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Call to Honour the Avenue By Bianca Roberts (Intern 3rd Year Melb Uni) It has been an iconic feature in Bacchus Marsh for over 100 years, and one local has an idea to dramatically revive the Avenue of Honour. Glenda Jones, co-owner of Jeff Jones Plant and Produce in Bacchus Marsh, proposed at a Women in Business Luncheon, each of the 281 elm trees be illuminated for a limited period each year: from Remembrance Day, November 11 to Anzac Day, April 25. “It’s just a dream that I have because I love it so much… it could be made just that little more interesting and informative,” she told the Moorabool News. Ms Jones said the limited period would enhance the tourist attraction of the site. “If it’s lit up all the time it becomes nothing; this way, it would have meaning. “It’s an attraction that people would come to see… and tourism brings so much money into the town,” she said. Furthermore, the advent of an interactive app or information boards with QR codes would help to better communicate the meaning of the site to visitors. “People come into my shop asking questions all time … is it for World War I or II?” Ms Jones proposed that local families could submit stories about the person represented, as a means of bringing the history back to life, “Truly honouring their memory,” she said. After seeing children flood the Avenue due to playing the outdoorbased video game Pokémon-Go, Ms Jones has hopes a similar digital interface will be the key to engaging younger generations. “It will be a whole new means of commemorating the lives of those who served,” she said. President of the Bacchus Marsh RSL, Cherrison Lawton, endorses the idea. “I think it’d be absolutely wonderful. Anything we could do to highlight that area would be fantastic,” she said. The Bacchus Marsh Avenue of Honour was originally planted on Glenda Jones is proposing for the Avenue in Bacchus Marsh to be honoured with lights and historical information. August 10, 1918 to commemorate locals who volunteered service in Photo – Helen Tatchell The First World War.

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The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021 Page 3

Nine years for Woolpack death By Lachlan Ellis A Pentland Hills man has been sentenced at the Supreme Court of Victoria, after pleading guilty to a manslaughter that occurred last year. Damien Janson, 32, was involved in a drug deal that went horribly wrong on 20 May 2020, resulting in the death of 24-year-old Jake Smith. At the 4 June hearing last week, Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth summarised the incident, and Mr Janson’s history, before handing down the sentence. “You and Mr Sutton argued in his car over the drugs. You wanted to see the drugs, which he said were in the black taped-up bag, but Mr Sutton refused without being given the cash. You both behaved aggressively. You produced a screwdriver, Mr Sutton told you to ‘f*ck off’ and pointed a knife at you,” she said. After Mr Janson got out of Sutton’s car and returned to the car where his friend Mr Langeweg and brother Dylan were waiting, Mr Sutton and the two motorcycle riders, Mr Smith and Mr McLeod, drove away. The court heard there was a brief pursuit, but Mr Janson soon gave up and asked Mr Langeweg to “head home” after losing the trio – but unfortunately, that was not how the night ended. Justice Hollingworth said by coincidence, the two groups met up again a few minutes later on Woolpack Road, Maddingley, driving in opposite directions. “You quickly and unexpectedly reached over with your right hand and grabbed the steering wheel, pushing it to the right.


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The Moorabool News – 25 May, 2021 Page 3

Dead, after impulsive action By Lachlan Ellis The lawyer for a Pentland Hills man on remand for manslaughter has told Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth that his client’s offence was a “split-second decision” affected by drug use and “impulsive character”. In the Supreme Court of Victoria, 32-year-old Damien Janson entered a guilty plea and was represented in court by Dr Theo Alexander, with Mr John Dickie prosecuting for the Crown. Mr Dickie told Justice Hollingworth that Mr Janson had killed 24-year-old Jake Smith around 7:10 pm on 20 May 2020, by “grabbing the steering wheel of a Mitsubishi Triton ute, in which he was a front passenger”, and turning it to the right to hit Mr Smith’s motorcycle. It was an intended drug deal that went wrong. Instead of selling Mr Janson the drug MDMA – it was actually a black taped up bag of kitty litter Mr Smith’s friend had intended to deceptively sell for $1200 – the dealer argued with Mr Janson, and both drew weapons. The dealer then drove away with a $50 note Janson had given him to measure the drugs. Mr Janson hit the dealer’s sedan with a screwdriver as he drove off. In a quote read out to the court, Mr Janson said to his friend in the ute’s driver seat, “I think these f***ers ripped me off $50, go right, I want to catch up with them”. Though Mr Janson soon gave up the chase and told his friend they should “go home”, by chance, the ute passed Mr Smith and his friends, going the other way on Woolpack Road, Parwan. Mr Janson grabbed the wheel, pulling it to the right, hitting Mr Smith, who was riding his motorcycle following the dealer’s sedan. “Upon being struck, Mr Smith flew over the top of the ute and was thrown 15 to 20 metres into the scrub. Mr Smith incurred multiple and extensive injuries including multiple serious fractures to his pelvis and lower limbs. Those injuries led to his death,” Mr Dickie told the court. The court heard Janson and his friends did not stop to render assistance, instead driving to a farm around 500 metres north of the collision scene; Janson yelled “I’m going to jail” before “running off into adjacent paddocks”. Justice Hollingworth asked the defence what prospects Mr Janson had for rehabilitation after his sentence, given a prior history of drug use, threats of violence and failing to comply with court orders. Dr Alexander listed three factors he believed would motivate Mr Janson to seek rehabilitation. “The conclusion that I urge upon the court are based on three matters. First is, he will be spending a lot of time drugfree in custody. The second matter is his family support. The

third is perhaps most important of all, the lasting effect on him from this offending,” Dr Alexander said. “He will reflect on his drug use, and the consequences of his drug use on this occasion…one referee says quite clearly that he is a good person, but when he uses drugs, he is different. It is the duration of drug use that has resulted in this decision, making the choice that he did,” he said. Justice Hollingworth was unconvinced. “But in the prior history, he has thumbed his nose at the law, how is that out of his general character? I accept that he hasn’t engaged in acts of violence, but he has a very extensive criminal history,” she replied. “He clearly has a problem with cars and controlling his behaviour. This is not out of general character in some ways. Where do I get the comfort that this kind of thing isn’t going to happen again?” Psychological reports were submitted by the defence, and while they showed a history of psychological issues, Justice Hollingworth said it appeared Mr Janson “has taken no responsibility” in sorting those issues out.

The Supreme Court also heard victim impact statements from the family of Mr Smith. Mother, Leanne Davey, read out her own statement, as well as those of Mr Smith’s father Jamie Smith, and brother Trent Lachmund. “I should have been first; we’re not supposed to outlive our children. In the end, I’ll never be satisfied with the sentencing, it won’t bring my son back,” Ms Davey said. In their statements, Mr Smith and Mr Lachmund expressed their anger at Mr Janson’s actions, with Mr Smith calling Janson’s actions “cowardly and despicable”, and Mr Lachmund stating that he had “so much rage and anger inside me…I have difficulties believing it is real”. Jake Smith’s sister-in-law, Ricci Johnson, said his death meant her children would never know their uncle, and he would never be able to “take them out on adventures”. “When I had my twins in 2019, Jake was so excited. He couldn’t wait until they were walking and talking so he could take them out on adventures. There was a light in his life that gave him hope for his future. That was five months before he was killed,” Ms Johnson said. Members of Mr Janson’s family were also present but did not speak during the session.

AusNet, do you copy, over?

most recent meeting on Tuesday 11 May. Mr Saunders told the Moorabool News he had hoped for some genuine two-way communication from AusNet when he applied to join the CCG, but believed AusNet was not “empathetic” towards affected landowners’ concerns. “From a personal viewpoint, I went onto this committee expecting to have some interaction with AusNet that would solve our community concerns…the committee is essentially unanimous in its op-

position to the power lines going overhead, and AusNet is not giving us anything to go back to the community with,” Mr Saunders said. “Even now, they’re not bending one centimetre, one millimetre, towards accommodating our input… they’re giving me, personally, no feeling that anything we’re raising as major issues are being listened to.” Mr Saunders said AusNet had no social licence, but efficient communication with the community would help that. “The whole point of this social licence that they’re so keen on getting, has got to be that the community has been consulted, their

“The ute collided with Mr Smith and his bike in the southbound lane of Woolpack Road…the collision happened so quickly that Mr Smith didn’t have time to react. After being struck, he was thrown over the top of the ute, and 15 to 20 metres into the bush. Mr Smith sustained multiple and extensive injuries, from which he ultimately died, despite resuscitation efforts.” Justice Hollingworth acknowledged Mr GO WHERE THE TRADIES GO


“You have a long history of adult criminal offending, beginning in 2008 when you were 19. You’ve regularly been given communitybased orders, and ordered to attend alcohol and drug counselling as part of those orders. “You’ve shown little regard for court orders, having been brought regularly before the courts for failing to comply with them, and breaching bail.” The trauma imposed on Mr Smith’s family was also acknowledged by the Justice, as well as the “selfish, cowardly gesture” of Janson running away from the scene of the incident, “leaving your friend and your brother to face the consequences of your actions”.


members the CCG, 2021. but he said Lachlan Ellis TheBy Moorabool News 25ofMay only eight members attended the The intentions may have been good, but AusNet’s Community Consultation Group (CCG) initiative has left its members unimpressed, according to a Coimadai member. As part of its community consultation obligations for the Western Victoria Transmission Network Project (WVTNP), AusNet begun hosting CCG sessions “around six weeks ago” according to landowner Bill Saunders. After an “audition”, Mr Saunders was selected as one of the 12 initial

“It’s obvious he was distressed, it’s obvious he’s identified he needs to engage in psychological evaluation to manage his ADHD. But it appears nothing has happened since then,” she said. “I maintain that this offending, and the consequences of it, have had a profound impact on him, and will motivate him to address the matters that weren’t addressed in 2018,” Dr Alexander replied. The matter was adjourned sine die, meaning it will be heard again at a later date that is yet to be decided.

when you were around 16. Within a couple of years, you were a daily user of cannabis, and an occasional user of ice, MDMA and GHB,” she said.

In the end, Justice Hollingworth delivered a longer period of imprisonment than any of the similar manslaughter cases mentioned by Crown Prosecutor John Dickie, during Mr Janson’s plea hearing on 17 May. The memorial for Jake Smith on Woolpack Road. Photo – RIP Jake Smith facebook

concerns have been taken notice of, and measures have been taken to address them,” he said. “But I’m not hearing a word from AusNet. At the end of the meeting the other night, the Chair asked us to give one final reflection on what we’d learned from that evening’s proceedings…of the seven of us physically there, four or five actually said they were very much concerned at the lack of empathy AusNet was showing.” An AusNet spokesperson provided a statement to the Moorabool News, stating that the company was open to hearing community concerns. “The Community Consultation

Groups are an additional opportunity to share information about the project with the community and encourage constructive two-way discussion and feedback in a forum run by an independent chair. This forum runs in parallel with the Environment Effects Statement which will consider undergrounding,” the spokesperson said. The statement went on to read, “The Community Consultation Group is made up of a wide representation across the community. We recognise and welcome a diverse range of views within the group and acknowledge there will be differing views across the community.”

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“For the offence of manslaughter, I sentence you to imprisonment of nine years. I fix a period of six years as the period you must serve before you become eligible for parole. Had you not pleaded guilty, I would have sentenced you to 11 years imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 8 years,” the Justice said. “Further, I declare that the period reckoned as already served under this sentence is 378 days, not including today’s date. Because you were an unlicenced driver at the time of this offence, I will disqualify you from obtaining a driver’s licence or permit for a period of seven years from today.”

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Page 4 The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021

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Support local, shop local By Bianca Roberts (Intern 3rd Year Melb Uni) For over the past 12-months there has been a common catch cry, Shop Local, and now Council is calling upon residents to consider a new directory to support local businesses. ‘Moorabool Localised’, has been launched by Moorabool Shire Council and is an online directory of local businesses at your fingertips. “Clearly, it’s a good philosophy to support local businesses,” Ballan Chamber of Commerce President, Michael Ryan said. However, the pure presence of a directory is not enough, according to President of BizConnect Bacchus Marsh Ian Prince. “I love the concept of having a directory… but it’s got to be promoted,” he said. “It needs to be front of mind everywhere… in every shop window.” Mr Prince believes the promotion of a community-wide slogan may be useful. “Something like ‘Spend local to grow local’,” he said.

Council figures show over 60 per cent of working residents leave the Shire each day, most commonly to commercial areas such as Ballarat or the Melbourne CBD. “You’ve got to think they would be shopping where they work too,” Mr Ryan said. However, there is a plan for Ballan. Ballan and District Chamber of Commerce recently received over $16,000 from the Ballan & District Community Bank, as part of a Community Investment grant, that will see the commerce group develop a five-year business plan for the area. “This will look at ways to promote the benefits of shopping locally and to enhance the attraction for day trippers from Melbourne,” Mr Ryan said. Collaboration between local businesses will be key, and he welcomes local businesses to engage with the Chamber of Commerce in this process. “A sense of community thinking is needed to get businesses to work together to make it happen,” he said. Find local businesses at www.moorabool. localised.com.au

BizConnect Chairman Ian Prince supports a business directory however, “… it has to be promoted”. Photo – Helen Tatchell

Cameras may deter illegal dumping By Bianca Roberts (Intern 3rd Year Melb Uni) Beware litterers, Big Brother may soon be watching. Costing Council $80,000 per year to clean up illegally dumped rubbish, they have been mapping and monitoring common dumping grounds and, are exploring the idea of installing surveillance cameras to catch people in the act. Council is remaining tight-lipped on the specific details, with no budget or timeline determined yet as the “idea is still in its infancy”. Meanwhile, residents are encouraged to be Council’s eyes on the ground. If witnessing an instance of illegal dumping, Council is asking residents to call Customer Service on 5366 7100 and to take photos of the offending waste and, if possible, the vehicle registration of the alleged dumper. Under the Environment Protection Act 1970, the minimum penalty for littering is $303. The penalty given depends on the size and type of the dumped litter. Residents are urged to utilise one of the shire’s three transfer stations at What appears to be a tipper load of rubbish dumped on the Parwan South road on Saturday 22 May. Ballan, Bacchus Marsh or Mt Egerton. Photo – David Whelan

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Page 6 The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021


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The destination is Moorabool By Lachlan Ellis The future of rural Victoria could be bright thanks to rising population growth, depending on how we accommodate it, according to The Demographics Group head Bernard Salt AM. A renowned demographer and social commentator, Mr Salt is perhaps most famous for popularising the phrase “smashed avo” in a 2016 article in the Weekend Australian, blaming exorbitant spending on food for declining home ownership among millennials. Councillors Ally Munari and Moira Berry represented Moorabool at a Rural Councils Victoria (RCV) event in Nagambie on Thursday May 27, where Mr Salt spoke about his recent report, titled ‘Demographic Destiny: Opportunities for Rural Victoria in the Post-pandemic Era’. Mr Salt said that there had been a trend of young people leaving rural areas to obtain further education, training, and work – but the pandemic had changed this dynamic. “This outflow robbed rural communities of demographic and workforce depth in the 20s and 30s cohorts, and the energy and ideas that youth retain. The pandemic has changed all that,” Mr Salt said. “With an influx of new residents, many rural communities can now think boldly, ambitiously and outrageously about the kind of communities they want to build for the future. “If it is true that Australians are indeed motivated by lifestyle, then this coming decade truly is rural Victorian communities’ time to shine.” Cr Munari told the Moorabool News she was happy she attended the event, although the

lockdown announcement had meant it had to be rushed and compacted into one day. “It was a wonderful event put on by the committee for Rural Councils Victoria and, we just wish it had panned out the way it was planned,” she said. “We got to catch up and meet councillors and mayors from all different rural councils…it was amazing how far some people had come for the event.” The population growth highlighted by Mr Salt’s report – almost 50,000 residents predicted by 2036 – presents both an opportunity and a challenge for Moorabool, but Cr Munari believes Council has the right people to meet that challenge. “You look at Bacchus Marsh today and think, we’re hardly coping now, so we’re really going to have to lean on the Government for help. There’s infrastructure – we’re always fighting for that – and there’s the roads…and I think it scares people to think, how will we cope?” she said. “Obviously it’s hard for me, because I’ve only been on Council for six months…but what I’m seeing, as a new Councillor, is that we have the right people in place in Moorabool Shire, that are looking ahead, that are planning with that in mind. Cr Munari said she feels Moorabool is in good hands. “There are things being put in place, the Eastern Link Road is in the works for example. The growth of Bacchus Marsh and Ballan, for example, is a big topic behind the scenes at Council at the moment…so to know there is work being done is a nice ‘cushion’ behind the scenes.” Council’s own estimates predict a population for Moorabool of almost 64,000 by 2041.

Bernard Salt AM speaks at the Rural Councils Victoria summit. Photo - RCV

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The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021 Page 7

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Page 8 The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021


State receives part pet fees By Bianca Roberts (Intern 3rd Year Melb Uni) The Victorian Government receives four dollars from every pet registration fee paid to councils — but where does this money go? This was the question asked by Bev McArthur MP in State parliament recently. With 662,866 dogs and 221,548 cats registered in 2019, “the total sum remitted under [the Domestic Animals Act 1994] is therefore more than $3.5 million each year,” she said. According to Ms McArthur, the Minister for Agriculture, Mary-Anne Thomas, displayed a lack of accounting for these funds. A spokesperson for Agriculture Victoria told the Moorabool News the government is committed to the promotion of animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. “Under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 (the Act), local councils are required to make annual payments to government for each dog and cat registration fee collected. “This fee can only be used for specific legislated purposes as outlined in the Act, including promoting responsible dog and cat ownership, animal welfare, domestic animal management research and the

administration of the Act,” the spokesperson told the Moorabool News. A recent example of this was Animal Welfare Victoria’s latest advertising campaign, launched May 13, informing Victorians about the importance of keeping dogs safely confined within their property. Ms McArthur suggested targeted changes to the current taxation scheme, including the return of the four dollars collected for any animal successfully adopted from a rescue sanctuary. “… reward[ing] pet owners who want to help abandoned animals – and councils would still get their licence fee for pedigree animals,” she said. The Victorian Government directly funds the Animal Welfare Fund (AWF) grants program and has awarded approximately $3.5 million since it began in 2011, supporting animal shelters, foster carers, community vet clinics and other eligible organisations to continue their valued services within the community. A spokesperson for Moorabool Shire Council said their local pound has no record of receiving any such funding in recent years.

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L2P learner driver Zac Purcell with driving mentor David Slater. Photo – DjHS L2P

Program puts youth on the road

By Bianca Roberts (Intern 3rd Year Melb Uni) Zac Purcell was desperate to help his Nan make her chemotherapy appointments in Ballarat, but the 18-year-old had a problem: he could not drive. Thankfully, with the help of a joint initiative between the Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) and Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services, he was given a helping hand to get on the road. The TAC L2P Program is a long-standing initiative that helps learner drivers without an available supervisor match with a mentor, who will assist them in meeting their requisite 120 hours. David Slater, who volunteered as Zac’s mentor driver, told the Moorabool News Zac was a “keen learner”, achieving his required 120 hours in only a matter of months. This included a range of driving scenarios, including city traffic and four-hour long country drives. Kim Leech, program coordinator at Djerriwarrh Health, is proud the program

has allowed Zac to achieve his goals in such a short period of time. “Zac now drives his Nan to her weekly medical appointments in Ballarat, relieving her of that huge strain,” she said. Mr Slater said Zac has been “ready to go” for his license for months now, but unfortunately regulations stand in the way. Having received his learner permit in August 2020, he is still waiting for the mandatory 12 month holding period to expire. The L2P program is currently open to new applications from Moorabool residents who meet the following criteria: • are aged 16-21, • hold a current learner’s permit and, •h  ave no access to a vehicle or supervising driver. The program is supported by Melton Toyota, Harrison Hyundai, Rotary Bacchus Marsh and Bacchus Marsh Workwear and Safety. Learners wishing to access the program, as well as those wishing to volunteer as a driving mentor, are urged to call Djerriwarrh Melton on 8746 1000.

Smile Squad is on its way The Victorian Government is making it easier for our kids to get the dental care they need. Find out more at smilesquad.vic.gov.au


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The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021 Page 9

Moorabool Shire Council Council Mee�ng

Special Mee�ng of Council

The next Ordinary Mee�ng of Council will be held on Wednesday 7 July 2021 in the Council Chambers, 15 Stead St Ballan, star�ng at 6.00 pm.

A Special Mee�ng of Council will be held on Wednesday 16 June 2021 at 5.00 pm, to consider submissions on the proposed 2021/22 Annual Budget & Council Plan 2021-2025; and CEO Annual leave.

For details on a�endance or to the view the agenda, go to www.moorabool.vic.gov.au

Details on the loca�on and a�endance will be available on our website closer to the date: www.moorabool.vic.gov.au

No�ce to amend a planning applica�on In process The land affected by the applica�on is located at – Ask for: Jyo� Makan Email: jmakan@moorabool.vic.gov.au Our Ref: PA2011338-3 The land affected by the applica�on is located at – Loca�on:

11 Tilleys Road, Maddingley VIC 3340

Title Details:

Mul�ple (refer �tle documents)

The permit applica�on:

Use and Development of the Land for a Landfill, Produc�on of Soil and Soil Products (including Compos�ng) and Works Associated with those Uses; Use and Development of the Land for the Purpose of Materials Recycling (Metals and Construc�on and Demoli�on Waste); and Construc�on of a Treatment Plant for Leachate Management

The amendment to permit applica�on:

Allow for the entrance gates along Tilleys Road to be opened from 5am Monday - Saturday

The applicant for the permit is: Contour Consultants Australia P/L The applica�on reference number is.:

Review of Mayoral & Councillor Allowances In accordance with sec�on 223 of the Local Government Act 1989, wri�en submissions are invited from members of the public in regard to the Council’s proposal to set the Mayoral and Councillor Allowances as follows: 1. Mayoral allowance: $81,204 per annum plus 9.5% (equivalent of superannua�on guarantee contribu�on). 2. Councillor allowance: $26,245 per annum plus 9.5% (equivalent of superannua�on guarantee contribu�on). Wri�en submissions may be made, addressed to the Manager, Governance, Risk & Corporate Planning, and clearly marked “Review of Mayoral and Councillor Allowances by either: • Post to: Moorabool Shire Council, PO Box 18, Ballan, Vic 3342; or • Email to: info@moorabool.vic.gov.au Submissions must be received before 5.00 pm on 1 July 2021. All submissions will be considered. If any person wishes to be heard in support of their submission, they must include in their request to be heard in the wri�en submission. This will en�tle them to appear either personally or by a person ac�ng on their behalf, before Council at its mee�ng of 7 July 2021.


Documents detailing the above applica�on can be viewed from the website link in the box below. If you are unable to access the website please contact the Planning department on 5366 7100 and we will arrange for a copy of the documenta�on to be emailed or posted to you. Moorabool Shire Council, 15 Stead Street, Ballan 182 Halle�s Way Darley h�ps://moorabool.greenlightopm.com/public/App_Adver�sing/7201125nkEzZREVg Any person who may be affected by the gran�ng of the permit may object or make other submissions to the Responsible Authority. An objec�on must be sent to the Responsible Authority in wri�ng, include the reasons for the objec�on and state how, the objector would be affected. Please be aware that copies of objec�ons/submissions received may be made available to any person for the purpose of considera�on as part of the planning process.

Employment Council invites applications for the existing vacancies: • Technical Engineer Full-Time Permanent - Based at Ballan Applications close on Sunday 13 June 2021. • Senior Corporate Strategy Lead Full-Time Permanent - Based at Darley Applications close on Sunday 20 June 2021. All details available from the website: www.moorabool.vic.gov.au/my-council/employment/careers

The Responsible Authority will not decide on the applica�on before - 22 June 2021 If you object, the Responsible Authority will tell you it’s decision. Date: 3 June 2021

Planning and Environment Regula�ons 1988 Form 4.3


Principal Office: 15 Stead Street, Ballan Bacchus Marsh Service Centre: 182 Halletts Way, Darley Lerderderg Library: 215 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh Postal Address: PO Box 18, Ballan VIC 3342 (03) 5366 7100 info@moorabool.vic.gov.au www.moorabool.vic.gov.au

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Page 10 The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021


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Doggone proposal denied which either emit a high-pitched sound, apply an electric shock, or spray a dog when it barks.

By Lachlan Ellis An application for a Use of the Land for Domestic Animal Husbandry in Gordon has been refused by Council, with two neighbouring properties submitting objections.

Cr Moira Berry commented the devices were “cruel” – an opinion backed by the RSPCA, which states it is “opposed to the use of any electronically activated or other devices which deliver electric shocks, such as anti-barking collars”.

At the Development Assessment Committee (DAC) Meeting on Wednesday 19 May, Council’s planning team recommended that Council issue a Refusal, based on inappropriate land use and “unreasonable amenity impacts to surrounding residents”.

The recommendation to refuse the application was moved by Cr Tonia Dudzik and seconded by Cr Paul Tatchell, with Cr David Edwards opposing the recommendation, opening a debate.

Ms Bridget Clow, the applicant for the Planning Permit at 29 Evergreen Way, said her plans would not inconvenience her neighbours, and that she had taken steps to minimise noise. “We purchased the property 23 years ago and moved in in 1998 with five dogs. We have one to two litters per year…this permit is to continue a use that has occurred for 23 years,” Ms Clow said. “The application is to have 15 resident dogs, and allow another three short-term for breeding,” she said. Ms Clow said no other neighbours had complained except for the new people who have moved in. “Based on hearing this complaint, I made a number of changes to management to further reduce noise. I have checked twice since those changes in January [2021], and they have both told me that they do not hear

“People buying in a rural area expecting a rural lifestyle…and this is not what any person would expect when they buy a rural residential property. In my view it’s not acceptable, it’s too many dogs on one property,” Cr Dudzik argued.

Photo – (Illustration purpose only) – Manuel Del Piloto (Pexels)

the dogs barking from our property.” Ms Clow suggested concerns that property values in the area would drop if dogs were bred nearby was the main reason for the complaints, but her neighbours, Mr and Mrs Kris and Mr Elliott and Ms Westoby, disagreed that property values were the only factor. “A breeding operation with 10 bitches based on only 1 litter per year and an average of only 6 pups per litter means an additional 60 dogs on this property. We would submit that this is a commercial activity which is

incompatible with a Rural Living zoning,” Mr and Mrs Kris wrote. “We are also concerned that the planning permit which is for ‘Animal Keeping’ could also be used to operate a boarding kennel or animal shelter and as anyone that has ever visited such a facility will know, the noise levels are horrendous.” Mr Elliott & Ms Westoby expressed similar concerns in their submission. Part of Ms Clow’s measures to reduce her dogs’ noise included anti-barking collars,

Cr Edwards drew comparison to an earlier meeting, in which Council had refused a similar application in a Farming Zone. “If we can’t have it in a Farming Zone, we can’t have it in the Rural Living Zone, where do we have these things?” Cr Edwards said. “We need to find somewhere to have these places. When the majority of people own dogs, we need dog breeders. If we say no, we drive illegal breeders to breed these dogs without conditions,” he said. The refusal was carried with approval by Crs Dudzik, Tatchell and Munari, with Crs Berry and Edwards opposing it.

Birds in Ballan NEW DATE

SAT 26TH JUNE 2pm - Event Launch Welcome to Country,

Smoking Ceremony, Kids & Adults Dancing at McLeans Reserve, Cnr Fisken & Inglis Sts, Ballan Presented by Ballan Lioness


NEW DATE D TO BE ADVISED Kids Movie ‘Rio’ in the Ballan Mechanics Hall

Bookings required to Ballan Library on 0419 519 650 Presented by Moorabool Library Services



Presented by



Visit www.wombatarts.org or call 0407 506 621 for information

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Page 12 The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021

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Failed to vote? Time to pay A stern reminder has been issued by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC), urging Victorians with outstanding nonvoting fines from the 2020 local council elections to act now. A number of non-voters have received, or will receive, a Penalty Reminder Notice that carries an additional fee of $25.80, for failing to pay the initial $83 Infringement Notice within 35 days. Electoral Commissioner Warwick Gately recommended that anyone who receives a Penalty Reminder Notice should act as soon as possible. “If you receive a Penalty Reminder Notice in the mail you need to take action. Do not ignore the notice, or your details will be provided to the Director of Fines Victoria for further enforcement action.” Mr Gately said. Non-voters have 28 days to respond to the Penalty Reminder Notice. If you are unsure what to do, you can call the VEC on 1300 551 575, or go online and visit vec.vic.gov.au/voting/ fines-and-reviews.

Park that thought By Lachlan Ellis The deadline is up for feedback on the Moorabool Car Parking Study, and while work is underway on a draft, there will be more opportunities to ‘Have Your Say’ in the future. The Car Parking Study is one of many projects Council has sought feedback on over the past year, with Council eager to hear what parking needs and changes Mooraboolites feel are needed. Council stopped taking submissions on 24 May, but Executive Manager of Community Planning and Economic Development, Henry Bezuidenhout,

said this was only the first chance locals would have to put forward their ideas.

about safety and walkability, as well as parking and signage.

“Through our ‘Have your Say’ portal, we received 810 views and 57 pin-drops or comments about key parking issues, proposed signage or other changes, or improvements to pedestrian accessibility and safety,” Mr Bezuidenhout told the Moorabool News.

“Council is currently reviewing the comments to see how they can be incorporated in the Car Parking Study and Policy. Council officers will continue to prepare the draft Car Parking Study and Car Parking Policy. Future community consultation will be undertaken on both the draft study and draft policy later this year,” he said.

“Most comments were received in Bacchus Marsh, primarily around Bacchus Marsh Primary School, and extending down Grant Street. The comments provided covered concerns

A summary of the community’s feedback will be uploaded to Council’s car parking ‘Have Your Say’ page in the coming weeks on their website.

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The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021 Page 13

Community Bank Bacchus Marsh Community Community Bank Bank Bacchus Bacchus Marsh Marsh Community Bank Bacchus Marsh

Ian knows Ian knows Community Bank banking Ian Bacchus Marsh knows banking banking Ian knows bankingIan knows

If you need help with yours, call Ian Prince, Branch Managerwith on 5367 4660 If If you you need need help help with yours, yours, call call Ian Ian Prince, Prince, or search BendigoonBank Bacchus Marsh. Branch Manager 5367 4660 Branch Manager on 5367 4660 If you need help with yours, call Ian Prince, or search Bendigo Bank Bacchus Marsh. Community Bank or search Bendigo Bank Bacchus Marsh. Community Bank Bacchus Marsh Branch Manager on 5367 4660 Bacchus Marsh or search Bendigo Bank Bacchus Marsh.

2/137 Main Street Bacchus Marsh If you need help withbanking yours, call Ian Prince, you need help with yours, call Ian Prince, Branch Manager on IfBranch 5367 4660 Manager on 5367 4660 or search Bendigo Bank Bacchus Marsh. or search Bendigo Bank Bacchus Marsh.

Ian knows banking If you need help with yours, call Ian Prince, Branch Manager on 5367 4660 or search Bendigo Bank Bacchus Marsh.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178, AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879.  Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178, AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879.  A1415949   OUT_2118320  01/06/2021 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178, AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879.  A1415949   OUT_2118320  01/06/2021 A1415949   OUT_2118320  01/06/2021 Bendigo Bendigo and and Adelaide Adelaide Bank Bank Limited Limited ABN ABN 11 11 068 068 049 049 178, 178, AFSL/Australian AFSL/Australian Credit Credit Licence Licence 237879.  237879. 

Page 14 The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021

Budget doesn’t drive the dollar further By Bianca Roberts (Intern 3rd Year Melb Uni) Calls for investment in Moorabool Shire have gone largely unanswered, with the 2021/22 Victorian State Budget providing zero direct investment in civil or social infrastructure. Of the $3.7 billion dollars promised to regional Victoria, Moorabool Shire will receive only 0.0079 per cent, or around $8.14 per person. This figure relates to a $293,000 grant for the an Equine Sanctuary in Gordon, with the support from Animal Justice Party MP, Andy Meddick. Moorabool Mayor Cr Tom Sullivan told the Moorabool News this comes as no surprise to him, being an issue “we’ve always suffered from.” “We have big neighbours that do a lot better than we do,” he said. Cr Sullivan says he is disappointed that no help was afforded to developing a sewerage system in Bungaree-Wallace. It is “unfair”, he said, “that the council must continuously utilise citizens’ rate payments for items that generally receive state funding in other shires. “Moorabool citizens pay their taxes too,” he said. The City of Melton received over $270 million in this budget for a number of projects, including water and sewerage works, but also the construction of a new hospital and primary school and youth crime prevention programs. The Moorabool Shire did benefit recently from a $4 million dollar investment in sporting facility upgrades at Maddingley, which came from a separate tender to the annual budget, and $3.5 million for an Early Years and Community Hub at Maddingley from the Growing Suburbs Fund. The Shire may indirectly benefit from the budget’s statewide items, including the $700 million to be invested in regional mental health support services, and reductions to payroll tax for regional businesses, which will drop to 1.21 per cent.



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Letters to the Editor W R I T ING LET T ER S TO T H E EDI TOR Each letter must be accompanied with the writer’s full name, address and phone number (name and suburb for publication only) and be limited to 300 words. Letters to be received via post or email (preferred option). The Editor has the right to limit the amount of words in each letter received and published letters are at the discretion of the Editor. Send your letters to news@themooraboolnews.com.au Photo: Peter Brown from CSIRO

Five tips for mouse control on farms

When was the last time you reviewed your mice management? Here are five tips for mouse control on farms from the Grains Research and Development Corporation to ensure mice numbers remain low and don’t build up and become uncontrollable. 1. A  pply broad scale zinc phosphide bait: According to the label, at the prescribed rate of 1kg/ha. 2. Apply bait at seeding or within 24 hours: While seed is still covered by soil increasing the likelihood of mice taking the bait, prior to finding the seed. Rebait through the season as needed. 3. T  iming is critical: Delays of 4-5 days in baiting after seeding can give mice time to find crop seed. High populations can cause up to 5 per cent damage each night. 4. Monitor paddocks: Check paddocks regularly. 5. After harvest and prior to sowing – minimise sources of food and shelter: Control weeds and volunteer crops along fence lines, clean up residual grain by grazing or rolling stubbles. More information is available on the Agriculture Victoria website.

Dear Editor, Why is it, with all the publicity about Covid, that people still do not wear masks in the shopping centres or do not wear them correctly, covering nose AND mouth. They are for everyone's protection not just the use as chin warmers. A police walk through of the complex would nail a lot of ‘no-gooders’, let alone a few dollars for the coffers. It just seems to be getting worse and no one is interested. Maurice Collier Bacchus Marsh Dear Editor, I write in concern to the proposed SP ausnet's decision to erect high voltage transmission lines and towers through parts of Western Victoria. As our demands for electrical power increases, so does the impact on communities affected by these types of infra structure. There is no doubt that current windfarm and solar technology has a large part to play relating to supplying a smoother transition of electrical power into the current grid system. However, finding alternative routes, or underground cabling (environmental impact) may not be the solution? I am not an advocate of windfarm or solar farm technologies, as there are too many fluctuations in power outputs. No or low wind speeds severely affect turbines, and solar panels don't work at night. Tony Brimson Ballan Dear Editor, Emerging out of another week of lockdown, it occurs to me to ask: What do AusNet and COVID19 have in common? The answer is clear and simple: both are not welcome in Moorabool! I was given a vaccine the other day to stop COVID… we need to keep fighting to find a similar solution to stop AusNet’s towers. Jim Phasey Myrniong


Cars have been neglected since Covid arrived. Money is tighter, many people are working more from home. Has lockdowns reduced the amount of kms that you would normally travel? Springfields knows that you can not afford for your car to let you down when you need it the most! Let us change your oil, and ensure you car is safe on the wet and icy Ballan roads this winter.




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The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021 Page 15

l i t n u d e n o Postp r e b m e t p e S h t 2nd–5 Friday 11th June 7pm – 9pm Saturday 12th June 10am – 5pm Sunday 13th June 10am – 5pm Monday 14th June 10am – 3pm

Page 16 The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021

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Ballan Community Bank 2021 Community Investment Grants

In just under ten-years, the local Community Bank in Ballan has invested over $962,000 in community contributions. And, it is not just community groups who benefit. Scholarships have become part of the Banks investment to students heading into university and TAFE. Board member Dominic Hanrahan said in 2019 they awarded their first undergraduate bachelor’s degree for first year level for $2,000. “In 2020 it was increased to two lots of $2,000 scholarships and in 2021 we awarded 7 x $2,500 Scholarships.” Mr Hanrahan said six were for undergraduate bachelor’s degree for first year level with the addition of the associate degree TAFE Scholarship. Successful applicants were: • Samuel Lidgett – Bachelor Degree Civil Engineering • Jake Leahy – Bachelor Degree Computer Science • Sarah Elander – Bachelor Degree Veterinary – Natural & Physical Sciences • Libby George – Bachelor Degree Architecture • Kate Brophy - Bachelor of Arts – Society & Culture • Finnley Greet – Bachelor of Arts – Creative Arts • Indya Forde – Associate Degree Engineering “These scholarships are making good things happen,” Mr Hanrahan said. Chairman Darren Rix said with over $900,000 in ten-years of community contribution, it is a “good news story”. “It’s our bank, we own it, and we decide where the money goes. “To hear the enthusiasm from the 17-community organisation recipients; the difference our contribution can make no matter how small, to me really is a buzz,” he said.

Bungaree Primary School

Wombat Regional Arts

Gordon New Cemetery

Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group

Bungaree Historical Society

Successful Community Groups Bungaree Primary School – Breakfast Program $500 Bungaree & District Historical Society – 2021 Anzac Day $1,000 St Brendan’s Primary School – marquee $1,214.30 Wombat Regional Arts – Birds in Ballan $2,500 Ballan & District Vintage Machinery & Vehicle Club - Wall Mural $3,030 St Patrick’s Primary School – Paddock to Plate experience $4,000 Ballan Men’s Shed – uniforms for members $4,730 Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group – guards & stakes for 15,000 trees $5,084.30 Gordon Farmgate – fridge & POS machine $5,500 Bungaree Cemetery Trust – ride-on mower $10,000 The Gordon New Cemetery – ride-on and self-propelled mower $10,000 Ballan Golf Club – seal walking tracks in Werribee Valley Reserve $13,200 Ballan & District Chamber of Commerce – Buy Local 5-year action plan $16,500 Wallace Recreation Reserve – new stacker door and ride-on mower $25,875 Bungaree Football Netball Club – safety nets behind goals $26,877 Dunnstown Recreation Reserve & Community Centre – Solar Panels and History book $28,300 Gordon Public Park –$30,578.50

St Bernard's Primary School

Ballan and District Vintage Machinery and Vehicle Club

St Patrick's Primary School

Ballan and District Chamber of Commerce

Wallace Recreation Reserve

Ballan Men's Shed

Bungaree Cemetery Trust

Dunnstown Recreation Reserve and Community Centre

Gordon Public Park

Bungaree Football Netball Club

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Will the quality of light be as good?

LOCAL TRADE & BUSINESS DIRECTORY Phone 5368 1966 Yes, in fact it will be better! Our skilled and qualified electricians can remove all your existing halogen lamps and replace them with more efficient, longer lasting and safer LED lamps. The old lamps will be recycled to ensure there is no negative environmental impact.

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www.ballanplumbing.com.au www.ballanplumbing.com.au 5368 1036 / 0419106518 5368 1036 / 0419106518 Reg. 24148 www.ballanplumbing.com.au www.ballanplumbing.com.au Email: ballananddistrictplumbing@gmail.com

The Bacch Shed Self Storage

STOCKFEED Mock Up No.: 3

• General Plumbing • New Homes & Alterations • Dishwasher Installations • Maintenance • Surrounding Areas


1800 020 093

Date: 20/12/17

BallBaanllan BallBaanllan Plum ngbing Plb uim Plum ngbing Plbuim



Client: Cross Roads Trading

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Hayden Ivers Mob: 0419 400 025 Ph: (03) 5367 3016

www.wastewateraus.com.au www.wastewateraus.com.au www.wastewateraus.com.au

Contact Neil Harty Ph: 5367 1776 Mob: 0418 312 288 Email: neilharty1@gmail.com


• Fully Dulux Accredited Painter • Wallpaper • Minor Plastering Repairs • Graffiti Removal • New Homes • Restoration & Repainting of Residential Properties • Decking Specialists



Call Stuart on 0400 642 727


Wastewater Wastewa Wastewater Wastewater Systems System services Systems Systems

(Rear of SuperCheap Auto)

ABN: 69 105 671 412 ABN: 69 105 671 412

• Brand new • Alarmed and secure • Various sizes • Commercial and Domestic • Central • Access 24/7 Ph 0477 440 551 210 Main St, BACCHUS MARSH


ABN: 69 105 671 412 ABN: 69 105 671 412





1800 0SYSTEM 210800093 SEPTIC 020 093



-VACC Accredited -All work guaranteed -Courtesy Car available by appointment - Repairer for all insurance companies - Low Bake Oven for Factory Finish - Car-o-liner chassis straightener - Dustless sanding - Spot welder - 24hr secured, monitored premises

Ph: (03) 5368 2888




Free Quotation & Same Day Service

Jack – 0409 289 700




www.sanae-svcs.com.au services

SEPTIC SYSTEM INSPECTION PO Box 1040, Daylesford, VIC AND 3460 ✔ TROUBLESHOOTING koos.hulst@sanae-svcs.com.au & MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE (03) 5348 6620 or 0437 747 619







PO Box 1040, Daylesford, VIC 3460 koos.hulst@sanae-svcs.com.au (03) 5348 6620 or 0437 747 619

WATER Tiger Natural Spring Water

A & J TREE LOPPING & REMOVAL Won’t be beaten on price All work GUARANTEED and INSURED


& MAINTENANCE www.wastewateraus.com.au www.wastewateraus.com.au TROUBLESHOOTING AND MAINTENANCE


The Best for Quarterly Maintenance of all Wastewater Treatment Plants & Pump replacements on all septic systems, Supply and Install New Treatment Plants, Septic lines, Anything Septic

www.wastewateraus.com.au www.wastewateraus.com INSPECTION PERIODIC INSPECTION AND REPORTING

Tree Trimming & Felling Stump Removal Mulching Service Fully Insured Phone Allan Fenwick 0447 000 740

For Swimming Pools, Household Tanks, Stock, Roadworks Hire Call Gary McTigue

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Page 20 The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021





(Commission based) Workshop will be provided with good package.

Please contact: Charlie 0427304020

Classified ad bookings close 12PM Friday. Bookings on (03) 5368 1966 or by email — news@themooraboolnews.com.au Email must include full contact details or advertisement cannot be placed.




Bacchus Marsh Cricket Club ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) Tuesday 8 June 2021, 7.30 pm To be held at: Bacchus Marsh Cricket Club Rooms All Welcome

Asbestos Removal

Get fit and earn $$$



WORTHING Due to the current restrictions, A Private Invitation only Funeral Service for the late Mr Kenneth Lloyd Worthing will be held at Michael Crawford Funerals Chapel, 226 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh on FRIDAY (June 11, 2021) commencing at 2.00pm. A Private Cremation will follow. No flowers by request. In lieu please consider a donation to Dementia Australia in Memory of Kenneth. Envelopes will be available at the Chapel. Due to the restrictions a Live Stream will be available to view on our website: michaelcrawfordfunerals.com.au (Select - Funeral Live Stream)

FIREWOOD & CHIMNEY SWEEP Good Quality Redgum - $190 Sugar Gum - $160 Hardwood - $150

Domestic and Commercial Fully Licensed and Insured Call Steve for a Quote 0439 476 966

WALKERS WANTED To deliver catalogues in: Bacchus Marsh or Ballan Call Sue 0419 383 067


0427 095 048 53689 066 POSITION VACANT

Know what these are?



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Bacchus Marsh 5367 6733 michaelcrawfordfunerals.com.au

Want to work in Ballan?


If you know the difference between a plugin and a theme, know what SEO means and have an interest in creative solutions to help small business, this is the perfect part-time gig for you.


24.6.1931 - 31.5.2021 Dearly loved Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. May the winds of love blow softly and whisper for you to hear, That we will love and remember you and forever keep you near. A chapter complete A page turned A life well lived A rest well earned.

We need a Web Designer

with skills in WordPress & Social Media Want to know more? Call 0419 338 473


Will be sadly missed by all


A private service was held

CC 22-21

DEATH NOTICE Vale Stan Kershaw For those of you who don't know Stan, he became a Life Member of the Bacchus Marsh West Golf Club in 1987 and, still turned up every day helping on course until a stroke stopped him in 2016 when in his 80s. Stan set the precedence for our club and what it meant to be a volunteer. He also ran the social committee in his time with us. A left-handed player who would be the first to admit his driving ability off the tee was the best of his short game. A member for over 50 years. Stan, we will be forever in your debt, and you will always be in our hearts. - Committee, members, volunteers, friends of the Bacchus Marsh West Golf Club

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Home & Personal Lender Are you passionate about delivering real service and solutions? We have a Full-time position located in Bacchus Marsh, VIC at Community Bank Bacchus Marsh. Bendigo Bank branches are all about people working together to build stronger communities. To be successful as a Home & Personal Lender you’ll be committed to putting customers’ needs first, developing financial solutions to suit their needs. To be successful as a Home & Personal Lender you will be committed to: •

Drive business growth through customer acquisition and quality referrals

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So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of the Bendigo team, we want to hear from you. Visit careers-ext.bendigoadelaide.com.au to find out more or to submit your application. Applications close 16/06/2021. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178. AFSL 237879.

WE WANT YOUR COMMUNITY NEWS If you have a community story contact The Moorabool News on 5368 1966 news@themooraboolnews.com.au

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Myrniong District Rainfall Report May 2021 rainfall Total for the year 2021

Sell it Local for Less news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Phone 5368 1966 Sell with a photo - $55 for 3 months.

128.1 millimetres 431.9 millimetres

May 2020 rainfall 49.0 millimetres Total at same time last year 384.3 millimetres

Pykes Creek Reservoir


Reconditioned Rancillo, 2 Group SN: 246240. Purchased 25th May 2020 From ASIC Coffee Machine Repairs Sales and Service $1000 ono – 0413 318 528


Levin 2004 hatch auto. Mechanically VGC, minor dents. Odometer - 265,000 kms, 12 months. reg. (TDC 072) $3,900 ono – 0408 508 654

The dam and reservoir are located on a tributary of the Werribee River and impound 22,119 ML of water when full, as seen in the picture above

Western Water Report Reservoir levels Pykes Creek Reservoir at 31 May 2021 88.0% Water level this time last year 81.0%

The Moorabool News OFFICE

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4.0 litre, Auto, new tyres, motor needs repair, unregistered, good for parts, VIN 5PPAAAJLCMXL15822 PRICED TO SELL $600 Ph 0437 960 085

2007 JAYCO DESTINY Pop top, shower, toilet, air con., house battery, HWS, large bed, 4 burner stove, 2 x gas bottles, rangehood, microwave, TV/DVD, elec. brakes, many extras, excellent condition. $26,500 Ph 0428 870 067



FUNERALS 1114 Doveton St. Nth, Ballarat All Hours

Published by Helen Tatchell, of 15 Haddon Drive, Ballan, 3342 for The Ballan News Pty Ltd, 15 Haddon Drive, Ballan, 3342. Printed by Latrobe Valley Express. Responsibility for electoral material is accepted by the editor, Helen Tatchell, of 15 Haddon Drive, Ballan 3342. ABN 84 115 355 461.

Central Highlands Football League Results – Round 8 Under 18 Gordon 11.10 (76) def Beaufort 1.1 (7) R’wood/C’hap 7.7 (49) def Newlyn 6.10 (46) Skipton 25.9 (159) def Clunes 0.0 (0) Waubra 8.7 (55) def Learmonth 6.8 (44) C’ham/Linton 13.8 (86) def Daylesford 6.6 (42) Under 15 Gordon 14.15 (99) def Beaufort 1.0 (6) Newlyn 6.6 (42) def R’wood/C’hap 2.3 (15) Clunes 6.7 (43) def Skipton 4.8 (32) Learmonth 6.3 (39) def Waubra 4.4 (28) Daylesford 23.16 (154) def C’ham/Linton 0.0 (0) Buninyong 13.18 (96) def Hepburn 3.2 (20) Ballan 21.17 (143) def Bungaree 2.0 (12)

CHFL Junior Goalkickers

Ph: 5333 3911



MN Moorabool News

The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021 Page 21

Full seartveicceost at moder

Under 18 Charlie Walton Lachlan Reynolds Anaru Wilson

Rokewood Corindhap............ 28 Gordon....................................... 17 Dunnstown............................... 12

Under 15 Samuel Battistella Henry Hewitt-McManus Noah Pace Tim Buckland

Buninyong................................ 31 Springbank................................ 19 Ballan.......................................... 18 Springbank................................ 15

Central Highlands Netball League

Central Highlands Netball League Results – Round 8

Results – Round 8

Club 13&U Ballan 27 Bungaree 3 Hepburn 13 Buninyong 10 Daylesford 6 Carngham 16 Beaufort 5 Gordon 19 Rokewood 0 Newlyn 45 Clunes 21 Skipton 17 Creswick 0 Springbank 56 Learmonth 26 Waubra 6 Bye - Dunnstown

15&U 6 29 50 16 20 9 3 32 18 25 14 41 8 29 53 7

17&U 13 17 28 26 24 16 17 17 14 23 15 26 16 20 24 21

C -

B -

A -



Email: news@themooraboolnews.com.au Phone: 5368 1966 *Ads must be emailed by Friday 12 noon. Ads by phone must be between 9.30am–12pm Tue–Thur. MAXIMUM 3 ADS PER PERSON. PRIVATE ADS ONLY (NO BUSINESSES, NO ANIMALS, HAY OR BULK ITEMS). ADS REMAIN IN FOR 4 WEEKS UNLESS NOTIFIED SOLD. BATH tub $50 – 0422 968 539 BIKES, male and female full size $90 each. Ph 0439 901 539 BREVILLE Toaster, 4 Slice, $5 Ph: 0490 066 551 BULLBAR suit Colorado (ute) rear tray, genuine GMH sports. $100 - 0414 691 891 BULLDOGS Coat, New, 45cm $30 - Ph: 0417 110 261 BULLDOGS & Kangaroo AFL Tshirts, Size 4, $10 each - Ph: 0417 110 261 CAT scratching post. Leopard skin print with cat cubby in bottom $10 ono - 0422 968 539 CHICKEN Wooden nesting boxes (4 compartments) used $100 – 0423 252 822

COUCH / Double Bed, convertible, 3 Seater, $20 Ph: 0412 652 343 COUCH 3 seater. Pulls out to double bed. $20 – 0402 473 368

COUCHES (2) 3 seater couches, Navy blue, velvet $100 lot - 0460 569 964

DARLEY PS sport uniform winter trackpants, skort, size 12 $50 - 0425 852 073

DOORS, wooden, interior, VGC, Free, Dawn - 0412 869 304

DRAFTING TABLE Adjustable white 1500mm X 900. $90 – 0429 522 788 FIRE GRATE 70 x 38 cm cast iron fire grate for an open fire $25 – 5367 3163 FIREPLACE surround 1940 era hardwood with mantle shelves GC. $100 - 0490 837 435

GERRY CANS (2), for diesel, 20 litre, $30 for both, Ph 0439 901 539

GOLF BALLS, Good clean condition, x100, $50 - Ph: 0409 855 628 GOLF BAG and buggy, Prosimmon, $50 Ph 0439 901 539 GOLF Books Jack Newton, Greg Norman biography, Greg Norman Shark attack & more $15 lot - 0437 737 300

HEATER gas (outdoor) GC $90 – 0423 252 922 HEATER gas (outdoor) GC $50 – 0423 252 922

HORSE RUGS (2) 4’ Lined Pony Canvas Rugs $95 lot - 0490 830 737 KNITTING WOOL, Totem 8ply, burgundy colour, 9 x 50gram balls. $20 lot – 0421 831 432

KNITTING WOOL, Holiday 8ply, dusty pale pink colour, 9 x 50gram balls. $20 lot - 0421 831 432

KNITTING YARN, Mohair, 1kg, various colours & quantities, $30 - Ph: 0412 869 304 LEATHER JACKET, ladies size 12, black, thigh length. EC $50 – 0421 831 432

LOUNGE SUITE 3-seater couch, 2-recliner armchairs. Red velvet cover. FREE – 0400 367 288 MEAT MINCER, as new, electric, $50 Ph 5368 9152

NUTRI BULLET, Magic Bullet 900 series, only used twice, $90 Ph 5368 9152 OVEN, Westinghouse Gas Fan Force, w/grill, GC, $100 ONO, Ph: 5367 1319

PAINTING Landscape, heavy wooden frame $90 Ph 5367 3615 PIE MAKER Breville (2 Pies) As new. $10 – 0412 869 304 PLANTER BOX Large white wooden (brand new) $90 - 0423 252 922 PLANTER BOX Small wooden (brand new) $50 – 0423 252 922 PORCELAIN Doll, 65cm, Lovely dressed, $20 - Ph: 0417 110 261 TEDDY BEAR, Traditional, in box, $40 Ph: 0417 110 261 VINTAGE Iron On Transfers, $5 Ph: 0412 869 304 VINTAGE double bed, eiderdown comforter not feathers, VGC, $25, Dawn - 0412 869 304

Page 22 The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021

CHNL Junior Ladder

TEAM 13 & Under 1 Springbank 2 Learmonth 3 Skipton 4 Waubra 5 Clunes 6 Newlyn 7 Ballan 8 Buninyong 9 C’ham/Linton 10 Hepburn 11 Bungaree 12 Daylesford 13 Gordon 14 Dunnstown 15 Creswick 16 Beaufort 17 R’wood/C’hap 15 & Under 1 Learmonth 2 Skipton 3 Newlyn 4 Bungaree 5 Hepburn 6 Daylesford 7 Clunes 8 Dunnstown 9 C’ham/Linton 10 Springbank 11 Waubra 12 Buninyong 13 Gordon 14 R’wood/C’hap 15 Ballan 16 Creswick 17 & Under 1 Hepburn 2 Buninyong 3 Learmonth 4 Daylesford 5 Newlyn 6 Bungaree 7 Waubra 8 Creswick 9 Springbank 10 Ballan 11 Dunnstown 12 Skipton 13 C’ham/Linton 14 Beaufort 15 Gordon 16 R’wood/C’hap 17 Clunes



28 1794.74 24 320.75 24 318.00 24 256.86 22 128.57 20 235.21 20 178.69 20 128.21 18 182.19 16 81.98 12 104.49 12 95.45 12 40.32 4 14.74 0 7.88 0 7.11 0 1.58 28 796.77 28 333.33 28 290.63 24 260.71 24 257.43 20 126.09 20 107.48 16 164.58 12 96.21 12 81.88 12 59.52 12 55.73 8 66.67 8 65.31 4 18.63 0 5.56 28 190.24 24 222.83 22 158.70 22 104.72 20 143.14 20 117.14 16 155.91 16 145.24 16 129.75 16 87.70 16 83.23 12 77.90 8 90.80 6 56.61 6 32.64 4 57.23 4 33.17

CHFL Junior Ladder

Team % PTS Under 18 1 R’wood/C’hap 888.04 28 2 Gordon 180.73 16 3 Beaufort 172.27 16 4 Creswick 150.18 16 5 C’ham/Linton 132.19 16 6 Springbank 310.95 14 7 Newlyn 131.29 14 8 Waubra 88.38 12 9 Learmonth 111.07 8 10 Skipton 80.11 8 11 Daylesford 56.85 8 12 Bungaree 43.10 8 13 Dunnstown 50.00 4 14 Hepburn 45.35 4 15 Clunes 7.97 0 16 Buninyong 0.00 0 17 Ballan 0.00 0 Under 15 1 Daylesford 1445.28 28 2 Buninyong 900.00 24 3 Waubra 1001.72 20 4 Springbank 613.86 20 5 Ballan 485.59 16 6 Skipton 162.78 16 7 Learmonth 149.52 16 8 Gordon 95.32 12 9 Newlyn 69.67 12 10 Hepburn 57.98 12 11 Clunes 59.29 8 12 Dunnstown 48.62 8 13 Bungaree 34.54 8 14 C’ham/Linton 16.69 8 15 R’wood/C’hap 35.83 4 16 Creswick 18.84 4 17 Beaufort 5.47 0


Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Gordon FNC Juniors v Beaufort Photos – The Pyrenees Advocate

Hopeful Beauty (9) winning at Tabcorp Park on Saturday. Photo Stuart McCormick

Another Dam Beauty emerges By Shaun Campbell A French-bred trotter has announced herself as a potential future star with a beauty of a win at Tabcorp Park Melton on Saturday night. Hopeful Beauty, the product of French stallion Brillantissime and French mare Beauty Life, overcame a back-row draw to win the Aldebaran Park Sweetheart Trot Final in impressive fashion for owners Yabby Dam Farms. After settling towards the rear, driver Jason Lee took advantage of a slow pace up front to whiz the mare around to the lead with a lap to go before careering away to win by 15 metres in a 2:00.6 mile rate. She has now won three of her last five starts and Lee told Trots Vision after the race her stable expected more to come. “(Trainer) Anton (Golino) has always had the opinion that she’ll keep getting better,” Lee said. “(He) just had to teach her to be a racehorse and she’s starting to put it all together.” Lee said he needed a “bit of luck” for the mid-race move to pay off. “I was sort of half-happy where we were, knowing that we would probably be able to follow Josh (Duggan on La Serana) into the race,” he said. “(But) the speed had sort of slackened out of it a little bit; I just thought we’d take off and chance our arm - it came off and we looked good, if it hadn’t we would have looked bad.” Lee said the win showed Hopeful Beauty had more than one string to her bow. “I have sort of always had a soft spot for her

in that I think she is really fast and eventually she will be able to get off the gate pretty good too,” he said. “The other thing is I think she is pretty tough, which she’s shown tonight. I think as she gets down in grade it’s not going to worry her whether she has to come with one run or have to do a little bit of work, and I think that’s her best attribute.” Hopeful Beauty’s commanding win wasn’t the only trotting highlight from Saturday night - Norquay returned to the winners' list in the Hyland Racing Colours Trot, as did Royal Charlotte in the Dynamic Print Group Trot. And star Sparkling Success added yet another Group 3 win to his impressive resume in the Niota Bloodstock I Didnt Do It Trotters Free For All. The pacers didn’t disappoint either, with Torrid Saint’s win in the Allied Express Pace a big talking point after the five-yearold paced roughly at the line. But HRV Chairman of Stewards Brett Day told Trots Vision it didn’t cost the five-year-old the race because he maintained his gait to the line. And Sirletic overcame a talented field to win the TAB Long May We Play Pace in a sizzling 1:52.3 mile rate for Josh and David Aiken. Josh said the seven-year-old, a consistent top-level placegetter, had to be driven as a sitsprinter but possessed the “electric speed” needed to win a Group 1 race with the right run. “He is going to be the sort of horse that, with that turn of foot, he’ll run into the money most weeks,” he said. “Obviously driven that way he is going to have some bad luck at times, but when he gets the split, he shows how deadly he is.”

Torrid Saint (9) winning at Tabcorp Park on Saturday. Photo Stuart McCormick

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The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021 Page 23

BFL Junior Ladder

BFL Junior Women’s Results – Round 6 Under 18 Youth Girls East Point 7.9 (51) def Carisbrook 1.1 (7) Under 16 Youth Girls Ballarat Swans 2.1 (13) def Ballarat Storm 1.1 (7)

Bacchus Marsh Soccer Club Results – Week ending Sunday 6 June Under 9s Bacchus Marsh lost Ballarat. Goal - Taya Hawken (1). Under 9s Yellow Bacchus Marsh drew Buninyong. Goal - Eamon Wakefield (1). Under 11s Yellow Bacchus Marsh def Ballarat White. Goal - Griffin Saliba (1). Under 11s Blue Bacchus Marsh lost Victoria Park. Goals - Sean Teal (1), Hamish Bowden-Robson (1). Under 13s Open Bacchus Marsh (0) lost Creswick (10). Under 15s Open Bacchus Marsh (4) lost North United (6). Goals - Max Learmonth (1), Nicholas Misiti (2), Aaron Ciangura (1). Under 17s Open Bacchus Marsh (15) def Ballarat White (0).     Goals - Nicholas Misiti (5), Tristan Noorman (1), Zachary Hafda (1), Aaron Ciangura (1), David Dillon (1), Lincoln Stevanov (1), Lachlan Hill (1), Cairo Arahanga (3).

Bacchus Marsh 7.11 (53) def Lake Wendouree 0.0 (0) North Ballarat 0.0 (0) def Redan 1.7 (13) Under 14 Junior Girls Ballarat Swans 7.17 (59) def Ballarat Storm 0.0 (0) Redan 5.6 (36) def North Ballarat 1.3 (9) Bacchus Marsh 20.23 (143) def Lake Wendouree 0.0 (0) East Point 4.3 (27) def Carisbrook 1.3 (9)

Ballarat JUNIOR Football League Results - Round 8 Under 17 Seniors North Ballarat 8.13 (61) def Lake Wendouree 7.6 (48) Bacchus Marsh 19.7 (121) def Ballarat Swans 2.2 (14) Redan 21.9 (135) def Darley 2.6 (18) Sebastopol 11.7 (73) def Mount Clear 9.15 (69) Under 17 Reserves Ballarat Swans 15.10 (100) def Bacchus Marsh 5.6 (36) East Point 19.12 (126) def Redan 2.7 (19) Lake Wendouree 12.12 (84) def Sebastopol 3.13 (31) Under 15 Seniors Bacchus Marsh 5.8 (38) def Ballarat Swans 4.5 (29) Darley 13.2 (80) def Redan 5.9 (39) North Ballarat 8.8 (56) def Lake Wendouree 3.3 (21) Mount Clear 19.10 (124) def Sebastopol 0.4 (4) Under 15 Reserves Ballarat Swans 5.12 (42) def Bacchus Marsh 2.5 (17) Redan 9.10 (64) def Darley 3.4 (22) Lake Wendouree 8.6 (54) def North Ballarat 1.4 (10) Mount Clear 24.12 (156) def Sebastopol 0.0 (0) Under 13 Seniors Bacchus Marsh 8.6 (54) def Ballarat Swans 6.5 (41) Redan 5.4 (34) def Darley 1.3 (9) North Ballarat 2.6 (18) def Lake Wendouree 1.7 (13) Mount Clear 7.16 (58) def Sebastopol 0.0 (0) Under 13 Reserves Bacchus Marsh 10.3 (63) def Ballarat Swans 6.1 (37) Darley 3.6 (24) def Redan 3.3 (21) North Ballarat 7.12 (54) def Lake Wendouree 1.1 (7) Mount Clear 14.12 (96) def Sebastopol 0.0 (0) East Point 6.1 (37) def Ballarat Storm 1.4 (10) Under 11 Seniors Ballarat Swans 0.0 (0) def Bacchus Marsh 1.3 (9) Redan 3.1 (19) def Darley 2.2 (14) Lake Wendouree 6.5 (41) def North Ballarat 3.6 (24) Mount Clear 4.3 (27) def Sebastopol 4.1 (25) East Point 4.3 (27) def Ballarat Storm 1.2 (8)

Team % PTS Under 17 Seniors 1 Redan 126.13......24 2 East Point 355.42......20 3 Nth Ballarat 147.67...... 16 4 Sebastopol 80.57...... 16 5 Mount Clear 119.90...... 12 6 Bacchus Marsh 103.72...... 12 7 Lake Wendouree 68.86........8 8 Darley 49.53........4 9 Ballarat Swans 46.79........0 Under 17 Reserves 1 East Point 359.88......20 2 Redan 90.48...... 12 3 Ballarat Swans 137.77...... 10 4 Lake Wendouree 73.13...... 10 5 Bacchus Marsh 80.75........8 6 Sebastopol 40.46........0 Under 15 Seniors 1 Darley 401.41......24 2 East Point 480.52......20 3 Ballarat Swans 154.08...... 16 4 Redan 140.97...... 16 5 Bacchus Marsh 127.89...... 16 6 North Ballarat 111.64...... 12 7 Mount Clear 93.60........8 8 Lake Wendouree 31.62........0 9 Sebastopol 6.75........0 Under 15 Reserves 1 Redan 442.06......28 2 Mount Clear 520.65......20 3 Darley 325.00......20 4 Ballarat Swans 140.34...... 14 5 North Ballarat 92.72...... 10 6 East Point 130.28........8 7 Lake Wendouree 84.43........8 8 Bacchus Marsh 22.33........4 9 Sebastopol 1.86........0 Under 13 Seniors 1 East Point 257.66......24 2 North Ballarat 192.50......24 3 Mount Clear 175.90......24 4 Bacchus Marsh 227.82......20 5 Ballarat Storm 187.23...... 12 6 Ballarat Swans 116.67...... 12 7 Lake Wendouree 67.45........8 8 Redan 66.98........8 9 Darley 33.75........4 10 Sebastopol 13.08........0 Under 13 Reserves 1 North Ballarat 3129.41......28 2 Mount Clear 794.64......28 3 Bacchus Marsh 163.45...... 16 4 Darley 122.98...... 16 5 Redan 81.82...... 16 6 Ballarat Swans 97.64...... 12 7 Lake Wendouree 57.09...... 12 8 Ballarat Storm 31.63........4 9 Sebastopol 24.18........4 10 East Point 20.92........4 Under 11 Seniors 1 East Point 222.83......28 2 Lake Wendouree 174.26......20 3 Ballarat Swans 146.24......20 4 Darley 124.26...... 16 5 Redan 92.25...... 16 6 Ballarat Storm 65.79...... 16 7 Bacchus Marsh 115.29...... 12 8 North Ballarat 77.07........4 9 Mount Clear 65.96........4 10 Sebastopol 51.21........4 Under 11 Reserves 1 East Point 494.74......24 2 Darley 149.25......20 3 Bacchus Marsh 50.00...... 16 4 Ballarat Swans 0.00...... 16 5 Redan 90.91...... 14 6 Mount Clear 0.00...... 14 7 Lake Wendouree 63.79...... 12 8 Sebastopol 26.92...... 12 9 Ballarat Storm 4.35...... 12 10 North Ballarat 0.00........0

BFL Junior Women’s Ladder

Team % Won U/18 Youth Girls 1 Redan 1422.22 ..... 12 2 North Ballarat 526.32...... 12 3 East Point 96.53...... 12 4 Ballarat Swans 123.68........8 5 Darley 114.58........4 6 Carisbrook 30.71........4 7 Creswick 28.87........0 U/16 Youth Girls 1 Redan 948.00...... 12 2 North Ballarat 96.55...... 12 3 Bacchus Marsh 191.30........8 4 East Point 72.73........8 5 Ballarat Swans 48.94........8 6 Ballarat Storm 71.08........4 7 Lake Wendouree 32.32........4 U/14 Junior Girls 1 Ballarat Swans 746.43......20 2 Bacchus Marsh 7000.00...... 16 3 Redan 511.32...... 16 4 East Point 273.81...... 16 5 Darley 59.35........4 6 Carisbrook 19.50........4 7 Ballarat Storm 14.74........4 8 North Ballarat 28.66........0 9 Lake Wendouree 1.58........0

Page 24 The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021

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97 Main Street Bacchus Marsh Phone (03) 5366 1021

Just when you thought the craziness of 2020 was over, here we are again without Community & Sport due to COVID. Whilst the good news is that Junior competitions were allowed to resume on the weekend, our Senior Footy, Netball and Senior Women’s Footy has been postponed until further notice! In the Ballarat Football Netball League, we are very much governed by what is happening in Melbourne as three of the teams in our League, Melton, Melton South & Sunbury are of course governed by Metro restrictions. Yes, some country leagues have or are about to resume but the Ballarat League will have to wait a while longer. To clarify what we are governed by, here are details on games missed so far and what we may expect in the future for our competition:

1 South Maddingley Rd, Bacchus Marsh Phone: 5367 2089

1. Senior training can be conducted for regional based BFNL clubs as normal, except physical distancing must be implemented when not involved in exercise. We Load & Remove your rubbish for you Load & Remove your rubbish for you Full range ofWeRubbish Removal Services including – Full range of Rubbish Removal Services including – Commercial, Households, Recycling, Green Commercial, Households, Recycling, Green Waste, Site Clean UpWaste, Bin Hire Site Clean Up, Bin Hire, Bobcat & Tippers available Bobcat & Tippers available us &fi wend will find a waste solution for you for you Call us & weCallwill a waste solution Phone: 0418 879 558 Email: sales@jessandlianes.com.au Phone: (03) 9018 5733 Email jandl.support@jandl.co.business

2. Under these restrictions, public outdoor gatherings of no more than 10 people are allowed which would include small group training. 3. Round 7 and 8 of senior football and netball will be reconsidered as part a fixture review to ensure equality and integrity of the competition for the balance of the season. 4. Round 5 of Senior Women’s Footy will be rescheduled for the 25th July 2021 where a full bye scheduled. (Round 6 of the women’s competition will be abandoned and not replayed or replaced.) 5. N  o games will be scheduled for the Queen’s Birthday weekend. WE HAVE NO INDICATION OF ANY RETURN TO SENIOR COMPETITION Well, there you have it, not good news at all. For all of our community, sport-wise, business-wise, family-wise we wish you health and happiness until our lives can get back to normal. We’ll return to our “DEVILS WEEKLY UPDATE” when our sport resumes or if we have other significant news for you. IN SUPPORT OF THE MELTON BLOODS FOOTBALL NETBALL CLUB

Save more on four

The Darley Devils wishes to throw our support behind a GoFundMe campaign for injured player Dyson Stevens. This Fundraiser organised by Dyson’s sister Ebony Stevens, is detailed on the Melton FNC Facebook page. Alternatively, information can be found on www.gofundme.com and search Dyson Stevens. We urge you to check this out and give generously.

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Bridgestone Service Centre Bacchus Marsh

2/2016 and 25/02/2017 and are nditions.

8-10 Young Street

5367 1055

Mon to Fri 8.00am–5.00pm Sat 8.00am–12.00pm

Service Centre

*Both offers apply on purchases made in one transaction between 25/12/2016 and 25/02/2017 and are redeemable in store. Visit bridgestonetyres.com.au for full terms and conditions.

Address: 191 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh Phone: (03) 5367 5700

plying established rules to an all-new project. Aloof friends warm up somewhat, but don’t resort to pressure Thetactics Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021 Page 25 in any relationship.

Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au 

LEO—July 23-August 22

An opportunity opens up for launching a long-lasting business or romantic relationship, but don’t mix work with pleasure. Adaption proves your most valuable keyword. Travel could offer funny surprises.

Stars & Puzzles VIRGO—August 23-September 22


★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★ ARIES—March 21-April 20

This is a good time for local jaunts, especially those of an educational nature. This week has a nostalgic theme, perhaps promoted by a call from a long-ago friend. A platonic friendship is enhanced. TAURUS—April 21-May 22

Advice rendered to others works well for yourself - especially in the realms of romance and career. Festivities on the weekend can play havoc with your diet. There could be some good financial news by the end of the week. GEMINI—May 23-June 21

Communication is the week’s theme. Making requests are unusually simple, and email address problems are solved at last. Reading between fine lines is a must when dealing with matters legal or professional.

7. 8. 9. 10. 12. 15. 16. 18. 20. 22.

ACROSS Royal transport (6,6) Light aircraft (6) Weak (6) Expand (7) Twig (5) Pry (5) Fears (7) Allow (6) Hurled (6) Vampire (5,7)

NO. 9200

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 11. 13. 14. 17. 19. 21.

DOWN Report (8) Transmit (4) Bird (7) Buffoon (5) Troublemaker (8) Move (4) Gigantic (8) English county (8) Parsonage (7) Condition (5) Every (4) Sway (4)


ACROSS 7. Good gracious! Did they say, “Don’t catch us, we pray”? (4,8). 8. Did decorative work and was much sought after? (6). 9. Cut out the tax (6). 10. Trade in vehicles of all kinds (7). 12. Is it a piece of cake for the golfer to use? (5). 15. Like above all to read, perhaps, about love (5). 16. With the chap and his child, I enter the house (7). 18. The telephone is the glass factory? (6). 20. Grants that the man has got strangely slow (6). 22. Spin driers! (6-6). DOWN 1. Agitated when one made a hole round the inside (8). 2. Looks for the said letters (4). 3. And the outside tips up for the children to play in (4-3). 4. Chucked it up and went for a winter holiday? (5). 5. You’d be mad to let them anywhere near your safe! (8). 6. A girl who’s not all there, unfortunately (4). 11. It’s goodbye to food and water, too (8). 13. It adds to the value of the business: that’s incontestable (8). 14. As an act it needs some cutting to become entertaining (7). 17. Did one’s best, though tired out (5). 19. A number come by ship, but it flies (4). 21. Material suitable for a garden party dress? (4).


CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across - 7, Holy mackerel. 8, Chased. 9, Excise. 10, Traffic. 12, Wedge. 15, Ad-o-re. 16, Man-s-i-on. 18, Blower. 20, Al-lows. 22, Roller towels. Down - 1, Bo-the-red. 2, Eyes (Is). 3, S-and-pit. 4, Skied 5, Crackers. 6, A-las(s). 11, Fare-well. 13, Good-will. 14, Canasta (anag.). 17, Tried. 19, L-ark. 21, Lawn.

QUICK SOLUTIONS Across - 6, Mollycoddle. 7, Turn. 8, Tattered. 9, Adhere. 10, Rattle. 12, Basset. 15, Relate. 17, Countess. 19, Sham. 20, Nightingale. Down - 1, Blunders. 2, Myrtle. 3, Poster. 4, Edge. 5, Reveal. 6, Mound. 11, Talisman. 13, Amount. 14, Treaty. 15, Rising. 16. Trade. 18, Nigh.

QUICK SOLUTIONS Across - 7, Queen’s Flight. 8, Glider. 9, Watery. 10, Stretch. 12, Stick. 15, Snoop. 16, Terrors. 18, Permit. 20, Thrown. 22, Count Dracula. Down - 1, Bulletin. 2, Send. 3, Ostrich. 4, Clown. 5, Agitator. 6, Stir. 11, Enormous. 13, Cornwall. 14, Rectory. 17, State. 19, Each. 21, Rock.

CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across - 6, Colour-blind. 7, Calm. 8, Think fit. 9, Opener. 10, En-Sue-d. 12, Accord (a chord). 15, Teaser (anag.). 17, Cordelia (anag.). 19, Hail. 20, Change hands. Down - 1,Flaming-o. 2, Putter. 3, Oblige. 4, Rick. 5, A.D.vice. 6, Champ (Agnes). 11, Smashing. 13, Choice. 14, De-lug-e. 15, Tra-shy. 16, E-x-its 18, Draw (rev.).

CANCER—June 22-July 22 This is a fine week for shaping long-range plans and applying established rules to an all-new project. Aloof friends warm up somewhat, but don’t resort to pressure tactics in any relationship. LEO—July 23-August 22

An opportunity opens up for launching a long-lasting business or romantic relationship, but don’t mix work with pleasure. Adaption proves your most valuable keyword. Travel could offer funny surprises. VIRGO—August 23-September 22

This is the time for starting a diet or launching a large scale project. A loved one is unusually interested in your point of view, especially on matters of travel and children. LIBRA—September 23-October 22 You may find that this is the week for bartering items, exchanging ideas, sharing commitments. Financial pressures ease after the weekend. Social butterflying reaches new heights, but avoid excesses in the food and beverage department.


SCORPIO—October 23-November 21 NUMBER GAME

Down-to-earth, responsible people enter your social or professional circle. Creative ventures are fun for their own sakeANSWER but don’t seek BELOW a moneymaking angle, however. Your love life is on an upswing. SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22

Your role now is an inspirational one - helping friends out of a rut and serving as role-model to youngsters. A chance for making extra cash could open up by the end of the week. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20

Romance is thriving, but only if disagreements are settled early on. Business ideas are bright, and timing is right for submitting proposals. An older friends benefits from your suggestions. AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19 Now is the time to tie up financial loose ends and collect debts. A VIP wants to promote you - be available. A loved one is suprisingly outspoken on a delicate subject matter. PISCES—February 20-March 20 Your reactions are not as sharp as you believe, so take added precautions where possible. This weekend finds you an especially busy host. Evenings this week are unusually productive. BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK A bright sense of humour accompanies you.You are admired for your warmth, wit and winsomeness, but your indecisiveness fustrates those who love you most. The emphasis is on romance and sentimentality. For writers, this could be a bonanza year.

This is the time for starting a diet or launching a large scale project. A loved one is unusually interested in your point of view, especially on matters of travel and children.

LIBRA—September 23-October 22 You may find that this is the week for bartering items, exchanging ideas, sharing commitments. Financial pressures ease after the weekend. Social butterflying reaches new heights, but avoid excesses in the food and beverage department. SCORPIO—October 23-November 21

Down-to-earth, responsible people enter your social or professional circle. Creative ventures are fun for their own sake but don’t seek a moneymaking angle, however. Your love life is on an upswing. SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22

Your role now is an inspirational one - helping friends out of a rut and serving as role-model to youngsters. A chance for making extra cash could open up by the end of the week. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20

Romance is thriving, but only if disagreements are settled early on. Business ideas are bright, and timing is right for submitting proposals. An older friends benefits from your suggestions. AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19 Now is the time to tie up financial loose ends and collect debts. A VIP wants to promote you - be available. A loved one is suprisingly outspoken on a delicate subject matter. PISCES—February 20-March 20 Your reactions are not as sharp as you believe, so take added precautions where possible. This weekend finds you an especially busy host. Evenings this week are unusually productive. BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK A bright sense of humour accompanies you.You are admired for your warmth, wit and winsomeness, but your indecisiveness fustrates those who love you most. The emphasis is on romance and sentimentality. For writers, this could be a bonanza year.


(5). 23. Miss Stone! (4).

Page 26 The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021

Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au 

The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021 Page 27

All-New Kluger Hybrid Where freedom meets family

Whether it’s the daily school run or a weekend escape, this Hybrid 7-seat SUV will make it an effortless luxury. Convenience and care go hand in hand thanks to Toyota’s most innovative safety features and smart technology connectivity like Apple CarPlay®¹ and Android Auto.™¹ Available for the first time with AWD Hybrid power, the All-New Kluger will take you further and set you apart.

Melton Toyota Melton Toyota 143-147 High Street, Melton 143-147 High Street, Melton T: 03 8746 0300 T: 03 8746 0300 LMCT 1976 LMCT 1976 meltontoyota.com.au meltontoyota.com.au

Kluger Grande Hybrid in Galena Blue shown. ¹CarPlay® is a trademark of Apple, Inc. Android Auto™ is a trademark of Google LLC. Requires compatible device, USB connection, mobile data, network reception & GPS signal. Mobile usage at user’s cost. Apps subject to change. All images indicative only. Check toyota.com.au/connected. T2021-016728

Page 28 The Moorabool News – 8 June, 2021

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• Farm Supplies / Equipment • Stock Feed & Pet Food • Sand, Soil & Garden • Rain Water Tanks • Firewood & Gas • Horse Supplies • Husqvarna Products LogoDesign LogoDesign

HYGAIN, Allrounder - 20kg Bag, $18.00each

Hygain Allrounder is a palatable pelletised feed that provides a balanced nutritional diet suitable for horses and ponies being spelled or in light to moderate work.

- TOGETHER WITH – Feed out options Norton Round Bale Feeder

Norton Round Bale Wagon

• • • • •


$475 inc.

Holds 4Ft & 5Ft Round Bales Jockey Wheel Clutch Winch Sturdy Steel Construction Weight 160kg


$1300 inc.

For all your Livestock and Real Estate needs Phone your Local Elders Agent Bernie Shanahan 0429 184 996

Trading Hours: Monday to Friday 8am–5pm Saturday 8am–4pm Sunday 10am–2pm 461 Old Melbourne Road, Ballan Telephone: 5368 1199

Profile for The Moorabool News

Moorabool News 6 June 2021  

Bacchus Marsh, Ballan, Moorabool

Moorabool News 6 June 2021  

Bacchus Marsh, Ballan, Moorabool


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