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Friday, August 11, 2017 Volume 27, Issue 15

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Take your kids to the Fenelon Fair! August 11, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


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Getting close to the animals at the Fenelon Fair. Photo Credit: Kawartha Promoter files

OVER THE BACK FENCE There’s been quite a reaction to my last editorial about bad customer service. Some folks agree with me and others, not so much. I have to say that living in a small town has its advantages with customer service. We know the people who work at the hardware store and in our restaurants. So we’re more likely to be a little more patient and understanding. They’re more likely to go the extra distance to make your experience more pleasurable. They’ll bend over backwards to make sure you leave their store with a smile on your face, feeling special. That’s what those in the big city call “small-town service!” It’s also important to support our local businesses so they, in turn can support our communities. We live in a

day and age where online retailers are making headway. And it’s okay to use them if you can’t get it in your own backyard. It’s important to support those local businesses who help our communities. Every small town has its events and festivals that rely on local businesses to not only promote their event, but also donate to the bottom line. While it may be less expensive to drive to Peterborough or Oshawa for a big box store that carries less-expensive merchandise, most often I will shop at my local grocery store or other retailer who supports my community. That’s what I love about The Kawartha Promoter. We are supported by local businesses and by you, the reader, who frequents those businesses. Let them know you read their ad in The Kawartha Promoter. Keep up the good work!



Why place thethe comfort of your home and family in in Why place comfort of your home family Canada Day toand ourour hands? WeWe know thatthat building your trust doesn’t hands? know building your trust doesn’t Labour Day come from offering bargain prices, flashy come from offering bargain basement prices, flashy Sat basement 9-3, Sun 10-2 promotions, or other funfun andand games. It comes from promotions, or other games. It comes from Labour Day to being there for for you, friendly andand professional, every day. being there you, friendly professional, every day. Thanksgiving Sat 10-2 We’re British Empire Fuels. We’re here to help. We’re British Empire Fuels. We’re here to help.

We Deliver More Than Fuel British Empire Fuels - locally owned and operated since 1964

705-738-2121 705-738-2121 1-888-472-6006 1-888-472-6006 705-324-7500 41 County Road 36, Just North of Bobcaygeon 705-324-7500 1-855-324-7500 1-855-324-7500 3 August 11, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter

Village Voice

The Promoter reserves the right to edit Letters to the Editor for length and clarity. Please include your email or mailing address and daytime phone number (not for publication). All opinions expressed are those of the writer.

Here We Go Again

At a recent Trent Lakes Council meeting Rockridge Quarry submitted a new application. Land located in Lot 21, Concession 8 (Harvey) needs to be redesignated and rezoned for the purpose of establishing a quarry above the water table. Here we go again and another quarry! How refreshing to hear Councilman Peter Raymond speak for the residents of Trent Lakes in response to this application.  He spoke very firmly that confirmation with First Nations needs to be done and raised the potential need for cumulative impact studies due to the proximity to other quarry operations. To my knowledge, Trent Lakes has never asked that a cumulative impact study accompany a new quarry application.   I totally agree with Councillor Raymond. Thank you for looking at the big picture.  Janet Klein President North Pigeon Lake Association

Dangerous Traffic

I am writing in regards to a very dangerous situation on Hwy 36 between Buckhorn and Flynn’s Corner. I’m sure I’m not the only person concerned about what is happening. You have cars and trucks parking in lines along the side of the highway, people including children walking

on the highway forcing cars travelling at highway speed to move out of their lane to avoid hitting them. There is, as well, oncoming traffic from the opposite direction. It boggles the mind that the municipality is letting this happen.  Every day they wait to fix this extremely dangerous problem is a day closer to a likely tragedy. Mayor Matthews, do something now before it is too late. Steven Edwards Trent Lakes

Good Customer Service

I have just finished reading your very critical article on poor salesmanship and service to customers in stores and on the phone. I have lived in Bobcaygeon for over 20 years and I have never experienced any bad customer service from any store in Bobcaygeon. Everyone seems to be willing to help you when it is needed. Recently, I was in the hardware store in Fenelon Falls waiting for my son, who was shopping. Several clerks asked me if I needed any help. One time when I was picking up my pizza at Godfathers in Bobcaygeon, it started to rain hard. The salesperson delivered the pizza right to my car and collected the money. Let us give credit where credit is due. Right in our own backyard or, in this case, our own villages. Ruth Sheppard Bobcaygeon

Dewdney Mountain Quarry Fight Continues

Many people have been inquiring as to when the next step is in the Dewdney Mountain Quarry case and how they can support us. We just found out that the next step is here. Onward we go to Divisional Court Sept 26th at 10am at 150 Bond St. East in Oshawa.  If you can come in person to support us or support us financially that would be amazing! We are thankful for those who have supported us in the past. Donations can be deposited at the Bank of Montreal in Bobcaygeon into Stop The Quarry Account #0305-8994-689.   It is hard to believe the ball started rolling with this case in 2012!  We are pleased and grateful that the courts continue to listen.   Appellants for Dewdney Mountain Quarry Kleins, Jorys, Eastmans, Johnsons, Pillsworths

The Wisdom of Crowds

It is time for a new approach to municipal government. This new approach must include, in its very marrow, the concept of government of the people, by the people, for the people. When the people, collectively, make decisions, then we are using hard science. This science, which relies on diversity prediction theory, statistics, Baye’s 4

August 11, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter

theorem, and other highbrow stuff, is best known as the Wisdom of Crowds. It is something we all know intuitively - many heads are better than one. This approach has yielded spectacular results when searching for the sunken submarine, Scorpion; in solving maze problems; in predicting stock crashes, Oscar winners, the spread of the 2014 flu epidemic; and an incredible range of other situations requiring wise decisions. Groups who use the wisdom of crowds successfully have four characteristics. They are diverse, independent, decentralized, and do not chase the experts. I believe CoKL fails on all four criteria. Councilors hang on the mayor’s coat tails. The staff owe obeisance to the CAO. The mayor, and councilors, gave up thinking for themselves, and rely on premasticated pulp from staff. Centralization of power in Lindsay is now a fact.  The city chases experts; the staff, and consultants, as if they were vital to a well-run democracy.  Science shows that expertise is overrated. In fact, it seems that in broad areas, such as policy, or decision-making, there is no such thing as an expert. The human race survived because of its collective wisdom, its common sense, its ingrained experience. I believe this is totally lacking in our local government, which has just passed a 10-year financial program. This program involves borrowing millions of dollars to heap on top of our current debt of about $80 million.  All the time the staff numbers are increasing. Our wages have been escrowed into the next generation to pay for a mushrooming bureaucracy. Why was there no referendum on saddling the public with even more debt?   I am not proposing anything dramatically new. Chesterton, in 1909 wrote When it (society) wants a library catalogued, or the solar system discovered, or any trifle of that kind it uses up its specialists. But

when it wishes anything done which is really serious (a murder trial), it collects twelve of the ordinary men standing round.   It is urgent that we now start using ordinary folk, and direct democracy. Peter Weygang Citizens for Direct Democracy


In the article “Sweeteners May Be Harmful” in the July 28 issue of The Kawartha Promoter, reference was made to stevia as being an artificial sweetener. A reader has corrected this. “The artificial sweetener that is derived from stevia is stevioside, and this is what is being referred to in the article, not the whole plant stevia, itself. The whole herb, stevia, in its natural state carries the original intelligence and full-spectrum energy of the plant, and is not harmful in any way.” I apologize for any misunderstanding. ~Deb

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In keeping with City of Kawartha Lakes Council’s commitment to protect our environment, Kawartha Lakes has just been designated as the 7th Bee City in Canada. We are the third in Ontario, joining Toronto and Stratford. Along with the designation comes the responsibility to encourage residents to support bees and other pollinators on both public and private land and foster environmental awareness around this issue. Heading up the initiative will be City of Kawartha Lakes Environmental Advisory Committee (CKLEAC) consisting of community leaders, city staff and local experts to coordinate efforts.  Efforts will be celebrated annually during National Pollinator Week in the third week of June.   A current initiative underway is the Fenelon

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Landfill Pollinator project. This pilot project, approved by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change has been led by CKLEAC and involves Kawartha Lakes Waste Management and Fleming College. A pollinatorfriendly seed mix will be planted on about 1.5 acres of a decommissioned cell in the Fenelon Landfill site. Weather permitting, the work should be completed by the end of summer. Fleming students helped design a protocol to monitor the effectiveness of the planting to attract bees and butterflies and will also participate in the monitoring. If successful this project will pave the way towards rehabilitating the landfill into a new pollinator habitat. “We are thrilled to be named the next Bee City in Canada,” said Susan Blayney, a member of the CKLEAC. “We hope this will help raise awareness and education in our community about how we can each play a role in strengthening the bee population and supporting all pollinators. The next step is to gather together those who are interested in becoming involved.”   The conservation of pollinators is critical to the sustainability of Kawartha Lakes’ natural areas, urban gardens and small scale farms. Certain pollinator species have been determined to be in decline due to habitat loss, climate change, pesticide use and disease or parasites.  A diverse and resilient pollinator community is a key component of a sustainable city. Anyone interested in learning more about Bee City initiatives is encouraged to contact CLKEAC through Richard Holy, Manager of Planning at 705-324-9411 extension 1246.

Kawartha Art Gallery Presents...

August 12, 2017, 11am - 1pm Victoria Park Lindsay

(Corner of Kent St. W & Victoria Ave. N.) Join us for a FUN and INTERACTIVE Media Launch Event to introduce

Kawartha Palooza 2018! A Celebration of our Community’s Culture Many Thanks to Your Palooza Supporters PINNGUAQ Kawartha Lakes Community Development Corporation Nexicom Head to Toe Outfitters Lindsay Blue Oak Antiques & Art Gallery Home Hardware Lindsay Gary Sedore

Kawartha Art Gallery: 705-324-1780 6

August 11, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter

Fabulous Breakfasts! Hand Cut Peameal Steaks Sensational Omelettes Delicious Fruit Pancakes Apple Fritter French Toast

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Pickerel Dinner

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For many of us, using the internet to access information has become second nature. And, over time with changes in technology, some websites become cumbersome and difficult to navigate. To keep up, the City of Kawartha Lakes has launched two new websites – one for the municipality and one for its tourism arm. The new municipal site, has been completely redesigned with input from a variety of users. The site is mobile responsive, meaning it can be easily navigated using a computer, tablet or phone. Visitors can use the search bar, A-Z navigation or simplified menus to quickly find the information they need. The website that is fully accessible and compliant with the latest standards of internet specifications. The website development team, alongside vendor eSolutions, worked diligently throughout the design process to ensure the new platform will be user friendly for those with visual and other disabilities. The Kawartha Lakes’ tourism website,, also got a major overhaul. Planning a trip to Kawartha Lakes has been made even easier. The new website showcases the many attractions that set Kawartha Lakes apart from other desinations. The Kawartha Lakes CFDC is pleased to provide support for the website development and implementation of the City of Kawartha Lakes’ new online presence with an investment of $100,000 under the Eastern Ontario Development Program’s Community Innovation stream. E-mail addresses for Kawartha Lakes staff have also changed from the previous format of to The older format will forward to the new, ensuring that the transition is a smooth one. Cheri Davidson, Manager of Communications and Advertising with the City says it may take some time for search engines such as Google to catch up. In an email, she told us, “With any new website, each day there are more and more keywords being associated with the site, and the search feature becomes more effective with time.” When we asked about documents that were accessible on the former City website, Cheri said, “In order to comply with provincial legislation concerning accessibility, we cannot post any documents for download that are not fully accessible for people with disabilities. Often, this involves the use of screen readers and software such as Browse Aloud. We have been reviewing hundreds of documents and reformatting them to be accessible. However, not all documents are online yet.”

The Kawartha Promoter Supported entirely by our advertisers. We encourage you to choose the businesses that you see in these pages.


Legion News “At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.” For hall rentals or more information about ongoing activities, please call the individual Legion Branch. We welcome submissions to Due to space, please keep the submissions to a total of 60 words for your Branch. Next deadline: Wednesday, August 16.

Branch 67 Lindsay (705) 324-2613 • Pub Fare Lunch – Tuesdays, Thursdays, noon to 2 pm • Full Dinners – Fridays, 11:30am to 1:30pm • Meat Roll – Saturdays, 2 pm • Live Entertainment – Saturdays, 7:30 to 11:30 pm, free • Sir Sam Seniors progressive euchre every Tuesday - 1pm • Big Buck Bid euchre 4th Wednesday of every month -11am

Branch 184 Woodville & District (705) 439-2397 • Country Music Jam third Sunday of each month - Reg Benoit, Lester White & Ralph Cashen - $5 admission -Musicians & singers free admission. Bar will be open, food available, door prizes, 50/50 draw.

Branch 238 Fenelon Falls (705) 887-3041 • Ladies’ 8-Ball and Mixed Shuffleboard Leagues - Mondays, 6:30 pm • Dart League - Tuesdays, 7:30 pm • Men’s Snooker League - Wednesdays, 7 pm • Tai Chi - Thursdays, 10 am • Hot Lunches - Thursdays and Fridays, 11:30 am-1 pm • English Pub Night* - first Friday each month, 5-7 pm • Meat Roll* - third Saturday each month, 2:30 pm, • Drop-in Shuffleboard - Sundays, 1:30pm • Karate-jitsu - Sundays 4 pm

Branch 239 Bobcaygeon (705) 738-2710 • August 27 – Golf Tournament at Dunsford Golf Course – Tee-off at 1pm. Winner of Hole-in-One gets a trip for 2 to Las Vegas! Cost per person is $50 payable by August 19 at the bar.

• Pasta Night Mondays - 5 to 7pm $10/plate • Hamburger Thursdays – 4:30 to 7pm • Karaoke Fridays with Merle – 8pm • Closed Sundays in July and Augus

Branch 441 Kinmount (705) 488-3462 • Bingo – Fridays, 6:45 pm • Big Buck Bid Euchre - Third • Meat Draw – Saturdays, 5 pm Wednesday of month, 11 am • Seniors Cards – Mondays, 1 pm • Aug. 5 - Kickin’ It Country Dance • Drop-in Cards – Tuesdays, 7 pm - $10 per person - Doors open at 8pm - ID required for 25 and under Branch 497 Omemee (705) 799-5095 • Mixed drop-in Darts - Tuesdays - 7:30pm • Progressive Euchre – every second Saturday of month Branch 519 Coboconk (705) 454-8127 • August 25 – Lunch 11:30 to 1pm – Hot Roast Beef or Liver & Onions - $9. Followed by Country Music Jam 1pm to 4pm. Open mic and local talent – Food Bank donations would be appreciated.

August 11, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter



You’re Always Next at


Tuesday & Wednesday • 8:30 - 4pm Thursday • 8:30 - 12:00pm (noon) Friday • 8:30 - 4pm Saturday • 8:30 - 3:00pm Between the bridges, Bobcaygeon (705) 731-9500 (Next to Wood Paralegal)

If you’re into antiques and collectibles, the Boyd Museum in Bobcaygeon has just what you need. They’re hosting their 16th annual Antiques and Collectibles sale on Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20. There are more than 30 vendors and there’s also a 50/50 draw on Sunday afternoon. Parking is free and there is a snack bar onsite as well. The show is open Saturday from 9am to 4pm and Sunday from 10am to 3pm at the Curling Club in Bobcaygeon.

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h Annual t 4 Casual Transfer Station Attendants


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Sun. August 13th 2017 11:00 AM

• Good public relations skills • Excellent communications skills • Must be able to complete data sheets • Cash handling skills • Successful candidate will be required to work weekends and holidays • Valid driver’s licence and transportation to work sites • Clean criminal record


The full job description is available at Applications clearly marked “Transfer Station Attendant” will be received by the undersigned until 4:30 p.m. on Friday, August 18th, 2017. Emailed resumes will be accepted.

Lois O’Neill-Jackson, CAO 760 Peterborough County Road 36 Trent Lakes ON K0M 1A0 Email:

Live Music•Speaker•BBQ

1840 Concession 7, Hampton ON L0B 1J0


The Municipality of Trent Lakes is seeking persons for casual/call in part-time Transfer Station Attendant positions for the various Transfer Station sites. Applicants must have the following qualifications:

August 11, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter

Candidates are encouraged to inform of any accommodating requests so that they can be dealt with throughout the recruitment process. Personal information is collected pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used only to evaluate the suitability of applicants for employment.

The Promoter Crossword # 206 – By Charon 31 Itsy-bitsy (5) 32 Way out (4) 33 Elevator company (4) Down 1 Goes well with Yorkshire pudding (5,4) 2 Goliath, for one (5) 4 Assign a name or title to (9) 5 Burlap bags (5) 6 Basement offerings (8) 7 A rabble-rouser, Trump style (9) 8 Computer command (5) 9 Once more (5) 15 Sign on to receive a periodical (9) 17 Mixture of dried petals (9) 19 Unexpected events (9) 20 Extremely close investigation (8) 24 Shopaholic's binge (5) 25 Put in the ground (5) 26 Draw forth (5) 28 Turn on a dime (5)

Solution to Crossword # 205 Across 1 Intense anger (4) 3 Fateful day for Caesar (4) 6 Police ID (5) 10 Capable of relieving pain (9) 11 Send payment (5) 12 Lace work (7) 13 React to punch (7) 14 If all ___ fails (4) 16 Make a bit wet (6)

18 21 22 23 25

Tank filler (3) Little lie (3) Bring about (6) Feeling of dread (4) Painting, drawing or photo (7) 27 In writing - in other words (2,5) 29 Suspect's need (5) 30 Who we are (9)

Wanted Gold & Silver





Cash paid for Jewelry • Coins • Sterling Watches • Medals • Antiques etc. R. Carruth 705-887-1672

Sales * Service * Rentals

Water Conditioning Limited 1-800-721-4921 • 705-439-2589

* Residential * Agricultural * Cottage * Commercial * Industrial

* Ultraviolet Sterilizers * Softeners * Chlorination * Reverse Osmosis * Drinking Water Systems * Iron & Sulphur Filters * Salt Delivery * Replacement Filters & Ultraviolet Lamps Free Service To All Makes Water Certified in Backflow Prevention And Cross Connection Licensed by Testing the MOE August 11, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


Public Consultation on Library Services

With the library branch lease at the Dunsford Community Centre expiring in January, the Kawartha Lakes Public Library Board is reviewing various service delivery options. Libraries are very important to their communities, and before making any decisions, the Board wants to consult with Dunsford area residents. A public consultation session has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 29 at 7pm in the Community Centre’s Activity Room (26 Community Centre Road).  At the session, the Library Board Chair and the Acting Chief Librarian will provide information

Promoter The Kawartha

Your Source for Community News - Locally Owned and Operated

LET US KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT US As we head into the end of summer, we have a request. We'd like to hear from you about

The Kawartha Promoter • What do you like? • What would you want us to change? • Do you want to keep receiving The Kawartha Promoter via Canada Post? • Do you shop at our retail advertisers or use the services found in our Trades & Service and Classified sections? • What's your favourite feature? • Do you read The Promoter online? Please send us an email to or

about the library system and how library services are currently delivered, share statistics on library usage and outline some options. They will then invite comments, questions, suggestions and ideas. The session will end when everyone has had an opportunity to be heard and contribute to the discussion.   A record will be kept of all the comments and suggestions and the transcript will be shared with all Board members before the Board’s September meeting. Questions about the planned session can be directed to Acting Chief Librarian Diane Lansdell at 705-324-9411 extension 1260 or via email to


Submitted by George Hewison

A packed annual meeting of the North Pigeon Lake Association (NPLA) Annual Meeting heard informative reports involving watershed issues and increasing thefts and break-ins in the area. Meeting at the Bobcaygeon Lawn Bowling Club on Saturday, July 23, outgoing directors efficiently reported their activities for the past year. Members elected incoming directors to guide the organization in what promises to be another busy year. The members listened to and questioned OPP officer, Jason Folz; Kawartha Conservation’s Iryna Shulyarenko; and local well-driller Greg Bullock as they brought the organization up to date on issues of concern to all residents and cottagers of the North Pigeon Lake watershed, before adjourning to enjoy a barbeque and socializing. Elected directors include Janet Klein (President), Donna Wood, Janet Kelly, Warren Dunlop, Marie Windover, John Main, Brenda Wall and Don Wilcox to steward the organization going forward. Klein ended the meeting with an appeal saying, “The bigger our voice, the better we can speak for this beautiful area where we live and play. We can promote good government as it affects our area, promote measures that will act to beautify, enhance and improve it including our water quality. Our organization has evolved over the years to include all interested folk from the entire catchment area that drains into the northern part of Pigeon Lake. Get your neighbours and friends to join in our work.” President Emeritus, Ross Morton, added that next year “will be especially important as a municipal election year, and we need to keep our eye on what we’ve been able to accomplish in the past.” Membership is $45 per family and cheques may be submitted to the NPLA, General Delivery, Bobcaygeon, K0M1A0 or by going online to to pay the membership fee by e-transfer.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Did You Know ? 10

August 11, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter

Ad design is complimentary with ad placement in The Kawartha Promoter. Some restrictions may apply.

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Aug 19th Starring Kyle Gregor-Pearse, Karen Cromar & Lorne Elliott

A comedy in seven phone calls When Bruno MacIntyre decides to rent his ramshackle cottage to summer tourists he turns to his clever and caustic Aunt Tillie for help in securing tenants. What follows is a play full of Maritime mirth – sly insults & wry plans set among the backdrop of cottage renovation and family manipulation! CBC funnyman Lorne Elliott’s take on life in PEI.

Book your tickets now! Theatre Only $31.50

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1-800-304-7897 • 705-738-2037 2300 Pigeon Lake Road Bobcaygeon August 11, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


Roots & Ramblings It Was A Sunny Day!

Submitted by Linda Friend

A Sunny Day in July…not usually a “stop the presses” headline. But in this summer of 2017, a glimpse of sunshine is cause for celebration. And celebrate we did with the annual Bobcaygeon Garden Tour, Tea and Market. Our 300 tour attendees are now looking at the photos they took of eight lovely gardens, admiring their purchases of art and garden objects or perhaps wishing they had the recipe for a particularly delicious treat served at the complimentary tea. This is an annual event in the calendar of the

Bobcaygeon and District Horticultural Society and a major source of revenue for our village beautification projects. However, the tour is possible only because of enthusiastic community support. Many thanks to the local businesses who contributed door prizes, food donations and ad sponsorship. Particularly appreciated are the village restaurants which offered lunch discounts to ticket holders. Our sincere gratitude is extended to the local entrepreneurs who created displays on such diverse topics as culinary herbs, garlic production and bee keeping and to the Minden Master Gardener team who answered those tough questions posed by our visitors. The staff of Kawartha Settlers’ Village attended to the many details of our event. The village was a perfect setting for our market of local vendors. As refreshments were served on the porch of Henderson House, music was provided by John Max and his “one man band.” All of this was due to the 40 Horticultural Society volunteers who put up posters, sold tickets, baked goodies and greeted tour attendees.


ChiCkEN A large selection of appetizers! Closed Mondays. Open: Sun. Tue. Wed. Thurs. 11-7:30, Fri. & Sat. 11-8:30 36 King Street East

Across from the LCBO


te i s b

e w w e N

WIN A TABLET* Subscribe to news through for your chance to win a 7” Samsung tablet generously donated by Bell, downtown Lindsay at the corner of Kent and Albert streets. *Full contest details available at


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But, of course, the absolutely essential ingredient is exceptional gardens. A year of planning, a summer of hard work…but the result is a terrific day shared by all. Thank you to these generous home owners: Diane & Dennis Hearse, Carol-Anne & Peter Eldridge, Jackie Braithwaite & Garth Davidson, Brian Wilkins & William Henderson, Lee Anne & Herb Gray, Helen & Manfred Kaphammel, Madeline & Bill Evans, and Sandy Cogar who opened her studio (Garden Art by Sandy) for our artists’ show and sale. Coming up next? The Bobcaygeon Fair. Though you may not be ready to host a garden tour, you can still display the stars of your garden by entering items in this wonderful fair. From flowers to vegetables, a wide variety of items will win a ribbon, a monetary prize and the satisfaction of participating in such a fun event. Check out the website at for a list of entries and details of how to enter. Meanwhile, now that the sun has begun to shine at last, enjoy your garden!

Saturday, August 19 • 12pm - 7pm $15 Advance, $20 at the door


TRUST A ALOCAL AGENT TRUST A LOCAL AGENT TRUST LOCAL AGENT Plus Local Artists and Entertainment by: The Kents, Jesse Slack, Kelly Burrows and Nicole Coward Sponsored by:


Area Resident for Over 30 Years

Area Resident for Over 30 Years

Area Area Resident for for Over 3030 Years Resident Over Years

Age of majority event • Tickets available at K.S.V or online 85 of Dunn St. Bobcaygeon, ON • 705-738-6163 Age majority event • Tickets available at K.S.V or online Age of majority event • Tickets available at K.S.V or online 85 Dunn St. Bobcaygeon, ON • 705-738-6163 85 Dunn St. Bobcaygeon, ON • 705-738-6163

Area Resident for Over 30 Years


Where atyhes sun alw! shines

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South Shore Sturgeon Lake 442 County Road 24 Bobcaygeon 705-738-2473 - Fax 705-738-2500 August 11, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


Kawartha Palooza Coming Summer of 2018

By Kirk Winter

A one-day summer celebration of culture in the Kawarthas will be coming to the City of Kawartha Lakes the summer of 2018. The Kawartha Art Gallery, working in consultation with Penni Holdham, a veteran arts organizer and consultant, is hoping the Kawartha Palooza will become a fixture on the summer calendar for years to come. But first, they’ll hold a special kick-off event on Saturday, August 12 this year in Victoria Park from 11am until 1pm. The event will feature music, crafts, a magician/voice impersonator, face painting, a balloon artist and packing tape sculptures made by local artists

including Palooza mascot, Arty. A Kawartha Palooza App that works like a passport with the opportunity to win prizes will be in place for the event. Holdham welcomes the public to this event where she hopes people will get a taste for what the much larger celebration of art and culture will look like in the summer of 2018. The Gallery, through a partnership with The Olde Gaol Museum, Kawartha Arts Network, East Lindsay & District Lions Club and the Academy Theatre wants to boost tourism and bring people to the Kawartha Lakes to take part in an experience not found elsewhere. More and more small communities are realizing that celebrations of arts and culture are good for business and draw people from right across Ontario if the experience delivered is stimulating and exciting. The Kawartha Palooza organizing committee is grateful for the event support shown so far by the business community with support received from Kawartha Lakes Community Futures Development Corporation, Nexicom, Blue Oak Antiques & Art Gallery, Pinnuaq, Home Hardware Lindsay, and Head to Toe Outfitters Kawartha Palooza in 2018 hopes to see a street closure on Kent Street from Lindsay Street to Victoria Park with the area being filled with bands, performers from many other disciplines, dancers and creators of art of all kinds. Holdham wants people to understand that culture doesn’t have to be dull and stodgy, rather it can be a joyful experience for all involved. The committee wants this to be a family event that will attract people of all ages with everything from children’s crafts to how to make your own craft beer. Throughout the year the Gallery will be seeking sponsors for Kawartha Palooza 2018. Please contact the Gallery at or 705-324-1780 for information.

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This year, the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival celebrates 40 years. From humble beginnings as a fundraising event to pay the original mortgage of the newly-built Buckhorn Community Centre, this year’s Festival comes full circle, paying tribute to Canada as the country celebrates 150 years of confederation. It’s always been a community event, especially when overcoming unforeseen challenges. In 2003, the entire eastern seaboard of the US and Canada was hit with a black-out. It was the opening night – Preview Night – for the 26th annual Festival. Artists, billeted around the area, and their hosts wondered if the show would go on. What some hadn’t anticipated was the way the community would come together. Within hours, generators donated by residents and local businesses hummed and powered the lights for the galleries in Festival Park. Judy McWhirter, general manager of the Buckhorn Community Centre, remembers the night well. “Just when we thought we could relax for an hour or so because everything was ready for the opening, the power went out,” she said. “Immediately our phone started ringing with offers from the community to lend us generators. We even had several electricians donate their time to get our water system hard-wired to generators. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but in our case the community put on the event that night.” Each year, Festival organizers and a special artist committee come together to create a special exhibit for the show – something with a specific theme. This year, organizers reached out to Buckhorn Fine Art

Buckhorn Fine Art Festival


Lynn Woodcroft Sales Representative

Your Local Realtor Living And Working Right Here In The Kawarthas

Festival Alumni Artists and asked them to provide an image that they feel truly depicts Canada. Among those participating are Michael Dumas (one of the original artists at the show in 1978), Eddie LePage, Joan Tovey and many others. Another special feature of this 40th Anniversary celebration of the Festival is an exhibit focused on the new Regionalism. The work of a group of artists, including Brent Trach, Chris Bacon and Michael Dumas will be shown in the Cardinal Gallery (in Festival Park). For 10 consecutive years, the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival has been named one of the Top 100 Festivals in Ontario by Festivals & Events Ontario. But with that distinction comes some pressure. Show director, Allyson Allin says, “Our job is to the keep the show fresh for artists and visitors. The Festival has evolved


Direct: 705-768-5588

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15 800-387-8100 ~ 705-657-8095

90 mins. N.E. of Toronto, 20 mins. N. Of Peterborough

e h t y o j En l a v i t s e F Jeff Leal, MPP Peterborough 236 King St. Peterborough T-705-742-3777 F-705-742-1822

over the past 40 years and even more so in the past 10. Our committee needs to be creative on a small budget and so far, they’ve always come through.” This year’s Opening Night Garden Party Gala on Friday, August 18 will feature a ceremonial performance by the OPP Commissioner’s Own Pipes and Drums. It’s a chance for guests to enjoy the evening strolling through Festival Park and the Community Centre where they will be treated to a musical performance by Juno and four-time Canadian Folk Music Award Winners, Good Lovelies. You can be among the first to view more than 80 fine art exhibitors. Doors open at 6pm with festivities starting at 6:15. Opening Night Garden Party Gala tickets also provide entry to the Festival for the entire weekend. To add a little pizzazz to the evening, organizers are asking visitors to dress in business casual or cocktail attire. There are plenty of activities for the little ones as well on Saturday and Sunday. They can experience the ARTivity Zone that features a number of interactive art activities.

The Municipality of Trent Lakes would like to congratulate the BUCKHORN FINE ART FESTIVAL and extend best wishes for another year of artistic success.






Labour Day Weekend at Fenelon Falls Fairground

Saturday September 2nd - Sunday September 3rd Indoor & Outdoor artists displaying Fine Art and Fine Crafts FREE Admission • Free Parking • Just a walk from the falls Free shuttle between Stokes on Trent corner and Fairgrounds all weekend

Phone: 705-887-3263 • email: 16

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The Buckhorn Fine Art Festival is proud of its commitment to all artists, young and old. The Amateur Art Competition, shown in the main Community Centre building, includes a People’s Choice Award, voted on by visitors to the show. Presentation of awards for the Art Competition will take place on Sunday, August 20 at 4:30pm. There’s also a Youth Art Display, featuring the works of young people from throughout the Kawarthas. Throughout the weekend, you can speak with the artists, who take pride in sharing their work. As well during the two-day event, a variety of musicians will perform and local cuisine will be available. Parking is free and a shuttle bus is available from the upper parking lot to the BCC. The Buckhorn Fine Art Festival runs Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20 from 10am to 5pm. Tickets for the Opening Night Garden Party on Friday, August 18 are $20 (plus HST) in advance, $25 at the door. Adult day passes are $8 with a special package for a family of four for only $25. Tickets can be ordered by calling 705-657-8833 or online at


Living and working in Buckhorn It’s SERVICE that sells homes

Congratulations on

40 Great Years!

Buckhorn District Tourist Association

705-657-3288 • •


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Submitted by April Scott

The Summer is now half over and we are still battling the rain, on occasion. The Choristers thoughts will soon be on the Fall resumption of practicing. A pig roast was held in July when everyone was able to catch up on news all around. Mother Nature did herself proud and it was a beautiful day. A big thank you to Lyle and Sandra for roasting and carving the pig. Everyone declared the meat delicious and the additional dishes, pot luck style, added to it. In July Laura and Bob Plummer became grandparents to a new addition to the family and promptly went to meet the little fellow. Congratulations went out from all. This a short update as we take a break. I would like to mention that several of the members are also involved with the Bobcaygeon Music Council and have been working with Music in the Park concerts just to keep them busy! Looking ahead - unfortunately our numbers seem to be dwindling due to folks leaving town, particularly in the tenor and bass sections. If you love to sing in the shower, driving the car, cutting the grass or out in your boat, please think about joining us in the fall. If you can read music it is an advantage but not necessary. Details on when and where practices will be to come in the next update.We would love to see you and guarantee we’re a friendly group. As an added incentive - we usually have cookies and coffee at break time!!! ‘Til next time enjoy the rest of August and ‘like’ us on Facebook to see what we are all about.

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What's in

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With the thrill of rides, games and other attractions, the shape of the modern Fair has changed dramatically from its origins. But the feeling remains the same – experience and education are what rural Fairs are all about. Agricultural societies and their Fairs came to Ontario in the 1800s. Organized by the county or township, these early Fairs were the “must do” event of the season. Today, there are more than 230 fairs held annually in Ontario. Many claim to be the oldest, but the first was the Kingston Fall Fair held in 1825. In our region, Bobcaygeon came on board in 1858, Kinmount started their Fair in 1871 and the Fenelon Agricultural Society was formed in 1888 and held their first Fair in Glenarm. Communities have always come together for their Fairs. Exhibitions of livestock, vegetables, flowers and crafts are important features of any Fair. Competition is also the name of the game, as home bakers vie for the first-place red ribbon in pies, cakes and cookies. Ladies from the area’s quilting groups also got together to demonstrate their craft. At the Fenelon Fair, there will be a number of exhibits and competitions including Art, Photography, Culinary Arts and Homecrafts and Quilts. The horse shows have played an important role over the years as well, some saying they have been responsible for the growing interest in national and international equestrian events. And we can’t forget the involvement of 4-H club programs at Fairs. Young people are more invested than ever in competitions with their livestock and learning

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August 11, 12, 13, 2017

At the Fairgrounds - Fenelon Falls

valuable skills to take into their future. At the Fenelon Fair, members of the Fenelon 4H Beef Club, aged 9 to 21, will compete in a number of categories including Senior and Junior Heifer and Champion Beef Heifer. In recent years, other events have been added to Fairs to encourage attendance. Demolition derbies, tractor pulls of all kinds (including traditional farm tractors and now garden tractors), and musical performances round out the attractions. Thrill Show Productions produces the Demolition Derby at the Fenelon Fair including the Mini Smash and Full-Size Straight Stock. This event takes place Saturday, August 12 at 7pm. You don’t want to miss out on attending the Fairs in the Kawarthas. The Fenelon Fair starts it off from Friday, August 11 to Sunday, August 13.

Have you heard BOB lately? BOB listened to you!

F R I D AY • T R U C K & FA R M T R A C T O R P U L L – 6 : 3 0 P M NEW – Cope Amusements Midway, Exhibits. Gates open 4 pm.

S AT U R D AY • T H R I L L S H O W P R O D U C T I O N S D E M O L I T I O N D E R B Y – 7 P M (including “Power

Wheels” competition for the kids) Exhibits, 4H Beef

Show, Goat Display, Poultry, Beef Cattle, Country Music with “The Country Hot Flashes” & Friends, Children’s Activities, Midway, Westerby Entertainment Video Dance in the Arena at 9 PM

S U N DAY – H O R S E & P O N Y P U L L S

Cope Amusements Midway, Saddle Horse Show, Miniature Horse Show, Exhibits, Sheep Show, Children’s Pedal Tractor Pull, Music with “The Lockjammers” and special guests Vicky Heacock & Roland Barlow

NEW COPE AMUSEMENTS MIDWAY “Family Run for Family Fun”


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BAD NEWS/GOOD NEWS A murderer in their midst

By Pamela VanMeer, Kawartha411

Elizabeth Wettlaufer has been called one of Canada’s most prolific serial killers. She pled guilty to, and was convicted of, eight counts of first degree murder, four counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated assault on residents she was paid to look after.  “I want to reaffirm my deepest sympathies to the families affected by this tragic situation. The safety, quality of care and quality of life of Ontario’s long-term care residents continues to be our government’s priority,” said Dr. Eric Hoskins, Ontario Minister of Health and LongTerm Care. Wettlaufer was a registered nurse in long-term care homes in Southwestern Ontario. Instead of taking care of some of her frail, elderly clients, she took their lives or abused them. She was sentenced to life in prison.  But this shocking case of senior abuse isn’t an isolated case. In September 2016, video emerged of a Peterborough woman being abused by her caregivers in a long-term care facility.  One staff member was seen taking a soiled rag and waving it in 85-year-old Helen MacDonald’s face, another wiped his nose on her sheets and then made the bed with them.  A couple were caught making out in MacDonald’s room. Perhaps the most shocking video was of a PSW rough-handing MacDonald, who had a broken hip. All of the employees were fired but the union  fought for them and three were brought back to work. 



The video sparked announcements of change to the way the province’s 630 LTC homes are investigated. The Province said they would inspect every home at least once a year but that didn’t last long. In June 2016 the National Post found the government quietly scaled back the inspections saying 85 percent of homes would get a full inspection every three years with a light inspection the other two.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel for our most vulnerable residents. After the Wettlaufer case the government called an inquiry to help get answers to make sure a tragedy like this never happens again. They also recently appointed a Judge to head the investigation. The Honourable Justice Eileen Gillese, an experienced judge of the Ontario Court of Appeal will look at the policies, procedures and oversight of long-term care homes. The Province says in particular, Justice Gillese has been asked to inquire into the circumstances and systemic issues which may have contributed to the Wettlauffer case.  Hoskins says, “This inquiry will bring critical answers that will allow our government to further ensure the safety and security of long-term care residents.” Let’s hope they stick with it this time! You can find more local news and reports on


4 1 1

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Snack Bar * Free Parking

At the Curling Club/Fairgrounds • 705-738-9482 22

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Who are YOU sweeping with ... ? Try Curling! Omemee Curling Centre Registration night Tuesday September 12 from 6-9 pm Visit


Calling all budding chefs! Community Care and the local Health Unit are looking for you, to participate in free cooking workshops being offered this month in several locations. The Little Chefs of CKL program returns, presented by the Community Care Health & Care Network and the HKPR District Health Unit. The Little Chefs program has also been generously supported by the Optimist Club of Lindsay. Little Chefs offers youth ages 6 to 12 a hands-on cooking experience in a supervised setting. Participants will learn cooking skills, enjoy a homemade healthy lunch and snacks, and take home a culinary creation to share. Participants also get to keep their own apron from the workshop. Each workshop runs from 9am to 3:30pm on the following dates and locations: Thursday, Aug. 17 - Fenelon Falls Salvation Army Tuesday, Aug. 22 - Dunsford United Church Thursday, Aug. 24 - Little Britain United Church To register or to get further information about any of the free Little Chefs workshops, contact Community Care’s Community Health Centre at 705-879-4100 (press 1). Space is limited.


Globus Theatre at the Lakeview Arts Barn has once again shown its commitment to bringing new Canadian works to Bobcaygeon with the staging of Lorne Elliott’s hit comedy, The Fixer Upper. Lorne and his creative team from Production Turtle Pond Theatre will be at the LAB performing this comedy in seven phone calls until August 19. Here’s a synopsis of the play: When Bruno MacIntyre decides to rent his ramshackle cottage to summer tourists he turns to his clever and caustic Aunt Tillie for help in securing tenants. What follows is a play full of Maritime mirth – sly insults and wry plans set among the backdrop of cottage renovation and family manipulation! It’s CBC funnyman Lorne Elliott’s take on life in PEI. Globus Theatre acknowledges the support of the 2017 Season Sponsor Bigley Shoes & Clothing and Show Sponsor Gordon Yacht Harbour. Tickets are available - $31.50 for regular and $20 for youth - by calling the Box Office at 705738-2037 or toll-free 1-800-304-7897. You can find out more at

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95 MAIN ST BOBCAYGEON ON 705 738 9779

253 KENT ST W LINDSAY ON 705 878 4074


6666 HWY 35 COBOCONK ON 705 454 2014

Health & Wellness BEAT THE HEAT

As the temperature continues to rise, the Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Service is advising the public on how to stay safe and avoid heat-related illnesses. Strenuous activities should always be avoided in extreme heat and residents should drink plenty of fluids. No person or pet should ever be left in a parked vehicle and paramedics advise residents to seek out cool and air conditioned places like malls, arenas or other public places. “The elderly, very young and people with chronic illnesses are at higher risk of heat-related illness,” says Derek Brown, Deputy Chief of Paramedic Services for Kawartha Lakes. “However, even healthy people can be affected if they participate in strenuous activities and do not take precautions. In high temperatures and humidity, your body may not be able to cool properly which can lead to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.” Symptoms of heat exhaustion, which is less serious than heat stroke, include normal or only slightly elevated body temperature; cool, moist, clammy, pale skin; and sweating, sometimes heavily. Treatments for heat exhaustion include moving to a shaded or air conditioned place, loosen or remove clothing, drink water or non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverages like sports drinks to restore electrolyte balance. Residents are urged to call 9-1-1 if attempts to decrease body temperature don’t work or if they

experience chest pain, abdominal pain or persistent vomiting. Heat stroke is a more serious illness causing the body to lose its ability to cool itself, with internal body temperature rising to extremes. Symptoms of heat stroke include a very high body temperature (above 104 degree F), no sweating and hot, dry, red skin. Residents should call 9-1-1 if they experience the symptoms of heat stroke. For more information about staying safe this summer, visit

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A water safety reminder from the Kawartha Lakes First Responders:

Never underestimate the power of current. Swimmers and waders can be swept away in an instant, particularly when caught by the current in rivers or in abrupt drop-offs.

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable summer!

August 11, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


Photo – (left to right) Todd Robertson, Professionals and Healthcare Specialist; Erin Coons, Executive Director of the RMH Foundation; and Branch Manager Greg Clements at the donor recognition wall in the Diagnostic Imaging Department


Scotiabank takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. Among its five strategic CSR commitments is community. Representatives of Scotiabank recently marked its ongoing investment in the local community with a special visit to Ross Memorial Hospital.

Caygeon De ture Fernando Paiz, Denturist

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Branch Manager Greg Clements and Professionals and Healthcare Specialist Todd Robertson presented Scotiabank’s fourth pledge payment for the Imagine the Future campaign. The campaign raised $5.8 million to purchase the new MRI, a 128-slice CT scanner, and redevelop the Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging department. Scotiabank committed to a 5-year pledge totalling $50,000 to contribute to local healthcare. With the Scotiabank’s recent gift of $10,000, its cumulative giving to the Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation since 1996 reaches $150,500. “Scotiabank is committed to the health of this community,” said Erin Coons, Executive Director of the RMH Foundation. “Their gift to the Imagine the Future campaign impacts local patients every single day. That’s a positive long term investment.”


Submitted by HKPR Health Unit

Summer vacation is in full swing here, but it doesn’t mean a holiday from blacklegged ticks that can spread Lyme disease. The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit reminds area residents, cottagers and campers to watch out for blacklegged ticks – or deer ticks – that can carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. Since 2011, the number of cases of Lyme disease in Ontario has been increasing, in part because blacklegged tick populations are expanding to more areas of the province. In the Health Unit’s region, the eastern part of Northumberland County is now considered a ‘high-risk’ area for blacklegged ticks. Blacklegged ticks act as hitchhikers, settling on tall grasses and bushes until they can attach to a passing person or animal. Once attached, ticks will feed on the host’s blood. If the blacklegged tick is infected with the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, it can pass the disease onto a person – especially if the tick has fed for more than 24 hours. You can find out more at

Hire a housekeeper, be happy

Ever wondered what would make you, the busy working woman or man, happier? According to a new


FULL PACKAGE INCLUDES: FULL PACKAGE INCLUDES: Personal Care • Shopping * Consultation * Consultation * Co-ordinate change Meal of address with• post Preparation Light Housekeeping * Co-ordinate change of address with post office and utilities Medication Reminding • Companionship office and utilities * Arrange booking day for moving Community Support Services * Organize and sort Available: personal belongings Days,booking Evenings, Overnight * Arrange day for moving 705-340-3258 705-749-4940 Community Support Services according to your wishes Community Support Services Inc. Registered D.V.A. Provider * Organize and sort personal belongings * De-clutter professionally packed 705-340-3258 705-749-4940 belongings according to your wishes Providing Service for Over 17 Years in The Kawarthas! * Arrange for removal or sale of unwanted EXPANDING TO INCLUDE A * De-clutter professionally packed Small Business Innovation Award 2001, 2013 items SENIOR’S RE-LOCATION SERVICE belongings We take the stress out of re-locating * Set up & supervise moving day Our goal is to ensure peacePeterborough of mind * Arrange belongings*inArrange newTailored location Lindsay • 705-340-3258 • 705-749-4940 for removal sale of unwanted packages to suit youror needs including: EXPANDING TO INCLUDE A and to make your move as smooth * Clean up and hand in keys for apartment items Arrange to Moving Day • Down Size / De-Clutter Assistance as possible fromRE-LOCATION start to finish. SENIOR’S SERVICE * Arrange for repair or painting prepare for house sale *Packing Set &up & supervise moving Unpacking • Sale of Unwanted Items day & Much More Our caring team of workers are Fully Register Member ofis Ontario Care insured * Assist with finding real estate agent Our goal to Home ensure of mind Our goal is to ensure peace ofpeace mind and to make your * Arrange belongings in new location OUR CARIng TeAM Of wORkeRS ARe fULLy InSUReD * Follow up in new location and to make your move as smooth Small Business Innovation Award 2013


* Clean up and hand in keys for apartment move as smooth asWe possible take from start to finish. as possible from start to finish. * Arrange for repair or painting to prepare stress Promoter 26 August 11, 2017 - Thethe Kawartha DAY PARTIAL PACKAGES for house sale out ofare Fully insured Our caring team of workers * Available tailored to your needs. Our caring team of workers are fully insured

study by Harvard University and the University of British Columbia, if you spend your money on time, you’ll head in the right direction. Using samples from the U.S., Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands, their research showed that individuals who spend money on time-saving services report greater life satisfaction. They recruited working adults from Vancouver, to spend two payments of $40 on two consecutive weekends. One weekend the $40 was to be spent on something that would save them time. The second weekend, they were to spend $40 on material purchases. Study officials say their experiment demonstrates that people felt less end-of-day time pressure when they purchased time-saving services such as housekeeping or yard maintenance. It also improved their mood that day. The problem is that despite the potential benefits of buying time, many respondents allocated no discretionary income to buying time, even when they could afford it.

Dr. Eric Orpana

Lakeland Clinic Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery General Anaesthesia

2 Albert St. N., Lindsay

Specializing In... • Surgical Impactions • Wisdom Teeth • Extractions • Orthodontic Exposure* • Facial Pain/TMJ* • Surgery While Asleep

No Referral Required.

*Referral required for these services only.


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✔ Difficulty Wearing CPAP ✔ Dry, Stuffy Nose, Dry Mouth ✔ Difficulty Falling Asleep ✔ Annoyed By The Noise Mask, Skin Irritation or ✔ Leaky Pressure Sores ✔ Feeling Claustrophobic


If you’re planning on heading to Italy, Spain, Sweden or the UK, you might want to make sure your measles vaccine is up to date. Health Canada says measles is still circulating in many parts of the world, including Europe. Travellers who have not had the disease or have not received both of the two recommended doses of vaccine, are at an increased risk of infection. Experts suggest that while on vacation anywhere, it’s smart to practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. You can also use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. It’s a good idea to keep a bottle with you when you travel. You can find more, including a list of countries included in the advisory at travelling/health-safety.

New Patients Welcome Emergency Care- Root Canals Implants - Wisdom Teeth Extractions


The term “cocktail party effect” refers to the human ability to focus on a single speaker while tuning out background noise. Research indicates that the left side of our brains picks out the desired sounds from the background noise. This makes sense when you take into account that speech signals are processed in the left brain. When researchers monitored the brain’s response to different sound combinations, it was observed that the left hemisphere displayed the most neural activity associated with processing sounds in a noisy setting. While no one is suggesting that today’s highly sophisticated hearing aids are on a par with the brain when it comes to picking out desired sounds in noisy environments, they do remarkably well. Hearing loss is a common health concern for many people, and it can result from a number of different causes. The good news is that some types of hearing loss are preventable. With just a few small changes in habit and increased awareness, the effort to preserve your hearing can have a big payoff in the future. To schedule a hearing test please give us a call. P.S. Digital hearing aids translate sound to P.S. The more formal term for the ability to focus on a specific sound in a crowded room is “selective hearing.”

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Submitted by Nicole Chamberlain

Earlier this year, the Lindsay Tai Chi Club celebrated its fifth anniversary. Nicole Chamberlain comments, “When we started we were just a group of five or six people. Now our membership is almost 70.” The club welcomes new people to join anytime. No previous experience is needed. Members are at various skill levels, from beginner to those who have practiced for years. Most agree that they find the gentle exercise is absorbing, the camaraderie exceptional, and the health benefits noticeable. Many find their balance improves, some pains diminish, and even such things as blood pressure can be improved. Not only are there physical benefits, but also Tai Chi can have a positive influence on the human brain. While focusing on the Tai Chi moves, the mind is quieted from the busy thoughts of our lives. Over the years the club has moved locations and for the past two years has been at St. Paul’s Anglican Church on Russell Street in Lindsay. Each week four sessions are held - two morning sessions starting at 9:30am on Tuesdays and Fridays and two evening sessions starting at 6:30pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The sessions are held continuously throughout the year. Each 2-hour session begins with foundation and warm-up exercises, followed by the Tai Chi set, a tea break, and practice of one or more of the moves from the set. Individuals with special challenges, such as knee replacements or back issues, are shown how



Bond St. & John St. (old arena) May 19 - Oct. 6

Check us out on facebook (Fenelon Falls Farmers’ Market)

to modify the moves to accommodate their needs. Members with reduced mobility practice Tai Chi while sitting in a chair. The goal is to exercise safely within any physical limitations. Members pay $40 for three months of sessions. After expenses such as rent and supplies, the remaining funds are donated to non-profit groups in the Lindsay area. In the past five years the club has donated over $11,000 to charities such as Kawartha Food Source, Alzheimer’s Society, and several local shelter organizations. For more information, visit online at or follow them on Facebook at Lindsaytaichiclub.

Ride for the Cure

By Gail Thomasson

Does the word “equestrian” intrigue you? Does it inspire images of beautiful horses and riders? If it does, or you would just like to see some very skilled riders in action, here’s an event you don’t want to miss. On August 20, more than 150 riders will take part in the Lane’s End Ride for the Cure in support of breast cancer research. There are three disciplines at the event - dressage, stadium jumping and cross-country. The event runs all day and spectators are welcome. There will be lunch available, as well as a silent auction and ice cream sales. Donations on admission are welcome. All proceeds will be donated to Canadian Cancer, Breast Cancer Division. Information about breast cancer, life and grief counselling is also available. Last year, more than $10,000 was raised for the cause. Most of the riders dress themselves and their mounts in pink to honour this event. Many businesses, residents and riders contribute to the fundraiser and their support is very much appreciated. Lane’s End Farm is at the north end of Cosh’s Road, just west of Bobcaygeon. For more information contact

776 Technology Drive Peterborough 705-868-8237 Website: Facebook: @hjoutfitters 28

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ORIGINAL MAN WITH TRUCK 15 yrs experience Lowest prices. Grass cutting, Painting, Garbage removal, property maintenance, long or short distance moves. No job too small! Bruce 705-738-6321 ____________________ GOPHER CONSTRUCTION SERVICES Dump runs Eavestrough cleaning Moving assistance Private security Monica Stanley 705-738-6364 ____________________ GREGG MACNEIL LANDSCAPING 705-793-9437 Interlocking brick, armour stone, retaining walls, decks, driveways, walkways, patios, stairs & repairs to all. www.greggmacneil ____________________ CERAMIC TILE Quality installations. Very reliable. Call Ted for an estimate 705-454-9826

Deadline for next issue: Aug. 16, 2017 Call 705-738-6188 20 words or less for $28 + H.S.T. E-Mail: DOUGLAS CANOES Recanvassing, fibreglassing, Restored canoes for sale. Original canoe bookcases 25 yrs experience PH 705-738-5648 Em: ____________________ TLC GARDEN DESIGN/ LANDSCAPING INC. Lindsay, On 17 years in business Spring/Fall Cleanup, garden reno, planting, maintenance programs, Call Kay C: 416-568-1228 NO JOB TOO BIG NONE TOO SMALL ____________________ MUSIC LESSONS DUNSFORD Piano • Voice • Brass •Performance. Unique vocal and performance teaching method. Any style level. 705-300-3561 ____________________ DARE TO DREAM BIGGER: Life and wellness coach, trained to listen and support, rather than simply dole out advice. If you would like a free consult contact Tammy 705-308-0738 call or text

LOW LEGAL FEES HIGH CUSTOMER SERVICE Prompt answers to your questions PETER KRATZMANN LAWYER 705-731-2170 FREE POWER of ATTORNEY with mention of this AD ____________________ Supreme Clean Personable and dedicated housekeeping. Small client base to offer the very best quality of service. An extreme eye for detail without the rush of larger companies working on a timeline. Please call, text or email for your personal quote. Mia 905.862.8424.


OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT Central Bobcaygeon location. 2 rooms 400 sq ft Private entrance. Private washroom. $750 per month.705-738-6188.


WANTED: POP CULTURE ITEMS Vinyl records (rock, jazz, blues), rock memorabilia, pre-1990 comic books, toys, vintage costume jewelry, sterling & gold jewelry. All types of retro / mid-century items. House calls made at your convenience. Robert or Penny 705-324-2699

Tom Nimmo passed away peacefully on May 13. A CELEBRATION OF LIFE/DROP IN will be hosted by the family for Tom on Sunday Aug. 20 at the Cavendish Community Centre, from 1 – 5pm. We welcome the many friends and acquaintances that Tom made over the past several decades in the Kawartha region. Feel free to drop by and share your “Tommy stories.” Light refreshments served. No dress code… please come as you are.

Patterson, Jeffery James

Passed away at the Kingston General Hospital with family by his side on Sunday July 30, 2017. Jeff Patterson of Bobcaygeon in his 68th year. Beloved husband of Glenda Patterson (nee Finley). Will be loved and remembered by his children Tanya (Jeff), Jeff (Jenn). Beloved grandpa to Ashley, Evelyn, Quinton, Corrigan, and Crawford. Also remembered by many other extended friends and family, he was loved by all. A Celebration of Life will take place in September, 2017 at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #239. As expressions of sympathy, memorial donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society. Friends may send condolences or make donations by contacting THE HENDREN FUNERAL HOME – MONK CHAPEL at or by calling 705-738-3222. August 11, 2017 - The Kawartha Promoter


A1 JOHNNY JUNKERS Top cash paid for good used or scrap vehicles Environmentally friendly green disposal Free pick-up 905-424-1232 ____________________ WANTED Canada & USA coins Silver dollar coins 1967 and earlier Silver & gold jewellery broken or not Sterling items eg. Birks Sterling flatware Jurgen 705-340-1504


Furniture,Glass, China, Military Medals etc. Duck Decoys, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Dollars, Gold, Coins, Pocket Watches etc. Anything old. R. Carruth. 705-887-1672.


ADVERTISING SALES REPRESENTATIVES Orillia • Port Perry • Oshawa • Peterborough areas. Resumes only kawarthasalesmanager@


MEMORY LANE SHOW Bobycaygeon Seniors’ Centre August 19 7-11pm Listen/dance to Olden Golden Tunes $10 705-738-0254


HUGE GARAGE SALE TOOLS, TOOLS, TOOLS Pigeon Hollow Park, Bobcaygeon 3 miles north of Hwy 36 Fri., August 11, 3-7 Sat., August 12, 8-5 Sun., August 13, 8-3


Local Events

This section is for Local Charitable Events. We do provide Not-for-profit rates for more in-depth advertising

Adult Day Programs - Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls , Little Britain, Lindsay & Omemee. Community Care - Call 705-324-7323 AUG 12 - Buffet Supper, Burnt River Community Centre 4 - 6.30 p.m. Adults $15, children over 6 yrs. $5. AUG 14 - Living With Cancer Support Group. 2 Kent St. W., Lindsay, 2 p.m. 705-324-7323 ext 503 to reserve or info. AUG 14, 21 & 28 - Nordic Pole Walking, Wilderness Trail, Bobcaygeon. 9:30 a.m. 705324-7323 to register. AUG 14, 21 & 28 - outdoor Pickleball, Tommy Anderson Park, Bobcaygeon. 9 - 11 a.m. 705-324-7323 for info. AUG 14, 17, 24, 28 & 31 - Sexual Health Clinic Confidential access to cervical screening, low-cost birth control, pregnancy testing & sexual health teaching. Testing & treatment of STIs. Info or appointment:1-866-888-4577, ext. 2205. AUG 15 - free blood pressure monitoring service, Bobcaygeon Seniors Centre, 10:30a.m.-noon. AUG 15, 22 & 29 - Diners Club seniors luncheon 70 Murray St., Fenelon Falls, noon. 705-324-7323 to reserve. AUG 15, 22 & 29 - Indoor Pickleball, Bobcaygeon Curling Club, 7 - 9 p.m. 705324-7323 for more info. AUG 15 & SEPT 19 - Friends of the Library book sale downstairs in the Lindsay Library 10 am – 6pm AUG 16 - free blood pressure monitoring service, Royal Canadian Legion, Bobcaygeon, 10-11:30a.m. No appointment necessary. AUG 16 - Diners Club seniors luncheon , Knox Presbyterian Church, Bobcaygeon, noon. 705-324-7323 to reserve. AUG 17 - Circle of Hope for the Bereaved support group for those who have recently lost a loved one to share with others. 2 Kent St. W., Lindsay. 705-879-4123 to register. AUG 17 - Thursday Night Dinner for seniors, 70 Murray St., Fenelon Falls, 5 p.m. 705-3247323 to reserve. AUG 17 & 24 - Basic foot care services for seniors and people with special needs, 1027 Portage Rd., Kirkfield. Pre-booked appointments required. 705-879-4100. AUG 17, 24 & 31 - Indoor Pickleball, Bobcaygeon Curling Club, 9 - 11 a.m. 705324-7323 for more info. AUG 18 & 25, - Basic foot care services for seniors and people with special needs, Bobcaygeon Senior Citizens Centre. Prebooked appointments required, 705-8794100 AUG 18, 25 & 28 - Basic foot care services for seniors and people with special needs, 70 Murray St., Fenelon Falls. Pre-booked appointments required, call 705-879-4100. AUG 19 - Memory Lane Concert, Bobcaygeon Seniors Centre, 7 pm. Tickets $10. For more info call John, 705-738-0254. Door & dance prizes and 50\50 Draw

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AUG 19 - Kirkfield Historical Society 6:00p.m. Ham Dinner & Loonie Auction at Kirkfield Lion’s Hall. $15. Call 705 4385454 AUG 19 & SEPT 23 - Friends of the Library book sale downstairs in the Lindsay Library 10:30 am – 4pm AUG 23 - Ham it upo! Christ Church Anglican dinner. 5pm Adults $15, 12 & under $6. 43 Sherwood, Bobcaygeon. For tickets: 705-7317786 AUG 26 - St. Andrew’s Church, Bolsover Peach Social & Silent Auction 2-4 p.m. Tickets $5 Refreshments & dessert. 3rd SUN - Ladies auxiliary for Kinmount RCL BR.441 breakfast 8am -noon. MON - Bobcaygeon Senior Centre Mahjong 1 p.m. $3 2nd MON - Lindsay Creative Quilters’ Guild Meetings 35 Lindsay Street N, Lindsay 1–3:30pm 1st TUES - Dunsford Seniors Club Pot Luck, noon; 1:30 pm for Euchre. 1st TUES- Free clinics are now at the Bobcaygeon Seniors Centre, 10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. No appointments are needed. TUES - “Expanding the World of Literacy After School Program” Kinmount library 4:30 pm. Call 705 488-3199 TUES - Amateur photography club that meets alternate Tuesdays, 10 am, Bobcaygeon Library. $2 each for the use of the room. TUES - Omemee Legion Doubles darts @ 8pm. TUES - Bobcaygeon Pickelball at Bobcaygeon Curling Club 7-9 pm Drop-in fee $3 TUES - Bobcaygeon Cruisers meet at the Beach Park in Bobcaygeon just south of the Lock. 6pm ‘till dusk. All Classic Cars, sports cars, trucks & and any other interesting vehicles are welcome. If you don’t have a car come, talk and look. Info contact Joe 705 738 5319 2nd TUES - The Kawartha Settlers’ Village Quilters meet at Wray House, Bobcaygeon. New members & guests welcomed. Contact: 2nd TUES - Bobcaygeon Seniors’ Centre Mini Bucks Bid Euchre 7pm. $5 For info call Carol 705-793-1096 1st WED - Crime Fiction Book Club in the Carnegie Room, Lindsay Library to discuss works by certain authors. 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm. Call the Library for more info. WED- Scrapbooking and paper crafters meet from 9:30- noon at the Salvation army church in Fenelon Falls. Beginners welcome, call church for details. WED - Bobcaygeon Senior Centre Carpet Bowling $3 7 p.m. Contact: Al 705-738-1749 WED - Dunsford Seniors Club 1pm for BidEuchre. THURS-TOPS-Take off pounds sensibly at the Bobcaygeon Legion 6:30 p.m. All welcome. THURS - Omemee Legion mixed darts @ 8pm.

Community Dental Community Dental Clinic Clinic Community Dental Clinic

Community Dental Clinic Affordable Dentistry Affordable Dentist y r Affordable Dentistry for You and Your Family Affordable Dentistry

for You and y Your l i m a F for You and Your Family for You and Your Family

Good oral health

Goodoral oralhealth health Good is important to importanttoto isisimportant everyone’s everyone’s everyone’s overall health. overallhealth. health. overall

htlaeGood h lar o ot is tnimpo atr 705-879-4100 (push 2) • 1-800-461-0327 705-879-4100 (push 2) • 1-800-461-0327 705-879-4100 (push 2) • 1-800-461-0327 everyo s’en .hoverall tlaeh Caringfor forthe theCommunities Communities Kawartha Lakes Caring ofof Kawartha Lakes 108 Angeline St. S., Lower Level 108 Level 108Angeline AngelineSt. St.S., S.,Lower Lower Level Rear Entrance, Door C, Lindsay, ON Rear ON RearEntrance, Entrance,Door DoorC,C,Lindsay, Lindsay, ON



Caring for the Communities of Kawartha LakesTM

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Thank you to the people of Bobcaygeon, Legion members and guests who bought tickets for the fundraising run by BR239 Ladies Auxiliary. They raised $1,425 - $710 has been donated to the Royal Canadian Legion Bursary Fund and $715 donated to the Bobcaygeon Food Bank. From left to right: Ruth Sheppard (fundraising chair); Jan Haney (accepting the check on behalf of the Food Bank); and Anna Wilkins McCallen (Ladies Auxiliary President, Branch 239).

Hobbs Proud Of His Canada Post Staff

By Kirk Winter

When Scott Hobbs graduated from university with a degree in Kinesiology, he was unsure of what his career path might be. Scott was looking for a career with an organization that offered security, a pension, the opportunity for promotion, and a job that appealed to his love of physical activity and the outdoors. Little did Hobbs know that when he joined Canada Post as a casual letter carrier in Kelowna, British Columbia 14 years ago that all of the above would come true. Scott is now the Area Superintendant for

Kawartha Promoter Classifieds Work Circulation 40,000 • Reach over 80,000 readers Call 705-738-6188 or

Canada Post working out of the Lindsay Post Office on Cambridge Street. Scott came to this important position after stops in Kelowna, Kitchener, Guelph and Orillia. At the same time, Scott is the manager of the Lindsay Main Post Office. As Area Superintendant, he is responsible for an area that stretches from Caesarea in the south, to Eagle Lake in the north, to Pefferlaw in the west, and Reaboro in the east. It is a huge geographic area with dozens of post offices and many long-term employees. The Lindsay Main Post office is responsible for an area that stretches from near Cameron in the north, to near Reaboro in the east, to almost Janetville in the south, and near Oakwood in the west. There are nine rural route drivers servicing almost 2,700 addresses on their daily drives. Lindsay is covered by 10 mail carriers who service almost 9,200 addresses and have well-defined routes that they take great personal pride in. Four mobile route carriers are responsible for neighborhoods with super mailboxes and the Kent Street business core. These four drivers are equipped with trucks to deal with the staggering load of packages and parcels that they deliver every day. Scott noted that in his three years in Lindsay, parcel traffic has increased exponentially. What used to be a November-December phenomena is now a year-round reality as online shopping becomes a preferred form of commerce. Scott is intensely proud of his experienced and hard working staffs who service the people of the City of Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton as a whole. There are no snow days for postal carriers, and often rural route drivers brave roads that have yet to see a snow plow. Having delivered mail himself, Scott realizes and appreciates the physical toll the job takes on his people. When asked what is the best part of working for Canada Post Scott replied, “It is a great place to work with excellent people.” We should all be so lucky to have a job we enjoy like Area Superintendant Scott Hobbs does.

Let us work some magic for you. Bookkeeping, Tax Returns, Corporate Year-ends, Tax Planning

TurnerMoore LLP

Chartered Professional Accountants

Tel: 705-738-1581 | | 32

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August 11 to August 24 Melodie McCullough

Aquarius (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Listen to yourself, not others! You are the ONLY one who knows what is best for you, Aquarius, so follow both what your heart feels and your head knows. Don’t let ‘them’ dissuade you. Pisces (Feb. 20 to March 20) An old Japanese proverb tells us “Fall seven times, stand up eight”. This maxim may serve you well, Pisces, in the coming days, so keep it in mind. Hardships will come, but we can always pick ourselves up and move on! Aries (March 21 to April 20) Summer is nearing its end, Aries, but there is still time to slow down, focus on the mysteries and beauty of the season and let your senses be charmed by all things surrounding you! Taurus (April 21 to May 21) Appreciate the many gifts and benefits that come your way each day, Taurus – we never know when they may be gone. Remember to look at the ‘big picture’ and don’t worry about the small stuff! Gemini (May 22 to June 22) Do not be discouraged regarding your romantic situation at the moment, Gemini. The zodiac signs are pointing to an upswing in activity in that sphere. But don’t get carried away by a ‘crush’ - stay true to yourself and what you know you want in a partner. Cancer (June 23 to July 23) Are you feeling self-conscious these days, Cancer? Do you feel like the whole world is watching and judging you? No worries! You stand out because you are different – and are the better for it! There are many more people who accept you for who you are, than perhaps the one person who wants to bring you down.

Leo (July 24 to Aug. 23) “When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside”: Jalaluddin Rumi. Leo, do not fear silence. It offers a time to reflect and refresh -- and then unleash the thunderbolts that result! Virgo (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Do a kind deed today and watch its effect take shape – or not. You may not be able to realize the power of your act, but, rest assured, it will definitely mean something to the recipient. It will be a brief flash for you, but its influence can last a lifetime for them. Libra (Sept.24 to Oct. 23) Are you searching for inspiration, dear Libra? Lighten your heart! You can’t think clearly or creatively when your mind is burdened with worries and fraught with fears. Clear out the debris and let the revelations begin. Scorpio (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) The larger world is moving fast these days with changes happening overnight, Scorpio, and the same holds true for your own small world. Don’t be dismayed. Accept the changes, but don’t think you have to follow them to a tee. Your individuality is still a valued part of you! Sagittarius (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) Your life is ready to be lived! Go out there and conquer the world in the way only you know how, Sagittarius. Don’t let any doubts about your competence hold you back. You’ll never know what you can achieve unless you TRY. Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) Your life is very busy! You need to compartmentalize the demands that others and, even you, place on you and your time, Capricorn. Select the priorities and take it from there!

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Retiring? Downsizing? Or thinking about Buying or Selling your Home? Visit Brad at 69 Bolton Street, Bobcaygeon or Call Brad 705-738-2110 Brad Nelson - Real Estate Broker

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It’s Easy Being Green Personal Power By Julia Taylor

Kawartha Lakes is home to some pretty outstanding annual community events. For our family, these are the days that we enjoy getting out around town and some of generous freebies contributed by local business, mainly free food - my favorite! Maybe because I have become acutely aware of the waste we produce as a family, I have noticed these events generate a lot of trash, and a lot of the recyclables end up in the overflowing garbage can. So I wondered how we could still enjoy the treats without creating more trash. When I brainstorm, I always come up with big ideas, like asking Tim Hortons to give $1 coffees to people who bring a reusable mug, or fundraising to buy compostable take-away containers for the food freebies - but ideas like these take time, much effort, and extra moolah. So I always go back to trusty old personal habits! With young ones on a day out, we are always packing a bag with water bottles, cloths, snacks, the kitchen sink, etc., so I thought I would just throw some reusable mugs and a few Tupperware containers and spoons (for free ice cream - thank you Slices and Scoops!) into a plastic bag and into the larger bag. I figured I could just give them a rinse and chuck ‘em in

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the plastic bag to take home. I can do that, it’s easy and it won’t cost me money. Of course, one could just have the cone, but, for us, well... young kids! We didn’t even get a weird look when we handed the pro scooper our containers! I read recently that since 1950 we have produced 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic (half in just the last 10 years, mainly due to our consumption of single use items) and of that only 9 percent has been recycled. So every bit of plastic that we refuse counts! That is our personal power!


Some on social media are saying on August 12 we’ll see the biggest and brightest Perseid Meteor Shower ever. Well, that depends on cloud cover, and moon shine. If you go out between 11pm on August 12 until dawn on August 13, you should be treated to the peak of the “storm.” It will ramp up slowly until the 12th so you’ll see progressively more meteors per night and then wind down over the week after the 12th. “We go through the remnants of comet SwiftTuttle,” said local amateur astronomer, John Crossen. “While they may emanate from the constellation Perseus (that starts the night in the eastern sky), there will be stragglers that can come from any direction.” Because most meteors are made up of rock and ice, as they come close to the sun, the ice melts and leaves the rock debris trail. When those particles come in contact with earth’s upper atmosphere, they begin to heat up and burn up, leaving a trail across the sky. The Peterborough Astronomical Association will offer public observing the night of August 12, weather permitting, on Armour Hill in Peterborough. But you don’t need special equipment like a telescope or binoculars. Crossen says, “Naked eye is best because it gives you the widest field of view to catch the action.”

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