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In all the voluminous articles and countless books about America’s premier author, Mark Twain (born Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 18351910), there still remains a longhidden – and disturbing -- question he often posed in various ways: Why does God allow evil to happen to people and even small innocent children?

Such questions are agonising to

this day with preachers and ministers grappling with answers from the pulpit – offering “stock” quotes here and there in a frantic effort to attain damage control.

Twain was a firebrand and rarely pulled his punches.

But he had his limitations.

He learned early-on that Christians are, often, uncomfortable and squeamish over such (sincerely)

posed queries. Often times – he found – they are quick to anger with very little empathy, sensitivity, and tolerance to a confused neophyte.

Sadly, Mark Twain was well-aware of the preponderance of open Christian hypocrisy during his day. Often, he disguised and lampooned these hypocrisies in allegorical novels, such as with the “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” where he depicts two warring families (the Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons), who

steadfastly attend Sunday services, worship, read from the Bible, and sing hymns with the choir . . . then depart church and take up firearms and continue the long feuding with violence, bloodshed, and grisly death.

Just as the Good Book used allegorical tales and hidden symbolism, so also did the mighty Mark Twain use the same hidden meanings in his allegorical masterpiece novels to attack even the preachers and minis-

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ters of his day who dared preach from an “empty pulpit” and giving only lip service to God while having secret adulterous affairs with parishioners.

Though he had his anti-religious views, Twain still knew the Bible and especially what the so- called Christian Jesus himself said (in agreement with Twain): “You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you: ‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules.’” (Matthew 15:7-9)

Mark Twain’s religious struggles and provocative questioning of the Almighty have long been suppressed and kept from the public eye?


The author made this demand: that his true, unedited autobiography was not to be published until 100 years after his death.

It is now 2023 and it has been over 112 years since America’s premier author passed away and, yet, much of that literary religious goldmine is still only moving at glacier speed in finding its way into the public domain.

Give Us This Day our Daily Chuckle

This week, a compendium of wit, wisdom and neat stuff you can tell at parties. Enjoy!

My 12 year old daughter asked me, “Mom, do you have a baby picture of yourself? I need it for a school project.”

I gave her one without thinking to ask what the project was.

A few days later I was in her classroom for a parent-teacher meeting when I noticed my face pinned to a mural the students had created.

The title of their project was: “The oldest thing in my house.” ***

Some art appreciates faster than others

A New York attorney representing a wealthy art collector called and

Scholars, on the other hand, have unique access to such documents that are still kept locked in a vault at the University of California, Berkley.

Literary pundits are given greater access to many of these still-hidden documents, all of which affords them a better view of this extraordinary man whom historians have tagged, “The Quintessential American Novelist.”

WHAT FORMED HIS RELIGIOUS VIEWS. There is a longstanding ‘catch phrase’ which states that, “The Child is the Father of the Adult,” which means a child’s upbringing often determines the outcome of the adult-tobe in later years.

This certainly seems to have played a major role in forming Mark Twain’s inner-most character regarding life in general, and politics, and religion in particular.

Twain’s acrimonious view of organised religion and Biblical accounts, for example, can be traced to his earliest years when he was forced to attend Sunday Services. These formative years as a mere child, left an indelible imprint that lasted his entire lifetime.

These were the beginnings of his darkest lifetime moments that decimated and traumatised a young Samuel Clemens.

asked to speak to his client.

“Saul, I have some good news and I have some bad news.”

The art collector replied, “You know, I’ve had an awful day, Jack, so let’s hear the good news first.”

The lawyer said, “Well, I met with your wife today, and she informed me that she has invested only $5,000 in two very nice pictures that she thinks will bring somewhere between $15 and $20 million ... and I think she could be right.”

Saul replied enthusiastically, “Holy cow! Well done! My wife is a brilliant business woman, isn’t she? You’ve just made my day. Now, I know I can handle the bad news. What is it?”

The lawyer replied, “The pictures are of you and your secretary......”


Lunch with the Pope...

President Trump invited the Pope for lunch on his mega yacht. The Pope accepted and during lunch a puff of wind blew the Pontiff’s hat off, right Into the water.

It floated off about 50 feet, then the wind died down and it just floated in place.

Church sermons and hymns in his upbringing days were long, tortuous, and mournful, aimed at lost souls and eternal suffering and damnation in hellfire!

To Samuel Clemens, a mere child in bloom, God seemed to be nothing more than a menacing brute, what he referred to as an overbearing “Big Policeman up in the sky,” just waiting to pounce on him with curse after curse in retaliation for his sinning and ways gone wrong.

In her excellent account of these horrific and terrifying days for Samuel Clemens, gifted author and unexcelled biographer, Nora Stirling, writes with great emotion of young Clemens’ nightly visitations, which scarred him forevermore:

“Sam, knowing he was doomed, tossed and screamed in nightmares each Sunday night, but each Monday morning he was back at his sinning ways; and so he went, piling up a reserve of guilt and fear that was to last the rest of his life.”

(“Who Wrote the Classics,” Vol. 1, by Nora Stirling.)

It is punishing to just imagine a human child, literally, waking up screaming at the top of his lungs, in nightmares, each and every Sunday night. And yet, it was so.

In full adulthood, Samuel Clemens – who now morphed into world-fa-

The crew and the Secret Service were scrambling to launch a boat to go get it, when Trump waved them off, saying, “Never mind boys, I’ll get it.”

Then Donald climbed over the side of the yacht, walked on the water to the hat, picked it up, walked back on the water, climbed into the yacht, and handed the Pope his hat.

The crew was speechless. The security team and the Pope’s entourage were speechless.

No one knew what to say, not even the Pope.

But that afternoon, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC reported: “TRUMP CAN’T SWIM” ***

My name is Alice, and I was sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment with a new dentist. I noticed his DDS Diploma on the wall, which bore his full name.

Suddenly, I remembered a tall, handsome, dark-haired boy with the same name had been in my school class some 40 years ago.

Could he be the same guy that I had a secret crush on way back then?

Upon seeing him, I quickly discard-

mous celebrity, Mark Twain -- often dipped his pen in vitriolic ink: “If Christ were here there is one thing he would not be – a Christian.”

And, “Surely the ass who invented the first religion ought to be the first ass damned.” Since his boyhood days, Mark Twain was certain that God, in retrospect, punished him with tragedy after tragedy for his wayward ways of smoking, cursing, and hating school.

THE SECRET LIFELONG GRIEF OF A MURDER HE BELIEVED HE COMMITTED. One particular moment in Twain’s boyhood forged a dagger in his brain and led him to believe – all his life – that he had, inadvertently, murdered another human being.

According to Mark Twain’s own memoirs, this is what transpired: At the tender age of fourteen, Twain was in the company of his boyhood chum, Tom Blankenship (whom Mark Twain transformed into Huck Finn in his Huckleberry Finn novel; Mark Twain, himself, became Tom Sawyer).

One particular night the two young teens took note of a vagabond drunk who was placed in the town’s oneroom jailhouse and decided to pay him an unauthorised visit. Peering

ed any such thought. This balding, gray-haired man, with the deeply lined face, was way too old to have been my classmate.

After he examined my teeth I asked him if he had attended Morgan Park High School. “Yes”, he said. “I am a Mustang” he gleamed with pride.

“When did you graduate?” I asked.

He answered “in 1967. Why do you ask?”

“You were in my class”, I exclaimed.

He looked at me closely, then this ugly, old, bald, wrinkle-faced, fatassed, gray-haired, decrepit, son-ofa-bitch asked me.......... “What did you teach?”


When God sends help, don’t ask questions

She hurried to the pharmacy to get medication, got back to her car and found that she had locked her keys inside.

The woman found an old rusty coat hanger left on the ground. She looked at it and said, “I don’t know

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Mark Twain

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at each other through the jail bars, the derelict finally asked the two youths for a light for his old smoking pipe.

It was against town rules to even converse with the incarcerated; it was triple-wrong to hand him any matches. Not one for rules, Mark handed the drunk some matches.

Short time later, the boys, now at the opposite end of town, noticed a bright orange ball illuminating the evening sky.

Running back to the jailhouse, it was too late.

Engulfed in an unforgiving inferno, the frantic screams from a man tearing at his bars was suddenly silenced.

The dead man was only the first of many tragedies that Mark Twain would blame himself for.

He felt certain, the Big Judge in the sky (the Biblical God), was reaching out to punish him for all his wrongdoings, all his transgressions, all his careless behaviour. Mark Twain would later write, “ . . . the swindle of life and the treachery of a God that can create disease and misery and endless crime – create things that men would be condemned for creating – that men would be ashamed to create.”

Truths often couched in humour have long been a Mark Twain trademark. However, when wrestling with such raw experiences such as death, suffering, and pain, Twain often took off the gloves and wrote his thoughts down hard, bare-knuckled, uncensored, and filtered with disguised humor.

The celebrated author never relished the company of Christians, nor subscribed in their belief-system and, in fact, boasted that his early church-tending days seemed happily over.

“Nothing agrees with me. If I drink coffee, it gives me dyspepsia; if I drink wine, it gives me the gout; if I go to church, it gives me dysentery.”


Despite his acrimonious view on organised religion, Mark Twain found it most ironic that his supreme idol was a Catholic saint, by the name of Joan of Arc (The Maid of Orleans). “It took six thousand years to produce her; her like will not be seen in the Earth again in fifty thousand.”

(Source: “Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc,” by Mark Twain, 1896.)

She was the summit of Twain’s admiration, “She is easily and by far the most extraordinary person the human race has ever produced.”

(Source: “Saint Joan of Arc,” by Mark Twain, 1919.) Equally ironic is that the celebrated Mark Twain was traveling through the Holy Land as a correspondent when he chanced upon a portrait of a young, staunch Christian girl, petite andslender, and with piercing dark eyes and, suddenly, his mind was reversed. Reversed, that is,regarding comporting with Christians, and also in regards to the fairer sex.

As a journalist and lecturer, he had often boasted that he was a confirmed bachelor. “I’ve neverhad the wish or the time to bother with women.”

Now, something strange and indefinable crystallized within Mark Twain, now in his thirties, and he heard himself say, “I could worship a girl like that.”

And he did, for the remainder of his life.

Mark Twain had found his other half of existence, in the form of his wife-to-be, Olivia Susan Langdon (“Livy”).

She was the best thing that ever happened to him, and their love was unparalleled by any standard. And she was a devout Christian, overturning Twain’s blanket statement regarding her ilk.

Forty years after they married, Mark Twain said, “From the first day I saw her, she has never been out of my mind.”

But, Mark Twain was ever leery of that Big Judge up in the sky (the Olde Testament God), ready to pounce on him for his every transgression, past to present.

When Twain had lost his father earlier in his life, who died at the young age of 49, he blamed himself, because he felt God was punishing him through his father’s death.

Same when he lost his brother, Benjamin, struck down as a mere child of ten.

His life seemed a cursed one. He had lost his sister, Margaret, who died at age nine, leaving Mark, a confused toddler only four years old.

Then, curse upon curse, he lost his other brother, Henry, when death claimed him at the young age of 20.

Mark was 23 when his brother,

Mark Twain continued on page 5


San Diego Museum Month 2023

San Diego Museum Month is back. Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy half-price admission during the month of February at over 60 museums in the San Diego area. Passes are now available for pick up at any of the public service desks at Escondido Public Library while supplies last. Passes are valid from Feb. 1 – 28 only. ***

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Kamishibai is the Japanese art of combining live storytelling with painted pictures and written words. Join us for a riveting storytime with a professional actor from Write Out Loud and their storybook in a box.


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Tuesdays, February 14, 21, & 28 4:15–5:30 p.m.

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Join students from California State University San Marcos in a S.T.E.M. challenge to learn about designing and coding with Scratch and Lego Mindstorms to address real-world problems. Pre-registration is required. Visit https://library.escondido.org/register.aspx


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Wednesday, February 15 4:00–6:00 p.m.

Turrentine Room • Ages 12–18

Join us every month to express yourself through art. This month

we will use a tiny canvas to create a tiny, but mighty, masterpiece. All materials provided, but supplies are limited.


Emerging Leaders Program

California Emerging Leaders is a free program that networks moderate and conservative leaning high school and college students who are interested in learning more about (and getting actively involved in) public service and politics.

The program includes free training workshops on a range of topics, valuable internships, and fun social events where students can meet other like-minded students.

After an initial training course on leadership, project management, communications and issue-advocacy, students will be included in our network and will be invited to a number of free programs such as:

Social Networking Events: Through a series of mixers, meet-ups, pizza parties, beach days, and BBQs, the Emerging Leaders Initiative brings together young leaders from a number of schools in a region for fun networking opportunities. You can also attend informative events on a wide-range of current political topics with community leaders and elected officials.

Internships and Paid Jobs: California Emerging Leaders offers a wide-range of internship opportunities and paid jobs to learn while working in a public policy organization or campaign in your area. You can also receive a letter of recommendation and put your resume into our job placement bank to be considered for future opportunities.

Club Support and Speaking Events: Most schools are openly hostile to conservative groups holding events or inviting speakers on campus. The Emerging Leaders Initiative will defend the rights of students to form clubs and host events. We help students organize on campus

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Escondido City Council Appoints Christian Garcia to Vacant Council Seat

On Monday, January 30, 2023, the Escondido City Council appointed Christian Garcia to fill its District 3 vacancy after interviewing 10 candidates.

The vacancy was created as a result of the adoption of new district boundaries that were created by the Independent Redistricting Commission in 2022. The term of the vacant seat is from the date of the official swearing-in on February 1, 2023 until December 11, 2024.

Christian Garcia is a resident of Escondido for the past 4.5 years, and works as a teacher. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the University of Southern

California, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of California, Irvine. Mr. Garcia has served in the Peace Corps and has been a trustee at Palomar College since 2020.

Mr. Garcia shared his top three priorities for the City are to draw more housing development for median income families; provide investment opportunities for new and developing industries to increase employment and raise wages; and to increase safety by funding the police, providing services to/shelter our current homeless population, and improve partnerships with anti-gang organizations.

All Escondido City Council meetings are streamed live on www. escondido.org and on-demand at https://escondido.org/city-council. Meeting agendas and more information available on the same page.


San Marcos Offering Grant Rebates for EV Charging Stations

The City of San Marcos has launched an Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) Grant Rebate Program as part of the Climate Action Plan. The program encourages residents and businesses to switch from gas vehicles to electrical vehicles by providing grants for the installation of electrical vehicle charging stations within the City.

Two grant types will be available for the community including resi-

Two months later he gets a call from a police station. “This guy was found dead and among his personal effects was this business card with your name and number and you’re listed as ‘next of kin.’

“I barely knew the guy,” I said.

“Tough luck,” says the cop. “You’re his next of kin.”

Man About Town

A Great Story . . .

I have a very good friend who told me a story recently that almost made my teeth fall out (and they’re real, not falsies)!

My friend has been sober for 45 years and does a lot of work for AA.

“One evening this guy comes in, a drunk; I gave him my card and said, ‘the only thing you need from this card is my phone number and name. If you ever need help, call me, night or day.’

A very short time later I learn this guy left $14 million dollars. To me, his ‘next of kin.’

I went home and told my wife, “I can’t take this. It just isn’t right.”

Wife said, “Why don’t you give it a 12 month time line and diligently search for any legitimate next of kin.”

I did just that.

Nine months later I located a distant nephew of the guy, living the the San Francisco area.

I called him and told him the story. “Say that again?” he says. “You’ve inherited $14 million,” sez me.

dential rebates and commercial/ non-residential rebates. Residential applicants can apply for Level 1 or Level 2 chargers and commercial applicants can apply for Level 2 or Level 3/DC Fast Chargers for the EVCS Grant Rebate Program. To complete and apply, visit the EVCS Grant Rebate Program Application webpage.

The program supports residential rebates of up to $900 per charger and commercial rebates up to $1,800 per charger. For more information, visit the City’s Sustainability webpage.

For any additional questions, contact Saima Qureshy, Sustainability Program Manager at squreshy@ san-marcos.net or Song LeBaron, Sr. Management Analyst at slebaron@san-marcos.net.


Clean Energy Alliance - the New Power Provider for San Marcos

On April 1, San Marcos residents and businesses will have a new default energy provider, Clean Energy Alliance (CEA). CEA, a locally controlled not-for-profit entity, offers clean energy options at competitive rates to power your home or business. CEA currently serves the cities of Carlsbad, Del Mar and Solana Beach. Along with San Marcos, CEA becomes the default energy provider in Escondido this month followed by Oceanside and Vista in April 2024.

CEA was formed to help meet

I arranged for the funds to be transferred. Just three months before the deadline would have expired and I would have ‘inherited’ all the money. The long lost nephew didn’t even know his uncle.

Then, if you can believe this, the sonofabitch sues me for $6000! He said I had taken $6000 from the estate.

I went to my attorney; he said, ‘give me $500 and I’ll take care of this.’ I did, he did, and the rest is history.”

I told my pal he should have kept the money (he doesn’t need it. He sold his business for multimillions). He could have distributed all $14 million to worthwhile non-profits - so much of that money could have gone to solve so many problems . . . or at least help out.

Were it to happen to me? I’d keep the money and do exactly what I outlined above. I don’t need that much money. I’m comfortable financially (oh, I might keep $500K or $1 million for myself. Just for giggles. Maybe), so I would distribute it all to charity.

I can’t believe the guy in San Fran-

the goals of its member city’s Climate Action Plans by providing electricity with a higher renewable content than San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). The program is locally controlled and supported by ratepayers, with no taxpayer subsidies. Because CEA is locally managed and a not-for-profit, any excess revenue is reinvested into the member communities through on-bill savings and innovative energy projects and programs, including rebates and other incentives, low-cost energy programs, job training and more.

CEA is governed by a Board of local elected officials from member agencies, who oversee decisions regarding power purchasing, programs and rate setting, and are directly accountable to the people who elected them.

How It Works: CEA follows the community choice energy model allowing local governments to purchase energy directly from power providers to meet their community’s electricity needs, offering an alternative to investor-owned utilities. SDG&E will continue to handle customer billing, transmission and distribution to homes and businesses.

A How it Works on the Clean Energy Alliance: Local control allows CEA to make better investments in clean power purchasing.

To learn more about the Clean Energy Alliance, visit TheCleanEnergyAlliance.org.

cisco suing my pal. Amazing, the kinds of people we have on this planet.

Some good, some great, some pure assholes.


Things have a habit of coming around several times.

Received a phone call and subsequent email with a request to publish a legal notice for a Fictitious Business Name. The client? NCYSA. North County Youth Soccer Association. That rang a bell with me.

Have any idea who founded NCYSA?

It was ME! (He said modestly).

It was around 1975 or 76. A neighbor, Rolf Krause, a friend, Jack Wood, and a guy from Argentina (sorry, don’t recall his name) were recruited to serve on the board of directors as they had all played soccer and understood

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Man About Town continued on page 5

Chuckles from page 2

how to use this.” She bowed her head and asked God to send her some HELP.

Within 5 minutes a beat-up old motorcycle pulled up, driven by a bearded man who was wearing an old biker skull rag.

He got off of his cycle and asked if he could help. She said: “Yes, my daughter is sick. I’ve locked my keys in my car. I must get home. Please, can you use this hanger to unlock my car?”

He said, “ Sure”.

He walked over to the car, and in less than a minute the car was open. She hugged the man and through tears said, “Thank You, God, for sending me such a very nice man.”

The man heard her little prayer and replied, “Lady, I am NOT a nice man. I just got out of prison yesterday; I was in prison for car theft.”

The woman hugged the man again, sobbing, “Oh, thank you, God! You even sent me a Professional!”

The Coyote Principle

CALIFORNIA: The Governor of California is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. A coyote jumps out and attacks the Governor’s dog, then bites the Governor.

The Governor starts to intervene, but reflects upon the movie “Bambi” and then realizes he should stop because the coyote is only doing what is natural.

He calls animal control. Animal Control captures the coyote and bills the state $200 testing it for diseases and $500 for relocating it.

He calls a veterinarian. The vet collects the dead dog and bills the State $200 testing it for diseases.

The Governor goes to hospital and spends $3,500 getting checked for diseases from the coyote and on getting his bite wound bandaged.

The running trail gets shut down for 6 months while Fish & Game conducts a $100,000 survey to make sure the area is now free of dangerous animals.

The Governor spends $50,000 in state funds implementing a “coyote awareness program” for residents of the area.

The State Legislature spends $2 million to study how to better treat rabies and how to permanently

eradicate the disease throughout the world.

The Governor’s security agent is fired for not stopping the attack. The state spends $150,000 to hire and train a new agent with additional special training for the nature of coyotes.

PETA protests the coyote’s relocation and files a $5 million suit against the state.

TEXAS: The Governor of Texas is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. A coyote jumps out and attacks his dog.

The Governor shoots the coyote with his state-issued pistol and keeps jogging. The Governor has spent $.50 on a .45 ACP hollow point cartridge.

The buzzards eat the dead coyote.

And that, my friends, is why California is broke and Texas is not. ***

Peek-a-boo underwear isn’t as sexy if the reason it’s see-through is because it’s really old.

Spanish women don’t like me, even though I’m only pointing out their mustaches to be helpful.

Once watched a woman buy: Gas-X, lice shampoo and birth control. I speak for the world when I say: I hope they all worked.

If white supremacists love their skin color so much, why do they cover themselves with tattoos?

When a man makes an hourglass shape with his hands to represent a woman, I assume he has never seen a woman.

Trust me you want ‘heels over head’ in love. ‘Head over heels’ in love is just, like... standing.

I must have an amazing butt. I say this because everytime I walk away from someone they always whisper, “what an ass!” ***

A guy comes into a bar, and sits down. The bartender asks, ‘Would you like a drink?

The guy says, ‘I tried alcohol once. I didn’t like it.’

The bartender says, ‘Would you like a pretzel?’

The guy says, ‘I tried a pretzel once. I didn’t like it.’

The bartender then asks, ‘Do you want to watch the baseball game?’ The guy says, ‘I tried watching baseball once. I didn’t like it. ‘I’m just want to sit here and wait for my Son!’

The bartender says, “Let me guess! Your only child?”

Henry, died, and he felt as though the moon and the stars had fallen upon him.

The trauma, torment, and confused pain, all pressed upon his young psyche, and shredded it.

Surely, he thought, God’s long judgmental hand eagerly swatted him.

Yet, Twain seemed to differentiate his qualms between the Olde and New Testament as reflected in his own handwriting: “God, so atrocious in the Old Testament, so attractive in the New – the Jekyll and Hyde of sacred romance.”

To his way of thinking, it is little wonder he turned with reckless abandon, to rough-housing, cursing, smoking, and a taste for liquor early-on and which persisted through later years.

But surely, Livy -- now his newlywed wife -- could save him from his irreverent ways. Part him from his taste for liquor, cigars, and profanity. Smoking and liquor can be modified, she reasoned, but the profanity had to go.

Once, when Mark Twain was getting dressed he blew his fuse when he found a missing shirt button.

He launched into irreverent language, cursing that would have caused the Seventh Fleet to blush! Unknown to him at the time, Livy had heard his every curse word from behind a door.

Lifting her petite and tiny voice as best she could, she aimed at shaming her husband by repeating his every word back to him.

“Livy,” Twain said, very shocked, “did it really sound like that?”

When his wife answered, “Of course it did, only worse. And I wanted you to hear just how it sounded.” Mark Twain stood straight, to his full height, pulled down on his shirt, cleared his voice, and said, “Livy, it would pain me to think that when I swear it sounds like that. You got the words right, Livy, but you don’t know the tune.” (“A Family Sketch,” unpublished.)

PERSONAL TRAGEDY HARDENED HIS HEART. Again, disaster was close behind. Livy gave birth to a little boy (Landon Clemens, 1870) and they all soon moved to Hartford, Connecticut.

Out riding with the baby on a frigid day, Mark accidentally let the blanket slip from the baby’s legs, unnoticed, and the infant caught cold. Diphtheria set in, and he died soon after. Mark forever blamed himself for bringing such a curse upon his only son.

He never forgave himself. Nor the God, overhead, who oversaw everything.

At times, Mark Twain felt at rope’s end. But, the drama unfolding in his private life was not through with him yet.

Over time, his daughters were the beacon in his life: Susy, Clara, and Jean.

But wife, Livy, she was the valve, the pump, the ventilator which kept his heart going, and for a while, life seemed good. His family was his everything.

the game. I knew it was a game with a ball and you were supposed to kick it. That’s about the extent of my knowledge at the time.

My late father-in-law, Hughie Holden, a product of bonnie Scotland, was visiting and we took him a championship Little League game in which my eldest son, Scott, participated, (and made the final out, playing shortstop, to seal the win). As we were joyously leaving the field I asked Hughie, “so, Hughie, what do you think of the American game of baseball.”

“Aye,” he said, in his heavy Scots brogue, “what they boys need is a soccer pitch.”

And thus the idea, and the NCYSA, was born.

We ran NCYSA for, I believe, six years. We attended coaches clinics, worked with the kids and had a couple of championship seasons (because of the talented kids, not because of the coaches).

Many, many happy memories. All the kids are grown now. Indeed, the lady that submited the Fictitious Business Name may well have played in NCYSA herself. Not sure if I coached her or not, but I may have. We coached a couple of girl’s teams along with the late Larry Littlefield, former columnist for the old Times Advocate.

One benefit of growing old - a lot of great memories come rushing back.

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Mark Twain from page 3 Mark Twain continued on page 10 Man About Town from page 4

Safety is Government’s Responsibility

Public safety should be government’s top priority. That’s why I’m supporting a new legislative initiative in Sacramento that will enhance public safety by restoring felony penalties for many crimes now plaguing California.

Obviously, serious crimes demand serious consequences. One day last week, Border Patrol agents seized fentanyl, cocaine and heroin valued at $4 million from smugglers on I-8 in San Diego County, and near the Murrieta Border Patrol checkpoint in Riverside County. In 2021 fentanyl was responsible for over 6,000 deaths in California alone. Unbelievably, the Sacramento majority has rejected legislation imposing severe penalties on purveyors of these poisons, including bills I introduced, even when drug trafficking results in death. People are dying, and our leniency is facilitating those deaths.

Proposition 47, which reduced many drug and property crimes to misdemeanor status must be repealed if we ever want to get a handle on fentanyl and other narcotics, on smash and grabs, and street crimes. In addition, sentencing enhancements for criminals using firearms while committing their crimes, including 10-20-life terms for persons who brandish,

discharge or inflict great bodily harm during the commission of a violent felony, must be restored. Other new legislation would require the Office of Emergency Services to host and update a website with resources for domestic violence victims. Another bill requires notification of crime victims when parole hearings for their victimizers are being scheduled to help ensure that dangerous criminals remain behind bars. To view the entire package of proposed legislation, please click here .

Public safety should be non-partisan -- criminals usually don’t care about politics. The upsurge in drugrelated deaths, property crime and street violence, affects all of us and can be reduced by commonsense measures that keep violent criminals and purveyors of deadly poisons off the streets.

An electronic version of this article is available at: https://ad75.asmrc.org/

Assemblymember Marie Waldron, R- Valley Center, represents the 75th Assembly District in the California Legislature, which includes the cities of Poway, Santee, portions of the City of San Diego, and most of rural eastern and northern San Diego County.

A Word from San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones Select San Marcos for your Next Special Event

street fairs, 5K events, jog-a-thons, beer fests, festivals, bike rides, etc.

Block Party Permit: For neighborhood block parties that are not open to the general public.

Youth Sports Council Member Permit: Only available to YSC Member Organizations and covers events such as opening/closing day and tournaments.

Are you looking to use San Marcos as your next special events location? To get started, you’ll need to submit a special event permit which is needed for any event that is outside the scope of normal services offered by the City. Below is a helpful breakdown of permit types you would need for your event:

Special Event Permit: Covers events such as parades, art/

Making Housing Affordable

Workforce housing and affordable housing for seniors are both vital. I want to give you an update on some progress we’ve made in this realm.

The Alvarado Senior Village is a proposed senior housing project in Fallbrook. This week, the County awarded $6.1 million to partner with constructing this 54-unit facility. This is vital as this project will house very low-income seniors in need.

Also, late last year, we voted unanimously to establish a rental subsidy pilot program for seniors who are at risk of becoming homeless.

The Pilot Shallow Rental Subsidy Program will provide a monthly rental subsidy of $500, paid directly to the landlord of a low-income senior San Diegan.

To qualify, an applicant must be at least 55 years old and the head of household. The applicant’s household income may not exceed 50% of the area median income, and the household must be severely rentburdened, which is defined as paying more than 50% of household income towards housing.

The application window is now

open. In order to get an application, send an email to HSEC.OHSHHSA@sdcounty.ca.gov or call 619-980-4168.

Back in 2021, I was on hand for the groundbreaking of Villa SerenaNational Core's workforce housing project in San Marcos. The 85 affordable housing units included 8 units for young adults along with those aging out of the foster care system within the affordable housing development.

Phase 2 is will begin construction soon and this week the County announced they will be allocating $6.6 million to help construct this 63-unit project.

Finally, the Breezewood Apartments is an existing housing development that will be receiving project-based housing vouchers to support the residents to remaining stability housed. The housing voucher allows the residents to pay 30% of their income for rent with the voucher covering the balance of the rent.

San Diego County District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond, 1600 Pacific Highway, #335, San Diego, CA 92101, United States http:// www.supervisorjimdesmond.com/

Problem Solved

My new GE range shattered. Do I have to wait two months for a repair?

When the door on Lauren Butcher’s new GE range shatters, the company makes her wait two months for a repair. She wants a new oven. Who’s right?

Q: I purchased a new GE electric range. I had it for 12 days. On the 13th day, the door glass shattered.

period, to GE’s supply chain issues. My situation is not the same as purchasing a product where a part eventually goes bad. This stove was fundamentally defective when I bought it. I have two renters living with me. They pay me to have access to certain basic amenities, including an oven. One of my roommates is in culinary school. Can you help me?

Film Permit: Filming that takes place in or would impact any city parks, city facilities, or city streets or alleys (street closures, lane closures, traffic control, or impact to parking) requires a filming permit.

Find permit applications online by visiting www.san-marcos.net. Completed applications can be sent to SpecialEventPermits@sanmarcos.net.

When a technician came out, he discovered that there was no insulation in the door. All oven doors are supposed to have insulation. There was a product defect.

GE says it is covering the replacement part. It has been two months, and the insulation is backordered. I have been without a working oven for two months.

I paid $800 for a range that never should have made it off the production line. They took my money and gave me a fundamentally defective product. Now I am a hostage, for an indefinite

A: You’re right, this is not a warranty case. GE should have quickly replaced the unit, which should have never passed inspection at the factory.

When you told them you had a housemate in culinary school, GE should have double-timed it. But, of course, it didn’t. Instead, it treated your case like an ordinary warranty case.

Problem Solved

on page

The Paper • Page 6 • February 9, 2023
5th District Supervisor Jim Desmond

Travel Troubleshooter

AeroMexico Canceled My Flight I Want a Refund, Not a Ticket Credit

AeroMexico cancels Patrizia Azzellini’s flight and offers her a ticket credit. She’d prefer a refund. Who’s right?

Q: I recently booked a ticket on AeroMexico from Sacramento, Calif., to Sao Paulo, Brazil, with two stops in Mexico.

The airline canceled my flight three weeks later and rebooked me on a different flight. The new itinerary added a ten-hour stopover and no longer met my needs, so I asked for a refund.

I called AeroMexico three times to ask for my money back. Although the representatives were very friendly, they were unable to help me. When I ask for a supervisor, there was never one available.

AeroMexico has given me two options: Either I accept a flight voucher or I take the new flight. But I thought when an airline cancels a flight or makes substantial changes to someone’s itinerary, I’m entitled to a full refund -- even for nonrefundable tickets. Can you help me? -- Patrizia Azzellini, Sacramento, Calif.

A: You’re correct, if an airline cancels your flight, you get a refund. That’s a Department of Transportation (DOT) regulation. And not only that, but the airline must reimburse you within a week if you paid by credit card, which you did.

Ah, but wait -- does that apply to an AeroMexico flight to Mexico City? As a matter of fact, it does. DOT regulations affect any commercial aircraft operating in the United States, regardless of destination.

Airlines would prefer you accept their new flights or a ticket credit. And you certainly can do that if you want. But you don’t have to. We had a problem with airlines pushing vouchers on passengers during the pandemic. Airlines

said they couldn’t offer refunds because of “extraordinary” circumstances. But the DOT would not allow that and reminded airlines that they were required to offer refunds.

It looks like you tried to call AeroMexico to resolve this. Then you sent a formal request in writing -- first through the airline’s website and then to one of the executive contacts at AeroMexico that I publish on my consumer advocacy website. The airline ignored you.

Asking for a supervisor in a phone call rarely works. Chances are, they will pass you off to a colleague pretending to be a supervisor and tell you “no” in a hundred different ways.

You also told an agent that you would take legal action against AeroMexico if you didn’t get a refund. I understand your frustration, but if you do that, your complaint may get routed to the airline’s legal department, which is often a dead end.

I have some more tips on my site for resolving an airline complaint. Remaining calm and polite and reminding the airline of its requirements under the law would have been more effective than threatening a lawsuit.

You could have also filed a complaint with the DOT. The agency would have contacted AeroMexico, and I’m sure you would have had a refund quickly.

But none of that was necessary. I reached out to the airline on your behalf, and it agreed to refund your ticket.

Christopher Elliott is the founder of Elliott Advocacy, a nonprofit organization that helps consumers solve their problems. Email him at chris@elliott.org or get help by contacting him on his site.

© 2023 Christopher Elliott.

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Historically Speaking

The ‘Mother’ of Our Nation?

Arguably, the mother of our nation could very well have been a 16-yearold Native American who helped lead the first transcontinental expedition up the Missouri River to the Pacific coast, exploring President Thomas Jefferson’s the so-called “Louisiana Purchase” of 1803.

Evidently, this title of “first” woman of America has some traction because her image is one of only two females ever placed on U.S. currency. Sacajawea was born in May 1788. She was a Lemhi Shoshone woman who, at age 16, met and helped the Lewis and Clark Expedition in achieving their mission objectives by exploring the far reaches of the Louisiana Territory.

In 1804-05, Lewis and Clark’s “Corps of Discovery” arrived at a Mandan village in what today is North Dakota. Knowing they would need the help of Shoshone tribes who lived at the headwaters of the Missouri River, they hired Toussaint Charbonneau, a fur trapper, after learning his wife, Sacajawea, spoke Shoshone. At the time she was pregnant with her first child.

Lewis recorded the birth of Jean (pronounced ‘John’) Baptiste Charbonneau on Feb. 11, 1805. By August of that year, the expedition had located a Shoshone tribe and were trading for horses when they discovered the tribe’s chief was Sacagawea’s brother.

When Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific Ocean, all members of the expedition, including Sacajawea and Clark’s black man-servant, York, voted on the location for building their winter fort.

On the return trip Sacajawea advised Clark to cross into the Yellowstone River basin at what is now known as Bozeman Pass. Later, this was chosen as the optimal route for the Northern Pacific Railway to cross the continental divide.

In 1809, Charbonneau and Sacajawea accepted Captain Clark’s invitation to settle in St. Louis. In 1813,

the couple entrusted Jean-Baptiste’s education to Clark, who enrolled the young man in the St. Louis Academy boarding school.

Jean Baptiste shares the spotlight with his mother on the U.S. 2000 “golden dollar” coin. On that coin he’s the infant “papoose” depicted on Sacajawea’s back. He would go on to play a role in the history of Oceanside and North San Diego County. While not very popular among Americans, the 2000 golden dollar replaced the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin of previous years, but neither has been popular. There have been reports that abolitionist Harriet Tubman might replace President Alexander Jackson on the 20 dollar bill.

Jean Baptiste had a restless and adventurous life with many years of somewhat celebrity status. In 1846, he led the famed Mormon Battalion to California during the War with Mexico. In North San Diego County he was appointed Alcade (Spanish for the position of mayor) for the community around the Mission San Luis Rey in what today is Oceanside. But Jean Baptiste disliked the way Mission Indians were being treated and left to become a hotel clerk in Auburn, California.

When he was 61, Jean Baptiste was on his way to the gold fields of Montana when he became ill with pneumonia and died May 16, 1866, near Danner, Oregon.

Some historical documents suggest Sacajawea died in 1812 of “an unknown sickness,” but oral histories of Native Americans have her crossing the Great Plains after leaving her husband, and marrying into a Comanche tribe. She was said to have returned to the Shoshone in 1860 in Wyoming.

In 1925, Dr. Charles Eastman, a Dakota Sioux physician, was hired by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to locate Sacajawea’s remains. He learned of a Shoshone woman at the Wind River Reservation with the Comanche name of “Porivo.” Some of those he interviewed said she spoke of a long journey wherein she had helped white men. She possessed a silver “Jefferson Peace Medal” from the

The Paper • Page 7 • February 9, 2023
on page 14
The Paper • Page 8 • February 9, 2023

Support Orphaned Animals Through Wildlife

Baby Shower

participants can choose to buy supplies from Amazon or Target, or simply make a donation. To learn more, visit sdhumane.org/babyshower.

The public is invited to help San Diego Humane Society’s Project Wildlife prepare for busy spring baby season.

Baby squirrels, bunnies, raccoons, opossums, bobcats, hummingbirds and ducklings. Those are just a few of the species San Diego Humane Society’s Project Wildlife program will see an influx of in the coming weeks and months.

Every spring, Project Wildlife takes in thousands of injured and orphaned baby wildlife — and needs the community’s help to give them a second chance.

By donating a special gift from San Diego Humane Society’s baby registries, the public will help prepare for the arrival of a wide variety of wild species.

The 13th annual Wildlife Baby Shower is a virtual event, where

Every heating pad, bag of birdseed and can of baby food purchased through the registries will be sent directly to San Diego Humane Society. “Your support will make a big difference for our tiniest wildlife babies,” said San Diego Humane Society’s Senior Director of Project Wildlife Jon Enyart, DVM.

“Every single donation will ensure the smallest animals who need our help get the shelter, nourishment and medical care they need to thrive.”

San Diego Humane Society’s Project Wildlife program is the primary resource for wild animal rehabilitation and conservation education in San Diego County. Each year, SDHS gives more than 13,000 injured, orphaned and sick wild animals a second chance.

In 2020, SDHS announced the Ramona Wildlife Center, where they specialize in caring for native apex predators and birds of prey, including hawks, owls, eagles, coyotes, bears, bobcats and, under special pilot authorization, mountain lions.

The Paper • Page 9 • February 9, 2023

Mark Twain from page 5

But, slowly, little by little, he saw his precious family begin to vanish.

One by one, he saw them all go.

Susy, the eldest daughter, died first.

She had become ill when Mark and wife, Livy, were abroad, on a worldwide lecture tour.

Daughter Clara went with them to Europe; Jean was too young and stayed home, with Susy.

Mark was in London when a cable reach his hand, announcing the death of his daughter Susy.

She had died of spinal meningitis. And he was not there for her.

Mark blamed himself again, for his wayward life and the curse he brought down upon his precious family, or so he thought.

He was devastated beyond words, and it is amazing he did not take his own life.

In his own words, he scarcely believed he was able to survive this ordeal, “It is one of the mysteries of nature,” he cried, “that a man, all unprepared, can receive a thunder stroke like that and live.”

For a long period, there was no laughter in the house, neither were there any birthdays, or any observance of Christmas. All such celebrations were halted. It ate at him, because he knew his precious

daughter, Susy, had made such fun and laughter and celebration over these days, and he could no longer bear it without her presence.

Twain was so diminished by his daughter’s death that he never returned to live at the Hartford House, which is now a museum.

On 5 June 1904, the cruelest blow imaginable fell squarely upon Mark Twain’s already crippled existence.

His beloved wife, Livy, long ill, had quietly passed away.

She was the cornerstone of Mark Twain’s earthly existence. He felt no strength left. He wrote with soul in hand, after the death of his wife, a letter to his wife’s brother: “I am a man without a country. Wherever Livy was, that was my country.”

His daughter, Clara, had collapsed after her mother died. She had to be committed to a rest home for a period of time. And even though Clara continued to live long after, and eventually married, she was never, ever the same person she once was. Their mother-daughter bond was so great, that Clara had never fully recovered from her mother’s death. Also, his daughter Jean’s body -ravaged by seizures brought on by epilepsy -- also had to be committed to a rest home.

In 1909, Jean, his 19-year-old daughter, suffered her final seizure and drowned in her bathtub.

It seemed like Mark Twain’s agony and tragedy paralleled Job’s in the Olde Testament Bible, where God allows Satan to unleash unending,

Pet Parade Moogee

Moogee is pet of the week at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society. She’s a 1-1/4-year-old, 82-pound, female, Alaskan Malamute mix.

Moogee was picked up, running loose in November. She was transferred to Rancho Coastal Humane Society through Friends of County Animal Shelters (FOCAS.) She’s a very social dog who loves attention. When she’s excited, she “talks.” And, yes, she’s as soft as she looks.

The $145 adoption fee for Moogee includes medical exam, spay, up to date vaccinations, registered microchip, and a one-year license if her new home is in the jurisdiction of San Diego Humane Society’s Department of Animal Services. For information about adoption or to sponsor a pet visit

Rancho Coastal Humane Society at 389 Requeza Street in Encinitas, call 760-753-6413, or log on to www.SDpets.org.

Open 11-4, Friday-Monday, and by appointment Wednesday and Thursday.

merciless, evil upon his good servant Job, with God only watching and telling Satan “just do not damage Job, physically.” So Satan just kills, slaughters Job’s children, and Job’s servants, and even his livestock.

How cruel, Twain thought, in reflecting upon all of this.

Mark Twain, wrote concise words that crystallised his inner-most thoughts: “The problem I’ve had with Christianity is that God’s defenders try to make him seem somehow the victim of man’s sin. If he really is all-knowing, then he knew, even before the beginning of time, that his human creations would disappoint him and thus ‘earn damnation.’ So why did he go ahead and make us anyway, if not for the sadistic pleasure of torturing us in hell by the billions?”

Soon after, Mark Twain’s best friend, American financier, Henry Rogers, who had once salvaged Mark Twain’s life from bankruptcy, died. Twain had once written a concise volley that summed up his heart and spirit, “If god does exist, he is a malign thug.”

All this had fallen upon him, America’s premier novelist and essayist. And all through these deadly and unforgiving trials and tribulations, Mark Twain turned to what he did best – writing.

He wrote books that brought us joy and fulfillment and wonder, and he authored anecdotes that tickled our every funny bone. It is the absolute zenith of irony, that this poor, tormented man, from the debris of his own existence, somehow created a beautiful, literary kingdom seldom seen on Earth.

Mark Twain’s resiliency is supreme and unmatched. “Will I ever be cheerful again, happy again? Yes. And soon,” he wrote in his diary. “For I know my temperament. And I know that the temperament is master of the man, and he is its fettered and helpless slave and must in all things do as it commands. A man’s temperament is born in him, and no circumstances can ever change it.”

On his 70th birthday he never lost his touch.

He stood and faced the huge gathering of friends, dignitaries, and loved ones before him and said, “I have achieved my seventy years in the usual way: by sticking strictly to a scheme of life which would kill anybody else.”

His books and all he authored, were his underpinnings. The man who stood before them on his 70 th birthday, was the Mark Twain the world seldom saw, or even knew. When he was asked if he feared death, he replied with a smile and a chuckle, “I was dead for millions of years before I was born and it never inconvenienced me a bit.”

Though he never felt self-pity, that is not to say he never felt lonely at times, as all humans do.

And though he was resilient and strong in emotional constitution, he never recanted his views of how wicked life could become and summed this up by stating: “There has been only one Christian. They caught him and crucified him – early.”

Pet of the Week

Ragnarok the rooster is refined, regal and ready to find a new roost to call his own! This handsome little rooster would make a fantastic addition to any flock, bringing along his brilliant plumage and bright personality! Roosters are entertaining critters, and you’ll love watching this fancy fowl hunt for tasty insects and weeds and find the perfect spot in the sun for his morning dust bath.

If this fantastic, feathered friend sounds like the perfect fit for your home, adopt Ragnarok at the Escondido Campus at 3500 Burnet Drive!

f you have questions about the adoption process, you can visit sdhumane.org/adopt.

Ragnarok’s online profile: https://www.sdhumane.org/adopt/availablepets/animal-single.html?petId=848079

The Paper • Page 10 • February 9, 2023
Mark Twain continued on page 12

“The Times They Are A-Changin” Part IV of V

Bob Dylan’s 1964 recording, “Times they are a - changing”, provides the theme for this five part series. Previously we chronicled the years from 1981 through the beginning of high speed internet (broadband) in 2000 to the present.

This series explores how 40 years of evolving computer and Internet technology have changed our lives and culture.

Through the 1980s and 90s PCs (Personal Computers) working as standalone workstations, automated many of our activities. PCs changed the way we did things and made us more efficient in performing our tasks, but they didn’t change us or what we did, only the way we did it.

Broadband (high speed) Internet and Smart Phones debuted together in 2000. In the beginning, Internet applications developers focused on automating our everyday activities.

Shopping, banking, and communicating were some early targets. High speed Internet quickly spread and developers raced to make every existing application from gaming to video editing available on the Internet’s powerful servers. By 2010 the “PC Age” was virtually over. PCs had become “Internet terminals” and further increases in CPU speed, RAM count and data storage size were simply not useful because applications ran, not on the PC hardware, but on high speed Internet servers. Cloud based storage was also cheap and unlimited.

For the vast majority of business and home users, virtually any PC made after 2009 is capable of using Internet or LAN based applications as well as executing normal standalone utilities (spread sheets, games, word processing).

To operate at maximum efficiency (like a brand new PC) a twelve year old PC needs only to have 8GB of RAM, a SSD (solid state drive) and the Windows 10 or 11 OS. The cost of upgrading a 12 year old Windows 7 or 8 PC typically runs between $150 and $250, far less than the cost of a new PC.

Today (2023), the average American between the age of 16 and 64 spends seven hours each day on the Internet.

Those hours are split evenly between Smart Phones and PCs. The preferred access device of the 16-34 age group is the Smart Phone, (55% phone45% PC). The older group, 43-64, prefers to access the Internet via the PC (38% phone – 62% PC). The number of hours spent on the Internet has resulted in a reduction of the hours spent on alternative activities. Internet users spend less time reading newspapers and books, watching television, shopping, going to movies, driving and suffering through commercials on TV.

For many Americans the Internet has become the primary source of news and information. We tend to select news sources that support our political and social biases. Those biases are further supported by AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms used by content creators to target us with propaganda that support our political or social inclinations.

The result is a polarization unlike anything seen in recent American history. The mindless adulation of political party icons is reminiscent of sports team loyalty and hero worship. It defies reason.

President Joe Biden, who obviously is experiencing serious signs of early onset dementia, has presided over the historic rise in national debt, inflation, crime, drug deaths, and an unprecedented border crisis. His activities involving Hunter as the family front man that have funneled millions to his family are unquestionably criminal. While his popularity is in decline, still nearly 40% of registered Democrats polled approve of “the way he is handling his job as president” Apparently his supporters are willing to overlook his failures as a president as long as “the home team” wins.

Donald Trump is a spoiled brat. He is arrogant, mean spirited, divisive, morally bankrupt and he enjoys a 70% approval rating among Republican voters. The performance of the American economy under the Trump presidency was excellent, inflation low, law and order maintained and the border was secure. Apparently his supporters are willing to overlook his negative personal attributes in order to enjoy prosperity and order.

The Internet has the potential to benefit humanity by providing access to all human knowledge and the means to improve our lives in many ways. But the Internet also has a darker side. It is a conduit for criminal activity aimed at fleecing vulnerable users. While the Internet offers access to the highest works of man, it also provides access to the deepest depravity of the human mind. Perhaps the Internet’s most ominous threat is its use as a tool by nefarious influencers to dispense targeted propaganda, information and misinformation aimed at fomenting hatred and division among us.

Next week’s “times they are achangin” topic will be the Internet’s affect on seniors (over 65)

John Van Zante’s Critter Corner

Two Dogs . . . or Not Two Dogs ~ Answering Your Questions

the new adolescent dog would be a playmate for his adult dog. The other hoped her new puppy would keep her senior dog active.

Here’s what I learned from trainers, family, and friends.

• Dogs are pack animals

dog is two to three years old. Get a younger dog who can learn from your older dog. If you’re training a puppy, don’t ignore your older dog. It still needs you.

• Don’t get littermates

are important. It can cut down on stress and struggles over leadership.

• Consider the long term cost

“We’re thinking about getting a second dog. Is that a good idea?”

Right after one of my friends asked that question, two others told me they had just added second dogs to their families. One hoped that

My daughter-in-law likes to have a “transition dog.” When they lose one dog, their transition dog will help them through the loss and fill the empty spots until their next dog finds them. There’s always a dog in their pack.

• Think about the dog’s age

Many experts say the best time to add a second dog is when your first

The backyard breeder or pet store want to make an easy sale, but most shelters, rescues, and pet experts agree that you should not get two dogs from the same litter. Their strongest bond could be with each other, leaving you out.

• Boy dogs versus Girl dogs

If you have a dog and you’re getting a second dog, get a dog of the opposite sex from the one you already have. Spaying and neutering

We all like to think that money is no object when it comes to pet care. But if you adopt two puppies at the same time, that’s two adoption fees followed by 10 to 15 years of parallel veterinary bills, food costs, toys, etc.

Check with your local shelters and rescues. Rancho Coastal Humane Society has programs that can help with expenses including Better with a Buddy, Two-Purr-One kittens, Senior-to-Senior pet adoptions, and Pets for Patriots.

The Paper • Page 11 • February 9, 2023 The Computer Factory
W. San Marcos Blvd. 760-744-4315

Mark Twain from page 10

Twain’s early life shaped him. He was a product of Missouri, a slave state, and his father and uncle owned slaves and his young, impressionable eyes had him witness a slave owner brutally murder a slave for, as Twain wrote: “Merely doing something awkward.” In this scenario, the owner threw a rock at the slave with such force it killed him, outright.


A most touching moment occurred in 1895 when Mark Twain met with 14-year-old Helen Keller.

Pressing her fingers gently on Twain’s lips, he proceeded to tell her an amusing story.

All along the narrative, the young teenage Keller, both deaf and blind, broke out in laughter at all the right places, as Twain punctuated his story with humour.

Her tiny fingers ‘read’ his lips, and her dark world suddenly lit up with laughter, and sunshine, and all the things that make children happy.

Deeply touched at her childlike innocence, and in spite of her being cursed in eternal darkness, Twain saw something he had long overlooked.

For what little in life this small fragile child had, she was supremely confident.

She was supremely optimistic.

She was supremely happy!

He later wrote: “She is a fellow to Caesar, Alexander, Napoleon, Homer, Shakespeare, and the rest of the immortals.” (“History, Letters, Literature,” by Mark Twain.)

Though she could not talk, and even though she was totally blind, the 14-year-old Helen Keller had taught Mark Twain much, in his twilight years.

All reminiscent of what Twain once learned: “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

BORN AND DIED WITH HALLEY’S COMET’S ARRIVAL. In 1909 he was fond of repeating, “I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year (1910), and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment in my life if I don’t go out with Halley’s Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: ‘Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.’”

In 1910, Halley’s Comet actually made its closest approach to Earth.

Almost as if it were pausing along the way to pick up a passenger.

As reported by the New York Times: “On April 21, 1910, Mark Twain died of a heart attack, just as the comet made its next pass within sight of Earth; one day after it appeared at its brightest.”

The very next day, a stunned world discovered the dead body of Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain.

His once-kinetic body, at age 74, was now motionless. His hand forever stilled.

His tongue now silenced.

The tending physicians determined that Mark Twain had heart failure, due to angina pectoris.

The comet that seemed to carry his spirit away would continue its elliptical orbit around the Sun.

By Thursday, 19 May 1910, Halley’s Comet would actually brush the Earth with its 24-million-milelong tail. For 6 full hours the Earth lingered in the wake of the great comet’s dazzling tail.

Lingering, as if saying a final farewell from its unique passenger which it, ostensibly, seemed to be carrying away.

We had Mark Twain for 74 years

here on Earth, and that time now seems far too brief.

His life was like a comet, itself, shooting across the horizon, brilliant and dazzling along its path. Today, he remains among the most misunderstood, and misquoted authors in world history.

He was a chameleon, who seemed able to change colour, or shape, or so it seemed.

He was many different things to many different people who all thought they knew him well.

Mark Twain was a master storyteller, and words were his medium. But, in the final chapter of his life, his fondest and most eloquent words were plain and simple, as if they came from a small boy running barefoot along the mighty Mississippi.

He never recovered from the death of his wife, Livy.

As usual, he blamed himself and felt that the Almighty had punished him through her death.

Six years had passed and he still felt alone without her by his side.

Mark Twain continued on page 13

How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight in 2023

If you travel this year, you’ll probably spend time on a plane. A lot of time.

A recent study by MMGY Travel Intelligence suggests a full quarter of Americans who plan to take a trip in the next six months will travel internationally. That’s up from 19% last year, and the highest percentage in three years.

One of the top regions will be Asia-Pacific, which is ultra longhaul territory. New York to Tokyo is 14½ hours on a plane. Los Angeles to Sydney takes 15 hours.

Should you take a marathon flight this year?

Is an ultra long-haul flight survivable, or will you exit the aircraft looking like an extra in World War Z? To find out, I recently took three back-to-back long-haul flights and spoke with every expert I knew.

I’m here to tell you that you can make it through a marathon flight without losing your dignity and a day’s sleep. But it’s not easy. Nature, time zones and sitting in a pressurized aluminum tube conspire

against you during your journey.

I traveled the equivalent of around the world within a few days, plus or minus a few thousand miles. My jetlag adventure took me from the southern tip of Argentina to Western Australia.

Long-haul flights make you feel like you pulled an all-nighter (or worse).

The first leg didn’t look that difficult: a 10½ -hour overnight flight from Buenos Aires to Houston. But looks can be deceiving. I started the day standing in a long line at a small airport in southern Argentina, followed by a turbulent three-hour domestic flight and a six-hour connection. Then I was banished to the last few rows of economy class -- all while recovering from a serious ski injury. And, as if that’s not enough, it was on United Airlines, which offers practically no legroom in economy class. Of course, I didn’t sleep.

With only a three-hour time difference, I landed in Houston feeling like I pulled an all-nighter in college, and that is not a good feeling. I slept for the next 20 hours at my uncle’s home in the suburbs.

The next day I returned to the air-

port and caught a 14½ -hour flight from Houston to Doha, Qatar, and an 11-hour flight from Doha to Perth. This series of flights could have pushed me to the brink, except that the upgrade gods smiled upon me and I managed to get a seat in business class. It also helped that I was flying on Qatar Airways, where I would have been fine even in the last row of economy.

Did I sleep? A few hours, sure. I still felt a little wobbly after I landed in Perth more than 30 hours later, but remarkably, I got up the next day and started working again. I’ll tell you in a moment how I did it.

Expert tips for handling a long-haul flight

I interviewed dozens of frequent fliers to find out how they managed to get through long flights. Here’s what they told me.

Choose your airline carefully: If you’re flying long distances, don’t cut corners. On a previous flight from Madrid to Buenos Aires on a discount European airline that shall remain nameless, they tried to sell us bottled water and breakfast at the end of a 13-hour flight. I’m surprised the passengers didn’t mutiny.

Your best bet is a seat on one of the Gulf carriers (Emirates, Etihad or Qatar Airways) or an airline specializing in long-haul flights, like Air New Zealand or Qantas.

For example, Air New Zealand researched long-haul flying for five years, which led it to update its cabin with dynamic lighting to help reset your circadian rhythm. It also added a special cooling pillow for business class passengers developed by NASA.

The airport in Doha, Qatar, has shopping, restaurants and an indoor green space that’s in a class by itself. Ian Bradley, a spokesman for Qatar Airways, says even economy class is a premium product.

“For us, it comes down to common sense -- giving passengers enough legroom, in-flight entertainment and amenity kits,” he says.

Avoid all connections: That’s the advice of Scott Jordan, a frequent traveler who runs a clothing company in Sun Valley, Idaho. He had just one connection on his recent flight from Salt Lake City to Johannesburg.

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The Paper • Page 12 • February 9, 2023

This could have ended up so much worse. The shattered glass could have injured someone, potentially turning into an expensive lawsuit. Fortunately, no one was hurt. But being without an oven for two months is a major inconvenience.

I’ve seen more of these backorder delays recently. They are probably related to the supply chain issues some companies are having. The problem is, what do you do about it? Do you make your customers wait for weeks or months? Or do you get them a working appliance quickly?

The answer, of course, is you get them a replacement quickly. If you can’t nudge the company in the right direction, check out my free guide on replacing your appliance on my advocacy site, Elliott.org.

A brief, polite email to one of the company’s executives might have done the trick. I list the names, numbers and emails of the top executives at GE on my site. I would start by contacting one of the vice presidents and then work your way up the ladder.

I contacted GE on your behalf. A representative reached out to you and arranged to have a new range delivered. “Our customer service team spoke with Ms. Butcher this morning, and she is all set,” a GE representative told me. “This case is now closed.”

Maybe. But it would have been interesting to hear how GE is improving its inspections to avoid any more shattering ovens. And I suspect that after this is published, I’ll hear from a few more customers with broken ovens. We shall see.

Christopher Elliott is the founder of Elliott Advocacy, a nonprofit organization that helps consumers solve their problems. Email him at chris@ elliott.org or get help by contacting him on his site.

© 2023 Christopher Elliott.

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He harboured an undying love for his wife, long after she departed and left him alone and feeling forlorn and abandoned.

He often repeated: “Oh, how I wish I were with Livy.”

Coincidence or not, or by the Hand of the Almighty, Halley’s Comet came on his birth year.

It borders the miraculous, that it seemingly came back for him on his last year on Earth.

Just as he said it would.

Seems he got his two wishes. He wanted to be with his beloved wife, Livy -- and his personal comet, like a chariot, took him home.

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Flight from page 12

“I slept most of the way,” he says. But on his return, he had multiple connections and delays, which left him exhausted. “The fewer connections,” he adds, “the better.”

Don’t stop drinking: You know the advice to stay hydrated on a plane? Make that a double on a long-haul flight, say experts.

“Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate,” says Bob Bacheler, managing director of Flying Angels, a medical transport service. “And when you are done with that, hydrate more.”

Dress the part: Wear loose clothing and bring a neck pillow, eye mask and noise-canceling headphones. I prefer in-ear headphones (I use Sony’s WF-1000XM4, which also has excellent sound quality).

Experienced air travelers say you should choose what you wear carefully. Take eye masks, for example.

“Choose an eye mask that leaves enough room for the eye and cushions your eye socket.”

Don’t forget the compression socks. Your risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is significantly higher on long-haul flights. Not moving for more than 10 hours can cause a deadly blood clot.

Do your exercises: On a related note: Stand up and move around on a long flight. Caroline Muller, who writes the travel blog Veggiewayfarer, tries to get up and walk around every hour on a long-haul flight. If she can’t, she stretches her feet and calves to ensure good blood flow.

“It might sound silly, but these tiny little movements really do help against the inevitable swelling of the feet,” she says. When she lands she always finds a place to stretch and do a 15-minute yoga session, which helps clear her mind.

What about jet lag?

Nation from page 7 Lewis and Clark Expedition. A Comanche woman named Tacutine told Eastman that Porivo was her grandmother.

According to the interviews Porivo lived for some time at Fort Bridger in southwestern Wyoming with her sons Bazil and Baptiste. Eventually, she returned to the Lemhi Shoshone at the Wind River Reservation where she was recorded as “Bazil’s mother.” Porivo, is believed to have died on April 9, 1884.

Eastman concluded that Porivo was, indeed, Sacagawea. On the basis of this claim a monument to “Sacajawea of the Shoshonis” was erected in 1963 at Fort Washakie on the Wind River reservation near Lander, Wyoming.

The belief that Sacajawea lived to old age in Wyoming was widely disseminated through the book “Sacajawea” (1933), by historian Grace Raymond Hebard, a University of Wyoming professor. However, some critics have concluded “(author) Hebard was long on romance and short on facts.”

The National American Woman Suffrage Association of the early 20th century adopted Sacajawea as a symbol of “women’s worth and independence,” erecting several statues and plaques in her memory, doing much to recount her accomplishments.

When the pioneering and historic accomplishments of Sacajawea are measured, she very well should be considered “Mother of America.”


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Transmeridian travel really wipes you out! On my ultra long-haul flight from Houston to Perth -- a 14-hour time difference -- I tried a new method for handling jet lag called FlyKitt, developed by a company called Fount. It uses an iPhone app, patented supplements and light-filtering glasses to adjust you to the new time zone quickly. Andrew Herr, Fount’s CEO, says the technology came from his work with Navy SEALs, where he discovered that the pressure change in flight causes inflammation.

“If you stop that, you can rapidly shift your circadian rhythm,” he explained.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical. The app tells you when to sleep and when to take the pills, and I didn’t always follow the directions exactly, especially on the last leg of my flight to Perth, when I wasn’t supposed to sleep but did. Sure enough, I woke up early the next morning and had no jet lag.

You can survive a long-haul flight, but …

Bottom line: You can do a 10½hour flight or back-to-back marathon flights and come out feeling semi-normal. And it’s worth it for the opportunity to explore places like Argentina, Australia and Qatar. Even at their best, long flights are exhausting.

Christopher Elliott is the chief advocacy officer for Elliott Advocacy, a nonprofit organization that helps consumers solve their problems. Email him at chris@elliott.org or get help with any consumer problem by contacting him on his site.

The Paper • Page 14 • February 9, 2023



Sustainable Valor, located at 159 Warner Street, Oceanside, CA 92058 Registrant Information: Erik Orezechowski, 159 Warner Street, Oceanside, CA 92058. This business is operated by an individual. First day of business: N/A

/s/ Erik Orezechowski Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 1/11/2023

2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23/2023


The name of the business: Perfection Remodel, located at 312 South Freeman St., #A, Oceanside, CA 92054 Registrant Information: David Villarreal, 312 South Freeman St, #A, Oceanside, CA 92054. This business is operated by an individual. First day of business:


/s/ David Villarreal Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 1/11/2023

2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23/2023


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/s/ Alicia Marie Armstrong Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 1/19/2023

2/9, 2/16, 2/23, 3/2/2023


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/s/ Elizabeth Grace Dutcher, CEO Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 1/25/2023 2/9,


The name of the business: Onepeople, located at 1726 Catalpa Rd., Carlsbad, CA 92011 Registrant Information: Andre Charles Shmoldas and Chelsea Michele Shmoldas, 1726 Catalpa Rd., Carlsbad, CA 92011. This business is operated by a married couple. First day of business: N/A

/s/ Andre Charles Shmoldas Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 1/30/2023

2/9, 2/16, 2/23, 3/2/2023


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2/9, 2/16, 2/23, 3/2/2023


The name of the business: KG Property Management, KG Home Services, located at 3595 Emma Ln., Vista, CA 92084 Registrant Information: Convenient RV Storage Inc., 3595 Emma Ln., Vista, CA 92084. This business is operated by a corporation.

First day of business: 3/1/2022

/s/ Gin Kazla, CEO Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 12/23/2022

1/19, 1/23, 2/2, 2/9/2023




Petitioner Stephan Guiseppe LoTiempo filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present name: Stephan Guiseppe LoTiempo to Proposed name Giuseppe LoTiempo. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objections that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing.


Date: 3/14/2023, 8:30 am, in Dept.


The address of the court is: 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA. 92081. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county: San Marcos News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, Ca. 92078.

Dated January 25, 2023

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Your friend, Eric the Red


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/s/ Firas Jebo, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 1/18/2023

1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16/2023


Petitioner Jose Eduardo Hernandez filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present name: Jose Eduardo Hernandez to Proposed name Eddie Hernandez Leon. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objections that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing.


Date: 2/28/2023, 8:30 am, in Dept.


The address of the court is: 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA. 92081. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county: San Marcos News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, Ca. 92078.

Dated January 10, 2023

/s/ James E. Simmons Jr., Judge of the Superior Court 1/26, 2/2/2023, 2/9, 2/16/2023



TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner Jamie Lee Twyne filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present name: Haven Lee Ayer to Proposed name Haven Lee Twyne. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objections that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing.


Date: 3/21/2023, 8:30 am, in Dept. 25

The address of the court is: 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA. 92081. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county: San Marcos News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, Ca. 92078.

Dated January 30, 2023

/s/ Brad A. Weinreb, Judge of the Superior Court 2/9, 2/16, 2/23, 3/2/2023

2/9, 2/16/2023

1/06/2023 1/19,
The name of the business: MV Cleaning, located at 606 Flora Dr., Oceanside, CA 92057 Registrant Information: Gebran Morales 606 Flora Dr., Oceanside, CA 92057 & Jose Vazquez, 201 Cananea St., Vista, CA 92084 This business is operated by Co-Partners. First day of
N/A /s/ Gebran Morales Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on
1/26, 2/2,
1/09/2023 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16/2023
BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 2023-9000445 The name of the business: Real Soundproofing, located at 4169 Galbar St., Oceanside, CA 92056 Registrant Information: Randall Sieg, 4169 Galbar St., Oceanside, CA 92056. This
is operated by an individual. First day of
Randall A. Sieg Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on
Ste F, Escondido, CA 92025 Registrant Information: Irene Bodjanac Bozir DDS Inc., 2924 Capazo Ct., Carlsbad, CA 92009. This business is operated by a corporation. First day of business: 06/01/2013 /s/ Irene Bozir, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 1/09/2023 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16/2023
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 2023-9000450 The name of the business: California
Family Dental, located at 925
Pennsylvania Ave.,
BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 2023-9000394 The name of the business: Adlib Music & Interpreting, located at 1855 E. Vista Way, Suite 10, Vista, CA 92084 Registrant Information: Analilia Banuelos, 1638 Calavo Rd., Spc. 57, Fallbrook, CA 92028. This business is operated by an individual. First day of business: 01/02/2023 /s/ Analilia Banuelos Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 1/06/2023 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16/2023 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 2023-9000766 The name of the business: The Lamp Doctor, located at 652 Sonoma St., San Marcos, CA 92078 Registrant Information: Donald A. Howard, 652 Sonoma St., San Marcos, CA 92078. This business is operated by an individual. First day of business: 01/02/2023 /s/ Donald A. Howard Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 1/12/2023 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16/2023 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 2022-9028034 The name of the business: TLM Porter Service, located at 2292 Faraday Ave., #100, Carlsbad, CA 92008 Registrant Information: Terri Lee Mendivil, 2705 Via Juanita, Carlsbad, CA 92010. This business is operated by an individual. First day of business: N/A /s/ Terri Lee Mendivil Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 12/29/2022 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16/2023 The Paper • Page 15 • February 9, 2023
BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 2023-9001434 The name of the business: Tamales La Herencia, located at 938 Taylor St., Vista, CA 92084 Registrant Information: Pedro Medel Marquez & Maria Medel, 938 Taylor St., Vista, CA 92084. This business is operated by a married couple. First day of business: 01/20/2023 /s/ Pedro Medel Marquez Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 1/20/2023 2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23/2023 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 2023-9001151 The name of the business: The Letter Bee, located at 1159 Montura Rd., San Marcos, CA 92078 Registrant Information: Brooke Elyse Karras, 1159 Montura Rd., San Marcos, CA 92078. This business is operated by an individual. First day of business: N/A /s/ Brooke Elise Karras Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., County Clerk/ Recorder of San Diego on 1/18/2023 2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23/2023 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 2023-9000640 The name of the business:
2/16, 2/23,
The Paper • Page 16 • February 9, 2023
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