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Tuesday 20 July, 2021

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Appeal for birds to stay on the road By Bianca Roberts (Intern 3rd Year Melb Uni)

Martin Scuffins with Kevy, a 17-year old Nankeen Kestrel, Australia’s smallest falcon. INSET: The current 20-year old van that needs replacing. Photo – www.hawkandowl.com.au

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Unique birds of prey have swooped upon Ballan in the latest event from the Wombats Regional Arts Network’s, Birds in Ballan festival. Facilitated by the Leigh Valley Hawk and Owl Sanctuary, the demonstration introduced (covid compliant) event goers, to a variety of raptor species, including Yarram the wedge-tailed eagle, Skeksi the barking owl, and Dandelion and Kevy (Nankeen Kestrels). Martin Scuffins is the Director of the sanctuary and told the Moorabool News the event provided a valuable opportunity to educate the community on the importance of environmental conservation. “These birds are perfectly adapted to the environment in which they live, but they share that environment with us,” he said. “Nature is not a place to visit, it’s home,” he added. Mr Scuffins said without community efforts to protect the natural environment, Australian birdlife will struggle to survive. “Species, minus habit, equals extinction,” he said. And extinction (mechanically) will be sooner than later if the 20-year-old van used to transport the birds to demonstrations, is not replaced. The Sanctuary is appealing for community help. Mr Scuffins said the van they need to replace is “geriatric and dilapidated” and, has travelled well over 400,000km. “It is very tired and in desperate need of either major renovation or, ideally, replacement. Please help us upgrade our bird’s limo,” he said. The van is not only vital for transporting the birds to demonstrations, but it is the primary mode of evacuation in the event of a bushfire. The sanctuary at Garibaldi is run by Mr Scuffins and his wife Tahlia Barnett, with volunteers Patrick and Molly aiding operations, and has been operating as a bird rehabilitation facility for over 20 years, with education and outreach programs beginning in 2014. To donate fund towards their ‘replace the Van’ appeal, visit www.mycause.com.au/ and search ‘Leigh Valley Hawk and Owl Sanctuary’. Further information is available at www.hawkandowl.com.au

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Page 2 The Moorabool News – 20 July, 2021

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The Moorabool News – 20 July, 2021 Page 3

COVID, too close for comfort By Lachlan Ellis Pumped. That is how the Ballan community feel after no positive covid cases have come out of last week’s exposure site. Three sites last week in Moorabool were listed as Tier 1 COVID exposure sites, forcing their closure for deep cleaning however, over the weekend there has been more exposure sites identified. It all started on Thursday 8 July from 5 – 7 pm, when a team of furniture removalists from Sydney visited the Mobil petrol station (westbound) and the McDonald’s restaurant on the Western Freeway at Ballan. Two of those removalists later tested positive for the Delta variant of COVID-19. One of the removalists had a shower at the petrol station, but Pauline Heywood, Mobil Ballan Westbound Manager said the removalists all followed COVID regulations during their visit. “The guys did everything right when they came into the site. They had masks on, they sanitised, they scanned in… they didn’t do anything wrong. If anyone says they did something wrong outside, they certainly didn’t at the site, which serves as a little bit of comfort for us,” Ms Heywood told the Moorabool News. “We found out from the Health Department at around 5pm on Monday [12 July]. Any staff that were at the site between 5 and 7 [on Thursday 8 July] had to be tested the next day and isolated for the time required by the Health Department.” The station closed on Monday night for deep cleaning and re-opened on Tuesday morning. A Bacchus Marsh Grammar teacher also tested positive last Wednesday 14 July, prompting the school to shut its Maddingley and Woodlea campuses on Thursday and Friday. Prior to being tested, the teacher attended a staff development day on Monday (12 July), but was absent on Tuesday and Wednesday, and thus did not have contact with students. All staff who were present at the staff development day were ordered to isolate and get tested. Over 50 per cent of Grammar students have been tested, all returning negative results at the time of print, as the Department of Health instructed students to “isolate in your home away from other household members until notified by the Department of Health”.


The combined exposure site in Ballan was a fast food outlet and a petrol station on the Western Freeway (westbound). Photo – Helen Tatchell

Bacchus Marsh Grammar Principal Andrew Neal spoke on ABC Radio Melbourne and said the teacher was not at the school when students were present. “The fortunate thing is the teacher has not been at school on Tuesday and Wednesday…they haven’t been at school when students have been at school,” Mr Neal said. “We are enormously impressed by what DHHS are doing in terms of chasing this up and the help they are giving us, and I think people should be very reassured that everyone’s doing everything they can.” Anyone who attended either the Mobil Ballan Westbound petrol station or McDonald’s Ballan Westbound between 5–7pm on Thursday 8 July is required by the Victorian Government to get tested immediately, and quarantine for 14 days from exposure. Currently, there are nine confirmed positive cases from the Bacchus Marsh Grammar Tier-1 site, including one student.

BP Service Station, 65 Grant St, Maddingley A BP service station in Maddingley has now been identified as a TIER 1 exposure site. If anyone attended the BP at 65 Grant Street on Wednesday 14 July between 12.50pm and 1.30pm, they are advised to get tested and isolate immediately as a positive case of COVID-19 attended during that time. Four (4) School buses – Christians Bus Service Bacchus Marsh operated four buses on Wednesday 14 July. 1. (Bacchus Marsh Coaches) – 8.10am to 8.30am - Ballan/ Greendale to Bacchus Marsh via Halletts Way. 2.  (Bacchus Marsh Coaches) – 8.20am to 8.40am – Bacchus Marsh College to Bacchus Marsh Grammar. 3. (Bacchus Marsh Coaches) – 3pm to 4pm – Bacchus Marsh to Ballan/Greendale 4.  8.21am to 8.41am Bacchus Marsh College Bus Interchange, Griffith Street. SHAPE IT FITNESS – 33 Griffith Street, Bacchus Marsh On Saturday 17 July, the owners were notified in the afternoon, by authorities their premises had a member who tested positive visit the gym. The said, “because of the thorough tracing system at the gym, we were able to identify the few members who were at the premises at the same time as the infected member.” They advised and reassured their members on social media, that they have been following advice by the CHO and conducted a deep clean on Sunday.

HOW TO GET TESTED Pop-up COVID-19 testing sites were established at Ballan (Walsh Street) and Bacchus Marsh (Station Street) train stations. The Ballan testing site closed unexpectedly late Friday night and was reinstated on Sunday 18 July, and is open 9am-5pm, 7-days a week, with the Bacchus Marsh testing site operating between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Wednesday, and Sunday. There are also testing stations at Sebastopol (Ballarat) and Melton.No appointments are necessary, there is no minimum age requirement, and asymptomatic people are welcome to get tested. Further information can be found at www.bhs.org.au

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Page 4 The Moorabool News – 20 July, 2021

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A plan that not everyone rates as good review to be done over the coming 12 months, so that we can assess adequately and appropriately any changes that may need to be done,” he said.

By Lachlan Ellis It was ‘take-two’ at the July Ordinary Meeting of Council, as the Revenue and Rating Plan came before Council, again, after being voted down a week earlier. A Revenue and Rating Plan was made mandatory for councils under the Local Government Act 2020, with Council accepting community submissions on a draft until 8 June. But when the final copy came before Council on 30 June, it was voted down by Councillors Tatchell, Munari and Berry, with Mayor Cr Sullivan casting the deciding vote, against. At the 7 July meeting, Cr Tonia Dudzik presented Council with an alternate motion that the Revenue and Rating Plan pass, on the conditions that a further review of the Plan be undertaken by 30 June 2022, and a report be received for the September Ordinary Meeting of Council. Cr David Edwards seconded the alternate motion, while Cr Paul Tatchell raised his hand in opposition, beginning a debate. “We are required to approve our Revenue and Rating Plan, to support our already adopted Budget. It’s a legislative requirement that we actually approve it, and if we were not to approve it, we’d be breaching legislation,” Cr Dudzik said. “This document is an existing document previously adopted by Council, which is currently in force. We have a commitment by Council and Council officers that a detailed review of our Revenue and Rating Plan will be conducted over the coming months, so we will get to argue each element of that in detail. It’s possible from that, further refinements will be made and can be put up to a future Council meeting,” she said. Cr Edwards told they meeting they have already adopted the Revenue and Rating Plan for this current financial year. “What this does is allows for a full, complete

Cr Tatchell argued the Plan was an example of Council becoming “a practicing arm of the State Government every time they want something they call it legislation”. “I often wonder why they even come to Council, because ultimately the rate revenue strategy is not working, doesn’t work, hasn’t worked for a long time, and is unlikely to work,” he said. “The fact they’re looking for a four-year outlook is outrageous, with an economy that’s moving as dramatically as it has in the last 18 months. I think that, as a Council, it’s far more important to be democratic than passing the legislation of some troglodyte that’s got nothing better to do.” He suggested that discussion of Revenue and Rating Plans be an annual occasion due to “the changing nature of our Shire”. All four East Moorabool Ward Councillors – Edwards, Dudzik, Berry and Ward – voted in favour of the alternate motion, while Cr Tatchell voted against, and Cr Munari abstained. Mayor Cr Sullivan expressed his hopes that the review would provide a chance to consult with all parts of the Moorabool community. “I think as Cr Tatchell said, we sort of have a model that’s broken at the moment. I think this is an opportunity to consult with all residents, and businesses, and farmers, and everybody across the community to have their input into this,” he said. “Things are changing, and to have a fouryear plan in this really, given the dynamic situation we find ourselves in…we do need to have something that is done almost on an annual basis.”

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THE “BROKEN” SYSTEM Speaking to the Moorabool News, Cr Tatchell argued that the current rating system was unsustainable – pointing the finger at the State Government’s Fair Go Rates System. “We’re killing business; we’re certainly killing farmers…every Budget I’ve done for the last nine years there’s been less farms,” he said. “We need to push back on the Government. They should never have put a system in place that encourages councils to increase rates…you’re actually penalised the following year if you don’t increase your rates, because the rate cap goes on what your revenue was the year before. “There’s nothing in the Fair Go Rates System to reduce rates should there be an economic disaster…and we’re in the worst economic situation since the Great Depression,” he said. Cr Tatchell said the system put an unfair burden on farmers and business owners in the Shire. “We have these spikes; this year it’ll be the farming community…they’ve already told us, we’ve seen the valuations…they’ll have probably around a 12 to 13 per cent rate increase,” he said. “And businesses, which there are more of than farms, pay 1.5 times the general rate. Even beyond the current economic climate, the hypocrisy of that…65 per cent of our people work outside of the Shire, and we have this headline that says ‘we want local jobs’…but what do we do? We make them pay more. “Even putting aside COVID, it’s outrageous. Some businesses are barely ticking over, some are closed, but they’re still going to get that, 1.5 times rate notice.”

RATES SYSTEM “NOT PERFECT” Cr David Edwards voted in favour of the Revenue and Rating Plan but admitted that the current way rates were calculated was not perfect and, agreed with Cr Tatchell that the Fair Go Rates System was ineffective. “Unfortunately, the method used for rates is not the perfect solution and never will be. There’s always going to be those that go up and those that go down, due to valuations… if you have a look across the board, whilst there may be some farms that go up by a significant amount, there are also some residential ones that go up by a significant amount too,” Cr Edwards said. “I suppose the positive [of the Fair Go Rates System] is that it makes the State Government look good, because they can say they’re capping the rates. The reality is, it removes the flexibility…for example, if we were to go at a zero per cent rate increase this year, then next year we still can’t go above CPI (Consumer Price Index) unless we go through the Essential Services Commission.” “So, you never get the opportunity to catch up when you’re required to, when things are going well and you need to raise extra revenue, or reduce farming rates, or whatever it may be…the Fair Go Rates System takes away the ability of councils to consider going less.” Cr Edwards added that while the business rate seemed high, Council had “actually proposed to reduce the business rate albeit by a small amount, and vacant landowner prices have been proposed to come down”. “In the last 10 years, the reality is that we’ve reduced the farming rate, we’ve reduced vacant land rate, and we’ve reduced the business rate,” he said.

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The Moorabool News – 20 July, 2021 Page 5

Community update You will be aware that we recently narrowed down our investigations for the proposed Western Victoria Transmission Network Project to a single corridor of land. This was an important step, but the final route for the proposed transmission line is not determined. We are still in the early planning stages and are continuing to undertake rigorous investigations as part of the Environment Effects Statement (EES). The EES is an independent and thorough investigation of potential environmental impacts, and provides the community and stakeholders with an opportunity to review and provide feedback as the project develops. To ensure we fully understand the existing conditions and environmental sensitivities of the land within the proposed corridor for the EES, we need to access properties within the corridor to conduct surveys, investigations, and monitoring. These field studies will help us better understand the environmental impacts that could result from any preferred option for the final route, and how those impacts could be mitigated or managed. We thank those hundreds of landholders we are actively talking with, and in many cases, we have already started surveying their land at their invitation which has provided valuable information and will help guide future decisions. We understand these surveys can be inconvenient or unsettling for landholders, and some may not wish to enter into a land access agreement with us. But we’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss and hopefully resolve any concerns. When negotiating land access agreements, we work with each landholder individually to identify how we can minimise interruption to their property, farming operations and livestock. This includes discussing any biosecurity measures required, like wash-downs upon entry and exit, in addition to standard procedures such as closing gates, avoiding disturbance to livestock, and driving on existing laneways and tracks. Our priority is to ensure the EES contains as much accurate and up-to-date information as possible to guide the final route. Input from landholders as to how they use their property is vitally important. Nobody knows the land like they do. The existing transmission network in western Victoria is at capacity. The proposed transmission line will unlock western Victoria’s potential to become the state’s renewable energy powerhouse by allowing new projects, like wind and solar, to begin powering communities. If you have any questions about land access or the project generally, please contact our dedicated land team by emailing info@westvictnp.com.au or calling 1300 360 795. You’ll also find a range of fact sheets, latest news and an interactive map at www.westvictnp.com.au. Stephanie McGregor

Delivered by

Executive Project Director On behalf of the WVTNP team

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Hats off to the new doctor By Bianca Roberts (Intern 3rd Year Melb Uni) Michael Ryan has been awarded an honourary degree, Doctor of the University Honoris Causa, by Federation University Ballarat as a tribute to years of hard work and ‘distinguished service’. Mr Ryan is a Ballan resident and told the Moorabool News that it was a ‘great honour’ to be recognised by a university he greatly supports. “It’s a great long-standing historical organisation and to be part of that is a real privilege as far as I’m concerned,” he said. Ryan joined the Council and the Finance Committee in July 2012 and after becoming Chair in 2015, he helped navigate the university through what it called ‘a time of significant expansion and growth during a period of immense challenges’. He was instrumental in the organisation’s successful financial transition from the University of Ballarat to Federation University Australia, which involved the integration of the existing Ballarat campus with Monash University's Gippsland campus. “It wasn’t a popular decision at the time… but I think it’s created a fantastic regional university with really good synergy between this side of the state and the other,” he said. Consequently, Mr Ryan notes, Federation University has achieved ‘the highest incidence’ of first-generation university students in recent years. “The way the university handles those people with pastoral care is amazing… I think it’s a really good result for education in Regional Victoria.”. Whilst his tenure with the university is over, he looks forward to seeing what the next generation can achieve working alongside the university. “I’ve had my time and I’m a great believer in turnover, for other people to have opportunities… so I’m hoping other people like me 10 years ago are happy to have a go and make a contribution.” The award also comes as a celebration of Mr Ryan’s work in the wider community. He has been involved in several community projects such as The Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Plan, The Wimmera Mallee Sustainability Alliance and the Horsham Art Gallery. (L-R) Federation University Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Duncan Bentley presents Michael Ryan with an honorary doctorate. Photo - FedUni

He served as a member of the Horsham Rural City Council from 2005 to 2012, including two years as Mayor. Today, Mr Ryan is currently President of the Ballan and District Chamber of Commerce.

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The Moorabool News – 20 July, 2021 Page 7

Page 8 The Moorabool News – 20 July, 2021


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Good score for recreation By Lachlan Ellis Local cricket and Aussie rules football stars will be hitting more sixes and kicking more goals, with more than $221,000 to be invested by the State Government for new cricket nets and football goals. The Ballan Cricket Club and Ballan Football and Netball Club are two of the many core groups that use the Reserve, and the funding will enable Moorabool Shire Council to upgrade the facilities for these clubs. Member for Buninyong, Michaela Settle, visited the Ballan Recreation Reserve with Moorabool Councillors Paul Tatchell and Ally Munari, and Acting Council CEO Sally Jones, on Thursday 1 July. “I’ve told this story a thousand times before, but literally the first call I got after I’d been preselected – not even elected – was Billy [Smith, Ballan Rec Reserve President], saying ‘we need a whole new Rec Reserve’, and it’s been my mission ever since to deliver that,” Ms Settle said. “This means there will be a great facility for people growing up here in Ballan.” The cricket training nets at the Recreation Reserve will consist of three synthetic pitches at a total cost of $178,740. The Victorian Government is

Cricket and football will benefit from funding grants for the Ballan Recreation Reserve with Member for Buninyong Michaela Settle announcing the upgrade with Moorabool Councillors Paul Tatchell and Ally Munari. Photo – Helen Tatchell committing $98,740 under the Community Cricket Program, and Council $50,000. New safety nets will also be installed behind the north end football goals to ensure the safety of spectators, thanks to a $21,588 grant from the AFL Safety Goal Netting Project, with Council matching that figure. Billy Smith, President of the Ballan Recreation Reserve, said the funding was timely, with plans in the works to redevelop and upgrade the Reserve in 2022. “These are massively important, the [football] nets on the southern end were extremely

important for safety with balls going over the train line. Now that there’s been development with trees being removed on the northern side, having properties built around the Reserve, it’s become a more residential area,” Mr Smith said. “With the new Ballan Recreation Reserve redevelopment building works, which should start commencing early next year, the current nets need to be removed for the building to go ahead. The new cricket nets will need to be in before the building begins.” On behalf of Mayor Cr Tom Sullivan, Cr Tatchell thanked

Ms Settle for helping fund the works, joking that the Football Club had “sacrificed” footballs to trees and trains without a north end net. “It’s a fantastic announcement… and anyone that’s worked with Billy knows he has a dogged determination, and what Billy wants, Billy generally gets.” he said with a laugh. The redevelopment plans have been years in the making, with Ballan Cricket Club Treasurer, Peter McGregor, saying he hoped the benefits would extend beyond increased safety. “The nets are going to be much safer than the current ones, with increased standards and different sorts of materials. It’ll make it a safer environment, at present balls come off the nets and can ricochet,” he told the Moorabool News. “It gives us the ability to attract new members too, with brand new facilities. Plus, the old wire nets wear the balls out, but with the new plastic-coated or treated nets, there’s less wear and tear on the ball.” The grant programs are part of the Victorian Government’s $1.1 billion investment into community sport and active recreation infrastructure since 2014.

Auxiliary still ticking By Bianca Roberts (3rd Year Melb Uni) It is going to be business as usual however, there will be signed paperwork by both parties in place. The fate of the Bacchus Marsh Ladies Auxiliary was hanging in the balance after it was rocked by news of the recent amalgamation between Western Health and Djerriwarrh Health Services. The hospital Auxiliary will now live to see another day, with Western Health set to offer an olive branch to the community charity through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). It is being drafted and expected to be completed in the coming weeks. Whilst this sort of agreement does set out definitive terms, it comes as good news to the charity, despite not being legally binding. Sarah Tollis, President of the Auxiliary, previously said the organisation would not continue unless Western Health provided assurance, in writing, that the Auxiliary will retain full control over where their fundraising revenue is directed. “The ladies were quite devastated at the prospect of having to shut shop,” Ms Tollis said. “Winding up the charity was the only option in the event the ladies’ independence was not respected. “We certainly don’t want [money] leaving the community,” she said. With the MoU a work in progress, Ms Tollis said it seems that “everything is going to stay as it is for a period of time.” “But that can’t be guaranteed for the longterm,” she added.

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Shire for many years to come.

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Darl The Moorabool News – 20 July, 2021 Page 9 Last Wednesday, Council formally adopted: For d www • Community Vision 2030 www.moorabool.vic.gov.au/communityvision

• Council Plan 2021-25 www.moorabool.vic.gov.au/councilplan

Moorabool Shire Council

• Budget 2021-22 www.moorabool.vic.gov.au/annualbudget

The documents will soon also be available in hard copies at Council Offices and libraries.

Council Mee�ng Mee�ng Council Mee�ng The The next next Ordinary Ordinary Mee�ng Mee� ng of of Council Council will will be be held held on Wednesday 7 July 2021 in the Council Chambers, 15 Stead Stead St St on Wednesday 7 July 2021 in the Council Chambers, 15 on Wednesday 4 August Commi�ee Mee�ng Commi�ee Mee�ng Ballan, star�ng at 6.00 6.00 pm. Ballan, star�ng at pm. 15 Stead St Ballan, star� ng at 6.00pm. For details on a�endance or to the view the agenda, go to Navigators Community Centre Incorporated For details details on a�endance a�endance or to to the the view view the the agenda, go to to For on or agenda, go Navigators Community Centre Incorporated www.moorabool.vic.gov.au www.moorabool.vic.gov.au www.moorabool.vic.gov.au Public Mee�ng

Public Mee�ng

Employment Employment Council invites applica�ons for the exis�ng vacancies:

Tenders • Library Officer – Children’s & Youth Programs Tenders Part-Time Fixed-Term – Based at Lerderderg Library HaveonYour Your Say: Technical Officer Have Say: • Informa� Management Female Friendly Strategy Full-Time Permanent – Based across all offices Female Friendly Strategy • Planning & Building Administra�on Officer Planning Permit Planning Permit Full-Time Permanent – Based at Darley

Order madeAdministra� pursuantonto to sec�on 25 of of the the • Planning & Building Offisec�on cer Order made pursuant 25 Part-Time Fixed-Term (12 months) Based at Darley domes�c animals act –1994 1994 domes�c animals act Council Mee�ng

• Major Developments Communica�on & Community Changes to Waste Service Easter – Full-TimeService Permanent-- –Easter Based at Darley Engagement Offito cer Waste Changes

Commi�ee Mee�ng Western Zone – Northern Collec�on -- North North

Council Western Zone – Northern Collec�on • Storm RecoveryMee�ng Case Support Officer (2 posi� ons) of Old Melbourne Road Full-Time Fixed-Term – Based at Ballan of Old Melbourne Road

Navigators Community Centre Incorporated Applica� for above jobs close on Sunday 25 July 2021 PubliconsMee�ng Commi�ee Mee�ng All detailsGrants available from the website: Community Community Grants Employment h�ps://www.moorabool.vic.gov.au/my-council/employment/careers Navigators Community Centre Incorporated Public Mee�ng Tenders Unscheduled Mee�ng of of Council Council Employment Unscheduled Mee�ng Council invites tenders for the following contract:

Have Your Say:

• C19-2021/2022 Construc�on of Darley Park Community Tourism Grants TendersFriendly Female Strategy Tourism Grants & Sports Centre Tender Planning documents and full details of this no�ce will be available Permit Have Your Say: on Saturday 17 Payments July 2021 at www.tenderlink.com/moorabool Rates

Rates Payments Female Friendly Strategy Order made pursuant to sec�on 25 of the Planning domes�c Permit animals act 1994 Australia Day Day Celebra�ons Celebra�ons 2021 2021 Australia NOTICE OF AN APPLICATION FOR PLANNING PERMIT Thank you! Order made pursuant sec�on The land affected byto theWaste applica� on is to located at – 25 of the Thank you! Changes Service - Easter animals act 1994 Addressdomes�c of Land: 10Zone & 11 David Court, Darley VIC 3340 Western – Northern Collec�on - North 11 David Court, Darley Vic 3340 of Old Melbourne Road Land Title Par�culars: Lots 23 & 24 on PS 022114 Changes Waste Service - Easter2388443 Descrip�on Details:to Removal of Restric� ve Covenant Western Zone –is:Northern Collec�on - North The applicant for the permit Farren Group P/L Planning Applica� on No.: PA2021117 Community Grants of Old Melbourne Road Documents detailing the above applica�on can be viewed from the website link h�ps://moorabool.greenlightopm.com/ public/App_Adver�sing/7210310rY8dpHQxi Community Grants Unscheduled of on Council The Responsible AuthorityMee�ng will not decide the applica�on before 3 August 2021.

Tourism Grants Unscheduled Mee�ng of Council

Moorabool Storm Recovery – Storm recovery informa�on Pop Up Community Hubs A Council Emergency Recovery Number has been ac�vated. The

community can call 03 5366 talk a Recovery Please To ensure the community can1323 con�to nue toto access CouncilOfficer. Recovery use this number if you need to speak to recovery a staff member rela�ng to issues Staff for the recent Storm event and the and clean up process, we will con� nue to come out to Korweinguboora and Blackwood on a on your property. weekly basis. This will ensure that the community can drop in and get Any otheron, enquiries or requests forissues trees over roads are s�llon falling informa� have a chat about any that are s�llthat occurring or have not been for direct ini�al access please phone 5366 7100 to their property, be cleared able to get referrals for counselling services report to ourand teams a�end. with registra�on for the State clean up and support get to assistance process and dangerous and hazardous trees process. The next Pop Up Community Hubs will be held on: We will take any informa�on, notes or ques�ons for other areas of council or agencies including FFMVic (DELWP and Parks Vic), Red Cross, WEDNESDAY 7 JulyCommunity THURSDAY 8 July Salva� on Army, Ballarat Health, DFFH and forward them on 10am 3pm direct contact. 10am – 3pm so they can–make The next hubs will be on the following days and �mes: Korweinguboora Recrea�on Reserve – 10am – 3pm Please visit www.moorabool.vic.gov.au/emergencies/storm-emergency 28 July forWednesday latest update. Blackwood Hall 10am – 3pm Thursday 29 July Mee�ng Council

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Local Area Traffi c Management Study Commi�ee Mee�ng (Stage 4) Darley Commi�ee Mee�ng Navigators Community Centre Incorporated CouncilNavigators is undertaking a Local Area Community Centre Incorporated Public Mee�ng Traffic Public Management (LATM) study Mee�ng in Darley, north of Albert EmploymentStreet to Pamela Court and is bounded by Employment the Lerderderg River to the east, in order to improve traffic management Tenders and road safety within the area.


A copy of the dra� plan is available to view at haveyoursay.moorabool.vic.gov.au where residents are Have Your Say: encouraged toYour provide comments on the proposed treatments Have Say: Female Friendly Strategy via the link to the interac�ve map.

Female Friendly Strategy Planning Permit Planning Permit made pursuant to sec�on NOTICEOrder OF AN APPLICATION FOR PLANNING PERMIT 25 of the Order made pursuant to sec�on domes�c animals act The land affected by the applica� on is 1994 located at – 25 of the domes�c act 1994 Address of Land: 11animals Baker Street, Darley VIC 3340 Land Title Par�culars: 33 on PS 544486K- Easter Changes toLot Waste Service Descrip�on Details: Varia�on of Covenant No. PS 544486K Changes to Waste Service -Collec�on Easter Western Zone – is:Northern The applicant for the permit Elite Garages and Barns - North Western Zone – Northern Planning on No.: PA2021091 ofApplica� Old Melbourne Road Collec�on - North of Old Melbourne Roadon can be viewed Documents detailing the above applica� from the website link h�ps://moorabool.greenlightopm.com/ public/App_Adver� sing/72104142uhVfxMvt Community Grants The Responsible Authority will not decide on the applica�on Community Grants before 3 August 2021.

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Page 10 The Moorabool News – 20 July, 2021

By Lachlan Ellis


Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Youth show off their talent

In celebration of Victorian Youth Week 2021, the Moorabool Youth Action Group (YAG) hosted ‘Moorabool’s Got Talent’ – with hundreds of dollars awarded to the most talented entrants. The contest was open to young people aged 12 to 25 years, with participation certificates and gift cards worth up to $100 awarded to the winners. The special screening of finalists was originally planned to be held at the Darley Civic & Community Hub on Thursday 1 July, but due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 restrictions, finalists instead sent video entries which were then reviewed by the YAG team. There were six finalists – in first place was

Tristan Morrison, whose impressive pianist skills earned him a $100 gift card. Chloe Lindorff came second, sending through a performance of ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ and earning herself a $75 gift card. Two people came third – Connie Degnen and Robyn Murphy. Connie sang ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’ and won a $50 gift card, while Robyn sent through a creative story piece and received a $50 gift card. Kadeejah Climpson and Emily Dudzik both received a $30 gift card, in recognition of their efforts. The aim of the competition was to encourage young people to express themselves freely, giving them a platform to show off their creativity and step outside their comfort zone.

First place winner Tristan Morrison playing the piano. Photo - YAG

Super rise for councillors By Lachlan Ellis A proposal to increase Councillors’ allowances and superannuation contributions has been approved unanimously by Council. At the 7 July Ordinary Meeting, the Mayoral and Councillor Allowances motion came before Council, proposing they receive the maximum allowance as a “designated Category 2 Council”, which is based on the income and population of Council. The proposed maximums, as set by the Victorian Government, are $81,204 for the mayor and $26,245 for Councillors, plus 10 per cent (the equivalent of a superannuation guarantee contribution). Mayors and councillors are entitled to receive an allowance while performing their duty as an elected official. The motion was moved by Cr Berry and seconded by Cr Edwards, before Councillors all voted in favour of the proposal. The maximum allowance was already approved at the Statutory Meeting of Council on November 23 last year, and on 1 July 2021, the super guarantee rate rose from 9.5 per cent to 10 per cent and, is the only rise in the allowance for all councillors. Council is now awaiting a determination from the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal. In accordance with section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989, written submissions were invited from members of the public.


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Page 4 The Moorabool News – 13 July, 2021


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A life committed to others Sylvia Palmer (3/9/1922 - 1/7/2021) By Bianca Roberts (Intern 3rd Year Melb Uni)


Photo – Lisa Palmer

A Moorabool woman lived a full life for 98-years with an amazing 82 of those years, as a committed volunteer in the community. Sylvia Mary Palmer, sadly passed away on 1 July. She spent her life dedicated to helping others, a volunteer with the Country Women’s Association (CWA) for a phenomenal 82 years across the Dean, Ballan and Bacchus Marsh branches. “She was the loveliest lady … She never said a bad word about anyone in her life,” said President of the CWA Bacchus Marsh, Hope Mann. Gabrielle Shanahan, the longest serving member of the CWA Bacchus Marsh, fondly recounts her 50 years of friendship with Mrs Palmer. “She lived a very full life… she was just a wonderful woman,” Mrs Shanahan said. Mrs Palmer’s volunteer work extended to a variety of other organisations too, including, but not limited to, the Bacchus Marsh Hospital Auxiliary, the Anglican Church and Mother’s Union Choir, Bacchus Marsh Poultry Club, Bacchus Marsh Agricultural Show Society and Myrniong Primary School. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that she was awarded Moorabool Citizen of the Year in 2013. Her children and grandchildren gave a heartfelt tribute Mrs Palmer at her funeral service on July 7.

“She was well known for her homely hospitality and gentle disposition … a welcome asset to the Myrniong community,” said her daughter Jean. “She will be remembered for her many talents and abilities,” she added. Her key talents included cooking and craft work, which she always did ‘for the purpose of sharing with others’. “She believed in supporting others via leading by example,” Jean said. “You have taught us to be loving, selfless and kind”, her grandchildren said. Although her passing comes as a sad loss to the community, her fellow Anglican Church members have great faith that she is resting in the eternal peace she deserves. “She was a very Christian person and she realised that there was something to follow after,” Mrs Shanahan said. Mrs Palmer was a loving mother of Jean, Charlotte, Florris (dec) and Fred. Mother-in-law of Alan, Franklin (dec), Paul and Barbara. Fond Grandmother of Daryl, Simone, Heather, David (dec), Kathryn, Ian (dec), Kerry, Alysha, Sarah, Jessica, Jason and Lisa. Great Grandma of Jaymie, Mikayla, Lachlan, Owen, Kayley, Jarrod, Samuel, Peter, Michael, Florris, Milly, Emma, Bill and James. Great Great Grandma of Beau.

Wheelie good rescue

A life committed to others By Jane Gardner

It started with a walk down the driveway to collect the rubbish bin after being emptied, and then, what appeared to be a rat, was struggling in a puddle of water at the base of the wheelie bin. Gordon resident Trevor Baldwin had a closer inspection, and discovered the ‘rat’ was in fact a sugar glider, that had inadvertently fallen in. “Sometimes the bin lids flip open when the rubbish truck puts them back down,” Trevor said, speculating that the glider might have been attracted by the food smells in the bin and fallen in. Either way, if it wasn’t for Mr Baldwin and the enlisted help of his daughters Matilda and Lilly, the sugar glider would likely not have lived to tell the tale. Trevor’s family quickly wrapped the glider in an old towel and tucked it away in a warm, dry box. They then called Wildlife Victoria who arrived within an hour or two to collect the glider and take it away to be nursed back to health. Sugar gliders are small, tree-dwelling,

(M/News 13 July 2021)


RIP Sylvia. - Karen Easterbrook

are left open) can attract native animals that sadly, sometimes perish when the bins are emptied. “It’s safer for our wildlife if people close their lids,” Jennifer said. She also suggested that upwards of 200 creatures (including insects) are supported by every mature tree, which is a timely reminder to be mindful of wildlife as people clean up fallen trees after the recent storms. After a short 2-3 day stint with Wildlife Victoria, the Baldwin’s were delighted to learn that their sugar glider was fighting fit and ready to be returned to its native habitat. Mr Baldwin nailed an old bird house up high in a gum tree on the family’s property, then, with one hand (the other holding the wrapped-up sugar glider) carefully climbed a tall ladder and placed the Australian marsupial into its new home. Thankfully, Matilda and Lilly had planned ahead and made the gliders new home comfortable with leaves and bark and included a few sweet berry treats to welcome their new friend home.

A great courageous lady glad to have known her. - Janet Quinn Lucky to be alive - A sugar glider is returned to its natural habitat with the help of Wildlife Victoria and Gordon residents, (L-R) Lilly and Matilda Baldwin. Photo – Jane Gardner nocturnal marsupials, sometimes thought of as ‘gliding possums’. They get their name from their love of sweet, sugary foods such as sap, nectar and berries, as well as their ability to glide through the air.

Jennifer, a Wildlife Victoria representative, came to collect the glider, suggested that native animals are indeed often attracted to food smells and gave the example of how school rubbish bins and skips (if the lids

117 Inglis Street, Ballan

Phone: (03) 5368 2011 Email: info@seekas.com.au


Lovely story about a truly generous lady. - Your Local helping hand to all things Tax - Jennie Tabone Taxation for Personal and Business Bookkeeping BAS preparation & lodgement Providing quick turnaround Reasonable Rates Accessible

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The Moorabool News – 20 July, 2021 Page 11 ADVERTISEMENT

Hospital site now selected for the new 24-hour Melton hospital at Ferris Road, Cobblebank $75 Million for land acquisition, and early works already included in the State Budget Better and quicker access to specialists for Bacchus Marsh and Melton residents

We’re getting on with delivering a new 24-hour Melton Hospital so locals can get the very best care, closer to home – when they need it most. 3 Alexandra Street, Melton 3337 9743 9825 Authorised by S McGhie, 3 Alexandra Street, Melton. Funded from Parliamentary budget.

stephen.mcghie@parliament.vic.gov.au Steve4Melton

Page 12 The Moorabool News – 20 July, 2021


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Letters to the Editor Dear Editor, Further information about toxic soil comes from a report in the Age (22.6.21, p.22) where Deakin University scientist, Associate Professor Will Gates, who specialises in mineralogy, suggests an alternative solution to landfill. A Dandenong company, Renex, heats soil to 600 degrees in an industrial furnace. This removes toxic PFAS chemicals. The research, published in the Sustainability Journal, shows the treated soil could serve as a viable replacement for fine aggregate in concrete for which there is a global shortage.

A small part of the destruction by the storm on Matt Childs’ property. Photo – Matt Childs

Can’t see the forest for the trees?

By Lachlan Ellis

It has been almost six weeks since the ferocious June 9 storm, but a Korweinguboora resident says there is a long way to go before the area returns to normality. Hundreds of trees fell at Matt Childs’ property, and though Council is working hard to clear fallen trees across Korweinguboora and Moorabool as a whole, Mr Childs believe it will be “years” before things return to normal. Photos Mr Childs took after the storm show the tremendous damage on his property, but he says you have to see it in person to really understand the destruction. “I didn’t sleep at all that night. The wind was like a freight train…and it just got louder and louder. You’d hear it hit the trees, and then you’d hear the crack and crunch of the trees, you’d hear them falling, and then you’d feel the vibrations as they hit the ground. This seemed to be happening every few

minutes, a tree coming down around us…I feared for my family’s lives, really,” he told the Moorabool News. “Right now, there’s a few fronts going on…I’m dealing with my insurance company for the infrastructure damage I’ve sustained. But it’s an extremely slow and painful process.” While the clean-up process has started, Mr Childs said there was “a tremendous road ahead…not just for Council, but for DELWP and other agencies as well”. “I don’t know how I’m going to tackle what’s happened, I think it’s going to take a few years. It’s quite a complicated situation…from my point of view Council are handling it the best they can. The debris has already been cleared along Back Settlement Rd, and they’ve done about half of Hodges Road. It’s great that they’ve done that so quickly,” he said. At the first Community Pop-Up Hub at the Korweinguboora Recreation Reserve on 16 June, Mr Childs suggested

the use of ‘EPIRBs’ (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons). EPIRBs are sometimes referred to as distress beacons or emergency beacons and emit a continuous radio distress signal for at least 48 hours once activated. They are often carried by bushwalkers, campers, and boaters. Mr Childs said in an emergency situation, where power and phone coverage were out (as they were in Korweinguboora for days after the storm), an EPIRB would have helped in a life-threatening situation. “If there had been a tree that had fallen on a house and someone was injured, then an EPIRB could have been set off, and at least someone would’ve known there was an emergency, and someone needed help.” he said. Mr Childs added that he hadn’t heard back from Council on the EPIRB suggestion, but that they said they had “taken note and were going to investigate if that might be something useful for the community”.

Years of painting on exhibition By Bianca Roberts (Intern 3rd Year Melb Uni) Her work has been a labour of love for many years, and now Moorabool will be able to share in it. Dorothy Wallis has a marvellous collection of pastel, oil and watercolour paintings displayed in the Moor Art Space, at the Lerderderg Library Bacchus Marsh Whilst COVID-restrictions initially halted the display, the art space has reopened and will host Mrs Wallis’ work until the end of July. Now 87, Mrs Wallis chuckles that she has been ‘drawing and painting for a long time!’ “I paint all sorts of things, animals, birds and flowers, a bit of everything,” she said. She often draws inspiration from the 25 years she spent living in Mildura, with its view of the Murray River and the vibrant buzz of yachts and the historical paddle steamers. “Looking at my paintings, they bring back memories,” she says. “I hope [buyers] get a lot of enjoyment out of having them on their walls.” Her paintings at the Moor Art exhibit are up

Has the Victorian Government considered this? Is there a report from them? It would save Bulla, Bacchus Marsh (MBC), and Ravenhall from the threat of receiving PFAS chemicals. Mara Hayler Darley Dear Editor, Re – Moving the goal posts on boundaries (M/News 13 July) I was saddened by the proposal to remove the Bacchus Marsh area from my constituency, it was an honour to serve the area as its State MP. Considering the large amount of development in the electorate, I am not surprised that the Commission recommended a boundary change for Melton. I am disappointed that the proposal removes large areas of Moorabool from my electorate. I have enjoyed delivering new funding for the Moorabool part of my electorate, and working hard with the Member for Buninyong, Michaela Settle, to ensure that regional Victoria have more and better access to funding. I will still retain Hopetoun Park, Merrimu and Long Forest. Until the proposal is finalised and right up to the next election, I will continue to advocate and represent all my electorate. Steve McGhie Member for Melton

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Letter to the Editor - Andy Worland Page 10 The Moorabool News – 13 July, 2021

This is the letter I’ve sent to Moorabool Council and Parks Vic on numerous occasions with no reply, other than from my local councillor who is trying to help us but with not much luck either. “Hello, I’m wondering what plans you have for the maintenance of the roads in the Brisbane Ranges National Park, as Council seem to have no interest and claim to have no jurisdiction in any of the residents of the park, other than our rates. Being one of six residents that have to access the park to get to our homes, I’ve often asked parks and council about maintaining our roads and neither are interested. In the 15 years I’ve lived here the my Expanding road was graded once at my own expense grapevines and I was aggressively threatened by a parks employee that I would be prosecuted and told not to do it again. I’ve been told by the CFA because of the condition they will not come down it if there is a fire. I’m sure there would be a few media outlets that would be interested in our story.” - Peter Eley Omg yes. Herrods Lane Blakeville is riddled with them and the road leading up to it! It’s sooo bad! Especially this time of year! Eliese Piacentini I can’t see any problem here! Looks like a pretty standard Moorabool Shire road. - Robert Armstrong Our Mt Doran Rd Lal Lal had a new layer on our holes this week thankfully, but yes the Forest Rd, DELWP needs to sort it, it is extremely dangerous. - JD Grainger By Lachlan Ellis

Dorothy Wallis has her artwork on display, and for sale, at the MoorArt space at Lerderderg Library. Photo - supplied for sale, as well as numerous other paintings from her personal collection. “I’ve got paintings all across the granny-flat I live in,” she said. Anyone interested in discovering Mrs Wallis’ full gallery of work is encouraged to contact her on 0434 946 354 or visit the Moor Art Space at the Lerderderg Library, 215 Main St, Bacchus Marsh, until the end of July.

It all began at Myrniong, but almost half a century later, St. Anne’s Winery has opened a new cellar door in Bendigo. The winery has purchased The Big Hill Vineyard, which will be opening as St. Anne’s Bendigo later this year. Angus McLean is Export Sales Manager at St. Anne’s and the son of Allan and Shirley McLean, who founded St. Anne’s at Myrniong in 1972. He said there were a number of reasons for the expansion, including the warmer climate compared to Moorabool. “We grow fruit in the Bendigo region already, so when this place came up with a small vineyard of about 30 acres of fruit, that was really attractive to us. It’s got really established Shiraz and Cabernet, in a great area and climate for growing premium red wine,” Mr McLean told the Moorabool News. “We already have Bendigo wines in our range. We can’t grow the full range that we need in Moorabool, the area’s just too cold. While we do grow Pinot and Shiraz here now, we just need more. As a family, we like bigger, bolder red wine, which this climate is too cold for.” In February, Mr McLean told the Moorabool News that the Australian wine industry had been “blindsided” by significant tariffs on Australian wine by China. St. Anne’s owns a cellar door in Shanghai and has been forced to pay a whopping 212 per cent tariff on any wine it sends there. While Mr McLean acknowledged that while that was one reason to open a new cellar door in Australia, it wasn’t necessarily the main reason. “This has been on our agenda for a long time, it’s not too far from our camps in Moama and Myrniong. We certainly needed to diversify away from China to cover some risk, so that has been part of it…but we’ve been looking to expand cellar doors for a while now, and Bendigo was just, right place, right time.” he said. St. Anne’s Bendigo is located on around 100 acres, and will offer wine tastings and light lunches, as well as hosting events and weddings, when it opens in August. The St. Annes family also have cellar doors at Moama, Echuca, Myrniong and Lorne.

(M/News 13 July 2021)


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Letters to the Editor W R I T ING LET T ER S TO T H E EDI TOR Each letter must be accompanied with the writer’s full name, address and phone number (name and suburb for publication only) and be limited to 300 words. Letters to be received via post or email (preferred option). The Editor has the right to limit the amount of words in each letter received and published letters are at the discretion of the Editor. Send your letters to news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Dear Editor, We like many others live on the road between Mt Doran and Lal Lal. This road is in a deplorable and dangerous state and both Moorabool Shire and DELWP who both hold responsibility for the road, are washing their hands of it. Locals here have been in contact with both entities to advise about the conditions. Moorabool shire have worked on both ends of it, but in moving their equipment from one end to the other simply drove over the worst of the roads whereas a few hours work would have rectified the worst of the damage. In the worst parts of the road the only safe speed is walking pace, there is no clear path through the damage and anyone approaching the area faster than that runs the risk of losing control of their vehicle. DELWP have advised they they’d be “potholing” the road but with no timeframe the risk is someone will be injured or killed who’s not familiar with the worst of the road. DELWP did however respond by putting signs up to advise the road it is dangerous. A poor response when people’s lives are at risk. The road is signposted at both ends so is far more than a track and would carry at least 150-200 cars per day. It would carry more if the road was in better condition. The road is the most direct route to the east side of Ballarat and Melbourne for residents therefore a critical thoroughfare. Andy Worland Mt Doran

Budget and the “Revenue and Rating Plan” to a special meeting on the last day of the Financial Year given the possibility of either reports not being adopted? Why didn’t Mayor Cr Sullivan provide appropriate advice to the Chief Executive Officer when setting the agenda for Council meetings? All our Councillors need to perform and act for good governance in the interests of the community. The Moorabool leadership team needs to ensure: • that policies and procedures are adopted to ensure that the effective and efficient management of the day to day operations of the Council, and • that the Council receives timely and reliable advice about its obligations under any legislation. David Durose Bacchus Marsh Dear Editor, Ask an engineer to do an engineer’s job. Stephanie McGregor’s acknowledgement on ABC Ballarat 107.9fm, and reported in the Moorabool News, 6 Jul, that AusNet is required to look at undergrounding options in the EES for the proposed Western Victorian transmission line is encouraging. She indicates that this investigation is still to come, which makes her dismissive reference to an ‘expert’ assessment of the suitability of the Western Highway easement for undergrounding clearly premature. This also causes me to wonder who she asked for the opinion, and what question did she put to them? If you ask expert bureaucrats for an opinion you will typically be told why things cannot be done. However, if you ask an expert, professional, credible engineer for a solution to a problem you should expect to be told how things could be done, like the engineering advice given in the Moorabool Council’s expert report by Amplitude Consultants, released on 21 June. The High-Level HVDC Alternative Scoping Report finds that underground HVDC cables would be a technically feasible and superior alternative to the overhead line and proposes three options utilising existing easements along the Ballarat-Bulgana transmission line, the Western Highway, roadsides, and property boundaries. This is the same approach being proposed for the Marinus Link in Gippsland and was used for Murraylink. Engineers find solutions. The easements needed for these underground options are very much smaller than the 40 - 100m needed for the overhead HVAC options. They only need to accommodate and safeguard a trench between 2 – 3m wide and access to it, not a line of 55 – 80m high towers and high voltage overhead AC. Amplitude Consultants say that the underground easements required could be tailored to fit within roadsides and cables could avoid obstacles by direct drilling underneath or affixing them to infrastructure like bridges. This is how undergrounding has been done elsewhere in Australia. It’s easy to find many reasons for not doing something that goes against your agenda. Instead of relying on bureaucrats to find excuses for why it can’t be done, AusNet need to commission independent expert engineers to do their undergrounding assessment for the EES. AusNet also need to ask those engineers to genuinely explore how it could be done, not just to find reasons that AusNet can then use to say it cannot be done. Jim Phasey

We have a portion of our road looked after by bush management. Scrub is cut back, road is always smooth and maintained. The other half is looked after by Moorabool Council. It’s disgusting, has scrub coming into the roads giving you no time to react to any animals that may be on the side of the road, and it’s riddled with deep potholes. Why do we pay rates again?? - Joel Piacentini Vast majority of the roads in the area are in a dreadful state. - Boyd Carmody Fisken Street, Bacchus Marsh is really bad. Marilyn Cauchi Dear Editor, Wombat Regional Arts Networks would like to publicly acknowledge, and sincerely thank the Ballan Lioness Group for their kindness, generosity, and support for our projects over many years. As volunteers, their collective and individual contributions to our community have been enormous and will be very much missed. Our good wishes to each member for the future. Carmel Hunter On behalf of the Wombat Regional Arts Networks

Dear Editor, I cannot understand Cr Tatchell quoted statement (M/News 6 July – Back to the drawing board, as decision ‘outside legislation’), "and wear the consequences of not complying with the legislation on the due date". The Local Government Act prescribes (in part) the role of a Council is to provide good governance and must take into account (amongst other things) financial management principles. To that end, a Chief Executive Officer is responsible for supporting the Mayor and the Councillors in the performance of their roles and ensuring the effective and efficient management of the day-to-day operations of the Council. Back in 2017 the then Chief Executive Officer Rob Croxford, reported that Terry Bramham, a solicitor with Macquarie Local Government Lawyers, has been overseeing council meetings for at least two weeks in a “governance monitoring role” and “will also aim to ensure that good governance is instituted which is demonstrated in decision-making, compliance with legislation”. Given that this was a significant program for council to undertake, the reputation and standing of Mr Bramham in legal and Local Government communities, policies and procedures should have been adopted and implemented across council. Then why did the Moorabool leadership team (comprising


Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au 

Council rejects RV stays By Lachlan Ellis After almost three years, the ‘RV Friendly Town Program’ has come before Council again, with the invitation to join the program soundly rejected. A resolution was originally made at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 5 September 2018 supporting inclusion in the program, subject to an evaluation of locations and an assessment. On 7 July 2021, Council’s Planning Department put forward a recommendation that Council should not participate in the Program, due to the three proposed sites – Rotary Park, Werribee Vale Road, and Mill Park – not meeting the “essential and desirable criteria set out by the RV Friendly Town Program”. None of the three sites assessed had the essential criteria of short-term, low cost overnight parking for RVs close to the CBD, access to potable water, or access to a free dump point. They also lacked the desirable criterion of long-term parking for RVs – only being suitable for short-term parking for a day or less, and not overnight. The Planning Department’s recommendation suggested that Council “lend support to local businesses with established infrastructure” rather than entering the Program, a stance supported by Councillors. The recommendation was moved by Cr Ward, and seconded by Cr Berry, before Councillors approved it unanimously.

Facebook feedback Page 4 The Moorabool News – 6 July, 2021

Taproom froths at the mouth to open By Lachlan Ellis Amended plans for a hotel on 60B Grant Street, Bacchus Marsh have been formally approved by Council, with no objections received and 51 submissions in support of the proposal. “The Local Taproom” will offer snacks, prepackaged drinks, and local beer and wine, with an emphasis on craft beer. The original application submitted on 16 December 2020 suggested a maximum capacity of 50 patrons internally and 30 externally with 16 parking bays. The amended version reduced this to 40 patrons with only internal seating, and 12 parking bays.


By Helen Tatchell A stop-work barbeque was held outside the Lerderderg Library last week, with around 40-Moorabool Shire Council employees ceasing work to hear from Australian Services Union (ASU) Deputy Branch Secretary Michelle Jackson. The industrial action is due to an Enterprising Bargaining Agreement (EBA) between Council and their employees, with discussions still ongoing. Ms Jackson told the Moorabool News the discussions have been ongoing for over a year. “For over 12 months this has been going on as the agreement expired last year, with management putting an offer on the table that they withdrew because of Covid-19, and then they wouldn’t meet with us for a period of time,” she said. Ms Jackson said it has only really been this year that they could revisit the negotiations. “We are after a better pay offer for our members with Moorabool Shire Council. “We don’t really compare to the award and subject to the membership, we would be looking at a figure of over 2 per cent. Council has offered, on average, a 1.5 per cent increase it works out,” she said.

“Management did put the agreement out to an all staff vote, with the agreement voted down by all Council staff,” Ms Jackson said. The votes were 135 Against and 117 For. A further meeting is scheduled between the ASU and Council this week. Industrial action is still in place whilst negotiations remain ongoing, and some Council services may be impacted during this time and includes:

Union standing firm on pay rise (M/News 6 July 2021) • Wait times on customer ser vice staff answering phone calls • No street cleaning work

• Infringement notices will not be issued

• Bins on Council reserves will not be

Carly Meyers, the applicant, appeared before Council to answer any questions that the Councillors had. “Just a little background … The Local Taproom is a small family business for locals here in Bacchus Marsh. It’s my husband and my mother-in-law. It’s very important to us that we support the community,

we’ve already started building business relationships with local businesses, that’s so important to us,” Ms Meyers said. “We love living here, we think this could bring something different and worthwhile to the community. It’s very important to us that it’s understood that this isn’t a pub, this isn’t a place where people will go to drink copious amount of beer. “This is about trying the craft side of beer… it’s about a social place where you can come and try something new, and have a bite to eat with fellow locals, and hopefully also bring other people to the Shire.” Council had no questions for Ms Meyers, with the recommendation was approved unanimously by Councillors.

ARM Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au


An ex-stream death

ASU Deputy Branch Secretary Michelle Jacksons speaks to members at a stop work bbq outside the Lerderderg Library last week. Photo – submitted.

Union standing firm on pay rise

The Moorabool News – 20 July, 2021 Page 13

By Lachlan Ellis

its junction with the Barwon River”.

The Moorabool River – and the wildlife that call it home – could soon die if water keeps being taken from it in such large quantities, according to a film recently released by a local environmental group.

Mr Steele said that unless more water was returned to restore the Moorabool River, iconic Australian wildlife such as the platypus and rakali would be severely impacted.

A COVID-19 vaccine is your best defence and our only way forward. Now’s the time to arm yourself, your family, your friends, your work mates, your community – someone you love.

PALM (People for A Living Moorabool) has called for the Victorian Government to give 20,000 megalitres of water back to the Moorabool River annually, and released the 46-minute film “The River Moorabool”, to show the impacts of water loss.

“The river is dying…the Central Region Sustainable Water Strategy review is underway at the moment, and we’re waiting for the draft,” PALM coordinator Cameron Steele told the Moorabool News.

“It’s Victoria’s most flow-stressed river. About 90 percent of the Moorabool’s natural flow is now taken for human use, primarily for Ballarat and Geelong,” he said.

“We are facing our last chance to secure a long-term future for this river and its wildlife. After seeing our film, we want citizens using the river and drinking its water to tell the Victorian government to give the Moorabool River the regular big drinks it deserves.” he said.

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“The timing of the film is really to speak to that draft, and try and get the best deal for the Moorabool River that we can.”

The film features interviews with primary producers with properties near the river, landcare organisers, scientists, healthy river advocates and a member of the Wadawurrung nation.

up Australian bosses arepickedpocketing bonusesChair of the CCMA, Peter Greig, said given • No street or town entrance maintenance The official launch of The River Moorabool trajectory of the Moorabool River, it will and pay rises at record•levels, arethe No picking uppoliticians dead animals unless they end up little more than a drain unless action took place on Saturday 26 June at the Ballaarat Mechanics Institute. pose a safety risk is taken. getting their pay increase. So, is it too much“We feel that’s starting to arrive, we’re Additional screenings are planned for the Moorabool Council were contacted for towns of Ballan, Bannockburn, and Acting CEO Sally Jones seeing it before our eyes.” to ask that the peoplecomment whowithactually do theThe Moorabool flows from the Central regional Melbourne, but dates and locations are yet to responding. remains committed to reaching Highlands near Ballarat through to Geelong be announced. work get a rise? As thean“Council banks have said time The film’s official trailer can be viewed at outcome that is both fair for staff and – but PALM says it only flows “in theory” for our community.” and time again, the affordable economy can’t growand the river sometimes “barely makes it to vimeo.com/349830144. whilst there is still wage stagnation. This affects us all. We should support any 411 and Direct Farmers Market Avenue of Honour, Bacchus Marsh all workers getting fair pay and help drive Shop: 5367 5338 Deliveries: 5367 0606 www.thefruitsoflife.com.au spending. – Bob CeeGee Mr Steele said about 15 years ago, the then

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Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra.

Page 14 The Moorabool News – 20 July, 2021


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Library site not binding By Lachlan Ellis Council is preparing its bid for millions in State Government funding, allocating almost $500,000 to the Ballan Library. As part of the nearly $64 million announced for the 2021/22 Capital Works Program, Ballan Library will receive $450,000 for design works, which Acting CEO Sally Jones said would help prepare for funding applications. “The funding for the design works is to ensure we have designs/plans for the library facility ready to enable funding submissions once they are announced,” Ms Jones told the Moorabool News. “In order to apply for funding for community facilities, the funding bodies (such as the State Government) require designs to be at either, detailed design or schematic plans before accepting an application.” Council wants to invest $7.5 million in a ‘Ballan Library, Arts and Tourism Hub’ – $5.5 million of which it hopes to get from the State Government – so its case will need to be compelling. And compelling it is, according to Council’s report, which this year stated that the estimated economic benefit of the project would be almost $14.5 million, with 20 fulltime jobs created during construction. Council’s report also highlighted a near doubling in Ballan children at developmental risk in regard to language and cognitive skills from 2012 to 2018 (9.6 per cent vs 17.6 per cent), a 25 per cent increase in visits to the library in two years, and the library being only “37 per cent of the size required”. Central Ward Councillor Paul Tatchell said the project was something that locals had wanted for a long time, but was still very much a work in progress. “I think the biggest problem is, we haven’t got the land yet. We’re looking at several sites, I think we’re close to finding one…but we’ve probably looked at four or five,” Cr Tatchell said. “I think it will happen soon, the things the community want is more holistic than just a library. I think libraries have become more than just libraries, they’re certainly multipurpose hubs that provide a whole range of services people needed.” Cr Tatchell said claims from some locals that Council had no plans for the Ballan Library,

or that it had only put the library on its agenda in the last few years, were “rubbish”. “This library thing has been around for a long time; we’ve been advocating at least since I came on Council. That’s coming up nine years. It’s been on our Council Plan for at least seven years,” he said. “Generally, we’ve just been waiting for the right piece of land to build it on, and then of course to raise the funding. We want to be shovel-ready, because that seems to be the best way to achieve that goal.” With the “integral role” libraries play in communities, and state and federal elections coming up, Cr Tatchell said he was hopeful Council would secure the funding needed. When asked where the sites were that Council was considering, Cr Tatchell said he could not disclose the locations due to “commercial confidentiality”.

The library at Ballan is looking for a permanent home. Photo - MSC

CALLS FOR CONSULTATION John Kowarsky is one of the major proponents for a purpose-built Ballan Library, and has put a question to Council during Public Question Time at most of Council’s meetings this year. Mr Kowarsky said he was particularly concerned about a lack of community consultation on the project. “There has been no public consultation about this library yet. They’re doing costing exercises, but the scope of the library has not been put out in the community. I think that’s the wrong way to do it,” Mr Kowarsky told the Moorabool News. “I think they should first find out if there are any constructive comments from the community on what they want for the library, and then go into the costing and the rest of it.” A member of the ‘Friends of the Ballan Library’, Mr Kowarsky wrote a report comparing the Ballan Library to libraries in towns of similar size – namely Trentham, Clunes, and Beaufort. The report concluded that Ballan “clearly falls behind in the parameters measured”, including floor area per 1,000 population, hours open per week per 1,000 population, and holdings per 1,000 population. Mr Kowarsky also drew attention to Council’s Draft Ballan Library Infrastructure Review. “They said that they can’t have any public consultation until Councillors have been briefed on the Review. Well, the answer they gave in Public Question Time at the last meeting [on 7 July] was that there was a briefing on the 9th of June,” he said. And as for not publishing the areas of interest for the Ballan Library, Mr Kowarsky argued that “commercial in confidence does not cut it”.

ATTENTION – Local Business Owners

Need to get Your Message Out?

We saturate the shire with your FREE community newspaper Places we go …

12,000 FREE copies weekly have been knocked ol News may but, it has The Moorabo pandemic the covid-19 down by to back up again. the decision certainly got Tatchell said occurred two Editor Helen ion full distribut recommence and I chose weeks ago. or swim decision “It was a sink that to swim. the small hiccup and, not denied distribut ion “We have printing and building with been occurred we have small few weeks sure most for the last ent on, as I am on the circulati been in the same predicam have businesses she said. gone into in some ways,” shut our doors or for the “We haven’t is to be here doing. commitment what we’re recess. Our and that’s commun ity,

our ol News keep the Moorabo provide a place Not only does but we connected, e and that’s commun ity es to advertis ever.” for local business to now more than delivered important, are being shops and Newspapers drops to and bulk Tatchell saying households ities, with Ms outlying commun obvious and clear. es. I is very for business the message to the platform Moorabool “We are only people of the good the small encourage to also support said. start and continueshire; shop local,” she have not in this es could on business to producti support and “The return without the and the businesses been achieved from local for that I thank commitment Government; State and Federal ly.” gracious them

a small still have said they . Ms Tatchell to complete distribut ion of weeks we amount of the next couple “We hope within goal. and ‘have a go’, will reach that an way to “It is the Australi doing, having a crack,” we are that’s what the shire she said. saturating ol News is and “that’s The Moorabo week each free copies and only with 11,000 the best commun ity giving our shire.” within the sales@ connection s contact ing enquirie For advertis 0448 918 665. s.com.au or Email news@ themooraboolnew news story? Got a 5368 1966. s.com.au or themooraboolnew

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PATTERSON Margaret - Meg

INDUSTRIAL SHED Ballan 24m x 12m x 4.2m Office space, toilet, Security cameras, 3-phase power $400 + gst per week Plus, power/water costs. Barry – 0439 580 009

Died peacefully at home. Greatest friendship ever had. Loved by all. - Stone Family -



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HAM Irene Mary Passed away peacefully on July 11, 2021 at the Bacchus Marsh hospital. Aged 77 years. Dearly loved and cherished Mum of Lois and Warren. Partner of Roy for 20 years. Loved mother-in-law of Brendan and Sharon. Adored Nanna of Sarah, Nicole, Lauren, Jackson, Mitchell, Kim, Brendon and Jacob. Great Nanna of Benjamin and Leah. Much loved sister of Beryl and John. Sister-in-law of Rhonda. Forever In Our Hearts



FUNERALS 1114 Doveton St. Nth, Ballarat


Ph: 5333 3911

HAM Funeral Prayers for the Repose of the Soul of the late Irene Mary Ham will be offered at St Bernard's Catholic Church, Lerderderg Street, Bacchus Marsh on FRIDAY, July 23, 2021 commencing at 1.30pm. Following the Service, Irene will be laid to rest at the Maddingley Cemetery, Bacchus Marsh. Irene's Funeral will be live streamed and available to be viewed via the following link: www.westwardfilms.com.au/210723-irene-ham IN THE CARE OF

All Hours

e c i v r e s l l u F ate cost at moder

Ballan Bacchus Marsh 5367 6733 michaelcrawfordfunerals.com.au



Ballan Clearing Sale (Property Sold)

A/c Estate J Shaw 200 Lot Un-Reserved Auction Tractors, Trucks, Motorbikes, Utes Shearing & Wool Equipment Workshop & General Sundries Household Items & Lots More Open for Inspection day Sat 31st July — 10am to 3pm View detailed list online for sale #502



Online Bidding Opens: Friday 30 July @ 3pm Closes: Monday 2nd Aug @ 8pm th


Adrian Smith 0427 077 531 Tony Shanahan 0408 519144 Michael Downie (Shepparton Branch) 0458 241 242


ELECTRICAL ORGAN Hamond 7222K Organ $110 ono Phone 0407 167 175.


Mechanically sound, rarely driven. 240,000 kms. Roof Rack, Spotlights and Roo Bar extras. $3,300 ono - 0459 227 536

Good condition, possibility of renovating & becoming mortgage free home, buyer to remove at own expense, Gordon area. $50,000 Neg. Ph 0460 008 017


Swivel seat and arm rests. Recently serviced, new batteries. Excellent condition. $1750 ono – 0431 301 521


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3 year old scooter in excellent condition Front and rear baskets Seat belt & arm rests $2,500 Contact 5310 6646

FIREWOOD & CHIMNEY SWEEP Good Quality Redgum - $190 APC Notice Sugar Gum - $160 FORD EL XR6 1997 6 cyl auto, 210,000kms, Hardwood - $150 TOYOTA COROLLA 1. Obligation publish – Designated Resolution 5Very good condition, hard Levin 2004 hatch auto. 0427 095 to 048 to find in this condition. Mechanically VGC, 5. Publication Council 53689 066of notices about theminor Garaged last 10-years. dents.

VIN-6FPAAAJG5WVD87854 Odometer - 265,000 (1) Each publisher must publish a notice aboutkms, the Council in each print publication it $8000 ono (no rego) 12 months. reg. (TDC 072) controls and on each website it controls. SITUATION VACANT Call – 0447 070 589 $3,900 ono – 0408 508 654 (2) The content and format of the notice will be as determined from time to time by the Council. The notice is to be published in a prominent position on the same page as l WANTED to the editor or the home page of a website, or in such other position as is agreed wi Cleaner for Ballan Executive Director of the Council.

hospitality business. Must be passionate and anand eye for detail. determined by the Council – Council decision 2.have Form content Regular casual hours – [Name of publication] is bound by the Standards of Practice of the Australian Press Council. If you be dependant on bookings the Standards may have been breached, you may approach the newspaper itself or contact the Coun Call Sue email-(info@presscouncil.org.au) or by phone ([02] 92611930). For further information see WASHING MACHINE DRYER http://www.presscouncil.org.au. 0419 344 489 Bosch Series 8 (8kg) Bosch Series 8 Dryer The Moorabool News is bound by the Standards of Practice of of publication] the Australian [Name Press Council. If is bound by the you believe theStandards Standardsofmay Practice have been breached, may of theyouAustralian approach the Press newspaper itselfIf you Council. or contact the believe Councilthe by Standards email may have been (info@presscouncil.org.au) breached, you may or by phone ([02] 9261 1930). approach the For further newspaper information itself see or www.presscouncil.org.au. contact the Council by email (info@presscouncil.o

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Aaron Cadman (left) playing for the GWV Rebels and, Jemima Woods playing for the Western Bulldogs in the VFLW. Photos – AFL Photos/CATS Media

Climbing the football ladder

By Lachlan Ellis Two Moorabool teens are making waves on the football scene, with one selected to play for the state, and another getting the chance to show off her skills to AFLW selectors. Darley Devil Aaron Cadman has been selected to play in Vic Country’s U17s side, and Bacchus Marsh Cobra Jemima Woods has received a coveted invite to the AFLW Draft Combine. Mr Cadman has also been selected to move up an age group and play for the Greater Western Victoria Rebels U19s in the NAB League this season. He said that being selected to play for both sides was a surprise and an honour. “I got selected for Vic Country tryouts about a month ago, and went pretty well in the first trial game. Then they had a second trial game, but they pulled me aside and said, ‘Don’t

worry about playing this one, you’re already in the squad’”, he told the Moorabool News. “When I first got the text asking me to try out for Vic Country, I was stoked…I’ve never been selected for anything like this. I was happy as Larry…and then, when they told me I’d made it, it was just so unexpected. I never thought I was capable of it, but obviously I just got a bit lucky.” The end goal, of course, is an AFL career, but Cadman is taking it one step at a time. “That’s the main goal…but I want to make the U17s AllAustralian squad, that’s my goal right now for this year. But 100 percent, the bigger picture is AFL.” he said. Ms Woods has also had a stellar year, with a solid third season at the Western Jets and three games for the VFLW Western Bulldogs, including a three-goal performance in her Dogs debut.

An impressive performance at the AFLW Draft Combine, and selection to play for an AFLW side in next week’s Draft, would be the icing on the cake. “I’m feeling a little bit nervous, but mostly excited. Training has been similar to coming up to a new season…lots of running,” she said on Wednesday. “There’s not many girls in the Combine. It’s pretty crazy, I didn’t make Vic Metro this year, so I was pretty surprised that I got picked for the Combine. Hopefully I’ll get drafted this year, if not there’s always next year. That’s definitely the goal,” she said. The AFLW Draft will be held on Tuesday 27 July at 6.45 pm. The Draft is state-based, with players who nominate electing which state they wish to play in. The AFLW Victorian/Tasmanian Draft Combine was held on Sunday 18 July, at Melbourne University Sports.



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Majestuoso lives up to ever-growing hype By David Brehaut (HRV) Majestuoso has signalled in no uncertain terms that he is ready to claim the mantle as Australia's number one trotter. The five-year-old produced a stunning first-up performance to capture the Group 3 Haras Des Trotteurs Wagon Apollo Trotters Free For All (2100m) at Geelong on Saturday night. The Andy Gath-trained Majestuoso came from last with 1000m to go to run down leader and favourite Sleepee with a scintillating finishing burst despite later being found to have lost a shoe in running. While he had only a neck to spare on the line, the win was far more convincing than the margin suggested as Kath Gath timed her drive to perfection. Keayang Livana was third after going three wide early to sit outside Sleepee. Kath Gath was in awe of Majestuoso, telling Trots Vision the son of Majestic Son "wasn't entitled to win" from where he settled. "I thought he was outstanding. He wasn't entitled to win, but he did win," she said. She said as impressive as his trial against the pacers had been leading up to his return, it was still difficult to go wide and give the leaders such a big start as he did. Gath was able to give Majestuoso some momentary respite going into the home bend. "He was still travelling all right then, and I was really happy to drop in and give him a little breather,” she said. "When I did that, he just dropped the bit for a little bit and just got a little bit rough and I didn't know if that was a good idea. But it did give him that little bit of a breather. I do think it helped.” Gath said the run had reinforced how tough the gelding was, and with the potential he was showing, felt he would be extremely dangerous in any races he contested. "He's an exciting horse. Because we've said he's probably going to be our next best trotter, people may have got really carried away,” she said. "He's not there yet, but he does have the potential to do it as

Majestuoso in full flight at a previous race meet. (File photo HRV)

Always Fast winning at Geelong.

you've seen. He has good speed and can do a little bit of work too, so he's really exciting." Majestuoso, who was having his first race appearance since February, now has 17 wins in 36 starts for more than $230,000 in earnings. The horse completed a feature double for Kate Gath. She also guided the Emma Stewart-trained Always Fast to an overdue win in the $24,000 Flying Brick Cider Preux Chevalier Free For All (2100m). Gath produced a masterful front-running drive, dictating terms and giving nothing else a chance as Always Fast eased away by 5.5m from a hard-finishing Triple Eight, with Malcolms Rhythm third. Always Fast covered the first 800m of the last mile in a leisurely 64.1sec and then opened up to run home in 28.4sec and 27.7sec to rate 1:59.5min. Gath said it was satisfying to see the five-year-old - a halfbrother of boom pacer Ride High - break through for his first win of the season. "It was just good to have a bit of luck on him tonight. I've sort of been luckless on him. It was really good to get the win tonight," she said.

Tabcorp Park, Friday 16 July

Kate Gath. Gath said the race had panned out as she thought it would from barrier one, with no one really wanting to be outside the leader and apply any pressure. She said Always Fast was a good sit-sprinter and she had been keen to use the draw. "I was confident he'd be able to lead and once he did that, he was definitely going to be hard to beat,” she said. It was easy to see why she would be so confident from the front. Always Fast now has 10 wins to his name and on each occasion he has led.

Photos: Stuart McCormick

Race 5 Winner: Celtic Cash (6).

Race 7 Winner: Chase The Hat Trick (4)

Race 3 Winner: Count Bacardi (4)

Race 9 Winner: Junior Feelgood (1)

Race 4 Winner: Outa The Blue (4)

Race 2: Paramount Princess (6)

Race 1 Winner: Ikara (3)

Race 8 Winner: Delightful Nikky (1)

Race 10 Winner: Ultimate Me (5)

Avoid the counterproductive activity of worrying for its

sake. An unhappy positively to your21 The own Moorabool Newsfriend – 20responds July, 2021 Page

Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au 

encouragement. Public speaking and the performing arts are now featured.

Stars & Puzzles LEO—July 23-August 22

The week emphasizes practical matters. You see how you can apply your abilities to present future projects. Relationships of all kinds are spotlighted. This may be the time to launch a partnership. VIRGO—August 23-September 22


★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★ ARIES—March 21-April 20

Don’t be shy when it comes to telling someone how much you like him/her - give a special friend an impromptu call. Financial affairs may dominate the weekend. TAURUS—April 21-May 22

You are superb in the role of diplomat and effectively could end a family disagreement. Make a point of collecting outstanding debts. Your humanitarian spirit is currently highlighted. GEMINI—May 23-June 21

This is the week for branching out - you may take on a part-time job, or perhaps you decide to hone some skills. Your partner enjoys being pampered and responds to your sentimental ways.

7. 8. 9. 10. 12. 15. 16. 18. 20. 22.

ACROSS Finch (6-6) Gate (6) Dive (6) Airman (7) Gem (5) Hobo (5) Productive (7) Draw (6) Customs (6) Parsimonious (6-6)

NO. 9206

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 11. 13. 14. 17. 19. 21.

DOWN Arm (8) Apartment (4) Bird (7) Contented (5) Cheeky (8) Boast (4) Confessed (8) Telling (8) Maybe (7) Spectre (5) Boot (4) Scorch (4)


ACROSS 7. Results of a solver’s finding a clue amusing (7,5). 8. Twig the hair is false (6). 9. What a good turn deserves! (6). 10. See how long the dance is? (7). 12. That’s a great way of saying stop! (5). 15. How Fleming was known to his friends, non-English (5). 16. Listen, then assert it’s a mere rumour (7). 18. It’s cold before lunchtime, then it’s very hot (6). 20. Since the TV and radio are legally one’s property (6). 22. Unable to finish the puzzle, mum? (7,1,4) DOWN 1. Were they furious when the first motor cars passed them by? (8). 2. See why the customer’s buying the skin cream? (4). 3. The humour of the lady has a blighting effect (7). 4. He’ll put you in your place! (5). 5. Find the record has finished (8). 6. What the slave-owners called the girl he bought? (4). 11. Everything in the pictures having come from the vegetable garden (8). 13. The tart she’s made really astonishes one (8). 14. Leaves the record and rushes outside (7). 17. Spot about four in one piece of turf (5). 19. About when will it be cut? (4). 21. Cutting sayings? (4).


CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across - 7, Cryptic smile. 8, Switch. 9, Encore. 10, Measure. 12, A-vast. 15, As-Ian. 16, Hear-say. 18, Chill-i. 20, As-sets. 22, Without a word. Down - 1, Growlers. 2, Spot. 3, Wit-hers. 4, Usher. 5, Disc-over. 6, Dear. 11, Sh-all-ots. 13, Shattered (anag.). 14, D-EP-arts. 17, D-iv-ot. 19, Hewn (anag.). 21, Saws.

QUICK SOLUTIONS Across - 6, Love-in-a-mist. 7, Stun. 8, Tomahawk. 9, Grouse. 10, Reside. 12, Stalks. 15, Plough. 17, Crackers. 19, Play. 20, Dreadnought. Down - 1, Eventual. 2, Little. 3, Hammer. 4, With. 5, Stewed. 6, Later. 11, Stoppage. 13, Tirade. 14, Steady. 15, Pistol. 16. Giant. 18, Chew. CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across - 6, Got up to kill. 7, M.A.-M.A. 8, E-mission. 9, B-egg-ar. 10, Re-pa-st. 12, States. 15, Cast-or. 17, Contract . 19, Pail (pale). 20, Grave charge. Down - 1,Straight. 2, A-p-pear. 3, Hosier (anag.). 4, Pip’s. 5, Sloops (rev.). 6, Grate. 11, Pass-port. 13, Trough. 14, Sea-red. 15, Catchy. 16, Olive. 18, Thaw (anag.).

CANCER—June 22-July 22 Avoid the counterproductive activity of worrying for its own sake. An unhappy friend responds positively to your encouragement. Public speaking and the performing arts are now featured. LEO—July 23-August 22

The week emphasizes practical matters. You see how you can apply your abilities to present future projects. Relationships of all kinds are spotlighted. This may be the time to launch a partnership. VIRGO—August 23-September 22

Corny ideas may prove much more effective than first believed. Avoid making rash moves where finances or careers are concerned. In romance, spontaneity is your middle name. LIBRA—September 23-October 22 This is a great week for launching partnership projects, especially ones of a creative nature. There may be some tensions at the workplace, but keep a low key.


SCORPIO—October 23-November 21

Unexpected events, no matter how minor, can play havoc with present plans. The romantic picture brightens, thanks to your down-to-earth approach. A colleague lends support to your ideas.


SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22

Friends look to you for a lesson on self confidence. You could receive an email or letter from a long way away bringing bright news. Business and pleasure blend surprisingly well. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20

This will be a good week for approaching people for favours. A Libra person may influence your present thinking. Links with the past encourage you to reflect on the immediate future. AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19 This is a great time for promoting yourself. Tell people why they should listen to your ideas. If travelling, be sure that your companion is compatible. Unexpected guests may liven up the week. PISCES—February 20-March 20 A platonic friend may be more devoted than you think and could help you solve a difficult dilemma. This is a good time for enrolling in courses or joining a club.

BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK You are determined, persistent and outspoken. You are also both charismatic and mysterious. You take your relationships as seriously as you take your work. You are ever the perfectionist. Some touches of humour can enhance both your personal and professional spheres.

Corny ideas may prove much more effective than first believed. Avoid making rash moves where finances or careers are concerned. In romance, spontaneity is your middle name.


LIBRA—September 23-October 22 This is a great week for launching partnership projects, especially ones of a creative nature. There may be some tensions at the workplace, but keep a low key. SCORPIO—October 23-November 21

Unexpected events, no matter how minor, can play havoc with present plans. The romantic picture brightens, thanks to your down-to-earth approach. A colleague lends support to your ideas. SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22

Friends look to you for a lesson on self confidence. You could receive an email or letter from a long way away bringing bright news. Business and pleasure blend surprisingly well. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20

This will be a good week for approaching people for favours. A Libra person may influence your present thinking. Links with the past encourage you to reflect on the immediate future. AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19 This is a great time for promoting yourself. Tell people why they should listen to your ideas. If travelling, be sure that your companion is compatible. Unexpected guests may liven up the week. PISCES—February 20-March 20 A platonic friend may be more devoted than you think and could help you solve a difficult dilemma. This is a good time for enrolling in courses or joining a club.

BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK You are determined, persistent and outspoken. You are also both charismatic and mysterious. You take your relationships as seriously as you take your work. You are ever the perfectionist. Some touches of humour can enhance both your personal and professional spheres.

QUICK SOLUTIONS Across - 7, Yellow-Hammer. 8, Portal. 9, Plunge. 10, Aviator. 12, Pearl. 15, Tramp. 16, Fertile. 18, Sketch. 20, Habits. 22, Cheese-paring. Down - 1, Revolver. 2, Flat. 3, Swallow. 4, Happy. 5, Impudent. 6, Brag. 11, Admitted. 13, Relating. 14, Perhaps. 17, Ghost. 19, Kick. 21, Burn.


Marks out the lines according to the regulations? (5). 23. Do business - and a lot of it (4).

Page 22 The Moorabool News – 20 July, 2021

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Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au 

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All-New Kluger Hybrid Where freedom meets family

Whether it’s the daily school run or a weekend escape, this Hybrid 7-seat SUV will make it an effortless luxury. Convenience and care go hand in hand thanks to Toyota’s most innovative safety features and smart technology connectivity like Apple CarPlay®¹ and Android Auto.™¹ Available for the first time with AWD Hybrid power, the All-New Kluger will take you further and set you apart.

Melton Toyota Melton Toyota 143-147 High Street, Melton 143-147 High Street, Melton T: 03 8746 0300 T: 03 8746 0300 LMCT 1976 LMCT 1976 meltontoyota.com.au meltontoyota.com.au

Kluger Grande Hybrid in Galena Blue shown. ¹CarPlay® is a trademark of Apple, Inc. Android Auto™ is a trademark of Google LLC. Requires compatible device, USB connection, mobile data, network reception & GPS signal. Mobile usage at user’s cost. Apps subject to change. All images indicative only. Check toyota.com.au/connected. T2021-016728

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• Farm Supplies / Equipment • Stock Feed & Pet Food • Sand, Soil & Garden • Rain Water Tanks • Firewood & Gas • Horse Supplies • Husqvarna Products LogoDesign LogoDesign

DRY, Red Gum for


per mt


MIXED, Common Wood for


HOUSEHOLD, Gas Bottle - 45kg for


FIREWOOD, Storage Rings - Ranging from

Day Hire - For only


per mt

*Trailer Included





Kindling, Bio Briquettes, Matches and Fire Lighters

For all your Livestock and Real Estate needs Phone your Local Elders Agent Bernie Shanahan 0429 184 996

Trading Hours: Monday to Friday 8am–5pm Saturday 8am–4pm Sunday 10am–2pm 461 Old Melbourne Road, Ballan Telephone: 5368 1199

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