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Take Advantage of Cheap Airfare Abroad

Newsletter Blurb: You’ve decided to study abroad and are spending an exhilarating semester overseas. Now what? See the sights of other great cities by learning more about one of the hottest ways to travel in Europe. This will be more than just your average road trip! Landing Page Text Better than a Road Trip? You’re living in a new country, exploring everything about the culture you can possibly soak in. But let’s be real… you’re in Europe and you’re dying to travel to other new and exciting places. One of the greatest things about Western Europe is how easy they make it to get around. Here in the States, you don’t think twice about taking a 6 hour road trip across the state line for a weekend at the beach – or even your roommate’s grandmother’s house. Road trips are part of what defines the American collegian experience. In Europe, where a 6 hour road trip will transport you into the realm of an entirely new nation, is not as widely accepted, especially just for the weekend. Of course this is a generalization, but overall car is not the way to travel. Sure there is the train, but let’s explore a slightly faster form of European travel – flying. We have a tip that will help you explore more of Europe while you’re there, and that is without breaking your already cracking piggy bank. EasyJet and RyanAir - cheap airfare is always a plus. EasyJet provides some exceptional prices to various cities in both Western and Eastern Europe and RaynAir gives them a run for their money on the western end. They may not fly everywhere from all destinations, but you’re sure to find some new location that meets your fancy. In a quick search we discovered that with Easy Jet, you can fly from Paris to Madrid for the weekend, for under 60E. And yes, that’s round trip. I’d spend more on gas stateside road-tripping that one. How about Rome to London on RyanAir for a weekend? Spending under 55E for travel leaves you a few Euros for souvenirs! So, once you’re onsite with CEA, let EasyJet or RyanAir take you on your next adventure.

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