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The Rainbow Bee-Eater sits on an old barbed-wire fence in Moorabool. Photo – David Whelan -

Brilliant little critter By Lachlan Ellis Don’t blink, or you will miss it. The delightful looking bird also comes with a new local title, named by Moorabool Shire Council as their ‘Critter of the Month’. It spends the warm months here in Victoria, including within the Shire. Local wildlife and bird photographer David Whelan, said the rainbow bee-eater was more common than people might realise, but had proven a tricky bird to snap photos of. “They’re just amazing to see…unless you’re a dedicated birdwatcher or you live on the land and you’ve seen them, you probably wouldn’t know they’re around here,” he told the Moorabool News.

The beautiful bird is Australia’s only member of the beeeater family – most bee-eaters live in Africa and Asia – and spends winter up in Queensland enjoying the warmer weather. As the name suggests, it has striking, colourful plumage, with shades of green, blue, and yellow blending together. Mr Whelan said he’s seen them every year pretty much since 2014. “They can be hard to spot, but if you see them up close, you’re not going to miss them because they’re so colourful. Their reaction time is really quick, they launch from their perches so fast, so they’re very hard to anticipate when you’re photographing them,” he said.

“They’re the most resplendent birds, absolutely beautiful. They make a very distinctive sort of ‘zimming’ noise…it sounds like someone’s running their fingers along a comb. They nest in sandy riverbanks and build tunnels in the spring, then migrate north in mid to late-February.” The rainbow bee-eater can be spotted in Moorabool from October until February, and is usually seen along waterways such as the Lerderderg River and Parwan Creek. It feeds on insects, including bees as the name suggests, as well as wasps, dragonflies, beetles, butterflies, and moths. It catches the insect mid-flight and brings it back to a perch to hit it against it, before swallowing it. For more information on the rainbow bee-eater, visit www.

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A smile to melt your heart By Lachlan Ellis He is bubbly, and an energetic 5-year-old, but a rare genetic disorder has his family and doctors unsure of the road ahead. Earlier this year, Caleb Ross was diagnosed with NEUROD2 (short for neurogenic differentiation factor 2) – just 1 of 8 children in the world, and the only person in Australia with the disorder, which causes epileptic seizures and means Caleb can only walk for a few minutes before he is in agonising pain. Only last Friday Caleb met the Premier of Victoria Dan Andrews at Maddingley Park for an announcement of $1.25 million for an all-abilities playground to be built at the Bacchus Marsh Racecourse Recreation Reserve. Caleb’s family has been working with Syndromes Without a Name (SWAN), but with so few people affected, there is little knowledge out there about NEUROD2. Caleb’s mum Michelle said he had been diagnosed with autism and ADHD at three years of age, but she knew there was more going on with her son.

“Caleb got genetic testing done a couple of years ago. He's been having problems since he was 4 months old…Caleb's had many tests and MRIs, but they always showed normal results,” Ms Ross told the Moorabool News. “This year we got genetic tests back showing Caleb has NEUROD2…it’s good to know that we’re not going crazy and there is something there, but it’s really hard not knowing the answers to how this will affect Caleb, and what his future looks like.” With the amount of pain Caleb is regularly in, Ms Ross said the family “haven’t slept a full night since he was born”. Caleb is a foundation student at St Bernard’s Primary School in Bacchus Marsh. An ongoing fundraiser for Caleb has allowed the family to buy him a therapy dog, but it still needs to be trained, which will require more money as the family has used up the funds provided by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to look after Caleb. To donate and help make Caleb’s fight against NEUROD2 a little easier, head to www.

Caleb Ross is the only person in Australia with NEUROD2; one of eight in the world. Photo – Helen Tatchell


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Energy bonus gives power to the people

Platypus locals need help By Carol Saffer Community members are needed to help Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group (MCLG increase Platypus numbers in the East Moorabool River. A survey conducted in May 2021 revealed that Platypus in the East Moorabool River are either very scarce or not present. MCLG will hold a planting day this Saturday, 6 August, to protect and enhance the habitat. The Group’s coordinator Jackson Cass said the planting would cover a diverse range of native vegetation to improve this piece of vital territory. “We will be planting riparian vegetation on the area between the land and the river,” he said. “Overhanging trees are referred to as riparian when planted on a river’s edge to help to reduce erosion. “The leaves drop into the river and feed water bugs and insects, which are the food supply for the Platypus.” The trees also provide burrowing areas for the animals. Platypuses are currently found at the western end of the river. When the new habitat area is established, expecting them to travel up river is not unrealistic. Mr Cass will lead a discussion on the day about Platypus conservation in the Moorabool Catchment. He will explain how simple steps from the community, such as reducing the river’s plastics and litter, can help the project. Moorabool Shire Council provided $3000 in funding for the event from a Sustainability and Environmental Engagement Grant. The Platypus Planting Day will take place at 2917 Ballan-Meredith Road Ballan on Saturday, 6 August, from 9.30am to 12.30pm, with a BBQ lunch supplied.

The State Government’s $250 Power Saving Bonus program has been accessed by one million Victorians since 1 July, with almost 5,000 of those living in Moorabool. The popular program was recently given a $205 million boost, and offers Victorian households $250 to simply seek a better energy deal via the Victorian Energy Compare website. The website is the only free and independent online energy price comparison service available to Victorian energy consumers. According to the latest figures provided by the State Government, 4,904 Moorabool households have applied for the $250 payment, which all Victorian households are eligible for – including the nearly 400,000 concession card holders who previously claimed the payment under an earlier phase of the program. Just under 3600 requests came from Bacchus Marsh, Darley, and Maddingley, with 517 from Ballan. Announcing the $205 million boost to the Power Saving Bonus program on Friday 22 July, Minister for Energy Lily D’Ambrosio said the program was making a real difference to Victorian families struggling to pay their energy bills. “Three weeks after launching this bill busting bonus, we are proud to have supported one million Victorian households with their energy bills while helping them find the cheapest deal available,” Ms D’Ambrosio said. “We know Victorian families are doing it tough, so we’re topping up the $250 Power Saving Bonus program to make sure no one misses out.” User data shows that over the past 12 months, 7 out of every 10 users saved an average of $330 by switching energy offers. For more information and to apply for a $250 Power Saving Bonus, visit The bonus is available until 30 June 2023, and there are no caps on the number of households that can receive the once-off $250 payment.

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Powerline reroute possible By Lachlan Ellis If they get enough votes in the upcoming state election in November, the Victorian Liberal Nationals has committed to “upgrading transmission lines to western Victoria” as part of a recent energy policy announcement – but has stopped short of pledging an underground Western Renewables Link. In an 18 July Letter to the Editor, Deputy Leader of the Nationals Emma Kealy said the Nationals would “deliver a sensible plan and real solutions to build the energy system of the future – meaning more reliable, cheaper and clean power for all Victorians”. The Moorabool News asked Ms Kealy whether the Western Renewables Link – which under the current proposal would consist of 190 kilometres of 85-metre-tall powerlines – would be put underground, if the Coalition wins the state election on 26 November. The Moorabool News’ questions were forwarded on to Shadow Minister for Energy Craig Ondarchie, who said the Western Renewables Link would be re-routed, but could not say with certainty whether it would be overhead or underground. “Unlike Labor, the Liberals and Nationals will upgrade the existing terminal station at

Bulgana, and re-route the line using largely existing easements which will minimise the impact on farming practices,” Mr Ondarchie told the Moorabool News. “An independent body, VicGrid, will determine which parts of that connecting line will be above and below ground. A Matthew Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will task the EWOV & Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner with investigating what options are available to affected landowners."

Chair of Stop AusNet’s Towers, Emma Muir, said Mr Ondarchie’s statements were “a good start, but could go further”. “It’s not perfect, but it certainly goes further towards listening to the community, engaging with stakeholders, and having an independent person or VicGrid, which is a government body and not necessarily independent, to assess the impacts of the project on local regional communities,” Ms Muir said. “It possibly gets us a seat at the table,

which we don’t currently have. They still need to consider the social, environmental, and economic impacts of these projects. If VicGrid propose to do that, then we’re on board, absolutely. Currently, the planning with AEMO is purely done on a RIT-T, which just looks like putting the powerlines in…it doesn’t consider economics, environment, or safety impacts.” Ms Muir acknowledged the “big step” the Opposition was making, in taking responsibility for the Western Renewables Link’s approval. “At least they’re taking ownership of this, the Labor Party don’t even talk about it. It’s a big step for the Opposition to say, ‘we will change this’, whereas Dan Andrews says it’s not his project,” Ms Muir said. “And yet it is his project, because his government is running the Environment Effects Statement, his government will make the planning amendments, he has the final say on it.” The Libs/Nats newsletter states “A future Liberal Nationals Government will intervene and reroute this transmission project from Bulgana to Sydenham via Mortlake and Lara…utilise existing easements and protect communities across the Waubra, Glendonald, Mount Prospect and Long Forest areas.”

Double the sightings A unique bird, on the brink of extinction, has rebounded globally. La Trobe University led research has found a major breeding event has triggered a population rebound for one of the world’s most unique and threatened birds. A recent survey in northern Victoria uncovered a record number of Plains-wanderers – a small, quail-like bird that lives only in eastern Australia grasslands, and represents an ancient lineage of birds that evolved in Gondwana more than 100 million years ago. The bird is so critically endangered and taxonomically unique it is ranked the number one priority for conservation action among birds of the world by the Zoological Society of London. La Trobe University PhD student, Dan Nugent, said the team found more Plains-wanderers during the recent survey than since monitoring began back in 2010. “We detected 60 adults and 41 chicks. This is more than double the previous best result in 2018 when 30 adults and 17 chicks were detected,” Mr Nugent said. “A further encouraging sign was that 85 per cent of monitoring sites supported Plainswanderers – the highest percentage of sites since surveys began 12 years ago.” Since 2010, ecologists have monitored Plains-wanderer numbers in native grasslands across private and public land on the Northern Plains of Victoria. Natural Environment Program Officer at DELWP, Dr Aaron Grinter, said monitoring the elusive bird is a challenge. “Plains-wanderers are highly cryptic; they are almost never seen during the day when most active because of their excellent camouflage and wariness of predators, making detectability a major challenge for researchers,” Dr Grinter said. Mr Nugent said although the survey results are welcomed by conservationists, there remains significant concerns for the future of Plains-wanderers.

A female Plains Wanderer. Photo - Owen Lishmund

“In Victoria, habitat loss driven by conversion of native grasslands to croplands is a major threat. Today, there is estimated to be less than four per cent of the pre-European extent of native grasslands left on the Northern Plains,” Mr Nugent said.

Have your say on how we plan Victoria’s grid of the future

“With so little habitat remaining, the population will continue to be vulnerable; fox predation may also be a threatening process but remains a knowledge gap.”

About the Plains-wanderer The Plains-wanderer is the sole member of its taxonomic family – Pedionomidae – and is listed as Critically Endangered under the IUCN Red List, and under both the Commonwealth and Victorian governments. Based on its taxonomic distinctiveness and high risk of extinction, the species is ranked the number one priority for conservation action among birds of the world by the Zoological Society of London. Monitoring of the Plains-wanderer population on the Northern Plains of Victoria is funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and supported by the North Central Catchment Management Authority and the Victorian Government’s Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning.

Victoria’s energy system is changing - and the way we deliver energy infrastructure is changing too. The Victorian Government has released a Consultation Paper on the preliminary design of the Victorian Transmission Investment Framework (VTIF), which sets out its proposed approach to developing Renewable Energy Zones.

Public consultation on the framework is open until 15 August 2022 and we want to hear from you to help plan this key part of Victoria’s energy transition. Visit to read the Consultation Paper, make a submission or take a short survey to give your views.

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Western Renewables Link The Western Renewables Link is a proposed electricity transmission line that will carry renewable energy from western Victoria to homes across the state and into the National Electricity Market. In the coming weeks we’ll be hosting our next round of community information sessions and we’re inviting local community members to come along and meet the team, learn more about the project and discuss any queries or concerns.

desktop phone 1300 360 795 � � PO Box 638, Ballarat VIC 3353

Community drop-in sessions

Community discussion dinners

Drop-in sessions allow community members to talk to project team members or technical specialists about any project topic that is important to them. Bookings are not required for these sessions.

These small group discussions are a chance to discuss general issues of concern and help shape the next stage of engagement. Dinners will be limited to 20 participants to help manage COVID risks and allow everyone to have a fair say. Bookings are essential and available to those who are fully vaccinated. Dinner will be provided. Please book via the QR code, website or phone number below.





Brown Hill Brown Hill Hall, 375 Humffray Street North

2 pm – 6 pm Friday, 19 August

Waubra Waubra FNC, 2091 Sunraysia Highway

6 pm – 8 pm Monday, 22 August

Toolern Vale Toolern Vale Hall, 1504 Diggers Rest-Coimadai Road

2 pm – 6 pm Saturday, 20 August

Joe Joel Joel Joel Hall, 214 Joel South Road

6 pm – 8 pm Tuesday, 23 August

Joel Joel Joel Joel Hall, 214 Joel South Road

1 pm – 5 pm Tuesday, 23 August

Myrniong Myrniong Hall, 6 Short Street

6 pm – 8 pm Monday, 29 August

Bacchus Marsh Bacchus Marsh Public Hall, 207 Main Street

6 pm – 8 pm Tuesday, 30 August

Creswick Creswick Town Hall, 70 Albert Street

6 pm – 8 pm Wednesday, 31 August

Toolern Vale Melton and District Pony Club, 734 Bulmans Road

6 pm – 8 pm Thursday, 1 September

Webinar Where


For those unable to visit us inperson please consider joining our webinar. Details available via the below QR code or at

7 pm Thursday, 8 September

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The Moorabool News – 2 August, 2022 Page 7

Possum study looking for toxic link By Lachlan Ellis A new study led by researchers at Deakin University and the University of Melbourne is looking into unintentional poisoning of possum species, and you can help by providing samples. Following a sharp increase in secondary poisoning of powerful owls (poisoning from eating poisoned animals), the team is now collecting dead possums from across Victoria, to identify the prevalence of rat poisons in possums. Associate Professor at Deakin University, John White, is a member of the research team, and said secondary poisoning was becoming a real threat for predators like the powerful owl. “Our story began during Melbourne’s first lockdowns in 2020, [when] we started to receive lots of dead powerful owls. We had never had so many dead owls reported to our team, and it raised alarm bells that something very serious was happening to these amazing predators. Liver samples were taken from the dead owls and analysed for environmental toxins as well as rat poisons. To our surprise 83 per cent of the 18 birds we analysed had the SGAR [Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticide] brodifacoum in their livers, some at levels that may have contributed to their deaths,” Mr White told the Moorabool News. “The presence of rat poisons in predators is not uncommon around the world, except powerful owls do not tend to eat rats or mice, they eat possums and gliders. So, the question arose: how are these insidious poisons making it into these rare predators?” That question raised the serious possibility that possums are – hopefully unintentionally – being killed by SGAR poisons intended for mice and rats, and passing that poison on to the powerful owls that eat them. How can you help? If you come across an intact, recently deceased possum, you can help the research team with their study by storing it in a freezer, recording the location and date of where the possum was found, and then contact the team. But Mr White said there is another way to help to prevent secondary poisoning from happening in the first place. “Avoid using rodent poisons, in particular ones with brodifacoum in them as an active ingredient. Rat poisons with warfarin as the active ingredient are better than SGARs, but

A common brushtail possum. Submitted by John White even better is to use a trap. At least with a trap you know what you have killed, and there is no flow on of poisons into our wildlife populations,” Mr White said. “Predators will eat animals [poisoned with SGARs] and accumulate poison in their bodies, and this poison can stay in their bodies for over a year. Each new poisoned animal they eat leads to more poison in the predator, until it receives a lethal amount.” For more information, contact John White at

COMMUNITY UPDATE - August 2022 What’s going on

Moorabool Wind Farm Community Fund 2022

• We are grateful for the community’s support as we continue to play an important role through the Winter energy crisis while also progressing through AEMO’s grid connection testing and commissioning requirements. • In response to the increased risk of foot-and-mouth disease, we have introduced new measures to ensure biosecurity for landowners. These include an electronic access register and the installation of foot wash and spray down facilities at each entry and exit gate. • All turbines in the Moorabool North Wind Farm are now operational, while commissioning is close to complete in the Moorabool South Wind Farm.

• To date, Moorabool Wind Farm has invested more

than $450,000 in the local community through its community funding, partnerships and sponsorships. • The Community Fund Assessment Panel is currently considering applications received in the most recent funding round and applicants can expect to hear more at the beginning of September.

Landscape and Visual Screening Program Owners of residential dwellings within 4km of the Moorabool Wind Farm are invited to participate in a landscape and visual screening program. This is to assist our closest neighbours in reducing the potential visual impacts of the project. All agreed works are undertaken by Moorabool Wind Farm at no cost to dwelling owners. Visit or contact us for more details. For more information, please visit: To contact us or register to receive project updates via email, get in touch: or 1800 019 660.

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Power outages of concern By Lachlan Ellis Powercor has responded to the community’s concerns, after a series of power outages disrupted Korweinguboora residents over the past couple of months. Frustrated locals took to social media asking for the outages to be looked into, and one resident claimed to have had five outages in the space of four weeks, with one lasting over an hour. However, a Powercor spokesman said there had been three outages, and apologised for “not meeting usual high standards of reliability”. “Powercor is aware of recent outages in Korweinguboora and we’re working hard to provide safe and reliable power to residents in the area. We know how much customers rely on us to deliver reliable and safe power to their homes and businesses,” Powercor’s spokesman told the Moorabool News. “The powerline that feeds the area stretches 600 kilometres and winds through some heavily vegetated areas, including areas severely impacted by last year’s once-in-a-generation windstorms. During June and July, there have been three outages impacting Korweinguboora and surrounds.” On one occasion, Powercor crews “found a bird had dropped wire onto parts of the network which triggered an outage”, while on another occasion, “a transformer failed and needed to be replaced, while no cause was found for the remaining outage”. “In all cases, local Powercor crews responded quickly to restore power for customers. Our teams will continue working to improve reliability for the area, while Powercor’s annual inspection, maintenance, and vegetation cutting programs are also continuing and are on track ahead of the summer months,” the spokesman added.

Photo - Powercor

Keeping FMD out for another century

By Lachlan Ellis You’ve probably heard how devastating foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) would be to Aussie agriculture if it arrived on our shores, but a local farmer says we all have a part to play in containing the illness. FMD affects cloven-hoofed animals such as sheep, cows, and pigs, and can also be carried on people’s clothing and footwear. While it doesn’t threaten human health, it has a significant effect on animal welfare and production. An FMD outbreak was reported in Indonesian cattle in May, raising concerns that a similar outbreak could occur here – crippling the livestock industry and potentially costing the Australian economy $80 billion over 10 years. Sanitising foot mats have been rolled out at airports to kill any virus fragments on travellers’ shoes, but not everyone is convinced that’s enough. Fiskville sheep farmer and Vice President of the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) Livestock Group, Scott Young, conceded that the industry was “at the mercy of our borders”, but urged anyone travelling from overseas to take steps to limit transmission of FMD. “We’ve been able to keep FMD out of Australia for the last hundred years, so hopefully if we do the right things, and travellers do the right things and don’t bring in the wrong things, we can keep it out. We produce beautiful food in this country…don’t bring food back when you’re coming from overseas,” Mr Young told the Moorabool News.

“And on a local level as farmers, we can make sure we’ve got our biosecurity register on our farms, we check vehicles and make sure people’s boots are clean, know where they’ve come from, and keep a register of who’s visited. And don’t come back from overseas and go directly onto a farm… give yourself seven days away from farm animals, even if you’re a farmer.” If FMD does get into Australia, Mr Young added, it would “flood the domestic market with excess stock” as overseas trade became more limited. “It’ll affect every livestock farmer, and potentially those involved in grains and all the offshoot industries too. Being a predominantly export-driven livestock economy, Australia exports 70 per cent,” he said. “But in the short-term, what it’d do is also stop any animals being sold off farms. The majority of farm produce would stop for 72 hours if it did get into Australia, and that means, like during COVID, bare supermarket shelves and a shortage of food in the immediate term. But that hopefully wouldn’t last long, hopefully we could find the affected areas and deal with FMD there.” Symptoms of FMD include blisters on the mouth, snout, tongue, lips or between and above the hooves on the feet, and anyone who has observed signs of FMD is urged to report them to the Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888, or to a local veterinarian. For more information on FMD, visit www. and search ‘foot-andmouth disease’.

The generator at Blackwood that will keep water flowing during storm events. Photo CHW

Water to flow during storm events

By Lachlan Ellis One year on from freak storms that cut power and damaged properties across Moorabool, a local water authority has invested in bolstering water access during any future storm events. Central Highlands Water (CHW) invested $160,000 in its Blackwood Water Treatment Plant to commission a new generator, which was completed in June. A CHW spokesperson said the new generator would give some confidence to locals that their water supply would continue in the event of another major storm or general outage, after last year’s storms knocked power out in Blackwood for days. “During the significant storm event in July 2021, the Blackwood Water Treatment Plant was inaccessible, and the site’s power supply was interrupted for a number of continuous days. While customers continued to have access to water, the weather event highlighted the increased risk of power outages and safe access at this location,” CHW’s spokesperson told the Moorabool News. “The new generator will provide additional certainty of a secure and continued water supply for the community of Blackwood in the event of future power outages. The generator has the capacity to provide up to 48 hours of back-up power before needing to be refuelled, meaning that the site can continue to operate remotely and recover quickly. “This upgrade will provide reassurance and confidence to our customers that their water supply is resilient, and that the continuity of supply is a priority for Central Highlands Water.” The generator project will also improve safety – two days after the July 2021 storms, CHW staff installed a temporary generator to return the plant to full operations, with the assistance of emergency services. The new permanent generator will remove that need for staff to attend the site during significant weather events.

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The Moorabool News – 2 August, 2022 Page 9

Historical Moorabool Shire Council landmark tree There’s a piece of history standing tall in “Council undertakes proactive inspections Maddingley that predates the arrival of and data collection on over 17,000 trees in Captain James Cook in Australia, by some streets, parks and Council facilities in urban 50 years. zones every five years, and every three years The huge river gum on Taverner Street near in high-risk areas such as town centres, near Maddingley Park is over 300 years old, and playgrounds, and high activity areas,” Mr in its time has worried many a driver and The next Ordinary Mee�ng of Council willtold bethe held Madden Moorabool News. bicycle rider travelling underneath, as the “The last inspection that completed on on Wednesday 7 July 2021 in the Council Chambers, 15was Stead St tree leans over the road. the river red gum in question on Taverner Ballan, star�ng at 6.00 pm. The tree’s history was highlighted by the Bacchus Marsh & District Historical Society Street was in 2020, with no defects identified. (BMDHS) in a recent social media post, citing The tree was assessed as safe and there are For details on a�endance or to the view the agenda, go to its use as a landmark by Bacchus Marsh’s currently no indications that the tree has declined in health since this inspection. The first surveyor. “Surveyor William Wedge Darke used this tree is due to be reinspected again in 2025. tree as one of his markers in the 1839/40 In addition, an annual visual inspection is survey of the district,” BMDHS wrote. completed to ensure appropriate powerline “The river gums near the high school and clearances are maintained as part of Council’s Maddingley Park/Taverner St once grew Electrical Line Clearance Management Plan.” along a stream called Kennedy’s Gully, Council contracts arborists with, at which now flows as an underground drain.” minimum, a Diploma in Arboriculture, and Because of its association with William at least five years practical experience in tree Wedge Darke, the 300-year-old tree has also diagnosis and reporting, to conduct these been referred to as ‘Darke’s Tree’. inspections. Moorabool Shire Council CEO Derek “Council also undertakes reactive tree Madden said Council inspects thousands inspections, for example after significant of trees across the Shire every three to five weather events or upon receipt of customer years, including the 300-year-old tree on Taverner Street. requests,” Mr Madden added.

Council Mee�ng

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Council Mee�ng The 300-year-old tree on Taverner Street Maddingley. Photo – Lachlan Ellis


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Employment Changes to Waste Service - Easter Council invites applica�ons for the exis�ng vacancies: Western Zone – Northern Collec�on - North • Community Social Planner Road Tenders of OldandMelbourne

Council has the following consulta�ons currently open:

• Customer Experience Coordinator Have Your Say: Community Full-Time Permanent – Grants BasedStrategy at Darley Female Friendly

All details of our consulta� ons are on ourto website: Order made pursuant sec�on domes�c animals act 1994

Full-Time Permanent – Based at Darley

Applica�ons close on Sunday 7 August 2022

Planning Permit

• Coordinator Urban Design and Landscape Architecture Unscheduled Mee�ng Full-Time Permanent – Based at Ballanof Council

Order made pursuant to sec�on 25 of the domes�c animals act 1994 All details available Grants from the website: Tourism Changes to Waste Service - Easter Western Zone –s� Northern Collec�on - North Are you details ll correct? Rates Payments of Old Melbourne Road Applica�ons close on Tuesday 9 August 2022

Council will be issuing the 2022/2023 Annual Rate and Valuation Notices in the next couple of weeks and with so many changes Australia Day Celebra�ons in our lives, have you overlooked letting Council 2021 know that your Community Grants details have changed?

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Ambulance Victoria Acting ED Clinical Operations Anthony Carlyon alongside Ambulance Victoria and CFA members. Photo - submitted

Life-saving first aid training for Firefighters

Volunteer firefighters from 50 CFA brigades will receive life-saving first aid and resuscitation training under a new program, supporting Ambulance Victoria in saving patients undergoing cardiac arrest. The Fire Medical Response (FMR) program will be established in strategic locations right across Victoria which can best complement the Ambulance Victoria response. Specific brigades haven't yet been chosen, with CFA and Ambulance Victoria working to analyse a range of factors to determine where the training is most needed. Though Ambulance Victoria delivers some of the highest cardiac arrest survival rates in the world, there are times when a CFA brigade may be able to reach someone undergoing cardiac arrest before paramedics can. And that time is crucial, says Ambulance Victoria Acting Executive Director Clinical Operations Anthony Carlyon, with mere minutes sometimes meaning the difference between life and death. “We know that when a person suffers a cardiac arrest, every minute that CPR and defibrillation is delayed reduces their chance of survival by 10 per cent. There’s no doubt FMR will improve survival rates for people in rural and regional Victoria, and make access to emergency care in a cardiac arrest more equitable for all Victorians,” Mr Carlyon said. “Like the GoodSAM app which alerts bystanders to people nearby in cardiac

arrest, FMR will complement Ambulance Victoria’s world-class service and improve patient outcomes.” CFA Deputy Chief Officer Garry Cook said the program was a fantastic idea, given the area CFA covers. “CFA has the largest geographical footprint of any emergency service in Victoria with more than 1,100 volunteer fire stations with more than 50,000 members. This puts CFA in a unique position to complement the Ambulance Victoria response and deliver early intervention to cardiac arrests,” Mr Cook said. “Our members care deeply for their communities and this program is another way for them to serve and literally save lives in their local area.” FMR brigades will be dispatched simultaneously with the nearest emergency ambulances, providing life-saving CPR, defibrillation, and support to paramedics. FMR responders will take part in a multiday training course, developed and delivered by paramedic educators from Ambulance Victoria, and be equipped with Ambulance Victoria-compatible defibrillators. The first tranche of FMR brigades is expected to be operational in early 2023, with CFA consulting with brigades in priority areas over the coming months before the 50 locations are finalised. $3.9 million will be dedicated to the development and ongoing delivery of the program.

Farm Safety – Kidsafe competition The 2022 Farm Safety Creative Competition is open for early learners and primary school aged children, with prizes for winning entries, plus there is a $500 voucher for the three schools with the highest number of entries. This year’s theme is ‘Farm Safety Heroes’, which centres around how we can all play a part in making the farm a safe experience for everyone, whether we live, work on, or are visiting a farm. The winning entries form the basis of a farm safety education campaign targeting Victorian parents and carers with important information on farm safety, which will run in early 2023. Farms are exciting places for children to live, grow, explore and visit. However, they can also provide unique environments and injury hazards. Farms typically combine the family home and an industrial workplace, which means children are exposed to a wide range of hazards that aren’t present in urban home environments. Common injury hazards for children on farms include machinery, vehicles (e.g. tractors, motorbikes and quad bikes), animals, water hazards (e.g. dams, rivers, creeks and animal drinking troughs) and poisons (e.g. pesticides). Children in inner and outer regional areas of Victoria experience higher rates of death, hospital admission and emergency department presentation due to unintentional injuries compared to children in major cities in Victoria. Safe Play Areas A fenced area away from water, machinery and other hazards is a great way to provide children with a safe place to play on a farm. A safe play area should: • Be close to the home and clearly visible • Be securely fenced • Have adequate shade as well as a range of fun and interesting things for children to do Entries for the Farm Safety competition close Friday 4 November 2022.

Funding sparks change

By Lachlan Ellis There are 26 councils from across Victoria that will share in a $1.25 million investment from the State Government, to build chargers for electric vehicles (EVs) – and Moorabool is plugged in for the funding. The ‘EV Charging for Council Fleets’ (EVCCF) program aims to support councils in transitioning their fleets to EVs, helping stimulate a second-hand EV market and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Over $647,000 in grant funding was allocated to regional Victorian councils, with Moorabool Shire Council receiving $50,950 for nine 7-kilowatt chargers, at four sites across Ballan, Darley, and Maddingley. Moorabool Shire Council CEO, Derek Madden, said Council was delighted to have been approved for the funding.

“We’re very pleased to have been successful in our application for electric vehicle chargers in Moorabool. Council will receive almost $51,000 to install nine electric vehicle chargers across four sites,” Mr Madden told the Moorabool News. “This will allow our staff who have or wish to purchase electric vehicles to have easy access to charge their cars. Being able to offer this will assist with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Victorian Government’s net-zero transition targets.” The State Government aims to have half of all new light vehicle sales be zero-emission vehicles by 2030. Moorabool Shire Council’s EV chargers are expected to be completed by May 2023 and, are being funded with a 50:50 contribution, with Council also contributing $50,950 to the project.

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The Moorabool News – 2 August, 2022 Page 11

Steptoe’s legacy remains By Lachlan Ellis It’s been 12 months since Ballan’s famous Steptoe’s Op Shop came under new management, but volunteers say the new managers have been a perfect fit. Steptoe’s officially changed hands from the Ballan Lionesses to the Ballan & District Community House (BDCH) on July 1, 2021, after Lions Club’s International disbanded all Lioness organisations by June 30. Last year, BDCH Manager Lyn Plummer said the Community House’s focus was “keeping up the good work the Lionesses have done in building up relationships and supporting local charities”. And former Ballan Lionesses President, Fred Moore, says the Community House has done just that. “We ran this place for 12 years as Lionesses, and it was difficult handing it over to someone else…but their quote was ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and we agreed with that. That’s how it’s been, we still run it the same way as we did, and all the donations still go to the same people,” Ms Moore told the Moorabool News. “The transition has been very good – there were a few little hiccups in the beginning, but we sat down and talked about them, and ironed them out, and now everything’s good. We haven’t got a whole lot of volunteers, but the ones we do have are great…there’s about five of us former Lionesses who have stuck around.” BDCH Manager Lyn Plummer said the Community House remained committed to honouring the legacy of the Lionesses, by running Steptoe’s as similarly as possible. “It’s been fairly seamless…I think everybody was a bit worried about the handover at first, but we’ve had Phaedra Press down there as our liaison and she’s fit in really well. The Board is really pleased, Steptoe’s is running really smoothly,” Ms Plummer said. “We’re still giving out donations through the year from Steptoe’s, last year it was $21,000 which was pretty good given it was a COVID-affected year, and Steptoe’s closed down a bit through the year. Donations have gone across all different

For Sale

(L-R) BDCH Manager Lyn Plummer and former Lioness and current volunteer Fred Moore, outside Steptoe’s Op Shop in Ballan. Photo – Lachlan Ellis

service organisations, including the Ballarat Legacy, the SES in Bacchus Marsh, all the CFA branches in the district, and sometimes funding for individuals if they need a wheelchair or things like that. “We haven’t tried to impose, even though we’re more restricted by compliance and because we’re a registered charity…we wanted to keep the Lionesses’ legacy going,

that they’d spent so much time and energy building up, and make sure that the money went out in the same way and to the same people that the Lionesses supported. And we’ve kept to that.” Steptoe’s Op Shop is located at 111 Inglis St, Ballan, and is open from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm on Fridays, and 9.30 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.

Nathan Micallef


This property is ideal for first home buyers, downsizers, or the ideal investment property with attractive capabilities of potential subdivision (STCA). The corner allotment on a generous 765m2 approx. provides ample opportunities and includes the rare benefit of multiple off-street access. Any way you look at it, this is a rare offering in a fantastic location. This property is only a short walk of approx. 550 meters to shops, restaurants, walking trails and Maddingley Park Reserve. As well as being a mere 1km approx. to Bacchus Marsh Train Station This two bedroom home provides a spacious and clever internal layout offering comfortable and practical living, making this home perfect in every way. Featuring two bedrooms, master with double mirrored wardrobes and tasteful bay window. The remaining bedroom offers single built in robe and ceiling fan. The kitchen located to the heart of the home offers double stainless-steel sink, as well as white dishwasher, oven and gas cook-top. The front lounge enjoys natural light from the front bay windows, and creates a generous sized second living space. Extra features included gas ducted heating and evaporative cooling, decked outdoor entertainment area, two small water tanks as well as a spacious and well equipped Laundry. Opportunities such as this are less common to the market-place, and an inspection is a must and always our pleasure. Contact us today to arrange your private inspection. Price range $589,000 - $619,000

Phone 0402 455 498

Shop 31, 160-194 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh

Page 12 The Moorabool News – 2 August, 2022

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Wombat Forestcare members rally outside Mary-Anne Thomas' office. Photo - submitted

Rallying for local forest

More than 50 environmental protestors attended a snap rally, voicing concerns over VicForests’ logging in the Wombat Forest. Called by Wombat Action Group, members of Landcare and Friends groups, Wombat Forestcare and the Sybil Disobedients (XR Ballarat) took to the office of Member for Macedon Mary-Anne Thomas in Gisborne, demanding an end to “environmentally destructive salvage logging” in the Wombat Forest. The protesters also demanded the Wombat-Lerderderg National Park be legislated; a promise made in June last year following the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) ‘Central West Investigation Final Report’. “The Wombat State Forest has conservation values that make it worthy of National Park status, yet the government has failed to legislate the park and failed to protect its threatened species including the Greater Glider, recently listed as ‘Endangered’,” Wombat Forestcare spokesperson Gayle Osborne said. “The industrial scale ‘salvage’ logging by VicForests is being promoted as reducing bushfire risk, but instead is destroying critical habitat for wildlife. It has become overwhelmingly clear that this operation is a log grab to prop up a failing industry.” When asked her thoughts on the rally, Ms Thomas reiterated that the works in the Wombat Forest were only clearing hazardous trees.

“We understand and respect people’s right to peaceful protest and we will continue to ensure the appropriate environmental protection measures are in place during this work,” Ms Thomas told the Moorabool News. “These works are happening in direct response to treating hazardous trees after the severe storms, and no trees are being removed unless they present a hazard or for operational necessity and no clear-felling.” A Victorian Government spokesperson added that “critical work is currently underway by the Surveyor-General to establish the new boundaries for the Wombat-Lerderderg National Park” – the first step towards “the permanent protection of the park through legislation”. In a July 20 media release, DJAARA Traditional Owners said the clearing was important for the healing of Country. “It was essential that windthrown timber was cleared and safety restored for all those that live on Country. From apex predators through to lichen, Country cannot heal until the habitat and safety of all who traverse and live on Country is considered. That is our way and that is what we call Forest Gardening,” DJAARA’s statement reads. “As with all work to be undertaken by the corporation, we look for those people with experience and expertise, coupled with respect for our responsibility to take care of Country. The provision of this, on such a scale, was limited and DJAARA was pleased to appoint VicForests to undertake making Country safe.”

New ‘big group hug’ aiding families A new partnership between two charities will support struggling families in nine local government areas (LGAs) west of Melbourne, including Moorabool Shire. ‘The Sustainable Collective by Big Group Hug’ will expand upon the fantastic work of local not-for-profits Big Group Hug and the Caroline Chisholm Society, and was officially opened at the new Airport West hub. Big Group Hug CEO, Bernadene Voss, said the collaboration would help relieve the adversity that a growing number of families in Western Victoria are facing. “Every day we are seeing the need for essential items such as baby milk formula, cots, prams, and clothing for children increase. There are so many families facing hardship in the West right now, and sadly that will only increase,” Ms Voss aid. “Big Group Hug is here to help alleviate the pressures these families are facing, but we need the community’s help to do that.” The program is supported by the Victorian Government’s Recycling Victoria Communities Fund, which provided Big Group Hug a grant of $235,472 for “collecting and upcycling pre-loved items for children” and “distributing the items to families experiencing hardship, in Western Melbourne and surrounding areas” in Round 1 of funding. The new hub will serve communities across the West, including Moorabool, Brimbank, Melton, Wyndham, Hobsons Bay, Moreland, Moonee Valley, Maribyrnong, and Macedon Ranges. Special guests at the mid July launch included State Member John Kennedy MP, Federal Member Maria Vamvakinou MP, Mayor of Moonee Valley Cr Samantha Byrne, Big Group Hug

recipient and domestic violence survivor Jacinta D'Angelo, and an array of local businesses and longstanding supporters of both not-for-profits. If you or someone you know requires assistance, please reach out to your local maternal health nurse, caseworkers, social workers, family violence practitioners, or child protection practitioners and ask them to get in touch with The Sustainable Collective by Big Group Hug, by emailing info@ .

The official opening. Photo - Big Group Hug

BALL pairs ERS • Minor Plastering Re s WRECK • Wallpa–pe2rAugust, me The Moorabool News 2022 Page 13 Ho l • New

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rts for New and used pa models. most makes and Vehicles wanted . Free pickup 2888 Ph: (03) 5368

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m Qualified Trades (35 Years) & old Specialising in new the r plastering works fo her. d ot home, business an o small No job too big, to 0 244 James 0416 78

LOCAL TRADE & BUSINESS GUIDE ches • Mice • Cockroa ts a R • ts n A • rs • Spide Mites Wasps • Fleas & & s e e B • s g u B • Bed ns & treatments Termite inspectio 0424 405 521 Phone Brenton


ting MBA126237 Commercial Pain neral Domestic & es h is Specialised fin ce service lpapering, Faux & operty maintenan pr & an m dy an H mplete building repairs stering & General e Quotes 67 1776




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Have you Your had your locallightbulb team of moment? electricians servicing

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Through the creation of Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) which are electronic certificates created in accordance with the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007 (VEET Act).

Yes, in fact it will be better! Our skilled and qualified electricians can remove all your existing halogen lamps and replace them with more efficient, longer lasting and safer LED lamps. The old lamps will be recycled to ensure there is no negative environmental impact.

ROSSCO ENGINEERING AND SALES - Manufacturing - Metals - Engineering On Site - Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings - Powder Coating - Sand Blasting - Custom Fabrication - Welding - Steel Sales - Engineering Supplies 13 Reddrop St, Bacchus Marsh PH: 5367 1141 AH: 0418 301 841

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Door Services Victoria



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Page 16 The Moorabool News – 2 August, 2022

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BRITT, Con Ballan Golf Club mourns the passing of member and friend Con Britt. Sincere condolences to his family and friends - Ballan Golf Club

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• 2 -3 days per week, negotiable dry firewood • Light household duties Boxwood • Child caring Sugar Gum 2. Form and content determined by the Council – Council decision • Pick-ups and drop-offs in Ballan Delivery and • Family in Ingliston FULL TIME / PART TIME

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FUNERALS 1114 Doveton St. Nth, Ballarat

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LP Records, Toys, Signs, Vintage items, Tools, Rusty stuff

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The Moorabool News – 2 August, 2022 Page 17

The Under 6 athletes at the start of their 500m event. Photo - submitted

Bacchus Marsh Little Athletics

The Centre Cross Country meet was held at Bostock Reservoir, Ballan. A cold frosty Saturday morning, along with a wind chill factor of minus 2, found our athletes struggling to warm up in preparation for their programmed races. The Open age runners were the first race for the morning as they competed over a 3km course. Under 15 athlete Sam White (BM) recorded the fastest time for the morning, completing the course in 12:53.20 mins. Other age group winners were Alexis Johnstone (BM) Under 13s, Mackenzie Estlick (BM) Under 14s, and Elise Cook (BM) Under 16s. The Under 9 & 10 athletes lined up next, ready for their 1.5km event. Top 3 placegetters were Under 10 athlete Iyla Robinson (BM) closely followed by Under 10s Zeke Horne (BM) while Anni Clarke (BM) was next home; 1st Under 9 athlete. A small field on Under 11 & 12 athletes contested the 2km event. Dushan Baniluk (BM) was a clear winner. Myah Estlick (BM) finished 2nd overall, 1st Under 11 girl while Cord Wilson (Melton) was next home. Alexis Karmiste (Melton) was declared the Under 12 winner. The long downhill, saw a fast start from the Under 7/8 field of athletes as they contested the 1km course. Once again Harry Wark (Melton) was patient before taking the lead and showed his strength in the later stages of the race, powering up the hill to cross the finish line in 1st place overall. Fletcher Reid (Melton) and Sadie Lloyd (Ballarat) were declared the Under 7

winners with Harry & Emilia Ibrahim (BM) the Under 8 winners. Melton’s Mckinley Wilson was the winner of the Under 6 500m event with Bacchus Marsh’s Hayden Tung taking out 2nd place, 1st boy; with Bowie Clarke (BM) crossing the finish line in 3rd just pipping out Annabelle Menzies (BM) for the minor placings.

*** This Saturday there will be no home run as intermediate and seniors athletes will contest the State Cross Country Championships at Lake Dewar, Myrniong. Bacchus Marsh will be represented by the following athletes: Under 9 - Joshua Askew, Angus Norman, Mitchell Tung and Anni Clarke. Under 10 - Zeke Horne, Logan Simons, James White and Iyla Robinson Under 11 - Dushan Baniluk and Myah Estlick Under 12 - Patrick Lovett Under 13 - Alexis Johnstone Under 15 - Sam White Under 16 - Elise Cook

Winning connections of Ollivici.

Photo Stuart McCormick.

Ollivici set for Inter Dominion

By Michael Howard (HRV)

Bacchus Marsh Baseball Results - Round 14 The Bacchus Marsh Tigers hosted the Ballarat Royals after a washout the previous weekend. A dominate display on the mount by James Bailey set the tone of the game with 12 strikeouts across six innings and not allowing any runs. The Tigers were solid in the field and bat with four hits to Thomas Shaw, three to James Bailey and two each for Scott Wentworth, Shannon Hornstra, and Chris Bailey. The Tigers ran out 9-1 winners against a young Ballarat side.

Boom trotter Ollivici appears on course to make a big noise in Australasia’s greatest race series, with trainer-driver Chris Lang revealing the four-year-old was set to tackle November’s Victorian Inter Dominion. The four-year-old dominated the Aldebaran Park Winter Trotters Cup final at Bendigo on Saturday night, the Group 2 triumph a third straight victory that has Lang and connections daring to dream. “We’ll be wanting to target the Inter Dominion this year, because he’s going well,” Lang told TrotsVision. “Mightn’t be good enough to win it this year, but it’s very good grounding for him for further down the track.”

Lang shot Ollivici to the front and he controlled the tempo throughout, blazing home in a 27.9-second final quarter that put the result beyond doubt and set up a seven-metre win to second-placed Whos The Man. Lang's name already features prominently on the Inter Dominion Trotting Championship's honour roll, having won in 2009 and 2010 with brilliant Sundons Gift. This year's series, which returned to Victoria for the first time since 2018, kicks off on November 26 at Ballarat and continues with heats at Shepparton (November 29) and Geelong (December 3) before the December 10 finals at Tabcorp Park Melton. In the lead up to ID22 Lang revealed Ollivici would likely be steered towards

the new $30,000 feature at Melton on September 2 – the Delvin Dancer 4YO Trotters Classic, part of a new night that honours both the Gath and Conroy families and features the Need For Speed finals. “We’ll target that,” Lang said. “We took the long view and were patient with him and we think we’re in for a very good ride the way he’s going.” By Orlando Vici out of Belle Galleon, last Saturday’s win by Ollivici thrilled his big band of owners, many of whom were on course to enjoy the celebrations, including part owner Mark Shaw. “I can’t believe it, I’m still shaking,” he told TrotsVision. “I’ve known Chris for over 30 years, we’ve had some excellent horses but I think this will be the best.”

Page 18 The Moorabool News – 2 August, 2022

Central Highlands Netball League Results - Round 15 A Grade Hepburn (22) lost Bungaree (64) Skipton (37) lost Springbank (53) Gordon (35) lost C’ham/Linton (39) Waubra (22) lost Daylesford (44) Clunes (27) lost Beaufort (67) Newlyn (72) def Ballan (19) Buninyong (65) def Creswick (15) Learmonth (80) def Dunnstown (37) Bye - Rokewood B Grade Hepburn (7) lost Bungaree (77) Gordon (66) def C’ham/Linton (11) Waubra (34) def Daylesford (16) Skipton (24) lost Springbank (30) Buninyong (57) def Creswick (8) Newlyn (42) def Ballan (20) Learmonth (54) def Dunnstown (25) Clunes (28) def Beaufort (25) Bye - Rokewood C Grade Buninyong (49) def Creswick (10) Newlyn (25) lost Ballan (29) Skipton (19) lost Springbank (40) Learmonth (39) def Dunnstown (28) Waubra (44) def Daylesford (14) Clunes (42) def Beaufort (31) Gordon (38) def C’ham/Linton (34) 17 & Under Waubra (29) def Daylesford (19) Learmonth (23) lost Dunnstown (24) Newlyn (42) def Ballan (5) Gordon (16) lost C’ham/Linton (34) Skipton (54) def Springbank (17) Clunes (30) def Beaufort (12) Buninyong (50) def Creswick (2) Hepburn (38) def Bungaree (18) Bye - Rokewood 15&Under Gordon (29) def C’ham/Linton (23) Skipton (34) def Springbank (20) Buninyong (43) def Creswick (0) Newlyn (19) def Ballan (10) Waubra (20) def Daylesford (17) Learmonth (44) def Dunnstown (12) Clunes (25) def Beaufort (6) Hepburn (32) def Bungaree (17) Bye - Rokewood 13&Under A Waubra (15) lost Daylesford (16) Clunes (27) def Beaufort (8) Newlyn (36) def Ballan (7) Buninyong (19) def Creswick (4) Gordon (10) lost C’ham/Linton (32) Skipton (10) lost Springbank (15) Learmonth (8) lost Dunnstown (17) Hepburn (0) lost Bungaree (27) Bye - Rokewood

Dunnstown Netball

Dunnstown v Learmonth Results – Round 15 13&Under B: Dunnstown 2 lost Learmonth 15 Awards - Sarsha Hyland, Mikayla McKay, Adele Leonard & Felicity Ryan 13&Under A: Dunnstown 17 def Learmonth 8 Awards - Bella Boadle, Sophie Howard, Billie Donald, Emma Dash, Anomie Macdonald 15&Under: Dunnstown 12 lost Learmonth 44 Awards - Chloe Wales, Torah Munday & Frankie Macdonald 17&Under: Dunnstown 24 def Learmonth 23 Awards - Abbey Britt, Isla McKay, Charlie Cahir & Zahra Leneghan C Grade: Dunnstown 28 lost Learmonth 39 Awards - Bree Keating, Zoe Britt, Billie O’Loughlin & Leah Purtell B Grade: Dunnstown 25 loat Learmonth 54 Awards - Tayla Dower-Cook, Holly Keating, Jade Peterke & Gemma Hanrahan A Grade: Dunnstown 37 lost Learmonth 80 Awards - Felicity Griffith & Ash Davis


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CHNL Ladder

Central Highlands Football League Results - Round 15 SENIORS Gordon 27.19 (181) def C’ham/Linton 4.4 (28) Learmonth 5.11 (41) lost Dunnstown 15.11 (101) Hepburn 20.15 (135) def Bungaree 7.6 (48) Buninyong 12.13 (85) def Creswick 3.6 (24) Newlyn 11.8 (74) def Ballan 3.6 (24) Skipton 6.12 (48) lost Springbank 8.4 (52) Waubra 13.14 (92) def Daylesford 8.4 (52) Clunes 12.11 (83) def Beaufort 9.12 (66) Bye - Rokewood RESERVES Waubra 6.7 (43) lost Daylesford 9.5 (59) Learmonth 5.7 (37) lost Dunnstown 12.9 (81) Gordon 11.13 (79) def C’ham/Linton 1.6 (12) Hepburn 7.12 (54) lost Bungaree 12.7 (79) Clunes 5.9 (39) lost Beaufort 8.6 (54) Buninyong 9.10 (64) def Creswick 5.6 (36) Newlyn 16.10 (106) def Ballan 0.0 (0) Skipton 7.11 (53) def Springbank 6.2 (38) Bye - Rokewood UNDER 18 Skipton 0.2 (2) lost Springbank 12.8 (80) Learmonth 4.4 (28) lost Dunnstown 5.6 (36) Gordon 15.5 (95) def C’ham/Linton 4.6 (30) Newlyn 11.8 (74) def Ballan 2.0 (12) Waubra 5.17 (47) def Daylesford 5.3 (33) Hepburn 4.7 (31) lost Bungaree 7.3 (45) Clunes 0.0 (0) lost Beaufort 15.16 (106) Bye - Rokewood UNDER 15 Waubra 2.4 (16) lost Daylesford 15.11 (101) Buninyong 25.14 (164) def Creswick 0.0 (0) Newlyn 0.3 (3) lost Ballan 6.14 (50) Hepburn 3.1 (19) lost Bungaree 4.10 (34) Clunes 10.7 (67) def Beaufort 2.1 (13) Learmonth 9.9 (63) def Dunnstown 0.2 (2) Bye - Rokewood

Ballan Golf Club Results - Week ending Saturday 30 July Wednesday - Stableford Winner - Chris Tudor (12) 34 points. R/up - Denis Conroy (17) 33 points. Magpie - 14th Denis Conroy. NTPs - 12th Chris Tudor, 15th David Leach. Saturday – Stableford Round 1 - Moorabool Cup (played at Ballan) Winning players: Ballan Golf Club Andrew Carton (16) 37 points. R/up - Bob Arklay (9) 36 points. Bacchus Marsh Golf Club Chris McGill (11) 35 points. R/up - Peter Farren (17) 33 points on c/b from Daryl Stephenson (11). Winning lady Judy Cox (19) 24 points R/Up - Dianne Barnett (21) on c/b. Bacchus Marsh West Golf Club C. Proctor (11) 34 points. R/up - B. Bonnici (19) 33 points. Winning lady G. McLeod (35) 20 points. R/up - R. Maddy (23) 19 points. Magpies - 1st D. Cowan, 14th Peter Farren, 18th T. Crawford. NTPs - 2nd John Orchard, 12th Bill Davies, 15th Frank Raffaele. Current score averages for Moorabool Cup Ballan Golf Club - 28.25 Bacchus Marsh West Golf Club - 26.68 Bacchus Marsh Golf Club - 25.75.

CHFL Ladder

Seniors Team PTS % SENIORS Gordon......................... 52 195.15 Dunnstown.................. 48 263.65 Springbank.................. 48 211.27 Hepburn........................ 48 210.2 Skipton.......................... 40 148.39 Learmonth..................... 36 122.55 Buninyong..................... 32 124.4 Waubra.......................... 32 107.35 R’wood/C’hap............... 28 118.96 Bungaree..................... 24 109.41 Newlyn.......................... 20 82.49 Clunes........................... 16 69.48 Daylesford..................... 16 64.78 Beaufort........................ 16 57.62 Creswick....................... 16 49 Ballan............................. 8 31.04 C’ham/Linton................... 0 36.27 RESERVES Skipton.......................... 52 Dunnstown.................. 52 Springbank.................. 48 Buninyong..................... 44 R’wood/C’hap............... 44 Learmonth..................... 40 Newlyn.......................... 36 Bungaree..................... 32 Hepburn........................ 26 Creswick....................... 24 Gordon......................... 20 Daylesford..................... 16 Beaufort........................ 12 Waubra.......................... 10 Clunes............................. 8 C’ham/Linton................... 8 Ballan............................. 8

342.31 312.44 331.98 234.39 198.43 196.41 172.32 167.22 100.47 95.79 100.14 53.99 31.77 28.92 34.78 23.31 19.29

UNDER 18 Springbank.................. 54 Gordon......................... 46 Waubra.......................... 40 Beaufort........................ 40 Learmonth..................... 36 Dunnstown.................. 36 C’ham/Linton................. 34 Newlyn.......................... 32 R’wood/C’hap............... 24 Hepburn........................ 24 Skipton.......................... 18 Buninyong..................... 16 Bungaree..................... 12 Daylesford....................... 8 Ballan............................. 4 Clunes............................. 0

743.79 275.93 268.95 265.36 250.56 233.67 161.46 128.8 94.69 64.03 70.99 45.71 40.99 53.85 16.71 13.17

UNDER 15 Daylesford..................... 48 Learmonth..................... 44 Buninyong..................... 44 Ballan........................... 42 Hepburn........................ 42 Bungaree..................... 36 Clunes........................... 28 Gordon......................... 24 R’wood/C’hap............... 24 Skipton.......................... 20 Newlyn.......................... 20 Dunnstown.................. 16 Waubra.......................... 16 Beaufort.......................... 8 C’ham/Linton................... 4 Creswick......................... 4

638.07 544.86 517.67 434.11 168.26 147.25 99.76 171.5 56.82 105.67 25.14 74.18 37.82 28.17 19.68 3.31

Seniors Team PTS % A Grade 1 Buninyong........... 60 261.78 2 Springbank.........56 197.75 3 Learmonth............52 216.11 4 Rokewood........... 52 175.83 5 Beaufort.............. 48 144.40 6 Newlyn................ 36 132.37 7 Bungaree........... 36 106.51 8 Skipton.................36 101.18 9 Dunnstown........ 32 110.00 10 Gordon................28 96.84 11 Daylesford............28 88.53 12 C’ham/Linton........ 20 66.76 13 Clunes..................20 65.80 14 Ballan.................. 14 48.05 15 Waubra......................... 50.42 16 Creswick...............8 48.54 17 Hepburn................ 6 32.86 B Grade 1 Buninyong........... 60 278.41 2 Learmonth........... 56 225.42 3 Gordon............... 52 189.03 4 Bungaree............48 167.81 5 Dunnstown........ 40 134.24 6 Springbank........ 38 121.35 7 Clunes..................36 131.91 8 Ballan...................32 99.23 9 Newlyn.................28 118.77 10 Beaufort............. 28 103.89 11 Waubra................. 28 94.87 12 Rokewood............28 80.50 13 Skipton.................26 92.86 14 C’ham/Linton........20 58.86 15 Creswick............... 8 39.86 16 Hepburn.................8 14.71 17 Daylesford............. 4 29.73 C Grade 1 Buninyong...........60 258.33 2 Newlyn.................52 144.14 3 Ballan................. 48 157.95 4 Springbank........ 48 150.62 5 Learmonth............40 131.73 6 Bungaree............40 128.11 7 Clunes................. 40 126.41 8 Gordon............... 40 109.62 9 Dunnstown..........32 96.90 10 Rokewood........... 28 101.11 11 Beaufort............... 28 88.73 12 Waubra................. 24 83.01 13 C’ham/Linton.........20 77.73 14 Skipton..................16 54.12 15 Creswick................8 47.95 16 Daylesford..............8 27.91 17 Hepburn.................. 0 0.00 17&Under 1 Hepburn..............60 252.34 2 Newlyn................48 184.27 3 Bungaree...........48 163.98 4 Buninyong........... 48 156.69 5 Dunnstown........ 40 138.52 6 Learmonth............40 137.69 7 Skipton.................40 137.41 8 C’ham/Linton........ 40 129.23 9 Clunes................. 36 140.20 10 Waubra............... 36 104.78 11 Springbank......... 22 79.78 12 Rokewood............ 20 65.87 13 Daylesford.............16 68.18 14 Ballan.................. 16 44.41 15 Gordon................ 14 59.49 16 Beaufort............... 12 48.32 17 Creswick............... 4 14.26 15&Under 1 Hepburn..............58 292.89 2 Skipton................54 275.93 3 Gordon...............52 226.35 4 Springbank........ 52 199.56 5 Bungaree........... 48 212.07 6 Clunes................. 40 161.58 7 Learmonth............40 147.65 8 C’ham/Linton........36 127.38 9 Newlyn.................32 118.70 10 Ballan.................. 24 83.58 11 Buninyong............22 82.39 12 Dunnstown......... 22 59.05 13 Waubra..................20 47.84 14 Daylesford............ 16 54.08 15 Rokewood............ 12 30.00 16 Beaufort................ 8 32.33 17 Creswick................. 4 6.94 13&Under 1 Newlyn................56 284.85 2 Gordon............... 52 196.75 3 C’ham/Linton 50 213.59 4 Springbank........ 48 212.26 5 Dunnstown........ 46 134.06 6 Buninyong............44 115.17 7 Learmonth........... 32 126.47 8 Skipton................ 32 103.55 9 Clunes...................32 96.65 10 Daylesford...........28 113.87 11 Waubra................26 116.77 12 Ballan..................22 56.50 13 Rokewood............ 22 55.74 14 Bungaree............ 20 81.69 15 Creswick.............. 14 40.44 16 Hepburn................12 31.08 17 Beaufort................ 4 13.91

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The Moorabool News – 2 August, 2022 Page 19

Ballarat Netball Ladder

Team PTS % A Grade 1 North Ballarat........52 147.55 2 Melton South........ 46 125.67 3 Redan................... 42 125.39 4 Darley.................. 34 113.06 5 East Point............. 26 101.57 6 Lake Wendouree..26 93.54 7 Sebastopol............22 100.80 8 Ballarat.................. 14 75.35 9 Bacchus Marsh..... 8 48.92 B Grade 1 Redan................... 50 152.67 2 East Point............. 46 154.71 3 Darley.................. 46 150.59 4 Ballarat................. 40 130.77 5 Lake Wendouree..32 108.66 6 Melton South......... 26 88.91 7 North Ballarat........ 24 104.03 8 Sebastopol............ 24 85.57 9 Bacchus Marsh...20 62.44 10 Melton.................... 8 58.25 11 Sunbury...................4 56.15 C Grade 1 East Point..............50 164.23 2 Lake Wendouree..42 118.91 3 Darley...................38 127.24 4 Melton South.........36 112.14 5 Ballarat..................34 123.34 6 Sebastopol............ 28 102.28 7 Redan....................22 83.93 8 Bacchus Marsh... 12 67.74 9 North Ballarat.......... 8 46.91 10 Melton.................... 0 0.00 D Grade 1 Ballarat..................54 186.56 2 East Point.............. 52 150.99 3 Melton South.........40 137.78 4 North Ballarat........ 40 125.44 5 Lake Wendouree.. 38 123.99 6 Bacchus Marsh... 28 93.81 7 Sebastopol............ 22 91.88 8 Melton....................20 97.28 9 Redan.....................16 71.98 10 Darley.................. 16 68.50 11 Sunbury.................. 4 36.98 E Grade 1 Melton South.........54 100.00 2 East Point.............. 52 92.31 3 Sebastopol............38 66.67 4 Redan.................... 36 61.54 5 Ballarat..................32 53.85 6 Melton....................26 41.67 7 North Ballarat.........26 41.67 8 Lake Wendouree.. 20 27.27 9 Bacchus Marsh..... 10 8.33 10 Darley...................... 6 0.00 19&Under 1 Sebastopol............ 50 91.67 2 North Ballarat........ 46 81.82 3 Darley................... 44 76.92 4 Lake Wendouree.. 42 75.00 5 Ballarat.................. 38 61.54 6 Melton South..........26 41.67 7 Redan.................... 20 30.77 8 East Point.............. 16 23.08 9 Sunbury.................. 10 8.33 10 Bacchus Marsh...... 8 0.00


Team PTS SENIORS 1 Melton..................... 48 2 Ballarat................... 40 3 East Point............... 36 4 Sebastopol............. 32 5 Darley.................... 32 6 North Ballarat......... 28 7 Bacchus Marsh.... 28 8 Redan..................... 24 9 Sunbury.................. 12 10 Melton South.......... 12 11 Lake Wendouree...... 4 RESERVES 1 Melton..................... 48 2 Sunbury.................. 44 3 Sebastopol............. 36 4 North Ballarat......... 36 5 East Point............... 32 6 Ballarat................... 28 7 Darley.................... 20 8 Lake Wendouree.... 20 9 Redan..................... 16 10 Bacchus Marsh.... 12 11 Melton South............ 0 Under 19s 1 East Point............... 44 2 Ballarat................... 44 3 North Ballarat......... 40 4 Sunbury.................. 28 5 Darley.................... 28 6 Bacchus Marsh.... 20 7 Redan..................... 20 8 Sebastopol............... 8 9 Melton....................... 4 10 Lake Wendouree...... 4


199.71 103.83 113.82 112.56 110.42 123.53 97.46 92.67 96.32 57.77 60.19

Ballarat Football League Results - Round 15 SENIORS Ballarat 9.11 (65) def North Ballarat 9.6 (60) Melton South 10.8 (68) lost Sunbury 19.13 (127) Darley 13.9 (87) def East Point 8.9 (57) Redan 12.19 (91) def Lake Wendouree 9.5 (59) RESERVES Melton South 1.1 (7) lost Sunbury 29.24 (198) Redan 11.12 (78) def Lake Wendouree 5.5 (35) Darley 2.2 (14) lost East Point 18.12 (120) UNDER 19s Darley 7.6 (48) lost East Point 14.10 (94) Redan 8.8 (56) def Lake Wendouree 8.5 (53) Ballarat 4.10 (34) lost North Ballarat 5.9 (39)

Ballarat Football Netball League Results – Round 15 A Grade Melton South (45) def Bacchus Marsh (20) Darley (41) lost East Point (44) Ballarat (27) lost North Ballarat (47) Redan (40) def Lake Wendouree (19) B Grade Ballarat (43) def North Ballarat (32) Darley (50) def East Point (42) Redan (39) def Lake Wendouree (25) Melton South (51) def Sunbury (30) C Grade Melton South (44) def Bacchus Marsh (33) Ballarat (43) def North Ballarat (13) Darley (28) lost East Point (29) Redan (17) lost Lake Wendouree (24) D Grade Ballarat (30) def North Ballarat (20) Redan (19) lost Lake Wendouree (39) Melton South (44) def Sunbury (18) Darley (21) lost East Point (29) E Grade Ballarat (24) def North Ballarat (14) Redan (24) def Lake Wendouree (16) Darley (12) lost East Point (54) 19&Under Ballarat (25) drew North Ballarat (25) Redan (31) lost Lake Wendouree (35) Darley (58) def East Point (21) Melton South (47) def Sunbury (27)

326.63 337.28 200.37 158.43 139.95 158.69 63.28 57.62 64.01 43.4 26.03 276.12 213.66 230.89 86.58 136.76 79.65 75.59 50.28 54.71 36.5

Photo - Tim Saultry /

Photo - Tim Saultry /

Finals destiny in Darley hands By Todd Whelan Darley has secured an all-important 30-point win at home over flag fancies East Point, to move into fifth place on the BFNL ladder. The Devils currently sit in the box seat for a significant final’s appearance with just three rounds of the home and away season remaining. Only cross-town rivals Bacchus Marsh, stand in their way as the two sides prepare to face off in Saturday’s blockbuster local derby at Maddingley Park. The nature of last Saturday’s win over the Kangas officially raises the bar of expectation on Dan Jordan’s young group who withstood all of the reigning dual Premiers physicality and pressure to win ‘going away’. The Devils midfield response led by Luther Baker (19 disp), Brett Bewley (40 disp) and Dylan Landt (36 disp) was emphatic, reversing the tables on their round nine clash when the Kangas crew Matty Johnston (32 disp), Mickitja Rottumah-Onus (18 disp) and Jordy Taylor (22 disp) took the honours. In fairness the Kangas were without Jackson Merrett (hamstring) and Joe Dodd (knee soreness) from their previous meet but that can be squared away with Devils’ absentees - Shane Page (overseas), Leigh Spiteri (hamstring), Brady Wright (B/Rebels) and Will Johnson (knee) - all of whom are hopeful of a return. For the record, the Devils are 5-1 from Dylan Landt’s six games in the black and white. There were warning signs early for the Devils coughing up the opening two goals of the game on the back of defensive turnovers, redeemingly inherent of their disappointing 14 point loss to Redan a week earlier. But the Devils buy-in was palpable. Their maturity, led by their more experienced leaders was a shining light in clearly their best team win of the season. Devils forward Nick Rodda (4 goals) won the battle of the ‘keys’ on the goal front as Kangas star Jordy Johnston (1.4) was well held by rising star Mace Cousins. The 21 year old continued with his consistent season and was part of a winning back six bouyed by the recent returns of Matty Brett, Darren Leonard and Duncan Cadman. Devils wingman Bailey Young (34 disp) and Joel Cadman were the next best for the Devils who struggled to find a player with little or no influence. For the Kangas, Jacob Brown (31 disp) and Cam Lovig (28 disp) had plenty of the ball but moreso under the pump in their back half. Despite evidence of further progress in Kangas youngsters Liam Canny and Jack Jeffries (two goals each), Jake Bridge’s boys were humbled to their second lowest score of the season. There was further upside for the Devils as yet another product of the Under 19s made his debut - namely Justin Runge. With limited opportunities the pacy Runge

presented enough throughout the afternoon to generate a set shot on goal but just missed. Other youngsters Cooper Murley (2 goals) and Mitch Gardiner (1 goal) managed to hit the scoreboard, adding further pressure for their more seasoned rivals. While the Devils are not shy on youth, a mountain of credit must be saved for the senior members of the team. Their communication skills and physical presence provided the necessary directive and protection for the more inexperienced members of the group to thrive. How Jordan and his crew bank the win and reset ahead of Bacchus Marsh looms season defining. For now, they’re merely at ‘base camp’ as finals remain firmly on the Cobras radar. Unfortunately for these two sides, seven doesn’t go into six, confirming this local derby to be touted as ‘one for the ages’. What the coaches said Overall: Jordan (Darley) - Good to win against a quality opposition. Bridges (East Point) - Today was much more than a game. Our trainer Mark Scully is battling Cancer and was there again to support the group. Whether we win, lose or draw - we draw tremendous inspiration from him. Where the game was won: Jordan - I thought our boys executed the game plan well and brought intensity and pressure for four quarters. Rate your Backs performance: Jordan - I think Mace (Cousins) took the points against Jordy Johnston. Matty Brett and Darren Leonard were solid, and helped straighten us up. We got some good pressure from our smalls and witnessed more growth from the group which was pleasing for us. Midfield: Jordan - Brett Bewley was terrific with his role. Luther Baker was clean and used the ball well. Dylan Landt was solid for us again and Ayden Tanner competed hard for us in the ruck. Forwards: Jordan - A much better performance from our smalls. We were able to produce more avenues to goal which was encouraging. Nick Rodda was super for us again. What he didn’t mark, he brought to ground for our smalls. Final Score: DARLEY - 5.0-30, 6.5-41, 10.565, 13.9-87 def EAST POINT - 3.1-19, 4.5-29, 8.8-56, 8.9-57. DARLEY (WHELAN’S BEST) - B. Bewley, B. Young, D. Landt, L. Baker, M. Cousins, J. Cadman, M. Brett DARLEY (GOALS) - N. Rodda 4, B. Bewley 2, C. Murley, M. Gardiner 1, B. Colley, J. Bewley, D. Landt, A. Tanner. APPLE 98.5FM LIVE RADIO FROM 2PM Bacchus Marsh v Darley or stream via

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ROUND 15 Darley v East Point FOOTBALL We took on East Point at home on Saturday. The U19’s played the top side and put in a creditable performance leading up to the finals, but unfortunately they went down 94 to 58. The best players were Daniel Lalor, Ben Crawford, and Jett Fuller. The reserves battled hard throughout the match but lost 120 to 14. The better players were Matt For all of your lending needs Horan, Blake Dascola and Ben Wood. Home: First home, upgrading, investing or simply In a must win game for the seniors, the Devils were able to beat the 2nd placed East Point by 30 looking for a better home loan points 87 to 57 and as a result, keep their finals hopes alive. Nick Rodda kicked 4 goals and the best Finance: Cars, earthmoving & transport equipment players were Luther baker, Mace Cousins and Brett Bewley. Next week we play away to Bacchus Business & general equipment Marsh, where a win for the seniors will guarantee a spot in the finals. Commercial: Factory and SMSF Under 19’s: East Point 14.10.94 d Darley 7.6.58 Phone Adrian Waller 0408 677 757 GOALS: Zane Colley 2, Austin MacBeth 2, Jett Fuller 1, Cooper Murley 1, Ty Closter 1 Email BEST: Daniel Lalor, Ben Crawford, Jett Fuller, Josh Quinlan, Cooper Parsons-Jones, Lane Havelberg Reserves: East Point 18.12.120 d Darley 2.2.14 97 Main Street Bacchus Marsh Australian Credit Licence no 392575 GOALS: Matt Horan 1, Bradley Layton 1 BEST: Matt Horan, Blake Dascola, Ben Wood, Tim Hardinge, Drew Locke, Jarrod White Seniors: Darley 13.9.87 d East Point 8.9.57 GOALS: Nick Rodda 4, Brett Bewley 2, Jack Bewley 1, Blake Colley 1, Mitchell Gardner 1, Dylan Landt 1, Ayden Tanner 1 BEST: Luther Baker, Mace Cousins, Brett Bewley, Bailey Young, Nick Rodda, Joel Cadman NETBALL A tough day for the netballers on Saturday. The two matches of the round were the B Grade and C grade games. The 19’s had a training run, easily accounting for the East Point team. It was a great game to watch Through the creation of Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates on a skill level. (VEECs)losing which arethe electronic certificates created in accordance The E grade team gave it their all again. Unfortunately against East Side squad. with the Target D Grade have continued to improve each week. The Victorian great result Energy for the D Efficiency grade team was the Act 2007 (VEET Act). turnaround in the scores from the last time they met East Point. In round 9, the girls lost by 23 goals, and this time the loss was only by 8! East Point is sitting 2nd on the ladder so, for our girls, the loss was really a win! Our C Grade girls showed that they are ready to take on the finals. Playing top of the ladder, East Point, who the only lost they have had this season was against the Darley girls in round 9 by 2 goals. With a slightly different line up in this round and some exciting younger players taking the court, the girls fought it out until the final siren. Unfortunately, they were pipped by the time they had the ball entering the goaling third as the siren sounded. The Darley girls unfortunately lost by only one goal/ It is thrilling to watch what this team can do and they are looking forward to consolidating playing positions going into finals. The B Grade game was 2nd versus 3rd on the ladder, with East Point holding 2nd place. The last time the girls met, the Devils went down by 13 goals to the older and more experienced East Point side. The Darley B grade’s oldest player is 20 years old and the average age being 17 years of age and they are peaking at the right end of the season and are showing maturity beyond their years. The final score and a 21 goal turnaround, saw Darley take the win by 8 goals. The A Grade girls should have walked away with a win on Saturday, however, misses at the post, cost them a win and the chance to keep 3rd spot on the ladder. 19’s & Under: Darley 58 d East Point 21. GOAL SCORERS: Sarah Mason, Ava Hellyer, Greta Gorman-Jacobs. BEST: Maddy Lerino, Sophie Andreula E-Grade: East Point 54 d Darley 12. GOAL SCORERS: Ava Densley, Tahlia Nare, Greta GormanJacobs. BEST: Hayley Inglis, Teah Myers D-Grade: East Point 31 d Darley 21. GOAL SCORERS: Maegan Taylor, Jessica Blake. BEST: Natalie Wilks, Tahla Ward C-Grade: East Point 29 d Darley 28. GOAL SCORERS: Lauren Martin, Renee Hulls. BEST: Addison Wright, Ella Harris in factSarah it willMason, be better! B-Grade: Darley 50 d East Point 42. GOAL Yes, SCORERS: Sarah Magowan, Victoria Our skilled and qualified electricians can remove all your existing Abdulnour. BEST: Kaylee Smith, Sarah Mason halogen lamps and replace them with more efficient, longer A-Grade: East Point 44 d Darley 41. GOAL SCORERS: Keely Boudrie, Monique Nagle. BEST: Ailish McCormack, Monique Nagle. lasting and safer LED lamps.

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146-148 Main Street Bacchus Marsh Phone 5367 6100

191 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh

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ROUND 13 - BACCHUS MARSH COMMUNITY BANK BRANCH environmental impact. - SENIOR WOMEN’S FOOTBALL A tough match for the girls today against a strong opposition side. Bad luck girls. Redan 8.6.54 d Darley 2.3.15. GOALS: Madalyn Clarke 2. BEST: Bella Phillips, Tamara Henry, Bronwyn Gell, Ella Tyson, Madalyn Clarke, Natalie Wilks.

03 5368 2001

NEXT ROUND 2 Osborne Round 16 will be played on Saturday against the Cobras at Maddingley Park.Street, Maddingley 3340, Victoria Our women’s football side will play round 14 next Sunday against Lake Wendouree Hub. Darley


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relative may provide the key to solving a long lasting family difficulty. Backup plans are all important, especially if entertaining. Moorabool News – 2 August, 2022 Page 21 LEO—July 23-August 22

Negotiations are generally favourable but be sure to read all the fine print in any contracts or documents. Moves and promotions are highlighted. Avoid leaning toward exaggeration.

Stars & Puzzles VIRGO—August 23-September 22

A major career or educational goal is within your reach. Idealistic ideas win you admirers and may lead to a challenge. Travel may prove unexpectedly complicated.


★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★ ARIES—March 21-April 20

Family discussions may lead to a more equitable division or responsibilities. An opportunity may open up for part time employment. Attention to detail pays off all week.

1. 6. 8. 9. 10. 11. 13. 15. 17. 19. 22. 23. 24. 25.

ACROSS Stand (8) Girl’s name (4) Blonde (4) Small ax (8) Scatter (5) Yearned (6) Squirm (6) Most pleasant (6) Verve (6) Big (5) Mused (8) Increased (4) Roman emperor (4) Sauce (8)

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 12. 14. 16. 18. 20. 21.

DOWN Minimum (5) Agony (7) Curse (4) Muttering (8) White (5) Originality (7) Renovated (8) Rebuke (7) Alterations (7) Show (5) Colour (5) Rim (4)


ACROSS 1. Does lying on it tangle the hair? (8). 6. Bird that will always tilt it’s head to one side? (4). 8. Pitiably bad? (4). 9. Would you never see one on the Dead Sea? (4-4). 10. Nick has changed least (5). 11. The papers he put into groups (6). 13. Nearly, at the last upset, getting the doctor in (6). 15. Port that gets one badly stoned (6). 17. Are such sheets a weight on the bed (6). 19. The rubbish some people eat! (5). 22. An enormous deficit in fuel (8). 23. It’s the usual thing to give a boy a name (4). 24. Material the grass skirt is made of? (4). 25. The previous exam was all about the country (8). DOWN 2. To do with a spell (5). 3. Wind that’s wrenched a door half off (7). 4. In Spain, she’s twice the woman (4). 5. Liking the performer has for a subdued light? (4,4). 6. Stitch that would be used if knitting with wire wool? (5). 7. Can’t she be reformed by discipline? (7). 12. When the platform’s erected, doesn’t keep the appointment (6,2). 14. Alone or, perhaps, with a woman (7). 16. Ronald has, to either side of him, a city (7). 18. Rose has a point there! (5). 20. Both parents right in the heart of a city in Italy (5). 21. In addition to more French being spoken (4).


CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across - 1,Mat-tress. 6, Cock. 8, Poor. 9, Life-boat. 10, Steal (anag.). 11, S-he-ets. 13, Al-MO-st. 15, Ostend (anag.). 17, Cot-ton. 19, Tripe. 22, Co-loss-Al. 23, Norm. 24, Lawn. 25, Past-oral. Down - 2, A-bout. 3, Torn-a-do(or). 4, El-la. 5, Soft spot. 6, Cable(-stitch). 7, Chasten (anag.). 12, Stand’s up. 14, Leonora (anag.). 16, To-Ron-to. 18,Thorn. 20, Pa-r-ma. 21, Plus.

QUICK SOLUTIONS Across - 1, Robe. 7, Raspberry. 8, Meet. 9, Fair. 10, Nigh. 11, Arms. 14, Transports. 16, Comparable. 19, Roll. 22, Well. 24, Vial. 25, Pint. 26, Receiving. 27, Seen. Down - 1, Rumba. 2, Bream. 3, Canada. 4, Sports. 5, Lean. 6, Frightful. 12, Recovered. 13, Stop. 15, Over. 17, Revive. 18, Brawny. 20, Olive. 21, Latin. 23, Leek. CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across - 1, Bank. 7, Well-spent. 8, Lo-OK. 9, Rent. 10, Ti-er (rev.). 11, Emit (anag.). 14, Hello Dolly. 16, First stage 19, Reel. 22,(Ri)O-gre(at). 24, Roll. 25, Mint. 26, Trade-wind. 27, May-O. Down - 1, Bil-ge (rev.). 2, Naomi (anag.). 3, Re-peal. 4, Bl-Otto 5, Spot. 6, Under-line. 12, Ma-lingers. 13, (en)Thus(iasm). 15, Over. 17, Screws. 18, Ai-ling. 20, Er-I-ca. 21, (b)Lotto. 23, Ends.

SCORPIO—October 23-November 21

Variety highlights the week. You may be introduced to people representing a wide range of interests. It’s important to keep up with the times, developing skills necessary in today’s workplace. SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22

TAURUS—April 21-May 22

Your upbeat mood is contagious and people vie for your affections this week. Your workload includes unexpected challenges. You impress everyone at work with your ability to organize people.

GEMINI—May 23-June 21

Communications are accented. Messages arrive ahead of schedule and you can make an effective pitch for whatever you’re promoting. One caution - don’t steal the limelight from your best friend.

You may be in a mood to expand your friendship circle, but don’t forget old acquaintances either. Your independent streak surfaces this week. Financial news should improve on the weekend.

NO. 9258

LIBRA—September 23-October 22 A faraway friend may contact you and your own travel itinerary may include touches of the exotic. At work, your boss may claim credit for your idea, with great diplomacy, set the record straight.

An older family member may surprise you with the degree of his or her encouragement and devotion. Look for a special way to reciprocate. Keeping abreast of civic happenings proves beneficial.

CANCER—June 22-July 22 Tensions in a relationship may ease up and an older relative may provide the key to solving a long lasting family difficulty. Backup plans are all important, especially if entertaining. LEO—July 23-August 22

Negotiations are generally favourable but be sure to read all the fine print in any contracts or documents. Moves and promotions are highlighted. Avoid leaning toward exaggeration. VIRGO—August 23-September 22

A major career or educational goal is within your reach. Idealistic ideas win you admirers and may lead to a challenge. Travel may prove unexpectedly complicated. LIBRA—September 23-October 22 A faraway friend may contact you and your own travel itinerary may include touches of the exotic. At work, your boss may claim credit for your idea, with great diplomacy, set the record straight.


SCORPIO—October 23-November 21


Variety highlights the week. You may be introduced to people representing a wide range of interests. It’s important to keep up with the times, developing skills necesANSWER BELOW sary in today’s workplace. SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22

Your upbeat mood is contagious and people vie for your affections this week. Your workload includes unexpected challenges. You impress everyone at work with your ability to organize people. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20

Communications are accented. Messages arrive ahead of schedule and you can make an effective pitch for whatever you’re promoting. One caution - don’t steal the limelight from your best friend. AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19 Experimentation may lead to a solution to an age old problem. Learning to delegate more can help you attain your goals on schedule. It’s important to stay informed of community events. PISCES—February 20-March 20 You are a good source of profit making ideas but don’t make any investments until you have checked out all the angles. Romantic differences should be totally handled on an intellectual level.

BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK You are careful and ambitious, but sometimes pessimistic. It’s important to spend time with upbeat personalities. Communications improve noticeably through the next four months and there can be major improvements in relationships with older and younger people. Financial gains are possible nearer the end of the year.

CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20

AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19 Experimentation may lead to a solution to an age old problem. Learning to delegate more can help you attain your goals on schedule. It’s important to stay informed of community events. PISCES—February 20-March 20 You are a good source of profit making ideas but don’t make any investments until you have checked out all the angles. Romantic differences should be totally handled on an intellectual level.

BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK You are careful and ambitious, but sometimes pessimistic. It’s important to spend time with upbeat personalities. Communications improve noticeably through the next four months and there can be major improvements in relationships with older and younger people. Financial gains are possible nearer the end of the year.

QUICK SOLUTIONS Across - 1, Platform. 6, Anne. 8, Fair. 9, Tomahawk. 10, Strew. 11, Longed. 13, Writhe. 15, Nicest. 17, Spirit. 19, Large. 22, Pondered. 23, Grew. 24, Nero. 25, Dressing. Down - 2, Least. 3, Torment. 4, Oath. 5, Mumbling. 6, Ashen. 7, Newness. 12, Restored. 14, Reprove. 16, Changes. 18, Rodeo. 20, Green. 21, Edge.


up for a bride (5). 22. Sign nothing, chaps (4).

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