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Tuesday 17 November, 2020

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Zak Butters surrounded by Darley fans during the clinic. Photo – Helen Tatchell. INSET – AFL players (L-R) Zak Butters (Port Adelaide) and Brett Bewley (Fremantle) returned to Darley to participate in a local football clinic. Photo – Robyn Bewley

Devils return to Darley By Todd Whelan Two of Darley’s favorite sons Zak Butters and Brett Bewley were the special guests at a junior football clinic hosted by the club at Darley Park on Sunday. Butters 20, and Bewley 25, escalated to prominence following their selections in the 2018 AFL National Draft. Both looked very relaxed revisiting their grassroots, taking time out to savour where it all began. The nostalgic nature of the visit wasn’t missed by the (now) Port Adelaide and Fremantle stars as they continue to embrace their recent football fame. In this case it would be a group of bright smiling, footy loving kids with a gleam in their eye that prompted the boys to reminisce.

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“I remember running the water (bottles) out to the seniors on a Saturday when I was a kid,” Butters said. “I used to love watching Brian Graham, he was a gun.” Not be outdone, Bewley’s reflection on his early days with the Devils involved doing the scoreboard for the seniors before his own gameday on a Sunday. “I was getting $45 a game back then … doing the scoreboard!” Bewley said with a smile. “My favorites to watch at Darley were Brad Miller and ‘Tuddy’ Edwards in his prime.” Darley Junior Football Netball Club President Rohan Matthews was thrilled with the response from all the families who attended on Sunday.

“While it was unfortunate the kids had to miss out on footy this year because of Covid, we had the opportunity to officially sign off on the season with a positive event like this,” Matthews said. “We’re grateful to the senior body of the club for all of their support today and to of course Zak and Brett for giving up their time to spend with the kids.” Matthews said the club (juniors) would be hoping to start boys and girls training for next season in February, eyeing a late April start for Round one. Butters and Bewley on the other hand begin their 2021 preseason training with their respective clubs on December 7.

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She’s not apples By Lachlan Ellis (3rd Yr Deakin Uni) A draft report from the Federal Department of Agriculture for allowing US fresh apples into Australia has concerned Aussie fruit growers. The Department has published the draft online and is accepting feedback until January next year. Local orchardist Nick Dellios from Dellios Apples in Bacchus Marsh, is concerned about the USA’s lower labour costs and American fruit subsidies, but he believes the biggest worry for local growers is the plethora of foreign pests and diseases US apples could bring. “That’s always what we’ve always based our argument on…one of the biggest foreign diseases is fire blight. Fire blight destroys orchards, it kills the trees,” Mr Dellios told the Moorabool News. “We really can’t do anything but base our argument on the threat of diseases that we haven’t got here, and they [US apples] potentially will bring here. “A lot of the safeguards are self-assessment… the Government is cutting back a lot on the Department of Agriculture, they’re already short-staffed as it is. It’s not a case of if, it’s a case of when, some of these diseases come through,” he said. Mr Dellios said he doesn’t believe they’ll be

Local orchardist Nick Dellios from Dellios Apples in Bacchus Marsh. Photo Lachlan Ellis checking every consignment that comes in. And if it’s self-assessed by the dispatch on the exporter, if there is an issue, corners can be cut. “The industry is going through some really

tough times as it is…and we’re not on a level playing field. We’re paying top dollar for harvest labour, semi-skilled labour, and we’re competing against countries that are paying $8 to $10 an hour…though

that’s not an argument we can make [to the Department of Agriculture]. “We’re majorly concerned.” Glenda Jones from Jeff Jones Plants & Produce told the Moorabool News she believed the apple import idea probably came about due to low domestic supply. “We try to stick to local, but at the moment we’ve got grapes from America and garlic from Mexico or Argentina - but only because we can’t get local. We would never stock imported over local,” Mrs Jones said. “What’s probably happened this year is, most growers are getting low on apples now, so there’s probably going to be probably, a two or three-month gap where apples are a bit scarce. Maybe they’re bringing them in because of that.” Mrs Jones said disease is the only major thing you’ve got to worry about, competition isn’t really the major worry. “We export too…you can’t have it one way.” The concerns about pests and diseases are justified – the Department of Agriculture listed 24 that “need risk management measures to reduce the risk to an acceptable level”. The list includes the fire blight disease which can decimate orchards in a single harvest season, but also included pests such as western flower thrips, which can carry viruses that cause produce to wither and die.

Call to end mandatory mask wearing A muffled voice, through a mask, is calling for Premier Daniel Andrews to end the mandating of mask wearing in Victoria. Liberal Member for Western Victoria, Bev McArthur, has told the Victorian Parliament that masks should only be voluntary, despite the Premier announcing masks would continue to be compulsory until at least the end of the year and possibly into 2021. “The face-mask mandate is made under the State of Emergency powers. This statement is proof that the government has no intention of winding back its extraordinary powers when the public health crisis subsides and their excruciating clandestine goal of elimination is achieved, a goal which many believe is unattainable,” Ms McArthur said. Her comments come as the state achieves over 14-days of no Covid-deaths and infections. Ms McArthur said this is just one reason why the masks should be voluntary.

“In regional Victoria it is often nonsensical. A gathering of workers in a field on a farm in the blistering hot sunburnt country should not be forced to wear masks,” she said. “A gentleman walking alone on an empty country road with no person in sight and no Covid-19 case within hundreds of kilometres should not be forced to wear a mask.” Ms McArthur said bushwalkers should not have to wear masks. “The Federal Department of Health maintains the position that where there is low community transmission of the virus, mask wearing is generally is not recommended. “By, all means ensure the best available masks be provided to health workers who appear most at risk. “But Victorians should be encouraged to be responsible for their own welfare and that of their fellow citizens, particularly in high-risk environments, but continuing to mandate them is wrong and unjustified,” she said. Ms McArthur concluded that masks should be optional, “as they are for the rest of the country.”

Bev McArthur is calling to an end to mandatory mask wearing. Photo submitted


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North, south, east and west – police are ready By Caitlin Bewley (3rd Yr Swinburne Uni)

Lachlan Bellette has achieved his three-year goal of completing and obtaining 68 badges in Cubs. Photos – Tony Bellette

Three year goal achieved

By Caitlin Bewley (3rd Yr Swinburne Uni) Perseverance, persistence, and patience is what got a young lad over the line when working towards earning all his scouting badges. Lachlan Bellette is 11-years old and set a goal three years ago to get all 68 Cub badges, which is every single badge a Cub could possibly receive. He recently achieved that goal. Lachlan’s father and 1st Ballan Scouts Leader, Tony Bellette, told the Moorabool News there are 34 badges split into two levels and four education categories, and it’s very rare for a Cub to receive all 68.

their purposes and with Lachlan coming from an active and outdoor lifestyle family, Mr Bellette said “our life opened the yellow book”. Some of the badges Lachlan had to complete included cycling, cooking, art and design, naturalist, handy worker, pets, collectors, canoeing, fishing, world friendship and first aid. Mr Bellette said there were a couple of kids in Cubs that had come close to 40 badges, but none had come close to 68 like Lachlan. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Lachlan’s achievement couldn’t be celebrated, but Mr Bellette said he’s optimistic restrictions may allow a small celebration soon.

“Occasionally you’ll get one Cub who’s motivated and might get 20 or 30 [badges], but for one Cub to achieve all 68 of them, it’s extremely rare,” Mr Bellette said.

“As parents, we’re extremely proud of what he’s achieved, but what I’m most proud of beyond the 68 badges is his persistence and drive,” Mr Bellette said.

“Three years ago, Lachlan asked me if it was possible for someone to achieve all 68 badges and I told him it was, but he needed time, and he was in a good position where he had time,” Mr Bellette said.

“He set his own goal, and for three years, as an eight, nine, and ten-year-old kid, he was focused on his goal.

“He set his own goal, I was his scout leader, but I never forced him to do it,” he said. “In my time [as a scout leader], I’ve only ever heard of it happening once.” To earn all 68 badges, Lachlan had to complete tasks under certain categories which all consist of two levels. There is a yellow book that contains all the badges and

“It’s an amazing achievement,” Mr Bellette said. The Moorabool News asked Lachlan what the next steps were for him now that he had achieved his goal of 68 badges, he said he “wasn’t sure”. “I was very excited to get my last badge, but I haven’t set any new goals just yet,” Lachlan said. “I might start thinking about setting a few more goals.” Lachlan is Grade 4 student at Myrniong Primary School.

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Victoria Police launched an operation this month targeting inappropriate roadrelated behaviours following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Operation Compass began last Thursday (November 12) and will continue over the next two weekends to ensure safety on regional roads during a period of social influx postCOVID-19 restrictions. A spokesperson for Bacchus Marsh police said that although she “hadn’t seen an increase in traffic” since the end of the pandemic ‘ring of steel’, it’s safe to assume “it will increase over the next few weekends.” “There’s going to be more traffic on the roads, so we’ll be looking out for traffic offences and we’ll be working towards reducing the road death toll,” the spokesperson said. Under Operation Compass, police will be monitoring speeding, drink and drug driving offences, people not wearing seatbelts, mobile phone usage while driving and fatigue. The easing of COVID-19 restrictions also sees restaurants, pubs, and wineries opening, which means police will be conducting both preliminary breath tests and drug tests to keep the roads safe. Road Policing Command Acting Assistant Commissioner John Fitzpatrick said this is the first-time metro Victorians can travel into regional areas, so extra precaution should be taken. “While it is fantastic to see people engaging in these recreational activities, we need people to go back to basics and arrive to their destination safely. “This means buckling up, slowing down and not driving while impaired,” Mr Fitzpatrick said. “People will be driving both speeds and distances they are unfamiliar with. I urge that drivers do all they can to arrive alive.” Mr Fitzpatrick said this means taking appropriate breaks, leaving your phone alone and being aware of your surroundings. Operation Compass will run over the next two weekends - Thursday November 19 – Sunday November 22 and Thursday November 26 – Sunday November 29.

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l e v a r T d l r o W r e i t r Ca


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By Caitlin Bewley (3rd Yr Swinburne Uni)

within the

“I started bringing her in [about 12 months’ ago],” Sgt Saw told the Moorabool News.


says. are Cr Tatchell in the bush the election,” right thing even with doing the but it won’t, firm that are putting called ‘safe-seat-itis’.” even worse report “The councils by a thing figure is General’s go from here? shafted said the getting they Tatchell does it the Auditor change, Mayor Paul Moorabool Now, with the problem, where going to told the Moorabool to Nothing’s $15,” he come down expected. but it’s going to doing the numbers than he go anywhere. away from it was $80, they were in not 15-years “It doesn’t Cr Tatchell said. thought money, “I thought is, we’re investment think they as wasting not enough funding.the don’t care,” problem to have proper growth Taylor of our what Moorabool News. “I see Moorabool there’s just confirmed that the state report from “And part economy of scale of our enormous enough here and actually – General’s really, it’s their report has the - because eventually have person right thing when it’s an Auditor getting for years General’s face saying infrastructure we will in the meantime, and each it in their is that An Auditor money, terms of has been and a keel, but where the enough “The irony - it’s shoved we’re under-funded.” the peri-urban,on a level fallen on avo’ focaccia that Shire Councildoes not give it to be invested back rate in What’s goingit has largely to have to get it state government our point, a ‘smashed proved numbers just going behind government the price of aren’t interested. audit audit that that far dollar is cost of infrastructure worth was an collecting, the rate We’ll be governments that the is only a small Victoria’ It means dollar we’re of the lack state and federal next 15-years? still have which looked in Regional to pay. every rate coffee. over the – Page 8 May 2019, council injury, for said they of Investing works because the highest to happen on 2nd he said. Development and funding insult to Tatchell ‘Outcomes in parliament complete. matter,” into capital puts us up with one of the doesn’tMs up we the toshires n Regional “To add ended compare of weeks tabled is put back - which the state with distribution government-ruhad actually report ofand couple our Trading 82 cents funding in the graph Cross Roads the state amount the next Client: funding News keepplace – View whether government spending shires within at20/12/17 and of too Date: 3 hope a No.: grants Moorabool provideforward or not. “We Mock Up go’, and basis Moorabool infrastructuredoes the Victoria Victoria’s goal. westepping Food ‘have a that’s but be only regional in RDV Pet that should a per-head reach Not revenues. way to lowest will & connected, advertise and Feed benefitting a crack,” that on government government Bernie Shanahan $805 Water Tanks to found 184 996 • Stock federal the state knocked community •“ItRain is the Australiandoing, having “The & Gas to Phone 0429 The report which received $15 from businesses ever.” are 10am–2pm have been has Products Sunday mayBallarat received News for local now more than • Firewood but, it what we to nearby residents Husqvarna and •delivered the shire pandemic 8am–4pmthat’s compared shops 1199 are being to Saturday important,/ Equipment The Moorabool saturating funding, 5368 covid-19 Soil & Garden drops to• Farm Supplies “that’s she said. saying News is by the Newspapers • Sand,and bulk8am–5pm up again. down week and per resident. Ms TatchellTelephone: the decision

got back only to Friday Road, The Moorabool copies each said two Supplies , with Ballan households certainly • Horse Monday Tatchell free best and occurred I and clear. communities Helen Hours:outlying Melbourne obvious with 11,000 community the Editor Trading for businesses. to is very 461 Old full distribution our platform the messageonly the sales@ ADVERTISEMENT giving and I chose the shire.” recommence of Moorabool contact within decision people the small “We are weeks ago. sink or swim enquiries connection the good support 918 665. a that or 0448 encourage continue to also local,” she said. “It was hiccup For advertising news@ have and, the small Email start and in this shire; shop could not to swim. not denied and distribution themooraboo news story? and 1966. building businesses “We have to production or 5368 the support Got a with printing we have been and the small “The return without occurred weeks sure most businesses I thank last few themooraboo been achieved as I am for the from local predicament ; for that send circulation, in the same 9825 or Government commitment on the Federal on 9743 have been into State and my office businesses she said. doors or gone the ways,” more call them graciously.” in some here for shut our FOR MELTON To find out at Stephen.McGhie@pa is to be doing. “We haven’t what we’re STATE MEMBER Our commitment me an email recess. and that’s community,

investing McGhie in HEADSTART s & Steve to stay Dan Andrew for Studentsnticeship. an appre $49.8 million and gain school

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life Stop Press – not on your – page 8

Client: Cross Roads Trading Date: 20/12/17 Mock Up No.: 3




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Feed & Pet Food • Firewood & Gas • Stock Tanks Products • Rain Water • Farm Supplies / Equipment Soil & Garden • Husqvarna 8am–4pm Sunday 10am–2pm • Horse Supplies • Sand, to Friday 8am–5pm Saturday 1199 Trading Hours: Monday Ballan Telephone: 5368 461 Old Melbourne Road,

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ding, For all your Domestic Shed tures Farming and Industrial Struc

Molly, with owner Sgt

Glenn Saw, is a welcome EMAIL: news@themooraboolne

Tuesday 13 October, 2020

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Winter 2020

w w w. r o s e l e a b



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Marsh police station.

“She comes in most days I work, so she’s here whenever I am. But she doesn’t come to jobs, we go for walks down the street, but she doesn’t come out on patrol.” Sgt Saw said Molly likes to say hello to everyone. “We go down to the Village shopping centre every day and she gets pats from all the kids and the oldies,” he said. Although she isn’t a trained PTSD dog, Molly is a source of comfort for Sgt Saw who lived through tremendous trauma 14-years ago. “She’s not a trained as a trauma or assistance dog, but I think it’s just in her nature. She just likes to be around people, so having her around is good.” Members of the Bacchus Marsh Police station spoke fondly of Molly, telling the Moorabool News they “love coming to work when they know Molly will be there.” “We made her a little uniform and it kind of gained traction from there. That’s sort of how it all evolved,” Sgt Saw said. “It wasn’t an official thing, she just comes in. She hasn’t got an official title, but she’s gotten to know everyone. So, when she’s here she just goes around to all the offices and says hello.”

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addition to the Bacchus

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th Street, Ballarat. details - 202 Learmon John Hoffman for more Affordable Prices - Contact 2557 Email: ballarat@eurekaga Quality Structures at Fax (03) 5336 Ph: (03) 5336 2227 –

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Vol 14 No 33

This paw-fect partner in crime may be making national headlines, but the Bacchus Marsh Police Station is where it all began. Molly is a Golden Retriever dog who has caught the eye of many after her appearance on Channel Nine television last week, but this is no ordinary canine. The three-year-old is known to frequent the Bacchus Marsh Police Station with owner Sergeant Glenn Saw, who says people just love having her around.

By Kate


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-less ool worth Moorab

Mayor Paul and Moorabool Tatchell John Keogh – Helen (L-R) Cr funding. Photo DAN – regional NOT HAPPY government for state

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elcome to our new look Moorabool produced quarterly by Moorabool Matters, Shire Council. In this edition, read about Council’s newly adopted 2020/21 Budget, which includes more than $38-million in capital works, delivering fantastic projects for our region. The Budget the next stage of the Moorabool includes plans for Regional Sports Hub. Currently, work is nearing completion on the sports pavilion (pictured), which will include four change rooms, two umpires’ rooms, public toilets and a canteen. With the approval of the Budget, Council will go out to tender in the next few months at the site, including landscaping for several projects works, cricket net construction, park furniture, camp-draft fencing and a playground. This entire site is an extremely important project for Council, for Moorabool and for the entire region. EMAIL: news@themooraboolne When completed, the site will be able to be used for state, national and international Serving Ballancompetitions in several sports, including district BMX and horseand events. It will since also be used widely at a local level for soccer, cricket, Aussie Rules football and passive With the current unprecedented recreation. times of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Council Budget offers relief for residents most affected by the pandemic. You can read more about this inside, in our detailed summary of the Budget. We hope you enjoy the revamped Moorabool Matters, now delivered to you quarterly via The Moorabool News newspaper.

elcome to our new look Moorabool produced quarterly by Moorabool Matters, Shire Council. In this edition, read about Council’s newly adopted 2020/21 Budget, which includes more than $38-million in capital works, delivering fantastic projects for our region. The Budget the next stage of the Moorabool includes plans for Regional Sports Hub. Currently, work is nearing completion on the sports pavilion (pictured), which will include four change rooms, two umpires’ rooms, public toilets and a canteen. With the approval of the Budget, Council will go out to tender in the next few months at the site, including landscaping for several projects works, cricket net construction, park furniture, camp-draft fencing and a playground. This entire site is an extremely important project for Council, for Moorabool and for the entire region. When completed, the site will be able to be used for state, national and international competitions in several sports, including BMX and horse events. It will also be used widely at a local level for soccer, cricket, WEB: Aussie Rules www.them football and With the current unprecedented recreation. times of the global Phone 5368 COVID-19 1966 pandemic, this year’s Council Budget offers relief for residents most affected by the pandemic. You can read more about this inside, in our detailed summary of the Budget. We hope you enjoy the revamped Moorabool Matters, now delivered to you quarterly via The Moorabool News newspaper.

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Tuesday 7 July, 2020

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Tuesday 5 May, 2020

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Moorabool News The

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The project’s lead investigator, Deakin Associate Professor Kristy Hess, said the future of local newspapers depended on support from local audiences. The survey aims to give people a voice on ways to improve the sustainability of their local paper. “If you read the Moorabool News, then it’s absolutely vital you fill in this survey to show your support for local news. We are depending on you,” she said. “We want to hear your ideas and feedback on the role of country newspapers in these digital times. We want to know what the paper means to you and how it might improve into the future.” Project partner and Country Press Australia Executive Director, Bruce Morgan, said the project was as much about regional communities as it was about local media businesses. “Local media outside metropolitan Australia is very much the journal of record for the towns and regions it represents,” he said. “It is not exaggerating to say that, should we lose local media representation, it will impact not just on the fabric of those communities, but the very principles of democracy. That is, the ability to record, champion, challenge and hold accountable. “That is why this highly-credible, wellfunded research is vital to those communities and their future,” Mr Morgan said. The survey will run until the end of November and should take up to 10 minutes, asking a range of questions that relate to your views on local newspapers. To take the survey visit – localnewsinnovation. org

Street, 3 Alexandrabudget. by S McGhie, Authorised from Parliamentary Melton. Funded

It only takes ten-minutes and participants taking the survey could win one of 10 newrelease Apple iPads. Readers of the Moorabool News are being urged to have their say on the future of country media in Australia’s biggest survey on local news. The survey, launched nationally at the beginning of November, is part of the largest study of its kind in Australia. The study has been running for three years with almost $250,000 backing from the Australian Research Council, one of the Federal Government’s main competitive research funding agencies. Deakin University, RMIT University and Country Press Australia, the peak regional media organisation, of which the Moorabool News is a member, are leading the study. The Moorabool News Editor Helen Tatchell encourages readers to engage in the survey. “It is the perfect opportunity to have your say,” she said. “We are seeing the demise of local newspapers in print from the large organisations such as Australian Community Media (ACM), right across the nation, and locally. The independent publishers, like the Moorabool News supported their communities within Moorabool throughout the COVID pandemic and stayed open. We continued to provide news and purpose to our readers whilst boardroom arrogance of many mastheads made the decision to close. They left their communities with nothing. No connection and no consultation,” she said. Ms Tatchell said staying afloat for the past eight-months has not been easy. “We have a great team, a great community and great businesses; the support from all has been tremendous and shows there is unity in community.”


Help secure the future of local news

Vol 14 No 27

Count Me In Photo - © David Whelan


By Lachlan Ellis (3rd Yr Deakin Uni)

Monday, with Bird Count starts next The Aussie Backyard for a chance count the feathered fauna Aussies encouraged to at one of three prizes. Monday 19 the count from 12am Participants can join 25 October. October, to 12 pm on Sunday period birds they see in a 20-minute the up tally can Counters tablets, or app on smartphones and on the Aussie Bird Count at website Count Bird via the Aussie submit-a-count/. as a field guide/ functions also app The Aussie Bird Count you see much identifying any birds bird finder, making easier. are but don’t have a backyard Those who want to participate such as a park, in any outdoor space, welcome to count birds farm or schoolyard.

efforts. One will win a prize for their Four lucky participants BirdLife worth over $2,690 is participants will help Swarovision Binoculars By joining the Bird Count, charity – pair of EL 8x32 your own flock’ print, largest bird conservation as well as one $375 ‘create Australia – the country’s at the trend up for grabs, over $100, including in their area. By looking Ferlazzo packs worth and a understand local birds can get an and two Marini a hard cover notebook area, BirdLife Australia book marks, fridge magnets, of common species in each environment’s health. indication of the local across tote bag. saw 3.4 million birds counted being 2019 Last year’s Bird Count seen bird Top 10 Bird Count Victoria most the with ............. 44,374 Australia in just seven-days, counted across Australian Magpie ......................... - over 400,000 were the rainbow lorikeet ............... 43,525 Rainbow Lorikeet......................... Australia. knocked off ................... 35,021 Lorikeet (43,525) was House Sparrow ......................... In Victoria, the Rainbow 31,499 44,374 counted in with ........................ Magpie Noisy Miner ......................... its perch by the Australian .................... 27,905 2019. Red Wattlebird ......................... began in 2014, the Aussie Bird Count ......................... 26,814 seen For the first time since Sulphur-crested Cockatoo the top ten most commonly ................... 25,424 a new bird made it into areas this Common Myna......................... more spotted in urban ............... 21,256 species. With thousands 13th spot in Common Starling ......................... ‘Bin Chicken’ moved from year, the White Ibis or ............................ 21,051 Silver Gull ......................... 2018, to 10th spot in 2019. ............ 20,964 counter, visit aussiebirdcou Common Blackbird ......................... To register as a bird au/#register.

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STRANGE BEASTS - Filming has started on the Bacchus Marsh Lion Park documentary. Photo By Lachlan Ellis (3rd Josie Mackerras Yr Deakin Uni)

You might not know it, but the crazy antics in Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ aren’t too dissimilar to some that occurred in Moorabool in the 70s and 80s. Bacchus Marsh’s own Ron Prendergast – or ‘Prenda’ as he’s known to many – worked at Bacchus Marsh’s Lion Safari Park, which was opened in 1970 and was home to lions, tigers and water buffalo, when he was just 17. Prenda’s son Darcy is bringing his dad’s wild youth to life in an upcoming documentar titled ‘Strange Beasts’, due to be released in mid-2021. y Darcy spoke to the Moorabool News about documentary between the shoots. “Strange Beasts is a story that’s been with me my whole life. I grew up listening to Dad and his crazy Bacchus Marsh Lion Safari stories. The tiger attacks, the shotgun misfires, his close shaves with death,” he said.

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“One of his most surreal tales involves him on a postie bike, trying to steer a rather irate water buffalo off the wrong side of the Ballarat Freeway and back into the park - all in the pouring rain.”

Unheard of today, but back when the park was open, the public could drive their cars through fields of the freeroaming African beasts. There were several maulings with Prenda himself fortunate to get away with only scars from unlucky encounters of his own, but some parkgoers were not so fortunate. In 1978, a 12-year-old boy was mauled to death, as were an 18-year-old person and a woman pulled through a car window on separate occasions in 1979. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was new safety regulations that spelled the safari park’s demise in 1985, ending a fascinating chapter in Bacchus Marsh’s history.

Darcy said he’s been working on ‘Strange Beasts’ for well over 12-months, and $50,000 in funding from Screen Australia – part of a $2.1 million injection into the Australian film industry for 12 different projects has breathed new life – into the project. The funding will help with a second 16mm film shoot and much of the documentary’s animated content. The documentary is a joint project between awardwinning Melbourne production company Oh Yeah Wow, and the Australian studio of Academy Award-winn ing production company Passion Pictures. It is a ‘watch this space’ for where ‘Strange Beasts’ will be viewed after the scheduled 2021 release. Anyone with photos or video footage of the park and its animals can email Darcy Prendergast at


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Keep our fitted face masks on and keep our distance.

Keep washing our hands.

Keep catching up outdoors.

Keep getting tested if we have any symptoms.

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12 December,

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The dam runneth over A local water supply is ‘overflowing’, and experts predict it may stay that way for quite some time. Lal Lal Reservoir, the region’s largest water supply, has reached full capacity for the first time since 2016. The reservoir, which holds 59,549 megalitres of water and supplies both the Ballarat and Geelong areas, overflowed and began to spill on Wednesday September 30. Managing Director for Central Highlands Water, Paul O’Donohue said the reservoir “represents 59 per cent of Ballarat’s total local water storage capacity”, so the outcome of the waterfalls’ spillage is positive. “With it full, and White Swan Reservoir almost full, our water resource outlook heading into summer is extremely positive. “Across our supply systems, Bullarto, Evansford and Wombat reservoirs, as well as Blackwood Basin and Hepburn Reservoir, have all reached their capacity,” he said. “People still need to be wise with their water use as we know over the warmer months there will be a draw down on our reserves.”

Step out to walk for her

Photo - CHW

With Lal Lal reservoir reaching its capacity, this provides extra water to the Moorabool River and downstream benefits to the Corangamite Catchment

Management Authority to support river health. The Bureau of Meteorology forecast shows Lal Lal should continue to spill well into Spring.

People across Australia will be standing against – or more accurately, ‘walking’ against – gender-based violence next Sunday, as part of the ‘Walk with Her’ event. On Sunday from 11 am to 12 pm on November 29, participants will walk, run, roll, stroll or ride in their local area, in support of gender equality. The restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have seen an unfortunate increase in instances of violence against women, but events like Walk with Her help shine a light on the issue. Moorabool participants can register their attendance online (Council website) with the first 50 people who register and contact Nichole Knight via email or phone, eligible to receive a free ‘Respect Women: Call it Out’

orange T-shirt and dog bandana. Ms Knight can be contacted via email at, or by calling Council at 5366 7100. This offer ends on Monday November 23, 5pm with the merchandise available for collection from Lerderderg Library on Tuesday November 24 and Thursday November 26. Participants are asked to follow COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, including wearing a mask and social distancing. Statistics say one woman is murdered by a current or former partner every week in Australia. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic or family violence, please contact 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732).

More train pain as upgrade scheduled Commuters who use the Ballarat Line have been asked by the State and Federal Governments to plan ahead in December and January, with the final phase of works on the line to be undertaken. The rail line is the second busiest in regional Victoria, with the upgrade set to deliver “much-needed extra services and better reliability for passengers in these growing communities” according to Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack. Coaches will replace trains on sections of the Ballarat, Ararat and Maryborough lines from Monday 28 December 2020 until Saturday 30 January 2021, while V/Line carries out commissioning, critical safety testing and driver training. Victorian Minister for Transport Infrastructure Jacinta Allan said the works will allow for more train services along the Ballarat Line, adding to the more than 150 new services delivered since 2015. “We’re thrilled passengers will soon see the full benefits of the Ballarat Line Upgrade, but first we must complete this crucial final step on the project, as we integrate new track, a new signalling system and other infrastructure onto the existing rail line,” Ms Allan said. “It’s one of the most critical tasks undertaken on the project to date and it’s taken time to get the right resources in place to deliver this final piece of the project.” While trains are not running on the line, crews will install 500 metres of track duplication between Bacchus Marsh Station and Maddingley and at two level crossings in Ballan, which can only take place without trains running. After commissioning and safety testing are complete, new second platforms at Ballan and Bacchus Marsh will be opened. New train passing loops at Ballan and Millbrook, and duplicated tracks at Wendouree and Bacchus Marsh will help mitigate unexpected delays on the Ballarat line. Victorian Senator Sarah Henderson said it was an exciting time, with these final works marking the end of the significant upgrade.

Coaches will replace trains as upcoming works continue on the Ballarat line. Photo – Lachlan Ellis “The completion of works on the Ballarat Line Upgrade will pave the way for extra peak train services and trains every 40 minutes in the off-peak – which is just a fantastic result for commuters.” Senator Henderson said. The Federal Government contributed $503 million to the

Ballarat Line Upgrade, with the Victorian Government providing a further $98 million. Passengers can find out if they’re affected by the disruption at or, find more information about the project at

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The next step for dancer By Lachlan Ellis (3rd Yr Deakin Uni) After a number of delays due to COVID-19, a set date for the Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation (VDSR) Awards has finally been announced – and a Moorabool woman is in the running for an award. Julie Matthews-Eva, a ballroom, new vogue and Latin dancer who was born in New Zealand, now lives in Korweinguboora. She is one of three nominees for the Masters Sportsperson of the Year. Ms Matthews-Eva is the first performer in the world to dance on a national level with a bionic leg. She has been an amputee for 39 years, after she underwent surgery to remove bone cancer at the age of 16. Fellow nominees for the Masters Sportsperson of the Year include Chris Henderson, an AFL Wheelchair player, and Duke TrenchThiedeman, a para badminton player. Ms Matthews-Eva is classed with a rare amputation called hip disarticulation, meaning she has no limb past her left lower hip - but she doesn’t let her bionic leg slow her down. She told the Moorabool News she was motivated by a drive to challenge herself and improve. “I much prefer to go up on the dance floor with ten other couples and compete against them. I’m not particularly competitive with other people, I’m more com-

Known as the ‘bionic dancer’ Julie is one of three finalists for the Masters Sportsperson of the Year award. Photo –

petitive with myself. I just want to prove I can do it,” Ms Matthews-Eva said. “The very first things I took up after losing my leg were snow-skiing and scuba diving. Probably every few years I take on something different, just to give myself a new challenge. I’m riding motorcycles at the moment, and I’ve recently bought a three-wheeled bike with a sidecar for my dog. I want to ride around Australia after COVID.

“It’s an honour to be nominated, and I hope it helps inspire not just other disabled people, but anyone, to take on something that they might not be considered very good at, but to master it. I hope I can do justice to the sport and show that you can get out there and compete.” The awards night will be hosted by Disability Sport & Recreation and will take place online on Thursday 3 December. The 13 highly qualified judges will choose winners across 11 award categories.

Heavy vehicles are not hard to see With the wet weather Moorabool has been experiencing, it’s more important than ever to be aware of trucks and other heavy vehicles on our roads, for good reason. Eyewatch Moorabool has issued a call for drivers and pedestrians to remain vigilant and give heavy vehicles the space they need on the road. Several statistics on their social media pages were highlighting how dangerous trucks can be to an unaware driver or pedestrian. A truck and trailer travelling at 100 km/h on a wet road, can take up to 277 metres to come to a stop – over one and a half times the length of the MCG. Eyewatch Moorabool also shared two videos from Transport For NSW, addressing trucks’ blind spots and pedestrian safety.

Heart stopping safety equipment By Caitlin Bewley (3rd Yr Swinburne Uni) A life-saving device is at a local police station and is available to the public 24-hours a day, seven days a week. An automated external defibrillator (AED) was installed at the Gordon Police station in early October and is located adjacent to the police intercom in a glass cabinet near the station’s front door. Gordon Police station is manned by Leading Senior Constable Sally Fairweather, and said if people need an AED during an emergency, they should get in contact with Ambulance Victoria.

“Once in contact with Ambulance Victoria, people will then be prompted to the location of the closest AED, in this case at Gordon.” LSC Fairweather said this a great inclusion for the town considering it’s so isolated. “I think you’ll find, because we are so isolated, and we have a longer response zone from Ballarat, Bacchus Marsh and Ballan hospitals, ambulances are few and far between within our area. “It’s almost a little black spot, and this is a way we can look after our community,” she said. Leading Senior Constable Fairweather said the emergency life saving device, “is installed, been registered and it’s ready to go.”

Bee responsible for car damage By Caitlin Bewley (3rd Yr Swinburne Uni)

While the pedestrian safety video briefly tells pedestrians to “look out before you step out” when crossing the road, the blind spot video takes three everyday drivers into the front seat of a truck to show just how big trucks’ blind spots are. The three car drivers are unable to see pedestrians

right in front of the truck, and a motorbike rider and cyclists on either side, despite checking their mirrors. Road safety is a shared responsibility - be truck aware on the roads. A truck driver once said, “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you”.

Fleeing a potential bee sting was a 67-yearold man’s reasoning to hitting a parked vehicle and not following it up with the owner. Former Mowbray school-teacher James Grimes entered a plea of guilty to driving related charges in the Bacchus Marsh Magistrates’ court before Magistrate Bob Kumar on Friday 6 November. Prosecutor, Senior Constable Steven Repac, told the court the accused parked east bound on the Main Street of Bacchus Marsh on November 21 last year. The court heard the victim of the incident parked his car in front of Grimes’ car, and when Grimes returned to his car, he was alleged to have hit the victim’s vehicle, leaving minor damage. SC Repac said the accused made no attempt to locate the victim nor did he report the incident to police. “Police attended Grimes’ residence twodays later where he appeared alcohol affected and was unable to be interviewed,” he told the court.

“Police then attended the address a week later, and again on December 1, but the accused was unable to be interviewed on both occasions due to being unwell.” On December 1 Grimes told police he had spoken to the victim and had arranged to fix the damage he caused. “He gave the reason for his quick departure due to a bee flying onto his shirt and he is severely allergic so had to get home quickly,” SC Repac said. Magistrate Kumar was told by Mr Grimes that he has been in the emergency room three times after being stung by bees. “I am very allergic to bees and had to get home as quickly as possible,” Mr Grimes said. The 67-year-old was fined $300 without conviction by Magistrate Kumar.

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The Moorabool News – 17 November, 2020 Page 13 ADVERTISEMENT

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important that fire safety be valued, in the discussion around energy transmis Email -


A Peregrine Falcon. Photo - submitted Pentland Hills Landcare Group.

A display of power

Aerial display of a Peregrine Falcon and Nankeen Kestrel at 2 By Lachlan Ellis (3rd Yr Deakin Uni)

Senior Constable Lauren Conroy has taken up a three-month position at Ballan Police station. Photo – Caitlin Bewley

Tackling the country cop shop

By Caitlin Bewley (3rd Yr Swinburne Uni) There’s a new Senior Constable in town, but only for a short time. Lauren Conroy is 28-years-old and is the youngest officer at the Ballan Police Station, starting her local policing duties there at the beginning of October. Senior Constable Conroy was previously based at Keilor Police Station but is operating at the Ballan Station temporarily for three months. When asked why she made the move to

Ballan, she told the Moorabool News she “lives in Ballarat and wanted to have a try at country policing.” SC Conroy has been a police officer for seven years and said the move to Ballan was for a change of atmosphere, with her goal being to “get to know the community.” “I also have a twin sister who works in Mildura as a police officer,” Senior Constable Conroy said. “And she joined the force because of me.” Senior Constable Conroy is one of three female police officers working at Ballan and Gordon Police stations.

“This power line, the way it’s going to be

Pentland Hills Landcare Group positioned, will destroy the threeCommunit biolink

Pentland Hills Landcare Group has voiced areas we look after. its concerns about the Western Victoria “There is certainBBQ wildlife that will be When: 21st of November, 12:30pm followed bydirectly a Birds o Transmission Network Project (WVTNP) in impacted by this, including the wedge-tailed various ways, but this weekend they will do Where: Myrniong Recreation Reserv so in quite a unique way – an event featuring eagles that nest along the Korkuperrimul (or Anthony and use the updrafts on the escarpment of D the world’s fastest animal. RSVP: the gorges. In 2017 to 2018 in Tasmania, 29 A Bird of Prey display will feature and showcase the flight skills of a Peregrine wedge-tailed eagles were killed by collisions and electrocutions with overhead power Falcon and Nankeen Kestrel. These are two of several bird species that the lines. “We also have the threatened Little Eagle, Pentland Hills Landcare Group are worried will be affected by overhead transmission which in Australia has one of its most lines. important breeding areas from Bacchus President of the local landcare group Marsh to Ballan.” Anthony Dufty, told the Moorabool News Mr Dufty said there’s definite wildlife that if the overhead power lines were impacts from having overhead power lines approved and built, several native birds present and also cites fire risk as a reason would be killed. the lines should go underground rather than “The Pentland Hills Landcare Group has overhead. done work in the Myrniong and Pentland Moorabool residents are welcome to attend Hills for 33 years. We’ve sprayed weeds, controlled pests, and revegetated and a barbeque and the Bird of Prey display on restored waterways and other areas,” he Saturday 21 November, starting at 12:30 pm said. at Myrniong Recreation Reserve.

Reversing the calendar By Helen Tatchell As Christmas rapidly approaches, the tree is pulled out of the cupboard and decorated and, the Advent Calendar makes its yearly appearance. As 2020 has been a little bit different so are the Advent Calendar’s, as one local organisation reverses the process. Instead of focusing on receiving a treat each day, it is about giving a treat each day. Iris Blythe is the Chair of St Andrews’ Church Council at the Uniting Church in Bacchus Marsh and said the idea was born two years ago. “Heather Luttrell in Ballarat had heard of a Reverse Advent

Calendar, so in 2018 she invited friends to join her family in filling Reverse Advent Calendar boxes. She ended up with over 70 boxes of food.” Ms Blythe said in 2019 Heather set a goal of 200 boxes and ended up with 1500 in Ballarat and Geelong. “Heather’s dream is to see Reverse Advent Calendar box drives take place in communities all over Australia, but this year her goal is Victoria,” Ms Blythe said. St Andrews’ Uniting Church is one of 13-groups encouraging people to fill boxes with non-perishable foods for Christmas 2020. “Beginning with an empty box individuals, families, schools and other groups place one item into the box (non-perishable

food, toiletries, Christmas treats) each day during December. The filled Reverse Advent Calendar box is then dropped off at a collection point,” Ms Blythe said. In Bacchus Marsh the collection point will be the St Andrews’ Uniting Church in Gisborne Road on Thursday 17 December. “Food relief agencies will then deliver these boxes to people in Bacchus Marsh who are experiencing food insecurity,” Ms Blythe said. If you would like to fill a box, collect a Reverse Advent Calendar box from St Andrews Uniting Church on Friday 20 or Saturday 21 November between 9am and 10.30am. For further information phone Iris Blythe on 0408 106 733

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The Moorabool News – 17 November, 2020 Page 15

Pentland Hills Landcare Group Community BBQ

See the fastest animal in the world at Myrniong Recreation Reserve Pentland Hills Landcare Group invite residents of the Moorabool Shire to join us for a BBQ on the 21st of November in Myrniong and be part of a bird of prey flight demonstration. Many of the birds of prey will be affected by high voltage overhead powerlines and experts will be present to discuss their impact. Many Moorabool Shine community members are concerned about the impact of the high voltage overhead powerlines being proposed by AUSNET in our area. The 70 metre high towers will cut through farmland and bushland alike, disrupting our local environment. We believe there are alternative transmission options that could be used by AUSNET such as putting the cables underground or along existing powerlines routes, reducing the impact on the agricultural land and wildlife in the region. The Pentland Hills Landcare Group have concerns about the disruption to the bio-links we have been working on for the last 30 years, linking the Lerderderg State Park to the Werribee Gorge State Park. These corridors of habitat allow native species to move up and down the area, ensuring genetic diversity. We’re concerned that the 75 metre wide easements of cleared land required by the powerlines will fragment this corridor, leaving the native fauna vulnerable. There are also concerns about the fire risk, of having high voltage transmission lines running through local farmland. Victoria has had many instances of mismanaged overhead powerlines sparking catastrophic bushfires. It’s important that fire safety be valued, in the discussion around energy transmission infrastructure. Please join us for a chat on the Saturday the 21st, and share your thoughts on how we can work towards a renewable future, whilst supporting existing community Landcare projects.

Aerial display of a Peregrine Falcon and Nankeen Kestrel at 2:00! Kids Welcome! Pentland Hills Landcare Group Community BBQ When: 21st of November, 12:30pm BBQ followed by a Birds of Prey Display at 2:00pm Where: Myrniong Recreation Reserve w

RSVP: (or Anthony Dufty 0402 894 576). Registration essential.


Page 16 The Moorabool News – 17 November, 2020

Moorabool didn’t forget By Helen Tatchell A moving Last Post is synonymous with November 11 and April 25 commemorations and silences all in attendance, and Moorabool paused last week at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Remembrance Day had limited attendance due to COVID restrictions however, the RSL’s in Bacchus Marsh and Ballan conducted their events within the guidelines, laying flowered and poppy wreaths followed by a minute’s silence in memory of those who died or suffered in war and on peacekeeping and humanitarian operations. Wednesday 11 November 2020 marked the 102nd anniversary of the Armistice that ended the First World War on 11 November 1918. Between 1914 and 1918 a newly federated Australia sent 414,000 of their citizens to face the horrors of modern industrialised war. By 1918, almost 62,000 Australians lay dead among the mud and destruction of the trenches in Europe, the sands of Sinai, Palestine and Syria. The RSL held their event at the cenotaph in Bacchus Marsh that allowed only 10-personnel within the taped off area whilst in Ballan, 50 people could gather at St John’s Anglican Church being a religious ceremony, under the COVID guidelines. Ballan RSL President Rick Campey said it was a last-minute change. “The Reverend Glenn Wesley conducted the ceremony and we then transported the wreaths to the cenotaph in the main street of Ballan once it concluded,” he said. “It certainly has been a different and difficult year and one we could not but go ahead with, despite the lower attendance numbers.”

Photos: Caitlin Bewley and Helen Tatchell

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Facebook feedback Young girls calls Triple-000 after father kicks partner in face (M/News 10 Nov 2020) What the hell is going on with the judges and magistrates? Bailed?! This guy would have killed the woman had police not arrived that very moment. - Sarah Anderson Oh yeah let’s protect the abuser by keeping their identity secret. Righto. - Samantha Lane Alcohol can be just as bad as every other drug - just because it’s legal doesn’t make it any less serious and the consequences can be fatal..... Kristy Clark How disheartening for the local police. They do their job, to have a judge determine this guy should walk free. - Andy Pandy Coe

News Young girl calls Triple-000 after father kicks partner in face was a “drunk, emotional rage and [he] could only recall some of the incident.” Mr Shabeneh said this was his client’s first night in the cells and he has been in a stable relationship with the accused for almost ten years. “My client has an alcohol problem to some extent, and he is aware if he takes one wrong step he’d be back in custody.” Mr Shabaneh said it’s serious offending. “He needs to take this opportunity to get himself in a position where he could have a good relationship [with the victim] again. “The victim doesn’t want him remanded. She just doesn’t want to be in contact with him and she wants him to receive treatment,” he said. Magistrate Kumar said the accused was not an unacceptable risk and did show compelling reasons for bail with “very, very stringent conditions.” Bail was granted with conditions that include a $2000 surety, to comply with court programs, comply with an intervention order against the victim, to reside at his mother’s address, to abide by a 6am – 9pm curfew and to present to the front door if Victoria Police attend the premises during curfew hours. The accused is not to consume alcohol and an order to not attend any premises with a licence to sell alcohol were also added to the conditions. The man was bailed to reappear in the Bacchus Marsh Magistrate’s court in early 2021.

By Caitlin Bewley (3rd Yr Swinburne Uni) “If police hadn’t had shone the torch on me, he would have caved my head in” a woman told police after her partner’s violent outburst. A 30-year-old Bacchus Marsh man, who the Moorabool News have chosen not to name to protect the victim, appeared via video link in the Bacchus Marsh Magistrates court on Friday 30 October. The accused was represented by Omar Shabaneh, before Magistrate Bob Kumar, who made an application for bail on his client’s behalf. To be eligible for bail, the accused needed to show compelling reason, and if granted bail, was told it would be with stringent conditions. Police lawyer Paul Thomas provided a summary of the accused’s offending which occurred last Thursday 29 October. The court heard the 30-year-old and his partner were drinking at their Bacchus Marsh residence the evening of Wednesday 28 October. It was alleged the victim asked the accused if he had been cheating on her, which then turned into an argument. Mr Thomas said the man became aggressive, grabbed the woman by the neck and threw her on the bed, then proceeded to try and kick her in the face. The couple’s two young daughters were said to be in the house at the


time of the offending, with the eldest calling Triple-Zero (000) and hiding in a bedroom with her six-week-old sister. “The victim was allegedly thrown around the lounge room and the accused stomped on her face multiple times until she was thrown through a window”, Mr Thomas said. The man then grabbed a hammer and ran outside towards the victim, aiming it at her head. Police soon arrived, heard the heated commotion, and shone a torch light on the woman over the backyard fence. The accused subsequently threw the hammer at police. Mr Thomas told the court the victim said “if police hadn’t had shone the torch on [her] he would have caved [her] head in.’ The accused fled on foot and was subsequently arrested the next day on October 29. The court heard the victim sustained visible injuries. Police Lawyer Thomas said the accused “spoke freely” during his interview with police and the incident

No Mayor for Council, yet By Helen Tatchell It will be two-weeks before Moorabool Council has their next Mayor officially elected. With the seven elected councillors being sworn in last Thursday, the Statutory and Annual Appointments Meeting will not be held until Monday 23 November, where a mayor is elected by the councillors. A spokesperson for Council told the Moorabool News the delay was an unexpected formality. “The poll ended up being declared by the VEC a week early, but we were working to the timelines originally set out by the VEC,” they said. “There is full day training session that has been pre-booked, we did look to see if we could rebook and bring it forward but there was no availability.” The full day training session for all councillors includes Roles, Responsibilities & Conduct, and Meeting Procedures. “The Council receives this training and then the election of the Mayor occurs two-days after this session which is an appropriate timeframe to give the new councillors an understanding of the role,” the spokesperson said. And re-elected Councillor, David Edwards said he is unsure whether he’ll run for another term as Mayor, having been in the seat for the 2019/2020 period. “To be quite frank, I’ve got to have a conversation with my work … it’s probably less likely than likely at this stage,” he told the Moorabool News. The Special Meeting of Council will also appoint a Deputy Mayor and set Mayoral and Councillor Allowances.

Members with bags of rubbish collected along the river. Photos – Marika Ley

Clearing rubbish for plants

at TerryWhite Chemmart Maddingley


Email -

Email -

Page 6 The Moorabool News – 10 November, 2020

The Moorabool News – 10 November, 2020 Page 5





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Moira Berry – East Ward

Tom Sullivan – West Ward

Tonia Dudzik – East Ward

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Ally Munari – Woodlands Ward

Paul Tatchell – Central Ward

Community Enterprise FoundationTM

Community Bank Scholarships will be funded from management accounts of the Community Enterprise Charitable Fund ABN 12 102 649 968 (the Fund), The Bendigo Centre, Bendigo VIC 3550. Sandhurst Trustees Limited ABN 16 004 030 737 AFSL 237906, a subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178, AFSL 237879, is the trustee of the Fund. 1409006-1409008  OUT_1561044

Rod Ward – East Ward

Moorabool votesto– Talk Meet your new Councillors It’s Time ADVERTISEMENT

(M/News 10 Nov 2020)

about Tomorrow.

Wouldn’t be a touch biased Moorabool News??? One of them just shouldn’t be there!! We’ve stuckhey together and stayed strong. Magnificent SevenAnd NOT. Shelli Pengelly now is the time to talk about

what wevoted, wantand for the ourbetter future. Shelli Pengelly, the people person won. Full stop. - Jessica Dodd I’m looking for your suggestions on how we

Shelli Pengelly, itcan was a great result in Central Ward, it was two against one and even then, create stronger, supportive communities. no contest. Labor infiltration of Council was quashed, for the betterment of the community. What would you change about the way - Tony Ambrogiowe work, live and support each other? Visitwould Well the councillors have a fair idea of what we residents expect from them otherwise and complete the survey. they will be kicked to the curb like the others. So councillor don’t waste these next 4 years. Michaela Settle MP - John Wallace STATE MEMBER FOR BUNINYONG 15 Main Road, Bakery Hill VIC 3350 P: 03 5331 7722 E: MichaelaSettleMP

Letters to the Editor

A local group in its seventh year of operation is asking for more helpers to revegetate the banks of the Werribee River. Friends of Werribee River Through Bacchus Marsh was founded in February 2014, and since then has held planting days and weed and rubbish removals five times a year. On Sunday 11 October, the group met for the first time since August, with 12 volunteers collecting 10 large rubbish bags after an hour and half cleaning along the river from Halletts Way to Fisken Street. Marika Ley, one of the group’s 30 active members, told the Moorabool News that new faces were always welcome. “There are jobs suitable for all ages and ability, with the youngest members under 10 years of age and the oldest in their eighties. There is always a friendly and cooperative atmosphere at the planting days, with the homemade morning tea break a highlight for many,” Ms Ley said.

“All that’s needed are new and enthusiastic people to turn up and join in, pick up rubbish they may happen to come across on their walks and clean up after themselves as they enjoy their surrounds.” The Friends of Werribee River Through Bacchus Marsh plant 500 native trees, shrubs and grasses at each of their five yearly sessions, held on Sundays from April to August. Their work not only makes the area look nice and provides a sense of community, but also establishes habitats for local wildlife. The group puts up posters around the walking paths along the Werribee River advertising dates and locations of the planting and cleaning sites every February. To get in touch with the Friends of Werribee River Through Bacchus Marsh, visit their social media page or email - fowrtbm@gmail. com

Authorised by M Settle, 15 Main Rd, Bakery Hill. Funded from Parliamentary budget.

W R I T I NG LE T T E R S T O T H E E DI T OR Each letter must be accompanied with the writer’s full name, address and phone number (name and suburb for publication only) and be limited to 300 words. Letters to be received via post or email (preferred option). The Editor has the right to limit the amount of words in each letter received and published letters are at the discretion of the Editor. Send your letters to

Dear Editor, I write in hope that those in question may read this letter. “To the most caring group of women whose coffee gettogether last Sunday (8 Nov) in Ballan was interrupted when I fell. To you, my unknown friends, I am most grateful. Your care and actions saw me quickly on my way to the Bacchus Marsh Hospital for a few stitches in my chin with no other major concerns. May I offer my heartfelt thanks to each of you, I felt completely safe in your hands.” Colleen Ryrie Ballan Dear Editor, I’m writing about the article in the Moorabool News (27 Oct 2020), ‘COVID reason for delays’, about the roadworks on Werribee Vale Road with Covid-19 being blamed for the delay. What a joke. What a cop out. In the same that Werribee Vale Road has been closed there have been significant road construction works within the Moorabool shire, specifically the safe reconstruction of the Geelong Road/Exford Road turn-off (near Spargo’s depot), further south on Geelong Road at the intersection with Nerowie/Glenmore roads and further along again at the

turn-off from Geelong Road to Werribee. These intersections/ turn-offs were considered to be ‘High Accident’, dangerous spots and in the past months all three have been completed. Werribee Vale Road improvement involves far less than these three required and work crews were working in the same weather and Covid conditions. For our CEO Derek Madden to accept blaming Covid-19 for the delay is a ‘cop out’. The inconvenience caused to locals that regularly use Werribee Vale Road is considerable and frustrating. Do they not matter? They are all ratepayers of Moorabool and deserve better. Someone needs to ‘put the wind up’ the current construction company or hire another – somebody needs to do something. Christel Russell Bacchus Marsh Dear Editor, As the weather heats up and COVID cases stay low, the rules around mandatory masks must be reviewed. After nearly two weeks of no new cases statewide and with just four active cases in a state of nearly 6.5 million people, it’s difficult to understand why Premier Daniel Andrews refuses to budge. Even public health experts are questioning the rule. Chair of epidemiology at Deakin University, Professor

Catherine Bennett, says as cases stay low “masks don’t add a lot” and that strict enforcement may actually encourage non-compliance. Meanwhile, Professorial Fellow in Epidemiology at the University of Melbourne Prof Tony Blakely says based on current numbers by the end of the month we won’t “need masks at all”. I wrote to the Chief Health Officer and asked the Health Minister in State Parliament to be transparent with Victorians and provide the public health advice that supports the rule – but they refuse to respond. We can all agree they are necessary in high-traffic places that bring in a crowd – in the supermarket, the local hardware store, down the main street – but why should we be fined for not wearing a mask to walk the dog alone? To play golf solo? Or go fishing? Daniel Andrews has admitted that on masks he has gone beyond the public health advice. Victorians should not be subject to anymore ‘Captain’s calls’ from a Premier whose government caused Victoria to suffer a second wave. Peter Walsh Leader of The Nationals

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The Moorabool News – 17 November, 2020 Page 21



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APC Notice

Page 22 The Moorabool News – 17 November, 2020


Email -

1. Obligation to publish – Designated Resolution 5Classified ad bookings close 12PM Friday. Bookings on (03) 5368 1966 or by email — 5. Publication of notices about the Council (1) Each publisher must publish a notice about the CouncilEmail in each printinclude publication it must full contact details or controls and on each website it controls. advertisement cannot be placed.


(2) The content and format of the notice will be as determined from time to time by the ASBESTOS REMOVAL POSITION VACANT WANTED TO RENT AUCTION Council. The notice is to be published in a prominent position on the same page as letters to the editor or the home page of a website, or in such other position as is agreed with the Asbestos HUGE Western Region Waste Wanted to rent Saturday 21 November ExecutiveAUCTION Director of the Council. & Recycling Centre are Saturday 21 November Removal 10am-4pm Local shed, looking for Truck Driver 12noon – 1.30pm Domestic and 46 Porter Avenue either in Ballan MR / HR and Labourers Thrifty Minx Op-Shop/Café MADDINGLEY Commercial based at Maddingley. or surrounding. 2.(exForm and determined Fully by the Council – Council decision 25 content Fisken Street Books, bunk beds Licensed Please email resume BALLAN Suit multiple Harvey Norman), plants, and Insured info@westernregion Everything must go, vehicle storage. [Name of publication] is bound by the Standards of Practice of the Australian Press Council. If you believe antiques, vinyl records, Call you Steve as Thrifty Minxmay will have been breached, the Standards may approach the newspaper itself or contact the Council by toys and much more. Call Merv Stuart Hillsee a Quote close auction. emailafter ( orfor by phone ([02] 92611930). ForContact further information Moving sale on 0488 795 580 0407 335 719 0439 476 966 All welcome.



DEATH NOTICE TODD (nee Mustey) Elaine Passed away suddenly on November 13, 2020. Aged 83 years. Dearly Loved Wife of Barry for 62 wonderful years. Loving Mother of Craig and Sandra. Loved Mother-in-law of Jane and Colin. THE ANNUAL COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL Adored Grandmother of Jackson and Teagan, Taylor and Jason, Cooper and Kate. Great Grandmother of Carter and Nixon.

Ballarat Cup Forever In Our Hearts Private Cremation





The Moorabool News is bound [Name of publication] byis the Standards Practice bound ofby the of theStandards Australian Press Council. If of Practice youofbelieve may thethe Standards Australian Press you have beenCouncil. breached, Ifyou may believethe thenewspaper Standards approach itself have been or may contact the Council by email breached, you may ( the or approach by phone ([02] 9261 1930). itself or Fornewspaper further information see contact the Council



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Ballan Football Netball Club Notice of ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Tuesday 1st of December 2020 Commencing 7:30pm in Long Room Ballan Recreation Reserve, Cowie Street Ballan

by email (info@presscouncil.o or by EMPLOYMENT phone ([02] 92611930). For EXCAVATOR OPERATOR further information Site seecut company working mainly in western suburbs www.presscouncil.or requires a skilled excavator operator who can final trim. right candidate will be prepared to have a preliminary

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1114 Doveton St. Nth, Ballarat

Catered Marquee $1,2 0 0 pe r marq u e e

Ph: 5333 3911



Enjoy the polo in true style in a private marquee for up to 12 people (including entry tickets, gourmet grazing menu with beer, wine and soft drink).


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All Hours

Full seartveicceost at moder


A fun way for you to cater for your friends and family while still securing a closeup view of the action. Two entry tickets included.

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who likes to work in a team, is fluent in English and good in maths. It is a full-time position with working hours Monday to Thursday 7:30am to 4:20pm, Friday 7:00am to 1:00pm. Paarhammer has manufactured energy efficient and • Required for 2020/21 polo season. bushfire safe windows and doors since 1990, worked on • Confident rider a must stunning projects Australia-wide and received several • Polo experience an advantage, but not essential. awards. The growing company now employs over 20 staff • Training provided. Official event in a modern facility at the Ballan Industrial Estate. • Immediate start. partner training is provided in-house. This position • 6-days a week RSVP to Kelly on or phone On-the-job 0400 includes working on CNC machinery, assembling basic 081 188. • Live-in with remuneration. components to working on challenging projects. Yaloak Polo Club is located at 4485 Geelong-Ballan Road, Fiskville Position is located 10km south of Ballan. 10km from the Western Highway Junction at Ballan, 20 mins outan industry leader in regional Victoria, the company is As For further details: 559 377 of Ballarat, 50 mins0425 from Geelong & an hour from Melbourne. committed to ongoing training of its staff. POLO GROOM Casual position

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Become part of a great team Email your resume and contact details to addressed to the owner Tony Paarhammer. Only genuine applications please.

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All committee roles are up for election


Ballan Farmers Market 2021 & Beyond Would you love to be part of running the Ballan Farmers Market and to help give back to your community? Do you see the value in championing the hard work of local producers? This is your chance! Ballan Farmers Market is seeking new skills-based volunteer committee members to run the Farmers Market from January 2021 onwards, but with handover to occur during December. Several roles are available seeking the support of volunteers with a variety of skill-sets, inclusive of the roles of Chair, Treasurer, and through to coordinating stallholders, and general volunteer support. For more information Email: or call 0408 823 184

PUBLIC NOTICE PROPOSAL TO UPGRADE MOBILE PHONE BASE STATION AT BALLAN GOLF COURSE, OLD BALLANEE ROAD BALLAN VIC 3342 As part of a national upgrade project, Optus plans to upgrade a telecommunications facility at Ballan Golf Course, Old Ballanee Road BALLAN VIC 3342. 1. The proposed works include the reconfiguration of the existing radio remote units to activate LTE900 technology on the site and any other associated works necessary for the operation of the facility. The purpose of this works is to provide enhanced network capacity. 2. Optus regard the proposed installations as Low Impact in accordance with the Telecommunications Act 1997 and Telecommunications (Low-Impact Facilities) Determination 2018 based on the description above. 3. Further information can be obtained from Mel Tuangthong, 0414 166 870,, and at, RFNSA reference number 3342006. 4. W ritten submissions should be sent to: Level 9 – 256 Queen Street Melbourne VIC 3000 by 5.00pm on Tuesday 1 December 2020.


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Bacchus Marsh Little Athletics What a fantastic buzz at the Masons Lane athletic track on Saturday morning as the Centre welcomed back all their metro families. Registrations clocked over the 200 mark, with many new athletes also taking advantage of the two-week free trial offer. Athletes pushed themselves to achieve personal best results while many new youngsters enjoyed their first opportunity of racing in a competitive, friendly atmosphere. Athletes enjoyed participating in long PB Star of the Week – jump, shot put, discus and high Lincoln Macdonald jump while the older athletes Photo - submitted attempted the longer distance races for the first time this season. This week’s PB Star was awarded to new athlete Lincoln Macdonald. Lincoln is one of the Under 6 athletes and achieved PB’s in 70 metres, 200 metres, long jump and discus. Training for registered members will be held on Thursday with the Under 6-7 at 4.30pm and 5.00pm for the Under 8-10 athletes. The boys will be training for High Jump while the girls will be doing Long Jump. The Under 11-16 training will be Discus for girls from 5pm and Long Jump for boys from 5.30pm. Interested children between the ages of 5 and 15 are still welcome to participate. If interested in trialling or joining little aths go to or contact our Registrar, Alli on 0409 322 983.


Ballan Golf Club


Results - Week ending Saturday 14 November

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The Moorabool News – 17 November, 2020 Page 23


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Wednesday - Stableford Winner Jimmy Walsh (20) 37 points on c/b from Victor Buttigieg (29) on c/b from Brian Clifford (20) & Andrew Carton (20). NTPs - 12th Don Wickson, 15th Barry Lenaghan. Magpie - 14th Jimmy Walsh. Saturday - Stableford A GRADE Winner - Chris Tudor (14) 42 points. R/up - Kev Lockman (14) 36 points. B GRADE Winner Brian Cran (23) 36 points on c/b from Steve Chesters (20). NTPs - 12th Jimmy Walsh, 15th Kev Lockman. Magpies - 14th & 18th Bob Arklay. Balls (5), Cut-off 35 points on c/b Chris Tudor, Kev Lockman, Brian Cran, Steve Chesters, Jimmy Walsh.

Age group changes for junior football There will be a new structure for junior football in 2022, and it will even up the age groups, that were a bit odd. Shane Anwyl is the General Manager of the Ballarat Football Netball League, said after consultation with clubs and other stakeholders, it was evident the existing ‘odd’ age structure has not been successful. “Based on modeling, the league has identified increased participation for junior players across age groups which will in turn lead to stronger competitions to those which are already enjoyed in the BFNL,” he said. As a result, and based on the wishes of the BFNL clubs, the junior Seniors and Reverses age structure from 2022 will be: Under 16, 14, 12, 10 & 9. Mr Anwyl said as a consequence of the change to an even structure, and the top age being Under 16, the existing Under 19 competition will become Under 18½. The background and rationale to the change that is to be implemented included a decrease in junior players at the upper level, particularly Under 17s. As part of the AFL Victoria policy for competition changes, this format will be provided to neighboring leagues who may be affected, for comment with formal approval by AFL Goldfields expected in early 2021. “The league is excited to be able to adopt a junior football structure that will best reflect the needs of BFNL clubs and will allow increased participation for those who want to be part of our game,” Mr Anwyl said. “The BFNL juniors continue to be the strongest junior competition within the region, enjoying consistent growth at the lower age groups and a development pathway for those wanting to play at the highest level.” Junior netball has not been included in this review as there are no structural issues with junior netball. “Whilst most clubs are at capacity for netball, the issue to be addressed moving forward is how does the league accommodate growth in junior netball through increased team participation,” Mr Anwyl said.



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Ballan Cricket Club

BC    C

allan ricket


Seniors (2nd/11) v Golden Point Ballan 7/116 lost Golden Point 5/117 Batting - Noel Heafield 54, David Leach 28, Steve Taylor 13 Bowling - Jack Jarvis 24/2, Kobe Heafield 25/1, Troy Connor 15/0 The tough start to the season continued Saturday with Ballan going down to Golden Point in a close match. Ballan batted first with Noel Heafield 54, Daivd Leach 28 and Steve Taylor 13 runs, the pick of the Ballan batters. Ballan made 116 runs after their 40 overs. Young guns Kobe Heafield and Jack Jarvis opened the bowling, both picked up wickets with some fast bowling. Ballan sent a scare to the Golden Point camp with two runouts, but they eventually made the runs in the 38th over to pick up the win and the points. Ballan travel to Brown Hill this Saturday in the hope of notching up their first win for the season.

Juniors Results – Round 3 Under 13 v Beaufort Ballan 6/103 def Beaufort 6/72 Batting - Kayden Heafield 28 n.o, Noah Britton 17, Noah Pace 7, Sarah Burton 5 n.o, Archie Connor 5 Bowling - Sarah Burton 2/6, Max Farrell 1/3, Mabel Ayres 1/4, Archie Connor 0/4 Max Farrell got her first wicket and run since joining the club this season. Kayden Heafield made his first runs for the season highlighted with three consecutive fours. Noah Britton had his best batting performance for the season and worked tirelessly in the field while Noah Pace and Beth Davenport combined for two very composed run outs. Mabel Ayres and Archie Connor both bowled the best since their time at the club.

Under 15 v Ballarat Redan (Day 1) Ballan 2/107 lead Ballarat Redan 3/75 Batting - Aussie McIlwaine 44 n.o, Jack Jarvis 38, Ciaran Boland 3 n.o Bowling - Jack Jarvis 1/4, Tom Norman 1/2 Bowling first, Ballan worked hard to contain the opposition with tidy bowling and hard work in the field. Opening batters Aussie McIlwaine and Jack Jarvis combined well to put the team in a good position, setting the standard for strong running between the wickets and maximising the value of their shots. The game continues next week.

In an opening partnership of 49 with Lachie Snaith, Jack McGregor scored 24.

Sam Dehnert bowling for Ballan was unlucky not to pick up a wicket. Photos – Chris Thom

Lachie Snaith top scored with 27 including 2 sixes.

Lions avoid home upset By Todd Whelan Darley Cricket Club Reigning BCA Premiers Darley, survived a major scare over the weekend with a nail-biting one wicket win over Buninyong. The Lions looked in real trouble when opening batsman Anthony Taylor (62) became the eighth wicket to fall with the score on 101, still 29 runs shy of the visitors modest total 130. Tailenders Rhumutallah Khwaja (10), Hasi Wickramasinghe (15*) and Dayle Locke (3*) became the unlikely heroes with the bat to see out the chase. In true number 10 fashion, ‘Hasi’ managed to negotiate a fortuitous outside edge through an eager slip cordon for the winning runs, much to the relief of a shaken Lions group that included return coach Brian Wheelahan. “We played our get out of jail free card today that’s for sure,” Wheelahan said. After losing the toss, the Lions started sprightly in the field as Mitch Ward decimated the visitors top order to have them reeling at 5/33. Ward’s response after being thrown the new ball was game defining, as the left arm quick took four of the opening five wickets, on his way to ‘breakout’ figures of 4/23 from his eight overs. On reflection, the 20-year old’s third victim would become his most memorable after a short CCHUS MARSH pitched delivery was deflected into the airB Abehind point, and into the awaiting safe hands of debutant and younger brother Brodie. Coach Wheelahan said it was a great moment for the club to see “Caught Ward, Bowled Ward” in the book before handing praise to his newly promoted seamer. “Mitch was outstanding up front with the ball and bowled with great control taking some really crucial wickets,” he said. “As a bowling group we were okay, but we did drop our intensity after a great start. “Danza Hyatt (4/25) and Madushanka Ekanayake (2/27) chimed in to restrict them to 130.



BULK BILLING WALK INS & NEW PATIENTS WELCOME MyClinic 12 Gell Street, Bacchus Marsh VIC 3340 Phone 5367 8000 is a registered provider for

“We were quite happy going in with that at the break.” Wheelahan said. In reply the batting run chase started disastrously as Danza Hyatt (0) and new inclusion Marcus Ingvorsen (0) failed to make a dent on the scorecard. Seventeen-year old Brodie Ward strode to the crease with the score at 2/2. The decision to bat the debutant at number four must have given the inform youngster every ounce of confidence knowing he has the trust and belief of the coach and the playing group to assume the role. Ward 12 (27) helped steady the ship with Anthony Taylor before being bowled. The Lions now 3/35. Captain Bradley Barnes (0), Ryan Ali (11), Mitch Ward (1) went cheaply leaving Taylor to fly the flag at the other end. According to Wheelahan, Taylor’s back-to-the-wall knock of 62 showed real maturity and great composure in a pressure cooker situation. “It really was great for ‘Tails’ to take responsibility and stand up, reminding people of the true class he possesses,” he said. Unfortunately for Taylor his ‘carry the bat’ mission fell agonisingly short of the target before the tail, against the odds would eventually see out the run chase and the Lions through to their third win from four games this season. This Saturday’s meeting with North Ballarat (P4 W3 L1) looms another danger game for the Lions who seem to be ‘just going’ at the moment. Only two Lions batsmen have scored over 20 runs in a single dig this season while part time bowler Danza Hyatt (11) has taken over a third of the teams wickets. Ironically, North Ballarat were the last team to beat Darley at Darley Park - November 2018, Round 5. Best the Lions faithful supporters get to the Den and get behind its back-to-back flag mission. Play begins Saturday from 12 noon (at Darley Park).

BCA FIFTH GRADE Darley 121 all out, Overs 28.1. N. Whan 36, M. Beck 29*. BFB White, 3/127, Overs 16. G. Martindale 2/25. Darley lost by 7 wickets. Darley (P4: W0 L4).

Results – Round 4 BCA FIRST GRADE Buninyong 130 all out, Overs 41.2 - M. Ward 4/23, D. Hyatt 4/25. Darley 9/132. Overs 38.1. A. Taylor 62, H. Wickramasinghe 15*. Darley won by 1 wicket. Darley (now) 4th - (P4 W3 L1). BCA SECOND GRADE Darley 126 all out, Overs 43. R. Hoey 39, R. Densley 32. East Ballarat 4/133. Darley lost by 6 wickets. Darley (P4: W1 D1 L2). BCA THIRD GRADE Buninyong 5/181, Overs 40. R. King 2/35. Darley 8/164, Overs 40. C. Salisbury 49*, B. Gellie 40, E. Thewma 29. Darley lost by 17 runs. Darley (P4: W1 B1 D0 L2). BCA FOURTH GRADE Darley 9/147, Overs 40. J. Higgins 45. Buninyong 4/150, Overs 35. J. Hynes 2/18. Darley lost by 6 wickets. Darley (P4: W2 L2).

Photos Tim Saultry

Page 25 The Moorabool News – 17 November, 2020


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Major win has Crown in sight


By Michael Howard Breeders Crown season has long been the domain of trainer Emma Stewart’s stable and last week’s winning times rolled on into Saturday night when the stable was prominent and dominant at Tabcorp Park Melton. Having been prolific during the twoyear-old and three-year-old Breeders Crown heats on Wednesday and Friday night, Stewart clocked a further three winners at Victoria’s harness racing headquarters on Saturday 7 November. Among those victors was Tam Major, who enjoyed the perfect trail behind stablemates Major Times and then Code Black to blister home and win the Allied Express Pace for reinsman Chris Alford. “Things worked out really well, the speed was quite strong all the way, he got that good drag and once Major Times got to the breeze it left Code Black with no trail,” Alford said. “(Code Black) was always going to be hard to run down, (Tam Major) just had to finish it off and that’s what he did.” Racing for owner-breeders Bruce and Vicki Edward, the win was Tam Major’s first since he claimed the Breeders Crown 4YO Championship in August last year, having placed seven times between salutes. “He’s very strong, but sometimes that works against him. He had a great fouryear-old year, I think he won the sires and Breeders Crown, it’s just taken him a little while to get back to that form and that’s what he’s done tonight,” Alford said. Stewart also claimed the night’s first race, the DNR Logistics Pace, when Like A Wildfire circled the field, sat in the breeze and then careered away

Local footy prepares to return

By Todd Whelan

Tam Major (13) wins at Tabcorp Park on Saturday 7 November. Photo Stuart McCormick

to win for reinsman Greg Sugars, and later another impressive pacer Always Fast led and won in the TAB Make A Date With Play Pace for reinswoman Jodi Quinlan. Like Stewart, driver Sugars walked away with a trio of wins having coupled the win on Like A Wildfire with victories on Zadaka (for trainer Greg Norman) and Bopper Jet (for trainer Kima Frenning). As mentioned, it was a continuation of a stellar week for the pair. Stewart trained five of last Wednesday’s seven Breeders Crown’s twoyear-old heat winners, with partner Clayton Tonkin and fellow Ballarat district resident Michael Stanley the only other trainers able to pinch a heat. “Obviously we know how good Emma and Clayton and all their team are with all their horses, but especially their babies – they are always the ones to beat,”

said reinsman Jason Lee, who guided filly Dangerous Hand to a Breeders Crown heat victory for Stewart. Victoria’s leading trainer kept the good times rolling on Friday night when she claimed a further three heat wins, including from stand out performers Mach Dan and Maajida, who were both steered by Sugars. The Myrniong reinsman was particularly taken by Maajida’s effort, having enjoyed extraordinary success with the filly to date that looks like continuing through the spring and summer. “She just keeps winning, just gets the job done week after week,” Sugars said. “She’s a lovely filly and it’s been great to be a part of the ride. She’s one of my all-time favourites for sure.” All roads lead to the November 21 finals at Tabcorp Park Melton, when six Group 1s will be run and won.

Summer plans for stable superstar By Cody Winnell David Moran has outlined a busy summer campaign for his superstar pacer Lochinvar Art following last Saturday night’s TAB Preux Chevalier win. The Del-Re National A.G. Hunter Cup is the long-range target, with the more immediate goal either the Breeders Crown Free-for-All or the four-year-old Championship this coming Saturday. “We’ll go to either the Crown Free-forAll or the four-year-old next week, I’m not 100 per cent sure but we’ll nominate for both and figure it out,” Moran told Trots Vision. “We’ll push on to Vicbred in December, then in January you have the Bendigo, Shepparton and Ballarat Cups on the way to the Hunter Cup. Then possibly the Newcastle Mile on the way to the Miracle Mile.” The Chariots of Fire and Pryde’s EasiFeed Victoria Cup champion cruised home on Saturday night (14 Nov) at Tabcorp Park Melton, rating 1:55.0 for the 2240-metre trip from the breeze. “He got a little bit keen tonight,” Moran said post-race. “I guess last start he got revved off the gate a bit … it was a month between runs and I haven’t done a hell of a lot with him at home, so he was a bit fresh tonight.” Moran said Lochinvar Art was doing a “lot of swimming” and he was confident last night’s run would “top the race fitness off” going into next Satur-

Lochinvar Art (11) wins the Preux Chevalier at Tabcorp Park. Photo Stuart McCormick

day night’s TAB Breeders Crown finals night. Meanwhile, gun mares Dance Craze and Red Hot Tooth continued their dominance over the fast-class trotting ranks with a quinella in the Aldebaran Park Lenin Trotters Free-for-All. Jason Lee took Dance Craze to the front from gate six early before handing up to Kerryn Manning aboard Red Hot Tooth in gate seven.

The race didn’t change complexion after that, with Dance Craze sprinting sharpest up the sprint lane to score a 1.5m win in 1:56.4. Matthew Craven-trained Gus An Maori continued his strong form with a third placing, while Wobelee (seventh) and McLovin (eighth) couldn’t get into the race after settling rearward from back-row draws.

Well, local footy is back - albeit small steps for now. The worst of the horrendous Covid-19 pandemic that wiped out the entire 2020 BFNL season appears behind us, as Bacchus Marsh and Darley resume training, eyeing 2021 success. The Cobras (Nov 9) returned a week earlier to the track than their cross-town rival Devils (Nov 16) under strict Covid rules that are expected to ease, as restrictions are scaled back in due course. Both clubs must separate into groups of 10 over the short term to remain Covid compliant. While the situation is not ideal, coaches Tom German (Bacchus Marsh) and Dan Roy (Darley) are just happy and relieved to be back around their respective footy clubs. There was an air of confidence in the tone of German and the Cobras prospects moving forward this far out. “They’re as fit of a bunch of blokes I’ve played with at country level,” German said. “Our new additions for 2020 have all signed on for 2021 and continue to voice their growing affection for the club. “The positive environment and family oriented nature of Bacchus Marsh has had the desired effect already,” he said. German said “our numbers at training this early are encouraging”. “The signs are good.” Bacchus Marsh would be pleased to hear the BFNL will compose a new draw for the 2021 season, avoiding a repeat of the horror schedule on paper that was set in ink for the Cobras in 2020. Nonetheless, the news didn’t fluster German in the slightest. “While we acknowledge it (2020 draw) wasn’t favourable, you’ve got to beat them all anyway,” he said. “There’s no hiding.” The Cobras recently added Josh Martin (Mansfield) and Jayden Owen (Gisborne), younger brother of Jake for next season. Martin is a competitive pinch hit ruckman who can assist Daniel Burton in the role when he is unavailable (fireman four day on/off schedule) while Owen’s six-footsix frame is likely to stretch any opposition defence given brother Jake and Aaron Willetts have taken the number one and two defender over recent years. German is fit, injury free and looks set for a pivotal role in the Cobras midfield while juggling his coaching duties. The 30-year old is confident his support group of assistants made up of Chris Stuhldrier (Football Manager), Brent Taylor, Justin Dilgous and father Craig German will provide the trusting detail from the sidelines. The Cobras train Monday and Wednesday nights from 6pm at Maddingley Park. Across town and Devils coach Dan Roy is confident the absence of footy for Premiership points in 2020 will whet the appetite for greater success moving forward. “You don’t realise how good footy is until it’s taken away,” Roy said. “Just being around the club environment and the enjoyment of being fit has a long way on sitting around home on a Saturday and doing nothing. “Our boys our chomping at the bit to get going, he said. The 33-year old said it was no surprise to anyone the club was still in the market for a leading ruckman. “That’s certainly been our main target and will remain a priority until the position is filled,” he said. A Premiership player with the Devils in 2017, Roy looks set for a forward role onfield next season to combine with his head coaching duties. “I’ve plenty of support and experience from the bench,” he said. “Darren Cullen, former Darley Premiership coach Jarod Edwards and Grant Wright will be my eyes and ears from the sidelines. “We’re in a good space, and we’re ready to go,” Roy said. Darley will train twice a week, Monday and Wednesday nights from 5.30pm at Darley Park for 10 sessions leading up to Christmas.

favoured, but avoid cutting corners.

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The Moorabool CANCER—June News – 17 November, 22-July 22 2020 Page 26 Avoid the tendency to tackle too much too quickly. The potential for success is high, but only if you pay attention to detail and subtleties and take on one job at a time.

Stars & Puzzles LEO—July 23-August 22

Interpretations of events are not quite right. Avoid jumping to conclusions. This is a mobile week - you enjoy jaunts to all new locations. VIRGO—August 23-September 22



A moneymaking idea is bright, but think it through before sharing the brainstorm. Be wary of two faced acquaintances and prepare to take a stand at the work place. Romance shows a sentimental side.


LIBRA—September 23-October 22 A colleague or travel companion is in an easygoing mood and full of surprises. A change in routine leads to increased productivity. House expenses may soar on the weekend.

ARIES—March 21-April 20

Pranksters are in your environment. You may be the target of a hoax or practical joke. A romantic relationship becomes more carefree. You and your partner are able to exchange innermost thoughts. TAURUS—April 21-May 22

A major career opportunity is within reach. Be forthright but not pushy in pursuing goals. The week also favours taking on a volunteer assignment and helping a friend regain confidence. GEMINI—May 23-June 21

ACROSS Butterfly (3,7) Imitation (4) Organ (4) Foolish (5) Band (4) Boundary (9) Bird (9) Applaud (4) Musical instrument (5) 23. Rent (4) 24. Harvest (4) 25. Specific (10) 6. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 16. 20. 22.

NO. 9173

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 7. 13. 14. 15. 17. 18. 19. 21.

DOWN Read (6) Snip (7) Referee (6) Fold (6) Flotilla (5) Form (5) Sailor (dated) (3) Lacking (7) Splendour (5) Wool (6) Game (6) Language (6) Flower (5)


ACROSS 6. Does it leave us absent-minded? (5,5). 8. The coin I had returned myself (4). 9. Skip it, lady! (4). 10. Only a sub, we’re told (5). 11. A plant fly (4). 12. Said some things rapidly and danced away (6,3). 16. Lo, there appeared some food! (4,1,4). 20. Sob uncontrollably about the young lads (4). 22. At a more advanced hour subsequently (5). 23. The old way! (4). 24. She’s written back, too (4). 25. At the same time, it’s to do with a present (10). DOWN 1. The royal quartet are accomodated when they get there (6). 2. Smiles wrily when I come in with the weapon (7). 3. We’d been wrong over a road name (6). 4. Stop it! They’ll fire you! (3,3). 5. Out at the theatre (5). 7. Think being given a tip does seem funny (5). 13. Cry of a lake bird (3). 14. Like the speech Rose made? (7). 15. Sure to be on one’s way to (5). 17. Be there for a time to look after (6). 18. A long way from shore? How bizarre! (3,3). 19. When given a posting, agree (6). 21. Having little to do with coal (5). CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across - 6, Brain drain. 8, D’I-me. 9, Miss. 10, A-lone (a loan). 11, Rush. 12, Reeled off. 16, Half a loaf. 20, Bo-Ys. 22, Later. 23, Wise. 24, Anna (rev.). 25, Con-current. Down - 1, Ar-R-IV-e. 2, Miss-I-le. 3, Edw-a-Rd. 4, Lay off. 5, Under. 7, A-muse. 13, Ow-L. 14, Flowery. 15, Bound. 17, A-t-tend. 18, Far out. 19, As-sent. 21, Slack.


QUICK SOLUTIONS Across - 1, Willow-warbler. 8, Yeast. 9, Support. 10, Amazon. 11, Please. 12, Ember. 14, Trade. 18, Bisect. 20, Spider. 23, Example. 24, Ennui. 25, Toad-in-the-hole. Down - 1, Waylay. 2, Llama. 3, Outcome. 4, Wash. 5, Repel. 6, Leopard. 7, Rather. 13, Mascara. 15, Replete. 16, Abject. 17, Praise. 19, Capri. 21, Dingo. 22, Bent.

QUICK SOLUTIONS Across - 6, Red admiral. 8, Echo. 9, Lung. 10, Inane. 11, Tape. 12, Perimeter. 16, Partridge. 20, Clap. 22, Organ. 23, Hire. 24, Crop. 25, Particular. Down - 1, Peruse. 2, Bargain. 3, Umpire. 4, Crease. 5, Fleet. 7, Shape. 13, Tar. 14, Without. 15, Glory. 17, Angora. 18, Tennis. 19, German. 21, Poppy.

CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS Across - 1, Made no demands. 8, Net-ta. 9, Failing. 10, Cur-V-es. 11, Strike. 12, Potty. 14, Us-age. 18, Anna-Ls. 20, Pardon. 23, Habit-at. 24, I-M-age. 25, Wash one’s hands. Down - 1, Men-ace. 2, DeT-er. 3, Nearest (anag.). 4, Daft. 5, Mo-I-st. 6, Nai-ling. 7, Sighed (side). 13, Omnibus. 15, Span-is-H . 16, Cash-ew. 17, Enters. 19, Lotto. 21, Drawn. 22, Stye (sty).

Problems with a colleague or romantic partner should be resolved by the week’s end, allowing you to enjoy a weekend of delights and comforts. Home improvements are favoured, but avoid cutting corners.

CANCER—June 22-July 22 Avoid the tendency to tackle too much too quickly. The potential for success is high, but only if you pay attention to detail and subtleties and take on one job at a time. LEO—July 23-August 22

Interpretations of events are not quite right. Avoid jumping to conclusions. This is a mobile week - you enjoy jaunts to all new locations. VIRGO—August 23-September 22

A moneymaking idea is bright, but think it through before sharing the brainstorm. Be wary of two faced acquaintances and prepare to take a stand at the work place. Romance shows a sentimental side. LIBRA—September 23-October 22 A colleague or travel companion is in an easygoing mood and full of surprises. A change in routine leads to increased productivity. House expenses may soar on the weekend.


SCORPIO—October 23-November 21

NUMBER Work at being more open inGAME the company of seniors and more relaxed among your peers. Life should become more adventurous by the weekend. Avoid snap decisions. ANSWER BELOW SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22

You may be wearing a new hat, assuming more responsibility at home, in the community or at the workplace. In romance, opt for more spontaneity and greater trust. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20

Your creative ideas sparkle.You may find yourself designing your next house. Romantic differences are best handled on an intellectual, not emotional level. AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19 New strategies require further development and polish. Nearer the end of the week you could advance toward an important career or romance goal. A colleague may be unnaturally inquisitive.

PISCES—February 20-March 20 Diplomacy is the current byword. You may choose to take a tip from a Gemini friend. Travel proves surprisingly hectic and/or costly. In the romance department, your partner could benefit from some cheerful encouragement. BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK You are becoming increasingly idealistic, thanks to the influence of a new friend who is soon to step into your life. Self improvement is the key. Accent your positive traits (kind, sympathetic and imaginative) - and play down the negative ones (overly emotional and unforgiving).

✯✯✯✯✯✯ SCORPIO—October 23-November 21

Work at being more open in the company of seniors and more relaxed among your peers. Life should become more adventurous by the weekend. Avoid snap decisions. SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22

You may be wearing a new hat, assuming more responsibility at home, in the community or at the workplace. In romance, opt for more spontaneity and greater trust. CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20

Your creative ideas sparkle.You may find yourself designing your next house. Romantic differences are best handled on an intellectual, not emotional level. AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19 New strategies require further development and polish. Nearer the end of the week you could advance toward an important career or romance goal. A colleague may be unnaturally inquisitive.

PISCES—February 20-March 20 Diplomacy is the current byword. You may choose to take a tip from a Gemini friend. Travel proves surprisingly hectic and/or costly. In the romance department, your partner could benefit from some cheerful encouragement. BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK You are becoming increasingly idealistic, thanks to the influence of a new friend who is soon to step into your life. Self improvement is the key. Accent your positive traits (kind, sympathetic and imaginative) - and play down the negative ones (overly emotional and unforgiving).


People laugh at her (5). 18. Move the lip (4).

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Page 28 The Moorabool News – 17 November, 2020

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