Calf Show (10 & under) Junior Beef Cattle Show 4:45 pm…………….. EXHIBIT HALL CLOSES 12 noon .............................. STOCKDALE CENTRAL BAND at the band shell 5:30 pm…………….. EXHIBIT HALL REOPENS for Exhibitors to pick up Heavy Horse Show entries 12:30 pm & 3 pm................. CIRCUS JONATHAN (beside Dog show ring) - FREE SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE AVAILABLE FROM BALL PARK - last pick up at fair grounds 5 pm to return to ball park -

~ Saturday Night Dance ~ FEATURING ……………..


- DOORS OPEN AT at 8:30 pm - $15.00 at the door – AGE OF MAJORITY EVENT WEEKEND PASSES $25.00 – Admission to Thursday, Friday & Saturday For more info: or contact us at:

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By Bob Hughes Thanks to a small group of dedicated volunteers and the proceeds from the 2014 Yard Sale, the Chamber of Commerce offices in the historic Boyd Lumber Company building have been renovated into one of Bobcaygeonís most attractive business premises. We completed the Business Office project last year in what was originally the personal office of Mossom Boyd, whose lumber company was Bobcaygeonís 19th-century economic heart. Renovations on the Public Office and public washrooms were completed in 2015. Kudos and thanks for the stellar volunteer efforts of Ruth-anne, Tony van Yzendoorn, Brian and Emily Wilson, Craig McPherson, John Bailey, Rosa Sharpe, Joe Pollard, Bob Hughes, Sheri Bates, Rick Scott, summer student Jordan Dickson, Max Miller, Adrian Barker, and Ted Bishop. Larry Jones has loaned us two top-notch examples of his taxidermistís artówith leaping muskies, and raccoons exploring a garbage can. Drop by to see them. Cruisefest, the Chamber’s last event for 2015,

was rained out on Sept. 13. Watch for a future date announcement. The Chamber will also participate in the Bobcaygeon Fall Fair with a “food-on-the-run” booth in the arena on Friday, Oct. 2 and Saturday, Oct. 3.


Federal election candidates for the PeterboroughKawartha riding will discuss the ongoing relationship between the Canadian government, Indigenous peoples and settlers at an upcoming all-candidates forum. Topics include: missing and murdered Aboriginal women, environmental consultation, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations, and the education gap. Peterborough-Kawartha riding now includes the Municipality of Trent Lakes. The forum is Friday, Sept. 18, from 6:309:30 pm at the Peterborough Lions Community Centre, 347 Burnham St., Peterborough, hosted by Niijkiwendidaa Anishnaabekwewag Services Circle.

Local Trades & Services ELECTRIC Owner: Kirk Kimble ECRA/ESA Lic. 7009784

Support our local small businesses!



For all your electrical needs

Heritage Roofing We keep you covered!

Over 20 Years Experience Roof Repairs

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20 September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter


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Local Trades & Services

Support our local small businesses!


CAMBRIDGE SHINGLES IN STOCK 57 North St., Bobcaygeon 738-2412 1-877-958-3835

All-Stars Realty Inc., Brokerage Independently owned and operated

Cathy Hopkins-Poole Sales representative Cell. 705 738-7007 Bus. 705 738-2378

73 Bolton Street, Bobcaygeon

Saville Computers

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Cell: 705-328-4303 Tel: 705-738-3687 Fax: 705-738-5531

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2369 Pigeon Lake Rd. RR#2 Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0

Drywall • Ceramics Plastering • Painting Laminate Flooring Roofing • Carpentry

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‘My Favourite Things’ Your favourite décor store

Walk through the front door of My Favourite Things at 10 King St. E. in Bobcaygeon, and enter a decorator’s wonderland. The seven rooms on the ground floor of this unique old housecomplete with oak paneling and working fireplace—are choc-a-bloc with an eclectic and tasteful selection of quality giftware, art, wall décor and furniture. “There are literally hundreds of unique items to choose from,” says new owner Lorraine Huinink with obvious pride. “People tell me they try different routes through the store each time. That way different things will catch their eye.” There’s something for all pocketbooks, she adds. “Everything from high quality but affordable hostess gifts to the fanciest of wedding presents—including lots of one-of-a-kind work by local artists and artisans.” After careers in Bermuda and Toronto, Lorraine fell in love with the “thriving but understated” village of Bobcaygeon. “I wanted to get back to my creative roots, and to work for myself again.” Then she discovered the home and store that former owners Jerry and Joy Mous had created, and fell in love all over again. As new owner, Lorraine wants to carry on in their very fine tradition, with the same commitment to customer service and community, creative good taste in merchandise, and even the same staff—Maureen Moore, Bev Rancier and Connie Picken—the original “designing women.” “We continue to offer free gift wrapping—encouraging a donation to the food bank in exchange,” says Lorraine. “And if you give us time, we’ll do something really spectacular for you.” Of course, they are carrying on the store’s tradition of the Charity Teddy-Bear Drive to support the food bank again. And the big excitement—for proprietor and staff as well as customers—is the Nov. 7 Christmas Open House. “We’ll close the store for two days and cover the windows with brown paper wrapping to build the excitement as we decorate,” says Lorraine. “I understand we had a line-up of folks to get in last year. This year we’ll be ready for them—with lots of cocoa.”

My Favourite Things

save the date CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE Saturday Nov. 7, 2015 Doors open 10am

(We will be closed Nov. 5 & 6 for the elves to prepare!) 10 King St. E., Bobcaygeon 705.738.9090

22 September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter

Election Insight The ninth in The Kawartha Promoter’s ongoing Q-and-A series with the federal election candidates for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock (HKLB). Clip this for voting reference.

QUESTION (suggested by a reader): The gap between rich and poor has been growing wider in recent years. Do you and your party have plans to address this? David Marquis, Liberal Party The Liberal Party has a plan to deliver real change by creating jobs, growing the middle class, and helping those working hard to join it. After a decade under Harper, we’re working harder and longer, but the economy isn’t working for us. Incomes aren’t keeping up with the cost of living. That’s why the Liberal Party will create jobs with an historic infrastructure investment—$60 billion in new funding over 10 years. We’ll grow the middle class by raising taxes on the wealthiest one percent and cutting taxes for middle-income earners. And we’ll help those who need it most by investing in social infrastructure, including affordable housing and child care, and providing more money to help families with the high cost of raising their kids.

This isn’t just about prosperity. It’s about building a country that gives everyone a real and fair change to succeed. Mike Perry, New Democratic Party All my life I’ve heard that the gap between rich and poor keeps getting bigger—and we’ve had Liberal and Conservative governments. Today, the top 10 percent own almost half the wealth in Canada. Anyone willing to work, or who has a disability, should not live below the poverty line. I have worked with the Haliburton-Kawartha Poverty Reduction group and the Bobcaygeon Food Bank. The NDP plans to create good jobs in small business and manufacturing. The NDP will close tax loopholes at the top and apply the savings directly to lower income earners to help them get ahead. Locally, people have said they need more childcare and transportation to help get jobs. The NDP’s $15-a-day childcare plan will help people get work and save money. I will also fight for our riding’s share of the NDP’s increased funding for municipalities, to fund more construction work, affordable housing and rural transit. Jamie Schmale, Conservative Party Canada’s middle class is the richest in the world because Conservative tax cuts (lowest taxes in 50 years) and tax credits have raised the takehome pay of lower- and middle-income earners.


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21 Taylor St. Bobcaygeon • 705-731-1097 • • open 7 days a week September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter 23

Lower corporate-tax rates make our industries more competitive, which keeps jobs flowing into our economy (1.3 million since 2009). There’s more: • Reduced GST from 7 to 5 percent. • Increased the basic personal tax exemption to $11,327. • Doubled the Tax Free Savings Account limit. • Reduced the lowest personal income tax rate from 16 percent to 15 percent. • Increased the Universal Child Care Benefit • Doubled child fitness tax credit • Created income splitting for families • Let seniors preserve retirement savings (RRIFs) • Increased Child Care Expense Deduction

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Kent Place Mall, Unit 107 Main Floor, Lindsay NEW: Bobcaygeon Location, 232 Main Street

24 September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter

• First time homebuyer and Renovation Tax Credits In 2015, our low-tax plan will return up to $6,600 dollars to each family. We’re working hard to close that gap. William MacCallum, Green Party Our tax system must be designed to reduce poverty, encourage environmentally-beneficial activities, and generate more wealth for the 90 percent of Canadians who are currently working harder without getting ahead. The Green Party’s Carbon-Fee-and-Dividend system would decrease taxes for lower- and middle-income Canadians, while increasing their revenues. The fee is charged to polluting corporations at the point of production, and the funds are divided equally among adult Canadians, who would each be given a cheque for their share of the carbon dividend. Those with lower incomes will feel a proportionally bigger impact, as the amount received will be a larger percentage of their total income compared to those of higher income. We would also introduce a Guaranteed Livable Income. The payment amount will be regionally set at above the poverty line, but at a level to encourage additional income generation. We would eliminate personal taxes on incomes below $20,000.

Seniors Got Talent Friday October 2nd, 2015 Academy Theatre, Lindsay Two Shows: • 12 - 1 pm Box Lunch Show

doors open and lunch pickup from 11:00am

• 7 - 9:15 pm Senior Talent Showcase Evening show tickets eligible for a 40” Samsung Smart TV draw, donated by Kennedy’s, Lindsay.

Tickets: $20.00 each for either show Available: Theatre Box Office or Book on

line at

For more information on this Academy Theatre fund-raiser, call: 705 324 9111

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September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter 25

Health & Wellness Scholars need brainand-body health

By Diane Engelstad

With a new school year just getting started, a 2007 book by Norman Doidge called The Brain That Changes Itself has me wondering how our education system is incorporating new information about the brain into its curriculum and teaching methods. Here’s what we now know: • The brain is far more “plastic” than we once thought. Virtually all parts of the brain can take over functions from other parts of the brain; and symptoms of a neurological condition (stroke, head injury, ADHD) can often be corrected. • Habitual actions actually change the structure of our brains. • Even “mild” concussions can have long-term effects on young developing brains. • Brain health, through nutrition, exercise and stress reduction, should be as high a priority as physical health. (Fortunately, body and brain benefit from many of the same activities.) • Stress from any source (relationships, school assignments) can take a huge toll on brain health. “We are paying close attention to the impact of physical activity on learning,” says Katherine MacIvor, a Trillium Lakelands District School Board (TLDSB) superintendent. The board has recently adopted the “Balanced Day” for elementary schools— three learning blocks with two long breaks—and hired a Healthy Active Living Consultant (Dave Lyons) to promote regular exercise and physical wellness.

26 September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter

Carol Dweck’s ideas on the “growth mindset”—that students will do better when they exercise their brains—also influence TLDSB’s direction. Generally, says MacIvor, the board’s multifaceted approach to learning—mind, body, emotions, spirit—is “woven into the classroom.” (See “Feed All Four” at TLDSB makes resources like Scholastic’s “MindUP” curriculum available to schools and teachers. MindUP lessons teach students how stress affects their brains, and how to control reactions to frustration and dramatically improve behaviour and learning. Such resources, however, are largely left to individual schools and teachers to adopt, and are not easily incorporated into high-school classrooms. To learn more about your school’s approach, speak to the principal or school council.

SAGES Seniors exercise

“When speaking with seniors from around the City of Kawartha Lakes,” says Community Care’s Health Promotion Co-ordinator, Ryan Alexander, “something I often hear is that they want to stay healthy enough to live independently, at home, for as long as possible.” It’s nearly impossible to predict how your health will change as you age, he adds, but there are things we can do to improve the odds—and that includes exercise. That’s why Community Care runs SAGES (Sage Advice and Gentle Exercises for Seniors). It’s a program designed to keep seniors physically active, functionally fit, and independent as they age. This September, says Alexander, SAGES will be coming to Fenelon Falls. The programs already run in Lindsay, Bobcaygeon, Manilla, Woodville, Kirkfield, Coboconk, and Burnt River. Sessions started Sept. 9, and will run at the Senior Citizens’ Club of Fenelon Falls, 58 Murray Street, every Wednesday, at 10 am. Volunteers will help participants get familiar with the gentle exercises—which can be done standing or from a chair. The aim is to improve cardio-respiratory fitness, muscle and bone strength, balance, and flexibility— all important to effectively get around the house, run errands, and socialize with family and friends. Call 705-324-7323, ext. 301 to register; each session costs $2.

Is them your own teef?

With up to 40 per cent of local JK and SK students the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit screens already showing signs of tooth decay, the Health Unit is expanding its free fluoride-varnish program. This school year the unit will offer fluoride varnishing to all local children enrolled in Junior Kindergarten (JK) and Senior Kindergarten (SK) in the City of Kawartha Lakes, as well as Haliburton and Northumberland Counties. It’s a major expansion into the school system. In 2013, the health unit began offering fluoride-varnish applications to children in local daycares. “Tooth decay is one of the most preventable childhood diseases, yet we still see many JK and SK students in the area who suffer from the problem,” says Anna Rusak, a health promoter with the unit. “Expanding the fluoride-varnish program to schools will give a boost to a child’s oral health while reducing the risk of cavities, especially in our communities that do not have fluoride in the drinking water.”


The change is here from summer to fall, Snowbirds are soon to leave us all. Have your dentures checked and done, Before an accident finds you the sorry one. For quality service you deserve, Come see us. We’ll help those dentures Stay well preserved. Don’t delay, Make an appointment today.

Bernt Fiebiger Denturist

Fluoride varnish is a protective coating that is brushed on a child’s teeth to help harden the tooth enamel. Its application has been approved by Health Canada and the Canadian Dental Association. Fluoride varnish does not replace the need to brush regularly and visit the dentist. Information about the fluoride-varnish program will be sent home with Kindergarten students in early September. It’s totally free and voluntary. Participating children will receive two applications per year for the best results. For more information, call the health unit at 1-866-888-4577 or visit


If you have never worn a hearing aid, you might think that it increases or decreases the volume (known as “gain processing”) across all frequencies. If so, that would mean that, when the wearer turned up the volume, all sounds would be amplified equally. However, simply increasing or decreasing the volume does not improve the clarity of speech. At the same time that the wearer is increasing sounds needed to improve speech understanding, he or she is also increasing the sound of unwanted noise that drowns out those sounds. To overcome this potential problem, today’s hearing aids are able to automatically adjust different frequencies independently of others. That way, wearers only amplify the sound needed to hear and understand speech. Modern hearing aids are small, comfortable, and nearly invisible. They improve hearing ability, speech recognition, and hearing comfort. To schedule a hearing assessment, please call us. We have hearing aids that represent many manufacturers. We invite you to take advantage of our free demonstration program. This allows you to take a pair of hearing aids home to try them. P.S. Each hearing instrument is programmed in accordance with the wearer’s specific needs.

103 Main St., Bobcaygeon

705-738-5177 888-322-3032

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Friday, June 27 K A W , 2014 A R T H A




NED AND Your Com munity N ews Mag azine

OPE RAT ED Volume 24, Issue 12

Happy Canad a Day

WE DELIVER ... ... by Canada Post to 9,500 P.O. Boxes in Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Lindsay, Dunsford Also available at retailers throughout the Kawartha Lakes and online at Canada

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Day • Pr ovinci

al El

ection Del Bobcay • Where geon, ivered thro Are You? ugh C Look for ou Dunsford, anada Fe r new sstand nelon Falls Post to ho mes s thro & sele ughout cted ho in the C mes in ity of Lindsa Kawar y. tha La kes.

It’s that time of year!!! Don’t miss your chance to feature your business or service in our region’s elite tourism guide.


xplore B o bea a2 ygeo lls re & Arc Explo on Fa 015 n l Fen& eArea 2015

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Free - Th

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705-738-6188 or email: 28 September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter


For the 2016 Tourism Guides: • Explore Bobcaygeon and • Explore Fenelon Falls

We are looking for everything that makes the Kawartha Lakes special.

Submit your images and help showcase our beautiful region. Winning entries will be published in either Explore Fenelon Falls or Explore Bobcaygeon 2016 with photo credit (each publication has a distribution of 20,000 copies). All entries have the opportunity to win prizes from local sponsors.

Thank you to our Contest Sponsors Fine Prints


Fine Photos

F H A C O N D E N S E D F R E N C H N C AL L C AP S the contest - please email to F HA To C O N Dsubmit E N S E D F R Eimages N C H S HAD Efor N C AL L C AP S F HA C OPlease N D E N Sinclude E D F Rfull E N Cname H S HAD E D N C AL L C AP S and contact information. No limit on image quantity. Contest submission closes Nov. 13, 2015 September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter 29 Basker ville ALLCAPS

Minaajim: Good Stories from Curve Lake First Nation Madden the Portager

As told by Doug Williams to Julie Kapyrka

Madden was my great-uncle, my grandmother’s brother. He was my mentor. He was a fluent speaker in the language, lived off the land, and was one of the lucky ones who cleverly avoided being forced into residential school. I am very thankful for that because he kept our knowledge intact. Many of us lost touch with the old ways through residential schooling. Madden was instrumental in my knowledge of Mississauga Anishinaabe ways. He was born around 1894 and lived in Curve Lake his whole life. He remembered stories from his grandparents and so had knowledge from the 1700s quite easily. Madden took me all over the lakes in this area. I spent a lot of time with him hunting, trapping, fishing and learning from the Anishinaabe University: the land. Madden used to talk to me about how Anishinaabe people moved all around these waterways a lot in the past. It was no big deal for families to travel great distances especially in the summer months. Some travelled regularly to “Bawaating”—Sault Ste. Marie. The Old Ones also talked about going to

Albany, New York, and down through to the Ohio River to visit our cousins, the Shawnee. As my people travelled all over the TrentSevern Waterway and beyond, they knew of many portages. Madden taught me about these places. As an example, to go to Lake Simcoe to a place called “Mnjikaning”—the place of the Fish Fence—at the narrows between Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching, you would have to go up river and do small portages at Bobcaygeon and several other places. A big portage was the Talbot Portage, at Talbot River. We called it “Ouskebawkning”—place of green leaves. It was the actual spot where we would leave the river. This portage was recorded by Champlain in his travels. If you headed towards Lake Ontario from here, you would go over the Chemong Portage which today roughly follows Chemong Road from Bridgenorth to Peterborough. Then you would head down the Otonabee River—from “Odenaabe,” meaning heart or water that beats like a drum. Then you would come across Rice Lake, known to us as “Bimimshkodeyong”—the place of the prairie. The area used to be burned regularly to sustain the “mshkode”—prairie or meadows. From there you could portage from what is known today as Gore’s Landing to the mouth of the Ganaraska River near Port Hope. Or from the eastern end of Rice Lake, instead of going through the heavy rapids at Healey Falls into Seymour Lake, you would take the Percy Portage which meets the Trent Canal again at Percy Boom. That section of the river was called “Zagaatejiwan”—shallow running river. That would get you into Lake Ontario. Chemong, Bobcaygeon, Couchiching, are all Anishinaabe words too … but that is another story.

TurnerMoore LLP Chartered Professional Accountants

Beckki Padgett

Leonard Teeuwen

Jackie Koch

Providing a full range of business and personal accounting services including bookkeeping, corporate filings, estate returns, and tax planning. 30 September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter

Together with you, we are Partners Building Success! Tel: 705-738-1581


Sept. 18-Oct. 1

Melodie McCullough

Aquarius (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) An autumn romance may be just the ticket for you right now, Aquarius. Keep your mind and heart open to all possibilities, and don’t turn your back on anything or anyone. Pisces (Feb. 20 to March 20) The fall is a good time to travel, Pisces, so why not enjoy an off-season trip to your favourite spot? Rejoice in all the beautiful fall colours and re-invigorate yourself. Aries (March 21 to April 20) Even though most of us are long past our back-to-school days, this time of year still resonates as a time for fresh beginnings. So don’t let the opportunity slip by, Aries. Get out and do something different. Taurus (April 21 to May 21) You must learn to give credit where credit is due, Taurus. No one person deserves all the glory. Work as a team and the team will work.

Scorpio (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Remember, Scorpio, how a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle? Spread your warmth and light all around you and watch the wonderful glow you cast forth. Sagittarius (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) It’s never too late to reinvent yourself, Sagittarius. Decide firmly the changes you want to make and the ones you can realistically accomplish in the near future. Then get to work. Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Exciting times are ahead for you, dear Capricorn, especially in your field of expertise. Take care of your health with nutritious meals and exercise. Things are looking up.

James A. Goodliff Painting the Canadian Landscape

Gemini (May 22 to June 22) We advise you to find a quiet spot to reflect, meditate or whatever it takes to calm your soul. You CAN do this. It may take a while, but the rewards are infinite. Cancer (June 23 to July 23) Dear Cancer, we are glad to see you following the commendable trait your sign conveys to you—strong ties to family and loved ones. We don’t need to tell you how important this is, do we? Leo (July 24 to Aug. 23) Leo, you’ve had to make some tough decisions lately regarding your career. You followed your heart, and there is nothing wrong with that. Now, don’t keep mulling over those decisions. They are done and over with—so move on to the next big thing. Virgo (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) “A friend is what the heart needs all the time”—Henry Van Dyke. So true, Virgo. Don’t forget your “old” friends, and don’t be afraid to make new ones. They are what keeps your heart young. Libra (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) With Sept. 27, comes the bright, late light of autumn’s harvest full moon, reminding us to enjoy the last vestiges of summer and that a new season is not far away. What have you planned for the new period ahead, Libra—changes or a steady rhythm?

Now Accepting Commissions 705.488.1915

It’s Hard To Stop A Trane.®

705.887.1670 or 800.810.9289

5077 Hwy 35 Fenelon Falls |

September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter 31

Classifieds SERVICES ORIGINAL MAN WITH TRUCK 15 yrs experience Lowest prices. Grass cutting, Painting, Garbage removal, property maintenance, long or short distance moves. No job too small! Bruce 705-738-6321 ____________________ GOPHER CONSTRUCTION SERVICES Dump runs Eavestrough cleaning Moving assistance Private security Monica Stanley 705-738-6364 ____________________ CERAMIC TILE Quality installations. Very reliable. Call Ted for an estimate. 705-454-9826 ____________________ DOUGLAS CANOES Recanvasing, fibreglassing and Restorations. Restored canoes and bookcases for sale. 25 yrs experience. PH. 705-738-5648 email: ____________________ GREGG MACNEIL LANDSCAPING 705-793-9437 Interlocking brick, armour stone, retaining walls, decks, driveways, walkways, patios, stairs & repairs to all.

Deadline for next issue: Wednesday, September 23, 2015. 20 words or less for $25 + H.S.T. E-Mail: 1 STOP HOME SOLUTIONS Basements, Bathrooms, Foundations… What’s next on your list? 705-887-1414 Cottage projects done by Spring! One Call Does it All! 705-887-1414 Materials discounts for Winter DIY projects & skilled labour by the hour. What’s next on your list? 705-887-1414 Home for the holidays? Impress your guests with your new room, new paint or new addition. One Call Does it All! 705-887-1414 Time and materials? 10-25% off materials this winter What’s next on your list? Wet? Cold? You know what to do! 1 Stop Home Solutions One Call Does it All! 705-887-1414

Ask about our Holiday Gift Cards. ____________________ RELIABLE MAN WITH TRUCK/TRAILER Dump runs, chain saw log splitting, brush removal, small moving jobs. Call John 705-738-3214 Leave message. ____________________ HH GLASS Windows, screens, glass units, metal brakes. Your windows may need only glass replaced. Caulking


Septic & Holding Tank Pumping

#1 IN THE #2 BUSINESS Portable Toilets Available Theo Finley • 738-3424 • Bobcaygeon 32 September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter

jobs too. Call Harold 705-887-6608 haroldharding47@gmail. com ____________________ FENELON COMPUTERS 705-879-4356 Mobile service, repairs, upgrades, virus removal, Wifi, network installations, iPad, security data. Training available. Flexible hours. ____________________ BOB’S ODD JOBS Odd jobs around house indoor or outdoor House monitoring Fuel useage monitoring Clear pathways to tanks in winter. Give me a call 705-731-6334 ____________________ FRUSTRATED with unwelcome hormonal changes & weight gain? Take action! Yoga for Menopause Workshop Sept. 24th 7PM. No experience needed. Space limited. Call 705-340-8991.

2 bedroom apartment, central Bobcaygeon, second floor, laundry, 4 appliances. References, first and last, no smoking, no pets. Available Oct 1/15 705-738-6188. ____________________ RENT FOR WINTER Furnished 800 sqft new apartment on second floor with balcony, central Bobcaygeon, 2 bathrooms, laundry, $1300/month included utilities, internet, basic TV. 705 731 1083 ____________________ MAIN FLOOR OF HOUSE FOR RENT SUITABLE FOR SENIORS NO PETS/SMOKING 1200 sq ft of living space Includes Master Bedroom with half bath, Second bedroom, Full bathroom, Kitchen includes Fridge, Stove and Microwave, Living room, Covered Front Porch, Hardwood Floors and Carpet, Parking. NO LAUNDRY FACILITIES on premises. 1100.00 per month includes heat and hydro, basic satellite. First and last month rent required. References required. Available Sept 25 Call 705-738-8634


LAKEWOOD CONDOMINIUMS Brand new condominium for rent for Dec 1st occupancy. Beautiful new building in Bobcaygeon, well appointed suite, covered parking. 705 706 3199


Appliances, batteries, electronics, steel, copper, aluminum, cars. Anything metal. FREE pick-up. Call Andy 705-793-2145


“TRIPLE M COUNTRY KITCHEN” Weekly “Sunday Brunch” 11am - 2pm

Adult - $15, Seniors 65 - $12, Children under 12 $7.50


Weekly “Monday Pasta Night” 4pm - 7pm Pasta plate with garlic/cheese bread - $8 Contact: 705-738-2710

WANTED: Nostalgia and Pop Culture Items Vinyl records (rock, blues, jazz and soul), music memorabilia, pre1990 comic books and toys, vintage costume jewellery, sterling & gold jewellery, Kawartha history books & memorabilia. All types of retro / mid-century items. House calls made at your convenience. Robert or Penny 705324-2699

WANTED: Kawartha Country Cloggers are looking for anyone interested in having fun and learning to clog. Please contact Carol 705-738-4974


Furniture,Glass, China, Military Medals etc. Duck Decoys, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Dollars, Gold, Coins, Pocket Watches etc. Anything old. R. Carruth. 705-887-1672.

90TH BIRTHDAY Please join our family for an afternoon tea in celebration of Audrey Issac’s 90th birthday. Saturday, September 19, at Sunny Acres. 24 Sunny Acres Rd., Fenelon Falls from 1- 4pm Best Wishes Only Please!


NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS All claims against the Estate of ROSS ERNEST DUCKWORTH, late of the City of Kawartha Lakes, who died on or about June 16, 2015, must be filed with the undersigned personal representative on of before the 9th day of October, 2015, after which date the Estate Trustee will distribute the assets of the said Estate having regard only to the claims then filed. DATED this 20th day of August 2015 Caroline Ryan Estate Trustee by her solicitors LLF LAWYERS LLP 332 Aylmer Street North P.O. Box 1146 Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7H4


In memory of my dear husband who passed away September 17, 2010 There will always be a heartache And often many tears But we have many memories Of times when you were here

We hold you close within our hearts And there you’ll always remain To stay with us throughout our lives Until we’re together againl Forever Loved Your wife Eileen & Family

NEWNHAM: Dennis Edgar Passed away at the Ross Memorial Hospital, Lindsay on Monday September 7, 2015. Dennis Newnham of Bobcaygeon in his 92nd year. Beloved husband of Noreen Newnham (Spring) of Bobcaygeon. Dear father of Claire Newnham of Apsley, Marie Newnham (Evan Rosamond) of Kitchener and Bob Newnham (Lourgie) of Lindsay. Grandad is remembered by Emily and Maddy Rosamond. Survived by several nieces and nephews. Predeceased by his grandson Joel Newnham, sister Margaret Crisp (John) and brother Lawrence (Grace). A memorial gathering will be held at the Retirement Suites of Kawartha Lakes, 60 West St., Bobcaygeon, on Sunday September 27, 2015 from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Memorial donations may be made to Community Care, Bobcaygeon or the Ross Memorial Hospital as expressions of sympathy. Friends may send condolences or make donations by contacting THE HENDREN FUNERAL HOMES, MONK CHAPEL at or by calling 705-738-3222. JUNKIN: Idena Emma Francis Passed away peacefully, surrounded by her family at Victoria Manor, Lindsay on Wednesday September 2, 2015. Idena Junkin, formerly of Bobcaygeon in her 102nd year. Idena will be fondly remembered as the owner/operator of Junkin Home Baking in Bobcaygeon for over 50 years. She loved to quilt and her family will cherish the many quilts that Idena made for them over the years. Loving wife of the late Vincent Junkin (1991). Loved and missed by her children Ina Mae Lyle (the late Gord) of Bobcaygeon, Cordell of Fenelon Falls, Noreen Moore (Murray) of Cameron, Valerie Kent (Grant) of Peterborough and Laverne of Lindsay. Grandma is remembered by 18 grandchildren, 35 great grandchildren and 10 great great grandchildren. Survived by her brother Ward James (Irene) of Peterborough and several nieces and nephews. Predeceased by her parents Norman and Ina James, her children Orlin, Glenda Glenn, Berteena Palmer (John), brothers Dellamier and Boyd and sisters Eunice and Evelyn. Also missed by her daughter-in-law Lorraine and sonin-law John. Friends and relatives may call at THE HENDREN FUNERAL HOMES, MONK CHAPEL, 6 Helen St., Bobcaygeon on Tuesday September 8, 2015 from 6-9 PM. A funeral service will be held in the chapel on Wednesday September 9, 2015 at 1:00 PM. Visitation one hour prior to the service. Interment Verulam Cemetery, Bobcaygeon. A reception will follow in the fellowship room of the funeral home. Memorial donations may be made to Community Living, Lindsay or to the charity of one’s choice as expressions of sympathy. Friends may send condolences, arrange flowers or make donations by contacting the funeral home at www. or by calling 705-7383222. September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter 33

Diane Burrows, 1948-2015 Allardville, NB - Mrs. Diane Burrows, 66, wife of Jerry Burrows of Allardville, NB and formerly of Bobcaygeon, ON, passed away peacefully on Saturday September 12, 2015 at the Chaleur Regional Hospital, Bathurst, NB. Born in Montreal, she was the daughter of late Harvey and Beatrice (Pellerin) Caissie. Besides her husband, she is survived by her loving children: Robin Burrows (Joe Yusiw) of Bobcaygeon; Andy Burrows (Jen Althoff) of Toronto; and Kelly Burrows (Tyson Kemp) of Bobcaygeon. Three grandchildren: Poppy, George, and Maeve. Siblings: Robert Caissie of Kentville, NS; Patricia Meahan, Carole Caissie, and Sandra Godin (Jean-Guy), all of Petit-Rocher, NB; and Kim Bourque (Jeff) of Moncton, NB. Several nieces and nephews. Diane spent her summers on the Chaleur Bay at her Green Pointe cottage enjoying the sunrises. There will be no formal funeral service. A Celebration of Life to be held in the Bobcaygeon area at a later date. Donations in memory of Diane may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society or a favourite charity. TODD: Murray Albert April 9, 1945 - Sept 14, 2015 Murray Todd, age 70 years, a cottager and farmer at heart, recently moved from Kleinburg to enter a new phase of his retirement life in Bobcaygeon. Illness cut short his ability to mow grass with his John Deere tractor and enjoy his new social environment. Murray will be missed by his wife Joan, children Jason (Jennifer) Todd and Alison (Derren) Edwards, grandchildren Keown and Aidan, Ethan and Katie. Also survived by sisters Joan (Bob) Dalziel and Donna (Jim) Kearns, brothers Gord (Judi) Todd and David (Cheryl) Todd, brotherin-law Cyril Hamilton and numerous nieces and nephews. Predeceased by his parents Albert and Dorothy and sister Betty Hamilton. A special thanks to the caregivers at Case Manor where he was treated with dignity and kindness during the past year. A Celebration of Life will be held on Monday, September 21, 2015 from 1:00 until 3:00 PM at the Eganridge Golf and Country Club. Arrangements have been entrusted to the HENDREN FUNERAL HOMES, MONK CHAPEL, Bobcaygeon. Friends may send condolences by visiting www. or by calling 705-7383222. 34 September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter

Hey Bro, Just a little something I wrote sometime ago; thought I would share it with you and everyone else too. Hey guys I’ve got the cutest angel and Schooner on tap the Salt Air Breeze which keeps us attached Wonderful memories woven in gold Is the picture I want you all to hold Deep in your hearts I will stay Love and cherish me each day and never forget I love you all Sent with loads of love from your little sister Casalee XO

Local Events Adult Day Programs - Monday, Wednesday & Friday (except holidays) at Trinity United Church, Bobcaygeon; Monday, Tuesday & Friday at Fenelon Falls United Church. 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Call for information and rates. Adult Day programs are also offered in Little Britain, Lindsay and Omemee. 705-324-7323 SEPT 18 - Family social evening, Verulam Masonic Lodge #268, Bobcaygeon. Entertainment/refreshments. Fundraising for Kawartha North Family Walk - in Health Clinic, Bobcaygeon. SEPT 19 - bring a friend day at The Bobcaygeon Seniors Centre, 11am - 4pm $8 (tickets in advanced) $10at the door lunch included Contact: April 705-731-0314 SEPT 23 - Big bucks euchre, Bobcaygeon Seniors Centre 11am - 4pm $10 Lunch included. Contact: Roger 705738-6627 SEPT 25 - Kawartha Lakes Food Source One day food drive at La Mantia’s Country Market, Lindsay. Hunger Awareness Week is September 21-25, 2015 SEPT 26 - The Coby Seniors are holding a fall bazaar and luncheon at the Lions Hall - 9 am - 2 pm. Crafts, a bake table, and white elephant will be featured. MON - Bobcaygeon Senior Centre Mahjong 1 p.m. $3 1st TUES - Dunsford Seniors Club Pot Luck at noon and 1:30 pm for Euchre. TUES- Pickleball, Fenelon Falls Community Centre 7 - 9 p.m. $4 drop in fee. For more info call Jane 705-4541358 or email TUES - amateur photography club that meets every other Tuesday at 10 am in the Bobcaygeon Library. We pay $2 each for the use of the room. TUES - Attn mature badminton players: come out and play at the Bobcaygeon Public School 7-9 pm. Bring clean running shoes and raquet. Call Jim at 705-7383305 for more info. TUES - Omemee Legion Doubles darts @ 8pm. 1st WED - Crime Fiction Book Club in the Carnegie Room of the Lindsay Library to discuss works by certain authors. 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm. Call the Lindsay Library for more information. WED- Scrapbooking and paper crafters meet from 9:30

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RetailerRetailer Address 1 Address 1 Address 2 Address 2705-738-5477 PhonePhone Number 50 Anne St. Bobcaygeon Number Hardwood, Vinyl, “Corner of Website Website Ceramic, Carpet & Laminat e Highway 36 & Anne”

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36 September 18, 2015 - The Kawartha Promoter

The Kawartha Promoter September 18 2015  

The Kawartha Promoter September 18 2015

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