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Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 Issue 246

US wakes up to find government shutdown The US government began a partial shutdown at midnight on Monday after the Republican-led House of Representatives refused to approve a budget for next year. The midnight deadline passed without agreement despite a last-gasp appeal by President Barack Obama. More than 700,000 US government workers face unpaid leave with no guarantee of back pay once the deadlock is over. Republicans have insisted on delaying President Obama's health care reforms as a condition for passing the budget. It is the US government's first partial shutdown in 17 years.

The White House's budget office began notifying federal agencies to begin an "orderly shutdown" as midnight approached. One of the first casualties of the shutdown was the Twitter account for the US Capitol. "Due to a lapse in government funding, this account will not be active until further notice," it posted. Earlier it had warned that the Capitol's visitors' centre would be closed if the shutdown


went ahead, and all tours would be suspended.

Shortly after midnight, President Obama tweeted: "They actually did it. A group of Republicans in the House just forced a government shutdown over Obamacare instead of passing a real budget."

The US stock market dropped amid fears of political deadlock, although analysts say serious damage to the

ANTHONYS DIAMONDS TOP LONDON PRICES PAID FOR GOLD & SILVER. ESTABLISHED 1983 economy is unlikely unless the shutdown lasts for more than a few days. After the Senate vote, the chamber's Democratic majority leader blamed Republicans for the

imminent halt to all nonessential government operations. "It will be a Republican government shutdown, pure and simple," said Harry Reid, referring to the Republicans as "bullies". CONTINUED ON PAGE 2




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02 N General News

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Green fingers?

Fuengirola’s Feria de Nuestra Senora la Virgen del Rosario starts on Sunday 6th October and runs until October 12th.

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For some reason, on Tuesday, someone said to my husband “Is Kym Wickham a foreigner?” Apparently they thought I was Scandinavian by the way I write. Well, yes and no is the answer. Yes, I am a foreigner because I am living in Spain and therefore not in my country of birth, as we all are here. And no, because I am English having been born in London within the sound of the Bow Bells therefore making me an official cockney. So, I consider myself firstly a Londoner, then English. I write the way I would talk to someone. Can’t stand stuff when it’s written as though it should be some old boring Government pamphlet so, what you read is what you get! A lot of people here know me now from the charity events we go to and support and also, on a Wednesday when I turn from Editor to paper girl. Last time I did a paper round was when I was about twelve years old and I got up later then, at 5.30am intead of 4am ... and it was hard then and I didn’t think I’d ever be

US government shutdown


doing it again but, apart from the early start, I generally have a great time on a Wednesday with all the people I meet so, can’t complain. One thing I want to know is, does anybody know how to call 999 in the UK from here? I recently had an incident where a friend was on the phone and needed an ambulance but couldn’t call one themselves and I haven’t got a clue how to do it. I phoned another friend and got them to do it in the end but, maybe it’s a safety thing we should all know. If you know, let me know and I’ll tell everybody.

Under the shutdown, national parks and Washington's Smithsonian museums will close, pension and veterans' benefit cheques will be delayed, and visa and passport applications will go unprocessed. Programmes deemed essential, such as air traffic control and food inspections, will continue. The defence department has advised employees that uniformed members of the military will continue on normal duty, but that large numbers of civilian workers will be told to stay home. On Monday evening, President Obama signed legislation ensuring that military personnel would be paid. The US government


has not undergone a shutdown since 1995-96, when services were suspended for a record 21 days. Republicans demanded then-President Bill Clinton agree to their version of a balanced budget. After weeks of negotiation, they reached a compromise similar to what was discussed prior to the shutdown. As lawmakers grappled with the latest shutdown, the October 17th deadline for extending the government's borrowing limit looms even larger. On that date, the US government will reach the limit at which it can borrow money to pay its bills, the so-called debt ceiling. House Republicans have also demanded a

series of policy concessions – including on the health law and on financial and



environmental regulations – in exchange for raising the debt ceiling.


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By Kym Wickham

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WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013









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WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme


National News Messi in court over tax fraud

Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi and his father appeared in court last week to face tax fraud allegations.

the Kuwait Food Company. In August, Jorge Messi made a payment of €5 million to the tax authorities but state prosecutors are still pursuing the case - the tax authorities are taking a much tougher line as a result of the economic crisis.

The 26-year-old Argentine, four times Fifa World Player of the Year, and his father Jorge Messi are accused of defrauding the authorities of more than €4 million, and are suspected of using companies abroad - in Belize and Uruguay - to sell the rights to use Messi's image. They both deny the allegations, which date back to 200709.

Messi's net salary from Barcelona is said to be about €16 million a year, making him one of the world's most highly-paid sportspeople. Messi's achievements on the field have made him one of the most marketable in the business. But the allegations are a big blow to the prestige of the player, who has long been seen as a more humble figure than most top-class footballers.

The income related to Messi's image rights included contracts with Banco Sabadell, Danone, Adidas, Pepsi-Cola, Proctor and Gamble, and

The draft budget for 2014 which the Cabinet approved last Friday was presented to Parliament on Monday. Dubbed the “recovery” budget, the government has pledged to continue with its austerity drive to reduce the budget deficit, but with no more tax hikes. The 2014 budget is underpinned by a growth forecast of 0.7 per cent, up from a previous government estimate of 0.5 per cent, which should be sufficient to create jobs, albeit a minimum amount. At a news conference after the Cabinet meeting,


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Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría said the “budget is reasonable and realistic” and aims “to contain spending and drive the recovery.” The government also took the opportunity to also revise its unemployment forecasts, with the average jobless rate for this year now seen at 26.6 per cent instead of 27.1 per cent while for next year, the government is predicting the average jobless rate will fall to 25.9 per cent. However, the improvement reflected a


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the first Royal Navy submarine was launched at Barrow

Cabinet approves budget

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fall in the size of the active population as a number of people gave up hope of finding a job and stopped actively searching for work. The cap on spending in 2014, excluding finance charges, was set at €133.259 billion, an increase of 2.7 per cent over this year as a result of higher funding for the Social Security system. The country's 2.8 million public workers - including the prime minister, ministers and MPs - will have their salaries frozen for the fourth year in a row.

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04 N National News

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

Anti-monarchy protest fizzles out

People in favour of abolishing the monarchy blamed the heavy rain for the poor turn-out for the protest march in Madrid last Saturday, estimated as low as 100 and as high as 1,500, but there are at least two other plausible explanations.

One is that despite all the efforts of the Communist-dominated United Left (Izquierda Unida, IU) to keep the issue in the limelight, more people are for the monarchy than against it. This seems to have been borne out by the reaction of an audience on the 13 TV station to a debate on the subject on Sunday, which applauded only those defending the monarchy.

The other explanation, according to the online El Confidencial Digital, is that the security forces have driven the antisystems groups off the internet – their main tool

for contacting supporters about protests and marches, sabotaging their efforts to "take" Congress in September last year, when there were as many police as protesters, as well as the antimonarchy protest, dubbed "Checkmate on the King" (Jaque al Rey). The idea had been to set up camp outside the Oriente Palace but police blocked off a large area around the palace to block access to the royal residence. The march ended close to the nearby Royal Theatre where

organisers read a statement calling for a constituent assembly that would lead to the abolition of the monarchy, which they called "illegitimate and corrupt".

In the end, the organisers asked everyone to go home but several dozen youths remained under the vigilance of an estimated 100 police officers. Organisers said they had filed a complaint with the Madrid courts over what they said was a disproportionate number of officers.

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Catholic monarchs TV series rejected The Barcelona History Museum has refused to allow the producers of the historical drama series "Isabel" to film in the historic Saló del Tinell hall, part of the Palau Reial Major complex in the Catalan capital.

The show’s producer, Diagonal TV, says the municipal museum has refused the cameras entry “because of a disagreement with the series’ version of history”. The producers of “Isabel” had planned to film in both the Plaça del Rei and the adjacent Saló del Tinell, on the walls of which they wanted to hang flags and standards of the courts of Castile and Aragon. “We had to shoot there because Ferdinand of Aragon was the target of an attack in the Plaça del Rei,” a spokesman said, adding that the producers

had all the necessary permits from City Hall and the municipal police.

The objection came from Barcelona History Museum director Joan Roca: “I have nothing against scenes being filmed in the square; what I cannot do is cover or redecorate elements of a protected property, as the walls or the balconies could be,” he said. But Roca’s view conflicts with reality as movies and TV shows are often filmed in heritage buildings in the city.

The museum itself denies that there are any ideological undertones behind its decision, but that hasn’t stopped opposition leaders from classifying the move as censorship and an attack on artistic freedom of expression. The news of

Barcelona’s snub led a number of other cities to offer their services to the producers of the hit show, including Soria, Madrid and Salamanca. It was announced on Thursday, however, that the city of Plasencia, in the western province of Cáceres, will be the host city for the scenes.

“Isabel” is currently one of the biggest hits on Spanish television, and is broadcast on state channel TVE-1. The second episode of the second season was shown last Monday, and attracted a total of 3,632,000 viewers, giving it an 18.9 per cent audience share. The number of people who watch “Isabel” in the Catalonia region, however, is much lower, with just one in every 10 viewers tuning in to catch an episode.

Spain denies Argentina claims After the Argentine government announced last Thursday that it had agreed to work together with Spain on the two countries' respective disputes with Britain, Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel GarciaMargallo said "there has been some misunderstanding". He pointed to "coincidences" in the sovereignty disputes, namely that "the solution to the conflicts

must come through bilateral discussions or talks between Great Britain and Argentina and between Great Britain and Spain," but made it clear that the parallels do not mean that the parties support all measures taken by each government. However, he added, "Spain, and I'm sure Argentina too, are willing to play all their cards on

the international stage to continue defending their legitimate demands." Spain has been struggling for decades to recover Gibraltar, which it ceded it to Britain in 1713.

Argentina and Britain fought a brief war over the Falklands in 1982, which Buenos Aires lost. The fighting left 649 Argentines and 255 Britons dead.

King Juan Carlos goes home after successful operation

King Juan Carlos was allowed to go home midday Tuesday after the doctors who had attended him at the Hospital Universitario Quirón in Madrid said his hip operation had been a success and the infection around his hip replacement was under control. However, the king will have to have another hip replacement in seven week's time. His doctors have told him that he can only work out of his office in the Royal Palace and under no circumstances should he do anything involving being on his feet for any length of time.

P sp

School stages 'invasion' N of Gibraltar the

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

National News N 05

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013



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Protests against trilingual classes

The man who made a video of a group of children staging a play "invasion" of Gibraltar as part of an annual street festival in the town of Valsalada, in Huesca province, said he had no idea it would make such a stir when he posted it on YouTube, because "usually only 80 or 90 people see my videos".

Julián Trullenque said that the video was not intended to be a political statement. He told The Telegraph, which ran the story, "in the first place I want to apologise for my clumsiness to the people who I offended", adding "it was a group of kids who did this without any malice and without thinking that it would become important. The people who are applauding were the same – they were applauding the form of the play, and not the content. There is no message in this. It was part of a festival."

Described in detail by The Telegraph, the video shows a group of "Britons" carrying Union Jack placards and wearing the flag on their T-shirts, who place their deck chairs on what appears to be The Rock to the sound of the National Anthem. People watch from the sidelines as a tank arrives, accompanied by students dressed in military fatigues and carrying guns. The Clash's Spanish Bombs replaces the national anthem as the "soldiers" open fire on the "Britons", who fall to the ground. Trullenque removed the video but thousands of people had already shared and copied the clip, which angered Spaniards as well as Britons and Gibraltarians. One angry Briton posted the message: "Is this what they are teaching the youth of Spain? To create hatred among

more than 110,000 people took to the streets on the islands of mallorca, ibiza, menorca and Formentera out of a total Balearic population of 1.1 million on Sunday to protest a trilingual learning model. imposed by regional premier José ramón Bauzá (Partido Popular), the learning model has demoted the vehicular language, Catalan, in classrooms in favour of english. Spanish is also taught. Since the start of the school year in the Balearics region many classrooms have stood empty as both teachers and parents refuse to bow to the PP's imposed reform. a number of unions have pledged to maintain the strike indefinitely until the decision is reversed, while public support has been considerable.

madrid neighbouring countries in the European Community? You should be ashamed of yourselves!" One Spaniard wrote: "What an embarrassment – if this is a school play look what culture they are teaching them." Another Spanishspeaking woman wrote: "This video is shameful. It incites hatred and violence, and those responsible should be ashamed of themselves."

Another viewer, a Spaniard, questioned what would have happened if the video

showed a group of Gibraltarians pretending to execute three Spanish nationals. “It would be all over the news,” he wrote.

Officials who viewed the video in Gibraltar said a play of that nature could easily fall foul of laws prohibiting incitement to racial hatred. At the very least, they said the matter should be investigated. Trullenque told The Telegraph: "I dearly wish that the video would just disappear. And I would also like to apologise to the people of Britain, and anyone else who I have offended."

Wallet found with $2-million cheque inside

maintenance workers on the madrid metro discovered a brown leather wallet last week when a carriage was taken out of circulation because the doors refused to close. it was stuffed into a small gap between the door and the pinion, which is apparently the favourite place for pickpockets to leave stolen wallets. inside the wallet was a Californian driver’s license, several credit cards – and a cheque made out to the same person for two million dollars. a metro spokesman said "wallets tend to turn up with everything still inside; documentation, cards, licenses … all they steal is what interests them: cash.” The wallet and the cheque are in the hands of the police, who are trying to locate the US citizen. ironically, the day after the wallet was found, the New York-based magazine reader’s digest published the results of an honesty test carried out globally in which madrid was the second-least honest city of the 16 involved, behind only crisis-hit Lisbon.


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06 N World News

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

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World News Venezuela expels three US diplomats

Venezuela has announced it is expelling three US diplomats, whom it accuses of plotting to sabotage the economy. President Nicolas Maduro announced the expulsion of the three on Monday, saying he has evidence that the trio took part in a power-grid sabotage in September and had bribed Venezuelan companies to cut down production. The United States and Venezuela have been without ambassadors

in each other's capitals since 2010. The diplomats expelled have been named as Kelly Keiderling – the charge d'affaires and the most senior US diplomat in Caracas – David Moo and Elizabeth Hoffman. The embassy has rejected the allegations. Venezuela is facing a shortage of several goods, including toilet paper, sugar and flour. The opposition blames Maduro's left-wing

Syria’s neighbours plead for help

Countries bordering on Syria have asked donors for support in dealing with the ongoing refugee crisis at a meeting in Geneva hosted by the UN, at which foreign ministers from Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq will present reports. More than two million Syrians have fled their country, and many more have been displaced internally. The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, has been warning that the number of Syrian refugees is threatening the political and social cohesion of the whole region. Lebanon does not have the money, housing, schools or hospitals to cope, while Jordan and Turkey, with some 500,000 refugees each, are believed to have spent at least $2

billion caring for them. In an attempt to prevent Syria's neighbours closing their borders, traditional donors were asked on Monday for financial support and offers to host some of the most vulnerable refugees. UNHCR spokesman Peter Kessler said the agency would appeal "for more support for the host countries including direct budget support but also, of course, aid in areas like provision of health care, education, infrastructure and other projects". He noted: "For many of these small countries such as Lebanon and Jordan, the influx of Syrian refugees represents a huge proportion of those countries' current population."

policies and rhetoric for the crisis.

Meanwhile, a security sweep of Venezuela's Sabaneta prison, where 16 inmates were killed in gang violence two weeks ago, has uncovered hundreds of weapons and more than 22,000 rounds of ammunition. Inmates were temporarily moved from Sabaneta, near Maracaibo, after a violent fight between rival gangs, not uncommon

in the country's overcrowded jails.

According to pressure group Venezuelan Prison Observatory, Sabaneta is Venezuela's most violent prison, with 69 people killed behind its bars so far this year. It said 80% of jails are run by armed inmates, with the security forces having little or no control. Venezuela has one of the highest crime and homicide rates in Latin America.

Call to close refugee camps A Kenyan parliamentary committee has called for camps for Somali refugees in the country to close in the wake of the Westgate mall attack on September 21st, in which 67 people died. Ndung'u Gethenji, head of the defence committee, said he had reports that "some of these facilities are being used as a training ground". He said Kenya had to rethink "its hospitality in supporting refugee camps within our borders". More than 500,000 Somalis have sought refuge from war and poverty in Kenya. The repatriation of all refugees is unlikely to happen, as the camps are controlled by the UNHCR, which had permission from the

government to open them. Five militants from Somalia's al-Shabab were killed by security forces during the four-day siege, while nine people are in custody after being arrested in connection with the attacks. Earlier the Kenyan Red Cross said the number of missing after the Westgate shopping centre attack had dropped to 39 from an initial figure of 61. Fourteen of the missing have been found alive and seven bodies have been identified, it said. Meanwhile, Kenya's joint parliamentary defence and national security committees have started a probe into alleged intelligence failings over the Westgate attack.

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Kurdish reforms announced

Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip erdogan, has begun announcing farreaching political reforms aimed at benefiting kurds and other minorities. He has proposed lowering the 10% electoral threshold, which currently prevents kurdish and other smaller parties entering parliament.

He said towns will be allowed to take kurdish rather than Turkish names. He also plans to end the ban on women wearing headscarves in public service – a longstanding goal of his party. The reforms are a long-awaited move to improve the rights of Turkey's kurds, who are thought to make up about 20% of the population. They are seen as a vital part of efforts to end the three-decade conflict between the government and kurdish rebels, which has cost more than 40,000 lives.


Athletes 'to keep foreign cash'

Cuban athletes are going to be allowed to keep most of their overseas prize money and sign contracts with foreign teams for the first time in decades. They will get up to 80% of their prize money, more than five times the current level. The measures are an attempt to prevent top athletes from defecting to other countries. The temptation is particularly real for baseball players, who can make millions in the United States major leagues. Although the exact official current wages of athletes are unknown, they are believed to be around $20 monthly. Fidel Castro practically banned professional sport after the 1959 Cuban Revolution, encouraging athletes to compete for their country. But over the years, more and more athletes have been lured by opportunities abroad, which has hurt the standards of sport in Cuba.

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Local officials said there was no security protection at an agricultural college where up to 50 students were shot dead as they slept on Sunday. The students were killed by suspected islamist gunmen in their dormitory in yobe state, north-eastern Nigeria. Official Abdullahi Bego said the government and military would work to increase protection in schools. He said schools in the area would not be closed because that is what the "terrorists" wanted. North-eastern Nigeria is under a state of emergency amid an islamist insurgency by the Boko Haram group. Boko Haram is fighting to overthrow Nigeria's government to create an islamic state, and has launched a number of attacks on schools.

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School security boosted after attack

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World News

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Greece cracks down on neo-Nazis

Four MPs from Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party appeared in court on Tuesday, charged with belonging to a criminal group, murder, assault and money-laundering.

The four – Ilias Panagiotaros, party spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, Yannis Lagos and Nikos Michos – were arrested over the weekend. The party's leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos and his deputy Christos Pappas were also arrested and are expected to appear in court on Wednesday or Thursday.

In all 22 people have been detained. The crackdown was sparked by outrage at the murder on September 18th of rapper Pavlos Fyssas, 34, whose stage name was Killah P.

A man held for the stabbing told police he was a Golden Dawn supporter, though the party strongly denies any link.

Details from witness testimony have been emerging about the way in which the party operated. The testimony speaks of a strict hierarchical structure – or "'Fuehrer principle" as the indictment calls it – as well as assault squads and military-style training. Golden Dawn officially denies being a neo-Nazi movement, though its badge resembles a swastika, and some senior

members have Adolf Hitler.


Last week details emerged of the careful planning behind Greece's unprecedented clampdown on the party – the first time since 1974 that a party leader and MPs have been arrested. According to media reports, several police officers thought to have had links to Golden Dawn were suspended ahead of the operation to prevent them potentially tipping off the targets.

Italian PM battles for support Prime Minister Enrico Letta is battling to rescue his coalition after five ministers loyal to former PM Silvio Berlusconi pulled out. A confidence vote will be held in parliament on Wednesday. Tensions are running high between Mr Letta's centreleft grouping and Mr Berlusconi's centre-right party.

The current coalition government was put together with difficulty after inconclusive elections in February. Italy's economy, the eurozone's third-largest, is struggling to achieve any growth and Mr Letta is trying to push through unpopular austerity measures. Berlusconi pulled his five ministers out of the administration on Saturday after he attacked the government's failure to prevent a rise in VAT to 22%, but those ministers have now given mixed signals as to whether they are actually leaving the government. Mr Letta accused Berlusconi of telling Italians a "huge lie" in

N 07

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

using the sales tax as an "alibi" for his own personal concerns. His legal problems have cast a long shadow over the coalition, with the former PM threatening to undermine it if he was


expelled from the Senate for tax fraud. A committee of the Senate is due to decide on his expulsion this week after the Supreme Court recently upheld his conviction.

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08 N UK News

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

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UK News

Keep up with the news from home while living or taking a holiday here in Spain

This page written by Vic Gardner

Jobless will Eurocrats deny British MS patients work for their dole money drugs they need Britain’s disaffection with European attempts at government is not difficult to understand when you consider the present plight of patients battling Multiple Sclerosis.

A new first-line treatment for the relapsing remitting form of the disease has been developed and has been in use in the USA for six months. But patients in Britain are still waiting for the drug and are suffering

unnecessary damage to their nervous systems because bureaucrats at the European Commission have failed to give British drug regulators the approval they need to make the drug available under the National Health Service.

Patients in other European countries are also being denied the therapy, which was recommended to the EC for approval by one of its

Poll suggests nurses are under pressure The Royal College of Nursing has expressed concern at the number of nurses suffering from stress in British hospitals.

Many complained at having to work while unwell themselves because of staff shortages and pressure on them to do so. A poll of 2,000 nurses working in the

private and public sectors suggested that four in five had battled through feeling unwell and gone into work.

own committees in March this year.

The drug is known as BG12 and it is sold in America as Tecfidera. It is manufactured by Biogen and has been shown in trials to reduce relapse rates by 50 per cent. It is taken orally and has relatively mild side effects. According to British drug regulators the log jam is at the European Commission.

Britain’s massive shakeup of the welfare state continues with the news that the unemployed are now likely to have to work to receive their dole money. This has long been a thorny subject with many workers resenting having to pay tax to support people who do not work.

Chancellor George Osborne is likely to introduce the new measures from next year.

Postal workers in fresh strike Workers at Crown Post Offices in Britain have held a fresh strike in a long-running dispute over jobs, pay and closures. It was the twelfth round of action since Easter.

The Communication Workers Union is opposed to plans to franchise or close 75 of the larger Crown Post Offices usually found on the high street.


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Finest Lebanese Cuisine At Las Islas you can enjoy freshly prepared dishes, varying from the finest Lebanese cuisine, Mediterranean dishes to vegetarian specialties, fish and meat from the grill.

Some 200,000 claimants who have failed to find a job will have to do community work 30 hours a week and this might include cleaning or cooking meals for the elderly. Those who do not do community work will be expected to report to a job centre daily and others will undergo treatment to tackle problems such as illiteracy, mental illness and drug addiction.

Arsenal two points clear at the top

Soccer fans will be finding the English premiership league table interesting this season as the top clubs jostle for position.

Arsenal are two points clear at the top with 15 points and look extremely strong, even with several top players sidelined through injury. They beat a useful Swansea side 2-1.

In second place are Liverpool, boosted by the return of Luis Suarez to the squad. He scored twice in a 3-1 win at Sunderland. There were clear signs that Suarez and Daniel Sturridge have forged a good strike partnership.

Not doing quite so well are Manchester United who were in twelfth position on seven points after the weekend’s games. They lost 2-1 to West Brom and have had their worst start to a season for 24 years under new manager David Moyes.

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Tel: +34 952 475 598 -


Tottenham are looking good even though they have lost a great player in Gareth Bale. They are in third place having drawn 1-1 with London rivals Chelsea.





Never mind the global warming, Britain could get cooler by one degree centigrade over the next 80 years, severely disrupting weather patterns according to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It predicts a slow-down in the Gulf Stream that carries warm water from the equator to the west coast of Britain making it warmer than it would otherwise be.


Dealer returned

British businessman Christopher Tappin, who was jailed in the US for illegal arms dealing, has returned to the UK to serve the rest of his 33month prison sentence. He suffers chest problems. He was accused of aiding and abetting in the export to Iran of batteries for Hawk Air Defence Missiles. The former Kent Golf Union president was also fined £7,000. The judge recommended he serve his sentence in Britain.


Death house flattened

Workers have started pulling down a house in Victory Road, Derby, which served as a harrowing reminder of the deaths of six children burnt to death by their parents in the family home. The house is to be flattened and new social housing will eventually be built to replace it. Parents Mick and Mairead Philpott were jailed in April for setting fire to the house with petrol. CHELSEA

Can’t use it

A wealthy businessman has just bought a plot of land in Chelsea for £50,000. The land of just under a half an acre cannot be developed and is surrounded by flats.

It is understood that the piece of ground sold last week at Allsops was bought by a local resident.

UK News N 09

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

theNews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Jimmy Hill family at war Trapped by green skin Former Match of the Day presenter Jimmy Hill’s family are squabbling over who gets to decide what with his treatment in a care home on the south coast and his estate.

Jimmy Hill, now 85, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease five years ago and his children are fighting with his third wife, Bryony, now 62, over a power of attourney agreement he signed, giving Bryony control of his assets, together with a lawyer.

The family only let it be known that he was suffering from the disease last weekend.

Jimmy (pictured above with wife Bryony in 2000) was very well known not least because of his rather prominent chin but had a very distinguished football playing career with both London Clubs Brentford and Fulham and then as manager at Coventry when the Club made it to the First Division (now the Premier League) for the first time in it’s history. Following his playing and managing careers, Hill

joined the Match of The Day team on the BBC from 1973 until 1998.

Son Jamie from Hill’s second marriage said in an interview that he was unhappy that his third wife and a lawyer had all the power and that they were in no hurry to give any of it up but said that he is happy with the care his father is receiving in the home. He said: "He is the most sprightly physical specimen in the home, but his mind is not what it was. My concern is we only discovered in 2008 that power of attorney was signed three years earlier. We said in 2008 if Bryony’s lawyer steps aside and one of us children has joint power of attorney, we will be happy. Unfortunately, that was declined. I don’t want to make this personal. It affects many other families, and I want to highlight it."

Sister Joanne echoed these concerns adding: "Children should talk to their parents, before deterioration sets in, about how they want to be looked after and whom they want to be in charge of their lives.". In the meantime, Bryony has refused to comment over the dispute.

During his time, Hill’s most controversial step was to have a wages cap introduced when he was Chairman of the PFA limiting their earnings to just £20 a week – a rule which had previously meant many of the greatest stars of earlier generations ended their days in poverty.

Just got back from the UK and your Villa or apartment has that “tired” look about it?

Police in the London area caught a would-be thief when the “trap car” they were using in Harlesden, northwest London, sprayed his face with – an “SmartWater” invisible green dye that shows up under ultraviolet light – when he tried to steal from the car 28-year-old Yafet Askale was traced by police and found holding items, including a laptop, stolen from inside the car. Under ultraviolet light he was seen to have his face and clothes speckled with the dye that is invisible to the naked eye and stays on the skin for a matter of weeks.

"Using the trap car technology, we were able to charge Askale and put him before the courts. We will continue to target those who are insistent on committing these types of

offences. Brent Police say very clearly to any would be thieves – don't come to Brent, our trap cars and trap houses are waiting for you."

Police say that since they have provided free kits to households in the area there has been an 80% fall in burglaries and a 40% reduction in street robberies. Askale was sentenced to 49 hours of community work and ordered to pay £400 costs by Hendon Magistrate’s Court. Detective Inspector Madeline Ryder said:

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10 N Local News

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Local News Cherry trees to entice Japanese tourists Japanese tour operators and travel agencies specialising in Spain as a tourist destination are offering potential clients a package trip to Mijas which includes the planting of cherry trees. A part of the municipal gardens is being adapted for this end. The tourist package and the garden, to be called Sakura, is the result of an agreement between Mijas mayor Ángel Nozal, and the president of HispanoJapanese Tourism Association, Haruo Shimohira.

The Minister Counsellor at the Japanese embassy in Madrid, Keichiro Morishita, also attended the ceremony. The garden

Another cherry tree was planted by representatives

of the local Japanese community, who number 25 according to the council's register, while an estimated 150,000 Japanese citizens visit Mijas every year.



Charles M Shultz’s strip cartoon Peanuts was first published as L’il Folk

Mijas opposes bull killing fiesta Mijas Town Hall has asked its counterpart in Tordesillas, Valladolid province, to annul the ordinances that regulate the celebration of the "Toro de la Vega", during which men on horseback armed with lances and men on foot armed with other sharp instruments chase down and slaughter a bull.

is situated near the Town Hall. Six cherry trees were planted there to seal the agreement.

The Partido Popular group on the council passed a motion last week condemning all cruelty to animals, especially in events like the one at Tordesillas which are repugnant to people in Spain and abroad.

The Mijas council also asked the Castilla-Leon regional government to

revoke its classification as a "fiesta of touristic interest".

This year, the bull gored two people, including a freelance Agence France-Presse photographer who was covering the annual event, on September 17th. A Red Cross spokesman told AFP that a total of 12 people

were injured during the Toro de la Vega festivities. The bull was eventually killed by a crowd of people who pursued it across a bridge and into a meadow, where it was surrounded. Every year, animal rights activists try to disrupt the event, which has been celebrated in Tordesillas for centuries.

Capuchin friars celebrate IU councillor hangs on 400th anniversary The Capuchin friars in Antequera are celebrating the 400th anniversary of their arrival in the town with an exhibition of the artefacts and possessions they brought with them, most of which have not been seen in public before.

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behind the main Fuengirola Post Office

952 588 731

On show also is a relic of the Blessed Diego José de Cádiz, a popular preacher throughout Andalusia during the 18th century who was beatified in 1894, as well as a signed book which he used on his missions. There will also be guided tours until October 27th, when the exhibition will also close. A more

sombre part of the anniversary will be the beatification of the seven Capuchin friars who were assassinated on August 6th, 1935, shortly after the outbreak of the Civil War.

That ceremony will take place at the Order's headquarters in Tarragona.

A United Left member of the Almogia Council who was arrested six months ago after being caught with 180 marijuana plants which he said were for his personal medicinal use continues to attend council meetings while the United Left party turns a blind eye.

Diego Aranda has said he will resign on several occasions but has yet to do so. The United Left party has been one of the most

vocal critics of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and the scandal involving the Partido Popular's former treasurer, Luis Barcenas. Its coordinator, Cayo Lara, has sworn on several occasions that any IU member in public office found guilty of corruption or other crimes will immediately be expelled from the party. Yet Aranda continues in his post.

New flights to Moscow The first direct flight by Vueling Airlines out of Malaga airport for Moscow took off on Tuesday.

As of this week there will be two Vueling flights to Moscow, in addition to those already provided weekly by Aeroflot Russian Airlines,

Transaero Airlines and Orenburg Airlines.

As the number of Russian tourists to the Costa del Sol increases, an airport spokesman said daily flights to Moscow and other major cities in Russia were no longer a tour operator’s dream.


News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

Customs officers pelted by smugglers HM Customs Officers seized two vehicles and 14,840 cigarettes in holdalls at the Gibraltar/Spain frontier fence last Thursday. They had challenged a group of men at the northern end of Eastern Beach following their sighting of “several large holdalls” being removed from two Spanish registered cars on Eastern Beach Road.

Two men then ran to the frontier fence at the northern end of the beach carrying the holdalls. The Customs officers caught up with the men there and arrested a 24-year-old Spaniard, resident of La

Linea. The second man ran into the sea and swam across to Spain where he was met by several men on the Spanish side. Another group of men threw stones and missiles at the customs officers and members of the Royal Gibraltar Police while they were recovering the holdalls. The men had entered Gibraltar unlawfully via the frontier fence just minutes earlier. No officers were injured in the attack. In a separate incident two Spanish women aged 22 and 24, both from La Linea, were arrested at the land frontier on

confraternity, Leoncio Fernandez, claimed that an RGP patrol boat pointed its spotlight at the fishing boat "La Rapida", urging its crew to leave the area and also asking for the boat's documents. The crew refused to hand over the documents, then the Guardia Civil




Got a story? Got pictures?

Send your stories or pictures to The News

New cars for Local Police

The town council is preparing a bid for at least 12 new vehicles for the Local Police and is working on a plan to update their communications system. Councillor ana Velasco told reporters that the safety of the town's residents was a top priority for the council and investing in strengthening it "was fundamental if the town wanted to continue being a safe tourist destination". She reminded them that the council had already acquired four motorbikes to increase police patrols in the old part of town.

GuadaLhORCe VaLLey

Flood aid still not received

Sunday night. Customs officers had challenged the two women who were in a Spanish registered car in the exit channel to Spain.

A search of the vehicle

came up with a commercial quantity of cigarettes concealed in an adaptation to the car. The two women were arrested and were bailed until October 25th.

Fishermen appeal to Rajoy Fishermen in La Linea were up in arms over the weekend, following an incident with the Gibraltar police on Saturday when two boats from the Spanish town were surrounded by the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP). The president of La Linea's fishing


Inland & Coastal News N 11

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

arrived, and the RGP left.

Another fishing boat, belonging to Fernandez, did hand over their documents. After the incident, the fishermen appealed to the Spanish media – with a headline saying that there had been an appeal to Rajoy to act.

Neither the Gibraltar government nor the RGP have commented on the incident.

many towns in the Guadalhorce Valley are still waiting for the help promised to them after the disastrous floods of September 28th last year. The mayor of Villanueva del Rosario, josé antonio González, said the town had still not received from the government in madrid the financial aid promised to repair damage to public infrastructures and private properties. he said the residents who had had insurance had already repaired their properties but others had not been able to do so without the government aid. he said only 15 of the 197 towns affected had received the promised aid.


Minors caught growing marijuana

Six youths, five of them under age, were discovered growing marijuana in an embargoed apartment belonging to an uncle of one of them. The administrator of a complex in the Riviera del Sol urbanisation had alerted the Local Police that marijuana plants were growing on one of the balconies and that several youths had been seen entering and leaving the flat. When the police went to talk to the resident they saw two young men who did not belong to the community entering the flat. One, a Chilean, was the nephew of the owner and the other was an 18-year-old Brazilian. The rest of the group consisted of one Briton and three Spaniards.


5 Years Years Experien Experience in Spain Over 25

Dead girl’s parents jailed

Th j &A id The P Personall IInjury Accident

The parents of Asunta, the 12-year-old girl found dead on September 22nd close to Santiago de Compostela, are currently in prison without bail after appearing before a court in the city last Friday morning.

Judge José Antonio Vázquez Taín formally targeted lawyer Rosario Porto and her journalist ex-husband Alfonso Basterra in his homicide investigation that could become a full-scale murder probe once the judge officially receives results of toxicology tests. The tests are expected to provide an indication of whether the victim was deliberately placed in a defenceless situation, as the Guardia Civil has

Claims Experts on the Costa del Sol

established that Asunta was drugged and tied up before she was asphyxiated.

During her three-anda-half-hour appearance before the judge, Porto said she left Asunta doing her homework at 7pm on Saturday, September 21st, while she did some shopping and collected some swimwear from a house the family owns in Teo, on the outskirts of Santiago.

Murdered girl Asunta

When she returned to their home in the city centre at around 9.30pm, her daughter – whom she and her former husband adopted from China – was not there. But a police camera has captured Porto in the car with Asunta around 8 pm that evening travelling in the direction of Teo.

Police believe they killed the girl to get their hands on the properties Porto's parents had left to their adopted grandchild.

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Tenerife Tenerife

12 N Political Update

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

Seeing red



ight now, the opinion polls also show that the Socialist Party has not known how to capitalise on the cuts in government spending. They keep harping on about unemployment which has always been chronic in Spain because the economy has always been based on construction and tourism – as if manufacturing goods for export was a sin. However, that's beginning to change, largely to the new competitiveness brought about by the PP's labour reforms. We're all earning less now, but Spanish wages and salaries have always lagged behind the rest of Europe. And if the economy continues to improve, we can all start demanding a raise.


hey've also spent too much time waffling on about corruption, which bores the pants off the average Spaniard who has lived with corruption in politics at all levels most of his or her life.

he most worrying aspect of the current political situation is that the Socialists have lost their distinct character, to the extent that United Left bossman, Cayo Lara, said last week that people are beginning to confuse the two parties. The United Left (IU, Izquierda Unida) did quite well in the November 2011 election and very well in the regional election last year, to the extent that it is now propping up the Socialists in the Junta de Andalucia. This has led Lara to believe that he will form part of a coalition government after the 2015 election, his reasoning being that he's going to get around 50 seats which will help bring the Socialists back to power. However, even if the Socialists get the same number of seats as last time – 110 – he'll need to

The Local Memo from Voice Madrid

Muriel Pilkington

he political stability that Spain has enjoyed since the transition from dictatorship to democracy may become a thing of the past if the Socialists don't get their act together very soon. The smaller opposition parties are already crowing that the day of two parties alternating in government are already over. They believe that the Partido Popular will not be able to repeat the comfortable majority it obtained in November 2011, because of the unpopularity of the cuts the Rajoy government has made. Recent opinion polls seem to back this belief but the next election is still more than two years away and a lot can happen in that time. The economic indicators are already improving and if they continue to do so, the PP just might be able to pull off another election win, probably with a smaller majority.


Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Martin Delfín

What was said Writes for the English language version of


get at least 66 to bring about that unholy coalition.

suspect that by then – if the Socialists haven't recovered their traditional character – the right wing of the party will vote PP and a lot of the others will vote for the UPyD (Union, Progress and Democracy) party, founded by former Socialist Rosa Diez. She resigned as a Socialist MEP when Zapatero started talking to the Basque terrorist group ETA. The Union in her party's name indicates her strong aversion to an independent Basque Country (despite being a Basque herself), while the Progress indicates that she still believes herself to be a Socialist, or progresista – a word much beloved by the Socialists.


s a result of the moderate success of Lara – a cardcarrying Communist – in the last election, the Socialists seem to have decided that the further left they go the more votes they'll get in the next election. However, the opinion polls show that fewer and fewer people say they'll vote for them, mainly – I suspect – because they're not sure where the Socialists stand on anything these days. They're more Communist than the Communist IU in Madrid and Seville and more nationalist than the nationalists in Catalonia.


know many people think I hate the Socialists – the truth is I can't forgive the Spanish party for what I call its Socialism Light and Socialism Chic. The ones I really hate are the Communists. During my 25 years in Venezuela, I met more of them than my readers have had hot dinners so I know what I'm talking about. They call themselves democratic but that word disappears from their vocabulary once they get into power. Today's Communists are no better than the ones of yesteryear, so go read Solzhenitsyn if you've forgotten what they were like. Or just look to Cuba, where most people earn around $20 a month. Mind you, there'll be lots of Cuban millionaires once the Castro brothers disappear off the scene. Vintage car collectors the world over slaver when they see shots of those old American automobiles rolling around Havana in pristine condition – their owners had to look after them because buying a new car was, and still is, an impossible dream. Or look to Venezuela, where the current thug in power has just forbidden the media to mention shortages of everything, including toilet rolls. Communists in power here – no thanks.


he Argentines demonstrated last week how inept they are when it comes to foreign policy issues while Spain also revealed that it is not able to keep its diplomatic cool. Two countries – once joined by Eva Peron´s hospitable beef exports that kept Spaniards from going hungry in the 1950s and the generous welcoming by Buenos Aires to hundreds of fascists fleeing wartorn Europe after 1945 – are now split by President Cristina Kirchner de Fernández’s penchant to take away the belongings of her own “madre patria,” which has brought serious consequences to bilateral relations.


rgentina had hoped that Spain would join its cause and form a common front to pressure Britain into relinquishing Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands, but there are more things on the back burner that Madrid wants resolved before declaring joint action. Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel García-Margallo met with his Argentine counterpart Héctor Timerman on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting last Thursday to go over certain issues. The Gibraltar-Falklands conflict was the main focus of the meeting but Spain played down information coming out of Buenos Aires that the two countries were ready to pull out their heavy artillery against the British.


he Argentine Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Thursday saying the two diplomats "in particular discussed the common ground regarding sovereignty disputes” over the Falklands and Gibraltar. "They agreed on joint measures to press Great Britain to comply with the mandate from the United Nations to dialogue," read the statement. The following day, during a news conference, Margallo firmly denied that any such deal was reached and called the statement "a bad interpretation" of what was discussed at that private meeting. Margallo said that they both agreed that continued negotiations with Britain were essential, but this didn’t mean that "there was concurrence over the measures that each government will adopt to reaffirm their sovereignty claims".


ccording to diplomats, Argentina was severely wounded by this public clarification. Writing in the Buenos Aires daily Clarin, correspondent Ignacio Miri said that what blew

Spain’s mind was the official statement coming out of the Argentine capital. “It is not every day that a foreign minister comes out to clarify what occurred during a meeting with his counterpart from a country with such close, rich and broad ties such as those held between Argentina and Spain throughout the most part of their common history,” Miri wrote. Part of Spain’s dilemma exists in the way the 2007 Lisbon Treaty incorporates South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and a part of Antarctica in the list of “overseas countries and territories” included within the European Union.


lso standing in the way is the ongoing dispute between Madrid and Buenos Aires over President Fernández de Kirchner’s surprise move early last year to expropriate Repsol’s Argentine affiliate YPF without paying compensation to the Spanish oil giant. Repsol is demanding no less than €10 billion for its share while the leftist government in Buenos Aires continues to boast that the Spaniards will be lucky if they get €1.5 billion. Even though this brawl is between businessmen, the Rajoy government has been highly incensed over this takeover.


pain and Britain are European Union partners and NATO allies who have publicly said that they are willing to sort out their differences through dialogue; the firebrand Argentine government has used threats and other international pressures to try to push the Cameron government into a corner.


here will this end? No doubt Spain is taking a gentile posture in dealing with Britain over Gibraltar’s claims to fishing rights and border issues. Nevertheless, the Partido Popular (PP) government’s foreign policy initiatives overall have been weak, which puts the Rajoy administration at a disadvantage. London may be snickering at Buenos Aires' failed attempt to get the bandwagon rolling. But no doubt there are many in Cameron’s conservative government who are chortling at Margallo’s consternation over an official statement that summed up what or what was not said during that private meeting between old friends.


ollow me on @martingdelfin



News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

The 5th Annual Oktober Beerfest Allioli style Estacion Jimera de Libar is a small station area part of the Municipality of JimeRa de Libar. The town hall stresses the R in the name to avoid confusion with Jimena. The total population is approx 450 of which many are senior citizens, the youngsters having left to seek work. The station barrio lies close to the Guadiaro river which flows all year and is an attraction, particularly during the summer months. The surrounding area is mountainous and thus attracts many people who enjoy nature, walking and biking.

Paul Darwent who runs the Allioli Bar in Plaza San Roque with his Danish wife Synnove, started organising festivals in 2009 and now holds three main events each year. But the big event that gets everyone talking is the OktoberBierFest.

10pm. Coming from Scotland, folk duo The Mad Ferret Band will be opening the show. Local Indie rock group Los Mauros follow. Alud is a Spanish group from La Linea who play popular Spanish pop then some good thumping Rock from Equis.

Finishing off the evening there is Rock n Roll from Memphis Trio.

Around 10pm the music will take a break until 11.30 when Carmen Libelula will close the night with Soul music and a final session of Latin Salsa. There will also be a food stall with lots of choice. Bar Allioli will be running

This year it will be held from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th October.

On the Friday night there will be music from Chicago Jim Trio who play soul and folk music with a Celtic twist.

Before the music Paul has organised a Beer tasting of eight different beers for 10€ per person. On Saturday the festival kicks off at 1pm when the train from Algeciras arrives. Music is planned all day until

In the buff! Local gym owner and fitness expert “Beef” from the Wellington Fitness Centre in Coin is set to appear alongside other locals in the troup of out-of-work men who decide they can earn a living getting their kit off in the Salon’s production of The Full Monty being staged from Friday 11th until Sunday 20th October.

Most of us know the titilating end to the show and, with a bod like that of Mr Beef, this is sure to be a hit with the ladies of the Costa del Sol at least Tickets are on sale now from The Salon Box Office in Calle Emancipacion, Fuengirola or by calling 952 474 542. Let’s just hope they keep the heating on for the performances!

N 13

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

the bar and there will be at least five draught beers – two of them from Kettal brewery in Los Barrios – and, on top of this there will be more than 30 different bottled beers available.

Bar Allioli specialises in international beers and in the bar is a small museum with a collection of 300 bottled beers. It always has a big selection available.

On the Sunday following there will be a Hangover Party with music from Marcus Myers. Further details from or 671 501 054. Or you can check out their website at

Features & Advertising

Ready for winter ... well almost

SOS Animal charity would like to say a big thank you to all the friends and supporters who have helped them over the past few months. The registered charity, which was founded in 1997 has moved its refuge several times over the years but has never really had adequate or suitable premises to give their dogs the care they would like to, particularly over the wintertime. Co-founder Tony Byford says “Since we first started most of our dogs have had to live in pens built on bare earth and, of course, when the heavy Spanish rains arrived they brought a nightmare of mud and flooding! But we are thrilled that now for the first time in our 16-year history all our 50 plus dogs are going to be in hygienic, easy-to-clean pens which makes their lives so much more comfortable and makes our volunteers' lives so much easier.” SOS now have two refuges, one just outside Monda and the other near Coin. The Monda refuge came with purpose-built pens, the Coin one is still being feverishly worked on, racing against time to finish tiling the existing porous concrete-based pens which were in a poor state of repair. Rescuing these unfortunate animals – often abandoned, sometimes callously tossed out from cars or thrown into rubbish bins – is, of course only the start of the work. They need proper care and attention during rehabilitation before they can be rehomed which, in turn, means that volunteers need proper facilities. Tony goes on to say, “The dogs have responded so well to their new ‘homes’. The improved environment is so much better for their welfare, and our very hands-on approach with each dog individually is having a great impact because the feedback we are getting from the new owners of our rehomed animals has been excellent.” The charity, which also finances

a number of animals in foster homes until spaces are available to take them into the refuge, has rehomed 63 dogs to Sweden, 33 to the UK and 12 to Spain in just the first nine months of 2013. By limiting the number of animals in their refuges at any one time they can ensure that each one gets sufficient care and attention to ensure a successful adoption. Each time a dog is re-homed a new one takes its place.


Tony adds, “We are very grateful to our sister SOS charity in Sweden for shouldering the burden of the building costs associated with our new home outside Coin and to Scott Forbes who has generously donated his time to sort out the water and plumbing problems. Properly equipping our refuges has eaten into our funds so any donations of goods to sell or time to spare are much appreciated. And then there were some very generous SOS supporters in the UK who saw my appeal for help to buy a van to transport our stall goods to La Trocha Sunday market in the Letters page of The News via our Facebook. They have kindly donated the money to buy an elderly but very serviceable vehicle! That means that all the money we raise from the market,

which is vital, can continue to go to the welfare of the dogs, and to paying off our vet bills.” To learn more about SOS Animals go to their website or visit their Facebook page SOS Animals Spain where you can see photographs of the ongoing work and the dogs currently looking for adoption, two of which are featured here. Danny (below left) is 4 months old. He was found in a rubbish bin with his sister Esther and handed in to Protectora de Animales y Plantas Malaga (Malaga dog pound). They have been in a foster home until now. Their mother and siblings who were also found in the bin were dead. The latest arrival Milou (below) – seen here with one of the wonderful Swedish volunteers – had been hanging around a local Tapas bar near to SOS for a couple of days and noone recognised him. He was covered in fleas and had no microchip. He is one year old and very friendly. by Jean Joss

S K Estates Rare Opportunity!

Central Coin

Ground floor apartment with patio in need of refurbishment. 3 bedrooms, bathroom, lounge, dining room, kitchen. Approx 125m2. A bargain at only €50,000. This apartment is ideal for investment or for first time buyers. To view call

661 114 070

14 N Community News

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

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Community News Costa del Sol 41

Costa del Sol 41, founded in 1997, offers ex-Tablers the opportunity to enjoy some excellent, old fashioned fellowship amongst kindred spirits. At present the club has some 17 permanent members together with a goodly number of what they call “Country Members” who are 41’ers who maybe have a holiday home here or just visit the Costa del Sol on a regular basis.

Their "patch" extends from Malaga in the east to Estepona in the west. Any potential members to the east of Malaga or to the west of Estepona, will receive a warm welcome from Nerja and Gibraltar 41 respectively. Meetings are held at 7.30pm on the second Monday monthly except for the summer recess in July and August during which time the Chairman would usually host a "bash". The

meetings, including an excellent value dinner, take place at the Restaurant El Caserio, just west of Cancelada. They are informal although an efficient Secretary prepares an agenda and minutes. There is no truth in the rumour that both are produced at the same time but the minutes have been shortlisted for the Andalucian Fiction Prize on more than one occasion!

Apart from meetings, a lively social programme is the main feature of the Club, a secondary feature being an aversion to fundraising. Hopefully potential members will not be disappointed to find that they will not have to wear the soggy Father Xmas beard nor flog tickets for the Fireworks Display!

Upcoming events at this club include: 3rd. October 2013 Pre Cluster Dinner with

early Cluster Arrivals 4th. to 6th. October 2013 21st Anniversary Iberian Cluster, Puerto Banús 14th. October 2013 Dinner Meeting at El Caserio 28th. October 2013 'Allo ‘Allo night with Tangent 11th. November 2013 Dinner Meeting at El Caserio 27th. November 2013 Club Social Day. Visit to Mexican Restaurant 9th. December 2013 Dinner Meeting at El Caserio December 2013 Christmas do with Ladies. Venue TBA

Call Gareth George, the Club & Cluster 2013 contact, on 952 818 772 or mobile 627 462 410. Or you can email them at: and their website can be found at

foods wines cocktails

Café & Restaurante La Leona Plaza de San Rafael Fuengirola

Another winning night for the Lions What a great idea it was for La Cala Lion's President Patricia Maxwell to call her special event the President's Party Night. It was a complete sell out and the evening never stopped being fun.

The food and service at the venue was good, together with the entertainment, and thanks to the generosity of the guests over €2000 were raised through the raffle and auction. This will be be added to the €2000 the club donated in advance to Cudeca during the summer. The cheque will be presented to Cudeca shortly.

Man of the moment was their charismatic and persuasive MC and Auctioneer Michael Maxwell (pictured here with his wife, their President Patricia) who squeezed every last penny out of everybody for the charity..

Special thanks go to Jim Sutton, Social Secretary and his team including Wynsen and Christine who pulled out all the stops and produced the biggest and best raffle and auction ever with a table full of glittering and interesting prizes. Check into the Lions

Charity Shop in La Cala for details of forthcoming events or telephone or email if you would like to be on their list of friends to be advised of all their events. Or, to find out more about being a Lion, telephone Anne on 607 879 450 or email

Pet of the week


If you haven’t already booked your autumn and winter trips and are wondering where to go, due to a bereavement there are two places available for the November Marrakech by train extravaganza. The six days plus four nights in a hotel and one night on the train trip to Marrakech leaves on Tuesday November 12th this year and will take in Marrakech, Fez and Casablanca. The price of €395 per person includes bed, breakfast and dinner, a Moroccan courier who speaks English plus three local guides in Tangier, Marrakech and Fez as well as all entrance fees to Medersa Bounarnia, Menera Gardens, Palace Bahia, Saadian Tombs etc. The only things not included are lunches and the Marrakech Show. Call Jo or Derek on 696 430 160 for more information,


Bertie was adopted from PAD and sadly returned by his owner after a year because he had to move on.

He is around 5 years old and a lovely natured dog. Bertie has been back at the refuge for more than year and really deserves his forever home. He is very quiet now in his kennel and although he still loves his walks, he desperately needs the love and attention that only a

new home can give.

For more details please contact Lisa 658 351 642

On a happy note... Poppet who was pet of the week last week has been given a great new loving home with Terry from Fuengirola who fell in love with the puppy as soon as he saw it. Jo and Derek, who were looking after him, wish Poppet and Terry a long and happy life together.

Welcome back dinner dance the News


Poisonous creatures of the Med

Marisa Ballestracci from the Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice, was presented with a cheque for €500, raised thanks to the profits of the book, "Poisonous Creatures of the Mediterranean”, written by Dr. Venom aka Dr. Vejay Kumar Singh. On Saturday 28th September, the British Club held its annual celebration to mark the start of its autumn season’s activities by welcoming back all those who had been off on holidays over the summer plus, of course, those who had stayed around the Costa.

A fine four-course meal was provided at their newly decorated club house in Los Peñones overlooking the sea and the musical entertainment

was in the hands of one of the best nightclub singers in the area, Ricki Lavazza. The members and their guests danced the night away and listened to some excellent music while some were even awarded prizes. The club is also known as the British and International Society and welcomes to their membership, people from all over the world. For more details see their website:www.britishsociety

The book is a comprehensive photo guide of poisonous creatures and other wildlife here in the Mediterranean, and gives information on how to treat bites and identify them.

Cudeca is sincerely grateful for this generous donation, which will go towards caring for over 750 patients every year suffering from cancer and other advanced and noncurable illnesses, as well as providing support to their families.

CHAIN We all know that there are many charities that need help and CHAIN, the animal charity based in the La Trocha Commercial Centre in Coin, is one that receives money by donations from various events and people then distributes it to other charities as and when they need it. So, here below is what the charity has achieved through just July and August this year:

•Their spaying and neutering programme for July/August stands at 58 cats and 82 dogs, who all received the relevant veterinary procedure. Some owners are not keeping appointments and for this reason they are being forced to make a no show charge of 35€ before a new appointment can be made. CHAIN still has to pay the vet’s fee for the neutering day even if people don’t turn up.

•CHAIN’s charitable donations totalled €5881.55 for July and August. The charities and animals who benefitted from these donations included: 1. Triple A, Maria Anne & Sharon, Noreen’s Street Cats – food provided. 2. Veterinary treatment – Pauline’s rescue dogs. 3. Fostering unwanted dogs. 4. Dog Rescue Centres – veterinary treatment. 5. Neutering day for Kim’s Rescue. 6. Re-homing dogs. For more information about CHAIN, talk to Denise at the shop on 622 116 535.



Community News N 15

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

Cancer Sucks SSp pain started as a Facebook Group ffo or members to chat about th their eexxperiences, to o offfer advice, vent or even scream. It is also ffo or anyone who has been affe affected by Cancer. We started originally as a group of of people on Fa Facebook tr trying to help and support each other here in Spa Spain. W Wee are now starting twice monthl hlyy coffee mor orn nings for members to meet. This group invites ffeemales, males, tth he young and the old, Like Cancer cer,, we do not discriminate.

Ground floor La Trocha C.C. Coin

Key cutting, photocopying, fax, printing, business cards, greeting cards etc., all in one place!



Spanish Courses at Centro de Idiomas in Coin Conversation based to help you get by in day to day situations Sign up now Small groups Limited places

Contact Valerie at or leave a message on 952 45 07 47 and I will get back to you.

Mascota La Trocha & Scooby Doo Do’s Pet accessories & supplies Dog grooming Veterinary consultant

SFS 634 395 445 La Trocha Shopping Centre, Coin

$P€€ D £INANCIAL $OLUTIONS General Insurance

Car Insurance, Buildings, Contents,Travel, Holiday Home, Pet, Health Just call into our office near La Trocha,Coin for a quote on any service you require. Or call

951 315 271 or email

(downstairs, opposite TemptationsCafé, near Dunnes)

5 cards for €5 on all stock €2.50 & under including Xmas. Offex postal service.

Monday to Friday 10 - 4 Saturday 10 - 2 Anglican Chaplaincy of St Andrew’s, Costa Del Sol (East)

Call Ali 644 130 323


Petit Paris

For all your mobility needs Cheapest on the Costa Free delivery & pick up

951 392 382 / 679 508 849



16 N Out & About


WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide INSIDE THIS WEEK

The Full Monty - opening soon at Salon Varietes Fun Day at El Potro - in aid of the Tomas Leighton charity Clothes sale - this Friday at La Hiedra in Alhaurin for Animals in Distress

Fuengirola Horse Feria 2013

The recent change in the weather is a sure sign that Fuengirola Feria is not far away.

In fact, “La Feria de Nuestra Señora la Virgen del Rosario” to honour Fuengirola Feria with its full title, officially starts next Sunday the 6th of October and runs through to the following Saturday the 12th. The



finely turned-out horses, polished up carriages and people in traditional costume, together with the numerous colourful equestrian events and the carriage competitions held in the bullring, leads to the Fuengirola Feria to be often referred to as “The Horse Feria”.

Despite the cat and mouse game with the weather every year Fuengirola Feria attracts large crowds. The focal point for most is the Recinto Ferial (fair ground) between Los Boliches and Fuengirola, with its brightly lit amusements and rides for

the kids. Further back in the fair ground are the Peñas – the Peñas are clubhouses that host family and association gatherings for the more traditional celebrations, with food drink and entertainment. Many of the Peñas are open to the public. Right at the back of the fair ground is the municipal concert hall with live music and Sevillana shows throughout the week.

The final day is always the 12th October to coincide with Dia de la Hispanidad (Day of the Hispanics) a Spanish national holiday that commemorates the 1492

Porky Pies Eat in or take-away.

landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas. Under various alternative titles including Columbus Day, the 12th October is celebrated throughout most of the Spanish speaking world and it is also the day the Spanish armed forces hold their annual military parade usually in Madrid.

Many shops and banks will be closed or close early throughout feria week. For a full programme try contacting the town hall or go on to

By Pete Woodall, Woody's Los Boliches.

PONDEROSA rOAD HOUSE Happy Hour 6 - 8pm Pint €2, Cider €2.50

Pool, wi-fi & Juke Box

Full Rack & Fries Open from 6pm

Open every day. Next to the Fuengirola camping ground on the corner of Calle Vencejo

952 470 336

Calle Ponderosa 7, Mijas Costa

Freshly baked sweet and savoury pies.

Pork pies, steak & stilton pies and lots more Breakfast, main meals, daily specials, baguettes, pizza, fish & chips, wraps, burgers, pie, mash & liquor and a lot more. Located in Gamonal, Arroyo de la Miel

951 211 727

“Fish Alley” Calle Moncayo,29 Fuengirola

Burritos, fajitas, quesadillas plus our famous huge rack of ribs. Frozen strawberry margaritas Open every

952 582 761 day from 6pm

The Olive Tree

Avda Maria Zambrano 17, Coin David, Tina & Family welcome you to The Olive Tree

Thursday 3rd: Elton John Tribute Friday 4th: Mike Sterling - Phantom of the Opera - €10 show only or €15 with basket meal advanced booking only - 9:30 start Sat 5th: Just James - Rock of Ages show Thurs 10th: Cliff Richard tribute direct from UK Friday NOV 1st: 1st birthday party - keep your diaries free! LAST DRINKS ORDERS 1:30AM - BAR CLOSES 2AM

All Day Breakfast starting from €3.50 - €5 meal deals. House Fish & Chips every day PLUS now also offering an extra choice of Haddock, Cod or Swordfish as well! Free Wifi & Sky Sports

665 340 306 / 952 452 554

N 17

WEDNESDAY, October2nd 2013

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide OUT & ABOUT The Full Monty - coming to The Salon soon Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Out & About

MUMTAZ MAHAL Indian Restaurante

Come and enjoy the best of Indian cuisine in our newly refurbished airconditioned restaurant or dine on our fabulous terrace

Menu del Dia 3 courses €9,95 4 courses €11,95

Take-away service s Priceed by c % u d e r 15 10 -

Free home delivery with orders over €25.00 OPEN 7 DAYS Lunch 1.30 - 4.00pm Dinner 7.00 - 12.00pm

Urb. El Rodeo, Coin

952 455 599 626 977 224

Friday, October 11th, sees the welcome return of Peter Mitchell's exciting production of the hit musical 'The Full Monty.' The original film was one of those small indy movies that had such a compelling story to tell that it became an astonishing world-wide hit spawning lots of imitators, many of which seemed only to be a pale imitation of the original.

The obvious quality of 'The Full Monty' attracted the attention of a playwright acknowledged as one the best and most exciting in America, four times Tony Award winner (Broadway's version of the

Edif. Iris, Avda. Gamonal, Benalmádena - Costa

Oscars) Terrence McNally who worked with lyricist and composer David Yazbek to turn the film into a stage musical. Their collaboration on this show subsequently received nine Tony nominations.

As the musical opens we meet Gerry and Dave, two

steel workers who had become unemployed when the mill closed and were unable to find work however hard they tried. Faced with a diminishing income and the lack of self respect that can accompany unemployment, problems with their relationships

Restaurante The Village Inn Meson del Pueblo

Happy Hour 6 - 7pm Fantastic barbecued meats and fish. Family friendly safe for kids! English and German spoken WWW.THEVILLAGEINN.ES



Yorkshire Fisheries

Pueblo Andaluz, Carib Playa

Traditional Fish & Chips

Your local fish and chip shop in Fuengirola re-opening soon BASKET MEAL DEAL = Entrance + Meal + 1st Drink only 15 euros

Calle Juan Sebastian Cano, 10 Edif. El Rosal, BJ, Fuengirola (Near the carousel & Florida Hotel)

and family life are magnified and made more difficult. They have reached a low point when, having followed their wives to a packed strip club where 1000 women are going wild watching the famous male stripper group 'The Chippendales' and then hiding in the club, they overhear just how bad things are. The women are clearly very impressed by the Chippendales and so our heroes come up with the idea of emulating them but going that little bit further by doing 'The Full Monty'. They recruit four, very reluctant friends and set about rehearsing their act. Their early attempts cause much mutual hilarity and not a little mayhem but in doing so they overcome their anxieties, selfconsciouness and demons to find a new self respect. Along the way their personal problems intrude and doubts arise as to whether they can measure up. They think of abandoning the plan but word is out and their courage must be tested. The great day comes and the musical finishes with one of the most hilarious, exciting and rip roaring, fun shows the Salon Varietes has put on. In the original run four years ago the finale had the audience standing and cheering, daring the cast to leave the stage. Word got out a little too late and whilst the early part of the run had some empty seats by the end there were queues waiting for return tickets, so like any good hit show a second run was needed.

Obviously a warning that the show contains nudity!

This time tickets can be booked from 11.00 to 2.30 Monday to Saturday and the box office is open an hour before the performance to pick up tickets or buy one if you are lucky enough to find one left. Phone 952 47 45 42. After 800 performances on Broadway, from Italy to the Phillipines, from Korea to The Czech Republic the show has been performed all over the world and now in Fuengirola. written by Graham Cherry

18 N Out & About


WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

Plaza de Remo La Carihuela Torremolinos

952 057 062

Food Served all day 11am to 9pm Monday Explosion! - vocal duo the soulful sound of Motown & more Tuesdays & Wednesdays Live Football on 7 big screens Thursday 7th October Stelvis - The King is back! tribute to Elvis Friday Siobhan - female vocalist from Dublin - Country Irish 60s, 70s & 80s Fun for all ages Saturday 5th October Explosion! - Vocal duo soulful sounds of Motown & more Sunday Jordana - Female vocalist with tributes to Cher, Amy Winehouse etc *FREE ENTRY* Shows start at 9.30pm. Open all day.

Free Entry!




erry @ Buzby ad T

Wednesday 2nd Sativa Spirit - Coasts nº 1 reggae band Thursday 3rd Danny Stone - Mr Blue Eyed Soul Friday 4th Guest Artiste Saturday 5th Central FM’s very own Tony Keys - live n’ kicking Sunday 6th KT Peters - multi change drag artiste Monday 7th Alexandra Avery Totally talented female Tuesday 8th Ian Jacks - DJ by day, superstar by night

Every night from 12am until late Karaoke, fun and frolicks with Paul G


Now Open from 8.30pm Av Antonio Machado Benalmadena 645404911 / 628617658 madterry@buzbys

Your Weekly Entertainment Guide

The King is back! PreStelvis, appearing at El Mojito on Monday October 7th was originally from Liverpool, and has loved Elvis all his life but only plucked up the courage to sing his songs professionally when he came to the Costa del Sol in May 2012 after living in France for 10 years.

Stelvis says: “I love all his music and try in my act to do lots of the songs not usually done by tribute artists – and Elvis fans really seem to appreciate that. I still find it hard to believe people want to hear me, it's such a huge compliment and when they ask if I mime, which they often do, I am humbled. I came to Torremolinos because someone heard me and he called to book me. While I



was there Clive from El Mojito heard me and he has now booked me for 7th October – looks like I will be spending a lot of time in Torremolinos from now on!” Stelvis is based in La Duquesa but sings all along the coast. Catch him at El Mojito, La Carrihuela, Torremolinos on Monday the 7th. For more information call El Mojito on 952 057 062

Lillie Langtry Bar & Restaurant

Sunday Carvery from 1pm until 7pm Standard €6.95 Upstairs, next to the Nahar Mahal restaurant, opposite the Hotel Riviera, Benalmadena Costa, on the main road.

951 253 986

MUMTAZ MAHAL Indian Restaurante

Come and enjoy the best of Indian cuisine in our newly refurbished airconditioned restaurant or dine on our fabulous terrace

Menu del Dia 3 courses €9,95 4 courses €11,95

Take-away service s Priceed by c u d re - 15% 10

Free home delivery with orders over €25.00 OPEN 7 DAYS Lunch 1.30 - 4.00pm Dinner 7.00 - 12.00pm

Urb. El Rodeo, Coin

952 455 599 626 977 224

A.I.D. (Animals in Distress) will be hosting a pre-season winter clothes sale on Friday 4th October at La Hiedra Restaurant from 6.30pm. Entry is €1 per person so pop along, browse their large selection of ladies’ and men’s wear and pick up a bargain. Music will be by D.J. Lee Jay and the bar will be open for drinks, tapas or a meal. La Hiedra Restaurant is at the entrance of Poligono Rosa on the A404 Alhaurin el Grande to Coin Road (lots of free parking space).

For further information telephone Joe on 626 942 427 and help A.I.D. to help the animals. Reg. Charity No. 7974. CIF G92937002 Website:


I was born and raised in the North of England and grew up listening to classic rock music from an early age, being influenced in the early years by Free, Bad Company, Bon Jovi, Journey etc. I was a late starter in the music business and didn’t start singing until I was 22-years-old. I took the usual path by making a band with old schoolmates and playing youth clubs for a few years, then joining established bar bands playing covers of all my favourite bands. I have stayed true to my roots, my set list is full of all the bands and songs I grew up listening to, and I totally enjoy playing every song I have. But I also love the challenge of requests. I like to be thrown a song that I’ve never done before. As long as I have it on the Laptop I will try it there and then, even working out the guitar part as it’s playing. For instance, recently someone asked for “Sylvia's Mother” by Dr Hook. Now, I had heard the song on my mum’s radiogram in the early seventies, but decided to have a go and, to my surprise it went down

Restaurant El Brujo

Urb. El Coto, Calle Cordonices, Avda de Mijas

English family owned bar & restaurant for 21 years. Specialising in modern & classical English food with a flavour of Spain plus BBQ steaks.

À la carte & set menus available Tuesday to Saturday from 6.30pm Choice of 3 course menus €12 includes chicken, pork, fish, pasta and curry dishes. €16 includes fillet steak, calves liver & swordfish dishes Special Sunday Lunch €9.50 available all day from 1 until 10pm

952 479 746

Avenida de Mijas


Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Ford Garage

Marbella N340

Supermercado El Coto 100 mts

El Brujo Restaurant Bar & Gardens

Martin y Perez


El Corte Ingles

Malaga N340

really well! So I'm not afraid to venture out of my comfort zone. Over the years I have played in various bar bands and played venues all over the UK. I decided to pick up the guitar seven years ago and practised constantly, watching videos of my favourite players and picking up techniques from them. I got fed up with hauling large PA systems in the pouring rain in the UK so took the plunge by coming to Spain to sample life in the sun and hope I can entertain people with my Rock of Ages show featuring songs by Foreigner, Toto, REO Speedwagon, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Gary Moore, Journey, Queen, U2, as well as classics from Free, Bad Company, Stones, Beatles, Chuck Berry and everything in between, not to merntion requests such as Showaddywaddy, Take That, Dr. Hook, Neil Diamond etc… I will try anything! We saw Just James perform his first gig on the Costa at Buzby’s in Benalmadena and I have to say he was excellent, getting a standing ovation from the crowd who were calling for “MORE!”. SEE JUST JAMES AT THE OLIVE TREE THIS SATURDAY 5TH OCTOBER. To book James call him on 628 344 403.


Evening & entertainment rep required must have experience Call for more details:

952 454 491 or 622 05 04 09


Family Bar & Restaurant Good food served all day

Los Cipreses, Calahonda


Out & About N 19

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

News Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

El Potro - Fun Day El Potro Restaurant on Urbanisation La Sierrezuela just outside Fuengirola will host a barbecue, fun and music charity afternoon this Saturday the 5th October. The event, starting at 1.30 pm will be in aid of the Tomas Leighton registered charity. In addition to the barbecue there will be a bouncy castle and entertainment throughout the afternoon from various popular Costa del Sol performers. Starting at 2.00 pm with Amelinde followed by Jordana, Ricky Lavazza, Johnny Baker, Phoebe, Lindsey Rose and finishing off at 6.30 pm with The Riff Raff Band. Other



spice up the afternoon’s entertainment, include a set of old fashioned stocks with a bucket of soggy sponges, a magician, hook the numbered ducks kids game, an auction and face painting. The event is open to everyone and all the money raised during the barbecue will go to help Tomas.

Apart from his many friends and family eightyear-old Tomas has not had a lot of luck. He was born with Cerebral Palsy which amongst other things means he has difficulty controlling his basic body movements and posture. In addition he was born totally blind and since he was six months old he has suffered from severe Epilepsy. Despite

this, with constant care and treatment Tomas has progressed, he is now able to sit up unaided, walk a short distance albeit with assistance and has some vision in his right eye. He has a very loving nature and has started to be able to communicate with others and manage a few words. Even so he needs a little help, entrance on Saturday is 5.00 Euros per person which includes two tickets for the prize raffle but there is no charge for kids under age 14.

For more information and photos of Tomas with some of his many pals visit the facebook page Support Tomas Leighton and the


By Pete Woodall

Breakfast Baby Jeeves €4 Mrs Jeeves €5 Daddy Jeeves €6 Food served all day MONTEMAR

A warm Irish welcome All Premier League Football on 5 large screens

600 060 563 C/ Salvador Rueda 65, Los Boliches

CASA KON-TIKI The Home of Fish and Chips


2 Car veries €20 including a bottle of house wine! Only €7.95 pp 12 noon until 11pm every Sunday.

9:30am to 4:30pm

3 course Lunchtime Special €5.50 Mon - Sat 12 - 4pm

Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners Eat in or take-away Daily Specials Free wi-fi Special offers on drinks Home made cakes Sunny terrace

Early Bird Special 4 - 7pm Fish, chips & mushy peas, Bread & butter, tea or coffee. €4.95

Range of Tapas all at €1 each €5 main meals with a choice of 14 different dishes including Chris’s famous Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas (12 noon ‘til 6pm)

697 355 563 Next to Sunshine Golf, La Cala

John the Fish at LA PARRA GOLD

The original home of Fish & Chips with the original chef NOW OPEN! Open Mon - Sat 1pm ‘til late (Closed Sundays)

Lunchtime Menu of the Day -

Monday to Saturday 1pm - 7pm 3 courses €5.95 Haddock in stock

Full menu available all day includes all your favourites - curries, pies, salads, chicken, etc., Fully licenced for take-aways.Smart Dress please.

Fully air-conditioned - Free wifi

Every day is Fryday!

website or alternatively contact his parents Jill and Jon on 952 964 361. For more information on El Potro and the fun day contact Donna at El Potro on 952 470 284.

Tom´s Irish Bar

Open 7 days a week, 12 ‘til 11pm

Cafe Bar and Restaurant

Lunch Time Special - Fish, chips, mushy peas, bread and a drink €5.95


678 292 792

Los Boliches (behind the Confort Hotel) Soon find us on

(Find “The Fish”, the same as the one on the left, in The News and get another 10% off your bill!)

Call Glyn on 634 081 264 or Chris The Fish on 664 028 310 to reserve your table

2nd street behind Yaramar Hotel, Los Boliches Visit us at

La Risa We have an extensive Menu plus changing daily Specials, including Curry on a Monday and Beer Battered Cod and Chips Wednesdays and Fridays. Sunday we serve traditional Sunday Roast: Beef, Pork, Lamb or Chicken with all the trimmings, various fresh Salads & homemade Beef Burgers are also available. Kitchen opens all day Monday to Saturday between 11am - 9pm, Sunday 1pm - 5pm

Advance bookings are advisable For details of special events call us on 653 010 208 or pop into the bar. On the road between Alhaurin el Grande & Alhaurin de la Torre at Lauro Golf Across from the Clubhouse

N Magazine

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013


Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in



This is the end

Release date: October 1st

Director: Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen Starring: Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco All Jay Baruchel expected coming to LA was a fun time with Seth Rogen and all the wild partying to have both by themselves and at James Franco's housewarming party.

Suddenly, the Rapture hits and the Biblical Apocalypse has begun. Now, Jay and Seth are desperately sheltering in James' house for rescue along world, only for Jay to find with a few other friends. that they are all too dumb and superficial to Together, they must do it until they discover band together to attempt the only way out. to survive the end of the



Directed by Ron Howard Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl

Two-time Oscar winner Howard spectacularly creates on the big screen the legendary rivalry between free-wheeling playboy James Hunt (Emsworth) and the tightly buttoned, icily disciplined Niki Lauda (Bruhl) as the two duel for the 1976 Formula One motor racing crown.

The movie spans a six year period culminating in 1976 – the year in which Lauda nearly lost his life in a horrific accident at the German Grand Prix only to fight back from his brutal injuries to

get behind the wheel again to challenge Hunt for that year’s Championship.

It’s storytelling Howard style – about two men in a deadly duel, who despite their bitter rivalry held each other in respect. The brash bravado of handsome ladies’ man Hunt contrasted with the cool Lauda, known as The Rat for his protruding teeth. They were big characters at a time when the sport was at its most dangerous – two drivers died each year during the 70s.

The Frozen Ground


Director: Rodney Ascher Starring: Vanessa Hudgens, Nicolas Cage, Dean Norris A film inspired by the incredible true story that follows Alaskan State Trooper Jack Halcombe (Nicolas Cage) as he sets out to end the murderous rampage of Robert Hansen (John Cusack), a serial killer who has gone unnoticed for 13 years.

As the bodies of street girls start to pile up in Anchorage, fear strikes a chord with the public.

Risking his life, Halcombe goes on a personal manhunt to find the killer before the next body surfaces. When a seventeen-year-

DVD NEW RELEASE It explores the relationship between the two men, and Emsworth and Bruhl turn in top performances, as well as putting the audience at the heart of what was one of the most dangerous sports in the world with some thrilling racing scenes.

It’s a drama, unlike Senna, the fascinating documentary about the life and death of Ayrton Senna – but like Senna, you don’t have to be a

follower of motor racing to find this a spectacular ride.

The movie has put James Hunt (45 when he died of a heart attack in 1993) back in the public spotlight. So much so that a McClaren car driven to victory by him at the Japanese Grand Prix in 1977, is expected to fetch up to 10 million pounds at auction next month. Fasten your seat belts for a breathtaking ride.

Release date: October 1st

old escapee (Vanessa Hudgens) reveals key information about the case, Halcombe is finally on the trail of the killer.

But will he catch him in time to save the next victim?

The Croods

Release date: October 1st

Director: Kirk De Micco, Chris Sanders

Voices of: Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone

The Croods tells the story of the world's first family road trip.

When their cave is destroyed, the Crood family must embark on a comedy adventure into strange and spectacular territory in search of a new home. As if patriarch Grug (Cage) didn't already have enough to handle, it goes from bad to worse when they encounter an imaginative nomad named Guy (Reynolds.) With Guy's help the

Croods conquer their fear of the outside world and discover that they have exactly what it takes to survive – each other.


To find out the times and location online, go to, click on Malaga, go to Cine and on drop down list select “Cartelera V.O.” and click on film poster

Malaga - Plaza Mayor: 902 902 103 Fuengirola - Parque Miramar: 952 198 600 Marbella - Gran Marbella: 952 810 077 Velez Malaga - C.C. El Ingenio: 902 221 622

*please check times with the cinema direct

theNews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme


By Cathy Stronach

For your personal birth chart please contact: ARIES

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You seem to be in the right place at the right time without making any effort and this influence is set to continue. Having said that, as things are so easy for you right now, make sure you pay attention to the details and get everything in writing. There are flames beneath your feet at the moment and all this excitement is heating up your passion index, so be ready for some steamy nights. While there could be some extremely positive job developments taking place right now, if you know a situation is hanging on by a thread, then it could be time to put a sensible strategy in place. Nurture something that is just beginning to bud, if you give it some special attention now, it may turn out to be a beautiful bloom in a few weeks. When it comes to a relationship turn on the speed and make sure you do not break promises. There is a new situation that you could have found yourself drawn into which promises a new beginning and so much for 2014. There are solutions, opportunities and advantages in the making and although you may have questions on issues of control, it is important to keep an open mind. Work on completing all outstanding documents, papers and legal issues tying up all loose ends this week. If you are grappling with a complex problem or experiencing a struggle then take comfort in the knowledge that you will come through this, as you have made certain key changes in your life. There is a need to experience the lightness of liberation so use this time to de-clutter and let some things go. Remain proactive as there are some incredible results that are achievable if you put the required effort in now. There may be a secret that you have been asked to keep or perhaps you are involved in a confidential project, you could find that you are asked to become more involved in this situation. There are solutions and opportunities arising that will enable you to move forward again. Make time to put into place any paperwork involving property and if any negotiations need to be had then there is no time like the present. Feelings and talents you thought would never see the light of day are rising up within you for expression as this is an extremely fertile and creative period for you. When it comes to love this week you could experience not only the depths but also the heights, if you feel you need to make a decision then analyse the pros and cons and run them by your heart. A new chapter is beginning and pulling together as a team will help you to achieve great things.


Your social status and success is set to soar and professional opportunities abound, this all becomes easier to achieve due to the removal of an obstacle or a problem that has found a solution. If another just wants to shake hands on a deal then get it in writing before they change their mind. Paperwork could appear to be in motion but could actually be setting you up for changes September 23rd - later on. October 22nd


October 23rd November 21st

You may not feel your usual self or certain situations could seem puzzling and unsettling. It is probably impossible to fathom why someone is behaving in a particular way or why an endeavour is not functioning as it should. Only if you are presented with facts should you make your move, let the dust settle in order for the full picture to be seen. Pay attention to your image perhaps treat yourself to some pampering.


Positive thinking is something that comes easily to you but right now this is not going to be enough, you need to also take positive action. By doing this you will realise what has served its purpose and is now superfluous to your needs and what is valuable. A business venture could be in the pipeline and a collaboration of ideas will prove useful in bringing it into fruition. This could November 22nd - have started a few months ago and only now do you feel able to follow through. st December 21


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Something that occurred in early July reaches a happy conclusion this week; this was to do with a partner and a possible conflict that occurred. Perhaps you were not ready to move forward three months ago or maybe you hoped a situation would change, but if nothing has shifted now it would be the time to make your move. More hot air is likely as it is being sorted out but then the dust settles. For a while now you have known that there are solutions and opportunities to change your daily workload. Perhaps you have been pulled into something that turned out to be so much bigger and more interesting than it seemed at the time; however, this has left you with little time to attend to daily chores. You can also see that this situation could get even bigger, therefore, the focus now is to fine tune your daily life so that everything runs smoothly, even if that means creating lists so you don’t forget things. This is the moment when you need to put your interests first, perhaps you are being dangled on a string or unable to get a matter resolved that is causing you frustration. Plan A isn’t working so it is time to put plan B into action which could mean getting a little tough. Relationships could bring more involvement with younger people which you will enjoy. Promise yourself you will read the fine print on any terms and conditions that you sign.

Kym’s Kitchen don’t have to be a chef!

A simple dish of prawns marinated in yogurt and chillies cooked in a fiery tomato-based curry sauce. Preparation time: 15 min, plus overnight marinating time. Cooking time: 25 min

Hot Punjabi king prawn curry Ingredients:

For the marinade

• 600g raw king prawns, peeled and de-veined • 6 tbsp yogurt • 2 hot green chillies, finely sliced For the curry

• 4 tbsp olive or sunflower oil • ½ tsp cumin seeds • 2 medium onions, finely chopped • 1 tbsp finely chopped garlic

(Serves 4)

• 1 tsp turmeric • 2-3 hot green chillies, finely sliced • 2 tsp garam masala • 2 medium tomatoes, roughly chopped • ½ tsp dried red chilli flakes • 4 tsp coriander leaves, finely chopped

Directions For the marinade: 1. Rinse and drain the prawns. Pat them dry and put into a non-reactive bowl. Add the yogurt, chillies and ½ teaspoon of salt. Mix well, cover and marinate overnight in the fridge. For the curry: 2. Pour the oil into a karhai, wok or heavy-based pan about 23cm in diameter and set it over a medium heat. 3. Spoon in the cumin seeds, swirl and brown for 10 seconds. Add the onions and sauté for about 10 minutes, or until brown all over. 4. Add the garlic, reduce the heat to low and stir and fry for 2 minutes. Mix in the turmeric and stir for 1 minute. 5. Add the green chillies, increase the heat to

medium and stir for 1 minute. Mix in 1½ teaspoons of the garam masala and stir for 1 minute. 6. Add ¼ teaspoon of salt, all of the tomatoes and chilli flakes. Cook for 2 minutes, then add 120ml boiling water. Combine to make a thick sauce. 7. Simmer for 3 minutes, then add another ¼ teaspoon of salt. Stir in the prawns and their marinade and cook over a medium heat until they are just opaque and cooked through. 8. Sprinkle the remaining garam masala over the top and stir. Fold in the chopped coriander and serve.


An exit is not an éxito.

SPANISH By Valerie Mitchell


August 23rd September 22nd

Magazine N 21

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

No doubt you have all been to the airport and seen the signs "llegadas"and "salidas". Llegadas is arrivals and Salidas is departures. But a salida is also an exit. Useful to know when you go to the cinema and so on. And even more important is ... salida de emergencia – emergency exit.

A road sin salida is a dead end If you have no choice in a matter you can say - No tenemos otra salida – literally we have no other way out.

Which brings us to the Spanish word "éxito". It is a false friend and means something completely different. An éxito is in fact a success. Tengo mucho éxito – I am very successful. Tiene éxito – He/she is successful.

Un hombre de éxito would be a successful man. Un éxito editorial is a best seller – although you will sometimes see the English "best seller" used. Un éxito in musical terms is a hit. and un éxito de taquilla is a box-office success.

Un éxito fulminante is a huge success and historia de un éxito is a success story.

Hope you are having mucho éxito with learning Spanish. Hasta la próxima Until next time. Valerie

Valerie runs the Centro Idiomas Language School in Coin.

Her books, “The First Twelve Shortcuts to Spanish” , “The Second Twelve Shortcuts to Spanish” , “The Third Twelve Shortcuts to Spanish” (€5 each) and “The Verb Book” (€7) are available from The News office in Coin, Woody’s Cards and Books in Los Boliches, David’s Books in Los Boliches or by email from Valerie's books can now be bought from her website – or call 952 450 747.

22 N Magazine

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

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Ask Calvin and Sue: Hair & Beauty Dear Sue,

I have noticed that I have small red veins on my legs. Is there anyway of removing them? Kerry, Benalmadena Dear Kerry,

Yes there are two ways of removing them. One involves cauterizing them with a tiny needle using a short wave diathermy current. More than one treatment may be necessary but is a quick and efficient way to remove them. If there is a blue tinge to the veins then sclerotherapy is recommended. This involves a course of injections and they gradually fade after each

session. The injection is a saline solution that flushes the blue colour away. This needs to be carried out by a doctor. Dear Sue,

My friend recently had some semi-permanent make-up. Could you explain to me how this is done and do you know where I can get it done safely and professionally? Samantha,Fuengirola Dear Sam,

Semi permanent make up is actually a pale tattoo. It is suitable to use for eyebrows, eye liner or lip liner. There are many colours to choose from.



951 508 549 - 626 502 803


The Wellington Centre

offers the following activities: Boxing, Boxercise, Kickboxing, Yoga, Martial Arts, Personal Training, Sports physio, Massage, courses for Personal Trainers. Saturday evenings Open for snooker, darts & table tennis. Booking essential

679 185 078


When you are drying your hair, turn your head upside down and dry from the roots, this will give more volume. Invest in some Velcro rollers, they are very easy to put in and a great way of giving your hair body and movement.

The majority of my clients go for a subtle look to enhance patchy or scant eyebrows as opposed to a full dramatic look. You need to look for someone qualified and have it done in hygenic surroundings.

Following E.U. Regulations this treatment is now called permanent make-up. However, if you have subtle procedures done be aware that you will need to have a refresher as after a while the sun will cause fading, but this to me is preferable to having them done and looking "extreme". Dear Calvin,

I constantly look in


magazines at models with full and sexy hair, but never seem to be able to achieve this look. My hair is very fine and has no body. Sally, Mijas Dear Sally,

Firstly start with treating yourself to some volumising products. "Paul Mitchell" has a volumising range from shampoo, conditioner, styling and hairspray, all designed to give maximum volume to fine limp hair and without weight. Also you could try "Paul Mitchell's" natural range such as lemon sage thickening shampoo and conditioner.


Your independent salon Now in its 20th year

Gift vouchers - Loyalty cards Always varied offers available Colour specialists and much more FREE CONSULTATIONS

Alternative hair service and design. Find out more for a more personal touch.

HAIR EXTENSIONS (Best techniques) WIGS - Pieces - Hair enhancements Also tailor made to client requirements Tel: 952

465 630 Mob: 637 188 073

Local 2 Pasaje San Rafael, Fuengirola

Dear Calvin,

My hair is very fine, and over this summer it has become very dry and brittle and no shine. How can I get it back to looking healthy again. Katie, Calahonda Dear Katie,

Fine hair is naturally weaker than thicker hair, so is more susceptible to dryness and brittleness. Sun damage, wind, drying our hair with heat and styling with straightners or curling tongs all contribute to this weakness.

Our hair shaft is similar to a ladder as it has a rung like structure. Each time we dry and style our hair or use a chemical process these rungs break leaving the hair looking dull and lifeless.

To restore life back to the hair we need to add protein for restructure. This will increase strength and shine. Please always use a styling product before drying the hair as it will protect your hair against further damage. If you have any questions for Calvin or Sue, you can contact them on email – Calvin,

Sue’s email address is If you don’t have time to email you can phone on 633 733 374 (Calvin) or 952 473 681 (Sue).

Tackling fears 'while you sleep'

US researchers have come up with a novel way to banish fears – while people sleep.

People were trained to associate two images, linked to smells, with fear. The researchers showed 15 healthy people pictures of two different faces, at the same time giving them a mild electric shock. They were also exposed to a specific smell, such as lemon, mint, new trainers, clove or wood. They were then taken into a sleep lab.

While they were in slow-wave sleep they were exposed to a smell linked to one of the faces they had been shown. Later, when they were awake, they were shown both faces – without the scents or shocks. They showed less fear when shown the face linked to the scent they had smelt while asleep than when shown the

other face. Their response was measured through the amount of sweat on the skin and fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) brain scans.

People were in slowwave sleep for between five and 40 minutes, and the effect was strongest for those who slept for longest. People with phobias are already commonly treated with "gradual exposure" therapy while they are awake, where they are exposed to the thing they are frightened of in incremental degrees. This study suggests that the theory could be extended to therapy while they are in slow-wave, or deep sleep. This is the deepest period of sleep, where memories, particularly those linked to emotions, are thought to be processed.


Magazine N 23

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

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Contemporary lifestyle and celebrity gossip

He could talk the hind legs off a donkey but will now be doing it to his family instead

Talk Radio Europe’s Steve Gilmour leaves … and it’s up to new Station Manager Bill Padley to try and fill his shoes for their listeners TRE today announced that Steve Gilmour, CEO of Talk Radio Europe, will be leaving the company to be with his family in his native Scotland in early October. “Steve has played a major role at TRE in the 5 years he has been with the radio, and is leaving behind TRE in better shape than ever. We are of course sad to see Steve go, grateful for his contributions and wish him all the best with his future plans”, says Martin Nathan, Chairman of Talk Radio Europe. Bill Padley takes on the new role of Station Manager. He says, “It is thanks to Steve that TRE has continued to survive in an economic

climate that is not great, particularly for the radio industry.” Bill is currently the presenter of TRE’s “Let’s Talk” programme which airs from 10am to 12pm weekdays (except Tuesday). He has vast radio experience, having worked in major British radio stations since 1975, including Radio Victory, Radio Clyde, and BBC London. He was also a founder of the UK's biggest independent radio production company. “I love this radio station. I have found it to be really professional with a really good team of people. I said “yes” to taking on the role of

Station Manager as I believe in TRE and believe there is a lot I can bring to the table.” says Bill. He does not foresee any massive changes in the near future. However, he will be concentrating on making the current programming even better than it is. Talk Radio Europe broadcasts on the Costa del Sol in Gibraltar/Sotogrande on 98.7fm, from San Roque to Calahonda on 91.9fm and Calahonda to Motril on 88.9fm or on or via smart phones using mobile apps.

Steve Gilmour and Bill Padley of Talk Radio Europe

Colourful couple stick it out ... yet again

Sharon Osbourne’s new book Unbreakable is being let loose on the general public on Thursday October 10th priced at €20. It should be described as a fly-on-the-wall of the famous lady’s life in recent years and doesn’t pull any punches.

She tells of the feud between herself and 41year-old Danii Minogue

which led to her leaving the X Factor saying that the antics between Danii and Simon Cowell, 53, made her and fellow judge Louis Walsh feel like “gooseberries”. She says that she tried to patch things up with Danii so at least they could have a professional relationship but Danii refused to even look at her and, when Sharon told Cowell to

choose between her and Danii, he refused and Sharon left the show. Like her or hate her, she certainly added something to the show that seems dull by comparison to when she was around. Despite the Osbourne’s affection for using colourful language she was, on the whole an encouraging and fair judge. It’s the show’s loss that Cowell couldn’t decide which one should go and, in my opinion, he lost the wrong one in the end.

Spilling the beans on her personal life, Sharon tells of the time she found out that Black Sabbath frontman husband Ozzy, then 64-years-old, had been drinking and using drugs again. Sharon says how she found texts from Ozzy begging dealers for

International Medium Crystal Clear Anne Tarot card readings, Personal, online, Skype and video calls, Palmistry, Spiritualist, Healing, Phone readings. Personal readings by appointment.

Need help? For guidance and support call Anne on 652 394 224 Available for ladies afternoons and group readings - please call or email for an appointment

drugs, found out from his journals he had been drinking again and found stashes of presecription medication in their house. Sharon writes: “There were texts going back months, asking people for drugs and saying ‘Don’t tell the old girl.’ It was all there. Everything I knew I’d find but desperately hoped I wouldn’t. My husband was abusing again.” Ozzy told her: “I think I need to be a bachelor.” She said he said it with no hint of remorse and in a cocky and arrogant manner, so she snapped!

She writes that she answered: “Whaaaat? A bachelor? Have you heard yourself? You’re a f****** pensioner. You need a bus pass, that’s what you

need.” Adding that it was she who wanted a divorce as she had simply had enough of his antics and couldn’t take it all anymore.

She writes: “I thought, 'I can't carry his s**t any more. It's what I have always done, and I'm tired.' I said, 'I want a divorce' ... He didn't look shocked. I was expecting him to be mortified but his reply was something like a sneer. ‘I am serious. I want half of everything, that my right. I also want £100,000 a month.’ I knew money was Ozzy’s Achilles heel, and the thought of losing it might have more impact than the thought of losing me.” “No f***ing way. Over my dead body,” he said. Thankfully, the pair

Calvin’s Hair Studio Centro Nordico, Local 9, Crtra. de Mijas, Km 4.5

For an English hairdresser with 30 years experience who listens to what you want, call Calvin for an appointment on

633 733 374

managed to work through their differences and Ozzy has since got clean again. Kym Wickham

Swedish designed

Ladies fashions Plaza Baltasar Gracián 1 Nueva Andalucía

Tel: 952 81 65 12 Fia Ensgård


24 N TV Listings

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013


This week’s films below add 1 hour for Spanish Viewing Times


Mon, Oct 7th 11:50pm


Drama (2006). A Liverpudlian travels to London and ends up starting a career in PR. Sleeping with his female boss gives his career a welcome boost – but things become complicated when he falls for her daughter. Meanwhile, his pub singer mother finds romance of her own. Comedy drama, starring Shaun Evans, Stockard Channing and Bob Hoskins.


Fri, Oct 4th 12:10pm

The Sheltering Sky

Drama (1990). An American couple in the late 1940s try to give their lacklustre marriage a boost by taking a long trip to North Africa, with an old friend in tow. However, the experience only leads to more heartbreak when a love triangle exposes all their desires and disappointments. Bernardo Bertolucci's period drama based on the novel by Paul Bowles, starring John Malkovich, Debra Winger, Campbell Scott and Timothy Spall.


Sat, Oct 5th 11:05pm

Mercury Rising

Detective/Thriller (1998). A top-secret government agency has developed a seemingly unbreakable code – only for an autistic boy to crack it in an instant. Assassins succeed in gunning down his parents, but a maverick FBI agent investigating their deaths finds the child hiding in a closet, and resolves to shield him from the hitmen on his trail. Thriller, starring Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin and Miko Hughes.


Sat, Oct 5th 9.00pm

Friends With Benefits

Comedy (2011). Premiere. An art director joins the staff of a magazine, and is soon sleeping with the recruiter who hired him. Both are determined to avoid a relationship and resolve to keep their feelings out of the arrangement – which proves harder than expected. Romantic comedy, starring Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, Patricia Clarkson and Woody Harrelson.


Sun, Oct 6th 7.20pm

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

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Sun, Oct 6th 9.00pm

WEDNESDAY October 2nd

The Ottomans: Europe's Muslim Emperors

Sun, Oct 6th 9.00pm

THURSDAY October 3rd

Journalist Rageh Omaar traces the 600year history of the Islamic empire that encompassed European, Arab and north African lands and came to an end in the 1920s, examining its economic ambitions, social organisation and treatment of non-Muslims. He begins by investigating the origins of the Ottomans, looking at the extraordinary speed at which nomadic horsemen from a corner of modern-day Turkey rose to become powerful rulers across three continents.


October 4th

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6:00am Daybreak 8:30am Lorraine 9:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30am This Morning 12:30pm Loose Women 1:30pm ITV News 1:55pm ITV News London 2:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal 3:00pm The Alan Titchmarsh Show 3:59pm ITV London Weather 4:00pm Tipping Point 5:00pm The Chase 6:00pm ITV News London 6:30pm ITV News

7:00pm Live Gymnastics: World Artistic Championships 9:00pm Orphan Black 9:45pm Staying In with Greg and Russell XL 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:25pm Family Guy 11:45pm Nick Helm's Heavy Entertainment

7:00pm Emmerdale 7:30pm Coronation Street 8:00pm Gino's Italian Escape 8:30pm Coronation Street 9:00pm Piers Morgan's Life Stories: Brian Blessed 10:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 10:30pm ITV News London 10:35pm Mickey Blue Eyes 12:30am Jackpot247 3:00am The Land That Time Forgot 4:30am ITV Nightscreen

12:15am American Dad! 12:40am American Dad! 1:00am Some Girls 1:30am Staying In with Greg and Russell XL 2:15am Bad Education 2:45am Unsafe Sex in the City 3:45am Pop's Greatest Dance Crazes


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The Pride of Britain Awards 2013

Tue, Oct 8th 8.00pm

SATURDAY October 5th

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WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013


Documentary following British wildlife through the seasons, beginning on New Year's Day, with the landscape in the grip of winter. Time-lapse photography shows a magical country shrouded in frost and swirling mist, while water becomes the enemy as the creatures must cope with ice. Red squirrels resort to subterfuge, kites track a farmer's plough to get at the worms beneath the frost, and as winter fades adders bask in the sun and the woodland floor erupts with snowdrops.

The Great British Year: Winter

Wed, Oct 2nd 9.00pm


October 6th

MONDAY October 7th

NOTE: Add 1 hour for Spanish viewing times.

TUESDAY October 8th

6:00am Breakfast 10:00am Saturday Kitchen Live 11:30am Paul Hollywood's Bread 12:00pm Football Focus 12:45pm Saturday Sportsday 1:00pm BBC News; Regional News and Weather 1:15pm Formula 1: Korean Grand Prix Qualifying Highlights 2:30pm Live Gymnastics: World Artistic Championships 4:30pm Final Score 5:10pm BBC News; Regional News and Weather 5:30pm Pointless

Celebrities 6:20pm Strictly Come Dancing 8:25pm Atlantis 9:10pm The National Lottery Live 9:25pm Casualty 10:15pm BBC News; Weather 10:30pm Match of the Day 11:55pm The Football League Show 1:10am Weatherview 1:15am BBC News

6:00am Breakfast 7:40am Match of the Day 9:00am The Andrew Marr Show 10:00am Sunday Morning Live 2013 11:00am Sunday Politics 12:15pm MOTD2 Extra 1:00pm BBC News 1:15pm Bargain Hunt 2:00pm Formula 1: Korean Grand Prix Highlights 4:00pm Points of View 4:15pm Songs of Praise 4:50pm The Great British Year 5:50pm BBC News; Regional News and Weather 6:20pm Countryfile

7:20pm Strictly Come Dancing: The Results 8:00pm Antiques Roadshow 9:00pm By Any Means 10:00pm BBC News; Regional News and Weather 10:25pm Match of the Day 2 11:45pm The Sky at Night 12:05am Weatherview 12:10am BBC News

6:00am Breakfast 9:15am Fake Britain 10:00am Homes Under the Hammer 11:00am Real Rescues 11:45am Claimed and Shamed 12:15pm Bargain Hunt 1:00pm BBC News; Weather 1:30pm Regional News and Weather 1:45pm Doctors 2:15pm Keeping Up Appearances 2:45pm Keeping Up Appearances 3:15pm Perfection 4:00pm Escape to the Country 4:30pm Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

5:15pm Pointless 6:00pm BBC News 6:30pm Regional News Programmes 7:00pm The One Show 7:30pm Inside Out 8:00pm EastEnders 8:30pm Malala: Shot for Going to School Panorama 9:00pm Motorway Cops 10:00pm BBC News 10:25pm Regional News and Weather 10:35pm Have I Got a Bit More News for You 11:20pm Citizen Khan 11:50pm MOVIE: Sparkle 1:30am Weatherview 1:35am BBC News

6:00am Breakfast 9:15am Fake Britain 10:00am Homes Under the Hammer 11:00am Real Rescues 11:45am Claimed and Shamed 12:15pm Bargain Hunt 1:00pm BBC News; Weather 1:30pm Regional News and Weather 1:45pm Doctors 2:15pm Keeping Up Appearances 2:45pm Keeping Up Appearances 3:15pm Perfection 4:00pm Escape to the Country 4:30pm Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

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6:50am Johnny Angel 8:05am San Demetrio, London 9:40am Reel History of Britain 10:10am The Life of Birds 11:00am Fred Dibnah's Industrial Age 11:30am University Challenge 12:00pm The A to Z of TV Cooking 12:45pm Rachel Allen: Bake! 1:10pm EastEnders 3:00pm The House That £100K Built 4:00pm The Wonder of Dogs 5:00pm Flog It! 6:00pm Robert Peston Goes Shopping 7:00pm Count Arthur

Strong 7:30pm Orangutans: The Great Ape Escape Natural World 8:30pm Dad's Army 9:00pm The 70s 10:00pm The Sarah Millican Slightly Longer Television Programme 10:40pm Mock the Week 11:10pm Precious 12:55am Heartbreaker 2:35am This Is BBC Two

7:05am Dance, Girl, Dance 8:30am Gardeners' World 9:00am The Beechgrove Garden 9:30am James Martin's Food Map of Britain 10:00am James Martin's Food Map of Britain 10:30am Live Athletics 1:30pm Live Gymnastics: World Artistic Championships 4:30pm Flog It! 5:00pm Rugby League: Super League Play-Offs 6:00pm Great British Railway Journeys 6:30pm The Great British Bake Off 7:30pm The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek

8:00pm The Crane Gang 9:00pm The Ottomans: Europe's Muslim Emperors 10:00pm The Wrong Mans 10:30pm QI XL 11:15pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks 11:45pm The Year of Living Dangerously 1:35am Countryfile 2:30am Holby City 3:30am This Is BBC Two

6:05am Homes Under the Hammer 7:05am Real Rescues 7:50am Claimed and Shamed 8:20am Wanted Down Under 9:05am Watchdog 10:05am The Incredible Spice Men 10:35am Click 11:00am BBC News 11:30am World News 12:00pm Daily Politics 1:00pm Classic Mastermind 1:30pm Weakest Link 2:15pm Great British Menu 2:45pm Floyd on Food 3:15pm Are You Being Served? 3:45pm 'Allo 'Allo!

4:20pm Cagney and Lacey 5:05pm Flog It! 6:00pm Eggheads 6:30pm Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two 7:00pm The Hairy Bikers' Bakeation 8:00pm University Challenge 8:30pm Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Food 9:00pm The Midwives 10:00pm Never Mind the Buzzcocks 10:30pm Newsnight 11:20pm The Ottomans 12:20am The Story of the Jews 1:20am This Is BBC Two 4:00am Schools - Science Britannica

7:05am Real Rescues 7:50am Claimed and Shamed 8:20am Wanted Down Under 9:05am Britain's Big Wildlife Revival 10:05am The Incredible Spice Men 10:35am HARDtalk 11:00am BBC News 11:30am World News 12:00pm Daily Politics 1:00pm Classic Mastermind 1:30pm Weakest Link 2:15pm Great British Menu 2:45pm Floyd on Food 3:15pm Are You Being Served? 3:45pm 'Allo 'Allo! 4:15pm Cagney and

Lacey 5:00pm Flog It! 6:00pm Eggheads 6:30pm Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two 7:00pm The Hairy Bikers' Bakeation 8:00pm The Great British Bake Off 9:00pm The Wrong Mans 9:30pm The Sarah Millican Programme 10:00pm Later Live with Jools Holland 10:30pm Newsnight 11:20pm The Crane Gang 12:20am The United States of Television: America in Primetime 1:20am This Is BBC Two 4:00am Schools

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6:30pm ITV News and Weather 7:00pm Emmerdale 8:00pm The Pride of Britain Awards 2013 10:00pm ITV News at Ten and Weather 10:30pm ITV News London 10:35pm Hearts in Atlantis 12:25am Jackpot247 3:00am Loose Women 3:45am ITV Nightscreen 5:05am The Jeremy Kyle Show

6:35am The American Football Show 7:30am American Football: Hard Knocks 8:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:00am Frasier 9:30am Sunday Brunch 12:30pm The Simpsons 1:00pm Channel 4 Racing 3:45pm Turner & Hooch 5:40pm My Big Fat Gypsy Christening 6:40pm Channel 4 News 7:00pm World's Weirdest Weather 8:00pm Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home 9:00pm Homeland 10:05pm Was It Something I Said? 10:40pm Gogglebox 11:30pm Alan Carr:

6:00am Daybreak 8:30am Lorraine 9:25am The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30am This Morning 12:30pm Loose Women 1:30pm ITV News 1:55pm ITV News London 2:00pm Dickinson's Real Deal 3:00pm The Alan Titchmarsh Show 3:59pm ITV London Weather 4:00pm Tipping Point 5:00pm The Chase 6:00pm ITV News London 6:30pm ITV News 7:00pm Emmerdale 7:30pm Coronation

11:45pm American Dad! 12:10am American Dad! 12:30am Some Girls 1:00am Sex, Stags & Prague: Stacey Dooley Investigates 2:00am Don't Tell the Bride 3:00am Sex, Stags & Prague: Stacey Dooley Investigates

7:00pm Top Gear 8:00pm Gavin & Stacey 8:30pm Gavin & Stacey 9:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 10:00pm Bad Education 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:25pm Family Guy 11:45pm American Dad! 12:10am American Dad!

12:30am Bad Education 1:00am Don't Tell the Bride 2:00am Some Girls 2:30am Staying In with Greg and Russell 3:00am Don't Tell the Bride

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Wonder Emporium 5:35pm ITV News London 5:45pm ITV News and Weather 6:00pm New You've Been Framed! 6:30pm Fool Britannia 7:00pm The Chase: Celebrity Special 8:00pm The X Factor 9:50pm Through the Keyhole 10:50pm ITV News and Weather 11:05pm MOVIE: Mercury Rising 1:05am Jackpot247 3:00am The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 3:40am ITV Nightscreen

7:00pm The Stephen Lawrence Unity Concert 8:00pm Top Gear 9:05pm Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest 11:25pm Family Guy 11:50pm Family Guy 12:10am American Dad! 12:35am American Dad! 12:55am Booze, Bar

Crawls and Bulgaria: Stacey Dooley Investigates 1:55am Bad Education 2:25am Some Girls 2:55am Staying In with Greg and Russell 3:25am Nick Helm's Heavy Entertainment

6:05am The Treacle People 6:15am British Rallycross 6:40am FIM Superbike World Championship 7:05am Great Scottish Swim 8:00am The Morning Line 9:00am The American Football Show 10:00am Frasier 10:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 11:00am The Big Bang Theory 11:30am The Big Bang Theory 12:00pm The Simpsons 12:30pm The Secret Millionaire USA 1:30pm Channel 4 Racing 4:10pm Come Dine with Me

4:40pm Come Dine with Me 5:10pm Come Dine with Me 5:40pm Come Dine with Me 6:10pm Come Dine with Me 6:40pm Channel 4 News 7:00pm Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 8:00pm Grand Designs 9:00pm MOVIE: Friends with Benefits 11:05pm Easy A 12:55am The Keep 2:40am Hollyoaks 4:55am Deal or No Deal

7:00am Canimals 7:25am Sooty 7:35am Horrid Henry 7:45am Horrid Henry 8:00am Almost Naked Animals 8:15am Bottom Knocker Street 8:30am Fish Hooks 8:45am Fish Hooks 9:00am Big Time Rush 9:25am Ade in Britain 10:20am Columbo: Last Salute to the Commodore 12:15pm ITV News 12:25pm Inside the National Trust 1:25pm The X Factor 3:15pm Fool Britannia

3:40pm Big Star's Little Star 4:45pm Downton Abbey 5:45pm ITV News London 5:55pm ITV News 6:10pm Surprise Surprise 7:10pm The X Factor 9:00pm Downton Abbey 10:05pm ITV News and Weather 10:20pm The Classic BRIT Awards 2013 11:50pm Premiership Rugby Union 12:45am The Store 2:45am Motorsport UK 3:35am ITV Nightscreen 5:05am The Jeremy Kyle Show

7:00pm Great Movie Mistakes III: Not in 3D 7:20pm MOVIE:Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 10:00pm Family Guy 10:25pm Family Guy 10:45pm Some Girls 11:15pm American Dad! 11:40pm American Dad! 12:00am Bad Education 12:30am Staying In with

Greg and Russell 1:00am Unsafe Sex in the City 2:00am Some Girls 2:30am Live at the Electric 3:00am Him & Her 3:30am Him & Her

6:10am The Hoobs 6:35am The Hoobs 7:00am According to Jim 7:30am Will & Grace 7:55am Frasier 8:25am Frasier 9:00am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:30am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00am Four Rooms 11:00am A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 12:00pm Channel 4 News 12:05pm River Cottage Veg 1:05pm Kirstie's Vintage Gems 1:10pm Only the Valiant 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Four in a Bed 5:30pm Come Dine

7:00pm Don't Tell the Bride 8:00pm Hotel of Mum and Dad 9:00pm Sex, Stags & Prague: Stacey Dooley Investigates 10:00pm Some Girls 10:30pm EastEnders 11:00pm Family Guy 11:25pm Family Guy

with Me 6:00pm The Simpsons 6:30pm Hollyoaks 7:00pm Channel 4 News 8:00pm Jamie's Money Saving Meals 8:30pm Gadget Man 9:00pm 999: What's Your Emergency? 10:00pm Sex Box 11:00pm Educating Yorkshire 12:00am First Time Farmers 1:00am Random Acts 1:05am Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 4:50am Nashville

6:35am The Hoobs 7:00am According to Jim 7:25am Will & Grace 7:55am Frasier 8:25am Frasier 8:55am Everybody Loves Raymond 9:25am Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00am Four Rooms 11:00am A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 12:00pm Channel 4 News Summary 12:05pm River Cottage Veg 1:05pm Bear Island 3:10pm Countdown 4:00pm Deal or No Deal 5:00pm Four in a Bed 5:30pm Come Dine with Me 6:00pm The Simpsons

6:30pm Hollyoaks 7:00pm Channel 4 News 7:55pm Sex Box 8:00pm Double Your House for Half the Money 9:00pm Masters of Sex 10:15pm London Irish 10:50pm 8 Out of 10 Cats 11:50pm The Simpsons 12:20am Random Acts 12:25am Poker 1:20am American Football: Hard Knocks 2:15am KOTV Boxing Weekly 2:40am Beach Volleyball 3:35am Great Scottish Swim 4:30am Deal or No Deal

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WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

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Fill in the grid using all the letters of the alphabet. Some letters have been given to help you get started.

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9. With no repeats, that means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box. Level:































Cryptic Quick


1-10 Poor 11-13 Average

1. Pharmacist (10) 2. Penny pinchers (6) 3. Ear-related (4) 4. Boring (8) 5. Speech disorder (4) 6. Descendant (5) 8. Feed (7) 12. Pigs (5) 14. In a dutifully compliant manner (10) 16. Low leather step-in shoes (7) 17. Categorization (8) 21. Give delight to (6) 22. Picture (5) 24. Brusque (4) 25. Askew (4)


1-16 Poor 17-22 Average





20. Bacon and Eggs 23. Laud 24. Umber 25. Etna 28. Goatherd 29. Skates 30. Thoughts 31. Patron 18. Echo 19. Larynx 20. Explicit 23. Percentage 26. Near 27. Scrim 28. Resolve


1. Rumpus 4. Ascribes 9. Ageing 10. True Love 12. Sang 13. Aries 14. Curt 17. Disinfectant 6. Sophist 7. Reign 9. Hint 10. Eucalyptus 11. Inverses 13. Ironic 15. Alga 17. Thing




23-28 Good 29-33 Excellent

The following are not allowed: - Words beginning with a capital letter - Words with a hyphen or apostrophe - Plural words ending in “s”

Please note that the Quick crossword may contain American spelling


14-16 Good 17-19 Excellent



19. W 20. F 21. P 22. J 23. Z 24. Q 25. B 26. M

6. An ancient Greek philosopher (7) 7. Rule (5) 9. Clue (4) 10. Mallee (10) 11. Reciprocals (8) 13. Incongruous (6) 15. Aquatic plant (4) 17. An object (5) 18. Reflected sound (4) 19. Voice box (6) 20. Overt (8) 23. Portion (10) 26. Close (4) 27. A firm open-weave fabric (5) 28. Clear up (7)


10. C 11. A 12. L 13. U 14. I 15. D 16. K 17. V 18. R


1. Sort of air possibly found in hop yards (8) 2. Humility shown by Ken seems out of place (8) 3. Is paid we hear pots (4) 5. He looks for a way to sell his wares (6,6) 6. Nasty look is enough to make you stagger back (4) 7. Footwear by which the Irish may be identified (6) 8. Bedclothes used as ropes (6) 11. Require time for change in the ratings (5,2,5) 15. Prepared to run whenever required (2,3) 16. Coming from Denis such remarks aren't nice (5) 18. He causes trouble in a washing machine perhaps (8) 19. Two fools in murderous combination (8) 21. Minor offence (6) 22. Flexitime for the violinist or tuba player (6) 26. His victims got it in the neck (4) 27. A bird others turn to? (4)

1. N 2. E 3. G 4. Y 5. X 6. O 7. S 8. T 9. H

1. Knock back drink after drink; result uproar (6) 4. Assigns to a berth in stormy seas (8) 9. An egg I scrambled; obviously not new-laid (6) 10. Righto sweetheart (4,4) 12. Raised one's voice in righteous anger (4) 13. Raise new breed of ram (5) 14. Short cut that's about right (4) 17. Faint scent I'd somehow found in hospital? (12) 20. Companions at the breakfast table (5,3,4) 23. A double round to celebrate (4) 24. A number decapitated may be burnt (5) 25. A fiery mount (4) 28. He looks after the nannies as well as the kids (8) 29. Fish put on ice (6) 30. Still a back street whatever people have in mind (8) 31. Two men; one customer (6)

See how many words of four or more letters you can make from the given nine letters. In making a word each letter may be used only once. The key letter must be used in each word.


The 9-letter word TREASURED



The 9-letter word RELUCTANT




1. Apothecary 2. Misers 3. Otic 4. Drilling 5. Lisp 6. Scion 8. Nourish 12. Swine

1. Rhapsody 2. Meekness 3. Ums 5. Street Trader 6. Reel 7. Brogue 8. Sheets 11. Order of Merit

14. Obediently 16. Loafers 17. Taxonomy 21. Please 22. Image 24. Curt 25. Awry 15. On Tap 16. Snide 18. Agitator 19. Assassin 21. Slight 22. Rubato 26. Thug 27. Skua

the N ews Zpvs!pvumppl!po!uif!Xpsme

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Opinion Torremolinos

Jenny Sanderson I was very pleased to read the letter from Charlie Elwood in last week’s copy of The News about the way people drive in Spain but was wondering why he thought it was the Spanish and not the general population living here on the Costa that seem to forget every rule of the road there is? Having recently arrived from the UK it has indeed struck me the way drivers here either use no signal at all, use the wrong one, or put on one signal, change momentarily to the other and swerve straight in front of you. However, the person in question, a woman (and, yes, I am a woman driver myself), turned almost at a ninety degree angle in front of me with no warning whatsoever, stuck her car with the front bumper head onto the curb – no it wasn’t one of those angled parking bays – got out and

proceeded to have a lengthy chat with her friend while the rest of us were stuck behind her protruding vehicle! Was she Spanish? No, she was in fact I believe a very loud Essex girl who when asked politely if she could move the offending vehicle said we could all “F” off because she was “talking to me mate!”. Charming! The thing that does seem to be typical of the Spanish is the walking in the road malarky. I have often driven around a corner only to find a couple of the older generation wandering along the middle of the carriageway as if they had all day to get where they were going. This usually happens in the country villages and towns and I can only assume that they must be deaf as they appear oblivious to the sound of your car approaching, the revving

Harold White Many thanks for the recipe for Homity Pie in last week’s Kym’s kitchen. I hadn’t eaten this for years and it brought back some

of your engine as you come up behind them and even a polite bipping of the horn. I think they must think that, as donkeys don’t make that kind of noise, they can’t be in any danger of getting trodden on, let alone run over! Last but not least, can somebody please tell me why they all seem to have a death wish? The number of times I have been approaching very near to a zebra crossing when they will either a) walk straight out onto the crossing in front of you or, even worse, push their child’s pram/buggy out first. It is with good maintenance and money being spent on it that my car can practically stand on it’s bonnet trying to stop but, one of these days, I swear I shall have a heart attack when they do it and will be dead before I can hit the brakes!


lovely memories.


Editor says: The recipes we choose can be anything

Benjamin James I am insensed by the treatment of someone on the Calahonda strip trying to run a bar / restaurant. They took over the place, which was empty and

& Stargazing

Opinion & Comment N 27

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

from around the world for everyone to try right back down to old fashioned but tasty favourites. Glad you liked it!


owned by a Chinese landlord. Since then they have had their electricity cut off, the landlord hadn’t paid the bills. They’ve had their water cut off, because the landlord hadn’t paid the bills. The landlord also stopped paying the bills for the terrace area last August so they can’t use what amounts to half their serving area.

He is refusing to pay the back bills saying that the new owners have to pay them but, why should they pay someone else’s bills? It’s stressful enough these days trying to start a new business without all these added worries. Editor says: Disgusting! See a lawyer and don’t pay any rent until everything’s sorted!

Marion Smith Alhaurin What a terrible waste of life in Kenya last week with 18 foreigners at least among the dead plus more injured. I don’t know whether they were working there or if they were on holiday but I think it is just so sad. Also, I don’t know why it took so long to bring the situation under control. The poor people trapped inside the shopping centre must have been terrified

and I saw on the news on TV that some of the gunmen were hiding in the false ceiling above the butchery counter in the supermarket just picking people off as they cowered behind the counter. I would have thought that if a few had stood up to them, they could have overpowered the gunmen but I suppose nobody wants to put themselves in the line of fire.

Comment By Ken Campbell

Let’s look at Uranus


This week the planet Uranus comes its closest to the Earth at a mere 2.7 Billion miles.

ranus (pronounced ur-anus and NOT your anus) is the seventh planet from the Sun, only Neptune is further away. In ancient times it was known that there were six planets in the Solar System – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. All these planets could be seen with the naked eye. But Uranus is so far away that even at maximum brightness – as it is this week – it only just about comes within naked eye range. Therefore Uranus was the first planet to be discovered. t is recorded that Uranus had been spotted several times by astronomers before it was recognised and accepted as a new planet. Because it moves so slowly against the background stars it was always dismissed as being just another faint slightly blue star. Its ultimate discovery in 1783 is credited to Sir William Herschel who was given the honour of naming the new planet. At first he considered calling it George’s Star after King George III. This, not surprisingly, was not very popular with several countries especially France and America as we were at war with them at the time! o in keeping with the tradition of naming the planets after Greek or Roman Gods it was agreed to name the new planet Uranus who in Greek mythology was the father of Saturn – the name has become the butt of juvenile gags ever since. ranus is the third largest planet after Jupiter and Saturn and like these planets it too is a gas giant with possibly a small rocky core surrounded by layers of frozen hydrogen, helium and methane. It is so far from the Sun that it receives virtually no warmth and so the temperature at these extremes is cold enough to turn gases into solid mass. It has a very turbulent atmosphere with wind speeds of over 500 mph causing unexplained dark spots to appear in the upper clouds. Thunderstorms can rage for months on end and lightning bolts being described as 4th July fireworks have been observed. resently it is thought that Uranus has at least 27 Moons all named after characters from Shakespeare and Alexander Pope, the five largest being called Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania and Oberon. As well as the family of moons Uranus also has a fragile ring system, not as so pronounced as Saturn’s rings and only discovered in 1977.





ut without doubt the most striking feature about Uranus is that it is tilted over onto its side. The Earth has a slight tilt of about 23° while Uranus is more than 97° so it rolls around its orbit more or less along its equator. It takes 84 years to complete one orbit so for about 21 years its North Pole is facing the Sun. Then during its ‘equinox’ period the equator is facing toward the Sun before it switches to about 21 years of the South Pole being in permanent sunlight. The trouble is, because it is tilted by more than 97° astronomers can’t agree which is the North and which the South Pole. he tilt also affects the orbit of the moons and the rings that, rather than orbiting parallel to the plane of its orbit, circle the planet from top to bottom. At certain times during its path around the Sun then, as seen from Earth, Uranus can look like a dartboard with the planet in the centre and the rings circling around it. ecause of its vast distance from Earth, virtually everything we know about Uranus comes from the Voyager 2 space probe that flew past it in 1986 on its way to Neptune and then out of the Solar System. Voyager studied the rings, moons and atmosphere of Uranus from less than 50,000 miles away. Even through the largest telescopes not a great deal can be seen from Earth. hrough my telescope Uranus looks like nothing more than a tiny pale blue disc, but it can be spotted using binoculars if you know exactly where to look. As it moves so slowly against the background stars for the next half dozen years it will be moving through the constellation of Pisces. Try and spot it and pat yourself on the back for finding the first planet ever to be discovered.




appy Stargazing.

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BLINDS, awnings, mosquito screen, curtains, vast choice. All areas covered! Coast and inland. (248)pwp 655825931 ---------------------------------------------ROLLER shutter repairs, 7 days a week. Conversion from manual to motorized, new installations. All areas covered! Coast and inland. (248)pwp 655825931


LEASEHOLD, a restaurant with a good location on the Costa del Sol and with a high turnover. The restaurant is in operation and all equipment is of the highest quality. No renovations or additions needed. Contact Anja on (242)ae


CONCRETE Building Services. Concrete structures. Concrete walls. Concrete pools. Call Olof (264)tnp 607400406


CUSTOM Made furniture and specialist carpentry services. Portfolio available. Stuart 635878116 or email (246)ssp


UNWANTED cars, vans. Wanted dead or alive. Removed free (250)cntp 616835799



good, bad, or ugly, any plate, no papers no problems, all papers legally transferred

951 047 311 696 321 138

RETURNING home? We buy any car, any plate, even non-runners. All papers legally transferred (253)tnp 951047311 / 696321138 ---------------------------------------------WE BUY accident damaged cars and mechanical failures. (0)ascf 609709466 ---------------------------------------------MERCEDES E220 CDi 2002 full / panoramic sunroof, black, nav, Spanish plates, €14,950. Call (0)uvef 609709466 ---------------------------------------------THE BRITISH Mechanic, repairs and service to all makes and models. Cars, vans, 4X4. No gimmicks just friendly honest reliable service. (0)ghp 605407369


UK OR Spanish any price cash l





Mobile vehicle airconditioning, gas recharge, etc

602 533 508


PROFESSIONAL garden and pool maintenance. Fuengirola to Marbella. All aspects of gardening carried out by experienced workers. Call Andrew (293)ssp 600259981


(10mm) (40mm)


● All Categories ● Valid Worldwide ● Fast Delivery

610 868 748

BMW 735i Year 1999. Full M Spec. Beautiful car. €6,950 Call (0)uve 609709466 ---------------------------------------------RED PORSCHE 911, 4s, Carrera, 1990 convertible. If you want to be seen then this is it! Perfect all round. Classic car in 2015! The ride of your life! 609461591. Serious calls only no boy racers, it ain’t (tnf cheap! ---------------------------------------------BENTLEY year 2000, immaculate, full spec, Spanish plates. €48,000 Call (0)uvef 609709466 ---------------------------------------------OPEL Zafira, 2009, 1.9TD, automatic, aircon, tax, ITV 2014, 115,000kms. €7.500 952834902 / (246)ssp 606887632 ---------------------------------------------CARS, Vans, UK or Spanish, bought for cash, same day collection. (0)gh 678808837


CAR KEYS lost or need spare? Keys cut and paired with car. Car opening, car keys specialist. Call Ray (268)gh 679831166


iPOLISH for a deep professional shine you will be proud of that adds value to any car, van, boat or motocycle. Mercedes trained, 20 years experience. Private or forecourt no need to repaint when you can polish. or (249)p 645237258


CHILDREN’S Spanish Courses. Contact Valerie Mitchell of Centro de Idiomas, Coin. 952450747 ---------------------------------------------SEMI INTENSIVE SPANISH courses for adults. Contact Valerie Mitchell of Centro de Idiomas, Coin. 952450747,



€7,00 + IVA €25,00 + IVA

Place an Ad by phone:

952 45 44 91 S.O.S.


LOCKSMITH Emergency / Appointment. Doors opened without damage, locks changed, patio doors and windows secured. 24 hour honest, fast and reliable service. Call Paul 657466803 (268)tnp


EMBARGOS  or finance no problem. (0)ghf 678808837 ---------------------------------------------PORSCHE Carrera S. Perfect, year 2007. €55,000 Call 609709466 ---------------------------------------------BORN to be wild! Rocker Charley D, Perfect, chrome nearly everywhere, 4,000km from new. A super ride with conversion to rear seat with backrest. Be quick! 609461591. Not cheap but good (tnf) things aren’t!!


Price per module

Price per word

Normal lineage Bold lineage

Animal refuge

Having a clearout ? Please donate all your unwanted items to S.O.S We will collect

605 227 155

Also if you need any items give us a call


20 NEW chairs, 10 with tablets €7 (246)atp each. 654866393

Chimney Sweep

WANTED beds, kitchen utensils, chairs, under counter fridge. (246)atp 654866393 ---------------------------------------------WANTED. Good quality vintage and used clothing, for new dress agency in Alhaurin. Telephone (244)tnp Chris. 661903526 ---------------------------------------------WANTED exercise bike. (246)atp 952454540


Chimneys and flues, cleaned and checked. No chemicals, proper sweep, no mess, no fuss.

672 137 547



UPHOLSTERY and steam cleaning, sofas, carpets etc. J A Cleaning 247tnp Services 626357955 ---------------------------------------------WINDOW CLEANERS Husband and (0)tnf wife team. 691140427 ---------------------------------------------CARPET and upholstery cleaning, 20 years experience, latest equipment, honest reasonable service wet or dry, 12 years on the coast. Please call 952669701 / (0)ghf 678808837


COMPUTER Helpline. PCs upgraded, repaired, software installation including antivirus, email, internet access. Laptop repairs and refurbished units supplied. No call-out charges and no fix - no fee. (245)tn 952564274, 677702501 ---------------------------------------------THE NEWS can help you with all your advertising needs, it may cost a lot less than you think. 952454491 or email us for a quote at


JEFF BARRETT The Inland electrician, based in Alhaurin since 2003, servicing the Guadalhorce villages. Spanish qualified. Visit call (297)ssp 659862691




Specialist Center -

ur e o on Se ert 2 v ad page

Implants + Crown ALL INCLUSIVE

MARK DENTAL CLINIC restorative & cosmetic dentistry



952 917 164

CHAINLINK Fencing erectors, general builders. 655218466 (250)ssp MARBLE polishing, crystallizing, lasting, high shine. Regrinding, restoration of salty, dead floors. (251)pwp Cyril 645840199 ---------------------------------------------€2.50 PER Square metre, why pay more? We clean crystalise, seal and finely polish marble to high gloss nonslip - all for €2.50 p/m2! Also restore marble, clean terracotta. 20 years experience. All costa. (254)tnp 671244683

LOW COST insurance now available. These quality products have been designed by reputable Insurance Companies, to help you beat the recession. For a very competitive quotation for Motor – Motor Cycles/Scooters – Home – Travel – Health – Business – Legal Liability, etc. , please contact PRESTIGE INSURANCE CONSULTANTS Tel/Fax: 952453873 Mob: 667982418 (248)tn

FRENCH polishing, repairs, restoration. Restore your valuable furniture to its former glory. (320)ssp 647579519 / 952119190

HOT TUB specialist repairers and removers. Also new and used tubs bought / sold. Free advice given. Ring Barry 691973131 / (267)ssp 952793398





l l

Service ITV


Brakes & Clutch Recovery Service

No gimmicks just a reliable professional service l

605 407 369

Pol. Los Perales Nave 88 (close to Butano) Mijas Costa PETS & ANIMALS

Alhaurin el Grande - Los Boliches - Torremolinos Tel:952 596 991 - Tel:952 479 431 - Tel:951 088 961

GILLIAN your friendly mobile hairdresser for the elderly. Specialist in perms, sets, colours. Good rates. (252)tnp 635261483




Sundays 10.00am - 2.00pm

Only limited space available

647 647 637 OPEN 52 WEEKS OF THE YEAR

BAR / Restaurant furniture for sale. Tables, chairs, etc. All good quality. (246)gh 632263278 Ground floor La Trocha C.C. Coin

Key cutting, photocopying, fax, printing, business cards, greeting cards etc., all in one place!

Tel: 951 315 240 ALUMINIUM Ramp, folding length 6ft. €70 ono. 952834902 / (246)gh 606887632 ---------------------------------------------BINGO books and raffle tickets. Woody’s Los Boliches Tel (tn-pw 952471877

METS DOG training club. Fuengirola Glyn 605121831, Jeff (254)pwp 692832250 ---------------------------------------------YOUNG domesticated cats rescued from the killing station need kind homes. Fully vaccinated, and neutered, free of charge. We will also deliver to England for a donation to the charity. Please give one of these beautiful cats a home so we can save more from death. Can be seen without obligation at Cat and Dog (0g World Kennels 630197435 ---------------------------------------------PET Transport by road. Cat and Dog World 952112978, (249)p 630197435

Mascota La Trocha & Scooby Doo Do’s Pet accessories & supplies Dog grooming Veterinary consultant

634 395 445 La Trocha Shopping Centre, Coin

LUXURY professional kennels, Cat and Dog World. Fully licensed. Cheap collection service. Viewing welcome. (249) 952112978 / 630197435 ---------------------------------------------LAGUNA Kennels and cosy cattery. Five star facilities, fully tiled quarters with airconditioning. Your pets lovingly cared for by English mother and daughter. Near Coin. 952112021 / 606838983 (249)tnp

the News

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WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013



SCOTT Forbes - The Plumber. All work guaranteed. 20 years British (f gas experience 652665410


LONG TERM RENTALS. Super prices, no commissions. Apartments, townhouses, villas, ďŹ ncas, shops, oďŹƒces, warehouses, bars, restaurants. Coast and inland. (240)tnp 679111522


LonG LETs Prices are per month

Studio Playamar sea front, modern, pool, inc. electricity 400â‚Ź Studios in Minerva and Jupiter communal pool 300â‚Ź 1 bed Los Patos comm.. pool 450â‚Ź 1 bed in Hercules, sea view, nice 450â‚Ź 1 bed Los Porches 400â‚Ź 2 bed Fortunamar sea view, 3rd floor 500â‚Ź 2 bed 2 bath Reserva del Parque, satTV, communal. pool, parking 600â‚Ź 2 bed Torrion de Golf, sea views 550â‚Ź 3 bed 2 bath, parking Los Nadales550â‚Ź 3 bed apt 1 bath San Cristobal no pool or parking, Sat dish 450â‚Ź 3 bed 1 bath apt top floor, Mirador in Arroyo, pool, parking, views 550â‚Ź Urgently need town houses 2/3 bed for long lets I have clients waiting


LONG LET. Benalmådena Costa. Minerva Complex. Stunning fully renovated studio with sea views. (246)tn ₏330PCM. Elie: 634820748 ---------------------------------------------LONG LET Benalmådena Costa. Flamingo Sq (in front of The Siroco Hotel). Renovated 3 bed apt.,large kitchen,terrace,communal parking. Near the beach. ₏490PCM. Elie (246)tnp 634820748 ---------------------------------------------LONG LET properties Benalmådena area: We are running out of stock of properties for long term rental. Please contact us if you wish us to oer your property. Elie (246)tn 634820748 ---------------------------------------------LONG LET Arroyo de la Miel.Very large 3 bed/2 bath. Great location, next to all amenities. ₏550PCM. (246)tnp Elie: 634820748 ---------------------------------------------LONG LET Benalmådena Costa. Bonanza Sq. /Gamonal area. Stunning 2 bed apt., sunny, nice furniture, 2 terraces, private parking space. Great community and location. ₏600PCM. Elie (246)tnp 634820748


BENALMåDENA Costa. Excellent location. Modern 2 bed groundoor with very large terrace. Sold with private underground storeroom & parking space. Communal pool. In front of Bonanza. ₏129.000. (246)tnp 636829631 ---------------------------------------------BENALMåDENA Minerva Complex. Studio with morning sun, good views, at ₏48.000. (246)tnp 636829631

Avenida Gamonal, Local 9, Edificio Jupiter, 29631 Arroyo de la Miel, Malaga Tel: (0034) 952 57 40 51 (0034) 952 57 77 51 Fax: (0034) 952 44 26 51

Avda. Ricardo Soriano 4-5ÂşF Marbella

Total discretion Confidentiality assured All kinds of investigation

Transport - Removals

Transporte - Mundanzas

We are a friendly team who enjoy our work, so if you are serious about your transport or removal needs, then please give us a call and speak to someone who has the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to help you make the right choices. We look forward to hearing from you soon! LOCAL & EUROPEAN REMOVALS


Tel: 952 816 582

VAN LEAVING for Cheshire monthly. Part loads required. (246)pwp 697671661


MOSQUITO Screens. Call Mosquito Nick 647072861 (251)s

Removals & Storage

Local & International moves ALL GOODS fULL y INSURED

Please Call for a friendly No Obligation quote

952 452 099 / 952 455 623 / 647 818 147 - email:

REFRIGERATION, air conditioning, same day repair. Specialist. Fridges, (252)tnp displays, etc. 627769969

SCOTT FORBES Property Care The name you can trust!

661 114 070

Call today to chat about how Sco can help you




Beautiful renovated apt., bright & spacious. First & top floor, private & quiet but 1 step to the beach, bars, restaurants.



Due to our current success, we need your property for sale or rent

Tel: 952 56 39 39 / 636 82 96 31

Place an Ad

(LIC. 1.172)

952 829 875 - 618 956 460

Established in the local business community for 10 years ‘Pop in’ checks on your property to ensure peace of mind in your absence.


Low floor studio. New floors, new terrace door, new kitchen & bathroom. Ready to move in. Well equipped.


FABULOUS VIEWS CAN BE ENJOYED FROM THIS ELEVATED VILLA of 104m2 With two bedrooms and two en-suite bathrooms this is a light and airy villa with a modern kitchen. The lounge opens out onto a patio to enjoy meals and drinks while taking in the views. Close to town. Priced for quick sale at â‚Ź165,000 Call now for an appointment to view

Nif: X-5640385-A






â‚Ź47.000 PRICED f OR A vERy q UICk SALE (EPC-CAT.G)


S K Estates

LONG LET properties Calahonda area: We are running out of stock of properties for long term rental. Please contact us if you wish us to oer your property.Steve: (246)tnp 636829631 ---------------------------------------------BENALMåDENA Costa. Minerva Complex. Beautiful renovated studio with panoramic views over the gardens and afternoon sun. (242)tnp ₏56.000 636829631 ---------------------------------------------BENALMåDENA Costa. Luxury corner apartment with wrap round terrace straight over pool & garden. All day sun. ₏119.000 (242)tnp 636829631


BENALMĂĄDENA Costa. In the well known Jupiter Complex. Beautiful renovated studio with views straight over the pools.Some views to Paloma Park & the sea. â‚Ź62.000 (246)tnp 636829631 ---------------------------------------------BENALMĂĄDENA Costa. Jupiter Complex. Beautiful fully renovated 1 Bed apt. Great large complex with 24h recept.,pools with slides, bar/restaurant, hair dresser. (246)tnp â‚Ź75.000 636829631


HOUSE clearances, light removals, also rubbish of any type removed. (247)cntp We load. 632604689 ---------------------------------------------LARGE Luton van and man.â‚Ź20 per hour. Packing crates supplied. Kevin (247)pwp 628993995 ---------------------------------------------EUROPE Term storage available from â‚Ź5 PM. Local and international removals. 952452099 / 952455623 (244)ghp / 647818147 ---------------------------------------------SAFE secure storage, transport available all areas. (246)tnf 632263278 ---------------------------------------------15 CUBIC metre van. Returning to the UK 9th October. Space available. (271)ghp 639928090

Discover leaks, electricity problems and breakages to prevent disasters before they strike! A great deterrent against break-ins.

Sco and his dedicated team of trustworthy people are at your disposal. Calls from only â‚Ź10


652 665 410

MOBILE welder / handyman. Repairs / installation / fabrication. No job too small. 654851171 (268)ssp ---------------------------------------------FOR ALL your advertising needs, call The News. Call today! 952454491

D.L.S. Fabrications - Welding Engineers • Security fencing for swimming pools, car parks and urbanisations. • Automatic gates, sliding or swing.

• Security doors and window grilles -

• double or single, all types of steelwork • Stair rails, staircases, Scissor gates. 952 590 651 - 649 696 453

COIN WINDOWS We make aluminium windows, doors and mosquito screens, also supply and ďŹ t sun canopies, blinds, shower screens, etc. Spanish owned business. Call Lisa Marie (249)tnp 646066351


Grilles, scissor gates, railings & metal ballustrading, doors, rejas Manufacture & Weather protection for all your metalwork

649 379 981 / 678 968 275

METRO  Print Los Boliches. Posters, yers, businesscards, menus. Tel: (247)pwp 951254572

BOARDS, MOLDING AND KITCHEN Bedrooms, Kitchens, MATERIAL. MADE TO MEASURE Bathrooms. FURNITURE AND DOORS. Avda. de Andalucia 49, Reform All Trades Alhaurin el Grande Tel / fax: 952 595 288 mobile: 677 910 021


ALL STYLE, curtains, upholstery, soft funishings and bean bags made to measure. Sensible prices. Also repairs / alterations. All areas. Call 678910117 or email (252)tn


HAIR Stylist required for busy salon in Bonanza Square, Arroyo. Call Paul (245)ghp 951246561 ---------------------------------------------(274)ae WWW.MEGAFON.NET


NEED a lawyer? Contact Marbella Solicitor Group. There’s an oďŹƒce near you. Free no obligation consultations. Tel: (0)at 952901225

Got a problem?

The news Helpdesk For an appointment call the oďŹƒce on 952 454 491 or Abigail Tyler on 654 854 896 SWIMMING POOLS

AQUATILE Replace your pool tiles without draining your pool. Or have the hull of you boat cleaned.

Tel 697529677 TV, DVD & VIDEO



Installation within 24 hours 1.3m dish WE COVER ALL AREAS 275â‚Ź From the coast to the campo




Blinds you can see through! Ideal for large glazed areas reflecting heat / glare and to stop furniture fading, but still keep that important view! Decorative heat reflective material that reflects summer heat, but saves winter heat. Roller and vertical systems.




Reece Electronics Audio Video Solutions FOR YOUR HOME OR CAR Sky • Sky+ • HD • TDT Sim cards, calling cards & packages Satellite systems for all nationalities LNBs, viewing cards, cables & connectors Electronic repairs • digiboxes, plasma, LCD Dish alignments, TV/Video tuning & connect-ups Community satellite & TDT installation specialists Various digiboxes for sale • new & second hand

w w w. re e ce e l e c t ro n i cs.t v


THREE YOUNG willing workers. Gardening, strimming, own professional strimmer. Labouring. Own transport. English and Spanish (tn)p speaking. 662441518

Call our classifieds help-line on 952 45 44 41 / 952 45 44 91

i n fo @ re e ce e l e c t ro n i cs.t v

Contact 607 383 578

Send us an email to

30 N Motors & Sports Page

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

Read your favourite news, plus a whole lot more in

Marquez wins Aragon MotoGP Pawlowski rescues point as Pedrosa high-sides out for Málaga Marc Marquez tightened his grip on the MotoGP world title as the championship rookie battled to his sixth win of the season at Aragon.

The Repsol Honda rider wrapped up victory on home territory over Yamaha's Jorge Lorenzo, extending his advantage to 39 points over the reigning world champion. Record-breaking rookie Marquez is now on course to become the first ever premier class newcomer to clinch the championship since American legend Kenny Roberts achieved the feat in 1978.

Lorenzo once again was startlingly fast off the line, grabbing the lead into the first corner from his second place on the grid. The Factory Yamaha rider displayed a blistering turn of pace to immediately make a break in the first few corners, opening a gap of 0.8 seconds by the end of the opening lap over Marquez, who moved into second place after a pass on Pedrosa.

Rossi was lying in fourth position ahead of LCR Honda's Stefan Bradl and Cal Crutchlow on the Yamaha Tech 3 M1. Lorenzo continued to set the pace but his lead was being gradually reduced by Marquez and Pedrosa, and these three pulled further away from the Rossi group. Pedrosa slipped past Marquez on the brakes at Turn 7 on the fourth lap and set his sights on hauling in the race leader. It wasn't to be though as on lap 6, Pedrosa saw his championship hopes evaporate as he was highsided off his RC213V at Turn 12.

The accident came as a result of sensor damage after the lightest of contact from team-mate Marquez, Repsol Honda team principal Livio Suppo, later revealed that Marquez had nudged Pedrosa's rear-wheel as he ran in hot on the brakes. The contact broke the rear wheel sensor, disabling the traction

control on Pedrosa's Honda and he was flung from the machine as he opened the throttle on the exit. Marquez ran wide but returned safely to the track, with Lorenzo gaining an advantage of two seconds as a result of the incident.

Valladolid 2 - 2 Málaga After a great 2-0 home win in midweek against Almeria with goals from Tissone and Portillo, Málaga had their first Friday night game of the season at Valladolid.

Unfazed, Marquez began to relentlessly hunt down the Yamaha star and was reducing the deficit by around a tenth of a second per lap, eventually closing to the rear of the works M1 on the 13th lap.

Lorenzo appeared to allow Marquez to move into the lead on lap 13, apparently content to change tactics. However, the young Spaniard soon began to edge away, pushing ahead by half a second over the next few

Lorenzo is oblivious to the drama behind as Pedrosa goes flying

laps, but Lorenzo somewhat surprisingly began to battle back.

He had slashed Marquez's lead by lap 18 and a grandstand finish appeared to be on the cards, but Lorenzo was unable to get close enough to attempt a pass and the championship leader found more as the race reached a climax, digging deep with one final attack to break Lorenzo's challenge. He put the hammer down on the final

Autosalon Coin

Simply repairs & servicing to all makes and models at unbeatable prices


609 709 466

ENGLISH MECHANICS WORKSHOP & MOBILE Prompt Reliable Service City & Guilds Qualified


Optimise your car to save you money




952 917 353 687 727 460 - 687 727 516

at the end of the Coin road Mijas Costa

laps and in the end won convincingly by 1.356s.

Following Pedrosa's misfortune, Valentino Rossi returned to the podium with a tenacious ride to third, the Italian emerging on top of a multi-rider battle with Alvaro Bautista, Stefan Bradl and Cal Crutchlow. Crutchlow eventually had to settle for sixth ahead of Smith, with Dovizioso a lonely eighth and Nicky Hayden ninth.

The home side had the better of the opening moments, Osorio wasted a good chance shooting wide when he should have done better, and then Guerra missed a half chance. On 23 minutes Málaga were in front against the run of play, a Tissone pass found Santa Cruz who curled the ball into the top left corner. Antunes and Portillo then went close for Málaga from long range.

After the interval Valladolid took advantage of some terribe Málaga marking to go level. An Ebert corner on 56 minutes found Guerra free in the box to head home. The

game was turned on its head with an identical corner on 64 minutes being headed home by Osorio who was again unmarked. Málaga weathered the storm and came more into the game, and on 76 minutes they were level. A Camacho cross fell to Pawlowski who controlled over his head and then volleyed home to score his first league goal for Málaga. From then on Málaga were the better team, El Hamdaoui rattled the bar and then Santa Cruz went close as Málaga continued to press for the victory. In the end though the visitors had to settle for another draw which keeps the points tally going up.

The next game is another Friday night encounter against Osasuna at La Rosaleda at10pm. Report by Scott Forbes

For immediate cash settlement for your Left/Right hand vehicle Contact: webuycarsinspain +(34) 955 328 193 +(34) 603 486 710 +(44) 7973622577 Part of the Pentagon group U.K. LTD

the N ews

N 31

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd 2013

Sports & Motors Page


News from Mijas Charity Cricket Fest More an Bowls Club A Big Hit! Last BBQ for summer 2013

First I would like to mention that the new cost of membership for Mijas Lawn Bowls club is 225€ and not 250€.

We held our last BBQ of the summer season last Thursday and it was a good event. After the roll up on Thursday evening a

very good time was had with lots of good food provided by the club, meat was barbecued by Roberto and salads and potatoes prepared by Carol with the help of Carol Jacobs.

Our new season of bowling is in the afternoons, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and starts this week. All bowlers are welcome new and old and we look forward to a good winter season. If you want more information contact the captain Roberto on 600285853 or the club on 952 466 038. Or email by Sheila Graveling

Wayne’s Weekly Poker Tips

Basking in the beautiful September sunshine the Cartama Oval was looking in all its glory for what was to be the biggest event in its history and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

Teams from the UK, Netherlands, and India gathered for the final briefings on the Wednesday evening already prepared to do battle in what was to be an exciting action packed tournament. The Thursday and Friday back-to-back 20/20 games of non-stop cricket gave rise to the rankings for the Final Playoffs on the Saturday. There were many spectacular cricketing moments and all results over the first two days went to the last over, with all teams demonstrating that they

Using Obvious Plays to Your Benefit ( part 1 ) There are certain situations where it can be more than beneficial to take obvious plays and turn them into your favour. Have you ever called down a bet that was so clearly a bluff only for your opponent to showdown the nuts?

This may very well have been an example of a time where someone exploited their hand’s perceived strength in order to achieve the maximum payout. This sort of understanding is not important when you have an obvious hand, but instead when your opponents are likely to misread your hand as being obvious.

Think about times where you flop a set. If you call down a flop and turn bet on somewhat draw heavy boards, a blank river would provide an opportunity to squeeze value out of your hand by pretending that you missed your draw. If you play your hand in a face up manner, you shouldn’t be surprised if you are able to get your opponents to pay you off – but the key is to never have the hand that is most expected.

If you are attempting to confuse your opponents by representing a different hand, you should be careful that you aren’t jeopardising your chance of winning in the process. There is a

significant difference between making the best out of a natural circumstance and trying too hard to create a spot out of nothing. Playing a big hand like it’s nothing could very easily end up costing you all of the money that you would have otherwise profited had you played it in a more straightforward manner. When it comes down to it, poker is always going to be about making the best out of situations that present themselves, and not about forcibly creating profitable situations where they otherwise would not likely exist.

Pre-Flop Benefits

When you are in a preflop situation and are playing your hand in a somewhat straightforward manner, you should be aware of the advantages that you will have at bay after the flop is dealt. If, for example, you have three bet K2 suited in an attempt to steal the pot pre-flop but instead garner a call, you need to be ready and willing to assume the role of aggressor on the flop. Now, this is a rather obvious example, given that any three bet steal in position needs to be prepared for some post-flop

play, but it still illustrates the point that your K2 can masquerade as a hand like QQ. Without seeing your hand or having a good read, your opponent won’t likely be able to decipher between a good hand (QQ) and what you actually have (K2).

You can also find yourself in spots pre-flop where you are out of position and creating deception. If you have limped into a pot with a big hand and the other players simply call the blinds, you are going to be able to fire out on all three streets against reasonably weak hands. The trouble with this move is that you will frequently be exchanging inherent, immediate value with big hands for the sake of squeezing more value out of lesser hands. In other words, AA vs. 89 is going to profit more in an unraised pot with a 9 high board than it would in a 3bet, Q high board. Part 2 of this article will carry on next week. If you have questions email

were here to win whilst playing in the spirit of the game. The early anticipated Saturday morning rain failed to dampen the spirits or enthusiasm for the Finals day ahead. The capacity crowd with many first time visitors had great expectations and by the end of the day’s play all these expectations had not only been met but exceeded by far. Ruislip Victoria CC beat Rugby CC in another closely fought game with a win in the last over to secure 5th place in the rankings, Chiswick and Latymer overtook the Dutch Zamigos for 3rd place again in the last over and the scene was set for the grand finale.

The final was Rampside CC V Turf India and what a final that was. This game could not have been written any better. Rampside CC won the toss and elected to bat posting a very respectable total of 147 for the loss of 5 wickets. The highlight of their innings was a dazzling partnership of 81 between Chris Brookshaw(45) and Andy Baxter(36). However in reply Turf India without Shaoib Malik who had been

released by agreement of the Festival Organisers to join the Pakistan International squad had more than a suitable replacement in Sachin Khurana, having been until recently the world record holder for the highest score (277) in the shortest number of balls. Rampside from the very first over were taken apart by the skills and athleticism of Khurana. Ramside CC literally threw everything at him they could but they could not stop the swashbuckling Sachin who whirlwinded the fastest recorded unbeaten 100 in 31 balls at the Cartama Oval! Game over in 12 overs. Whilst Rampside were more than disappointed in their loss they had in fact witnessed live one of the most clinically brilliant performances with a bat that they and the rest of the spectators would ever see again … unless of course Turf India CC decide to return next year.

What a finish to a fantastic three days of cricket. Following this there were the formalities of presenting the trophies.

Not only was cricket the winner the event also raised over 700€ for Cudeca. The event organisers would like to thank the following people for their help:

Charley Hepburn at Ozbuild, Jayne Hepburn at Rancho Del Rio horseriding school, for sponsoring the souvenir programme. All the team at European Health Promotions for answering our appeal for chairs. Jens Buggel JB Aircon & Electricals for the loan of PA System. A very big thank you to Ian and Wendy Ringrose, Terry Hirst, Paul and Kate Howard, Colin Noades.

Also Event referee Ray Fry, Fernado Shrard, Craig Trapps, John Barrett, Chris Batten ,Tony Crooks, Mick Button Neil Davison.

C.O.G.S. Travel to Granada for Ryder Cup

We made the journey to Granada to play our annual Ryder Cup format at Santa Clara golf resort. The course needs to have been played before to know the layout and green locations. The first day we played Singles and the player with the highest Stableford score on each hole and the player who wins the most holes is the winner.We were split in two teams of seven. Results as follows.

Nearest the pin hole 9 Tony Winslade and holes 12 and 17 was Charles Randell. Longest drive on hole 9 was Charles Randell. Nearest the pin in 2 on hole 6 was John Bamber. The winner with the highest Stableford score of 37 points was Charles Randell. The winning team on the day was Captained by Ian Vaughan 5 and 2. The second day was

Pairs two ball, Texas Scramble format and as before Stableford method. Each player in the pair must take seven drives each, leaving four spare to cover 18 holes. The winning team on the day was Ian Vaughan’s team 5 and 2. The overall winning team with the final score of 8 and 3 was Ian Vaughan, Brian Robinson, Andy Macfarlane, John Bamber, Brian Millwood, Gerry Owens and Tony Winslade (pictured above).

The Ryder Cup trophy was presented to Ian Vaughan by Charles Randell the Captain of the other team. A great time was had by all and Granada is really worth a visit.

The members would like to give a special thanks to Andy Macfarlane for organising the event and all the hard work he had put in arranging the format and prizes. Nig Bowler. Chairman.


WEDNESDaY, October 2nd 2013

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Beckham on the brink of return to football

David Beckham is on the brink of completing a deal that would bring an MLS team to Miami, according to reports by the Daily Mail's respected sports business reporter Charles Sale. Beckham played in the MLS with LA Galaxy and his contract included an option to create a new team with a 25 per cent discount. Co-investors will likely include Bolivia-born billionaire Marcelo Claure; the owner of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins Steve Ross; and Beckham's business partner Simon Fuller. Earlier this summer Manchester City and the New York Yankees announced they had formed a new MLS team to play in New York City from 2015.

David Howell clinches Dunhill Links title England's David Howell won his first title since 2006 when he beat American Peter Uihlein in a play-off for the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship.

The 38-year-old Howell won with a birdie to Uihlein's par at the second extra hole, the 18th at St Andrews, for his fifth European Tour victory. Both ended 23 under after Howell shot five-

under 67 and Uihlein carded 69.

England's Tom Lewis and Ireland's Shane Lowry were one stroke further back with England's Tommy Fleetwood 21 under.

Howell's last victory came in the European Tour's flagship PGA

Championship held at Wentworth seven years ago, several months after holding off Tiger Woods to clinch the HSBC Champions Tournament.

Burgess trio in England squad



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England have named three Burgess brothers in their 24-man squad for the 2013 Rugby League World Cup, which starts later this month. Twins George and Tom, 21, the only uncapped players in the squad, received call-ups alongside older brother Sam, 24.

All three play for South Sydney Rabbitohs after starting their professional careers at Bradford. The fourth sibling 26-year-old Leeds prop Luke missed out though.

Rui Costa emerges from the carnage to take cycling’s world pro road race title

Portugal's Rui Costa won a rain-soaked men's road race at the World Championships in Tuscany after the whole of Britain's team had climbed off their bikes. Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas were the last to exit with more than 80 kilometres still to race. Heavy rain had caused multiple crashes throughout the 272km race.

"The conditions are the same for everyone; we've got no excuse. We just weren't there," said Froome, who was attempting to become the first man in 24 years to win the Tour and world road race in the same year.

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Mark Cavendish was up at the front in the first 100km doing his bit for the team, but Sir Bradley Wiggins was always at the back of the peloton and it makes you wonder if he would have really helped Froome at all, after all the press reports about bad feeling between the pair.

Britain's team manager Rod Ellingworth criticised the attitude of his riders. Asked if his riders lacked spirit, he said: "Yes, it may be that simple. A lot of people were talking the talk and didn't see it through. Each and every one of them underperformed. To have all of them sat on the team bus with 100km still to go in the race is not what you want to happen.”

Froome did not spare himself from criticism. He said: “The only two guys who actually pulled their weight were Cav and Luke Rowe. By Mike Kerrigan

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Irritated Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho walks out on media Jose Mourinho walked out of a Chelsea news conference after being irritated by questions about Kevin de Bruyne. The boss said Juan Mata, recently on the periphery, will start Tuesday's Champions League tie with Steaua Bucharest but De Bruyne had been left at home after failing to impress. "You are for three weeks speaking about Mata, and now it's De Bruyne," he said. "So you aren't interested in the players that are playing? You are interested in the players not playing."


Gibraltar awarded Champions League qualifying spot There may be two Manchester Uniteds in the Champions League next season after the latest boost for football in Gibraltar. The British Overseas Territory, with a population of under 30,000 off the south coast of Spain, has been told it will have a team in each of the Champions League and Europa League qualifying next season. It was accepted into Uefa in May and the national team will be eligible for Euro 2016 qualifying. The Gibraltar Premier Division has only eight teams one of which is called Manchester United.

The news newspaper issue 246